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    The Omaha Daily Bee.
Ssrts Offers Geo Marks fot Atasricni
' Frsditt, Ujt Bobwib.
Fall la Attempt Surround
Camp, Sustaining Serious
Mareest Wirtlest littitrs Ispsrtt Tibs
Wests tr and Calm Its.
Meet Death In Hear-End Collision In
Which Others Are
PRETORIA, Feb. 18. One hundred and
fifty mounted Infantryman, while patrolling
1TCEL KING RETURNS HOME ELATED I the Klip river eouth of Johannesburg, Feb
ruary iz, surrounded a iarmnouse wucre
thev auanerted Rnn wer In hldlne. A
FilCJ Frit lily ld Iaqmiriaf Isitimtnl tot I single Boer broke away from tbe bonne
ana voe nnusn sisrim iv pursue Dim. me
Boer climbed a kopje, the British follow
ing. Immediately a heavy fire was opened
Yank loduttrits.
Glad at the Opportunity to Meet I
Their Own Conatrr People for
Whom He Haa Bark
Illsk Rnara.
FINANCE AND TRADE on them from three aides.
me Briusn xouna wemseives in a
and In a poiltlon where they were unable
BtasseTt llMt . "' tt
tt Itsis f 0mbi..
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LONDON, Feb. 18. (New York World
Flints U I to make any defenae. Eight of tbe British I Cablegram Special Telegram.) At noon I train
LITCHFIELD, 111., Feb. IS. Two persons
AMERICA met deatb and Ave were Injured today In a
renr-end collision between tbe Diamond
Special of the Illinois Central railroad and
a freight train at a point live miles north
of Litchfield. Tbe collision was remarkable
In that the fast passenger was ahead of tbe
freight and that both trains were moving.
The dead:
E. B. BURNS, fireman on freight locomotive.
FRANK M'INTYRE, brakeroan on freight
for Thna Ever Ready to Show that
C renter the leoft of Combination
Great Room for Reduc
tion In Prlee.
NEW TORK, Feb. 11 After an absence
of nearly two months In Europe, Charles
f officers defended the ridge with carbines
and revolvera until they were overpowered.
Tre British had two officers and ten men
killed and several officers and forty men 1
I wounded before tbe force was able to fall
back under cover of a block houBe.
today, aboard Kron Prlns Wllhelm, Prince
Henry sends through your correspondent
an Informal greeting to the American peo
ple. He says: "I am delighted over tbe
prospect of a pleasant voyage to America.
There Is little I can say at this early date.
C. W Castles, conductor, left hip In-
lured and two ribs fractured; also hurt
about the chest.
Jack Dean, 11 years old, son of Assistant
Superintendent Dean of the Pullman cora-
LONDON, Feb. 17. According to special I except thai we have made a good start and I pany; severe cut on the left leg.
dispatches from Pretoria, the mounted In- I must hope- for a' continuation of the fine
fantrymen who were trapped at Klip river weather. I am pleased with life aboard
were all fresh from home and unused to I Kron Prlns. Everybody Is exceedingly kind
Boer tractlcs. The bulk of the casualties I to me and tbe members of my party. I am
occurred during the retreat of the British. I pleased to learn that our visit to America
The killed included Major Dwell, the com-1 promise to be such an exceedingly, pleas-
mander of the detachment. I ant one. We all feel that we shall have a
LONDON, Feb. 16. Lord Kitchener, In I good time and are glad of. tbe opportunity
Michael Donnelly. Chicago; cut about
face and bead.
A. M. Dearborn, Chicago; one foot
E. A. Eaton, Pullman porter, St. Louis;
cut about head and Injured Internally.
The Diamond Special was moving at a
rat 9 of twelve miles an hour when the
M. Schwab, president of the United States I ad(lltlolI t0 reporting the Klip river affair, to meet Americans In their own country, j freight crashed Into the rear sleeper. It Is
AdrtOatM af Jssiy ToiUft Flli Itrs ft
Cans for Complaint
Secretary Shaw Promises to Become
the Story Teller of the Cabinet
Iownn'a Bill for Colonel
Enraaat for TCtrlfa Plnudv MnndAV and
Tuesday; Probably Hatn Tuesosy in
South Portion; Variable Winds, Becoming
, Northerly.
Yesterday I
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINOTON, Feb. 1. (Special.) The
fight against railway mall pay, which haa
been going on' for great many years In
congress, promises to be fiercer than ever
during the consideration of the postal ap
propriation bill when It comes before con
grees this session. We now pay to tbe
railroads about $34,000,000 per year for
carrying the malls and Including rental of
postal cars about $37,000,000. Herein ad
vocates of penny postage find cause for
pcstal deficits several times over. Some
of the more earnest advocates of penny
postage and especially tbe weekly and
monthly publications are pursuing a dlt
ferent plan of antagonism to the large sums
paid tbe railroads of the United States for
hauling the mails than In former years, and
Steel oorperatton, arrived this evening on My8
the St. Paul. He cornea in tim to awena ..A party from tne African con-
th annual meeting of the etookholders of itabulary encountered. February 10, a u-
the corporation, whlcn is to ne oeio. - perlor foree 0f tne enemy near Vantonders-
tnorrow In Jersey City. I Dek and was driven back with loss."
Mr. Bchwab visited Bngiana, rrano. wur- DURBAN. Feb. Id. Mrs. DeWet. In an
tnany and Austria, coming everywhere in nterTtew neI(1 mt tne Marltzburg concentra
the closest touch with tbe leaders oi nnance tlon camp tnat two ot ner tona were
and manufactures. He returns, as he him- Bt, flghtlng Wlh thtlr father. She re
self expressed to the Aasoclated Press to- Brettei tnat the government had not per-
lght. more than ever impressed wiin to m)tted ner to communicate with her hue
cope and possibilities OI tne great, cor- i, . -ha M certaln he would
Deration of which he Is tbe head, and of the ever lurrnider. She said she would rather Henry's voyage to England was uneventful
United States in Us relationship wun w see her husband die than submit. Kron Prlns Wllhelm proceeded siowiy from
trade of the world. I . Bremerhaven down the Weseer under a
Mr. Schwab declined to discuss the per DQCDC COMING TO AMERICA cloudless sky and amidst cheers from the
for whom we always cherished such a high said the passenger would have been travel- ,n one Particular case an agent has been
In. f..t.r hid th.r. tint h.ti ,M " jiurupnau countries ID
- i.k i v.-. rv- I hat foreign governments pay for the
m.r on h. fr.iht .rM fh'.t ih. fn. transportation of mall on railroads.
was so thick that he coald not see 100 feet ? f observation and
j patient Inquiry it has been ascertained that
Two coaches and an englae were badly -raw. tne rwirosas carry tne mans rree
wrecked. )
Several freight cars wefe derailed.
No passengers were hurt, as they were
not seated far enough back.
Marconi Message Reports All Well.
LONDON, Feb. 17. A message trans
mitted by the Marconi wireless system
from Kron Print Wllhelm when that
steamer was ninety miles off the Llxard
reported "All well, weather fine, sea
SOUTHAMPTON, Feb. l.-r-Kron Prlns
Wllhelm arrived here this morning. Prince
aonal detail of his trip. He said be pre
ferred to apeak as the president ot the I weasels aa Wolmarnns Decide
United States Steel company
Europe Blntlrelr Friendly,
"I went away," he said, "for a vacation,
suid while I had a delightful time. I also
did a great deal of work. I found the ut
most friendship for our country existing
everywhere In Europe. I found also great
Interest In the Industrial combinations, the
business men on every band wishing to
know mora about our methods.
I was privllea-ed to meet the greatest
men of the European world of finance and
manufacture and the great mlnda of eco-
Jiomlc thought. I was surprised and de
ign ted to find such tremendous Interest in
fiitf nut linflnrtaklnff And with the Cordial
reception given everywhere to the president
of the steel corporation.
I said In a speech delivered In Cbieaar
that any combination oi oumneM wi'
Deal Personally with
Friends Here.
PARIS, Feb. Id. The Temps, In an au
thorised note, says that only Messrs.
Wessels and Wolmsrans of the Boer dele-
people lining the shore.
The prince and his suite walked upon the
upper deck with some of the other pas
sengers. Later Prince Henry proceeded to
the bridge, where he held a long conversa
tion with the captain of tbe steamer and
showed the greatest Interest In the details
of the ship. The prince, with his suits, ap
peared at dinner, occupying a table in an
gates In Europe have sailed for the United alcove of the general saloon. During the
States and that Mr. Fischer remains In
Brussels. Tbe note says the Journey of
Wessels and Wolmarans baa no diplomatic
significance; that It only appeared neces
sary that they enter Into direct negotia
tions with tbe pro-Boer committees-In the!
United States with a view to mutual un
derstanding and organisation.
THE HAOUE. Feb. 16. Messrs. Wol
marans and Wessels sailed for New York
meal the band played German and Amer
ican airs. Tbe prince's table naturally at
tracted the attention of the other pas
sengers, but Prince Henry did not seem
to mind this.
After dinner the prince spent an hour In
the smoking room. He was up early this
morning, walking the deck. In the course
of a conversation today he again expressed
the pleasure be feels at visiting the United
prises organised for other purposes than I on board the Holland-American liner Rot- I States and added: "Why. the last man I
the reduction of cost and trie Increase of
output Is placed upon a false oasis ana i
return from my -visit to Europe feeling
more than ever Impressed with the truth
of that proposition. '
T hiirk with my Ideas broadened
end mv enthusiasm unbounded. Hereto
fore 1 have looked upon our greet combina
tion of the steel Industries of this country
as perhaps nothing more than an ordinary
business venture of great magnitude but
hain th vlt-wa of tne business
'men -of -the" W-wirrtd'T And thatl have.
U anything, underrated our undertaking.
We are now more than ever ready to
demonstrate that the greater the scope
i h Knmhln.Hnn the greater the poent-
hiiuiM fnr ncnnomv and conseauently the
renter possibilities for the reduction of
cost. With these objects in view we muiu
ti.vt our treat plants equipped and manned
to perfection and no care or proper expense
must De sparea io mp i
and at the highest point that Ingenuity,
kill and enterprise can reacn.
Old World is Carlona,
While there exists In Europe the greatest
feeling of friendship and admiration for
im.X .nil Amrricina. I found also a
desTee of curlolty and uncertainty as to
what we are goina w ;. --- .
told them, they have their own protection
. w i ihuir iwn. and what we are
i - t.. ii. in th rrpat common field
of China and the orient generally. Thla we
want and this we are going to get.
In order that we may do so, however,
look to -congress to make provision for
the protection oi our bhiiiiu(. -
look after the manufacturing. .
Speaking as the president of the .united
.... Knrnnrat on. 1 wish to Impress
on the people here that throughout England
and 'Europe thare exists no feeling of
enmity among the great men. and my visit
abroad this year was notable in the change
I found that when I, who had been so
iften before as an Individual, presented
terdam from Boulogne, February 14. Their
trip to the United State was decided on at
a conference held In the house ot Mr.
Kruger February 12. . Messrs. Wolmarans
and Wessels Intend to tour tbe United
State in the Interest of the Boers.
LONDON, Feb. 1(. Messrs. Wessels and
Wolmarans expect to land at New York
glmuJLUneouslrwlttl Ctces Httnrr-. . JB
Boer delegates will visit New Tors, runs
dolphla, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans and
San Francisco.
BERLIN, Feb. 17. In a dispatch from
Amsterdam the correspondent of the Dally
Mall says Mr. Kruger expects favorable
results from tbe tour In tbe United States
that they Intend to exploit the diplomatic
disclosures In the matter of the Spanish
American war dispute.
shook hands with on German ground was
an American, the Berlin representative of
the Associated Press."
Day of Glorlona Snnshln.
At about half-past 10 this morning the
Isle of, Wight and tbe forts of Portsmouth
were sighted. It was a ' day of glorious
sunshine. With tbe bsd playing anwjth
flags rrylffg" ree-"?eamer" made Its" way up
with the single exception that where tbe
government runs a postal car of Its own
tbe railway receives t centimes per kilo
metre, or about 1 cent, per ear mile.
In Switzerland, on the great railways
DCKIAI TY I to government pays nothing for mall trans
railways to carry the malls free. On tbe
small lines of railroads of the 8 wins re
public If the dividends fall below SVi per
cent the government pays the fair cost of
carrying the malls. When the road attains
Four I S per cent It must carry the mall free.
Advantages In Kaiser Kingdom.
In Germany they have a somewhat dlt
ferent method of paying the transportation
The mails go free on tbe railroads of Kalssr
William's country up ta one car per train.
It a second postal car Is needed on any
train the government pays 6 pfennigs per
axle per kilometre, or 10 pfennigs per
car belong to the railroad. There are
usually two axles per car, sometimes three,
so that the outside charge Is 8 to 12 ce?ts
per car per mile, and this 1 only for extr
ntall cars.
In Austria It Is provided In the railway
concessions that the letter post shall be
carried free and that all mall shall be free
up to one car per train. Beyond this tb
railway receives 18 heller per axle, or 10
to 12 cent per car mile, which I Intended
to cover the cost of transportation of the
excess beyond one car per train.
In . Italy the government pay nothing
for tbe railway rriace of the malls. Thu
Bxpre.Y ' ' Is stipulated In tbe railway contracts, wblle
. 1 "' lift lTnrtbft ,m H .ill . . ...
Both Engineer and Flremea Killed
a Resnlt of Error on
Iowa Central.
Uvea were lost in a headon collision on
the, Iowa Central railroad,.' one mile north
of Gilford, today, a light engine, north
bound, crashing Into a passenger train..
WALLACE FREW, Keltbsburg, 111., engi
neer light engine.
JOHN WHITE, OskaJooaa, engineer pas
senger train. . '
FRANK PATTON, Marshalltown, fireman
light engine.
ELMER OGLE, Marshalltown, fireman
passenger train. .
A number of passenger were slightly in
Engineer Frew of. the light engine should
have cleared the passenger at Gilford, but
for some reason failed to do so
Oe. Hoar. De.
. . XH 1 p. r
. . II p. m V
. . KM 8 p. m Brt
. . 8 4 p. m
.. JIM 6 p. m......
.. 2 O p. m H
..XT T P. m
.. Xe) p. m
p. m T
Prominent Montana Mine Man
and the Women Srrlonaly
HELENA, Mont., Feb. 18. Harold M.
Cole, assistant superintendent at the East
Helena smelter, lies desd In sn undertaker's
establishment, and Olivia Mayne Cole, bis
wife, Is at her home mortally wounded, as
the result ot shots fired by the husband.
The tragedy occurred this morning shortly
after 8 o'clock at the residence ot tne
couple. There were no witnesses to tbe
tragedy and the wife Is so seriously in
jured that she I not able to make any
statement. The only story of the affair Is
given by Mrs. Mayne, mother ot Mrs. Cole.
Mr. Cole came In from East Helena about
7 o'clock. Shortly after his arrival Mrs.
Mayne went out and returned In a ltttle
As she went up the steps' she heard a
shot, quickly followed by another. She was
Mcompanled by her husband and on enter
ing tbe house saw Cole falling to the floor,
while his wife wss lying on the lounge
with tbe blood streaming from two wounds,
one In the head, back of the ear, and the
other In the left breast. Lying at the foot
of the woman were a number of letters.
An examination shows that Cole was mor
tally wounded, and be died before a phy
slcian could be summoned. He bad shot
himself throuch the head. Mrs. Cole 1 a
younz and handsome woman.
The theory la that the husband found
some correspondence belonging to his wife;
that there was a quarrel, and then the
tragedy. Harold M. Cole was one of the
prominent young mining men of the stste,
In addition to being assistant superin
tendent at tbe East Helena smelter be was
chief chemist at the works. He bad been
with tbe smelting company since 189$. com
ing to Montana from New York. He was
a graduate of the mining course in Co
lumbia college, graduating with high honors
when 18 years old. When he first came to
Montana he was employed by the Helena ft
.Mvingston Smelting company at Wtckes as
cMef assayer. Leaving that company h
went with the East Helena concern.
Cole was 84 year old and leaves relative
In Jersey City. He had no children.
Train Collide, Serfoasly Inlnrlng
Tkreo Person a the
CARBONDALR. 111.. Fsb. 18. Three ner-l"' 48 ODl ooui one-nintn of. the total
Southampton waters to the flock. ' Her Sons wer seriously Injured today In "Pendlture, Instead p. one-third, as In tbe
the North German Lloyd Steamship com
pany. contrary to the desire of Prince
Henry, had taken the most elaborate ' pre
cautions. The special train from London,
carrying passengers for Kron Prlns Wll-
Messrs. Wessels and Wolmarans. and helm' arrlT.d -" " H ,ener Robert Allen. Baggageman fj "du?uV6!!d.,n,g ?f overnmenUl
heiul.nn anlllilnn mi Texas Junction sis I wnueu oiaies,
miles west of this city, on th Illinois V11 lve" moT comprehensive Idea as
Central railroad. Passenger train No. 28. to now ,Br foreign government go In the
Conductor Bryan, collided with an xtra Pxnint. tf railroad mall transportation
freight under Conductor Donahue. Th pas- lnBa cou,a Posiwy b . gathered except
Iaanrgent Leader, Bay General Bell,
1 Rapidly Becoming Unpopular
with Filipinos.
was not allowed to proceed to tbe dock
until the steamship bearing Prince Henry
had been made fast. At' 1 o'clock the dock
swarmed with policemen and detectives
and the steamship tickets of the South
ampton passengers were repeatedly sera
tinlzed. ' ,
Prince Henry remained on the bridge
of the steamer until th members of th
German embassy at London, who came CARS REDUCED TO SPLINTERS
down nere to welcome mm, went on board.
Aahlev and Mr. J. 8. Latin all of thla I lris. l IS OOUDUU1, nOWSVer, if tb
city, were seriously Injured. The train- oocates of penny postage will secure any
men on the passenger jumped, saving their ,esl8'atlon at this session of congress, a
UTe6- former Postmaster General Smith In his
The cause of the collision is aunnnaed to nnuai report stated that the time had not
have been th abaence of a flagman from fet arrTea for the reduction of postage to
the freight, as the passenger was running 4 " wioe extensions that
on schedule time.
MANILA. Feb. IS. General J. Francis
Bell has practically cleared up the Insur
rection In Batangas province, the troops
under his command having made a clean
sweep of tbe district. It is not believed
that all tb Insurgent arms, have been cap
tured or surrendered, but that a number ot
He then received them in his saloon.
Kron Prlns Wllhelm sailed for Cher
bourg at 8 p. m. Among It passenger
are George and Allison Armour, Sir Charles
Cust, Spencer Eddy, first, secretary of the
American legation at Constantinople, and
Wrecked in Collision la Which Train.
men Escape with Few
Bodily Injuries.
them have been taken by tbe Insurgents to
mvself as president ot the United States I other provinces or safely bidden. Th In-
Bteel corporation was the center or curt- I grease of robber bands In th provinces of
ROCHESTER. N. Y.i Feb. 18. A freight
uia. PsfKafind ITMAv til slsia u-. i t ra in YmtRiTi tmm thA Buffalo. P-fkrhpfif r A
Moreton Frewe. sister of Mrs. Cornwallls Pittsburg tracks to No. 8 track on the New ''tor called upon the secretary about a
were being made In tbe postal system of
tbe United, States.
Shaw a a Story Teller.
Secretary Shaw promises to become tb
story teller of the administration, as he
gets settled comfortably In bla new po
sition. In some particulars he Is very
reminiscent of the war president, Abraham
Lincoln, In that, he Illustrates most ot his
propositions by anecdotes. .Recently a
Wrecked 'far Hnrrlcane and Crew Is
Picked !Tp by Another
C i : ' Vessel. , ' '
!l... .mnn. lnnulrlntf men of all nations.
who fought to learn more of our methods
and our plans.
Mr. Schwab ald he preferred not to an
ticipate th proceedings at the meeting ot
tb United State Bteel corporation tomor
Tayabas and Cavlte shows the effects of tbe
drastic measures adopted In Batangas and
La Guna provinces.
General Bell says the people of these
latter provinces never realised th terrors
of war until tbey personally experienced
Its hardship, owing to th closlsg ot th
CHERBOURG, Feb. 18. Kron Prlns Wll
helm arrived in th roadstead at 8:40 this
evening, 'after a pleasant voyage from
Southampton. The weather was splendid
and there was no wind. The steamer
York Central at Lincoln park was struok
and cut In two by the east bound continen
tal limited on the West Shore today. Both
the engineer and fireman on the limited
Jumped before the collision. Engineer
Nlchol ot this city escaped injury, but bis
PETITION FOR SHORTER HOURS ports and th concentration of th natives
in mv towns, uenerai xeu utiieves toai
Postal Clerks la Chicago Will AU
Congress for a Cos.
tsngas applies almost equally to La Guna.
CHICAGO. Feb. 18. The Chicago Federa.
tlon of Labor today adopted resolutions
printed to that body by th. Chicago DESERT SIDE OF GOVERNMENT
postofflca clerks' union, urging congress to
pass legislation for a sborter workday for Defeated Troop Join Rank of th
employes of tb postal servic. m resolu
tions were presented by 'four postal clerks
bo represent tbelr union as delegates to
tb Federation ot Labor. Cople ot th
resolution are to be sent to senator and
th Insurgent leader, Mai vat, is becoming
xceedlnsiv unoonular with tha Fillninoa
snd that when the natives rease to fear his mda 00 December 8. Isst, should be sighted
vengeance many will be found willing tolon rlr "'" between 4 and 6 o clock
betray blm. What has been ssld ot Ba-
stayed her but a short time, during which, fireman, F. Eltzel of Buffalo, sustained a
dislocated shoulder. Fireman Charles Twist
of Rochester had an arm broken.
were the only persons Injured.
Three freight cars were reduced to kind
ling wood and the engines ot the limited
and the freight were completely wrecked.
th band played selections from various
airs. . .
Task to Beat Record. .
NEW YORK; Feb. 18. Kron Prlns Wll
helm to equal it best record, th Mm of
which was . 5 days 15 hours 45 minutes.
Rebel After Two En
Ssturdsy morning. February 22, and arrive
at tbe Sandy Hook lightship at 8:15 o'clock.
If It should arrive at thjs time It would
dock at about 10 o'clock. This time, bow
ever, is approximate, as the sailing from
Cherbourg la probably given from Its de
parture in the hataor. Records are calcu
lated from Cherbourg Mole. It time of
passing Cherbourg Mole would probably be
nan an nour later.
Deaths of Eaglaecr and Fire
Openr in Head-End
matter in which ha was Interested and In
cldentally was complaining of a man out
west who bad made a lot of money by ac
cident and at the expense of worthier men.
"It seems a shame that such an ass should
get so rich," said the. visitor.
That reminds me," said Secretary Shaw.
"of a man I beard of out in Iowa. He
These I w" Paying seven-up on night with soma
friends, snd, although ha was regarded as
a good seven-up player he could not win a
game. He aat for two hours, stowing snd
fuming and losing heavily. Finally be threw
down his card in disgust and said, 'The
DISOBEDIENCE I moet ,Rrmln tendency in the sign of
tne times s ine enormous prosperity of
fools,' and walked out of the room."
lowans' Bill for Distinguished Soldier.
The bills recently Introduced In the sen
ate and house by Senator Allison and Rep
resentative Lacey of Iowa, giving a re
tired officer the rank of brigadier general,
retired, for distinguished services, turn
GALVESTON, Teg., Feb. II. The Head
line) steamer Torrhead arrived In port to
day with a shipwrecked crew of eighteen
men, Captain H. Kohlsadt, master of the
ship Helens, which went to pieces in a
hurricane on February 8, in latitude 37.13
north -and longitude 40.43, Is Included in
the' shipwrecked crew.
. Helen went down after a three days'
battle with tbe sea. lit left New York for
Liverpool on January 19 with a cargo of
naphtha valued at $30,000. On the morning
of. January 31 th ship encountered the
hurricane and tor three days tbe crew
fought to keep the ship afloat, Ave of tbe
crew having succumbed to exhaustion be
fore the end ot tb second day. For thirty
eight hour the eighteen men aboard
worked without food, pumping tbe water
from tb bold. What food escaped ithe
water was saturated with naphtha. Torr
head, having steered 120 miles out of its
course to avoid tbe hurricane, came across
Helene, ' which was sinking rapidly, and
before leaving hi vessel Captain Kohlsadt
fired th line and it sank in ten minutes,
Tb crew of Helen was brought to Gal
veston and delivered to tbe German consul
All but four have recovered from their
awful experience and they are now out of
danger. .
CONNELLSVILLE, Pa., Feb. 18. Engl
neer T. W. Lyons of McKees Rocks and bis
flremsn. P. W. Desot of Buffalo, wer killed out be ltt the, Interest of Colonel Joseph
WILLEMSTAD. Feb. It. Bad new for
th Veneiuelan government come from the CAPTAIN PARKER IS ON TIME
Today' movement 1 said to be th first I Interior. There have been numerous up- I
action of th kind sine tb recent sweep- I rising In th state ot Ca.abobo, where th I Arrive from Englaad Ready to Take
of Emperor's
NEW YORK, Feb. 18. Tne opening dsy
from ths postmaater general, announcing
that no postal employ would t granted
leave of absence to go to Washington to
further legislation In their behalf.
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.,
aniens Are Gradually Recov'
erlug front Pnenmonla.
ing order of Prealdsnt Roosevelt in regard I government baa sent a number of soldier.
to postal employe going to congress tor I There wer two engagements yesterday
examination. When asked If ths resolution near Vela de coro between tne govern
lvaa rot In violation ot the order it was ment force and tbe revolutionists. The
stated by tbe postal clerks that no order government forces were completely routed
from the president had come to tbelr I lu these engagements and a detachment of I of the week In which Prince Henry ot Prus
notice officially. The only general order them passed over to the side ot ths revolu- I sla is looked for witnessed the arrival of
submitted to them, they said, was ons I tlonlsts. I Captain Benjamin Parker, who has com
General Rlera bas Issued a revolutionary I here for the purpose of taking the emperor
proclamation from. Sauca, dated February of Germany's new yacht Meteor III to the
14. Sauca is a village situated to the east other side on Its completion. Captain Par-
i of and not far from Vela de Coro. There ker was accompanied by his brother and
are many covernment soldiers In the neigh- mother, William Parker and Mrs. L. Par-
DISEASE borhood of Vela de Coro. but these are ker.
principally composed oi boys from 14 to Captain Parker Is considered one of the
15 years of age. I most expert yachtsmen of England. For
President Castro's government bas just I year be sailed the old Meteor and won
Issued a decree ordering the expulsion from many races with It. In 1899 he was en-
Venezuela of Mrs. Matos, wife ot General gaged by Sir Thomas Lip ton with Captains
Mstos. leader of the revolution. I Hogarth and Wrlnge to take charse of
Shamrock I In Its rsces here.
Thousands crossed to Hoboken today to
tske a look at Hohenzollern. Other thou
sands traveled from New Jersey towns
with the same end In view, but owing to
the Iron-clad arrangements only a small
number managed to get aboard.
Th regular Sunday services prescribed by
the Lutheran church took place on Hoben
sollern at 10 a. m. Tbey wer conducted
by Admiral Von Baudlssln and wer at
tended by all the member of th crew.
Compiles with Emperor' Wish.
At the close the commander of tbe im
perial yacht prepared to carry out Instruc
tions from Emperor William to place a
wreath on the tomb of Miss Beatrice Goe
let, daughter of the late Robert Goelet and
of Mrs. Harriet Warren Goelet. Tha wresth
wss msde on a bed of smllsx, and was
composed of whit roses and lilies of ths
In a head-end collision of freight trains on
ths Pittsburg, McKeesport aV Youghlogheny
division of th Pittsburg A Lake Erie rail
road at Round Bottom last night.
Tb trains cam together a th result
of disobeying orders by on of th crews.
The victims wer pinned under the wreck
R. Smith, retired, at present . a resident
of New York. Colonel Smith was a mess
mate of Representative Lacey' for a year
or more during th civil war, both of them
serving cn th staff of General Steele,
Colonel Smith being medical director and
Representative Lacey adjutant general ot
age four hours, Lyons dying ten minutes I tBa ataff.
befor tb rescuers reached Blm and Desot During President Harrison's tlm Colonel
surviving but twenty minutes after being 8mlth w th ranking officer In line for
taken out. I mnMi veneral of tha arm v. hut as ha
mmm then within two rear of tha retlr.
JUMP FROM OUKNINU HOUSE Ing age. President Harrlaon. Instead ot
nominating Colonel Smith to tbe position,
Hnr Oemaitttt Ftvert 7sms of tot
C.rliis Bill
AJrocaUs AifcCsiitrnctisi, Optrstisi tad
Ctrl by Nt!.
Talis of CsnnnnnioatisB with Hawaiian
Itlandi Iaettlmtbl.
Minority of Committee raven tae
Proposal of Commercial Pacific
Company tor a Private
WASHINGTON. Feb. 18. Th report to b
filed tomorrow by Ih bouse commute on
Interstate and foreign commerce recom
mending the passsge of ths bill providing
for government ownership of s Pacific
cable, ssys that the United 8tates, by th
annexation of Hawaii and the acquisition
of the Philippines and other islands through
the ratification of the Paris treaty, as
sumed th responsibility ot maintaining
peace In th Pacific ocean. Thla obligation,
the report, which was prepared by Repre-,
sentatlv Corliss, th author of th bill,
says was deliberately undertaken by this
country and approved by th united vote
of the people. It adds:
"Tho future peace and prosperity of
these islands will largely depend upon th
facilities extended by our government tor
th advancement and enlightenment of tb
people there. If we r to continue In con
trol ot these islands the people must be
mad to understand tbs chsracter and pur
pose ot our government and to feel the
benefit of tbe enlightenment of civilization.
This can be accomplished through the
mediation of cable communications. The
advancement of our own people and the
benefit of rapid communication through th
telephone, telegraph and railway lines Il
lustrate the advsntages and the progress
that may be achieved through cable mes
sages." Government Cnbles Popnlar.
Regarding government ownership ot
cable Mr. Corliss says England for fifty
years haa been constantly acquiring by
purchase and construction cable communi
cation with ber vast possessions, until she
bas expended upward ot $100,00,000 tor this
purpose and operates her own cable con
necting ber colonies, England Is now con
structing a Pacific cable from Vancouver
to Australia at a cost of nearly $9,000,000.
and in order to give ber tradesmen and
manufacturers th benefit of this com-,
municatlon at th least possible expense
baa- fixed- 4tte-of 3 hilling? t Weents.
per word for cable , messages from VsO
couver to New Zealand. ' v
France, Germany and other cations are
not sleeping upon their rights as the peo
ple of the United States have been," com
ments - Mr. Corliss, "but are establishing
government telegraphic communication
with their respective possessions. '
I therefore contend that th Pacific
cable should be owned, controlled and oper
ated by the government of the United
States. It should be made by an American
manufacturer,, laid by an American ship,
under an American flag and operated at ac
tual cost for the dissemination of knowl
edge, the proper direction of our army and
navy and the advancement of our trade and
commerce In the Pacific. The transmission
of communication should be held by the
Control on Inherent Right.
aspect la Alleged Harder Case Held
for Farther Investl
. gatloa.
NEW. YORK. Feb. 18. Florence Burns,
the young woman who was arrested and
locked up on suspicion that she knew
something of the death of Walter S.
Brooks, the young commission merchant,
was arraigned in tbe Central street court
today and remanded to tne Tombs for a
further Investigation.
Tbe young woman is 19 years of age, bas
since her arrest maintained a remarkably
cool demeanor and refuses to talk of the
Men Leap from Window aad Feared
They Perished la the
Repulses Indian Chief aad
Who Make Two Open
GROTON. Feb. It. The thre sick boys
In tb Groton chool Infirmary had a nvitl CASTRO DEFEATS THE ENEMY
day and, from a meaicai poioi oi view, a
satisfactory one, although ifi th morning
there waa som unsaalness about Howard
Potter. Dr. L. C. Bhattuck of Boaton was
recalled by Dr. Warren for consultation in
bis esse snd later It was stated that young
Potter had not bad a setback, but simply
s spell of restlessness. Theodore Roose
velt. Jr.. and William Gammell, jr., con
tlnued to show much improvement.
Mrs. Roosevelt spent the greater portion
of the day at tbs Infirmary with hsr son
and did not leav for the Gardner bouse
until 1st In ths afternoon. Miss Alio
Roosevelt went for a ride in the morning
wltb Mr. Grafton D. Cushtng of Boston
who spent Sundsy here. She lunched lster I pulsed
at the home of Mr. John Lawrence, and I The goverament
thla afternoon spent considerable time at
the infirmary.
tMra. Jamsa Roosevelt, an aunt, arrived
tier Ut Bl(hU
nominated General Baxter, wno was a
much younger man and who. President
Harrison believed, would outlive Colonel
Smith many years. Tb president' ideas
In renrd to the lice of succession, how.
NEW YORK. Feb. 18. Fire destroyed the dt(1 Bot pr0. weii founded, as Gen-
ornamental sign works of Frank Meyer, at er.i Baxter Is desd and Colonel Smith
Astoria, L. I., tonight. William Brown, vei to teu the stories of hi busy life
Theodore Jacobson, w llllam Hlldebrand I ,nd now D justice to bis distinguished
and James Btovel wer sitting In on of th .rviees in th army bis old friends ara
roams of tbe factory when the fir broke g(,eklng to giv him th rsnk of a brlga
out in the power room beneath them. ,, --n-ral. retired, and nlaca him in
PANAMA, Feb. 18. A government soldier
who waa a prisoner la the csmp of Oeneral
Herrera mad bla escape and arrived here
yesterday. He reports that last week an
India chief named Lorenzo attacked tha
government force under tbe command of
General Castro at Agua Dulce and was
defeated. Reinforced by 800 men aent by
Oeoeral Herrera. Lorenzo made another at
tack on Castro's forces and was sgsin rs-
gunboat steamed from
here this morning on the lookout for the
Nlcaraguan gunboat Momotombo, which Is
believed to be bringing coal, provisions snd
ammunition to lb libera)'
Continued o Second Pf.j
Brown jumped out of tbe window after tbe
flames bad burned blm very badly. Hilda-
brand got out through a door, but Jacobson
and Btovel have not been found. It Is
tesred they are In tbe ruins of tbe factory.
Monetary loss Is placed at about $25,000.
Delegate to Lnmnermen' tonvea.
tloa In Tesa oa Their
GALVESTON. Tex., Feb. 18. Th Ne
brsska Lumbermen's association, numbering
about 100 persons. Including a number ot
women, arrived here today from Lincoln,
Neb., where tbelr convention was held.
Tbey will leave here tomorrow afternoon
for a six hours' stay In Houston. This
afternoon they wer given an oyster roast
; down tb island.
the position be would hav bad had
seniority determined tbe choice In the lir
of promotion. As a result of appointing
General Baxter to ths position. Colonel
Smith was kept out of reaching bis Just
rsnk and now Senator Allison and Mr.
Lacey are seeking to do tsrdy justice to a
very distinguished soldier and physlclsn.
Ta Save the. Big Trees.
Considerable sport is being mads over
Representative Lacey'a bill to tax all manu
factured article made from tb Olgantla
Sequoia, or big trees; but when tb motives
which proa p ted the introduction of the
bill are understood the Ingenlousness of
the measure will prove most convincing.
A lumber baron has purcbssed 3.500 acres
of big trees, paying therefor $1,000, and as
1. is Ms Intention to cut these trees off
universal protest has gone up against their
Yoang Man Shoot Fatker .of Girl
Whom He Is Accused of ,
CONNELL8VILLE. Pa.. Feb. 1$. Robert
Fuller, a prominent farmer of Franklin
township, was fatally and Albert Stuart
seriously wounded by Robert Morelsnd, a
young man accused ot having Insulted Mrs.
William Sickles, a daughter of Fuller, just
as a danc was brsaklng up at the Fuller
borne. Several of tb male guests followed
Morelsnd to his sleigh, wben a fight took
place wltb tbe abov results.
Make Desperate Fight, Howover,
and Hope af Recovery I Still
ST. PETERSBURG, Feb. 16, Count Tol
stoi's temperature Is at 100, while his puis
Is 84. He is very weak, but la betrlng up
well and tt Is still hoped b msy recover.
(Contlrjed on Second Page.)
Mosemeat of Oceaa Vessel Fek. 18.
At New York Arrived: Etruria. from
Liverpool and Queenstown; Ia Tourslne,
from Havre; 8U Paul, from Southampton
and Cherbourg.
At Hamburg Arrived: Pretoria, from
New York via Plymouth and Cherbourg.
At Queenstown Sailed: Campania, from
Liverpool, for New York.
At Southampton 8ulld: Kron Prlns
Wllhelm, from Bremen, for Cherbourg snd
New York.
At Halifax Arrived: Pretorisn, from
IJverpool and Movllle, and sailed for St.
John. N. H.
At Cherbourg Sailed: Kron Prlns Wll
helm, from Bremen and Southampton, for
New York.
At Kinsale Passed: Bsxonla, from New
York, for yuntown and Liverpool; Cevlc,
from New York, for Hamburg.
The right to construct and operate th
Pacific cable 1 a public utility or franchise
held by the people. Its control is sn In
herent right ot th nation; It construction
snd operation necessarily will become for a
great many years a monopoly and should
not te transferred from the control of tb
Oeneral Greeley, chief ot tb signs! serv
ice ot the War department, who haa charge
of tbe telegraphic linos owned by the gov-'
ernment and who has given th subject
careful consideration and constructed sev
eral hundred miles of cable under tb con
trol of th War department, th report
ssys, estimates tbe entire cost of a Pacific
cable, including ships and all possible con
tingencies, at $10,000,000, snd places th an
nual nxpenses at $526,000. His judgment s
confirmed by the opinion ot Rear Admiral
R. B. Bradford, chief of the bureau of
equipment of the navy.
A complete survey hss been made by the
navy at the expenae of at least $500,000
and a rout established extending from
California to Hawaii. Guam, Wake or Mid
way and th Philippine ialands. There la
no doubt of the practlblllty of this plan
from th engineering point of view.
Paelfle tko Dark Spot of Earth.
In conclusion be report say:
- "Every part of th world ba been en
lightened by cable line except th Pacific
ocean. This vast body of water, under the
control St our own government, sesms to
b th on dark spot on tb fac of th
earth, and for want of at cabl th gem of
th Pacific,, th Hawaiian Islands, a part of
our Pacific country, are left In darkness
seven dsy behind the rest of th world."
Th vot authorizing a favorable report
of the bill stood 8 for and 7 agalnat. Two
members, Mann and Davis, fsvorable to ton
bill, were absent and since then two of the
members, Loverlng and Waoger, who voted
against ths bill in the committee, have
signed the report In fsvor of tbe paesage
of the bill, suggesting an amendment au
thorizing the purchase of tb cable con
tracted for between California and Hawaii.
The minority of th committee opposes
government ownership and favors the pro
posals of tbe Commercial Pacific company
to lay a private cable.
Attack Americans, Who Escape lader
a Heavy Rala of
DENVER, Feb. It. A special to th New
from Santa Roaa. N. M.. ssys:
Austrlsns working on a surfsclng gang
just across ths Pecos rlvsr begsn a fight
with ths American foremen today. Tb
Austrlsns begsn firing at tbe foremen, who
were grestly outnumbered. Th foreraea
succeeded In escaping to tbs bridgs undsr a
besvy firs from tbe Austrlsns' guns.
As fsr as know po one was seriously In
jured. Twenty-seven Austrlsns wer ar
rested by a poss from this plac snd
brought In for trial, which will b held
tomorrow- . 4