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Tint Ifttbodiit Ciurcb Taks Actiy lisps
ia City Campaign.
Cearerted KftTsrt l'red Aaalaat h
Kimm ftale that U Said to Pre.
vail Scheme to Control
the Primaries.
(From a Staff Correspondent. I
LINCOLN, Feb. !. (Spsclal Telegram.
A reform movement In he Lincoln
municipal campaign baa been darted by
the. First Methodist cburcb. la the news
papers and at tbs conclusion of the morn
Ins service, Rst. Fletcher 1 Wharton, pis
tor, announced that tbs evening service to
day would be devoted to a discussion of
dty pomtcs, and tonight the church audi
tori um waa crowded to Its capacity, over
X.000 people being preaent. After, the ear
moo by the psstor, brief addressee were
mads by Mayor Wlnnett, J. E. Miller, Dr.
F. 8. Stein and others, all advocating a
concerted effort against the ring rule said
to prevail 1a parts of ths city government
The pastor urged the holding of maaa
meetings In every ward, and the nomlna
tlon, by petition if necessary, of men who
can be trusted to discharge public duties
faithfully. Reference was mad to the too
close relation said to sxlst between the
corporations and members of the city coun
No Sensational charges against any of
Acini were made, but the talks were plainly
to the point that the element which now
appear uppermost In the city control
should be fought to a finish from the
primaries to ths election. The chief com
plaint waa against the operatlona of the
o-ealled ward polltlciana, and many. If not
a majority, of the members of the city
Coloael E4ar Takea Hold at Beatrice
ad H. W. Moatcomery
at Alliance.
BEATRICE, Keh Pah If rRn.M.l Tala
gram.) Colon si Edgar assumed bis official
duties as postmaater this afternoon. Whan
Interviewed be said: "Time has wrought
ucn aeveiopment and Improvement in the
postal aervlce that t And mv
of twenty years ago of little avail. I shall
raaaa lew coangea. If any. In the working
xoroe. this office stands In the front rank
as one of tbs model offices of tha
much of which Is due to the efficiency of
in clerical force as now organised. I
shall aim to keep the office up to Us pre
ent standard by livlna tin to tha m.
self and requiring all employes to do like
ALLIANCE, Neb., Feb. 18. (Special.) R,
W. Montgomery, the nawlv-annolntad nnat.
master in this city, took possesalon of the
office last venlnsr. J. ft. p.r.di. Mnrin.
Mr. Montgomery, who has been claim agent
for the Burlington . here for a number of
years, resigned that position a few days
go in order to accept the new appoint
ment. Miss Daisy Montgomery baa been
appoinica.aeputy and Miss Anna Wills aa
sistaat. ALLIANCE, Neb., Feb. 16. (Special.)
Frank Flemlne- of this ritv r..t-A . ...
polntment yeaterday from the government
aa man clerk on the run between this
place and Denver at IL200 year. Mr,
Fleming took the civil
ft year ago and received a grade of 7 per
Settlers Now Have Opportaalty to
Perfect Eatry to Laad la.
, dor Homestead Law.
SPENCER. Neb.'. Feb. H-(Special.)-
w me action or the Bute Board
of Public Lands and Fonda In ih. n.n..
of rsllnqulshing the rights of the state
iq laoaa seuiea upon prior to the govern.
ment survey by homestead am fill thai ha.!-
doned Fort Randall military reservation
in uoya county was rsoelved throughout
thle county with satisfaction, as It gives
to these settlers a chan
to the lands under the homestead laws of
to united States, which they have been
trying- to do for' several year. The state
had title to only part at the lands, but
their preference right to all of the lands
mad it Impossible for the settlers to
make entry until the record was cleared
t Washington.
. Ths Fremont. Blkhorn Missouri Val
ley railroad are hurrying matters as fast
as possible la ths extension of their road
to this place. The Tillage ha taken a
vigorous start In the way of new build
ing and new businesses. There are four
sew lumber yards, two new stores ander
way and many other Improvement were
begun attain the last thirty days.
Asaoa P. Messier, Formerly of
llaaaboldt, Aeeastd of Em- -j
HUMBOLDT. Neb.. Feb. If. (BDecla.1.1
Many Humboldt people war surprised to
near in nrst of ths wek of the arrest
of Rev. Amos P. Messier of Marlon. Ind..
on a charge of embetslement. preferred
by bis brother, Israel Messier, a farmer
living near Huntington. lad. Rev. Meaelsr
waa a resident of tfc M last year, bav
in; .left in th fall for Marlon, Me former
bout. after adtng aa unprofitable year
oa a tarn sear this city. Rer. Meatier waa
a Seventh-Day Adventlat minister, and waa
apparently poeaeeeed of considerable wealth,
as he cam her a little over a yeax ago
and bougnt a nn farm, paying c good
price therefor, and then spent much, more
In stocking the same. Within a few month,
howtver, b suddenly aold th place and
hastily took bis departure. Shortly there
after o officer appeared oa the seen with
a warrant charging mbesslmnt. It being
claimed that he was handling money for
his brother and was short $7,000. Search
has since been going on and only last wsek
was tb ' fugitive located in Indianapolis.
At th time of hi arrest he turned over
a large sum of money.
Mr. Wtlllasa CwrtU. Wood River.
WOOD RIVER. Neb., Feb. 16. (Special.)
Mr. Willies Curtis, on of the oldeet
reeidsata of this city, died at t o'clock this
afternoon after a long lllnee. Shs was
bora ta Morrison. 111., cams to Wood River
with her husband twenty years ago and has
. since made this her home. Shs leaves a
husband and two daughters.
Isnaereoaates Xles Aataoay.
TABLE ROCK. Neb.. Feb.' Is. (Special.)
A erewded house assembled last Bight at
th parlors of Mrs, M. A. Cotton, ths oe
Ihs Non-Irritating
. Eaay to tain, easy to oyrat
Hood's FUls
caaion being the . celebration of the I2J
birthday anniversary of Miss Susan B. An
thony by tbs Women's Suffrage association
of this place. Mlsa Anthonv waa Imn.r.
aonated by Mlaa Oertrude Norris. wnu gave
rtrcuauon or a retrospective nature, pre
psred for her by M. H. Marble. Laura a
rsggs of Omaha spoke on the subject of
- Boar Is Arrested oa Com
plaint or His Yoaas Bride's
EMERSON, Neb., Feb. 1. (Special.) -Leon
C. Bouck, aged 22, and Miss Pearl
narper, aged lo, eloped to Slout City Wed
ncsaay and were married by a justice of
the peace. J. W. Hooper, father of the
bride, bad a warrant sworn out. charging
the groom with abduction. The young
couple were apprehended In South Sioux
iiiy Friday and Bouck spent the second
night of hi honeymoon In jail at Dakota
City. Yesterday morning the eloper were
orougni Dace to Emerson, the bride tsn
to tha home of her parent and the eroom
before a Justice of the peac nnd held for a
earing next Friday under 500 bondB
wnich be furnished.
Commercial Clab at Table Rock.
TABLE ROCK. Neb., Feb. l.-(8peclal.)
Thirty business men of Tahia
sembled at th State bank last night to
to meet the Kansas City Commer
cial club, which Is to arrlva t..r.
morning at 10 o'clock and remain here
obii an nour, on a Junketing tour west.
nun. J. rl. Norria waa phnun .....I., .
and F. H. Tavlor si-r.t an ......
committee or ten was appointed to
soow courtesy to the club.
Iter. M. B, Jefferson Reals;.
FREMONT. Neb.. Fat. ln..i.n
me rremont bowling team beat the Na
tionals of Omaha last avanlna- tvv 171 nin.
Delts did the best work for the Fremont
team, score: Fremont, 2,620; Nationals,
Fremont Beat Nationals.
FREMONT. Neb.. Feb. Id fnoi.i
itev, m. u. Jefferson, rector of St. Jamea
Episcopal church, has tendered Ma mi..
nation to the vestry and it win ha a
cepwa. .
- (Continued from First Page.) 1
wanton destruction. The nvnnnnMi r
ierea tna owner of these trees 112S ftno
conditioned on the approval of congress.
out ne natiy refused to accent, demand.
Ing that congress nav whatever tha traaa
wuua scat or, ir not that, then a senti
mental value, which the Department of
Agriculture nas thouaht waa a "hold nn"
There I a bill nendlnc in conrreaa tn
condemn the acreaaa above mntinnat m.
national park purpose, but aa th bill ha
ana a rocky road to travel itepresentatlvo
iecey conceived the idea of aia .n
manufactured articles from these big trees
id oraer mat it might ent a aton tn tha
ranaaiism contemplated In their cutting.
id irees. aocordlna to tha mint ai.
tiflo experts, are 6,000 years old, and they
enei oniy in ten Isolated groves oa ths
west stop OI th Sierra Nevada mniintnln.
ana nowbere els In the world. ...
Desecration of Lambermea.
Lumbering Is ranldlv aweenlne lkn a
and according to tb Uteet reports forty
mills and losing companies are now at
"v, kihiii; r iu pr upon nig ore tim
ber. Th blar tree are unlnua in tha ntM
th grandest, the largest, tb oldest, ths
must majestically graceful of trees, and If
ii were not enough to bo all thla tha ara
among th scarcest of known tree species,
saving in extreme scientific valu of being
the beat living repreaantatlrea of a former
geological age. According to scientist It
is a tree which haa soma itnn . n.
through th vicissitude of many centuries,
solely because of those superb qualifications.
Its bark la often two feet thick and almost
non-combustible. Th latest specimens
felled are still sound at tha heart and ra.
gus is an enemy unknown to It. Yet, with
an in means or maintenance, the big
trees have apparently not Increased their
rang sine th glacial poch.
Congressman Lacey Is aa anttniataat far
their protection and h proposed to maks
It warm for th owners nf bla- raa kn
impregnated with ths commercialism of ths
sge, are determined to realise upon their
investments by folline trees and inn-v.r
Ing the lumber Into ataves and posts. H
ovneco ineir riant to do thla. hut ha.
llv that ths government should come
forward and savs the big trees from the
oi'toi or in axman.-
"Vandallam," aald Congreaaman Lacey,
'Is rampant: old ideals are
landmarks fuU of history ar giving way to
towering atructuraa or torn down to meet
me advancing aolrlt of tha centner Rui
th tree ahould bs savd. Ther ar aoms
people in th world who would tak th
bona of their araadmothara ami
them up and sell them for snuff."
Is Acoasod of Disorder! r
ad Handllnar Foal
COLUMBUS. O.. Feb. ll.-U.,n.., r.
Eheppard was arrested this afternoon on
two warrants at ta odd Peiiowa- tamni.
where shs was about to leoture. Ona w.
rant charged disorderly conduct and tha
owe in seuing ana distribution of ob-M
Tb woman was taken ta the :utt .(..
tlon and gav bond for her appearance In
pouc court tomorrow. Th warrants wer
worn out by representatives of twn
Cathoito order. Her lecture , announced
tor loaignt waa cancelled, but ah declared
her intention to remain la th city and
fight ths ehargsa.
Masters from Omaha ud Elaewber
Preaaro for Action at Ml.
aoorl Coaveatlea.
8T. JOSEPH. Mo., reh. Ii rSrvai.l T.I.-
gram.) Men prominent In the plumbing
Dusmess in umana. cnicaso and othareitiaa
of th west will attend th atat conven
tion of th Master Plumbers' association of
Missouri here Tuesday, in th hop of in
fluencing uniform action on a schedule of
price, which ar on tha who) a ta ha ad
vanced, and to secure legislation providing
for atat inapectora with larg powers to
ntorc advanced sanitary principle.
Caarle B. Borcharevtnk . Within
Claht Haadred Miles of Csalor.
ere' Coveted Ooal.
NEW TORK.eb. !. Charles E. Borch-
grevlnk. tbs Antarctle sxplorer, arrived In
New Tork today oa ths steamship Etrurta.
Tonight be told In an Interview of how. In
It it, hs and a. party of . scientists had
reached the 78th degree, 60th minute,
south latitude, about too miles from the
south pole, and the njoet extreme southern
point that any man baa ever reached.
Astir Preparation U Dsvsiop Mtrt tenth
Dakota Pnpirtiei.
Impervloaa to Decay, They Are
Wanted for Woodwork of Smelt
lac Plaat of several Com.,
panic Aroand Deadwood.
LEADWCOD. 8. D., Feb. 18. (Special.)
The Homcetake Mining company has pur
chased of the Galena Mining and Smelt
ing company a quantity of redwood tim
bers and will use them In the construction
of the new 600-ton cyanide plant at Gay
vllle. There arc several carloads of the
timbers, which were brought from Wash
Ington sevenl years ago by the Union
Hill company when Franc! C. Grable's
enterprise were In th ascendancy, and
were Intended for the smelter projected by
the Union Hill company at Galena. Tha
Union Hill company waa succeeded by ths
Galena Mining and Smelting company after
the smelter project had been abandoned.
Some of the timbers are of enormous dl
menslons, on of them being hauled away
from Galena recently by the Homestak
that made a big load for a narrow gauga
flatcar, and protruded beyond the car at
each end. It I a species of cedar, and Is
almoat absolutely Impervious to decay
hence its value for mill b-illding.
Cutting Timber Near Galena.
George L. Griggs and James Secoy of
Galena are cutting timber on the property
of the Galena Mining and Smelting com
pany near Galena and furnishing mine
timbers and lumber to the Clover Leaf
Gold Mining company at Rubatx and ties
to the Burlington railroad. They are em
ploying a large number of man, their pay
roll amounting to $3,000 a month. . Tha
timber is hauled out of the region by teama
at present, but as soon aa ths Burllngtbn
can complete its line into th district tbs
contxactora will have better transporta
tlon facilities. The rails have been laid,
but owing to ths frost in th ground ths
trackbed ha not been aurfaced and it' is
not considered safe to run trains.
George Bachman, who has been working
th Monarch mine under leas for ssvsral
years, has increased his working force.
Mr. Bachman has been working the prop
erty ic a small way heretofore, as the ore
was found In narrow pipes, and it was Im
possible for more than one or two men to
work at a time. Much of this ore ran as
high as $90 a ton and was shipped in
sacks to the Deadwood smelter. There hss
lately been a widening of the or stringers
and th grade continued excellent. Th
ground belongs to the Golden Reward, and
is on the divide between Spruce and Two-Bit
gulchea, three miles from Deadwood.
Golaar Deeper la Mother Earth,
Th Glob Mining company, whose prop
erty Is situated adjoining the townaiu of
Lead on th west, has drifted 100 feet
through th slates from its main .tunnel
Tha slate ar highly mineralised and
ther Is a grant deal of lodg matter ex
posed, but it Is considered too Bear the
surface, and th company intends to open
up the property at greater depth.
The University Gold Mining company is
working in a large body of pyrltlo or a
few mile north of Custsr. Ths or waa re
cently- discovered in th main tunnel, and
Is being followed in a srlnse. J The vein
s wider than the tunnel and goes down at
an angle of about forty-live degrees. It I
a quarts, heavily impregnated with pyrites
of iron, and th sulphur, la so strong that
its odor Is almost offensive while the min
ers ar working their drills- la th mate
rial. Assaya have been made, giving re
turn of $4.60 in gold and 60 cents stiver.
It Is a good concentrating proposition, and
can be easily reduced from eight to one.
Eastern Men Elected Officers.
Ths National Smelting company held Its
annual meeting and election of officers at
the principal office In Boston, Maaa., last
week, at which ths following officers wer
chosen: John E. Parry, president: H. I
Worcester, vice president; Gustav Goep
per, treasurer: H- H. Muggley. general
menager; C. 8. Jameaon, assistant man
ager; Charles E. Pierce, secretary; Theo
dore Knutxen, superintendent. The officers'
ar all of Boston. Mr. Muggley, Mr. Jame
son and Mr. Knutxen, general manager, as
sistant manager and superintendent, maks
their headquarters at Rapid City. The
company la making good headway with ths
erection of the new 600-ton smelter at
Rapid City, and will have It ready to blow
la by th 1st of April.
Th new Corliss ngln for the 8 pear Ash
company's cyanide plant on Johnson gulch
has arrived and is In position. The tanks
at tha new plant have been in position sev
eral weeks and are being connected. The
plant expects to msk It first run Febru
ary 22. Th engine was the last of the ma
chinery to arrive. It I of 126 horse-power.
riaat Pvenpa Water One-Half Mile.
The cyanide plant of th Deadwood-
Standard Gold Mining company was closed
down for a few days recently while the
pump bouse was being rebuilt. It caught
fire in some unaccountable way and was
entirely destroyed. It was necessary to re
plac it befor atarting tb mill again. Th
company pump it water half a mile. It I
taken out of Calamity gulch and elevated
about 2(0 feet to get It to the too of the
divide. From ther it is carried to tb plant
oy gravitation in four-inch pip laid four
feet below tb aurtac of th ground. Tb
plant I running ten hours a dayand treat
ing 126 tona of ors. The company has de
cided not to put a day shift on until spring.
Mining Coaatles Likely to Send la.
dependent Display to St.
Loals Exposition.
DEADWOOD. 8 .D.. Feb. 1 (Sn.-il
It Is probable that the Black Hllla eonntu.
will act Independently of the rest of the
atat in presenting an exhibit of the re
sources of this region at the 8L Louis ex
position. There does not seem to be much
hope of legislative aid, although aixty
members of tb state legislative have writ
tel to the secretary of tha Blark him. Min
ing Men's ssaoclation expreaalng themselves
in lavor or an extra session to Lake action
on the matter of a atata axhihlt Kii....
members of th legislature have been
Beard from out Of 130. Ther ranaa him
$20,000 to $1,000,000 in tbelr eatlmatea of
what would be aa adequate appropriation.
i ae Biaca itiua people feel that they were
lanored at the meetlnc of tha hnin.
of the state recently held at Huron. They
tneretors propose to have a strictly Black
HUlS exhibit at th SL Loula fair - mnA .
committee has been appointed by the Black
Hllla Mining Men's association to coraaou
ntcate with Jamea P. Day, secretary of the
department of mine and metallurgy of the
St. Loula exposition, relative to apace.
Mr. vvr he already written to the Black
Hill association, volunteering tn ! .
commissioner here to coo or with the asso
ciations omctrs. If possible the Black
Hill exhibit will be paid for by county
appropriations. Otherwise it will b met
oy individual euoscripuons.
Cnaaare la Deadwood High Srhosl.
DEADWOOD, g. D.. Feb. 1 (Special.)
The Deadwood school board f has engaged
i-cifu rifui vi Aurian, aiion., to nil
the vacancy In the Deadwood High school
rauaed by the death of Mis Kate Taubmsn
a few weeke ago. Mlsa Payne will tak th
classes that were taught by Mlsa Taubman,
Mlsa Anne Johnston having been promoted
to succeed Mis Taubman as assistant principal.
Stele Orgaslser tor Merchants.
SIOUX FALLS, S. D., Feb. 1. (Special.)
At the annual convention In this city Isst
month of the South Dakota Retail Mer
chants' association It was decided to em
ploy a state orfcantKer, Whose duties It
should be to organise the merchants of the
various cities and towns of South Dakota
Into local associations, which should be
auxiliary to the state organisation. Tbs
merchants of Sioux Falls some weeks ago
organised auch an association and th re
sult already bas been so beneficial that th
state association decided t organise aim'
tlsr associations throughout the stste. J. B
Wolgerauth of Mitchell ha Just been ap
pointed state organizer and will at one
begin the work of organising the merchants
of the vsrlous cities and towns.
Brave Battle Aaalnat Fever.
HURON. S. D.. Feb. 1. (Special.) On
the twenty-eighth day of the fever Attor
ney General Ryle Is still bravely battling,
with the odds against htm. During ths
day the temperature waa more favorable
sad the heart was responding to treat
ment. The condition Is yet critical, a It ta
Impossible to forecast what will result
when there Is a fall In temperature to nor
mal. The general waa conscious yesterday
and reasonably hopeful. Today he took
some stimulant and liquid nourishment
Conatant treatment la required to brae
up the heart and the physician is practi
cally in attendant night and day.
Bnrllnctoa Commercial Aareate.
DEADWOOD, S.. D., Feb. 1. (Special.)
The Burlington ha mad a change ta com
mercial agent at Deadwood, H. L. Lewi
of Atchison, Kan., succeeding J. L. Benttey.
Mr. Bently and . Mr. Lewi have altnnl
changed places, and Mr. Bentley will tak
up. tn work or commercial agent at Atch
ison in a week or ten days, or as soon at
he can make th move. Mr. Bentley bas
been commercial agent for tb Burlington
at Deadwood nearly ten years.
' Far so Slams for Deed.
' DEADWOOD, 8. D., Feb. 16. (Special.)
Charles Q. Farm haa aimed tha riaarf Mm.
veylng to ths Elkborn railroad a eleo of
real estate In Deadwood. after spending
tore days in tne Lawrence county Jail
tor contempt .or court. Tbs contempt lay
In his refusal to make tha eonvavanria Im
compliance with an order of ths court.
He was given the alternative of signing
the deed or paying a One of t!U)0. ta he
committed to Jail until the payment of tha
line. Upon hla finally algnlng th transfer
tne court remitted tn tine and Mr. Fargo
was given his liberty.
Elected Major of Pytblaas.
LEAD, (I. D Feb. 18. (SoeclaJ.l J. A.
Beck of Leal has been elected to 'succeed
Edward McDonald of Deadwood aa main
commanding the Second battalion. Second
regiment. Uniform rank, Knights of Pythias
of South Dakotc,
(Continued from Flrat Pace.)
valley and on the Inside of the clrcl wag a
row of whit tulip. It waa quits larg and
wa oouna with broad white silk ribbons,
the streamers of which Wapa tplmmari with
gold and bore tne monogram of ths kalaer
and the tmberlar-tcrest. ' Tha wath -mm
delivered at Hoheazollern at II o'clock and
a few minute later -Admiral Von Baudls-
sln. In full nnlform, accompanied by bis
aide. Captain Von Dor Austen, left for th
Goelet homo on Fifth avenue. Th wreath
was left at the residence and later carried
to Woodlawn cemetery and Blared nn tha
tomb by two member of the Goelet family
wnnoui any ceremony.
Reception: Plans Arranged.
While the admiral was awar from Hnk.
rollern Captain Vn Holleneteln and Lieu
tenant Von Stelkler were entertained at
th German clubhoua i Hoboken.
The united German aocletiea for tha in
ception of Prlnc Henry met today. The
plan of program and the order of nuh aa
decided, on at Friday night's meeting was
aaopiea. it was also decided to present to
Prince Henry a beautiful allver album,
hand painted, with the picture of the prlnco
on th covr. Th album will centaia the
autograph of all tha commute men and
of the presidents of all th oreanlutlnna
composing Jhe united German societies.
m addition to th ngroad ad
dress Inclosed In a silver casket which the
Societies Will nrsent to the nrlnra Tl.a
committee decided that the parade would
laxe piece on the evening of February 31.
NEW YORK. Feb. 18. Admiral m
dissiu and several members of his staff
wer tna guests of Carl Bens, the German
consul at this port. Lieutenant Rubenburg
said tonlsht that the admiral Inland.
ing for Philadelphia at o'clock tomorrow
morning via the Pennsylvania railroad. Hs
will visit relatives and exnecta to remain I.
Philadelphia untU Tuesday.
NIAGARA FALLS. Feb. 16. The all 'of
ficers from Hobentollern, the German em
peror's yacht, who arrived here last
spent today seeing the sights of th falls
snd vicinity. This afternoon ths party
went over the stats reservation. Including
the lelanda. and then made the trip through
tbs gorge. After dinner th officer accom.
pamea tne officer or th Niagara Jail
Power company to the bis nlant. All tha
power developing apparatus were examined
wua great interest.
At 6 o'clock the SDeclal car that hmiiah
the party started for New York. Tha riai..
mans of this rity mst today to consider
plans for greetlns Prince Henrv v.
comes here. A letter from th Osrman am
bassador at Washington was received say
ing that probably an opportunity would be
given the people to manifest their pleasure
at the visit.
Writs Arrives at Civil.
VAKIT.i v.H m..
which sank in fifteen feet of water recently
- . . ..... im i . i me en
trance of San Jacinto harbor, and whu-h
was BUceesHfully raised thla month, has
arrived at Cavlte In tow of the gunboat
Wompatuck Wright has alx hole. n?a
bottom, which have been taniporarllr
patched. It will h drydocked Immediately.
The Old Tfclnc Woald "Bob I p."
Coffee puts Its sword Into people first
one place and then another. You may
depend upon it, if you are a coffee drinker,
and have aliment la aom of th organa of
th body, that coffee la dolag It work.
tou n-ay prov whether It is or not hr
leaving off for ten day or two week, a.
though it often takea from Bine month to
wo year to recover from It effects.
Mr, J. W. Aihby, Mt. Airy, N. C, says:
I was a coffee drinker for 35 year. About
hree year ago I Buffered greatly with
pain in tb region of my heart and th pit
of my stomach. Tbeao pains appeared
about the same time each day.
"I wondered if coffee might not be th
fault so began tb test of leaving off coffee.
The pains ceased, but when I began to ua
eoffe again th earn old pain would "bob
up. I have now been uaing Poatuin for
some time In plaee of coffee and am en
tirely cured of th old neuralgia of ta
stomach and heart. Respectfully,"
Pritsa Pssalatiti Iiortassi at Istalt of
Btrstt Biota.
i i
Battle Between Striker and Officials
Classed aa tiraveat Oceorlaa; In
A nutria la Many
TRIESTE, Austria, Feb. 18. As a result
of the strikes martial law has been pro
claimed here. Altogether 100 arrests have
been made. In some of the trades It Is ex
pect el work will be resumed tomorrow.
A cold. Mustering wind was blowing and
It was snowing bard at. th funeral tonight
of th victim of the encounters between
the strikers and the troops. Extraordinary
manifestations of mourning were witnessed.
A military escort accompanied th funeral
cortege and the cemetery was guarded by
troops. Ther were no disorder and the
troubles ar believed to be ended.
VIENNA, Feb. 16. The riot at Trieste
ar the gravest which hav occurred In
Austria In many years, Th original strike
la supposed to have been an outcome of so
cialistic or anarchistic agitations. During
Friday's riots twelve persons were killed
and twenty-Ave wounded, while on Satur
day fonr persona met death. Including the
pollc commissioner, who was killed by a
revolver shot. Some of the reports of th
occurrence say that over 100 persons were
wounded. Ther Is little doubt that the
troops war over-hssty.
Relchsrath Ceaiaret Governaaeat.
Dr. Von Koerber, the Imperial premier,
explained to the Relchsrath Saturday that
th officer, commanding the troops was
struck by a stone and fell unconscious and
that the officer next in rank ordered his
men to fir and that the latter were ao ex
cited they fired recklessly, with the result
that a girl sitting In a second-story window
and a postal clerk sitting In his office wer
both shot dead.
Tbs Relchsrath unanimously voted a
practical censurs on the government for
permitting the troops to fire on the mob,
The municipal council of Trla.t. haa
adopted a similar resolution snd hss de-
ciaea to provide for th families of the vic
tims at public cost. It Is not unlikely that
the municipal council of Trieste will ha m.
solved for defiance of the government.
Permitted to Saapend Law.
A cabinet council, hurrledlr called Ratur.
day night, obtained th sanction of Em
peror Francis Joseph and obtained permis
sion t suspend civil law at Trieste and
many villages in the vicinity, while two
battalion of troop were drafted into
Trieste. What, however, had a greater ef
fect In quieting the cltv waa the annnnnpa.
ment Saturday of the arbitration tribunal,
in lavor oi the atrikers. An official stand
ing oa the balcony of ths town hail hart
rad th decision aloud and groups of trlk-
ers naa paraded ths street with white
flag to spread the decision, that quiet was
If la said that on Friday, after tha trw.
had fired on th rioters, the mob, composed
mostly of Italians, became Infurlatart nil
dragged thovbleedlng corpses of their com
rades oeiore tne soldiers, whom they as
sailed with terrlbl Imprecation as mur
derers and assassins. Th proclamation of
martial law provide for a summary trial
be tore a special court, 'emoowarail tA p'Vf'
out a Sentence of death within twenty-four
President of Metropolitan Street
Railway Company, New York,
ays IB
eory Is Slmplt
NEW YORK. Fah. 1ft P.M..l IT u'
Vreeland of the Metrannltisn Hi r.t p. ii.
way company gave out a atatement tonight
of tb plan by which the Metropolitan
Securities company is to anauma mm mi
of the property. It read. In part, as follows:
ine transaction Into which we are pro
posing to enter Is simple enough when
aocurately stated. The new company will
I1" ,.j0.0u0 and will at once spend
123,060,000 by paying it into the Metropolitan
treasury, thereby acquiring, first, a lease
i"" mairopoiiian properties, and, second.
It. flrt.lln. ...... W l . . ' . '
- ncl". uvtiuv, biucki, claims,
etc. When the floating debta of the Metro-
Wall t M kaua Wa. . l .
r r awn pisHi m-re nave ocen
available fully I13.0U0.000 for Metropolitan
available for Third avenue Improvement n.
wtnm la-aaaa sVsA rwtA Watt .a. .
-e.v.w.wv v mi ii win so lnio t ne
nmnrfV tn anhnnaa shav ali. n
Wsi 4t nan .. a
" w ai, itoou iu mls iniu i ma arrangf-
.V . ay i ijwaro Ul UUIttlUing SUCH
capital a may be Immediately required.
The work to be dona and aoon to be done
f r flaw A X v .
uofcpuiiitjiu vi assw i orK trans-
atrtrr-n t Its i (I t I I S A ti. .
iT ..TT jjuew.uie, greater
wmia iviuinpf i iia. ii kb ym oeen done.
JVe are making: the atrongeat alliance posM
ble In the way of Individual and financial
ai.avIBta mil Uil tllll WUTH. C DRY
ao thla V .. W i . I . '
v j ,. nB me ixfRBiuumeB or tne
future with them to the extent of one-fifth
ui wi- pruuia tna: may te realised:. Tola
Is aom thln more tJmn a plan to obtftln
Iha itnnlla I nnau h.I a. 1 v .
w.-r ii"' Iwrxjtni wnicu we migm
Juat as easily have obtained from our-
tr-rs-vw Ull vV. II J aim iF y laniUg ItOCK in Tne
ridaT MlrnnatlW I tsu.aa-a lata .
" -"w'wuj am, imran 1 1 If I It I WTO
guu pitioea ua in reaaineaa to make (he
KaaSl iinaa nf ((as nn-LnaS n i 1 Am
Mua-, ui a w a iva uji J'v' lUIIll lTa.
e i
Party of Men aad Women Collide
will tftoae at Bottom of
CLEVELAND, Feb. 14 A party of saves.
men and women coasting down Main street
hill tonight lost control of their sled snd
dashed Into a stons abutment of tbs Krle
railroad bridge at tb bottom of th bill.
They all rsoelved Injuries and Patrick Fal
lon' skull wa fractured. H was taken to
a hospital. Tbs phystclana aay ha may
Ths others hurt were: Patrick McQInty,
boss t roken; Robert Oall, let broken, aldo
bnrt; Thomas Chambers, Internal injuries;
Dells Eweeley, arms sprained, head hurt;
D. McGreever, Erie. Pa., face cut; Mis
Campbell, Internal lnjurtea.
Old Soldier Foand Gnllty oi Hnrdsr
In th First De.
SANDUSKY. O.. Feb. Is. David Wlnget
wa today convloUd of murder In tha flrat
degree for killing Fred Blancka. a wall. to.
do vintner. This waa hi third trial. H
was twice convicted and entncd to be
electrocuted. The Jury recommended mare.
and Wlnget will bo aentenced t life Im
prisonment. He is a veteran of tha
war and atrenuoua efforts havs bean mads
on this account to savs him from ths chslr.
Dies la Her Horn Despite Efforts
of tsaebaad to Save
NEW YOBK. Feb. II. Mrs. Virginia
Buret, aged 60, waa burned to death this
vning In th apartment la which h and
bar husband lived. Her apron caught Sre
at tb kitchen tov.
Mr. Buret and Police Officer pleasing, th
latter a boarder with tb family, were
severely burned in trying to extlngulab th
Bam which enveloped Mrs. Buret.. There
Is aom hop of Mf. Bur t'l recovery.
Omrer I Asaaolted and loans; Man
Killed by Desperate
Sea roes.
SUMPTERVrLLE. Fla.. Feb. 16. Henry
Wilson and Julius Goodwin, notorious ne
gro outlaws, made a savage attack on
Deputy Sheriff Lane today as he wa lead
ing them into their ctlla from the corridor.
The officer was knocked to the floor snd
seriously wounded. Tha men. then ran
through the Jailer's residence and were at
tacked by Mrs. Lane, who waa rushing to
the aaslstance of the officer with a rifle
in her hands. The negroes attacked her
and wrenched the weapon from her. The
woman'a screama attracted a great crowd
and th negroes, barricading themselves
behind their victim, began using the
weapons on all who entered the house.
George Stafford, a young white man. was I
dangerously wounded In the head with a '
club and Wllllo Porter, another white man, j
was badly wounded in a clinch fight. ;
In a few minutes news of the battle at '
the sheriff's house spread through the town i
and place of business were closed end
scores of people ran to the scene. The
negroes had rushed upstairs and barricaded
themselves from ths throng below. Lee
Graham, one of the most prominent young
men In the town, with gun In hand, at
tempted to reach the second floor and was
shot dead on the steps. In the excitement
following the murder the men escaped
through the bark way. and though several
shots wVre fired at them In th pursuit,
monaged to get sway. Both of them are
believed to be seriously wounded.
Expresses Cordial Sentiment for
' HerolevComradra in the
Maine Disaster,
BOSTON'. Feb. The flrat annual me
morial aervlce here for those who lost their
Uvea on the battleshln Maine In Havana
harbor was held In Fanuel hall this evening
unaer tne direction of the League of the
Spanish Veteran.
Two survivors of the disaster. Sergeant
Frank Thompson and Seaman Morins, oc
cupied places of honor upon tbs platform.
There were in attendance renresentat ivoa
of many patriotic societies snd the exer
cise were impressive. Letters of regret at
inability to be nreaent were receivaif from
a number of prominent persons, Including
Admiral tscniey, who said:
"While I will be sbsent In tha n.h t
shall be with my comrades In spirit In
nonoring tne memories of our heroic dead.
Peace be to their Immortal ashes."
Western Bronrho Arc to Be shipped
by Aenta of British
SALE LAKE CITY, Feb. 16. Three thou
ssnd western horses known a cay usee
gathered from the ranges of the Intermmm.
tatn states, are to be shipped to South
Airica tor use in the British army. The
animal were purchased bv aeanta nt tha
British army, who bad been scouring the
country for week and have been concen
trated in corrals in this city and Grand
Junction, Colo.
FJvo Thonaand Dollar Already Cw-
w: .. lected, for the Redmond.
Devlin Canse.
NEW YORK, Feb. 16. W. It. K. Ray
mond, M. P., and Josenh Devlin, renra
entatives to this country of the United
man league, were given a reception to
aignt oy lrisn-Amerlcana of thla itv t
the Academy of Music. Subscriptions to
me league amounting to over 15.000 wan
The meeting waa addressed hv w. nm..i.
uocaran, Mr. Redmond and others.
weakens the body and de
grades the mind. It saps
the nervous strength that
is the source of all health,
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medicine that never fails to
check the nervous spasms
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the entire system.
.9 had 'Peptic spasms
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another attack,- Mas. J. Pennes,
459 N. Meridian Ave, AndersonIni
Dr. Miles'
allays nervous irritation,
stops spasms, restores di
gestion and mental vigor.
Sold by druggists on guarantee.
Dr. Mile Medical Co, Elkhart, Ind.
- Commencing Monday morning and con
tinuing all the week, a FREE drink ot
Mull's Grapo Tonic
will -be served to each customer at our
atoro. This Is the only MEDICINE on th
market which I t th asms tims a DELI
She rman&cCcnnellDrugCo.
V VTatb remedy that cewree col4 ta oas a.
Proof Positive.
The occasional beer
drinker aa readily a
the connoisseur will
discover "B L A T Z"
genuineness and pur-
ty In the first class,
fbe aroma augjosta
t n r 1 1 y t h taats
roves It. .
Export, Welner, Prl-
.ite Stock, Muench-
iir, are the brand.
ach a leader in its
a "tw-s r. j
(Non-Intoxicant) Tonic. Druggists
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The Mo, Pac. Ry
Low Rale
3jj5L I Homeseeksrs'
SgP. torsions.
Tuesday, - February 18
Tuesday March 4 and 18
To nearly all point In ths South,
' Southeast and Southwest.....
For full information call on or address
T. F. GODFREY, Pass, and Ticket Agt.,
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Hot Springs Treatment tor Sjphilis
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signs of the disease disappear st once. A
treatment thai. Is more auucosstui and far
more satietactory than th "old form" ot
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COhT. A cure that 1 guaranteed to be
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UVEK 20, "o'r
aim alt unnatural weakneasea of men.
Stricture, Uleet, Kidney and Bladder Dis
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