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Keep Your Eye on Hay Jen Bros' Special Saturday, Sales on Clothing,
Corsets and Furnishings Sale
One lot of Royal Worcester coreta, extrs
long. In large and smsll sires. tl.00 and
11.60 quality at 4c; also the Jacknon const
waist for ladles. In Mack and drab. $1.00
quality at $49c to cloae thera out. A full
line of batiste girdle and straight front
coraeta at 49c.
The Sahlln dress form and comet com
bined for slender figures. at fl.OO. Tb
Nemo self-reducing corset for stout figures
at $2. BO. The La Grecqu Lattice corset,
Saturday in tho
Grand sale on underwear, hosiery, men's
and boys' clothing, dress goods, wash goodi,
silks, prints, etc.
Clearing out all the winter stock of
Our special tor Saturday in dress goods
will be 75c black dress goods In sollels,
Jacquarda and black fancy figurea. Only
one pattern to a customer, at a yard, 19
Strictly all wool cheviots In black, the
regular 65c goods, on sale at 29 cents.
15c, 19c and 25c dimities, batistes, or
gandies at 10 cents.
.Short lengths or 15c, 19c, 25c. 35c and 393
wash goods. In all colors and all shades, on
one large counter at 8 1-3 cents a yard.
Largs line of 15 ct. batistes In all shades
snd colora will go at 6 cents a yard.
About 60 pieces of last year goods worth
Attend our Famous
' FROM 10 TO 10:30 A. M.
We will aell bleached muslin yard wide,
regular stye grade, only 10 yards to a
customer, at I 3-4 cents a yard.
FROM 3 TO 2:30 P. M.
We will sell 12Hc batistes and 15c
dimities and other wash goods worth up
to 19 cents a yard, only 12 yards to a cus
tomer, at thi centa a yard.
FROM 4:30 TO S P. M.
We will sell spring plaid dress goods.
FnsidentSooMTeH'iBeoognition of Sen ice
in Minor Fositioni.
Advaaeement of General Aaman Par
tlralarlr rieaalas; oa Arcooat
of Hli gervieea at Battle
of Iss Jaaa.
i At army headquarters here the recent
appointment of general officers by tbe presi
dent la received with pleasure, not only be
causa the men so advanced are deserving
of every honor which can be conferred upon
them, but because the appointments Indi
cate that the president la doing what ha
caa under adverse laws to reward men who
hava faithfully - and well served the gov
ernment In minor positions, and that, while
restricted In the number of appointments,
be will provide for retirement at higher
rank than at present held by men who are
especially deserving.
This opinion Is based upon the fact that
of th men appointed to ba brigadier gen
erals all will retire under the age limit
within a year, the ona having tha longest
terra to serve being General Simon Snyder,
who will retire next February. General
Bird will be the first to retire, his term of
service expiring by limitation June 17 of tba
present year, while Oeneral Auman will re
tire in October.
Tbe veteran officers at headquarters are
While they art accumulating knowledge,
on the profound sciences, are often so
ignorant of their own nature that they
allow local disease to fasten on them to
the ruin of the general health. Back-
ache, headache, nervousness, point to a
disordered or diseased local conditio
Which should have prompt attention..
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription may
be relied upon as a perfect regulator. It
atop enfeebling drains, heals inflamma
tion and ulceration, and cure female
weakness. mates weak women strong
mnd titk women well.
There is no alcohol in Favorite Pre
scription " and it is entirely free front
opium, cocaine and all other narcotic.
Your tetter Juet rcri4.' write Him Ease
gllfclher. of 41 Wret Saarsnack H.,
ICE M., UfTinM
Word (ail to
tewa. raiiaewipaia. rvaaa.
apraas how Ihaakful 1 m to you far your
dvice I aaaet esafcas that fu Ike least"
tiate I have bcea using your madidae I ha
found it to. be Ike nut wonderful sad beat
remedy Ibr female truukte that 1 reer hare
tried, aorry 1 did But kaow of your ' Fsvortt
Prescription year ago.
Dr. fierce' Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sent ret on receipt ol ai one
cent stamp to pay ezpetu of mailing
ly. Address Dr. R. V. Fierce. Bui
". K. V. . .
In white and colors, at $1.50. A full line
of W. B. erect form corsets. Dr. Wsrnor's,
Kabo, Thompson glovr-BttlDg and R. and
G. straight front corsets at 11-00 and up.
Special ssle on ladles' and children's
stockings. Ladles and children's 25c fast
black and fancy colored atocklngs at 12ViC
Ladles and children's fine lisle thread
atocklngs, In plain and fancy colors, at 2oc.
Ladles' white and colored sleevelesa
vests, In cotton and lisle thread, samples
worth 25c at 10c.
Ladles' long sleeve, short sleeve and
leveless Egyptian ribbed vest, extra fine
quality, at 25c.
Ladtea' umbrella pants and umbrella
combination suits, trimmed with wide lace,
at 25c.
Ladles' long sleeve, ankle length, com
blnatlon auits, In One Egyptian cotton, at
80c, worth 75c.
Ladles fine umbrella combination suits,
In lisle thread, wide lace,' at 50c, worth
Ladles' fine cambric nightgowns, hand
somely trimmed with fine lace and em
broidery, some slightly soiled, worth from
$1.50 to $2.50, at 98c.
Ladles' cambric skirts, trimmed with lace
and embroidery: at 98c, worth $1.60.
Ladles' fine skirt chemise, trimmed with
lace edges and insertions, at 98c.
Bargain Room
heavy goods at from one-third to one
fifth their regular value. No dealers,
peddlers or . manufacturers sold In this
Our special, on challls will be 75c silk
S5ct. silk foulards and fancies will go at
$ centa. '
Our special en cballls will be 75c silk
striped all wool challls at 49 centa.
Our cotton warp, wool filled silk striDed
challls in plain and figures at 25 centa.
12 V, cts. a yard to close quick we will sell
them at 2 cents a yard, 10 yards to a
We will sell 6 and 7 He prints. 10 yards
to a customer, at 2H cenia a yard.
36-lnch percales, the 15c quality, dark
and light colora at 6 cents a yard.
30 Minute Sales
dobule fold, 28 Inches wide, half wool dress
goods In all the new shades, 28 inches
wide, regular 12Vi cent goods and only 10
yards to a customer, at 8V4 centa a yard.
FROM 8:30 TO 9 P. M.
We will sell full standard prints, fast
colors, fine grade, worth 6 and V4 cents.
10 yards to a customer, at 1 3-4 cents a
Other special sales will be held between
these half .hour sales during the day.
especially pleaaed with the appointment of
General Auman, who by many of the offi
cers of the army Is held to be the. hero of
the fight at Ban Juan hill In Cuba. Ha
waa Captain Auman then, commanding a
company in the Thirteenth regiment of
Infantry. In the battle at San Juan everv
regimental officer waa killed or Intured. so
that before the fight was half over tba
command of the regiment aevolved upon
Captain Auman. His subordinates in the
regiment and those who observed closelv
Its operation were loud in tbelr praise
of the vetersn captain and many were very
much disappointed when in the rewards
which came to officers for excellent work
In Cuba the Dam of Auman was not uoon
tha list.
Jaatlce Comes .at Last.
Tha failure ot tha men in higher au
thority to recognize the work of tbe cap
tain called forth many protests and several
letters appeared in army Journals calling
attention to the oversight oa tbe part oV
the government. Mr. Roosevelt was at San
Juan and probably had personal knowl
edge of the work of Captain Auman on
that day, so the friends of that officer look
upon hi present appointment aa in a de
gree removing whatever Injustice may have
been done him previously.
Major Henry S. Tttrrlll, who has been
ordered to report from the Philippine to
relieve Colonel Wlnne as chief surgeon of
the Department ot the Missouri, will be
the senior major in the medical corps and
upon the retirement of General Sternberc.
who will 'retire In June, will become a
lieutenant colonel.
The chief quartermaster of the depart
ment has received orders to purchase
eighty-four horses for the battalion of en
glneers now stationed at Fort Leavenworth.
The officer who have held the position of
quartermaster at this headquarters are very
well acquainted with the horse and mule
barns at Lathrop, Mo., which ar now said
to be used by the British government lu
defiance of the rights ot neutral nations.
Said one of these officers: "Th mute de
pot at Lathrop is ons of the most complete
In the west. Mr. Guyton, tbe principal
owner of the business, is one of th men
who sell large numbers ot horses and mule
to the American government and to other
countrtea as well. At the present time he
hss a contract with tbe British government
to feed the horse and mules brought to
that depot by their purchaalag agents. His
contract calls for the feeding ot 5.000 anl
mals dally and he draws psy for that Bum
ber whether they are fed or not, but be
says that frequently thn art as many as
10,000 animals fed for the British govern
ment and that ths number seldom falls be
low the minimum of 6,000.
Ths chief quartermaster hss received or
ders to advertise for bids for th construc
tion of two detached lavatories at Fort
Robinson, with steam heat and sewers com
plete. for the accommodation for four com'
Private John Carroll ot Company H
Twenty-second Infantry, at Fort Crook, has
bsea transferred to the hospltsl corps.
Patrick J. Maloney, acting hospital steward
has been ordered to Join th third battalion
of th Twenty-second, now at target prac
tic on tbe Winnebago Indian reservstlon.
He accompsnles Captain Straub, th sur
geon, who will Joint tba battalion at Blair
and march with the troops to ths reserva
tion. Gaue) for Rhennaatlaaa.
Last fall I was taken with a very sever
ttack of muscular rheumatism, which
caused me great pain and annoyance. After
trying several prescriptions and rheumatic
cures I decidsd to us Chamberlain' Pain
Balm, whira I had seen advertised ia ths
South Jerseyman. After two applications
of this remedy I waa much better, and after
using ons bottle was completely cured.
8111 Harris. Salsa. N. J. ,
Women's Suits
and Yaists
A succetsful trip to Now York, a mag
nificent purchase. Women's suits at one
third price. The wise, economical woman's
day at hand, saving you from $5.00 to $15.00.
1,100 women's tailor-made suits, secured
by our buyer on his recent trip to New
York, on sale.
350 of them selected for Saturday's sell
ing, as shown In our window; every style
known to the manufacturer; every cloth
that is made up in women's garments and
every color that Is shown; waists lined
with the Glvemond taffotas; drop skirts.
stitched and tucked, with satin taffeta
bands, worth $18.00, $20.00 and $25.00. v Your
choice for $8.75.
bought from the National Waist company.
j Canal street, neaf Broadway, New York, at
one-fourth regular value.
100 dozen of them, selected for Satur
day's selling, worth $1.75, $2.00 and" $2.50,
sale price, 89c.
Attend the astonishing sale on exquisite
millinery Saturday.
Grand Ring Sale
Call and see our demonstration of the
celebrated new processN(old rings Satur
day. These rings are made with a shell
of solid gold over a patent composition and
ate warranted to wear and look as well
as solid gold rings costing $2 to $10. They
may be had plain, chased or with set
tings. The settings are genuine imported
doublets, emeralds, rubles, opals, pearls
etc. Tbe prices in this grand demonstra
tion sale Saturday will be only
25C AND 60C.
Final Exchange of Corrriposdeaee
Betweea Real Estate Dealer
and City Eoglaeer.
OMAHA. April 18. To the Editor of The
Bee: I want space to reply to the city en
gineer's letter In The Bee, and to say that
I am responsible for what I may say over
my signature, but am not In any way re
sponsible for what I am quoted as saying
In any alleged Interview. Mr. Roeewater
asks what right I had to sell property upon
streets and alleys that were subject to
mortgages. I will answer the question
frankly by saying that I had no right on
earth to do so, and if he will point out .a
single case where I have don so I shall be
glad to have the public know it. I think
Mr. Rosewater has given us quite enough
Insinuations and Innuendo and It ia about
time to get down to facts, and for that
f. JL-4sT si
' '
Woman's Work in Club and Charity
"A prominent club woman," whose ident
ity . Is generally guessed and who is ad
mitted to be from New York, is credited
with the statement that "tbe General Fed
eration has been nearly wrecked by Ineffi
cient handling; It now wants a woman at
tha head who Is known, not merely ss
sumed, to be a skilled hand and a broad
minded leader." This statement sounds
rather awkward coming from " a promi
nent member" of the state federation. that
has supplied the present vice president and
the woman who for one year of the present
term acted as president of the General Fed
eration In th absence of Mrs. Lowe and.
Incidentally, the woman that that same
state federation is bending every effort to
elect as Mrs. Lowe's successor at the Los
Angeles biennial, Mrs. Dlmies T. S. Denl
son, president ot Sorosis.
In a full-pags article in the San Fran
cisco Examiner of April Mrs. Mary I'rqu
hart Lee Is quoted as saying: "Some of
the friends of Mr. Robert J. Burdette, past
president of the California federation, ar
urging her canqMdacy for th presidency of
the General Federation, but probably the
beat-loved woman In th federation today
and the one best fitted to bsrmonlxe all
factions and insure the looking to better
things la Mrs. Sarah Piatt Decker of Den
ver." Mrs. Mary Vrquhart Lee is not
alone in this speculation. There Is a strong
undercurrent of feeling all over the country
In favor of Mrs. Decker, who fulfills all ot
the requirements stipulated by the "promi
nent club woman" from New York and la
sufficiently tar removed from Maasacbusetts
and Georgia and tbe sections lnfiuenced by
them to act unbiased tor ths best Interests
of tbe organization. Her ability to direct
large affairs cannot be questioned, owing to
hsr past valuable service to the General
Federation of Woman's Clubs, snd it seems
especially fitting that this trying period of
sectional differences shoold be embraced to
try what the ability ot th mlddl west can
do for the General Federation.
To be sure Mrs. Burdetts represents a
aection even further removed from the east
and south, but It must be admitted thst
she Is prominent in clubdom for having vis
ited the clubs and federations of twenty
five different states during th last six
months rather than tor any especially
prominent service she has rendered the
General Federation outside of California.
As for Mrs. Alice Bradford Wiles or Chi
cago there la such a diversity of opinion
regsrdlng her ability among Chicago club
women that It Is difficult to estimate her
real strength aa a candidate,
Mrs. Denlaon's service In the exscutlvs
of the General Federatloa ot Woman's Clubs
will probably glv hsr th support f that
High Grade Dress
Goods Department
In our high-grade drees goods department
we will place on sale for Saturday from 9
to 11 a. m. our $1.00 Tailor Suitings, in
all the nice spring grays, 'M Inches wide,
strictly all wool, only 6 yards to a custo
mer, at, a yard 43c.
You can buy our $2.50 Basket Cloth, In the
new shades, extra weight for tnilor suitings
and rainy-day skirts. 68 Inches wide, only
5 yards to a customer, at, a yard 9Sc.
FROM 4 TO 6 T. M.
We will aell Lupin's Etamlnea, In colors,
no black, our $1.50 grade, only 1 pattern
to a customer, at, a yard 7"c.
FROM 8 TO 9 P. M.
We will sell our $2.50 Eollennes and $2.98
Eollennes, in all colors and black; these
are silk-wsrped Eollennes; only 1 pattern
to a customer, at, a yard 98c.
Be sure and attend these sales; every ar
ticle Just as advertised. Other Special
sales during the day In the high-grade dress
goods department.
Special Sale in Teas
and Coffee
A beautiful present given away with one
pound of any of our celebrated teas.
Sun-cured Japan, 35c.
First crop fine Japsn tea. 4ftc.
Basket fired Japan, choice drink. 48c.
English breakfast gun powder and Oolong
tea at 45c.
Royal Santos coffee, 12Hc.
Broken Mocha and Java coffee. 15c.
Old government Mocha and Java. 25c.
The best old line Mocha and Java at 35c:
8 pounds for $1.00.
Go to Hayden Bros for
Pure Fresh Crackers
We sell 30,000 pounds a week.
3 lbs. ginger snaps, 13c.
4 lbs. soda crackers, 19e.
4 lbs. farina crackers, 19c.
4 lbs. oyster crackers. 19c.
4 lbs. milk crackers, 19c.
4 lbs. pearl oyster crackers, 19c.
Cheese and Fruits
6wltzer cheese, each 7c.
McLaren's cheese, each 10c.
Limberger cheese, per pound, 12'-ic.
Fsncy new dates, per pound, 6c.
Peanuts, per measure, 3c.
Sweet oranges, lc.
Fancy lemons, per dozen, 11c.
iU IL LIU.. L2)
purpose I enclose,' herewith, a copy of tbe
letter I mailed Mr. Rosewater yesterday,
which I trust he will answer in due season.
Please publish tbe letter In connection with
this article. If Mr. Rosewater will honestly
answer the questions contained in this let
ter I will gladly leave the decision of this
controversy to the same unsuspecting pub
lic whom be would have you believe I am
trying to Inveigle Into dark places and for
whom he and the city council show such a
sudden and great dealre to protect and
guide. Very truly. A. P. TUKEV.
OMAHA. Nrb., April 17 -Mr. A. Rose
water, City Knglneer, City: Dear Sir
Will you kindly publicly answer the fol
lowing queKtloiiR, In the next Issue of The
Omaha Bee, without equivocation or eva
sion, for. the benetlt of the public:
First Are there nny mortgages, of rec
ord, of any kind whatever, covering block
2, Bemls park, or covering the twenty acres
In the southwest quarter of the southeast
quarter ot section 32, township 16, range 13?
Second Are there any bacK taxes on the
above twenty acres? t
Third As this land Is bounded on the
body, and then she will have the support
of the east, which promises to have a large
representation at Los Angeles.
Mrs. Decker Is not a candidate for the
presidency and is in favor of the election
ot Mrs. DenUon, but Colorado club women
are fairly insisting upon her accepting a
nomination, and if she does she will un
doubtedly receive the support of the middle
west, and probably ot the south as well.
The committee appointed by the art de
partment of the Woman's club has made Its
selection of tour busts and two figures to
be placed In tbe reading room of the High
school. The busts are Minerva. Homer,
Hermes and AJax and the figures Michael
Angelo's Lorenzo de Medici and Glulano de
Medici. Tbey are to occupy the Immovable
windows on two sides of the room and will
be in place about the middle of May.
The women of the First BaptUt church
will hold a sale of horae-mado cakes tomor
row at 1517 Douglas street, the proceeds to
go to tba fund they are raising tor the year.
The annual election ot officers or th
household economic department was held
Thursday morning, all of the officers serv
ing last year being re-elected Mrs. H. C.
Townsend, leader; Dr. Mlllen. assistant
leader; Mrs. T. H. Smith, secretary; Mrs.
Weaver, treasurer, and Mrs. W. L, Beard,
treasurer of the philanthropic fund.
It was decided to continue the department
'meetings until May 1 and the committee for
next year's program will meet during the
coming week to decide upon the course for
next season. Several excellent suggestions
were made by members of tbe department,
among them being the study of the model
house, to consist of a series of papers and
discussions on the various rooms, depart
ment and branches of the model home.
Announcement ot the n "t department
kindergarten will be made later.
After the business session the remainder
of the hour was occupied with an address
on "Biology" by Prof. Benedict of the High
Ths members of the executive committee
of the Nebraska Women' Christian Temper
ance union will attend their semi-annual
meeting, to be held at Lincoln. April 29-30,
with conflicting sentiments. This will be
ths lsst session at which Mrs. 8. M. Wslker
of Lincoln, stats president, will attend lu
ber official capacity, as her resignation goes
Into effect June i. Mrs. Walkers with
drawal from the work, which will be made
necessary by her removal from the stats,
will occasion grauin regret en the part ot
the entire organisation. Cue ha so care
Spring Clothing for
Boys at Half Actual
Value for Saturday
All the richest products of the finest boys'
tailors in America. Low prices for high
grade materials snd we have the most
complete boys' department in Omaha.
$3.00 Boys' All Wool Sailor Suits. $1.50.
$5.00 Boys' fancy Sailor Suits, $2.95.
$3.25 Boys' D. B. Knee Pants Suits, $1.50.
$5.50 Boys' extra fine Norfolk Suits, $2.95.
$5.00 and $6.50 Boys' three-piece Knee
Tants Suits, ages 9 to 16, at $2.95 and $3.75.
$5.00 Boys' D. B. Knee Pants Suits, $2.50.
$1.25 grades Boys' Odd Knee Panta. 60c.
$7.50 to $15.00 BoyB and Youths' long
Pants Suits, ages 12 to 19, on sale at $3.75,
$5.00 and $7.50.
$2.00 and $3.00 Boys' odd long Pants,
sires 28 to 33 waists, at 95c and $1.75.
Big Taffeta Silk Sale
10,000 yards fine black apd colored Taffeta
Silks on salo at half price.
19-lnch colored Taffeta, pure silk and
heavy rustling quality, all colors. In the
regular 75c and 85c grades, for 49c.
Yard wide colored Taffeta In good shades,
the regular $1.50 grade, for 69c.
Black Taffeta, 27-in. wide, pure silk, on
sale, 50c. Black Taffeta, 27-in. wide, worth
$1, on sale at 69c. Black Taffata, 36-ln.
wide, worth $1.25.' on sale at 80c. Black
Taffeta, 64-ln. wide, worth $3, on rale at
Black Peau de Sole, 21-ln. wide, worth
$1.50, for 88c. Black Peau de Sole. 27-ln.
wide, worth $2, for $1.25. Black Peau de
Sole, 36-ln. wide, worth $3, for $1.75.
Black Moire Silk, worth $1.25, on sale at
75c. Black Moire Silk, worth $1.50, on sale
at 98c. Black Moire Silk, worth $2, on sate
at $1.50.
See special announcement Sunday's paper
for Monday's great silk sale.
north by the county road, on the west by
torty-second street, and on the south by
,rl .8e,'t huB the owner the right to
sell this property, as 1 nave advertised
to do, in acre or five-acre tracts, without
making any new streets or allevs of any
kind whatever, without getting the consent
of the city engineer or of the city council?
Fourth Have a majority of the plats of
ground, accepted by the city engineer and
the city council, during the past fifteen
years, been free from mortgages at the
time they were platted? Very renpect
ful'y. A. P. Tl'KEY.
OMAHA, April 18. A. P. Tukey. Esq.:
Responsive to yours of April 17, requesting
answers to certain questions through The
Bee, I submit that the matter has been
laid before the city council and by It di
rected to be placed In the bands ot tbe law
department of the city.
My statements were explicit and unequiv
ocal. The fact that other parties have vio
lated the law In tbe past is no Justification.
Tlespectfully, ANDREW ROSEWATER,
City Englaeer.
fully supervised the work during her eight
years as president that there is no depart
ment that has not felt the Impetus or her
furthering interest, no leader but has been
encouraged by her counsel and no member
that has not been Inspired by her example.
The work will for the present be supervised
by the vice president, Mrs. Wbeelock, whose
efficient service in the past has inspired the
confidence of all.
Tha result of the spring election In many
ot the towns of tbe state shows a percepti
ble Increase In the temperance work that ia
most encouraging. The general advance
ment of the work, department interests, the
possible establishment of a lecture bureau
and many other things will be considered at
the coming meeting. Tbe public Is Invited,
especially to the evening sessions. The
convention promises to be a large one, all
superintendents ot departments, the county
presideuts and general officers, seventy-five
In all, being members of the executive com
mittee. "Missionary Hymns", will be the subject
of Sunday'a gospel meeting at the Young
.Women's Christian association, Mrs. Byers
to make the address.
The association's anniversary service will
be held at 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoon,
April 27, in the association rooms, ths an
nual address to be given by Rev. H. C.
Herring. The meeting promises to be one
ot the most successful yet held and all
members are urged to be present. An in
vitation Is also extended to the uiea friends
of tbe members.
The board of director will meet at 10
o clock on Saturday morning.
Rev. E. F. Trefs will address the literary
of tne south Branch Monday evening at 1
o'clock, bis subject to be "John Ruskln'
Message to loung Womanhood."
The Sunshine club la devoting its meet
ings of late to work for the association
There wss a large attendance at Thurs
day afternoon's meeting of the Visiting
Nurses' association, Mrs. Rogers presiding,
owing to the vacancy caused by tbe reslg
nstion of the president. It is probable
that the vacancy will not b filled until the
annual meeting.
Mrs. Adsms, superintendent ef nurses, re
ported 364 visits made during the last
month, forty-seven patients, two deaths,
one esse sent to the hospital and three
cases requiring special nurses.
Miss McKeeiy, one of the nurses, gav
an interesting account of how her days ara
spent. DuriDg the last month the asso
ciation has received liberal donations from
interested friend.
Prevails at the Big Store In the two big
shoe departments. Thousands of shoes be
ing sold at less than tbe cost to make them.
The entire stocks of two (2) big shoe fac
tories cloaed out by us at a mere fraction
of their cost. All of our customers- know
the Crown 8hoe. We havs succeeded In
getting 5,000 palrj of these goods and will
be on sale Saturday at ONE NINETY SIX
Hen's and Boys'
600 dosen four-ply collars In all styles,
standing and turndown and (he high turn
down, every collar warranted perfect and
the most stylish, worth 15c, on sale at 6c.
200 dozen men's fine lisle thresd socks.
In plain and fancy colors, made to sell at
35c and 60c, on sale at 15c.
All the best makes In men'a fine Madras,
in white and colored, shirts, worth $1.50
and $2.00, on sale at 98c.
Men's 35c neckwear, la tecks, four-in-hands
and puffs, all silks, on rale at 15c.
The,Reynler glover at $180. This Is th?
best glove made and sold everywhere at
$2.00, on sale at $1.50.
Ladles' kid gloves In all tbe latest splng
shades, at $1.50.
Ladles' kid gloves In sll the latest spring
sbsdes, with two clasps, at $1.00.
Ladles' silk gloves in all th latest shades,
The Gibson Veil
Saturday we place on sale the finest line
of new veils ever seen in the city of
Omaha. The new veil, the Gibson, has just
been received; this is the latest novelty of
the season. We have twenty different
styles, every one a beauty; prices, $1.00,
$1.50, $1.75 and $1.98 each.
A new line of 60c Veilings. p?r rsr.l "1,-.
Chief Donahue Looks with Favor 00 Three
Shift System.
May Recommend the Chance to Fire
and Police Board and City
Council After IavestU
statins It Farther.
Chief of Police Donahue Is in favor of
Introducing the three-shift system In the
Omaha police department. Instead of having
the two shifts, as at present. Tbe new
system would mean eight hours a
day work tor the men Instead of twelve, as
at present, and the chief ' believes the
change can be made without increasing the
present force. He ia at present Investi
gating the question more fully, and In a
short time will bring It before the board
and the city council. The tbree-shlft svstem
is In vogue at Denver. Nashville. Milwaukee
and Buffalo and has lately been adopted at
Minneapolis and other cities.
Under the present system the men go to
work at 7 o'clock In the morning and work
until T in the evening, with an hour and a
halt for lunch, the night men going on at
7 in the evening and reporting off, except
Ix men who do dog-watch duty, at 4 In
the morning, these men being allowed forty
minute for lunch. Th chief believes that
by th clght-bour plan mor efficient work
could be done and the men would be In a
much better condition to do the work.
Works Well Elsewhere.
"I advocated such a change two years
ago in my annual report," said the chief,
"and have since written to several chiefs
ot police who have worked under both sys
tems, and all who have tried it seem bet
ter satisfied with the new plan Tbe chief
of police at Denver wrote that the service
under tbe eight-hour system was much bet
ter and th men were in better condition
for work. I received the same reply from
Nashville. I believe It can be done with
the same number of men. Th first shift
would report tor duty at I In th morning
and quit at 4, the second work until 1
and the third until 8 in the morning. Tbe
men would be allowed fifteen or twenty
minutes for lunch. All the men would be
available for emergency duty.
"When a man walks a beat for twelve
hours In tbe hot sun In the summer time
he feels very little like coming back for an
hour'a work in the gymnasium. The new
system would mean another captain and
poaslbly another sergeant, but It could be
done with very little extra expense. I am
goiag to attend the national convention of
chiefs at Louisville. Ky., in Msy, and will
find out more about the efficiency of the
new system. If there are no unfavorable
reports at the convention I shall bring tbe
matter before the board and council."
Indigestion Is the direct cause of disease
that kills thousands of persons annually.
Stop the trouble at the start with a little
the stomach and aids digestion.
Shampooing and balrdressing, 25c, at th
Batbery, 214-220. Bee Building. Tel. 171.
Allan's root-RM. a pxwdr. It c-ur painful,
KisAf-tlQC. nsrvoiat ftwi tnt. Ingrowing ntUa, and lu-
Matntljr iakt th ttiLg out of torn u4 bunions- It's
ln grtnttM cuuiun 4tsv-ovry or ih as. Allan's
Kout ICovm mskM tight or uw slioos fl m?. It Is
ctiIq cup for Miinff. ailoua sad hot. UrosJ. ach
ing ftMt. Try tt today. Hold ly all druggtata and ahoa
sioraa. Don't aopt any aubstKuts. by anall for
Mc la stamps. T rial Mrkag rfcE. AddsTSsa,
Ails ft. Olmatod, La Ho, H. V.
Shoe Selling
Thousands of pairs of these shoes hav
been sold during the different sales we
have had and NOT 0X13 PAIR has ever
been returned to us on account of not
wearing well.
Men's black kangaroo bal. welt Crown
shoes, worth $3.00, $1.96.
Men's black vlcl bal welt Crown shoes,
worth $3.00, $1.96.
Men's black velours calf bal welt Crown
shoes, worth $3.00, $1.96.
Men's black vlcl bal. welt Crown shoos,
worth $4.00. $2.48.
Men's black ebony calf bal. welt Crown
shoes, worth $4.00. $2.48.
Men's black velours calf bal. welt Crown
shoes .worth $4.00. $2.48.
Women's vici kid lace, worth up to $3.50,
Woman's vlcl kid lace, wortlj up to $3.00,
Woman's vlcl kid lace McKay welt, worth
up to $3.00, $1.96.
Woman's patent kid lace McKay sewed,
worth up to $4.00, $1.96.
Woman's pstent leather lsce McKay
sewed, worth up to $3.00, $1.96.
Selling tbe CROWN SHOES at $1.96.
Men's satin calf bale., worth $2.00. $1.00.
Boys' satin calf bals, worth $1.60, Skc.
Children's -shoes, 98c. 76c, 60c and 19c.
Women'a vlcl lace, worth $2.00, $1.39. "
15c Collars at 5e
Men's 50c suspenders In all styles at' 25c.
Men's medium weight merino shirts snd
drawers at 39c.
Men's balbrlggbn shirts and drawers, In
ecrue and fancy colors, at 49c; worth 75c.
Men'a light wool shirts and drawers, reg
ular $1.50 quality, at $1.00.
Men's $1.50 part silk shirts and drawers,
In pink and blue, at 11.00.
Men's union auits at $1.00, $1.30 and $3.00,
In ecrue, pink and blue.
Men's all linen handkerchiefs at 13c.
Men's $1.60 and $2.00 sufpenders at $1.00.
Men's $1.00 colored laundered th r s at 49c.
Glove Sale
with Kayser's patent tip, at 50c. 75c, $1.00.
Ladles' lisle thread gloves In all the
latest sbsdes, at 25c and 50c.
Misses' kid gloves In all the latest spring
shades at 76c and $1.00.
Miseea' silk gloves in modes, ton, grey
and white, with Kayser patent tip, at 50c.
Misses' lisle thread gloves, In tan, mod",
red, grey and white, at 25c.
Laces! Laces! Laces!
25c, 60c and 75o wash Laces, rer yard,
5c, 10c and 15c.
Saturday always Ribbon day. All kinds
of new Ribbons, 6c up.
$1.00 French-plate mirrors, 25c.
New Belts
r.Oc Belts. 25c.
U.00 Belts, 60c.
Why be sick vtheii rre gaaruntce this
medicine to help 700!
Some people are nptly described at
"alwayg grunting." Tltey never seem
to feci just right, and if one thing isn't
the matter with them miothcr is. These
are the people that wo always eel like
crossing the street to avoid meeting.
They are always more or Icks ill because
tlicy refuse to adopt a sensible course.
When they feel somo particular symp
tom they dose themselves with various
things which aio supposed to bo good
for what that symptom indicates.
There is no uso in pursuing such a
course as this. Tho only way to get
cured and stay cured is to find the root
of tbe trouble and pull that root out.
Now, everybody knows that weakness
or diseases of the stomach, liver or kid
neys and consequent impure blood it
responsible for more than ninety per
cent of the ills that flesh is heir to.
The only aensible thing to do i to
take Smith's preen Mountain Renova
tor. That doesn't waste any time chas
ing around for this symptom or that
symptom, but coes right to the vital .
organs, cleans tbemout and strengthen!
and upbuilds them, and purifies and en
riches the blood. Just a soon aa this
is done you get well, and just aa long aa
you keep yourself In proper condition
by the use of this famous old medicine
you are going to stay well.
There isn't any guesswork about this.
In its native New England Lome,
where it is the standard household
remedy for old and young, rich and
poor, Smith's Green Mountain Renova
tor has been effecting the most wonder
ful cures for a great many years, and it s
will do for 70a just what It has done for
( others.
" My husbaad hss already told yon how won
derfully ha has barn brnrfttd by taking Hurra's
(iniiic Mouhtais RsnovaToa, and now I want
you 10 snow uwreas or iita story.
" Tor rears I hare Wn a frail woman. My
household duties and car of a family ort ao
much upon ma thla winter that I waa afraid of a
erara lllnana. Whan Iaaw what tha RENOVA
TOR did for Mr. Brhott, I decided to try t. It
doe not seam poaalbla, but ia four weeks I have
rhangad Into a haaithy, raated and viKorutia
woman. Your medicine Is tiia best remedy for
tired out people that I hare ever tried. I hare
no mora backache, headache or nervousness.
The KKNOValOB oured ma,"
Mas. Hswav Scaorr,
BIO 8. Beaato ok, Indianapolis, lad.
March 1, 1801
Try this medicine. If it fails to help
you, com back to us for your monsy.
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