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Tim OMAiu Daily Dm
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Pally Be (without Sunday), On T ear.JS-M
Lllr K'e and Sunday, On Tea
illustrated Be, On VlBr,. , ,., f
Hundar Bee. On Trrr leO
, the Ticlflc would coot a great deal more I so again. Boles u rather a unique figure
Tbt mom sort of regulation of the I than the est I mates that had been made.
great combinations Is Inevitable there In view of this and the opinion of the
can be no doubt. The frabllc sentiment commission It Is not probable that any
' ta ao overwhelmingly Jn favor of tbla serious attention will be given to other
that the demand cannot long go on- than the Nicaragua and Tanatna routes,
j needed. If the present congress ehall with the Indications at present very
fail to meet It some fntnre congress favorable to the selection of the latter,
In polities, and hi advent In th field
mar add a Spies of Interest to tbe cam
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Power Dlreettwsr 4k Maecle. V
Satqrday Evening Post.
American labor Is drives and 'permeated
by Intelligence, and that Is th crest thing
wlU be chosen pledged to auch govern- should no difficulties be encountered In x, " .,.,, .... h., wr(UBht ,. thli
I wenueTamuTy raVV;6tUTVlZ tSS mnt rTllatlon supervision of the obtaining the required concessions from wonder which la bringing 'inveetigatore
ruin itnrigu i-iuum vb vtoi ivauivmp,
and 'which is Just beginning to mak Its
real strenirtb known.
DKUVEKED BT CjLR.JUE.R- I corporations eniraved In inters taw com-1 tjoionmia, as to wnicn negotiations are
Paiiy Be (without Sunday), per eopr... w merce aa Intelligent popular Judgment now going on.
IJljr H (without Bunla, pmr wwH.lw I " I l
i'aiiy iMt (including Sunaay), par i wiievcw to u ucajiar. im inuu(
that the combinations should be tribu-
Bunosy Hm, per copy...... ... o
tvenlna- Hea (without Sunday!. oar wekJuo
Evening a (including Sunday), Pr I tarjr to the people and not the people to
coinDiaYntYYVrVaiaritM 'in delivery I the combinations has nevw been ao gen
ahouia i addressed to oty ciroulaOon l- I -,, BOW a i arowlna:. I efficiency la discipline. An army whose attltud of th poware toward tbla gov
In the police force of cities, as in the
army, the most important factor for
, Proatae h Deaants.
New Tork Evening Post.
Another version of th story about the
. orncr.a
Omaha Th Hn Ruudlnr.
Bouth Omaha city Mail Building, Tweu-
zy-nnn and M Btravta.
Council Bluffs 10 Pearttrt.
Chicago id Unity Uu.ritng.
ew lorn Tempi court.
It is A Qoestlon that will not down and comm.ndei, are nnder a cloud or con- 2J " "ito
cannot be Ignored. When President "antiy changing is easily aemonuueo., a h h offle,Bl .. wh) WM ,ntirely familiar
Roosevelt said that ln the Interest of hlle an army whose commanding wItB tD diplomacy of that period." But this
the whole people the nation should, officers are known to enjoy permanent will never do. In th stag now reached by
without interfering with the power of tenure and ample authority to enforce oontroveray w must hav name, dates.
nu iittug vaawD am nvi ia aaw
Waahloaton 6tfl Fourteenth Street.
Communtoatinna ralatinr to news and e4W. I wv ...nA .itn I nn tn atanil ilmnit inr nrripal. If thai . .. . .
1 L L a i. , ..,. I iuuio vvxci ui un;iTwu auu I vnsuEO OI Tneaa mnieriov. unnamea oer-
B, Editorial Departxnant. I tlon over all corporations doing an in-1 Omaha police force has lacked In dls-1 sonages in the background, with their "I
Puslneaa etti
Sdlreaad: lb
REMITTANCES. I I , ' , , , I iai endoramnt" nor an account vouched
Remit bv drart. tiorm or postal ordr, I It would aeetn that the men who con- haa'trown out of factional political con- Bi ubetantlallv eorraot" win avail us
oycnt Mpsose'piD trol the combinationa, shrewd and saga- testa In which the police and fire de. now. We would not even take th word of Bncounia. rmrtonu enwn, wfi I clOUa as tner are In aTTSlr or DUfunesa. I lanmran osre pers uiiuc ujb ivoi ui I - .v
Oraab or eastern earhange. not epwa. : . -t..- t r4,i. i.t.,iiit- anslder" sad . "Ons Who Knows " the
NQtWAWi. wouiu swe uiai nnoou supervision ana i . ...v,.. v., ... v
regruauon must come and that instead ' ponce superviaioo cu sumuisim t0 lwml(nr thttr eommunleatlons un
a.I 4wtimaiti tai
a. - a A. . s ii a-a. li la . I tnfllraitv mienlaMnnai -rt V rA nnnanfKWl I
iuo nuitcs iu me Hiactwr eii. tuso aa- " ' f - man'a atUnUoa. W hay had quit
snme power of supervision and regula-1 on to stand almost any ordeal. If the ogii of ,tbese mysterlon, unnamed per-
ii as j I nmaKa rwvllA. wsma Vas InnlrAf In lllsl. 1 - - a il v. . - . aV-s
dNKsa LsaETTERS. ttrstate baftlneM,9 the peopto heartily clplioe and moral etamlna It ia became could na if X would.- Neither a "high offl-
?$8&Sw. a4 unqualifiedly approved the declara- of the ererlaaUng agitation and Chan cur nor ! r.on ta ataa touch with
tiM niiw. At.), that lM oral go omce, neuner a semi-ora-
TUS BEj PUBUSHlMa companx.
Let Cuba Help Itself
San Francisco Chronicle (rep.).
Th latest scar got up In aid ot "star- ington or th mattr la long delayed. I
log Cuba" la to tb effect that If we do not recently took a trip to th mountain dls.
let in Cuban sugar . sod tobacco Senor trlcta and found th potrero absolutely
ralraa will refuse the presidency of the bar of cattle and th Inhabitants almost
Island, on th ground that th "failure" ot too poor to obtain the bar necessaries of
the United States to "help Cuba" will ren- life and utterly discouraged over the altua-
der it. "Impossible to maintain a stable tlon. While many of them hav large
government" It Senor Palma tracts ot land, they cannot raise a dollar
clin on any auch ground It would be on to stock them or for any other purpose,
of th moat monumental exhibitions of pur and never taat a morsel of meat.
"cheek" tn the annala of political history.
Th soil of Cuba la claimed to b the rich
est In th world. Its sugar planters, as we
recently showed, were not long ago receiv
ing higher price for their sugar than those
which are found "perfectly aatlsfactory" by
th Germans, whose Industry and skill must
be applied to the thin, cold soil of northern
Europe. If. with all their advantages, th
Cubans cannot earn a living tn the fac ot
German competition, we ar under no obli
gation whatever to support them. We may
regret the misery even ot the utterly shift-
On the fee trt it thla atory Is false.
It will be noted that It haa nothing to do
with ausar. It refers to a cattl coun
try. Thr was never a better market
for bet than there now la. If anybody
owns land lne cattl country he need
have no trouble whatever to get cattl to
feed upon It. There are men In th cat
tl business who only need know of the
chance. Meanwhile an "Important official"
la said to repreaent th president and sec
retary of war as hoping "to svold th
arsv contingency pf Senor Talma'a re-
less, but the United Statea doea not aet up final to assume office." We do not think
for a great eleemosynary Institution for the they need to worry and don't .bellev that
support of th paupers of the world. they are worrying. If the aalary la eatls-
The real party In Interest la tbe refining factory and he has Unci Sam'a guaranty
truat. It concocta these lies and pays for tnr "nntor" hark of him wa auanect he
' I m l a. i ,.. a- I anfuvntlnaHAii mrtA iranar. 1 A nmlf-altsa. I . m IV. Jt i .
tat ( Nebraska. Doaala County aa. ; I"- VL"-ium uiwiunt'irea m oppoaiuoa u i -v ireao. rv pino ir u oocumenia in in i ir w uuu i cars,
Own B. TunhDek. aaaratarv of Th B I tVila nnhlti rlomand wrnnM aKHiint nh I tlon. When DOilCOmen are tola ID at a I CaS.
iZFuXS the auaV S,r if 'fuii inl reasonable and moderate regulation as change of officers is liable to take place
?-nJ?:, ..JtLJl'-.J10 I the Industrial commission haa recom- day., they naturally become Indiftep-
u aaontb of January. IwH wa aa fof-1 mended. Persistence in opposition on I nt 411(1 insubordinate.
, w 1 M1Mlft ao im the part of the combinations ta very The blame for police demoralisation
U.. 80,5 likely to result In the people demanding however, not to be laid entirely at
I. . so.zso more drastic measures of restraint and the door of self-seeking politicians. It Is u.... sw,w
Si ,., so.aao
S .... a .....
a. . . . ... . .ao, aoo
f....M soaoo
I. .... bo.o
10 SO, ISO
U ao.soo
U ....S0.4TO
Denteeravtla Leasfrt Waltlaar for
goasethlaa; o Tarm Vp.
Denver Times.
Rn ft t rvr .Timva YT . 1ad.i wtiA ..nnl rA
reRulatlon. , There la nothing sevtre, I lrgy due to the courts, whose Judges, rather fleeting fame as th under dog in
nothing unreasonable, nothing that Unconsciously, perhaps, play Into the two presidential fights, is inclined to thisk
their circulation. Th aoll of Cuba la
amply able to support Ita population In
comfort If they never rala an ounce ot
augar. For the apeculators and Ameri
can planters we car absolutely nothing.
They ar in no danger of starvation, and It
Her I a
aampl of the "startling" stuff which is
circulated by "os ot th beat authorities"
on Cuban conditions:
Trouble la brewlag her and will de
velop later. The annexation aentlment U
atrongly on the increase, and will, I think,
com to th front In caa w fall at Wash-
will taks hta Job. Very likely he nvr
thought of anything els. It la unsafe to
bellev anything whatever about thla Cuban
buaineaa. If there wer any truth In tb
atorUa which ar told th trust would
be only too glad to give th natnea of tbo
wltnessea. It would aot alter the altua
tlon If they were true, except that tbe
country might b willing to relieve tem
porary distress by generat taxation. To
put th entire burden of th aupport of a
shiftless race on th American .beet augar
farmers would b an outrage.
sway, muttered. "Well, If th eesat of
th United Statea has got Into th red
light district, I am glad I am not of It."
Indiana politics baa developed a new
Idea. An ambitious fflce-eeker wanta a
court to Issue a mandamus compelling bis
party to nominate him. Tbe afflc aaeklng
th man la a lost srt la llooaUrdom.
"The peopl of Philadelphia," aaya th
Record of that olty, 'ar aceurged with
bad water, amallpox, tyrhold lever and cor
rupt municipal administration." The spring
campaign in Ihe Quaker city ta growing
Henry Truelsen, who was defeated a few
daya ago tn the race for maror of Duluta,
will demand a recount, .th majority for
his opponent, Mayor Hugo, being but alx
votea. Two yeara ago Mr. Hugo neat nim
by eigh,t volea. ISetween mayoralty rea
be ran for congress and wpf defeated by
Jtidir Morris.
F. K. Smith,, whom th republlcasa ot
Clearfield, Pa., hav nominated for bor
ough treasurer, haa no legs. Damon Har
vey, the candidate for squlrs. Is slso a
crlppl. Thomas, B. Rellly, whom th
democrats named for tax collector, la
paralysed on on aid. Ail th men ar
popular and expect to run wall.
. .a i m . . . . . I Vai wAm . hAllHi..! w.K.tMjhMi mnA Imwvam I ttia sfltt.lmMH al lam will K t)t. mm.
u. i wuuiu wotk narusnip to any properly v. yuiimoi . r - Tv ,v ,v.
m Sflsooi . . . . r . v ' I - j.-.v . I mount lsau In tha nt mat nailnnal TB expense or the maintenance of the
5::.8o:i3ol organea ana Honest corporation. In the - " poUtical light. H. has been .mot ed in "" MtUt at Kl.o-Chau contlnu
........S0,00 recgmmonusnoM oi me commission. I - v..u.. Boston as saying that th taauea for which
M... .30.400 xhey would deprive no corporation, of J fTlnf publicity to their views on jjr. Bryan ha stood for th last flv yeara
Si'iao) any '8ltlmate right and do Injury to I tbo constitutionality f charter provl- and mor will b carefully eliminated, but
to Increase. Laat year they were 10,000,000
mark. Thla year they will be 11,000,000.
Th corresponding profit are Indiscern
ible. Although th railway from Tslng-tau
to th Chinese town of Klao-Chau (a dis
tance of aeveaty-four kilometers) haa been
' I . j . . . I atAni mI.Hii a eh Mm .nit rwt1v Ann. I thla ha now detllM. vat warllv darklv hints
sa aa o4) I vuo vraaiiixeu iu auui xauui ana in- i v w w " i - - -
ZL::Z:.. tending to deal fairly with the nubile. Uslon they give these lawyer, a broad m Ah'lff ' ,a."le""
tl'"-' BO.BOQ Sucn corporations would not Buffer lnt as to what they would hold if cases tlo -v.. v.,.- 1,. open for trafflo alnc April t, 1801. and al
Total .Mi.ooa from the requirement of publicity, aa Involving the point in question were .triet adherence to truth. vn though U tnouh thf 1,n,6 lnc exten!,e(1
Less unsold and raturned eoplea.... Baown ln thcase of those which hav brought before them, where the supreme furnishes little enlightenment to thoe who to t. .Chmn'-L,n'
, ' stanoro v.- rt itarff wnM nrt- If n.n U sit In outer darkness. . Published official report has not a word
N.t daii, av..6..gT ernment aupervlsion and reflation ta be bound to decline to reopen th. LXtil l Zr0
Buoacnoea i in my preeence ana sworn wouia not lnterTere with their business, ,B8UO party may yet unit for an offensive na
yoi "Tt b. hungatb. any more than it doea with the business Thereffect upon the police and Are de- tional campaign, chiefly, perhaps, for th
si ' . oiry x-uuuo. De the national hunk a On th on. partmenta of Judicial oplniona privately reaaon that it la impossible to do ao. In
trary the effect would be to strthen expressed cannot but be extremely de- " : lead. .imply Zlr STZ
Young Koo-evelt evidently baa all the them In public confidence and thereby moralising to th. force, and conae-1 " . ,,.,;'., , lnd prlTato companies, a garrison ot
sturdy rtrennousness that goes with the promote their business. quently damaging to the public While utlona to th country which aovrna them near,lr mea naturally cause a cer
I 7 I.. .. . V ...I .... . I fain .mmtnt lit r ri in 1 1 1 i 1 . 1 V,, . .
to aay of th trafflo on aeotlona which
have been open for several months.. The
report - dwells on the development of the
young colony, tha Immigration ot Chinese
merchants and th activity displayed ln
building operations, but la allent about th
Opposition of the treat coroorntlona Judges of the lower courts have a right may b found to contain some political am- n amount oi commercial activity, nut tn
engaged in Interstate business to pa- to dissent from the view, embodied In K5p.&?S 2 toJSFFl P" Znnl
tin.i a .... BiinrpmA eonrt Acln tons th tn nnt ,uott BP It can be regarded as a I ,.... . t...
.u. ,wu auu icgmauvu, vu iub very effectlv means of winning votea. The iRvuiriwnwu
moderate and conservative lines now expected to reverse th. supreme court trust and the tariff, particularly ao far aa Cn,B" poptlon are exceedingly mod
recommended, la ahort-slghted. It op- nor t0 rclee its prerogative if the th latter may foster, th trust, may yet V14 .tha -lm'?rt tT U xc,ui,le,7
" ?r : - . . I eratea tn inrinatfV nuKitn tA.Hi I suprem. court Itself feels constrained prove an effective Implement of poiVUcal I " "
t.Ta wS th? .and Porsist.nco in ,t may .Wer tTSS SS'S chaaS Vti . KuaalflcationTt Kinl.nd proceeds
aome of the wind Its capitalisation or ,Rtef brln ott ,oclal tadustrlsJ ta Ul chaBa cryataMa. U.ue. which sr. likely to lec P A correspondent of a London paper
. revolution of the most far-reachlna- by a legislature. trlf tne country. writing from Odessa says that scarcely a
character. There are now 183 business
Indeed, politics now Is simply a waiting I week Psea but aom new Imperial ukaae,
The University of Nebraska seniors I game caa of trnatlng entirely to th tnlnlaterlal edlot or gubernatorial order
m. a. v . ats m al a. ft I VtmKlnS HTaa Im VVIa ah aaaa.
ine umana iniaa auppiy aepo on. ought to esteem themselves highly prlv- of accidents, Th overshadowing Ueprlvea the Finn, of on or another ot
safely tun th. gauntlet one more. It to Washington, official figures, whose ?ftTTthTT.; .1 ot yat heavd abov th horlaoa their old solf-governing institution, rtghta
waa hanging by a hair, but, as usual, w capitausauon u nearly 4.000,000,- " " . Z T -nr C tnA th
Our Dav. arrived on tha seen, of peril
Just ln the nick of time.
permitted to go uncontrolled and un
regulated, nor will It be. The men who
Our late visitors from St Paul draw I manage the great combinationa will be
a gratifying contrast In favor of fmaha I wise to submit to th present demands
between their reception here and at I of the public, Instead of by opposition
Kansas City. Hospitable) entertainment I Inviting less moderate requirements.
of guests never fails. to bring Its own
reward. ) ", '. ' A
apltaliaaOon U nearly $4,000,000,- "e , 7T, watiered elements which may d Privilege..
This vast power cannot safely b. delivered by Booker T. Washing- brinf ,t t m Btfc4 hars DOt yet been groupwl longer b called
and shoulders above most of the men I reotion ad manifest that even th closest
who have; preceded 'him: for similar
functions ' at this Institution. If our
state university harbors, any narrow'
minded and v bigoted students ln Its
senior class who object to listening to
Booker T. Washington because of th.
color of his skin, they should disclose
observer haa bead ibl to sets them. Th
vary beat that'im bo don 1a to watch the
attitude e( congress and through It learn
the manlfeetatloaa f public policies aa put
forth by th dominant political party.
Ttr sflms unfortunate accident Thomas
Jefferson seems to have been overlooked congretia will at this session provld. for period so that th. faculty may take p re
in the valentln. distribution of our local mon to statehood of New Mexico, cauti0ns against granting its degrees to
hyphenated contemporary. The true Arlzon ana UU4nomi- D " prospect any ukely to disgrace them,
followers of Jefferson should resent this Ior ucn acuon 'a nave lm
iipd.foe alight proved since the cause of those terri.
Finland, h aaya, caa no
an autonomous grand du-
ton, who unquestionably stands head I together, nor is their tendency In that dl- 041 sppanage of the crown. Th lateat min
isterial Mice, promulgated at 'Heiaingrors,
orders tb dlabandmant of tb Finnish
metropolitan police., who ar forthwith to
b replaced by Ruaalana and th Russian
system . pf organisation and administra
tion. According to an announcement In
the Hufoudatadsbladet, the Imperial gov
ernment annual aubaldlea, for many years
past granted, of 8,000 pounds aterllng to th
Finnish 8teamshlp company for keeping
open th water traffic between Hango and
Stockholm, and ot 8,000 pounds sterling to
th "Bor" company for maintaining win
ter communication betweeiwAbo and Stock
holm, hav been withdrawn. Tb reaaon
ostensibly assigned for thla deprivation la
that the companies In question permitted
their vessels to be Inspected and searched
by th Finnish police, but refused the same
right to th Russian gendarmes.
for h 1 a orthodox and conaervatlv aa
hla rather. If not actually more so. There
Is no reaaon for war with India, for all
disputes between that country and Afghan
istan were adjuated during tha laat retgn.
Tb new ameer haa firmly declared hla In
tention of maintaining th atatus quo. And
not even Afghans ar ready to fight them
selves Just for the sake of fighting. Tha
ameer 1 a strong and experienced ruler,
and will in ail probability hold all mullahs,
mad or otherwise. In check.
Th sudden enforcement In Franca of th
law paaaed In 1894 forbidding working peo
pl of both aexea, ' for reasons of health, j ten apota or lees.
to tak their meal on their employer's
premises, ia declared to b a real hard
ship by I Petit Journal of Farta. Bom
of th wealthier Parisian firms had estab
lished refectories where ample meal wer
provided at cost, but th smaller employers
In th crowded dlstrtota were unabl to
do so. Th poor work girls hav now been
driven into the public atreeta and squares
to tha detriment of their health and In
many caaea of their morals. An outcry
haa bean raised to interpret th law more
humanely, and not to Inflict fines upon em
ployers who sUlow work people to take
their .meal in workrooms if th rules of
hygiene ar observed.
Washington Star: "I aurfpos you hop
to make a very cultivated young man ot
your boy Jooh. .
"Ye,'f answered Farmer. Comtoaeel.
"We're cultivating Mm th best w ran.
Every now. and then motne and tn give
him a rakin' over."
Philadelphia Press: Customer Tes, I like
this piece of goods. How much?
Tailor-Pair of pantat Five
Customer I never ua 'paJlt8. X want
a pair of trousers.
Tailor To bo aura. W Wilt mak you a
pair of trousers for $10.
Chicago Tribune:. The waiter brought to
the professor a sandwich In which a oroad
slice of hum overlapped the thin and Insuf
ficient slices of bread that wer supposed
to conceal It,
"Take It away,"' aald th profeasor. "and
bring mo on not quite so decollette.
Puck: First Burglar What .did you tak
that brlcky-brac for? 'Tain t no good!
Second Bursrlar 'Taint f
First Burglar Naw, I tell yer, Jimmy, II
yer wanter mak a fust-class success In dlt
business yer sot to know aomethln' about
k ' , i
Judge: First Deaf Mute Tou ret twisted
In your talk.
Second Deaf Mute That'e Tecause my
flngera are crooked.
Washington Star: "Are yoa fond of pic.
tures?" asked the man who I Interested
In art.
"I should say . sol" answered Broncha
Bob. "Give, me Jack, aueens or kins
.5r7 time. I always did hate to fool with
There is uncertainty aa to whether identity before the commencement ,CHed from
Farmer Prealdeat Cleveland.
. St Louis' Globe-Democrat.'
The writer of an' article on Orover Cleve
land ln one of the current magairnes ths
eame writer who waa recently scourged by
aom of th' leading papers of th country
for aom of his Slurs on Thomas C Piatt
Nebraska real estate men ln state con
toties waa Jointly laid before congress. I ventlon hav. declared themselves by
A report on the statehood bills Is ex-1 resolution on a number of . questions u getting democratic praise tor bis picture
pected from the committee on territories 1 with Immediate bearing on the state's of the ex-president. That writer aaya, for
to the election of
Th. North Atlantic squadron Is now at
Gaantanamo and other points along tha
south Cuban coast Indulging ln target I nex week and it . Is thought probable progress and prosperity. The real es- example, ia referring
.. . I .vi mi m ... a - m a. I . . . ... -. . . I Cleveland for aoverno
practice. mere is any encourage- " " lu men nv everytnwg at suae on . ...,t MDMt(, TOi. was brutal.
ment ln environment th. fleet should there has been no active opposition to the development of Nebraska's . latent unolanned a barbario yawn of disgust-"
make a great record. . I the admission of the territories. I resources and by united effort should I Anybody who knew anything about that
It appears to be the Quite general sen-1 b able to accomnllsh tangible results. canvasa could have told that writer that It
waa tb conkiing-Biaine ngnt in wow lorx
Demoorata with axes to grind ax I timcnt In the west that they should b.
warned by their editorial mentor to tak. I admitted. The .Denver Republican ex
or less ironically called "the Gladstone of
France" by a Parla paper haa aroused
curiosity to leara tb causa of the ap
pellation. In a recent debet in the Cham
ber of Deputies, M. Delcaase, In replying
on the debate on an interpellation brought
forward by M. Rouanet on th Armenian
Th army board haa finally decided ot nr ,!n,t ""Vf nUt
0 " I fas - Kmsam avai jaa gtiinla SSWAlr vlSsli ssva
to the rear. That ought to be comfort- presses the opinion that statehood would nPQ vJt recommendations of special cveLna hu 1M0oo lead over Folger for
lng to th. new recruits from tbe late I have wonderful effect upon all three J mentions ana aecorations ror tnose wno governor in 1882. Cleveland got only 800
.ii Minhiimn fM whm na ) toTritoriea In aUmuiatdna! a-eneral aetiv. participated In th. war with Spain, mor vote In New Tork ln that yar than
looking for front seats. Ity and affording better Inducements for uonsiaenng u ract wax tne army naa """ " VirVvo wis iisom ,oIut!o,,. but u eou,d M ,U8,t upon
canltal and labor. That naner ears I naa conaiaeraoie to occupy ita alien- ' - . z ;".; v- . .vlltn ract tnat it naa aon an m it power
ar ar - I . . . . I IQUn VI lOki rtFCVlTVU sJF VIIUSIU Sis -US
aon since that time, the work haa been ciiTass two yeara prior. Tha factional light
tccompusnea witn more ceienrj than I atmply kept these republtcana away from
Dr. Samuel Webb ot Wagner Bleeping car
fame, who owns a large allc of Vermont,
ia a candidate for tb republican nomina
tion for governor of that state. -. .
Tha Justice party, which prop6sea to apply
th golden ml to politics, will hold a
convention in Washington, April 9. The
new party, la not very large, but its'taek
Is Immense. ; - (
During th last alx months of Tammany
rala ln New York City, enough sinecures
were attached t the municipal payroll to
draw 8615,886. One-third of the barnacles
hav been scrsped off.
Senator Beverldg of Indiana promptly
contradict th atory that h employs a
valet. Tb idaa of a publlo man having
a valet la a dangerous on to get abroad
ln ths Blus Jeaas stste.
The saddeat spectacle witnessed in the
aouth alnce tha war waa th atrandlng of
th Cook County Democratic club, on Ita
way to the Charleston exposition, in a dry
Georgia town, laat Sunday.
Th apeaker of tha Illinois hous re
marks: "Let me make tha mini and I
gerrymander th other fellow.
Former 8enator Gray of Delaware, now
a federal Judge, sought to enter tbe sen
ate chamber tha other day, 'but found the
doora barred. A bunch of red Hghta an
nounced that tha auguat aenate was In ex
ecutive session. Th ludg aaaed on tha
fact that M. Delcaaae. the French i C' Wh th re.rt d
,r of foreign affairs, ha. b.en more 'd te "f th
... .... . . 1 srerrvmandar tha nta ' .
massacres, declared that th Armenian l u-"sr u ior a,, moment, ana, turning
question was essentially an international
Baltimore American :' "Oentleman." aald
old man Bklnnem, while the committee on
entertainment waa planning for tha vlall
of tha prince, "I would suggest that at the
banquet we have champagne bottle, but
fill them with beeri" -
A chorus of dissent met thla auggestlon,
but old man Bklnnem continued:
"Well. 1 only thought I'd lay the Idea be
fore you. It seemed to me that It would
not only b complimentary, but cheaper."
B. I Taylor In Chicago Tribune.
Aufwledersehen. brother mlnal , , ,
Farewells will soon be klsned;
And, ere you leave to breavt tho brine.
Give ma ono mor your flat;
That mailed fist, clenched high in air
On many a foreign shore, . '
Enforcing coaling stations where
No stations were before; ... t
That fist, which Weaker nations VloW '
Aailf 'twere Michael's own.
Anl which appalls the heathen Who
Boav down to wood and stone.
i ..i -t. :- )..
But thla trip no brass knuokies- Glove ,
That heavy mailed hand;
Your mission now Is one of Iov '
And Peace you undert4UiU .. r
All that's Amerldan, ynu'ir pr'atserR" :!T
The Yank can do no wrong. " .
To us hla own expressly phrase,
Juat "Jolly him along." r .
FJxpreas surprise to find, tho mor 1
Of Rooeavelt you aee, - ,
How muoh I am Ilk Theodor. .
And Theodor Ilk me.
I am. In fact (thla might not be
A bad thing to auggeat), ,
The Theodore of the East, and he
The Wilhelm of th West - '
And, should you get a chance, find out '
If anvbody knows-
ExacCv what lfa all about. , -
That Dci'rln of Monro',
That's antr nous. My present plan
You know as well aa 1
Be Juat aa Yankee as you can; ,
It needs be, cat some pie.
Cut out the 'kraut, cut out Rhln win,
Cut out th Schutsenfest, - .. ' ' .'
The Sangerbund, the Turnveretn,'
Th Kommors, and tha rest.
And if soma fool society
"Dl Waoht am Rheln" should alng..
iuu n( My ouniry, -n or The
ine tun a -"uoa ave th Xing."
To our own kindred In that land, '
There'a not snuch you need tell.
Just tell them that you saw me. and
That I was looking well.
on. ' Franc alone could aot bring about
Thst Omaha'a municipal credit is at I there la no doubt that all three of th.
the top notch la evidenced by the fact territories wlU make progressive statea, !
that the city continues to do buaineaa I as their natural resources are practl-
at th. old stand, although It has as yet cally limitless.- It haa been suggested
no tax levy against which It can draw I that political considerations may have
a warrant to pay its bills, I operated adversely to the territories, but
I that should not b. allowed to exert any
Ex-Senator Petti grew Is out ln an ln- I Influence. If the material conditions
terri ew tn which he expresses the sr. satisfactory and It can be shown
opinion that the Bin railroad merger Is I that th. territories are capable of car
all right Mr. Pettigrew has a different I rytng on properly state governments and
red tape Is usually unwound.
way of seeing things sine h. had th.
"x" placed before his name.
developing. poliUcs should have no bear
ing upon th. question of their admls
alon. The statistics of population and
resources in these territories and the
facts regarding their
Andrew Carnegie 1a quoted as saying
that only those books that have stood
the test of time for st least a year
should find a place ln a public library.
If the Omaha Public library should
adopt a rule to thla effect what a shock
It would be to the chronic fiction fiends
who feed on new novels.
It Is officially announced that tha
strike ln Pacific coast shlpyarda Is
ended. Possibly some progress will now I should alone determine whether thuy
be made on the cruiser Nebraska. Tbla I are ln the condition to become states.
state has been waiting patiently for a
charm to shine at a launching. I anutbxr routi proposed.
...... j I Another rout, for an Isthmian canal
The Indian appropriation bill haa been ia nrooosed. Senator Scott of West Vlr-
reportea to in. nouse. ur th. total of r!ni. wants congress to authorize a
On his road to Mexico ex-Secretary J.
Sterling Morton dropped an interview
In which he took a Dartinar shot at the
development free distribution of seeds by the govern
ment. Iiow does the sage of Arbor
Lodge expect the ordinary congresman I The assertion that . Cleveland
the polls.
According to that writer, an antl-repub-
lloan "tornado broke ut ia 1884" and
"hurled him (Cleveland) into tha White
House." Tha dimensions ot thla "tornado"
can be pretty accurately gsuged by the
1.047 plurality for Cleveland tn New York,
out of aa aggregate Of 1,200,000 votea In the
state, and that atate decided the election In
the whole country. A Chang ot 600 vote
from th democratic to the republican
aide in the state of New York la that year
would have elected Blaine, The Burchard
imbecility, th Bt. John prohibition vote of
t5,000, th defection of th Conkllng aec-
tlon ot the republicans in Interior New
York, and any one of the many other
things which could be cited would undoubt
edly account tor more than thia (00 votea.
la to convince hla constituents that be
has not forgotten them?
revenues and saved taxes" la pretty ef-
I 'actively answered by Cleveland's "party
perfidy and .party dishonor" assault on the
to leaaen th hardship of th Armenians,
and waa successful in preventing th maa-
aacraa. Any ' International convention at
th preaent moment would b likely to
rata numeroua delicate queetlon. Buch a
convention waa, however, not Impossible.
For th tlm being th question was to
acur aa equitable administration and ab
solute tranquility for all the aubjecta of
the Turkish empire. The question waa to
defend deserving populatlona from the vio
lence to which they had been aubjected.
Franc, he concluded, who had already
put forth a many efforts, waa ready to re
new them and to associate Itself with thla
work. It waa ready to prov Itself Turkey'
alncer friend by pointing out how prejudi
cial tbe situation of Armenia might be to
Its best Interests.
Apropos of the recent duel ln Prussia, in
which Herr von Bennlgsen, the governor
of Springe, waa murdered by aa altogether
worthless person, Herr Falkenhagen, an at
tempt haa beea made in official quarters
to curb the growing publlo movement
The authorities of one of the big Ger
man universities have decided that
Wllsoa-Gorman revenue and tax reduction against the duello. The attitude which even
measure, which he contemptuously refused
to sign, allowing It to go on th statute
th most sealoua guard tana of tha law aa-
sum toward dueling Is well Illustrated
by a speech made by Herr Cuny, one ot ths
New. Tork harbor 1s to be dark after
March I on account of the exhaustion of
the appropriation to maintain it Hav
ing accepted the gift, It would seem that
the country was certainly rich enough
to maintain it
The lower bouse of congress has again
passed the joint resolution to submit a
constitutional amendment for the elec I regard the Darien route as Imprsctica
tion of senators by direct vot. of the I ble, because of th. tremendous expense
of such a commission. It Is stated that
Senator Ilanna ia favorably disposed
toward the Darien route, on account of
th. advantages of directness, shortness
and aea level, and there are others,
among them, some scientific men, who
regard it sa more desirable than either
of the other routes.
But the Isthmian canal commissioners
people. . Tbe danger la that It will be a
disjointed resolution when the senate
gets through with It
that would be Involved In constructing
a tunnel for flv. miles through rock.
While unquestionably the Darien route
possesses some advantages, as was
According . to our esteemed World- shown by Senator Scott, yet the mem-
tlerald th only patriotic purpose of the hers of th. canal commission who were
democracy Is that of "destroying tbe re I specially detailed to investigate routes
publican party." That haa been the I of possible canal construction other than
mainstay of democratic patriotism for I the Nicaragua and the Panama, found
the last half century. But the destruc-1 that ot the four linos of construction
tlon of tb. republican party la aa far I that connecting Mandlngo harbor on the
off as ever, ' I Atlantic coast with th. Chepo river on
guilty. Do th. German universities
want student life to relapse Into the un-
prosaic role of securing an education!
$3,000,000 carried by th. bill 13,000,000 I commission for the purpose of lnvestl-1 hereafter students who engage ln duels I book by tb expiration of tbe time limit
IS for schools. These figure. Indicate BmtiM the route variously known as the will b. arrested and punished, if found More'. - Increased th Interest-bearing cnlef crown prosecutore. He denounced
that Some progress Is being made toward I rtHn h Ran Blaa and tha Mandlnao I rulltv. Do th German unrveritla Mt u. lUat of 122,000.000 in hi tho persons who opposed ths "knightly
renaenng tne Indian aeir-sustainlng. - I b ani n. mad. an extended
eneech in the senate a few days sgo In
The torxi on th. Statu, of Liberty in tUpport of hla resolution for tbe creation
sec on a verm, in a penoa or psoiouna pear, i duel.
Japsa Hold th Kay.
Chicago Chronicle.
Japan is ths "key M th Pacific," but a
treaty between Japaa and Englaad ta aot
liksly to prevent Russia plcklag th lock
quietly when aha la quit ready and Eng
land la not looking on.
Hawaii Warklac for Mesalts.
Baltimore American.
Tber la nothing alow about Hawaii. Its
delegate) oome forward with a bill to
double th president's salary and xtnd
th benefit all along th line. Th new
dependency I not waating tlm ea senti
mental legislation, but la alerting right at
th fountainhead of practicality.
Political Hesarractloa.
Minneapolis Tribune.
Unci Horace Boles, who will b recalled
aa Iowaw solitary democratic governor
since tbe war, haa announced hla Intention
to come forward aa aa oppeaent of
Speaker Hsaderaoa far congress. Hender
son waa elected last time by a plurality
by aalea ef bonds for gold to protect the
treasury reserve.
Even la tha particulars ln which Cleve
land waa, right that writer la hopelessly
astray. He aara that when Cleveland In
1886 "ascended tbe platform to make hla
inaugural address not fifty men ln- tbe
world could hav guesaed what position
be woald take on any pending problem."
Thla waa ten day after the prealdent
alect had written that letter to A. J.
Warner of Ohio, in which he pointed out
that ths only way to aava the country
from the ruin which silver coinage threat
ened to lafltct upon It waa to atop the
coinage of Stiver. Many of Cleveland's
addrs-wea in th campaign of 1884 showed
that h wa agalnat further silver coinage.
That Warner letter ten daya before be took
office ahowed that ha would hit silver aa
aoon as he could reach it and hit It Juat aa
hard a blow aa he could deal. There were
aot fifty aewspaper reader In th United
Blates ea th day of Cleveland'e first In
auguration who bad th slightest doubt aa
td hla exact position on th sliver question.
one ef th two moat important issues of
th day. This Is oa of th way la which
history a distorted by writer who attempt
to deal' wlto, U sille lacking a knowledge
ot 11.124 votes, hut Bole argue that the
district was democratic ones, sal may be J history'! elementary facta,
"Ws hold fast," he aald, "to the old
German custom ot our forefathera. who
took pieaeur ia tn piay oi weapons, w s
must not carry tbe eword only as an orna
ment. We must uae It In joyful battle.
W must also recognise that ia many cases
where honor la concerned no other aolu
tion la poaatbla than recourse to weapons
Let the Philistines object as they like, we
shsll hold fast to an unsurpassed method
of training our youth."
Th speech haa attracted much attention
I. th Prussian press, especially aa a large
majority of the population regard the
"Menaur" la German universities as the
reverse of training In any knightly quality,
and aa a practice Inconsistent with modern
notions of good breeding.
Rumors of Impending trouble In Afghan
istan are plentiful, but ar to be received
'1th caution. Of course, ther ta alwaya a
possibility of troubl la so wild and tur
bulent a country, ana tne aeceauon of a
new sovereign sffords aa exoeptlonal op
portunity lor nuaehiet-makera. Yet we
shall do well to ask what object th Had
Mullah eaa hav ln preaching another holy
war. Ona doe not go to war unless there
Is omon to fight. Ther caa b no
ground for rvH agalnat th. new ameer,
Ma. ts
are ready"
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