Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 11, 1902, PART I, Page 10, Image 10

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Art Souvenirs
Have- you got your pou
venir? It's waiting your
call, all wrapped and ready.
o delay in getting it. Bee
ond floor, and day, and
time. Don't disappoint us;
be sure and come. We are
giving a portfolio of Paris
photographs to every call
er who registered and who
takes tie souvenir with
Sporting Goods
Mala Floor.
Do you fish? Do you
shoot? Do you play golf,
tennis or baseball, or do you
like to lounge in a ham
mock? Come and see our
Sporting Goods Depart
ment. Pre our Superb Sporting Ooofli Win
dow, It brings that holiday feeling
that hat something of rigor and
health In It, and It cotti you noth
ing. Llti
Just opened and ready for sale, necessitating an entire transformation of our third floor. At the moment of writ
ing, FOUR CARLOADS OF FURNITURE arc being unpacked for business, beginning at 8 a, m, tomorrow. Wc
mean to make Monday the greatest furniture day in western merchandising. These gigantic FRESH CONSIGN,
MENTS of new dainty substantial furniture come direct to us from the factory and are an addition to our prcs
cnt immense upper floor stocks, providing you with a colossal elaboration of assortments from which to make
your choice. Every stick guaranteed sound workmanship the highest perfection in modern furniture art. Watch
our prices. They speak. Inspect our qualities critically. They are more eloquent than any price speech ever uttered
jo (AuoL(S)AI)S (D
Tlf i-trl E?1 rf4 4AnH ry XT ma 1
IjnirU. JTlOOr 13&rff aiflS--JF llrtll
i DRESSETB 35 Dressers, jutt bought trlth a
'. view to quick celling and long wearing-
you appreciate high quality you are
bound toappreclate the prloe golden oak
flnlah neatly carred French bevel
' plata oval mirror brass handles not a
$16.00 Dresser In
tha city Is better
' mads while they
last price.... ...
Alain Floor Bargains Silks and Dress Fabric
NO TIME NOWHERE were such splendid bargains within TOUR REACH as
will be Monday. It seems like violating the laws of production to sell SOUND
K8T OUALITT Bilks, Dress Fabrics and Wearable Materials at these mercilessly
outprTws. It really does!
, Everything new and strictly right In the most comprehensive sense.your whole
hearted continence should be frankness Itself when we say so. Come 'and see these
marvelous offerings.
Monday, 8 a. m. to ft p. m. NO TIME LIMITS WHATEVER all day service
Intelligent, painstaking and satisfactory. Cornel
t.000 yards of the finest quality Wash Bllke
ever brought to Omaha go on sale Mon
day In our Silk Department. They are
ska a uririii oiinwfnirskB.nMiw rnrniuiH
bright finish every new
shade in stock the best
I 38c
Use quality Monday only
per yard..
Crepe do Chine 24 Inches
wide all colors on sale
Monday at per yard......
Beautiful Challta with satin
stripes the kind that
sells at &oc yd Ben
nett's special per y&rd
40-inch black alt wool
English Btorm Serge
toe value Monday
per yard.U..
Second Floor Bargains Women's Sults and Dresses
lawn. We Invite the attention to these goods. They are up-to-date In style and
made by the most competent tailors. Prices latlsfy the most critical comparison.
Monday morning three cases of chil
dren's Wash Dresses oretty oattema
ince ana emoroiaery trim
rninjr else l to t year
perfect fitting price
euo, Bbc ana...,
blue wool cashmere
serge Macintoshes
slaes from to 16
year price...
Main Floor Bargains
'Easy on the Pocketbook
Easy on the Feet"
If we eell you one pair of shoes
our prices make this a matter of
course we have you for a regular
customer. Satisfactory footwear lb
one of life's prime essentials and no
man is happy unless well shod.
These prices are made to do duty ONLY IN THE
8ELLINO. They hare no Influence WHATEVER In
the making of the shoe. QUALITY IS
My Garden
The dream of my life baa oome true. At
last I have a Back Yard a beautiful big
Back Yard, with two terraces and a hideous
high board teno all around It. What more
eould the heart of woman deelnfiT
All the spring X hare furiously studied the
seed and plant catalogues, and In my mind's
eye thsre hat arisen a pootlo garden of de
light. I made an elaborate chart Of prospective
beds and hunted up a much raunted mat
named Johnson, who made his permanent
home behind a large blllboatd In an ex
tremely downtown dletrlot. He had been
highly recommended to me by two hitherto
faithful frlenda. - When I at last dlscorered
him, after a most exciting aearch, I Invited
him to "dig" aad "prepars" my beda. Ha
declared with a sweet smile that hs would
"arrive promptly at o'clock on the follow
ing morning. Of course he didn't at all.
For a week I waited around. At laat, one
afternoon, he appeared with hla asalstanU
a man who had looked often, rery often,
upon the wine when It was red, or any
other color that was drinkable.
Shortly after they began work I waa called
away by the severe Illness of a rery dear
I had been ataured In Impressive tones
tht what I wasUd doss would tak two
men an entire day, and perhaps longer.
Then the hideous queatlen arose, "Shall It
ha by the hour or by the Job." Aa I can
not add two and two without a large pad
and a stout peaolU I weakly said, "How
much will It be by the JobT" (I alao re
called endless pieces of work which had
beea done "by the hour.') After many
scowls and hard mental figuring on- ths
part of Johnson, 5 was agreed upon, which
to me, unused to the wiles of the wicked,
k bar
1 4-
. Wall I departed. la six hours
SIDEBOARDS Our Immense assortment
delights all buyers the best and most
prominent manufacturers are here rep
resented no matter how your taste may
run, we have Just the Sideboard you
have In mind. This week we offer a
solid oak board, double top handsomely
carred French barel plate mirror1 pat
i.vei piate ml
ent castors brass ,
handles highly
price. ,.. ...
89-lnch English Alpaca
bright, lustrous finish
66o quality Monday per
20-Inch fine quality Black
Moire V'elour the best
11.16 quality Monday
per yard
88-Inch extra fine quality of
Black Moire Velour $1.65
qua I lty Monday per
yara. ,
The latest new weaves such as Vloles,
Ofepes, Mistrals and Etamlnes In the
following shades! Biscuit, grays, roses.
as Vloles,
nes In the
rays, roses,
brown, blue and bluet, castor, cardinal.
marine oiue every one
worth J15 per pattern
Monday at Bennett
per pattern....
wwi serge neat
plaid inside sizes
83 to 42 bust ail
lengths price.........
A DRESS FOR $1.75 We are ofTerln
handsome Lawn Dress deep ru
skirt perrect nttmg
and wall made In
handsome colors
- Bennett's Good Shoes
shoes at
Ladies' $4 -vici kid Goodyear welts
or turns, lace boots, all shapes,
and widths
Ladles' $4 patent kid mannish
Goodyear welt oxfords, beautl-
. ful street shoes, all widths
Ladles' M00 patent colt 4 strap
French heel sandals
all width (
Ladies' $3.60 patent leather colon
ial slippers, with gilt nickel or
gun metal buckles, very stylish..
Repairing neatly and promptly
VfHnzE Qjusuif and
' price count
turned. Lo, the deed waa done) Such
lovely, symmetrical, black-earthy looking
beds! (The black earth I had purchased
from one Michael, a picturesque old Irish
man In ths Hollow). Gaily I handed forth
my $51 Not till the next day did It occur
to me to poke down Into those beds. Alas,
the perfidy of ma a I The trustfulness of
Yesterday another friend told me of "such
a nice man who digs!" '
My aeed boxes are already green with
tiny shoots. At first I waa moved to have
a hotbed, but finally compromised on tin
baking pans, the kind you cook roast beef
la. Now I am having nervous prostration
because there "are no holes In the bottom..
Mr. Dreer'a catalogue advertises "seed
pans," and they all have holes. Now, I
never heard of "aeed pane" till after I had
my brilliant Idea, all of which goes to show
(hat there Is nothing really new In the
world. My family assures me that the Ice
pick Is a doughty weapon and will obviate
my dlffloulty, butl have not been driven
to It yet '
In the meantime my flags, peonies
(peonlas, the seed catalogue calls them),
lilies of the valley and climbing rosea are
really booming. It tbey can Just success
fully live through the afternoon naps that
the neighborhood dogs take upon them all
will be well.
For a month I have been praying our
kind landlord for a gate, but he, being a
busy man, heard tue nut! Alau he "uvea
not understand," for only this minute I
beheld aa Iron gate arrive, one of those
artlatlo, swirling affairs, with plenty "of
room for the largest dog In ths neighbor
hood to wriggle through.
Why Is It that doga so adore Sower beds?
Why do they cheerily watch you sow-
theft kick the seeds into the next county T
Dog, oh, doa!
Why freiteat thou the earth?
Iog you dog!
Desist thee from thy mirth
(Or I w!U brain thee with a board!)
As you may hare gathered. I am not al
together a gardener of sentiment, . though
FOLDING BEDS Our $11.75 Special Fold
ing Bed will match. In point of goodness,
the average $18.60 Folding Bed an In
spection prores this. The material Is
not elm or ash, but solid oak and work
manship the best fitted with woven wire
supported springs highly finished
moulding nicely arranged and mounted
with French bev
eled shaped
mirror our
special prlc
Second Floor
Our experienced judgment
1 075
have the best pianos the modern market can produce.
THE EVERETT "The piano with a soul." There's no more
est musical intelligence of the world declares this to be emphatically true. Run your fingers over its en
tranrJnff keva list to the soul that's lit it!
Old time favorites
know, but do you know how low priced they are here?
, We are the only ONE-PRICED PIANO HOUSE In the west.
proposition la always
: : : WE
We offer a new large sise up-to-date
ivory keys, triple strung throughout the
Write, call or Investigate IT'S AN AMAZING BARGAIN.
Bargains In rented pianos, slightly used, also such pianos as the world renowned Chlckerlng and others taken In exchange for
CHASE A BAKER The new self piano player, will bring forth piano music and make believe a great artist Is doing It all.
It lead all others. Hear it!. All instruments strictly guaranteed.
CUiknt Mllclp Monday only All 50c popular music will be sold at a price merely a nominal recognition 4 gv
uilCGI ItiusiW of selling. This Just to acquaint you with our attractive rouslo department Shlmar C
it Wood Edition, all at 40 per cent less than publisher's price.
Bennett's One-Price Piano House Music Department 'Phone 190.
Second Floor Bargains
A Loud Speaking Bargain Line-in Crockery
Jq Entire clean-up sale of Table Tumblers half price
Eat f Clean up of warehouse 1 O ES Toilet Sets six
ends decorated and l.iJ pieces semi-porce-
white Dinner Plates SH,
price ........
Main Floor Bargains-Trunk Department
All new goods, expert workmanship on best material procurable. Holiday times are com
ing make your selections Mon day. You'll save lots of money so doing.
Ladies' club bags, , 1 Q O
leather linedonly. . l0
Genuine Alligator, A y0
leather lined
Before buying anything in
of the latest shape and style.
Basement Bargains, Woodenware Department
Every need anticipated every pocketbook dictum respected. Full line of highest' grade
wood and willowware goods. Prices positively lowest on record.
Wash Boards 12c 6-inch Oak Towel Ring 5c
Clothes Bars -. 58c Fancy Enameled Towel Rack 10c
Pine Wash Tubs , 08c
there la a liberal sprinkling of that quality
In my makeup.
In my mind's eye I see a fair, old-fashioned
garden, bright with larkspur, stnntas,
caleopala, astera, marigolds, mignonette,
heliotrope and rosea, growing In masses.
The little Sight of steps leading to the top
terrace has a rustic railing, covered with
sweet, red honeysuckle. An arch at the
top glows with crimson ramblers. The ugly
fence la covered with clinging ampelopsis
(the catalogue said It would cling).
Sweet! Ah, thrice sweet, the pleasures
of anticipation!
Every night I see myself out with the
hose or my husband out with the hose
and, by the way, did you ever know a hose
well? When It comee from the store It is
a beautiful sight, so clean, so shiny I
mesa the nozzle la so shiny. Ours was all
tied up with turkey red calico and looked
like a Fourth of July celebration. Alas!
In a few short hours It looked like a sea
serpent home from a tear.
Personally, I prefer soms one else to
manipulate the hoae. It wiggles and twists
and the place where It leaka always squirts
at my ankles, the one part of me that I try
to keep dry. Then It never turns on Just
right. When you are watering a fragile,
fairy, harebell the water whoops out like
a bursted water main and plows up the
earth for a yard around. When you want a
good, steady atream to soak la ths needle
spray merrily needles. It ever you "are
conaummats Idiot enough to look down ths
nozzle (and I've seen people do It) why,
"Ooodby, Miss Salds Oreen." Artificial
respiration Is highly recommended.
Laat. but not least. In my garden affairs,
I am looking for a sun dial. What garden
would bo complete without one? Upon It I
wish to have graven some-4ttlng sentiment.
Were I frivolous, there Is ths one from
The Dolly Dialogues, "Pereunt et 1m
putatum." and Mr. Carter's delightful
translation, "Tha Oysters Are Eaten aad
Put Down In the BUI."
Hundreds of sentiments, and not a few
4 - T4-
tlirC DC ft to
PARLOR SUITS Fire pieces mahogany
frames nicely carved covered with best
quality relour spring edge and seats
finely finished don't allow this oppor
tunity to slip each piece substantial and
carefully arranged the sofa Is large and
comfortable all other pieces made on
the same
our price
Bargains-Music Department
has been exerted to the very utmost in choosing piano stock. We
are likewise here-the IVERS AND POND,
It's a principle that's both novel and daring. It Is so thoroughly
endorsed Our one-price piano system Is
piano, mahogany case. Boston full board,
treble, scarf and stool
lain Look at the
Sole leather dress
guit cases
Canvas Telescopes,
this line, look over our assortment. Our stock is all new and
A large line of imported novelties in wood and willowware carved salad
sets, bread boards, rolling pins, palm knife baskets. s
Look over out line of refrigerators no better made, all sizes and lowest
prices. Our line of washing machines is the best to be found anywhere. Ten
different styles to choose from prices from $6.48 to 2.98
Special low prices on feather dusters a good duster for 9c
poems, have been used through the years, hut
none to me Is so full of meaning as ths
exquisite verses the gift of one poet to
another of Dr. Henry Van Dyke, written
to grace the sun dial of Katrlna Traek, at
Yaddo Rose Garden: '
Hours fly.
Flowers die.
New days.
New ways,
Pass by;
Love stays.
At, the base of the gnomon Is ths second
Time Is
Too slow for those who Walt,
Too awlft for those who Fear,
Too long for thoae who Orleve,
Too short tor thoae who Rejoice,
But for thonw who Love
Time Is
April. 1902. MARY D. L.
The descendanta of Brlgham Young, the
late president of the Mormon church, have
determined to keep up the family associa
tion, and for that purpose a family re
union baa been planned. Aa no available
building la Salt Lake City la large enough
for the reunion it will be held In the open
air. Brlgham Young bad fifty-six children,
of whom forty-eeven survived htm. There
are 294 grandchildren of the Mormon leader
snd 745 great-grandchildren, making a
total of more than 1,000 descendanta of a
man who has died since the civil war.
Near Parkersburg, Va., sixty feat above
the ground on a space all feet wide, two
men engaged In a battle. For thirty min
utes the two strong and active workman
fought desperately back and forth on the
narrow platform In the air, yet both men,
although battered and bruised, are alive to
tell of it. The fight occurred at tha Ohio
river bridge about the middle of the fore
noon. How It arose nobody la able to tell.
The first Intimation that the fellow work
men of the bridge gang had that there was
trouble waa the sight of the men strug
Of the four carloads of richly designed substantial furniture these are but the first sam
Ple8- Visittho 3rdfloor- forthcoming many miles to see. The problem of money sav
ing satisfactory house furnishing is easy of solution. Come!
COUCHES Extremedy handsome maaslre
golden oak frame covered In Belgian re
lours steel constructloa very best tem
pered springs seven rows tufts moss,
tow and cotton filling thirty Inches
wide serenty-nlne
Inches long
Monday and
angelic - toned Instrument on earth, the high
fair and It must be appreciated. A square
such pre-eminently.
full swing music desk,
A 0e Vase patterns En
HtOW glishTea Cups and
Saucers, set of 6, sell A Qri
for more in London "OV
Gladstone Travel
ing Bags ,
Bteel Bound
gling. One was known by the name of Nel
son, the other "The Yellow Kid." At times
the men closed In and fought with their
bare fists, wrestling about over the edge
of the bridge In a way to make the blood
of the watchers run cold. Every minute or
two It would seem that one or both of the
fighters waa doomed to certain death. Then
they would work back to the center of the
track, never ceasing to struggle. At the
end of a half hour the foolhardy men were
compelled to desist from sheer exhaustion.
At 73 years of ge John Harding of Tren
ton, N. J., Is the father of a fat and
healthy baby boy. This Is his tenth child.
The oldest Is now 60 years of sge. In his
comfortable home at 1007 Broad street,
Trenton, Mr. Harding talked to a reporter
about the new baby and discussed the most
approved way of raising a family. "There
Isn't anything wonderful In .my being a
father at 73," he exclaimed. "Any man
can have the same distinction, provided he
haa lived soberly and steadily and taken
rare of his health during his earlier years."
The mother of the child Is 23.
James Preston, who haa Just returned
from a visit to Porto Rico, tells ths Phila
delphia Record: "There are about fifty
American school houses In Porto Rico now
ths Washington, the Lincoln, ths Penn, ths
McKlnley, the Jefferson, the Irving, thd
Hamilton, and so on and about thirteen
buudred pupils are attending them. One
of the principals pointed out to me a young
girl of 17, rery pretty, who walked, he ex
plained, twenty miles to and from school
dally, slept on a bare Boor and begged
nearly all her food, she wss so poor. This
was one of his best students. A boy bad on
a shirt so much too big for him that his
whole parson could have slipped easily
through ths opening at the neck. 'What's
the trouble with your shirt, my lad?' the
principal asksd. Ths boy answered: 'This
sln't mine; It's fathers. Mine's In ths
wash.' That boy would have come naked
rather than have mlaaed a lesson. In a
a a a s
IRON BEDS popular design
very elegant most substan
tial massive posts brass
top roa and spindles head and foot
white, blue or pea
green thundering
bargain Monday and
Tuesday ,
Third Floor Bargains Drapery Department
An excellent opportunity falls tomorrow for exquisite home
decorations. On third floor, looking out on 16th street, is our
beautiful Drapery Department. Specials that adorn it' will be
rushed out tomorrow. Cost ignored. Curtains give the touch
artistic to everything around them. See how lightly these superb
items touch yoru pocketbook. Buy! Buy!! Buy!!!
wide S yards long
worth $2.50 a pair
per pair
RUFFLED BOBINET 60 Inches wide, S
yards long hemmed top lace edging ard
Insertion sells reg
ularly at $3.50 a palr
thls sale per pair..,
Millinery Dept Bargains Second Floor East
Pretty White Chip Hats for graduation days trimmed with whits P "V
chiffon and plumes touched with black relret ribbon designed e"5JlJ
for graduating and Just the proper thing for dainty summer wear.. up
Main Floor Bargains Candy Department
Fresh Delicious
10 Cents Per Pound.
Main Floor Bargains cigar Department
Save your money and tobacco by buying i
a special a rery special offer Patent
the Twentieth Century
Main Floor Bargains Drug Department
FOR THE BATH-Sea Salt-tn
sacks a 10-pound sack jbjJC
A handful of salt to a tub of water
makes a sea bath.
BATH BRUSHES With etrao handle or
with detachable wooden handle) Liner a fa
mous brushes). Our assortment Is large
nd prices right.
Seven-row Tamplco
long handle
Nine-row Bristle-
detachable handle
Brush ,
town I visited there Is a night school. The
men who attend It bring their own candles
and sit on the schoolroom floor in groups
of three, one candle to esch group. The
intelligence of the Porto Rlcans, thslr
teachera aay, is as remarkable aa Is their
thirst after knowledge. No truant officers
are needed down there."
A Washington newspaper man recently
wrote an article dealing with the size of
senatorial fortunes. He put down the two
New Jersey senators, Kean and Dry den, for
$2,000,000 and $5,000,000 respectively. A day
doy or two after the article was published
eSnator Kean met the writer and said:
"You put me altogether too high, but con
fidentially you didn't put Dryden high
enough." Half an hour later the news
paper man met Senator Dryden, who said:
"I wish I were aa rich as you glvs me
credit for being, but you surely know that
Kean is worth more than $2,000,000.
Might Her Beta Worse.
Good stories are always plentiful about
golf caddies, says a London exchange. A
St. Andrews caddie named "Mathle" Gorum,
who made the Invariable remark after a
poor shot by the person hs was serving,
"It mlcbt has been waur," meant to be
consolatory and encouraging. His master,
a clergyman, was wearied with his well
meaning flattery. Accordingly, to make
sure that he would squash the remark at
once, ha told tha raddle he had a terrible
dream the night before.
"Mathle, my man, I dreamt that I was In
a place where the wicked are punished. 1
saw the wretched ones tortured; they were,
mrlmmtn In & laka nf IwiiHn nlteh anil!
could not get landed for red-hot pitchforks
thruat In their faces by demons."
He halted a minute, with hla tongue In
his cheek, when, In perfect coolness, ths
caddie anawered: "Aye, sir, that was a
bad dream; Jist awful, but it mlcbt has
been waur."
"Waur, you fool? How eould that bsT"
"It mlcht has been true."
d-X HARNEY "6TS. 0MAHaT""""-"M
COUCHES Elegant, massive
heavy solid oak frames
carved rococo shape claw
legs extra wide and long non-sagbe
steel construction covered In very fine
relour market
ralue $18.00
our price this
A big line aluo of finest Ruffled Boblaet
and Creme Lace the kind that give that
airy, lacy effect rery deep ruffles-
everyone an emphatic
bargain $5.15, $4.00
and per pair
Our guaranteed best quality Velret Carpet
with or without borders all
colors sells ererywhere
at $1.25 this sale
. good Tobacco Pouch Here's
Rubber Tobacco Pouch
Long Curved
Brush black
Bath Belt
reverslble.... Liner's Long Curved
four rows Drlstle
rery wide
Loofaha Sponges, Bath Mitts, Bpongea,
Nothlnj nicer than the J oh an n Maria
Farina Favorite Cologne after the bath.
We have a full line all at cut prices.
Where cuauty and
price COUNT
We win
The American Baptist Missionary TTnlori
cloaee Its financial year with the entire ex
penditure of the society hovered by Its re
celpts. More than 1,000 men In the milted States
navy are members of the Navy Temperance
league, and are pledged to total abstinence
during their term of service.
After a decade of work the Orthodox Rus.
slans of Chicago have laid the oomerstone
of a new St. Trinity edifice. The caar gave
half of the $30,000 needed for the work.
Considerable attention Is being given In
Russia to a new seot which has gained
many adherents In the province of Perm.
It Is known aa the sect of Jehovlste. Its
declared purpose Is the reconciliation of ail
religions. Latterly It haa asuutned a char
acter of pronounced enmity to the govern
ment. Rev. Thomas Dixon has been looking over
some plies of southern newspapers dating
back to 1865, and to hla aatonlahment finds
that Booker T. Watihlngton'a platform of
negro education was advocated In speeches
delivered by confederate generate after
their return from the civil war.
Dr. John Clifford, the famous English
f reacher, began life in a lace factory when
1 years old. He worked at first as an
ordinary hand, and when Is waa a manager
In the lace mending department. Later he
was made bookkeeper by hla employer ana
this gave blm his first opportunity of ris
ing. A Hebrew ceremonial, which It is said
haa not been uaed since the dedication of
the Temple of Alexandria, more than t.SbO)
years ago, waa uaed recently at the laying
of the cornerstone of the Home for Ortho
dox Jews In Chicago. This building will
be patterned after the early Palestine
St. Mar's church of Philadelphia Is to
have eight distinct organs, variously
winded, beside a large pedal organ, under
the control of four manuals. The open
section of the rholr organ la design ad to be
a replica of the sixteenth century work,
and will tnd on tha Lady Chapel sreeoJt
enclosed la mediaeval casework.
Methodists of Sloua City are arranging
for a big revival at that place next July oa
August. They are endeavoring to secure)
the services of "Billy" Sunday, who at ona
time played with the National league base
ball nine. Mr. Sunday is now In the evan
gelistic field and If he can bo secured a
large tent will be put up for the meettngav1
with aa orchestra and choir made up fronaj
Methodist and other churches la Blot CltmJ