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Bullish rctort Are Oyerlooked and
Weather Holdi Pricei Back.
Wheat Valors Dip and III, bat
Finally Close Down and fr'laarrs
1 la Cora and Oats Suf
fer Shrinkage.
CHICAGO, April 2S. It wss bail weather
for the bull-traders In grains today. Al
though the reports Indicated diminishing
Supplies of old wheat and offering In corn
were ait 1)1 light, tha crops were receiving
too much benefit from the seasonable
weather to allow prices to hold advances.
These variant factors, however, caused
several rapid changes of sentiment. In
the end July wheat lost Wo, July corn
c and July jata Stfc. provisions closed
lower to 2rc higher.
Trade In wheat was only fairly active,
though the frequent change of front of the
speculators made the tension somewhat
marked. At the opening the news of gen
eral rains In the principal wheat states, ex
cept Kansas, started wheat at a liberal
decline from Saturday's closing prices. The
southwest sold liberally and helped hold
jirlces back. The situation, however, for
some time seemed to favor tha bulls. Cables
were higher, primary receipts were still
light, showing rapidly decreasing stocks,
and the northwest bought well of cash stuff
and started an advance. Prices worked up
a little and were helped considerably by
the remarkable decrease In the visible sup
ply 3.V92.0HO bushels. On the strength of
this last Influence July rose to TBc, after
opening Vd'Hc to Vac lower at 7dtr7aSc.
The pit crowd, however, was considering
the heavy world's shipments and the gen
eral weather situation and fought hard
against the advance. When reports of
n6re liberal offering!. In the northwest by
the farmers and of rains in Kansas ar
rived there was a renewal of the soiling
movement that had weakened the market
at the opening. Prices steadily declined,
with active and heavy selling at times,
4intll July reached 75c. A show of an Im
provement In receipts (though they are
still small) had a bearish effect. July
.closed weak. lfilHc lower at 754c. Local
"receipts were 23 cars, 1 of contract grade;
Minneapolis and Duluth reported 1230 cars,
making a total for the three points of 263
cars, against 237 last week and S57 a year
ego. World's shipments were 8,963,000
bushels, compared with 7.47O.0UO last week
and 7,794, Coo a year ago. Primary receipts
were 82,OiiO bushels, against 625,010 last
year. Kreadstuffs on passage decreased
6-12,010 bushels. Seaboard clearances In
wheat and flour equalled 268,000 bushels.
Trade In corn hinged on the action of the
leading bull crowd. Influential buying pre
vented this cereal from following the course
of wheat, although the break In the other
ilt eventually hud Its effect. At the open
ing prices were very steady and practically
no attention was paid to the general rains
In the southwest and to the unresponsive
cables. Offerings were very small and
were readily taken as prices advanced.
The leading house that Is supposed to be
carrying twice the amount of corn In ac
tual existence, did good buying and sent
July prices from 63Sc to 6c. Trade was
lather quiet Hie greater pai t Of the Ses
sion, but as wheat weakened there was
anme active short selling, and prices slipped
off. The marked feature of the market was
the good show of strength at the close In
spite of the bearish weather conditions,
(September closing c higher. July closed
ic down at 63',-jc. Receipts were Improved
.. at 1(4 cars.
Interest in May oats relieved the mo
notony of a quiet market and helped up
liold the other options. There was fair
buying of the bear option -and prices ad
vanced somewhat. The generous rains,
tiowever, have increased the prospects of
the coming crop and as receipts grew
larger and wheat and corn weakened oats
receded. The cash article was In good de
mand, but there was something of a dispo
sition to keep out of the market until the
possibility of a corner In May is past. May
Mold to 43ifi43l4c and closed firm 4c up at
YiVc. July new closed lower at 37c.
Receipts were 193 cars.
The provision market was manipulated
again by packers today for higher prices.
The early tendency was to sell on the
eraln situation and for profits. Ilrokers at
once began buying for packers, especially
of lard and ribs, and prices fluctuated ner-
Vouslv. Offerings bv scalners. as well
by packers, became liberal after the price
tlad been pushed up and on an absence of
any urgent demand and the wheat break
most of the early gains were lost. The hoar
market was strong. July pork closed Ho
lower ai nivt, arier selling ai 117.I1V1;
July lard 2c up at $10.10 and July rib-, a
anaue mgner hi eB.tiwri'v.ou.
Estimated receipts for tomorrow: Wheat
K cars; corn, 115 cars; oats, 260 cars; hogs.
The leading futures ranged as follows;
Articles. Open. Hlgh. Low. Close. Bat'y
Wheat I I
May Hai,m&K 73
July Ta(i Wl 75
Sept. 75I4&H 76 74 j
R2HW4 6.1 62J
July tWSiu 64 6.H4
Sept. 63 & 63V0 62
Oats I
May 42'4;43tttV; 424
a July 35V(i4l 3ft 35V,
fcjuly 37Vi;37V'i 36
Sept. , S 3H30Vn-4
fcBept. 82 32fy 32
May 16 80 16 95 16 80
July 17 05 17 17V4 16 97V,
8ejt 17 12V4 17 25 17 10
May 9 92 10 07H 92
July 10 05 10 20 10 06
Sept. 10 22 10 30 10 20
V May 9 35 9 40 9 35
July 9 45 9 40 9 36
K Sept. 9 67 9 65 9 57
63 V.
16 m
16 82
17 02
11 no
17 15
9 95
10 00
10 10
10 20
10 07
10 17
9 37
8 37
9 85
9 474
No. 1 a Old. b New.
Cash quotations were aa follows:
KLOOK BleaUy; winter patents. 33.7UtUtl.60
winter straights. 8a.20fe3.70: winter clears
83 00fft3.50; spring specials, t4.10t4.9l); spring
iiatents. J3.3tnjj3.70; spring straights, $2.9O0
WHEAT No. 8, 7276c; No. I red. 8S
CORN No. 3 yellow. 3Ve.
OATS-No. , 431.4c; No. 8 white, 4&34594c;
wu. o wiuifj, WTS'tlwTMJ,
RYE No. 2. 68Vc.
BARLEY-Falr to choice malting. 6B6c,
occi a iiu, i.oo; ro. 1 nortnwest'
ern, 81-79; prime timothy, 87.28; clover, con
tract grade. 88.36.
PROVISIONS Mess nork nee fchl ft an
T716.BS. I,ard, per 106 tbs,, J10.0la,10.07. Short
ribs sides (loose), 89.35169. 46. Dry salted
shoulders (boxed . 87.75iff7.87V4. Short clear
WHISKY On bssls of high wines. 31.30
1 The following were the receipts and ship.
Jrnents y-sierdyt
Articles Receipts. Shipments
Flour, bbls.
20,0110 11,0110
43.0K) 3S,0u0
12.000 623.0H)
Wheat, bu
Corn, bu.
Oats, bu. ,
163,000 23S.KIO
2.0rt0 1,0110
25.000 MdO
jnrley, bu. .
on me rroouce exchange today the but
ter market was steady; creameries. 17
Wc; dairies. nifiCoc. Cheese, steady at
12Vi('iac. Kggs, firm; fresh, 16Val6V:.
daotatloaa of the Day on Varloaa.
celpts. 19,t9 bbls.; exports, 2.962 bbls. pull
and barely steady; winter patents, 83iS
tri-4.06: winter eiratghts. 83.7Va3.90; Min
nesota patents, 3-i "4l-4.20; winter extras.
33.liKilJ.lU; Minnesota bakers. 33.0uu3.3o;
winter low grades. 82 ftvi3 15. Rye Hour,
quiet; fair to good, 83 15 j 3. 40; choice to
'Jaiu-y, ta Ml3.65.
CORNMEAI-Steady; yellow western.
$1.30; city, 31 .2; Rrandywlne, 83.sVV(1a.65
RYE Steady; No. I western. 64c f. o
b. afloat; state. til(tj2c, c. 1. f. New York
car lots.
BARLEY Dull' feeding. Stfifiec, c. I f
New York; malting, (7Si73o, c. J. f. New
WHEAT-Recelpta. tM tj bu . ,xporU
72.528 bu.; spot easier; No. 3 red, 87c ele
vator; No. i red. tSc f. o. b. afloat; No. 1
northern Duluth. KJSc f. o. b afloat No 1
hard Manitoba. 867,c f. o. b. afloat. Options
(ipeiiovl easier because of rains in the south
,wt. A rally on the btg visible supply
decrease at noon was succeeded by ex
treme late weakness under tired selling
further talk of rains and light export In
quiry. Closed weak at HiSlo net decline
May. bu'qii-c, closed Mi'c; July. wi
M 11-Mc, closed SoSe: September. 74
- .v.. v."wvj utiTmutr, 0WK
closed klWc.
1 CORN Receipts, 19.200 bu. ; exports. 8.475
bu.: spot, steady; No. 3. Hc elevator and
'c ( o. b. afloat. Options market opened
easy with wheat, but rallied and became
firm on good western support and higher
cables, after which it broke with wheat
closing Vo net lower May. 7vy-iS'ic'
rloK.-d 6S0; July. 6Mt,ii-V(c. closed x 6sV;
September. 67'J-Hc, closed 7e.
OATS Receipts. 163.(00: soot easv: No
Kc; No. 3, 47Vc: No. 8 white, Mc; No 3
white. 62c: track, mixed western. 4.V11 ,
track, whits, 61fe6c. Options quiet and eas
ier witn otner markets.
0k4 crop, la 20c; 1ma crop, U&ltc; old, 5
c: raclfle coast, 1901 crop, 15519c; 1900 crop, I
jjffluc: 010, juc. 1
HAY Dull; shipping, 65'95c; good to I
choice, 874 gc.
HIIKS wulet; Oalveston. 90 to 25 lbs.,
lie; California, 21 to 25 lbs., 18c; Texas
dry, 24 to lbs., 13c.
l.KA THbK-yuiet; acid, zistj&c.
WOOL I'ull; domestic fleece, 2fS29c.
RICE Firm ; domestic, fair" to extra. 4H
tjV; Japan, itic.
MULAHSK8- Firm: New Orleans, open
kettle, good to choice, arsenic
PROVISIONS Heef. stronger: family.
116 f; mess, 813.00; beef hams, 8J1 00
toX.W, packet, 114.00; city extra In
dia mess, 823.0KU 24.00. Cut meats,
firm; pickled bellies, 104QUc; pickled
shoulders, 4c; pickled hams, HVtf
iMrd. firm: western steamed. 810 3' "di
1040: refined, tlrm continent. 810.05: com
pound, 8.25i.6fl; South America, 811. i:
Pork, family. 8l9.nniiift.BO: short clear.
IU20.00; mess, 817.0018 (t. Tallow, firm;
city, c; country, ee.
HLTTER Recepits. 5.M0 pkgs. ; firm;
state dairy. lMi'stc: creamery, state. 2"W
23c; June creamery, imitation, l&tf21c; fac
tory, 1 1 'n -11c.
CHEESE Receipts, 810 pkgs.; firm; fancy,
large, full cream, colored and white, 12
l:'4c; fancy, small, state, full cream, early
make colored and white, LVaLmc.
KtKJB Receipts, 13.146 pkgs.: steady;
state and Pennsylvania. WaUWa western,
at mark. l(il"vc.
MObAKSKH-Firm; New Orleans, 3rawc.
POCL.TRY Alive, quiet and uncertain
owing to Jewish holiday: turkeys, Iced,
averusre best. nVi'&Uc: fowls. Iced, west
ern, Ucj turkeys, trosen, llifclSc; chickens,
iroin, C(ji9i:.
M ETA IjH At lODdon and p.ew yorx
? rices for tin were considerably higher,
xindon closed los higher for the day at
129 15s for spot and :12S1& for futures.
New York closed about 35 points higher.
with snot at 328.1ft'&'28.35. Conner was weak
snd lower at New York, with lake on spot
at 8ll.75f(f12.oo, electrolytic at 811.offall.75 and
casting u.Z5fl 11.75. Htanuarn copper on
spot and for June and July delivery was
quoted at 810.7w311.26. Iondon copper
closed 2s 6d lower at 52 7s 6d for spot and
futures. I,ead was steady here at 14 1:'i,i
andI,ondon wss Is 3d higher at 1113s9d.
Spelter ruled steady at 34.42 at New York,
while London waa 2s 6d lower at 18. The
local Iron market was steady and un
changed. Pig Iron warrants continued
nominal in l rlce. No. 1 foundry, northern,
819.ff(r2O.0i; No. 2 foundry, northern, H.WY(t
1H.00; No. 1 foundry, southern, 817.50wion;
No. 1 foundry, southern soft, 817.50(6
The English markets were higher, with
Glasgow at tits and Mlddlesborough at
48s 6d.
Condition of Trade and Quotations on
Staple and Fancy Produce.
EGOS Including new No. 2 cases. 15c:
cases returned, 14Hc
LIVE POULTRY Chickens, &3Hc: old
roosters, according to age, f!c; turkeys,
8'aUc; ducks and geese, &38Vc; broilers,
per lb., 25c.
BUTTER Packing stock, 16Hc; choice
dairy, in tuba, 2Ka'.'2c; separator, 25a
crapples, 10c; herring, 6r.; pickerel, 9c; pike,
11c: perch. 6c: buffalo, dressed. 7c: sunfish.
5c; blueflns, 8c; whlteflsh, lie; catfish, 13c;
black bass, l&c; halibut, 13c; salmon, 16c;
haddock, 11c; codfish 12c; red snapper, 10c;
roe shad, each. 60c; shad roe, per pair, 3oc;
split shad, per lb., 10c; lobsters, boiled, per
lb., 27c; lobsters, green, per lb. 25c.
OYSTERH Mediums, per can. 22c: stand
ards, per can, 25c; extra selects, per can,
33c, New Yolk Counts, per can, 4c; bulk
standards, per pal., 31.25; bulk extra se
lects, 81.6fmjl.65; New York Counts, per ga)
nuEUNS-Live, per aoz., l
VEAL-Cholce, 6&8a
OATS 48c.
BRAN Per ton, 31"
HAY Prices Quoted bv Omaha Wholesale
Hay Dealers' association: Choice hay. No.
1 linlnnd tH Rrt Mo 1 maHlnm tfi K7a 1
coarse, 37.60. Rye straw, 85.50. These prices
are lor nay ox gooa coior ana quality, ue-
mana tair. Receipts ugnt.
SEED POTATOES Per bu., Ohlos, 3160;
Rose. 3125; Triumphs, 31.15.
POTATOESNorthern. 31.154M.20: Colorado.
green onions per Oot.. according to
size of bunches, 154f26c.
TURNIPS Per bu., eoe
PARSNIPS Per bu., 90c.
ASPARAGUS Home grown, per doi., 40
CUCUMBERS Hothouse, per do., 11.50.
SPINACH Home grown, per bu., 75c
LETTUCE Hothouse, per dot., CK345c.
PARSLEY Per do.. 8o&35!.
RADISHES Per ooi., 2(Ka"25c; per box,
WAX BEANS Florida, per basket, 83.60
GREEN PEAS Per basket, 75ci2l.
RHUBARB Home grown, per lb., 3(340.
CABBAGE California, new, 3e.
ONIONS Spanish, per crate, 32; Ohlos,
per bbl., 84.50.
TOMATOES Florida, per 6-basket crate,
NAVY BEANS Per bu., 82.
FIGS California, new cartons, $1; Im
ported, per lb., 124)'14c.
bTRAWBERRIES Texas, per 24-qt. case,
4.50(o6.00; Louisiana, per 24-qt. case, 82.75.
ORANGES California navels, fancy. 84:
choice, 83.76; budded, 83; Mediterranean
sweets, 33.264ra.60.
LEMONS Fancy, 33.60; choice, 83.26.
BANANAS Per bunch, according- to slse,
HONEY Per 24-section case. 82.75S3.0O.
NUTS New crop walnuts, No. 1 soft
shell, per lb., 12c; hard shell, per lb., UStc;
No. 2 soft shell, 10c; No. 2 hard shell, 6c;
Braalls, per lb., 14c; filberts, per lb., 12c;
almonds, soft shell, 16c: hard shell. 15c:
pecans, large, per lb., 13c; small, 10c; cocoa-
nuts, per sacK,
IimWO V r, 1 .Man Iti ' XTn 9 -... K
No. 1 salted, 'Vhc; No.' 2 salted, W.c; No. i
veal can, 8 to ins., tic; no. 2 veal calf.
13 to 16 lbs., 6c: dry hides, 8d2c; sheep
pelts, 76c; horse hides, H.wai to.
CIDER Nehawka, per bbl., 83.26; New
XorK, 1.1.0U.
POPCORN Per lb.. 6c; shelled, 6c.
St. Lonla Grain and Provisions.
ST. LOUIS. April 28.-WHEAT-Lowtr
83i.c; May, 78Sac; July, 7370; No. 2 nard,
CORN Lower; No. 2 cash, 66c; track, 66c;
May, 63c; July, 64Hc; September, 6214c.
OATS Lower; No. 2 cash. 44c; track, 44H
tf45c; May. 43Uc; July, 34c; September,
juste; no. 1 wnite, itxattrtkc.
RYE-Dull at 80c.
FLOUR Dull; red winter patents, 83 709
8 85; extra fancy and straight, 83.403.60;
Clear, fi.wuv.OA
CORN MEAL Steady, 83.15.
SEED Timothy, nrm. 85.0wiT6.25.
ll IJ A M U A An ! .nLA I a. BAAM.
HAY Better; timothy, 312.5015.50; prai
rie. fll.DO0'lA.W.
WHlBKY-Steady. 31.30.
IRON COTTON TIES-Steady, 11.06.
BAGGING Steady, 1qc.
PROVISIONS Pork, higher; Jobbing, old
817.50; new, 317.65. Lard, higher, 39 75. Dry
salt meats (boxed, stronger; extra shorts,
3 75; clear ribs, $9. 624; short clear, .87.
Bacon (boxed), stronger; extra shorts.
310624; clear ribs, 310.50; short clear. 810.76.
METALS Lead, steady at 83.a74nj-l.0o.
Bpener. nrm at H i. 4.
poultry Hteaay; cnicRens. 9c: turkeys.
10c; ducks, 10c; geese, 4 4 'a 6c.
MUTTER weak: creamery. 20(ff24c: dn.lrv
EUGS tsteady at 15c.
Receipts. Shlnments
Flour, bbls ll.ono 5.000
wneat, uu n.oou g.nno
Corn, bu 68,000 62.000
Oats, bu 81,000 28,000
Liverpool Grain and Provisions.
Quiet; No. 1 northern spring, 6s 34d; No.
1 lauiornia, os iwa. futures: uteady
may. os i'u JUiv, ss 14a.
corn spot: uteaoy; American mixed
new, 5a 3d; old, as 9d. Futures: Closed
steady: July. 6s Z"d. September. 5a 2d
0'tober. 5s.
FLOUR St. Louis fancy winter, firm, ts
HOPS At London, Pacific coast, firm,
ad ineiga.4 ids.
PEAS Canadian. Arm. 7s.
PROVISIONS Beef, strong: extra Indian
mess. 97s 6d. Pork, strong: Drime mess.
western, 76s. Hams, short cur, 14 to 18
lbs., firm, 5s6d. Bacon, firm; Cumberland
cut. 26 to 30 lbs., firm. 60s: short ribs. 16 to
24 lbs., firm. 52s 6d; long clear middles. 28 to
84 lbs., light, nrm. Us: Ions c ear middles.
heavy, nrm, 3D to 40 lbs., 62s Id; short clear
backs, nrm. if to 30 lbs.. 62s: clear bellies.
Arm, 14 to 16 lbs., 52s. Shoulders, square,
nrm, 11 10 is ids.. 40s n. Lara, prime west
ern. In tierces, firm. 61s; American refined
in nails, firm. 61s 3d.
BUTTER Finest United States, firm, 59s.
CM ELSE Firm ; finest American white,
67s: finest American colored, 5Ss.
TAIJIW-Prlnm rttv. Arm la
The Imports of wheat Into I.lverpocl last
week were 31.H ausrters from Atlantic
ports, none from pacific and 19,0uu from
otr ports.
Tr.e Imports of corn from Atlantis fc-it
last wet were .iu quarters.
Evaporated Apples anal Dried Fralta
AtTl..h-ln moderate supply and prett
nrm In tone. Jubblna trail e latr and con
siderable export Interest noted for prime
fruit. Prices unchanged. State, common to
rood, 7djc; prime, 944i4Hc; choice, 944
loc; fancy, 104Hlc. 1
tsadier la too and lot job blag account
fair business Is reported for large sites.
via rrulta sllgntiy in puyers isvor. Apn-
cots and peaches, steady and In demand by
V (. I . ...II. n lK,ln... b...
Iotf'l3p; bnas. p12c. Peaches, peeled, 149
18c; unpeeled, Sifllc.
Kansas City Urala mn4 Fravlslens.
c; July, 72Se; cssh. No. 2 hard. 74o; No.
73c; No. 2 red, 79Hj-fV; No. 8, 7S71c.
i.Ann may, u.) , r',ni tri , y T ,
ash. No. 2 mixed. WVac; No. 2 white.
684tieic; No. 3, 7i(ti68c.
oath No. z wnite, iixgifViC.
RYE No. 8. V.
HAY-Choice timothy. 313B014.00: choice
prairie, 8'3.0O.
la n t.n v reamery, aic.
EOUS Steady: at mark, new No. 2 white-
wood cases Included, 14c per dot.; cases re
turned, 13Vic.
Receipts. Shipment.
Wheat, bu...
...28. turn
orn. nu
64. 40
Oats, bu
Visible "apply of Grain.
NEW YORK. April 2S. The visible sun-
ply of grain Saturday, April 26, as com
plied by the New York produce exchange,
e no iouuws:
Wheat. 40.449.000 bu.. a decrease of J.R8.1..
000 bu.; corn, 6, bu., a decrease of
338,000 bu; oats, 3.114.000 bu.; rye, l.RSs.nno
ou., a acresse or bu. ; barley, 1,131,000
bu., a decrease of 233,000 bu.
Toledo Grain nnd Seed.
TOLEDO. O., April 28 WHEAT Dull.
weak; cash, 844c; May, 63c; July, 7c.
CORN Dull, steady; cash, 62c; May,
634c; July, v'; September. 634c.
OATS Dull, firm: cssh. 43c: Mav. 43Vc:
uly, 36c; September, 31c.
SEED Clover, dull, tlrm: caeh. 85J7H:
April, 86.27H; October, 85.40; No. 2, 24.67 to
Philadelphia Produce Market.
Dull; western creamery, 2Sc.
EGOS Steady: fresh nearby. 16c; fresh
southwestern, 16c; fresh southern. 15c;
western, 16c.
CHEESE Firm: New York full creams.
small, Ufi 13c; New York full creams, fair
to choice. ll'124c.
Elgin Batter Market.
ELGIN. HI.. Anrll 28. BUTTER Took a
decided drop on the Board of Trade, de
clining from 28c to 22c. An offering of 1,440
lbs. was sold at 224c and the quotation
committee made the market firm at 22c.
This is 8c lower than It was two weeks
go. Ihe output of the week was 624.000
Milwaukee Grain Market.
Steady ; No. 1 northern, 77"g77Hc; No. 2
nonnern, iwic July, 7D Vac.
RYE Steady; No. 1. 60c.
BARLEY Firm: No. 2. 70Uc:
sample, 60
CORN JUly, B30.
Dnlath Grain Market.
DULUTH. April 2S.-WHEAT-Caah. No.
nard. 74c: no. I northern.
72Sc: No. 1
northern, 754c; May, 754c;
July, 75B
7b4c; September, 744c.
OA I B 4340.
Peoria Market.
PEORIA. April 28 CORN Nominal: no
sales quoted.
OATS Inactive: No. 2 white. 44444c.
billed through.
whisky on the basis of 21.30 for fin
ished goods.
Speculative Interest Relapses and
Prloes Not I'nlform.
NEW YORK. April 28. Speculative Inter
est In stocks shared considerable falling
rr today and the full day a transactions
reached a million shares for the first time
In two weeks. The feveriBh activity which
has characterised the recent leadership
of the market waa decidedly lacking. If the
rather leading dealings In Reading be ex
cepted. The tone of the market was halt
ing and the movement in prices was not
The predominant movement- while It
failed to embrace the whole list, . Itself
hanged ft number of times during the day.
The failure of the conference committee
of the miners and operators to agree on
terms on Saturday was a dl-' ppolntment
and the tone of the comment of the par
ties to the conferer"e created a dlsagree-
bie impression. 1 1 result was free sen
na of Reading In the open dealings, which
1 noted the whole market. This weakness
was overcome by a strong advance In
some of the high-priced coalers.
The part played In the market by the
high-priced stocks, of which the floating
upply is very small, was notable ana
heir wide movements resulted from a
light volume of transactions.
as tne upward mgnt or Delaware
Hudson and of New Jersey Cen-
ral rallied the Readings. aa did
the spurt In the Chicago & Northwestern
stocks gave some strength to the Grangers
and Pacifies. St. Paul was lifted two
points over last night and there were gains
of one to two points among the southwest-
The sains were not well held, however.
and there were constant relapses when the
market was allowed to become quiet. New
York. New Haven Hartford was an
other of the high-grade stocks to move,
but it saved only a point of its seven-point
Among the industrial specialties there
were wide advances in Pullman, Interna
tional Power, American Express, Pressed
Steel Car Preferred. Railway Steel Spring
and some others which are even more act
ive. Cotton Oils, Virginia-Carolina Chem
ical and American Agricultural Chemical
were advanced on talk of consolidation.
Colorado Fuel and Tennessee Coal were
bid up late In the day as the local trac
tions had been earlier, but relapsed again
without much effort on the general mar
ket. The varvlnc movement In the grain mar
ket was reflected from time to time in the
stock market, but not In a decisive way.
The usually active industrials were quite
generally heavy.
United States Steel seemed to reflect dis
approval of the bond Issue. The firmness
of foreign exchange reawakened discussion
of probable gold exports, but the money
market was unaffected. The market closed
dull and easy.
The bond market was moderately active
and strong. Total sales, par vslue, 34,045,-
000. United States bonds were all un
changed on the last call.
The rouowing are ins closing prices on
the New York Stock exchange:
... J I80. Pacific rr
... VBo Rallwar t7
...loS do pfd MU
... s TMaa A Pacific 414
...l4"Tol.. St. L A W.. tJ
... -V "do pfd it
40 pta
. O
do D(a
Canadian Pacific.
Canada Southern.,
Chea. Ohio
Chlcaso A Alton..
do pfd
Chicago, I. at L...
do pfd
Chicago A E. Ill .
tk 4 un Ion Pacific KMX
do pfd 7'i
. T
. 704
. ft'i
Wabaah 6
do pfd 46 H
Wheallng A U E.... 214
do td pfd.. I4vk
Chicago at u. w.
. 24
Wla. Cantral tV
do lat pro
do 14 ptd
. M
ao pia at
... 44 Adama El 1
.. .194! American Es 230
Chicago N. W.
C, R. I. P
...1744 walla-Fargo El...
... St Amal. CoDpar
Chicago T. T.
. 44
do pfd
ti4 Amar. Car T...
. 104
C. C. C. St. Li.
do pfd.
. ai
. 20
. (4
Colo. Souihara....
.. 214
.. 14
.. 4(
Atner. Llns
do lat pfd
do td pfd
do pfd
Amer. S. A R
do pfd
Anac. Mining Co. ..
. 434
Del. a Hudaon...
rw .. L. a w ...
Donrar A R. O...
.. 434
Brooklyn R. T
do pfd
14 Colo. Fuel A Iron.. 1084
14 Con. Oaa
do lat pfd
T4Con. Tobacco pfd.
U4 Oen. Electric
do Id pfd
Ot. Northern pfd 187 "Hocklng Coal....
Hocking Valler 844 Inter. Paper
,. II
.. 514
do pfd oo pro.
Illlnoia Central.
Iowa Central....
..I48 Inter. Power 1MU
.. 4 Laclede Caa M
do pfd
.. a4 National Blerutt
Lake Erla A W.
.. 414 National Lead...
..12a i National Salt.
..127HI do pfd
,.lX4No. American...
do pfd
Manhattan L. ...
Met. St. Rr
..IbZX serine t oaat.
Mexican Central
Pacific Mall
Mexican National.... 1S
People' a Oaa...
Minn. A St. L..
Preeeed S. Car
Mo. Pacific ....
do pfd
.... 874
M . K. A T
... la
... U
... M4
... to
Pullman P. Car 245
do pfd
Kepubllc Steel 114
N. J. Central...
N. Y. Central...
Norfolk A W...
ao ma 7S
sugar iiiu
Tens. Coal A Iron... 7(4
do pfd
whwh . m r
Ontario A W...
Pennarlvaola ...
... 144
... ?4
wv via
C. S. Leather..
. 114
. 144
. 11
do pfd
U. S. Rubber ..
V. S. Steel
do pfd
W eaters Union.
do let pis....
de Id pfd
St. L A S. r.
do lat pfd
do 2d pfd
St. L. Southw.
do pfd
... S44
... 18
... aa
... S.-4
... T14
. 4
. 414
... 14
... 414
Am. Locomotive le
do pfd p4
St Paul
do pfd
.1114' do pfd o
eoutnern xe
Trust receipts. Let sale. ottered.
Fere tan Financial.
LONDON, April 28 There was a strong
demand for money today owing to repay
ments due to ths Bank of England every
day thla week, besides month and require
ments, iiscounis were nrm.
On the stock exchange generally cheer
rul business prevailed, but It wss re
stricted, outsiders doing practically noth
ing. tonois wavereo out had a nrm un
dertone. Some home rails Improved. Amer
leans opened weak, notable exceotlons he.
Ins New York Centrals snd liulavtlle A
Nashville following New York's lesd. Ths
business transacted was very small. Prices
rallied somewhat later in ths day and
closed firm. Kaffirs were dull with frac
tions! docllnes.
PARia, April 28. Business on the bourse
today opened quiet and undecided. Rio
tlntos and Kaffirs were sold for Iondon
account. Chariereds were particularly af
fected. Internatlonsls were easier. Rentes,
Spanish rsils, Spsnlsh fours snd South
American securities declined. Italians and
Turks developed great strength. Thom-son-Houstins
were firm. Prices closed
heavy. The private rate of discount was
24. Three per cent rentes, ino francs 774
centimes for the account. Spanish fours
closed 78.72.
BERLIN, April 28. Exchsnge on Ixwdon,
20 marks 484 pfgs. Discount rstes. short
bills 14 per cent, three months' bills IS
per cent. International were maintained
on the bourse todsy. Canadian Pacifies
and Transvaal rails were steady. Locals
hardened on bear covering.
New York Money Market.
NEW TORK. April 28 -MONEY-On call,
steady, 3'544 per cent; closing bid and
asked, 3'84 per cent; prime mercantile
paper, 4ii4 per cent.
EXCHANGE Firm. with
actual business In bankers' bills at 84.874
for demand and at 34.86S 'or sixty days;
posted rates, 84.8Mft4.864 and 34.K84'4.s;
commercial bills, $4.84Va4.R&V
SILVER Bar, Rl-Ve; Mexlcnn dollars, 41c,
BONDS Government, steady; state,
easier; railroad, Arm.
The closing quotations on bonds ars as
U. g. ret. ta, rf.
do eoupon
do la, reg
do coupon
do new 4a, reg..
do coupon
do old 4a, reg...
do coupon
do fta, reg
.. .1141,. A N. unl. 4a 1024
...14 Mei. Central 4a M
...10 Mex. Cent, la Inc 144
...14 Minn. St. L. 4a. ..104
...171 M.. K. A T. 4a tnt
...U(4 do la M
...lliV.N. T. Central la lo
...1114 do gea. 4a 1
...1MVN. J. C. g. ra 14
...1C i No. Pacific 4a 1U6H
00 coupon
Atcniaon gen. a lost do la 74
do adj. 4a 4VNnr. W. con. 4a. .1014
B A O 4a 1024 ! Reading gen. 4a t
do I4a H St. L. A I. M. c. 6a 114
do cotir. 4a le iBt. L. 8. F. 4a....
Can. Southern la loo 1st. h. Southw. la I004
Central of Os. ta 112HI do 2a n4
dn let Inc KlVSan. A. a A. P 4a.. t04
Chea. A Ohio 44a. . . .104 So. Pacific 4a 64
Chicago Ac A. 24a... 4in. Rallwar ta 12!
C , B. A Q. new 4a ' Texaa t Pacific la..IJH4
C. M S P g 4.. ...1164 T., St. L A W. 4a. M4
C. A N. W. e. 7a... .13(4 t'nlon Pacific 4a 1054
C. R. I. A P. 4a 112 I do Cflnv. 4a V
C C C A St L g. 4a.l(44:Wabaah la 120
Chicago Tar. 4a I do 2a 1104
Colorado Bo. 4a do deb. B 77
Denirer A R. O. 4a. .1044 1 Went Shorn 4a 1134
Erie prior Hen 4a. . . .1004 1 Wheel. A h. E. 4a... ta
dn general 4a H Wla. Central 4a 6
r. w, A D. C. la llf4 Con. Tobacco 4a
ilorklng Valler 44a..lU4l
Itnaton Stoek Qnotatleas.
BOSTON, April 28 Call loans, 1W$4 per
cent; time loans, 44Va per cent. Official
cloning ot slocks and oonds:
Atchlaon 4a.., 1024 Adrenture
Oaa la 87 Aliouea
Mexican Central 4a... 82 Amalgamated
N. K. Oaa A Coke.... K54 Bingham
Atchlaon S14 Calumet A Hecla..
do pfd M4 Centennial
Boatnn A Albanr 1M4 Copper Range eon-J.
Boaton Elevated 1694 Dominion Coat
. 14
. 4
. f4
. M
. 14
. 14 .
. la
. 24
. 24
. I
. t
N. Y , N. H. A H...24a4rranklln
Fltchburg pfd
...1444 lale Rorals..
t'nlon Pariflo
Mex. Central
Am. Sugar
do pfd
Am. Tel. A Tel..
Dominion I. A 8.
General Electric
Mans. Electric...
do pfd
. 114
Old Dominion
Santa Pa Copper.,
t'nlted States
. 444
N. E. Oaa A Coke..
United Fruit ICS
U. S. Steel 424
do nfd M
Weetlngh. common. ..lis I
I.oadoxt Stock market.
LONDON. April 28.-4. p. m. Closing:
Conaola for money
.do account.
do pfd
Baltimore A Ohio.
Canadian Pacific...
Cheaapeake A O...
Chicago O. W
C, M. A St. Paul.
Denver A R. O..
do pfd
do lat pfd
do Id pfd
Illlnnla Central....
. 44 Norfolk A Westers... S0
. 44! do pfd aa
. 4 Ontario A Weatern... sr4
. 81 Penmylvanla TI4
1014. Reading 234
.. 4
.. 24
.. 44
.. 4V
.. 404,
.. 724i
.. (64
do let pfd 444
ao 2d pro it
Southern Railway.... 29 4
do pfd 4
Southern Pacific S14
Union Pacific 101 4
do pfd 204
United states Steel.. 434
do pfd M4
Wabaah 27
do pfd 444
Spanlah 4a '14
Rand Mines 124
De Beers 414
Loulrrllle A Nah...l4
M., K. A T 244
do pfd (64
N. T. Central 144
BAR SILVER Easy at 234d per ounce.
MONEY 243 per cent. The rate of dis
count In the open market for both short
and three-months' bills is 2 13-l&tiV per
New York Mlntna; (gaotatlona.
NEW YORK, April 28. The following are
the closing prices on mining stocks:
Adama Con
II recce
Brunawlck con
Comatock Tunnel.
Con. Cal. A Va...
Deadwood Terrs...,
Horn silver
Iron Stiver
Leadvllle Con
.. n
.. (4
.. (4
.. t
.. 70
.. ta
.. 8
Little Chief a.
. 11
. s
. 28
. 8
. 10
. 40
Fhoents ,.
Sierra Nevada.
Small Hopea...
Bank Clearings.
OMAHA, April 28. Bank clearings today,
31,041,115.42; corresponding day last year,
31,15o.7u6.04; decrease, 1116.oltf.62.
CH1CAUO. April 28. Clearings, IZ8,877,43:
balances, 32,&57,145; posted exchange, 34.84
for sixty days, 14.8x4 on demand; New
York exchange, 10c premium.
nr. lAJCia. April . eiearinas. H.7is.s4:
balances, 31,435,734; money, 444i per cent.;
New York exchange, 10c premium.
CINCINNATI. April ZH. Clearings. S4.23&..
650; money. 4(J8 per cent; New .York ex
change at par.
NEW YORK. April 28. Clearings. 3128.-
087,838; balances. 35.641,316. The subtreasury
had a credit balance too ay or ia,S(B.
BOSTON. April 28. Clearings. 87.1K8.270:
balances, 31.726.782. .
PHlLADELPHrA. April 28. Clearings.
813.101,296; balances, 32,SOO,22S; money, 4'
per cent.
BALTIMORE. April 28. -Clearings. 83.015.-
037; balances, 3537,151; money, 6 per cent.
Condition of the Treasury. .
WASHINGTON. April 28. Today's state
ment of the treasury balances in the gen
eral fund, exclusive of the 8150.000,000 re
serve In the division of redemption, shows:
Available cash -balances, iw,d40,b4; gold.
Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. April 28. COTTON Spot
closed quiet: middling uplands, 84c; mid
dling gulf, 104c; sales, 600 bales. Futures
closed very steady: April 9.6dc: May. 8 69c:
June,, s.sfc; July, 1.8.1c; August, v.suc; Hep.
tember. s.64c: October, s.aic: November.
8.26c: December. 8.26c: January. 8.27c.
The market opened steady with prices for
near crop months 11 to 14 points higher
and new crop months 9 to 10 points higher
111 response to- strong Liverpool cables ana
bullish information from domestic crop
centers. Snot cotton waa up another 1-320
Fort recelDts were very light compared
with those of a year ago. Southern spot
markets were described ss strong and
1-lsc to 4c higher. Crop reports reflected
a decresse nenerally In acreage a smaller
use of fertllVers this year than last and
a delay of alkiut two weeks In the season.
Though profit taking around .80d for July
for a time held- the market In check, the
whole list stiffened up In the late session
to a basis of 9 64(1 for July and to .40d
for August on a fresh scare of shorts and
brisk new buying. Trading was active
all day with the close very steady at a
net advance of 11 to 20 points.
ST. lXICIS. April 28 COTTON Firm, t,c
nigner: middling. H4c; sales, l.oso nates;
receipts. 927 hales; shipments, 1,262 bales;
siock, 3x.zx nales.
fair demand; prices l-32d higher; American
middling fair. 6d; good middling. S15-32d;
middling. 6 11-32d: low middling. SKa: good
ordinary. 54d: ordinary. 44d. The sales of
the day were 12.000 bales, of which 1.500
were lor speculation and export and In
cluded lU.Jiio American. Receipts. 7.000 bales.
Including 8.900 American. Futures opened
stesay ana closed steady: American mid
dllng I. m. c. Anril. 5 14-64W5 15-Md. buyers
April and May. 613-646 14-64.1, buyers; May
ano. June, a value; June and July
5 12-64'ao 13-4d. sellers: July and August
512-64.1. huvers: Autrust snd Bent em her.
6 6-64fr5 7-4d. buyers: September and Octo
ber. 0 -64d. sellers: October and November,
4 3S-64d, sellers; November and December,
4 m-mo, Olivers: lJecemrter ana January,
4 34-64d, sellers; January and February,
i st-Mn. ouvers.
Futures, nrm; April. 9.78'g9 80c; Msv, 9 ltf
soc; June. 9 k3i.84c: July, ttvni tc
August, 94Sfi94c; September. 8.turi8.68c
octoner. s.zifjt ?2c: November. s.itKua. luc
December. 8 (itaijS. 10c. Snot, strong: sales.
7.z naies: ordinary. Sj-isc; cood ordinary,
8 15-'lc; low middling. 9 8-lSc; middling,
9 11-lc: good middling. 10r; middling fair,
lWc; receipts. 3.799 bsles; stock. 189.419
Dry floods Market.
The new week has opened up quiet with a
numerate amount or mall oroers to nana.
The demand coming forwsrd. however,
shows little change from that of last week
Cotton ducks have advanced t per cent
owing to advance In raw material.
Outside of this the market remains firm
ana uncnangetL
Beef Bteert Aotive and 8tron--Cow Buff
Jut About Steady.
Oeeal to Ckelee Iwsnabs In Active De
mand at Fally steady Prleea sad
Choice Sheen olsl Well, bat
Cent anon Staff Was Heglected.
8OUTH OMAHA. April 28.
Receipts were: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Official Monday 2.49 3.w4
Bime day last week 3,474 4.$
game week before 2.o73 2.U41
Hame thiee weeks ago.. 8.6.U i.l.n
8ame four weeks ago.... 3.2M 4,14o
Hame day last year 2.813 3,7ti7
7,i l
6, 6.1 J
The following table shows the receipts ot
cattie, hogs and sheep at Bouth Omaha for
the year to Date and comparisons with last
1901. Inc.
Cattle 2o9.417 218,302 41.115
Hogs 842.6:48 74,68 Se.770
Kheep W),843 377,674
The following purchases were made today
by local lacaers.
Cattle. Hosts. Sheeo.
owiri ana company 412
Armour t co 14
Onwha Packing Co 22
Cudahy Packtw Co 218
arto ',JS
1.0K3 726
The following table shows the average
price ot hogs sold on the South Omaha
maraet the jjast several days, with com
parisons wltn tormer years:
Date. I 1902. 1901. 1900., 1890. l(t!. 1897. 11896.
April 1..
April ...
April 8..
Aljrn a..
April ...
I 86 I 87
( 3 M
1 t to
o e, e oof
80 8 801
8 3 e3
6 et7 8 Mi
I 8 M
6 88
fe ti t S3
M 8 67
6 831 3 83
6 40 3 61
6 48t 3 67
3 72
6 46,
a f I 72
6 49 1 tVti
6 4! 3 1
6 4u 8 76
I 3 721
6 36
6 S2 3 871
6 84 8 6o
6 39 3 641
5 34 8 67
6 27 3 69 1
3 84 3 9J 3 54
8 ? 8 92 8 64
I 3 81 8 86
3 73 I 8 i
8 79 8 90
8 i 3 85 87
8 U 3 83 8 59
8 'ill 8 SU 8 41
8 Vol 8 8o 8 82
I 8 801 8 sS
8 71 1 3 7
3 71, 3 7
3 87 8 97 3 6
8 7VI 3 S5I 8 49
3 7 8 8u 8 38
i 8 7 8 tit
I 3 91 3 80
3 0 I 8 43
3 1 3 (If
3 i 3 84 8 85
e to, k W
8 88 I 6 l5
4i e o,
634! 5 K4
C UUi e ,
April ..
April 7..
April ..
I hi Vi g Oil
I t k7si a
I s tI si,
. s, 6 1
I 6 8
i i04
I w
. 6 904, 4 01
91 I 8 94
.1 6 96141 M
I I sl
. 6 9641 9
i 6 8641 81
.; 6 S041 6 80
.1 6 6 76
1 7 08S I 77
'1 9' 6 771
I 72
I 7 07m
April 11.
April U..
April 13.
April 14.
Apru la.
April 16.
April 17.
April 18.
April is.
April 30.
April 1.1.
i .M 9 S3 9 eU
April 22.,
8 84 3 841
8 741 3 82
I 883
3 3
April 24.,
3 28
3 36
3 el
April 24.
April 28.
8 71
April 26..
April 27..
April M.,
3 841 3 811
3 "9 8 71; 3 28
3 9 3 75 3 26
Indicates Sunday.
The following list shows the number of
cars of cattle shipped to the country
eaiuraay ana tneir destination:
E. M. McNaught. Wray, Colo. B. & M... 2
ma outciai number ot cars ot stock
brought in today by each road waa:
Cattle. Hogs. Sh'p.Hses.
C, M. A St. P. Ry 2
Union Pacific system.... 37 6 14 e
C. A N. W. Ry 8 7
V., E. A M. V. R. R 6 18 2
C, 8t. P., M. A O. Ry.. 9 .. 1
B. A M. R. Ry : 20 7 4
C. B. A W. Ry 3 3
K. C. & St. J 7
C, R. I. A P., east 4 4
Illinois Central 6 1
Total receipts 99 62 20 7
The disposition of the day's receipts was
s follows, each buyer Durchaslnar .ha
number of head indicated:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co.....
Swift and Company....,
Cudahy Packing Co....,
.. lib
.. 424
.. 261
.. 160
.. 242
.. 162
.. 46
.. 40
.. 30
.. 64
.. 77
.. 60
.. 62
.. 24
.. 1
.. 81
466 ' 1,873
866 1,018
1.044 231
1.582 676
Armour ec uo ,
Swift and Co.. country
G. H. Hammond Co....,
R. Becker A Degan....,
Vansant A Co
Lobman A Co
Yv. I. Stephen ,
Hill A Huntslnger
Livingstone a Bcnauer
Hamilton A Rothschild
H. L. Dennis A Co
B. F. Hobblck
Wolf A Murnan
Other buyers
Totals 2.358 3,947 3.798
CATTLE There waa not a heavy run of
cattle here today, as a decrease la noted as
compared with last Monday. As com
pared witn tne same day or last year
there Is not much change. The demand
was In fairly good shape, so that trading
was active at fully as good prices as
were paid at the close of last week.
Beef steers again made up the bulk of
the offerings and the quality waa good on
the whole. The' demand waa liberal from
local packers and also some outside pack
ers were on the market. The desirable
grades could safely be quoted strong and
lulte a little higher. It waa onlv a ahnrr
time Deiore tne duik or tne good cattle
was out of first hands. The commoner
grades of course did not move as freely,
but still they sold for fully as much as
the same kinds brought laat week.
The cow market waa not particularly
active and could probably best be described
by calling It steady. Buyers took their
time about looking at the offerings, but
as supplies were not large practically
everything was disposed of In good season.
The good stuff moved without much
trouble, but the commoner grades dragged
more or less ths same as usual. As com
pared with the close of last week there
was not enough change in the prices paid
to be worthy of mention.
Bulls, veal calves and stags sflso sold In
just about last week's notches. There was
n rainy gooa aemana ior ine better
grades, but the common kinds were
neglected. .
There was not very much life to the
stocker and feeder trade this morning.
There was very little good stuff on sale,
but the few that were offered sold at Just
about steady prices. The common kinds
were in light demand and sold slowly at
about last weak's quotations. Representa
tive sales;
At. Pr. No.
At. lr.
.1141 t Ot
480 1 00 11
.1020 4 40
10 Ml 4 10
It 1140 4 16
1047 4 20
41 1187 4 16
20 1148 4 40
27 1201 4 40
18 1208 4 46
, 14 INI ( 46
I 18 1247 to
4 1290 4 45
27 1280 6
1 1142 4 76
84 1421 a an
. 840 4 80
. 11 3 00
K1 8 10
1130 I ftl
1175 I 10
109 8 78
.841 I 80
1146 4 86
1068 I 80
1210 4 00
.107 2 4 00
HO 4 04
, 480 1 76 . 1......
930 8 25 10..."..
, t0 1 15 I
918 1 11 1
........ 8O0 I 60 li
870 I 40 1
418 I 16 1
810 I 00 I
Ut lei t
910 I 00 I
Mi I 10 I
806 1 26 1
980 1 26 1
940 I 25 1
1110 8 16 "
1000 1 26 1
965 1 25 4
1 25
9"7 I 40 8
760 1 60 13.
1140 1 60 L
910 2 60 1
!10 I 10 1
: 1060 1 60 I
400 I 15
.... 4S I 0 64
'' 40 8 1
e0 4 16 1
" 470 4 40 1
880 4 15 1
' 646 4 76
144 I 1 1
1214 I 10 1
1614 1 26 1
1120 I 40 - 1
1160 8 16
184 8 SO I
140 4 14 1
10 i 16 I
.... 880 8 74
.... 844 I 15
.... 601 I 76
....71 1 0
....1(11 8 14
....100 4 Aft
.... IH ll
....1181 4 16
1026 4 15
.... 9H& 4 60
.... 85 4 60
....110 4 16
.... 110 4 16
.... 926 4 16
....1044 4 80
.... 96 4 SO
.... 644 4 90
...110 I 00
... .lorn 1 so
....loal 60
....1170 4 00
....1110 4 00
....1140 4 40
....114 4 44
Til 4 9
764 f 19
114 I 60
196 I 78
600 6 76
..129 4 U
..1400 4 6
..1610 4 SO
..UN 4 90
.. M a
.. 210 a
..164 II
99 4 SO I
199 4 OS 1
II 4 4
8t 8 It 1
10 1 71 18
11 26
10 6 25
124 4 76
280 t 00
21 I II
784 I 0" 11 l 4 10
411 1 10 11 0 4 11
1018 too
aw 16) 1 4Ki 1 ie
60 t 76 1 960 I 24
16 IN 1 61 : 16
. . 6M I ea 22 ... 441 I as
4 .
MB X l
4 8
66 2
40 I fl
96 I a
. 77 I 76
111 I 76
, M I "
C. F.
.8-9 4 46
. 875 4 00
.... u
. 44
4 60
4 4 Si
9t4 4
HI 411
.122) I 14
Fish Wyo.
1 steer.,
21 feeders.
2 feed'rs.
HOGS There was about a normal run
c-f hogs hsre todsr for a Monday, and as
the demand wsti In food shape the msrket
opened sctlve and fcwlrtn higher. The qual
ity of the offerings was pretty good, and
trie msrket on paper shows up In good
shape. Packers all seemed to be anxious
for supplies, and It was only a short time
before everything on ssle was out of first
hands. The good weight hogs sold largely
from 37.18 to 87.30. The medium weights
went mostly from I7.i to 37.15, snd the
light stuff sold from 8 to Todsy e
sdvanre csrrles the market to the highest
point reached this yesr, as the loss of Sat
urday was more man
regained today.
Representative sales:
94 .
. .
14. .
92. .
I 86
I 90
1 90
I 95
4 95
I 97
I 97V,
4 97S
1 00
t 0.1
1 00
T 00
1 no
7 00
1 00
1 06
T 05 .
1 5
7 06
T 06
1 04
T 06
I 06
1 05
74 .
84 .
SO. .
1 05
T 07 4j
7 10
7 10
T 10
7 10
T 10
7 I
1 1
1 1
T 1
1 16
1 II
1 15
1 II
1 II
1 16
7 15
1 IS
1 15
7 I7V4,
1 26
1 26
1 16
7 26
7 17V
7 to
T 20
7 10
1 05
SHEEP There wna tuat fnle
sheep and lambs here today, and packers
took hold In fairly good shape and bought
up me more desirable grades at right
around steady prices. Lambs In psrtlculsr
sold well and clipped stock sold ss high
as 36.50, and wooled lambs brought 86 90.
Wooled ewea sold up to 85.65.
The better grades of sheep also sold freely
snd a bunch of clipped wethers weighing
115 pounds brought 86.00. Toward the close
of the market packers did not seem quite
as anxious for supplies and the feeling was
a little weak.
Quotations for clipped stock: Good to
choice lightweight yearlings. 36.00Q6.25; fair
to good. 85.75126.110: good to choice wethers,
85.86.00; fair to good, 856Kti.75; good to
choice ewes, 86.0CK&6.25: fair to good, 34.65
6.00; good to choice lambs, 36.2V(I6.40; fair
to good, 35 756.15. Wooled stock sells about
25a50c above clipped stock. Choice Colo
rado wooled lambs, 86.9OJj1.00; fair to good,
36.6596.85. Representative sales:
11 cull ewes
10 cull ewes
2W western ewes
61 western ewes
1 clipped ewe
10 clipped lambs
478 C0H-.I0 ewes
240 cl'ttx'd lambs
1 cl.ned lamb
1,366 clipped lambs
282 Colorado lambs, wooled
Av. Pr.
,65 2 00
.75 4 60
, S3 4 60
,70 6 00
.60 6 00
,70 6 25
,82 6 65
, M 6 15
,90 6 50
,85 50
,76 6 90.
Cattle Lower, Hobs Strong; and Higher
nnd Sheep Slow.
CHICAGO. April 28. CATTLE Receipts
18.000, Including 100 Texans and 400 west
erns. Slow; weak to 10c lower; good to
prime steers, 36.KKff7.40; poor to medium,
e4.75tg6.60; Blockers and feeders, 32.50ffi6 25;
ww, 8i.40tg7i.0O; heifers, 32.5tX7j6.16; cannem,
$1.40tg.40; bulls, 32.60t&6.50; calves. 33.00
6.50; Texas fed steers, IS.SOtJfe.W; western
steers, hay fed, 85.50fo6.25.
HOGS Receipts 30,000: estimated tomor
row, 20,000; left over, 2,600. Strong to 6c
higher; mixed and butchers, t6.Stxg7.27H;
good to choice heavy, 37.2fyfr7.40; rough
heavy, t6.fxVf77.lB; light, 36.7046.96; bulk of
sales, 36S5(p7.15.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 18.000.
Slow; lambs, slow; good to choice wethers,
85.4Otji6.00; fair to choice, mixed, 84.75'ij6 40;
western sheep, 34.76(ij6.0O; native lambs,
clipped, 34.75fti6.65; western Iambs, 35.25a.65.
Official Saturday:
Receipts. Shipments.
Cattle 264 351
Hogs 10,873 2.2X6
Bheep 1,056 66
New York Lire Stoek Market.
ceipts, 3,904 head; extra steers, stesdy to a
shade lower; all others, 10rjil5c off; bulls
and thin cows, steady to strong, all sold;
steers, tS.0tXa 20; tops, 37.25; bulls, 83.60
6.76; cows, 32.50tg4.fli. Cubic, steady; no
shipments today; estimated tomorrow, 750,
OUO head rattle, 1,000 head sheep and 2,640
quarters of becf.
CALVES Receipts, 7,440 head; demand
fairly good; prices steady to 25c lower, all
sold; veals, 33.6ora6.50; some early sales, 37.00
top". 37.25; general sales, 36.O0tU6.60;
city dressed veals, Sfq'loVic per lb.
HOGS Receipts, 7,211 head: feeling weak;
state, 37.00tiB7.26: western, 36.75.
SHEEP AND LAM BS Receipts. 8,400
head; prime clipped stock about steady;
everything else 10c off; 11 cars' unsold; un
shorn sheep, 34.oOtiJ6.40; clipped sheep, 34.00
(&6.00; unshorn culls. 84; clipped lambs. 35.40
6.75; unshorn culls. 85.(8)rn6.75; clipped
culls, J4.5oy4.56; spring lambs, 82.Oij6.6o.
Kansas City Live Stock Market.
ceipts, 2.400 head natives, 800 head Texans,
200 head calves; market steady; choice ex
port and dressed beef steers, J6.60U'7.10; fair
to good, 86.6at(6.60; stockers and feeders.
33.75tit6.56; western fed steers, 35.0Oja6.5O;
Texas snd Indian steers, 33.75S.Ou; Texas
cowl, 83.6t36.00; native cows, 33.oOfeo.25: na
tive heifers. 34.0inij6.50; canners, $2.6ug3.60;
bulls, 33. out! 6. 26; calves, t4.6oa6.t)0.
HOGS Receipts, 4,500 head; market 5c
higher; top, 37. .15; bulk of sales, 36.9Kg.7.26;
heavy, 37.2offl7.35; mixed packers, J7.0O(i7.25;
light. 86.65&7.15; pigs, J6.15a6.6ft.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 4,300
head; market steady to shade lower; na
tive lambs. J6.60fd7.00; western lambs, J6.40tai
7.00; native wethers, J6.60tij6.-00: western
wethers, J5.66ta6.86; ewes, J5.OTVfjb.50; Texas
clipped yearlings, J6.0OaA2O; Texas clipped
sheep, J6.0066.65; stockers and feeders, J3.00
St. Lonla Live Stoek Market.
ST. LOUI3. April 28. CATTLE Receipts,
2,6u0 head. Including 1,800 head Texans; mar
ket steady to strong; native shlrping and
export steers, J6.60iii7.10; dressed beef and
butcher steers, J4.70fij6.5fl; steers under 1.009
lbs., J4.00ra6.25; stockers and feeders, 32. 60
4 85; cows and heifers, J2.26Q5.0O; canners,
J1.60290; bulls, 83.00fn6.10; oalves, 32.6016.00;
Texas and Indian steers, grassers. J3.40f
4.50; fed, J4.60tir6.26; cows and heifers, J2.66(3
HOGS Receipts, 4.200 head; market
strong; Pigs and lights. J6.86f7.00; packers,
W.9.Vh7.26; butchers. J7.10g'7.40.
SlfEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 600 head;
market active, steady ; native muttons, J4 65
fhtjOo; lambs, Jo.508.50; culls and bucks,
J2.50(S6.f0; stockers, J2.00fg3.00; western
sheep, J6.25.
St. Joseph Live Stoek Market
ceipts, 800 head steady to 10c lower; na
tives, 85.25g'7.25; cows snd heifers, J1.2&0J)
6 25;, J3.IAX7j5.50; stockers and feeders,
JI. 0O(g5.25. , ,
KOUa Jteeeipts, a." neaa; sieaay; ngni
and light mixed, J1.0m97.2o; medium and
heavy. J7.1or-7.i0; pigs. J4 SFifa6.00.
SHEEP AND msbb- neceipts, o.?!
head; sheep steady to strong; Ismbs, steady
to 'veak: western lamps, tn.iuai.w: western
sheep. J5.00tao.35.
Slonx City Live Stork Market.
SIOl'X CITY. Is.. April 28. (Special Tele
gram.) CATTLE Receipts, 3,500; best
stockers and killers steady; beeves, 34 50a
6.50; cows, bulls and mixed, J2.00fq5.25;
stockers and reeaers, a.waitxj; yearlings
and calves, J2.75fa4.26.
HOGS Receipts 2.200; strong to 6c higher,
J5.S04i7.2O; bulk, J6.90fs'7.0O.
Stoek In Sight.
The following table shows the receipts
of csttle, hogs snd sheep st the Ave prin
cipal markets for April 28:
Cattie. Hogs. Bheep.
South Omaha 2.469 3 94 6,ll2
Chicago 18.000 8O.O1O lH.On)
Kansas City 8,2oO 4.5) 4,300
St. Ixuls 3.6.10 4.200 600
St. Joseph 800 8,300 6.200
..36.969 18,964 33,22
toffee Market.
NEW YORK, April 28.-COFFEE Spot
Rio. quiet; No. 7 Invoice, 6c. Mild, dull:
Cordova. 8fel2c. The market opened
steady, with prices unchanged to t points
higher knd wo'ked an additional 3 points
higher by ml.-dsy on moderately active
pull support, profit-taking by commission
houses, which were short, and light support
from reactionists. Importers and bear
leaders sold at the higher prices and
brought special pressure near the close,
tnereby forcing sales off 5 points. Receipts
in Brssll were heavy and clearances from
the crop country for the t'nlted States
were larte. The market clossd steady,
with prices net unchanged to 3 points
higher. Total sales were 56.000 bass. In
cluding: May. 4 "f4 .'.; June. 4 9"4i4 96c;
July, be; September. 3 i6.25c: October. 6 25
4i535; December, ot"fj0 4ic, Janusry, t.50c;
March, b.VjiS.7'ic.
iv uei ni Kaiuni il.olf.os
lbs. for the same period In 1901. The stock
In hi. nd in U stnn Janusry 1, 1Sj2. was
77,:tO,4b4 16.; the total stock today Is Id.-
W110I Market.
tAUT IV Anril ?K Wl W1 Th. I ... .
In hnMon January 1. 1902. havs been
7K.741.96S Ih.igslnst Ki.K3.552 lbs. for the
una period )91. The Boston shipments
. . 1 . . . ju , 1 , . - A 1 .
Sa IKa Tl. V I a 11 iv.
, - - . . . - - K VII a,.Il4 AKTII , ,
19M1. waa .810 lbs.
BT 1 J tl'l U Anvil . V , .-I T - , ,
medium grades, ItHc; Ilsht fine. 12tfl4c;
11 , w ,1,,. exinc: itm wflinwi, lfl-4C.
I-ONIXiN. April 28. The closing list of
srrlvsls of wool fr the forthcoming wool
suction sales shows the following: New
Pouth Wslee. M.M1 hales; Queensland. 15..
254 bales; Victoria. 83.&.M bales; South Aus
tralia, 13.585 bales; West Australia. 3. Ill
bsles; Tssmanla. 2.554 bales; Cape of Good
Hone and Natal. 48,011 bales, of which
1.1,ai bales are forwarded direct.
Sasjar Market.
NEW YORK. April D8 SI 'GAR Raw,
firm; fair refining. 2c; centrlfugsl, 94 test,
8Sc; molasses sugsr, 2V; refined, ateadv;
No 8. 4 16c; No. 7. 4.08c; No. ft, 3c; No. 9,
8oc: No. 10. 8 S5c! X'n tl xsn. v.. n 1 :ia.
S 76c: No. 14. 8.75c; stsndard A.' 4.5tV;
irciioners a. a ,hc; mould A. 4 5io; rut
loaf. 62c: crushed. 6JOc; powdered. 4 80c;
grHtiulHted. 4.7iV- cubes. 4 96c
Gsd1 ' APr" 2R-8l"OAR-nt- AP1"".
NEW ORLEANS. April s.-SrOAR-Very
strong: open kettle, 2StiJ8-16c; open
kettle, centrifugal, -Sfa.lV; centrifugal yel
low 8ViXtH,c; seconds, iJiao. Molasses,
dull; centrifugal. 7W18c.
, Oil ss4 Roils,
OIL CITY. Pa.. April 2S.-Credlt bslances.
J1.20; certificates, no bid. Shipments 1S6 -M
bbls., average 109, 4S7 bbls.; runs 109 479
bbls., average 7M91 bbls.
TOLEDO, O., April 28 OII-North Lima
88c; South Unia and Indiana, Mr.
NEW YORK. April 28 OIL Cotton seed
oil. firm. Rosin, steady. Turpentine,
LONDON, April W. -OIL Unseed oil,
30s 9d. Turpentine, spirits. .IPs 3d.
SAVANNAH, Ga . April 28. Oil. Tur
pentine, quiet. 43c. Rosin, firm; A, B, C, D,
VL20; E, 81.25; F, $1.30; O, $1 36: H, J1.5R; I.
li .95: K, $.'.46; M. J2.85; N. J3.26; WO, $3.50;
WW, $3.60. '
Boy Foaad et Chernne Trostrate
from Ilanaer and Thirst When
Seal le Broken.
CHEYENNE. Wyo., April 28. (Special.)
When the I'nlon Pacific freight platform
men broke the seals on a Chicago A North
wesern car In ths yards here Saturday
night the pallid face of a young boy loomed
up through the darkness. The boy was
st first unable to talk. He would not give
his name, but said he had entered the
car at South Omaha several days ago. In
tending to steal a ride westward until
hunger compellfd fclm to get out at some
station. The second Jay out of Orcsha,
he said, he attempted to get out of the
car, but found all of the doors locked.
Ha shouted and pounded with his fists,
but he wss unable to trake anyone hear.
The car was sealed up at Chicago and
there Is no record of these seals having
been broken or tampered with between
Chicago and Cheyenne. If this is true the
hoy got Into the car at Chicago and was
without food or water for Ave days and
More Than Twelve Thonsand Head
Perish In Storm In
CHEYENNE, Wyo., Aprlt 28 Reports
recetved here from various sections of the
state Indicate that the unexpected storm
of last week killed 12.000 or 18,000 head of
sheep, the losses running from 2 to 10 per
The heaviest loss occurred In Natrona
county, where shearing hat) commenced
early. The loss there is estimated st 3,000
To Restrain I'se of Wyoming; Water.
LARAMIE. Wyo., April 26. (Special. )
Local authorities will probably bring suit
against the state of Colorado for appro
priating and diverting water from the
streams of Wyoming, which. It Is claimed,
rightfully belongs to this stats by reason
of prior use. The case promises to bu
very similar to that of the state of Kansas
against Colorado. It Is alleged that thu
Eaton ditch In Colorado, Into which the
water will be turned in a few days, will
take water from the Big Laramie river and
Its tributaries. Sand creek, which is dotted
by many fine ranches, will suffer the most
snd many of the ranches, it Is claimed, wilt
be ruined. Nothing will be done
In the matter until the actual diversion of
the water takes place.
Soldiers to Have Rifle Range..
SIOUX FALLS. 8. D., April 28. (Special.)
The members of the two Sioux Falls
companies of the South Dakota national
guards sre arranging to have rifle ranK'"
laid out on the Coats farm, situated south
east of the city, sad conduct regular prac
Department of the Interior, Office ot in
alau affairs, Waanington, D. C, March 1,
IwU. Sealed proposals. Indorsed "proposals
for blankets, woolen and cotton goods,
clothing, etc.," as the oase may be, and
"Directed to the commissioner of Indian
affairs, Nos. 7V and 79. Wuosler street, New
York City, will be received until 1 o'clock
p. m., ot Tuesday, May 13, 19u2, for fur
nishing for the Indian Service, blankets,
woolen and cotton goods, clothing, notion,
hats and caps. Bias must be made out on
government blanks, bchedules giving ail
necessary Information tor bidders will be
furnished on application to tne Indian of
fice, Washington, D. C; Nor 77 and 79
Wooster street. New York City; Z36 Johnson
street, Chicago, ill.; No. 816 Howard strest,
Omaha, Neb.; the ccmmisaarles of sub
sistence, U. 8. A., at Cheyenntt, Leaven
worth, St Louis, St. Paui and Sap r'ran
clsco; the postmasters at Sioux Cll , Yank
ton, Arkansas City, Caldwell, Topeka,
Wichita and Tucson. Bids will be opened
at the hour ana days above stated, and
bidders are Invited to be present at the
opening. The department reserves tha
right to', determine the point of delivery
and to reject in and all bids, or any
part of any aid, VV. A. JONES, Commis
sioner. Aprl6toMay7
of the Sujervlslng Architect, Washington,
D. C, April 21, 192. Healed proposals will
be received at this office until 2 o'clock 1
m. on the 27th day of May, 1902, and then
opened for the construction (except heating
apparatus, electrlo wiring and conduits) of
the 17. S. postofflce at Creston, Iowa, in ac
cordance with the drawings and specifica
tions, (oples of which may be had at this
office or at the office of the postmaster at
Creston. Iowa, at the discretion of the su
pervising architect- JAMES KNOX TAY
LOR, Supervising Architect. A24-eod6t
WANTED, for U. S. army, able-bodied un
married men between ages of 21 and 85,
cltlxena of United States, uf good character
and temperate habits, who can speak, read
and writs English, f or information apply
to Recruiting Officer. 16th and Dodge ats.,
Omaha, and poatofTlce oulldlpg, Lincoln,
of Debentures of the East Omaha Land
Company: You are hereby notified to file
with me on or before May 18, 1901, a verified
statement of any claim or demand you may
have or may assert against tha East Omaha
Land company, stating particularly whan
and for what purpoee your claim was con
tracted, and the amount you claim to be
due. with Interest.
A2dlM Special Master.
cum TouRtcir
Ilea Slg 44 tot sssatsrsl
iittalles el alcersaUsi
f JZZ-. , sVsaa
I rr'av, ' MBieaa, m4 aw sasa
TMifuCsia.ioa strso4aassfc
sen ww ngs aalaV
. .
' seal Is state erf
. nr k ar t . -
ansT M I
Ream 4. Now Verk Life Bll.
Bought snd sold for cash or oa margin.
All telegraph, telephone or mall order
will receive careful aud prompt artentlea.
TsliiiBOua HM. OUAiiA hZU.
I 1
. rr
- 1 a7aJTLJCn?Nv'