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Delegate, to Enffrsp Ooaeatia Ceifidnt
f Tieif luom
' i
Mr. Helea A. thaw a. aa la Hr
Aearea Sara Prelaat ltae
rell la a gymBatnlser wt(
tha Caaaa. - ' -
WASHINGTON. Feb. At aa ptformal
nesting of tba National Weman Suffrag
toclatloa today, held prvlou ta tba call
ing together of tba regulation convention of
tba organisation, tba advancement of tbt
eaue of woman suffrag w discussed.
Mary O. Hay of New Tor presided. 8b e
aid two of tba New Tor atata officer
bad remarked that woman'! suffrage would
coma Juat ' tba sain If tbera waa no
rganlxatlon; that It would come through
tba process of evolution. Tble statement
caused a number of tba delegate to n
nounca that tbey wlahed It known that they
entertained no auch sentiment, and asked
for the namea of tba two atata officer, but
Mlaa Hay declined to glv them. Organisa
tion, Mlsa Hay argued, waa necessary to
auccea. She advlaed all present to Join
club "with the Idea of aowln i little suf
fraga aaed." She declared that evolution
night bring auffrage, but It would be ae
compllihed quicker If evolution waa helped
A number of delegate urged Increased
activity In the matter of membership.
'Mr. Catt aald b would be glad If
resolution would be Introduced In the con
vention ; to double the membership, and
thereby aet everybody to work. Two yeara
ago, Mr. Catt eiplalned, after the conven
tion bad adjourned, a requeat wa aent
throughout the nation to try to doubl the
membership, but some people felt .that It
did not receive the Inspiration It would
have had the conventional endorsed it.
The member at once acted upon the
auggeatlon and declared it to ba tba sense
f tba organisation that all abould join In an
sort to double the membership.
Attendant 'la Saatalaea.
. Whan the association proper waa called to
order by Preaident Catt for it aocond day's
cession there, waa but a alight falling off
In the attendance, notwithstanding the in-:
tensely cold weather. ,
Report from the committee on creden
tials, board of auditor and tba correspond
ing secretary ware read and approved. Tha
report of Harriet Taylor Upton, treaaurar,
wa then submitted.
. Susan B. . Anthony at thla point stated
that aha had a little schema, for getting
noma money out of "Unci 8am," It wa
that when Mr. Catt spoke before tha com
mittee of ccngre on Tuesday of next
week aha abould deliver a portion of her
annual address and then ask "leave . to
print." By tbt means, aba aald, tba gov
ernment will print tb entire apeech and it
will be, aent under governmental frank to
every state in the union.
Mia Upton itated that the railroads had
granted an unusual concession in extending
the data of tha ticket to February 28,.
Mr.' French of Rhode Island gave notice
of an amendment to tha by-lawa providing
that whenever twenty-five member of any
state petition tba exeeutiva committee (bat
any question shall ba referred to tha La tea
for consideration auch question ahall be to
referred, and It a majority of tba state
vote In favor of It tha aama ahall become a
Jaw. -. . , . .
Mrs. Henry Blackwell.' chairman of com
mute on presidential suffrage, urged every
woman la every state to petition their lee.
Jlslatur Asking for the right to ot for
presidential electors. ' ' : '
' .
Waat Mora Paallelty.
Mr. Babcock read an interesting paper
regarding tho effort which hav . been
made to induce the newspaper of th
country to glv mora apaca to tho cause of
woman auffrage. Letter of sympathy were
sent to Mrs. Isabella Hooker. Mrs. Mary
' Anthony, Carolina Miller, Bailie Clay Ben-
setta and Mrs, Helen P. Jenkins
A recess wsa then ' taken, until 1:30
'clock. -
The afternoon session wsa devoted mainly
to addresses by the ststa presidents. They
were preceded by Mrs. Virginia Clay Clon
Ion of Alabama, who delivered an address
of greeting.
Among the speakers were tha following
presidents of their respective atate :
California, Mrs. N. L. Wood; Illinois,
Mrs. Llitt F. Long; Iowa, Mr. . Adelaide
Ballard; Kansas, Mlsa Helen Klmber; Mis
sourt, Mr. Addle M. Johnson j Nebraska,
Mrs. Clara A. Young.
A crowded) audience greeted tha members
of tho convention at tha night seeslon,
- Which, according to tha program, waa to ba
. "An Evening with tha New Woman." Half
a dosen Interesting papera ware read by
wall known women writers on law, medl
clna and theology.
"A Captivating Alliance," tha flrat paper
was rtad by Mrs. Helen A. 8haw of Boston.
Trlbate ta Frealaeat Roosevelt.
In tha course of her remark Mr. Shaw
paid a hearty tribute to tb civil service
record of Preaident Roosevelt and la tbt
connection she asserted that he wa with
tha woman auffragiata In their efforts to ob
tain the ballot for women. Her reference
to th president were received with ap
plause. Miss Margaret A. Haley of Chicago) was
to have spoken on tha "Present Opportuni
ties for Woman in Politics." Because of
business matters, however, sbe wsa unable
o ba preeent and In making this announce
ment Mrs. Catt. the president, spoke in ap
proving manner, of Mies Haley's work. In
connection with In Chicago School Teach
er' federation.
Mis Elisabeth Olllmer (Dorothy Dlx) of
New Orleans contributed a very Interesting
paper oa "The Lady and th Quill."
A paper oa ."Pills In Politics," by Dr.
Cera Smith Eaton of Minneapolis wss next
Tba discussion of the topic of "From
Status to Statutes" gave Ml Gail
In Constant Misery
Relief Gomes at Last to an
(Ma Citizen.
After years -.nd years of constant' mlaery
from backache and the many annoying
complicatlona that accompany aiok kidney,
a eltlsea of Omaha finds relief and cur.
Tb public statement .which follow will
help many a reader.
Mr. J. B. Ask ot titi Lak atreet says
"For fiftseo yr after accident I bad
attack f kidney cotuplaint, occurring; mor
frequently and mor vr al time went
by. Two week befor I procured Doaa'
Kidney Pills at Kuhn A CO' drug stere,
earner of Fifteenth and Dougla atreeta, I
aaa ran dea !a health and I thought th
treatment might help my kldneya. It did.
1 am-pleesed t recommend a prepanstloa
which acts up. to the repreaentatlona ansd
for It." . . '
Bold fo W per box by all dealer.
Fnttar-Mllhura Co.. Buffal. N. T., Ol
tat for th I'nited States.
Rmabr th aame. Doaa', aad tak a
La u till In of New Tork an opportunity to
peak of tba work and possibilities of
womea la the lesal profession. To obtain
the full meaaur of success, woman, she
said, must stsnd on her feet, clothed with
tb full right of eoverelgn cltlxenshlp;. sue
ceaa In th law muet depend upon absolute
obliteration of sex prejudice. Those per
sons opposed to tha advaacement of woman,
b aald, are on the ebb tide. The future
held for them aura defeat
Th night session terminated with a talk
by Rev. Ida C. Pultln of Boston on "Th
Need of th Hour." This need. b de
clared, wa a chang of front, tb putting
forward of tba great moral Issues In place
of th greet) (or gold, and the advancement
of the moral principle that hall reult la
tb uplifting of oppressed humanity.
Leaves the "Artsaaa" Campaay lad.
aealy aaa laser , Peeallar
J. W. Cope of tha "Arltona" company,
which opened an engagement at Boyd's
theater last night, disappeared Wednesday
evening Just before th beginning of th
performance while tha company wa ta
Slout City. From the railroad agent In
Sioux City It waa learned that Cope pur
chased a ticket to Chicago and left at 7.40
o'clock for that city. Further than that
nothing I known of th whereabout of tbe
Manager' McClevia aald laat night: "We
bav telegraphed all over the eastern coun
try in hope of finding some trace of Cope,
but have heard nothing. Ha appeared in
tbe afternoon performanc at Sioux City
and I wa talking with him at o'clock of
that day. I believ h left u while tem
porarily Insane. He had with him $500 be
longing to tbe company, but no baggage.
He waa not a drinking man and wa on of
th most faithful of th entire company.
HI place In the company will be taken by
Stage Manager Mitchell."
A dispatch from Sioux City says it has
been learned there that Cope la In
Dea Moines, wbera hla parents livs. It
aid that he visited them when th "Ari
se" company played at Dea Molnee
Tuesday night and had appeared moody
nd preoccupied aver since. His volfs
says sb knows no reason for bis conduct.
A later dispatch from Dea Molnea said
that Copa w.w not In that city.
Shewing; of Receipt aaa Dlaaapaa.
aaeaf far Jssasry aaa Hal.
aaea aa Hand.
Th report of County Treasurer n. Tta
jLiaasser, snowing th whereabouts of
county runda for Jsnusry, 1903, follows
Collections In January.'.'!!". M8o!5
Total ',
..$ 67.7M.M
Disbursements In January
Caah In drawer January SI
Check In drawer January 81..,
Postage account
Protest money on hand
On deposit In banks:
.. 1.414.14
. 47.110.01
merchant- National
United State National
Commercial National
Flrat National
Packers' National ,
Omaha National
Union National ,
.. 4.40127
.. 10,3.7t
.. 30.1S7.13
.. 11.600.00
.. 10.466. 20
.. 6.000.00
. 16g,7.65
Balance on hand January Si.,..
Th many friend of O. H. Hausan. en
gineer L. E. a W. R. R., at present living
in umi, u., win do pleased to know of his
recovery from threatened kidney disease.
He writes: "I was cured by using Foley's
Kidney . Cure, which; J recommend . to . all.
specially trainmen, who are usually siml
larly afflicted." -
Woman's Work in Club and Charity
In compliance with tho request of th
executive board of tbe General Federation
ot Women' club, tb harmonising com
mlttses from the Massachusetts and
Georgia federation have met. Aa all-day
conference waa held oa Thursday, Febru-
ary f, at tha Holland house, New York,
and at tUe' close of th meeting th two
committee were no aearr th completion
of their task of harmonising their con-
dieting opinions on ths color question than
they were la th morning. No decision wa
reached and th moating adjourned with
nothing accomplished. Massachusetts wa
represented by Mr. My Aide Ward,
president ot th .Massachusetts federation,
nd Mr. A. C. Wt and Mr. Ida Barrett
Adam. Th south wa represented by
Mrs. A. O. Oranger and Mrs. J. Liadsey
Johnson, president and x-prstdent ot the
Oeorala federation.
Aa chairman ot correspondence, previous
to ths Milwaukee biennial-, Mrs. West wss
responsible for th admission of tb Now
Bra club Into tho Massacbuaetta fsdsra-
tlon. Mrs. Adam Is a prominent member
ot the Middlesex club ot Lowell, Mass.,
which wa on of th first of th thirteen
Maatachusette clubs to withdraw rrwm th
Oenrl Federation ot Wtmea'a dub last
year In protest against th drawing of th
oolor Uu.
The reoreeBlatlvea from Qsorgia oeeupy
place in th foremot rank of outhra
club women, and aro Identified throughout
th outa with every effort for tb btter-
ment and olevatloa of the womanhood ot
that ctioa. They hav been especially
ctlv4n their effort to bettor th Indus-
trlai and oclal condition ot tb colored
women and children and th southern club
women feel that they ar especially 0ttd
tn rnraaant them In th matter ot drawing
th color line.
Tha delecate from th outb held, that
th lnrtloa of th word "wait-, into in
by-laws of tho General Federation of Worn-
en' club tu th only feaalbl mthod of
settling permanently whether colored club
hall b a part ot th general federation and
colored dlgate racogntscd at convention
of the national oclty.
Regarding th matter Mr. Oranger y:
Th color oueatlon had been a drawback
to olub work ia th outa from th firt,
because our womea have refuaed to tak
part until th matter la definitely settlsd.
II ths line is not draws strictly mere will
b a general disruption of th federation,
W fel tbat th aortbara woman who ar
living couth and who hav learned the tru
ltuatloa to b Juat aa eager aa w for thl
aetloa. Ia our judgment It will b juat aa
much to .tha advantage of the colored
women ato tb whit women. Th better
educated colored women do not want to
join th whit club, nor do tbey wat
aoclal intercourse with whit women. Som
of th colored club are managed ia a ma-
terly fashion and ar doing meat excellent
work and It will arv t weaken ralhr
than to atrengthea them If affiliation of
while aad colored clubs !s permitted.'
Royal Worcester China" was th sp
clal topis of yesterdsy morning's masting
of th art department and attracted tbe
largest attstden: of th year, the c'i fir-
Ing the .large room. Ao unusual collection
of fin spee'mens' bad been loaoed for tbe
occaalen to Illustrate tt subject which wis
presented by Mis Ethclvya Kennedy ia
tbe abieare of Mr. Lawrl. Sh especially
presented tbs process of ths manufacture
of tb war. "Early Car Painter ot
America" waa tha regular leaaoa subject
ad wa followed by a discussion at Us
Lard Mayer f Londat Fmenti Him with
Freedom f th City.
laity at Bsnalr InveWea la tha
Straaarta la Santa Africa Oat
llaea (aa.ea Which
Lad to the War.
LONDON. Feb. It. This metropolis be
stowed Its highest distinction on Joseph
Chamberlain, tbe colonial aecrelary, today,
when, at Oulld hall. It conferred on him th
freedom of the city In a gold casket. Mr.
Chamberlain accompanied her husband and
they war greeted oa their arrival with a
fanfare of trumpet. Mr. and Mra. Cham
berlain were conducted to th library, where
they were received by the lord mayor. Sir
Joseph C. Dlmadale, and the lady mayoress.
The hall wss crowded, among those present
being Mr. Cbamberlaln's political colleague
and adherenta, who duly applauded the be
stowal of tha ctty'a freedom. Tbe addreia
In connection with th preaentatlon con
gratulated Mr. Chamberlain on tbe services
be bed rendered to tbe empire during the
last twenty-five year, dwelling specially
on the way he baa welded tbe colonlea to
gether. In replying Mr. Chamberlain disclaimed
any intention of making political capital
out of th occasion, but he aald he thought
he might. In behalf .of th government,
make an appeal for national support. Tbe
government bad two great national objects
la view to establish beyond question Brit
ish authority in South Africa nd to main
tain tbe unity of tb empire. Both object
were Involved in the South African war.
The war would alway be memorable, be
cause It had called out a greater military
effort than ever before asked from Oreat
Britain, and because It had shown to friend
and foe the potential strength and Inex
haustible resource 'of the empire. He
had not thought It necessary to stoop to
meet the Imputations of national greed,
lust or personal ambition and motlvea sug
gested by tbe Insignificant minority, alnee
the war bad the approval of alster nation
acroaa tb seas.
Eneplr Wa at Stake.
In regard to tb Immediate cause of th
war, aald Mr. Chamberlain, It waa not only
Impossible for a great nation to allow It
subjects to be humiliated, or oppressed. Its
engagements broken, and black racee op
pressed, but the very existence of the em
pire was Involved and the government was
pledged to continue It until the danger from
which they had escaped was forever
After a reference to "Shallow observer
abroad, who foretold Great Britain' down
fall," Mr. Chamberlain concluded with a
greet, glowing tribute to tbe colonlea, who,
throughout th war, he aald, had demon
atratad their determination to ahare tho
obligation a well a tb privilege of th
empire. It waa a long step toward
th .consolidation, which was now
within a measure of practical ' accom
plishment. He did not envy the states
man who would ba willing to eompromlsu
ths issue for which th empire fought. The
nation wa not vindictive to it cnemle.
If they surrendered today they would be
welcomed ss friends tomorrow. The ex
pulsion of thoae who caused the war waa
only a meaaure of elf-preaervatlon. Simi
larly, immunity for treaaon waa not hu
manity, but waa cruelty to tbe loyaliata
and to tbe Boer who now. In thousands,
recognising th futility of th struggle,
were aiding Crest Britain to end' the. war.
In .justice to those who fad died, and as
security for ths survivors, tbe Boers must
be made to rscognli tbat they ar de.
merit of th genre of story-telling paint-
During th business seeeloo It wa da-
elded that a full length Stuart picture ot
Washington b placed in tbe children's da-
partmlnt of the Public library on February
12. Regarding th placing of a statue In
th children' department the women unan-
Imoualy voted 1100 for that purpoae. It
wa at first considered wisest to raise the
amount by th contribution of f 1 by aaoh
member, wntcn would be mor tnan sum-
cient, but th woman finally decided to
present three itereoptlcon illustrated lec-
turea during Lent. By thl plan they ex-
,pct to not only ralaa tho neceasary amount
for th etatuo, but will b enabled aa wall
to review the Amerlcaa artists and sculp-
tors. Th thro subjects decided upon were:
Th Architecture and Bcu ptur of th Con-
gresslonal Library." "Mural Decoration ot
tb Congresiional Library" and "Mlscellan-
sous . Amerlcaa Painters." During these
lectures ther will b no regular meetings
of th department, as ths subjects entirely
cover tho review work, - Insamuch as th
work of at least twenty of tb American
painters la represented in tbe mursl work
of th library and alio tho work ot nearly
aa many sculptors. Th ticket r to b
"u, it aaa suiucieui aumoer
nav already eeen uocnoea to nearly
meet tb required amount,
Tn aurery commute or tne unuo oav-
Ing Inatkut held a called meeting on
Thursday morning at tha Institute for th
consideration ot th regular monthly busl-
neas. Th report of a number ot special
committees wer aiso nesra, tn women
having recently added considerable new
furnishing to ths building.
Th matron reported eight children hav
Ing been placed ia home during th laat
mono, sixteen returning to tueir parents,
eleven admitted to the horn, on death
and six tska into th horn tor th second
Th women hav undertaken th prepara-
tloo and disposal of a very complete amerg-
BrT box for us In home and among
cnuaren, irom wmcn tney expect to realize
a sum tbat will greatly assist them in
their other work.
The members of the Ladles' Aid of ths
eecono rresoyicnan cnurcn spent inursaay
at tb Child Saving Institute sewing and
making over clothing tor th children ot
that bom. Thl aaslstanc 1 especially
xaluabl to th Institute aa ao much of the
doming coatrioutea nas to t maae over,
Any other ocl.'y wtahlng to rontrlbu it
asalatanc may arrange a day by conferring
with Mlas Cook, tbe matron.
It waa decided at Wedoeaday' meeting of
tb Woman a Cbriatlaa Temperance union
to observe Wcdnetday afternoon, February
a rrancia v uiard Memorial day ana,
instead of tbe regular meeting, to hold a
memorial ueet'.cg ia th parlor of th
Young woman a Cbriatlaa association, to
- Pa at I SO o'clock. Previous to this
meeting th member of tb local union will
meet and transact tbe regular bualnesa.
Mlaa Magee' report of her work at Tenth
Street City mission waa th feature of
Wednesday's meeting. Tbe growth an4
progrea of th mother' club, now number-
Ing thirty-one members, bs been especially
gratifying, as th women come from neigh-
borhood as far distant a Taenty-flrat and
Burdette and Twentieth and Plarce, and
front tba entire track district along the
rivr. At first th wlng class aad U
To do otherwise- would be to Invite tb
rnntemnt nf fneeta-n countries, whuSS af
fection It seemed Impossible for them to I
gain, but who respect) at any rate, tney
were able to secure.
Read Uaea ta Leaveawerth.
WASHINGTON. Feb. IS. Information has
reached the War department from Manila
that th plar for th execution of th n-
exptred portion of o much of th sentence
a relates to confinement at hard labor of
Jamea C. Read, let captain and commit-
ary of aubalatence, baa been changed from
the Presidio da Manila to the United State
Penitentiary at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.,
to which latter point the prisoner ha bee
aent under proper guard.
Confirmations ay lac aate.
WASHINGTON. Feb. II. Th ccntt to
day made these confirmations:
J. A. Williams, register of the lend office
i iJk Mar, Colo.
Receiver of Public Money D. C. Wr
ner, at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho; J. D. Dun
can, at Springfield, Mo.
New Mexico R. H. Baleaar. Las Vera.
South Dakota T. A. Steven. Chamber
lain; w. u. Arnold, Clear Lake; .. H.
jonnson, Brldae water.
At Temple Israel Friday evening Rabbi
Abram Simon will deliver a sermon on
me suD.'ect: "The Ideal Messiah.
Judge W. W. Slabaugh returned at noon
today from Hannibal, Mo., whence he had
been called by the Illness of his wife
Rev. Dr. Davidson of St. Matthias' church
will give a lecture on the hlatorv of the
church In Trinity Cathedral chapel at 7:30
mis evening. . , .,
J. O. Barr, formerly employed by Cud
dlngton A Wilcox or South Omaha, de
nies that he ever had any allpa, coal
checks or other papera belonging to that
nrm in nis possession.. .
Oeorge A. Custer post and the Woman's
rtener corps win ro in a todv to council
Bluffs at 7:30 Saturday evening to pay a
return visit to. Ajorn-nam Ljincoin post,
Orand Army of the Republic.
The fire department extinguished a small
blase In the two-story frame building at
Kfl North Twelfth afreet at S:30 o'clock
Thursday afternoon. The fire was caused
by a defective flue. No damage was done.
Leroy Clenllen. 8-year-old eon of Paul
Clenllen. 10 Franklin street, who was In
jured Wednesday evenlnr while roastlnsr.
by colliding with a wagon, wa resting
well last night at Clarkson hospital anil
tne attenuing pnyaioian nas nopea or nil
James Gladwin, who waa arrested Tues
day night for carrying concealed weapon,
had a hearing before Judge Berka Thurs
day afternoon and was discharged. ' Glad
win stated thnt he carried the revolver to
keep from being robbed of 154 which he
had in hi pocket.
The annual election of officer of the
Peter Cooper club, held last night, re
sulted as follows: Huyh Mcintosh, presi
dent; Elmer E. Thomas, vie president;
P. W. Marsh, treasurer; P. L. Forgsn.
secretary. A large crowd waa present and
an enthusiastic meeting held. The club Is
lining up for work and In the future will
hold regular meeting. Committee for
the year were appointed, i
Joseph Dickinson, who worka on th
nouth of Council Bluffs, came to Omaha 1
yesteraay afternoon and while in com
pany with some colored women discovered
tnat two jjo gold pieces nad mysteriously
disappeared. He informed the police and
Maude Johnson, Mabel Reed and Mamie
Smith- were arrested, but no trace of the
money waa found. They were all locked
Social lodge No. 105,' Degree of Honor,
rave a valentine parcy in the Ancient or
der of United Workmen temple laat night.
A literary and musical program waa car
ried out, the folio win taklnc part: Mr.
and Mra. Charles Thalm. Adolph Theltn,
Kd isvans, j. w- ifivana. Mr. J. w. Kvans,
Mlsa Tenlck. E4 F. ' Pickering. A war
dance waa given by Will and Ed Jordon.
A dance followed the-, program. . A large
crowa waa preeent.. . :
Marv Shelby, who waa for a time ad
ministratrix of the estate of Joseph Crelgh
ton, ha the prospect of aome suit against
her as the result of-Judge Vlnsonhaler's
decision of yesterday . euHtslnln the ob
jections made by the St. James' Orphans ge
and others to tier flnns-repot-t sxd InatructJ
ina that suit can btroiiKht against ner
for the 17,000, which ah Is said to have
proper voucnera or receipt to snow lor it.
social hour of the Wednesday afternoon
meetln aufllced. tha women comnletin
fifty - four garment and' twelve quilt, many
of them learning to ew"for th Brat tiro
but of late they have aaked for explanations
of varloua aubjects of current Interest,
especially concerning th public school,
and on that afternoon, Mia Ma gee baa
cured a speaker to addresa them on that
subject Sixty girls are now in regular at
tendance at th Saturday afternoon sewing
and Industrial claesea,., but, owing to tbe
lack of fund to provide ibe necessary ma-
terlal for the boys' Industrial classes, Miss
Mageo has suspended tbem for. th present,
or, at least until after th mow I gone,
when It will be necessary to receive tbem
again to keep tbem oft tbe atraet. . Aa
interesting report wss given by Mrs. 8hln
rock of the Demorcst contest, work in Omaha
alnco It beginning twelve yeara ago. Dur
Dg thla time 20S medal hav been awarded
and 11,600 expended In these contests,
Th members of Mu Sigma club mot at
the home of Mr. M. M. Van Horn Wedne
day morning, "Charlea tb Bold" and "Mary
of Burgundy" being th topic for tb day.
Mrs. Fleming acted aa leader and Mr. Pat
rick gave a reading on "Charts the Bold."
Mrs. Wright read th magna chart of Th
The fourth ot the series ot horn cul
ture talk bslng . glvan - by ,th Young
Women' Christian '. association will taks
place Monday evening at the horn of Mr.
Charles Bates, at 3202 Wool worth avenue.
"Woman la the Home" Is to bs tbs even
ing' subject, and will be presented by
Mrs. W. P. Harford. Seven o'clock Is tbs
hour and a general Invitation is extended
to all association members.
Dr. Abby Virginia Holmes will rssd
Charlea Sheldon' atory. "For Chriat and
th Church," at the Sunday afternoon gos
pel meeting.
Tbe next membership tea will occur on
-Monday evening, February 24, and it has
been desired to make the affair a Martbs
'Waablngton tea. It is urged that all mem
bers intending to b present will leave
their nsmcs with ths secretary befor Feb
ruary 22.
Tbe member of tb Horn Queen circle
met at Mount St. Mary' academy on
Thursday afternoon and efteoted a perma
pent - organisation, th ' following officer
being elected: President, Mrs. J. R. Wood
ward; first vie preaident. Mra. T. J. Ma
hooey; aecond vie president, Mrs. Frsnk
Morearty; secretary, Mra.' Harrlst MacMur
phy; treaaurer. Rev. Mother Leo; execu
tlva committee, Mrs. Mlllen, Mrs. MscMur-
pby,. Mlsa Herberts Jaynes, 81ster Mary
Angela. Mrs. C. J. Smyth and Mrs. A
Ths women wish It understood tbst there
Is no membership fe connected with the
organisation and that It I entirely non
sectarian. Th dutle of member conalat
only of enlightening . themselves ia tb
cienc of bomemaklng and extending tbe
Interest of th orgarleatlon abroad. A
number of tb wealthier women of the
city have contributed S5 each to b uaed In
th establishment of a scholarship fund,
whereby the brnaflta of tbe Slaters ot
Mercy School ot Domestic Science may ba
given to deserving young women unable to
pay for the inatruction themselves. The
next meeting will be held st I o'clock oa
Wednesdsy afternoon. February 2. wbsn
Mrs. MacMurphy. will glv a demonstration
la ths msthods of ths school as a part of
th afternoon program.
AlTlTtl of Aritatiai far Itntt Car Lilt
U Frt Oreek.
Caaasalttee Will Be Appelated A p.
raaeh Oaleer f Oasaaa Street
Railway Company aa
th Project.
Sine Washington sdvl.-r Indicate that
th garrison at Fort Crook I to be en
larged to aceommodst a rtglment, thoe
ab hav long been In favor of a street
rar llni to the post evince considerable in
terest In th matter. Now that ther 1 a
probability ot an lurreaso In th garrison,
request I to b mad of th street csr
company to complet Its survey and con
struct a tin.
Judge Rrea, on of the prominent mem
ber of th Ecat Sid Improvement club,
and Judge Agnew of the South Sid Im
provement club ar in favor of tb pro
posed Una, and it i understood that at
aa early dat Joint committee of th two
clubs, a well as a commute from th
council, will b appointed to wait upon
th officer of the Omaha Street Railway
company to what can be done toward
th construction of a lln? along Thirteenth
street to Fort Crook.
Business men In South Omaha insist
that the Albright line abould be extended,
thus bringing tbs people from Fort Crook
into ths heart of the city without the
neceaslty tor a transfer. Bom ssy that
th Albright line can be extended for less
money than it will coat for the building of
the proposed Thirteenth street line. In
ny event, the people of South Omefaa ap
pear to want a suburban line to Fort Crook
and Bellevn and argue that it would b a
paying Investment.
Plenty of Ice.
While tba cold weather last Backer
and th lc companies will continue to cut
Ice. although all of tb hou ar rilled.
Ia om case loo ia being piled on tb
ground and temporary shed will be erected
over tho stack when the cutting endk. Th
quality of th lc Is excellent.
Waat Walk Clean.
Councilman Miller I after th mayor and
th afreet commissioner In an attempt to
have some of tb lc and mow cleaned
from th sidewalk ia th buslneaa portion
of the city. The street commissioner is
busy thess daya looking after his owa af
fairs and tbe mayor Insists that ther 1 no
money oa hand to pay for th removal of
lc from th walk. Miller want th po
11c ordered to enforce the ordinance gov
erning th removal of mow and Ice, but
tho mayor hesitate on account ot the
PlbIo xpen,
Bonds Forwarded.
Th lu of 1110,880 In refunding district
improvement bond were ablpped east by
express last nlgbt. th necessary signa
ture and th seal ot tha city having been
appended during th day. Tb deal I all
closed now, except the payment ot th
money, and thl ha been guaranteed by
the buyer. By thl sale there will be no
need of renewing any district Improve
ment bond thl year.
Deferring: Vacation Proposition.
Som of th member of th city council
ar inclined to tb opinion that no further
attempt will be mad by tb present coun
cil to pas any ordinance concerning th
vacation of Railroad avenue. Th proposi
tion of the Union Stock Yards 'company to
'undertak"' to construct a viaduct across
th traeks within a year. In lieu of tb
vacation of 1.600 feet of. valuable railroad
trackage, doe not seem to meet with tbe
Idea of th council, and th result will
likely be that the present council will put
off actloa. Thl will laav th proposition
up to th coming council.
Equalisation Boara Meets.
The city council met yesterday after
noon as a board of equalisation to bear
I complaints on tb grsding ot B street from
Twenty-third to Twenty-fourth street. No
complaint were filed with th board and
It ia not expected any will be. Another
easlon of th board will bo held today.
Maale City Goasln.
Harrv tl. Christie left yesterday after
noon for a southern trip.
Mm Anna Riley entertained the New
Century club yesterday afternoon.
Th Norwegian - American Republican
club held a well attended meeting at
Franek'a ball laat nlgbt.
jay Laverty, one ot the well known bual
nesa men of the city, la being talked of for
a member ot the Board of Education.
Joanh Dworak la aolna? to be a republi
can candidate for councilman from tha
Second Ward. Hla opponent will be Mliea
Th Woman's Relief corps of Phil Kear
ney Dost win uieet wun airs, uranae.
Twenty-third and H streets, Saturday, to
complete the installation of officers.
Pantatn Holland of the South Omaha
cavalry troop haa engaged the large hall
at the Exchange for tne mueter of the
troop. It la expected the troop will be
mustered Tuesday evening.
Validity of Isstk Oaaaha Enactment
a)aetlaad la Hades! Cor
an Praeeedlna.
South Omaha's bill poster ordinance,
which haa been a topic much discussed
Inc It racent promulgation, l to be
tested la duttrict court, and a writ of
habeas corpu I to b laaued Immediately
at the order of Judge Baxter la favor ot
Lewi G. Walsh and directed, to Watioa
Wolf, jailor of th South Omaha jail.
Walsh, It appear, attempted to paint
som sort ot business admonition on th
dead wall ot Mr. Mulvlhlll property and
wa jailed for It under sentence by Pollc
Judg P. J. King. Walsh' attorneys tak
th stand that th ordinance, which I No.
103. is void, becaus section 4 "attempt
to creat a monopoly and unlawfully Inter
fer with tb right ot th petitioner and
others to perform labor as sign painter
within South Omaha." Th section of tb
ordinsnc to which this objection is takea
Is quoted aa follows:
if .hall be unlawful for any person
niiiar than the bill Dost.r. hla asent or en-
Dlovea or those acting oirectiy unaer ins
iLuthorttv or under his direction, to post
any bills, except those who in person post
Kill ar wiiAr-m mil vpruMUM miiirr ui mvir
goods, wares or business, and such poatlng
shall be done as to place, manner ami
time under the Direction ana oraer or tnd
aid bill poster. Any person found
guilty OK tne violation ui any ui me pru
viiinm of this ordinance shall, upon con
vtctlon thereof, be .fined In sny sum not
.1ina ID B or D irapriiynwi in in. cum
mon Jail or saia cuy tor a periou not ex
ceeding thirty days, and may be required
to work out ootn nne ana cobib.
till ht.M tt l.
"During a period of poor health aoma
tlm ago I got a trial botti or uewitt a
Llttl Early Rlaere," y Juatlc of th
peac Adam Shook of New Llaboa. lad
'J tooh thm aad tbey did pi so much
good I bsvo used them aver mc " Sat
reliable snd gsntls, DeWltt Lima Early
KlMr neither grip nor distress, but atlm
ulsts tbs liver snd promote regulsr and
easy sctloa of tbs bowels.
Martlaa License..
Relvla M. Shaw, Cambridge. Neb 3
Delia Broyiee. Omaha
Oeorea H. Kevea. Omaha
Emma Ko-aisKy, uetroit
Hermsn A. Albrecht, Omaha x
Eli MlchaaL Omaha U
one-sixth pure glycerin, is per
fectly transparent and contains
no impurities.
The delicate perfume of
natural flowers.
It is a toilet pleasure.
The pride of the makers is
to sustain its purity and high
Current Literature
Tbe Sheridan (Wyo.) number of the
Omaban, which is juat at band. Is meat at
tractive in appearance and if it doe not
meet with th hearty, approval ot tb fiber
Idanltea they must be hard to please. Th
frontispiece 1 a fin' engraving of tha hot
springs in th Big Ho.rn mountain, wblle
scattered through tb number are a very
large number of illustrations ot scenes
bout Sheridan. J. V. Dwyer contributes
a poem entitled "A Mountain Tragedy;"
C. S. Coutant. atate librarian at Cheyenne,
writes of the esrly history ot Cheyenne
county. Among other feature ar: "Sketch
of the Banking Interests of Bheridsn;"
"Orln snd Farm Products;" "Mines and
Mining;" "Th. Trout Fly and the Rifle;"
"Ranch and Ranches;" "Railroad Facilities
and Irrlgstion;" "A Mountain Hunt." Any.
one desiring to know something of tb
thriving young city of Sheridan will find all
reeded information In thl number of the
The Philharmonic, published st 803 Mich
igan boulevard, Chicago, la on ot tb most
attractive appearing magastne received.
Th frontispiece In tb February number Is
a study In child life, a pen etching by Frank
Holme. Among the special features la this
number ars: "Mademoiselle Chamlnade;"
Th Theatric Art ot Make-Up;" "Mas
senet, a Biographical Sketch;" "In th Labd
ot th Pharaoh:" "Tone, th Soul of
Muale;" "In th Field ot Music;" "Emm
Csiv at .Home;" "Chicago . Art Student
Froli:;V' AmMca Stage." .
Literary Nates.
Hsrper ac Brothels published on Feb
ruary 4 a new novel by Harris Dick
son, suthor of "The Bleck Wolf's Breed.
It Is entitled "The Siege-Of Lady Reso
lute," and Is a delightful story of tha
genuinely romantic type.
Harper 4 Brothers will publish a bio
graphy of one of the most picturesque and
Interesting characters of our time. Cecil
Rhodes, founder of th British South
Africa oenvany and ex-premler pf Capo
UOIonv. 1 lie uiuHinyiij, ciiuiu
Rhodes: A Study of a Ci
was writ
ten by Mr. Howsrd Hensman, a personal
friend of Mr. Rhodess and an authority
unon the history and affairs of Rhodesia.
Harter ft Brother pumisnea recently
nw n.l revised edition of Colonel
McClure's stsndard work on "Our Presi
dent., and How We Make Them.
hi,.). ) fnllv un tn date. Including a
portrait or Presiaent itooseveii. in.
m niihll.hor. will also Issue a
newly revised edition of William Blalkle a
excellent manual of sensible physical exer
clae, "How to Get Strong, and How to
Htav Nn." now laBliea in inurv uuiivriiivni
form than heretofore and at a popular
Mr. Arthur E. Boatwlck has compiled
IIHrarv atallatll. whlrh contain awful
warnlnga ti r our army vi .uinuia.
rrea prove mat nunureoa gi ui unuw"
Miirarie. fr.auentlv fall to read booka
through to the end! Of fiction this Is
least, snd of science most true, as might
be expected. Between these extremes his
tory was found to occupy a middle ground,
but mor readers were sble to finish all
the volumes of Jnstln McC'srthy s highly "Hlainrv of Our Own Times
than to reud to the end Gibbon' stately
"Rome'' or Hume'a "England.". The answer
to Mr. Bostwlrk's query, -u leaders
annlrt aeem to be. "it aeuenas
unon ths entertaining qualities of th
President Rooevelt in oil npt;r on
iml . . . ' - M toll IE an VAI 1 I AI
i ne war ui
rlAa'i hlafnrv
published In tnie country oy uttie, nran
Jk Co., of Boston, apeak of America a
unpreparedness, aa followa: "Had America
poeeeaaed a fleet of twenty hips of ! the
li aiiAra rntiM have Dilea -their
tr.Am unmniated: and the three years' of
iik ita In.. In blood and money
would nave oeen ii". ium
merely monetary standpoint such a navy
would hav been the cheapest kind of
Insurance; and morally Its advantage
would hav been Incalculable, for every
American worth the name would have
lifted hie head higher because of It exig
ence But unfortunately the nation lacked
ika wtailtm a r mmm inia. inu 1 1 riiuaa m uu
rechoss for the presidency Thomas Jeffer
son who avowed that his 'passion was
.if mnr In blood and wealth, than
the political leaders moat reck essly In
different to war have ever cost It. There
never waa a better example of the ultimate
evil caused by a timid effort to secure
neace. througn tne wr" yl -the
refusal to make preparation for war.
than that afforded by the American peo
Jm. ..,u.e tha Drealdrnclea of Jefferson and
Tha above books ar tor sale by tb
Megeatb Stationery Co.. 1308 rarnam i
In tbs Misses Department-
We bar a Hue of shoe at li.oO that
aro lnr every way the equal of our boys'
auoes at tb!a price thla department Is
o large that we know we buve Just
what you want aad If you're looking
for a shoe that will give good wear, fit
perfectly and look neat at a uall cost
you will be Interested la these Sl.M)
sboes-we want you to come and see
tbem. anyway, even If you do not in
tend to purchase.
Drexel Shoe Co,.
hew Fall tatal.sus Maw ltay.
Uasss's t-l-ani Hssls.
peace.' and whoee timiauy aurpasaea ev-n
hie philanthropy. Both Britain and Amer
ica have produced men of the 'peace at
- r n,i. nattern: and in America, In
Csatty Cotnmiuiaian to Farticirat i
Two Cbtritr lttiiri
Delegation Will - Go to Mlltvaukra
Kest Jan with Av.ned Purpos
of IndsrlBS Blt Orssnlis.
tlen la lslt Omaha.
Th county commissioners hav tb con
vention bu bussing in their bonnets with
particulsr diligence at present. Tuesday of
next week they go to Fremont to ornt be
fore the stale convention of the Nebraska
Commissioners' snd Supervisors' Ofsoci-
tion and after tbat they ar planning to
end the charity committee and perhaps
om other to Milwaukee to attend the
June convention of the charity associations
of the United State and lecur It next,
meeting for Omaha If possible.
It has been th custom for only the
couuty agent to attend these charity con
ventions, but because of the new plan to
secure the convention tor Omaha, which
plan Is said to be favored by several local
charity workers who wish to strengthen tbe
movsment here, It Is now proposed to send
th wbol committee, which include Con
nolly, Harta and "'f eeff
To tho Fremont convention the delega
tion, from Omaha will include-ths entire
board and perhaps County Clerk Miller snd
others. Mr. Miller and tb board have en
tered Into a new brotherhood with appar
ently a better understanding and tb icicle
that uaed to hang perpetually tu the doqr
between tbelr respective room have
thawed, leaving the way clear to a free In-
tarmlngltng. If he goea to Fremont be
promises to spplsud everything tbat Com
missioner Ostrom may aver In bis psper on
The Commissioner in Politics." Commis
sioner Hsrtc Is to talk on "Road and Bridge
Work." Commissioner. Connolly has pre
pared, on typewritten pgges ot Indefinite
number, an srticle on "The Csre ot tb
Poor," of which he announce b will read
as much as the audience will stsnd for'
Ths program doesn't announce what Com-
mlaalbner O'Keeffe la to talk about. If any
thing, and Commissioner Hofeldt ays be
may talk about two minutes In tho debates,
but will not prepsre any special paper.
The final arrangements for tb trip srs
to be made at tb meeting Friday morning.
There 1 also to be brought up then th de
mand of City Boiler Inspector John Russell
tbat a licensed engineer be employed ss
bight fireman at ths court hous snd th
hearing oa the application for a liquor li
cense for a saloon to bs established In
Irvington. ...
Disposing; af Kilts Prise.
At !:S0 thl afternoon at the Boyd theater
the blr sifts from the Elks' fair will be
awarded uy a committee consisting of K. A.
Nash. Oeorge t;. I'rurneti. james u. Mar
tin, George C. Towle and K. C. Page. Theae
gentlemen have accepted the commission
put upon mem oy tne r.m. committee.
Admission to the theater will be free.
Always fOiUvt
New to Show
2525a fiT
Th neweat Ideas snd catchiest
designs for Valentine Day Feb. 14th
I la the day Come arly.
ocUty itlonr.
1201 Famam St.
Rtw aa thl Pa aaa a aa4
a. Wo caa alea faralea ssy aaals
Barkalow Bros.' "Book she," -
Faraaaa Vkss SAO.
Thl tlgaatar I aa every boa ot ta gaaata
Laxative BrorafOulnlnc Tsbut
remedy that ear a cald sat aa Jmj.