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Wjjl HnHs DiioiiseJ to Detail it Preil
dent'a Eeriew.
Sneaker Henderson Assarea President
that Action I ilitinblt to PreeW
teat's Dee l Ion Can D
, .Blocked la Hoau.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 15. An Important
conference was held lu the cabinet room
Of the White house today. At the presl
dent' request he was joined there shortly
after 10 o'clock by Senators Allison, Aid
rich and Spooner, Speaker Henderson and
Representatives Cannon and Grojvenor and
the conference lasted until a tew minutes
after noon.
It Is something of a coincidence that
those' 'at 'the conterence' today were, with
the ticeptlon of the president and Sena
tor Bpooner, the same men who took part
la the famous conference a few weeks prior
to the' Spanish war, which resulted In the
definite conclusion that congress should
appropriate $50,000,000, to be placed at the
disposal of the president to prepare for
Not since that momentous occasion until
today bare the same iun been 1 formally
summoned for a conference at the White
Htruee. v
Previous to the conference the president
breakfasted al the White House with' At
torney General Knox, Postmaster General
Payne and Senator Hanna. When the con
ference broke up those who participated In
It were unusually iretlcent. -
The fact. that the senators are members
of the steering committee of the serial e
and Speaker Henderson and bis. two lieu
tenants who were present today practically
control legislation in the house, gave res
tthe ballot that the consultation referred
to the legislative progiam In congress and
might have a bearing upon the shaping of
Cuban, Philippine and war revenue re
peal legislation.
There also was an Intimation that' the
president talked with his hearty leaders In
congresa about the Schley case and color
was given to this surmise by a remark
dropped -by one of the senators. But noth
ing definite as to. the purpose or. result of
the consultation could bs oUalnad.
ilL-Waya ml Means Tariff Case.
WASHINGTON,' Fetf IS. The Tost tomor-
row will say concerning the- conference of j
the president with republican leaders of the
house and senate at the White House (hat
the chief, topic was the ways and means j
smmtttae'B l!t'!oi Chi reduction if war
venuefteW Tne .'Post Wftr v say "h'it;
Speaker Henderson' "and " "ftep'resentattvs
OrosVenrfr eplatne'd the' reason for pushing
thCt' 'measure through ' the' house' without
permitting amendment, the reason vbelpg
that they feared the reopening of the whole
tariff question should any other course be
adopted. 'The Post further will say:
' "The conference, It' Is understood, resulted
In Jhe president consenting to the plans of
that. house leaders and informing them that
he. desired to have the war revenues reduc
tlon' bill' disposed of as quickly as possible.
He, shared the belief with the speaker and
Mr. Groevenor . that delay. . .was menacing
to the chances of the bill passing.
i'"lt was decided that a conference of the
republican 'membera of the 'committee on
way and means should be held Immediately
after the war revenue bill passes the house
tor the purpose of ascertaining how- the.
Members stood on the president's proposi
tion tor a reduction in the tariff on Cuban
auger,: 'It was agreed, that this should be
the hjwtt Important question taken up la the
house.". j n -
Dlseass Schley Case.
tTh :JPfiH' ). alv say :
Ths Schley case waa also under discus
sion at' the conference, ..the president being
anxious n that- I disposition of the esse
should not be followed by action in con
grjjss.." Speaker Headersop. was. able
euret tha prrel dent: rhat- legislation could
be blocked In the house, 'but It "was pointed
out to htm, by the senators that the situa
tion In the a 6 ate was different, the more
liberal rules of that body allowing any
rselutcn,u he- considered if Jt commanded
a niajortty vote. '. .,
''TheV'b'ritdent'f'vlewei regarding the
Schley case became generally known last
ntght asnhe resultof he conference. "It
l . ssldfOr&Chi win' not undertalts to dls
cuss in his review, any of the events that
ortyrse'd prior to the' battle 'pf Santiago, on
the "grputfd that 'If Behley'g, conduct was
. reprehensible it was condoned by the Navy
iejiartitient? arid PresldVnt WcKlhley when
bleir'i fcromdtlori was recommended.
'""As- -for' the fiattle of Santiago the -presl.
dfW te Inclined to-;tne' opinion", according
t6 '61s visitors, that the victory was won
by all'the captains, and that the credit
Hlflnot' be given eirfuslVely to Schley, al
though Jhe latter' acted courageously, and
whh.' Oregon; succeeded- In preventing the
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Long Aceastomed to t'orrnpt Coeirta
They Have Aeqatrd the
WASHINGTON. Feb. lS-Jhe hearing of
Governor Tatt on the Philippines question
by tbo senate committee on the Philippines
began today with a, series ot questions by
Senator Patterson In regsrd to the fitness
of Filipinos for jury duty. Mr. Patterson
asked whether the ' native population on
which-the voting franchise Is bestowed
could not be trusted to do Jury duty. The
governor replied In the negative, saying
they are so ui-d to corruption In the admin
istration of Justice that (hey could" hot be
trusted. "They need to be trained," he
said, "to have examples; they are not yet
ready for Jury duty."
Referring to the code of procedure In the
Islands, Governor Taft aald in reply 'to a
question by. Senator Culberson that It is
an American code rather than a Spanish
code. Under the Spanish regime, said Gov
ernor Taft. the courts were not only slug
gish, but notoriously corrupt, and that the
first courts established by General Otis
were no better. Under Spanish rule there
was a substantial denial of Justice.
Referring to the petition nf the federal
party Governor Taft said all the cases of
Imprisonment referred to there were for
military rod not civil offenses. Practically
there are no civil prosecutions for political
offenses at this time. Governor Taft said
that tbo original draft of the federal party
platform had been submitted to the com
mission and that tha.-4eclaratlon tor state
hood was then -mora explicit' than waa
ultimately adopted.
"My recollection." he said, "Is that we
said to the representatives of the party
that this , must be far In the future and
that we could make no promises one way
or the otbor" , .. ..'
"Is not the commission responsible for
the formation of the federal party?" asked
Senator Dubois.
"No. sir; It waa not.'V Governor Taft
responded. He gave the names of several
prominent Flllplnoa who had assisted In
the organisation. They had, be aald, con
sulted the members of the commission and
the latter had encouraged the formation
as far as possible because the party-was
for peace. The promise of statehood had
been no prominent part of the missionary
work of the leaders.
Railroad Constructor Says. Labor Is
' Readily secured and Health
Conditions Are Better.
WASHINGTON.. Fteb. 16. C. P. TrW a
railroad contractor, waa before the commit
tee on Interoceanlc' canals today and gave
Information he had'acq'utrad while building
ten miles of railroad la Nicaragua, He es
timated the cost of, building a railroad to
Nicaragua lake at (715,000 a mile. He aald
there was no trouble about aecurlng labor
In Nicaragua, aa there were no unlopa to
Interfere or cause strikes. Mr. Treat. aTb-i
said the health conditions of Nicaragua
were better than Panama.
State Department Receives Cable Ad
vice Reajardlns; Mosey for
. Mlsa Stone'a Release.
WASHINGTON, Feb. IS. The State - de
partment has received cable advices con
firming the -report that the ransom' mont,
for Miss Stone has been paid to the brigand
captora. It Is not known when her release
will occur, but it m understood that the
brigands have made a condition that they
shall have a period of a week or tea daya
in which to make sura tbelr safety in re
treat before the prlaonar la delivered up.
Nominations by the President.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 15.-The presjdent
today aent these nominations to the senate:
Alpheus P. Hanson, surveyor general,
Wyoming, reappointed.
Army Captain cavalry. First Lieutenant
Leroy Kltings, Sixth cavalry.
First llnutenants of artillery, O. G. Bun
ker, Minnesota; Hiram E. Mitchell at
large; Leonard T. Waldron, New York;
Phillip Yost, Ohio.
Second lieutenants of cavalry, Edgard N.
Coffey, Mississippi; Raymond S. Jbnslow.
Kansas. .
Second lieutenants of artillery, Leroy C.
Bunker, California; John B. W. Corey, Mln.
nesota; William, a?. Oesebre, Wisconsin:
Kulph EL Herring, Minnesota; John Fhll
seck. New Hampshire; Rex Van Uencorpul,
CJorgla; l.aurla L. Lawson, at- largo;
Joseph K. Myers, at large.
Second lieutenants of Infantry, Louis B
Chandler, at large; Martin Novak, at large;
Sidney Smith, Louislttna; John W. Ward
Arkansas; S. P. Herrun, aerueant, Eight
eenth Infantry; O. H. Michaels, Klghth In
fantry; Jam W. Everlnatnn, Minnesota:
Andrew J. Lindsey, Missouri; Walter C
Short, Illinois dwln Thompson, at
Assistant aurgeons,' with rank of captain,
Herbert McCouatby, Kentucky; James H.
M-ad, Michigan.
Navy Lieutenant Commander Henry Mo
Crea. commander; W. K. Orltfin. Michigan,
asnlstant surgeon, with rank of lieutenant
(Junior grade). .,
aew woman.'
Mrs. Frances e
Roasvllle, Kan.
to cure and keeps the promise.
Wule Imtad Coinitatiei if Neermrv te
lapirm Crime.
Is Afplaaded la Hla Virile Denuncia
tion of 'Enemies . of Liberty,"
Whom He Woald Kirlnde
from Country.
CHICAGO, Feb. 15. In the name of liberty
Itself Archbishop Ireland ot St. Paul to
night demanded the passage of federal
laws for the suppression of anarchism, the
enemy of liberty.
Speaking at the monthly dinner of the
Merchant's club the archbishop specified
three kinds of legislation to this end, each
of which be regarded as essential to the
welfare of the country. By the first an
archist immigration must be excluded; by
the second the lire of the chief executive
must be effectually protected; by the third
the formation 'of plots on American ' soil
against the lives of foreign rulers must be
prohibited and in case congress has no au
thority for such legislation the archbishop
saw his way forward unhesitatingly. "Let
the constitution be so amended that this
authority be allowed it beyond a doubt,"
ho said.-. "The matter Is of sufficient seri
ousness to wsrrant the proposal of an
amendment to the constitution."
Of the so-called philosophical anarchist
Archbishop Ireland bad no good to speak,
and he received a round of applause when
he said:
"As It Is men who dress up such theories
In florid language and cover them with the
respectability of a respectful name do Im
mense harm and should receive the scorn
and contempt of right-thinking men."
The subject assigned to Archbishop Ire
land was "The Limitations of Liberty."
(Continued from First Page.)
ynrd to do the work, convinced that the
Americans build the best tbat marine
architecture commands.
His majesty, free from Jealousy, admires
American ingenuity, and as proof has placed
the order. He has sent bis brother to
witness the launching, and this unreserved
action la a compliment to the Americans
and the emperor alike. The prince has
no political business in view, -but regards
It as Important thst two racially related
nations, who have no politico to fight out
anywhere in the world, but on the con
trary have manifold attachments, should
be drawn nearer together in mutual confi
dence and respect.
Emperor William has ordered that a brief
report of the visit be cabled to blm daily.
He has also ordered Prince Henry to write
a detailed . report of his experiences and
observations during the trip. Prince Henry
will train the report during his voyage
and will deliver it to the emperor upon
his return.
Sends Apolosr to Dewey.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 15. The Associated
Press today received from 'authentic
Sources a statement regarding the report
that Prince, Heury bad written a letter of
apology to Admiral Dewey. The Informa
tion which follows waa not received from
Admiral Dewey himself, but an intimate
fj-land. of his,' .and can be absolutely
vouched for: , , .
Tha admiral has , recently received a
letter from a member of the United Statea
embassy at ' Berllp, la which the writer
g;ave a - resume of k' conversation he had
had -with 'Prince Henry of Pruasfa at the
dinner given the . Jitter by Ambaasador
White prior to the prlnce'a departure for
Amer)oe. .; : ...
In conversation the prince, referring to
his having .hoped to return from the east
via Sao Francisco after bis service In the
China squadron, but having been obliged
to hasten borne via Sues on account of his
mother's Illness, In bis usual candid man
ner and agreeing with a remark tbat the
present was a much more opportune time
for his visit, said: ,
I know you Americans feel very sore
about affalra In the east and I do not
blame you. I myself made a mistake
which 1 eee Is now being exploited by the
English presb to create a prejudice. When
at Hong Kong at a dinner on Deutsch
land (the prince's flagship in the east)
Commodore Dewey was present .and was
the senior ofljeer. There were two Russians
and Kngllxh and omefra of other nations
when I proposed the health of. first, the
czar of Kussla, then others, and last of
all that of the president of twe United
States. Dewey waa offended as I learned
the next day and 1 realised I had made a
great mistake. I Immediately went on
board Olympla and saw jJewey, wno ac
cepted my apology most graciously.
The prince added that he was well aware
that mistakes bad' been made on their part,
but that bis relations with Admiral Dewey
had alwaya been of the most agreeable and
pleasant character. He aent hla highest re
garda to the admiral and expressed his sin
cere hope ot seeing bint during hla vlslt
Rostte of Prince's Train.
PITTSBURO. Feb. 15.' The following Is
the schedule and route of Prince Henry's
special train rom Pittsburg' to St. Louis:
Arrlvo In Pittsburg over the Pennsylvania
road March l'at 11:20 a. tn. eastern time;
leave at 10:80 central time; arrive at Den
nlson at 1:10 p. m., leave at 1:11 p. m.; ar
rive at Columbus at 4:20 p. m., leave at
4:30; arrive at Cincinnati at 8 p. m., leave
at 8:30 for Chattanooga via Queen aV Cres
cent; arrive at Chattanooga Sunday at T a.
m., 'leave for Louisville over Louisville aV
Nashville at. 7.25 a. m.; arrive at Louis
ville at 7:45 p. m., leave for Indianapolis
via Pennsylvania lines at 7:55 p. m.; arrive
St Indianapolis at 11:05 p. m., leave at 11:25
p. m.; arrive at hi. pouts Monday it i t
m., leave SL Lous at 11 a. m. for Chicago.
Americans Show Count Ton Bandlssln
Over Some of the Larger
NEW ' YORK, Feb. 15. Rear Admiral
Count von Baudissln, commanding the Ger
man Imperial yr.cht Hohenxollern, left Ho
hoken on the government tug Narkeeta to
day,' accompanied by Commander Clifford
West, aide to Admiral Barker. They first
visited the battleship Illinois, on whose
deck Admiral von Baudissln waa received
by Admiral Evans. A salute ot thirteen
guns was fired as the foreign visitor
boarded the American battleship.
. Admiral von Baudissln manifested par
ticular Interest In the big guns of Illinois.
The officers of the ship called attention
to Olympla, lying close L,, ,nd the Ger
man commander looked with Interest at
the fisgshlp of the battle of Manila bay.
W bea the admiral left the warship a part
ing eaiuu ot thirteen guns-waa Bred.
There will be religious aervlce for the
crew of . Hoheniollsrn tomorrow morning.
In the evening Consul General Buena will
entertain Admiral von Baudissln and a party
of hla officers at dinner.-
Colonist Season Rates.
CI1ICAOO. Feb. 15. Transcontinental
roads today announced low colonist secOnd
class rate tickets to be sold every day dur
ing March and April for California com
mon points aa follows: From Chicago, fit;
St. Louis. 30; New Orleans, 130; Missouri
river points.' tii. ,
Former Banker of the Missouri Tow
C tiarsed with Bribery la
I. I.onls.
ST. LOUIS, Feb. 15. Robert M. Sayder
of New York baa been Indicted' for bribery
by the February grand Jury which la in
vestigating the municipal franchise scan
dals and this afternoon a bench warrant
was issued for his arrest and turned over
to Sheriff Dlckman to aerve.
R. M. Snyder Is ths promoter who pushed
the Central Traction bill through the mu
nicipal assembly. Mr. Snyder la promi
nent both socially and In a business way
In Kansas City and is well known In St.
Louis, Chicago and New York financially.
George Snyder, his brother and until re
cently cashier of the City National bank
ot ' Kansas City, said this afternoon that
he had not sen R. M.' Snyder for sevsral
days and did not know where he Is.
"I think he le In New Tork City," aald
be, "but am net certain."
"How did bis name become associated
with the St. Louis scandal " was asked.
"I do not know," replied Mr'.' Snyder. "I
don't care to say anything about the matter
at all."
R. M. Snyder has beea Interested In
financial affairs in Kansas City for several
years. He was the principal promoter and
president ot the Missouri Oas company
whose advent was the cause of Kansas City
securing dollar gas. previous to he
was president of the Mecbenlcs' Savings
bank, a atate institution that has-gone
out of existence.
KANSAS CITY, Feb. IS. Robert M. Sny
der left for New York City Tuesday last
and Is expected home some time next week.
Inquiry at his home failed to elicit bis
address In the east. :
Ten-Inch Fall In North Carolina Ties
t p Railroads and Street
AKHKVILLE, N. Q., Feb. 15. Ten Inches
of snow has fallen ' here within the last
thirty-six hours, Street csr and railroad
traffic waa affected, but not to any serious
NORFOLK. Va., Feb. 15. A heavy fall
of snow began here this morning and con
tinued during the greater part of the day.
Over three Inches fell, - according to the
weather bureau measurement, but a stiff
wind made the drifts much' deeper.
ATLANTA, Oa., Feb. 13.A severe storm
raged at Vicksburg last evening, and today
la central near Jacksonville, Fta. The dis
turbance was a mixture of rain, snow, sleet
and thunder storms and was also felt at
Montgomery and Charleston, Snow pre
vails generally and is the heavlet of the
winter. Charlotte reports fifteen Inches;
Nashville, ten; Knoxvllle, nine; Chatta
nooga, eight, and Atlanta, three.
Freexlng weather extends south (o a
line running southwest from Wilmington,
N. C, through the central portion of the
cotton belt and much colder weather Is
predicted . tonight, -In Atlantic street car
trafflo haa been seriously Interfered with
since 8 o'clock last night, several of the
suburban lines abandoning their achedules
until today. ' Sleighing was indulged la on
many of the streets.. . .. .
Trains from the east were only slightly
delayed up to noon. At Blacksburg, S. C,
there are eighteen Inches ot snow and no
trains are moving In any direction. '
Three men Are Canarht Sear Head of
.Smith Unlch on Mountain
-' t noate. ,
LEWISTON, Idaho, Feb. 15. A miner ar
riving .today from Warrens, brings the
news ot the death pt three men who were
caught yesterday In a snowsllde near the
head ot Smith gulch oh tha route to the
mountains. The victims were:
B. M. 8KILE3 of Welser, Idaho.
Arid Williams ot Wetson and A. Myers
of Boise were the other members of- the.
party, but they escaped. .
From Buffalo Hump comes the newt
that Ben Hamilton lost his life In a snow
slide last Wednesday. Hamilton waa caught
In an avalanche ot snow about a) mile wide.
Ilia body baa not been recovered.
John J. Mitchell Snys Statement Re
garding- gala of Colorado
' Southern is Intrne.
CHICAGO, Feb. 15. John 3. Mitchell,
mentioned as one ot the men associated
with John W. Gatea In the. alleged pur
chase by the "Gates party" . of the Colo
rado Southern railroad, today declared
tbat the report,, ao far as he was con
cerned, was ."Inexcusably untrue." . John
W. Gates la aald to be In Port Arthur, Tex.
Convicted of Mnrder of Hasband, hat
Protests Innoneenee to
BOZEMAN, Mont.. Feb. 15. Mrs. Lucy
Black, recently convicted' of having poisoned
her husband, was todsy sentenced to ten
yesrs tn the state penitentiary. Mrs. Black
strongly protested her Innocence.
.1 .. i ' i m i
Ibsen .Resumes Work.
CHR1STIANIA, Norwsy,' Teh. 15 After
a year'a complete rest Henrlk Ibsen haa ao
far recovered hla health that hla physicians
have sanctioned hia reaumptlon of work
and' the dramatist haa started ,a new play.
Help . In Tins of Meed.
Spmetlmea bad teeth cause. Illness, par
ticularly when they are Dot Ot to mast I oats)
food. A man In Ada, O., had all of hia
teeth drawn. He waa aick with lndlges.
tlon and lack of vitality 'and hla teeth
were In a bad condition. He eipected,
with s new complete aet of testb, to regain
his health by thoroughly chewing hla food,
but he had an experience that Is well
worth knowing of.
"Instead of Improving I continued to lose
strength," he says, "until I waa a mere
moving ekeleton. I tried a number of
prepared foods, but none ot them helped
me until I got Grape-Nuts. The flavor
pleased my palate at once. I soaked the
food la cream and got along with It nicely.
Within a few daya I noticed that I waa
not ao tired and laded. - Oradually I grew
stronger, so 1 left off all other foods and
took only Grape-Nuta. . -.
"My old-time vigor came back and in
two montha I gained IT pounds.; This waa
remarkable, for I an of spare build. Now
I Bleep and feel woaderfully well.
"Inasmuch aa I am doing so nicely with
out -teeth I have concluded to wait until
my gums have finished shrinking before
having a aet made. I don't believe I could
have gone through the drain oa toy sys
tem had It not been for Grape-Nuta. There
la no doubt about the life-giving and nerve
buildlag force of that food., j talk Qrape
Nuts to all. of my friends." Name given
by Postum Co.. Battle Creek, Mich,. .
We offer thanks
Accept our apologies
to all who could not be waited on. Come Monday the
Entire stock doomed
Great Creditors
and Bankrupt Sale.
The Rochester Shoe Co. Estate
1515-Douglas Street-1615
Freipettsef tfca Bill Art Steal ily Grow lag
Her Diraal.
Trial of Officers Whose Company
Rever Earned an Honest Divi
dend Herr Schmidt's Fas.
elaatln Trap.
BERLIN, Feb. 16. The prospecta of tha
tariff bill grow more dismal. The majority
of the committee continues to vote amend
ments, agatnat tha warning of the govern
ment. An amendment providing for the
abolishment ot the municipal Octroi duttea,
still in vogue in aome towns, received an
overwhelming majority of votea after the
imperial secretary of slate for the Interior,
Count Poeadowskl-Wehner, had announced
that it was contrary to the constitution and
that constitutional revision was necessary
before the abolition of those duties could
be effected. The amendment adopted yester
day fixing January 1, 1806, for definitely
putting tha aew tariff law In force la a atep
of the agrarians and la intensely embar
rassing for the government, since It Is not
certain when the treaty negotiations can be
concluded, and the amendment la plainly
designated to compel the government to In
vite tariff wars, through denunciation of the
present treaties before new ones are con
cluded. Aatl-Amerlcan Animas,
The agrarians in discussing the amend
ment abowed their usual antl-Amerlcan
animus. Count von Kanlta, the agrarian
leader, again argued that the United Statea
could not aflord a tariff war with Ger
many, aaylng it would bo "downright sui
cide," owing to the heavy excess of Amer
ican exports to Germany. Tha VoSsische
Zeliuog answers this assertion, by showing
that tha Immense German imports of raw
materials from the United States are neces
sary cotton, 269,000,000 marks; corn, 104,.
000,000 marks; copper, 101,000,003 marks;
lard, 69,000,000 marks; petroleum, 68,000,000
marks, etc
Trial of Swindle's Offleers.
The trial of the officers ot the Treber
Trocknund company ot Cassel, caused a
great aensatlon. The newspapers filled!
many columns with details of the trial
which brought out the history of the com
pany's meteoric career, showing it to have
been a gigantic swindle from the begin
ning, though Director Schmidt aucceeded
In deceiving the board of overseers until
the crash came. They trusted him com
pletely, while distributing 60 per cent
dividends from fictitious stocks, hoodwink
ing the Lei pal ger bank and hla own over
seers and making Immense advances.
Kever an Honest Dividend.
Ths evidence Indicated that the company
never earned an honest dividend and that
It waa a humbug throughout, even ' when
Its shares were manipulated up to 1900,
The concern waa founded In 1889 with a
capital of 850,000 marks for utilising tha
waste producte ot breweries. Later It pur.
chased a patent wood distilling method
which proved worthless, nevertheless, Herr
Schmidt captured the confidence of the
public, and waa able to raise the company'a
capital to 20,000,000 marks. In a doten
parts he established branch wood distil
leries In all the leading continental coun
tries, not . one of which bad paid expenses.
Yet Herr Sshmtdt succeeded In launching
rose-colored reports of ths company'a busi
ness. The overseers confessed that they
were so fascipated by Herr Schmidt that
they trusted hlra without any examination
of the affaire of the company.
Desired Keep His Mlasloa to. tha
lalted Itatea from Beeam
las; Pnblle. '
BRUSSELS, Feb. It. It la said tbat the
desire to keep secret the departure of Dr.
Mueller, the former conaul of the Orange
Free State in Holland, for the United States
waa ao keen that the Boer emissary hooked
hla passage under an assumsd name.
Aocordlag to Information from respon
sible Boer quarters, Mr. Kruger'a letter to
President Roosevelt, of which pr. Mueller
Is the bearer, doea not appeal for Inter
vention,' but expresses regret tbat be la
unable at present to personally congratu
late President Roosevelt on bis accession
to office and concludes with a gratified
allusion to the numerous Invitations to
visit ths great republie which have arrived
and are atlll arriving.
Besides reorganizing the Boer propa
ganda In tha United States, Dr. Mueller
will direct hla efforta principally to obtain
log government prohibition of the exports
ttoa of artlclea regarded by the Boers aa
contraband of war, tbua Indirectly eliciting
aa opinion on the war from the. United
Statea government.
Dr. Mueller la aupported by wealthy Boer
sympathisers in Europe and haa great hopes
regarding tha result of his mission-
Redaction of Slsty For Cent In Teje,
a-raph Rates Coaeeded la
OTTAWA, Ont., Feb. 15. In return for a
contribution from the federal government
toward the erection of a Marconi telegraph
station at Cape Breton for the carrying on
ef the transatlantic wireless telegraph eye
lets,' ths Marconi company haa agreed to
give a rata 60 per cent lower than the
present cable rate. Government messages
will be handled at a still lower rate.
l tab. Daara Retara to Native Land
to Erect Temple of
COPENHAGEN, Monday, Feb. S. Corre
spondence of the Associated Press. The
Mormons are making strong efforts to gain
a permanent foothold in Denmark. Jt la
notorious that thia little country haa fur.
nished a large quota of emigrants for Utah.
Somo of the moat prominent leaders of this
sect are Danes. Danish missionaries who
have been aent to work In tbelr native
land have not been well received in Den
mark. Moot of them have been banished from
the country as soon ss it was discovered
that they were here to gain convene to
their religion and to encourage, people to
emigrate to Utah. For this reason their
work haa often been carried on ' secretly.
The authorities of the Mormon church
seem to have decided recently that Den
mark Is an exceptionally good field tor their
operatlona and there are now over 100 Mor
mon missionaries in this country, under
ths direction of a superintendent at Co
penhagen -
. The missionaries publish an organ In this
city and diatribute thousands of tracts and
a piece of property in the best part ot
Copenhagen has been purchased on which
they Intend to build a Mormon temple.
Money for this Is being collected among
the Mormons in the United States. About
500 Danes are Induced to emigrate to Utah
every rear.
The Danish press la aroused end it Is
thought that atepa will be talen to pre
vent a Mormon temple being built in the
capital of Denmark and to rid the country
of Mormoc'em and. It propagandists. . ,
(ays He Did Not Predict "War Be
tween United States and .
, Germany.-
LONDON. Feb. 15. Poultnev Blaelaw.
when Questioned reaardlnr - his' mnnrtad
references when in America to. a war h-
tween the United Statea and Germany.
T r rail tnt a.1 n a,.nu.afc.i .111 . . ...
... v-Su w . uim commercial
rivalry, combined with unfriendly leglsla-
-' ..'.pn iv viuuiunr puuuo opinion on
both sides and that Prince Henry's visit
can have no Influence beyond the small
circle which meets him personally and
likes him for his Individual qualities'
WhHt struck me most forcibly during my
Visit to the middle went universities was
Inn 11. n a .... u . . 1 ...
.V .. ... . J .vl w.i uiiivvrMiies r.a
Cornell, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc., over
' mujr iimnua ruirrn coueaes m nttlna
students to take the lead In practical
TV , "i;." "P 1 maraeis or
the world is more stimulated at the head,
watera of the Mississippi than In the east
ern elates. The Intellectual vigor Of our
uu.vciBii.cB i nut. yei appreciaieu.
German Ministers of State Convene
In Chancellor's - Palace
at Berlin.
' ' ' ' -
BERLIN, Feb. IS. There waa a. sscre't
conference of the ministers of state at the
Imperial chancellor's palace thla afternoon
under the presidency ot the chanoellor.
Count von Buelow. In noma quarters It was
supposed that the conference waa connected
with the troubled in the tariff committee of
the Reichstag, which resulted yesterday in
the resignation of Its chairman, Baron von
Kardorff, one of the agrarian leaders.
Chance for the Belle Follows ' Is.
' favorable Symptoms of the '
Day Before. . ..
YALTA, Crimea, Feb. 15. Count Tolstoi
is somewhat . improved . today, Hia pulse
la 90 and bis temperature, la (Satisfactory.
The change fog the. worse, in hla condi
tion ; which occurred last evening waa
eauaed by a spread of the pulmonary In
flammation to the right lung. The lofiam
motion Is beginning to subeids.
Larae Gatherlaa : of . alearaere aad
Dnke of .Argyle .Bepre
' seats KlnsT.'
BELFAST, Feb. 16. The body of the mar.
quls of Duffer In, who died Wednesday last,
waa burled this- afternoon at Claadsboys.
There waa a large gathering ot mourners.
The duke of Argyle represented King Ed
word. ''
Defaaltlna- Official aad Former Police
Commissioner fader Sheriff's
Charge. f
DETROIT. Mich..' Feb. 16. Frank C. An
drews, former police commissioner, was ar
raigned In the police court this evening on
a warrant charging him with misapplying
funds of the -wrecked City Savings bank to
the amount of 1200,000 and upward while he
waa vice president pf that Institution. Hla
bond vt nx4 af, with two sureties,
Mr. Andrew did not have' bondsmen In
court aad be was taken across the street
te the county '.Jail by Detective Lombard.
Sheriff Dickinson met them In ths Jal office
and took Mr. Andrews to hla house, which
is part of the Jail, where ha aald be would
keep btin foe a time while hla attorneys
and friends continued their efforts to se
cure ball for him. Late tonight one bonds
man had been secured It waa reported, an
efforta were being made to secure a aecond.
Thle la tha second warrant that baa beet
sworn out for Mr. Andrewe aa a result ol
the wreck of the City Savlaga bank, white
wss caused by his overdrafts and over-oer.
tifled-rhecks. He waa arraigned on tbt
first warrant Monday night and released
under 110,000 bond. The warrant issued to
day waa on complaint of 8tate Bank Com
missioner George L. Malta, and charges that .
on December 11 Andrews converted $300,000
and upwards of tha bank's funds to hla
''own unlawful use, benefit and advantage
Without knowledge of the bank'a directors."
After waiting in vain until a lata hour
for the appearance of the aeoond bondsman,
Sheriff Dickson ordered Andrews locked up
In a cell which waa done. It le believed
that hla attorneys are still trying to secure
the necessary securities.
Killed la Gala Whleh Destroys
Rarsje Off PaclSe
ASTORIA, Ore., Feb. 15. A gale Is rag
ing along the coast and one barge was lost
In thla city as a result of the storm. Cap
tain ..Hana Reustoff waa Instantly killed
by. the overturning of a sidewalk which
was caught up by the wind. At times the
wind attained a velocity of over 100 mile
an hour.
to on.
Frd Trial Package, of this Naw Din.
covery Mailed to Every ' Man -Sanding
Nam and Addreaa-
Qulakly Restore Strength
'' and Vigor.
Free trial packares of a moat remark
able remedy are being mailed to all wha
writ the State Medical Institute, They
urad 0 nany men who had battled far
A. E. ROBINSON. M. D, C. M Medical Dlrectei
rears against the mental and phyaloal suf
fering of lost manhood that the Institute
has decided to distribute free trial packa
ges to all who writ. It la a home treat
ment, and all men who suffer with any
form ot sexual weaknasa resulting front
youthful folly, premature lose of strength,
and memory, weak back, varicocele, or
emaciation of parte can now cure them
selves at horns. -The
remedy haa a peculiarly grateful ef-
reot or warmtn ana seems to aci oimri
io the desired location giving strength and
development ' Just where It Is needed. It
cures all the ills and troubles that come
from years of misuse of the natural func
tions and has been an absolute suecees In
rll cases. A request to the State Medtnal
nstltute, T70 Elttktron Building, Ft. Wayne
nit atHn that vmi datr ana Of their
tree inai pacaases win ne comiiii wnn
Rromptly. The Institute Is desirous of
caching that great class of men who are
unable to leave heme to be treated and
the free sample , will enable them to as
how eaaylt le to be cured of seaual weak
ness when the proper remedies are em-
F Loved. The Institute makes no restrict
ions. Any man who writes will be sent
a free sample, carefully sealed In a plain
package so that its recipient need have it
fear Of embaraasmenl or publicity. Read
ors are requested to writ without delaj. .
Do You Want to
Home Industry?
OF COURSE YOU DO. Thea inveatt ,
gate thla it will coat you nothing. Hun
dreds have Invested In the last ten daya.
REMEMBER, thla la no phantom thou
sands of mile away, but la right at tot
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