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Tevla sella drugs.
etockert sells carpets and rug.
"Vvollman, scientific optician, 409 B'way.
Take, horns a brick of Metsger s Ice
ga-eam. Yanlla, Z&c; Neopolltan. 26c.
J. C. and W. Woodward, architects, room
, Everett block. Council Bluffs, la.
New goods and outfits for pyrographlc
Jwork at Alexander's Art Store, ia li way.
Oo to Morgan Klein for upholstering,
tnattrees making and feather renovating.
a South Main street. 'Phone M.
For sale, excellent building lot In Central
Hub., slse 44x120. This In a bargain for
gome one, for cash sale or will sell on pay
ment plan. Lot Is located on Avenue B.
within several blocks of aood school. t.aji
or address ii. F. Watts, Coe office, Council
Born, to Mr and Mrs. K. I. Mathls, 1128
South Eleventh street, a daughter.
White Rose Itebekah Mny Pl? dance
'April SO. Hughea' hRli. TUkets 25 cents
per couple; extra ladle 10 cents.
Everything In the house furnishing line
'old on the easy payment plan at the Iowa
iirurnlture k. Carpet Co. s, 4u7 Broadway.
The Council Uluffs Ministerial associa
tion will meet Monday morning at 10
(dock In the liroadway Methodist church.
The social which was to have been given
fcy the young people of the First Congre
gational church Friday night last, has
fjeen postponed until next Friday.
Carpets, mattings, rugs,- linoleums, rope
fvorllerea, window shades, etc.. In endless
variety at the Iowa Furniture A Carpet
Co.'s, 407 Broadway. 'Phono L. 61L
. At a meeting of the board of park com
gnlssloners yesterday afternoon the pavilion
privileges In Falrmount park were leased
4o C. Mynster for the summer for $107.
Mrs. Anna Peppell, committed to the
(tats Insane asylum yesterday morning by
the commissioners at Avocs, was taken to
Claiinda last evening by Sheriff Cousins.
John Fltspatrlck, who fought Officer
Jeusch Friday night when placed under
surest for drunkenness, was fined 125 and
costs In polios court yesterday morning by
Judge BcotL
Cases of smallpox In the Overmeyer fam
ily, 2&l South Seventh street, and the Mc
Kown family. Twenty-eighth street and
avenue J, were reported to the health au
jthoiitles yesterday.
Chris Johnson, the young man who la
bored under the hallucination that 'he was
king of Sweden, was committed to St. lier
rard's hospital yesterday by the commls-
ners on insanity.
A new anthem. "The Hymn of Uu Fath
ai,4 ,xmrxuA hv W- 1. ThinKatiin n f
'ht cltv. will be tuns for the first time
In Council Bluffs this morning at the First
'JbTesbyterum cnurcn.
f Colonel C. O. Saunders delivered an ad
dress Isst evening before the Odd Fellows
tt Weston. Ia., at tbs exercises held In
i commemoration of the eighty-third anni
versary or mo oraer.
) St. Albans lodge. Knights of Vythlss.
'will entertain the members of the order
land friends Monday night at a card party,
'There will be a program of speeches and
tnuslo ana refreshments wiu te served.
Gertrude Oarrett, the 14-month -old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Oarrett,
Iu) Graham avenue, died yesterday after
noon from measles. The funeral will be
Monday afternoon at 2:30 o clock from
.the residence.
' Too many organs taken in and run for
'pianos; come soon; no time to write long
,adn., no money, either, to. fool away for big
ads., ss we want to save you money.
Bourlclus Muslo house, 33S Broadway,
where the organ stands upon the building.
County Treasurer Arnd yesterday re.
mltted -SlL&'iO to New York to take up
.I10.0U) of Pottawattamie county refunding
I bonds and pay the Interest. He also re
mltted to the state treasurer 116.127.86. the
state's proportion of taxes collected during-
i Clara, the 11-month-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. George E. Ballev, died suddenly
I yesterday morning. The funeral will be
'this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the fam
llly residence. Forty-second street ajid
Broadway, - and burial will be In Walnut
ijlll ceroutry. .
' Wofi nas Hr'n received here that Rev.
;Myron C. Waddell. former pastor of the
. Broadway church, haa been compelled to
enter the Methodist hospital In Des Moines
to submit to snother operation for relief
from the abscess which has again formed
in the pleural cavity.
George A. Hoagland obtained a permit
esterd&y for the erection of a frame of
ce and lumber shed at the corner of
KLjhtn, avenue and Main street to cost
,2,oo0. J. A. Uolllnghorst took out one for
i the erection or a one-story trame cottage
lat the corner of Seventeenth avenue and
rieventn atieet to cost H.ouu.
! The Jury In Judge Wheeler's court In the
suit or George unase against the city of
Council Bluffs and the Chicago & North
western railroad brought In a verdict yes
terday morning for the defendants. Chase
sued for ttflO damage to .his property on
Uleventh street caused by the overflow of j
pntllan creek In July, 19u0, and September,
5901. 1
I Council Bluffs traveling men began yes
terday arrangements for entertaining the
'meeting of the grand council, State of
'Iowa, of the United Commercial Travelers
,of America, which will be held In Council
iBluffs June IS and 14. The sessions will be
finld In Koyal Arcanum hall and Lake
'Manawa will be the scene of the attend
ant festivities. t,
; Go Won Go Mohawk, In a new play writ
ten especially for the well-known author
manager. Lincoln J. Carter, entitled "The
ijrlemlng Arrow," will be the attraction at
vine Iohany theater tonight. The play Is
Id to contain many novelties and sterling
effects. To add to the realism a number
i of famous Indians plsy active parts In the
Interpretation of the story. Among others
eye the famous old warrior, "Moon Dog,"
who Is remembered In connection with the
,Custer massacre as a scout, and Red
JfUune, ' Custer's famous runner.
Fun lovers will have a surfeit of amuse
rnsnt next Thursday night, when the Uagles
wlll put on their big show st the Dnhany.
The Old Homestead" Itself Is brimful of
comedy and clever work and with the spe
cialties, the audience will certslnly
get Its money's worth. There are eleven
specialty arti.ts on the bill, and those
who have seen the turps state there Is
not a poor one In the bunch. There will
be songs and dances galore, three or four
monologues and the cleverest boxing turn
ever put on In Council Bluffs. Mogy Bern
eteln. the king of the Omaha newsboys,
svlll have his fastest two proteges go three
or four rounds. These tiny fellows hsve
carried off about all the amateur medals
offered by the Omaha theaters and will eur-
firlse lovers of the manly art. Among the
1st on the specialty bill are: The Drake
plsters, O. W. B. Westerdahl. I M. Trey
,.,oijl B R Wadsworth. Harvey DeLong.
. F."T ltoU? J,rv'. A. Goldstein,
bro!t"- he midget boxers, and
p. Balfour In the Highland fling.
Pa vis Mils glass.
Real Estate Transfers.
(These transfers were Died yesterday la
the abstract, title and loan office of J. W.
f quire, 101 Pearl street:
Sheriff to L P, Judson, lot t. Auditor's
subdlv. neVa swW. and lot 3. Auditor's
subdiv. nw, sw4 lS-75-43. s. d $ 260
(lenrletta Rogers and husband to
Jessie Rogers Mellor, lot 11, block 34,
Baytlss it Palmer s sdJ., w. d 1
y. M. Parker and wife to W. M.
Jackson, lot i, block , Baylies
Palmer's add., w. d 260
P. 11. Marsh and wife to R. M. Smith,
lot U. Auditor's subdlv. seW swV
,12-75-40, w. ,1 17$
IVUllam li. Griffith and wire to Peter
Jacobsen, ewV sw? 16 and n nwU
J3-76- w. d T.200
Five transfers, total..
Marriage Licenses.
' Licenses to wd. were Issued yestsrday to
the following-
Name and Realder.e. Age.
W. C. Swaney, Council muffs 2S
Msagle J. Zentg. Council Bluffs 1
K T. McQInness, South Bend, Neb Jl
Lola.h, M. Clifton. Aahiand, Neb 18
K. L. DeVol. Council Bluffs 46
C harlot t M. Smith. Council Bluffs 46
11T tLEAJtu-
Dred and pressed. Special attention
given ladles' garments. Also chenille
curtains neatly cleaned, dyed and
pi-eased. 'Phone A-621. Iowa Steam De
Works, H Broad ay.
Funeral Director
C (Successor te W. C Estsa)
6 FEAHta TliST. Then T.
Decrease is Both Hosting and Bonded Ob
ligation i During the Year.
Cask In the Treasnry to Pay O All
the Outstanding Warrants of the
Manlrlnallty laterest Pay
ment Reduced.
The annual report of City Auditor Evans
for the fiscal year ending April 1, 1902,
completed yesterday, shows that the city
Is In a much better financial condition
than It has been for a number of years.
Ths general indebtedness of the city dur
ing the year was materially reduced, as
was Its Improvement obligations. Not only
Is there ample money In the treasury to
psy all outstanding warrants, but there
have been paid and canceled within the
last twelve months $9,600 regular per
cent Interest-bearing bonds, which were uol
due until October, 1903, and $11,500 of 6
per cent Intersection bonds, which were
not due for several years, thus saving the
city a neat sum In Interest. Intersection
sewer bonds to the amount of $12,000 hsve
been called for payment, the cash being
In the treasury, but they have not yet
been presented.
The net Indebtedness of the city on April
1, 1902, was $199,254.45, as against $21,
948.78 on April 1, 1901, a decresse of $17.
692.33. The cash balances on April 1, 1903,
Cash In Treaeorr.
fleneral fund n.tXUl
Sewer fund .. w
Hrirlve fund 8.115.14
Koad fund 1.631.94
Judament fund 601.18
Ushtlna- fund 3,412.31
Water fund 1.4R2.27
Funded debt fund ?.2t 88
Uond loan Interest 7,844.72
Total, nine $38,680.86
Isnmsry for the lean
Net debt April L 1901 $21S.MS.78
Warrants drawn during year
Interest paid during year 10,670.10
Total ....$329,217.1
Less cash received by treasurer
during year $129,962.71
Making net Indebtedness April 1,
1902 . 199,254.46
Improvement Obligations.
The gross amount of improvement obll
gatlons outstanding April 1, 1902, was
$l0.803-92. as follows:
Jntersectlon paving bonds $lnft.S"
ntersectlon grading bonds 19,000
Intersection sewer bonds 84.6")
Special aasessment paving bonds.... 2.400
Special assessment grading bonds.... 1,100
Improvement fund warants not pre
sented 303
The total cash balances la the Improve
ment funds was $38,746.65, making the net
Improvement obligations of the city April
1. 1902, $122,067.27, as against $161,976.03
April 1, 1901, a reduction of $39,818.76.
Net Cash ta Trestsry.
.The cash on hand April L 1902, was $79.
686.66,' as follows:
In regular fund $38,680. 85
Improvement fund 38,746.06
Library fund." 1,767.84
Park fund .; 601.20
Warrant Statement.
Warrant were drawn durlsg the year,
amounting to $114,211.67, as follows:
Salaries of officers and clerks $10,860
Police department 1J. 8.11. 75
Fire department 15.600
Streets and alleys 10,160.23
Electrical department 1.9t7.&4
Engineer's department 4,0u0
Printing and supplies 1,093.39
City pound n 60
Elections 977.21
Contingencies 2.974.28
Lighting 9,791.62
Sewer " 2.490.51
Bridges , 1.8M.30
Judgments and costs 2,072.86
Water hydrant rental 26,160
Improvements 10,338.93
Special assessment grading cer
tificates 13496
Intersection paving and grading... 37.60
Bonded Debt.
The total outstanding bonds ef the city
April 1. 1902, amounted to $890,500, as fol
lows: Regular bonds $230,000
Intersection 167,000
Special assessment 8,600
In 1901 the outstanding bonds amounted
to $419,200, as follows:
Regular $239,600
Intersection 168,ti0
Special assessment 11,200
On April 1, 1901, unpaid Judgments
against ths city amounted to $10,713.22,
but the greater part of these will be taken
up within the next few weeks.
Tax Levy.
The city tax levy for 1901 of 89 mills
on an assessed valuation of $$,589,687, now
In course of collection, is expeoted to bring
In a revenue to the municipality of $142,
684.04, ss follows:
. Mills. Total
General fund 10 $35,85.37
Bond loan I 10, 768.61
Intersection paving and
grading 6 17,947 68
Funded debt fund 3 10,76.61
Intersection sewer 1 7,173.07
General sewer 1 3.6S9.63
Judgment IV 8.281.68
Bridge 1 3,6X9 68
Library 1 3.6K9.63
Park 2 7.1707
Water , 6 17.947.68
Lighting 3 10.768 61
Improvement 2 7, lis. 07
Oravel rooting, A. H. Head. 641 Broadway.
Omaha Wins Ball Game.
Th Council Bluffs High school bass ball
team opened the season yesterdsy with a
game with the Omaha High school nine
and was defeated, by the boys from ths
other side of the river. The Bluffs boys
were completely outclsased and failed to
reach the home plate at any point in th
game, while the Omshaas rolled up a score
of eighteen runs. This was the lineup:
Council Bluffs. Omaha-
Scott catcher... Falrbrother (C)
Sulhoff pitcher Lowell
Lacey first base Robertson
letton second bsse Englehardt
Barn-s. .
.third base Kennard
Smith ..
..shortstop..... Hayes
...left field Cog
.center field Orlfflth
..right field Loftus
Omaha 083901 016
Council Bluffs OOOeOOOOO 0
The Flower Mission ladles will give
dsnce Tuesday evening, April 29, at Royal
Arcanum hall. Admlislon $1. All friends
Two Fires ta On Day.
Fir partially destroyed ths small bakery
conducted by Charles Wldmaler. at 823 West
Broadway at 1.30 yestsrday morning. A
pan of doughnuts was responsible for the
blsis. which destroyed the workshop in
the rear and a small frame connection be
tween the shop and the mala building.
Aftcy being one subdued the flames broks
out again about an hour later and gav
th department a second run. During th
second bis is Wldmsler waa severely In
jured by stepping on a nail, which pens,
trated his foot. The building 1 ewned by
th Joha Chapmsa estate and was - In
sured. Wldmaler estimate hi loss at
about $500. which, la covered by Usuraae.
Tat family, ha pscupi jgema gtvw ta
shop, were forced to leave tbs building In
their hlghtclothes.
Ho-aee for All.
For sale at low prices and eay
paymenta, homes In all parts of ths city,
Including some of the nicest residences
and those of moderate alio. Also dwell
ings and business property In Omaha.
Farms bought and sold. It will pay you
to see us at the abstract office of J. W.
The "Wilcox Mansion.
A rsrload of porch columns and capltols
for the Wilcox residence has lust arrived
from Philadelphia, Pa., and will be put la
place next week. The design for the
porch as well as the bulldlog Is strictly
up to date and was approved by the East
ern manufacturers before being ordered.
Archltecturslly the Wilcox residence Is
the most artistic, up-to-date residence In
this part of the country.
Plumbing and heating. Uixby Son.
Davis sells paint.
Weddlnizs and Namerons Small Kn
tertalnments Fill In the
Dr. 3. C. Deetken left last evening on a
visit to Chicago.
Miss Blackweli of Des Moines Is the guest
of Miss Marie Bryant.
Mrs. George Remington of Neola wss the
guest lAt week of Mrs. J. B. Atkins.
Miss Helen snd Miss Florence Robinson
will visit friends at Red Oak today.
Mrs. Gsfford and sister. Miss Grace Fer
guson, are visiting friends In Manila, la.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Cromwell are home
from an extended sojourn In California.
The Woman's Whist club will meet
Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. H. C. Cory.
John Ott of Washington avenue left
Monday for San Francisco to visit rela
tives. W. K. Everlngham returned yesterday
from a visit to Peoria and other points In
Mips Bowman Is home from Mississippi,
where she passed the winter with relatives
and friends.
Miss Helens Blxby entertained a num
ber of friends Informally at her home
Wednesday evening.
The regular musicals of the Derthlck
club will be given st the Royal Arcanum
hall Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Sweeting entertained
a number of friends informally at their
home Wednesday evening.
Mrs. H. A. Hastings and daughter, Mabel,
of Seattle, Wash., are guests of the fam
ily of Rev. R W. Erlckson.
The Daughters of the American Revolu
tion were entertained Friday evening at
the home or Miss Cora iiarle.
Mrs. L. C. Km p kin has gone to Los An-
feles to attend the biennial of the National
ederatlon of Woman's clubs.
Mrs. John N. Baldwin and son Jack will
leave tomorrow for Waterville, N. Y
where they will pass the summer.
The young women of the Flower Mis
sion will give a dancing party at the
Royal Arcanum hall Tuesday evening.
Mrs. H W. Rothert entertained a
number of the women of this city Mon
day afternoon at the Iowa School for the
Rev. and Mrs. George Edward Walk en
tertained Informally at dinner Thursday
evening In honor of Mrs. Colte of Chi
cago. Mayor and Mrs. M. M. Hesd of Jeffer
son, la., who have been visiting friends
and relatives In the city, have returned to
their home.
Miss Bullard entertained the members of
the Tuesday Euchre club last week. The
club will meet Tuesday with Mrs. Em-
roett Tin ley.
Mrs. Schnorr of South 8eventh street
will- entertain the University club this
week Instead of Mrs. Dawson, as previous
ly arranged.
The marriage of Miss Eleanor Mont
somerv of thla city and Mr. Grenvllli
Parker will occur at New York City to
morrow at noon. Miss Genevieve Baldwin
of thla city will be among the guests In
Miss Freeman of Iowa City, who haa
been visiting Miss Smith at the Catholic
rectory, left for home Thursday, accom
panied by Miss Smith.
Miss Jessie Alworth entertained the
members of the First Avenue Card club
at the final meeting of the club Thursday
afternoon at her home.
The women of St. Paul's Episcopal
church are arranging to give A Trip
Around the World" entertainment for the
benefit of the church debt.
Rev. W. . A. Moore and daughter. Miss
Nelle, left yesterday afternoon for Cali
fornia, where they will attend the Club
Woman'a convention and visit friends for
several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs H. P. Weir of La Porte,
Ind., are guests of their daughter, Mrs.
Lewis Cutler, and fsmlly en route home
from Eureka Springs, Ark., where they
passed the winter.
The sisters in charge of St Mary's home
gave a reception -nd card party to the
young women of the city Monday
evening. About alxty attended. Refresh
ments were served.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Jennings enter
tained the members of the Oakland Ave
nue club at their home Friday evening.
Prises at cards were won by Mr. and Mrs,
Eldln H. Lou gee. The club will be enter
tained Saturday evening by Mr. and Mrs.
J. J. Shea.
Mrs. Douglas Graves and Mra. Blanch
Williams of Boston were tendered a sur
prise party Monday evening at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Shepard of
Park avenue. A pleasant evening waa
spent In games and music, followed by
refreshments. ,
The members of the Calendar Card club
were pleasantly entertained Wednesday
evening by Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McCune.
Mrs. Arthur Hoftmayr and Mr. A. B.
Cook were awarded the prises. The club
will be' entertained May 8 at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Atkins.
Francis E. Dickson of Clay Center, Neb.,
and Miss Grace Lamble of Fairfield, Neb.,
were inarried Wednesday noon at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter on Eighth
avenue. Rev. James Thompson of the First
Congregational church, officiating. Mr.
and Mrs. Dickson will make their home In
Clay Center.
The marriage of Miss Clarabelle Gray
and Mr. Richard E. Rodd occurred
Wednesday evening at 8:30 at their home,
847 Avenue G, Rev. W. S. Barnea officiat
ing. In the presence of a large number of
the friends of th contracting parties. Both
the bride and groom are well known in
this city, the groom being the sssistsnt
general manager of the local office of the
Long Distance Telephone company. The
bride was employed for some tlms as
stenographer at the Monarch Manufactur
ing company. The couple were the recipi
ents of numerous handsome wedding gifts.
N. T. Plumbing Co.. telephone 2S9.
Jenloas Man Attempts Marder.
DES MOINES. Ia., April 27. A aensatlon
was caused here today by an attempt to
shoot Dr. E. B. Walston, a prominent
physician. Jealous of the physician's at
tention to his divorced wife, Jesse Ham
mond, a cigar dealer, shot at Walaton la
the boerdlngbouse where the doctor hsd
gone to call oa Mrs. Hammond. Th ball
missed the doctor by aa inch. Hammond
surrendered himself. A warrant Is out for
Des Moines Firm Goes Broke.
DES MOINES, la.. April 27. The War-eld-Chase
company, wholesalers of toys,
notions and sportsmen's goods. Bled a vol
untary petition In bankruptcy today. Lia
bilities are scheduled at $33,000 and assets
at $43,780. W. E. War&eld of ths firm
also tiled aa Individual petition, listing
liabilities at $68,646 and asset at $41,310.
H includes In his liabilities all ths debts
of ths Wsrfleld-Chas company.
Meant Ayer Doctor Aesjaltted.
DES MOINES. Ia., April IT. (Special Tel
(gram.) The Jury at Mt. Ayer today ren
dered a verdict of not guilty In the case of
Ira Hammond, tried for complicity In the
murder of Maud Ston through a criminal
operation. Dr. 8 ro fiord of Lamooa was last
summer found guilty X causing her death
at bia aaaiuttun,
Two of Them Are Ven Sentenced to the
Penitentiary from Mills County.
Plan la to t'so Land Between Present
Buildings and the Hirer for that
Pnrpose and Also Dam
the Hirer.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, April 27. (Special.) Gov
ernor Cummins today approved the last of
the paroles recommended by the state legis
lature. Three men, serving life terms for
murder, will accordingly be released at
once. Two of them, Theodore Bushlck and
Jeseph McCreary, are from Mills county.
The former will locate in Missouri, where
he will remain until he can earn sufficient
money to take him to Haytl, where he ex
pects to mak his permanent home. The
latter will go to South Dakota to reside
with a brother. The third, Joe Otten,
waa sentenced from Fort Dodge. He will
locate at Sioux City and embark In th
photograph business. He acquired his tal
ent as a photographer during his Imprison
ment, having been appointed official photog
rapher for Anamosa prison.
A special election has been called in De
catur county for May 26, at which bonds
will be voted on for a $65,000 court house.
The following are announced as the suc
cessful one in the examination held by
Adjutant General Byers last Thursday:
Thomas C. Daltell, appointed battalion ad
jutant. Fiftieth infantry, February 20, 1902;
Francis M. Cory, elected second lieutenant
Company M, Fifty-second Infantry, Febru
ary 27, 1902; John H. Hanks, elected second
lieutenant Company C, Fifty-first infantry,
Msrch 10, 1902; Ouy H. Baker, elected sec
ond lieutenant Company H, Fifty-first In
fan try, March 10, 1902; William H. Gllbrlde,
elected captain Company F, Fifty-second
infantry. March 12, 1902; Daniel W. Tur
ner, elected major Fifty-first regiment,
April 7, 1902.
Campos for I'nlrerslty.
Governor Cummins and Stat Superln
tendent R. C. Barrett, ex-ofnelo members
of the Board of Regents of the State unl
verslty, have returned from Iowa City,
where they attended the meeting yesterday.
Superintendent Barrett was much elated
with the plans revealed at the meeting as
to tho future of the university in the way
of securing a campus adapted to the growth
of the school. Briefly stated, this consists
of securing all ths grounds between the
main buildings and the river, damming the
latter and parking both side.
The main building of the university is
about eighty rods from the river and the
regents already have holdings of several
lots between those points. There is an in
cllne of about seventy-lire feet between the
buildings and the river and it is planned to
terrace this with a broad boulevard ex
tending through. This ground now la well
built up, but the buildings are not of a
substantial character and It is believed can
be had at reasonable rates. The board yes
terday took action by instructing the ex
ecutlve committee to get options on the
It has developed that it waa th reveal
Ing of these plans that caused the death of
the rumors at the last session of the leg
is la tur tbst the university .would eventu
ally be forced to move beyond the corner
, ate limits of the city for the location of ail
buildings erected In' the future. The plsa
as now stated 1 regarded as Ideal by all
woo have seen the plat prepared.
So far aa the new medical buildings are
concerned It is practically decided that
these will be built In the rear of the main
buildings on the block and one-half donated
by the city and on which the hospital
Duuainga are now situated. It Is consld
ered desirable that the medical building
and the hospital be In proximity to each
other. Instead of one large building the
indications are that three will be erected,
me total cost being about $125,000. Plan
will bo made by the building committee sc
cordlngly. The chemical and dissecting de
psnmenis win De in one and the other de
partment distributed between the other
two. Thla Is in accordance with the modern
idea or what a college of medicine ahnnM
be. The committee In charge consists of
judge w. i. Bsbb of Mount Pleasant P K
Holbrook of Onawa and Alonzo Abernathy
ui usage.
Visit State Institutions.
Chairman Cownl and Judge Kinae. the
oiner memner of th State Board of Con
trol, visited all of the state Institutions
witnin th last fortnight. They devoted
some time to the purchase of the new land
authorized by the state legislature at th
last session. They were only able te make
contracts at Davenport and Clarinda. At
Olenwood aad Mount Pleasant It was found
mat tne owner of land near the InstHu
lions had taken advantage of th time In
tervening between the public announce
ment of the authority to purchase given
me ooara py the legislature, with the re
suit that prices hsvs been raised. The
members of the bosrd state they will not
anew tne state to be bled and that the own
en will come to their prices or keep their
lend. Inasmuch ss It is not necessary for
the land to be adjacent to th farm, it I
oeuevea th state ran get reasonabi
Contracts wer entered into for eighty
acre of land at Davenport, making a total
of 262 acres at that place. Land was also
purchased at Clarlada. On hundred acre
were bought at $75 and 206 and a fraction
over at $96 aa acre. This will make a
farm at that .institution of a fraction over
858 acres, as the farm originally consisted
or 661H seres.
The high standard of perfection of ststs
schools for th deaf and dumb and th fee
ble minded attained under the Board of
Control system Is having a serious draw
back. 6 great a reputation for proficiency
has been mad that' eastern schools ar
coming to Iowa in search of teschers and
offering greater salaries than ths stat au
thorizes th board to pay. Considerable
difficulty has been had in holding many of
the best teachers, three having departed
for the east in the last year.
While the board was. at Council Bluffs
President Gallandet of the Gallandet Col
lego for the Deaf at Washington, which Is
recognized as the foremost college of Its
kind in ths country, was there. After In
vestigating th Iowa school thoroughly
Prof. Gallandet pronounced it on ef th
best la the country.
Organising- Veterinary Force.
Hon. P. O. Koto of Forest City today
took the oath of office as state veterinary
surgeon. Goveraor Cummins also appointed
twenfy-slx deputies upon ths recommenda
tion ef Dr. Koto aa follows: Henry E. Tsl
bot. Des Moines; John J. Repp, Ames; D.
E. Bsughmsn, Fort Dodge; J. W. Orlfflth,
Cedar Rapids; J. D. Inger, Waverly; J. Q.
Parslow, Shenandoah; Peter Malcomb, New
Hsmpton; L. V. Shipley, Sheldon; D. H.
Miller. Hsrlsn; G. E. Noble. Ossgs; 8. K.
Haielett, Oeleln;'C. E. Stewart, Chariton;
H. Johnston, Carroll; J. H. Sanders,
Corydon; W. L. Evsra, Iowa Falls; E. O.
Piper. Ida Grave; W. B. Miles, Bldasy; 8.
H. Bsuasa, Birmingham; W. H. Austin,
NwloB4 J. U, Mcb&8d, CJiaxlea Clti JU. c!
. )
8impson. Denlson; O. A. Johnson, Sioux
City; Augustus Lames, Dyssrt; F. J. Nle
tnan, Marshalltown; F. A. Dolton, Dubuquo;
Bernsrd Hsrmon, Decors h.
The result of the military examination
at the state house of officers recently
elected In th National Guard was ma le
known today. Following are those that
passed: Bsttalfon Adjutant T. C. Dalzcll,
Fiftieth infantry; Francis M. Cory, second
lieutenant Compsny M, Fifty-second infaa-
ry; John H. Hanks, second lieutenant.
Company C, Fifty-first regiment; Guy H.
Bsker, second lieutenant, Compsny H,
Fifty-first regiment; Wllllsm H. Gllbrlde,
captain Company F, Fifty-second regi
ment; D. W. Turner, major Fifty-first reg
iment. Articles were filed today with the sec
retary of state by the Incorporated towns
of Ryan and Masonvllle, both In Dels-
wars county; also by the Midland Tele
phone compsny, MUford, capital, $25,000;
Sprlngvllle Building and Improvement com
pany Sprlngvllle, capital, $50,000; Colfax
Telephone company, Colfax, capital, $10,
000; Linden ft Adel Telephone company.
Linden, capital, $6,000.
Inquiry seems to show that there is no
available tract for the location of the new
poBtofOce that can be had for $125,000, the
sum appropriated for that purpose. It ap
pears that the lowest figure yet secured
for ground of close to 80,000 square feet
was $150,000, and that was a conditional
option. Other sites range from that amount
up to $200,000. However, it Is said that the
government will not stand bark at even
that amount If the location is deemed sat
isfactory to the Postofflce department.
Little Ones Killed In Windstorm and
Mother Is Fatally In
jured. J
MARSHALLTOWN, Ia.. April 27. Fur
ther reports of last night's tornado in
Jasper county show that two children
named Brown were killed. Their mother
was blown into a wire fence and fatally
Injured. Many residences and barns were
destroyed and much stock killed.
KEOKUK, Ia., April 27. Farmlngton, a
town of 2.600 inhabitants, thirty miles
northwest of here, suffered heavily from
the windstorm yesterday. All telegraph
and telephone wires were blown down and
communication with the outBlde world was
entirely cut off until today.
The Rock Island depot, a long brick
building, was unroofed and the lumber
sheds of Mulevllle compsny were blown
entirely away. Many residences and barns
were bsdly damaged. The storm was in
the nature of a tornado, lasting five mln
ute and being followed by a cloudburst.
Water also did considerable damage.
Alleged to Hare Killed His Stepfather
nd Then Attempted to Born
the Body.
DES MOINES, Ia., April 27. (Special
Telegram. ) Henry Meyer, a youth 14 years
of age, waa arrested at Newton late this
evening charged with having murdered his
stepfather, Frank Lavelleur, and then set
Ore to his remains. A small one-story
barn 'on the Lavelleur place was discovered
by neighbors to be on fire. In extinguish
ing the flames they found Lavelleur'a
charred and dismembered body lying in the
debris. The boy said the fire had started
from a bonfire which he had built and that
be did not know that his stepfather was
within the building, or he could have res
cued him. An examination of the body
by the coroner disclosed that the skull
had been crushed In two places by blows
from some instrument. As the stepson
was known to have quarreled more or less
with Lavelleur, bo was at once placed under
Fort Dodge to Contest Land Dlspnte,
FORT DODGE, Ia.. April 27 (Special.)
President J. W. Colt of the Mason City
& Fort Dodge railroad, haa announced that
the dispute over a ten-foot strip of ground
in the foundation of the new freight depot.
which has arisen between the railroad com
pany and the city of Fort Dodge, shall be
carried to the courts for decision. It Is
expected that legal proceedings will b be
gun immediately and the matter will come
to trial at the next term of court. Pend
ing the settlement of the question In the
courts the improvements which are being
made at Fort Dodge by the Mason City ft
Fort Dodge Railroad company, acting for
the Chicago Great Western, have been
Republican Meet at Waterloo.
CEDAR FALLS. Ia., April 27. (Special
Telegram.) The republican county conven
tlon waa held at Waterloo today. A Hen
derson delegation was selected to attend
the district convention. Judge Piatt was
allowed to name hi own delegates to the
Judicial convention.
Colorado Midland Is Said to Be Slnted
by the Leeds
DENVER, April 27. A special to the
News from Colorado Springs aays: Rumors
are current ia this city today that oo May
1 the Colorado Midland road will pass into
th control of ths Rock Island. A few days
ago the Rock Island officials went over the
Midland road in a private car. In the party
were a number of engineers, who stoppsd at
several points along the line and made ex
tensive surreys.
For the last week large gangs have been
engaged la relaying portions of the track
with heavy stsel, while other hav been
doing extensive grading with a view of re
moving unneccessary curves and steep
grades. Ia the Colorado Midland shops It
I reported that the capacity of the shops is
to be doubled immediately. It Is said that
while all the eastern roads have been giv
ing their through freight to the Rto Grane,
the Rook Island haa lately been giving all
It business to the Midland.
Legal War Between Freedman and
gpaldlagr Close by Common
NEW YORK. April 27. The legal war be
tween Andruw Freedman and Albert G.
Bpaldlng for control of the National
League of Baseball clubs was brought to
an snd today, when by consent of all the
parties Justice Gregorlch In the supreme
court made an order permitting the dis
continuance of the "ult for an Injunction
brought by Freedman against Bpaldlng
and his sdherents.
Ths consent to the discontinuance of the
suit waa signed by all the lawyers engaged
In the litigation.
Grlnnell Jnnloro Vlctorlons.
GRINNELL, Ia., April 27. (Special Tele
gram.) The Grlnnell home field meet was
held here today on the Ward Held. The
track was heavy and unfavorable to fait
time. The sensation of the day was the
defeat of Welker, Grinnell's crack colored
bike rider, who was regarded aa Invincible.
Home records mere broken In the high
jump and in the relay race events.
Ths meet waa won by the juniors, with
KM points; seniors, 27; freshmen, 2W;
sophomores. 21V Summary:
loo-yard dash gpauldlng won, Baer sec
ond, Wilson third. Time: 0:11.
Pole vault King won, , Davis second.
Walleser third. Height: 9 feet 1 inches.
16-pound shotput Harris won, Goe sec
ond. McKeag third. Distance: 30 feet 6
Half-mile, bicycle Wood won. Van Evsra
second. Welksr third. Time: 1:28.
XM-vard dash Baer won, epauldloa gc
0U4 JVligOft JWtus ffUuoj tli H,
Hslf-mlle' run W. t. JTvans won. Moore
second. Chspln third. Time: 2:11.
nrsl Jump User won, w linon seconn,
Fike third. PlMance: fnet 1 Inches.
. t I .. I P.rb. SAC
ond, Smith third. Distance: S3 feet 6 Inches.
ia-yard hurtflr Hoer won, Brown second.
Spencer third. Time: O tS.
Running high Jump Haines won. Harris
second, third. Height: 6 feet
440-vard dash W. D. F.vans won. Denlse
second, HesM third. Time: 0:M.
Discus throw ltsggs won, IJster second,
Hnrrls third. IMstHnce: KS feet 3 Inches.
2:)0-yard hurdle Parr won. Spencer sec
ond, Brown third. Time: 0.30 4-6.
Running, one mile Moore won Mcllrath
second, Hlcketts third. Time: R::2.
Hop, skip snd Jump Klekn won. Spencer
second. King third. Distance: 44 feet 2
Mile bike Wood won. Van Kvera second,
Walter third. Time: 3 IS.
llHlf-mtla relav Junior team, consisting
of Evans, Bner, SpauUllng and Wilson,
won. Time: l:3ts.
Hare Sis Points to the Good la Field
Contest with the Sopho
mores. IOWA CITY, Is., April 27. (Special Tel
egram.) The freshmen of the college of
niH'rm arts or tne t niversiiy oi inn r
fenteri the sophomores 64 to 58 points In a
closely contested meet on Iowa Field day.
8carr. a freshman, who has been trying
for the base Imll team, whs the surprise
of the day In his performance In the liW-
yard dash on a soft tracg.
rne result:
Hlnh JumD Schenck. Barker. Miller,
five feet four Inches.
Broad Jumo C'hesley. Barker, Schenck;
distance, twenty feet two Inches.
Hop, Step and Jump Hoss, Chesley,
Schenck; distance, forty-three feet.
Pole Vault Schenck, Harker, Davis;
hela-ht. elffht feet elvht Inches.
Hammer Throw Uorruy. Jackson, Dono
van; distance, seventy-nine feet.
Shot Put Buckley, Chesley, Seldle; dis
tance, thirty-two feet six Inches.
One-Hair-iWllo Kciny iiace ncarr, nui
ler, Jennings and Blnkley, freshmen, first;
Chesley, MnCrery. Willis. Briggs, sopho
mores, second. Time, 1:494.
Hundred Yard Scnrr. Barker, Jennings;
time, tt-n and two-fifths seconds.
Two-Twentv-Yard Dash Scarr. Briggs.
Jackson; time, twenty-four and one-tifth
Four-Forty-Yard Dash Briggs, wyiand,
Randall; time, one minute,
llalf-Mlle Run Hlaklev. McCroy. Sav
age; time, two minutes, t end four-fifths
Mile Run McCrov, rhelpsj. mtnger;
time, six minutes, six and four-fifths sec
onds. One-Twenty-Yard Hurdles Barker. Jack
son, Brown; tlmo, eighteen and four-fifths
Two-Twenty-Ysrd Hurdles Jackson. Jen
nings, Brown; time, thirty-one seconds.
Ames Hnrlee Normal Nine.
AMES, Ia,, April 27. (Special Telpgrara.)
Ames defeated the State Normal here to
day In the first schedule game, t atcner
Cotton of the Normal retired In tho fifth
Inning with a split finger, weakening the
team. The main feature was a double play
In the- ninth imra second to nrst, retiring
the Normals. Reese of Ames secured one
and Return
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three-bsgger and three two-baggerg made
by Ames. Score:
R. If. F
Ames 1 8 3 2 1 4 0 0 0-16 It (I
Normal 0 0000000 0-0 6
town State formal Field Meet.
CEDAR FALLS. Ia., April IT (Special
Telegram.) The State Normal field meet
was held today under unfavorable condi
tions. A high wind was blowing and the
track was heavy. Two home records were
broken. The winners of first place In the
sixteen events were:
l'-ysrd dash Warren Phanton, 11 s'ec
omls. Pole vault Joe Roberts I feet 3 Inches
(record broken).
S'.'o-ysrd dash Warrent Phanton, 24 Seconds.
Half-mile bicycle K. I Bronson, 1 min
ute 36 seconds.
16-pound shot-put J. Earnest Carman, 30
Half-mile run Don Campbell, S minutes
12 seconds.
ifi-pound hammer throw T, E. Jones, 75
feet 9 Inches.
LSVyard hurdle Roy Leener, If seconds.
44u-yard dash Warren 1'iiantoii, S3 aec
onds. 2-V-yard dash Warren Phanton,' 94 aec
seconds. Mile run Bert Callison. 6 minute 13 sec
onds. One mite bicycle 1L G. Martin, t minutes
26 seconds.
Running broad Jump L. O, Absl, f eet
5 Inches.
Discus throw J. M. Dunkerton, 83 feet t
Hop, step and Jump Don Campbell, 43
Business College Student Piny.
An Interesting? gsmfl of base ball wss
played Saturday arternoon by the students
of Boylea' Commercial college and . tho
Omaha Commercial rollcgn at Forty-fourth
and Howard streets. Tho feature of tho
same was the imcmng or
f tho
Omaha college, who struck out twenty-ono
men. Bovles one score whs made by
Weeks, on a passed ball. Score:
Omaha 52100017 R-23
Boyles 100000 000-1
Friend 8, Wealeyan 3.
FRIEND, Neb., April 27. (Special.)
Friend won a game of base ball plsved
with Weslyan university at this place.
Score :
Friend 0 0 0 ft 1 0 2 0
Weslynn 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 i
Batteries: Friend, Moore and Whltcomb;
Weslyan, K inkle and Stephenson. .
. I. I. Defeats Orlnnell.
GRINNELL, Is., April 27. (Special Trie
gram.) Iowa defeated Grlnnell In the first
exhibition game of the season on the Grln
nell grounds today with a acore of 8 to 4.
Grlnnell did the best work, but lost on a
percentage of errors. The score by Innings:
Iowa -....2 0 0 0 j! 0 3 1 08
2 01000100-4
On the College Diamond.
At Ann Arbor Michigan, 6, Relolt 6.
At Minneapolis Nehraaka 4, Minnesota 3.
At Chicago University of Chicago 6, Uni
versity of Illinois 6.
At Columbia, Mo. Kansas university 2,
Missouri university 1.
At Des Moines University of .Iowa 8,
Iowa college, 4.
At Evanston, III. University of Wiscon
sin 9, Northwestern university 7.
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