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TflTTYCfiY JrtYC TA fninrft rr. leaving only the nwiHff i
JUIl.l JIM XLiriJJ 1U . I 11 ll.nliW I playing rules for nest Mnon and a few
minor metiers for consideration today.
The club owner did not adjourn for
luncheon. At II o dork iTeelrtent Jonneon
Gires Little .Indication o, Moring Leapi ror.&.S rk f tu
IUdqurten to flew York. . i si.ieration h aald the playing ryie. "-1 Before Earaomio League,
tlration he said th plsvtng rules. Inas
much as there was no opposition among
the magnstes befnr the meeting to re-
being discussed In the meeting.
Adept Pro lei. a of BasTalo reafereaee
evltk rw Eareptleaa aad Dcsla-
ate nrara'i Celt aa
Destroys ladtvldeal Right aaa
Defeat Raaeell Kllee by Bror ( S
ta All-Nebraakas Kla
. Ala.
Creates Caadltloae at tae
aalltr im Be-eletr.
DETROIT. March . Th American
Charlie Budd of De Moines. la., retained
leayu mtnte at their last session thl Kllne of Spirit Lake t In a WO live bird race
afternoon adopted the cbangee Id tbe play- at tne Omaha oun club ground yeeteroay.
. -,.1.. v, ik. niriA .. The final score wu H to M. F.arh man
leg rule recommended by the Buffalo eon- (wo k,,, almo.t agriusiveiy. Budd
ferenc of lt month with tbe exception amine; four olrds singlv and Kline three,
of the foul strike rule, which will fee played Kline loot by missing the last bird of hi
, ... t',. ,k. aa l.a 10ft H was ahead at the ninety-sixth
la the American league the m aa la it btfJ wnirn feU out of ,,,.. That
year. tied the erors and Budd shot the laat nve.
T mnat Imun.-t l th. recommends- I wmie Mine -rtiseeo ine Jin mro. mw
rrof. Frank Parson of Boat on, Mats.,
preaident of the NaUonal Public Owner
ship league, delivered a lecture last even
ing in Library hall on the subject of "Pub
He Ownership of Private Monopolies." The
lecture waa one of the series given before
the Economio league of Omaha. Prof, Par.
sons is professor of political science and
history and lecturer on law and economics
. " waa llflO a aide and the price of the bird 1 i. ... of Boston
Hons la the one providing that the umpire on ,h matrhi beaidea tVie trophy, '.,!. Boton
shall rail a ball on the pitcher each time I Bodd baa held alnre he won it at Kansas
he delays the game by failing to deliver "T";
more than ten seconds.
Tbe advisability of removing the head
quarters of the league from Chicago to
New York was brought up and after some
debate a resolution waa adopted leaving
.nntt ztX X?22 T1171 3t73 M
K72J Pif?2 Trot t!2 l.'22J ?4
nsa rtm tirn ma r"!in
li-.'Sl raJl 2il23 llttl r2?-I5-95
.iitm zisa inn tr.'ti Z2r:aa
mi K2S V'.'H SK?a 12222
tiztt t22-a kki r.ra timto
Z2iit 2t-"zi tim tzta
In the twenty-five live bird match be
tween the All-Nebraekans and tne omanas
Kllne .
Prof. Parsons began by saying that com
petition is neither wise or practical aa a
permanent business policy. It Involves a
wsste of both capital and labor. He quoted
the late Commodore Vanderbtlt as having
aald that wherever combination Is possible
competition is Impractical. The tendency
of affair in the business world todsy Is to
combine, and the lecturer believe that
the matter to the discretion of President
Johnaon. A resolution also waa adopted the former won by a total score of ai to I competition, so often referred ta as being
designating A. J. "Reach's guide aa tne IK, ine eoorea: .. . line ma or ireae, win oecome extinct as a
official American league guide. D?"1'? 5! 2 iKii 3 H1 H5S I prtaclpls. Competition is losing ground as
Kimball (O)
- t - v I A nwniriHl IV
before the. meeting today atf the report I Bel vera N)...
The playing rule were the flrat business ir.e.J Ym""'T Popl understand the ralu of
of the committee which went to the Buffalo Jchr?,,', N'
conference from the American league was I Hofr
preaented. It recommended that all tbelRairve N)
.i y - ik. k. I Carter (N".,
...... .v . . . Z. a 4 koomla (O)...
the foul strike mle, which it was recom-
!?- T22ii t-lA 12221 n I combination. H did not propose to dls-
giS IkS m CUM tbu Um- owTsr, competition and
'.'.vsn fiVl-jo r?:3 tirs. ;r!ia co-operation aa feature of the business
"..ru3. r'in ti tzt timn policy of the times, hut rather the ques-
"fl ya IPl P1 KlS UOB wbether n11 conn P--
"no vn 2ilil 9rt H2S1 Tl au monopolies or public ownership of pub-
llnderman N)..C?21 Stm tiai fcir.3 I Uo utilities.
mended be played ths aama as last year. i-p. t'"'v5 oTa tj4 Tha best test to apply In ths considers
forn 0)....
.22;jl tJTt i?r2l 22221 iS I tlon of private monopolies Is their purpose
In twenty seconds the B-17 Si,........t-an2ltKaajafiA; ,im. He Illustrated this by the an-
nded were In regard to the JJJf..;: Jsi 52r1 ,fv wrs given by Count von Wettach of A us-
Excepting the ruls compelling a pitcher to
deliver the ball
changes recomme
phraseology and of comparatively little !tn- parmelee (O)... .22222 2122 1221 inn 2if2iv-2 trla and Chauncey 'Depew, when the latter
portance. The changes were read over and Bray tN) 2221 Sua twz tail 22221-26 WM m railroad president, to the question of
discussed an the committee' recommend- .H'Jl ' what 1 the chief aim of railway manage-
tlon were tnanlmously adopted. Omaha. ...t.!!!!'.!!!!!"r'.'!t"!!"!!!"!!!224 ment. Count von WetUch aald the chief
Before adjournment R. T. Hedge of the a fierce wind made alf shooting difficult aim and fundamental purpose of railway
BL Louis team Invited the league to hold Two barrels were used all through by all maUS.meDt in Austria. Where government
H. next meeting at 8t Louis. No actio MT&rUcVvtni&Z
was taken on -the Invitation and the mag- birds extra.
Bates adjourned without place being fixed Nearly fifty sportasneit are in attendance
a Ik . tww. T,wl i k.f -rill K
for ths next meeting. twenty-five live bird handicap. 120 entrance, I Is to get tbe most traffic in order to gain
s-resiavni jonnaon was aaaea auer ira i and several target sweepstakes evmts. i ne 1 the greatest profits. Bismarck was quoted
meeting whether he would moro hla head- I tournament closes tonight. ,,. , la having said that railways are exploited
quarter to New York and he said: I i.laal. Defeat Beatrice- ' 1 1 or the private Interest of the pocket of
not oerore me miaaie m in summer, u -ATBtrl, kr.h mr ...a,.., th few.
at all. In fact the change may not be mad TeleeranU-Th mafch bowling srame at
until next 'winter." - I Clancy's alleys tonight between tbe Ltn-
Tnnlaht tha member, who have hsen coin. and Beatrice team-, three games of
ownership very generally prevails. Is to get
ths best service at the least reasonable
cost Mr. Depew said the American policy
teodlng the meeting and tbe newspaper men
were tendered a banquet at the Griawold
hnnaa h President Pnstsl nf tha Wtihln-.
. t..w i . u.w...u I Glimore
ivd ciuv sidu imcruiv. Aliens, Bt-tiaiuHi, I p pa.Tls"ler
feme ana vook oi ne ieiroii ciuo. i riyons
Effects ef aererwaseat Owaerahla.
Prof. Parsons rapidly rsvlewed the poll-
ten frames each, resulted in favor of Lin- I el... methods and results ntrln-d whara
First game:
.152jCurrie .115
i4zAiien mo
.....14MiClancy 121
Orune IRS Scott
Gaacolne 212iGrindel 148
Wla Alt Prefltable Great
. Baddy " TracK at Oak
. ..K laa.
Second game:
Total ...6(3
Third game:
BAN FRANCISCO, March S. Favorites
had an Inning at Oakland today all eventa
going to ahort-prloed horaea. The weather
was fine, but the track waa very muddy.
The principal hue rest centered In the mile
and three-fourths event, which served aa a
preliminary to the Thornton stakes at four G.h.i,P
miles, to be ran a week from Saturday. I tKT"-
Tddons Won early from Black. Dick. Derby I Herrlck
Winner, who. nuuie a poor showing yeater- I Gaacolna""
day, was; aekeo into lavontism in tne
nrat rane and won driving irom Hiaca- i Total
1 1111 II, III, IIIAlin III. 1 1 1 . k -JlFMiBim,
Bassenso was claimed In the second race
for !2S by Joseph Madden, owner of Mid
night Chimes. O Connor and Jackson each
wle tv"rnrjH-nilter - 5-
Flrat race, eleven-alxteentb of a mils,
selling: Ierby' Winner won. Blackthorn
second, Oratoea third. Time: 1:14. ,
Second race, three-quarters of a mile,
selling: Quia 11 won. Bassenso second,
r out intra. Time: i.n.
Third race, one mile, sellln
Maxim won. Cougar second, Bl
thtrd. Tims: iJOt..
-Fourth race, one mile and three-quarters:
Blddona won. Black Dick second,
Dorlen third. Time: 1:18.
Fifth race, thlrteen-sixteenths Of a mile.
...ISTlCurrte 138
,. .121! Allen 1H8
, Clancy lit
,. .123i Scott 144
...141 Orlndet .144
....147 Currle v.
....lWi Allen
....123 Clancy. . 1
....123i Scott 14!
123Grlndel 1U
publlo ownership had succeeded private
monopolies. In New Zealand construction
of rsilroads is carried on In winter to at
ford work for the people, snd low ratea are
made to encourage agrlculturs. In Europe,
he aald, th same tendency can be seen
For 17 cents a week laborer are able to
travel a distance of from seven to ten
miles to and from Berlin. Low rate are
given on fertiliser. School excursion. In
th development and encouragement of In
dustrie and In aid of education. In this
country, be said, the object of the railways
Is to get all tbe money possible out of th
people and to give the advantage of low
been reduced half or more than half. Th
same, he said, I true of electric light sad
telephones, th Isst being due to co-op-retire
organisations. In Omaha, hs said. 190
la being paid for business telephone connec
tion and t for residence. Results In
other cities show that this can be cut In
half by co-operatton. He said the electric
street lighting la Omsha Is poorer tbsn In
most cities and the water rates are doable
that would be psld nnder public ownership.
As AsTeettasj Haasaatty.
Prof. Parson discussed the effect upon
publlo morals,-' ths human results not
financial, the man not money, due to priv
et monopolies. He said that Justice, char
acter, social. Industrial and political lib
erty are encouraged by monopolies only so
far as they serve their ends. Hs did not
wsnt to bs understood to be attacking In
dividual but tbe system. Ths evils re
sulting from the mslntenance of lobbies by
corporations Is Inherent in the system.
Corporations must defend themselves. In
dividual criticism is only right when ths
man is violating ths business ethics of -his
day. One of tbe greatest causes of cor
ruption is ths efforts of monopolies to de
fend their Interest. It public ownership
succeeded them, a great force for good
would be created, and would become Iden
tified with the publlo welfare. Only by
dally impact with these question can
Interest be awakened among the people In
these questions.
The lecturer then considered the relation
of the question of private monopolies and
public ownership to labor, holding that all
evidence showed a tendency to Increase
wage and shorten hours where public own
ership obtained aad he claimed that every
elevation of labor la followed by an Im
provement In th lawmaking body. H con
sidered th relation of th question to
political power, education, and the dif
fusion of wealth. He aald that while tbe
average condition of mankind ha been
lifted, the gap between the extremes of
poor and rich has widened. With the mar
vel oua commercial and industrial develop
ment of modern time has come a conges
tion of wealth at ths top. Congestion of
wealth he considered a very serious prob
lem, and hs consider privets monopolies
the leading cause of this congestion. If
one man own a franchise and the other
man nothing, the way to equalise thing
is to make both equal by making tbe
whole people partners.
Moaoawlles aad Liberty.
Prof. Parsons dwelt upon the effect of
monopolies on liberty of the press, ths
pulpit and on Individuals, aad asserted that
this liberty depended very largely on the
industrial situation. He urged that public
ownership of private monopolies could only
be made effective by the publlo ownership
of government, pointing out that the de
tensive position maintained by prlvata mo
nopolle Involved a corruption of govern
ment. He cited the experience of Phila
delphia, where public ownership of cer
tain monopolies waa not effective because of
corruption In the municipal government.
Along with this ownsrship of government
must go civil service reform and the lec
turer believed that tbe effective ownership
of government requires ths practice of
Initiative and referendum.
The lecture waa followed by abort ad
dresses by Henry W.. Tate, vies presi
dent of the local branch of the Economic
league, Andrew Rosewater and others.
It was Intended to hold a business meet-
Letter Came .Bark from Them Telling of
Their Welcome to Apia.
Mia Data Helaared Clree latereetlac
Detail ef rieaeaat Trip frosa
aa Fraaelaew aa laapree
aleae at Baaaea.
Since the last day of Jsauary George
Helmrod hss-been sleeping under mosqult
nettlne and wearing the white duck trous
ers of the college cadet and the tropical
laborer. This nw comes to his friends
In Omaha la a letter .written by hi
daughter Dora, who went with him when
the United State government ent him to
Apia a American consul general to Samoa.
Mis Helmrod writes that her father
found the consulate to be pleasant, though
not overly-large quarters snd that she her
self ha found the tountry most Interesting.
She 1 the mistress of her father's quar
ter and Is not oaly assisting in tl state
correspondence, but Is planning t experi
ment in gardening and has written to
Omaha for vegetable seeds.
Previous letter from her have told of
the pleasure of the long ocean voyage on
th steamship Ventura. They reached
Honolulu on January 12 aad spcat a pleas
ant day there, riding on modern electric
cars and drinking modern Ice cream eoda
amidst environ that were' antique. It waa
there that her father purchased hla duck I
trousers and she a light flannel cult, and It
wss there also that a native theatrical
troupe came aboard to afford an additional
source of amusement for the other passen
gers through all the rest of the voyage.
, On January 18 they crossed th equator
and she donned her ahlrt waist for deck
wear. They reached Apt January 10, after
a ride from Pago Pago in a dirty little
steamer that weathered a storm so poorly
that all on board were sea sick with a ven
geance. Eight picturesque nstlvss rowed
them from tbe steamer to the shore and
ssng to them most melodiously. Mis
Helmrod States that the native "sing with
a long sustained note and then break off
with a short final."
She aays they will bar to refurnish their
rooms, aa It Is the custom for occupants of I
the consulate to sell all their furniture
upon vacating the a part meats, the excep
tion to this being In the office, which re
tains its government furniture.
The native chiefs' wives besieged Mis
Helmrod for tha family washing and shs
sayt that those who were not engaged
seemed much disappointed and quite Jealous
ef their rival' success.
rates to th big organisation which do not
need them. The question 1 on of publlo UK after the lecture in order to discover
.701) Total ..
service against prlvata profit.
He Inquired what Justification I ther
tor private ownership of public function?
He considered municipal and other mohopo-
Wii't Itaal for E1eetrie Batterlea.
Lincoln winning two out of three waa de- I Ilea aa nubile functione onerated for brirate
clared the winner. I nmfit 1
Prof.' Parson first considered thi Asian-
CHARLESTON, fl. C. Varrh -On. I ' ' . " . ..
favorite. Seorpolette. won at the Expoal- " WBr PDlw or co-operative
tlon track today. The Judgea after in- ownership had aucceeded private monopo-
jri'-Ms J's.s's. .il rwt&ss ftriix p
. t--.-i 1 "ruled off the track Thomas Dycer. who ownership ha uniformly resulted In large
ifiV Lvona or furnished th machine; Vunck, economies, and In one Instance, he said,
the owner .of the horse, and Jockey Ken- ih. -,. .-win. from th. nubile
neny, wno naa me mount. nesuita: i r '
First race, six furlenaa. sellkna: Grace I ship of the water works In Seattle. Wash..
?ill,.a ,wn' TbJcket aecond, Maaaora third, practically saved that city ftom bankruptcy
Time: 1 1. I , , -l. , , . -.- v .
veiling: v l'uckvv won, i'un
I'uroM third. 'ftm.T 1 :51.
Sixth race, three-ouertera of a mile, sell
ing: llorton won. Ned Dennis second,
uuato tmro. Time: - -
Packard Baya the Old Broadway Baaa
Ball Park la Colorado
V City.
DENVER. Marcli a. A. B. Beall of Sioua
City, la., has transferred hla Interest in
fiecond race, seven furlonara. ' aelttne:
Seorpolette won, Tavaharris second. Biafi
mln third. Time: l.Sf.
Third race, four furlongs and a half.
Belling: Hucena won, Fanny Knox second,
liatUe Davis third. Time:. 0:68.
Fourth race, eix furlongs and a half,
selling: Incandescent won, Leila Barr sec
ond. Queen L third. Time: 1:26.
Fifth race, six furlong and a half, sell
ing: Ordeal won. Robert Gray second,
ElUe third. Time: 1:27.
In 1894. The cost of gas In many cltlea ha
why th promoter of th Economio league
In Chicago had not compiled fully with its
undertaking when the local, branch waa or
ganised, but because of the absenoe of
President Franc la A. Brogan, who Is ex
actly Informed o( the facta, the . meeting
waa adJouraoOat tkk'call eti'fW'pi'nildene
Daagrera af Paeaaaoala. '
A cold at this time. If neglected. Is liable
to causa ' pnsumonla, which ' Is so often
fatal; and even when th patient ha re
covered the lungs are weakened, making
them peculiarly susceptible to the develop
ment of consumption... Folsy's Honsy and
tar will atop the cough, heal and strengthen
the lungs and prevent pneumonia. v
At the Beyel.
Walker Whiteside clossd his engagement
at the Boyd Thursday night with a presen
tation of Ehakespeare'a "The Merchant of
Venice." Mr. Whiteside's conception of
character of the Jew Is the least prekte I
worthy of any of hla attempt at the por
trayal of Shakespearean characters, yet a
large audience gave evidence of IU ap
proval and appreciation of hi effort In
the shape of liberal applause. Mr. White-
id picture Ehylock with th long gray
beard and tha long flowing hair more char- ;
acterlstlo of a King Lear than of a Shy-
lock. Mr. Whiteside mske no pretension I
of giving the piece any aort of an elabor
ate production, the scenery and properties ;
of th local theater being used almost ex
clusively. The costumes are, however, la
keeping with the atmosphere of ths plsy.
Ths support hardly meets the demand
made upon It by the piece.
G.14 for Ears,
NEW TORK. March . Heldelhach. tck-
lehelmer Co. will ahlp sl.O00.OUU gold to
Europe Saturday. - Goldman, Bach at Co.
have already engaged tl.800.0nf, making
tne total j.ouu.ww lor anipmeni oaturaay.
.Woman's Work in Club and Charity
i . .- .
The executive board of the Massachusetts ganlsatlon drew up the following amend- dent, Mr. M. DeWltt Long: first trice pres
Federation of Womena Cluba has author- m0hVcon?promlee IfH:0"1"" l WeDt- Mr' D' w- Morrows second rice
Ilea ine lonowing statement in ui Boston The executive board of each stats fed- presiaem, Mrs. a. L, evbob; recoraing sec
Rv.nln. Trsnscrint of March 1. la nrner oration shall constitute the membership retarv Mrs Rrvca Crawford! - treasurer
fSif th.r f-clear undersundlng of taS. ilS7& a?MoS. S W. Lower; secretary of literature, I
Itttle r.lkln was run up to sl.'O, an ad-I Lu suvs ui iu ssH..i;uuwLk. . v uiu, uiuivmusi ciuus ior mtmDrntiiip in inn gen- ui.. v. imm
Oaly Oae Favorite Wlaa.
Broadwar nark to D. C. Packard, owner of I vance of 17U0 over the entered selling nrlca. I board and of tha conference of nrealdanta at eral federation from that state and .shall
id. uenvfr rrancmae in in. v rsirru x..
Ball league, and the league games in this
city wlii be played there. A meeting of the
Western league will be held in Denver the
latter part of the week to fix, the schedule.
Kaaekest la far Good.
CHICAGO, March a Samuel Uphouaer,
known in puglilstio circles aa the "Brigh
ton 81ssher. r la dying at hla home, KIT
Weat Twenty-second atreet. as the result
of a knockout blow he received In a fight
at Bricklayers' hall Saturday night. The
Dollc. are erarrhln. for hla onnonent In the I I--
battle, but can only learn that he is known! jn third. Time
ae "Toung I'hoywki ' and no one knows I Hith race, one mile and seventy ysrds:
where be can be foand. - I Mynheer won, Algte M second. Homage
i ws in m. lourm round ui ,ur niuii mirn. lime: 4:40.
tnii 1 rnoueer rectiveia injuria, ij
prove fatal. He had received tsrrllic pun
ishmeixt In the second and third and In the
fourth- was eent to ths floor Ms bead
striking heavily. He wss carried from the
'"-..ii.'S Srr.uli"d a .... t meetings held in Boston F.bru
teenth: Josle F won, Ldy Chorister see- I ry M and 18, 1902:
ono. Maple tbird. Time: 1:1.
6cconf race, selling, six furlongs:- Sir
Christopher won, Sim W second. Horseshoe
Tooacco tniro. Time: i:u.
Third race, selling, six furlongs and k
halt: Siphon won, Pamaasus second. Julia
junkin tnira. Time: izi.
fourth race, handicao. seven furlonss:
Andes won, Tom Klngsley second. Grantor
tnira. Time: i:zr.
Flftb race, one mtie and a ouarter. aell-
Llttie r.ikin won, unoenella aecond.
Briefly outlined, the facts of ths altua- "VST. .iitfnn f th. Vlni,.Mon
tlon may be summarised aa follows: Th J?J?,nS umt,t.2? .
Massachusetts plan of reorganisation pro- "J1"' tIrT
posing a solution of the color question. cePt?Fi th,Jf?,"lJ 'T1. nit!I?",'i. w-r
.i,T ,, , v, un-.iiifM Ki -i.i A special meeting of the executive board
lnWM offered to the executive board Jl.fif X&Zl"??
of the General Federation of W omen s ",1, f " ,b5" . ?' "'SS.' VOLES'
.w"h..,B tee lis rrl Vai .cSoted wIh 'thank.
IV. ui. ymu ir in v.. .1 . I.... ,w-
I'lubs in February
that It be appended
U-:.U. U1IU1I 1 11C 1 1 IUUUIUU. il.lO . w , . , , , ,
federation shall be free to make Its own Mr- C. Damon presided at the meet-
membership rules except that no sectarian log of the elty Improvement committee held
yesterday morning at tbe Millard hotel, th
time being devoted to a discussion of plan
and th appointment of subcommittee t
further them.
The plan of tha Clean City league of
Philadelphia, as carried on by tha school
children of that city, were talked over and
lows Falls' Clas May Tear lawa.
ring unconscious end later taken to his
boms, tllnce then bis condition has been
serious and this BQurntng he was reported
to ne dying. v. ... .
While the regular aeason o
and Boutn Dakota base ban
ord'er'trartreVralTonhrtia.1 nVtt 1 'S'rh.'uTino.t a committee wlH lb matter to th.
Uonn Vt a? that 'meeting? ThT"" trt.. ,i3RR,ta.w.T'j: rW ot th " their tussling
provided that th federation should be wu,,,1, ' hV5.bSS-w Hh2-Siu2 "a evening and ask their co-operation.
orgZlio BrV? contro",. bRm. Tho will also bo a. Investigation th.
membership as desired: thus Maeeaohusetts jeorsannailon committee been accepted by citf ordinance regarding throwing scrap
?-,fhi!d.?i. 5?!?. ftilrftS&XtS'JZSi PP ' wasu on ths atreeU. and
CIUO. ana uwri. .... -.- ,.m -..M ennle. ..rohshl. .Ill k. mM I- ,k- -..i
. , , , I them. Th consideration or tn color quea- r " . r '
. ,kJi!.J tlon would thus be taken out of the gen- adoption of the compromiae plan. 0u achool for th benefit of th children.
w...-"-'; " federation. . .. .. . . . - r VIZ" '"'? A committee waa alo aopolnted to confer
- i atwint th- -n me time in. evecnuv. noapi .. . v& . u. 7 j, ....
"Bla-Roaad Draw.
wiiivjii pmua . .ii. wm ui-in'-,, -win nuii A. , . ri-nr-lA Htsl. feneration nrMentd I" iif r in r.pon oi nm wninrnn sun .tin ib. aim nun; cuniwor cwacera
bim until Uii rt ther. Is nnu nrnsrwet !? y'orf la .0:al jeoerauon preseniea fWir ,?T--..i, h i... ,k- . ' K .
it.! il. m.. .iu i k. . . I tne ooera or tne general teaeraiion . . -" Ti . 1 tne enioroemeni oi ine oramanc re-
that th Sioux Falla team will be got to-I pimi,,-. ta aolve the color ouee- compromise plan drawn up at the New , J. "
gether a little earlier thaa that date snd f," orgJa"e nUn eacluded Pilau Tfeoera- York meeUng. At the opening of tbe con- rdlng expectoration.
make a trip to pointa lo Iowa. Recently :!"'. jfTilf.- .t,k hin i ih. ferenoe the nreaidenta ware informed that Ths Plncree garden commutes ha not as
. n . 1 Belden Hill, manager of th Cedar Kaplde I e-.,i. -nrt iimii-a ih. memhee. legal action waa not expected, aa
.7h.M.h .rn7.nh. 'TilTriiNon?; U'lnv'' r,I h the Tbree-I league wTm wrr. ,0 wU1e,y divergent law7ln ofto constiut. the
'1X ''L !!".!? iS. ,hA. lon thIS.P.xutTvbc2rt Tof the geJerl tha legal repreeentatlv. of the a
landed eorae stiff C I fi. L'OUf ' i. .h. recommended a conference be- . After the presentation of
'."M'l. uTI. -L -J.- .w -.VLI considered by tbe hioui t-alla managers! ., rj--.i. and MxuurhnKil. m m If of th conference committee and
" m.Ti; :,l . :r."Zr;V,r; k7. n ?na "J ZmA moimaii ground could not be reached, euaaloo of Ite merit., the
ha list round and aw-rod o,be g.tUn. U'I Te". Vh. b? m If the JVVJi7"i -uTbZ.tS.SVSr-'S.
, .rnuTi.i . . an. mniMi unn.ii . . . . . , n. i r ni u , , ,iiu 1. jv.. o , r uvti, , ...
Aaserleaa Tatkee t m Bales.
DETROIT. Mich.. March 1 The Ameri
can leeau magnate were late In assem
fci'.i toJay, and It was after 11 o'clock whrq
Preldi Joknaon call-4 the meeting to
prder. Moat .1 the business waa disposed
tbe Opening of tbe regular aeason.
t. Charles Wis Lease Cass.
there bad -jwnit.A .unit e k. . ......
four weeka ' " " t"i-
br the bv- ssnmu, uui. aaa several piots nnoer consia-
conference e ration and durluc th week It will rnnfsr
late feder- with th. Cnmrnerplml rlnh r.-4l-. -I...
the report . , , " :
some dla- ur iuihmuu. viiur. iu me project.
presidents' con-
.Vstat-rid! Thsr waa something more than th usual
era lion to reconsider Its action and adopt atandanc at Tuesday'a meeting of th
compromise pian. 1-aier in the meet- Omaha Mothers' club, ths feature of th.
other'a point of view. After two Osys' mi me prauaenia, sun acwng lniormaiir. .tlmmaan bain, aa ait1rs k- rw ikki.
hi... - mmnmmis. ni.n dr.srn expreseed approval of the comDromlae nlaa aiiernoon Doing an address by Dr. Abbls
up which the conferees agreed to present by a rote of 0 to 10. Virgil Holme upoa ths r
to tneir
preliminary stuimi ins tm anaoe in nioux I earefully gone over each aide en- erat
?f.M."i iV.'rf JLh.m.Iw.ISrk" bfor I other s point of view. After two daya' Ing
- - - r . . -- -- - T i ftf f ha
alleya ine t. cnanea iooa strajbt r;." lor nuMtl0n be aettled bv the am.ll- meeting Wednesday afternoon,
Proof. Positivoa
BEE lb
.Th occasional beer
drlbker a readily aa
S ta . onnoissur will
'ilseorer "BLATr
! gaaulaeaass aad par-
Ity la tha first slea.
Tbe aroma uggu
i . , -
. I m - ' . -
i I . a. .
V i - IV.
pert, wetner, nv
Stock. Maenoa-
th brand,
leader la It
(Woe-Intoxicant) Tenia Druggists
or direct.
VAU ULATI ftk-tTna CI. UIaaka.
omaha aaCM.
lata noestae . t"L
trom th Nationals. Boor
1st. T
Frltacher 1 . 1
Wllle 18 If)
Schneider 1 1 1-1
t Unagan ll l
Foracutt .
A. Reed ..
I Tracy
tit MB
1st. M.
11 lis)
, 1M 1W
i a a eeeee 1 4
ui Lt
Id.' Total.
11 471
lt6 48
U8 471
t& 1.9U3
Id. Total.
..ui a-4 -
Individual club ntiernbenhip In th general
federation to remain aa It fa.
"Resolved, To offer tbe following amend
"Amend article 1 of section 1 of th con
stitution so that It ahall read: 'Every or
ganisation duelling lo Join the genera
the president of Ita atate federation to the atructed to continue the work for reor- address ths English Uterstwre ateoartaent
presiaem ot in. gsnvrau i.r.i.iuti. i ny fuiiMuun, .. wiiuima ui in. coior quea- nt .v. w m.n'- -ink -t 11 a.
- . -h Ik.t M xw-trl.n tins- n1lllc-l tlnn on st.l. II n mnA In U f .kl. I 01 Woman S Club at 11 O ClOCk OH St-
test is required for membership In their structlon ths board felt that It waa not au- urday morning, his subject to be "Edward
I '--VJra.e
i i saca a
. laaa.
Tsaay ktyaa Pasts Meaey.
KANSAS CITT. March . Tommy Ryan
tonlklit poeted a forfeit of (juo to meet
i Jack O Brlen. the middleweight champion
of lvngland, before the toouthem Alt Jet 1c
club or any other club that juay be
mutually agreei upon, (or tne . middle
weight championship ot ths world.
Hard Tweaty-Restad Battle.
I ounig ci urraio rece
decision over Matly Ma
arier twenty round, or nanra nvtiLina.
Matthews fuushi an uphill battle eil th
way ana loutea nis oppooc-nt tbre Uaisa.
WUI Isaplr for Aaserleaa.
KANSAS CITT March aJack Hsskell
who umpired -for the American league laat
veer, announced tonight that be has alsii-d !
a contract to umpire fgr the American aa-
sociauoa ouring ins coming oase ball sea
bodv snd must agree to the constitution thortsed to aereDt any ilaa which did not
I and bylaws of tbe general federation.' Wave to each slat absolute control of tbe
"Further emena article z ny inserting oe- color question within Its own boundaries.
tween section 1 ana section I ine following (blgned)
section : 'Any club that Is a member of
its state federation la eligible to the gen
eral federation If recommended 4y the ex
ecutive board of the atate federation: th
power of admiaaion to remain aa given in
article t. section a, of the constitution.'
-flection 1 ta be celled section 1.
'Section 1. Tbe president shall refer all
For the executive beard ef the Massachu
setts Stat Federation.
Dr. W. H. Hanehett ddred th mem-
Gibbon." Following th addre th de
partment will tender a dinner to th sev
eral speakers who hav lectured before th
department during th year In th whit
aad gold banquet roots of th Millard hoteL
Walrett aad Jacks Matched,
BOSTON, March t-Joe Walcott s.irned
arm u. t
at Bel
to blup Jatkaoa la Ua rounds.
t. March t Torn I application for memb.rshlp to tbe com- br of th household economic department Tha state
of hSvd fighu" g! I " Th action of the committee oa day mornUg. his ubject being "Health and hoped to
m.moerswiip u -''"' . Happineea," and la addition to th talk aa.
unanimous rot of the committee ahall t . 'iaA .... , . ,
reiiutred- to elect. la case the committee Presented It last year at th mother'
fall to free. the application ehs',1 be re- meet to ss In ssvsral of th achool. h In-
or?Jr-.whVcT& "" k',Dful t. th.
to elect to membership.' " women.
Oa the return of the Massachusetta con- ,
feree the compromise plan waa reported . . . . . .
to tbe cotnmliu-e oa reorganisation, and It Th tor Nebraska Feder -
was felt that It lacked only en further tloa of Women' Club will be out oa Mon
pro vision to aecure th solution of the
color orobU-m. thla being to snake the ea- I '
outlve board of each alate federatlea tbe
by a rote of .0 to 10. VlrrUJa Holme udob th Three-fold rvs.
ir reictive atales for consideration. m consequence or tbe request or tbe pre, velopment of th Child "
plan su baaed upon th Buggeatloo Idents the executive bosrd of ths Massa-
u'n-ii,, Alub Ui 1,1.1 that c huset ts atate federation held a sicial
olor Question be settled by the sppli- meeting Wednesday afternoon, February Ths data of tha meeting of th Interna-
cation sf the principle of state righta with- It. It was then uuanlrnously decided to In- Uot Kindergarten unloa which I. tn ha
out reorganisation The plan embodied form the southern conferee thst the com- . ' " ",n anion, wnicn to be
the following amendments: promise plan could not be adopted. It wa beid in Boston, baa been changed to April
"Resolved, That the color question b voted also to Instruct Mr, A. Fox, 13, Z4 and IS.
settled without reorganisation by the strict recording secretary of the general federa- i
nn leal ion or the doctrine or atat. rtsnts. lion. o annena to tne can ror tne biennial
tne original amenamenia emoooying me u nr vmiiwrai nueeiing ok mi
Vzf.S',,lion. .k Oniaha Equality club waa given over to
request of the preaident could not be com- tu0T ot tn" regular lesson,, no business be-
piled with without the legal authorisation lng transacted,
of th State federation. By tbe action of
the federation at the annual meeting at .
federation hall make application through Clinton In May. lul, the board was in- ,Tor- ner or IBS Btat university win
Ths regular monthly meeting of th
Toung Women's Christian association will
bo held at 19 o'clock tomorrow morning.
secretary will spend several days
th first week la Msy, aad It is
hoped to hold a bible rally during that
time. On Monday evening all gymnasium
member ar Invited to attend a gymnasium
rally la honor of th. aaceea of th. asso
ciation girl at th tournament recently
held la Lincoln.
Th member of the South Branch gav a
very nJoybl social on Monday evening.
when th program consisted of a plaao solo
by Mia Bessl Abrams, a vocal solo by
Mia Goldl Ross, readings by Mrs. Brers
rON. March a Jo Walcott s.rned I membership coramittae for the state and to At tbe Uat meeting ot th Women's Mia- and lira, rhallta rh,k ,!.--- w,
s today lo hog Young rvier J. ka..n I make Us decision final in rope t to app- .u..Zflj!Tv?n. w t-ballls. club swinging by Mia
ilmor Marcb 11 Walcott coauacu 1 cation of cljt for the gen- Wwrr oclety of Knox PreabyUrlaa church Woodamall and th aavfl chorus sang by
srai iraituea. iu tumtujiice oa rewr- Kmm svitw.uia vuicw. .e. .t.ciea; rresi- tns menicer of tie gymnasium class.
Jap Rme
t (raaa suae
one-sixth pure glycerin, is
moderate in price but unsur
passed in quality.
With the perfume of nat
ural flowers, there is no trans
parent soap so agreeable and
delightful for toilet and bath
Its maker's reputation is a
guarantee of its high quality.
Scenic Line
Friday and
. Saturday .
Daily Rrsklass SleeperThrough to San Francisco
via Colorado, patting the Grandeit Scenery of the Rockies and Sierra
Nevada by Daylight. Direct Connection! to Lot Angeles.
City Ticket Office, 1323 Farnam St., Omaha.
Chetp Rates to Ulnnesota
end ilcrih Dakota.
On March 4th. 11th, Uth and tSth.
April 1st and th, oepeclally low on
way rate will be made to nearly all
eolnt in Minnesota and North Da-ota.
' Every day during March and April, spe
cial ratea will oe In effect to points
In Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon,
being; th shortest tins and operating
morning and evening trains to St. Paul,
where direct connection ar mad with
all Western lines, offers unexcelled facili
ties for reaching these points.
Pull particulars cheerfully given at City
Ticket Olftce. No. 1402 Farnam St., or write.
P. P. A. Illiaolt Central R. Omaha. Ntb.
T 11 i i i ii i i i ii in ill
! At ? it 1. i i 1
0 wxjmmwh
) K
( n "
The Living
the World
At The Bee Office ;
Price 10 cents By mail IS cents
Ar Mistakes far Weddlaaj rerajalstte
aad Barry Merrill Haa
to Ks plala.
For reference in th trial ot John B. M-
err oa a charg of embesilament. Wil
liam Stuefer. hi accaor U U offlc of
tato traaurr. ha brought with him from
Lincoln many ot th large hood record ot
th offlc aad the wer taken to th
courthouse yesterday In a heavy boa. At
about th earn tlm two msagr boy
arrived with a small trunk containing bank
book and other record in tbe case and a
wag at th eourthouB started th rumor that
there waa to be aa laborat wddlng at
th county Judge' omc and that th eon
tract lng parties, with om of their at
teadaata, were (ending la Cowers, veil and
other adornment In th trunk to avoid th
vigilant friend who war trying ta sur
prise th coupl ta th act. Thla rumor
had th effect ef atartlng a geaeral stam
pede of the famldln mploy about th
courthou to th effice oC th marrlag li
cense clerk, where It became Harry Mor
rill' painful duty ta Inform tbm that th
Judge waa out shooting ducks, as himself
dlda't hav th marrying power and I'acl
Bill Snowden, chief luetic, wasn't around,
se thst ths whole thing must bs a "bumbo
tserus, which is a Latin term, ameaalag
"misleading advisement.
Will Cobb a Kiaal Hcariac of la.
Jaaetloa Cava Brwaajht by
Mrs. Malvtklll.
Judg Kyor haa allowed a retraining
order, returnable March ii. preventing th
defendants) la ths cas of Mary E. Mulvihlll
against D. M. Click, th city ot South Omaha
and Lorn Scott trom removing or dtryln
tn wu board oi tb plaintiff within ths
city of South Omaha, or la any way re
straining her from using them until th
trial of tha ease or until th further ordet
of th court.
la Judg Ea tens' court Jam ss Brown,
tailed for violating th blllpoetlng ordi
nance, haa secured an order for hi liber,
tlon, the court deciding that h was unlaw
fully restrained, that tha Judgment of com
mitment was rold and that ordinance under
which tha eomplalut was mads waa void In
sofar as th facta act forth la th complaint
charg aa officer thereunder.
Marrlaajo Lleeasea.
Marrlag license wer Issued
ta th following:
Nam and Reeidenc.
Ernest N si berg. Oakland, Neb...
Ida Juhason.
Oecar Norman, Algona. la
rreaa L- Acuua, Onutba
John M. VI eli-en, Omaha, ....
A-uua 1 civixu, Ou,;..