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Bullish Factors Pretail and Gr&ina Par-
tiallj i
Gain Back Becen. Losses.
backers Support thai Trade and rash
Prices I p, bat Cereal Bilm
Lejs'es Oalalde Patronage by
Poor Wire Service.
CHICAGO, April 26 Wheat experienced
a normal reaction irom yesterday's bad
lump and with numrroui bullish factors
behind lent lta strength to other grains.
Trade wai not heavy, but July wheat
closed '.: higher, July corn o higher
and July oris '.'S'tc higher, rrovlsions
gained Ktyc to 17'c-. .
Lettclemy of moisture In Kansas and al
most freexins temperatures In many parts
of the wheat belt was enough to mart
wheat upward at a good pace at the open
ing of trade. To augment the strength ta
bles were firmer than had been expected
and receipts both primary and northwest
ern were small. Inasmuch as the shortage
'in receipts has been apparent for aome
time at:d comparisons have been made
against a short-crop year, the beam be
came discouraged again and shorts cov
ered freely. Excepting rains, every argu
ment waa In favor ot the bulls. Traders
were of the opinion that It takes some
thing more than a rain or two to make a
barvest. After the Initial upward Impulse
trade waa quiet for a time prices fluctu
ated weakly. Concerning Kansas llrad
treet'a had a special report saying a
three-fourtha yield at the best and ) per
cent probable waa to be expected.
Weather forecasts had a bad effect.
Frosts were predicted In many of the
western slates and In Just the places
vtiere warmth Is most necessary. Then
rcame the report of seaboard clearances of
16,n00 bushels, exceptionally large and of
a fair outlook for export business with
France. Prices worked up, trade became
more active and the greater part of yes
terday'a loss waa regained. July opened
AiC to higher at TorctlW to 75Vir76.
advanced to 76c and closed Itrm, Tc up at
74i764e. Local receipts were M cars.
Bone of contract grade, making a total
for the three points of 18 cars, against
143 last week and 349 a year ago. Aus
tralian shipments were only 152.000 bushels,
against 676.000 bushels last year. Primary
receipt! were 2l&,mxi bushels, compared to
445,0ii0 bushela last year.
Brokers on corn reported the lightest
trade In that pit for Saturday In many
Weeks. One explanation waa the bad wire
ajervlre on account of the storms, which
almost shut off outside trade. Another waa the hard Jolt speculators re
ceived yesterday and which they had
hardly gotten over today. W hnt argument
there waa favored the bulls. Wheat
strength and firm cablea aided In an early
upturn, but prices were very narrow most
f the session. Speculative offerings were
very light and consequently there was lit
tle selling pressure. The cash demand was
(ood and southwest was very bullish, 1st.
outs reported good cash sales and more
desired than could be obtained. In gen
eral corn waa without feature, save lta
strength. July sold between W.TiWc and
closed firm, ,c up at 6.ic. Receipts were
4 cars.
After a firm opening In oats In
Sympathy with the strength In the other
pits there was a momentary selling press
ure dun to the recent heavy rains and
their effects on the aown oata. When thi
pressure waa removed there was some re
ponae to light demand and prices ad
vanced. July (new standard sold between
87Hl(87Se and 37c and closed firm, fcCa'ic
UP at 3"Hti17Hc. Receipts were 13 cars.
Trade In provisions was largely local be
cause of wire service. At the start the
grain Improvement and a steady hog mar
ket reduced buying, which (even as hog
prlcea weakened) continued to Improve.
There waa a momentary disposition to sell
on the hog situation, but a very good
packers' support developed a strong mar
ket. Pork waa In best demand, but lard
was also wanted. Trade In general waa
dull. July pork closed UVjC higher at
517.06; July lard 12Vc up at 110.07V and
uly ribs 12Vic higher at 19.47W.
Estimated receipts for Monday: Wheat,
f6 cars; corn, 126 cars; oata, 205 cars: hogs,
82.MIU head.
The leading futures ranged aa follows:
Articles. Open. High. Low. Close. Yes'y.
May July
a July
: b July
a Sept.
fc Sept.
Kay Jjly
May July
16 624
16 874
16 974
9 15
10 074
9 224
9 US
9 45
No. 1 a Old. b New.
Cash quotations were as follows:
FIOUR Firm; winter patents, $3.704j3 90;
Winter straights. $3.2KjJ.i0; winter cleara.
$3A0'flS.60; spring apeclals, $4.1oCa4.20; spring
ratents, $3.Ko3.70; spring atralghta, $2.90ti
WHEAT No. t spring, 75Hfi,75Hc; No. 2
red. 8Sklj844c.
COHN-No. 2 yellow. 634c.
OATS No. 2. 41n434c; No. J white, 469
iS4c; No 3 white, 444'a-toc.
RYE No. 2, 684c.
BARLEY Fair to choice malting, 67?7c.
SEED No. 1 flax. $1.68: No. 1 northwest-
am, $1.79: prime timothy, $7.00(37.10; clover,
contract e-iade. S8.S5.
PRUVlBlUnB-Mesa pora, per odi., io so
RS. Ird. ner 100 lbs
9.95. Short
vIKa aldea llooael. X9.3V!l9.40.
Dry salted
Short clear
houldere (boxed I. $7.754i'?.874
Sides (boxed),'o lo.oo.
WHISKY On baala of high wines, $130
The following were tha receipts and ship-
men is y-atroy:
Articles. Receipts. Shlbments.
JHour. bbla 15,ono 20.000
Wheat, bu 3S,0oo 19.000
Corn, bu 89,i00 7.0"0
Oata. bu 179,000 78.000
Rve bu 4 000
barley, bu 12,000 10.000
On tha Products exchange today the but
Xer market steadier; creameries, 17i214c;
dairies, 17fl2c. Cheese, steady, 1244f'13c
tgs. ateady; rresn, ioH!Oiivc
(taotatlona ( the Day oa Varloaa
NEW YORK, April 26-FLOUR-Recelpts
13.24 bbla.; exports, 36,9u0 bbla. ; dull and
unsettled, out no lower; winter patents,
I3.a5ti4.06; winter straights, $3.763.90; Min
nesota patents, $3.904. a): winter extraa,
3.1oja.3o; Mlnneaota bakers, $3,004)3.80;
winter low vrades. $2.j3.1b. Rye l.'our,
dull: fair to good. $3.1543 40; choice to
(anrv. tlt KMlS 6S.
CORNMEAL Firm: yellow western, $1.30;
city. $L28; Brandywine, w.xa.oo.
tlvr.-Firmr: No. 1 western. 644o f. o,
b. afloat; state. 61tii;2c, c. I. f. New York
car lots.
HA RLE Y Dull : feeding. 64t!6c. c. I. f.
New York: malting, 6744jT3e, c. L t. New
CORN Receipts, .0.060 bu.j exports. 1.350
u. SooL' market firm; No. I, 70c. elevator,
and 7o4c f. o. b. afloat. Good support at
the writ, hlxher cables and the wheat mar
ket "held corn on a firm basis during the
forenoon. Closed firm at S1v4c advance:
May cloed at 64c; luly, 6Voi4C; closed
at 68c; September, b.STJ ':; closed a
DATS Receipts. 69.0u0 bu.l exports. 10 bu
Bpot. tlrm; No. 1. 484e; No. 3, 474c; No. 1
white. 5ilroJo: No. s wnite. b24c; track
mixed weatern, 47(a48c; trac)c, white, bla
6c. Options steady witn other marketa,
but dull.
WHEAT Receipts. 249.600 bu.; exports,
192.950 bu. Spot, steady; No. 2 red, 874c
bv.lurt No. I red. 4c, I. o. b. afloat
No. 1 northern. Duluth, 74c: No. 1 hard
u.nllrlui 7UW. fob. afloat. Influenced
by a atrong.aet of cablea where decline
had been expected wheat waa firm In the
first hour on buying fur short account In
fa.-a of favorable weather. The cloee wa
very firm, 4tf4c' net advance; May,
14c; closed at 81 Sc; July. 80 S-l314c:
closed at 814c; September. 81S807c; closed
at 904c; iH:vemoer, iimiw; ciosea
4J4C . .
HAY Quiet: shipping, 66tjtuc; good to
rhmre. xrv-iCt5c
tiita r irm: state, common to choice,
19ol crop. Iii20c; 19u0 crop, 13il4c; old, bit
c; Pacific coast, iiwi crop, ja-flirc; iw crop,
13614c; old. uc.
Ill nEA Oul.i: Galveaton. 20 to 2$ lba,
18c; Cailfornls. n to X lba.. U4c; Texas
dry, 24 to lbs., lie.
I.KATHE R yulet ; acid. 24r2Sc.
V( m il Dull : domestic fleece. 254K9C.
PROVISIONS beef, strong; family. $15
vneaa. 112: beef hama. S21.U22 iw; packe
liS; city, extra India mesa, $;2.UM0 24.00. Cu
meats, tlrm: trickled be 'lira. I4dll4c
tiickled shoulders, 8c: pickled hama, HWU
12c. Lard, ateady; w astern aleamad, $10.10;
74f4 76 7I4 754
(ay,tt 824 62H 62S
63Hi'k!M Ifi4 34 634
63 ii' 63 S3 634
424 42, 424 424
35 35VC4 '-i
374 37Vjif4 S74 37y,lftV4
304 31 30"S, 304
324'J 3033 324114 32
16 754 1 S 16 70 16 S24
16 924 17 06 16 924 17 06
17 00 17 174 17 00 17 15
9 24 9 95 9 824 95
9 95 10 074 10 074
10 074 10 174 10 074 10 174
SO 93S 920 3S
9 374 9 474 9 35 9 474
i 9 674 46 674
America, HI: compound, V23ffS0. Pork, I
famllv.I190Wl!.6u; short Clear. HS.OOQ'20.00: 1
mens 1 17 .oxst'lx uo. I
HVTTER-Steady; creamery, 18V4B22c;
factory, 17j19c; renovated, lMf2oc; Imita
tion creamery, ltCfj'JOc; state dailies, 18V4J
CHEESE Firm; state full creams, small,
early make, fancy colored and white, l.vo
1.1V; slate full creams, large, fall make,
fancy colored and white, 12fcltvc,
KOt 18 Steady: state and Pennsylvania,
17til7Hr; western, at mark, lfrVijlTc;
southern, at mark, 15an'61SHiC.
TALLOW Firm; city (12 per pkg.). 6Ac;
country (pkgs. free). SStjeV-.
KICK Firm; domestic, fair to extra. i
tK'c; Japan, 4V(KC.
MOLASSES Firm; New Orleans, open
kettle, good to choice, 324i41c.
IXtCLTHY Alive, turkeys, 13c; fowls,
ll'v; dressed, ateady; fowls, 12c; turkeys,
METALS Trade In all deoartments was
slow today: cr.i'es were unchanged. Tin
on spot closed at 127. 9t; conDer was steady,
with lake on spot at 111 87UW12.10; electro
lytic and casting al tll.5oitl2.00: standard
copper for Immediate dellverv was quoted
at 111. "fall. 36 for June and Julv delivery
at I11.VV812 .So; lead waa steadv and un
changed ; spelter ruled steadv at M-H:
Iron was firm and unchanged.
(ondltlon of Trade and Uaotatloaa on
Staple and Fancy Prodnce.
EGGS Including new No. i cases, lHc;
cases returned. He
LIVE I'Ol'LTRY Chlrkens, a84c; old
roosters, according to age, 4Vi7c; turkeys,
8frllc; ducks and geese, sttj&Viu; broilers,
per lb., 25c.
HCTTER Packing stock. lc; choice
dalrv, In tubs, 2Kr22c; separator, 26c.
crapples, 10c; herring, 6c; pickerel, 9c; pike,
11c; perch, 6c; buffalo, dressed, 7c; sunflsh,
6c; bluetlns, 8c; whiteflsh, lie; catfish, 13c;
niacK nass, lw; nantiut, ltu:; salmon, jac;
haddock, 11c; codflsh 12c; red snapper, 10c;
fmuu'.i i. lit , wu noil , I m iisvliti , A'n; ,
. .v.. J ii. ci... .k.j ... v..i- xw.! I
spllt sha'd, per lb., 10c; lobsters, boiled', per
lh . 27c: lohstera. iroon. ner in.. 2Kc.
' - I
.s Mediums, per can, zac; atana-
arda ner can 2Rc: ln a.lerta ner ran I
orW Counts oer ' can T' 40o- bQ lli
nr aal SI 26 bulk eVtra
Pffi- New York Counta IJr mil
L.66, New lorn Counta, per gaL,
33c: N
standards, p
lecta, $1,604(1.1
PIGEONS Live, per doa $L
VEAI Choice, 6(&Sc.
CORN 60c.
BRAN Per ton, $1"
HAY Prices quoted by Omaha Wholesale
Hay Dealers' association: Choice hay. No.
1 upland, $8.60; No. 1 medium, 8; No. 1
coarse, 17.50. Rye straw, $6.60. These prices
are for hay of good color and quality. De
mand fair. Receipts light.
SEED POTATOES Per bu., Ohioa, $1.60;
Rose. $1.25; Triumphs, $1.16.
POTATOES Northern, $1.16; Colorado,
GREEN ONIONS Per do., according to
sixe of bunches, 154j'C5c.
t AM HUTS Pel OU., 75C.
BEETS Per bu basket. 60c.
TURNIPS Per bu.. 60c: rutabagas, per
u ins.,
PARSNIPS Per bu.. 60c.
ASPARAGUS Home grown, per dox., 75c.
( l.'CUM BER8 Ho'houae, per dox., $1.60.
SPINACH Southern, per bu., 75c.
LETTUCE Head, per hamper. $2.50: not-
ouse, per dox., 4o4j4oc.
i-AKSi.ii i'er dox., 3U(8:w
RADISHES Per itnl.. 2lKH2Ar: ner box.
WAX BEANS Florida, per basket. S3.HK9
GREEN PEAS-Per basket, 75c11.
KM L BARB Home grown, ner lb.. 3414c.
CABBAGE California, new. 3c.
ONIONS Spanish, per crate. $2: Ohlos
per bbl., $4.50.
TOMATOES Florida, per 6-baaket crate,
NAVX BEANS Per bu., $2.
FIGS California, new cartons. $1: Im
ported, per lb., 1241 14c.
(STRAWBERRIES Texas, per 24-qt. caae,
$5; Louisiana, per 24-qt. case, $2.75.
ORANGES California navels, fancy. $4;
choice, $3.76; budded, $3; Mediterranean
weets, $3. 25& 3. 60.
BANANAS Per bunch, according to sixc.
HONEY Per 24-sectlon caae. $2.7563.00.
NUTS New crop walnuts. No. 1 soft
shell, per lb., 12c; hard ehell, per lb., 114c;
iso. i son Kneii, 10c; sso. t nara sneu, yc;
Braxlls. per lb.. 14c: Alberts, oer lb.. 12c:
pecans, large, per lb., 12c; small, 10c; cocoa-
nuts, per sick, .(.
No. 1 Halted. 7c; No. 2 salted. 6c; No. 1
eal calf, 8 to U lbs., He; No. Z veal calf.
14 a 1C 1Kb 11,. Aw; VtlAm Ufa 1 '). m
pelts, 7sc; horse hides, ll.j.ii.ij.
CIDER Nehawka, per bbl., $3.25; New
xora, vo ou.
POPCORN per lb., oc; shelled. Sc.
St. Louie Grala and Provlalona.
ST. LOUIS. April 26. WHEAT Higher:
No. 2 red cash, elevator, 884c; track, 824tj
834c; May, 804c; July, 76c; No. 2 hard, 7,U)
CORN Higher: No. 2 cash. 6EUc: track.
wic; may, tne; juiy. 044c; nepieniDer, bzc.
uaib iiigner: xo. t casn. ttvic: track.
454c; May, 434c; July, 344c; September,
o?c; -o. z wane, vc.
hi tr ixiwcr at eoc.
FLOUR Market firmly held: red winter
patents, $3.7u4?4.85: extra fancy and straight.
d.tjj.w; clear, jj.woj.j.'.
CORNMEAL Steady, $3.15.
SEED Timothy, firm. $5.0n6.25.
BRAN Quiet; sacked, east track, $6$8c.
HAY Firm: timothy. $12.60fil5.00: prairie.
acarce, not quoiea.
wnioKi oieaay,
IRON COTTON TIES Steady, $1.06.
BAGGING Steady, 64&t4c.
new, $17.56. Ird, higher, $9.80. Dry salted
meata (boxed), higher; extra shorts. $9 76:
clear ribs, $9,624; short clear, $9,874. Bacon
(boxed), extra snorts, xiu.24: clear ribs.
aiu.wr, Blioi . Viral, fiv.iu.
1 . . r , . . V. a .1... , A C
METALS Lead: Steady at X3.97tt4.00.
Spelter: Firm at $4,174.
POULTBJ-steady; chickens, vc: turkeys.
10c; ducks, 10c; geese, 4445c.
BUTTER Weak; creamery, 22$2c; dairy.
tiiua Hteaay at 10c
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 6,000 6.O1O
Wheat, bu 11,000 4.0 0
Corn, bu 80,0110 29.000
Oats, bu 43,000 21,000
Liverpool Grala and Pravlaloaa.
LIVERPOOL. Anrll 26. WHEAT Snot.
quiet; No, 2 red weatern, winter, no stocks
In transportation; No. 1 California, 6a 44d.
Futures, quiet: May. eai4d: July, ta Vd.
conrx spot, ateady: Amerlcaa mixed.
new. 6a 8d. Futures, Inactive; July, 6s24d;
septemoer, oaj'a; uctooer, ss 14a.
flolk 01. J-ouie xancy winter, nrm. sa
HOPS At London. Paclflo coast, firm.
A3 itM)a4 10a.
peas Canadian, nrm. 7e.
PROVISIONS Beef, atrong; extra Indian
mesa. Via bd. fork, atrong; prune mess,
western, 76s. Hama, short cut, 14 to 16
lbs.. Arm, 64s. Bacon, firm; Cumberland
cut, 26 to 30 lbs., 4a 6d; short libs, 16 to
24 lbs., 61s; long clear middles, light, 28 to
34 lbs.. 52s: long clear middles, heavy. 35
to 40 lba., 61a 6d; snort clear backa, 16 to 20
lba., 62s; clear Denies, i to 10 ids., bis sa.
Shoulders, auuare cut. 11 to 13 lba.. Arm. 29a.
I,ard. nrm; prime western, in tiercea, bus
6d; American rennea, in pans, ova id.
RT'TTER Finest united states, nrm. ra.
CHEESE Strong: finest American white.
56s; finest American coioreo, s.
TALLOW prime city, nrm, avs.
Kaaaaa City Grata aa Pravlslea.
734c: July, 734c; caah. No. 2 hard, 74c;
No. 3. lie: no. x re a. iswnisc: no. . vvc.
corn May.. maci sepieinDer. tiic: casn.
No. $ mixed. 66c; No. 2 white, 684c; No. S,
ATS No. t white, 46464c.
RYE No. 2. 60c.
1 HA Y Choice timothy. $li5ft&14.00: choice
Dralrte. lUARKi
BUTTER Creamery,, 23c; dairy, fancy,
eoos steady : at mark, new o. z white.
wood casea Included, 14c do.: cases re
turned. 13Wc.
xteceioia. Dnipments.
Wheat, bu 1S.4U0 230
Corn, bu 61.uo 48.i0
Oata, bu.. 1, it.'juu
Miaaeapolls Wkeal, Flear aaa Bras.
May, 734c; July, 7&4c; on track. No. 1
hard. 774c: No. 1 northern, 764c; No.' I
northern. 734c.
FLOUR First patent, $4 0064.10; second
patents, $J.8Mrw.I6; Oral clears, $3.10; C'
ond cleara.
BRAN In bulk, $14.0u3 It 60.
Toledo Grata aad e.
TOLEDO, O.. April 26. WHEAT DulL
Arm: rash. MVao: May. S4c: July. iS4c.
CORN Dull, Arm; cash, 624c; May. C34c;
Julv. 64Wc
OATS Active, firm: caah. 44c; May. 43e;
July. S64c: Beptemner, 114c.
SEED Clover, dull, atronar and higher;
caah and April. $5224; October. $6,174; No.
2, $4.ui4.aB; Wo. I alayke. H-W.
Dry Market.
Market condiiiona remain firm and un
chanaed. with a modorate amount of bual.
IkUl V4UUeUa. 1U Atll afcoUMlM aV
more Important part today, while
spot business has been decidedly i
mau in
the aggregate. Favorable weather condl
tlona Indicate a more active market next
reorla Market.
TEORIA. Anrll 24. CORN Firm: No. .
1 w iuiei; in o. a wnuc, c, Diuea
WHISKY On the basis of tl.30 for fin
ished goods.
... - . ......
Dalatb Oral a Market.
niTLfTH. April 26. WHEAT Cash. No.
1 hard, 7SK-; No. 2 hard, 73Uc; No. 1 north
ern and May, 76c; July, V ; September,
OATS September. 31c.
Saa Fraaclaca Grata Market.
8teady; May, II 114: December, ll.OSfe. Spot
quiet, but steady, HlH,.
CORN Large yellow, quiet, but ateady,
$1.3741! 1-45.
Stork Market Quiet, bat Sharp Ad-
a la ladaatrlala.
NEW YORK. April 2S Today's stock
market was rather quiet and gave very
little evidence of the activity of the large
speculative forces which have kept up the
animation of the market during the week.
New York was the only sympathetic influ
ence on the stocks of subdlary or allied
companies. The 12 point rise In New
York, New Haven & Hartford was sup
posed to have aome connection with the
strength of the two principal trunk line
T herp were aharn advances In a number
oi inausinea ana specialties wnicn nan
no apparent connection and were not ex
plained bv any news develnnment.
The bank statement nrnved rloselv In
j ... . , , .. .
accord with yesterday s ore lmlnarv es-
!LmaJf."J!,n. I8 ecepted as favorable, but
Ith attempt to make realizing sales on the
pviwrtntlnn Ih.t Hmo ..... , 1. . n.m , I ,
L:' .;, T. V" -"--"
"T .-.ea uy me Statement rouna a
hrle,dlnt '""'t and prices were car
downward In many important atocks to
low nmhf level. Yesterday a support
tnB United States steel stocks waa lad
to be-
pport for
s lackins:
and those atocks were heavy throughout.
The grangera seemed somewhat affected
by the firmer tone of the grain markets.
i nere was no sequel to tne late spurt in
Southern railway and that stock nagged
until the close. The closing generally waa
active and easy.
The session of the committee having In
hand the attempted settlement 'of the an
thracite miners demands was a repressive
influence on speculation, but the tone of
the market seemed chiefly due to the dis
position of operators to take a whole hol
iday Instead of a half day after the con
siderable activity and excitement of the
Speculative and convertible bonds have
been very active, moving In sympathy with
stocks. United States 2s advanced 4 per
cent over the closing call of last week.
Tha following are the closing prices on
tha New York Stock exchange:
.. UHlSo. Railway
.. 8'i do pfd
..108 Teiaa A Paclfle
.. W Toledo, 8t. L. A W
..124 do pfd
.. ! I'nlon Paclfle do pfd
.. 174 Wabaih
.. 7 do pfd
.. 714 Wheeling A L. E...
.. HSt do td pfd Wle. Cantral
.. 24 do pfd
do pfd.
at O.
do pfd
Canadian Paclflo...
Canada So...'.
Chea. at Ohio
Chicago Alton...
.. 1:4
.. .
.. 45
.. J14
.. 24
.. HI
.. 4K4
do ptd
Chicago, Ind. 4 L.
do pfd
Chlraso A K. III...
Chicago & O. W....
do Jul pid
do Id pfd
.. M4 Adams Ex....
.. 47 American Ex. A N. W...
..Mil t'nltad Statu Ex
..171 Wclla-Farxo Ex
.. 304 Amal. Copper
.. I4 Amer. Car A T
..16 do pfd
.. tt Amer. Lin. Oil
.. 714 do pfd
.. 4.14 Amer. 8. A R
..17r do pfd
..2M Anac. Mining Co....
C. R. I. A P
Chicago Ter. A Tr.
do pro
30 i,
C. C. C. St. L. ..
Colorado 80
do lit pfd
do !d pfd
. 44
. 164
. 7ot4
. 21
. 21
. Tf4
. 1
. M
. 14
. 2
. 9H
. 47
. 43
. 4J4
. la
. 4
. T
. 724
. 164
. 80
. 11
. Is
. 174
. 44
. 41
. MH
. 124
. 4
. M
. 244
. 10
Dl. oc Hudson
D.I. U A W
Den Tar A R. O
.. a brooklrn R. T
.. 2S Colo. Fuel A I
.. m Con. Oaa ,
.. 704jCon. Tobacco pfd..
.. Mfc Oen. Electrie
..He Hocking Coal ,
.. 84 Inter. Paper ,
.. 14 do pfd
..1474 Inter. Power ,
.. 41 Laclede Oaa ,
.. 174 National Blicutt .,
.. National Lead ....
..1 National Salt ....
..12 do pfd
..13tt No. American
..lf24 Paclflo Coaat ......
.. 294 Pacific Mall
.. 1H People's Oaa
..112 Preeaed 8. Car
..100' do prd
.. J64 Pullman P. Car...,
.. bh Republic Steel ....
..190 I do pfd
,.U2H Sugar
.. Tenn. Coal A Iron
.. (v I Union Rag A P...,
.. ir I do pfd ,
..1524 U. 8. Leather ....
.. MS do pfd
.. W4 U. S. Rubber ......
.. 7241 do pfd
do pfd
do lit pfd
do 2d pfd.........
Croat Nor. pfd
Hocaing vauey ....
do pro
Illinois Cantral ....
Iowa Central
do pfd
Laka Erla A W....
do pfd
L. A N
Manhattan L
Met. St. Rl
Mexican Cantral ...
M.i. National
Minn. A 8t. L
Mo. Pacific
M., K. & T
do Dfd...
N. J. Cantral
N. Y. Cantral
Norfolk A W
do pfd
Ontario A W
Heading v
do lit pfd........
do Id pfd
St. L. A 8. r
,U. 8. Steal
do lit pfd
. I.IV
.. u
.. JVi
,. 40',
. 1
do pfd
do Id pfd
Wertern Union .
Amer. Locomo. .
do pfd
K. C. Southern
do pfd
St. L. Soulhw
do pfd
8t. Paul
do pfd
80. Paclfle
Xw Vork Meaey Market.
NEW YORK. April 26 MONEY On call
steady at 34 per cent, cloae offered at 84;
prime mercantile paper, 4jj4 per cent.
BlEKbinti hAlllAN(jlt-ly, With
actual business in bankers' bills at $4.87V(i
a. 00 tor ueinanu auu at at.n04x1.-4.H04 (or
sixty daye; posted rates. $4.ci74.864 and
$48S4i4.89; commercial bills, $4.8(?4.o5V
silver Bar, 514c; Mexican dollars, 41c
BONDS Government bonds, steadv: atata,
bonds, firm; railroad bonds, firm.
The closing quotations on bonds ara as
U. 8. raf. la, rag.
Mi l. A N. nnl. 4a.. ,
.1044 Max. Central 4a .
,.l8VMex. Cant, la ln
da coupon
do aa. raa
do coupon
.l"4 Minn, a St. L.
do daw ea, rag..
M . K. A T. 4s luui
da coupon
do ta
N. T. Cantral la lot
do aid 4a. rag...
do coupon
do la. rag
gen. 14s lot
n. j. a a.
do coupon
.. 14
No. Paclflo 4a...,
da la ,
Norfolk A W. a.
Reading ana. 4a.
St. L. A I. M. a.
.. 744
Atchison gen. 4a...
do adl. 4a
Baltimore A O. 4a..
. 4
do 14
do conr. 4a
St. U A 8. P. 4a..
St. L. Southw. la..
do 2a
8. A. A A. P. 4a...
So. Paclflo 4a
Canada. 80. 2a
Central of On. So...
do la tne
. 174
. 14V
Chea. A Ohio 44a..
Chicago A A. 14a.
C, B. A Q. a. 4a..
So. Railway la
. M iTeiai a PaelSc la
.1144 T., St. U A W. 4i
.1144 In Ion Paclflo 4a....
C, M A 8 P 4a..
C. A N. W. e. Ta..
C, R. I. A P.
11Z4; ao conv,
C C C A St L g. 41.1044 Wabaih la 1
Chicago Tar. 4a fc4 do la 1
Colorado So. 4a KV do deb. H
Denver A R. O. 4e...l044l'eet Shore 4a 113V
k1 ..wm ... . . ..w . - mt. w u. aa... ei
ao general aa lwia. t:antral 4a t4
P. W. A O. C. la. ..11 Con. Tobacco 4a 141
Mocking Valley 44a.. 110 I
Beaton Stock (aaatatloae.
BOSTON. April 26-Call loans. S484 ner
cent; time loana, 486 per cent. Official
closing; ot stocag ana bonds:
Atcklaoa 4a...
1014 Alloues 14
Oaa la
N. E. O. C e
Atchleon 114
Blbaham lei.
'-wwivi at nacia.....a'a
do pfd
centennial 20
Copper Range ao
Boeton a Aibaor xm
Boaton A Ma tw4
Dominion Coal 1414
Hoitoa Elevated ....las
N. Y . N. H. A H...247
rranklia 11
Mohawk aau
Kltchbura pfd 144
Old Dominion is
Oeceoln tiU
Vnlon Pacllo 10641
Max. Cantral t4
American Sugar ....12V
Qulucr lie
do pfd
Santa Pa Copper t
American T. A T
nwraci IT
Tnmountaln M
Dominion I. A g
.. 114
Oanerat Electric.
.. 4
Trinity iaai
I n I ted gtatea 114
Winona , 14
Maaa. Electric ..
tailed 'fruit'....
V. S. Steal
do ptd 144
weetingh. common. ..Ill
01 nnni ae
Daly Waat 44
Adventure M
Landen Itoeat ejtarkat.
LONDON. April 26. 4 p. m. Closing:
Coaaola for axooar
M Norfolk at Wealern
KSI do pfd,
14 Ontario A Weetera
do pfd 1014
aa im. pit
da M ptd
Southern Railway..
do prd
Boat kern Pad So...,
Baltimore A Ohlo...lU4x
Canadian Pacltc Ill j
Cheeapeaka A Okie.. OH
Chliaao U. W
C. H. A St. P
.. 444
Denver A .. O
Lniea r telle
la aid
da ara
.. 414
United States steel.
da lat Pfd....
da pfd.
do Id pfd
.. IT
do afd
Illlaola Central
Louie. I lie A Naaa.
M . K. a T
.ItoVSpealah 4a...
. M4 Rand Mlaee..
. i44.Deaaers
.144 i
do pfd
New York Central.
BAR BILVER-Dull; 23 l$-l(d one ounoa.
MONEY IW4j1 per Cent. Tha rata of
dlncount In the open market for ahort bills
a 1 ld-ig per cent ana (or threc-montaa
bills U 2Q24 Pr cant.
Weekly Baak tateaeeat.
NEW YORK. April Sa The atatement o
the aanovlatcd btoika for the week ending
today shows: Loans $X93 34.1uO. decrease
ll.tw7.9Jo; deiKHito .4Ht jo, Increase
772, 4-jO; circulation $ao.87v,$uu, decreaae $6
legal tenner ),. iw, increase aj ocu am
I AinUa lJi,iA, laUTtAA l.'tLWi IfVt
played a
$241,097,700 Increase $3,226,500; reserve) re
quired $238, Mo, 660, Inrrea.a 1443,100; surplus
$.1,461,600, Increase $2,882.40.
Kcw Yarlt Mlatav 4tatlttaa.
NEW YORK. April 26 -The following ara
tha closing prices on mining stocks:
Arlame Con ,.
Ilmniwlck Con....
t'ometock Tunnel.
Con. al. A Va...
Iadwn.d Terra .
Horn Silver
Iron Silver
Leadvllle Coa
Little Chief 11
Ontario '
Ophlr 12
Phoenix S
Potnet M
9'erra NeTida 22
Small Hopea 40
Standard 141
. M
. II
. I
. 71
. il
. I
LONDON. April 26. Money was at ?4
per cent today. There waa a better suoply
and the demand was less pronounced. Busi
ness on the Stock exchange waa quiet, and
there waa a cheerful undertone. The set
tlement was concluded without any dl
cloaure of difficulties. Public interest In
most departments seems to have broadened.
High clas securities were easier. Ameri
cans opened Irregular and grew Armer.
Southern railway was the feature. Hlo
tlntos, with copper, were generally harden-.
Kaffirs were hrm, with fair Inquiry. It
was said the big houses were taking all
the shares offered. Gold premiums are
quoted: At Buenos Avres, 143.10; at Madrid,
37.07. The amount of bullion taken Into
the Bank of England on balance today was
PARIS. April 26 Three per cent rentes,
Wuf Doc for the account. Exchange on Lon
don. 2of 18';;C for check. The official lint
of stocks on the bourse weakened today.
Kaffirs were Itrm throughout. Italians
benelltted by a good demand, resulting
from the news that the Italian Chamber
of Deputies approved the issue of a new
84 per cent stock. The private rate of
discount was 24 per cent.
BERLIN. April 26. Prices on the bourse
today opened weak, influenced by lower
Vienna prices and the British war secre
tary's statement regarding the peace pros
pects In South Africa, which helped to
depress prices. Toward the close there waa
a firmer tendency on bear covering in view
of tne week-enu.
Bank Clearings.
OMAHA. Anrll 26. Bank clearings for
the week ending today show an Increase
of $.1S5,!i3.02 over
those for
the corre-
ponding week or
last year.
.. 1.408.878.14
.. 1,504,07608
.. 1,173.456.81
.. 270.648.33
Tho dally
1, 427.656.94
1,14L0 14
981,037. 80
Inures are:
Friday ..,
Total $6,327,216.61 $5,971,223. ill
CHICAGO. April 26. Clearings. $28,235,276;
balances, $2,713,139; posted exchange, $4 86
for sixty days and $4,884 on demand; New
York exchange, 60c discount.
NEW YORK, April zo. clearings, j-s,-
430.441; balances, $11,231,436.
BOSTON. Anrll 26. Clearings, va.sii.Kv:
balances, $1,925,764.
PHILADELPHIA, April z.t.' tea rings,
19.5O7,0n; balances, $2,85:5,152. For the week:
Clearings. $127,475,677: balances, $17,381,18.
Money, 44 per cent.
BALTIMORE. April 26. Clearings, $3,892,
278; balances, $462,9X7. For the week,: Clear
ings, $24,628,834; balances, $3,369,4oL Money,
6 pr cent. t
ST. LOUIS, April 26. Clearings,
balances. $sl9.9; money. 44ri per cent;
New York exchange, 10c premium.
ST. IOUIS. April 26. Clearings, $5,541,-
224: balances, $S!9,9t6; money, 44fi6 per cent;
New York exenange, oay; no maraet.
CINCINNATI, April 20 cieannga,
000; money, 4Jj per cent; New xork ex
change, par.
Cotton Market.
icevcv vnnif Anrll 26. COTTON Fu
tures closed steady; April. 9.52c; May, 9.45c;
June, .48c; July, 9.44c; August, 9.20c; Sep
tember, 8.50c; October, 8.25c; November,
8:15c; December, 8.16c; January. 8.15c. Spot
ciosea Quiet ana Bteau, iinuuiiua
91-16c; middling gulf, 15-16c; sales, 1,396
bales. ..
GALVESTON, Tex.. Apni j.-i;uiiu-
Closod firm at 4c
ST. IDL1S. April 26.-COTTON Frm, un' nn anlcs: ntlddllnar. 94c: receipts,
911 bales; shipments. 1,220 bales; stock, 38,624
bales. . .. .
LIVERPOOI., April a.-t,uiiyn-npni,
mnarata H.mnnil: nrlces 1-lbd higher:
American middling fair, 6 23-32d; good mid
dling. 5 7-16d; middling. 6 5-l6d; low
middling. 6 7-820; gooa qroinary, o
t'f A- nrrilnarv. 4 27.32A. The Sales
of the day were i.imi Daiea, 01 wmcu a
were for speculation ana export una io-
.... .rf. . I m Am tutla.
ciuneo flmcntau. iioicun., ,,wv
Including 2,200 American. Futures opened
ateady and closed barely steady; American
middling g. o. c.T April, 6 S-645 9-64d.
buyers; April and May, 6 8-64d, buyers:
May and June, 5 8-64d, sellers: June and
July. 6 7-64(&6 8-64d. buyers; July and Au
gust, 6 7-64go 8-64d, sellers; August ana
September, 6 1-64(86 2-64, buyers; tieptem-
C ' , . . . , J ntZI AO AAA 11 .
ter ana ucioDrr, ti-miyi w-mu, bch, ,
October and November, 4 38-64L value;
November and December, 4 84-64d, buyers;
December and January, 4 33-64d, buyers;
January and February, 6 S2-64d, buyers.
Wool Market.
BOSTON, April 2 WOOL The receipts
in Boston since January 1, 1902, have been
78,741,866 lbs., against 82,563,662 lba. for tha
same period In 1901. Tha Boston shipments
to date are 86.216,649 lbs., against 77,517,622
lbs. for the same period In 1901. The stock
In hand In Boston January 1, 19u2, waa
77,340.464 lbs.; the total stock today Is 70,-
863,869 lbs. The stock on nana April il,
1901 wo 42 818.099 lba.
ST. LOUIS, April 26. WOOL Nominal;
medium grades. 144"c; light fine, 12cjfl4c;
heavy fine, 9&llc; tub washed, 14S24c.
LONDON, April 26. WOOL Market la
firm In all departmenta. Buyers are op
erating slowly, aa holders generally are
arklng full rates to a slight advance. The
arrivals of wool for the third serlee of
auction sales number 334,345 bales, Includ
ing 134,000 forwarded direct. Tbe Imports
during the week were: enw South Wales,
ia.742 bales: Queensland. 4.107 Dales: Vic
toria, 12.606 bales; South Australia, 6,003
bales; West Australia, 636 bales; Tasmania,
6,136 kales- New Zealand, 36,169 bales; Caps
of Good Hope and Natal, 6,386 bales; Havre,
1,288 bales; eiaewnare, t,tia oaies.
OH and Rosin.
OIL. CITY. Pa. Anrll 26. OIL Credit bal
ances. $1.20: certificates, no bid: shipments,
89.803 bbls.; average. 110.779 bbls.: runs, 91,-
0u6 bbls.: average. 80,576 bins.
dav: no market.
TOLEDO, O., April 26. OIL-North Lint,
S8c; South IJma and Indiana, S3c.
NEW YORK, April 26. OIL Cottonseed
oil, firm; prime crude, nominal; prime yel
low, 44'8'4bc. i-etroieum, steaay; rennea.
New York, $7.40; Philadelphia and Balti
more. 87.35: Philadelphia and Baltimore. In
bulk, $4.86.' Rosin, ateady; strained, com
mon to good, ii.ea. Turpentine, steaay, 404
UVGnruub, Apni jo. oiu-iirpenune
spirits, strong, 83s. 1-iomn. common, steady,
4s 94d. Petroleum, refined, steady, 6s 7Hd.
Unseed on, nrm, dps sa.
Csffet Market.
NEW YORK. April 26. COFFEE Spot
Rio. easv: No. 7. Invoice. 64c Mild, auiet
Cordova, 841112c. The market opened
steady, with prices unchanged, and after a
brief period of activity eaaed off 6 points
under neavy liquidation ana oear pressure,
promoted bv large Brazilian receluta. dis
appointing foreign market news and ab
sence 01 speculative support, curope ana
Importers Bold here freely on the decline.
Commission houses unloaded corree car
ried for many weeks. Th" market closed
steadv and net unchanged to 6 points lower.
Total salea were 84,750 baga, Including May
at 4.8Ku4.l5c; July, 6c: August, 6.16c; Sep.
temDer. b zuero.zjc: uecemoer, 0.4Xi4.4tc:
January, n.auc; uarcn, .oBo.roc.
Evaporated and Dried Frnlta.
APPLES Trade waa light and the market
unchanged and generally nrm; atate, com
mon to good, lQic; prime, 4v4c; choice,
ilOc: loUifiilc.
In spot prunes continued fairly active
chiefly for export account, both for old and
new fruit; market Arm for old. slightly In
ouyer a tavor; prices for peaches and aorl
cota firmer. Prunes, $4'84c. Apricots
boxes. IOH'SIJc; bags. 10612c Peaches,
peeled. lUtBlsc; unpeeled, 81 11c.
Dry Gaods Market.
NEW YORK. April 26 Tha Imports of
dry goods and merchandise at the port of
iew aura tor tne weea are vaiuea at $10,
Exports of specie from this port to all
countries for this week aggregate $435,0b8
allver and $20,717 gold. The Imports of
sped this week were $17,499 gold and $11,333
near Market.
NEW YORK. April 26.-8UGAR Raw,
nrm; lair renning, 24c; centrifugal. 96 teat
WSc: molasaena sugar, 24c. Refined,
. 4w; mo. 7, 1410; iso. s
$4 00; No. 9, $3 96; No. 10, $3 10; No. 11, $3 M
No. 12. $3 att; No. 13, $3.80; No. 14. $3 80
standard A. $4 66; confectioners' A, $4.66
mould A. $5.1o; cut loaf. $5.26; crushed
$626; powdered, $4 85; granulated, $4.75
Philadelphia rradaca Market.
extra wvemern creamery, i&c
,rnS'"by Printa.i24c.
LtKia-Btendy; freah nearby. 16c; fresh
rres pouinwcsiern IftC,
a tat BVUUantfi, Jag,
Beef Bteeri and Cow Stuff of All Kinds a
Trifle Lower for tbe Week.
Receipts of 8kcea) and Lambs Very
Llaht All Week, and Vnder la
flaence of Good Demand Prices
Advanced Tea to Fifteen.
, SOUTH OMAHA, April 26.
Recetpta were: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Ottilia! Monday .44 4,u8 7,l'S
Ottlclal Tuesday 2."J i.irl Xo
Otncial Weaneauay ,tMf olo
Olttcial Thursday 2.1 b,4i 2,4.4
Official Erl.lay 1.9. L h.46 l,uu
Olllclal Saturday 706 t.ui li
Total this week 14,406 41,1. 13.61$
Same week last year 14.2a t2,0"tt lo.ali
Week ending April 1H....1.M29 3H.boJ 26,i0
Week ending April U....l,3i'l 41,!M1 lb. .too
Week ending April & lb.817 4,iU U.o4
Week ending March 29,.la,ib4 4o,7bO 24,38)
'1 he following table shows the receipts ot
atlie, hogs aiid stiecu ut oouiii uinaiia lor
ne year to ualtt and tumpm lsoiis un lust
li2. liU'l. Inc. Dec.
ttle 2jo,SM8 2i.l,424 4o,j;4
Hogs 8.8,6i4 7i),t31 VJ,U
Hheep oV4,6bl aoll,4J 64,778
inn following table abowa tha averagn
price of hogs sold on tha South Omana
market the oaat several days, with com-
parisona with former years;
Data. I 1902. 1901.1900.1899.l.1897.liM.
April 1..
April 2..
66 I
68 I
001 6
6 98 6
$ 96 16
96 I
I 6
6 93 6
t l
6 1V 6
6 VS 6
6 04 6
' $ 64
16 I 6
aoi 4 boi
80 5
0 I U
' 661
tv $ 6$;
36 3 67 1
U 8 63
40 3 1
48 $ 67
I i 72i
a 6&i
I S 92
a 7 a 92 a 64
April ..
April 4..
April ..
I 911
a tt
a ae
a 59
a ni
a a.
a 66
6 MV
I ll
$ 72
a in
AprU ..
a 86
a 13
Apni 7..,
April ..
April ..
April 10.
April U.
April 12..
a aoi
a tKw
a av
I 6 e',m,
a 71
a i
I, saal
a 71,
April 13.
6 86 I
99 I
6 864
6 9i1
7 034I
18 4 1
a 67
a 701
3 I I
3 61 1
3 0l
a nil
3 63
a 73
a 84
a 971 a m
a 85 a 4
April 14.
April 10.
April 16.
April 17.
a 801 a 3i
6 94
45 I
601 3 72
49 3 68
4b 3 ll
4u 3 7&I
42 3 77 1
1 I 3 72i
a 2
6 ti
a 91
a 91
a 84
a 36
a 4$
a 35
3 30
a ao
April Is.
6 86
t 89
April 1.
April 20.
April 21.
April 22.
April 23.
B 86
C 81
2 841
6 8O1
6 761
6 77
a it
April Z4.
April 25.
April 26.
32i 3 67
3 831 $ 36
1 3 31
3 81
3 8 65
a 71;
6 77 6
39, 3 t
3 84 1
Indicate Sunday.
The following lint showa the number of
cara of feeders shipped to the country yes-
teroay ana tneir destination:
N. D. Howell, Newcastle, Wyo.-B. & M.. i
Fred Larson. Pender. Neb. M. & 0 1
C. Swanaon, Pender, Neb. M. & 0 1
x-erry fc r.. Wayne Neb. M. & 0 1
C. C. Maryott, Bancroft, Neb. M. & O.... 1
J. U. Harrington, Waterloo, Neb. U. P... 1
C. J. Hyshatn, Georgia, Neb. F. E 18
C. W. GrunKe, Beemer, Neb. F. E 1
Charles May, Fremont, Neb. F. E 3
A. B. Thornburg, St. Onge, 8. D. F. E... 1
O. Mcsher, Walnut, la, H. 1 1
Edward llandke, Underwood, la. Mil 1
George Pugaiey, Woodbine, la. I. C 2
The official number of cars of ntock
brought In today by each road was:
Cattle. Hogs.
C, M. & St. P
O. & St. It
Missouri Pacific
I nlon Pacific System.
C. fc N. W
F., K. & M. V
C, St. P., M. & O...
B. oV M
C, li. & W
K. C. & St. J
C, R. 1. ot P., east..
C. R. I. & P.. west..
Illinois Central
Total receipts 6
The disposition of the day's receipts was
as follows, each buyer purchasing; '.he
number of head Indicated:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
ti.i 1
.. 38 1,707
Omaha Packing Co..
Swift and Company
Cudahy Packing Co
Armour & Co
2.962 1
Other buyers
Total 79 6.924 7
CATTLE The cattle yards were prac
tically empty today, and no trading to
speak, of was done. The table of receipts
above will show that for the week tha
supply Is a trifle In excess of last week
and of same week of last year. The mar
ket huta been rather uneven and while there
la no great change for the week, prices
fluctuated more or less from day to day.
Beef steers made up tne bulk ot the offer
ings all the week. The quality was the
best that haa been aeen here this yenr.
Tho first part ot the week trading waa
quite active and the tendency of prices
waa upward, dui tne iat,t nan tne market
waa slow and prices broke. Aa compared
with the close of last week choice cattle
are probably not over 54jloc lower, but the
medium grades ana unaesiraDio came or ait
klnda are safely 104j lc lower, and In aome
cases the decline Is, perhaps, even mora
than that. The choice export cattle and
the lightweight cattle ot good flesh and
quality continue to sell to the best ad
vantage. As high aa $7 haa been paid thla
week for cattle weighing 1,629 pounua.
Prime steers may be quoted from $6.50 to
$7.00. Fair to good from $6.00 to $6.60, and
the commoner gradea from $6.00 down.
The cow market waa also In good shape
the first of the week, but toward the close
the tendency on the part of packers waa
to pound the market. The very best grades,
such as sell from $5.60 to $6.00, are prob
ably not much of any lower, but there are
very few of that class of cows and heifers
being offered. The general run of cattle
are probably 10i&15c lower for the week, and
common stuff In aome cases sold worse
than that. On Friday In particular unde
sirable grades were very hard to move.
The bulk of the cows are selling; from $3.60
to $5.00.
The best grades of bulls are right around
steady for the week, but others are a little
lower, 'ins same is true ot amen, luuih
veal calves will still bring $7.00, but any
thing that Is a little lacking in quality Is
lower for the week. , t
Tka ainv.r and feeder trade has not been
particularly good this week. Toward the
close of the week, in particular, the demand
waa very llgnt, ana 11 wtm tuougui
the lack of rain waa the cause. Operators
as a rule were looking for an improve
ment In the demand after the rains of
Friday. Tne very Dent ntavwtijui
are perhape not much lower tor tne weea,
but all others can safely be quoted 1525c
lower. It takes a cnoicw uuuvu ui te
now to bring around $5.00.
HOGS 1 nere waa a "
. nut an other markets were
ouoted lower prices at thla point eased off
about a nickel. Packera started In and
tried to buy them DtBlOC tower, out aenera
held on for more money and the market
finally settiea oown 10 j ;
decline. The heavyweignts boio large.y
from $7.t to st.iu f"""; b- -
47 ut tn 47 25. The medium weights
sold from $6 90 to $7.00 and the lighter loads
sold from w oown.
market was not so much different from the
first part, except that the lighter loads
were left which made the close seem alow
and weak. Trading waa not active at any
time, but as there were comparatively few
hogs on sale everything waa disposed of In
good season.
m .,, , . n fram the labia annvai -
jM Will Ufl " " ' -
celpta for the week are fully as heaty as
they were laat week, but there la a big
decrease as compared with the aama week
of last year. The tendency of prices was
downward the first part of the week in
spite of the light receipts, but on Thursday
and Friday prices Improved and the Friday
market was the highest of the year. The
decline on Saturday carried the market
nearly back to where It waa at the cloae
of last week. Repreaentatlvs sales:
Ha At
II its
4 1U
11 m
74 10
41 ;"t
e ;i
II 14
II 14
14 IM
II lit
IT 144
II 1
17 Id
li no
71 HI
7 1I
74 M
as lot
II Ill
47. ...... 114
74 HI
11 Ml
TO 114
IT Ill
at til
el 130
74 !4
71 131
71 114
T H4
a Ill
1 '
Tl ter
. sn. rr.
0 I 44
800 I to
... 1124
40 U
w I as
40 as
40 IS
12 U
... 4 414
f0 ri4
140 4 114
40 174
140 10
44 4 10
... 4 M
100 4 10
40 6 so
40 4 M
120 I M
40 4 e
140 I M
1M I 114
0 114
No. av. sn. Fr.
11 til 140 1 00
44 1,1 Sot 1 40
46 :4 ... T 00
14 ; 10 1 00
1 i6t in is
41 :ti 1:0 1 00
17 Ill ... t 00
ao 211 40 1 '
II If 4 140 I 00
44 Ill 40 7 00
46 Ill 140 7 04
44 140 ... 1 00
a 124 SO 1 00
44 211 SO T 00
II IM 140 T 00
II 116 10 t 00
71 1J1 10 t 00
46 231 IM t J4
1 141 140 T M
17 .266 10 1 06
71 24 too T 06
64 11 60 T 06
41 144 44 1 0
44 161 ... 7 44
11 141 IS T 04
66 14 SO T 06
66 244 ... TO
70 16T 14 t Ot
IT .14 14 1 (16
7T 21 40 T 06
61. !il to 1 06
II 171 Mil
(0 371 ... T 1
6 le ... T 1
6 mi ... T 1
Tl 14 1 T 1
44 li Mil
H..eaJt St flat
I 44
... I M
J.-O M
140 I 15
140 I M
44 6 ta
... 1 re
ae I M
10 4 M
$11 Ut I M
Marconi Wireless
Telegraph Co.
has been organized to control the Marconi system of wireless
telegraphy and all inventions and patents relating thereto in
the United States of America, and Cuba, Porto Rico,
the Hawaiian Islands, the Philippine Islands, Alaska,
the Aleutian Islands, and all ships under
the American flag.
of the 16,650,000 total Capital Stock of
is hereby offered at (J6. par value 00
The above Is the only public Issue that vi lli be made, and shares w il
be allotted in the order applications are received, but we reserve the
right to allot or reject any subscription In whole or in part.
Of this capital stock $500,000 has been placed in the treasury
of the Company for future requirements.
We offer the shares at $65 each, but reserve the right to
advance the price without notice.
Payments to be made:
$10 per share to accompany application, to be returned if
shares are not allotted.
$55 per share on allotment, when certificates will be issued
by the Morton Trust Co.
of Belts, Betts, Sheffield Petts, Lawyers.
Ex-Attorney General of the U. 8.
President of the Chicago Edison Company.
Commander U. 8. Navy.
of Eaton & Lewis, Lawyers.
H. H. M'CLl'RK,
of the 8. 8. McClura Company.
..144 ... M
..114 40 S '
..2(7 140 6
..! ... 46
..17 0
..144 110 46
..227 40 1V
44 .
... t 124
... T 12S
... 7 16
... 7 IS
SO 7 20
SO 1
... 1 V
7 16
SHEEP There were no sheep on saie this
morning, so that a test of the market was
not made. For the week the receipts have
been exceedingly light, a big decrease be
ing noted both as compared with last week
and also with the corresponding week of
last year. The demand has been in good
shape all the week, so that prices have ad
vanced. The better grades of both sheep
and lambs may safely be quoted lOoloc
higher and that Applies to both clipped and
wooled stork. The top on clipped lambs
for the year was lii.40. Dald this week, and
clipped wethers sold as high as IS.25, which
is also the top price of the year. While
some of tha ofTerfnerfl were rhnlre the srreat
duik oi tns receipts on several days was
of rather inferior quality.
Very few feeders are coming forward, but
whenever a bunch does arrive it sella at
very satisfactory prices.
Quotations for clipped stork: Good tn
choice llghtwetrht yearllnrs. U outfits. 25: fair
io Rwra. ao. iatfin.uu: srooa .to cnoire wetners.
6.8')''(ij.OO; fair to good, f..604j6.76; good to
choice ewes, $5.KXgo.2S; fair to good, U-9
6.00; good to choice lambs. 4.sVft6.00; fair
to good, J5.7Wi6.15. Wooled stork sells about
26(3000 above clipped stock. Choice Colo
rado wooled lambs, S.9i87.00; fair to good,
6.663.8o. Representative sales:
Cattle Homlsal, Hogs Lower and
Saeep aad Lambs Steady.
CHICAGO. Anrll 26. CATTLE ReeelDts.
1,201) head; market nominal; good to prime
steers, t6.80iii7.30; poor to medium, H75rp
6.60; stockers and feeders, ti.7B.Jj6.60; cows,
il. 506 6 00: heifers. S2.60i.2S: canners. 11.60
2.60; bulls, t2.60fc6.D0; calves, t2.00il6.36; Texas
HOGS KecelDls. 10.000 head: estimated
Monday. 30.000; left over, 4,600; market 6-$
10c lower, dull: mixed and butchers. MfUXoi
7.20; good tn choice heavy, 7.10ft7.35; rough
neavy, x.&7.iu; llgnt. s.7O&6.0; bulk of
sales, tt.8&ft7.10.
SHEEP AND LAMBS RecelDts. 1.000
head; market steady; good to choice weth
ers. tS.4ttfi6.00; fair to choice mixed. 14.753
6.40; western sheep, I4.76ft6.00; native lambs.
clipped, 64. v wo too; western lamss, 4i zoyu.Du;
wooled tjoioraooa aoout t.
Omclsl yesterday:
Receipts. Shipments.
Cattle 1.627 2.5!9
Hogs 14.101 I. SKI
Sheep 2,866 2, 31'3
Kaasas City Live Stock Market.
ceipts this week, z.'.uw neaa; last weea,
26,OuO head; the decline in the early part
of the week was largely on nair-npe va
rieties; the advanre of the last two days
places killing rattle bark to laat week's
vaiuea; heavy feeders are steady; stockers
are 2660c lower; choice export and dressed
beef steers bring t6.6tKS1.H0: fair to good,
t5.01j6.60; stockers and feeders, 13.255.36:
western tea steers, o. iwn.iw;
Indian steers. t4 50tg.i; Texas cows, U50
4j5.25; native cow and heifers, t4.5oq5.60:
native heifara 14 00416.65: canners. tZ.Mi
t.60, bulls, t3.6(Vi6,oO; calves, t4.O(6.00.
HOGS Receipts toaay, s,iw neaa; lor in.
week, ,0u0; last week, S2.0U); prices were
lower ear'y In the week, but tns advance
of Thursday and Friday places values at
hlerh point of season; market trifle lower
today; top, 17.30; bulk of sales, t685j126;
heavy. t7.2O27.30; mixed pack era, to.ifcSI.ZS;
light, lC6uij7.16; pigs, t6.IO.eO.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts today,
600 head; for the week, 15.000; last week,
11.000; the supply is not equal to the de
mand; prices jKfl.lOo higher on ths week;
native lambs. tieuigsO; western lambs.
t6 4a 86; western wethers, 15 5ma6.0;year.
lings, 16.0(U6.50: ewes, 16.0o4J6.b0; Texas
trawiers, to.00t&.; stockers and feeders,
New Vark Llv) Stoek Market.
ceipts. 20 head, consigned direct; no sales
reported; dressed beef steady; city dressed
sides. 1rnc per lb.; cables last received
quoted Amerlcsn steers at Mtjfl44c, dressed
weight; refrigerator beef al HSc per lb.;
exports today, partly estimated, 750 cattle,
20 sheep, 5,6ViO quarters of beef.
CALVES Receipts, 64 head; steady; Buf
falo calves sold at 16 per cwt.; city dressed
veals. Mi'loSc per lb.
BHEEF AND LAMBS Receipts. 1,11a
head; dull and easier; about ten csrs of
stock unsold; few unshorn sheep sold at
16 per cwt.; reported sales of lamba were
at (6.30 for clipped and at 17.16 for un
shorn; dressed mutton, general sales, ftfrllo
per lb ; dressed lambs, 110 lie.
HOOS Receipts, 4.236 head ; 1V cars on
sale; no sales reported; market weak.
Slaaa City Stack Market.
BIOCX CITY, Is,, April 2C fSpeelal Tele
gram ) CATTLE Receipts, 300 head:
steady; beeves. 14.264)4. 76; cows, bulls and
mixed, 122C&6.26; stockers and feeders,
12 7trt4 ri; yearlings and calve, 13.0utX.26.
HOG li Receipts, !.0u0 head; steady, sell
ing at t&aaaq.U; bulk, tato.
St. Loals Lla Stask Market.
8T. IOL'IS, April 2 -CATTLE Receipts,
too head: market dull, steady; native anlp-
Clng and export steers. t6 6'VS7.10: dressed
eef and butcher steers, 147baaS; steers
under 1.000 lbs., 14.0U(6.00; stockers and
feeders, 12. 60$ 160: coas and heifers, 11 26'J
a . . . 1am bA . . 1 1 . ft IKdhX in
CalYSS, fit4ltjyi aVCAael aUell IfiOUa Slei.
of Alexander & Green, Lawyers.
G. M UK I1M.
Inventor of the Marconi System.
of E. Rollins Morse & Jim , Bankers.
Treasurer of the Hall Signal Company.
of Spencer Trask & Co., Bankers.
Davis & Iron Works
HL ISO sued 10O Jsskaea I ,
Oasaaa. ". Tel. 68.
. Bakrtskla. Agaat. 3. U. Orwgtlt, Iff)
"liANE CO.
ldaaufsotarers sad Jobbers ot
Steam and Water Supplies
Of All Kinds.
1014 aad lOlS DOtJOLAS ST.
Aosforn Electrical
yv Company
SlGtriool Supplies.
aVrl) Wlrtag Balls aad Oas lATatt
O. W. JOHNSTON. Mrr. 1810 Howard. U
Omaha Tent and Awning Co.,
Oaa aaa, Bab.
Manufacturer of
Tents and Canvas Goods.
ttand for Catalogue Nonalssr 93
Olds Gasoline Engine,
Olds Gasoline Engine Works,
1114 Par nam St.. Omaha.
Itoom 4, mew xorac Life mag.
liought arid sold for cash or on margin.
A!l telegraph, telephone or mall orders
Will receive careful and prompt attention.
Telephone lu39. OMAHA. tiS.ll-
grassers. t3.40'S4 60; fed, 4.603.20; cows and
heifers. 26(u4&0.
HOGS Hecelpts, S.100 head; steady; nigs
and lights, 1690(81.00; packers, il.OWl . 16 ;
butchers, l7.lKfl.40.
8HEKP AND LAMBS Receipts, SOOhead;
market dull; native muttonn. 14R(Hi6.26;
lambs, 15.5O01S 60- culls and bucks. 2-fi(yt3 ;
stockers. t2 0"4l3 00; Texas sheep, clipped,
April Kally.
rhl.a.m Tribune; A loose package fell
off ths top of tha expreejg. tvsgon.
The man In ths sest, apparenny uncon
scious of bis lose, drove on.
The crowd In tbe street, however, was too
wise to bite, sod the bundle lay where It
rn .hi an nid fellow from berond ths
suburbs, who bsd forgotten ths day of tha
month, picked It up ana earned it away.
The crowd gave him ths hoarse boot, but
be held on to It.
Half an hour later a wild-eyed driver of
sn express wsgon wss asking everybody
anxiously about a package bs bad lost
which contsined merchandise valued st
His Gbjectloa.
Baltimore American: "Prisoner," said
ths stern old Judge, "tbs Jury, br vote
of 11 to 1, hss found you guilty of smash
ing all ths windows and ruining ths stock
of ten millinery stores. Have you anything
to say before sentence Is passed upon
"I have," announced ths prisoner, rising
to his feet.
"8sy it."
"1 protest, your honor, agslnst this ver
dict. I wss not tried by a Jury ot my
"On whst do you bass that objection ?"
".War. ClUr 0A ' OOTlcftt' .