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Mrs. Su.nn R Ryerson, who is ov
JUait Whiskey prolonged he
and feela as young
7. jmm
, . t.M!v
fcrlnri Health and Strength to Every One All Alonf LlrVs Pathway. It Aldt Digestion. Stlm
ylatet and Enuiches the Blood, Invigorates the Brain, Buildi Nerve Tissues. Tones Up the
Heart, fortifies the system against disease germs and prolongs life. It is the Fountain of Youth
If you wlh to keen, young, strong snd vigorous and have oo your cheek the
glow of perfect health, take DUFFY'S PURE MALT WHISKEY regularly, a
tablespoonf ul In half a kIhss of water or
tnllk three times a day and take no other
medicine. It Is dangr-rous to fill your
system with drugs; they poison the sys
tem and depress the heart. Quinine de
presses the heHrt, while DUFFY'S PURE
MALT WHISKEY tonrs and Invigorates
the heart action and purities the entire
Be sure that you get the genuine. See
that the Chemist's Head Is on the label
and the name Duffy's Malt Whiskey
Company" Is blown In the bottle. Imita
tions and substitutes are dangerous and
Injurious. You can buy Duffy's Pure Malt
"Whiskey at any druggist's or grocer's Or
direct for tl i'l per bottle.
FREE Medical booklet containing
symptoms and treatments for dlsenses and
convincing testimonials, together with
doctor's advice sent free. Also two game
counters for whist, euchre, etc., which
are a great novelty, sent free on receipt
of four cents to cover postage. Duffy Malt
Whiskey Company, Rochester, N. Y.
recent speech of General Funston, whom
ho described as the "Jayhawker brigadier
from tbs windswept plains, the mightiest
Samson that ever will wield the Jawbone
of an ass as a weapon of war." Mr. Car-
mack said death bad cheated Funston of j
ome Illustrious victims, like former Sena
tor Sherman and former President Harri
son, but there were still enough to keep
him busy. Papers had quoted Funston as
saying that the president entirely approved
bis speech and wanted him to accept an
invitation from the Junior senator from
Massachusetts to go to Boston and talk
to the people there about hanging the
senior senator from Massachusetts, but the
plain truth was that Funston could not
bang anybody.
Funston Should Go Back.
"Funston should go back to the Philip
pines to the land where there was plenty
of hemp, and it men are to be banged
without regard to law for speaking words
calculated to Incite Insurrection," said
he, "the first neck to feel the strangling
clutch of the soaped rope should bo the
heroic gullet of Funston." Ever since he
bad been In the Philippines be had been
pouring forth tirade of Indiscriminate In
sult against the whole people, and had out
rageously insulted the very men upon whom
the commission was '. relying tor aid In
pacifying the country. He also had it on
the very highest authority that a speech
mads by .the senator from Indiana (Mr.
Beverldge), bad been circulated broadcast
throughout the country with an exceed
ingly pernicious effect upon the natives.
To Exploit Philippine. '
The dominant Idea of the bill now be
fore the senate, said he, was to exploit
the Philippines. It was proposed to make
a wholesale gran, of franchises and con
cessions and to dispose of the people's
lands to foreign syndicates and corpora
tions without giving the people themselves
any voice in the business. The whole bill
was a pitiful evasion of a plain duty. We
bad a right to demand and the Filipinos
have a right to demand, that the admin
lstration shall at least define its policy In
the Philippines.
"Upon what fact or experience," he said,
"did they base their belief In the purity ot
carpetbag government?" He spoke of "the
horrors of carpetbag government In the
south," and said that "the republicans
gave no heed to the cry of an oppressed
and plundered people, though they were
their own people, of their own blood." He
Won't be all done until you have cleansed and set
things to rights in your syBt'em. There are those
humors that make you break out and feel tired, that
take away your appetite, too.
You'll have those dull headaches, those bilious
turns, fits of indigestion, that tired feeling and that
eruption, until you get rid of those unhealthy ac
. ; cumulations.
That's certain.
Hood's Sarsaparilla cleanses the system,
sets things to rights in it, makes tlie blood pure and
rich, strengthens all the organs and functions.
That's why so many take it every spring.
"My husband has been, taking Hood's Sarsaparilla tbla spring.
He always has a cough la the spring and sometime has chills, but
ha had neither this spring, aad we giTe all the credit to Hood's
Sarsaparilla. Mrs. W. O. Hlerooymus. Scdalla, Mo.
"We hate been usln g Hood's Sarsaparilla for several years, and
bare not found any other medicine equal to it as a tonic and blood
purifier. We have used it aa a spring medicine with excellent re
. suits." Susie D Muth, Bloon&eld. Ia,
yenrs of aiie. aays Duffy'i Pure
life; sh Is as hale and hearty
as when ZU years old.
OENTLEMEN-I wss very 111 with trip
snd so run down that the doctors nsd
given me up on account of my aae I am
now 75 year old. Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey raved and prolonged my life.
I wss Induced to try It, not because 1
thought It would benelU me. but for the
reason that I had read that others had
been cured by the U!e of Duffy's Pure
Malt Whlskev. I never am without It.
It gives me great strength. It makes me
feel young and I enjoy ripe old awe. Not
long aso one of my grandchildren was
taken III with a cold and 1 know that a
few doses of Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
paved It from serious sickness. I have
axked my eon. Dr. John VV. Pierce. a
well known physician of Weat Eighth
atreet. Coney Inland and Sheepshead bay,
to recommend It to hla patients. I can
not apeak too hlghlv of Duffy'a Malf
ff8 St. John's Place, Brooklyn.
We receive thousands of letters from
old women ann old men whose experience
has been similar to that of Mrs. Ryerson,
who sav Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey Is a
godsend to suffering humanity.
declared that from the very first outbreak
there had been a conspiracy to suppress
the truth and to whitewash every out
rage In the Philippines.
In conclusion he said that he had not
been Influenced in this matter by any low
desire for party advantage. He only
wished to see the country recalled from
the bloody doctrine of bloody men and
return to the peaceful paths by which it
had ascended in safety and security to
glory and power.
James AtvrelJ.
PITTSBURG, April 25. James Atwell,
president of the National Association ot
Colon ex-Prisonere of War and well known
Id Grand Army of the Republic circles
throughout the country, died at his home
In this city today. Mr. Atwell was stricken
with apoplexy at Atlantic City three days
ago and died without regaining conscious
ness. He was 63 years old.
James Combs, Stromtbarg.
v STROMSBURO. Neb., April 25. (Special.)
James Combs, aged 60 years, of Cretgh-
ton, who died at th'e place Sunday, was
burled here Wednesday. The funeral was
In charge of the Masons, of which order he
was a member. He leaves several children,
his wife having died tour years ago.
David llanehett, Actor.
NEW YORK, April 25. David Hanchett,
who waa for more than twenty-five years
on the stage. Is dead in Brooklyn. He bad
played with Edwin Forrest, Charlotte Cush
man and many other well known actors.
Carl Fordyce, Beverley. .
TRENTON, Neb.. April 25. (Special.)
Carl Fordyce, aged 21, died at the home
of his father, near Beverley. A fraternal
order had charge of the funeral and be was
burled In Culbertaon cemetery.
General Conference M. E. Chnrch,
Sonth Dallas, Te., Mar T
Jnne 0, 10O3.
For this annual meeting the Chicago
Great Western railway will on May 4
5 sell through excursion tickets to Dallas,
good to return June 7, at one fare plus
12 for the round trip. For further infor
mation apply to any Great Western agent,
or J. P. Elmer, O. P. A., Chicago.
St. Louis Gets in Bate for Pennant by De
feating Cincinnati.
Good Day for Home Hnna, Beck anil
Berkley Each Getting? One and
moot Rapping Oat
CINCINNATI. April 25. 6t. Louis won
Its first game of tho season from the Cin
cinnati here todsy after a fiercely con
tested battle of ten Innings. Attendance,
1,100. 8core:
rrrll. lb..
4 ft Bn? if
I 1
Pnnnvati, rf.
Smnot. rf.... S
Burrlay. If... 1
Brasher, If... 0
Kriifter, si... S
Hartman, Sb. 1
Hail-ton, lb. 0
Nlrhola. o... 0
Popp. p 0
0 0 llnhl.a If 9
1 t
I 11
14 9
4 I 0
9 9 9
1 4
I 1 4
9 It 9
t a
0 boki-r. lb., 2
1 Cr-wfurd. rf. t
0 Km k. 2b 1
1 Corcoran, an. 0
0 St-lnfeld. Sb. 1
1 4 S
0 I t
S brgn, . . . . 0
t-hillipa, p... 0
9 1 t Currlft. ' p.!!. 0 9 9 1 9
Stlmm-I, p.. 9 9 9 9
S II S9 It t "Hay 9 9 (T 9
I'T-ltl t 9 9 0 9
Total I 13 SO n I
Bay batted for Currle In the ninth.
Pelts batted for Stlmmel in the ninth.
St. Louis g 00130000 29
Cincinnati 2 00002012 1 S
Earned runs: Bt. Louis. 7; Cincinnati, t.
Two-base hits: Hoy ,2. Three-base hit:
rsrrell. Home runs: Beck, Decklev,
Bmoot (2). Stolen bases: St. Ixjuls. 1: Cin
cinnati, 1. First base on balls: Off Popp,
J. Hit by pitched ball: By Phillips, 1.
8 ruck out: By Popp. 3: by Phillips, 2.
Time: 2.20. Umpire: Emslle.
Brooklyn 6, Siew York 8.
NEW YORK, April 26. New York
Brooklyn met today for the first time
season at Washington park, Brooklyn,
P.rooklyn won after an exciting game,
tendance, 8.800. Score:
R.H.n A K I a ii m
Keolor. rf.... 1110 ojvan Ham, rf 9 0 4
fuiBii, tl..., A 8 . U U HrrWl fl 1
1 4
1 I
W'-Crserr. lb 1 1 T t.
Lauder. Sb.
Dahlsn, aa... 9 9 I 4 o
F,ood. 2h a 9 9 i ,
Yoaa.r, lb.
1 9 S
0 11
1 a i
I'lldeb'4. If. 9 0 4 9 0
Smith. 2b..
Jarknun, If.
irwin, aD.... Ill
9 1
Ahearn, c... 0 1 7
............ , m v uu.mumi, C U 1
Newton, p... 9 115 1 Kennedy, p.. 9 t 1
S 0
Bowerman, o 9 1 4
Tol S S SO 16 S Total S 7W 11 t
Two out when winning run was made.
Brooklyn 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 2
New York 002000002 1 5
Knmril run.' V - VrtwU 1 . -r-t 1. 1 a
Two-base hits: Irwin, KennedV. Three-base
hits: Dolan, Lauder, McCreery. First base
on errors: New York, 2; Brooklyn, 1. left
on ba?s: New York, 7; Brooklyn, 6. Stolen
bases: Bowerman, Dahlen. Double plav:
Ahearn to Irwin. First base on balls: Off
Newtnn. 7; off Kennedy, 3. Btruck out:
By Newton, 6; by Kennedy, 2. Time: 2:t6..
Umpire: O'Day.
Chicago 4, Plttsnnrs 2.
PITTSBURG. April 25.-Chlcago won in
the eighth Inning, with the baaea full, Con
galton making a long hit to right Held
fence, on which three, men scored. Attend
ance, 2,200. Score:
R.H.O.A.E.I R.H.O.A.E.
Lynch, cf 2 1 t 1 0 riavla, rf 0 0 4 9 9
Miller. If 1 14 19 Clarke, If 9 0 19 9
Deiter. 8b. ...1 1 S 1 0 Beaumont, cf.l t t 9 9
Consalton. rf.O 110 Wasnar, aa....9 I S
Kllnic. r 9 19 10 Rranafleld, lb 9 9 11 9 1
Lowe. 2b 0 9 t t 9 Rttchejr. 2b... 9 9 I t
O'Hasan, lb.. 9 9 t t e Leach, Sb 1 1 1 S 0
Tinker, aa 9 2 1 S 1 Smith, e 9 1 t 1 0
Eaton, p o 9 9 1 Tannehlll, p.. 9 1 9 4
Totals 4 S 27 17 l! ToUla 3 S 17 14 "l
Chicago 1 000000304
Pittsburg 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 12
Earned runs: Pittsburg, 1; Chicago, 1.
Two-base hits: Smith. Dexter. Three-base
hits: Beaumont, Leach. Sacrifice hit:
Eason. Stolen bases: Wagner. First base
on balls: Off Tannehlll, 2. Btruck out: By
Tannehlll, 4. Time: 1:30. Umpire: Cantlllon.
Boston 8, Philadelphia 'J.
PHILADELPHIA, April 25.-Barry's wild
tVirrtw In V I .... j I . . . . i..
mont at third base was the principal cauee
of Philadelphia's defeat by Boston todiy.
ovxiuii iitu a. periect game. Aiienaance.
1 01O .... .... '
Cooler, cf t S 1
9,Thomaa. ef...9 1
Tenner, lb. ...1 1 1
9 Barry, rf 9 9
9 Browne. H....1 1
0 Dounlaa, lb...0 1
0 Dooln, c 9 9
9,Hulswltt. as...O 9
Demont, 2b... 1
Courtney, lf...0
Carney, rf 9
Orelm'ner. Sb.t
9 1
1 4
long, aa 1
Mailman, Sb..l I
Chllda, 2b 0 1
White, p 0 9
Klttrldxe. C...0
Willis, p 0
Totala S 14 27 It ol Totala 2 72 18 "5
Qremlnger out for Carnev'a interference
Boston 0 0 o o n s n a a
Philadelphia 00001 000 12
Earned rune: Boston, 6; Philadelphia, 2.
Two-base hits: Cooley, Demont, Ing.
Browne. Three-base hit: Oremlnger. Sacrl-
h.'M hit k'lltr.Ht,a atilon w. .1-1. l,
U), Hallman. Double plays: Chllds to Huls-
wtu, DBrry to xouin. ivrt on oases: Hoa-
mii, d, x imuutMiMiin, a. f irst Dane on balls:
Off White, 2. Hit by pitched ball: Kltt-
reage. BtrucK out: By wtins, 3: by white
1. Wild pitch: Willis. Time: 1:35. Umpire:
Cleveland Shata Oat the Browne, GIt-
lasr Them bat Two Bate
BT3 T yiTTTO ln.ll oe ....
St. Louis today. Wright allowing but two
hits. The visitors
hits off Reldy. The Cleveland men placed
many of theit hits up In the air tnd a high
mum renaereo mem almost imposelDle to
judge. Attendance, 1,600. Score:
Pttikaff. cf . S I 9 9 0
Burkett. If... 9 9 9 9 1
Mccart y, it. I I t 9
Hanrey. rf... S t A 9 o
Heldrlck. ef. 9 0 t S 9
Jonea, rf 9 1 9 1 9
Anderson, lb 9 9 It 9 9
Wallace, s.. M I I I
Srhrw-k. lb.. 9 4 IS 9
Bonner, lb... 1 S t S e
Bradley. Sb.. 9 1 1 1 o
Fadden. lb... 9 1 1 1 1
Ooobnaur, as 9 1 9 9 0
McCor'ck, lb 9 9 9 4 9
Malcmey, c. 9 9 7 1 9
Ueldy, p S S 9 4 9
Bemla, e 0 9 4 10
Wrlfht. p... S 9 9 S 0
Totala ...19 II 2914 e Totals ...9 I 17 la S
Maloney out on third bunt.
Cleveland 0023 10 0. 4 O 10
Ot. Louie 0000000000
Earned runs: Cleveland, . Two-base hits
Pnnn.r Ptnk.rin. U'.,.l.u .. 1
Pickering (2). McCarthy, Harvey. Bacrifl.ce
nit: Mcvarmy. iert on Bases: Cleveland,
by Relder, S. first base on balls: Oft
wngnt. z: on Reldy, 2. Time: 1:60. Umpire:
. WnshlBaTtoa IS, Boston 4.
WASHINGTON, April 25. Washington
defeated Boston today In a slow game.
Five singles, two triples and a bass on
Dans net tea eignt runs in trie sixtn inning
Attendance, 2,200. Score:
Washington ...0 00SO8S1 15 13 z
Boeton 0 2001000 1 4 11 4
Batteries: Washington, Townsend and
Drill; jjoeton. Hustings and Warner,
Caaues Poetpoaed.
At Chicago Chicago-Detroit game post
Doned: wet grounds.
At Baltimore Baltimore Philadelphia
game poeiponea; rain.
t. Panl Takes Meeoael Game freaa To
ledo la at Oae-Stded
TOLEDO, April 26. St. Paul had all the
luck and made hits when they were needed.
Their error, were not coetly. Attendance,
sw. score:
t.H.O.i ll M H O A B
Oelr. Sb S t 1 1 I'SMaback. aa. a 1 1 I t
DillarS. If... I 1SS 9iMiiir, pf.... a 1199
soar, aa s I s I smlia, Sb... Ills
Kailey. s S is 9 SI l urnar, lb.. 9 S 19
snaaaoa. , I ) I i unaa, ef...
Lumlay, rf.. t 1 9 S aUyer, Ik..
Hufilaa, Ik. 1 1 S 4 a Surna. If...
Hurley, a ... 9 9 I 9 .3ram ue, a..
Crlbbiaa, p.. 1 I 9 I a ktuNaal, p..
S S I T 1
1 1 1 S S
19 4 19
Totals ...11 14 17 11 ?l Totals ... I I 17 II I
t. Paul 1 1 0 2 1 1 0 0 211
Toledo 002e0000 2
Two-basa hlta: Tumv m Dlllard.
Stolen bases: Uelr. Shay, Shannon (i Uiu-
isy. BtrucK out: ay cribblns. 1: by ucNtai
1. Passed ball: drafflui rirat haaa on
balls: Off Cnbblns. I; off Me.Neal, 4. lilt
wun can: uy McMeal, L Time: 1:4. I m-
iire: kj rteiii.
Laulsvlllo 11, Kansas City
LOUISVILLE, Ky.. April 25. Louisville
defeated Vanaaa City la a aluaglnaT match,
knocking Vicar all over th luL A catch
by Flourney was the fielding feature. At
tendance, ftm. Fcore:
Ofrorr, rf.. 0
(;annon. rf.. I
t 1
I VHrt, rf ... 0
nntMum. rf. t t
Floiirn". If. 1
I 1
-!Wnlf. If.... I 1
olGrmAr. lb.... I I
Ganarl, lb... S 1 li
shiiv-r, c. 1
Irmor. Sb. . fl f
T.nn-hlll, Milt
Rrrlll-, c 1 1
O'Rrl-a. "b.. 9 1
Lew, aa. . . . 1 S
Mi nryrle. Sb. 4 1
tat, p S I
srrauh, Sb... I 1 1
uenatr, ft. ... 1
I t
Totals ...11 i 27 19 l Totals ... 11 17 1$ 4
Louisville 00100514 011
Kansas City 0 1 2030000
Left on bases: Louisville. 7; Kansas City
10. Two-base hits: Gannon (-'). Tannehlll
1.1). Flournev. Denser, Wolf, McBryoe.
Three-base hit: Hansel. Home run: Bchaub.
Double plavs: Denser to Schrlver to Oan
sel, McBryde to y'Brlon to Grady, Gear to
Lewee to Orarty. Stolen bases: Flourney,
Bchrlver. Nance (2), Grady. Struck out:
By Denser, 2; bv Clear. 6. Hit by pitcher:
Wolfe. First base on bulls: Off Denser, t;
off Oear, 5. Wild pitches: By Denser, 2.
Time: 2:20. Umpire: Haskell.
Colanibns 0, "Minneapolis T.
COLUMBUS, O.. April 2S. Both teams hit
hard today, but Columbus played a su
perior game In the field and on the bases,
and won the third game of the Minne
apolis series. Clarke a support weakened
in the sixth. Attendance, ccore;
Hart, cf....
0 119 9
aa... I t I 9 I
aleany. rf..
3 119 0
Phyle. ZD ... l
Wlltnot, rf.. 1
vrdrn. lb.. 9
MrFarlan. cf 9
1 1
t 1
1 It
1 9
Lally. If....
1119 0
Grim. lb....
1 1
Erana. 2b..
119 11
1 I 1 0
Turner. Sb..
Or II. I.. If.. 9 1 I 9 1
Nattreaa. as. 1
19 10
Uulslry, 2b.. 1 1 I t 9
Foi, e 0 14 10
Zal'ixky, a .1 1
Clarke, p.... 9 1
Byera 1 1
t 1
9 9 9
MrMatkln, p 9 9 9 9 0
Coiawall, p.. 9 9 9 1 9
Totala ... 9 14 17 14 11 Totals ... 7 It IT 11 4
Batted for Clarke In the ninth.
Columbus : lOOOOpOOS
Minneapolis 0 o o z u i l u s i
Rtoien hna.' nrlm. Two-base hits: Hart,
Meany, llly, Wllmot, Werden. Three-base
hits: Orlm. Kvans (2). Phyle. gulgley.
Bacrlflce hits: Lrtlly, Nattreas. Struck out:
By McMackln. 2. First base on balls: Off
Cogswell, 2; off Clarke, S. Passed ball: Za
Iusky. Time: 1:56. Umpire: Tlndell.
Indianapolis T, Milwaukee 0.
INDIANAPOLIS. April 25. Indianapolis
,u ill. hull after Dunaan's error gave
cahnces, while Milwaukee tapped the ball
after Williams gave them bases. Attend
ance, Score: .
Hallman. If. 1 1 S 9 9
Foi. Sb 1
Hosrlever, rf 1
Mr Bride, cf.. 1 I 0
Parrott, rf... 1 9 I
Dungen, lb.. 1 1 S
Mi An' we, Sb 0 I 1
Cllnn'n, aa.. 1 1 1
O'Connell, 2b 1 1 I
Speer, e 0 1 7
O'Hrlen, aa.. 1
Klhm. lb.... 1
I 17
Coulter, it... 1
Kunna, u.... l
Pal.b, 3b 0
Heydon, C... 1
Williams, p. 9
Bracken, p.. 0 I
Olmatead. p. 9 0 9
7 I 27 16 J!
Totala ... t 11 14 11 I
Indianapolis 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 7
Milwaukee 0 0 0 8 0 0 2 0 1-4
First base on balls: Off Williams. 3; off
Bracken, 3; off Olmstead, 1. Struck out:
Bv Bracken. 2; by Olmstead, 2. Two-base
ril'ta? McHrHn. Rmrken. Sneer. Three-
base hits: Coalton, Heydon, McBride, Mo-
Andrews. Sacrifice hit: liauu. doudib
plays: Babb to Klhm, Parrott to O'Con
nell. Stolen base: Kuhns. Passed ball:
Speer. Left on bases: Indianapolis, 7;
Milwaukee, 5. Time: 1:50. Umpire: Kbrlght.
Standing; of the Teams.
Plaved. Won. Lost. P.C.
Columbus 3 3 0 1.0)
Indianapolis 3 2 I .SMI
Louisville 3 2 1 .664
St. Paul 3 2 1 .6H6
Kansas City 3 l z .833
Toledo 3 1 2 .333
Milwaukee 3 1 i .Mi
"Minneapolis 3 0 3 0.0U0
Storm Prevents Ball Game.
Owlnr to the storm there was no game of
base ball at Vinton Street park yesterday
afternoon. Milwaukee and Omaha are
scheduled to play again today. Both teams
were on tne field yesteraay reaay ior me
Denver . 14, St. Joseph 1.
DENVER. Anril 23. McFadden'a pitching
gave the game to the local team today. In
the third lnninar Linn took his nlace In the
box, but the game was already lost. Hart-
man s home run in tne sixin was m.
Joseph's only, score. Attendance, l,5uo.
- R.H.E.
Denver ..-..., 7 3 1 0 0 1 2 0-14 20 2
SL Joseph , 0 00001 0 00146
Batteries: Denver, Frisk and Wilson; 8t,
Joseph, McFudden, Linn and Garvin.
Kansas City T, Colorado Sprlnas 6.
COLORADO SPRINGS.' Anril 25. Kansas
City took today's game through costly er
rors by the local team In the llnth. Jones
and Cable did excellent work and up to the
ninth it was a tine exhibition. Attend
ance, 800. Bcore:
Kanens City ...0 0001004 2 7 11 3
Colo. Springs 0 3 0 0 2 0 0 06 9 4
Batteries: Kansas City. Cable. Welmer
and Messltt; Colorado Springs, Jonea. and
Arthur. ,
Colleges Play Chess by Cable.
BOSTON. April 25. The fourth annual
cable chess match between the American
College Chess league,, consisting of the
clubs of Columbia, Harvard, Yale and
Princeton universities, and the chess clubs
of Oxford and Cambridge began today. The
gymnasium of the Boston Athletic club
has been handsomely decorated for the
event. Six large boards with movable
pieces have been arranged behind the tables
or tne players, so mat me spectators may
follow the nroeress of the games, as the
moves, actually made at this end and at the
British Chess ciud. wnuenaii court, Lon
don, where the British end of the contest
Is conducted, are repeated. These contests
are for possession or tne costly ana nana
The Body Trlee to Sweat Them Oat.
At a convention of medical men In St,
Louis the effect of coffee drinking were
carefully considered. It waa unanimously
agreed that while coffee does not seem to
Injure some persona, to others It Is a rank
poison. The effect on different persons
Is, of course, very different In some the
heart is affected, tn others the kidneys
again the stomach or bowels, or the eyes.
and In nervous casea the prostration is
spread over the whole body.
As an illustration, a man In Hlnton, W.
Vs., experienced well defined symptoms of
poisoning from coffee. He says: "I used
coffee a great many years with no apparent
111 effects, but about nine years ago I be
gan being sick. I became dull, lost my
ambition, had dizziness, my eyesight was
very bad and kept getting worse, and at
times I could hardly navigate at all, I felt
I waa golrg to fall every minute and finally
became so bad I would have to sit down
and rest three or (our times In a distance
of twice that many blocks.
"I went from one physician to another
and faithfully took their prescriptions, but
the case was so complex that tbey could
not successfully disgoose It. I Anally went
to New York City to the Vanderbllt Clinic
for treatment. There my case was dlag
nosed at neurasthenia. Every morning
about I would have a kind of spasm.
The perspiration would break out all over
the palms of my hands and my hair would
be wrlngibg wet; every nerve In the body
would be affected and my heart would Jump
and beat at a fearful rate. This condition
would generally last for about two hours
What I suffered no one can understand.
"It Anally came to me that these terrible
eweata and spasms were just the same as
In cases where people are poisoned and
nature tries to throw off the poison through
the pores. So I concluded that something
I wss taking must act like a poison, and I
decided It was coffee. I left It off one
morning and bad a fearful headache all
day. a sure sign that I was being held up
by a drug, ao that evening I bought aome
Postum aad the next morning had It for
breakfast In place ot coffee. I was sur
prised, for I could hardly tell It from oof
fee. That day I was only a little sick
about the usual time, and from the nest
day until now, something over 13 months.
I have never felt even the remotest return
of the spasms.
"I steadily got atroog, my weight has
Increased from 130 pounds to 147 pounds
and I am a well man. The seven years
of suffering from coffee poison will always
remain wl'h tue as a horrible nightmare."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle Creek,
Mich, , , ... . ... . .
some trophv presented by Prof. Isaac I,.
Kloe of IMw York four years ago. The
three previous matches were played at the
Knickerbocker Athletic club In New York
This year, however, the students accepted
the Invitation of the Boston Athletic cluh,
an organisation which has taken much In
terest in chess of late years.
Play Ball in Unit of Rain.
HASTINGS. Neb.. April 2R (Special Trie-
fram.) A much needed rain prevented
lasting, college and Kearney Military
BCRrtemv from playing ball on the homo
diamond today. However a game of Indoor
Kase hall was player! oetween tne iwo
teams In the Ynima? Men's Christian asso
ciation looms and Hastings won out by a
score of 7 to 4. Sanders and Brown were
the battery for Kearney and 1'lnneo and
Breede for Hastings.
Case Again Postponed.
ST. LOriS. April 2i-.-Judge Fisher today
again postponed he hearing of the petition
of President Robinson of the St. I.ouls Na
tional Base Ball club to restrain Emmett
J. Heldrlck from playing with the Ameri
can league and local team. He set the
bearing for next Monday, when the cases
of Wallace and Harper will come up In
Judge Tally's court.
Harvard Fans Drfeat Indiana.
HARVARD Neb.. Anril 2R tSneclal 1
One of the most Interesting games of base
ball played In Harvard In somt time was
contested yesterday between the Harvard
Club and the Nebraska Indians of Genoa,
resulting In a score of 17 to 16 In favor of
Mai vard.
(Continued from First rage.)
cellent condition and the prospect for small
grain is excellent.
BEEMER, Neb., April 25. (Special.) A
heavy rain, accompanied by considerable
hall, visited this part of Cuming county
at noon today. This is what has been
needed and the people here, especially the
farmers, are elated. Crop prospects were
never better at this time of the year.
Heavy Rains Relieve All Apprehen
sion of Further Crop Damage
from Drouth.
DE3 MOINES, April 25. The state
of Iowa received a drenching rain early
this morning, the downpour beginning at 1
o'clock and continuing until 4.
After a two hours' rest a steady rain
set In with every prospect of lasting all
day. The reports received from northwest
Iowa state that the fall was even heavier
than In the central part of the state.
The condition of the soli will be placed
In first-class shape for the completion ot
spring work, and all doubts of the dry
weather affecting the Iowa crops have dis
appeared. Special dispatches show the presence this
evening of high winds, accompanied by
heavy rain, all over the northwestern quar
ter of the state. - Jefferson, Fonda, Storm
Lake and other points report wind with a
velocity of slxty-flve miles an hour. The
storm appears to be moving eastward
across the northern half of the state. A
cloudburst occurred at Mingo, water run
ning eighteen inches deep In the street.
Telegraph .wires were prostrated along the
Rock Island between Council Bluffs and
Atlantic and along the Chicago Great
Western in the vicinity of Mingo and
Valeria early this evening.
SIOUX CITY, April 25. Sioux City was
in darkness since 1:30 thla afternoon.
Dense greenish clouds shut out the sun.
All the stores were lighted up and busi
ness districts had the appearance of even
ing. For a time the wind blew seventy
two miles an hour and considerable dam
age waa done. A very heavy rain, which
turned to snow, fell over this section and
Is of Immense benefit to crops.
ONAWA, la., April 25. (SpPrial Tele
gram.) A very hard rain and windstorm
late this afternoon blew" down a smokestack
st the electric light plant, and all the
windmills In sight. Some store fronts were
blown In, and considerable destruction was
done to shade trees and property in general.
The wind was very strong and considerable
rain fell.
KANSAS CITY, April 25. An average
of halt an Inch of rain has fallen within
the past twenty-four hours In western Mis
souri and generally throughout eastern and
pentral Kansas, with showers at other
No rains sre reported in this part of the
southwest today, and there is no promise
of a further downfall during the day. The
fall yesterday and last night practically
has been the only good rain In this part
of the country for some time, the showers
of Tuesday and Wednesday being light and
The precipitation since yesterday fol
lows: Missouri Brunswick, 4.1 of an Inch;
Harrisonvllle. .41; Kansas City, .07; Kid
der, .34; Lamar, .66; Lexington, .04; Mary
ville, .30; Springfield, .58.
Kansas Baker, .02 of an Inch; Fort
Scott, .40; Manhattan, .03; McPherson, .23;
Osage City, .58; Sedan. .17: Toronto, .35.
CLAY CENTER, Kan., April 25. About 1
o'clock today a duststorm of alarming pro
portions struck Clay Center. The wind,
which bad been strong all morning, in
creased to a gale, bringing with it clouds
ot dust that obstructed the sun and drove
people Indoors.
CHICAGO, April 25. A heavy, warm
rain, which Is general throughout ths
northwest, began falling during the night
and reports at 0 o'clock from various
points In this district show no Indications
of a letup. Crops generally will be very
greatly benefited.
CINCINNATI, April 25. Slx-hundredths
of an Inch constitutes the rainfall since
Monday. . The deficiency In rainfall here
since April 1 Is 1.50 Inches and since Jan
uary 14 eight inches. Notwithstanding this,
vegetation la vigorous.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., April 25. There haa
been but .10 of an Inch of rain In Louisville
and Kentucky since Monday, and while the
farmers are not suffering a good downpour
would be beneficial to the crops. There Is
good prospect for raia tonight or tomorrow.
MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 25. With the ex
ception of a light rain Tuesday night the
week has been dry In the Memphis district
No rain today.
ATLANTA, Ga., April 25. A week of
splendid spring weather has advanced the
crops wonderfully. No general rain hss
fallen In the southeastern states for a
week. The weather here today is cloudy
and warm.
NEW ORLEANS, April 25. There has
been no rsln here since April 13. Weather
today Is threatening and warm.
INDIANAPOLIS, April J5. Within the
past forty-eight hours there have been
slight showers la different parts of ths
state. The crop and fruit outlook thus tar
Is not discouraging. Tbs westber bureau
promises showers tonight and tomorrow,
with lower temperatures.
Jary finds Verdict of Kot Guilty In
Goebel Assassination
FRANKFORT, Ky., April 25. The case
of Berry Howard, alleged principal in the
Ooebel assassination, waa given to the
Jury at 10:05.
At 12:10 the Jury brought In a verdict of
not guilty.
tseaaa No Cnre?-lfa Pay.
Your cruggtst will refund your money If
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure Ringworm.
Tetter, Old" 1'lc-jrs and Sores, Pimples aad
Blackheads on the face, and all skin dis
ease. 10 csuta.
A nested on Charge of Assault, Sworn to hj
Stteet Car Conductor.
Hallway Man Presents a "Witness Who
. Corroborates Ills Version of the
Affair with " -Mississippi
WASHINGTON,: April 23 Stnator Her
nando V. Money of Missleslppl today was
placed In custody on Information sworn out
by Orpba R Phaner, the street car con
ductor who ejected the senator from hi
car yeeterday. The Information charger
the senator with sssaultlng the conductor
during the disturbance and the conductor
produced a witness who coroborated his
version of the story.
8enator Money, Conductor Phaner snd
James E. Hooper, the truck foreman of the
fire department who assisted the conductor
yesterday, were arraigned In the police
court later and their trial set for next
Thursday morning. Senatcr Money and
Fireman Hooper were released on personal
bonds and Conductor Shaner on collateral
deposited with the police last night.
Senator Money arrived early at rourt and
waa closeted for some minutes with Judge
Kimball. All the parties were given a pre
liminary examination before Assistant Uls
trlct Attorney Mullowney. Senator Money
told Mr. Mullowney that the man who as
sisted the conductor wore a salt and pep
per suit of clothes. Hopper wae wearing
a dark suit today and said he had them on
Fireman Denies It,
"Then," said the senator, "you are not
the man who assaulted me. What part of
the car were you In?"
"I sat in the next seat to you," replied
"Then you are the man." returned the
"TJId you help eject me?" asked the sen
ator. "No," replied Hooper.
Hooper said ne caught the senator by the
wriet when he thought he was about to cut
the conductor. A witness named Martiu
said he heard an exchange of words be
tween Money and Sbaner regarding a trans
fer. The senator refused to pay either
transfer or fare. The conductor then took
hold of him and ejected him. Then the
conductor left the senator when the latter
approached the former and struck him with
a knife. WltnesB Martin swore to this
statement and the Information was then
made out against the senator.
Brief Time in t'onrt.
The court proceedings occupied only a
few minutes. Attorney Dunlop., a son of
the president of the road, represented
Shaner and Hooper. Senator Money pleaded
not guilty to a charge of assault and asked
for a trial by Jury. The other two de
fendants also pleaded not guilty. Senator
Money objected to setting the trial for
Wednesday on account of an Important com
mittee meeting and he said be wanted "the
whole thing over with as soon aa possible.'
Shaner and Hooper asked for trial by Jury
and the cases thus will be tried at 10:30
Thursday morning. Formal charges against
Fireman Hooper were filed with tho Dis
trict of Columbia commissioners today by
Senator Money who called personally and
denounced Hooper. The latter will be tried
before a public session of the trial board
and Senator Money will appear as tne
prosecuting witness. The charges as filed,
allege that the Interference of Hooper was
without provocation. .
"Sheeny" Harris Shot la Gambling:
Hall by. Policeman, Who
Is Aqnltied.
EL PASO, Tex., April 25. "Sheeny"
Harris was shot through the heart here
today by Clarence Wolverton, a special po
liceman. In a revolver duel In a gambling
hall. Wolverton was wounded la the hand.
Five years ago, when Wolverton was
chief of police of Colorado City, Colo., he
ran Harris out of town, and Harris, it is
said, threatened to kill him on sight. Tbey
met for the first time today. The coroner's
Jury acquitted Wolverton.
State Mntnal Life Company of Illinois
Taken Over by Re.
CHICAGO, April 25. The State Mutual
Life Annuity4 company of Illinois was placed
In the hands ot a receiver today. Attorney
Berley, representing the creditors, charges
the company with being another "get-rich-quick"
concern, and alleges that the stock
holders have lost thousands of dollars. The
compsny purports to have issued policies
to the amount of $2,000,000.
Killed In a Cave-In.
OKLAHOMA CITY. Okl., April 25.-Mrs.
Ell Frew and her three small children have
been killed by the caving In of their dugout
tn Rogermilla county, according to Inform
ation received overland here today. Frew
left here with his family six weeks ago to
take up a home In the new country.
Only $45
and Return
First-class round trip open to
everybody $41 from Omaha to
Los Angeles and San Francisco
ROUTE, on aals
April 2! to 27-
tickets good for return until June
..Mtfc. ' .
Only 63 hours and
" 40 min utcs
Omaha to Los Angeles
Tla XI Paa Short Line. Chotoe
of routes going aad returning.
Far further Information call at
er address
Ull raraam Bt
Rock Island Route
In the (Jiiict I.lttle Village of Vilc ,
A tlrnnae I'.irnl avlth a More Wonder
fnl kniarUItt KfTert on the After
l.lfe of One Woman.
About six years ago a stranger, a woman,
came to the little Village of .Wllsey, Kan
sas, to live. This was the Important link
in a chain of eveuts which set the whole
town wondering.' Mrs. Richard A. Gard
ner, the person whose life wss moot sf
fected by it, tells the story.
"It was very strange," ho says. "I
never could tell what caused It and neither
could anybody else. For a long time I
had lad spella with my stomarh. The
pain would commence about my heart and
was so deadly and agonizing that I would
have to scream aloud. Somt time it would
Inst several hours aad I would have
to take laudunum to stop It. Besides
this. I had a headache almot con
stantly day and night that nearly crazed
me and hemorrhages caused by the rhaniie
of life, so, you see, I suffered a great ileal.
And. when I think of the agony It still
makes mo shudder.
"Doctors, did you sy? Their medi
cine made me efc-ker. I couldn't lake It
and I kept growing worse, until this lady
came to our. village. She advised me to
take Dr. Williams' Tlnk Tills for Tale
People, and I did. I only took half a box
before I began to feel better, and, after
taking the rest, was wholly converted to
this wonderful medicine. It did me more
good than I had ever hoped for. I kept
on with tho pills and now I recotnmcud
them to all who suffer."
The pills which cured Mrs. Gardner have
accomplished as wonderful results In hun
dreds aud hundreds of other cases Just as
severe. They arc an unfailing specific for
locomotor ataxia, partial paralysis, St.
Vitus' dance, sclata. neuralgia, rheuma
tism, nervous headache, after-effects of the
grip, palpitation of the heart, pale and tal
low complexions and all forms of weaknosi
either in malt or female. Dr. Williams'
Pink Tills for Tale People are sold at all
druggists or will be sent direct from Dr.
Williams Medicine Co.. Schenectady, N. Y.,
postpaid, on rece'pt of price, fifty cents
per box; Fix boxes for two dollars and a
half. Send for free booklet of medical
$5.00 A MONTH
of MEN.
12 years In Omaha.
cured by the QUICK
EST, safest and most
natural method that
has yet been discovered.
Soon every sign and symptom disappears
completely and forever. No "BREAKINd
OUT" of the disease on the skin or face,
A cure that la guaranteed to be permanent
for life.
UlDlftflftCI C cured. Method new,
I ArUlUuCLC without cutting, pain;
no detention from work; permanent cure
WEAK MKJf from Excesses or Vlctlml
to Nervous Debility or Exhaustion, Wast.
Ing Weakness with Early Decay In Young
and Middle Aged, lack of vim, vigor and
strength, with organs Impaired and weak.
TRICTl RE cured with a new Hom
Treatment. No pain, no detention frors
business. Kidney and Bladder Troubles.
Cansnltatlon Free. Treatment by Mail.
CHARGES LOW, lll S. 14th St.
Dr. Searles & Searles, Omaha, Neb.
Promotes the growth ot tho hair aad
gives IbtneiUHtre auuBij&uiussui youtn.
When a the hair Is gray or faded It f
It prevents Dandruff and batr falling i
and keeps the Bcelp clean and healthy. J
Woodward ft Burgess,
Mat. At
50c to
Chas. Frohman Presents
by tho author of "The Little
Positively Free List Suspended.
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30c, 5uc.
Hale of Peats Now Open.
On Wednesday and Thursday evenings
snd Thursday afternoon. May 7 and S,
KATHRYN KIDDER will appear In a
grand revival of "THE COUNTRY GIRL."
that sale will commence Saturday, May 1.
On account of the large number of In
quiries at the box office applications for
seats sent In before Ihe opening of the
sale will be tiled in the order of their re
ceipt. Telephone IS.'II.
Matinee Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
2:15 p. in. Every night at t li
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Milwaukee vs. Omaha.
April 26
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tCx tea alva Library Aeceaslblt
Orchestral Concert Every Evening.
All tare fmmm the ttaapire.
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T I rin
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