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W. B. Bennett Company's Opening Drawi an
Immense Crowd.
Little lyoalse Bennett Leads Throng
lot the Bewildering- Display of
Merchandise In I. arse
Sew Bnlldlaa;.
Hke a princess or ell leading a gala
pageant into the realm' walled city on
feataj day, ao little Louise Bennett con
ducted a procession of three blue-coated
office, a uniformed band of twenty-five
pieces and a crowd of thousands of alRbt
eera into her father's mammoth new store
at Sixteenth and Harney atreets at 10
o'clock yesterday morning, upon the occa
lon of lt formal meeting.
An hour earlier Mr. Aubrey, the adver
tising; manager, had piloted from the corner
and all about the city a parade in wnirn,
fceeldea his carriage and the ornate band-
wagon, were twenty-eight of the W. R.
Bennett company's delivery vehicles, moat
of them new and too elegant in design and
finish to be cheapened with the common
name, wagon. When he returned tie found
that tha crowd waiting about the atore bad
grown from hundreds to thousands, and
when the door were thrown open these
thousands, marching in to music, swarmed
over the 116,000 feet of floor space and took
possession for the day.
Until til doora closed at night the music
ld not ellerfte nor the girls In the souvenir
registration booths have rest for their busy
fingers, for ita waa visitors' day and the nrst
duty of the 600 regular employes of the
place waa to make all who came feel at home.
A dozen floor walkers constitute the special
reception committee, as Indicated by their
badges, but the whole force and Mr. Ben
net himself were assisting.
Souvenir Art Heads.
The souvenirs which were distributed
are art heads, about eight inches tall and
made of sculptor's plaster tinted the natural
color. The visitors were requested to give
their names and addresses to the registra
tion girls and when 14,000 have done so the
lists will be gone over and any duplicates
checked off, after which the distribution of
tha head will be made by special delivery.
There are enough of the souvenirs to supply
the whole 14,000 In case no duplicate names
are found, and la addition ordinary cal
endar were given out at some of the count
ers. The arrangement Is one of great con
venience. In the basement one first en
counter the parcel checking room and
time register for the employes. Along the
north aide, extending clear out under the
Class sidewalk, is the heavy hardware;
along; the east side the general office and
the private offices of Mr. Bennett and his
hlef of staff; along the south side a gro
cery stock, and occupying all the west or
rear of the room Is the fresh meats and
butter and eggs department, the coolers
feeing immense and of handsome design, with
glass doors and mirrored panels. On this,
as on every other floor, the visitor is Im
pressed with the good light and the "room
laess." The Immense new building of gray brick,
measuring 176 feet on Its Harney street
side and 132 on Sixteenth, Is surmounted at
lta four corners with staffs from which Old
Glory Is floating and from the 100 windows
are displayed an equal number of flags,
large and of every national design. Within
the furnlshlngn are all new and the trans
portation of the goods from the old store
to the new waa accomplished so expedi
tiously that the visitors found everything
In order yesterday morning and within five
minutes after the doors opened the cash
carrlera' trolley lines were bumming all
ver the store.
On the Main Floor.
On the main floor, back of the window
dressings, which are elaborate, the clothing
and dry goods extend from west to east
along the north side, drugs along the south
side and shoea in the rear. Along the
front are the two soda fountains and near
them a row of half a dozen round tables,
with four chairs each for the devotees of
Ice cream, and. other polite refreshments.
In the center of the floor 1 a diminutive
poatoffloe, with an accommodating postmis
tress of Its own, and ranged about It are
the cabinets and showcases of the tobacco
department, the sporting goods department.
Jewelry and silverware, confeotlons and
trunks, broad aisles separating each display
from the others.
The cashier's balcony Is along the south
aide over the drugs and the two elevators,
accommodating twenty persons each, are
also on that aide. The broad balcony in
the rear of the room la one of the numer
ous resting places provided for customer,
and It contain not only chair and divan,
tut two writing desk and a waiting maid,
11 three finished In mahogany. The broad
talrs connecting the various floors are all
la tha center of the rear or west end.
On tha second floor the north aide is
filled with china and glassware, one-half of
the east side with art pieces, the rest with
women's finery and a number of places in
which to try tha finery on. In the center
of the front part 1 a muslo pavllllon, white
finished outside and In, and elegantly fur
fcilsbed. Only a few of tha instruments
fWVl tintil abe drops, and think
'he's dolsjr rather fine thing. Very
'eftea the future shows her that she waa
la ring the foundation for Tears of
talvtppines. When the back ache,
when there Is irreralarity or any other
womanly 10, then the first duty a woman
owe to berseJf is to find a cure for her
The use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription in Cases of womanly disease
will insure prompt restoration to sound
health. It regulate tha period, stops
unhealthy dials a, heals inflammation
and ulceration, and cures female weak
ness. It makes weak women strong,
ick women well.
Sick women a so-invited to consult Dr.
JHerce, by letter, me of charge. All
correspondence) absolutely private and
Confidential. In his thirty vears and
ver of medical psactice Dr. Pierce, as
sisted by his staff of nearly a score of
physicians, has treated and cured more
than half a mQlioa women. Address
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
I wtll drop yea a few Bare to-day to let yo
know thai I am fccung wU sow, writes Mu
ante ataphens, of Bcltrvillc, Wood Co.. Wnl
Vs. I feel like a new woaun. I took several
bottles of 'Favorite rveecrtaifcsn sod of the
OoUoa Medical buronry.' I bsvs ma hcad-
E. now, and no more pota in my side; no
rtng-dowa poia any mora. I think that there
to Btsdidac like Dr. rterco medicine.
Dr. Pierce's Common Stnse Medical
Adviser, in paper covers, is sent fret oa
receipt of at one-cent UraM M psv ex
pen Bsailiag Wy. A.tjv-. V.
Awl A
Wft lip
are kept Inside, much of Its apace being
taken up with busts of musicians and other
musle art. The quaint windows ars cur
talned in red and the building (for it I a
building complete within Itself) i most
Handsome Mechanical Inlls.
The third floor is occupied by the furnl
ture stock, but the northwest quarter will
be fitted up as a cafe a soon a the floor
polishers are out of the way. Near this
cafe is the handsomest thing In the build
Ing. Mrs. Bennett has dressed In the finest
of gowns a dozen mechanical dolls, two of
whom play a piano and harp, while four of
the otbera waits about the little stage. The
rest, posed most naturally, look on. They
are all about two feet tall and the feature
has been provided as an entertainment for
the women and children.
The top floor Is a stock room and the sub-
basement contains nothing of Interest ex
cept, perhaps, the mechanical -contrivance
which feeds the whole building with hot
air In winter and with chilled air In sum
mer. The Interior finish of the building is
a clear white and for the hours of darkness
there are Innumerable electric arc lights.
Handsome Brick Residence
on the southwest rimer or .Seventeenth and
Douglas streets. It was built by the late
Henry Pundt a hi home and 1 one of the
best constructed a well as one of the finest
houses in Omaha. It is built entirely of
brick and stone, stone steps and slate roof.
It is finished In the choicest of hard woods,
has hard wood floors. Imported English tile
floor In the reception hall, electric lights,
porcelain bath, laundry with stationary
washtubs, large pantry, china and linen
closets, cedar-lined woolen closet, etc.
besides the basement, containing laundry,
storage rooms, storeroom, cellar and wine
cellar, also large, high attic storeroom, sep
arated from the servants' rooms. It also
ha a large veranda enclosed as a sun par
lor, equipped with cteam heat.
a the house Is connected with the heating
and lighting systems of The Bee Building.
For further information call on Charles C.
Rosewater, Secretary The Bee Building Co.,
Room 100, Bee Building. Telephone 238.
Police Department Preparing; to
Proaecnte Alleged Wife Beater
to Law's Limit.
The police department Is preparing to
make hard times for Frederick A. Bruton,
the man arrested Saturday night on a
charge of wife beating. A consultation waa
held at the office of the chief of police, at
the suggestion of Mayor Moores, for the
purpose of providing a penalty suitable for
the crime, and It was decided that all of
the powers of the state and the city should
be brought to bear upon the alleged wife
beater. Under the law a city prosecution
is no bar to prosecution under the state
law, so after Bruton has received a hear
ing before Judge Berks the police, depart.
ment will file charges with the county at
torney and have Bruton prosecuted under
the state law.
"Wife beating is a form of brutality
which shall not go unpunished If I can help
It," said Mayor Moore. "It 1 inexcusable
and if we can secure a conviction I will
have Bruton prosecuted a far a any law
will allow. The county attorney will not
take the case before the police Judge, and
I do not care. He can take It before any
Justice of the peace he desires, but the case
against Bruton will be carried aa far as
Police officers aay that Bruton has made
a practice of not only beating his wife, but
of kicking her, and that this ha continued
for many year.
OMAHA, Neb., March 24. 190S.
Whereas, It has pleased the Almighty
to take from our midst our beloved friend,
Mr. Andrew Nyberg, be It
Resolved, That we, Walters Local No. 23
In special meeting assembled, do hereby
express our sense of deep grief at the un
timely demise of our dear friend, and be It
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions
be spread upon the minutes of this local
and a copy be sent to the relatives of the
Funeral 2 o'clock Wednesday.
Mrs. Samuel Rees, 720 So. V. St., has
the honor of giving the first order In the
V. 8. substation No. 1, located In W. R.
Bennett'a new store. The order was for
seven dozen postal cards.
Will Investigate Smallpox Conditions
nd Thea Confer with Local
Dr. C. P. Wertenbaker of the United
States Marine Hospital service at New Or
leans arrived In Omaha yesterday for
the purpose of examining Into the smallpox
situation in this vicinity. Tha doctor had
a conference with Mayor Moores early In
the morning and Is now following up In
veatlgatlon upon his own account. He
Informed the mayor that be would make a
report a to the condition aa they were
found by him and that after that report was
submitted he would offer suggestions to the
authorities as to the manner of handling
ease if it were found that Improvements
could be made.
The health authorities have made a care
ful investigation of tha number of cases of
smallpox In the city and, while no one
could be found to apeak with authority, It
was said that there are sow about seventy-
five cases. Including all at the emergency
hospital and those quarantined at home.
It was said by physlctana today that aa
soon ss Dr. Wertenbaker has concluded his
Independent Investigations he will hold a
conference with the physlctana of the city
for the purpose of advising them a to the
best way of preventing the spread of the
Wedding Ceremony Wherein Inter
ested Parties Were Hot l'
la Their Parts.
Justice Altstadt performed a marriage
ceremony Saturday afternoon that almost
caused him to lose his patience. The con
tracting parties were Pletrlo Turmaino and
Mr. Carolina Slrvlawni Grande. After
practicing the names for thirty minutes the
Judge proceeded with the ceremony. "Do
you take this woman, etc." The only aa
ewer waa a nod of the head. Again the
question waa propounded and again thi
answer waa a nod. "That doesn't go here
If It does In Italy." said the Judge, "you
must say yes or no or these proceedings
stop." After ten minutes were spent by the
Interpreter explaining to the groom what
the Judge meant, the "yss" was given, not
in English, though to the sattafactlon of
the bride. The same question was asked
the bride-to-be. Before answering shs bad
Pletrlo hsnd over his pocketbook and then
proceeded to give her yes. When tha set
tlement time came the bride found the
purse contained only S. which "Bismarck"
totvfca AfkiteJ,n jrftia
Secret 8erric Officer Tells of Perfection of
Photographio Counterfeiting,
When Coloring; Is Perfected Photo,
cmphern Will Be Able to Make
Paper Money Hauler Than
the Government.
A new counterfeit, a national bank note
upon the Merchants' and Farmers' bank of
Weatherford, Tex., has been discovered by
the United States secret service and re
ported to the local officer of the depart
ment. This is a photographic note, printed
on two sheet of paper pasted together, be
tween which silken threads have been in
serted. It Is of the series of 1882.
"This system of counterfeiting," said Cap
tain John Webb, secret service officer, "Is
going to bring about trouble for the present
system of paper money. There Is Just one
thing which will have to be perfected and
then It will be practically impossible to
detect counterfeits, and that la the color.
When color photography has been perfected.
or some system has been devised of stain
ing photograph paper, then it will be nec
essary for the government to devise some
circulating medium other than paper money.
A man with a camera can then make money
more rapidly and a great deal easier than
the United States Itself and detection will
be practically impossible. The note Just re
ported must be a fairly good reproduction
aside from color, as no specific Imperfec
tions by which it may be detected have been
Plates o Lunger Necessary.
"In an earlier day the counterfeiter of
money had to make a steel plate and
operate a press. Aside from the danger of
mistakes and imperfections In the plate
there was an element of expense attached
which made it practically Impossible for
many to engage In the business. Then there
have been attempts to pass zinc etchings.
which were counterfeits hardly worthy
of the name. The first photographic re
production which caused trouble was one
where the photograph had been printed on
both sides of the same sheet of paper. It
was not difficult to detect, but when I asked
several photographers how It had been done
they seemed to be unable to answer. Now
that the photograph Is being printed upon
two sheets and the threads Inserted the
question Is becoming more Involved. Let
them get the color correct and detection
will be Impossible."
Announcements of the Theatera.
The social event of the week at the Or-
pheum will be Elk's night given by local
lodge No. 39 B. P. O. E. In honor of their
distinguished brother Milton Nobles, who
with his charming wife Dollle Nobles is
presenting one of his little comedies en
titled "Why Walker Reformed." Milton
Nobles Is one of the oldest members of 39
and every time he visits the city devotes
much of his time renewing association with
the brothers. He naturally is the patron
actor of the lodge and Elk'a night In his
honor haa become one of the regular an
nual eventa at the theater. The bill this
week 1 a decidedly good one containing
a well selected variety of pleasing acts.
The regular Wednesday matinee will be
given tomorrow.
Miss Viola Allen and her great company
come to the Boyd tomorrow night, a spe
cial matinee Thursday and Thursday night
In Lorlmer Stoddard's dramatization of
of F. Marlon Crawford's romantic love
story of old Madrid, "In the Palace of the
King." The enormous business enjoyed by
Mis Allen In other cities, and more es
pecially during her long run In New York,
augura well for the merit of the new play
and the company presenting It. "In the
Palace of the King Is divided into 'six
cenes, and the several settings, copies of
the apartments and great halls of the
Alcazar, Madrid, are said to be of regal
magnificence. The costume are correct
copies of those worn during the time of
Phillip the Second of Spain. Miss Allen's
gowns, ss well as those of other members
of the company, are described as being of
great richness and beauty.
Send articles of Incorporation, notlcea of
stockholders' meeting, etc., to The Bee.
We will give them proper legal insertion.
Bee telephone, 238.
Shampooing and halrdrsaslng, tSe, at The
fiathery. 216-220 Be Building. Tel 1711.
Wife of Venerable Minister Passes
Away la Her Seventieth
Mrs. Henrietta M. McCague, wife of
Thomas McCague, D. D.. died yesterday
morning at her home at 426 South Fortieth
street, after an illness of only one day,
death being the result of pneumonia, which
developed Sunday. Sunday she attended
church and after the service complained of
pain in her lungs. This steadily became
worse until the end at 7:15 yesterday morn
Mrs. McCague was an old resident of
Omaha, coming to this city in 1867. She
waa the daughter of John Lowes of Warren
county, Ohio, and was educated at Oxford
and South Salem, O. In July, 1864, she waa
married to Rev. Thomas McCague and left
with him In the aummer of the aame year
to found the mission of the United Pres
byterian church in Cairo, Egypt, which ha
since grown to be such a power for good.
None will ever know the trials, vlscissl-
tudes and difficulties in this pioneer work
in a strange land and among a atrange peo
ple, with a new language to be learned, new
cuatoma to be adopted and a new life lived,
but no one ever heard this brave woman
In 1861 she returned to America, locating
at Dea Moines, la. In 1466 the family
nioted to Kebra City and In U67 came
to Omaha, where they have sines resided.
Immediately upon coming to Omaha a
United Presbyterian church was started,
Mr. McCague using largely of hi own mean
for the erection of the building, which waa
located near the Pacific school. Many of
those who lived here at that time will re
member the hand-to-hand struggle which
was carried on and many speak to this
day of her missionary zeal, her faith and
her hope in this second pioneer field of
her life.
Not only In her own church, but In all
charitable and Christian work, waa she ever
ready to give of her time and her talenta.
Few knew that among the Aasyrlan people
of our own city she waa often found speak
ing to them In their mother tongue, coun
seling and helping them. She was one of
the founder of tho Old Ladles' home and
was always an active and energetic worker.
Of the family surviving her are her hus
band. Rev. Thomas McCague; her sons,
John L., Thomas H. and George 8. of Omaha
and William L. of Seattle, Wash., and
Brower E. of St. Joseph, Mo.; her four
daughters, Mra. Albert Gordon of Youngs
town, O. ; Mrs. James H. McCulloch, Mr.
George Marples and Miss Lydla McCague of
Where can you Invest money more profit
ably than by buying a bottle et Prickly Ash
Bitters you get four for one. A kidney
medicine, a liver tonic, stomach strength-
ener and bowel ti neat.
of great magnitude and importance await you today
Head the list below', you'll agree with us that they appeal
with irresistible force.
$15 long Coats $7.98
Long coats made of heavy taffeta silk,
with three capes, fitted backs, and
turn back cuffs,
115.00 values,
$4.50 Golf Skirts SI.93
All wool golf skirt with high flounce,
stitched bottoms, oxfords, gray.
brown, blue, regular
14.60 values,
$5 Golf Skirts $2.98
Made of good all wool outing cloth
with fancy corded flounce and new
ring trimmings, perfect
fitting, all colors, n v -.
$5.00 values, rJ J Vi
ani a
Handkerchief Sale
A New York manufacturer's travelers'
camples of ladles' and men's hand
kerchiefs worth
16c, go
Ladles' fine, sheer all linen handker
chiefs worth
20c, go
75c Underwear 39c
One big bargain counter of ladles'
fine muslin gown, skirts and draw
ers, trimmed with lace and
broidery, tucked and
hemstitched, go
Very Special Inducements in Basement
25c Black Mercerized India Linen 10c Yard
For tomorrow only we will offer one case of black mercerized India linen of
the finest quality obtainable sells regularly at 25c yard. The manufacturer
has allowed us to introduce It into Omaha to sell one case, and no more.
at 10c yard. (After today you will
25c yard for the same
One case white checked
and plaid nainsook,
One case heavy white
lawn, at,
5c yard
Insiit Upon Giving Daily Dog Shows in
Oity'Clerk's Office. '
Applicants . for License Consider It
Pleasing; to Show Off the Intelll
' fence and Agility of
Their "How-Wows."
In issuing a dog license the employes of
the city clerk's office ask three questions
and write twenty words. Then they tear
off the perforated certificate from the stub
book and hand it to the applicant. This
supposedly completes the job and It is
about a minute's work, but if the clerk
get out of it in lees than fifteen time that
long he Is lucky, for of the 300 people who
have secured licenses thus far 264 have in
sisted on detailing the cleverness of their
dogs and 182 of these have brought the
animals with them to furnish ocular dem
onstration In support of their statements.
So the clerk's working staff expects to
spend the major portion of ita daya from
now till about June 1 watching the antics
of dogs and refereelng kaleidoscopic aettos
between those canines that ignore their
masters' commands and endeavor to estab
lish a new catchweight city hall champion
whenever they meet another ready per
former there on the aame errand.
"A man standing here half a day and not
ing the operation of the dog license clerk
would hear scores and scores of stories
about the wonderful Intelligence of the ani
mals," said one of the clerk's employes,
"and he would also be compelled out of
courtesy to watch dogs do tricks until he
was black In the face.
"It Is astonishing how many people want
us to know all about the animal on which
they are taking out a dollar's worth of life
Insurance. The old tales of bringing papa's
slippers to him when he gets home at
night, of watching for the newsboy and car
rying In the papers unsolicited when they
arrive, of finding a window open after the
family haa retired and lying right down
under it all night, of tracking the master
ten miles In a buggy by the scent, of being
borrowed by, a friend and taken up Into
Brown county to hunt chickens and Imme
diately on being loosed running on a cor
rect geographical line for Omaha and get
ting here ten hours afterward, having cov
ered 200 miles meanwhile we have all
those and more.
"We take the name of each dog and strike
a great many amazing ones. For Instance,
who would ever expect to find a dog named
'Prunea' or 'Bum' or 'Kopje' or 'Wop'?
But we have all those, besides 'Scrap' and
'Grip' and "Figs' and 'Boozer' and 'Dice'
and 'Chappie' and the 'Alice' of comic
1M Pv3UK
a mother should be a source of joy to all, but the suffering and
danger inc:Unt to the ordeal makes its anticipation one of misery
Mother' Friend is the only remedy which relieves women of the great
pain and danger of maternity ; this hiur which is dreaded as woman'i
severest trial is not only made painless, but all the danger is avoided
by its use. Those who use this remedy are no longer despondent or
gloomy; nervousness, nausea and other distressing conditions are
overcome, the system is made ready for the coming event, and tho
serious accidents o common to the crmca.i
hour are obviated by the use of Mother's
Friend. "It is worth its weight in gold,"
says many who have used it. $1.00 per
bottle at drug stores. Book containing
valuable information of interest to all women, V
be sent to any address free upon application tft
Superb Trimmed Hats at $5
The most sought after hats are our
beautiful creations at $5.00 especi
ally the black effects which are an
exceptional good value. In fact we
reiterate our oft repeated atate
ment that our $5.00 trimmed hata
are the best value
for the money In
Big Bunches of Cherries 39c
160 cartons of big luscious beautiful
French cherries. They look so
natural that you are tempted to
taste them. They sre very stylish.
We bought this big quantity some
what under regular price. There
are three dozen In a bunch, and
they sell everywhere f
at $1.00. today JUP
our price
Laces and Embroideries
Immense lots of fine laces. Insertion
and galoons. In torchon, Valencien
nes, Oriental and Chantllll, In all
widths, worth from lOo to 25c yard,
go at
Big lots of embroidery and Insertions,
narrow edgings, worth
up to Cc, go at,
All the medium and wide widths of
embroidery and insertion, many to
match, worth up to 35c yard, go at
have to pay
Three cases remnants, very
finest quality of dimity,
all new printings, yd. ...
One big table of all wool
Ingrain carpet samples,
at, each
opera fame. Then there are Uapple' and
'L'no' and "Trilby", and 'Hobo' and 'McKin
ley' and 'teddy' and many others. The
most common names are 'Sport' and 'Pug.
For those who desire to use the Santa
Fe California Limited trains for the trip
to Los Angeles account Women's Federa
ted clubs convention May let to 8th In
clusive, the management has arranged to
accept on these trains the special rate
round trip tickets on sale for this occasion
April 21 to 27 inclusive. $45.00 is the rate
from principal pointa In Nebraska. This
is an exceptional opportunity to travel on
thtB celebrated train as ordinarily only full
fare first class tickets are accepted. Ap
plications for accommodations should be
made as far In advance as possible. E. L.
Palmer of Des Moines is the district passen
ger agent.
Via the t'nlon Pacific.
Ogden and Salt Lake $20.00
Butte and Helena 20.00
Spokano 22.60
Portland and Ashland 25.00
Tacoma and Seattle 25.00
San Francisco 25.00
Los Angele and San Diego 25.00
City Ticket Office, 1324 Farnam St. 'Phone
816. Union Station. 10th and Marcy.
'Phone 629.
Mrs. A. C. Mark will have an opening
and exhibition of imported gowns, trim
mlngs, lace and dress fabric Tuesday and
Wednesday. 17th and Douglas' streets,
H or bach residence.
Shampooing and hair dressing, 25c, at Th
Batbery, 216-220 Bee Building. Tel. 1716.
Publish your legal notices In The Weekly
Bee. Telelphone 238.
NTBKRG Andrew, aged 45 years, at resi
cience, 1324 Capitol avenue. Monday morn
"in hi o.tvr o cinrn.
rrom Bwanson s undertaking rooms, corner
MTJAGITE Mrs. Henrietta M.. wife of Rev.
i. " o"'LS."B.. at nep home
No. 426 South Fortieth street thi. -it..
Born at Twenty-Mile Stand, Warren
county. Ohio, May 2o, 1832; died March 24
9o2. axed 69 years. 10 month. ani "i
Leaves surviving, husband, five sons and
four daughters.
Funeral announcement later. Cincinnati
FREPLUND Minnie. Saturday. March
SRpd J3 years, at Wise Memorial hospital'
Funeral from First Methnrll.r v,.i..i
church. Twenty-third and N streets. South
wiumiti, cuiifbuh j, iviarcn -o. at S o m
Burial at Laurel Hill. v
The funeral nervlces of Mrs. William
Brown will be held at St. Jnhn's church.
Twenty-sixth and Franklin atreets. Wednes-
nay. Mar. n zs, iwj, at Z p. m. Residence,
3121 Burdette. Friends Invited.
Every mother feel t
great dread of the pain
and danger attendant upon
the most critical period
of her life. Becoming
a boy's form, aud your interests will be best served at
this store. Heart what a wonderful selection you have to
choose from.
The Swellest Novelty for Little Boys
.From 4 to 12, is the Norfolk suit-It is mad up mostly
in cheviots, but in a great variety of different patterns.
Trices, $1.50, $1J5, $2. $2.25, $2.50 to $4.00.
THE THREE.riECE style for boys 9 to 10, we show
a grand assortment in plain and fancy colored cassimeres
IOUTHS hUITS, m the newest and brightest shad
ings of plain and fancy fabrics cut in the latest fads of
$6 50t' SI 650 Pla,'nCr Stjle8' at $4'50, $5"50'
Do you urn
aluable Papers?
We have a suite of rooms with a fire and
burglar proof vault. It consists of n
waiting room and two smaller rooms.
Electric light. Hardwood floors.
It will be a pleasure to work in office
like these. The rent is $40. We have
another single good sized office with a
vauir, only
Lasting Popularity
only comes through intrinsic
merit, and the high standard of
. Hunter
has won the confidence
of tha public.
It is always
Pure, Old and Mellow
and the finest type of tha
best whiskey made.
Sold St sit flnt-etati rafM and by Johhsrs.
. LAN A BAN A SUN, fteltlmor. Md.
Black bilk Suspensory,
Wa ar selling: Mark silk suspensory.
wltt) leg straps and waist bunds and rub
ber draw string;, for T6c. Another one,
same style, U made of white silk bolting
Cloth, with leg straps, very cool. Hlg
allien at 50c. , Then we have nice silk
suspensories with Just one band around
the waist at 85c and 50c, and very good
suspensories in both styles mentioned
above at &c. Our finest silk suxpeiiHory,
very easy and durable, 11.00. Mailed post
uald upon receipt of price.
Sherman& McGonnell DrugGo.
Xew Location.
Now Is the tms
when a sure cough
cure is Deeded.
Howell's A n 1 1-
Kawf Is that kind
of a cough cure. Try It. Twenty-Ava
cents a bottle at drug store.
Try one, then notice the fine Aroma of our present Havana
Tobacco and compare it with high priced Imported Cigars.
9. R. RlcatarcaaUi Clear Caw llwu
At The Nebraska. The most Interesting sec
tion of the store, just now, is our boys do-'
pnrtmont. A pretty collection of boys'
wen rings, nnd smaller prices you never
experienced before. The garments are
fashioned with more character more orig
inality and more individuality.
A visit to our boys' department will
quickly convince that no better clothes
than NEIUtASKA CLOTHES pvpp o-rn po.1
to lovers of good bser
will remind them that
the Metz beer Is tha best
to keep In the house, be
cause it Is a pure beer
and the care taken in
the bottling preserves
' hrawla ar Tn Af
BM.ui ura .dozen auart or Dint bot-
ftlei delivered.
Metz Bros., Brewing Co.
Telephone 11U, Omaha.
Or Jacob Neumnyer, AgL, car Neumayar
Hotel, Council Bluffs, la.
What a Long Tail Our Cat's Got.
Charley you must have had a pipe
dream or ele some of your brothers in
mNery have LKK3 THAN ONE REGI8
TKKED MAN; better be careful or you'll
make the boys sore and they will shut
you off thrn we would have to supply
you, too! We have FIVK registered MEN
ourselvea here ihey are: H. O. Canhman,
W. T. Hoover, Vernn Robertson, Eugene
IJeur and E. T. Yates; no one but REG
ISTERED MEN wait on our customers
either In our prescription department or
any other place.
Publlxh your list, Mr. PreHldent. we are
from Missouri. Compare these prices:
10c Krog in the Throat (all the time).. Bo
$1.00 Wine Cardul (1 to a customer).... 49o
$1.00 Coke's Dandruff Cure 47o
$1.00 Danrterine (Knowlton) &s0
$1.00 Hromo SelUer J70
$1.00 Temptation Tonic 25o
$1.00 Iler's Malt Whiskey 68Q
$1.00 Duffy's Malt WhlHkey 720
$1.00 I'eruna (1 to a cuatomer) J70
Poiia Mint Tablets (all the time) So
Jap Roa Boap (all the time) 7,,
60c Cramer's Kidney Cure 404
Frenh from the factory in Albany, N y
$2 00 Cotton Root, Tanay and Pennyroyal
Pills $1 00
$2 Puccus Alterans (McDade's) ... $185
Large line rubber goods at cut prices.
Tel. 747. a. W. l or. lUth Cbloa.
Goods delivered FRKK to any part of elty.
tacturara, IU lioul JLalea Mad , ..4.
VUL" omVI!IV"" H
IF If IVm,' Fj0ra