Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 27, 1902, PART I, Page 10, Image 10

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Whcue CuAury and
Cyko Photographic Paper
Cyko paper gives absolutely black and white results ta easy
to manipulate prints by sunlight or artificial light, and comes In
all alxea, at the following prices:
Cyko Carbon Matt, 4x5, fftr Cyko Carbon Matt, 6x7, Iflfi
per doien per dosen "Ul,
Cyko Carbon Matt, 4x5. f etfi Cyko Carbon Matt, 5x7, 1 Hfl
per gross s.JVf per groaa KJi
Cyko Developing Powder, sufficient for two dosen 4x5 Cyko, If,-,
per tube IVW
Monday Specials in Good Stationery
Where Cuauty and
Price count
price Count
Fancy abelf paper, assorted colon, to eheets,
Taper Napkins, with assorted colored designs, put up In
lota of 100 8peclal at ,
Extra floe quality Bos Note Taper with Envelopes to
match. A regular 10o ralue. Our special price, bos ....
We Win
Wall Paper Attractions
(Third Floor.)
Monday opens a special sale of high
frfade wall Paper. Large stock every
mnglnahle rolorln or design to choose
from. Hntise-pap'-rlng satisfaction a cer
tainty. Come and Inspect these attrac
tive offer-Inns.
6-eent White Okn
Blanks 9
-cent White
-cent An
Ollts 5o and W
10-cent fr
Gilts-Re and
Room Mouldings up from IXn
pr foot
Paper Cleaner J0(n
one pound eai ) stJS
Foreign and domestic goods at bottom
A guarantee means all that
Mistakes and defects are the lot o
a kick coming, by all means let u
YOURS. We rectify any dissatis
QUALITY RULES throughout
nett's seeks your business. Make
a man's sense of honor puts into it. Our business rests not merely on our reputation but' on the CEASELESS ALERTNESS OF
f mortals. At times they cannot be avoided, and the man who claims they can has a big slice of life's lesson to learn. If you have
s have it. YOU NEED FEEL NO DIFFIDENCE in making it known to us. You cheerfully take our word we cheerfully take
faction PROMPTLY if apprised of it', either by REPLACING GOODS or by REFUNDING YOUR MONEY just as you wish
the HOME MAKERS' EXPOSITION and OUR TRICES ATTRACT THE THOUSANDS. No more dependable house'than Ben-
it your center or supply.
Monday Art Attractions
Just received, a full linn of ready-made
rrnmiw-oval and square very suitable
for portraits
Sizes lftx2ik em
$2 25. $i.M and 1. 25
20x24-12.25. 2.00 , mn
and " 1.50
An extra lnrge sixe, 20x30 o E
six-Inch pattern at C Da
Tn,.abov' fs Include glass ami fitting
OVAL, KKAM ES Our lesurr-lfioviVhr"?:
Inch Florentine pattern full gold bur
nishFrench gold nnlh or
ebony ami gold worth 14 at
A very line heavy ornamental full sold
burnished 16x20 worth 55.00 Sg
20x24 Ovals up r
from .. O
Mouldings In the length up from 5
per foot 46 W
Monday Dress and Silk Attractions
Ton will not And In this newspaper such
your orders are neither limited by time nor
Bargain Circle Dress Goods
It pieces pretty Plaid Dress Goods, for
' children's dresses, and a lot of plain
Serges and Cords, 28 Inches wide, a regu
lar 20c quality Monday on our f 24c
bargain circle per yard
A big lot of pretty Dress Goods, our reu
. lar 25c quality, Monday In the f 7C
bargain circle per yard w
Roller Toweling, heavy quality, the o
Jrade, In our bargain circle Mon- Jll n
ay per yard ....-a
At c Fringed Dollies, all linen, a regular
. 4o dolHe, in our bargain circle On
each " w
Short lengths of Table Linen, In lyards,
2W and 1-yard lengths. About 800 ends
In this lot to be found In our bargain
circle much reduced prices.
TABLE NAPKINS 100 dosen of fine Irish
Linen Table Napkins, full bleached, full
aiae, great bargain at J1.75 per dozen
(Main Floor.)
bargains In quality dress goods as are here quoted,
quantity. Have all you want till all's gone. -
Each Item la a bona fide bargain and
will be found In our bargain f OQ
circle per doxen . I.OCT
100 dozen of 22-inch Long Cotton Tow
els, good 8c towel bargain circle An
each 4
Fine Wash Goods 9c per yard
Bargain Circle
CO pieces fine Wash Goods that are a little
imperfect would sell in the regular way
at 20c per yard bargain circle On
price per yard 7W
AT THE SILK COUNTER 100 pieces fine
Foulard Silks, all qualities the regular
price we will not count our big fn
sale Monday morning per yard. ....-'
Black Dress Counter
AT 29o PER TARD 10 pieces 44-Inch Fig
ured Black Dress Goods, the 60c 2Qc
grade at per yard " w
AT 39c PER TARD 38-lnch Black Frll
llantlne special 39C
AT 46c PER YARD 58-'lnch black, all wool,
dustproof Storm Serges special 4Sc
sale price per yard cw
AT 69o PER YARD 15 pieces very fine
Black Goods, In 56-Inch Meltons for sep
arate skirts, 42-lnch Mistrals and Can
vas Cloths, 42-lnch Serges and Cheviots
floods worth up to 85c per yard all go
n our special Monday sale at fiOn
per yard
At Out Colored Dress Goods
At 4So per yard we will put on special sale
Monday 100 pieces of line Colored Dress
Goods, In Venetians. Tailor Suitings,
Granites, Serges, Mistrals, silk finished
In al colors, Henriettas, Sicilians val
ues up to sac per vara an go in our
special Monday sale at
per yard
At the Wash Goods Counter
100 pieces fine Imported Mercerised French
Sateens, all colors, with pretty foulard
designs, the quality that sells for 25c
at our special wash goods sale 4 Cn
at per yard IcJV
100 pieces of fine Imported Cambrics, light
ground with pretty colored figures they
sell for 25c per yard every place our
blgsale price only per 12 lC
At 1214c per yard 100 pieces of the daintiest
of fine wash fabrics they take In finer
Imported Swisses, Dimities, Lawns and
numerous other fabrics. In this big lot
you will find goods worth up to 25c per
yard all go In Monday's sale lOin
t per yard
Big Cut Sale of Dress Linings
12Hc quality of Silesia
per yard
25c quality of Percallne
per yard
10c Sateens
per yard
All of our black linings are Nubian fast
black and therefore are guaranteed not
to crock.
In the Woman's Realm
(econd Floor.)
clearing of 25 handsome satin foulard
costumes, worth from $18.00 to 125.00,
that our clearing discount purchase en
ables us to sell at 16.50, O Sfl
14.60 and . 1.6.0U
119.50 This amount will purchase an ele
gant all silk lined tailor-made suit, all
black fine cheviot serge, satin straps and
stitching, waist and skirt lined with fine
tn(Tta silk this Is a $25.00 in Rfi
suit for 1V.OU
$9.00 See our Combination Suit, silk eton,
full silk lined, skirt of fine all wool
cloth, hairline stripe, deml-walklng
length, flounce and stitching either of
these garments is worth almost Q ffi
the price of the suit .V.tjlf
NEW ETAMINE SUIT-Unllned skirt, silk
lined eton Jacket, fancy and satin trim
ming, flounce skirt, two bands of satin
you can't duplicate It at less 1 C CI)
than $25.00 our price aV.OU
NEW ETAMINE SUIT-Drop-slIk petti
coat, eton Jacket, taffeta silk band, silk
lined, pcplum style, flounce skirt, three
bands of taffeta and stitching this Is
one of our late purchases and the regu
lar price Is almost cut In O 'A Rfl
two now on aale at aOvl
at two prices the best values ever put
on a counter In Omaha K , C
$4.75 and O. O
Monday Furniture Attractions
Third Floor.
Our selections are the fruits of experience and are not sur
passed in point of neatness, durability and genuine workman
ship by any furniture house ANYWHERE. If you are refur
nishing, you need our experience to guide you. If you are taking
up housekeeping getting married perhaps YOU NEED IT
It's our overflowing pleasure to serve you.
Leather Couch new In design, quarter
sawed golden oak frame, hand polished,
gondola shape, spring edge, seat and head
. it has a tow foundation and principally
hair stuffllng, covered In the very best
grade of olive leather 31 OQ OS
Inches wide, 80 Inches long sS.O
Handsome Nurse or Sewing Rocker eolld
oak, golden finish, big, broad seat, hand
caned and braced to posts, back very
neatly embossed strong and f EQ
. durable-et l,uo
Go-Carts We received a new lot of all
descriptions, all prices as a special for
this week we offer a Go-Cart made of
hand woven reed, finely finished, rub
ber tire wheels, patent f AQ
brake-at U.-wV
Massive and very handsome Iron Bed, in
colors, white, pea green and black
height of bed 70 inches, pillars 1 6-1
inches thick, heavy brass vases, 2tt
Inch brasa rods. 7-18 Inches thick it Is
an artistic bed and fit for a palace
here Is a chance you don't often get
special value MONDAY - O 7tt
Brass Bed beautiful and rich In design,
massive, made of all brass drawn tubing,
not wood tilled and seamed large, heavy
vases, swell foot and made of the very
best of material and by skilled work
mennone better special 24.98
Sanitary Steel Folding Couches the queen
folding couch strongest on earth closed
they make a fine couch open, the most
comfortable bed $9.60 R QQ
values at O.O
Dressing Table made In golden oak, quarter-sawedthat's
what makes them very
desirable artistic design has an oval
French bevel plate mirror and T fiR
shelf-sale price '-'-
Dresser solid oak, beautifully finished,
brass trimmed handles, patent casters.
French bevel oval mirror, shaped top,
elegant dresser for $14.00 Q 7B
our price V.O
Dresser golden oak finish, two swell top
drawers and two long drawers, beveled
plate mirror, slse 22x28, brass trimmed,
nicely carved a well made article and
avery cheap one 948
Splendid golden oak, massive Sideboard,
with French beveled mirror, handsomely
carved, trimmings cast brass, drawers
extra large and fitted by expert cabinet
workers, swelled shape front ordi
nary value $17 60 our f f QQ
price -
Effgant Couches massive, heavy solid oak
frame, carved, roeoco shaped, claw legs,
30 Inches wide, 79 Inches long, steel con
struction, covered In a very fine grade of
mohair crushed plush sold by most
dealers at $18.00 to fc.00- 1 1 Afi
our price .I1.C7
This pretty Parlor Stand, golden oak fin
ish, has 18-Inch square top, extra strong
legs, braced, with large shelf below
stand that Is both attractive and dur
ablespecial sale Afin
price Ofc
Hanging Book Shelf made of solid oak.
golden finish a useful article In every
home on sale Monday and fCn
Tuesday at speolal price.
Chiffonier eolld golden oak. nicely fln-
AmWA .nnmv mneA wnrkmAlllhlD. brass
trimming, best of casters A KQ
worth $fOO-at this sale
Solid Oak Chiffonier finely finished golden,
has six large, roomy drawers, large
handles, patent casters a bar- QU
gain at almost twice our price
Chiffonier bird's-eye maple, handsome and
new In design, 8 drawers, I full swell
top drawers, oval French beveled plate
mirror, French legs, solid ends, finished
inside as well as outside, highly polished
like your piano worth &- IH Afi
nrlca.. IOtO
Tmn HMfanrv enameled white or green.
pretty scroll design, steel rails, finely
finished, certainly a wonderful US
bargaln-t this sale
Jron Bed very elegant, full brass trim
med, heavy iosts. In either colors, white,
black, poje blue, carmine or pea green
your choice extended foot rails and
made of the very best of steel big
bargain for Monday and A
Tuesday only at w
Crockery Attractions-second floor.
Monday Crockery Attractions. Thousands have expressed
their pleasure at seeing the superb piece of porcleain art by the
artist Donoit of Dresden it's an immense vase it's the poetry
of porcelain see it. tl . , ,
Tbl;7- 10c
six for,
Crystal Water
Pitchers ,
Fruit Bowls
new Vienna Cake
Salads 3Qc
at.... .................... 7
All fine china decorated.
Clearance table of fancy china fin
Decorated Plates JW
Crystal Engraved Water Sets QEP
complete OCH
Gold and Floral Teacups and ROr
Saucers set of six OVf W
Factory ends of Tea Saucers 0
plain and decorated
Our One-Price Piano System a Success
Carpet and Drapery Attractions
(Third Floor.)
Superb qualities only. All thoroughly dependable and some
even luxurious. Here are some very special offers for tomor
row's selling.
128.00 Axmlnster Rugs slie
xi2 all colors
1 23 50 Axmlnster Rugs else
$4.00 Axmlnster Rugs
slse 36x72
13000 Axmlnster Rugs -slse
$160 Axmlnster Carpets an
carpet a full line of the
Ings and designs per
elegant parlor
newest color-
$1.35 Axmlnster Carpets all
new goods per yard
80c best quality Tapestry Brussels an ele
gant assortment of patterns- 79C
Der vard
Good nuallty Wool . Faced Brussels
without borders per 54 C
Best quality All Wool Ingrain- 65C
uer vard
Extra Heavy Ingrain all colors 49 C
j.n J u
Lace Curtains.
K M Lace Curtains 3.48
per pair
$4 .00 Lace Curtains 3.00
per pair w.ww
$3.75 Lace Curtains 2 40
per pair .-v
$1.00 Lace Curtains 1 Ofi
per pair a.x
$2.75 Lace Curtains
per pair
Heavy Wool Pillow Cords
all colors per yard
All 811k Pillow Cords-
extra heavy per yara..
Heavy Opaque Shades on good rollers.
M Inches wide 33c
seven feet long
Rug Fringe-any color Qr
per yard w
Wftidow Shades.
38 Inches wide
six feet long.
Trunk and Valise Attractions
Special No 1 8teel bound Trunk, canvas
covered, two leather straps, covered tray,
extra dress tray and hat box no better
trunk on the maraei
a bargain
Special No. I Canvas Telcope, leather
strap ana cuvtr icui. il.n
50 arth le " ' .
Complete line of fine Leather Goods,
Suit Cases and Traveling Bags latent
.h.n a ,.,t atvles dependable goods all
very low prices.
Woodenware Attractions
Baa Meat.
Willow Clothes
Eight-drawer Spice
r.nrv Imoorted Bait
jlardwood Brea4
. .38c
Lre Site Wash Qc
A large line of Imported novelties In
wood and willow ware. Carved Salad Sets,
"read Plaus. KoUlug Pins. Palm Kulfe
"t'c'rry0 tuU Una ol good churns, ail
'f!2cknov our line of Refrigerators be
fore buying. No belter maue. Prloes
Our piano business Is ample evidence that the piano buyers of Omaha appreciate
a SQUARE PROPOSITION. We offer no Job lots or bankrupt piano stock, but
BRAND NEW t'P-TO- DATE 1902 styles t prices Just a little lower than the others
can be bought for. .. ....
We sell on the easy payment plan
In the west
Our line of Pianos Includes the following: THE EVERETT, the piano with
soul, conceded two years ago to be the world's greatest piano and now popularly
spoken of as the NEW ARTISTIC 8TANDARD. We carry a full line of IVERS &
makes of high grade Instruments. We will cheerfully refund your money If you are
not pleased with any piano you buy.
TUNING, MOVING or exchanging done on terms that are designed to please
-"" " " - We have the largest and most complete line of sheet muslo and musio books
Full line of small musical Instruments. VISIT THE PRETTY MUSIC ROOM.
Monday Jewelry Attractions
Elastic Belts
You will find here the lar
est assortment of these splen''
did belts in Omaha, They are
the acknowledged "correct
thing" to wear. They give
that much desired long waist
effect of the swell dresser, at
$1.00 up.
T S '
Bennett's Shoe Attractions
We carry exclusive lines of shoes of glove-like fit, extraord
inary wearability and neatness and every, pair a sound earnest
bargain. The famed Franklin shoe is sold only at Bennett's.
franklin hoes.
The only reliable and fixed price lint
before the people to-day. No shoes
have ever been made that met with
such universal favor. Do not take
substitutes. Every pair warranted per
fect, and guaranteed to give satisfaction.
111 Wm mi
Monday Millinery At
tractions Second Floor.
A salon of beauty where quality rules
and prices do more than attract. Every
thing In ladles' and misses' headgear, all
touched with a charming originality.
No. 1 A lovely Black Chiffon Hat-trlm-med
with lace and velvet some with
flowers, some without a sfk
15.00 hat for lU.Uvl
iN. 2 A very nobby, pretty piece of mil
linery art-different styles-swell or sub
dued effects a 16.00 hat e ir
for O.UU
No. 8 A remarkable millinery bargain
nothing like It at the price In the city
made of bent webbing trimmed with
lace and flowers a 15.00 hat o ru
for sV9
Monday Grocery Attractions
Tea, Coffee and Spice Sectioi.
Bennett's teas are bought solely on cup
CUallty are guaranteed absolutely pure
and acknowledged to be the best values
ever offered to the public.
All varieties give It a name no.
genuine 60o values per pound OOC
Every buyer of one pound of tea at 3Sc
or any other price gets a pretty picture
Bennett's Coffees are coffee standards-
fresh roasted every day sold unground,
ground or pulverised. No finer coffees
A splendid value
, 1W
10- pound
union rm
Fit the Foot,
Fit the Eye, and
Fit Your Purse.
kci's. $2.00 ??bV. Vdl lime itei's. $1.25
IN placing this line of shoes before the people, we'
have endeavored to see how much (not how
little) we could give the purchasing public for
How well we have succeeded a critical inspection
will thnur for itself: bv wearinE. the
shoes will speak for themselves. WE GUARANTEE
THhSi. MIULS because we Know inai rveryming
that can be put into a shoe to make it wear, that
every device known to strengthen a shoe has been
used, and that they were made by the most skilled
workmen procurable. I
y -a sk w ir m f-jJi
(J It - J Vv Sr rJi
Monday Cigar Charms
(Mala Floor.)
A 12ic Cigar for - 5c
Tor Monday we offer 1,450 atrlctly clear
Havana i egular slse Cigars Ri
at each I c'w
Wt sell them regularly and In abundance
at two for Zuc. and you get your money's
worth at that. It's a elgar snap such as
you never had before. Please take our
word for It our word means much. To
give everybody a fair chance of partici
pating tn this unprecedented offer we can
not sell more than ten to each buyer a
nickel each.
Florence so Cigar '" fc
. for each t ow
nrxr J.SQ
Sur. ...
Uncle Oscar Cigar
seven fur
Porto Rico Cigar
lib In can
Flor de Teller
four for
fr ,
Bull Hern Cigar Clippings
half pound for
Battle Ag Tobaco Wc pound
Itc cut fur
Corn Cake Smoking Tobacco
oue found tur... Wt
Grocery Section.
Beans. Beans. Beans.
Navy Beans 2ic Per Pound.
per pound..
Bennett's Capitol a S5o value satisfying
anadeuclous one-poud 28c
The most economical vegetable now on the
market, In view of the advanced price of
potatoes. If you "know .beans" and
you do you'll store your larder from
this big bargain snap. You are paying
4o for them and they are cheap at that
hilt 2l( A rwvmH M.inHou nnlu I. h
iMKKeni goon dinner snap you
ever met with per pound
Soda Crackers
per pound
ou.r P8 Department we carry a complete line of Imported and Domestic
AU of the above are positive bargains. Eat. eat and be merry. It costs little to
Uennelt s. Fact!
Oyster Crackers
per pound
Ginger Snaps
per pound
Bapollo 0
per cake OC
Mustard Sardines
large cans "C
Queen Olives
per bottle )C
Capitol Pancake Flour '
per package lUC
Capitol Maple Syrup guaranteed A i
quart can I7T....4UC
Standard Strawberries g
per can IUC
i "piioi v neat
two-pound package ,
Nice, Sweet Oranges
per dosen
Choice Lemons
per dosen
Bananas according to slse per
dosen auc. 15c and ,.v..
Armour a r rencn Pntage i
all flavors per Jar lalC
Fancy Table Peaches ou
large can laSfC
Cheese at lowest prices.
be merry If you buy your groceries at
Monday Candy Attractions
We are positively offering the choicest and best made candies under cost and It is solely
because we want you to make our Candy Department a shopping stop every day.
1.600 pounds fresh made and dell
hardly matched at 20c pound
tirtly away they are so cheap.
Assorted Cream Wafers
per pound
per pound
Assorted Tld-Blts
per pound
Pineapple Slices
per pound
Vanilla Fudge
per pound
Burnt Peanuts
per pound
Half pound box
Butter Com
per package.,.,
Butterscotch m
per package OC
Above prices mean much. Each meana
a candy offer that no store In Omaha can
match. Monday only.
Soda Fountain Attraction
Mala Floor.
Only the purest juices used for flavoring.
Ice Cream Soda
any flavor glass.
I Why Dav hlKh Drlce for fancy drinks I
finer refreshers are lmposslble-th. finest I 0Uef f. ?'... '.'!?.,
,WW are HERE.
Monday Meat Market Attractions
Meats that whip tlie appetite into action that makes the stomach groan with gratitude
that leave the least possible impression on the pocketbook and that' make Bennett's the talk of
the town.
Roaat Beef
per pound lie, iPrgO and.
Choice Steak
per pound
Legs of Mutton
per pound
Legs of Lamb
l.-r pouud
Mutton Stew
per pound
Boiling Beef
per pound
Pickled Pigs Feet
per pound
Round Steak
per pouud
Honey Comb Tripe
per pound
Choice Breakfast Bacon
per pound
boneless Ham
per pound t
12. c
. .. 5c
frosen Salted or
Smoked all varieties rock-bottom prices.
Boiled Hams
per pound
Columbia Hams
per pound
Hme-made Sausage
per pound
Ba log ne
per pound
flats. !