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Geta Prisoner Out of County Jail to
Accommodate V. B. Walker.
While on llnaitln, street I'rlnre
Wheeler Tell Policeman He-C an't
lie Arrested Ilrranae He's
la nnnty Jail.
Harden Rroa. Will on Ttiaraday Mart
the Greatest Shoe Kale on Mea'a
snd Isdtes' shoes that haa ever been held
In thin city.
Two of the bluest iihoe failures In
nrockton and Rochester have enabled in to
do this.
These lots Include the finest shoes, and
both ladies' and men's shoes In all t-be
loatherb. widths and styles will be closed
out by us at
Bee Sixteenth street window.
Parents Bay They Gome Too Frequently
and Worry Pupils,
Superintendent Pearae "naaeata that
the Only atadeats Who Suffer
Are Thoae Who Remain
t p Late at Maht.
John Walker Dottier, Girl
County JhII Custodian Flynn arrived at the W hat Ftta Hall's Mother Promlae. if
wnni'i.- nt n . 111. aim mere locateij j
Prince Wheeler, who he had released at
10:30 In the morning at the benefit of Dtp- I
tlty County Attorney 1. J. Dunn, who wished I
Wheeler a a state witness In the easel John Walker, residing In the vicinity of
against umrer Martin Shields, to go visit- Twenty-fourth sod Bristol streets was ar-
ing with victor B. YVnlker. rested Monday afternoon for beating bis
it una a.'. iu:jii Monday morning that sistcr-ln-lsw. Etta Hall, and wns dl
walker sppesrod at the Jail with a note '.charged in police court because the girl re
from Dunn addressed to Jndgn Irving F. I fused to prosecute. Etta la 12 "-ears old
Baxter of the criminal bench, stating that and when Walker came home and began
inn iinnersignca consent and advises" I to anuso her she rrabhed n revolver and
mat. wneeier he granted leave to visit his before the astonished Walker could pre
"i marge or victor H. Walker," and
undpr such ri-guiations as the sheriff might
advise. Wheeler Is one of the slate's wit
nesses In the case against Shields for the
vent her she snnpped It In bis fnce a couple
or times. He then grabbed the weapon
and took it away from her.
Neither side wanted to prosecute and th
i i .i . . . . . ...
in- nuunm i re roinnren witn them any
more. "If he comes around any more
bfatlng my child," she eald, "It will be
the coroner that will have work to do,
The parties are colored.
The Name
"Black Diamond Express" has become with
those who travel a synonym for comfort,
elegance and speed. The train runs be
tween Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia
via a Lehigh Valley railroad.
alleged asnault upon W alker and was held j mother of the girl Informed the Judge that
vj i-uuniy j i nge vinsnnnnlcr after the pre
liminary heating on a bond too high for him
to furnish, .ludge Baxter was not familiar
'lth tho clrctmitances and ss the request
came from a iloputy county attorney he as
sumed that It was all right and wrote over
his signature "permission granted,"
Flynn Acta rtrltirtantly.
The sheriff Is still In Wyoming and when
Walker presented thin passport for
Wheeler. Jailer Flynn reluctantly permit
ted the man to go. but expressly stipulated
that Walker should see to It that Wheeler
returned to the Jail at 3:30 that after
noon. The hour set failed to bring back the
prisoner and Flynn at once started In pu
suit. Me west first to Walker's house and
fas there Informed that Walker had been
called out of town on business. The sweat
started on the Jailers brow and for the
next few hours he hot-fooled the tender- i
join and all contiguous territory llks an
overdue census taker. It Is not know.i
what he said of the methods of the astute
county attorney, but It s essy to guess the
general tenor of his thoughts.
iMenowmie mo object of his hunt had
been having a "veah wahm time." Walker
quit hlra early In the game, it seems, for
t aoout 6 o clock, as Officer M. McCarthy
was patroling Douglas street Just below
Fourteenth a colored woman ran hurriedly
cross from the opposite side and, pointing
io a man roiiowlng her, pleaded for his ar
rest. The man was Wheeler and he was
resplendent in a brand new 18-karat drunk
Walking over to the officer and the woman
ne said:
Dares Offlrrr to Arreat Hlra.
"Jca you dnhr ask dis man arret' me,
wuumn. jes you agcr:
"Well, Prince, if you feel that way, she
don't have to ask me. I II throw you in
anyway,- said tne officer.
iNo. you won t. No aah. I'se In de
county jail and you caln't arres' me." re
sponded the gentleman of the regal name.
wen see, was the officer's answer and
five minutes later Wheeler was In the city
Jail, still proud and verbosely serene In tb.3
thought that the newly-formed law Arm of
waiaer ft Dunn was at his back.
When Jailer Flynn arrived and related
tne circumstan?ea the city's minions prom
iaei 10 seno v neeler back to him, which
waa none yesterday. When Interviewed
at noon Mr. Flynn would only aay that
wnen ne gives prisoners tlcket-of-leave
ncrearter it will be when they can furnish
nono, not upon "tho advice and consent
of Deputy County Attorney I. J. Dunn.
Hotel Empire. New York Modern, fire
proof, select, excellen; cuslne, excellent ser
Vice. Moderate rates.
Kanaaa and Texas Becomes Part of
the Central Coal and Coke
Pursuant to Instructions from the prin
cipai omce at Kansas City, the office of
the Kansas and Texas Coal company In
this city baa been closed and the bust
ness transferred to the branch of the
Central Coal and Coke company. The con
solidation la the result of the recent pur
chase of a controlling Interest of the stock
In the former company by tho latter con
cern. By the consolidation the Central com
pany comes Into the possession of seventeen
actives mines. In addition to those al
ready owed, and a large field of mines
which have developed, but are not In oper
ation. The Central Coal and Coke com
pany la a consolidation of the Sweetwater
Coal Mining company and a Kansas City
concern which controlled mines In Kansas,
Missouri. Arkansas and Wyoming. O. W.
Megeath, formerly of Omaha, is general
manager of the consolidated companies.
Announcements of the- Theaters.
Iovers of good vocal lam are being treated
to a performance that takes rank In the
superlative class, at the Orpheum this week.
Even the most hypercritical find "Les Trou
badours Toulousalns," a quartet of singers
whom they pronounce the best that has
been heard here in a long time. They
possess splendid voices, which have been
trained for grand opera. Among the selec
tions they render is an arrangement of
Strauss' "Blue Danube." the finale of
"Faust" and "The Angelus." which was
specially arranged for them. Lew Bloom In
a tramp makeup that has all the appear
ance of the genuine ho bo, creates hllarlou
laughter with a number of stories an
parodies, while the comedy four add to
the fun-making, as well as pleasing music
The moving pictures are of more tha
ordinary interest. The one showing Pres
Ident McKlnley visiting the TransmlsBls
slppl exposition Is roundly applauded. Many
prominent Omaha men ran be recognised In
tne procession. The regular mid-week mat
Jnee will be given this afternoon.
Complaint have been made to members
cf the Board of Education by patrons of
several of the grade schools that examina
tions are coming too close together, the
result being thst a msjorlty of the pupils
are kept under a constant nervous tension
which impairs their school work and en
dangers their health One mother writes:
"My daughter, 14 years old. Is In continual
dread that she will not pass these exsmlna
tlons. She cannot Bleep well nights be
cause of constant brooding over them, and
I feat that if this keeps on ber health will
be undermined. The examinations seem to
follow each other In quick succession, and
I don't believe there has been a week this
school year that some kind of an examina
tion has not been in progress. Kindly do
wnat you can to correct this evil, and
accept a mother's thanks."
W. R. Homan, chairman of the committee
on teachers and examinations of the Board
Bait la Silk Shawl from t fclaa.
with Only Ninety Cent,
What la believed to be the latest scheme
to separate the unwary from their rash has
come to the attention of Cadet Taylor, sur
veyor of customs at the port of Omaha,
through letters brought to hlra by two resi
dents of this city.
These letters. Identical In wording even
to the omission of a word necessary to an
understanding of the romunlratlon, were
received by two women who were school
icacners before their marriage. In both
Instances the maiden names of the women
were used. Tne letters are written on
letterheads of "James B. Rcss. forwarder
and freight agent, general agent for the
Diamond line of stesmers to China." and
are dated at Victoria. B. C.
Each letter ststes thst there arrived at
that port a box containing one silk shswl.
shipped from Sbsnghal. China, on which all
charges to the port of Victoria, Including
me initefl states customs duties, have been
paid, but that the freight cha rep from
victoria to Blair. In one Instance and
uenson In the other have not been naid
me marges are said to be 90 rents, upon
receipt or wnich the box will be forwarded
Tl. -
ne person addressed Is requested to send
me money by express money order or In
z-rent stsmpa
When the first letter was shown in th.
of Educstlon. said: "I am ..H.a.d t. 7. ":ur porx lD, c"' thought
tha ...minnti , .... l. """'"' condition should ex
and I have heen tr.m. for . I m. """ . "V"1 n recipient to send the
to have ,h. av.t.m S' w Th " k" l. ,he S," "ul at Vlc-
as a whole Is alow to InteVfere wlti TThe 11" ''""! rom "
detail, nf Mr p..,..'. -i, a i- . . .'. iiimi me seroni letter was re-
to the present system there are three kind? otaS'"":. "J0
eiamlnatlnn. r fp.. . .h "n no sent to tne
Accompanying each letter was what pur-
principal and one by the superintendent.
The superintendent's tests come twice
every half-year, while those of the teachere
and principals, come whenever the exigen
cies of their work will permit. This some
times brings all three examinations so close
together that there Is absolutely no Inter
val between. Something should be done. If
not to eliminate one or two of the tests, at
least to prevent this bunching of them.
ports to be a manifest of the steamer "Em-
preB. snowing the consignment th.
box and its markings, with the ststement
that It is a "soldier's alft " The .m
addressed knew of no soldiers In China who
would address them by their maiden names.
u looks," said Chief Clerk Rirrn..
though the sharpers had secured sn old
lint nf ,n-nt , . . ...
which ceralnly must be very trying on the 8choo," ,n7 , p .ea ,n NBnr""
. ..... . scnoois and are ualna- the names fr n..
purpose of securing monev under fi
nerves of the pupils, as well as inimical
to the best results In school work."
Superintendent Defenda Syatent,
Superintendent Pea roe said: "I don't
inins. any oi tne pupils sre suffering as a
result of the examinations, unless it be
pretense. When I was in the consular
service there were several takes worked
and it was aothtng uncommon for me to
receive requests to investigate the stand
ing or certain firms which were unknown
Dick Ferris brings his stock company to
the Boyd for a week and two extra Sunday
performances starting Sunday matinee, the
Russian melodrama, "Slaves of Russia" will
be the opening attraction. It will be give
Sunday matinee, night and Monday night
peaceful Valley," Sol Smith Russell
splendid play, is to be given Tuesday
weanesnay and Thursday. Friday night
and Saturday matinee "Carmen" will be
presented. The concluding bill will be
"Reaping the Whirlwind." It will be given
Saturday and Sunday nights.
To the Omaha Woman's CI oh.
The New England and Michigan delega
tiona will pass through Omaha, Friday
April 25. A personal appeal is made to
each and everyone of the members to b
at the Union station, from 2 to 4 p. m., to
extend tne courtesies of the club to thes
guests, in a manner befitting an organlza
tlon as strong as the Omaha Woman's club.
It is requested that the Nebraska pin or
ciud colors of yellow and white be worn,
IDA V. TILDEN, Recording Secretsrr.
Graphophone at a Baraala.
run balk Latest model type. A. O.
combination graphophone, which plays both
large and small records; list price, $90.00.
Tnis is especially designed for concert pur
poies. having a thlrty-alx-lnch horn and
atand. It also Includes twenty Urge Edi
son records and carrying case of twenty
four records. The machine is entirely new
and haa never been used. Will sell at a
bargain. Address X 36. In care of The Be s.
School of instruction at Masonic Hall
Wednesday, April 23, at 7:30 p. m. Monday
rrlday and Saturday at 9:30 a. m.. 2:30 and
7:30 p. m. By R. E. French, grand custo
dlan. All Master Masons Invited.
M. J. KENNARD. W. M. of No. 1.
Sam'l Burns Is selling a beautiful Libbey
cut glass Olive dish, $2.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Black, a
1 1
Sportsmen . ana
ll who travel
much sustanancc
In little bulK.
ShampooiDg and hair dressing, 25c, at th,
Bathery. 216-120 Bee Building. Tel. 1716.
' from Array Headquarters.
The order for the reassignment of troops
in me lH ri meni or I tie Missouri will
use the companies of the Twenty-second
Infantry now at Forts Niobrara and Kob
inson to be sent to Forts lyean II. Roots
Hnd Sill. The troops at Robinson will
leave upon the arrival of the Tenth cav
alry, which Is expected to reach this de
partment fnm Cuba In a few days. The
troops at Niobrara will remain at that
post until the arrival of the Twenty-fifth
infantry, the date of which Is nut an
nounced. Polonel Thomas and the troops of the
Thirteenth cavalry, which were at Fort
Kohlnnun, are now on their wav by easy
marches to Fort Meade, 8. D., where they
will take station.
The commanding officer at Jefferson Ttar
racks has b-en Inetriicleil to send thirty
six recruits for the coast srtlllcry to Key
West hHrracks. KIr., fur assignment to
rumpanl's there. The detachment will be
In charge of Colonel Charle, It. Morton of
the Klghth cavalry.
uslin Undorvvoar
We art hnwujr the itvtti't niunlin un
derwear fur the leant inouej that in made.
C'orw't cover, lat e. heititltrhed or em
broidery trimmed, tnmbrie and wtll made,
'2Z cent .
With two n.wa of lus, rtlon tn.ut an.l g.H lac art.unU n.s k ami
levea for 'M tvnta.
Trlniuittl with finer lar at nevkan.l arm slxe ami four rows of Insertion
flown or arroaa front, plain or tu k1 ba.-k. ,vuis ail M rvut.
Any of the .vim. In marguerite !!,. wnb tali in back or with aktrt
I'r.'iu h. all one i.r. t covers .rttlly Irlmiu.-l. M ivula up.
Fint r inutfrtnU lu cm-era. 5il i-.i t. up a
A liaiitlaoiue line .f covers 'ii u i( k.
lU-eMca all the Ut goo.! Iu U,,..' uiua'.ln tiu.lervtear w carry a ft U tin
tf chll.livn-. In dra.vra. eklrta suj u!ut Ur.a.-. tUrtir tUaa u tan iniUy
III CCD It, . . .
those who remain up late nlghta at parties , recipients of letters. Sometimes the
or those whose attention Is divided between I"""" "crc r'8 ana sometimes fskes
their school work and music lessons or . """""ea, out this dodge Is a new
other forms of studv. Rometimea i and a Dno lo m- T1e British government Is not
foolish teacher who la constantly goading a I f?"y upon ,hl' torm ot ,rau(1 " when
pupil with warnlnga lest he fall to Dase: I m"er is called to the attention of
never fall to reprove them for such an in- autnorltles at Victoria. Mr. Ross will
discretion. DUl OI ousmess If bis business Is of the
"The purposes of the examinations are DaUlre 'UBect-
threefold: First, to show the tescher
whether the instruction she has been glv- KEEPS A I ARftP FnPrC DIICV
in v- .. . , I ' t WIIWL UUlll
e i v.j.. i j t y i iT-i hiiu aoeimi- I
lated; second. It enables the pupil to show Street Railway Company Make. Many
whether he can on demand furnish the
knowledge he Is supposed to have acquired;
tniro, it enables me to point out to the
teacher any deficiencies there may be In her
meiooa or instruction and to keep the ays- The rails for the Thirty-third street ex
tern unuorm tnrougnout all the schools. tension of tha Hamev .tr.t n... ...
mo miucii give nn mil in toe nnn. I well aa thoae fnr h. H.,ni n--,.
I . . - I . . .1 (AKTUDIUH Wl IUH I illK
a.xtn seventn ana eighth grades, because line to Florence, have not yet arrived. The
"" s'"". cjin umo uuukb are usea miiunp r,t th m. in. i ,
m . . . ... i " -" 1 w 1 1. iii una. uuwever.
' . .w. written work and the pupil la definitely promised them for the last of
and fourth arraHea .V....""? . ." "lil tV )' " U fk "
eivan .nriT h-.V . .. i nirxy-tnird street extension will begin
next, month.
Kehraaka Sends Oat Thoaaaada
l.ahnr In Siuaar fleet
The movement of almost I.OM Russian
from Nehrssks to beet sugar fields In other
states In practically a single day Is attra. t
Ing the greatest Interest, among rsllrcnj
men. Yeatenisy afternoon at 2 the Chi
cago. Milwaukee 8t. Paul rosd took out
of Council Bluffs a special train of twelve
tars, carrying io beet sugar workers from
Lincoln snd llsstlngs, enrnute for Miihlasn
Today the Burlington road will take
800 more to I.ovrland Colo., and 200 more
to Michigan. Practically every one nf the
emigrants will return to Nebrsska In the
fall, aa their absence la to be only tem
porary. "I do not believe that one Nebrsskan out
of a thousand r-allres what an enormous
Journeyman laborer population the state
possesses." said Assistant Oencral Westeru
Agent Eugene Duval of the Chicago. Mil
waukee St. Paul road. "The number of
beet sugar field workers that Is shipped out
of the stste each spring and back home
again in the fall Is something remsrkshlo.
"About Msy 1 the work commences In
the beet fields, and during April the bosses
are scouring the country far and wide for
employes. Russians are what they snt,
because most of them have had experience
In the fields over there. They sre sll avail
able men. women and children, ao these
beet sugar concerns simply trsnsplsnt tem
porarily whole families by the hundreds anil
avi aaa
! SL
I HH WLI uJr-N f3Tu-a
W -oo sua
Extraordinary, Unusual and Attractive
Federation of Women's Clnha, Lo,
Anaelea. Cal., May 1-8, lOOU.
For this convention the Chicago Oreat
Western railway will on April 20 to 27
sell through excursion tickets to Los An
geles or San Francisco to return June
25, at $50 for the round trip. Return tick
ets vis Portlsnd and the northern lines.
U higher. Through excursion trains from
St. Psul and Minneapolis on April 24 and
26 to carry the Minnesota and Iowa dele.
gatlons. For further Information apply to
any Great Western agent, or J. P. Elmer,
U. r. A., Chicago, 111.
For Wednesday. Great Saving Opportunities
2M new reroute Wrappers -
Light and dark rnlnrlnaa. gunrsnteel
II on quality, on mile on 4i
uiain floor . 4C
$I.OOhmJ l...n Cnraeta-Nea-iy
every well knnan brand In this li.t.
all sires. Mark, drab snd
hit e. on m In floor
2.c r inhi olJcrica
widths, also Insertions,
styles to select from, on
mslii floor, st, yard
Lhc For ti-lmmlriira
wesr, with Insertion to
match, sll widths, yd....
M i tl it in
dorens of
Improvements In Addition
to. Rateaslons.
fU.- A ,
oireei railway company la now laying
Aintln I ' " J wuiihii to UUW I a I II
oluNo heavy ralla on VlntOn street between Six
i leenrii ami Tw6ntifh mti t
I r- . .. . . I ; . ...vv... U.JIU VI
pavement on Twenty-fourth atreet between
nine pencil on Ilia Sln the ralla of the Btreet car tracka began
Writers. I ,nl, week, the concrete work having been
practically completed. The company is
I Ban m A nlatanna wakIUJ la.
Some carping critic has written to
rntnml.alnnaa T7 T " 1 l A I
vuujiuiooiuur. Ca, UFUIHO lO CULTtluaiU OI I la- . . , . . ...
certain alleged anleel.m. in .h i . -..w I . u"u1" la "iase tne latter Derore
. aav vii. J una 1 ska aa Mat l '....k.J a .
Signs. "You csn never he elented to enn. "" -u'a. me present
grass. Mr. Cornish." he writes, "so lone a en.Ba8e.d ,n Putt,n8
ss these Rneii.h h.rhn.m. .,.n ,h-rl -- '"B OTer "'Toaag wnerever the tracks of
ien. car company cross tne Belt line
This work will be completed before any
other work la undertaken.
The company la now employing about 200
worth. I aay moral, because I don't believe
bad ayntax to be conalstent with a pure
Mr. Cornish Issued orders forthwith to
have the park literature expurgated
"W hlle it is true," said he, "that those
men In its repair and construction gangs, a
larger numDer man waa ever emploved ex
cept during the paving of West Farnara and
mxieenin streets. The record for the num.
will probablv he
algna were posted under my direction. I am h,P , m.n
tint .In..M. - n.i ji . i vruDaoiy ne
waa VeZ to he tZ ' po'.sibmty o rT"' " k
th. language being garbled never occurred U"?Jh.'m.!"." Pre"f nt eD"
to me. However. I think there Is little ;, b,f1B. ' "
b , vt eiuuiuar ueing ajaae a political
The critic, who signs himself "Saxon
polnta out the following verbal monstrosl
ties and says all may be found either In I Hlitorle Rtroet.r. .i T...k j n
PfvervlAW nr Uan.nnM I I "
"Don t take no ahort cuts. Keen in tha n,
There are educated hogs
Keep to the
in the
I.I. I T-U I M f I n ... .
. i iu win uuiaiia nepuDiican building oi
shows and Boston Is said to have literary the southwest corner of Tenth and Doug
v.i.. m c. ,. . B,Ka wnicn seems to las streets, which wss recently purchased
Imply on the part of Omaha dogs the power by the rnmn.n i. v.
tO read: I entlrelv j,
I " ' ....... uu'ltl U 1 1 L I I IU U OI
iuwub iu auKB iou are nereDy warnel I uuildlng InsDector Carter Th- m....-
to keep out tinder penalty." pile waa condemned as uns.r. . f.
' "uo lrv" wnicn tne needing was ago and ordered torn down h..t i.t..
Omitted, hut It la evIHentlw i n - I . i ... j . . ' . iu i Bpniiuu umm avwuDiiiraiea mat at least a
hens, for It reads, "Don't lay on the grass." part of it can be saved. The too story is
" umio iu aieucu snouts: i to oe removed, which m-ni i.a. i .
. ,u mnu. I IWO-StOrV DUldinr H the nnrth .l
" ...c, ion are Dsrsinc un I wnicn is now hariiv ! ahit i. v.-
, . , .. , , . , ' 1 . w w
"'" e oeen in use for gen-I straightened snd trussed
... .... .v. ""--""is . iou are accuB- inia win make the second time In its
uS u lui.ucrui. man. out a Hanscom park history thst a -story has been subtracted
uu.rr gave a literal meaning when he I from Ita helsrht. In 1S9S there ... .
nalnted in htv htalr 1--- . i. - i i ., I . . i .. - . , . . , ...
. . ,r.o tun iujuui iiuu, i u ntn ore in tne Duuaing, wnlrh 10
UP ineae trees." This is not weakened the walla that the ton irm.rthi
"Notice to dogs." story had to be removed. It was built
"Saxon," ssys this weird combination, originally in the later 80s ss a Drlntina
appeara on a algn at Rlvervlew nark: and newsoaiier office, but of recent v..-.
vvai imer nu papers tne grounds and It nas been used for mercantile nurnnae.
also egg shells." It was probably ths work Now. uader its new nwnershlD. It aaaln
oi aome oimnr or the . Katseniammer Decomea a "Drlat ahoD."
Ilia list of exhibit, end, with this rsre
gem: "Don t trow rocks at the saulrals."
Mr. Cornish ssys that if half of what
Saxon writes Is true there should be a gen
eral calling la and blue penciling of park
Igna. He will take the matter up with
he board at Its next meeting.
A "elf-Kvnlanatory Letter.
April 22. 1002. Hayden Rros.. City: Dear
Sirs I wish to express my thanks for the
lovely piano you gave me today free of rost.
I will be plessed to show it to any person
desiring to see It snd explain to them how
they can get one free of rost to them.
1435 North 19th.
Send articles of Incorporation, notices ef
stockholders' meetings, etc.. to The Bes.
We will give them proper legal Insertion.
Bee telephone, 238.
2At I in ported SvvUh 1 awna-ln
plsln colors etrbroldercd -auh same
l"t. Il.ile.l e Innns iih hand
some fi,i r Inr.lrrs fr wUt a id en
tire ,Ir,.-s, lie.iuiiful swlt In pinRi
Mi' k. light blue, reds Hh white
"Me I si ripe, rspii tally silsptrd for
ehlit Hiia, go In bascmetit
it oisriinent 44 b
14c E
Miirt Waiat (:i.,tlM mBjPtt,
snd xeptnr ginghsm In checks, plaids
and prim Ipnlly sttipi-a, j j
l.isemcnt bntgHln siiuare, yt .O 'C
-'c lliinititfi a, Hwi Lawns in
remnant.. lihi and dark groundi
linen color. In waist lengths. 4 ,
"' 10c
Ladies' nnd iMfsscs'
$2.50 Trimmed Hnts, $1
,'i imi and
Shampooing and halrdresslng, 25c, at the
Bathery, 216-220. Bee Building. Tel. 1716.
Publish your legsl notices la The Weekly
uee. Telephone 238.
Stlllmsn ft Price, atfys, law, collections.
A. P. Llllls, notary, 23 U. 8. Nat. Tel. 1729.
1810 Dosslsi .
Spring .
Weather man says, "Cooler tonight."
Tou'll need a wrap.
We have the moat desirable styles
in the city at leaat those who look
say so, and the fact that they buy or
us la proof that they think ao.
We have Eton Jacketa and Box
Coata as low as 15.00, silk lined.
We hsve cloth blouBes and cloth
Etons. silk lined, with poplons at 110
and 110.75.
We have Jaunty fly front and double
breasted cloth Jackets, silk lined and
handsomely tailored at 17.50, $10 and
We have silk Etons and blouses up
to 116.00 each.
We have ailk raglana at 110. $12.
115 and up. All new and latest
T Department store prices or less.
trimmed hsts f..r ladies an dtnUM-s m hlte.
''. i'i"n, niitr nmi nih. r ..I.
'ir irimme-i alth fine quality soft
,r- a''is are rasny unrill 4 g
tii). tomorrow Je'll
$5 Flower Hots for
LndlcH and Misses,
A large asaortmenl of beautiful flower ai.d fia o
hats, now so much mantel In large .asii .-i ritieV
The.e hnts sre artistically g,,tt,.n up hy ,ur best
dengn. rs. and are prli .., In most .
s'nres at l.'i fxi snd IK imi i,..m.,..
50 rases of untrlmmed ha's of sll descrlpl Ions. toiisht from PhlUdelphla
and flaltlmore Johlwrs at a very small of original net thev
Were made to sell at Mr, T.V snd $1.00 -4 f
all go tomorrow at , iCfC
Great Carpet and Rug Sale
Comstock & Avery's stock of fine carpets and
runs are being sold at half their actual value.
While this sale Is In progress you hare a'n unparalleled opportunity for
saving money on your carpets snd rug. They sre all high class g ...'m a,,
the prices are extremely low. Come tomorrow and mske your sccct0.,s while
the assortments are still rood.
Next Monday, April 28th, we Hill ti.ld a reat sale of
Fine Lace Curtains
thnt tho wondi-rftil slioc luirnnliia ofTen-il lu-rr arc for a shott tliue only
as we quit
and quit quick
Tho rn-oplf are not slow in n'.-.-.iiig- n-nl sIhk- Imrgnlns. const' inontlv
this ntlrp shM stiM-k Is jrolng- List.
Iion't fall to atti n.l tliU snl. If yon wnnt ltlli grml.. kImk-h it l. ss
man in1 prHiiictivi cunt.
Don't wait come now
store for rrnt or lenat for k
The Rochester Shoe Co.,
1515 Douglas Street
Mortality Statlatlea.
The following births and deaths hva
tx-.n reported at the offlce of I he Id.jr.l
t Health during the twrnlv-fuiir h.n.ti
ndlna Tueaiiui' n,on:
Hinlia A 1". Htuben. ICal North Hl.
teenth etreet. girl. 8teolu.ii Snilih Kli
hkiuth Twentieth etre. t, girl; AILiert A
lenwall. Ti"S h,.ulh Thirty-klath street, buy;
Kobert J. Krskiue. Xiz: t'urbv lret. girl
laar Van Hera. Hilt North Tnenlv-lhlrd
srrei-t. girl; J H. Kurd. iL'3 North Twvntv
third irret b.,; Krank Whli. T114 North
tnntreiith strew, buy: (.ira l.ear. l.',3 North
l.lgtiteeiith airuet. U ; Harvey altrrnas.
lilt chut streri, boy,
iKalhatleury '. Ihie.lvns. 1H1J Martha
skrvrt. ageil month,, Morria K.ljar Nerly.
Thirtiith and Hniney atrevia. aa, i
month. Krilcia II. UltW. North Platte
ait J rar. tynlhn Jay 11. William.
iiJtt Mouth i uriy-almh airei. agvil . years.
Isra Tbaaks.
We leader eur slarere thsaka te the Al
pha rsoip. Woodmaa of the World. Vet,rsa
Itremca's aaae isilus. aaJ aiaay frlea-ls
fr kiadseaa extended us during the sU-k-Base
asa ds k ef aur huebaad asd father.
IMS u.
II A V N l.a - lamea. M i,.l i .gad T tears,
at kia ra.l-n. f f..n.l.i,.,, aten'ie
Kunaral ai ikn ax,rnlna al
It eii.n-a at, lark MtudUI
-Uiavl taurra.
When you are all tired out,
feel weak, sUi-p ds not rest
you, aud your apptit is
will revive your atrenjrth. In
lue natural slevp, iiutrovn
apiivtite, and reator nerve)
Iower. It strtDKthena tht
entire system, enring the
causes of lieailarbe, iujl.-rs-tion
and DebUit.
DflLl 1
B. ,.,,
, ssssias ,.,
Before you are through house clean
ng don t forget to clean thoae
amoky walls, with the season's lateat
stylts and designs of wsll paper.
Here's our prices csn't be best this
side of Chicago:
6c psper at t" a roll.
White blank,, In deep colors, from
6c to 8c per roll.
Gilts, from 6c to 10c per roll.
We also have a fine Hue of the In
grains, In all shades. Ws are con
tractors for sll kinds of palming
Come In and get our Ideas of the
Istrst style, etc. We are agenta for
Electric Wall Taper Cleaner, 2.e per
We carry a One line of picture moldings.
17th and Douglas Sts.
Telephone 1603.
!nn't think thai pi.lnt Is "mhI
enough for a IIiih Iioiih la for tint reason
all rlaht for rooting, el run ural Iron
work, etc. ()T H' It takes a paint
which haa the aiei i il iility of Al'lle. K
INO, aa well ua ' V Kit I N ', T ii iall
lles are found In Hln-r a In - W Itllama "I;ikiK
AND Hit 1 1 nil-:' pulnl. nhlih la ma. I- on
1-iiriMian lor Iron and other met., I ork
BoliI In 1-gal. i ana lor ll.iai. i gila f,,r $
If von want to pelnt a !lt'V'I.K a t
HII'Vt'l.K i-naini-l I'rlce. pa-. MA'I'HTI II
riwnii'l for bHtliiuhs t'lii-e. . for pint.
n pint. If It a h MID Hill UK ..r a lnt-
iim i von to p., Int Hit VH I - 1 1.
1. 1 AilS PAINT for I.WKI.I.IM1S In t a il
fans for tl &-aul. runa $;:.',. HKWAIIK
of paints shi'i'i' i tili-f ii.-rtt olsst in
their l-IKAI'.NK!l HI I t:it W I . V II.
I.IAMH pa'-'s tost hr i.r ! rioir, Ihni
mont trainln in the market- I'Klt 1IAI.I.11S
In the iMKlnning. bul ioi Ml I'll I.I SS
thin any nraiol of mUe,l j.rtint- ,.r wt.n.
leu I and lln-i--il oil rlthrr. I TIIK KM
as every gtllnn will -mer a,- f.rt
Ti I "OATH Hin ,l.a ., . 1 f,,. i,,.i
d-ra not li'.M.h -all f..r i-.i-t , r. .,ii
I.-II ua hat ou ar going to (MINT
Siierman&McConnell Drug Co.
lor. itn anl ln.l-e. Omah,.
Carey Rcof Good
for Any Oulldlng.
Cma!sa Roofing ind Su;p y Co.,
54J laata IWilJiaf.
leaf OuUava Ttltpbeat lit
art sheatBg a sue liae of tiuid Ja,lr i-umt'tiaia, Hraa aa la tb aa
Art dweranoa. al.Jallli., sriis'lr ijr. M mH Hu ihih, larl.. dual aa I
Turauolae aaatria. set eitfc pearls sal 44 aiuu.l. H"S Hsrf ft, Hal I'm,, ht-,oaa-
"c tl as o yen I Base gouda.
Uanhlnnoy 6 Oyan Co., "lhsHfu Kr,r:.:iV
j. .
should te u lulled aith a fei'tle ef
." eur I." yr.r oll WrUn Hi
.a our tn aprriai br,ud f htk ,n I u
Blighty Si.f aftute t o i can t ,,rl h
kMH vr B-H aiihwj' it
Kiaa Cslii,rsi atn., at i an I
II ft tal.ou (' ii re ebiak'H. 1 1 " t' '
est II o btr islloii
Jkf-ill . r I r. , -.irii,i . a- ,d
l I' t " r, J. .1 .rr.
This is the Best Sea
son To Get a Kodak
or Camera
r give sn instruction fn . Call I
on us ir you Intent getting csmers.
We rsrry sll the biteat t)e. of the
mst makers Including
Prettio's, Poca's,
Korona and Cctitury.
A lautlfu Cycle IVico. ix . m it h
double lens, aiilnnintic shutte . null)
r.l.s.e. carrying case, ro.upiete;
prl. e, only 00.
We only rarry photo suppl ,. snd
have everything up lo tlaie.
Robsrt Dempster Co.
1215 Fnrtmm Si.
lM-veoping a . I rl..-lng a Pp, laity,
I, ehi imi ioi that ttred frr lag fre-u.-t.'i
a ! i. r. . tin. it your
i l.t anl lit .ntfll i,f tik. all a e. ... .
I pn"i " "ir Ui ail ti'..iv.
i in .in.',, no -o.r In mill iit m .i,k
I I a. a ..k Biota aii.1 le-1 at n ltn
1 Ki-o.ih A:io- I'oia- i, ;.i , our 1 r atAi
k ii ' in. . : t i tl atltm, . -ui. mlo.;s.
. i ... t.i'ii, ilill Htoii... li.ia n.nt tie
; r n, .1 in; . ,ri lha nji la ar 1 4
i . it.ii I . (hi -ilor nf a ala .it. It
I ! a. I' ' ... 'l.t e 1 1 It A lit. It k l.X.
' fy. "l li'WI' la ll only .l,:ln
mil r ia I !-. it. .rv .,. Al-
I a . oi. a tror ..lii.,
e . I i . I . and Ihib. i j
4 i. i , -. t. i uti-il ,y
n.. wi... ..i lu. u,.,.. ;W. j, Shr3J3r Madicin. Go,
I'l -". I' .l-..f J ... '
V..tM ft'K Tlllfl (UbHAltll HIN. W " llt.
dial . iUif,
TtH hi a:
Hu iielk Ce,
iiast ms; a, ,M) tux SMa i kw. a.... .-.. ... ...... k ava mmtm suav a sawmg aeatl tn
"i i