Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 10, 1901, PART I, Page 10, Image 10

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Sent Free
to Men.
... -
Free Trial I'nckiiu;c of tills New; Dis
covery .Mailed to livery .Man
Somllii", .Name and Address -Qtilcklv
Restores Stronntli
and Vigor.
r"rrn trial parkin;-" of a nic'l TO?;,
nhln remed hi.- twins nulled Jo all who
writ- th State Mull. a I '"V1 "1m,..? hf?,r
cured bo ninny men wh'i hail battled for
Fittacitl Condition of City Oobii Up in a
Hiw Form.
Trrniirrr KoiUdUr Hi rrdllnr". on
If mail nml tltr- l.nw " r
Oilier nml liiri,'l K mm
Wluit to lln.
A. t R0HINS0N. M. I).. C. M., Medical Director
ear ncnlnst the iijpiiIiiI nml I'""'?"' "r;
frlnK of lout mnnhobd thai the Institute
had decided to dlHtrluiun trio iriui I'j''f
rob to nil who write. It Is a Homo treat
ment nn.l nil m.m who miffrr w th nn
form of fpxunl wenkneffi rrHiiltlin,' fiom
youthful folly, premature 1hh of HtrctiBlli
and memory, w.nk back. varicocele , or
vmarlntlnn of pnrin can now euro them.
UrivcH lit home. , ,
Tho remedy linn a peculiarly Krutofu ef
fect of warmth nml ocelli to act direct
to thn desired Inrntlmi kIvIiir strenqth rnd
development Juiit where II, In needed. It
cures nil the IIIh ntid trouble that onie
from yearn of mlxiiHe nf tin; niiturnl fii'ip
tleim ami has been an nbnolute aiieeeB- in
ell .nwcx. A r.'uuext to tin- Stat;' Medical
lliHtllute. 770 Kl.Utron Hullillnp. M. JNnync
Ind . HlntliiK that ynu d. xlre one of iheii
free trlnl i.aeltaKex will be eotnpl c.l with
promptly. The Inntltlltn In enlr.ius of
reaching that Krent cIiihm of men who nr.'
unable to leave home to be treated ami
tho free sample, will enable them to hco
how ensv It Is to he cured of sexual weak
ness wlien th" proper remedies nre em
ployed. Tho Institute nmkes no restric
tions. Any man who writes wl I bo sent
n free snmnle. carefully sealed In a plnln
pneknttn so that Its recipient need have no
lear of embarassment or publicity. Head
ers nre requested to wrlto without delay.
EADING clothiers have the
K. N.&F. ready-to-wear
clothlnt;. The "Mansfield" Is one
of the uanusoniesi. siyica hiiuwu
this season, and a great favorite
with the best dressers.
Your dealer will have it in many
different patterns.
fwlnir the l.nrnc Number Who
Have llrrn I liable to Mrr the tlrltlNh
llni'lora, Tliee I'.nilnciit Oeiilleinl'n
llntc Hiti-ndcd the Time for filvtMK
Tli-lr Srrvlfm I'rrii to All Who fall
llefnre llecenilier t.
OwltiK to tho larKo number of Invalids
who hnvo cnllcd Upon tho nritlsh Uoctors
nt tbelr olllce, corner 16th and Fnrnam
Rtrects, rooms 438-U'J, Hoard of Trnile
bulldlnK, and who havo been unable to see
them, these eminent gentlemen have, by ro
cnieM, rousented to continue slvlnR their
scrvlcca entirely free tor inreo inuuuin,
ItncdlrlncB excopted). In all Invalids who
call upon them for treatment uotween now
and Pecember
These services consist not only of con
nultntlon, enamlnatlnn nnd nilvlce, hut also
of minor BUislcal npnratlons.
The ohjeel In pursulns this course Is to
become rnphlly and pernonully acquslnted
with thn sick and allllcteil, and under no
.nnHitinn win iinv chareo whutcver be
made for any services rendered for three
mouths to nil who call before December U.
Tho doctors treat nil forms of disease
and deformities, and Runranteo a cure In
every esse they undertake. - At tho first In
terview a thorough examination Is made,
and, If Incurable, you nre frankly and
kindly told so; also ndvlsod nualnst spend
ItiK your money' for useless treatment.
Male nnd femnln wenkness, cntarrh nnd
catarrhal deafness, also rupture. Koltrc,
cancer, all skin diseases and all diseases of
the rectum, nro positively cured by their
new trcntment.
The Ohlof Assnclato Surfieon of the Initl.
tuto h In personal chaw.
OKI'K'n llOl'IlH Krom 0 a. m. till S p. m
No Siinuny hours,
M'l'.t'lAI, .MTM'r. If on I'limiot enll.
trial stump for inieslhm blank for
bmue treiilim'iit.
If the cxlstlni; laws are strictly ndhcrcd
to by City Treasurer Koutaky the holders
of warrants Issued to pay tho overlap of
IJtOrt. which amounted to nbout 1 12,000, will
he comrellcd to sno tho major and other
city olllclals to recover.
When tho liscal yenr closed, on August.
1, 1!(00, there wns an overlap which
nmountvd to considerably over $l".0"U. As
soon as tho 1101 levy was made warrants
to lake, up this overlap wele Issued and
are still outstanding As tho 1!01 city
tax does not fall duo until October 1 the
treasurer Irns not so far Issued p. call for
nny warrants on thin's levy, nlthouRh
riiiltn a largo sunt has already been col
lected. ,
The law plainly prohibits city oiucinis
from spendlnR any moro money than can bo
derived from tho nnnual levy nnd It fur
ther holds officials personally responsible
for n violation. l or years pnsi mo run
ning expenses nf the city have been Inrscly
In excess of tho Incomn nnd nn overlap has
been handed down from ono ndmlnlstrntlon
to another for n Ions time. Kvcry year
this overlap has Increased until now U
amounts to a large sura. Of courso tho
IsBiilnR of the warrnnts to take up the over
lap made quite n hole In the nnnual appro
priation nnd already gome of tho funds aru
nearly depkted.
The attention of Trcnsurer Koutsky hns
been called to that section of the law
which pertains to overlaps and before call
ins In any of tho wnrrants mentioned ho
will secure competent IckhI nilvlce. Time
and nKBin City Attorney I.nmbcrt has cau
tioned tho council nbout speudlnK mone
In excess of tho city's Income, but no nt
tcntlon hns been paid to tho warnliiR.
Under tho now charter the city olllclals
Klvn bonds ns follows: The mayor. ?ri,000j
city treasurer, $100,000; city clerk, U,000;
city attorney. $2,000; each member of the
council, $3,000. In caso the treasurer Is
Instructed by his legal advisers not to is
sue a cnll for the overlap warrants It Is
presumed that some of the holders of these
claims against tho city will commence suit
against tho mayor and members of tho
Another Suit 'I'lirentcncil.
And now tho city is threatened with an
other lawsuit. This tlrao Mrs. Ella T. Mul
llns Is tho plaintiff. When the F strcot
sewer was being constructed nbout a year
ngo J. K. Hlloy. tho contractor, arranged
with Mrs. Mulllns, who Is tho proprietor oi
tho Dclmonlco- hotel, to cash the time
checks of some of tho men employed on
the work.
Tlrao checks up to tho nmount of $95 were
tnken up by Mrs. Mulllns, but when a set
tlement was raado between the city nnd
tho contractor tho Mulllns claims were
overlooked. Prior to a settlement .Mrs.
Mulllns sorved notice on the council of tha
amount of tlmo checks she held and re
quested that the sum bo deducted from tho
money paid tho contractor. No attention
was paid to tho communication other than
to fllo It nnd now Mrs. Mulllns proposes to
seo If sho cannot recover tho nmount from
the city, as she had given the authorities
notice of her claim.
Those Library IlniiiU.
It Is rumored on tho streets that the li
brary bonds voted at tho election last
week nre not legal, the reason given being
thnt the proposition was not correctly sub
mitted. On this score City Attorney Lam
bert says that ho prepared tno proclama
tion of tho mayor nnd the bond proposition
with esneclnl care. Heforo making any
move In tho matter tho attorneys carefully
looked over tho law nnd the city charter,
lie Is confident that the bonds cannot bo
dcclnrcd void by reason of an error on his
part, or tho pnrt of the mayor in Issuing a
Aid Soelrty Klcctn Ollleem.
The hadlcs" Aid society of tho First
Prcsbyterlnn church has selected these of
Beers to serve a term:
Mrs. Davis S. Sturrock, presldont; Mrs.
It. L,. Wheeler, vice president; Mrs. D. 1.
Holmos, treasurer; Mrs. Hoyd Carley, sec
retary. Tho next meeting of the socle'y
will be held nt tho residence of Mrs. E. II.
Clinrch OrHecm Chosen.
An election of officers of the First Tres
byterlan church was held one evening Inst
veek with this result: Elder II. M. Wells
rp.nlneled nnd A. A. Thurlow chosen1
as tho other elder. Frank Spear and A.
J Caughey were elected deacons, while
Mrs. E. A. Kolls nnd Mrs. H. McHurney
wcro named as deaconesses.
t''lrrnipi'i Annual Hall.
The paid flrcnicnt of tho city will hold
Its nnnual ball nt Woodman hall on tha
r.lght of November 27. Already a large
number of tickets have been sold and tho
attendance promises to be large. As In
tho past, the proceeds of this ball will 1m
turned Into the firemen's relief fund. ThU
fund has already been started by a dona
tion of $100 from Armour & Co.
Sixth Annl vemnrj.
the Church ' In the evening the theme
will be "A Bcrmon to Yoimz Men
Holy communion will bo i-clobrnt ! at bt
Martins church by Ittv J T. l ostcr nt S
o'clock this morning.
W. It. Vimsaiit Is treasurer niul John
Field llnan.lul secretary of the ilrst
.Methodist Episcopal church.
.Street Commissioner Clark hns Just com
plete! the lining in of ii big washout nt
Twenty-second ami Q streets.
Itcgulnr evening services, to be held at
7-fti o clock, will commrnce nt St Martins
Uplscopal church this evening
At I! o'cIock this afternoon Itev, M A.
Head will deliver im nddress lit the ouilg
Men's Christian association parlors.
John I'liviiimush was arrested extcrday
for stealing u bolt of cloth troni a dry
gcods house on Twenty-fourth strci t
N'nll,.,. linn licrti xrnt lo the (ItV nfllcl.lls
that ti street from Thirty-sixth sturt to
Fort -fourth street Is In bn.l coinlltloiir
llcv. John Williams, rector of St. Harnu-
bus church, Omaha, will assist m th; serv
ices at St. .Martin's church this evening.
Mrs. .Mary M. Cre.-. i iitertalncd Ihr
Woman's Heller corps at her home, rm
Ninth Nineteenth street, yesterday after
liuon. '
A petition has been llleil with the city
cl.uit usklng the council to order a side
wulk laid on Twenty-eighth street frum
I to J street.
At a meellng of I'hll. Kearney rust of
the Ornnil Army of the Itcpublle held last
night ollicers for tho ensuing year were
The Woman's nuxlllary of tho Young
Men's Christian association will meet nt
o'clock Tuesday, uflcinoou with .Mrs, U
J. .Mcttliiicy. Z.A: F street.
Commencing .Monday stoics In this city
will lie open thrcc'evenlngs a week-Mon-tluv,
Wednesday and Sulurdii nights buy
ing been uesignaie.i uy inc mere nanis.
Prickly Ash Bitters
Through tin- Pletiircniue
l II 11 II t II I II .
The route of the Lehigh Valley rnllroad
between Nlngnra Falls nnd Huffalo and
New Vork nnd Philadelphia is one of en
trancing beauty. Panoramic chnnges nf
scenery erect the eye nt every turn Fast
trnlnt. Dining enrs, service a la carte.
Stop-over allowed at Niagara Falls on all
ihrouch tickets to Now York and Phila
delphia ftin this line.
Tho ticfrt bargains In tho paper nre on
tho want ad. page. Don't miss them,
Tmirlrri' Protect l o Association !
Wo I'M n K for a iillonnl
A rousing meeting of tho local post, Trav
elers' Protective association, was held Snt
urdny at the Commercial club rooms. They
decided to commence, nt onco on tho nnnual
hustle for new members so that the na.
tlonnl trophy for the largest lncrcaso in
memhershln enn be held nnothcr year. An
amendment to tho by-law was passed pio.
vldlng for a regular monthly meeting, to bo
held on tho second Saturday of each montn.
Tho Commercial club rooms have been des
ignated ns tho place.
A commlttleo consisting of Z. T. Und-
sey, M. Willpl, J. J'lircupno and unarius i..
Hopper was nppolnted to take immedlato I
steps toward tho reorganization of Post C I
at Lincoln. Some preliminary work has I
been done thero and It Is expected to have
a line post nt that place before tho holidays.
Arrangements were started to havo an
entertainment In tho near future and also
to secure the services of tho uatlonal busi
ness manager. Mr. E. C. llurrows, for a
series of tnllts to traveling men and a
grand hustlo for new members.
Council lllnffs Womnn lUplnlns Why
She Went to Pei; Her
Mrs. Nettle Hale of Council Hluffs wants
In nnrrnM I ho nil 0111011 t that appeared In
The Boo with referenco to her nrrest on a
charge of abduction of her children. She
denies thnt she called an omccr to go to, tho
place where they were being kept to provo
to him that they were not properly clothed.
"Tho condition of tho children proved
that without further proof," says Mrs. Hale.
"My mistako was simply In railing to tnio
legal means to get my children back. Tho
children themselves showed by their grief
when their father camu for them that they
preferred to stay with mo In Jail rather
than to go back to the woman with whom
their father had placed them."
fnntriict Aivanleil.
At a meeting of the Board of Puhllc
ti'riu i.-rifinv nftornnnn n contract for
Heals Diseased Kidneys, Quiets
Inflammation, Relieves Back
ach, Corrects Changes in the
Urine and Assists the Extraction
of Poisonous Uric Acid in the
. r
C j l ; "1
U 'MimaKnWjsyfewwj O
jjj JiiiimiiiiisjwgWilNiiiimiiiii( J
JT , hintilnIiiniiiiivY,'lui )
? ( ltlilnlilfciiMii im'Vii ( 53
h , , n n
n Hvjj I '' n
Tones Up the Stomach, Strength
ens Digestion, Relieves and Per
manently Cures Heartburn, Diz
ziness, Headache. Corrects Bad
Breath, Fickle Appetite and1" a
Constipated Habit.
Ap n SYSTEM TOXIC and HLOOD IM7KIRE1! it ia without an cpial in Medicine. It overhauls J11 pt0,l,;,;"-;,(;,j;;
drivs nut iiiMHintics. strengthens weakened orpins, cleanses and refiulates the bowels. Its tine tome prop, ti s . x o .
i i f h, hn,i,. ,.,.,l..,.i,.r (r,.n..ll.. vilmm- and mental activity. Clears the complexion of y lln
discoloralions. brightens the, promotes j-ood appetite, sound sleep and cheerful spinls. It is a
r,,r u-,,H:prhnfl.'hn(lv nml hrjiin workers, ns it nuts the brain and vital organs in superb condition ami kec
II is a CUE AT IJE.ME1 n
eeps them so.
Munford, Tenn, Oct. 3, 1900.
I im zrt believer In your Wine of Ctfdul and Thedford's Black-Draught. My wife took
vfiZ ni Cardul Iwt winter and when her baby was born she had an easy time. My
wife and I think your medicines arc the best we have ever lound. RHODELANDER.
HPW.T 1 Strlft .NO. -t. WHM linrt.u.-ii .
V. Dnlv at TH ccnlH n foot. This iiuiUph a
tntnl of $530. IG for tbo Job, Tills let p.y
tends iiIoiik Webster street from Iblrtl-
M'lilptv.tlilnl street
Oeorne It. Orunilnll sccnre.l the ciintriict
fnr urnillnc Dewey iiveilll.) Detween. 1 1111
eighth ami Thlrty-iilntli streela.
whs cents n cubic jnnl.
ynrds In the Job,
Th" nrlcrt
with s.m
Growth of Hair.
A Fninotis Onctor.Chemist lias Dis
covered a Compound that Grows
Hair on a I Id Head In a
Sin 1 Mailt.
V.... .11.... .1 II II II II ! Ill I- II I t'BIIIPH l. IC-
t,,rn llnnrl nml Stnnil lnm
r.Mlliile.l III tlie Wonilerfiil cureo.
Motherhood is the great aim of womanhood, but all the natural sentiment which clusters around
it seems cruel mockery to thousands of suffering women to-day. To them motherhood means only
misery. But women need not suffer agony at childbirth.
makes women strong and healthy by regulating the memtrual flow and strengthening the organs of
womanhood. A strong woman looks forward with joy to the coming of her child. Women fear
motherhood because they arc sick. Weak organs cannot withstand the strain without great pain and
danger. Wine of Cardui has rciicvca i,uu,u - "
responsibility. It equips woman for every duty of wifehood and motherhood
is used il can truly be said, "mother and child are doing wen,
of Wine of Cardui.
When Wine of Cardui
Ask your druggist for a $1.00 bottle
For adrlco nnd literature. ddre, ElvInK nyrrmtoms, "The I'm' A dTlsory
Department," The Chattanooga Medicine Company, Chattanooga, Tcnn.
llla.'.n rrrr Senilo Tree Trlnl
I'lickiiKPH lo All Who Write.
After hnlf n century spout In the Ubnni-
Inrv. I'mn ll Willi lllKIl limiui 'un
i iniiny worUI-tinoiis
illsco erics tho cele-
and 0RUG0N
Wcdnes.lny and I'rl
In I'lillniHii Ordinary
fur. The ears lira
llKhted with tho fmnoin I'tnttch I.lKht, arc
well ventilated, huvo heparalt. lavntorlra
for ladles nnd irntlemrn and nil enra arc
i-nrprted and upliolBlered.
The rnn.luctorH nre all men nf experi
ence In PM-urtlon travel nnd sen that the
comfort of nil patrons Is cnrefully at
tended to.
"or full Information call at Oily Ticket
Ofllca, J32i Fnrnam St.; tolephouu 316.
Jav Omaha eery
day at I '.'5 l. m
(Tourlit) SleepliiK
The KlnK'a DauRhterH' circle of thn l'rfs
byterlan church will give an cntertalnmnnt
on Monday afternoon, the occasion belnK
thn sixth nnnlvorsary of tho society. Tor
this entertainment thn parlors of the
church will bo appropriately decorated. All
members and friends nre cordially Invited
to attend. Asl.lo from an InterestiiiK pro
Krnm Rev. R. I.. Wheeler will deliver an
nddress, nnd then thero will bo n RiieslnK
contest. Refreshments will bo served.
WpiI.IIiiw AnulvcrNiir.v 'li'lirnle.l.
Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs. B. II.
SpraRiie entertained a Inrse number of
friends at tholr home. 386 South Twenty-
third street, the occasion belliK the fifth
anniversary of their mnrrlaRC. Dainty re
freshment were served, after which tho
Invited Rucsts Interested themnelves In
games nnd other nmusements. Mr. and Mrs.
SpriiRiic were the recipients nf many beau
tiful nml costly preonts.
mukIc ciiy ;iiii.
Klro hull No. '1 hns been Insured for $l.y.
Inspector .lones icpons iwemy cases .11
scarlet fever.
J. A. bus returned from 11 Hip
In St. Joseph. Mo.
The south doors nt tho postofllco nre be
1,, i? nllcil nnd vtirnlslied.
nr ?o.(hVi ciittlo were received nt the
stock yards here last week.
A business nieetlim of tho Bpwnrth IcnRtie
will be held on Tluirstiay cveniiiB.
llcv. M. A. Hca.l Is now 11m e.iiior huh,
p.lUlsher of the Mouth Oniiiha Methodist.
OwIiik to rcslfciuUl'iiis the police depart
ment has been reduced ,lo eight patrohnoii.
Ilririiey Urlcr Is contemplating slnrllng a
paper in the Interest of the colored people
Inquiries for Hntith Omaha bonds nro still
being 111a. In by cnMerii bankers mid brok
ers. ritorm Sash -Clet prices froni I low land, CSS
North Twenty-fourlh street, before buylns,
'Phone 7.
Peddlers doing buMnecs In South Uniaha
want 1 ho license tux reduced during tho
winter months.
At tho Kim Meih.i.llst church this morn-
ir line m A. lieu. I. iiistor. wl l iircacli
on ihu tonic "The tivcurlty uud Ulory uf
clued nr
White Riboon Hemedy
MISS IIIM.OP. of Viiv '.enlniiil
mill Her Mnrvel.iHi iriili if llnlr.
t)rnted physlclan-cliemisi u uu nci.u 01
h" gre it Altei.heliu Medical Dl-p. ns.jrv.
"h llutierfleld HldB. CM n clli mi 1 1 Ohio, bus
lust iiui'l" int. startling announcement Unit
1 e has produced u conipound that grows
lit in." , 1. ,,,,! 'CI,.. ,!,if,,,t
hair 011 any ."..oi V......
the claim mat anr n'""' "
Vears ' cou Plctc. ho has at last reached
() bonl of his ambition. To the .lc ir
Hi heads am alike. There are none which
1 r,i in- this reniaiknble rem-
Pd The record of the cures already iilH.le
Is truly marvelous ami were It not fur tin;
citizens all over the couulry It would seem
ion inlrncidouH to be true
"..!.' ' ..., i, in, iliiubt of the dnel'.r s
ea nestiicsa In making, his claims nor fun
his cures be disputed, lie docs not ask ar
inn 1111. ..,1.1 l1 inL-o hid .,, ,..,v-
!Cnelse's word ror It but he stands ready
and willing to TltXZJTl'ZHf!.l
inlrt crc'U in. 1. .'fi"
!..Vii,. m I it 111 for It. enclosing a 2-cnu
stamp to prepay posluge. In 11 single nluhl
l,nl for vears. It ban stopped falling hair
n one hour. It never falls no matter whit
the condition, age or sex. Old men uud
vouiiR men, woniflli nn.l children till have
iirollte.l bv the free use or this grcnt now
illscoverv. Write today if you are b.ild.
II your hair Is falling out or If your hair,
...,.i,,-.,m u ,,r rvHlushes are thin or short
nnd In a short time vou will ba entirely
Cnn III- lilll-ll III Hlll" "I lll.-r,
S or rnffee Wlllimil Pntlenl's
K iiimi Ii'.Ikv
White H.bbou Remedy will cure or de
stroy ihn dlnMscil appetite for alcoholic
silmulanlH. whether the patient Is 11 con
nnno.l Inebriate, "a tippler, social drinker
or drunkard. Impossible for . anyone to
have 1111 uppctlte for nlcoliolle iiquois uuer
u-diig Whltu Ribbon Remedy.
I'.nilorsed tiy JlenilM-rs ol . I.. 1. I.
Mrs. .Moore. Superintendent of the
Woman's Christian .Tv'.l!:l'r"," lJ,l1'.,.l
writes: "I have tested win."
edy on very obstinate drunkards, and the
u l-es have been innn. In man cases he
H.medy as glvi 11 secretly. ...lchcPifully
r cminicni and endorse vv niiu iiiooon
P.c nedy Members of our Union are do
llV lite to llud a practical and economical
1.' 'atiuent l.i aid us In our temperance
WMri" W-it. presl.lcfut of tho Woman's
. hrlstlan Temperance I'lilon, states: I
know of so many people re ceme. from he
curse of drink h the use ol 111 t R bl. 11
erne y mat ..carnc,
here "or by mall, $1. Trlnl paekugo fre
In .writing, ordeal ng on MRS A. M.
Omaha by niarl's M- achaea-r. 16th and
Chicago streets.
Ill mtT I ITM iT TWT1 I II ill I I
without nnv expense to them whntever
Looking for
a Better
O Uilufii HJiullbO iiiiLUiiin 1 ivini
i n.r fntic n DiionMifiiUm in ,mv nf Its forms or states of tic vein pnt en 1 . It makes no
diffcrenct; ivhcllier ymi arc suffering from Inflammatory, Nervous. Muscular or Articular
nm vntislled that doctors cannot
of nioncj b'li fc'ot no reller tut'. I got
i.iiuil(e," Ii il lil mn inornKCMS t inn an til" oim-r 11 m-.iuiii,-. .."
:,. it A N'KVINS Venturit. I Ml
I have nnmicM tor ten .ears,..., heumatlc lns Nothing ever did in., any "'."MJJS
.t-UKWrn.- lie ff)Tv I IlliU tlv'H Ml" lifu nn1 - - ,niMMu.f vVpht. M)U
i niirs ii r .
IlklllLT t'OUl
It o ail nrciium Mien u rrmi ci
uleonlessness, Khlnsy and liver Troubles, Ncrvoiisn, Malaria, Rheumatism, Calnr.h, Ooul, Asthma, la Br ppo, ;8U"'8""m"a1K"'
BieopiBssnes, h.M7 . u..ji. ..i .11 rnhnr niteine ol tho Blood, Nervei ana Muscles.
Weakness, Dyspepsia, looinncne, taracne, uncs-acne, """ . , ,. ',n..r frm ih bicod.
ScUtlcn, Heart
You can probably find one to
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SWANSON RHEUMATIC CURE CO., 160 lake S1 Chicago,
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