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of tki Lerd
and purity
Improves the flavor and adds
to the Iiealtlifalness of the food.
Jadgs laitsr Inlet ii Hrbsii Csrpni Can
. Ovtr Bath Ewart.
Both Sides te t'ontroverey Annoence
that Decision of the Court la Rat
Isfactory, but Attorney
Sngeeals Appeal.
The conclusion of the habeas corpus pro
ceedings for tha possession of Ruth Ewart.
a (td I, cama yesterday afternoon when
Judge Baxter gsve her Into tha custody
of tha grandmother, Mrs. Ruth Dodder of
Ui Franklin atreet, with the stipulation
that aha be sent at tha expense of her
father. J. B. Ewart of Kearney, to visit
aim there two month! of each summer va-
eatloa, two weeks of the Christmas holi
days, and at such other times aa the con
tending parties msy be able to agree upon.
Tha father Is also to be given leave to visit
the child at her grandmother'a. whenever
convenient, and she Is not to be taken out
of tha state. Both sides expreps them
selves aa quite well satisfied with the ar
rangement. The. costs were taxed to the
father, who is the respondent In the suit. ,
Before giving bis ruling Judge Baxter re
viewed the case briefly from the time Mrs.
Ewart went to California for her health
to that church hour, three weeks ago Sun
day morning, when Ewart seised the child
from her grandmother's care as they were
returning from Sunday school, and drove
te Council Bluffs with btr. The court
touched upon the strained relations of tbe
father and tbe mother of the girl and of
the contrary, desires of each, as to tbe
girl's disposition, end caHed attention to
tba fact tbe child bad been In the grand
mother'a care since 2 yesrs oM.. j
. . Remark of the-Jadft. ..
"Tha court concludes from .the evidence,"
continued Judge Baxter, "that the father Is
a reputable, honorable and bigh-rolnded
gentleman, perfectly capable of educating
tha little one, sincere in bis affection for
her. and In every sense a proper person to
have her rare and custody. But the court
la constrained also to consider what will
bo best and most pleasing to tha child her
. self, and tt la forced to take cognizance
of the facte that tha father is obliged, by
his interests In the elevator business, to be
touch away from his home In Kearney i
that during his absence the child would
be la tha care of tha paternal grandmother, 1
who Is conceded to bo a comparative
atrr.ngcr to her, and who has admitted on
the witness stand that aha probably could
Sever have any very great affection for the
child; that the maternal grandmother al
ready has Such affection, has ao one else
to look after and would give her every
future thought and care to the little one.
and, finally, that the child baa her play
mates here, has atarted to school here and
feela most at home here. The father wishes
her In Kearney, but ber presence In Omaha
represents tha wish of the mother, who
. has equal right. These circumstances, then,
Induce the court to decide the matter In a
way that gives the mother tba custody of
. tha child, but must not be construed as In
any way Intimating doubt of tbe father's
Stneaa. both aa man and parent."
Effect of tke Rnllagr.
-The ruling .is In effect that the child
ahall be with her grandmother until four
teen year of age. or until her grand
er other' death, bat visit the father as
WANT t.lET "
The little fellow
has blown with all
his strength, and the
V downy tufta still
cling to the dande
lion stem. -Accord-
.Vine to the oracle of
'Yblldhood mother
doe not want him.
i Ihit mother, would tell
. UtTarrnt story. 6he
baa noticed the weak--
j neaa ot ue nmfrs, ana
I i 'she saw him now,!
I fhnbed with his ntrnsual
. ' "-- I effort and strcveiinir to
stifle ti e coagh which
followed it, she'd feel
how much, she wanted
and wanted those
eak " lungs made
strong, that tne might
lose mm.
. , For week
Innrt, obstinate
.cough, hemor-rhae-e,
and emaciation
la no medicine so henlinr and ae
xreagthexiing aa Dr. Pierce's Golden
liedicai Waoovery. . It ia especially
waftkatile for children, building np weak
bodies with sound, healthy flesh. It ia
aatiirelj free frosn alcohol and narcotic.
"Wtocr beftjre lata, ary oldest boy (was is
Bee Marly five yeats etdk. Bad a trrrttde cough;
feed ft (be wao wlalrr aad all auatamrr,
wraaa J M. Fair. Km- of Caawoa, arrreeo
Oa- Oa. rttvaacavu did ham aa mod end "t"
I, m wit sad I could do dui Uim any gviea.
AJbar yonr
yonr ' fiatovar ' k4 rd ai eaa se
eaarkry. We swfytaiar -
iy. wi
an win la fartei
. ttrimm him
him back frna the eoantry.
ana ksuin ar MmM
oamcd him Uct la are if ta ciiaBc
waalS aa aw (roaa. we wm i"i
suave- at la tiaaa. ebe brought HUa back
aad aAaf geia hiai you pw ' GaUca alto
aafll'iaai ii f kjr a uma. h raurevy acee-ea-'
v Tna CosuacC Sense Medical Adviaei
ant frtt m recerr of stamps to pay
ancpenae of tnsilintj only. Send si oun
ce stamp-, fur paper-botmd book, or J4
mil m jo tv cloth lionnd. Address Lax.
JL pTristfa, BiJtnUfc-ti. TL
f " J III
- . 1 hitn.
in strength
Not. There are imitation baking powders sold cheap f
many grocers. They are made from alum, a poison
ous drug, which renders the food injurious to health.
mentloned above. Hie attorneys called at
tention to the fact that he had not had
peaceful possession of the child for a long
time and tbe court stipulated that he ahould
have a special visit of one week in March
or Aoril.
After the decision Mr. Ewart said: "This
suits me thoroughly. It Is all I hoped for.
I had offered to aettle this matter with
the stipulation that the child be kept In
tbe state, but they would not agree to that.
Now that the court has Included such stipu
lation In Its ruling I am content. This
will bring about a settlement of the whole
In strange contradiction of this state
ment, however. Is that of W. L. Hand, one
ct Mr. Ewart' attorney, who dictated a
motion for a new trial on the ground that
the finding of the court wsa not borne out
by the facts, and remarked as he did so
that the case was "almost certain to be
carried to the supreme court."
At the conclusion of the proceedings that
have kept the parties In court most of
three daya there were no dramatics and
no sobs. Mr. Ewart crossed the room and
kissed his child, but the grandmother d's
couraged any prolonged conversation. Mr.
Ewart called his brother, Louis Ewart, and
attempted to present him to Mrs. Dodder,
who extended her hsnd, but he drew back
quickly and thruet his band Into hla pocket.
The elder brother spoke reprovingly and
pulled at his coat to persuade blm to turn
about, but he would not do so, and Mrs.
Dodder exclaimed: "See there. That shows
the malice that Is felt."
Testimony Yesterday.
The morning had been given over to two
witnesses, whose testimony waa In rebuttal
of that given by Mr. Ewart at Saturday's
These two were the grandmother herself
nd ber daughter, Mr. Mollle Smith.
Neither made any statement of particular
Interest except, perhaps, that of Mrs.
Dodder to the effect that Mr. Ewart haj
sent to his invalid wife In California a
draft, tor $200, with the explanation that
$140 of. the amount was for the expected
operation and the .rest tor subsequent hos
pital expenses if she lived, or for the pur
chase of a casket and the transportation
of her body to Kearney if she did not sur
vive. Attorney John Dryden of Kearney, argu
ing for the father, conceded the .tender In
stincts of the grandmother, Mrs. Dodder,
and her Interest In tbe child, but called
attention to her age, 9, as Impairing her
capacity as a caretaker. He said, too, that
any partiality the child might seem to show
tor' the grandmother was easily accounted
tor by the Intimacy that could not but exist
when they bad been so much together, and
tbe father kept so long away. He said be
could not believe M.s. Dodder's statement
that she bed said nothing to prejudice the
little girl against her father, when It was
ao apparent that tbe aged woman cherished
only the most unkind feelings toward him.
He described the provisions for taking care
of the child In the home of her father at
Kearney and pleaded that tha father's af
fection was even deeper than the grand
mother's could be and cited precedents In
tended te show thst to" rob ths sire ot hi
own offspring would be unjustified.
DUastlsfled with New Rale of Weat.
era Railroads aa to Car
8 lata.
The Implement dealers of Omaha and
Council Bluff held their regular meeting
and banquet at the Her Grand hotel last
evening. At ths conclusion of ths banquet
matters of Interest to the wholesale trade
were discussed.
The dealers are Tory much dissatisfied
with the new rule of tba western classifica
tion bureau aa to the else of cars and tbe
premium and discount allowed on the dif
ferent altes. A similar rule made In the
central classification bureau territory has
been suspended temporarily and an attempt
will be made to have the rule suspended In
the western;. territory pending further dis
cussion .of .the esse between the shippers
and the Interested roads. -
Owtpg to ths recent election ot all tha
officers of ths Woman's club, with- ons ex
ception, aa delegates to ths Los Angelea
biennial, the bylaw of that organization
war amended at yeaterday afternoon's
meeting to sdmlt of holding ths club's an
nual election of officers before tbe national
mooting. The amendment cbaagea the date
of tbe election from two weeks to sis weeks
previous to ths saaual meeting. Owing to
ths tact that the election occur at tha
same time aa the biennial. It would have
bees necessary ts elect officers pro tern to
preside st the club's annual election, which
waa undesirable to all aad furthermore It la
especially desirable that tha president that
Is to serve the club daring Lhe nest year
have ths benefits of the national mooting,
as ths present Incumbent, has oneo ren
reeeaUd the elnb at tha last biennial and
la not now eligible to another term of
effior. &oma qnesUon aa retard regarding
the wisdom of making rock a change en
the fro and that tha oocaalon waa not suffi
cient to net such a pnredeni. bat U waa
The club's phranfhitrnta etmnBUlae rw
prrtad encouraging progress la Its work.
A girl's dob hss been organised at ths
Chapel of ths Carpenter by alias nUgasu
under tha auspices et the ciun, aad com
plete cooking a.-aoil haa been egatppei
there, able ia ts apaa rrlaaj,. laxae)
Woman's Work in Club and Charity
The unique Innes re-established his repu
tation. If that were necessary, at tbe two
performances yesterday at the Boyd.
One hears so many bands that It would
seem a difficult undertaking to say which
waa superior.
But with Innes it Is different. He has
the only bsnd In tbe country on tour which
Is growing more and more like an or
chestra. N
The orchestral resources of the Innes
band are developing every season. He has
this season arranged his band on the sym
phony orchestra Idea and the results Justify
bis Ides.
Innes Is a broad musician. He Is im
bued with the highest possible artlstlo mo
tives and he never cetera to or compro
mises with the Inferior element in bis
art. When be gave up playing trombone
solos he did a good thing for himself and
his art, but his friends said that he made
a mistake. Time hss proved that he wa
right and his friends were wrong. Then
he decided to cut out all cheap or popular
"trashy" music hall productions, and his
friends said again that he would suffer
for It.
Finally, he determined that in big cli
maxes he would not bring his brasses out
in front, on such things, for Instance,' as
the "Sextette," from "Lucia," and the
march "Love Is King." Tben his friend
aid: "Surely, this 1 the climax; he never
can do this." But be did, and the au
diences still were satisfied, end today Innes
Is In ths enviable position of a man who
can dictate to the people what they should
have, and they seem willing to accept his
Innes usee ne music score when be con
ducts. He conducts everything from mem
ory, even the accompsnlmenta to the solos.
He knows bis solos, his-soloists, and, his
men. Therefore he gets results. There. Is
no- doubt but that Innes and Me-organiza
tton stand sbsolutely slone ss a mediator
between tbe ordinary good concert band and
the symphony orcbestrs. Innes is an edu
cator, becauae he never bends to the vul
gar, but always leads to what is beet In
musical literature.
The band Is better than It ever waa and
the new arrangement of having the wood
wind on each aide of the conductor's stand.
while tbe brasses are in the background.
tbe bass brasses being raised on a dais at
the extremo rear. Is s most excellent Ides.
The band Is approaching nearer to the or
chestral Idea every year.
The accompanlmente (particularly that to
the "Toreador" song from "Csrmen") were
plsyed with the precision, the repression
and the sympathy which might be expected
from sn excellent pisnlst or a muslclanly
orchestra, but not to be looked for from a
The delicate lace-like work of the wood
wind wss noticeable all through the con
certs, and their pianissimo tone were cer
tainly beautiful.
Of the assisting artists, Signer Achilla
Albertl wss esslly the star. Maturity sig
nalises all of his work. His "Psgllaccl"
prologue snd "Toreador" song were splen
did. Mme. Borghl made a good Impression.
Her Idea of tone production Is somewhat
startling, but she procures reeults thst ars
Miss Boyden emphasized her previously
made reputation, especially In the evening
Slgnor Zernl was in splendid voice snd
ssng magnificently. Tbe season closed with
great enthusiasm.
For a clear complexion, bright sparkling
eye and a vigorous digestion, tske Prickly
Ash Bitter. It put the system In per
fect order.
Accepts Bid for Ire.
At the apeoial meeting of the Retail Gro
cers' association last night the proposal of
the Omaha Cold Storage company to fur
nlsh Ice at 12Vi cents per ISO pounds at the
factory, with slightly advanced prices for
delivery, wss accepted. A report waa re
ceived from the delegation to Milwaukee
and the question of standard prices was
aewing classes have slso been organised
at the Eighteenth and St. Mary's avenue
mission for ths Itsllan children from the
South Nineteenth district.
A motion was made by Mra. S. R. Towne
that the club appolot the educational com
mittee to Investigate tbe proposed re
trenchment for the public schools snd msks
a report to the next meeting of the club.
A request came from the educational com
mittee that It be given additional assist
ance In tbe task, and sfter soms discussion,
the request wss grsnted snd the original
motion carried.
It was decided thst the club announce
aa under Its auspices the lecture en "Na
than Hale" to be given at Boyd's tbester
on Tueeday afternoon, February 25, by Mr.
Howard Kyle. The hour was set for 4
'clock, so thst ths school teachers inter
ested might avail themselves ot ths lec
ture. Announcements were mads regarding the
National Congress of Mathers ts be held
In Wsahlngion. O. C, Pebrwary 14-11, and
who tbe crab win not send delegates ts
tha msetlng. the president was Instructed
ts ascertain If any of the members would
attend the congress, and if so. to empower
them to represent the club.
Tba aftarnoon's program was In charge
of tha household economics department. Dr.
MUle a prseidlag In the absence of tbe
B. C Tovnaenl Tha ad
Leader ot geet Aeeerla that Wltneesea
Commltte Perjary When They
Testified aa te Her Men
tal Condition.
Mrs. Sarah Flgg, who entertained a
crowd In Judge Fawcett'a court room all
yesterday with a dissertation on the mani
festations of God and the Intrigue of the
devil, la the central figure In nine law
suits that are to be disposed of In Douglas
and 8srpy counties this term of court It
possible. The present suit Is ons for $2,000
damages for alleged malicious prosecution.
Mrs. Figg sppesrlng ss plsmtiff, sgalnit
John P. Hanger, W. W. Wood and Albert
Donahoo, whom she accuses of conspiring,
June 10, 1900 to deprive ber of her liberty
by securing her detention in a hospital for
insane, from which she later secured re
lease by habeas corpus proceedings.
The next suit, set for Wednesdsy before
Judge" Estelle, Is cne In which the parties
are the eame and the amount $2,000. which
Mrs. Flgg claim as damages sustained
when she waa tarred and feathered at
Gretna and forced, with her husband and
other member of their sect to migrate to
Multiplicity ef Salts.
Among the other ilt ar two for ma
licious prosecution, , brought against the
same defendanta and Jesse Reeves, by Mrs.
Flgg and Mrs. Donahoo, wife of one of tbe
defendants, each asking $2,000. Mrs. Dona
hoo Is also to aue Mr. Thomas of South
Omaha, wife ot a street csr motor-man, for
lander, the claim being $2,000. Mrs. Wood
and Mr. Donahoo, though protesting thst
they would gladly live with their husbands
If the latter would,, come to Bellevue and
become Flggltes, hsve commenced action
In Douglas county for divorce and Mrs.
Browning will take, the same course In
8arpy county.
In retaliation Donahoo will aue Mrs. Flgg
in Sarpy county for gllealatlon of hi wife'
affection. Wood has already ued Mr.
Flgg there tor false Imprisonment and se
cured a $500 Judgment, Flgg promptly trans
ferring nu property to hi wife. This lat
ter suit grew out of-Wood a arrest on a
charge of participating' In the- tarring and
feathering. After hi arrest he prepared
to prove that he waa In Fremont when that
spectacular Gretna affair occurred and the
Flggs Immediately withdrew their prosecu
tion and psld the $50 court' costs, explain
Ing that the Lord had commanded them not
to prosecute.
In the crowd that fill's every seat In court
room No. I, are delegations representing
the Flgg sect and the opposition, made up
largely of tbe husbands and relatives of
Mra. Donahoo, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Browning
snd other women who are said to have
been estranged from their famillea by their
allegiance to their new faith. In addi
tion there are still to come, for the other
hearings, twenty or more Ssrpy county wit
nesses and others, among whom is to be
Rev. Charles W. Savidge of Omaha, who
Is expected to describe s religious demon
stration of ths Flgglteii' thst be once wit
nessed, and also the members of tbe board
of Insanity that recommended Mrs: Flggs'
detention In an asylum.
On the stand In the. morning Mre. Flgg
chsrged that practice ll y all the witnesses
who hsd appeared agsifist her at the bear
ing by tbe insanlty-'lfjoaro' had perjured
themselves. She deriM? 'tod, the confes
sions she U' aliegSd'Xf he" made before
the board that she' bid, danced about all
who came to the Flgglte meetings and
would not enthuse, and had denounced them
as devils. She atlll repeat her. assertion
concerning spiritual visitations, however,
stating that at such times the Lord put
words Into ber mouth that she haa to utter
with emphasis; that sn remembers these
words alw; "a because they are from tbe
Lord, and that He healed ber deformed
George Lneaa and William Hath array
Sentenced for Assaulting
lo'.m Coalthard.
George Luces and William Hathaway, In
dicted for statutory assault upon Zola
Coulthard, withdrew their plea of not guilty
and entered one of guilty yesterday after
noon after Judge Baxter - bad ordered a
Jury drawn to try them. The court promptly
sentenced Lucaa to three year at hard ta
bor In the state penitentiary, hla term to
date from January 11.. 10, whjch was ths
day of hi arrest and Inemrceraffon In Doug-
la county Jail. Hathaway wa given four
year at hard Jabar, on ana .charge and tbe
other one. Identical ln nature, wa nolled
by tbe county attorney. The court took
cognizance of the culprit' consideration In
saving the county tbe Sxpeni bf trial and
of the alleged fact fbaf the girl pretended
to be older than she M; but held that the
latter fact 1 no defense In law. '
The girl - waa In 'court 'in charge -of Ihe
matron of tbe city Jail,' but sat with her
mother and slater. 6he wept when sentence
was pronounced oa "Local who wss also In
tears, but ahe revived and "wa smiling be
fore she left tbe court room fifteen minute
later. Hathaway did not flinch when his
fate was pronounced,' but stopped on his
wsy out to shaks bands with ths girl snd
her two relatives aed to talk with them
a moment. Both men" are young.
When the breath la foul and tbe appetite
disordered, Prickly Ash Bitters Is the
remedy needed. It parities ths stomsch,
liver and bowels, sweetens the bresth, -pro
motes vigor snd cheerfulness.
dress of the afternoon was made by Rev.
Edward Hart Jenks, who spoke on "Home
Ideals." A violin solo by Mr. J. I. Cook,
accompanied by Miss Grace Hancock, and
two numbers by tbs Elks' quartet com
pleted the program.
The regular meeting of the department
of etblcs snd philosophy will be postponed
from next Tuesdsy to Msrch 11.
Dr. Abby Virginia Holmea will address
the household economics department st It
meeting on Thursday morning on "Hy
giene," tbst being the subject of tbe morn
Ing's lesson.
Tbe fourth of the series of boms culturs
tslks given by the Young Woman'a Cbrls
tlsn sssoclstion was enjoyed br fully 100
young women at the home of Mrs. C. B.
Batea, Thlrty-seccnd strset snd Wool worth
svenue. lest night. Mrs. W. T. Harford
president of the local association, wa the
speaker and addressed heraelf to the toplo,
"Woman in tbe Heme," considering her la
her five rspacttiee, or as wife, mother,
daughter, sister and serving maid. Solo.
mon's proverb supplied ber with sbua
daac of spt Illustration.
Besides ths fifteen-minute talk the only
feature of the evening was a plsno slo by
Miss Birch. The rest of ths Urns waa gtwu
over to g general social.
Delicately formed and gently reared, women will
find. In 1 11 the seasons of their lives, as maids or wire t
or mothers, that the one simple, wholesome remedy
which acts gently and pleasantly and naturally, and
which may be used with truly beneficial effects, nnder
anyeonditions,when the system needs a laxative Is
Syrup of Fhjra, It Is well known to be a simple com
bination of the laxative and carminative principles of
plants with pleasant, aromatic liquids, which are
agreeable and refreshing to the taste and acceptable
to the system when Its gentle cleansing Is desired.
Many of the ills from which women suffer are of
a transient nature and do not come from any organic
trouble and it Is pleasant to know that they yield so
promptly to the beneficial effects of 8yrnp of Figs,
but when anything more than a laxative Is needed it
is best to consult the family physician and to avoid
the old-time cathartics and loudly advertised nos
trums of the present day. When one needs only to
remove the strain, the torpor, the congestion, or
similar ills, which attend upon a constipated condi
tion of the system, use the true and gentle remedy
Syrup of Figs and enjoy freedom from the depres
sion, the aches and pains, colds and headaches, which
are dne to Inactivity of the bowels. .
Only those who buy the genuine Syrup of Flga
can hope to get its beneficial effects and as a guar
antee of the excellence of the remedy the full name
of the company California Fig Syrup Co. is
printed on the front of every package and without
it any preparation offered as Syrup of Figs Is fraud
ulent and should be declined. To those who know the
quality of this excellent laxative, the offer of any
substitute, when Syrup of Figs Is called for, is
always resented by a transfer of patronage to some
first-class drug establishment, where they do not
recommend, nor sell false brands, nor Imitation
remedies. The genuine article may be bought of all
reliable druggists everywhere at 60 cents per bottle.
Ceineil IeiiUtts to Tactl Frsslem
Library lits.
Adjoaraed Meeting; Will Be Tonlnht
nnd City Fethera May Tnen Take
Drlalte Action Mania
City Gossln.
While all the members of the city council
were nresent when the roll wss called Isat
night, and Mayor Kelly was hovering about
on the outskirts, the meeting adjourned
..-til ' It waa ranorted that the rea?
son for thedelsy-f public business, last (
night being , one of r the regular ' meeting
nights, waa agreement nau Deea
reached In regard to the library board and
the purchase of a site. After a conference
with the mayor the members of the coun
cil agreed to put tbe matter off until to
night, when It is expected thst sppolnt
ments satisfactory to the mayor and coun
cil will be made. At tbe close of the short
session one of the councllmen said that the
whole trouble now waa about tbe purchase
of a site. The power of the library board
to buy the site had been conceded by the
city attorney and now the council wants to
have a hand In tbe naming ot the noara.
As the mayor has It now, seven members
of the board reside north of N street and
the, fight Is between the north snd south
sides. What the council seems to want Is
an equal division ot the membership among
tha wards in order that the best practical
site msy bo selected. '
At the meeting tonight It Is presumed
tbst ths msyor will make appointments In
accordance with tbe caucus to bs held this
afternoon. It tha caucus selections sre
agreeabra to all of the members the ap
pointments will go through. Mayor Kelly
la extremely dealroua or nsvtng tns uorsry
building commenced, if such a thing la
possible, during his term of office.
Governor Decides Question.
Governor Savage was In Omaha yester
day and ho stated that as fsr ss ths pro
tests mentioned sgalnst the organization
ot tba cavalry troop in South Omaha were
concerned ha would not st this time psy
any attention . to them. Tbe governor
further said that tbe stste wss enuuea to
one troop snd tbst South Oms be was par.
tlculsrly fitted tor a. troop to perform
escort duty by resson of so many ot tne
members being . slmost constsntly In the
saddle and owning horsea of their own. No
date has been set for the muster ot the
troop, but It Is understood that it will bs
sometime within the next few osys.
io Board Meetlns.
For ressons best known t tbe members
there was no quorum of the Board of Edu
cation last night. It wss expected that the
Indictments sgalnst soms ot tbs members
rendered by tbe grand Jury recently In see
alon would bs brought up la the courts yes
terday. As the esses were postponed until
Friday of this week, the members most
deeply interested broke a quorum by their
absence. Aside from a report from su
perintendent Mctiean no business of Im
portance was to come before tbe bosrd at
ths meeting.
City Most Pay.
As already mentioned In The Bee, the su
preme court of Nebraek rscently hsnded
down a decision in the now famous Dris
coll personal Injury case. In speaking of
the matter yesterday, City Attorney Lam
bert ssld that as ths city sd msds no re
monstrance when the cats v.nt to ths su
preme court It would e neceessry to pro
vide for the psymeLt of tr claim. He
America's mtmr
19 na
X , fJHf .,al
I - 4. -r a-
thinks, however, that there will be no need
of making a special levy for the purpose, ss
it Is understood that tbe council will make
the proper provision for tbe payment of
the claim as soon as the 1902 levy Is avail
able. By deferring the matter, the claim
ants will not only confer a favor upon the
city, but will receive accumulated Interest
which amounts to considerable. This els Ira
has been given more publicity In the last
four years than any other claim ever Bled
gainst tbe city and it appesrs now tbal It
haa not ended.
Democrats Chanato IMaae.
Ths democratic city central committee
hss . Issued a call for primaries, which
cbsnges tbe arrangements Brat made, tt
was first decided that the primaries ahould
be held March 10, but at tbe suggestion of
several of tbe candidates, tbe committee
consented to a change In dates. . By chaog-
Ing, tba. .date .of tqe. primaries to March 11
it,.Wlll Jeave the democrats in the clear,
the party will then know what the other
politicians contemplate. The republican pri
maries are to be held on March T. with ths
convention en 'the da? following. Off March
12 the labor party will, caucus and nomi
nate a ticket. It is stated that this action
of the democrats will, in a measure, assist
those In control In' the making up of tbe
ticket, as the other nomlneee will then be
He?elts Inerenalan.
Official figures ' given out by the Union
Stock Ysrdt company yesterday show that
there is constant increase in the receipts
of live stock st this point. As com ps red
with last year the receipts ot ctttle show
sn Increase of over 25,000 bead, ot hog
over 64.000 bead and of sheep nearly 6,000
neau. vuneiucnna ids cold weainer auu
the difficulty grower of stock bsve In
sending stuff to msrket, the showing msde
Is exceedingly gratifying, not only to the
Stock Yards company, but to' the commis
sion men as well.
Bwlft Tests Alaras Service.
Last night- an alarm Of firs was sounded
on the big wrvatle st Swift's and attracted
considerable . attention. Investigation
showed ttut there was no fire and the
whistle was blown merely to give the Swift
fire department practice.
Maarle City Gossln.
Mr. L. F. fetter is on the sick list.
Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson are now so
journing In the City of Mexico.
Edgar HlEsins left yesterday for Sioux
City to look after business matters.
Mrs. R. Gilchrist will entertain the Magic
City King's Daughters on Thursdsy after
noon, . .. .
John Hlnkley wss sent to the county Jail
by Judge King yesterday for resisting sn
officer. Blnkley was charged by his wife
with assault and when Officer Barnes went
to arrest him he resisted. Judge King flg-
n Rani
a mother tbonld bs a source of )oj to all, but tha suffering and
danger Incident to the ordeal m&kta it anticipation one o misery
Mother Friend ii the only remedy tehich relieve vamrji ot the grea
pain and danger ot maternity; thia htvrwhich is dreaded as -sramas'l
severest trial is cot only made painless, bnt all the danger ia avoided
by its tue. Those who nae this remedy are no longer despondent or
gloomy; nervousness, nausea and other distressing condition are
overcome, the system U made ready for tha coming eveni, jmd the
serious accidents so common to tne cntiea?
hoar are obviated by the use ot M ether a
Friend. "It is worth its weight to gold,"
says many who have need it- f loo per
bottle at drur stores. Book containing
valuable information of interest to all women, w H
be sent to any address free upon application t
A Pointer For You
If you bsve uever worn a pair ot
Irexel's shoes you bars never known
what real shoe values am It doesn't
cost us anything to carry a line ot men's
shoes such as our men's $3.30 specials
we have tbe rooo wa bare tbs help
consequent! we are able to put more
value In these f&SO shoes than on can
possibly get where the expense, of the
boalnee id est' be paid oat of tbs proJt
on the shoes. Sew wprfaf linen are
now rend for yonr msisNtloii.
Drexel Shoe Co..
am ravO moioanas Bear Meade.
Oaanaa'a IVIa-Ssi Ikw tftaaaoa
iax a a a at am -..
' iiila--V
'"'rkNi-"'''' ' -ill
I m - ii.ii.. mar-
ured that sixty days wss about what the
prisoner deserved.
The Danish-Amerlcnns have organised a
political club snd will meet every Sunoa;
afternoon at Franek s hall.
Borne Pouth Omaha lumber dealers p
bidding on the material to be furnished 1:1
Omaha Auditorium company,
Jhe 8mlth-Colburn revival services at tir
Methodist church are still well attem.
and considerable Interest Is manifest.
Five democrats have already officlfilly de
clared themselves candidates for the city
council. The repulblcan aspirant have nut
yet published announcements.
The bonds for tbe grading of K street
from Twenty-third to Twenty-fourth street
were delivered by. the city BUlhorHles yes
terday to Contractor Dan Hannon.
It was reported yesterday that h local
?acklng company had received a large order
or dry salt hams, to be sent by Hit- kov
ernment for the une of soldiers et Manila.
Joe1 Lath "wa Injured In the railroad
yards yeaterday afternoon by bring caught
between th bumpers of two cars. The-attending
Burgeon says that Lath is not seri
ously injured.
Entertainment' for I nltee) Workmen.
Members of the Ancient Order of Cnlted
Workmen lodges bnnellted the central. com
mittee and Temple association financially
nd caused a large crowd of people to enjoy
themselves by their entertainment at Wash
ington hall last night. The program con
sisted of mimic, dancing and a farce on the
different characters , who attend meetings
of the grand lodge, which to the Initiated
was a clever piere of work. The d legatee,
the candidate., the hotel keeper, the mayor
and hla address, were all right In every
particular and delighted the audienne.
Those who took part were: I'earl Morris,
Miss Turner. 8. Adklns. Miss I). Adklns,
C. A. Jacobeon, Miss Wilson, Sam MorrU,
t'alvln Urnder. J. C. MrKenna. Bud Mc
Donald, Reld Wilson. Maud Lord. Harrv
Urader. Jack Cody. Mlaa M. Busterin. Miss
T. Bouska. Ii. W. Burtns. R. Adklns, Ole
son's union orchestra anil the Kike' quar
tet, composed nf Messrs. Miller. Hrennan,
Brown and Bwlft. The singing of the quar
tet was one or tne nits or ine evening.
' Jyht ,f" appiCTd""1 d,d We" "nd "
Marrlaxr Lleenaeo.
The following marriage licenses were Is
sued yesterday:
Name and Residence,' . . Age.
Owen L. Burklln, Omaha .......1!1
Ida Knoll. Omaha , 20
Charles Hart. Genoa. Neb
Mary Swanaon, Omaha 11
Louis BonacH, Omaha 24
Maria Mercurlo, Omaha IT
Henry H. Walker, Jr.. Omaha ,,..,.27
Dora B. Haahborger, Schuyler, Neb 26
George Prawl, Hamburg, la i,;n
Catherine Stelnmets. Hamburg, la. ....... .2")
Bam R. Elson, Omaha ....41
Mayle A. Manspeaker. Omaha
We Knew nnd Yon Know.
To meet tbe growing demand and eon
sumption, prompted by general appreciation
of high quality. Moot dc Chaudon Cham
pagne Imported 252,432 bottle )u -1901 In
excess of the yesr 1900, greater tbau 100
per cent of the combined Increass of all the
other champagnes Imported. Moot
Chsndon Wblt Seal. Bpernay, France.
Dry, delicate and delicious. Adv.
Everr mothT fel
great dread of the p-in
and danger attendant upon
the mod critieaj period k
of her life.- Becoming