Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 10, 1901, PART I, Page 6, Image 6

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    Til 15 OMAHA DAILY IVEH: SUNDAY, "S OVE3I H 151? 10. lcn.
Imut Flki Tk Ifioh Iitmit li tk
Fott Sail Wirrltn.
I.evl-ltrhfclil WrildlnK Conic In for
nn 1,'in-ommnn Amount of Atten
tion, Whllr (lie Indoor Af
fair Are Mnnr.
Of course the foot ball game was the
all-absorbing event of the week and afford
ing a mid-srason reunion ns It did, It was
but natural that It should be so. Ifor a
fortnight It has monopolized tho attention
of tho younger set, at least, and to those
who went out to see It and their number
Included almost everybody who constituted
society It afforded ample consolation for
the homo shows and other Kinds of shows
that do not appear on the calendar of di
versions for Omaha's smart folks. It wa
truly a galu occasion and called out more
coaching parties and tally ho parties than
anything that has happened In Omaha
within tho experience of tho debutantes
and cotlcgo girls nnd those who did not
go with the driving parties occupied boxes.
Society was fairly bedecked with scarlet
nnd cream or orango and black, according
to the sympathy of the party, or In some
rates, the home of the visiting girls that
happened to bo the guests of honor, whllo
over tome of tho parties pennants of both
colors fluttered In unison with thu enthusi
asm of their members.
The formal opening of Metropolitan club
was chief In Importance among the affairs
of the week, In fact, tho cluli and tho
many affalrn that havo been given there
of late, with tho prospect of other affairs
soon to occur thorn In honor of the parties
of two weddings shortly to occur, la play
ing an Important part In social affairs of
Nouliil .flilt-Clml.
Mr. Paul llorbach Is expected In Omaha
this week.
Miss Lulu Boyd has gone to Chicago to
study volco culture.
Mrs. Clayton II. Goodrich Is convalescing
from a ten days' Illness.
A son was born on last Sunday to Mr.
nnd Mrs.. James Wallace.
Dr. nnd Mrs. Ilalley attended tho horso
show In Chicago laHt week.
Tho Omaha Athletic club will cloao for
thn season nn Sunday evening.
Dr. S. N. Hoyt wan railed to Now Hamp
shire last week by the death nt his father.
Mrs. B. A. Cudahy has Issued cards for n
luncheon, to be followed by whist, for next
Miss Racine Klemmlng is expected home
this evening from San Francisco, where sho
has spent tho last year.
Tho Chafing Dish rlub commenced Ita
Klxth year with n dinner last evening at
thn homo of Mrs. Chase.
Mrs. Herman Kuuiitro and Miss Kountr.o
have spent tho last week in Chicago and
are expected homo today.
Tho Hon Ton Card rlub will meet on Mon
day at the homo of Mrs. Harry Johnson at
1138 South Thirtieth avenue
Miss Louise Heller la expected home from
Chicago today to attend tho wedding of
her sister, Miss Mao Heller, and Mr. Dave
Degau on tho l'Jth.
Mr. and Mrs. H. ltehfeld will entertain
th members of tho I.ovl-ttehfcld bridal
varty nt 1 o'clock dinner today. Covers
will be Inld for llfteen.
Tho stork visited th" homo of Mr. and
Mrs. William K. Walsh nnd left a baby
boy, who was baptized Wlnfred Leo nt St.
John's Collegia! o church.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. N. Meleulf left laBt Sun
day for New York and will sail this week
on Oceanic for linden linden, expecting to
pend February In Kgypt.
Mrs. Mary, H. Tnllnfcrro and family ox
pect Boon to rcmovo to Chicago to mako
Ihelr homo In future, Mr. Nathnn Tnlln
ferro having engaged In business there.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Morltz Meyer will glvo a
dinner nt 7 o'clock this otnlng nt Metro.
polltnn club for tho members of the Levi
Itohfeld bridal party nnd some of the out-
sf-town nursts. On Monday evening tho
ushers will entertain tho party at n box
party at tho Orpheum, to bo followed by
a Rtippcr at tho llenshaw.
Tho Omaha cadets of Culver Military
academy will glvo a ball at Metropolitan
club ou Now Year's eve, tho arrangements
for tho occasion bolng In charge of Messrs.
Karl Klpllngor, Victor Gould, Eugono lloyco,
llert Carpenter, Ned Ileltor, Arthur Jac
cjultb, John llcdlck, Arthur Lewis, Trice
Hose nnd Mcrrll Hurbank.
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. W. Taliaferro expect to
leave this evening for Chicago, whore they
will attend tho marrlago at Mrs. Tulln-
ferro's nloce, Miss Kdlth Symonds, nnd Mr
Cordon Ramsey, which la to occur In that
city on Thursday, November H. Miss Sy
monds will bo remembered by n wide circle
of Omaha friends, V)hom sho met during nor
visit with Mr. and Mrs. Taliaferro,
Among tho out-of-town guests who ore
expected to bo present at tho Rohfcld-Lcvl
wedding on Tuesday nro: Mr. nnd Mrs
M. U. Catron, Dr. and Mrs. ainn, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Holvy, Mr. nnd Mrs. L. Levi
nf Nebraska City, Mr. and Mrs. A. Gold
berg of Shenandoah, la., Mrs. A. Katzcn
iteln of St. Louis, Mr. Max Meyer of Haiti-
more, Mrs. Adolph Meyer of Chicago, Mr,
Itodlo Iobensteln of Denver and Miss Kdlth
Heno of New York City.
now entertaining Mrs. Vera Davles of Og-
en, Utah.
Mrs. John S. Hrlggs returned on Wednes-
ay from a visit with friends In Iowa.
Dr. and Mrs. Allison left yesterday for a
trip to Denver and Colorado Springs.
Dr. Fred Lake returned from Chicago on
Wednesday, having left his mother there.
Judge Mungcr and Mr. Thuintnel have
returned from their fishing trip to Minnesota.
Mrs. H. K, Palmer has gone to New York
City to visit her daughter, Mrs. Hermau
Mr. Victor Caldwell returned last week
from tho Pacific coast, where be spent tho
last fortnight.
Dr. and Mrs. Mattlce have returned from
visit to Canada, New York and other
eastern points.
Mr. H. S. Weller returned from Chicago
csterday, Mrs. Weller will remain In the
east until Thursday.
Mr. Lewis Sholes left on Tuesday for
Richmond, Va where he will spend a few
ecks visiting friends.
Mr. S. A. McWhorter and Mr. (1. W.
Megeatb aro expected homo from their
cstcrn trip this week.
Mrs. J. M, Cornish went to Lincoln on
Thursday to attend a reception given there
In her honor on Thursday nfternoon by
Mrs, A. T. Mctcalf.
Mr. and Mrs. McCord, Miss Peck, Mr.
Drake nnd Mr. Paxton are among tho
Omaha people who attended the Chicago
tiorse show last week.
Mr. and Mrs. K, W. Nash arrived home
from New York on Monday and will re
main In tho city for n few weeks, when
they will go to Mexico to spend tho re
mainder of tho winter.
Mr. and Mrs, George A. Joslyn, Mr. and
Mrs. K. P. Peck, Mr. nnd Mrs. II. S. Weller,
Mr. and Mrs. 0. 13. Ford nnd Mr. Haura
wero among the Omnlta people who at
tended the Chicago horse show last week.
Mrs. F. S. Cowglll returned on Sunday
from a thrco weeks' visit with her sister
In Louisville, Ky. Mr. nnd Mrs. Cowglll
expect to occupy tho new houso nt Thirty-
ninth nnd Farunm streets ns soon na It Is
Mr. M. K. llobnrt returned to Omaha with
his bride on Tuesday nnd they aro located
t tho Dellono for the present. Mrs.
Hohart was Miss Carollno Van Vllet of Mad
ison, Wis., nnd they were married In that
lty on October 31.
Mornm-ntn nntl Whf-rrnlHMi,'
Mrs. Herbert dates Is in New York City
Mrs. Guy llarton went to New York on
Mrs. Sam Frank returned from Chicago
on Friday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. T, L. Combs have returned
homo from Huffnlo nnd Old Mexico nnd nro
lo diminish execsihe sensibility to Cold,
,ayt an tnfiisn writer:
First Froo to open tilr
dully fnmlllnrlty with tlm ntiposphoro,
diminishes tho sensibility of the nkln, on
aides tho hotly to reNlst tho Invasion o
Second Tho morning cold bath, cold
sponging over tho entire surfnro of tho
body, Is nn luviiluuhlo protection iiKtilnst
Injury from exposure to chanson of torn
Third This rvUe man did not know
thnt ii Tow doses of "77" will pruvonr, or
tiken nt tho beginning, will "brenk up'
it Cold.
At ull druggists, !5e, or mailed on rreelpt
uf jirlce. Poctor a Hook mailed free.
Hirmplirrys' iromropiitliio Aicuu'in i
corner William aim Joim uis., imyv lum.
I'lrnMirm Pnf.
In compliment to Mrs. Charles Helmer
Mrs. Guy French entertained at enrds on
Thursday nfternoon.
In honor of Mrs. Maucr Mr. nnd Mrs.
Robert Smith entertained Informally nt
cards on Thursday evening.
Mrs. Prltchctt entertained a luncheon
rnrty on Saturday afternoon in honor, of
Mrs. Ilourko nnd Mrs. Horbnch.
Mrs. L. Heller entertained Informally on
Wednesday afternoon In honor of Mrs. M.
Hcllmnn of Cincinnati, formerly of Omnhn.
In compliment to Miss Heller nnd Miss
Rchfeld, Mr. nnd Mrs. Sol llergman en
tertnlned n number of young people on
Thursday evening.
Mrs. Jay D. White, entertained the mem
bers of tho Mexican club on Mondny after
noon In honor of her niece, Miss June
Gnhnn of St. Joseph.
Lnr,t Monday's meeting of the Six-Handed
Kuehro club was hold at tho home of Mrs.
Prltfhtlt. Tomorrow tho women will meet
with Mrs. S. D. Harknlow.
Miss Drelfutis was hostess nt Mondny's
meeting of tho A. 0. T. Howling club, which
was held nt Metropolitan club, fourteca
young women being present.
Tho Misses Horglum entcrtnlncd the Phi
Rho Sigma fraternity of Crclghton Med
ical collego on last Saturday evening In
honor of Mrs. Miller Horglum of Duttc,
Mrs. Lawtnn, Miss Allen, Miss Kdlth
Smith, Miss Cleavland and Miss Florence
Cle.wland of Denver, Miss Towlc, Mrs.
Llowellyn Jones nnd Miss Tukey were Mrs.
Heth'H guests nt n luncheon on Tuesday,
Miss Young being tho guest of honor.
Miss Kugcno Moron wns hostess nt n
most enjoyable dancing pnrty at her homo
on West Dortgo street on i-rlnay evening.
Tho entlro lower floor was cleared for tho
dancers, tho music being furnished by nn
orchestra Htntloned on tho landing of tho
stnlrwny. Refreshments were served dur
tng the evening.
Mrs, G. W. Wnttles was hostess nt two
very elaborate card parties on Thursday
nnd Friday afternoons, for which tho houso
was handsomely decorated with pink
chrysanthemums and roses. Thursday aft
ernoon thcro wero thirty-two women prcs
nt, for which five tables wero provided,
six-handed cuohfo being tho game. Mrs
Wattles was assisted by MIrs Mary Harker
and Mrs. Chnrles Marsh. On Friday after
noon there were forty women present, the
gamo being tho same, nt six tnbles,
A very ntnt little birthday party was
given nt tho residence of Mr. M. H. Millor,
1811 Hlnnoy street, on tho oven
lng of November 6, tho event being In
honor of Miss Nlda Olscen, n younger sis
tor of Mrt. Miller, who celebrated her 16th
birthday. About thirty guosts wero pres
cnt nnd nftcr nn address of welcomo by
Mr. Miller n very spicy and entertaining
recitation was given by Miss Ethel Howe.
Toasts woro responded to by Prof. K. E.
Frisk and others whllo refreshments were
being served. In tho absence of Mrs,
Miller, who U visiting nway from tho city,
her sister, Miss Hannah Olscen, acted as
hostess, assisted by Misses Kdlth Nelson
nnd Slgnn Peterson. Music, cards nnd vari
ous other games mado tho nffnlr very en
tertaining nnd all reported n good time,
Mrs. Anna Miner of 2301 Douglas street
entertained a very delightful party of
young people Thursday evening In honor
of the 18th birthday of her son Hort. Tho
party was In tho nature of a surprise, to
young Mr. .Miner, no was caueu nome
from the houso of a neighbor about S
o'clock and sent on somo Imaginary errand
to tho parlor, where, the cuo being given,
tho lights wero turned on, revealing tho
gatborlng of his friends, gay In holiday nt
tiro and smiles. The houso wns prettily
decorated with carnations and smllax, tho
green nnd pink color scheme being retained
throughout. A largo uirtnuay caKo was
tho pleeo-do-reslstance of tho supper table
and Nvus a pretty Bight, glowing under the
light of eighteen pink candles. Mr. Miner
received severnl remembrances from his
friends aud tho evening, which ended In
card games, was very pleasantly spent
Tho woman's prize, u panel picture, was
won by Miss Louise Clancy and the gen
tleman'a, a book, by Raymond Heslln.
traveling 'dress, a rough gray tailor-made
stilt, and was attended by her stater, Miss
Mario Lowe. Following the ceremony n
wedding dinner wns served the members
of the family at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs I
Will Crary, after which Lieutenant and 1
Mrs. Wade left for a short trip, including
Chicago and St. Louis. They will be at
home ot Fort Crook, where Lieutenant
Wade Is stationed.
Tho marriage of Miss Hanchen Rehfeld
dnughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. II. Rehfeld, nnd
Mr. Kugene Levi of Nebraska City Is to
occur nt Temple' Israel at 0 o'clock on
Tuesday evening. The bride will bo at
tended by MIm Lena Rehfeld ns maid of
honor; Mrs. Hugo Urnndels, matron ot
honor: Misses llnttle Rehfeld, Louise Hel
ler, Illanche Khrman nnd Minnie Meyer,
bridesmaids. Mr. Robert Levi of Nebraska
City will be the best man and Messrs.
Julius Meyer, Bernard Rehfeld, Moses Gold
berg ot Nebraska City, Sam Lobensteln of
Kuncaa City, William Dlnswnnger of St.
Josiph nnd George Sellgsohn will be the
ushers. A dinner to the members of the
family and bridal party will follow at the'
home of tho bride from G:30 to !) nnd from
until It n reCeptlon, to which about 200
guests have been Invited. .Mr. and
Mrs. Levi will make an extended tour of
the Pacific coast, after which they will
reside In Nebraska City.
Tho marriage of Dr. Zoni D. Clarke and
Miss Jensle Lawrence, daughter of Mrs.
C. F. Spooiior, was solemnized nt 3 '30
o'clock on Wednesday nfternoon nt Kountzo
Memorial church lit tho presenre of nbout
100 relntlves nnd Invited guests, Rev.
Edward F. Trefz officiating. A few palm
about the altar and the white satin rib
bons that separated tho pews reserved
for tho members of the family, wero tho
only decorations of tho church. As the
bridal party entered, Mr. Slgmund Lans-
burg played the "nrldal Chorus" from
Lohengrin." Tho ushers, Mr. Kdwnrd
Sayre, Jr., and Mr. Homer Connnt, were
followed by Dr. Clarke anil his best man,
Mr. A. R. Harvey. Then came little Miss
Bachelor, bearing tho wedding ring on a
whlto satin cushion, und nfter her, the
bride with her maid of honor, Miss Lillian
Savago of Lincoln. The brldo's gown was
a simple white bntlsto and sho wore n short
veil. Miss Savage woro whlto organdie.
As tho party reached tho chancel rail they
took their positions standing, while Miss
Georgia Hnriwter sang Robyno's "ou,
from the choir loft, after which the serv
ice was rend. Following tho wedding n
reception ami supper wero given nt the
home of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. F. Snooner at
2501 Popploton avenue, nftcr which Dr.
and Mrs. Clarke left for n short trip
south. Upon their return they will bo at
homo for tho winter at 2501 Popplcton ave
Oiit-nf-TiMTti Client",
Miss Cnttcr of St. Louis Is visiting Mrs.
Levi Carter.
Miss Kdlth Hutst of Milwaukee Is tho
guest of Mrs. Culllngham.
Mr. Perry Allen arrived Inst week from
South America nnd Is n guest nt tho homo
of Mr. and Mrs. Sloan.
Miss Agnes Robinson of Cherokeo, la..
roturncd to her homo on Monday after vis
iting f i lends In this city.
Miss Amelia FIshel of Chicago Is the
guest of her brother, Mr. K. FIshel of 616
South Twenty-sixth street.
Mrs. Thomas Logan ot Murphrysboro,
111., and Mrs. Kdward Tanner wero guests
of Omaha friends Inst week.
Miss Gchan returned to her homo In St.
Joseph on Thursday nftcr ii two weeks'
visit with her mint, Mrs. Jay D. White.
Mrs. Arthur Leav nnd sons, Hcrbort nnd
Walter, of Milwaukee, Wis., nro visiting
Mrs. L. Heller of 2015 Leavenworth street.
Mrs. Charles Rend, who has been tho
guest of Miss HooKcr, returned 10 ncr
homo In Salt Lnko City Saturday morning.
Mrs. D. P. Clarko of Arnpahoo was In
tho city Inst week to attend tho wedding
of boh, Dr. Zorn Clarko, nnd Miss Law
rence. Mm. Samuel Rccs hns as her guest this
week her brother, Mr. M. O. McKoon of Los
Angeles, Cal., formerly n resident of
Miss Lcona Peters, who hn3 been tho
guest of Miss Mabel Hako for tho past ten
days, returned to her homo in Albion on
Mrs. Dora Cndy Smith returned to her
homo In Cleveland, O., on Tuesday, hnvlng
spent tho past thrco weeks nmong friends
in tho city.
Mrs. M. M. Hamlin of 1820 Spencer street
baa ns her guests Mm. William Alcott of
Kl Paso, Til., nnd Miss Agnes Johnson ot
Peoria, 111.
Mrs. Gcorgo Arthur Rnthburn, who has
been visiting her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Kugene A. Mills, lenves today for her homo
In California.
Mrs. Gcorgo Arthur Ratlibun, who lias
been visiting her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs,
Kugene A. Mills, will return todny to her
homo In California.
MIps Cleavland nnd Miss Florence Cleav
land of Denver, who havo been tho guests
for the past few weeks at tho homo of Mr.
and Mrs. W. F. Allen, returned to their
homo on Friday.
Miss Lillian Savage of Lincoln, daughter
of Governor Savage, has been a gueRt tho
past week at tho homo ot Mr. and Mrs. C.
F. Spooner of 2501 Poppleton nvenuo, hov
Inir come un to bo bridesmaid at tho wed-
til uk of their daughter, Miss Jessie Law
rence, and Dr.
Mrs. John Mustek, ostcopathlst. Is gain
ing popularity ns an expert in chronic
troubles considered by other physicians In
curable. OITlcc, Doug. blk. Phone, 2S23,
Residence, Her Ornnd,
Clarke, which occurred on
Mrs. Pnrthcnln
Sbcely block.
H. Neely, voice 611
MnirliiK mill KiiKimeiiiniln.
Mr. D, S. Pariueleo and Miss Fanny Hyde
Clarko were .married at Saint Matthias
church Wednesday, November fi, Rev. P,
C. Davidson, olllclatlng.
Mr. .nnd Mrs, A. Heller havo Issued In
vitations to tho marriage of their daugh
ter, Miss Mae, and Mr. David Degau, which
Is to occur nt Metropolitan rlub nt C-,30
o'clock on Tuesday ovenlng. The wedding
will bo followed by a dinner to the members
of the bridal party, relatives and a few
At 7 o'clock on Monday evening. Miss
Hlancho lowe, daughter of the Into Gen
eral W, W. Lowe, nnd Lieutenant Uenjamln
F. Wade of the Tenth Infantry were
quietly married at Unity church, Dr. Now
ton F. Mann officiating. Only the Imme
diate relative and a few friends wero pres
ent, tho company not exceeding thirty In
ull. The beautiful young bride wore her
Miss Corlnne Taulson, piano studio, 61C
McCngue block.
Cnpltola Williams, piano. Studio 3, Dav-
idge blk.
Miss Julia Officer, pianist, Karbach block.
Lcschetlzky method used by Padcrewskl.
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CL1FTON-YKAGKR On the evening of
November 7 at tho rcsldenco of the brldo's
nnrents. Post Quartermaster Sergeant
Pharles and Mrs. Ycager, Fort Crook, Neb..
Quartermaster Sergeant J. M. Clifton nnd
Miss Georglnna Yeager woro married by
Rev. Bernard Kelly, chaplain Tenth Infan
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i........... , t'lirlntlini SrieniMS
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Tuesday ovenlng !' Kdward A. Kimball
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219 Boulh Hth St.
We are showing all the new and up-to -tl.Ue designs in Knives, Korks, Spoone,
VCKetablo Dliihw, Kntreo Dishes, Meat IMa ttors, Trult Dishes, Tea Sets, etc. Thcso
Koods have Just been rccolvci liy ns and what can mako a more acceptable Christ
lusst pre?cnt than n beautiful piece of Stcr line Silver W'o'll take- plenums In show,
lng you these koocIb.
ml Art .StutloiiiM-s. tntlmiKl DiillllliiH Street.
jMaU'orUeu given careful attention. 8clc nun iuUqb' sent lo responsible parties.
I HAVli THIS WK15K a now lot of things in all departments, but
tiro coin? to talk lmolt today. Those aro all good and prices posN
ii i, Litiini-ivhni-i!. Wo Iihvq thousands of other-, but con-
Ull II i. U uv. l J ' - j
bldor theso worth special mention. Call and weo tho other.
A I.II.V OI-' rit.Nf"K-Hy t'aiollne Atwater Mnnn
If by mall, powtaao 15c
.MV I.ADV I'KOOV CiOKS TO TOWN-Uy I-'riineen Ayinar Mailiown-
If by mull. poHtaiio 12c
Till-: .MAKING OK A MAftCIIIONKKS-Hy Frances llndKcn Ilurnett
If by mull. poPtiiKe lUc
TAHItV TIIOI.'OII TIM. I f:O.Mi:-Ily aeori?e C'rol-
If by in-ill. poHtagfl 19c
KAHM lUlY.MK.S-trtlley'fi Imt booki-lty James Whltcomb Hlle
If by mall, postage luc
1308 Farnam St,
Time and labor saved by uslns thn
Ball Bearing 0 9
This Is tho Twontloth Century SowIdk
Muchlnc. Faster and easier runntnrc than
oMierg. If you want a cheap machine, no
difference what make or prlco machlno you
want, wo can savo you money.
Our Free Sewing School
open every Thursday and Saturday nil iiV
and evening. Wo toach Huttenberg, em
broidery and all kinds of fancy work. No
dlffcronco where you bought your machlno
nor now loni; you havo used It, you aro
welcomo to come nnd take ndvatitano .uf
thlrt school and no expense.
DurlnR thlH week wn will sell second
hand machines cheaper than over.
Good Machines from $1 to $12
Modern, drop head machines, slightly
used, at ono-half regular price. Wo jent
machines rtl "Ii centB per week, or 1 per
month. These arc modern, up-to-date ma
chlnw, with complete- attaehimintH, .
We sell needles and parts for nnd rcpafr
eveiy sewing machine manufacture!!,
Nebraska Cycle Co.,
Cfr Ifith und Ilnrnoy Sts, Thong iocs.
Ilrancb Office:
612 N.
21th St. TliOiii-aWS.,
Kiii.iH uiiiftha, Neb,
: 1 IH1.1.1: yty,
Count-l IIIiiiih, It.