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Omaha Will Siti that Brand of Ease Ball
Another Season.
Clreatt Tat Compltl Ceae
aalHee Oalat aa to What Praa-
peeta Eilit for Fllllaa
. ' tha Vaeaaeles.
mat it xam mina u, u.
It a a eincn that If wa h avi i any sass j nan
la Omaha thia aaaaon It will be furnished
by tha Wee torn leagua. Thia may not ba
Just what wa Want, but It's what we'll gat,
and wa might aa wall meet It with a emtio.
"Papa Bill" Rourke will ba manager of tha
team. It mattere not how much wa may
differ with him aa to hie judgment la re
maining In tha Western whan ha had a
chanee to get Into tha American, now that
tha course haa been decided tha loyal sup
port of tha fans ahould be given tha game.
Mr. Rourke promleee to give good ball dur-
In a the summer. In order to do this he
muet have tha support of tha patrons of
tha game. Omaha haa tha reputation of
being a good ball town. It haa stood for
two aeatona of Western leagua ball, and
can probably .get through another. What
tha people here want Is a team ,that will
tna narmia n ptyb want isa m i Min insL win i
creditably represent the city. Manager
Rourke understands that,, and gives his
a .v.. . .in h.Mn m
VVau luca-a, uis tta iu warns aa w v v-m a.aeaaeiai
tha race. He says hs haa aeventeen men
under contract, but declines to name them
tor reasons that, are apparent Conse
quently the fanatics will have to be content
..- . ... ik. . - - i
... r""" " I
r.rremkabwVa.rin iSTuu TSS
7n Xh7Zl Lemor..e : clrcuT cetbe.
br Oenln. and -VE ntl&m
K,.J.rL!lB.a. r.n. it .
...ha weakness of the
7 ' Zu,T TV,.'.,..n th
, ii,;.. hi. ,w.
'. hU wnes. 'wmd
t--. m- i.i.. ih. h. h.. .a in-
a.M .. .. I,.. 1Itfl.,d Md m,.a. uo ,
- - T' I
.ho a.M .llh Ihnlr fcaniU and I
r,. .i.. . ...i.,n. ., ...
.i.v. .v. i.nvi,.i ' n.t,. i. .n.ui.4 i. . I
winTteThU y. and .iT wm hop!
that "Pap. Bill" make, good on hi. prom-
Omaha will be the head city of tbe West-
em league. Thia is admitted by all. Dur-
In, the two season, the league ha. been
In existence thl. town ha. turned out more
people to see game, than any of the others,
i-.V th. n.M Emission, aver-
a . m.u i h. i noo . th- ma.
...v. " l
if a.... . .innln t.m thle vor. thli
. . . " . . ,. ' i.. I
ugure win w imiiruTiu on. ui.iiviiii-
meat over failure to get Into faster com-
pany ahould not ba allowed to prevent any
from enjoying what U offered. If Manager
Rourke will only give ais a winning team,
he will aet the natronaae. But he must
not expect too much from the people. It
doubtful If Omahane will go very ex-
tansivaly to aee a team play when It Is
talHna alone behind St. Joseph and Colo-
rttdo Rnrlnn In a leaaua raca. That wou d
. - . . -j i i. ,v. I
V9 low MTr m vcbi, ui ivj" m hj
i. -.k i. ,a
Rourke la wise he will not nut his popularity
rruunr civiu tiriu a w uuiu ivi uiu iu uu it i
to such a teat. I
- " - I
v I
So far aa the circuit la concerned, the
Ust week haa witnessed no progress in the th. w.t.rn team iTninsa a
Kansas City will never, make a start can I
be called progressiva. ' "Tommy" Burna ot
Colorado Springs, who aeema to be the
circuit committee of the Western league,
continues ta give out assurances that Kan
aaa City aad Milwaukee will both be on
the Hat, but It is hardly poaaible that
Tommy bellevea thia himself. No one elae
doea. Milwaukee never waa a Western
league possibility, let alone "a. probability.
At one time It looked like Manning might
do aomethlng In Kanaaa City. Even now
' he baa grounds leaaed for a park,, and haa
plana drawn for a magnificent baaa ball
plant Lata word from there, hough, la
to tha effect that he is doing absoie'ely
nothing and that people have lost all coa
fldence in tha story that he Intends to put
in a team to compete with ' the American
association. Mr. Rourke saya be does not
know what the circuit committee is doing
other than what is In the papers. All the
pa para that can ba reached by Burna ara
full of hie fulmlnatlona, but the publlo no
longer pays any attention to him. Presi
dent Whitfield must have gone to work.
At any rata ha has quit talking. It is up
to. him to make good right soon now. He
has whllrd away tha long winter in telling
what be Intended to do, and doing nothing.
With tha playing aeason only two months
off, ae-flnda himself the head of a league
with only four certain starters and good
towns a carter than hens' teeth. ' It's sure
a ease of hustle for him now. Here's hop.
lag ha. will accomplish something definite
Sent Free
v jo len.
Ft Trial Paekag ot thia New Dia
. covary mailed to tvery nan
Sending Nam and Addreea
Quickly Keatorea Strength
and Viaor.
Wee trial paekaa of a moat remark
et!e remedy ara bnlng mailed to aU whs
writ tha State UedToal Institute, They
ttr4 e aaany tarn a who had battled toe
A. t lOBlSON. M.D.CM, MeJIcal Director
raara aaaiuat tha mental and physical auf-
rliig ct luat manhood that the Inatltute
daoldad to Oi. tribute lre trial packer
S to ail who write. It la a home treat
ment and all man who auffar with any
form of axuai weakneae resulting froia
youthful lolly, prematura loaa ot strength
hod memory, weak back, varicocele, or
emaciation of paria can now cure them-
aiva at noma
Taa raikedv haa a naoullarl
retaedy haa a peculiarly "gratarul ef
f warrath and aeema to act direct
fat ef warrath and aeome to act direct
tha daairad location airing alrength and
vtlaomuil luat hra it la nalad. It
euraa all tha Ilia and treublaa that corns
trout years of Bulsuaa of the natural func
tions and haa bea an absolute auccesa la
all as aaa A raaoaat ta lha Htata MaillcaJ
InsUiula, 770 lUktroa Bul'idlng, Ft. Wayne
Ind., stating that you daaire one ef their
frae trial Laokagaa will ba oompliad with
rrasnptly. The lnatltuta is daslroua of
aachlng that great class of men who ara
unable to leave home to ba treated and
tha free aamula will anabla Ih.m Ia aaa
how easy It la to ba cured of arsual weak
Itaaa whan lha proper remedies are am
id. The Institute makae no rsatrto-
ona Aav Btaji who writes will ba sent
a fra sanu'la, carefully adod la a Dial a
baukaga ao that its raclplcnt need hava
aar or awbai-asauieat or publtclr. II ta ij
tus are fanw-u-wiaia i-Luut fitat.
I ioob, and tell us some btwi wo eu rsly I
on. People m Omaha are tired of being I
fed on fair atorlea and ara getting anxloue I !
to know In what compear tha Oata City I
will ta found thia raw.
Natlonal league affaire ahow no elgn of I
clearing up. On tha other hand, a new I
complication baa arisen la tha ahapa of tha I
players, who have becoma uneasy over tha I
unsettled conditions and want to know I
something definite about their prospects of
employment. , It la a rara ' condition. In
deed, to find tha parent organisation of
baaa ball within two month t of the begin-
nlng of tha playing season without any
certain knowledga of what It la going to
do. Thia la tha natural reault of tha de
velopment of tha commercial aapect of tha
gnme without reference to tta existence aa
, Jn condlUol the magnates
cow find themselves, they can thank their
avarlca alone. It la possible that tha total
wrack of the National leagua may be
averted, but' Us lost prestige can never be)
revived. Talk of a four-club circuit baa been I
rife during tha last two weeks. Spalding I
- ... ,
haa offered to resign It the magnates will
only get together long enough to acoept
hie resignation. Aalda fra tntbta there is
nothing doing.
Omaha lovers of the sport ara consider
ably Interested In tha team Fran Selee
baa gathered together. Many of the wlaa
onea ei Dress tha onlnloa that out of that I
bunch of young playera Belee will develop
a -team to surprise tha aatlvea. . several I
Western lea true namea appear on tha list.
- - -
Among them I. thatf Bh.efef who jjlayed
' , . , " 7, , TLVk . Za
lightning fast on his feet, 'with a good
Wa. jm a
head and strong both at tha bat and In tha
field. Bill Rourke says Selea has a wonder
In Shaefcr. Miller, who played In Tebcau's
outfleld last summer Is another of the new
Remnants. He wss looked en here aa a - vi.. w.i..- .v.i- hth
U'a fieli
swift and sure. Congalton. who was
Mlnneapolla. la touted louder than
either of the others, though hi. Omaha per-
formance. do not warrant thl. exalUtlon.
Ha mar not hava been at hi. best here,
but he certainly did not achieve any ape- wonder. S.,ed up with thd bunch.
It appear, that tho.a from tha Western
league have excellent prospects of making
. . . . . . . . -. I
UUlCSgO S nauouai league eiuo wr uu.
Xa. Anceles alvea It out with something I
of a fiourl.h that Jimmy Toman ... been
sned to . play with . it. team. It wa. a
a nivii tnat jimmv wouia noL ds in iob I
Omaha team another season. His hitting
here waa too weak. He fielded well, but
day after day he went Into the game and
out again wtthout a hit. He wa. popular
here. a. he will be-wherever he play, for
he 1. quiet and orderly at all times is an
earnest player, and haa every qualification
neceaaary to win favor from the public. If
. . ., ..... . . , i
0 can orace up in ma nuimg do win uo m
rri .ervlr to Loa Anaelea. "Duety"
w - -
Coons is another pf last season's players
who will be missed from Omaha, having
ined to pitch for tha Louisville team in
the American aasociation. Coons waa quite
a aucceaa as -a pitcher for Omaha and waa
well liked by the public. A telegram from
Joaepn mureaay nigni aaya nusa nan
reetsiea tne niancuanmenie oi nicaoy.
backed , up by a bigger aaiary, ana signed
wr anoiner year wun uyrou mcniooen,
Data Rur rnt In hla work on UcKlbben'S
- - -
nltchlnr forca durlne- tha week, aeourlnc
r- b - .
Charley McDonald, tha eurly-beaded aouth-
. . . . m. a
paw who was so enecuve at iimea agaansi i
tha Omaha tAavm. "BlO-tsl" OttYlS. Whf) WAI I
. . . ... a a - I
me xiown or me ei. joe team ia.i ye-.r,
will be on nrat ror uenver tnis seaaon.
' , . "' ' ' . '
I.easaa Devoid of Sewaatlowat
Clwk BtaadlBse,
W. I P.O. High. Tot. Ave
Omaha 41
&:S5 m
German .......
49,916 831
Gate City
Pt. Charles....
60.49 841
4!oi4 818
Kru- Park....
46, 4tt
National ......
High score:
Denman (Clarkson),
Wllle (St. Charles), 214.
ladlvldaal Slaadlaa.
Name and Team.
Games. Tot.
... 21 8.763
... 61 S.091
... 39 S.9U7
167 .
Denman, Clarkaon
Emery-, Omaha. ,
Kolls, Clarkson
PrIUcher. Bt. Charles..,
Read, Omaha
Seaman, Gate City ,
Zarp, Omaha..............
Beseilii, German
Tracey, National
Southy. St. Charlea....
57 10,068
38 6.3f.l
67 10,013
66 10.617
61 1,887
37 4,8b3
34 4.158
45 7,700
46 7,876
SO 10.234
Smrad, Omaha....,
BoUnelder. St Charlea.
Hartley, Gate City
Lehman, Omaha
Drunks, Clarkson
48 8,178
60 10,206
64 9.114
(7 S.6u
SO 10,UtS
11 8,023
Al Krue;, uerman
Flanagan, St. Charlea.
F. Coiirad, Gate City..
Weber. German
Clarkaon, Clarkaon 69 3,834
Wllle, St. Charlea 37 4.4M3
Sheldon, Gate City 30 4.K3
Wlgman, Omaha 45 7,466
Reynolds. Western 61 8,460
luder, Weatern 67 S.4fl
Bengele, Krug Park.... 67 9.433
Inches. Clarkson 33 6.455
Rled, Weatern 67 8.3K3
Hopentoon, Grroaa..... 64 - 8.8t8
Conway, Krug 60 S.8f0
Huntington. Gat City.. 64 8,869
Molyneaux. Clarkaon.... 81 6.079
Fogg, Kruc Park 10 l.&tf
Swenaon, Weatern 62 6.878
Nlelson. Krug Park 43 6.833
C. Conrad, German 36 6.848
Zitiman. Krug Park.... 64 8.762
Baden, St. Charlea 44 7.4T4
Avers, Weatern 48 f,7M
Weymullar, German 48 7,714
Miller, National 48 "7.6vt
I.ucaa, Clarkson IS 3,873
Bel leek. Western 45 7.110
O'Brien, Gate City S 1.4)4
Ahrnanson. National. ... 61 .$
Krua. Krur Park 60 T.7fi$
Alex. Reed, National.... 34 8,707
Sterricker, Gate City... 9 l..VJ
Davey, NaUonaJ 47 MH
Play has been on the diminuendo la the
Omaha Bowling league this week. There
waa but one remarkably good score made,
either individual or team, alngle game or
thirty-frame total, and there were many
poor onea. The teams stand la the per -
centage column just aa they did a week
aaa hut the St. Charles team, br taklns
two from the Krug Park men, climbed up
to a tie with the Gate Cltya tor fourth
nlaca. tha lattar team loatna two to the
Weateraa. V
Four of tha teams, the Omahas. Ger -
mans. Gate Cltra and Krug Parks, hava
dropped off in their averages, and the other
tour have bettered but a few pine. Not a
team ralaed tta high score and only thre
games of the twenty-four were bowled
above 800, two by the Clarkaons aad one
by the Weateraa.
These two teams wars tha on It tna that
did good rolling. The Clarkaocs led with
a respectable total ot 2.473. and averr man
on the team waa above the too mark en hU
total. Thia team also rolled two good
alngle games. 924 and 938 points. Denman
was away up, with a total ot 689. and
three gamee were the beat seea for some
time ln the league contests, being 18C, 214
and 190, an average of Thia waa
the only feature ot the week's play. The
214 made King a tie for Individual high
with Wllle, a Bt. Charlea maa. The West
erne roeanwhUe had three mea above 600,
with, another at 48and a total of 2,539,
Only alx single games of the 130 thrown
by the forty bowlers were 200 or better and
taenty-elgbt of them were under ISO.
Msaawhlle five team gamee were aader 80O
aad five total games ware below I.Ma).
Ia the Individual averaaea. maaawhlle.
King Deamaa aaa autauipped Eatery aadl1" suift of taoaey which
wrested first place from Mm br. traction
of a pin, which la H ehowa la tha table.
unit thua rota from sixth to first In a I
week, and hla treat game Wednesday night I
did it.
Tha other leadera ara also a little filctr-
ranged. Emery ta a oloaa second, while
Rolls haa taken, third from Frltscher, who I
la fourth. Seaman haa com up patt lerp
and Beselln haa riaen two placet. Tha I
average! ara shown only In round figures,
where aa nearly all of them In reality carry I
fractlona. In catea where eeveral playrrs
have tha tame batle figure tha namea aral
arranged In order of tha fractions, tha
largest Drat.
Hereafter tha Individual averages only
of those playera who rank 166 Plna br bet
ter will be printed. That meant a rata of
600 plna or better la three games, and thia
dead line Is considered a liberal one. This
week such a method would bar Included
only the first twenty playera on tha list J
Probably tha two beat scores ever made
In Omaha In an Individual competitive
game were those rolled am tha Gate City
alleys last Thursday night by Hartley of
the Cate City team and Tracer of the
Nationals. While tha Omahas and Oer-
mans were playing off their match series
these two men started a little game of
their own and It proceeded In champion
ship form from tha Drat. By the time
aech man had atruck out In the tenth
irama Hartley had won with 177, while
naa zds. me work ..waa, so
Phenomenal that It diverted attention from
. i
tne .e.gue p.ay the rest ef the avealng.
Emery of tha Omahas and Beselln of tha
Germans wish to challenge through Tha
Bee any two-man-team in Nebraska to a
series of games at all bowling contests.
This announcement will be tha bowling
aenaatlon of the hour, aa the challengers
Will to back their work with imh a
sum. and there ara .-ga-ther
bowler. In Omaha and other cltie. in the
st.ta who think themselves the best out.
Emery and Beselln assert that they are
'beat ai -around bowler. in Nebraska.
lnT cnnn this ta tenpins or any
""a game, nut incioae an. The terms of
t all the different mode, of play.
ma " Tarletles In all. Emery .
liAMin r tMAAti In .tilM . . -
-. . ' " -"k ...a".
Bt,elm ytrr near the tep.
JPta of 800 better at
Clrk a a lay. M Hun tlngton J00.
- v., iu, xvihk ienman.
J. 217, J2I, 204. ill; W. F. Clarkson,. 221,
ll 209, 201, 215, 202; M. Z. Forscutt,
107 Bouthy, 228, 207; H. Beselln. 204, 20S,
sja. w. arey, i ,uS J. H Hodges,
03. a . C . Frlsble 203; A. O Middleton,
0. J03 W E. Camp, 218; Jw
3 202. F. J. Bengela. 212, 237, 252; R.
w- yer, 2U, 224, 202. 22, 232; Tom
RnnnHa 9fK nl . A T. ...... ... ...
- - -- i, svv.
,0: Baldwin, 200; C. J. Francisco. 200:
w-.-i, .- .A. - -
Frank Fogg, 204; W. H. Emery. 201. 218.
. : 1 61. "0; B. W Christy. 218. 209. 228;
?-.M' 2M-03' f 7!nP",e Seaman.
"2. 217. 212. 226 210 205, H. D. Reed,
. 200, W. O. Brtrhke. 209. 210, 201; C.
"-"son. zxz, 4. Z3S. 204.
Tenpin scores of 200 and better at Lents
Willlama' alleys: Brunke. 207. 202. o.
201; William Zitiman, 2W, 212, 200, 801, 225,
223. 212; J. Oleason, 207; W. W. Hartley.
... t-- n , ' -
Dr- C. C. Impey, 209 Dr. M. M. Bulll
'n. . w: Dad Huntington, 204; Tom
Hawnnin 111" a v at St i - si
. u.
-". w, am oriu. sis; A ft. MlirDfi?.
tiff Hr. 11 Tu TtAm oo IaV. a- l aA.
y v''
t-nariea Beaman, 211; Mr. Swensen, 202;
hm.n.on. 2; Mia.
Effle Height. 213; Mr. KoUa, 200; King Den-
man, in; ur. u. c. Block, 221; H. P.'Trus-
sen, zos; "Billy" McSweaey, 207; Frank
uredon, 201; Dick Seemon. 218: Tom Mc.
Avoy, 21S; B. J. Nedd. 211: Raymond n.aa.
Un, 205 ; Miss Grace Conant, 203; Miss Nell
uuua, zos.
I -
1 not Little Fellowa Trala Hard for
Their Coning Meetlaar, Baek Coafldeat.
Local aportlng Interest centers now in the
ten-round go of next Friday night between
Hatch Smith, the colored featherweight ot
omaha, and Eddie Gardner of Wheeling.
W. Va., brother of the redoubtable Oscar
Gardner of this citr. President Peter Loch
I of the Omaha Athletic club Is sparing no
1 trouma or expense to make the affair a
This match waa arranged two weeks ago
and etnee that time each man haa been In
constant aad conscientious training. For
different reasons each haa been comnelled
to work, especially hard to prepare for the
contest. In Gardner's case It waa a scratch
aa to whether he could make tbe weight at
ail. Tha figure aet la 124 pounda. Smith
giving a couple for tbe aaka of securing the
match. When Gardner started to train two
weeks ago he had aot been doing much
since his fight with Ole Oleaon of Chicago at
south omaha in December. That match.
too, was virtually at catch wetghta, ao
uaraner am -not wear down In preparation
for It to any extent. As a consequence he
had fully ten pounds to take off. With
ittjonly three weeks to make this reduction,
illta possibility has been a great oueaUon
I and still another problem haa been how to
I do It and not weaken the lighter. Ten
pounds is good deal to take off such a
I -Mall ....... t . .
urn, uuHi, uaruuer -ia a vary earn eat
worker, however, and ia alaa aaei
' I nimaell while In training mmA .v. i.- .
I reports from South Omaha, where ha Is
quartered. Indicate that ha will maka tha
necessary weight eafely and still ba in per-
leci oonaiiion, wnn no wire edge propensi
ties. ,
It will eost Gardner f 100 on tha start, too.
I lt n aka the weight, for that 1a
ln amount or tha forfeit that la Boated.
miia insisted on a goodly sum. tecauae of
tb fct th' e waa going two pounda over
U8U1 'Imlt as a gift and tb-e or four
1 pouaas over wnat he can make and be
stroag and nw.
I " question exists as to Smith making
ln" aa he haa net gone over the
1 124-pound mark at any time ln weeka naat.
I weruay os weignea Between 123 and half
I Pound heavier, and ha will Aht verr
I workout for tha Whit-
I uk,r flnt ,n January left him la prime
.onaltloa "4 he bad not much to attain
10 10,1 airectioa for tha Gardner go.
Sta " alao working very hard, and it is
be want a to win tha tight. There
00 Question that Gardner ia better thaa
I " 01 ln tnen that Smith haa mat ba far
tfla tnougn the colored boy'a frlenda hare
""T connoence u hla ability ta continue
hu victories, they admit that Eddie Is a
nul eraca. ir any amount at work can
lncr" hla craft Smith Intends to do it. aad
hiel" consequence hla managera Say that he
" mlJ ,B ln Physical condition
b Ter know. out la alao amarter,
I quicker and brighter thaa ever be-
I lon- rul oeaiaa thia all hla-natural flght-
era duiio. aaa mat terrible right-hand
punch, aad he certainly Justifies the pride
kl. V - -1- ..... . .
uia iwcivri laae lu Aim.
BetUng haa already begun on tha eon.
I'' nd despite predictions to the con
trary, tbe game ia even money ao far. It
waa taougnt that Cardner'e weight aad au-
penor oxperiance would stake hla a far
vorlte from the a tart, but It develooed thai
8mlta had a host of friends who are wiUlag
us no a area money. Hla backers thsm.
The ttomacb control! ttia man. It (rovrrns
him both physically and mentallT. The roan
la Just what his stomaob makes blm. Wben
the stomach is right, tha man Is all right;
ba f eela good, b is happy, ba is cheerful, tha
world to blm If all sunshine.
Whan the stomach Is wrong tha man Is
all wrong-. Hs is out of sorts, lie is nervous,
ba Is Irritable, ha Is gloomy and despondent,
be Is "cranky''. His general disposition is
such that nobody wants to bava anything
to do with htm.
Tha stomach is tha organ on which tha
whole human system must depend for sub- '
alfttence and existence. If tha stomach
ftlls, then what is to become of the rest of
the body? Where does the force ot life
come from? Doesn't it come largely from the
food? Tou know that if you stop eating, you
will die. But the mere eating of food dots
not give life. Food can no more give Ufa with
out digestion than coal can give heat with
out combustion. It Is not what we eat but
what we digest that keeps up the motor
force ot the body.
Undigested food Is not only useless but
harmful, it ferments and decays In the
stomach, the evidenoe of which you have In
the distress you experience, that feeling of
fullness, especially after eating, flatulence
(wind on the stomach) belching and vomit
A inns an 3s rao sobbo
After suffering for several years all the
torments Incident to that terrible malady
known as dyspepsia or Indigestion, I com
menced using Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, and
from the first dose I could feel relief. I con
tinued Its use till 1 had taken several bot
tle!. Now I can sleep well and eat almost
anything that comes before me without ex
periencing those terrible pains and horrible
nightmares that follow indigestion. 'The
cold and clammy night sweats have disap
peared and I am steadily gaining in
strength. I take great pleasure In recom
mending Kodol Dyspepsia Cure to those af
flicted with stomach trouble. George B.
Orr, Notary Public, McCutchenville, Ohio.
prepares by B.C. OeWItt Co.,
they wish to lay on their man, besides the
$250 aide bet which is posted.
Gardner money, too, ia plentiful and alto
gether more real sporting Interest attaches
to thia event than to any. in months, and It
Its considered to promise the best tight in
a long time. , Spike Leroy and cnariea
Moore are working with Smith, while Gard
ner's training Is In the hsnds of his brother
Oscar and Frank Collier the welterweight.
The Haley-Murray preliminary would on
ordinary occasions - be considered a good
event for the main go and it will be tbe
best ' preliminary ever pulled off here.
Haley especially is a tighter of class, which
ha has demonstrated by recent mills in
Omaha and Kansas City, where he is In
good favor. It waa not thought at first that
he could be persuaded to go in a prelim
inary bout, but he bad no dates ahead, ao
consented to make the match with Murray,
who ia himself no slouch with the gloves.
Tbe club is paying well for this go.
One more preliminary of four rounds be
tween two ' South - Omaha lads at catch
weights and a battle royal .will complete
the program. It will be started off promptly
at 9 o'clock. The short limit means faat
fighting all tha way In the main bout.
Local sporting men are planning a bene
fit for Oscar Gardner which will undoubt
edly be largely attended. The affair Is
scheduled for Friday night, March 7, at
Washington hall and a good card of ring
events la promised.
Plana for Chaanploaahla Tosrncy it-
Twelve champion pool players from all
parts ef the United Slates are already en
tered tor the world's championship pool
tournament, which will begin In Brooklyn
on Monday, March S, and . continue two
weeks. They are William H. Clearwater ot
Philadelphia, Jerome R. Keogh of Buffalo,
Grant Eby of New York, Patrick H, Walsh
of Nsw York, Irving Long of Boston, H. P.
Btofft of Denver, W, E. McCune or Boston,
John Daly of Chicago, William Wearick ot
New York, Charlea Weston of Phenix. Aria.,
W. W. King of San Franciaco and Oeorge F.
Smith of Hartford. The first three are
former champions. The others ara the
crack playera of their cities.
The open conditions ot the tourney win,
lt Is expected, bring together a larger,
mora representative and better class of
players thaa any tournament previously
held. Though no entries from sbroad are
yet received, aeveral are expected. A half
dosen ot the most prominent players will
compete for the emblem. The playing
schedule will cover ten days, with two days
more for playing off tlea. - Gamee will be
of 150 points, and tbe entrance fees of $50
each will be bunched Into a sweepstakes.
The promoters will also add (400 ln cash, to
be divided Into four moneys or 1175, $100,
$75 and $50.
Equipment will be absolutely new and ot
the highest grade. It Is expected that many
records will ba broken, and several ot the
entries hare already signified their Inten
tion ot going hard after the alngle rua
aoore, which record la now held at 72 by
Grant Eby of New York. The fact -that
some ot the men who are practicing tor the
tournament are already passing this msrk
ta practice makes it look shaky.
Whiat Scares.
Tha following la the scors of tha
Whist club at lta regular meeting W
eda ee-
day night:
D.traA-a mnA T ntrt?rm .
1W, 4
19 1
171 17
1X3 3
l!)l 3
13 7
ISO -0
Cos and Redlck. ... .'
Burreli and Alles
LJttleneld and Bushman
Ulgutlsr and Erwln
a rt. mil Mela
Ross and Boucher
Jordan and C rummer
Hardman and Foster
fcL Cahn and Dox
Traasfer of Title.
A Georgia correspoqdent aends the At
lanta Coastltutloa the following epitaph
aa a deceased real aetata agent:
Joshua Jonee
His sins torsi van.
Latft earls, and own
A ,o( lu beaYsa.
A ooo
- SygyDpD ODD3
ing. These symptoms are simply nature's
warnings to yen that something Is wrong
and that you should do something.
This decayed food poisons the blood,
through which the entire system becomes
Impure and diseased. When the blood Is
bad It Is certain to cause disease of the kld
"neys. the liver, the heart, the lungs or any
or all organs which It is Intended to nour
ish. Properly digested food makes pure
healthy blood which lnturn makes a healthy
man by making every organ of his body
Now how are we to get perfectly digested
food? We are all entitled to this but by Ig
noring or abuMng nature's laws we are de
rrivea of It unless we make other provisions.
We can do this only by taking the remedy
.wbicn nature has provided, the remedy
which contains a perfect combination of all
the elements which make up the digestive
fluids as they exist in th human digestive
In no other wsy can we perfectly digest
all we eat. Such preparation is
Kodol Dyspopsla Curo.
It actually digests the food itself and pre-
Sares it to be taken up by the blood. It
oes this with no assistance whatever from
the digestive organs or their Juices. Food
Before me, L. O. Westfall, notary publlo
In and for the county of Big Stone and
State of Minnesota, personally came W.'H.
Shlpman, who being by me duly sworn
according to law, deposes and savs: That
be is a resident of the Village of Beardsley
and that for the last twenty-live years, here
and elsewhere, be has been a constant suf
ferer from dyspepsia, that during all
' this time be has tried various doctors, vari
ous remedies and all kinds of diet, with lit
tle or no relief, until recently when be was
Induced by a friend to try Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure. One bottle had such a satisfactory
effect that he felt encouraged to go on with
it and now after taking three bottles he
Cllciae. Tie tl.OObottleeaatalaa 254 times
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Snyder, who live
near Perkersburg, W. Va., have been mar
ried only 1 twenty-one years, but- have
eighteen children, eight being twina, and
all of them being alive and well.
There la a parson ln Bristol, Tenn., who
claims to have performed 2,000 marriage
ceremonies. He is known far and wide aa
the friend Of eloping couples. Not only
does he tie the knota, but he usea hla in
fluence to aoothe the anger ot parents.
Thomas O. Gentry, supervising principal
of the U. S. Grant school in Philadelphia,
has a mania for collecting clocks, of which
he haa 225 in hla home. They are of all
makes and Rises, native and foreign. Prof.
Gentry la the author of several books on
bird life and aa a collector of minerals Is
well known among specialists.
A portrait of the wife and child of Bene
dict Arnold haa Just been hung In tbe rooma
or the Pennsylvania Historical aociety.
Mrs. Arnold followed her husband to Eng
land and her eon the one ahown in tne
picture became a lieutenant general. Four
of ber deacendants aro ln tha British army.
A Boston firm of dealera in china and
flasaware that haa occupied the same elte
or a portion of three renturiee, Its store
having first been opened there in 1738, ta
Belling at auction lta stock, said to be
valued at $300,000, preparatory to moving
rurtner up town.
' A Canadian who was Injured in getting
off a railroad car at a station before the
train had come to a atop obtained a ver
dict of $1,000 damagea against the com
pany, and tha verdict haa been sustained
on appeal, the court holding that the plain
tiff waa acting aa a reasonable man would
in getting oft the train, ulthough it waa ln
Cltlaona of Albemarle county, Virginia,
have organlaed the Jefferson Memorial
Road association for the purpose of build
ing a public boulevard between Charlottes
ville and Montlcello, where President Jef
ferson lies burled. The road will be two
miles long and la expected to cost about
tiO.ouo. While the work is going on a na
tional good roads convention is to- be held
in Charlottesville, to which will be Invited
the president and cabinet, the governors
or tns states ana the members ot tne na
tional senate and house of representatives.
ThrouKh the efforts of the health depart
ment ot Havana, clgarmakera are no longer
nermltted to finish clgnra br wetting the
tlps In theJr mouths. They now wet their
nngera on a npong ana moisten tne tips
with them. The change followed the dis
covery of tuberculosis bacilli on cigars.
The department haa also induced the read
ers employed by the men ln the factories
to spend part of their time reading on the
subject or hygiene. A still more Important
change would be the exclusion from cigar
faetorlea or all persona mrectea wun con
eumpUon. .
- Rheumatic peine ara the cries of protest
and distreaa from tortured rnuaclea, aching
icriuts and excited nerves. The blood haa
been poiscmed by tha accumulation , of
waste natter in the system, and can. no
longer supply tha pure and health sustain
ing food they require. The whole system
feels the effect of this add poison ; and
not until the blood has been purified and
brought back to a Health coaoiuoa will
the aches and pains cease.
Mrs. Tamea Kelt, of 707 Ninth street, If.
Washington, D. C., writes aa 'ollowsi UX few
mouths age I had aa stuck fetalis Eheuiaa
tiara is iu worst fores. Tha
pain waa ao latent that I
became completely pros
trated. The atuck was aa
unusually severe one, aad
my coaaltioa waa regard
ed aa being very dasgrr
oss. I waa attended by
oae of the moat able doe
tors ia Washington, who ia
alao a member ef the fac
ulty of a leading medical.
college here. He told mai
to coutinns hla prcscrip-1
ttsas aad I would
set well.
After baring It filled
twelve timea without receiving the slightest
benefit, 1 declined to cout laae tu treatment an;
laager. Having Bears si B. . s.tswm sepeaBci
recommended for aheamallam, I decided, almost
ia despair however, ta give the medicise a trial,
and alter I kad Ukea a few bottles I was able te
babble arsssd sa crutchaa, and very aosa there
aiter had ao aaa for them at all, a. 8. 8. having
cared me ecraad end well. All the diatremlcg
pains have left me, my appetite haa returned,
aad I aaa happy to be agaia restored to perfect
a the great vegetable
I I purifier and tonic, is
V X (ha Ideal remedy in all
kj J sj 1 rheumatic troubles.
There are aa opiates or
minerals in it to disturb the digestion and
lead to ruinous habilsT'
We bare prepared a special book on
Rheumatism which every sufferer frwns
Uia paiaful disease should read. It ia the
most complete aad ia tar eating book of
the klad ia existence. It will be sent f reo
te any ewe desiring it. Write oar physi
dans fully aaU freely about yosr case, we
e sto oherre lor tss1ical aance.
laut eexrf trCmf M C, alUaU, ta.
la tubes 1 digested In our laboratory testa
as completely and perfectly aa it would be
In the most healthy stomach. Is it fcny won
der then that Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is effect
tng such seemingly wonderful cures. It can't
help but benefit. It's perfectly simple, lust
as simple as dissolving a handful of salt la a
pall of water, because Kodol Dyspepsia Cur
contains all tbe necessary element to digest
all kinds of food.
When taking this preparation, nothing
else Is necessary. You don't have to re
strlot your eating to a few "diets". That's
. nonsense. Nature demands a variety ot
It requires all kinds of food to supply th
numerous demands of the body. That's why
nature gives us such a generous variety.
Eat all your appetite calls for. .That's wbii
' your appetite is for, to let you know what
element of nutrition you need and that'
why your appetite or desire for different
food changes occasionally. Eat all - yon
want, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure will digest it
and make a new person ot you. It will give
you new life, new strength, nsw ambition
and a new appetite.
It will enable you to enjoy living as you
never enjoyed It before.
It will make you feel more like living bo
enjoy the good things in life.
.fran Eiis stomach.
feels about cured, can eat what he want
with no bad effect whatever, that he sleeps
well at night and rises In the morning re
freshed and like a new man.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
19th day of March, 1900. L. G. Westfall.
Notary Public. Big Stone County, Minn. .
Gentlemen: -During the last few year
my stomach was in such a terrible condition
I couldn't retain the food I ate. Two moo tbe
ago I commenced ualng Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure. 1 have taken four bottles and It has
cured me entirely, so that I can now eat
and enjoy anything I want. Henry W1V
Hams, Boonville, Mo.
aassack(yactaalaiaasaramaat;sstSetrlaUliawllc sella lerS9aeaa.
What the afflicted man wanta la
not a temporary relief, but a perma
nent curs.
The beneficial efteota of my treat
ment are aa lasting as Ufa I cure to
stay cured.
When1 once a patient la rescued by
aVwaarest Established, Most Sao
essafsl aael Reliable Specialists
la DlaestsM ( Mea, mm afeelleaa
Diplomas, Ueeases aad Hews
paper BeeerSs Show.
me from the ravagea of disease or
weakness oecullar to his sex. he la
never again bothered with his former
trouble. '
I do not treat all dleeaaea. L but I
treat man MEN ONLY and out
them to stay cured.
' Varicocele
Under my treat mart, which Inoludea
no outline; or pain, thia lnsldioua die-
ease rapiaiy aisappeers.
Pain dlaaDDears almost Instantly.
The pools of a tag-nan t blood ara
driven from the dilated velna and all
soreness snd a welling quickly sub
aide. Eivwrv Indication of Varicocele aooa
vanishes aad In lta stead oome the
pride, the power and the pleasure of
parieot neatia aaa restorea mannooa.
My sure for etrtoture Is safe, pain
less aad bloodless, and. therefore, free
xrom surgery ia any una.
It la the only oure that should
We charge nothing- for private 00
tjpi 1 sla. 1 to noia lur our procuaaes.
gats a oure that has made Pr
ir you cannot ur OCloe
treat 1 neat by oorreaponalenoe is
OXIlosj Hoars from S , m. to Sp. Stiadsiwa 10 at. m. to I p. as
Stat o Electro-nodical Institufs
1308 P.rnaun SC. Botwavaas 13th auad 11th Stav, Oawthc. TTeb.
Clark's Bowling Alleys
1313-19 Harney tt.
Evcry Woman
at silarsT m4 fm'iiw
alL ill ba.raai
MtVtL Wklriiaw isrty
W ww- bl Ow CiJw
! 4. Nl M.,4 nil fjs tv
laiaa ao.t .,.1 n im
lajl ji4wi . c . , te.
faaL ta atata) he.
Boea LJ lillasa aii.Si. it. 2,
. .
be' used, and the only one reeora
mended by the legions ot men who '
have been restored by It.
It dislodges tne Binoiure oompieieuy
and removea every obstruction from
the urinary paaaage. allaya all In-;
flammation, stops every discharge, re
duces the prostate gland when en
larged, cleanaea and peala the bladder
ana Kianeys wnen irnta or con
gested, invigorates the organs and re
stores health and aoundneae to every
part of the body affected by the dis
ease.. ( .
Contagious Blood Poison
My apeolal form of. treatment for
speclfla or contagious blood poison la
practically the reault of my life work,
and is Indorsed by tha best phyaloiana
of thia and foreign countries.
It contains no dangerous druga or
inlurloue medicine of any klndT
It goes to the very bottom of the
disease and torcee out every partiole
ot Impurity.
Boon every alarn and symptom ala
appear completely and forever.
The blood, the tissue, the flesh, tha
bonea and the whole system are
cleansed, purified and restored to per
fect health and the patient prepared
anew for the dutlee and pleaeurea at
llf e.
NerVo-Sexnal Debility
My euro for' weak mea doea net
stimulate temporarily, but restores
It soon drives away all those dis
tressing symptoms which ao con
atantly remind eae of hie former telly.
It stops every drain of vigor and
builda up the rausoular and nervous
ystem, purllee and enriohee the
blood, cleanses and heals the bladder
and kidneys, Invigorates the live,
revives the splriU, brightens the In
tellect, and, above and beyoad all
res tores tha wasted power of mtunoo
Reflex Diseases
Many ailments . are reflex, ertgtaat
lrur from other dissssss.
For instance, manly w mi k 11 aaa
sometimes cornea from vertoooele ot
etrtoture. Innumerable blood and bona
diseases aten reault from blood pot
aoa taint In the system, or physi oal
or mental decline frequently follow
toss of manhood.
In tniaUal diseases af, any hind I
alwaya oure tha effect as well aa tha
tinsel, and giro to each patient a LnOAIa
Is It net worth your while ta lnveati
to multitudes of msnT
vsur srmotoeua fun. Dus
Your Fortune Toll Frea.
We will eend you a Horoacope Read
Irg cf your Ufa and a moat Interest
ing Book on Astrology, if you ssad
the dale of your birth and a atamp
for return postage. Our rsadlnge have
trade people happy and full of hope
and success. Address MAGAZINE OS
MYal'JHiS. U N. William bU M. T.
t at Sv lun Uo only safe as4 raiiaWe
Issnale fcesabaieruaTaUUwtiat.
Bauovoa siuju $ . Jll arugf uta,
or by Ball. Frtoa, SI S-K4 ic tu
'WuaB'Saft(aar4."WUoua steo-
wnq ry enrrmsn or wi r- ro-nneil irrus vi
a. WJCor. loth and Dodaa fiLs.. CoiaLa.