Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 09, 1902, EDITORIAL SHEET, Page 17, Image 17

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Quaint Caper, of Peopls Afflicted vitfc
Why tta Maa Objeeled Bobtail
C areA a Aaulif Fire hi-Tt
Mas tt ! Bolaa
la Hi! Owi Vestibule.
vThea sometblng loosens the little screw
tbat hold the link connecting tbe part aad
the present, tbt mental machinery la
Itantlr begins to run In a most Irresponsible
msnaer. Nor does nature provide anr
screwdriver for tightening up the trouble
some break, so letters continue te He un
bailed In huibands' pocket and buttons
remain unsewed on men's shirts, all be
esa people are victims of the "I-forgot"
'. A New Torker was etatertslnlng an out-of-town
nan, and ss they started down
town the host hailed a Fifth avenue stsge.
The guest drew back, declining to enter the
vehicle, and tbe host signaled the driver to
go on, looking tbe while In astonishment
M bis guest
.."Too will pardoa me," exclalmedtbe lat
ter, flushing, "but I never ride In that kind
of a conveyance, nor In a bobtail car.
This statement struck tbe New Torker
s absurd, for right well he knew that In
his friend's town were employed the very
bobtalled can discarded by New Tore.
Then how do you get around at home?
"I walk. I have made rule never to
ride In a car which has ne conductor
. "Ah, then It in a matter of principle.
You do not propose to do the company's
work for It gratis."
"No, I do not," he answered, with a pe
culiar expression on his face. Hia whole
attitude waa so reserved that, after find
ing tbe cable or electric cars to his satis
faction, his host dropped the subject.
' TrrlasT Oa Havel Hat.
But later la the day his eyes were opened.
They had dropped Into tbe club, where the
out-of-town man had seen much that In
terested him, and aa tbey left he seemed
somewhat preoccupied. His host selected
and hsnded hlra his umbrella aad waited
for him to put. on his hat- Very gravely
he lifted a silver card receiver, and, 'talk
ing tbe while on another topic, deliberately
Inverted It upon his head, totally uncon
scious of the extraordinary proceeding.
Re seemed to realise, boewver, tbat the fit
waa not perfect, and by a more careful ad
justment finally settled It to his satisfac
tion and would have proceeded Into the
street had hia attention not been called to
the matter. He laid the receiver on the
stand, took his hat and without faltering
a word In the conversation, walked down
the steps.
" Later, the New Torker met tbe wife of
his gnest. and his curiosity led him' to In
quire into the secret of the man's dislike
fer stages and bobtail ears. . Her explana
tion waa given with twinkling eyes.
"Just between ourselves, I'll tell you why.
l waa when those cars first mads their
appearanoa In our town. Ha boarded one
to go to bis office, presently an aid woman
sat dawn beside him aod handed him her
nickel, with tbe request that he pass It
along to the box. In a few minutes there
waa a great rumpus and ringing of the bell,
wbtch Indicated that someone vas endeav
oring to ride free. The paisengers looked
from one to the other la aa effort te spot
the contemptible person. Then the door
opened and the driver, putting hia head in
aids. yelled: .
"Will that woman, there, please pay her
lareTV- ., .
"I gave it to this man, and he stole It.
I aaw -him put It Into his own pocket
'"My husband disgorged the alckel aad
fled from the ear. In a few days he' came
ta me with the request that I aew np his
packets, as la a fit ef absent-mindedness
he had repeated the embarrassing per
formance. I did as requested, but nothing
was accomplished. The next time he was
on the cars a woman gave him a half dol
lar to have changed. Falling to get It Into
hU pockets, he slipped It Inside his trousers
-' at the top. Ever since then he has
As Esaerseaey Sandwich.
During the national convention of 180 the
Id expoaltion building in Chicago did not
accommodate one-tenth of the people who
were eager to get ins'.de the walls. In or
der to avoid the terrible crush people took
their position at 4 o'clock In the morning.
When the convention opened much later
than waa anticipated the house was abeo
' lutaly solid with humanity, and It waa Just
aa Impossible to get out as It was to get In.
Aa no adjournment was taken at noon, many
fainted from tbe heat and hunger. Boms
saadwlch men succeeded la crawling along
the rafters, and by wrapping their wares In
paper would throw a parcel where a persoa
held his baads ta catch. Payment was put
la the paper and returned In like manner.
At beat the food waa not Inviting, a great
hunk of bam fat between two thick alabs ef
eour bread. One lady whose escort had se
cured after great effort one of these dantlee
was In a quaadary. 8ha did aot wish to of
fead tbe giver, who hsd tskea so much
trouble, but to eat It wss utterly out of the
question. She looked around' for some
means of disposing of ths obnoxious object.
" at ths same time leaving the Impression
- that she had consumed it with a relish.
tbe floor could aot be reached, so tightly
was sbe wedged about Then came a happy
thought Her pocket! She wrapped tbe
eaadwlrh la hsr handkerchief and stored It
away la the friendly receptacle.
It waa between sad T when the eoavea
tlon adjouraed. and as the party, who were
from out of Iowa, had a box for the theater
that evening, tbey dined at a nearby res
taurant, afterward attending the play.
. "Macbeth' was the sttrsctton. with a fa-
that word, no freqoeat
ly misapplied, loses
none af Its force hero.
t e-. J J rK. K.-.. tanavl
--- I -aWvasa wsmswi "i
wr-i3V land ths best hope te
be had are need ta th
brewing, bookie. -plalalng
sear at pare seat for
the asalag.
tfNoo-IntomJcaxt) Tonic Druggist
or direct.
'VAL. tun ME WHO Ct, lUlwaske.
teia dmim at . t4. leai.
moue lady star. It happened that ths pros
oenlum boxes were simply an extension of
taa atage floor, without rail or bar to sep
arate them. Thus tbe oecnpaats were
thrown Into great prominence, their alight
eat tnovemeat being seen by tbe sad trace.
The theater waa crowded, aad the stsr held
them spellbound. She hsd mads a great
Impression, but there Is nothing certain In
tbe affairs of this world. Tbe lsdy of ths
sandwich wss the person foreordained to
carry that home.
Possessed of a maddentag desire te
sneers, she tried, faithfully, to smother tbe
tickling sensation by all tbe known means
st her command. She swallowed, rubbed
her nose and held her breath, but finding
tbe could no longer keep down tbe Impend
ing explosion, which hsd gathered great
volume by being detained, aa a last resort,
she Jerked out her hsadkercblef, with the
hope of drowning the noise In Its folds.
David's sling was aot more true In Its
aim than was tbe handkerchief In Undlng
tbst accursed sandwich squarely In tbe face
of "Lady Macbeth. After executing this
blow It rolled to ths floor, placidly turning
out from between tbe slsbs of bread the
chunk of ham. whose fat glistened In the
glere of the footlights. While the bouse
thundered with apolause the box party beat
a hasty retreat
A Xovel la the Pulpit.
A clergyman waa badly afflicted with ab-aeat-mlndedness,
despite tbe fact tbat hia
Cut and Colon of Garments Which Till
Bloom villi ths riowert.
Ralraeat far Twwta aad Ago, trass
L.Shlrted Coats to Knitted
Ilk Ties aa Crystal
NEW TORK. March 7. 60 far aa the well
dressed man la concerned spring has arrived
aad auitable vestmeata ore accordingly
taking the place of heavy winter garments.
The first sign of change waa given by the
new three-piece suits tbst rsme Into us
quite three weeks ago. These suits consist
of trousers, body coat sad overcoat, all cut
from one bolt of goods. Something con
servative In Inconspicuous dark gray or
brown mixtures were tbe first to nppear.
Now the smarter men are wearing top
coats of lighter gray, to match their dis
tinctly spring-like gray suits. These top
coats to match have an UDusual fullness
from the shoulders, and. among tbe men
who are sending In to their tailors very
generous spring orders, a preference aeeaas
'tWr : - " ' i-se.l 1
L J Lr - w II II IB
wife watched him like a hawk. One prank
of his disordered brain finally proved his
undoing with hia congregation, which had
hitherto been long suffering. He bad fre
quently to be told to remove hia hat after
reaching the desk, and one Sunday morning
be read among the announcements from the
pulpit hia wife's laundry list,
He was aomewhat more liberal la his
views than this congregation, but refrained
from any overt act or expression which bs
thought might be obnoxious to them, aad
only indulged himself privately. One Sab
hath morning ha arose after the hymn and
announced ta tbe usual dignified manner:
iou win una my text la tbe first chapter
of the first book of the scriptures." His
hand went Into the rear pocket of hia cost
for the customary manuscript Instsad he
brought forth a book and opened It Hia
wnois face lighted np with a am lis of
pleasure, aad be began readlna- aloud with
great Interest His elder parlahlenera aat
agnaai. wniie the younger members broke
into titters. It soon became evident that
he was reading from one of the latest and
most sensational novels. Finally aa elder
arose In righteous Indignation and called
1 a nsucn morunea minuter to account
A gentleman who had a most Imnnrt.nt
Journey ahead of htm had the alarm set for
aa early hour. Hia family breakfasted with
htm. but ha wished to allow nleat r
time la which to catch tha train. Th.
other members of the household went about
meir usual occupations. At 1 o'clock hia
wife, happening to pass through tha lower
end ef the hall, aotlced a maa oa the settee
oy ibs iront ooor. She questioned the
servants, but they said no one had been ad
mitted during the morning. She took the
butler with her to make an Inveatintin.
Vpon approaching the supposed stranger
aha waa shocked to find her husband, whose
ppearaace was constrained aad uimttim
He glanced at her, but took no further
nouce or aer presence. His hat was on tha
rack and his valise aeatlr tniki ....
under the seat while he sat, placidly and
wiia loiaea nana, looking through the
vestibule door. In a bored and weary man
ner. When his wife touched, blm rr. v
shoulder he stared at her la utter aatonlaa-
ment for a moment then, springing ta his
feet In alarm, cried:
"What's the metier. Faanv: whv
awrw I
"Why. William, what r ....
herer replied the wife.
In eg tbe road to Boston. Ti v
that as well aa I do."
He was much mortified, wkn ha e.
he had been sitting all those hours la hia
owa nau. naving miaukea It for a vestibul
Theeshtfml aad Thoasfctloae.
Presence of mind and absence of mind
are usually brought to ths surface la the
face ef some calamity or great danger. A
gentleman, while dining with hia host aaw
the flimsy lacs curtains blow agalaat the
gas aad catch fire. He responded te the
cry of help from his tricad. by deliberately
filling his after-dinner coffee cup from the
carafe, aad throwing the contents oa the
flaming drapery. With great pains and
trouble, aaother maa Insisted oa aaving the
copy of the moraiag'a paper, while all of
tbe valuables la the house were destroyed.
A geallesaaa. whose hobby waa study-tag-
the mental equtpoee of the brala. al
ways maintained that oaa need aever get
flustrated ta the presence ef daager. pro
vided as will be deliberate aad de things In
the ordinary manner. By this mesne both
lifs aad property could be saved.
Ons Bight he aad hia wife were awakened
fa their hotel by the alarm gong and the cry
ef "Fire!" He arose and besought hia wife
to be calm aad coaslderate. and to drees
as usual, neglecting ao part ef her every
day habit of procedure. Silently the poor,
frightened woman hurried oa her clothes
aad gathered the loose articles of their
wardrobe into a valise, while her husband
carefully adjusted his cravat aad brushed
his coat Tbea he scolded his wlfs for
aot noticing the taothhruh. These, te-
getber with his shaving pad, bs packed
away la the bag. aad, taxing H la oas
hand, with tbe other he led his wife dowa
tbe staircase lata the street where they
were greeted by the cheers of the crowd.
"Now, Mary, he remarked, "you see,
awing ta my theory aad presence of mind,
here we are. aafs aad sound, aad you have
aot forgottea a alngls thing."
"That's true, William." she replied, "bat
since, the are Is aut I wautd suggest that
yea ga back aad pat aa your Uwueera,
to be expressed tor a gray cloth In which
a strong greenish cast la visible..
Conservative American men, and this
term signifies all but a very small dlqus
of daring club-living youths, shied at the
extreme cutaway coat tbat . John Hare
brought aver and which has been.. very
much worn la London. It verged on the
sharply conspicuous, ao tha American rati
let it rather severely alone, 'but they
promise to taka kindly to a aew coat shnpe
that remalna to be suitably christened.
This coat has longish skirts and fullness
with the corners rounded off la front There
la nothing "euddea" about thU coat, aa waa
the offease offered by the perky "swallow
backs." Its curves are gentle. It aspect
that of a modish compromise between the
true cutaway and the atately. "sklrty
frock, and It la la form for calling, spring
weddings, etc. It la always off tbe aame
piece aa tbe trousers, with which It is
worn, and a maa eaa appear la It at a
morning function and go on to hia office
later and get down to work without feeling
or looking overdressed for the "dollar
mongers" - part, an uncomfortable aeons
that pursues the American financier when
he wears a frock coat "down town."
Walateoata aad Shlrtlags.
The maa who feels any Interest In his
wardrobe la rather finicky about his waist
coats. Well dressed members of society
esslly possess a score of them, yet they are
now adding to tbe store. The demand Is
for colored and wash watscoats and ths
colored cotton field of the spring-like west
Is variegated with spots. Plslds ars no
longer useful or beautiful as vesting goods,
but brown, buff. grey, aad with the younger
element, robbln'a egg blue, ars all colore ta
good social standing. Four smoked pearl
buttons oa each side of the double-breasted
waistcoat's frpat la the proper number, aad
to hold the lapels quite flat and firm theae.
too, art fastened down with button and but
tonhole. The former matches la color and
material those that appear oa the front of
the vest
The smart spring material la mercerised
Cheviot sad StrlDM this aeUM mrm all
alng longUtndlnally. It would be different
ssy wnat color in anirta takes tbe lead.
Th atroag plaka are avoided as a rule aad
black aad white effeeta are synonymous
with morning. Aslds from these two con
trasts the average man leads himself to al
most any color that is aot too soaaplcuously
emblasoned oa the starched stretches of
this cotton garment Those of the stsrner
sex, who enjoy the unusual, patronise the
fashionable aew color; robbln'a egg blue
sad the atrlpe ta their shirts reflects the
color of their socks.
Keektle Voarvea.
The English knitted aUk tie has come
ever aad found a warm welcome. Greys
aad rich purplsa hold the lesd aad the
knitted ones are worn in all tha
shapes, from th tiny butterfly to ths bread-
eei ascot- 1 aese ties are head knitted, of
th aame aUk used in making expensive
silk dress hose. and. like the hose, their
osiers are fast aad eaa stand the lauadry.
Naturally thsy are aot tnexpeastve. but
thsy are well worth tha price asked for
them aad they promise to enjoy something
more thaa a mere vogue. Less costly aad
almost aa durable are ties knitted of cot
ton, la which there ta Just a twist ef silk to
give the gloss and strength required.
Old watch guards, ahowing tiay Jewele
la their centers, are among the fashion
able necktie ornaments tor the aew aeasoa.
Most of these come from Europe, where It
Is now certain that aa old watch ta aot
robbed of its guard every time a scarf pis
I made. The Italian goldsmith ta par
ticularly skUled la th duplicatloa of aa
tlqucs, aad such clever copies of eld guards
are made as wjuld puaxle aa expert to
detect the fraud. Aa tha nM. i.h.
are exquialtely cut and often aet with email
rentes is slsbos te reasoa that their
value ta aot overestimated by the price
asked for them, both her aad abroad.
Ta Crystal
A very interesting luxury la mascullns
areas is ids extensive use or fine crystals
as ornament a. Cuff links wt. h rk.,.
pins, and waistcoat buttons are now mads
01 crystals mat ars cut polished, decorated
aad aet la London. Tha rrvstala ara 1.
rims of gold or sliver, nas slds of each Is
reunuea out to a deep pure oral with lis
reverse cut flat aad thaa mmj itw .
stag's bead, a fish, aa anchor, a coach horn
v wsumui syniBOiicAi r sport The
a rru s ss rs " ew r"a e"w e" r"s ww ew eu irv jrw rrw r"u w -w iru tr ea f a "". w "u r "u t f a e"e ss o " era , rf " e ra f rw rt
$M avi ft UU UUUWUUUUWWaMMItiWMMV AA a . aj a kipJMMAMMi a 1 f'tJ UttJ t If
st Chance 8
Stock Must Be Reduced Before We Move,
Such values never before offered la Omaha. Part of our Immense stock of Buggies, Phaetons, Surreys, Ruaabouts, Carrtagea, Farm aad Delivery Wagons aad
Blcyclea were slightly damaged by smoke and water la the Ceatral Hotel fire last November we have secured a few bargain lots from jobbers since, but It all goea
at lees than wholesale prices, for we ara determined to put only new goods la our aaw store. Largest stock of Orspbophoaea aad Records west of Chicago. Look
over this list and call at oar ator If yea think at baying this year. We eaa and will save you money. Bicycle repairs, tires, carriage tires, etc., aad Oraphopho
records st any old price.
s. . VIIIM I aaBBaarasBBBawaw' VVJ -aaw-
At less than wholesale prices. You can save money if you buy npw. We hare cut off our profit and offer goods t9
cost. See prices below. M
Tt e&DAoi fcoM to dupUcU Umim Mie oo sua quJlt of gotds l-rwbc. Com iad mt can aily eoovl&c rou tt-U mfmrj aiKicU U bif tor- j
-r--' awa lawsaam at aa wwHtaa wawjl aaaaJl ttiTs aWklai f
J 1 4VII Wf aa B s,uaej Siwaa Mivna JT ww wwa bp -mm haw s aa
.$5 to $150
.110 (9 S76
ns-. ....S3 ta $60
520 ta $40
All Records are of th Utsat snak
and up-to-date musio. All type of
machines aoul oa payments. Special
attention given ta mail ardere. Be
sure to write for catalogue. SMOQlM
naw stock te select from.
tno Banner Surrey, (fn
for .IU
xue atoon airoa. burrey,
X2S0 Moos Bros. Surrey,
ta hfooa Broa. Park Burrey.
for ...
tin Moon Bros Cabriolet.
for ........... .,.. m
fl Troy Open Surrey,
for -
JITS Troy Canopy Top Burrey,
for ....................
$ZK Tray Rxtenaion Top
Surrey, for
pco WoodhuU Traps.
tae rVoodmilt Trap,
tor -
tiso Racloa Traps.
PS Wsatem
$3 Admiral Eacyclo,
H OUve Bleycle,
g Worid Bicycl,
hr WoriaV'BicrcliC
) ee e 90
tver Johnson B levels.
ror a
StO Orient Blcyda,
SS Steam Utrbt Road Wheel.
fat stearne Racer,
for : ...
tor Motor Bicycle,
COo Foot Punuia,
Kc Toe Clip,
I 150
Wh Broa. Wagon.
Fish" Broa.' Waa-oo,
JAsb Broa." Wifta'"" ""
(H nsh 'Broa. dear,
'tires I Inches wld . . . ........ ..
IV Fteh Bros. Gear,
tire I Ipchea wide
W Small delivery Waf on,
ITS Fteb Bros, Delivery Wagon,
tFlsk Broa.' E'vory Vaio'i.'"
with top
t7l piper SprtnaT Waon.
tSQ Mooo Broa. t&rias Wason.
Taruk Wisoo,
tS Banner Top Buggy $38
fn Banner Top Buggy jj
t3 Tlmpken Top Buggy, g g
tl0 Tlmpken Top Buggy, fitted 1 1
with roller bearings U
tUfj Mountain Top Buggy. f C
for 13
40 Mountain Top Buggy, gJJ
tlBTroy Top Buggy JQQ
ISS Troy Victoria Stanhope, JQQ
T Moon Broa. Top Buggy, QQ
rcRactn Tap Bu-b7. gQ
tSRactne Top Buggy, JQ
mto?!.r $60
ffljB Bnger Phaeton, f C
for I O
tlC Moon Broa Phaeton Q
XIK Moon Bros. Phaaton. g g
tlSO Racine phaeton, Q
tJTroy Fbatea. jQ
Steam and Oaaoline or KJecfrt
Banner Runabout. $40
fti Baanar Runabout.
SW Tlmpken Runabout. g g
H2S Moon Runabout. QQ
tlS Troy Runabout, gg
tltB Troy Runabout, basket I f f
eeat, for IwW
$140 Watertown Runabout. JQ
(106 Radn Runabout, C
for I 0
15 RaclneV Runabout, Q g
X90 Troy Concord. JQ
t Moon Broa. Concord. gQ
(100 Racine Concord. gQ
1B Tlmpken Stanhope, QQ
tie Tlmpken Stanhope, fitted 1 9 R
with rolier bearings J&9
a tvd a b aS O V J
S0SSi0eMa'4'aJ ijiAfiJK0K'&W4P'0A
Corner 18th and Dodge Streets, Omaha.
cutting la treated to a layer of color, ao
tbat on looking dowa through tha top of
the crystal a richly blazoned sporting totem
Is seen.
Aa crystal cutting I a very n art, a
fin pair of cuff links showing heads on the
bass of one button and the owners Initials
on the other easily fetches $75, and a aet
of walatcoat buttons brings quite doable
that sum. From America wa are sending
to the fashionable English and Frenchmen
handsome aad popular cuff links mads of
colored Wisconsin pearla. Our owa Jewel,
ers are making also stunning sets of waist.
coat and cuff buttons that ars eat from
mother-of-pearl aad garnished In the center
with on tiny diamond or emerald each.
Elderly gentlemen, according to the most
recent ruling, must bear a length of watch
chain extending from tbe waistcoat button
hole to th watch pocket. This la called a
single chain. Younger men should adhere
to the double chain that runs from tbe
waistcoat button hole to pockets on both
light and left, with a charm haaging la
the center. Thla charm not Infrequently
la a tiny padlock, the key of which U held
by aome fair trustee. The ship's cable
twist Is the most approved weave for tbe
newest chain, aad the more simple, flat and
ineonsploous a watch la, the Bearer the
owner ha reached the acme of good form
In drees.
Fast lias
to New Tork or Philadelphia Is made by the
superbly equipped trains of the Lehigh
Valley railroad. Double ' track. Stone
ballasted. Automatic electric block elgnal
system ta operatloa over the entire route.
Stop-over allowed at Niagara falls oa
through tickets to New Tork or Phila
Bishop Mallallen expects eoon to have
regular monthly preaching from Metbodlat
Clergyman la Jerusaieat.
Chtcaco has CS Protestant Evana-ellcal
churches, with over lou.Ouu members. It
Is propose to organise a great tent
evaiigeuatlc campaign to cover all the city.
Miss Louise B. Plerson, daughter of Rev.
Arthur T. plerson. editor of the Mission
ary Review of tbe World, has gone to
India for the Woman's Union Missionary
society of New York.
Dr. Edward Everett Hale, who will cele
brate his eightieth birthday on April I,
peratsts In refusing. to be called a clergy
man. He wishes to be designated only aa
a "ChrlaUaa minister."
The problem of dealing with the native
Christiana who recanted during the Boxer
trouble is ons of the most perplexing which
the missionaries returning to their fields
In China have to taoe.
Bishop latane. the noted Reformed Epls- I
copal divine, who died In Baltimore re
cently, was eonaecrsted by Kight Rev.
William R. Nicholson of that city and
Right Rev. Samuel tallows of Chicago In
Newman Hairs tract. "Come to Jesus.
of which over S.Ouu.Ouw copies bsve been
circulated, waa the result of hearing a
Primitive Methodist sing to a street crowd
the Cm miliar revivalist aong, "Come to
Jesus Jast Now."
Rev. J. O'Donovan, pastor of St. Bran
dan's Memorial church. In the County of
Oalway. Ireland, has Just arrived la New
Tork te solicit funds fur the completion
of the church, which Is built ss a me
morial to tbe reputed first European dis
coverer of America.
The loneliest missionary In the world Is
said te be Rev. J. O. Springer, whose
station U on Herschel Island, near the
mouth of the Mackenale liver, well within
the Arctic circle. No ship has been at tbe
It .and for two winters snd ths mlnslonary s
white neighbors are at Peel nver, Ko
mtlea away.
Rev. Robert Collyer. tbe noted New
York divine, has his study In ooe of the
big Broadway buildlnss. When a young
maa be learned the blacksmith trade snd
the anvil on which ha hammered out his
deatiny Is st present set up In the study
of "Old Trinity church, thirago, where
Mr. Collyer waa, eoaoe years ago, ths
jjlpl llll K-v Ida-M. Siiyder,-
friS mQO t fWA I )Wl Trwavaur.r ef tha BrwlllTX
"fpsP ' fltaP CIUl "
Daagrer of Paeassaala.'
A cold at this Urn, if aegleeted, la liable
t cans pneumonia, which la so often
fatal; aad evea whea the patient has re
covered the lungs ars wsaksaed, making
them peculiarly susceptible te tbe develop
ment of reasums-tlos. Foley's Hsney aad
Tar wUl atop Iks cough, heal aad strengths
tha lungs aad preveat paeemeaia.
mT is on of the saddest tbinjrt in life
to see a beautiful yoang gill lan
guiahing on a bed of sickness, when
the should be strong and healthy, filling
tha home with tha sonthine of her happy
face. Somehow or other aa tha mother ia
the center of tha home, the daughtee seems
to be ita greatest joy of its greatest care.
A home with an invalid daughter is like a
hospital. Tha sufferer with her pale
blanched face calls for every one's care and
sympathy. How different is the home
where a healthy girl sheds her bappy in
fluence and ministeri to the comfort of
every one in a thousand pleasant way.
It is remarkable that ao many women
will forfeit health and then suffer the con
sequence of pain and licknesa when it ia
unnecessary. Women who enjoy this
greatest of Nature's blessings are liable to
forget that health can be easily lost by neg
lect. Tbey cannot lealiaa that the loss of
sleep, a little cold or irre-tilarity of habits
can result disastrously nntil they one suf
fer painful menses. Menstrual troubles are
generally the beginning of women a trou
bles. The vitality is at a low ebb, the
blood weakened, tha digestion disordered
wwoli my mors attsa-taoat
their health w would have mors happy
wrvss, mothers and (laugh ten, and 8 they
would use mora tatsfllgcavca fat tha snatter of
rnerllrtnra, cfteervug rcstts,ty woum nam
that tha doctors' ptsacrlptlona do aot perform
the many cures they arc given credit for. -
Mr lifs was a bwroca to me throurh per
sistent indigestion! soar mis resulted and my
friends thought I waa an invalid for lit.
But I would not gfr mm wad whan I found
that prescriptions would not help ana, I tried
something cue.
and aha (roes about pale-faced, hollow-eyed
and hac trard. a viteoui contrast to tha
hlnmnino health of her former self. But
over 1 .000.000 women have found health
affain bv takitur Win of Cardui. Aa"a
regulator of the menstrual periods Wine of
Prd ni has never been known to fail. It
haa seldom failed to restore perfect health.
even in the moat persistent and aggravated
set of weakness.
Ilia Ida M. Snyder, af No. 535 Bergen
street, Brooklyn, N. T., has used Win of
Cardui aad aha says tt helped her into a
new life. Health to Miss Snyder is worth
a great deal. She is an attractive young
woman with intellectual attainments and
ah occupies the position of Treasurer of
the Brooklyn East End Art dub. This
position marks her as a person of Intellect,
culture and refinement and it speaks hictly
of the respect and trust her fellow women
have in her. She writes ;
"In ccsMuhrar with ray druryte he ad
vised McEWsVtae of Carderi and Ttned
ford's Black-Draught, aad so I took It aod
have every reaaan to thank hia tor a nrsr
liia opened up to ma with restored health,
and it only took three months te curs so."
Ton may secure tha same relief as Mis
Snyder, if you taka Wine of Cardui as she
took it Tbedford s Black-Draught is tha
companion medicine of Win of Cardui
and it is a liver and bowel regulator which
assists greatly in effecting a cure. Oo to
your druggist and buy a dollar bottle of
Win of Cardui and a twenty-five cant
package of Tbedford 'i Black-Draught aad
take them in the privacy of your home. II
you take thee medicines according to di
rections, tha relief and cure is aim pi.
Some cases are cured quickly aad others
taka longer because tha disease has run
longer. Remember how Miss Snyder took
Wine of Cardui and has health. Tha
same medicines ars offered yon today.
wine: of cardui
Will surely bring you relief from
tha sneering yon now andura.
Take it in
i your
Tlio Climax of Perfection.....
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I M 1 . 1 V "aaasTSTaa-v-T
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A. J. SHERRET & CO.. 1312 Farnam.
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Every XJcxzi
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For sal by
Blxteenth and Douglas 8ts.. Omaha.
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'Wfb.a liallOiAnl. 'WIlaaiHai,
boio v rherwisa MeTo"nn Pni C
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