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Favla 11 drug.
Stockert sells carpets and rugs.
Mets beer at Ncumarar'a hotel.
Woilm.n. nclentifio optician. 409 B'way.
Perry pictures for sale. C. E. Alexander
at ta, s Broadway.
J. C. A W. Woodward, architect, room
I, Everett block. Coujicll Bluffe. la. .
Wanted, an apprentice girl In - the mil
linery department at the Boa ton atore.
Missouri oak body wood, o.W cord. Wil
liam Welch, a M. Main street. Tel. 138.
The Colored Republican club will meet
tomorrow evening at it'is weai nrunuwrnj.
John Bennett took out a permit yester
day (or a two-story (rame dwelling on Blurt
atreet to coat W.otw.
Work on the warehouse of the Groneweg
sr. Schoenigen company at Ninth atreet and
Broadway will be uegun Monday.
Jamea Bone of thla city hne bought an
1S,2 tarm in Baunoera county, Nebraaka,
twenty-hve miles aouthwest of Omaha.
The Crown piano, uaed at the I'fefferkorn
concert, la now on exhibition at Bourlclua',
U6 Broadway, the Crown piano local dealer.
For rent, office, room, ground floor; ex
cellent kcatlon for real estate or Insur
ance; centrally located. Addreaa 8, Bee
A Sunday school rally will be held at
Quick March Zl, under the auaplcea of the
Pottawattamie county Sunday School as
sociation. Clarlbel, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Tt. 3.
Chambers, who had been 111 with typhoid
fever, died laat evening at her home, 813
Sixth avenue,.
The personal injury damage ault of Mra.
Maggie Lett against the Chicago St North
western railroad will go to the Jury this
morning In the superior court.
A. M. Brmham, 21 Ninth avenue, was
knocked down and aeverely bruiaed Thura
day evening while crossing Broadway at
Main atreet by a team driven by a man in
the employ of Stewart Broe.
Charlea Off, ragpicker, who gave the
name of Carter when arrested Thursday,
waa sentenced to fifteen daya In the county
Jail yesterday for the theft of a horse
blanket belonging to Mrs. Jennie Williams.
Members of tha Woman's Relief corpa
and Abe Lincoln post, Urand Army of the
Republic, will report at the Fifth Avenue
Methodiat church this afternoon at 1
o'clock to attend the funeral of Mra. Mary
1 Hart.
A. W. Machen, superintendent of the free
delivery system of the postofflce depart
ment, in answer to an inquiry from Post
master Treynor. has written that the de
triment cannot sanction carriers on rural
ree delivery routea acting aa advertising
Spedden and Paige, with the big comedy
company, will be at the Dohany theater
four nights, opening Sunday night In the
modern comedy-drama, "A Thoroughbred."
Two or more high-class specialties will be
Introduced between each act and a con
tinuous performance, with no. Intermis
sion. ... . . " - i
The funeral of Mra. Thomas Thomas, who
died Monday in Independence. Mo., will ba
Sunday noon from the Grange church in
Boomer township. . Kev. Chambers and
Jlev. Carlyle will conduct the services.
Burial will be. In the Grange cemetery.
Mra. Thomas, who waa 72 years of age,
had been a. resident of Boomer township
forty years, until she and her husband re
moved to Independence last August. Her
husband, one daughter and five son sur
vive her. .'-..-
N. T. PlumblDr Co., telephone 250
Davis arils glass. ,
Real Estate Traaafera. .
These transfers were filed yesterday la
the abstract, title and loan office of J. W.
Eqtilre, 101 Pearl atreet: .. . ., . .
Pottawattamie County to Kathaa P.'
Dodge, lot U, block 1. Stutsman's 1st
add., w d I I
3. 8. Cary and wife to E. H. Ander
son, e 7i feet lot 6, block 1, Boilers'
add Walnut, w d.. ,. J.iOO
Same to Nathan Cary, w 80 feet lot 6,'
block 1, Boiler's add. Walnut, w d... 1,200
Peter Langer et al to Samuel Blumec, t
)r.i lots 11 and 12, block 17, Mlnden,
w d 1,400
C- E. Springer and wife to M. C. Bob
bins, m section 86, and that part ,
r east of railroad, 75-40,
w d ...... 1,036
Erneet Stueve and wife to William'
Mundt, nV, ne4 14-74-43, w. d 4,800
James Holm and wife to Peter Wleee,
art lot 1, Aud's subd. aeU awS4
7-. and 'lot 1, Aud's subd. ne
iwt4 ft-74-39. w. A..... 4,75
3. C. Lareorr to Christian Peterson...
wH nwV se4 4-77-39. w. d..... 2,000
Mary F. Davis and husband- to J. O. ;
Ruckle, und. M. Int. ett sw4. and'
stt swH se4 16-77-39, q. c d 1,700
. V. H. Butler -and wife to 8.. D.
Blakely, eAi ne4 23-7U-40, w. d 4,400
Kelts Hanson and wife to Henry Ben
son, part H ne4 t, and part win
nw4 6-M-4S, w. 3...... .....a.... E.SU
Treasurer to W. H. Klllpark, mhi at4
aw4 net and s sVa - se .. nwK
1-77-43, t d..j.... : :.
County Treaaurer to Day St Heaa,
lota 1, 1 S. 11. U, IS, block t, Regatta
Place, Manawa, t. d..... 29
Henry Herring and wife to-Peter Koll
Son, eH lot . block. Walnut, '
w. d...i 175
John Clay, jr., and wife to Scottish
American Investment Co., lots 1 and
i, block 14: lota and 7, block 6, and '
lot 7,- block 8,. Potter St Cobb's add.,
q. C d,. 1
Same to same, a lots 1 and t, block
1A. Potter St Cobb's add., w. d 1
John Clay, Jr., and wife and William
H. Forrest to same, lot 1. block 4, .
roner at t odd a aao., a.... i
Henry O. Wemlmont and wife and ,
James M. ' Kerr and wife to Charles
M. Bramel, lots 1 and t and accre
tions to lot 1, in S-itt-44, a. w. d '4,000
J. K F. McGee and wife to Jamea M.
Kerr and Henry Q, Wernlmont,
same land, a. w. d.. 2,000
Nineteen , transfers, aggregating. .142,743
Gravel roofing. A. H. Read, 541 Broadway.
Let the COLD DUST twfes do year work."
t woman' best Mend whan wash day cornea
J round. It makes tha ekotnee awt ana dean,
akaa only hall tha time and ball tha labor oi toast
ual tallow dueotioaa oa package.
Mads only by THB N. K. FAIR BANK COM P AMY.
ttUGo. N.w York. Boaton. St Louis,
aiakera oi OVAL FAIRY SOAP.
Dohany Theater
A Thoroughbred
Prices, 10-20-SOo.
Funeral Director
. rkblaVi, sTeiJtaVr. ' Mi
Kasoilated in Kastarn Nabrasaa j
s-" r,JW Janes H. Ca4f, M
T . ..T.. . .r.ti ' ...rr I S I
Council Bkffi Hopei to Seoare FoUblo
Triple Gathering. ,
two Philippine Societies may unite
Fifty-First lova kad Fifat Nebraska
May Be Aaked to Get Tesretker
Oae tke Createst C Ea.
casapmeate PlMaeel. -
Camp Louis A. Wegner, PhUlpptoe Island
Veterans, at Its meeting laat night laid
plans to secure the national encampment of
the organisation in Council Bluffs this
summer. The National Society ,f the
Army of the Philippines will bold Ha en
campment In this city August 18, 14 and IS,
and aa the two organizations are so closely
allied, the veterans of the Fifty-first low
volunteers In this city are determined to
make a strong; effort to secure tha attend
ance here at that date of the Philippine
Ialand Veterans. This organisation has a
membership of over 1,000, and as there has
been more or leas talk ot consolidating the
two societies. It is believed that if both
encampments were held here this could bo
accomplished. " ' . . ,
President Judson of the local camp, Phil
ippine Island Veterans, has been In com
munication with the head officers la St.
Louis and has been assured that If tbe na
tional encampment can be held! In this pity
this summer a special train will be run" To
this city during the encampment pt the
National Society of the Army .of the Phil
ippines, bringing a large delegation . front
the former society. ' . , 7 '
Another proposition on which the mem
bers of the local camp of Philippine : Island
Veterans la working Is to have' a reunion of
the Fifty-first Iowa volunteers In this city
during the encampment of. the National So
ctety of the Army of -.thi Philippines.' If
this could be accomplished it would be one
of the moat notable events of the year for
Council Bluffs. ; J,?:
Coloael Loper Faf era Plaau .
Colonel John C. Loper, who waa In, com
mand of the. Flfty-flret Iowav Volunteers in
the Philippines, is strongly In favor of ruth
a reunion, and has expressed the belief that
It would be largely attended If held In
Council Bluffs at the tlmejjf the encamp
ment of the National Bociety of the Army
of the Philippines, when' member of dif
ferent regiments who. sasr aerrlce' la the
front together could 'get together and talk
over old times In the Philippines. Colonel
Loper favors this city aa the place for
such reunion on account of the splendid
reception Its citizens gave the regiment on
its return from service after being mustered
out la San Francisco.
. Colonel. Loper suggest that -If. the re
union is held here, the members ot the
oil regiment attending It go Into regular
eamp and that the veteran officers and
men live again for a week or aa many days
as the reunion might last, the field life In
which they spent several months together
In the Philippines. .
Camp Dodge, where the encampment ot
the Ftfty-flret and Fifty-second regiments,
Iowa National guard, wag. held last summer,
would. It is claimed, afford aa excellent
site for the camp If the reunion was held
here. It has also been suggested that the
First Nebraaka volunteers be Invited to
hold a reunion here at the same time and
go into camp at the same place, so that
the two regiments which saw service to
gether la the Philippines might be brigaded
together again.
It was through the efforts ot. Surgeon
Macrae that the encampment of the Na
tional Society of the Army of the Philip
pines was secured for Council Bluffs this
year, and he is anxious that arrangements
be begun to entertain It properly. . The
cltliens will be called upon to assist, but
nothing will be done In the matter until
after the city election.
Plumbing: and heating. Bliby tt Son. '
Postwosto Tael Weddla.
Miss Edyth Elliott, a pupil In the High
school, and Clarence Lenn, a clerk, la the
employ of the Illinois Central, ' had ar
ranged to get married, and the young wo
man announced her intention of leaving
school. Her schoolmates gave her a fare
well party at the home of Assistant County
Attorney Kimball. Miss Elliott has, how
ever, reconsidered her determination , to
leave school and la back' at har studies.
The .marriage did not take place." Lena Is
only 10 years of age, while Miss Elliott is
not yet 17. They were refused a license
here and Lenn went to Logan, Harrison
county, la quest ot one, but again failed.
They, then decided to put the, wedding, off
until they were both older. , ' , ,. .
Davis sells glass. '
Seeomal Bask for Caureea. -
The town of Carson, this county,' Is (o
have a second bank. Articles of Incorpora
tion of the Bute Savings bank, with $20.
000 capital divided Into ZOO shares, were
filed yesterday. The incorporators ' are:
Oeorge 8. Dye, D. A. Bnapp, J. B. Johann
sen, W. M. Hotse, P. E. Johannssn, Joahua
Alston, J. F. Reed J..WvOrlffls, J. H. Perry
and Robert Llpplncott. . The officers are:
President, Joshua Alston; vice president, J.
B. Johannaen; cashier. P. E. Johannaen.
The Jobaoneens owned the German Bank of
Walnut, this county.
Dance tonight, Hughes' hall. Ladles free.
laststs oa KeeplasT Payette Jailed.
Mayor Jennings will oppose the removal
Of Jamea J. Payette, tha nrlaonar at tha
olty suffering with smallpox, to the peat-
nouae ai iqa ena or tne. seventeen days'
quarantine, even If the county will bear tha
expense of a day and night guard. . Payette
is under arrest on a charge, which. If be
Is found guilty will .land him in the peni
tentiary, and Mayor Jennings Is of the
oplnon that he euld not be properly
guarded at the peathouae. , . . ,
Dance tonight,' Hughes' hall. Ladles free.
Ankara Oraena Waati Divorce.
. James R. Praute' In his petition tor di
vorce filed la the district court yeaterday.
assarts that his wife, Clara, treats him In
such a manner that to live with bar longer
would so affect his nervous system, that
his life would be endangered. Mr. and Mrs.
Praute were married la Auburn. Nab., No
vember 11, 1894, and have one soa, aged I
years, of which the father asks the custody.
' Thle Patiaat from Oaaakau
James Wood, railroad laborer, suffering
with smallpox, waa. given quarters in the
city Jail laat night, and this morning will
be removed to the peathouae. Wood's came
to Council Bluffs from Omaha, where he
said he bad been boarding at the Nebraaka
Takea l City Basse.
City Treaaurer True sent the money yes
terday to Mew joch, te Uaa us ,o0 boed
Issued ia ISM, being the balance of what
was known as tbe tU.EOO loan. The bonds
were not due until August, 190S, but by
taking them up now the city saves eighteen
months' interest. The bonds drew per
Adaalalatrator's Sal al tssil.
Sealed bids will be received at my office
up to Wednesday, March It, 1&0S, on the
farm situated elx miles east of Council
Bluffa, la., containing 141 acres, more or
leas. Improvements consist ot a dwelling
of seven rooms, cattle barn, 66x44 feet;
horse barn, 10x40 feet; hog houae, two corn
cribs, granary, milk house, ice house, wind
mill, two wells, large cistern, small or
chard, etc., described as follows: Tbe nett
section 36, all north of road of sett section
, the ett of sett ot section IB, the swtt of
sett of section 15; ait in township 75,
north of range 41, In Garner township,
Pottawattamie county, Iowa. The sale will
be subject to the order ot court. The right
Is reserved to reject any or all bids.
Administrator of eetate of Thomas Of
ficer, 419 West Broadwsy, Council Bluffs,
la. v
Adnalred by Bastlags Teachers.
Superintendent French and thirty teach
ers of the publlo schools of Hastings,, Neb.,
visited the Council Bluffs school yeaterday
for the purpose of studying the methods
used here. They were showa through the
schools by Superintendent Clifford. The
party was loud In its praise ot the new
High school building, and especially ad
mired the large auditorium.
Dance tonight, Hnghea' hall.' Ladles free.
To Aaalat la Cirealt Coart.
Under an order received here yesterday
from Judge Sanborn, Hon. John F. Phillips,
united States -judge for the -western di
vision of Missouri, Is appointed to hold
and assist . in holding the circuit and ds
trlct courts of the United States for the
southern district ot Iowa. In place or aid
ot Judge Smith McPhereon. .
1 . Eaderae the Tyftoe. .
The Trades and Lrbor assembly at a in..
cial meeting laat evening endersed the caa-
oiaacies ot William B.' Fisher, democratic
nominee, and George W. Gorman, repub
lican nominee, for members of tha Amni
of Education. Both are members of the
Typographical union.
Held for Marder la Sentk Dakota, He i
Proves Crlmlaal Is Traveling
Cader His Naaae.
CEDAR FALLS. Ia.. March fRn.i.i
J. B. Farrell, arrested, here for the murder
of a man la South Dakota last September,
was released from custody yesterday by
Marshal Kelley oa orders from the officers
of Spike county, saying that he could not
be-the man wanted on account of the dif
ference In the 'ages of the two men.
When arrested' he, said he was at one
time a resident here and called for Con
stable M. Hammond to identify him. Mr.
Hammond recalls the man and has his aame
In several pieces on the records of the
Cedar Falls fire department during 1881.
Farrell is. a machinist and assisted In plac
ing the machinery In the old paper mill
when It was established here. He recalls
many Incidents familiar to Constable Ham
mend and there la no doubt hut that he la
the original J. B. Farrell. '
He recalls the Incidents aurrnntii1lii tia
murder of the Dakota man and says he
was In the state at the time the crime waa
committed. The man named John Wilson,
who Is wanted for the crime, has evidently
assumed Farrell's name and is traveling
under It at the present time. . It will make
It exceedingly Inconvenient tor Farrell, who
will be liable to arrest at many points of
the state, as all the officers have been ad
vised to arrest J.. B. Farrell on sight. He
left here last evening for Lake Mills, Ia,
armed with the release telegram which was
sent to Marshal Kelley. . This may assist
him in securing release from other offln.n
or proving his identity.
Nertkweeterw Btatloa at Bleas City
Will Be Erected Where Old
gtraetaro Stausale. '
SIOUX' CITY. March T ffineclnl Tela.
gram.) Marvin Hugbltt, president of the
Chicago Northwestern Railway company,
mis arternoon telegraphed that the big, new
depot of the Northwestern 'would be built
on the site of the present depot of, tha
company, which Is soon to be tora down.
There has been much doubt whether the
depot would be nlaced us taw oa tha' kf.
ent site, or whether it would be erected
near tne viaduct in tbe eastern part of the
city. Much real estate speculation has
been indulged In bv nrivata rrti. who
thought the building was to ge up near the
Btauleate at laws College EatertaJa
Their Fatare Exeeatlve, Dr.
D. F. Bradley.
GRIN NELL, la., March 7. (Special Tele
gramsIowa college has been entertaining
Dr. D. F. Bradley of Grand Rapids, the
newly elected president of the Institution.
Dr. Bradley has been here for two days,
during which ttms be has addreal th.
students twice and has been given a re
ception. : He left this evening for Des
aioines. vr. Bradley will not assume the
presidency until May 1.- His Inauguration
will be combined with the commencement
exercises. -
Editor Gtargt T. WHIIaaaa.
SIOUX CITT. Ia.. March T. Special
Telegram.) George T. Williams, editor ot
the Ida Grove Pioneer, died at his home at
Ida Grove at 4:45 o'clock this morning
after an Illness of a few days of pneumonia.
Mr. Williams was aa eccentric character
and presented a picturesque appearance
with his long brown hair, which hung in
curls about his shoulders, his broad brim
med white bat. and his gray Prince Al
bert eoat. He was one of the most public
spirited cltisens of Ida Grove. He served
as mayor ot that town a number of years
Mrs. Beldea Leaves Iowa.
SIOUX CITT. Is,, March 7. (Special
Telegram.) Mrs. Evelyn H. Beldea, who
for three years waa praaideat of the Iowa
Equal Suffrage association, . and who two
years ago toured throughout Nebraaka and
asalatad In organising the state work,, will
soon leave Sioux City to take up her resi
dence la Washington, D. C, where bar hus
band. Captain W. 8. Beldan, haa been ap
pointed to a position in ths Treasury do
partment. Mra. Balden has been a national
lecturer in the suffrage cause. .
lawaaa Prescat Padd'a Head.
GRINNELL. Ia.. March 7. (Special Tele
gram.) Tbe affiliated literary societies of
Iowa college praaanted "Pudd'a Head" Wil
son here tonight - with great success.
Fletcher Meade ot Marsballtewa as "Pudd'a
Head" wag Us star, parts ruA -f.
Iowa Congressman Wine Warm Tight
Against Judge Frontj,
Moat latereatiaa; Repakllcaa Prlaaery
Ever Held la Capital aad Polk
Ceaaty Brlass Oat Tkaa.
saade of Vetera.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, March 7. (Special Tele
gram.) The most Interesting republican
primary election ever held hero waa the
chief attraction in Des Moines and Polk
county today. The election waa to choose
a candidate for congress In the Seventh
district, four candidates for Judges in the
judicial district, a full county ticket, town
ship tickets la the several .townships in
tbe county and a full city ticket for the
spring election.
The matter of greatest Interest was la
the congressional fight, where the present
congressman, Captain J. A. T. Hull, was
opposed by Judge 8, F. Prouty. The win
ner la this county will be conceded , the
election by the other counties of the dis
The next thing of great interest was the
Judicial election, where there were. four
candidates to be selected, all of whom will
be elected In this county and sit on the
district bench In Des Moines. One ot the
candidates alone sought renomlnatlon and
was practically conceded the nomination.
which narrowed the, fight down to three
places. The candidates were: William H.
McHenry, James A. Howe, John J. Hal-
loran. .A. H. McVey, Hugh Brennan, Crom
Bowen, C. P. Holmes, W. H. Bailey, L. Kin
kead and Nelson Royal. Holmes has been
on' the bench three terms and McVey Is
serving by. appointment. ;
-ine city campaign centered about the
selection -ot -a candidate for mayor. James
M. Brenton. and W. . H. Patrick were the
About 6,000 votes were cast la the pri
maries in Des Moines and a large vote la
the 'county ,
. Captain Hull waa renominated for eon.
gress and will have a comfortable majority
of the total vote over Judge Prouty. The
late returns tonight give him 117 delegates
from the' city and a tew precincts near
town, or ; twenty-six more than enough to
nominate. He estimates- his total vote In
the convention at 146, ; r. -
James Brenton was jiomlnated for mayor,
having nearly twice, as large a vote as Pat
rick, his opponent.
Returns were not received on the other
offices, but the convention will have to de
cide on the'Judges and most of the county
Aeqaltted of Asaaalt. .
LBMARS. Ia., March, 7.--(SpeclaI.) Au
guat Schwandt was acquitted of the charge
of assaulting the little daughter of Hnr
Oetkln, In the district court, after a trial
lasting two oays. Bchwaadt's statement
that the child fell and Inlurail it. .if w..
borne out by the medical testimony. The
prisoner wept for Joy when tbe verdict
was announced. ' . ' y
Baleldal Breavks.
GRINNELL, Ia.Mafcn' (Special Tele
gram.) B. Reisen, efl known cltlsen of
Eldora, attempted suicide by hanging this
morning and msy die. He fastened the
rope to a nail. The rftpe broke, but his
condition is critical. ' He had been drinking.
Third Aaaaal Eveat Draws Bayers
Irene Many Dlataat
HURON, S. D., March 7. (Special.) The
third annual sale of Herefords at the
Tepeeotah stock farm, near this city,
brought buyers from all nolnts of th .t.t
as well as some from Iowa and Minne
sota, which indicates- a movement by the
producers of this state toward a higher
grade of cattle. The following sales of
the first day apeak for themselves:
Bull Asteroid. SSI 02, $135, to Dell Cattle
company, Templeton, S. D.
Hull HAmnMfin UWA 10A . vs.. 1.
T . . J ! -www, V.W", V U 1
Bros., Irwin. 8. D.
Bull Claymore. 110149. $140, to J. B. Davie,
Lakeside. '
Bull Brkling, 12024S, $100. to T. Goodwin,
Bull TrueworteV 12U20. $120. to R. W.
Cooper, Bonllla, 8. D.
B" .An"'ty. $125, to T. Goodwin,
Ueomet, o. D,
Bull Chester, 113909, $126, to Dell Cattle
company, Templeton:
Bull Sir Bred well, 112759, $150, to Dell
Cattle company, Templeton.
duii rmui, luKMi. ia, to Oscar Mau
rud, Volga, 8. D.
T3..11 1 1 1 1 1 1 . ..p.u ... . . . .
yiiio unj. iiimn, iu, to juitcnell
Cattle company, Mitchell, a D.
Ruth, U0411. $146, to G. A. Smith. Irwin,
Trixle, 11041S, ,$140,' to W. Harrington.
Bryant, S. D.
Joaephtne, 110409, $169, to J. B. Davis.
Lakeside. :
Cornelia. U0406, $150, to J. B. Davis. Lake
side. Nymph, 110721. $110, to J. C. Jabsen, Ar
lington, 8. I.
lfdlth, 110719, $140, to J. C. Jacobaon, Ar
lington, 8. D. -Chit.
110404. $110. to G. A. Smith, Irwin.
Reports of aa Kxteaalea lata Sara
. toga Valley aad ta Graad Ea-'
' ' taapvtst.
. SARATOGA. Wyo., March 7. All sorts of
rumors have been afloat during the past
two or three years, and especially during
the past six months, relative to the building
ot a railroad into the Saratoga Valley and
oa to the Grand Encampment mining dis
trict, but the assurance now comes from
certain headquarters that the building ot
the line south from Walcott will be begun
by ths first ot May and that the line will
be rushed to completion within from sixty
to seventy days after the first ground is
Tbe fsct that the Union Pacific people
are negotiating with Buckley and Ryan,
owners of the Walcott townslte, for ter
minals gives color to the latest report that
the company will build the line. The as
surance that the road la to come Is msds
much stronger by the fact that J. C. Teller,
the tie contractor, has received orders
from the Union, Pacific to leave $00,000 ties
at Saratoga when be makes his spring drive
down Brush creek and the Platte river in
the spring.
Mlaers' Ualoa Electa Offleara.
LEAD. 8. D., March 7. (Special.) Leal
Miners' ualoa has held Its semi-annual
election ot officers, the following being
chosen: George W. Halaey, prealdent; Ar
thur Plllon, vice prealdent; Robert Me
I Joyd,"raeordlB apptry; A. E. Anderses,
conductor; J. A. OustaOson, warden)
Thomas B. Nichols, trustee; George A. Hal
aey and Joaeph Whttford. delegates to tbe
Western Federatiea of Miners; Jamea
Beakey. J. B. Fisher, Arthur Fllloa and
J. B. Cor urn. delegates to ths dletrtct union.
Wild Geeae la Dakota VaJleys.
8TURGI3. S. D., March 7. (8peclal.)
Word comes that wild geese have already
been aeea la the valleys north of this city.
iLocsi yaerieioes are preparing tor a huat-
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a '
Senate Approves Measure for , University
, and State College Building I unu ( .;
:ach institution gets'one-tenth mill
Coaalderatloa Is Glvea ta Railroad As.
seaaaneat aad Saprenae Caart Bills .
Reaelatloa Expreastaa;. 8ya
pathr for Boers Voted Down.
(From a Staff Correspondent.) ,
DES MOINES, March 7. (Special.) The
senate today passed the bills to give . to
the state university end to the atate col
lege, each a special tax for five years of
1-10 mill for the benefit of tbe building
fund. The discussion ot the matter was
taken up where it had been left off on the
previous day and Senator Trewin mads
a plea for an amendment to the bill -to
give the tax to the university. The amend
ment was lost and then tbe bill was passed
30 to v 15. As soon as this was done the
bill to give the state college at Ames the
aame tax waa passed 39 to 7. .
Much of the long controversy over the
tax question wss due to a desire to gala
time for the consideration - of the railway
assessment measure, which was on ths
calendar for a special order. As soon as
the tax matter was out ot the wsy, Senator
Hazleton renewed his motion to postpone
consideration of tbe railway assessment bill
which had been reported by the committee
on wsys and means, and to make It a spe
cial order for next Tuesday morning at
10:30. Tbe motion carried by a vote, as
follows: ' '
Ayes Alexander, Allyn, Bachman, Ball,
Diane hard, - Brighton, Brooks, Claaaen,
Craig, Crawford, Crossley, Grtswold, Har
per, Harriman, Hayward, Hazleton, Hogue,
Mardls, Moffit, MoUberry, Smith of Des
Moines, Smith ot Mitchell, Spauldlng, Tall
man, Townsend, Whipple, Toung ot - Lee,
and Young of Washington, 29.
Nays Bishop, Courtright, Dowell Fltch
pa trick, Oarst, Hartshorn, Healey, Hopkins,
Hubbard, Junkln, Lambert, Lewis Lister,
Lyons, Maytag, Porter, Trewin, Wlnne, IS.
' Sapreaie Caart BUI.
The senate then made a special order to
Immediately follow the railway assessment
bill with the bill to recognise the Iowa
Te sreve whst thla e-reat Hair Baaatiflar
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supreme court. This Is a committee bill
prepared on lines substantially tbe same
as those of a bill which was emasculated
la the house. It provides for practically
contlndous terms of the court and for an
Increase In salary up to $8,000 a year., Ths
committee received a delegation from Coun
ell Bluffs and agreed to follow tbe plans
suggested, which were those of the State
Bar association. Tbe house has shown a
disposition to oppose the reorganisation
scheme, but the senate will Insist on it.
. Host Laeklagr la Sympathy.
: The house refused to go oa record as In
sympathy with the Boere of South Africa In
their struggle against the British arms,
and voted down 61 to SS the resolution
Introduced by Donahue to express that sym
pathy. There was a short debate on the
resolution and an effort to have the bill sent
to a committee which failed.
A movement to have created a single
board of regents tor all' the state educa
tlonal institutions was inaugurated In the
presentation of the following resolution by
Mr. . Hawk . of Jasper county, which went
over under the rules:
Whereas, The state of Iowa Is annually
expending large sums of money for the ex
tension and support of the state educa
tional Institutions without having adopted
any settled policy of support or any definite
plan as to their relations ta or co-ordination
with each other; therefore be it
Resolved, That it. is the aenae of thla
house that In order to secure efficiency,
uniformity, harmonious co-operation and
economy the state educational Institutions
ahould all be placed under one manage
ment and that aome definite policy should
be adopted as to the manner of their sup
port. Prlaters' BUI Killed.
A bill by Hufschmldt requiring that ths
legal rate for county printing be paid for
publication of proceedings of the boards
of supervisors, wss beaten 42 to 32. It
was a bill intended to obviate the necessity
for rate cutting. , - ,
A bill to permit savings banks to receive
deposits up to twenty times the amount
of capital stock and surplus was passed.
Tha present limit is ten times.
A bill to give shorthand reporters a com
pensation of $6 a day, with a minimum ot
$1,300 a year, was paaaed.
" Lake Bed Coatraveray, '
The concurrent resolution requesting the
Iowa delegates In congress to support a bill
by Congressman ' Lacy to vest within the
state of Iowa the title to the lake beds
which have been drained, was taken up by
the house. ' The resolution was asked for
by some members, of congress to back them
will 4m far vea. evarr raaiir el thla eaavr who bar
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roota, swing tasai the tosnirsd aoar
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"Mat m Brmy Mmlm LoH,"
die tostimoar oi haadiaaa sains as.
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At Leading Druggists.
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.ia...- A tl - MJ-1 A g
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up in the movement to have congress settle:
aa old controversy pending In the" court.
After some discussion the resolution ,Tras
laid upon the table. . : , - -
A bill to provide that road f nnds shall
not he used for other purposes 'wat passed,
; KThe 'Concurrent-resolution. .t prevldeiio',,
woman' suffrage was made a special order -for
next Thursday at 10:30 a. m. K cornea'
up. as an adverse committee report ,lo. a
minority report. Vii''ioj :
The, delegation . from St. Loul'.)a '.b
Interest ot the Louisiana : Purchase ' espo
sition wss received by the houae during-'-the
afternoon and some time was. given' to
listening to ex-Governor Francis of Mis-:
sourl and others. ' '"
:- '.- i. 1 -
Retaras to Staad Trial.
.. . . .,.... '.
.The Kossuth county grand Jury has held
F. 8. Thompson, late manager of the Farm2
era' Exchange association of ' Whlftemore,
charged with - embeislement, .and he, has
given bonds of $1,000 to await trial. The'
grand Jury did not go through all of
Thompson's records, but oa tha, showing'
made he seemed to be $2,600' short, with
more to follow. A. J. Lilly has been at work
on his books, but bss not completed, c heckl
ing up. Tbe Impression Is that's short'
age of from $8,000 to $13,000 exkts.' Mr:
Thompaon - returned from the north before
the Indictment was found, presumably on
advice from his friends, and put on a cool
face. He says everything will be cleared,
up at the trial and that It will be shown
thst he is not guilty.' r ., ' K ,' ' ;;.
Sect Dowa.tae Moaatalft a. Tboaaaad
Feet, but Are Ket
DENVER, Colo., March. 7. A special to
the Republican from Tellurlde, Colo., says
two man were carried dowa the mountain
about 1,000 feet by the - two snow slides
at the San Miguel mine today. Neither was
killed. . Tbey are Isaac Johnson, a trammer,
and Herman GoetUnger, a cook. Johnson
waa severely Injured. , " ,
News from the Ingram basin waa .received
today. The seven miners for whose safety
much alarm has been folt' are alive and I
well. -. , 1
The mill at the Silver Chief mine, owned
by former Governor Alva Adams,: has been
destroyed by a snow slide. ' No ons wss
hurt. ' , -i". '. ,
The work of recovering the bodies of
slide victims at the Liberty Bell mine has
been suspended on account of recent storms.
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if tr rr- rr