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.8 Cents a Day!
Why Pay Rent
or Interest
when the
Will furnish you the money to pay off your mortgage or
buy a home in any locality, and give you sixteen years
and eight montlis to pay it back, nt the rate of
$5.35 Per Month Without Interest.
Ammmt Monthly Monthly
MembertMp Sud Payments Payments
ree p before After
Maturity Maturity
$3.00 $1,000 $1.33 I $ 5.35
6.00 2,000 2.70 ! 10.70
9.00 3,000 4.05 10.05
GEO. A. NEAL, ex-U. S. Atty., president; also president
of the Home Co-Operative Co., Kansas City, Mo.
SAML. EITBTEIN, Atty., secretary; also secretary of
the Home Co-Operative Co., Kansas City, Mo.
HARRY NOTT, Rroker, treasurer.
1710 Fnrnam St., Bee Bldg, Telephone 2152
The following- contracts have matured and the Com
pany is ready to buy as soon as contract holder has
made his selection:
11,000 W. E. Z. Keller, 2615 Emmett $1,000 Daniel Llnahan, Columbus,
St., Omaha.
(1,000 J. W.
mouth. Neb.
11.000 Frank
St.. Omaha.
11.000 Frank
Neb. -$1.000
P. E.
Bookmeyer, Platts
Read. 1812 Chicago
C. Oall. Havelock,
Lenhart. Beatrice,
$1.000 Wm. Mlekle, Orand Island,
$1.000 Frank A. Pattlion,' Hastings,
$2,000 Philip Wlndhslra, 2455 S. 20th
St.. Omaha.
$2,000 R. M. Sutton. 1015 8. 19th St.,
New blood has been injected and the business of the
Company will be pushed to its utmost limit, with fidelity to
the interest of each and every contract holder.
Iowa Man Defeats Illiott and Crosby in
Fifty-Bird Match.
Wrtita Wla. Phot Champloashlsi
from Kanaaa llty Maa la
Twenty. Fire Straight
ea Shoot-Off.
KANSAS CITT. Mo., March 28. Fred Gil
bert of Spirit Lake, la., today won the
fifty bird shooting match for the Sport
men's Review trophy, and thua takes ab
solute poasession of that cup. The contest
ants were: Gilbert, J. A. R. Elliott of
Kansas City, and W. R. Crosby of O'Fallon,
Hi. Gilbert and Elliott tied on forty-seven
out of fifty, Crosby losing four birds. la
the shoot off at ten birds, Elliot lost his
first, second and sixth birds, Gilbert killing
ten straight.
Today's shoot which la preliminary to
the opening of the Grand American handi
cap tournament, which beglna officially on
Monday, next, took olace at Blue Rlv.r
Shooting park, just outside the city limits.
The shoot began at S o'clock and lasted
an hour. The weather conditions were
Ideal and tha birds satisfactory.
The contest waa for the possession of the
Sportsmen's Review cup, emblematic of the
wing shot championship of America. El
liott waa the holder of the trophy, having
successfully defended It since May IT, 1900.
when at St.. Louis, in competition with
thirty-six other crack shots, be tied with
seven of them, with a score of twenty-five
straight, and killed 100 straight In tho
shoot off. Gilbert, who became the per
manent owner of the cup by defeating El
liott and Crosby today, won It the first
time It was put In competition. This was
an open contest, November 4, 1898. at Cln
clanatl, twenty-eight shooters competing.
Crceby, tho first man up, missed his flrt
and eleventh birds and his twenty-third
and forty-second fell dead out of bounds.
Gilbert missed his twelfth bird and his
thirty-third and forty-first fell dead out of
Elliott's second bird fell over the line
and he missed his fifth and forty-sixth.
Crosby being out of the race, Elliott and
Gilbert shot off their tie. Gilbert killed
ten, making a straight score. Elliott mined
his first and sixth and hla second bird fell
outside of bounds. The birds were a lively
lot and the second barrel was used on
more than half of them.
age tomorrow. It prohab'y will be taken
out by Its certain anil designer for a len
tnlle thrash Into the wlml for the purpose
of testing its sailing qualities.
Whitfield Gela
from arl Report
Commissioner of Pensions Eieoutei a Long
Considered Flan.
Likely to Be Appointed by President
Roosevelt to Some Station
of More Important
J Rank.
his placo. O. A. Dixon, former superinten
dent of tha Cherokee division, succeeds Mr.
Denver to Kerr Orleans.
GUTHRIE. Okl., March 28. The general
solicitor of tha Denver, Kansas A Atlantic
railroad announced today that active con
struction on the line from Denver to New
Orleans will begin at once. This road Is
financed by Chicago capitalists and put
diagonally through Oklahoma from nrr h-
west to soutbeaat.
Two Pacific t'oaat Ship.
SEATTLE, Waah., March 28. A special
to tha Times from Dawson saya: A disss
trous fire started at midnight In Steamboat
slough opposite the city. ,The slough la
used by Yukon river boats for winter quar
ters. Of tha steamers and several barges
present when the fire started, Glenora
and Mona, the property of J. E. Genelle of
time I have been considering the question I Vancouver. B. C, have been completely con
or resigning. It will soon te nve years . Th i-. ,0 f,r i, MT.OOO and the
fir Is still raging. Ita origin ta unknown.
Paper Bos Factory.
KANSAS CITY. March 28. Fire early to
day destroyed the building occupied by the
National Paper Box company. Loss, $57,000.
Tha Kansas City Paper Box factory is
owned by the same company which owns
tha Omaha Paper Box factory and which
has houses at Minneapolis and other cities.
with headquarters at Minneapolis. E. Eg
gers. tha Omaha manager, la one of the
heavy stockholders In the company.
Five-Story Structure.
BOSTON, March 28. A loaa of $60,000 re
sulted from a Are tonight that riddled the
upper two stories of the five-story building
81 to 82 Franklin atreet, occupied by Red
ding, Balrd ft Co., artlats and workers in
leaded and atalned glass. The lower floors
were occupied by Wyckoff, Seamans and
Benedict, typewriter agents. Redding
Balrd Co.'s loas is $50,000, fully covered
by Insurance.
WASHINGTON, March 28. The following
letter from Hoa. H. Clay Evana, resigning
the commlaalonershlp of pensions, together
with an appended statement, was made
public at the White House tonight:
March 15. l2. To the President: t or some
ring t
n De
since 1 assumed the duties of this office
and I now have the honor or tendering you
my resignation aa commissioner of pen
alona and will thank you to accept the
same st aa early a date as may auit your
Thanking you for your kindly considera
tion and with assurance of my best wishes
I am, very respectfully,
Tha statement appended to the letter Is aa
' Mr. Evana aome months ago verbally ex-
f Teased his desire to resign, and finally put
t in writing on March l&. The president,
however, haa told him that he will have to
remain aa commissioner, in the first place
until his successor has been determined
upon, and in the second place, until there
U some position to tender htm which the
president will regard aa a promotion and
aa a fitting reward for hla excellent serv
Icea In the department.
No Wort Yet from Jeffries Rea-ard.
Ins Fight Proposal from
NEW YORK Mor-h Nn, ih.
Charleston Athletic club. J. C. Juadon and
v. McLaughlin, members of the southern
organization, have made a personal offer
to hllzslmmons for tho bout with Jeffries
The proposition was 75 Der cent of the
ross receipts, with a guaranteed nurse
$20,000. Pltzslmmnns Immedlatel v ac
cepted the offer. Aa evidence of irnoil faith
the southern clubmen have offered to nost
ii'iicn ui eo.uw wnen tne contract snail
ave been signed by the Ashlers.
Juadon and MrLmnhlln nlalne.t tn
Fltaslmmona that Ihrrn la nnthln In tha
iawa of South Carolina to prevent a boxtna
contest between heavyweights from being
decided In ihe stste.
Jt Jerrrles. said the former champion,
is aa anxious for the match am I am hn
will not hesitate to accept the Charleston
offer. It is the best and most sincere one
hat has vet been made for tha match
Immediately after articles of agreement
ire sinned by Jeffries nd mvunlf.tha
southerners will post $5,001 to be divided
between us. Later they will post the full
mount of the guaranteed purse money."
jenneB, wno is now in xs Angeles, t'al..
as been communicated with relative to
he Charleston club's bid.
CHICAGO. March 2S. According to the
notice given Robert Fltzslmmons Monday
tne LoB Angeies Atnietic ciud nas te
mantled a return of the forfeit money
posted to Insure the bout when the this
were tendered, says the Chronicle s IjOS
ngeles snerlal. This nracticallv rlosea
the Jeffrles-Fltzalmmons incident as far
s the Los Angeles Century Athletic club is
The club has proposed a fight with
Denver fc.d Martin, wno recently tie
feated Frank Chllds in Chicago, but Jeff
rles declares he will not battle with i
colored man until he la entitled to demand
champion recognition.
Century Clab to Halae Charleston Bid
In Hopea of Getting? the
Kits-Jeff Match.
C. A.
Clark Saceeeded hy G. A. Dlaoa
a Snperla tendent of tho
Omaha Division.
CHICAGO, March 28. Numerous changes
kave been announced by tha Illinois Central
management in pursuance of a plan to re
organise the southern and western portions
of tha system. The changes are In line with
the policy of the company to make the or
ganisation as compact aa possible, and such
as will Bt present conditions, caused by a
rapidly expanding traffic. Tha appointments
are aa follows:
M. Qtllsaa, formerly general superlnten
lent of tha lines south of tha Ohio river,
resigned and made third vice president and
general superintendent of tha Yasoo
Mississippi Valley road; O. M. Dunn, for
marly division superintendent of the Louisi
ana division, with headquartsra at New Or
leans, to be assistant gsnersl superinten
dent of tha lines south of the river: C. T.
Bcalfe, formerly local agent at New Orleans.
to succeed O. M. Dunn north of tbs Ohio
river. O. F. Bailey, formerly superintend
lent of tha Springfield division at Clinton.
has been relieved and will later be assigned
to other duties, and G. A. Clark, former su
perintendent of the Omaha division, takes
' for perfect gures a perfecter el la-
pevlecl Bgwc. i i-. ...
aMural beauty of tbe form snd
a,aaurts toe brcsuuog maa aigMtive
Junctions. At All uoaiers
rnca up li ua ai.oe
Business Block nt Morning; Ban.
MORNING SUN, la., March 28. (Special
Telegram.) Fir thla morning deatroyed
ona of the prominent business blocks In this
city, entailing a loss of $27,000, with $10,000
insurance. Tha heaviest losers were: D. H.
Morrison and Talbot, clothiers.
Chemical Plant, Meaaphla.
MEMPHIS. Tunn., March 28. The
glnla-CarolIna Chemical company plant la
on Bra and threatened with destruction.
C handler-Tar lor.
FLORENCE. Neb., March 28. (Special.)
Miss Carrie L. Taylor of Florence and Wil
Ham O. Chandler of Hancock, la., were
married her last night at tha home of
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonldas
Taylor by Rev. A. R. Julian of Atkinson, In
tha presence of a large number of friends,
several of tha relatives of the contracting
parties from abroad being la attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. Chandler will reside near
I I p. rwt ca Mke Hare e ih
Man Sheet 'Woman Darin Uaarrel
CINCINNATI. March tLC. N. Pendle
ton. a rtal estate dealer, is in tail on the
charae of murder, tinny today he shot
and Instantly killed Mra. Anna linker. The
parties lived on adjoining lota in the eat
end of the city. They have had quarrels
about division fences. Today the quarrel
waa reaumed ana Pendleton snot tn
woman dead. Her husband, a one-arme.
man. went to her rescue too late. Pendle
ton Area three shots Ineffectually at him
when Baker wrenched tha revolver from
him and would have shot him If there ha
been another load In the weapon. Neigh
bora held Pendleton until officers arrived.
Men Mar lea In Mine.
SBATTLK. Wash.. March -A special
to the Times from Us sou saya; A nun
raved In yesterday on Hunter creek, bury
lug eleven men. All were rescued, more
or less Injured, except I .on Uoesmex of
Maple, Mich., who la dead.
KANSAS CITY, March 2 -(Special Tele
gram.) Pvenldent James Whltneld of the
Western league was able to be at his office
today for the first time since his return
from Peoria the early prt of this week.
He was taken HI In Peoria last week and
when he came home Tuesday was com
pelled to r to bed.
When he went down to his office today he
round a stack or league mall awaiting him
and encouraging reports from the town
of the league, included In his letters were
fifteen contracts from Hilly Hart of Peoria,
Joe Wutnn of Les Moines and Packard nt
Denver. Hurt reports that he has signed
a full teitm and Is after more. Qulnn says
he has fifteen men under contract and la
still pulling the strings.
Both Uulnn and Hart have secured sev
eral stars from the Southern and Three-I
leagues, with a few veterans sandwiched
In. Hart and Vaughn will compose one of
the batteries of the Peoria team. Both
are old National league men. know the
game from A to Z and will surely be able
to get good worn out oi tne yo-jngsters,
Hart Is the old Pittsburg and Cleveland
pitcher, while Vaughn was the mainstay
behind the bat for the Cincinnati team for
years. Hart also has a promising pitcher
In Slmonton, a Cincinnati youngoter who
has been highly recommended by the news
paper men of his town. Another good
pitcher for Hart's team la Schaffstaf, a
boiithcrn league graduate.
Manager Charlie Nichols of the local
Western league team has received a letter
from Hugh Duffy, who has arrived In Mil
waukee, and the Brewers' manager snys
everything there la bright. In spite of the
claims of the association people that the
Western league cannot go In Milwaukee.
With a better situated park and a tenm to
compare favorably with the association
bunch he sees no reason why the Western
league should have any troible in Mil
waukee. He haa signed twelve men up to
From Denver comes a report that One
Dundon, the third baseman who haa been
claimed by both Oear of KansRH City and
George Tebeau of Louisville, has reported
to Packard and prepared to guard third
base for the Urtszlies. Dundon wrote Pack
ard a letter during the winter, saying he
Intended to stick with Denver, and, ac
cording to the Denver papers and other
Information he is already In the Colorado
capital ready to begin the spring practice.
This will be something of a disappoint
ment for Tebenu, as (Jus ia a good muii
and would have fitted In well at third
corner for the Colonels. "White Wings"
announced last winter that he had xecured
Dundon for Kunsas City. Since then he
has given ojt Dundon's name in his Louis
ville list, and the excuse given for taking
(us away from Kansas City waa that he
refused to come here.
Hearlj Eighty Thousand Dollars in Good-
Will Offerings.
One Man Who tnek to Hla Job
Thlrty-even tears tieta Twelve
Thousand Dollar Ma t Wntrh
man Draws Ten Thonaand.
Dickey Played from Sixty to One to
Six to One, Takes Tn.
Year-Old Hace.
uicKey, winner or the 2-year-old race
LCa ANGELES. Cal.. March 28. The
Century Athletic club la still In the contest
lor tne jenTrlea-Fltzsimmons fight and will
make a new offer that will raise the bid of
the Charleston club. Yesterday the pros
pects for bringing the fight here were con
sldcred very slim, but the offer from South
rolina haa spurred the local promoters
on to a new effort. The forfeit money
placed In San Francisco has been left there
as a guaranty of good faith and the purse
money in bum on ueposu witn tne Cltlsens
Dana or tnia city.
Thomas McCarry. president of the club.
said: "The bid from Charleston does not
bother us a bit. We do not believe thev
can make good, and we have good reason
to neueve mat tne oner la not bona tide.
CHArit-KSiUN, B. c. March 28. Pro
moters of the bout between Fltzslmmons
and Jeffries propose to have the contest
take place at the exposition grounds, where
a great arena will be built, plans for which
have already been made.
There is some uncertainty here aa to tha
attitude of the state authorities in the
matter and it is reported that Oovemor
Mi Sweeney will not permit the contest to
taue Place. An errort la being made to
smooth the differences and there is hope
urn u win ve louna posBioie to pun oil
the fight.
Will Fight Fred Hassell, M ho Weighs
Two Haadred and
B08TON. March 28 Joe Waleott waa
matched to fight Fred Russell for a de
cision before tha Wabash Athletic club.
Chicago. April t. Walcott. who, it is said,
only weighs 140 pounds. Is forced Ve meet
a man who weighs 23) pounds and Is six
feet tall. Ben Donnelly, a foot ball player,
will referee.
Oakland today, was played from 60 to 1 to
6 to 1 and the ring was hit hard. Honltnn
was favorite and as Dickey had done noth
ing In his races the book charged up the
long price against him. The youngster
worked well and there was a ruah to Ret
aboard. The price was cut rapidly and
very little went on at anything over 7 to
1. The good thing and the favorite had
the race to themselves and in a drive
Dickey won by a neck. Two favorites won.
Captain Gaines, whose recent form was
very bad. upset calculations by winning
the last race from the favorite. Cougar,
at odds of 10 to 1. Horton was a 7 to lo
favorite ftr the mile and an eighth cicnt,
but he waa none too well handled by
Ransch and Artllla beat' him easllv. Ke-
First race, one mile, selllnz: Free l ance
won. Expedient second, Satan third. Time:
Second race, one-half mile, uurse: w. J.
Dickey won, Hnnlton second, Escarola
third. Time: 0:48.
Third race, eleven-sixteenths of a mile
selling: Lass of Langdon . won. Axmlnstcr
second. Yrsula third. Tlrrie: 1:0S4.
Fourth race, one mile and an f lahth. "tell
ing: Artllla won. Hortoft second. Commis
sioner Forster third.- Times 1:66.
Fifth race, three-quarters of a mile.
purse: Beau Ormond won. Headwater sec
ond. Sea Queen third. Tims: 1 : 13V.
Sixth race, one mile, selling: Captain
Gaines won, Cougar second, San Vtnado
third. Time:
CHICAGO, March 28 The Merchants' Na
tional bank of this city, which will soon go
out of business, its interests being merged
with those of the Corn Exchange National
bank, today presented Its employes with
farewell gifts.
The gifts were tn rash and aggregated be
tween $70,000 and $S0.O00. The presents
were handed out without ceremony and be
fore the recipients knew what the envelopes
contained the chief officers of the bank had
put on their hats and departed. One em
ploye of the bank, who had held his position
over thirty-seven years, received a check
for 112.000. while the night watchmsn re
ceived one for $1,000. Another employe
found a check In his envelope for $3,000 and
the lowest amount of money given any clerk
was $50. That was awarded to a messenger
boy who had served the Institution only a
few months. The size of the checks was
proportionate to the length and value of the
men's services.
Mew Itapltl City Incorporation Files
Articles with 4 lilcaan Capital
FIERRE, S. D., March 28. (Special Tele
gram.) Articles of incorporation were filed
today for the Federal Railway company of
Rapid City, with a capital of $18,000. Tho
Incorporators are. William T. Coad, Charles
D. Mattlson and J. B. Henry of Rapid City,
Joseph 11. Mulke and Forest C. Murdock
of Chicago.
Drnd and Ilia Trraanre Rnrled.
BELLE FOCRCHE. S. D., March 28.
(Special.) Thomas Beckman was found
dead at the ranch of J. T. White, a few
miles from Belle Fourche. He had been
staying alotoe at that place. D. R. Evans
of Belle Fourche found hie body stretched
on the floor. The clock was still running
and it is not thought he had been dead
Beckman was 70 years of age and had
been a familiar figure around Belle Fourche
a long time. Every few weeks be would
appear In town with several hundred dol
lars In gold coin. It waa noticed that many
of the gold pieces smc-llcd earthy and musty
and it is thought the old man had a treas
ure burled somewhere about the place. A
few days before he died he came to town
with about $300. Ha spent about half of
it and friends Induced him to take $100 to
the bank. This ia still on deposit to his
credit. Parties contemplate visiting the
ranch to search for the old man's cache.
Mrs. Georae Kenney n Suicide.
CENTRAL CITY, 8. D., March 28 (Spe
cial.) Mrs. George Kenney was found dead
tn one of the rooms at the Shannon hotel
In Central City, and a bottle of laudanum
close by told the tale of a suicide. Death
had evidently occurred several hours bo-
fore she was found. The husband of the
deceased was working at the new cyanld4
plant of the Homestakn company, near
Central City, and took charge of the re
mains. Family troubles are believed to
have led to the act.
Itnln Cats No Flaore.
WASHINGTON. March 28 Rain today
had no effect on the betting taction at
iiennlng9, though It materially decreafed
the assemblage in the stand. Notwith
standing the heavy condition of the track
the favorites captured five of the ra -e.
Elizabeth Moan, Blue DeUt, Justice, Char
ley Moore and All Saints winning. Jockey
T. Burns landed three winners, ilegults:
First race, Ave and one-half furlongs:
Elizabeth Moan won. Cormorant second.
Qwinne third. Time: 1:11.
Second race, one-half mile: Blje Delft
won, Ada second, Mexlcana third. Time:
Third race, six furlongs: Earl Kave won,
Red Damsel second. Princess Ottillle third.
Time: 1:18.
Fourth race, five furlongs: Justice won.
Odds and Ends second, High Carnival
third. Time: 1:19 2-5.
Fifth race, six furlongs: Charlie Moore
won, Caithness second. Lac third. Time:
Sixth race, one mile and seventy yards:
All Saints won, Lou Hey second, Farrcl
third. Time:
Two-Man Bowllngr Tonraer.
The second series of the two-man tourna
ment was played on the Gate City bowling
alleys last night. Score:
1st. 2d. Sd. Tot. Tot.
15 173 1!8 6S0
162 163 112 417- S7
157 1 147 47
ls Volt 11 68 1.015
181 150 168 4W
15S 127 12 406 M
ls 161 154 4X4
116 152 142 441
148 137 170 456
142 164 174 4X4 SSI
, 190 170 178 638
2u6 201 148 656 1.08
Jonea ,
Chandler ,
Plotts ,
Al Krug
Data for Golf t'oateata.
CHICAGO. March 28. -At a meeting of
the directors of the Western Golf associa
tion matters in regard to the western
championship were considered. The sense
of the directors ass that the amateur
champlonhlp tournament should be held
sfter the national event at Ulen View.
This will be finally decided by the new
directors early next month. Two new
clubs were admitted to membership Elm
hurst and Dea Moines, la. making th
roster thirty-nine.
Preserve Lite Birds.
COLl'MBl'8. O.. March 28. The Bran-
nock bill to prevent trap shooting at live
birds was pasea today by tne house with
out opposition. Ihe bill provides for a
heavy penalty for violation of tha statute.
Meteor Makea Trial Trln Todny.
NEW YORK, March 28. At the office of
Ihe builders of the German emiterof's
yacrt Aieteor it waa announca touay mat
the yacht wm i ready to leave it anchor
Lady Caraon'a Nose la Front.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark., March 28.-The
first five favorites won today at Clinton
park. Jockey Lynn rode two winners. The
finish between Lady Curxon and Cogswell
was the closest of the meeting. Lady Cur
son lasted Just long enough to win by a
nose from Cogswell. The track waa sloppy.
Attendance large. Results;
First race, Helling, six furlongs: Pll
lardlst won, Krmack second, Joe Collins
third. Time: 1:20.
Second race, selling, five and one-half
ruriongs: Hraw iMti won, Cjrd Glllock
second, Tenny Belle third. Time: 1:12.
i mm race, selling, three-quarters of a
mile: Lady curzon won, Cogswell second,
Ballnda third. Time: 1:37H.
Fourth race. selllna. six furlnnaa:
Bchwalbe won, Harry Wilson second. Trio
third, -lime: iiift-v
Fifth race, selling, seven furlongs: Cen
sor won, Ida Penseance second, Pru Wood
intra, nme:
Sixth race, selling, one mile: Alaie M
won, B. G. Fox second. Pay the Fiddler
inira. nme: i:it.
Jockey on Foor Winners.
CHARLESTON. 8. C. March 28-Ij.ur.'.
First. Katie Gibbons and Toad Halnev
were the winning favorites at the KxdosI-
iion iracK toaay. jocaey nan rode four
winnera and came in second on hla other
mount. Kesults:
First race, selling, six furlongs: Laura's
first won. omo lvlng second. John W
Daney third. Time: 1:22.
Second race, for maidens, six furlonrs:
Dewey D won. Nellie C second. La Vitesse
intra, lime: i:z.pVi.
Third race, selling, five furlonrs: Katie
tllbbons won, intent second, Deadly Night,
shade third. Time: 1:06.
Fourth race, selling, seven furlongs: Doc
tor North won. Ordeal second. Lady Hay-
man tnira. lime:
Fifth race, selling, seven furlongs: Toad
Rainey won. Cathedral second. Lady Riley
tnira. lime: i:m.
Hankers Will Meet nt Huron.
HURON, S. D.. March 28. (Special.) The
executive committee of the South Dakota
Bankers' association, was in session here
Wednesday evening, arranging for their an
nual convention to be held here May 21.
Prealdent-Klect James of Northwest
era Saya the Nyatem la Los
Ins Gronnd.
High Bekool Boya and Glrla Will Glre
Exhibition at Geraaaata
Feminine and masculine athletes of the
Omaha High school will join in a carnival
of aports to be held tonight at Oermanla
nan. rnere are lourteen events on the pro
gram and all promise to be of Interest and
excellence The affair la really a sort of
mixed tournament between the four differ
ent classea, with outside events added. Web.
ster Sutherland wl.l lead the seniors,
Claude Robertson the Juniors, - Ueorge
Thompson the sophomores and Richard
Patterson the freshmen.
Wrestling, basket ball galore, aack race,
obstacle race, tumbling, relay races and
similar affairs constitute the card. The
iunlors and seniors will contest at basket
all and racing, as will the freshmen and
sophomores. Finals will then occur between
the two winning teama for the champion
ship. ,
apple-liana Klsht Off.
BUFFALO.- N. Y.. March 28 -The pro
posed bout between Curley Supple and Joe
Gana has been declared off and Manager
Herrman of the International Athletic
club left for Baltimore tonight with
articles signed by Frank Ern for a
twenty-round match with Gana. The club
house across the river will be enlarged to
seat 4,&uo oersons. A bid for the Young
Corbetl-McUovern fight will be made.
CHICAGO. March 28 Dr. E. J. James
president-elect of the Northwestern uni
versity, presented bis first communication
to the trustees today. On the subject of
coeducation he said In part:
There are many signs of a marked reac.
tlon In the Dubllc mind on the sublect of
coeducation. Friends of the movement
may well view It with some concern. The
tide seems In certain ways to have ebbed
A pronounced reaction has set in. Not
only has the system ceased tn make new
converts, but there are indications that It Is
losing ground In the very territory which It
had so completely won. A new period of
questioning is upon ua. A sort of vague
prejudice has arisen In the country at large
which Indicates a new attitude nf the pub
lic mind toward the whole problem. The
system is attacked on new grounds and
from new points of view.
We are. moreover, not left to merely
theoretical criticism and vague suggestion
as to what the public sentiment Is on the
subject. This is evidenced in certain quar
ters by some very Interesting external
signs. The distinct alteration In the atti
tude of a number of Institutions toward
the subject Is indicated by their policy.
The rapid growth of attendance at the
women's colleges during the last few years
Is olno a very significant fact.
All these things and many others of like
kind point to a serious crisis In the history
of this movement and It behooves those
who believe In coeducation to study the
system with all seriousness. The grounds
of discussion have changed entirely in the
last generation. The old objections have
lost their force and entirely new ones are
now to the front. The notion thut women
are incapable of doing college work so
commonly urged a generation ago. has
completely disappeared. The suggestion
that young men and women cannot be
trusted to observe proper relation In their
social Intercourse has been exploded in
view of the fact that the moral tone of co
educational Institutions Is distinctly higher
than that of tne community at large and Is
certainly not inferior to that of schools for
one sex alone.
But, on the other hand, one hears oftener
the claim that the Increasing number of
women tends to feminize the Institutions
where they are, In some cases to such an
extent as to discourage the attendance of
men. It is urged with increasing per
sistence that the social detractions and
dissipations, with their widening Invasion
of the serious purpose that should go with
school life, form a very serious problem;
while others emphasise the fact that the
broad difference In tho future careers of
the two sexes should find a more adequate
recognition in the college curicula.
Bank Teller Misstate.
NEW YORK. March 28. II. C. Coneland,
president of Riverside bank, complained to
the police today that H. G. Bell, receiving
teller of the concern, was missing und that
an examination of his accounts disclosed
a shortage of Jl "i,Vci. He charged him with
emheszlement of that sum and asked the
police to arrest him. Bell haa not been at
the bank blnce Monday.
Released from Custody.
CINCINNATI. March 28 William T.
Iake, deputy state oruanlj. r of the Macca
bees and for whom th? Kansas City au
thorities made a requisition on a charge of
forgery, was released from custody today.
Governor Nash notified Sheriff Taylor that
the requisition had been withdrawn on the
pledge of relatives to place Lake In a sanitarium.
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COLl'MBUS. O.. March 2S Osteopaths
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today by the passage of an act In the
house. The bill pmvldea for a committee
to examine osteopathy and to regulate the
practice of that system of curing human
Ills. They are not to be permitted lo prac
tice surgery or administer drugs.
Hal. Stops Ball tiiac,
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