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Citj Cjcil F.e:ci.yers m a Board of
t Ity f lerk Directed t lasae ! li
poma for Ihr Flit Ia title
pear with Tbelr Rooks.
The city council, puru2t !a the supreme j
court mandamus, met yes'erday morning as
a board or equaliia' ion, dJ imroMliiHr ;
afterward took a recs to Wednesday, j
April 30, at 10 a. m. Mean bile toe 6e
puMic service corporation will be notified !
and word will be im to Cuuncllmca
Mount aDd Burkley, w bo are out of the
city. It ll the purpose of the board to
deal with one corporation at a time and It
U likely that the strtet railway company
will be the first on the carpV- The city
clerk bat ben directed to r.rrpare sub
pocnaes summoning the officer to appear
next Wednesday ar.d bring their books.
Tbla action was taken In response to th!
writ of peremptory mandamus, certified
coplea of which were served Tburaday nigbt
upon eight of the nine ccuncilmen by deputy
..herlffs. The text of the writ follows.
What Ibc tunrt Orders.
Now, th' ri fore. we command you. Im
mediately uKn receipt nf this writ, that
jod, as the city council and board
of equallmtlon of the city of
Omaha, rn onvriic as a Ixmrd of e.uallra
tion at the city of unci! chamber, in said
city of lmh, it a convenient and early
day arid hour afur the service of this
writ on vou. flrct giving to aald relators,
William U. Khrlver and iW'orge T. Morton,
ar.d the said limaha Ktrpet Kailway com
pany. Omaha Water company. Omana Js
company, Nebraska Telephone company
and New Omaha TliomS'ifi-itouston
trlc Light company, oue and reasonable
notice of the place and time of said meet
ing. In aald notices to said corporations
advising each of lhrn elo of the substance
of the prayer of. said several complaints
filed with you as a broad of equalisation
by said William O. Fhriver and George T.
Morton. January is. VA;. that a reasonable
time before the time net tor said meeting,
and at all ttmi before the final adjourn
ment thereof, you rtdly cause to lw ii-sued
all process of subpoena for witnesses to
appear before you to testify on said hear
ing that said relators. William G. Shrtver
and George T. irton. or any of said c-r-porations.
may rerjueet, and that upon the
convening- of said meeting you first cor
rect your said final report made before
your adjournment on January !(. 1902. as a
board of equalisation, to conform to the
facts, by making aald report ihnw that
said board did not hear or consider said
complaints filed with ll by said William O.
Phrlver and George T. Morton on January
IK WI. but refused to do so; that you
then proceed to hear and consider said
eeveral complaints of said William G.
Bhriver and George T. Morton against said
several corporatlms. filed with you as ald
board January in, lri, and fully and care
fully to examine Into the question of the
fair cash value of all the personal property
and franchises of each said corporations
within the cltT of Omaha, and subject to
taxation therein for said liC city taxes
as of the date of said 12 assessment, and
Into the question of the ntatxlard of valua
tion adopted and employed by the tax com
missioner. hl deputies and the Board of
Kevlew Pf said city In making said
)H"2 assessment, and that, for the
purposes aforesaid you require said
corporation to produce their books
and record for examination, and that you
wear all witnesses and faithfully hear all
competent, relevant or material evidence
that may be produced beftire you touching
the matters and things aforesaid, and that
from the evidence before you you deter
mine the fair cash value as of the date of
said 19W2 city assessment, of all personal
property anf franchises of each of said
corporations Srlthln the kaid city of Omaha
and subject to taxation therein for said
ld city taxes, and that you also ascertain
from the evidence the standard of valua
tion adopted and employed by the tax com
missioner, his deputies and the Board of
Kevlew of said city In making said assess
ment of all taxable property within said
city for said ISM.' taxes, and that you bring
the amount of the several assessments of
the personal property and franchises of said
several corporations within said city and
subject to taxation therein for said 19ol
taxes to said standard and certify the re
spective amounts so ascertained to the tax
commissioner of said city as the corrected
and equalised assessment of the personal
property and franchises of each of said
corporations for city of Omaha taxation
for the year llsC. said assessment to be by
said commissioner extended on the tax list
and duplicate against each of aald several
corporations and delivered to the city treas
urer and city comptroller of said city, as
required by law. and that you do such
other matters and things and perform such
other acts In the premises as the nature
of the case may require, for the purpose
of fully equalising and assessing the per
sonal nroperty and franchises of each of
said several corporations for said 19B city
taxea at the same standard of valuation
adopted and employed by the tax commis
sioner, his deputies and the Board of Re
view of said city In making up said C
assessment roll, and that you return this
writ on or before the Eth dsv of May,
11. with your certificate of having done
as you are herein commanded. Hereof fall
hot urder penalty of the law.
Wltneas the Hon. John J. Bjllivsn, chief
Justice of the supreme court of the state
of Nebraska, and the seal of aald court
hereunto affixed, this 23d dav of April. lfn-C
l8eal.) (liignedt I. EE HERDMAN.
Clerk of the Supreme Court.
Indorsement on back of write The
within and foregoing writ of mandamus
illy allowed this 23.1 day of April. A. D. 19.J.
0n of the Judges of the Supreme Court.
Diversity of Oplaloaa.
Although the writ was most explicit and
concrete In Its Instructions, there was a
treat variety of opinion among the mem
bers of the council as to how they should
proceed. Never before has ther been so
much concern manifested for keeping a
"straight record."
A majority of the council was on band at
' 10 o'clock, the time set for the meeting,
but an hour elapsed before the tap of the
gavel called them to order. Meanwhile a
caucus waa held In the private office of the
city clerk. These were present: Has
rail, Karr, Whltehorn, Zimman. Trostler,
Hoye and Lobeck. It was announced that
Burkley and Mount were out of the city.
though the former had left since service
bad been obtained upon hlaa Thursday
evening. Besides the foregoing. Attorney
Little Liver Pills.
Must Boar Signature) ef
rtl lIAlltlE.
roi IU2IMUS.
rxi Eiucomsi.
fsi Tctna UYU.
roi eoxsTiPATici.
J. H. Mdr'osfc. City Attorney Cornell.
City rirrk Eibourn ar.d several unofficial
spectators were rresnt
The "big five," Haali. Whltehorn.
Mount. Kerr and TrosUer. though shy"
one of their n imbcr. sMll held the balance
of power, fcr toe opposition was also de
ficient ty ore man but there was little
disposition apparently to make use of It.
There was man fee? a studlej attempt to
spresr unconcerned
Hkltekora eem Weary.
Whltehorn stretched himself at length
upon the eoui h. pulled his cap ever b i
eyes and tried to go to sleep. In his
hands were written notices sddressed to all
the general officer of the Inion Pacific
Railroad rompary. Informing them that
there would b a hearing of the foundry
matter before the city council Id general
committee Mcnlay afternoon, and these, to
all outward appearances, absorbed all his
attention. Mcintosh restrained his exulta
tion with a aure hand; Hasrsll wss cb
structlve and dictatorial, a usual; Hoye
was suspicious and emphatic; Trostler was
mute and bewildered. Lobeck. serene and
happy; Karr. humble and penitent; Zim
man. Ingeniously argumentative; Council,
audible and sure of his ground; Eibourn,
full of concern for the accuracy of the
Hascall wss for going slow. "Mr. City
Attorney," said he, "you are trying to
rush us Into a meeting hre before we are
ready for It. We can aave time by hav
ing everything prepared before we call a
meeting. These absentees, Burkley and
Mount, have a right to be notified, and the
corporations have a right to aay when
tbey will be ready for their bearings. We
can't take snap Judgment on them."
Hoye (alls Hasrsll.
"Yes, I'm on to your curves," retorted
Hoye. "You're trying to do something
that will Invalidate the tax."
Hascall was studying up a saury retort
when Whltehorn woke up and wanted to
know whether he should notify the In Ion
Pacific to be on hand Monday afternoon.
"Because If we're going to meet Monday
as a board of equallxatlon." he added, "we
can't give them a hearing."
Nobody paid any attention to htm and the
discussion was resumed.
Mcintosh wanted the council to meet at
once as a - board of equalisation, set the
time for hearing the complaints of Relators
Shriver and Morton, instruct the clerk to
Issue notice and subpoenaea and then ad-
ourn to that time, and this program, over
the protest of City Clerk Eibourn, waa
finally carried out.
The following notice was prepared and
signed by all of the councilmen present:
In pursuance of the mandate of the su
preme court ordering the city council to
reconvene ce a board of equalisation, a
meeting is hereby called for Friday. April
26. 1S2. at 11 a m.. for the purpose of fix
ing the time for proceeding aa a board or
equalisation and giving notice to W. 8.
Bhriver and George T. Morton and also
the five public service corporations.
Sessloa Is Brief.
The caucus then broke up and the coun
cilmen an 3 others adjourned to the city
council chamber, where the councilmen
were called to order by the city clerk aa a
Board of Equalisation. The business here
transacted waa brief and to the point. A
motion waa made that the clerk be directed
to issue subpoenas to each of the five pub
lic service corporations, and thla carried
by a vote of 1 to a. Trostler voted nay.
Another motion provided tor the notifica
tion of Mount and Burkley.
Whltehorn asked bow be ahould proceed
in the matter of the Union Pacific foundry
hearing and waa told that be could set the
hearing for 2 p. m. of next Monday.
The board then adjourned to 10 a. m.
next Wednesday.
Roarke Releases Hla Little t'tlllty
Mia to Flay Third for
Peter Burg, the nlgmv base hall tlaver
whom W. A. Rourke has been keeping aa
a utility man for the Omaha team, will
play third base for Milwaukee this season.
Hugh Duffy haa concluded arrangements
witn Mr. nourae Dy wnicn the latter has
let Peter go to the Angels.
This now nxea Huffy a Infield, which has
worried him. He has been In crying need
of a second baseman. The rest of them.
Cockman. Oatlns and Thornton, are god
men. and have shown up well during their
two games here. Burg will now be put on
third and Cockman moved tn second. Tbls
should make a fairly strong fielding circle.
As batters, too, the four will be good, for
Cockman and Oatlns are ready hitters.
while Burg's propenalty In that direction
Is well known.
It Is expected that Burg will be more
of a success as a third baseman than aa
an outfield. He played the bag twice for
Omaha during the early practice games
and looked well to the fans for a rub.
Lufrv saw him In practice Thursday, and
aaya the boy la Just what he wants.
The Bllentljm association win hold lia
regular meeting at Modern Woodmen hall.
119 North Sixteenth street. Saturday even
John H. Price of Broken Bow. a farmer.
has filed application to be declared bank
rupt. He lista debts of and assets
of W0.
A porch climber attempted to gain en
trance to the residence of Mrs. uutvey.
i-A Wool worth avenue. Thursday night and
waa ingniened away.
The Trt-Olty Racing club will hold a
meeting at the Millard Saturday night and
arrange for the coming meet June 24-27. It
Is expected that IM members will be pres
Jerry Jelen and John Harrington were
fined tt and costs by Judge Berks for
driving over the sidewalk, and Ed Kitten-
berg waa given ten days in jail for va
grancy. James Harold Herskind. son of S. T.
Hersklnd. treasurer of Florence, died yes
terday morning and will be buried this
afternoon at 1 o clock from the i'resby
terlan church of Florence.
Mrs. Addia. at one time an Inmate of the
Omaha Rescue home, has been arrested on
complaint of the ofilclals of the home and
charged with soliciting money for its ben
efit without authority.
John Relnholt of South Omaha reported
to the police Thursday night that he had
been robbed of llh bv a colored woman
near Ninth and Douglas streets. Irene
Smith was arrested on suspicion.
George Williams, who confessed to steal
ing a tray of sixteen watches from a Doug
laa street Jeweler s and pawning them at
shops here and in Kansas Otv. has been
sentenced to two years In the penitentiary.
All societies ate requested 'o send rep
resentatives to meet with the Memorial
day committee of the Grand Army of the
K public at the- rooms of the Hoard of
Health in the city hall at I o cloia neat
Monday evemrg.
The Ladles' Aid society will give a "milk
n'aids' convention" at Washington ball
Tuesday. April r for the bencnt of the
Monmouth Park Meihudlet Episcopal
church, whose edifice was recently Qe-
stroed by wind.
Peter Scale, who was released from the
penitentiary at Lincoln in I'M. after hav
ing been sent up for murder in the second
orgr has been srrrded in Chicago and
the officials of that plc have written
Chief Duashje for the man s record.
Burglars entered the residence of T B
Maionr. enermsn avenue. Thursday
nijitit and sfter searching the house sto e
a pair of Mr. Maiones trousers, from the
pockets of which they extracted a go.d
watih and chain. The troucers were foirid
la an aiiey in the rear of the house.
The plan of the ritual committee of the
b"ard of governors of the Knignts of Ak-Sar-Ben
to have no initiation at the intro
duction of members of the order this fail
aet with the hearty approval of the fvw
workers who la previous years assisted at
the initlatloca and who were invited to
inspect me wuraings of the plan Thursday
A lock specialist U getting in his work
around the hotels of the city and the tele
phone company is the loser. Testeruay
the stranger picked the lock on the cash
drawer of the ioi.g distance 'phone at the
l'er Grand and alter taking all the money
in sign I Wft the box apart, giving an hours
wvra to the teWoho&e uvauic. 1 hurvti r
the sseae performance waa enacted at the
fasten, and djrng the wee four holcia
have Buffered In the aame way. A descrip
tion of the Bian haa bees enured bm4 the
umcvn we eceruutig jr bios.
High Wind. EcwereT, Kara Third Tsj'i
Sport at Gun Club.
er Chamrloa Has to Kill Forty
Fight Birds Oat of Fifty to V la
Elliott- roshy boot
The third day of the state gun rlub tour
nament was undoubtedly the beet si far.
The day was at no time as pleasant as
Wednesday afternoon and the targets were
not as easy on account of the strong wind
which blew them down and many of them
were broken below the fence line. At the
aame time the men were In better shape,
as is shown by the scores. The high score
wss little higher than that of Wednesday,
but the average was ftu h higher and the
number of men tied for first place waa
aomething unusual. In the third event,
one for twenty targets, there were ten men
tied for first place, and this number was
rcpested In the ninth event, for fifteen
birds. In th fourth event there were
fourteen of the shooters who had clean
scores, and an even doxen tied for first
place in the aixth event. In the
first event there were six tied for first
place, and tn the second the numb-r
reached seventeen. There were seven men
with clear acores in the fifth and tenth
events, eight men at the same point In the
eighth race and five men tied far first tn j
the seventh.
Fifty-one men shot through all events
and sixty-seven were at the traps during
the day. Fred Gilbert was the high man
for the day, his score 'being lf5. He was
followed by William Crosby, whose score
was 163. Spencer and White were tied for
third place on the score for the day, with
162 targets to their credit, and Burns! le
was fourth with 160. J. A. R. Elliott, who
today will defend the castlron medal chal
lenged by Crosby, made a fair showing, but
was behind his rival five targets when the
day's program closed.
State Aanatear Champloashlp,
The feature of the day, however, was net
the shooting of the men In the regular
program of events, but the state amateur
championship, in which twenty members of
the Nebraska association took part. The
shoot began at about 3:30 o'clock and waa
finished about Of the twenty entries five
men were left to shoot off the tie. that
cumber having acored twenty-four targets
out of twenty-five. These men were Illion.
Dominie, Bray, Morrill and Rogers. Rogers
was the first one to miss a target. He
missed his secend and fourth, but with that
exception the men shot perfectly until tho
tenth target wss thrown, when Illion. Domi
nie and Bray esch missed a tsrget. leaving
Morrill the only man with a clear score.
He kept this score clean until the twenty
second target, which he missed. In the
meantime others had missed more, leaving
htm the high man at the time the .twenty
fifth bird waa thrown, with a score of
The new champion of the state of Ne
braska la a resident of South Omaha. To
win he killed forty-eight birds out of fifty,
an average of 99 per cent.
At the close of the program It waa an
nounced that the Crosby-Elliott shoot
would begin at 2:30 o'clock sharp today
and that it win be hurried through aa rap
idly as poasible ao that the regular pro
gram can be completed. A fifty live bird
contest between Shamwell of Colorado
Springs and Chris Gotlieb of Kansaa City
baa been arranged to take place after the
Crosby-Elliott shoot If there la time after
the regular program haa been completed.
The score in the regular program la:
Targets Tot.
16 15 Z0 15 10 16 15 20 15 20
....13 14 16 1! 1 1! 1 16 12 lfi-l?9
....14 14 18 12 ) 14 IS 19 13 19 l.i
....14 15 20 15 15 14 18 15 14-1'.
....15 14 20 16 14 15 12 20 15 2 li
11 14 17 12 17 14 11 16 12 IS 142
....13 14 17 14 16 12 12 16 12 IS J 4
13 13 lg 14 19 13 12 19 14 20 1S5
....15 14 20 14 20 11 14 19 13 2 112
....13 13 19 14 17 9 13 19 13 10144
....14 12 IS 14 1 14 11 20 IS 17-1M
I.oomis .,
Relhl .....
Gilbert ...
illion .
Captain Money
H. Money
..13 13 19 14 19 12 13 17 14 19152
..12 11 13 9 15 13 11 16 11 11-121
..14 14 20 15 16 15 14 19 10 lv-156
....15 13 17 14 16 13 14 IS 13 IS-l.Vl
....12 15 17 15 17 14 12 14 11 16143
....14 15 1 13 20 14 15 20 14 1 ISi
....14 13 20 15 1 7 15 13 1 9 13 1 9 158
...11 14 17 12 16 12 13 18 13 1SH
....11 13 20 14 20 15 11 18 14 IT 153
10 14 20 14 15 12 14 16 13 1614
....11 13 17 14 14 15 15 19 13 19149
... .10 12 18 15 19 12 13 18 15 17149
.....13 15 19 10 13 13 1? 20 15 18148
....14 15 IS 14 18 14 14 1 15 17155
....13 15 17 14 17 15 11 18 15 2o-155
....14 15 20 15 18 IS 15 20 15 1816.1
....15 13 20 13 18 14 14 19 14 18 1S8
....13 14 19 15 17 14 12 17 15 lfc-IM
....10 14 16 12 11 lo 10 15 12 17127
...11 12 18 10 17 13 11 13 12 17-134
....11 14 IS 11
....13 15 17 14 20 13 12 17 14 18153
....13 11 20 14 16 13 9 IS 14 19 147
....12 15 16 12 14 12 11 15 12 16-15
....IS 7 16 14 15 12 13 14 12
....14 15 19 13 16 13 14 18 14 16153
IS 15 16 15 19 15 13 19 14 2o f.
.. .M1J 16 15 12 9 11 14 9 1612.1
....14 15 17 15 17 16 14 20 10 18 li3
....14 10 8 19 12 1" .. .
...12 13 14 1! 10 10 19 13 17-126
...14 14 19 IS 20 15 15 16 14 19 1S9
....11 12 15 14 17 15 10 16 13 15 I'M
....12 11 11 13 19 13 11 15 12 1V-132
....12 13 19 15 16 12 IS 17 12 1715
K 15 18 14 16 15 11 20 13 ia-lM
...13 13 16 1? 16 12 13 16 12 15138
...13 15 17 13 17 11 13 19 13 17-148
....12 13 17 11 17 14 hi 18 13 20-145
.... 6 12 13 14 17 14 14 16 13 2o 138
12 15 13 14 14
....11 11 15 11 17 17 "
....12 15 IK 15 16 13 14 17 19 i 15
Furmeleter .
McDowell ...
Ssundera ....
M oore
w Iggtns
v a rren
15 15 16 12 I 14 12 2o Ji 19 r,5
13 14 15 11 lg 13 12 U IS liu
I 71 l' .
15 15 15 15 .. .. 14 16 ii is;;"
10 13 13 11
i U 13 9
.. .. 16 10 11 9 12 16 13 14-'."
11 10 10 .
9 12 10 T 17 . . .
17 13 10 17 15 16..;
15 12 11 18 13 17-...
11 15 ..
12 .. ......
B 27
fr-ore in the Nebraska ihamolonshin eon-
test: w
S mpkins 0111 loon oioo mm nni oi'll 14
Brewer 1-11 111.) mi IP'l (.111 11111 i
Lynch mi mi mi om cm con h
b-27 mi up mi om om inu-
Moore pill mo noi 0111 11 H'll-H
Paunders Il l 1111 1110 nil 1111 mil 23
Burke li;i mi mi nm om him
Kimball .. im ni4 mi mi mo nim-:
Grant 1111 ill 1U1 ll. 1 1110 111"1M
McDonald mi mi mi mi iiv nm v,
Roberts mo ion mi mi iv.1 nm
l-ewis 0111 mi n, n mi ni ('1-1-19
iuion na mi n 1 1 mi mi iimih
Tiomtnle 1111 111' nil 11' 1 1110 mil ".'4
Terry 1111 m'1 11. il oni l.nj w 0-18
Townsend l'W l'lft nil 1111 1111 11M1 3
ogg mi u"i im :i .i ,. mv-vi
Bray 1111 1111 1111 1110 ll'l 11111 "4
Miller Ill" nil im 111 I'll l.H';j
Morrill im mi mi mi nn imi V4
titmoson im mi mo iim im n. iM
Carter ll'l 1111 1111 1311 fill i(,.M2
Rogers im mi im p. u mi nm-'j
Lindermann .. 1111 1U1 lluo iHl 1111 ll'.n JX
Score of the shoot-off:
iuion mi nn i-mi mi nil viii-j'
I'omlne 1111 ll'l 1' 1 0111 1111 01111 i
Bray I'M I'll Ml 1111 11"1 11111--3
Morrtii mi nn nn i n mi nm-;
Rogers lolO 1111 1111 oi;i mi 1 o.l an
Bessy leaser Is Glvea Derlslaa Over
A We Attell la a Karleas
ET. LOI I3. April 25. The fight tonight at
the Wst End club between Benny Yanger.
the "Tipton Elashrr" of Chicago, and Abe
Arrell of San Francisco, waa stopped by
the police in the nineteenth round, the offi
cers of the law figuring that Attell waa on
the point of being knocked out. Refi
Oeorg Slier gave the decision to Yacgvr,
annougn aiteu waa still run or nam.
The affair was ethedjled to sv fifteen
roubds. with the pnvilrse resting with
the referee of extendi!. It tlve snore
rounds In rase he was net eatisflee' that
either man had a distinct advantage at tUe
ckw ef the r.n-enth Interval When the
ta'-Ue bad prurvaMd U lae foil llsuU Ut
men were on even terms sod "Referee S'ler
csiiel ui'.m them to go the additional live I
ri'jtuls i
The ficht prnbablv was the m"st scien
tific best aid fiercest ever seen in Pt. j
l.' Vsnger's aneressi vt nes. and ter
rific hltin .wer won him the decision.
the aM'urnlj buy s to a st"r?n
of blws In the last fov.r rounds
txhlbited remarkable c"iiraire and fvught
with ileprt..n !' the very last
In the first m f i rnur.rts Attell made
Tatiger I'.i k like s. fourth-rate fighter. He
wns h ei isive to the c'h'cag'i pet as a
phantom Try a hard ts he might Targer
inuli n't land in effective b'.nw. Atteil
slipped or blov ked hi bum hes. all the
time rinl::g s shower of left Jabs on Tan
gier s face. Theye blows maddened Yat.ger
and he ite-ame wild in his delivery, sev
eral times going to the floor from the sheer
force of his endeavors to land Ya".gr
begun to ret-h A'trll s wlrd In the eighth
and from there on to the fifteen ruinii be
male gains thst placed hira on a par with
his aJvcrsary.
It IwTolves Board of Trade Cerarr
aad tlrs Railroad Mea Three
Stories Are A dost.
Commotion existed In the city railroad i
offices yesteraay because of a widely
disseminated report that some road would
move its uptown office Into the Board of
Trade building, first floor corner front, at
Sixteenth and Farnam streets, as soon as
improvements now in progress there art
It was said that no lease was yet signed
for the place, but that three local railroad
offices were vleing with each other for the
corner. These were the Chicago, Milwau
kee at St. Taul, the Chicago, Rock Island
A Pacific and the Wabash. Offlciala In
charge at each office named, however, flatly
deny that any change on their part ia con
templated. The fact remains that George t Co., who
handle this building, are apparently fixing
the room designated for occupation by a
railroad office. Every special arrangement
necessary for such a purpose is being made.
The firm, however, gays that tt has com
pleted no arrangements for occupancy with
Which road will move there is a puzzle.
All admit that it Is a most desirable loca
tion, with advantages of floor space and
square room and two fronts aa well. But
the Milwaukee people Insist that they are
still after the Mandelberg corner in the
Paxton block acroaa the street; the Rock
Islsnd officials say they have a two years'
lease yet on their present location, and
have apent much money on permanent fix
tures, while they will shortly spend more
on Improvements, so it Is preposterous to
think they will move; lastly, the Wabash
men say they would like the place, but thai
the price ia entirely too steep, and they
will not go there. George t Co. have
recently approached the Wabafh on the
matter. They ask 110,000 for the lease be
sides the rent. Four years are yet to run
on the lease.
As a last stab It waa suggested that the
Burlington waa going up there. This
caused the facea of Milwaukee officials to
light up, aa they aald they would then knock
out the wall between their office and the
Burlington and occupy the whole corner at
Fifteenth and Farnam. The Milwaukee la
worse pinched for room than any of them.
Lake Shore to MoTe West,
Another great step In the progress the
western country toward greater lnl ncc
In national railroad affairs la mar:..d by
the removal of all the general offices c th
Lake Shore ft Michigan Southern railway
company from Cleveland to Chicago, which
has Just been announced, to take place as
soon as the new. Lake Shore-Rock Island
passenger station at Chicago is completed.
This will be the first road having Chicago
aa ita western terminal te have . general
offlciala located 11 the Windy City. A few
others, such as the Baltimore ft Ohio and
the Michigan Central, have general passen
ger agents there, but the operstlng, audit
ing and traffic headquartera remain In the
east. The projected move by the Lake
Shore will bring every official aave Presi
dent Newman and Vice President Brown,
who will remain in New Tork City. They
have advocated the move since their first
connection with the Lake Shore. They were
formerly Chicago men.
Four new stories will be added to the sta
tion to be used for the general offlcea. The
change Involves the moving of about 500
officials and employes from Cleveland. The
ststlon will now be thirteen stories high
and Is to be completed by January 1 next.
The offlciala to be moved, together with all
their respective department help, are:
General Manager P. S. Blodgett. Assistant
General Manager P. P. Wright, General Su
perintendent A. H. Smith. Chief Engineer
E. A. Handy. Assistant Treasurer and As
sistant Secretary Nicholas Bartlett. Auditor
R. H. Hill, General Passenger and Ticket
Agent A. J. Smith. General Baggage Agent
J. L. Freeman, General Traffic Manager O.
J. Grammar, Purchasing Agent F. H.
Greene. Lumber Agent R. A. Bury. Super
intendent of Telegraph William Kline. Car
Accountant H. 'J. Merrick. Chief Claim
Agent W. T. Smith, Superintendent of Mo
tive ' Power Waldo H. Marshall. Superin
tendent of Car Conatrurtlon John Kirby.
Mechanical Engineer H. F. Ball.
Railway Xates aad Persoaals.
Superintendent Baxter and Assistant Su
perintendent Ferris of the Nebraska divi
sion of the 1'nlon Paciric railway, have
gone west together.
Thomas G. Mclellan. general western
agent of the Nashville. Chattanooga ft St.
Ix-uls railway, with headquarters at Pt.
Louts. Is In Omnha.
The Fremont. Flkhorn & Missouri Valiey
railroad operating department reports news
of general rains practically covering the en
tire system, being heavy over the v.csurn
A special Pullman will carry Mr. F-arhart
and a party from New York City throuyh
Omaha Saturday on the Barllngton enroute
for Denver. The members will be In this
city all day, coming in at a. m. and
remaining until 4.25 p. m.
Assistant General Passenger Agent J. O.
Phillipi'i of the Missouri Baciric railway
has returned from a trip over the central
branch, and brings bad reports of crop
conditions In Kansas. "Winter wheat."
says he. "is already damaged 50 per cent,
while the ground Is hard and in bad con
dition for othtr grains to come."
General Superintendent D. Hardy of the
Missouri Pacific railway, accompanied by
Superintendent C. M Rathbum of the
same line, were In Omaha over night on
an Inspection tour. They went south yes
terday morning on No. IS, leaving at 10
o'clock. They were riding in the private
car Magnolia.
2) wop
'.; -wfle '
" I V. ....Ma. ..-
.1 '.-.
'4 ! 'NUtU.
. B.v?. l;
Saji Street Eailwaj Company Will Obey
Order, However.
Telephone Compaay's neprrsea ta tlve
Says lie ' n't lee Wsat Will
Be Galurd by tbowlsg
' of Books.
Secretary D. H. Goodrich of the street
railway company waa surprised when, at
2 yeaterday afternoon, a reporter for The
Bee notified him that the supreme court
had granted a writ of mandamus, the effect
of which would be the summoning of the
officers of hla company to appear with their
books and records for a re-assessment.
"I had beard nothing of it," aald he.
"Certainly, we will bring our books and
records If the court orders us to do ao. We
were all ready to do that the other time,
but the referee aaid he didn't want to see
the books. However, it will surprise most
people to see how little the street railway
company Is making."
E. M. Morsman, secretary of the Ne
braska Telephone company, had heard of
the Issuance of the writ, but "wasn't cross
ing any bridges until he came to them."
He aald: "We are waiting to aee what
shape the order will come to us In. and
then, if everything is regular, we shall, of
course, obey the order of the court. We
are already aasessed at our full valuation.
I don't aee what the city hopes to gain by
bringing our books Into court. Then
there a another aide of the question: If
the five public service corporations are as
sessed too low, how about a hundred other
concerns, public and private, of which the
aame may be aaid with equal truth?
Where ia It going to stop? This is a
broader question than appears at first
E. M. Fairfield, general manager for the
water company, aaid: "There will be no
attempt on onr part to evade the order of
court, and when we receive notice to ap
pear before the board with our books and
recorda we'll be there."
Seasay Schools ta Meet la May.
ABERDEEN. S. D.. April 25 (Special )
C. P. Gregory, preaident of the South Da
kota Sunday School association, announces
that the stata convention will be held at
Sioux Falls. 6. D.. May 21, 22 and 2S. An
Interesting program la being prepared.
Speakers from abroad will be present and
a moat interesting aesalon ia assured.
Judge M P. Klncaid of O'Neill. Neb , Is
In the city on his way home from Grand
laland. where the central committee of the
republican party of the Sixth congressional
district has been in session.
Colonel John M. Pullman, chief quarter
master of the Department of the Missouri,
is at Fort Niobrara, where he has (cone tn
make that for' ready for the arrival of
the Twenty-fifth infantry, which will reach
the department In a short time. At one
time Fort Niobrara was a regimental post,
but Istelv has accommodated only one or
two companies. It may be necessary to
hsve a number of temporary buildings con
structed fcr the accommodation of the
headquarters and two battalions of the
regiment which Is to be stationed at that
t . v-
Mr-. .. ':x..;.,fc".S-.3s
When Food Fails
of its Purpose
with consequent poverty of
blood and energy
ia a sure and positive correc
tion. It aids digestion and Is
in Itself a food in liquid form.
Att drngtUU ,tl it. Trtpar.d cnlg bv
- Busch Brewing Ass'n
St. L.u. V. . A. &
Syrup of Figs appeals to the cultured ?nd the
well-informed and tothe healthy, because its com,
ponent parts are simple and wholesome and be
cause it acts without disturbing the natural func
tions, as it is wholly free from every objectionable
--if .J.J
-. " 1 sti -ii.
-av f
Sevr Frvrcico,
LCAJisviIlev. Ky,
For Jc by oil
DR. McGREW (A8 53)
Diseases ! Utssratts i Mea Oaly.
J 24 Veart'.Eiaerlescs. IS Years la
j Oasis
; VAHlr.lir.PI F .Cr.i,.,r.t-i?L.-?Sx
safest and most natural that haa yet been
discovered. No pain whatever, no euttlruf
and does not lnterlere with work or busi
ness. Treatment at office or at home sod
a permanent cure guaranteed.
Hot Springs Treatment for Syphilis
And all Blood Diseases. No "UK. A KING
OUT'' on the K.ln or face and all external
aigna of the disease disappesr at once. A
treatment that u more successful and far
more eatiataeiory than the "old form'' of
treatment and at less than HALF THal
CuST. A cure thai is guaranteed to be
permanent lor life.
iiycu Ofl n, lfl cases cured of nervous
UVLn ,UUUU debility, loss of vitality
k..u all uaiiaiurai weaknesses of naaa.
Stricture, Uieri. Kidney and fciladder Lis
easea. Hydrocele, cured permaaeuiiy.
lliArkubl LUW.lOsllLTATlOX FREE.
Treatment by milL P. O. Boa Tss.
Office over 21 . 14th street, between Far
ro and Oougiaa Bta.. uaAUA. N&B.
World Famous Marian. Tonic
Health. Strength and Vigor
At Druffist throuftiout the world.
There ' a better way than ,
medicine to rid your face of
thote unsightly blotches
It opens the pores of the
kin, enabling them to throw
off the impuritiei of the body.
DiaicTiOKi. Soap the
face well, rime with hot
wa:er, then wkh cold. Dry
Three bum Uuadry, tee;
bath and toilet, 5c; aval
Iclet, sc.
Thi Ci'Dahy Packing Co,
Omaha.. .Kansas City.
1 m Bif 4rf li r nwtttnru
4 nr, M r ea J t 4 . Mi k 1 1 J Ual,
of m ta c mr hri
raVlBUaaS ! aVM mtftm
4ywal M pcaw.MtlaV
4 vrsjrsxOk
"Man wiDti but
little here below
Sstid t morbid poet
long years ago,
I'm prone to doubt
that ancle nt sage
When I look at The
Bee's great "Want
Ad" p-tge.
f7 1 ss.
f JW (ftvuwvl SB
1,-1 1
cts pie2vSAitly,
fjcts Berxe-ficiallyi
cis-truly as a.Laxaiivce.
quality or substance. In the process of
manufacturing figs are used, as they are
pleasant to the taste, but the medicinal
virtues of Syiup of Figs are obtained
from an excellent combination of plants
known to be medicinally laxative and to
act most beneficially.
To get its beneficial effects buy the
genuine manufactured by the .- '
new York.N.Y.
Price fifty ccrxta per bottle. TIME C1KD.
laloa Parlfle.
1 Overland Limited a t 4ft am a pm
, Fast Mail at'foism a 1.2i pro
California Exnress a 4 25 pm
' pacific Express ali.stpm
! Eastern Expresi. i ) B pm
j Atlantic Express a 7:00 are
I Llncoln-Stromsburg Ex b -"S pm Mi i pm
Grand Island lineal b s v pm n :3j am
klraao Milwaukee A St. Pawl.
Chicago Limited a :00 pm a l:V am
Chicago & Omaha Ex . b 7:15 am b 3:40 pm
Chicago, stock Island A Pact Sr.
1ive. Arrtvs
Chicago. Daylight a 7: are a 1 Ji pm
Chicago Exprrss bll:Uam a &:U& pm
Dee Moines Locsl a 4:ou pm bll.oo am
Chicago Fast Express . a 4:35 pm a l.JSt pm
Les Moines. Kock Is
land and Chicago a 7:40 pm 1:2 are
Lincoln. Colo. Rnrlnss.
Denver. Pueblo and
West a 1:30 pm 4:1 pm
Colo., Texas. Cal.
Oklahoma Flyer a 5:15 pm a :30 am
lllluols t rulisl.
Chicago Express a 0 am a i:10 pre
Chicago, Minneapolis at
1st. Paul Llmitt l a 7:40 pm a 1:0s am
Minneapolis At fit. Paul
Express o 7:20 am hi', r. pm
Chicago Express alO.35 pa
ikU-aao A. .Northwesters.
"The Northwestern Line.
Chicago Special a i:10 am all.29 pra
i.nicago DBrl itl i.w yin
uln-tcrn Epreb alu: am
Eastern epeial a 4:6 pet
r est Mail a :, pin
Omaha-i. hlcago L t d.. . 7:4J p:n
a t :w am
a 4 At, pm
a 4.u6 pm
a 2:lu piu
a am
a :J am
a 6. no pa
alii.js pm
a k tw am
a pm
Fast Mail
C'eaar Haplds Pass
Twin City Express a 7:06 am
Twin Cl'.y Liuilted a ":ja pm
Sioux City Local a t.U am
Missouri I acltic.
St, Louis Expreas ali:00 am a r j pm
K.. C. ttU L. tUprtSj..ai0U( pu a U an
tv abash.
St. Louis "Cannon Ball"
express a IM am
hi. Local. Council
toluOa ...aiuiOO am akiu pm
Kreasaat, tlkhors Mlaaoorl alley
itMve. arrive
Black Hills. Dead wood.
Hot Springs a l:0 pm a i:u cm
VL, -aper and
Douglas ....... J S.uw pm e i W pra Vora, David
Cil. superior. Geneva,
Exeter and beward 1 t:ut pm o i 00 pra
Nortoik. Lincoln and
fremorit i iIub i)l:tani
Fiemunt Local ! aa
Mlsawurl t'arlac.
Nebraska Locul, Via
V.eping Water ft 4.10 pm al0:3 am
Caiissc si. i-aul. Wiaa.cai.o4t, a
Twin City l'asacnger....a 1.30 am a :u0pm
bioua Cuy r-aeaei. .... i.uu puj liJuui
buicraon Ltai b.evt.iu iic;skai
Cnlcaas). Bariiajjioa A. t alary.
wave , r
Chicago Epecial a , ca aio.. pra
Cbicaao Vt-atiouled ti.4 4.w pm a i:ti am
toicsfu Local a . .ui i.-j, j,u
Chicasu Liinitea a !.. t .. M
r'a.l Mail a r.u
usilli turn A Missouri hiitr,
Winiore. Ueairioe and
Lincoln a 1:40 am
Nebiajtaa Lxpresa a w aui
iscbver Llu.Kcu. a pal huts ai.d Paget
bound Lxprese... a 1:U0 pin
Llucuu. taal Mali u t.w ru
j ui 1 1 ruuit anu r'lta-
ntoulii 0 3 -30 pin
Lciittue ar Paclnc Jci..a .w
ixiistuuar. fuuc 4CI..S 4i sw
t i i pm
a w.w yiU
a C: aoa
a a. u
oil Jj aia
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swaasas as. Cuaacii
Kansaa City Day Ex. ...a . am a C OS tm
6l Louis r iyet a e.iu pm ail:U aiu
Kar sas City Night tx.aliiJu pm a am
a Daiiy. b Daily except Sunday, c Sun
day only, d Dan) tXctrpL baturuay. e Dai.
tacept albuday.
Is tho open door to all diseases.
Violsra cathartics Wav. ,0. grH than tkry t,4
yon Ttf is enly coi smom Ust arts sswlr.yst
siircly, asoa Iks kowrta klU arting at a tor, an
aostairi iluk vrrcfsbK prusenwi kick set
ipo ih sisiit, lisr, kcs aa4 kloao, aU tttt
wiir p sw
iriZwkiAj V.
"V7 Si
Isakols w sul Iks auast sScicm al haul
SUBSOMS. kut Ik. sos vuWm krcMl M o
kiM. I BM4tOMS, TU : UlAU.C f4 IOQU, kt 4
Snu k. SW wsisimi M ssrk lH '.
ssr Al ir'Ufiiti, l a4 u , If wr.4 tt i rt
SSBSISM UlikOUCl , 1)J mih MfM, M (.
Fur sals t Eitarmaa 4 McConncU Drug CO.