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    The Omaha' Daily Bee.
Tiscd Bill Transfers Besponsibilitj of
Protecting Gold Beaerre.
eeka to Dmtroy Game for
Treasury'! Collapse.
Tear of
Provide! Currency Adequate to the General
Demand-' '"We.
. . t
faaare Is to Be latredared . T
Chairman Fowler ( Honee
mltte on Baakla; aad v v
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, March . (opeclal.)
She republican members of the house com
inltte en- banking and eurrency hare been
working for some weeka upon a general
banking bill. It waa finished yesterday
and the chairman of the committee, Mr.
Fowler of New Jersey, waa Instructed to
Introduce It In the bouae aa a committee
bill. It will be favorably reported to tba
Determine ta Tie lp Shlppta- la Their
Effort ta Forca Wih
ST. JOHNS, N. F., March . In the mat
ter of tbe atrlke of tbe crews of the sealing
fleet, numbering about 1.000. who yesterday
demanded 14 per hundredweight for the
catch, inatead of $3.20. the previous rate,
the sealing merchants last night declined to
secede to any of tbe terma submitted by
the men. The merchants intimated that
the price for aeals would be at least i.iO
per hundredweight, the same as ltst year,
but declined to Indicate whether any ad
vance waa likely. The authorltlea Bay that
the condition of the foreign markets rea
ders an advance Improbable.
Regarding the other claims presented by
the moo for better accommodations and
other minor concessions, It la understood
the merchants are willing to make reforms
next year, but decline to alter existing
conditions under threat of a atrike.
.The matter la now at a deadlock and
join aides are working bard to score a vlo-
tory. The owners and captalna claim that
the atrlke has virtually collapsed and that
all the men are ready to Bail tomorrow,
being satisfied that certain modifications
will follow.
The leaders of the atrlke assert tbst the
men will not sail tomorrow and that the
ships will be powerless. In tbe meanwhile
the owners are arranging to secure other
supplies, men and crews for the ships
should this be necessary.
The sealers held a big meeting last night
to discuss the matter, but no decision wss
reached. The men suiter from lack of or
feouss tomorrow.
The purpose of this bill Is to reorganise ganlsatloa.
the existing monetary system by national
banks assuming to redeem currently $U0.- SENDS SECOND NOTE TO PORTE
VW,UUV VI UDlim Diir uuic", vj K' I
ting national banks to Issue under proper I American Lea-atlon laslsta that Brlar
safeguards and during a term of eeven
(rears asset currency proportioned to their
capital, by limiting issues of sliver cer
tificates to 1ft or less, by tncresslng the
coinage of subsidiary coin, by providing
for the exchange of gold for silver, by per-
ads Are Wlthla Tarhlsk
ican legation here today presented to the
xnltting national banks to have places of I ports the second note referring to the cap-
business In any part of tba United Statea, ture of Miss Ellen M. Etone. In this note
colonies and foreign countries, by requlr- It la pointed out that aa Mlsa Stone was
tng national banks to pay Interest at the captured, the ransom paid and the prison
rate of 1 per cent per annum on all da- era delivered In Turkey, the brlganda must
be within the Turkish frontier and should
therefor be captured.
The notejlenles that th authorities were
ever requested to lessen their vigilance
on tbe frontier and aaserta that only th
In th Interior
xslts of publlo money,
Board of Cealrsl to Sapervls.
The bill createa a board of control con
'alsttng of three members, who shall have
supervision of all national banks and die- B0Temnt of the troope
caarge 10. auues now ma in w cuuii-.i Wr Interfered With.
troiier or the currency. Any national nana
that snsii assume tne current redemption -v. BotM OPM.Bt.a , ,hm ,. k.
In gold of an amount of United Statea notes th Unte4 gt4tM e,atlon at Constantinople
"uv .i in the matter or Miss Stone's capture by
without depositing United States bonds, brlaands demanded the .!
immeo.aieiy issue an amount 01 dui notes ulltr Tru-. The nnrta In nvn.
qua! to 10 per cent of Its fapltal. At tbe
nd of one year It may IssuS an additional
0 per cent and on both Issues It shall pay
a, tax at tbe rate' of one-quarter of 1 per
cant per annum. When It ceases to redeem
United "tales notes It shall pay a tax on
h foregoing Issuss at th rat of 1 per
eent per annum.
At th and of two years national banks
(nay Issue circulation squal to 10 per eent
f their capital and they may Issue 10 per
cent per annum for a period of live years,
tiaill th total Issues equsl 60 par eent of
-their -capttaU- tlM .tax on -- soar
lsuea last named to be at the rat of 1H
: r eent per annum. . In the discretion of
the board of control an emergency ctrcula
tlon of 20 per cent to be taxed at th rat
of t per ' cent per annum and a further
margency circulation of 20 per cent to
be taxed at the rat of 6 per . cent per
annum may be permitted.
Redemption of United States Notes.
Banks that agree currently to redeem
United Statea notea squat to 20 per cent of
their capital shall at the aame time aur
.render to the United Statea treasurer an
additional amount of United States notes
equal to 10 per cent of their capital, which
.shall be at one redeemed from the gold
!ln the general fund of the treasury and
ahall not be reissued, but ahall be canceled
nd destroyed. The committee explain In
Day ' Set Aeldo by Hew York Saloon
lea Fall of I Fn
Ship Beaohei Fort After Breakdown with
Bo Fatalities.
NEW YORK. March 9-De'plto the al
CREW AND PASSENGERS ARE ALL WELL - promisee of the ealoonkeepers that
today should be the very aryesi tsunaay on
Other Teasel Meet Limping; Grey
honnd and Will Take Thae on
Board to Proper Landing
Starr of Voyas. '
HORTA. Azores March . Etrurla an
chored here at o'clock thia evening. All
on board are well. It had a comparatively
uneventful passsge, except for tbe break-
record so far aa New Tork waa concerned
th man or woman who wished had little or
no trouble In purchasing drink. -' About the
only noticeable difference In getting on
was that ths thirsty man was not allowed
to atand at the bar and In many mstancea
b was forced to sit down to th "property"
sandwich left over from earlier day of
Ralnea law reign. '.)
But for all that It might be called a quiet
Sunday. A quiet "tip" was given to the
down. When thia occurred Etrurla had crowds that usually hang about ths outside
only Just finished speaking by wireless I of the ealoona that their presenc waa not
telegraphy with Umbrla. I desirable. In consequence tbe usual hang-
After the accident waa discovered 1 ers-on kept out of the way.
Etrurla called Umbrla for on hour, but I Captain Sheehan was especially active In
without Buccesa. Upon examination It waa I the Tenderloin precinct and before the day
found that the ship's propeller had broken I was well along hla mea had arrested sev
off outside the tube and that the rudder I sral barkeepers. In th upper, weat aide
had been carried away by tbe propeller. I portion of the city the orders for a dry
Etrurla then sent up rockets, which were I Sunday were observed to a certain extent.
seen by the British steamer William CHS. I On tbe lower esst aid It ta doubtful If one
The latter bore down and was alongside I saloon out of 600 was closed. ' In more In-
In fifty minutes after the accident. It stood I stance a man could walk Into the side door
without any trouble. ' r
Along Seventh avenu and on the Bow
ery barrooms that hav probably not been
closed a single day for years did no bar
trad at all. In many Instances the pro
prietors of these place ' had Impromptu
bare rigged up In the back rooms and had
drinks aerved there. There wer few sa
loonkeepers who would admit that there
had been any understanding, let alone or
ders regarding a dry Sunday. The total
number of excise arrests la Greater New
Tork wsa thirty-four. '", '
by until daylight, when, after several at
tempts. It succeeded In passing a hawser
aboard Ktruria.
Tbe tank steamer Ottawa arrived on
the acene at thia time. William Cliff then
attempted to tow Etrurla, while Ottawa
attempted to steer It. The hawser, how
ever, snapped.
Ottawa Walts Two Day.
Ottawa stood by for two days and then
left for Fayal, bearing tbe second officer of
Etrurla to report the dlssster and obtain
assistance. In the meanwhile the crew of
Etrurla had made every effort to rig a
Jury rudder. The first such rudder waa
carried away Immediately an attempt waa
made to use It. After further efforts, last
Ing for two daya, a second Jury rudder waa
successfully adjusted and la still in posi
Th passengers of Etrurla were satisfied! gT. LOUI3, March A Bpeclal t the
they were in no danger and they praise Republic from Beaumont, Tex, aaya:
the conduct of the eaptaln and crew of the The body of the fifth victim of a gang of
vessel. After the accident the passengors murdirera and robbere waa taken from tha
amused themselves with the usual deck Neches river in th eastern suburbs of
sport and concert were held In the first Beaumoat at noon today. The flrst of the
and second cabin. Only those who were nye bodies was recovered .In th early psrt
anxloua concerning buslneas mattera chafed 0f January. At the finding of the fifth
Eighteen Tramps Arrested at Bean
meat on Suspicion ' t Havlas; '
Hand In Series of Crimes.
pudlated responsibility.
Pari Chamber of Depntle Sit aa-
. day In Order to Complete
PARIS, March . Anxloua to dispose of
ths budget -th Chamber adoptoil th an
usual ceursa of sluing 00 Sunday and has
held, . two . lengthy . .aosMonav iadsjr.. .Th
Chamber paased m law Imposing a tax of
1 frano per .100 kilograms on crude petroleum.
In th course of th dlaousalon of an
amendment to the naval estimates M. Aim-
and declared that th United 8tatea had
adopted plana for th construction of ar
mored cruisers of the asms tonnage and
speed as those included In th naval pro
gram of Franc.
The budget for 1002 was finally adopted
by a vote of S98 to (3, and th Chamber of
Deputies then adjourned.
at th unavoidable delay.
Etrurla reports having -atgbted the Italian
mall ateamer Sardenga, from Naples, Febru
ary it. for New Tork, March 6. Sardegna
atood by,' but finding It could be of no
assistance proceeded on its course.
Mast Wire Breaks.
Etrurla waa hoping to communicate with
Kron Prlns WUhelm by wireless telegraphy,
but Its mast wire broke In several places
and It waa unable to repair It until tha
weather had improved, when it waa too late.
After the accident th passage of Etrurla
waa entirely uneventful and there occurred
nothing of Interest beyond th dally runs
ef the vessel, which ranged from sixty to I found death at the handa of a gang of mar
100 knots.
Etrurla will wait her for the arrival of
the Royal mall ateamer Elbe, which left
Southampton for Horta yesterday. Elba
will carry .Etrurla'a paasengera to England
Etrurla will than bo towed bom-by thol known teTwtve- had were jrfusJ?.
-two-tnas which n-ro maw aa ht wire 'mit I -1-' - 1 1 " ' ' i A
from Liverpool for thia purpose. The pas- BUHLLUUt I nUb I ' FUHMtU
sengera. on. Ktruria are looking longingly
toward th shore and waiting for tomorrow
morning,' when "they will ba able to land
and become acquainted with Horta and th
island of Fayal.
. Bana Reaches Port.
Groat Coafaalon Prevails Sloe Report
of the Ualon'a Alleged
(thts connection that 20 per eent of the
present national oana capital is lJl,wu.wu,
th exact amount of United Statea notes
fnr vhAll Mflamntlfln th nV, wnuM k.
responsible it svery national bank ahould 5'1lm" """'! T,"d XC'temn 'l
DUBLIN, March 9. The belief that the
United Irish league la about to be pro-
assume Its share of auch redemption. One-
balf of thia amount, $46,000,000, would repre
Kllrush, County Clare, today and resulted
In the arrest of two men, named Crowley
farmer who waa under th baa of tha
Yeeterday a man named O'Donnell wss
arrested and sentenced to one month In
prison for trying to prsvent this farmer
from aelllng hay.
S.nt the United Statss notos that the banks "a.'tac: w.hl? charged with moon-
n-rrviilrl f fcm ..- l - a. - I Bill lnn UrlUg JUIV IQfJ OQUW VI
Trsasury department for rsdemptlon. Thia wom,B w? " '"T"?? T.w
would relieve tbe treasury from the burden
Of redeeming $195,000,000 of United Statea
notes. Ths remaining ' 1161,000,000 of
United Btatea notea would be amply cov
red by tbe fl30.O00.OO0 of gold In tha re
arve fund of the treasury, inasmuch aa
asveral million of United Statea notea have
been lost or destroyed.
Oaaraateo af Clrealatloa
Any national bank that haa not aaaumed
current redemption of United Statea notes
may, when $195,000,000 has been provided
for, issue circulation aa above described
but, upon the first 20 per cent of Its Issuss
It shall be taxed li per cent per annum
Inatead of tbe tax of bne-fourth of 1 per
cent per annum paid by banka assuming
unusa states notes. The banknotes not
based on government bonds are to be
guaranteed by a fund conalsting of United
I'alted Statea Reported Favorable to
' th Coaveatloa Bndoreed
t at Brnaael..
LONDON, March 10. According to ths
correspondent In Brussels for th Stand
ard, it la aald there that th United Statea
will approve tha augar convention and that
the American minister to Belgium (Law
rence Townsend) hss been ordered to con
duct certain negotiations with the Belgian
Statea bonds or gold coin equal to ( per government with reference to thia subject.
csnt of all notes outstanding and this fund
Is to be used only tor th payment of note. CHOLERA GERMS ARE ACTIVE
01 isueq oanas, tbs taxes on circulation
ad Interest on public deposits are also
to be added to tha guaranty fund and any
xceas of the fund above 10 per cent of all
notea Issued msy be Used to cancel and
retire United State notes. Tbe total
amount of circulating notes of all klnda
ahall not at any time exceed the amount
of ths bank's paid up capital and they shall
b a flrst Hen upon Its assets.
Redeemable in Gold.
Th banknotes authorised by thia bill
ahall be redeemed In gold over th counter
t th Issuing bank and In order to Insure
their speedy redemption the country I to
be divided into clearing house districts.
National banka receiving the notea ot banka
outaiae tneir own alstriet shall not pay
them out again unless ths bank of Issue haa
aa ageacy la auch district for ths redemp
tion of Its notes, but shall forward them
for redemption to the district where they
The provision directing tha secretary of
the treasury txchangs gold for allver
la lnlandsd to strengthen sxlstlng law by
keeping all forms of government money al
parity with gold, and any additional bur
den upon the gold reserve Is avoided by
limiting Issues ot silver certlflcatss to $5
and lesa and of banknotes to $10 and up
ward, so that ao considerable number of
certificate could at any time be collected
and presented for redemption. '
The secretary af th trsasury is author
ised t deposit all publlo money la sxcess
of $50,000,000 la national basks, the banks
to pay intsreet thereon at the rate ot 1
per cent per annum.
Th bill brings together Into oa financial
' CoatlBa a steal rag..
Jampt front Medina to Mecca, a DIs-
taaes of Two Haadvad aad
Fifty Miles.
haa broksn out at Mecca.
It was announced In a dispatch last week
from Constantinople that cholera had
broken out at Medina, Arabia, 248 mile
from Mecca.
body every officer in the town waa set to
work ' on the myatery and thia afternoon
elgkteen tramps, who- hav been living In
the river bottom, opposite th city, were ar
rested and locked up on th ausplcion that
they are at the .bottom of the aerlea of rob
berles and murders.
The body recovered today waa that of a
man ot about 46, aad It had laid in the
river about a month, Every pocket had
been rifled, and tha skull and Jaw had been
crushed by a blow from somo blunt tnstrv
There was not a scrap to Identify, but the
wounda made It certain that tha man had
derera and robbers, sine hla death , hir.d
been brought about aa In the case of th
four victims previously tsken from the
river. Th akull ot each had been mashed
In and valuables which two of them were
Virtuoso Traini Ilia Camera on Hirer and
Dilapidated Building.
Drive Ahont th City . Morstaf and
Afternoon and Visits Th Bco
OAco Prosrraas tor Ta
day'a Coneert.
Fore cant for Nebraska Pair Mondsy and
Tuesday: Colder Tuesday ; vsriaDie
Tenperttare at Omaha Teaterdayl
Hoar. Dear. Hoar.
5 a. m...... ar 1 p. sn A
a. at
4M .
T a. nt 4tt
a. as Sa
a. n M
IO a. as...... K4
It n. nt BS
IS am.... BM
8 p. nt. .
8 p.
4 p.
5 p.
a. sa
T P.
H p. nt
Maaaarera of Fortr-Oao Theater
Leading- Cities Join tho
CLEVELAND, March . Aa an outcome
PORT TOWNSEND, Wash., March of iut week's meeting In thia city a bur
lesque trust was formed by the representa
tives of the Empire Circuit association of
burlesque theaters and the varloua city
managers' assoclatlona of America. v The
scheme la the result of several years of
The British ship Bann, tbe last of tba
stormbound fleet off the entrance to ths
Straits of Fuca, arrived today, ninety-eight
daya from Iqulque, thirty-four days of which
It waa stormbound off the straits. Seven
time Bann got inside of Cap Flattery deliberation between the theater managers
and aa no tug waa there-to pick it up It and the managers of burlesque companlea
waa compelled to put back to aea. Bann
reports no other vessels off tbe cap.
Believe It la Haroalaa.
ST. JOHNS, N. B., March I. A ateamer
arrived tonight and anchored below Fart-
and means, it la aald, that at least $500,000
ill be aaved annually by th Interests
In the plan of tha trust forty-one burles
que theatera In the principal cltiea have
booked time for five years and the com'
ridge Island. It Is thought to be th Allan -sale ara vlrtuallr controlled h th. tr,,.
liner Huronian. which Is long overdue, hav- Each of the companies will start th. ....on
ing left Glasgow February 11 for thia port, , me aate , wl foltow etch other
dui iniormauon cannot o ODiainea tonignt.
about the circuit, thereby eliminating the
expensive features, that of making long
Jumps and doubling back and forth between
the east and the west.
Jules Hurting of tho firm of Hurting A
Co. of New York City aald that there la a
strong sentiment among th managers and
the companies In favor of abolishing lttho
MACON. Oa.. March ..-Assistant United rfph ? dvert",n feature, thus getting
Aliased Conspirator In Attempt
Rb Government Leave Ho
Btatea Attoraey Ackerman, who haa re
turned from Savannah, aaya atterneya for
Captain B. D. Oreene and John F. Oaynor,
charged with conspiracy to rob the govern
ment In connection with the Savannah
harbor works, express ' themselves aa
greatly mortified over the disappearance of
their clients and ar wholly without ad
vices as to their whereabouts.
Mr. Ackerman says the officers of the
court hav no fear that tba men can find a
safe hiding place anywhere, a they be
Here the countries with which the United
States haa no extradition treatlea would al
most certainly surrender them on the
ground ot comity..
Chleaco Prleet Gives Sahstaatlal Evi
dence of His Reinstatement
to Service.
CHICAGO, March I . Rev. Jeremiah
Crowley, the Roman Catholic clergyman,
who waa the central figure In a sensational
scene here on November $, last, when the
lights In Holy Nam Cathedral were turned
out and th celebration of a high mass waa
stopped In aa effort to enforce a ban ot
excommunication against Father Crowley,
V . Mt.MIA A .Hit . . A
OFFICER'S COACH IS BURNED today of hi. rehabilitation aa a priest by
celebrating high mass in tha church ot th
Amerlcaa Troops Diaper. Innr;ents
nnd Defeat Their Plaaa
ot Attack.
MANILA, March a. Lieutenant Howland
ot the Twenty-first infantry and aide on
the ataff of Oeneral Wheaton, who waa
sent to report oa the state of affaire in
Rlxal province after the recent outbreak
ot activity there, reports that the insur
gents have now been dispersed and that
the soldiers and constabulary ar closely
pursuing them. There Is but a small fore
ot Insurgents la th province and they ar
greatly ovkr-oauered It Is clear that the
Insurgents ta Rlsal province had no Idea
how quickly the troops and constabulary
could concentrate and coaceal tbelr
Complete harmony exists between ' the
American soldiers aad the native eonatabu-
lary la this district and both have doo
excellent work during a short campaign.
Ths troopa coo slated of six officers aad XM
B144 til Ua rUlh caTairx .
Special Car Destroyed la Wreck
Caaaed by Collision of
BISBEE. Aria., March I. Two car and
tho special coach of tbe general superin
tendent were burned yesterday after a col
llsion near her oa th El Paso 4b South
western. J. E. Eberhardt, a passenger, aad
several trainmen were Injured. Eber-
turdt's skull waa fractured.
The collision occurred at Lowell, one mile
West from Blsbse. Train No. $, backing
Into the Junction ot Dos Luis, met No. a,
coming to Blsbe from Douglss, and tha
two tralna crashed together at full epeed.
The ahock ot tbe col lit Ion threw Eberhardt
through the roof of th coach.
Immaculate Conception, at Schiller atreet
and North Park avenue.
Father Crowley ai rived on Thursday laat
from Washington, wher he conferred with
Cardinal Martlnelll
Early Ravlsatloa Facilitated by
Strait of Maelaaw as Com-'
merclal Factor.
CHICAGO, March . Tb earliest opening
of aavlgatloa of the Oreat lake sine th
Strait of Maclnaw became a factor In ths
commerce of the country seems to be at
head. A resumption of business by April 1
on all th upper lake, two weeka earlier
than usual, is now prsdlcted by vetsel
From all points reports indicate less lee
then ever before at the corresponding period
of the year. There ar n!y elite inches
of Ice la the atralts aad even less tbaa that
tn Mud lake, th last place In the 800 pas
sage to thaw out. At Sault St. Marl the
channel la open aad th terries are being
Men Charaed with Violation of Civil
Service Rales a Rosalt of
Political Race.
KNOX.VILLE. Tenn., March . Charges
have been preferred agalnat Unltsd Statss
District Attornsy Wright, United Bute
Marshal . Austin, Assistant Postmaster
Bksggs and three or four minor officials for
alleged violation of rule I of th civil ssrv-
lc commission. Th charges. It I said,
result from the rac for congreas In thl
district, th accused being friends of Con-
greesmaa Gibson, who 1 opposed tor nomin
ation by N. W. Hale in a primary to be held
March It.
Bvldeat Marder of Promlaeat Work
When Kubeltk leave Omaha ha will take
with him two photographs, taken by him
self, of scene la tb Oat City that In
terested him, and It Is a peculiar fact that
neither of the pictures ha took can be found
In that pictorial pamphlet entitled "Omaha
Beautiful." Somehow the scenes sought out
by the author of that brochure did not ap
peal to the vlrtuoao, and vice versa. More
over, neither of the plcturea he took haa
ever been oubllshed. la a newspaper or
elsewhere, nor la It likely It will be
They are etrlctly original In conceit and
composition. In ons of his trunks la a
portfolio with an index, and la thia Julius
Bkrlvaa, his secretary, keeps all tbs Ku-
bellk photographs, on or mors from each
point of Interest visited by tha great
He chooses such scenes as will reflect
the aplrtt of the place," aald Skrlvan, "ao
that when be looks at them In after years
he csa recall th circumstances and Im
pressions of his visit. It la not alwaya ot
tha most beautiful thing that ha takes
picture: it's more likely to b something
characteristic of typical."
Kubeltk, then, according to this, must
regard Omaha a great commercial center,
but he didn't try to portray thia fact by
taking snapshots In th wholesala district,
Instead he stopped his carriage on the west
approach of the Douglas street bridge, and
trained hla camera aouth by southwest.
It swept a vsst expanse of railroad yards
with long lines of freight cars, tier after
tier ot low sheds filled with lumber, tbe
spans ot tha Union Pacific bridge and a
broad aween of water, that enda wher
the river curvea westward by Lone Tre
and disappear behind the bluffs. The air
was hssv and th sky overcast, so the ex
poeur had to b much longer than would
have been tbe case on a bright day. To
overcome thia obstacle, Kubellk alighted
from th carriage and reated hie camera
unon the aouth railing ot tb bridge.
"I like thia better than a bright day
for this work." he salfl. "It makee the
tone softer."
Tnmblo-Down Balldla- Attracts.
In choosing hla next aubject Kubellk
seemed to be prompted by caprice either
that or a love ot the picturesque for surely
a certain tumbledown old tram building
on North Twelfth street can have no alg
nlflcance as reflecting the spirit ot Omaha.
Perhaps h thought it atrang that there
can be so old a building in ao new a town,
In any -event, h trained th eye ot the
little Russian-leather box on one of the
most melancholy wrecks sof architecture
that one ctuld find In the east end. It waa
a awaybacked, lopalded, weather-beaten ee
pulcber, and on tbe aouth 1 alant ot Ita
roof, wher at some tlm tha fir fiend had
T'4uaLCM audiCM) purpose,, wera a4
few square yaras 01 tnum r.i.,
sestinc the rib of a akeiaton. it la too
bad that Kuhellk'a fancy ahould prompt
him to carry away auch a picture insteaa
of a photo of the new postofBc or ths hew
High school building, but tneres no u
reciting rules ot propriety to a genius.
Kubellk arose at 7:W o'cioca nunaay
morning, aa la hla habit. "It makee no dif
ference when ho goea to bed." earn, ma ssc
retary. "or whether the day la 8unday or
a week day, he alwaya geta up at 7:30."
After a bath, he took breakfast In his room
alone, and at 8:15 waa ready to go out
driving with Messrs. Skrlvan and Frlml,
the latter hla accompanist. 11 was curing
this drlv that he took the two pnoto
grapha. -Rjitumtna. ha practiced In hla room for
nearly two houra, and the hall outside his
door waa crowded with gueeta of the house
.nd "helo." Once ther was a little ripple
of applause, ' but this waa promptly dla-
couraged by the aecreiary. wno sm ion
sny demonstration at such a time would
annoy Kubellk. There was no objection,
however, to th people standing in tho hall
and llatenlng to tha music, ao they made
tbe most ot this tree concert.
Lnncheon at Barcsh Home.
At 12:30 th reception committee in two
carriages called for him and drove him to
the home of Vaclav Buresn, wzs cenxer
street, wher at 1 o'clock a luncheon was
served In hla honor, attended by a party of
hi countrymen and admirers.
Th company comprised Jan Kubellk ana
the member of hla party, Mlsa Jessie Shay,
Hugo GorllU, Julius Skrlvan and Rudolph
Frlml, Mr. and Mrs. E. Rosewater. Mr. and
Mrs. John Roslcky, Fatner vranex, j. a.
Hospodsky of Wllber, 8. L. Kostorvs, Jo
seph Mlk, Frank Beranek, Mrs. A. Kment,
Mr. and Mrs. V. Honman, tar. ana Mrs.
Fred Slama and C. F. Hermanek.
After the .luncheon there waa another
drive over the city and to points of Interest
In the suburbs, tbla time with the recep
tion commute and aeveral prominent
American-Bohemian clttsens as an escort.
A trip through The Bee building wss th
next Item In the day a program. Accom
panled by Edward Roatwater and Vaclav
Buresh, ha visited ua varloua aepartmsnts,
among others the compoalng and stereotyp
ing rooms, and manifested a genuine la-
terest in th machinery used in the publlca
tlon of a metropolitan newspaper.
At 6 h returned to his hotel and retired
for two houra' rest. This waa followed by
a modest suppsr of milk and fruit in hla
room, another hour's practice, an hour
devoted to the morning newspapers, and
th dsy wsa don. '
peels iter at Fare Comedy.
Th Urges; audlsnc that ever assembled
In Boher.itin hall waa entertained last
night by the presentation of a farce comedy
In four "cta entitled "An Unfortunate Ad
venture, ttr Who la tbe Right Doctor?" The
cut vi ' aa followa: Dubsnsky, forsster,
Frank Babka; Marl, his dsuxLter, Miss
Francla Morbvee; Plrke, notary, E. W.
Bartoa; Mrs. Markyfka, housekeeper, Mrs.
Nellie Bvoboda; Katrlna, maid. Mrs. E.
Bandhauer; Alfred Zalesky, doctor, Vae
Blaha; Antonla Praall, tailor, John Svejda.
An abundance of good nature and clever
ness charactsrtssd tha performance, the
applauc being generous and deserved
Kubellk wss present during two acts, his
entranc being made the occasion of
gsouln ovation. A dance followed the per
Eaathonnd Paat Mall Leaves th
Track, bat Crew aad Passeagrera
Escap lajary.
NEOLA. la. March . (Speclsl Tele
gram.) Tba Chicago. Rock Island Pacific
No. 1 fast mall train, eat t bound, du her
al 1:34 p. m., waa wrecked at the crossing
with th Chicago, Milwaukee St. Paul
line, In which engine No. 1108, one of the
larger alsed passenger locomotives, was
thrown on Its aid. Th engine tank did
not leave th grad, but was tn such shape
that It had to be ditched before work on
th track could ba begun. Th forward
trucks of th mail car left the rails, but
wss replaced on th track without diffi
Engineer Schulta and Fireman C. D.
Gottscball stuck to their poeta and went
down with the engine, but were un'njured,
and were esslly removed from the debris
when help arrived. The train waa In charge
of Conductor 8. Blrchard. Nona of ths
passengers wss Injured.
The train waa hauled back to Council
Bluffs and sent east over the tracks ef the
Milwaukee to Neola. The wreck was csused
by a mlsunderstsndlng of signals from tbe
Interlocking plsnt by which the crossing
Is being operated Jointly by the two roads.
It took aeveral houra before the track could
be cleared for traffic.
RICHMOND. Va.. March . William
Clayton, a well-known contracting painter,
waa killed her today la a manner that thus
fsr baffles th police. He was found on
street In tha residence section of the city
early thl morning frightfully beaten and
died tonight without having regained eon
so lout nets. His head wss crushed and ons
of his eyea almost punched out. Clayton
laattt taxes tPfWA &guhtrg sal two seas.
Stop Three Time to Allow Bodies
of Victims to Be Cared
NEW BRUNSWICK. N. J.. March 9. Th
fast freight, eastbound, du here at 1 o'clock
thia morning, had a rather unusual and
unpleasant experience between Trenton and
this city.. Two dead men were encoun
tered, one ot them having been killed by
tbe train Itself, and one the train was
atopped to search for a body which could
not ba found.
The run from Philadelphia wa unevenU
ful until aa the train approached Prince
ton Junotlon, it hit and killed a man. The
train stopped and the body waa cared for
and left at tha Junction to be ablpped to
When near Monmouth Junction, the train
waa ' atopped at a algnal from the head
brakeman, who said It hsd hit another man
and he had eeen the body hurled Into a
ditch, vA-search of the track for a mil
back failed to locate the supposed victim
Tba ' train waa again atarted east, and
as It neared MUlaton the glare of the
headlight revealed the body of another man
Irlaa bv tha rails. Th enrlneer stODDed
aacV-fB &edy-'is plek&d r, and breVght'eo
thls place.. It wss that ot Howard R.
Breese ot New Brunswick. He is supposed
to have been struck about 11 o'clock by
another' train while walking horn from
Franklin park.
Strange Circumstance Snrronndlnsr
Death of Mra. Ada Klamp
Hard to Caravel.
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., March 9. The
mystery surrounding the sending through
the malls of a poisoned headache powder
to Mra. Ada Klump, causing her death a
week ago today, la seemingly no nearer a
solution than on the day of the arrest ot
William Klump, the husband, last Thurs
day. The theory that some womsn In the
affections of Klump concocted th plan and
carried It out. still holds with the officers,
who are conducting the Investigation. -
Klump appeared worried and restless In
Jail todsy and was not disposed to talk
about his esse. His brother visited him
during the day aad advised him to tell th
truth, which - Wiiyam said he hsd done
and would do. Sheriff Chapman stated to
night that ha waa working on a new clue.
but could not tell the nature of It yet.
Man Half SnaToented by Smoke Leap
from Barnlnsr BnlldlnsT
nd Lives.
Mis Roosevelt ttoea to Cnba.
WASHINGTON. March I. Miss Alles
Roosevelt, daughter of th president, with
several friends aad accompanied by a maid,
left her tonight for a visit to General and
Mra. Leonard Wood at Havana, Cuba, going
by rail to Florida. Mrs. Harriet Blaine
Beale and Captain Philip, were also of the
party. Miss Roosevelt expect to return
W Washington, ft latter part of tat south.
CHICAGO. March 9. rased and half auf-
fo'cated ty smoke which filled his room, Ru
dolph Engelcks, a Jeweler, rushed through
a sheet of flames today and threw himself
from a three-story window of a boarding
house at 301 Erie street. On tb pavement
below a. number of firemen were holding a
net. Engelck whirled through the air and
struck on one side ot the net and bounced
to the stone walk. He sustained Internal In
juries, a fractured wrist, and waa aeverely
burned about tha head and body.
Twelve other occupants of the building
had narrow escapes from death. Mr. Kath
ertn Devlte, who conducted the boarding
house, and Carl G. Kosher, lodger, were
painfully burned.
Shot hy Compaaloa DarlaaT Progress
of Mimic Indian
DENVER, March 9. Stewart Hill, aged
9 years, died here today from the effects
of a bullet wound In th breast received
yesterdsy whll engaged in a mlmle Indian
battle. James Button, aged 12 yeara. Is
under arrest, charged with murder.
Four boys, all 12 yeara of ags or under,
stationed themselves behind barrlcadea
about thirty yarda apart and had exchanged
about twenty ahota whea Hill fell, pierced
through the lung. According to the other
boys. Hill had stepped out In tha open
when Butaon took deliberate aim and fired.
Chief of Folic Armstrong saya b In
tends to take measures sgalnst thoss who
are responsible for the boys having firs.
Arioa Society Entertaina Frino . Henrj
with a Horning; Concert.
Dixie and Old Kentucky Horns Enliven
tha Eoyal Oocaaion.
la Greeted by Commercial Club Delegate
from BU Paul.
Prcaldeatts Delegates Glv Lssekfss .
at tho lalverslty CI ah as Spe
cial Hoaor to tha FJmU
neat Vleltor.
NEW YORK. Msrch 9. Prlne Henry ot
Prussia was tha cantral figure today In
another round ot entertainment arranged
In hla honor. He flrst listened to a concert
at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel largely made
up Of hla favorite Amerlcaa eonga, tha
concert being arranged at hla request. When
that was over he drove to tha University
club to a luncheon, which waa not con
cluded until mid-afternoon. ' In th after
noon be waa a guest of Mr. and Mra. Cor
nelius Vanderbllt and met a large party
msde up of persons of soolsl prominence.
When tba prince bade farewell to the
company at the Vanderbllt horn he went
to the New York Yacht club for an In
formal reception, and the hour waa lata
when he returned to the . Wsldorf-Astoria
for tbe night He found time between th
four main eventa on his progrsm for ths
dsy to receive a delegation representing
the Commercial club of 8t. Paul and several
callers and to finally complete the arrang-
ments for the Isst two daya' atay tn tha
country and his departure for home. He
bad Intended to be present at the religious
service on the Imperial yacht Hohensollern
In the morning, but the case of acarlet
fever which developed ther seversl dsya
ago altered that plan. Instead he remained
at the hotel, arising late and breakfaattng
at his leisure.
. Arlon's Morslsg Concert.'
It waa th Arlon society of Brooklyn,
winner of the kalser'a prise at tb singing
festival In Brooklyn In 1900, that turnlshsd
the morning concert for tbe prlnoe. It -had
been originally arranged that the sing
ers should serenade the prince on board
Hohensollern yesterday, but In the change
of program th aerenade waa abandoned.
The prince met Pr. John Schllde, chair
man of tha muslo oommtttea of th society,
at dinner Saturday night, : and expressed
regret that he, was not to hava a chance
to hear the club alng. The doctor sug
gested that It might still take place at ths
hotel and the prlnca approved tha idea.
It waa midnight, but a few houra to arrange
tbe affair' remaining. Telegrams and tele
phone -messagea war hurried out to -th
members and by 11 o'clock 160 of them had'
reporieq .at joe BTei-. , , -t . a
The concert took place In the Antor gal
lery and 'began at 11:30. Th prince aat In
th oenter of the hall, aurroundad by the
members of his suite, the Amertcsn escort.
Ambassador von Holleben, . Consul Oeneral
Buens . and Consul Geissler. ' Tba chorua
first sang "Pries Leid," and after that at
the requeat of tbe prlnca, an extended
program which Included "Old Kentucky
Home" and "Dixie." .
Delighted with Serenade.
The concluding number was Kreutier'a
'The Lord's Own Day," end it waa ren
dered very effectively. The prince waa de
lighted with . the serenade, and after
shaking hands with ths officers ot the so
ciety addressed the members briefly In
Germsn. He thanked them tor what they
hsd done for him and congratulated them
on their excellent musical ability. Ha aald
In part:
I never heard sweeter or softer mimin
from a male choir. I have heard no other
music In this eountry which has given me
greater delight and It has brought me to
the conclusion that muslo Is born In ths
human heart without regard to rac or
color. You should cultivates muslo not
only aa a boon to yourselves, but tor the
benefit of others.
Tbe Arlon society presented tha prince
with an Illuminated address and announced
that during the day a cable message suit
able to the occasion would bs drafted and
sent to the kaiser.
The luncheon at-the University club waa
given by the committee named by President
Roosevelt to arrang for th visit of ths
prince and escort him on his tour, and th
hosts were Oeneral Corbln, Assistant secre
tary of State Hill, Admiral Evans, Colonel
Bingham and Commander Cowlea.
The party left the hotel at 12:45 o'clock.
with mounted police as special guard for
the carriage ot the prince. A great crowd
saw the depsrture from tha hotel aad tha
arrival at the club, but there waa no spe
cial demonstration. An elaborate luncheon
waa aeryed and there waa an interesting
discussion of the trip through tha country
ust concluded.
Dinner at Vanderbllt Hem.
Mevemeats of Ocean Vessels, March 9.
Hamburg, Boulogne and Plymouth; L'Aqul-
laine, irom nn,
At Queenstown Arrived Vltonia, from
Boston, for uverpoou ana proceeded
Balled Nomadic, from Liverpool, for New
York; Meiion. from Liverpool, for Boston
At Horta Arrived Ktruria, from New
Torn, tor uverpool.
At Movllle Called Furnessla, from Ola
aow. for New York.
At Hamburg Arrved Seostrls, from Ban
r rsntisco, via Montevideo, sic, irora el.
Vincent, C. V., aiwi Havre. .
At Malta Pawed-Hyson, from Clyde
and Liverpool, fur . China,. Jeyaa msA
The dinner given by Mr. and Mrs. Cor
nelius Vanderbllt In honor of Prlne Henry
began at 7 O'clock. Th Vanderbllt horn
at 608 Fifth avenu waa handsomely decor
ated and brightly lighted. . Mra. Vanderbllt
received the prlne and his statt and then
presented their other guests.
Oval-shspsd dining tables wer plscsd la
th dining room and conservatory and tber
the sinner was served. Mra. Vanderbllt
had Prlnca Henry at her right and Am
bassador von Holleben at her left, and Mr.
Vanderbllt had Admiral Evana at hla right
and Oeneral Corbln at hla left. Others at
the' table were:
Mr. and Mis. Ogden Mills, Mr. and Mrs
Lloyd Brice, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Cass
Ledyard, Mr. and Mra. Edmund Baylies,
Mr. and Mrs. Orme Wilson, Mr. and Mra
Morton Frewen, Mr. and Mrs. Clarenu
Mackay, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Post
Mr. and Mrs. brexel. Countess Orsy, Mrs
Nathaniel Thayer, Mra. Caas C'anfleld, Mrs
Francis K. Pendleton, Mrs. Rlchxrd Gam
brill, Mrs. Lewis Chanter, Mrs. I)ana Oib
soii, Mrs. Oukley Rhlnelsnder. Miss Bea
trice Mills, Miss Alice Babcock. Mra Jay
Mra Burden, Miss Anna Bands, Miss Bar
ney, Miss Bishop, Admiral von Tlrplts,
Oeneral von pleaaen. Admiral von Elaen
decher. Captain von Mulier, Captain von
Grumme, Count Quadt, Commander von
Kebeur Paachwlts, lieutenant Commander
Bchmldt von Bchwind, Baron von Kapnerer
David J. Hill. John Jacob Astor, Kgerton
W'lnthrop. Btuyveaant Fish, Aurust Bel
mont, Robert Gerry and F. L. Polk.
During dlnnsr an orchsstra playsd a se
lected program. '
Visit Dravtlaa; to Close.
Thomas Cochran and F. O. Bradbury,
representing tbe Commercial club of Bt.
Paul. Minn., called upon Prince Henry t
the Waldorf-Astoria todsy and during a
personal Interview with tbe distinguished
visitor Invited him to attend the unveiling
ot the commemorative tablet oa board th
American line ateamahlp St. Paul nail
Tueadax, Feints Hew .UvOiUsd to bf