Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 10, 1901, PART I, Page 8, Image 8

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Jt I. MM! MH.Vl'lltti.
P.v Is ells drugs.
eti' t sells carpet" nnd runs.
Mm beet Mt Neumayer's hotel.
Welsbaih Burners. Hlxby ft Son.
Woihnan. sulutitlnc optician. 400 Broadway.
D- Stephenson. in binds, lilcvtitor.
Th Knights nnd t-mllcu of Security will
niicl Tuesday nllllit. ri
I'irry pictures ror sale. C. K. Alexander
i to., n Hroadwuy.
Good p-miv for sal" cheap or trade, can
nt uiicp. iJ"J Damon street.
Missouri ouk body wood, J5..V) cord. vm.
Welch, 23 N. MiiIm st. Tel. KS.
Fa it powdns and toilet article, bout
ninth IJ.-I1 H. Morgan, druggist
Attend Hi'- Woodman dance nt "-,;
..ill VVpiIiii KlllV t'VOllltlg. November I-
Fot ItiMit .Modern 7-rooin residence,
i Ligbth Htrcot. corner Sixth tivcnuo.
Wilbur. Inrniil of Mr. and -Mrs. II. V.
K lift' if Falrmotitil avenue, In seriously III.
'Hi- l.iuh .Mui'inbeos will meet Tuediiy
n u moon ' In lb- hull In tho Merrlum
I 01 K , ,
l!,.( Home Kiove, guaranteed not to
r ni k Sold by Petersen & Schocnlng, Mer
il mi block.
The t'omnicreltil Nallonnl bank will open
In Hi now bulldlim. & Broadway, tomor
row moruln:.
A t Van Horn, motor conductor, was
culled in L"oti, la. .vosttitlay by the seri
ous Illness uf hi" futher.
l'eltisou v .Scho.'iiliig.Mcrrtam block.
)u f I ln most complete lino of Hot Blast
pious In tho city and nt prices-that will
HTpl ISC .V Oil.
Chamber-' dancing nendemy. Itoyal Ar
iMiium hull Tuesdays and Friday, adults,
:lw p. ii,.; children, 4 p. in. Assemblies for
iidults Fridays. S:3'J p. in,
Tilt police were notllled eMerda that
n in, mill Hlot marhlno hud been stolon
Honi In front of Hill Foster Nlchuls of
lkii on North .Main street
Itcv Harvey Hosteller and State Smi-:
Hlnr A S. Ilar.olttm will address the labor
l.ig men of Council lllulfs thin iifteruoon
at :i In Labor Temple. 101 South Main
John acd Henry (Jiiade. youths charged
with iHH.tultlng C. 1'. Nelson, weie found
KiilllS before Justice llryaiit yesterday.
Sentence nf deferred for one week, t'be
parties live In C'ul-Off.
The Sisters of Mercy In thuige or St.
Tloriiiird's hospital have bought tho George
Wheeler proiiri at SS5 llarinony street,
where thev will establish a home for yomiK
women. They expect to open the homo
Janitor;' 1.
John Lc'ge of lingers. Neb., has been
taken to the Woman h Christian Associa
tion hospital for treatment. During July
and August Mr. l-emse had nil attack of
ttphnld fever and is miff oritur trom the
nfler effeets.
! ckmIi will buy a ticket good for twelve
les'ons or twelve iissoinbllov nt Murund's
lancing school. I'rclghlon hall, Oinahu.
J.eHsons. adults Tuesiiays and Fridays, a
p. ni.; children Saturday !! p. m, Thirty
tight pupils Jolurd from this city Inst
month, Why not you'.'
At the Dobiiny tomorrow night the two
iniucapal comedians of "Dangers of Furls,"
the new melodrama, are one of Its strong
features. They are dlieet contrasts, ono be
ing exceedingly lull and thill nud the othet
ehort and stout. They nre rivals for the
baud of the same girl mid their mimic en
counters are the source of much hilarity
In the audience.
The SprhiKlleld (III.) State UeKlsler. In
f pou Id I of "A Modern Wondnian.'' that
will be at the Dohanv opera house Fllday,
November in. says: "Tho house was packed
to Its titnicKit capacity with an appreciative
audience nud the play was a decided suc
cess. Charles Kills, the author of tlu play, as
Ned llurke. Lieutenant Walter M. Kills
us John Mi'Farlaud made a lilt. Llttlo
Kay Kills played Hie child part well and
Jils liiKlim specialties were loudly ap
plauded," "The Villa ro Parson" will be at the Do
huny tonlKln, The piece Is not only a well
told story, wherein human emotions and
sympathies mc strongly portrayed, but
iUf play, It Is said, has a high moral tone.
Tho iiiouutliiK Is new and beautiful and Is
u picturesque production away from the
couventlnnal and thoroughly refreshliiK
1 1 1 io lis li on t . The company will bo found a
most if.pablo one In every respect, each
member being especially selected for his
or her iart.
The hlKBCst bnrRiitus in stoves to bo
found In tho lly are at Hie Iowa Furniture
mid Carpet company's store, Mr, Ilrondway.
There are a law variety of stoves, amoiiK
them beliu; the famous Acorn Oak; also
Hot tllasts and tine ratiKes. l'rlres cannot
lm equaled. They uro nlso 'selling curpcts,
window shades, oilcloths, linoleum, rugs,
etc., at 'very low prices, A huw lino ot
double and single couches have Just ar
rived, which will so cheap. Anything you
want In the house furnishing line can bo
found at Hits store.
N. Y. rluinblng C,,. telop&oao 230.
Davis sells paint.
(.'iiiiiicII lllnfTn Churi'lir.
Sunday school at f :4.1 and morning servln
nt 11 l tho schedule at Oraco Kplscopal
Rev. W. l. Cole of Moherly, Mo., will con
duct services today and next Sunday In the
First Raptlst church,
In the Latter Hay Saints' church, morn
ing service will bo at lOtfO; sermon by
Elder F. M. Cooper at 7:30 p, m.; Sunday
Hrhool at noon. i
Preaching services In Mt. 'Ion Baptist!
church will be at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.; , ,n ,h( dlstrlct ctmrl yCSt0niay In tho mat
KiimlAv Rchnnl will bo nt n n. in. Thn nas . ... .. .. . .
Sunday school will be nt 3 p. m. Thn pas.
tor, Rev. K. H, Wilson, will preach.
The First Church of Christ, Scientist,
vill have services at 10:li thl3 morning In
tho Sapp building. The subject will bo
"Mortals and Immortals." Sunday school
will meet nt close of service.
The first of a series of revival meetings
will bo held this evening In thn Oermnn
Kvnngdlrnl church, Pleroo street and (Men
Hveniie, conducted by the pastor. Rev. H.
Snsaman. Services will bo held every
evening of this week.
In the P.f'oadway Methodist church tonight
thn sermon will bo omitted and a sacred
concert given Instead, Tho choir of twenty
eight voices under tho direction of Ned
Mitchell will be asslstrd by Mrs. A. A.
Covalt, MIis May Tulleys nnd tho Misses
Cornrlln and Clraro Stevenson,
"A Christian Nation" will be tho topic
of Rev. Harvey Hosteller this morning at
10:30 in the Scrond Presbyterian church.
His theme at 7:30 will bo "Tho Heavenly
Vision," Sundny school will meet at noon;
Junior Kndoavnr eoclcty at 3 p. m., nnd
Young People's meeting nt 7 p. m.
In St. Paul's Kplsropnl church, Rev,
Ooorgo Kdward Walk, rector, communion
will ho administered at S a. m. Morning
prayer and sermon will bo at 10:30; Sunday
school at noon; evening prayer nnd ser
mon at 7:30. Sunday school nt All Saints'
mission, Klghtccnth street and Third ave
nue, will meet nt 3 p. m..
lion I Kktnlr i'rnnnfrrs,
Thnso transfers were filed yesterday In
the abstract, title, nnd loan ohlcc of J. W.
Squire, 101 Pearl street r
Krnest K. Hart nnd wife to Kllen W.
Crowe, lot i!, Pay's subdlv,, w. d..$ 61$
iioksih. I. rauersnu in r. j. iinuer
buck. lots t and P. block 7. Street's
add., w. d 70a
Jerusha lv, Lnvo to Lizzie (I, bchry
ver. lot -t. block I?. Mynster's add..
w. d 1,M
John Spearman and wife to Apdrew
Auiriistus Olson, lot 9, blnck 1, Tcr
willlger's ndd.. w. il 150
John C. MoBlnness nnd wife to Court
( nnd France Oruhl, no'i . nw' fo,
hwU. set. 17 and ten acres In nwU
177-4.1. w d 3.21C
A. K. Patrick and wife to Charles T. .
Ilnnlpy, lot 13. block 0. Oakland,
w, d.; l,noo
fix transfers totu.1.
MitriiiiKi' l.lceiiRpn,
Licenses to wed were '.wued yesterday
to the follow lug-
Name nnd Resident p. Arc,
P, Hiinsen Omaha Sfi
nolllo Miller, Omaha 27
Chm loti A Smith. Lliit'uln. Neb 211
Nelllo L,. Alorrlascy, Uuculii, Neb 21
Mandimui En it Agtiut Milwankt In
t1t5 Frio ofOuii.
I'IkIiI" Ibe Knstrrn It nllronds' Kfforl
'to Mini (Mil t'xe of (itilf I'urts
r Klrvnltir Also nt
The iiin.idainus suit of the McCaiill-Web
ster Ornlp company of Minneapolis against
the Chicago. Mllwsukre & St. Paul Itall
road coinpnnj. to he heard before Judge
(Ireen In district court Monday, means
much to thu farmers of northwestern Iowa.
On the determination of this action will
depend whether the farmers can get - cents
more a bushel for their corn they
can by shipping It to Chicago.
The suit is to compel tho Milwaukee rail
road to switch cars In which grain has
been shipped over Its lino for transfer to
the Union elevator In this city. The Mc-Caull-Wchster
Oraln company alleges that
tho railroad company refuses to allow the
rant In which grain has been shipped to
be removed from Its tracks and that In
order to transfer the grain to the elevator
WHgons and teams have to he employed.
This, It Is chimed, Is such an expensive
manner of transferring the grain that It
practically puts an embargo on the ship
ment of grain to Council Muffs.
I'ntll within tho List few months most
of the grain bought by dealers In north
western Iowa and Dakota was shipped lo
Chicago and from there to the Atlantic
coast. The Clilcago-Xew York trunk lines
Increased their rates on grain 2 cents per
hundredweight. This caused the shippers
to seek another route for their grain,
(ulf I'oils (iel lliiliici.
The raads running south began to hid for
the btislncbs and the shippers. found that
by sending their groin to CouncJJ Bluffs
and then rcshlpplng to Knnpas City, whence
It was taken to the gulf ports for shipment
to4Kurope, they could make better rates
than by shipping to the Atlantic ports.
This enabled them to pay a higher price
for the grain In Iowa and the farmers havq
been In consequence receiving 2 cents a
bushel more than heretofore.
Tho Milwaukee, while accoptlng ship
incuts to Council muffs, refused to switch
or mnke transfer of any of Its cars here
to the Union elevator, holding out "for the
long haul to Chicago and thence to New
York. Several cars loaded with grain
which the McCaull-Wcbster company wants
switched to the Union Pacific for delivery
to tho elevator nre standing on the tracks
of the Milwaukee, awaiting tho result of
the suit.
The same company recently had ft similar
suit against the Chicago & Northwestern
road, but tho latter backed down from Its
position and the matter was settled out
of rourt by tho Northwestern agreeing to
transfer cars wherever desired by the grain
If the railroad company wins In this suit
Monday It will practically put an embargo
on the shipment of grain to Council IlluftH,
as the shippers cannot 'afford to transfer
tho grain from the Milwaukee's tracks to
the elevator by wagon.
.pir KltMiMor nl Sink.
The McCaull-Wcbster company has for
somo time contemplated building a large
elevator In this city, but It this suit la
decided against It It will. It Is said,
nbandon tho project. This would prove an
Immenso loos not only to Council Hluffs,
but tho farmers of that section of Iowa
from which tho company buys a large part
of Its grain.
The McCaull-WebBter company has filed
a complaint against the Milwaukee road
with tho state railroad commission and
this body Is expected to hear the ense In
this city soon.
Davis telle k1h
Gravel roofing. A. 11. Read, 541 Broadway.
Application to lit- Filed ARnlnil
Cluirlcs (lltlror hy OIiJpHIdb
nrn ,hl l.onrlnir Wnro .Tn.lirn nr,m
tcr of the application of Charles Officer,
administrator of tho Thomas Officer estate,
for an order as to the course to be pursued
by him In regard the 'mining property of
tho estate, attorneys for creditors of tho
Officer & Pusey bank, who aro also credi
tors of tho Officer estate, Informed tho
court that a petition would be filed, asking
for thn removal of Charles Officer, ns ad
ministrator. The grounds on which this application
would be based wpro not stated In open
court, but from tho attornos It was
learned that ono of the grounds will ho
the lack of confldenco lu tho present ad
ministrator, owing to his connection with
tho defunct bank. It will nlso bo contended
that It will bo In the Interests of economy
to have an administrator other than n mem
ber of tho family. Further the allegation
will bp set up that the Officer estate Is
Insolvent. The petition will be filed Mon
ti a
Objections (o tho court making an order
In regard to tho mining properly wcro filed
by h number of creditors, who opposed
any extension being made at this time of
thn lenses. The objecting creditors nlso
criticised thn nctlon of the administrator
In paying tho legal firm of Patterson &
Parsons of Denver $3,200 for fees In con
nection with the lengthy lltlgntlon over tho
mining nropprty. It wbb shown, however,
that tho rontrnct with Patterson & Parsons
had been mado before tho appointment of
the administrator and that Thomas Officer
'was personally responsible for the pay
ment of the services of this firm, Tho pay
ment of the $3,200, It developed, had been
authorized by Judge Thornell of the dis
trict rourt. Judge Orcen took the applica
tion under advisement.
Stvltchmiiii I.oncm Foot.
Alva V. Dennis, a switchman In the om
ploy of the Rock Island road, -had a foot
crushod early yesterday morning In the
local yards whllo coupling cars. Ho was
removed to St. Bernard's hospital, whoro
It was found necessary to amputate the leg
between the ankle and knee. Dennis Is a
married man, living nt 1012 Seventh ave
nue. Tho best bargains In the paper are oa
the wnnt nd. page. Don't miss them.
Iln Mot lirr-lii-l.nvr'a Complaint.
Samuel Q. French, n well-to-do young
farmer of Boomer township, was arrested
ycMerday on a complaint filed before Jus.
Ilco Forrler by his mnlher-ln-law, Mrs
Alice Wright. Mrs. Wright complained
that -French had threatened to shoot his
wife and had even cone so fur as to draw
n revolver on her. She aald she v.u afraid
that unless lu was' placed under bonds to
preserve the peace he would carry his
threat Into execution. French denied draw
ing a. revolver on h's wife or threatening
to shoot her. He admitted that he had had
a ipiarrcl with her, hut said all of his fam
ily troubles arose from too much mother
in-law. tic gave ball for his appearance
Cnril I'nrllrs. ('lull .Mretlnu., 'Wfil
ilh'iKi nml I.iiiii'Iiooiix Mnke
I'll a Husy Week,
Mrs. C. R. Tylor cntertalii.-d Informally
at whist Tuesday afternoon.
Miss Hardin, principal of the llloomer
school. Is visiting In Oretna, Neb.
Mrs. (Jcorgc W. Strong has gone to New
York to Join her husband for the winter.
Mrs, Robert of South Ninth sheet has
as her guest Mrs. .1. II. Price of Slnnberry.
Thomas Hon man will leave today for
Carhondalc, III., to remain during the win
ter. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Clattcrhuck left yes
terday for Randolph, Neb., to make It their
Miss Anna Rnas entertained at whist
Wednesday night. Refreshments wcru
Frank Wlthrntf- of Avenue II entertained
at his home Wednesday night with cards
and music.
Mra. J. I,. Stewart of Fourth street will
entertain a musical In her home tomorrow
Miss Nolllo Ronham of Rochester, Mian.,
is vlsltlnj; her cousin, I. C. Ilonham, North
Second street.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Leffert of First avenue
entertained at dinner Friday night. Covers
wcro laid for ten.
The Atlas club was entertained Wednes
day afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. N.
Clifford on Fifth avenue.
Mrs. M. F. Rohrer of Vine street will en
tertain the Oakland Avenue Card club at
her home Friday evening.
Mr. nnd Mrs. E. II. Lougee entertained
Informally Thursday evening In honor of
Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Shepard.
The Tuesday Euchro club was entertained
Wednohday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
K. A. McKcssou of (Irant street,
Mrs, C. F. P. Froom gave a course lunch
eon Wednesday for Mrs. W. P. Durkec nnd
Mr. Ooorgo II. Lavldge of Omaha.
Miss Llllle Savage, daughter of Governor
I. Savncrn of Nebraska, xvnn pnpt Inat nn.t
of Mrs. J. R. McCluro of Stutsman street.
The Council Bluffs Woman's club Is ar
ranging a lecturo course, under tho direc
tion of, the Slayton lyceum bureau of New
York. Mrs. E. C. Shepard and Mrs. Nelllo Jon
ney entertained the Euchre cluh Tuesday
afternoon at tho home of Mrs. Jcnney on
Bluff street.
Shaduklam temple. Dramatic Order
Knights of Khorassan, will give Its third
annual social and ball Thanksgiving evo
in Hughes' hall.
Tho New Century cluh met Wednesday
afternoon at the home of Mrs, C. McCune of
Seventh street. Tho program In mediaeval
history was given.
Mrs, A. R. Brlnsraald of Third avenue.
assisted uy .Mrs. w. W. Sherman, enter
tained the Ladles' Musical club at her
home Monday afternoon.
The Woman's club met Wednesday after
noon with Mrs, Charles Officer of Seventh
struct. Those taking part wore Mrs. Hark-
ness, Mrs. Dalley and Mrs. Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Ronham of North Sec
ond strept gave a chafing dish supper last
night for Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Head, Ros-
coe Head and Mrs, Watts of Jefferson, la.
Ernest Klrklnnd and Miss Anna Andor-
son were married Wednesday sight at the
home of the bride's parents. Spilth Third
street. Mr. and Mrs. Klrkland will Ilvo In
Mrs. Delia Wagner Thomas of Omaha,
who has just returned from Europe, where
she has been studying mustc for two years,
Is guest of Mrs. James McClure of Stuts
man street.
The literature department of the Council
Bluffs Woman's cluh met in the club room
Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. J. K. Cooper
as chairman, "Tho Literature of India"
was discussed,
Mr. and Mrs. .1, N, Casady of Oakland av
enue entertained thirty members of the
Oakland Avenue Card club nt their homo
Frldny evening. PrlzeB nt cards were won
by Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Qulnn.
Tho department of curront topics of the
Council Bluffs Woman's club will meet in
tho club room Thursday afternoon with
Mrs. A. R. Woodford bb chairman. Tho
subjoct Is "Russia at the Present Time."
The Council Bluffs Woman's club gave a
reception Friday nftornoon at the home of
Mrs. R. II, Bloomer, Eighth street. Thu
members of tho Art department were host
rssos. A musical program was followed by
The household economics department of
tho Council Bluffs Woman's club will meet
Thursday afternoon In the cluh room with
Mrs. Oeorge Carson as chairman. TIip sub
ject Is "Shall Our High School Student
Adopt a Uniform."
Mrs. K. H. Lougeo and Mrs. Street en
tertained thirty guests nt a handsomely ar
ranged card party at the home of Mrs.
iougeo on Oakland avenue Wednesday aft
ernoon. The rooms wero decorated with
I .a Franco roses and ferns.
The Oakland Avonuo Reading club met
Friday afternoon with Mrs. C. M. Hatio of ,
Oakland nvonuc. Those taking part were
Mrs. Towsloe, Mrs. J. II. Arthur, Mrs,
Blanchord nnd Mrs. Victoria Street. The
club will meet thjs week with Mrs. Flnley
Burko of Oakland avenue.
Tho Art department of the Council Bluffs
Woman's club met In the club rooms Mon
day evening, with Mrs. John P. Davis as
chairman. Rubens was discussed. Thc
taking part were Mrs. C. A. Wiley, Mrs. F.
A. Blxby, Mrs. V. E. Labbe, Miss Mulhol
land, Miss Alexander nnd Miss Jensen.
A. E. Strayer and Miss Lulu Alexander,
both of Council Bluffs, wero mnrrled
Wednesday night nt tho homo of tho
bride's parents, by Rev. W. II. Cable of
Trinity Methodist church. They will mako
this city their home. Among thn fcuests
from out of town were Mrs. Anderson of
Sidney, la and Mrs, R. Smith of Avoc.
Tho want ud. page Is the poor man'a mar
ket place. Small price and big profits,
l.tnv Price fur Print Cloth.
FALL RIVKR. Mass., Nov. O.-M. C. D.
Borden, through his representatives, is
clTmlng to soil Roods to any one who will
bily them nt 2 15-10 cents a yard. All tho
brokers In this city hnvo been given n
chance to and It Is understood
that tho samo opportunity has been ghen
10 printers in New York nnd Philadelphia
Tho goods which nre being plnecd upon
the market ill reduced prices are the con
tracts tho American Printing company has
mado for several weeks ami as mnny of
them are made nt 3 to ,H cents It Is con
sidered an attempt lo bear the inaikei
The Bee prints more paid want ads than
any paper lu Omalu. Why? Rc-ulu (.ount.
low. CtUegs Athlete (.Lot Dud Ik Etrut
Ccnli'iil l.oi'ntloii Itreiiiiiinrnilp.l Itf
.Nnllonnl (itniril Cnmp (iriiiiinl
.."Voted Itiir't'iuiiii
(From n Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Nov. . (Special.) Homer
Ilolluntl, for a number of years a resident
of Des Moines nud well known In college
athletic circles In Iowa, was Instantly
I killed In n street duel In Mount Ayr at noon
today. Holland got into a quarrel with a
gambler named Hunter nnd was killed.
Holland had been keeping bail company ot
late nnd wns n wild and reckless fellow.
Two years ngo he wns In Drake university,
kept there largely because of the fact that
he was then the best nll-nround nthlcte In
Iowa. Ilo wns entered with the Drake uni
versity athletic team lu the intercollegiate,
contests nnd won a majority ot the points
for Drako In a notable contest. Orlnnell
protested him for professionalism nnd It
was shown ho hud played base hall with a
number of clubs In southern Iowa. By
throwing out his winnings Grlnnell gained
lh victory. lie held the collegiate record
for Iowa for the hop-sklp-and-Jump, his
distance being forty-eight feet six nnd a
hslf Inches. Ills father was formerly
sheriff ot Ringgold county and wns em
ployed In the state house a few years ago,
living here at the time. Young Holland
when ho was In Drako uulverslty was a
better athlete In many respects than any
person who ever contested In Iowa games,
but after he wns declared a professional ho
left tho college and has not returned,
WrlthiK History ot lonn.
Ex-Leutenant Governor B. F. One, who
has been engaged In writing a complete
history ot Iowa for tho past fifteen years,
announces that the final copy for the first
volume Is now bolnn revised for tho printer
and that tho preparation of tho second vol
ume Is practically done. Governor Guo has
devoted his time for many years to literary
work, contributing historical ir.r.'ter to
magazines and periodicals and has lived
quietly hero while engaged !n his his
torical research, lie wiu llo.ttnant gov
ernor of Iowa many years ngo and much
of the matter he Is preparing Is from an
Intlmntn personnl knowledge ot the lead
ing events In Iowa history.
Urn Hi of Voted llorsenmn.
Information has been received here of
tho death at Galcsburg, III., of C. W. Wil
liams, formerly and for many years ot
Iowa and owner ot tho famous horses, Ax
tell and Allerton. Williams had n uniqtio
and eccentric career. He was the builder
of the trotting horse Interest In Iowa, Ho
laid out the track at Independence, where
Axtell innde a world's record ot 2:03?i.
Axtcll was sold for $105,000 and Allerton,
from the same stock, mado records below
tho 2:03 mark. Williams built a fine hotel
In Independence, but afterward sold out
his Iowa Interests nnd went to Galcsburg.
Ho remained there a short time and re
moved to Kentucky, where he commenced
breeding trotters. He returned to Galcs
burg only last year. At the time ot his
death he possessed only a remnant of the
large fortune ho had when he located lu
Independence and started tho race-horso
In "tii tlniik lloliberles,
, Tho recent series of bank robberies In
Iowa has thoroughly alarmed tho bankers
nf tho state and steps are being taken to
guard the smaller banks of tho state and
nlso to secure speclnl detectives to work
on tho case. The robbers hnve left a num
ber of clues and good descriptions ot men
supposed to bo tho robbers havo been fur
nished those In authority. Thero were
eight small banks broken Into on tho pres
ent raid, hut It now nppenrs that tho samo
gang Is over In South Dakota doing bust,
ness. The recent robberies In Iowa, with
the amounts secured, nre ns follows:
Hnnk nf Hlnton $l,
Matlock bank I'.tnii)
Hank of Snlix. no loss
Farmers' bank, Slipllsburg l.fioo
Private bank at Ailspe 4i
Hardy bank l,i(
Hank nf Rutld l.iino
Bank of Huxley 750
It Is bclloved the robberies have all been
by one gang, which Is the first time any
organized gang has operated In the statu
for nevpral years. Previous losnps by
banks In the last six years were as fol
lows: Hank of Klkport ; sO
tsnvings DaiiK 111 Hiioinnni 979
Farmers ami .Mcrcnanis- nnnu, iinn-
Commercial bank. Rlppey
Htnto bank, F.llswortli
Htntn Savings bank, Oalt
Bank of I.orlmor
Furmcrs' bank, Inwootl
K. Hourqiilm & Co., New Hartford,
llotna Vnlley State bank, Hastings.
Badger Savings bank
Thor Savings bank
Stnte bank, Bluirshurg
Bradley's bank. Kldnu
Hardy bank HSMl
First National bank. Orlswold
Milton Bros.. Harlvlllo
Ailol Stale hnnk. unknown
Lehigh Valley bank, unknown
I'or Mute Cnmp (Jronncl.
Adjutant General Byers, in his annual
-eport soon to be filed, will recommend
that, the state nf Iowa purchase ground
for a permanent camp of tho Iowa National
Guard; that a central location be secured
so that the cnmp can nccommodate all four
of the Iowa regiments of the National
C11 a id. It Is not expected that all four ot
tho regiments would ramp on tho ground
every year, but on somu occaslonn they
would all go Into camp together. The ad
jutant general will also recommend that
tho etato appropriate $75,000 for the build
ing of a state arsenal on ground already
owned by tho state for that purpose.
I.nnlslntiii Hiiollnn Commissioner,
The governor today appointed Thomas
Stivers of Rnrllnglnn an additional mem
ber of tho Iowa commlsilnn to mako pre
liminary arrangements for the exhibit nt
the Ixmislana Purchase exposition ot St.
Louis, A committee of the commission
will go to St. Ix)iils on Monday next to
take an option on ground for an Iowa
building on the assumption that tho com
ing legislature will authorize, nn expendi
ture for such a building and an Jnwa ex
hibit, Tho rommlndonera selected arn
pledged to work for a larne appropriation
for tho exhibit.
Fortune A mill Velrrnn.
mandant Horton of the Soldiers' home has
received a letter from Frederick Roshrough,
Ocsnbureck. Prussia, inquiring for Detrlck
M. Miller, former member 01 tho home, who
Ii the only direct heir to -5,n00 left by his
brother, recently deceased. Miller left thn
home In 1SHS nnd his present whereabouts
are unknown.
Bargains of eery dt rlption on the want
aJ, page.
Murium nnd While i'rltniiiliitiit (Mer
( linn i) It nml llltir lij M'uro uf
Ten (o Zero,
The maroon nnd white nf Sioux City High
school wont ilnwn lu defeat cstcrt!n after
noon before the crimson nnd blue of Coun
cil Bluffs High school, the cor being lo to
0 In favor of tho Hluffs boys Tho two
touchdowns which brought victory for the
local team wore Ruined In tho tlrst hiilf.
both being to the credit of ijluirtcrbnck
nirmaii. ... . .
Captain Avlesworth of Council Bluffs won
the toss n'lnl choso the south goal for
twentv-tlve minute hnlvos. Hough for the
visitors kicked off. Dlngniau getting the
,.-, .Inn.iin.1 ... 11... !!- .,r.l
llllll, V.IIIUII n nr ,,,, j,-,,,,,,.
line. After several line idiingt's by Ayb'
worth, vhloh always gained u few yards,
Troynor punted ami (Irnston tackled nml
downed the ball. Sioux Clt then sent
Wnkelleld through the end for a small gulii
nnd lost tho bnll by n fumble on the sec
ond down. Scott cnnturliiK It. After send
ing Trcynor through end for n good gain,
Council Hluffs tried Its nuurturbnek trick
und nitismiin mudo the first touchdown
In seven nnd one-half minutes' of piny.
Avlesworth missed kicking goal.
Hough for Slonx City kicked oft, but as
the pigskin went nut of bounds had to
repent. Dlugnian caught the ball und made
a splendid run, cnrrylng It to the center
of the field. After Council Hluffs hail sent
A vlpsu-nrili Ihrniich the lino sevoriil limes
nnd Byron tliroilli tackle (hey again tiled
tho quarterback trlcl. Willi erteci,
scouring the second touchdown ti I t-i- thir
teen minutes' of piny. Council muffs again
ml: scd kicking u'nl.
Troynor then caught tho ball from Sioux
City's kick-off und mado n 25-ynril run.
After several olid runs by Scott und Troy
nor the Inttvr punted to Slou City a 2.'i
vnrtl line. Sioux (itv then made some
gains nnd Council Hluffs for olT-sldo pla
Ing wns penalized live yards. Fink at
tempted to punt, but wns successfully
blocked by the Hluffs boys, nml Hyron foil
on tho leathern sphere. Treynor then
punted lo Sioux City's IM-ynnl line and
the visitors were ntlvnncltiK the ball to
wards their opponents' territory when lime
wns called.
On the kick-off lu the rctmil half by
Council Illuffs. Hough of Slouv city taught
tho ball nnd ntlvunccd it to tno iiu-yani, 11110.
At this point of tho game Fink iiiihIo the
only tllstunce run of tho tiny for Sioux
City. Fuller of Iho home team wns In
jured, ningmmi was plnecd nt loft bnlf.
Wnrner toolc Dlugmnn s ulnco at qnartiir
back. Hero Council Hluffs had 11 sptpmnd
opportunity to show its defensive play, but
nllowcd Sioux City to push hnck until the
ball wns dangerously close to Its lino, when
the boys milled nml held Sioux City for
downs. Council Hluffs then ndvnncod by
lino plunges of tho backs. Trcynor punted
nnd Sioux City got thu ball, but Council
Illuffs hehl for downs. Warner gullied ton
ynrtls off Council Bluffs by tho quarterback
trick nnd Scott mailt' n good gnln around
light und. Sioux City got thn ball on a
fumble and advanced tho ball to the 2.1
yard line, when Quarterback Jnudt nt
leniptetl a plnco kick for goal, but failed.
Time was called befoio the ball reached
the i;round. Lineup:
.L. ICR. K.
,...L. MVR. T.
....L. (1. It, a.
... Meeting
,.C. Wilson
..F. Wilson
. .. Hiiluchv
R. (5.
Ft. T.
II. K.
,Q. H.
. L. II. II,
..It. II. 1!.
L. O..
Kottring ..
L. T..
L. !:..
Q. H..
Dlngmnn .
Ful er
It, II. B Funk ((
L. II. B WukWlold
F. II Cox
Aylesworth (C)..F. Ft,
Itillilln NImmvIiik Improved Co r 111 nml
.Mny Olvc (iiiiniploii 11
HAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 9.-Interest lu
the .leffrles-Ruhlln tight for tho world's
championship Increases ns tho time for tho
contest approaches. Hotting has not been
heavy as yet and nil tho money placed has
been nt odds on Jeffries. Many pugilistic
experts, however, doclure that In his ad
mittedly Improved form Rulilln will prove
11 dangerous antagonist anil that it will not
be an easy task for tho champion to main
tain his title.
Jeffries, who Jins been training at Har
bin Springs, came down to OiiKtainl last
night nnd will do tho remainder ot his pre
liminary work In tho rooms of the Reliance
club mid In tho suburbs of the city across
tho bay, Flo has reduced his weight con
siderably and apponrs to bo In line condi
tion. Gus Rtihllu Is trnlnlng nt a wayside house
near this city. He takes dally spins along
the country roads on the bay shoru nml
exercises in an Improvised gymnnslum. It
Is nssertetl Hint tho ulowuess of his heart
nctlon tho normal beating of his pulse be
ing only forty-three to the minute Is ot
grent advantage to him lu tho ring. That
of Jeffries Is about llfty-two to the minute.
Rublln Is In good form und confident of
,lr(Trle 'I'nkes I, lull! Indoor WinU
nml II 11 till 11 Kzert'lse! HrlnUly
In nil Oulfltiiii' .1 il ii 11 1 .
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 9.-Bnth Jeff ties
on Rublln took It easy today. .letTileH
put lu tho morning nt tho Reliance gvmnn
slum with light work. He mtys ho docs
not propose to take tho slightest chnu.-e or
Injuring himself.
Rublln took rough road work to keep
his legs and wind at the proper notch
nud bad 11 short brush with the gloves lu
the nftcrnonn. Jeffries hns received 11 let
tor from his father. Rev. James Jeffries,
the evnngellst, who Is nt present In Lon
don. In It Mr Jeffries writes that ho had
rend nbout bis son's match with Rublln
nnd Hint, nlthough he could not sanction
such work, he wished him success.
Jeffries says he hopes) Fltzslmmons In
tends to fight. Ilo said: -i am In condi
tion now nnd. realizing thnt tho gamo
mny bo stopped hero nt nlmost nny time, 1
want to meet him soon. I won't bo put
lulled either until I've settled old scores
with Sharkey."
Nome Cold ItoltlrH Mny Also Clidire
ns Ciiiiipiiny II .Men Arc In
llnni 11 el.
I'KRRY. In.. Nov. ?.-fSpcclal.)-The
shooting contest between the two sections
of Company H of the Fifty-second, led
by Lieutenants Phillips and Donahue, iv
sultotl lu 11 victory for the former. Tho
score stood 1,1172 to 1,216. Tho highest In
dividual scores were: Sergeant Wlilto,
lt2; Lieutenant T'hllllps. IfiS; Lieutenant
Donahue. ISO; CnptHln MoKoam, IIS. Tho
losers will banquet tho winners next week.
Sllfl (Join Hie lli-i-lnion.
CHICAGO, Nov. 0. -Hilly Stlft of Chicago
wits h warded a decision on polntH over
Oeorge Byern of Boston tonight nt the
Chlengo Athletic nssoclmlon. Stiffs mar
gin wns not apparent to a mnjoilty of the
club members, who thought tho colored
boxer from tho enst wns entitled to a
Ames College llmlly llcnlcn,
MADISON'. Wis.. Nov. !). The I'ni,..,.-
slty of Wisconsin defeated tho Iowa Ag
ricultural college of Amos, In.. Ibis iifter
uoon, 43 to 0, Tho gamo was too one
sided to furnish a line 011 the Mlnnrsotn
iniuuniii i-uilii'Pl iu in: ll!ll-tl neto next
Ilnhii Provide for Future,
CINCINNATI, Nov. O.-Pltchrr Frnnk
Hnhn. who played with the ("Imiuuntt Nn
tlonnl b'liguo team last hoiimiii, tonight
slgiiPd a contract to play with the same
club next season nt a salary of l,2im.
Hies of Font Hull Injur;,
KIRIC3VII,LK. Mo., Nov. .-.Inhnnln
Klrckner. colored, aged 19 years, died here
today us n result of Injuries he received
during it foot ball game lust Monday.
ftcncvn Tun Fust for Sutton,
I'tKNHVA. Neb., Nov. 0 -(Special Tele
groin.) Heiievn's High school eleven tin
font eil Sutton's students, 21 to 0, hero today.
Him Siiten front (iiirliiK,
ST. JOSKPII. Mo Nov. O.-John Davis,
a noted breeder of line tattle, wan gored
so badly by a Jersey bull at his itnuk
fnrm nenr this city today that he will
die, Mr. Davis recently purchased the
animal' lu Chicago, paying a fnnoy prli'
for It But for n dog, which enme to Mr.
Davis' ni-slstnnce. he would hae boon
gored to death at once.
McKliilcy o( Dcnter Inlniril.
DKNVHR. Nov, ti h, jicKlniev,
former e,i t-onator ami a well k-iown
democridli politician nud one of the most
prominent lawyers of this iitv nun run
over liv a Mrct this nfi. ri.oou md
ret e veil Ini'rlfs which will piobuiviy cauan
hit Uvotlu
Propond Constitution fr Albru. Will
Jjitinfunchiii Ntgriis.
IRct'lliiii linii'loU Will Itnte 1'i.tter 11
Accept or llcjci'l Crctlciillnlx of
tiler r. i'bc I'ccl
MUNTdO.MKRY. Ala. Not. !i.-The citi
zens of Alabama will Note on Monday fer
ine adoption or rejection of (he constitu
tion formulated by the recent
convention. For several weeks a warm
rnmpnlgn has been waging and the people
hnve been fully Informed ns to the pro
visions of the proposed Instrument.
The calling of the const Itutlonal'lonvcn
Hon wns n measure of tho democratic
,...,.,. ... . .... ., .,. ,,,,,,,,-auuii,,,,,, w, r(,mn)nn,l0(, Major tleneral
mnny pro nlncni 1 irpiihllcnn. faor 1 he n-lop. Whrn011 ,, , ,,, ,,.,, nf
(Inn of the new ninallle law ululi. iivmv 1 . .... ....
tlnn of tho new organic law. while many
tnllurutlal democrats nre opposing it.
The proposed constitutional convention
l.ns for Its main purpose tho dlscnfrnnchlno-
uicnt nf the negro, nud at tho same time
to leave tho ballot In the hands of eer
whllo man In the stale. The advocates of
the now Instrument s.iy that this will b
brought about by the adoption of the pro
Iioied constitution. It provides for u lieu
tenant governor. Increases the terms ot
stnte olllcors to four yenrs, lowers the
limit of taxation and makes many other
changes (mm the fundamental law under
which tho stnte Is now being governed. The
general sentiment leotus to bo that the
cuiiKuiuuoii win ue aiiopieu uy 11 majority
I'Acce.miK jj.uuu.
Tho mnln tight has been on the regtra-
Hon system and on the suffrage clause.
It Is claimed by the opposition to the new
Instrument that many white men will hon,.
diseufrnucnlHcd. as the registrars have too
much power and can register or reject
voters nt their will.
I uilertt 0111I Ik Con Illicit I.
Congressman O. W. Underwood, chair
man of the democratic campaign commute;
nnd tho democratic whip of the house of
representatives, made tho following state
ment tonight: "Thero are forty-two coun
ties In Alnbama that I am absolutely sure
of carrying for tho ratification of tho new
constitution. In tho list nre Included all
of tho larger counties ot tho stale.
"Thero nro eighteen counties In which
the result Is very doubtful and In any of
which I do not bcllevo tho majority will
bo more than 100 either wny. There nro
six counties In tho stnte that we hnve no
expcctntlons of cnrrylng nnd In two or
three the democratic party has been given
no representation at the polls and wo are
unable to predict what tho result wil be
In these polls. But conceding Ihcm td the
opposition to tho full extent of their vot
ing population, according to the icusus
they cannot come anywhere near affecting
the largo majorities wo will have from the
other counties In the stnte,
.VcBrocN In AVIiltc Counties.
"Thero are a large, number nf negro
voters In what are known ns tho white
counties In north Alabama. Tho Informn-
Hon that I have received from all parts In-
dlcntes that tho opposition to the ratlllca-I
Hon of tho new constitution Is endeavoring 1
to vote Monday. I do not think the negroes I
ihemselves nre disposed to toko lively in- 1
terest, hut If tho opposition succeeds In,
otlng them It will reduce our majority, j
but even with this vote solidly ogatnst us 1
I cannot conceive of anything to happen to j
reduco our majority to less than 25,000."
Mipcrts in Criminology .Meet In Ills,
cits, Ictliotls 111 Ctiinlili'l nf
Holism nf lies! I'll 1 11 1,
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Nov. '.). The nn
t111.1l congress of the Nntlonal Prison asso
ciation opened In this city tonight. Wil
liam Wallace, chairman of the local com
mittee, called the congress to order nnd
Robert L. Yenger of this city presided.
Joseph F. Scott, president of tho associa
tion and superintendent of the State Re
formatory of Massachusetts, delivered tho
president's annual address. Samuel J. Bar
rows of Massachusetts for the visiting del
egates made a response to words of wel
come. Tho sessions of the congress will last
flvo days and will Include the annual r.ieet
ng of the Wnrdens' association next Mon
day. Thero nro 200 delegates attending
the congrcsB. Among them ire many noted
wardens of prisons and men who have at
tained world-wide prominence by their
work in the cause of prison reforms. War
den Mead of Auburn prison, New York; S.
A. Hawk, warden of the tcdcral prison at
Atlanta, Ga.; N. F. Boucher, warden nf the
penltentlnry nt Fargo, N. D.j Warden Moore
of Trenton penitentiary, N. J.; I). W. Bis
singer, warden of tho Kastcrn penitentiary
of Pennsylvania, nt Philadelphia; Albert'
Ganln, warden of the penitentiary at
Weathersflcld, Conn.; William M. Johnson,
warden of tho Western penitentiary of
Pennsylvania, at Allegheny; C. C. Mc
Laughey, warden of tho penitentiary at
Waupnn, Mich.; K. J. Murphy, warden
of the penitentiary at Joliel, III.;
Prof. Charles R. Henderson, pro
fessor of sociology at the University of
Chicago, nnd many other equally as prom
inent nro here. Ohio Is represented by a
largo delegation. It is headed by General
Roollff Brinkerhnff of Mansfield, who is
prominent In prison reform work and Is
thalrman of the Stato Board of Charities of
There nro severnl women ddegatps In
nttPiidanoc. Probably tho most noted Is
Klizabeth L. Tuttlo, probation officer of Bos
ton, Tho annual sermon before tho congress
will bo delivered by Rnv. S. M. Ned
of this city In the Central Presbyterian
church tomorrow morning
Stearns' Electric
Rat and Roach Paste
and die out of the houif. One Ineredient
dries up their (bodies, leaving no odor.
It is a safe and sure exterminator also of Mice,
Water Burs, Croton Bugs, Cockroaches and all other
vermin. It has been in general use in houses, stores,
hotels, factories, offices, public buildings, etc., for
twenty-five years. Absolutely guaranteed.
r A I ITIOM Substitutes sua Imitation are worthies..
15 cents a box at DnimlJts and Grows or int direct by Kxprrn prepaid.
NEW disposition of troops
IHllnti of l'lillliilnr Mill lie Cttti-
I'l'lt t I'Mtril llli let nf litiili
I II U Hut
i WASHINGTON, Nov n On the reeom-
niondntlnn of Ctoncrnl CluifTep, totunuindlne
the Division ot the Philippines, thp sccre-
Inry ot wnr hns lsuet! an order fur fho
rcurg.inl-ntinn of that dlUMon. I'p to this
(line tho division has compiipd four mil-
, llnry departments as follow DcpHitmrnt
of Northern Luzon, commanded by Mnjot
i (iPiieral Lloyd Wheaton: Department ol
: Southern Luzon, commanded In BrlKadlet
General J. S. Wade; Department uf thf
1 Vlsnyna. commanded by Htlguilicr
1 R. P. Hughes. Department of Miml.innii
1 and Jolo, commanded by Btigndler General
J. W. Davis.
In accordance with the nctlon of the
War department today the division will
be divided Into only two military depart
11 cuts, to Include v.ithin their limits thr
entire Philippine nrchlprlngo. They wilt
ho known as the Department of North nn 1
South Philippines. The northern depart
Luzon. Mlmlorn nnd Mnsbntc. nnd nil Hi"
Intervening territory.
The southern department, which will bo
(ommandod by llrigdlor (Jrnrrnl Wilde,
will embrace the iPm.ilndor of the rchlel
ago nnd Include the largo Islands of Sinur,
1'nnny. Mindanao, the Vlsajns nml Jolo.
It Ir understood thnt latgo bnillo ot
troops nre In bo concentrated In the dln
trlcts where outbreaks have occurred, 11..
tier tho command of officers of high ran!-,
with tho full purpose of promptly stamp
Ing out th" spirit of Insurrection. It r
said, furilieimore. that the fedurtloti la
j ,,10 ,,,,. , lc .lepariinenis. In nddi
j Hon to limiting the mllihiry forces more
.compact nnd olnelen
will result in n e-
I.luitlon of cxi.ensos
DCPnonq (jnWPRM RnflFUFI T
Ileclnrc Hint I'rnmiit lim
lli lltiiillcf lienetntlilis Will He
Mnile tin Merit Alone.
WASHINGTON. Nov. fi. Tho president
today declared to Senntor Cullom of llllnol
that lu making (he promotions to the brig
adier generalship soon to become vacant In
would be governed entirely by tho icrord.
that It was his intention to promote thnt
whose records showed them to bo de
serving of promotion, nnd that neither per
sonal t ouhlderntlnns rpir Inlluenco wouh
count. Senator Cullom had called on bo
half of Major Ballnnce. who went Into Hit
army from Pcprln. and Major McClernand
n son of General McClernand. The lattet
wns General Shatter's adjutant dining the
SHtitlngn cnmpalgn.
Senator Burrows of Michigan talked wi'li
the president todny nbout legisla
tion Senntor Burrows Is a member of tlv
finance committee of tho senate nnd Is
strongly opposed at this lime to nny further
tt'iltictlon of the government's Income. "I
don't believe." Fald he, "that It would b(
wise to tinker with the revenues until t
know exartly what money will ho needed
If we aro to build the Nicaragua ranal nno
provide liberal amounts for the Improve
ment of rivers and harbors It would ho the
height of folly at this time lo clash the
J revenues."
''villi- In Murine ( oriis Klllctl.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 0. Roar Adml.-al
Rodgcrs, at Manila, today cabled the sccre-
lary of tho nnvy as follows:
"Privates Genrgn Lynth and K. A. Klonan
killed In nctlon, Sajopkan, near Basey,
Samar, on the 7th Inst."
No further details of the nctlon aro given.
Bargains of every description on the want
I'JiiKllslnceii In I lilted Mne nml ('nu
ll lilt ( Ichrtt If Nllllll liny nf
lllitlslt Miiiinri'li,
NRW YORK. No. 0. To celebrate thi
COth birthday nf King F.dwanl VII tho vati
ous British societies of this city gn there I
In banquet at Delmoulco's tonight.
Before the speec hiuaktng commenced
letters wore rend from Field Marshal Rati
Roberts, Lord Pnuncofnto, General Wills
ley nnd Governor Mllner of South Africa.
General Brooke responded to the toast
"General Kitchener and tho Troops In
South Afrlcn und General Chaffee nnd the
Troops in the Philippines."
ST. JOHNS, .V. F Nov. 5. -The birth
day of King Kdwnrd was celebrated with
grent enthusiasm In SI. Johns today.
Chief Justice Llttlo was knighted, ,111s
knlqhthood Is looked on as 11 special recog
nition of the loyalty of tho Catholics In
New Foundland. They participated In thn
loyalist demonstration In honor of tho duke.
Kindly Mcssiikc line" It mil elirnsln
In .Stoel. bol 111 UtuiiiK Atlol
IiIiiik' t'elehrnt Ion.
WAIIOO, Neb., Nov. !). At tho conclu
sion of tho Gustavus Adolphus celebration
held hero In honor of Dr. II. K. Gesollud
von Srhell, bishop of Vlsley, Swpdcn, thn
following cablegram was sent lo King Os
ra r :
"Swedish Americans, celebrating Gus
tavus Adolphus memorial, lime thankfully
tecelved through Bishop von Schell your
gracious message. Wo Invoke God's bless
ings upon your.majcsty and our former b
loved tnthorland."
This Is signed by F. N. Swnnsburg. pres
ident of tho Nebraska conference, and 3.
M. Hill, president of Luther academy.
Bishop von Schell Is making a tour of tho
Swoil8h-.mcrlcan communities In Ne
braska. Tho want ad. page Is tho poor man's mar
ket place. Small prlco and big profits.