Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 09, 1902, Page 8, Image 32

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Organized In Omaha; OfficereU by
Nebr.tskans; Investments In
Nebraska Securities.
Una Drraonalrnlril the Vnlne of
llnlldliiK 1p Nebraska Institu
tions In ftehraaka.
n. II. Roblson, president of the Bankers
Reserve Life association, when interviewed
by a Bee reporter In the elegant h-im
office of the association In the McCague
building, after showing with Rome pride a
dozen applications for new policies re
ceived In a single mail, ra'd:
"We four.dcd this company upon a theory
which I believed was sure to win. Having
been actively Identified with life Insurance
in the west for more than a quarter of
a century, I saw plainly that the principle
upon which our people were operating was
fundamentally wrong.
"Life Insurance companion are saving
Institutions. The funds of these companies
are the surplus savings of their patrens.
They are not only the largest trust com
panies In the world, but their earnings
and reserves belong to the policy hold
ers. They cannot honetttly be diverted
from the single purposi of Indemnity and
kindred dividends.
"Now, I snw from the reports of the De
partment of Insurance that Nebraska wan
contributing $1, COO, 000 a year to non-resident
corporations for a little over $300,000
a year Indemnity. In other words, while
beneficiaries received $300,000, the people
at large were every year piling up $1,200,
000 in eastern money vaults, never to be
"It therefore occurred to me that the
prosperous, Intelligent people of Nebraska
would see at once the Importance of stop
ping this debilitating draught upon the
commercial vitality of the state. There la
only one way to put an end to this state
of affairs: Build up home companies.
"Therefore the Hankers Reserve was or
ganized and It Immediately appealed to
our own people to aid In the purposes rf
Its organization. The alien companies
quickly apprehended the danger and they
have unremittingly fought Its progress at
every step.
"Nevertheless, our growth has been
steady, rapid, phenomenal, our death leases,
owing to the extraordinary rare taken In
accepting risks, has been far below that
of any American company. We have passed
rhe 4,000,000 mark and last year we had a
premium Income of over $100,000.
"The people have shown the appreciation
of the efforts of the management. Our
advisory board of 400 of tho best citizens
of the state Is a source of power and a
conservative element In cur progress and
Si protection from Irapra'.tlon.
"We are very grateful to the loyal
people of this state for their cordial sup
port and they will be glad to know that we
are reaching out Into other states. By
the end of the year 1902 we shall have
from $5,000,000 to $6,000,000 at risk and a
premium income of $200,000. All our In
vestments are made In Nebraska; our
securities are deposited with the Insur
ance department at Lincoln and we are
directly under the supervision of the department.
"I can give profitable employment to 100
good underwriters. The company Is a
pronounced success. It la one of the
financial forces of the state.
"We wish to push its businera with all the
energy possible. We Invite the continued
confidence and co-operation of the people
and we promise to merit their approval
month by month and year by year.
"We desire to engage ten special, general
and state agents to organise three new
states. Will give active, successful pro
ducers or experienced organizers giod
territory and extra liberal terms. Address
March 0. 1W2.
-1 ' 9 ?. J. W
k 1 niMini th. at, lit rlu nu nn
ll B4 batUilflM tl,a IfttalWMMIH U,a kraata M.
tj pwwdar ur ltqul.1 Id .ill ai.wl ...itt.tit.ut at tui u
H a,r,r o in Bt lraaslU .
lkV.U.lKUlSUalO., 1'hloaca, C. a. A.
' I --J.'-"!'.
About Noted People
The Incomparably ;
" easv and elastic touch of tha
New Centiiry im!iiiL'
J Is most note- t-l . . ?
w worthy. Full
particulars from
Sllim Typewriter
Send Socles Co,
415 Bo. 15th St.,
Omaha, Neb.
(Mi. n
AM down to my last white chip, and
the Almighty has coppered that.
Well, tell my friends that I'm
going away back and they will
find me on the end seat." These
were the last words of "Billy" Rice, the
noted minstrel, the curtain of whose life
was rung down at Hot Springs, Ark., a
few days ago. The death of Rice marks the
recent pascing of a fourth of the famous
minstrels who figured conspicuously In the
public eye for a generation. "Jack" Hav
erly, the great favorite and a most remark
able manager, passed away September 28,
101, at St. Mark's hospital in Bait Lake
City. "Billy" West, an artistic manager
and conceded to be the greatest 'of Inter
locutors, died at the Palmer house In Chi
cago February 13, 1902. "Billy" Emerson,
rollicking entertainer, who made people
laugh with such songs as "I Feel Just as
Happy as a Big Sunflower," the Beau Brum
mel of vaudeville and one of the greatest
cf song and dance men, ended his career In
destitute circumstances In a cheap hotel in
Boston February 22, 1902.
These four, who did their last "turn" on
earth at points so widely separated, were
known to the public from one end of the
country to the other, and In Europe and
"No minister is perfect, any more than
other men are," writes our former minister
to China, Hon. Charles Denby, In the March
Forum, "and if ho has any weakness the
newspaper man will find it out. If he Is
poor and cannot entertain largely he Is de
nounced as stingy. If he spends money lav
ishly he Is 'aping royalty.' ;t he Is atten
tive to the fair sex, he Is Immoral; If not, he
is a savage. Even the missionaries some
times attack him. One of them kindly told
me onee that he had 400,000 men In bis
church behind him. I told him in reply that
I had 75,000.000 behind me."
The late Charles Lewis Tiffany began
his business life In New York under condi
tions In no way prophetic rf his future suc
cess," says the Brooklyn Eagle. "Born and
ducated In a rural communl y, he came to
this city in 1837 without any other capital
than that of an innate aptitude for trade,
which led him to borrow $1,000 from his
father in order that he might establish a
small stationery and fancy goods store on
lower Broadway. As his partner he had a
young fellow townsman of his own named
Young. The first day'a sales amounted to a
trine mere than $7 and for a time It looked
as though the venture of the two young men
from the Nutmeg state was doomed to early
and ignominious failure; it was then that
Tiffany's business sense asserted Itself, and,
getting together more money, he pledged
the firm to a policy of progressiveness that
staggered competitors who were traveling
slowly, because times were bad and enter
prise hod become timid In the face of al
ways impending failure. Tiffany disre
garded the danger signals of the season and
that he won out was a tribute to his daring
no less than a vindication of his foresight."
Canadians may be expected not to appre
ciate this anecdote of Lord Dufferln, related
by T. P. O'Connor: Lord Dufferln always
said the happiest years of his long official
life were those spent in Calcutta. He rev
elled in the sunshine. A friend one day ex
postulated with him for his reckless ex
posure of himself to the weather. "Well,
you see," said the viceroy, "they've always
aent me to cold places. They sent me as
viceroy to Canada, where cne must live two-
Yr's of the year In buffalo furs. The
sent me to St. Petersburg, where one has
to hibernate like a bear. So when they or
dered me to India I rubbed my hands and
said to myself, 'Now I can hang mvself up
to dry "'
While In London receutly J. i'lerpont
Morgan visited the Bank of England with
a large currency note, for which he wished
to obtain go!d. The teller examined the
note and handed it back.
"You have not endcrsed it," be said, glad
of an opportunity to occupy an attitude.
"Is this not payable on demand?" asked
Mr. Morgan, simulating surprise
"Yes, if endorsed" haughtily.
The magnate frowned. "I am very care
ful whose notes I endorse," he said, with
mock severity.
"Do you challenge the Bank of England?
gasped the clerk, gazing at the visitor as
upon a blasphemer.
"If you are solvent, why do you want my
name on your paper?"
The glare of suspicion which accompanied
the words was too much for the clerk; he
stared speechlessly.
"Very well," continued the magnate, with
vigor, "we will let it go to protest."
The petrified clerk looked alarmed about
it, but could offer nothing in reply except a
mumbled and ridiculous assurance that the
bank was not In distress. Then Mr. Morgan
smiled and endorsed the note.
King Oscar of 8wedtn possesses a medal
for life-saving. One winter In the early '60s
he was staying at Mcnte Carlo, when he
taw a pair of horsos coming up the street
at full gallop. The coachman had disap
peared and the two women Inside the car
rlage were evidently terrified almost out of
their wits. The king (crown prince be then
was) sprang at the hones' heads, seized
their bridle and, using all bis strength,
stopped them. For this plucky deed he was
awarded the medal of the French Humane
$20 to $35 anws. v
An Honest. Legitimate Enterprise. Backed
tf -. T ' rT
By An Old. Reliable. Responsible Firm.
Capital, lOO.OOO. Oil.
New, Quick Process.
f Easily and Quickly Learned
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( r i i i
1 ft .t
I vl V
111 T1-7
Royal Silver Outfit in Operation.
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to make a profit out of you? Remember
your employer will only pay you a salary
as long as he makes a profit out of your
Why not go In business for yourself, reap
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If you are making: less thin 15.00 weekly
It will pay you to read this announcement,
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ir nonest and industrious we will man
you In this profitable business. We will
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CZOM to f.'!ft.OO and esiienaea weekly
can be made at home or traveling doing
plating and selling Prof. Gray'a new line
guaranteed plating outfits for dolnsr the
finest or piatina- on watcnri, jrreir,
rauieware, rvnivea, Fiirka, spoons,
Castors, Bicycles, Sew Inn Machine,
Swords, RTolTri In fact, all kinds
of metal aroods. Heavy plate warranted.
No experience necessary.
Demand for l'latlna- la Rnormnua.
You can do business at nearly every house,
store, office or factory. Every family has
from 12.00 to $10.00 worth of tableware, be
sides Jewelry, bicycles, watches, etc., need
ing tilatliiK. Kvery lewelry. renalr shoo.
dentist, surgeon, undertaker, manufaetu-er.
ci. liege, hotel, merchant, retail store wants
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you will be favored with all the goods you
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for $3.00 or $4.00 per week to do plating the
same as we do and solicitors to gather up
goods to be plated for a small share of the
i&mm4l ...
in,! - ' " " "
wv& ;.: :.;aH'.
Factory and Warehouse ot Gray &
Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Capital,
SIOO.OOO.OO. Employ 200 to 300
people daily
We are an old eatabllahed Arm. Cap
ital flOO.OOO.OO. Been In business for
years. Know exactly what Is required.
Furnish complete outfits the same as we
ourselves iie. Customers alwaya have the
benefit of our experience.
To plate 8 teaspoons requires about 3
cents' worth of metal and chemicals, 6
knives, forks or tablespoons about 5 cents'
worth. Agents usually charge from 25 to
60 cents per set for plating teaspoons; from
50 cents to $1.00 for tablespoons, forks and
knives. We allow you to tet your own
price for plating. You have no competition.
The Royal Silver OntHt, Prof. Gray'a
Famous Diacovery, New Dlpiilnn; lro
oeaa, latest, quickest method known. Ta
bleware plated by dipping In melted metal,
taken out Instantly with fine, brilliant,
beautiful plate deposited all ready to de
liver. Thick plate every time. Guaranteed
to wear 6 to 10 years. A boy pin tea U(M
to :M plecea of tableware dally, from
$10.00 to $30.00 worth of goods. No polish
ing or grinding necessary neither before
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Let as start yon in business for your
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The Omaha Sanitarium,
A model Institution for the treatment of aii chronic diseases. They offer no Hurt
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.- -