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Vrtj Orfti Matti Fatbla Attampt to Ex
plain Haptblioan TrinapL
Aitrlere Cnnnljr Kdnrnlom on Ynrlnn
latter of Public ImpoHnnrr
Genrrnl of Sr.
- lirnakn.
fFrnm a Staff Coriespondrnt.)
IjINCOLN, .Nov. S.-(5pf elal.)--Thr pop
ulim party orttan, the Nebraaka Indepenn
nt, makes a feeble attempt In It Isbuh
today to explain why there were Bitch larae
republican cnlna In nil section of thn
tato. It acciiffs the democrats of brlnu
rciponslble for nitmh of the slump In tho
luxlon voto and a a further reason It Is
tald that the republicans polled a larger
percentage of their vote than did the op
posing pari. Th story In brief, ns fol
lows; So little attention vt pnld to the elec
tion that even, at this writing, Thumday
morning, only estimates of the vote van be
given In this mate. It is. however, con
ceded that the tepubiicaus have carried
the slate, electing . member of the su
preme court and the two regents. It ap
pear that tho republicans polled a much
largT per cent of their vote than In
fusion forces did. a thing .that Is very
easily accounted for.
'In Ohio the republicans carried the
tnte by itn Immense majority, the largest
except In two Instances ,thnt the party
ever bad. It Is to be hoped now that
McLean and hln crowd of gold bugs will be
satisfied and retire from polities. In Cleve
land, Mark Manna's city, however, thorn
a, a great ratling oil In the republican
vote, live (iicstlons being brought to the
front by Tom Johnson.
"lowd, of course, went republic in . no
body seems to have put up any opposition,
filnce the pnpttlUt party has been destroyed
over there by division and the middle-of-the-road
business there seems to be no
one with any fight left In them."
I.tiin-nstrr CiiiimIj Olltrlul CiiitsnaN.
The ortlctnl canvass of votes In Lancaster
.county shos that 7.. 9. Hranson, repub
lican candidate for sheriff, distanced all hlt
fellow nominees. Mr. Hranson tecolved a
majority nf nnd Frank It. Water.-,
candidate, for county Judge, came next. ltn
n majority of 2,131. The ofllclal figures give
Judge Sedgwick a majority of 2.104 lu this
county. The total vote was about 6,001)
less than last year.
Hlils for Norfolk- llnxpltnl.
The State noard of Public Lands and
nulldlngs has extended for an Indefinite,
p-rlod the time allowed eon'tractors to sub
mit l)lds for rebuilding the hospital for in
fane at Norfolk, The board met thU after
noon to open the proposals, bur as none'
had been presented an adjournment was
taken. Several contractors have the mat
ter tinder consideration and will present
their estimates within tho next few davt,.
The hoard will Insist on the citizens or
Norfolk advancing euniclent money to pay
for oil labor employed In the rebuilding.
Mulr. or CIciM-rttra In Minor.
State Superintendent Fowler has Issued a
circular to the school ofheers of the stale
calling their attention to the sections of
the etaltiten which prohibit the sale of cig
arettes or tobacco to minors. Under the
provisions of the law It Is a misdemeanor
for a peison 19 sell, give 4"a- r furnish
any cigarettes or cigarette, papers In any
forni'whateverJcT jiorioh ;under the ikV or
1, Tha sate of tobacco In any form to pern
sorn under the age of 15 Is punishable by
h tine of $15,
To elliml nirrllilriiitriil
State Superintendent Fowler has ad
dressed a communication to the county su
perintendents of thr stnte, in which ho
'Termlt me to congratulate us all upon
the fact that tho county elections are again
In the past nnd that we may turn our at
tention anew to our lesitlmate work, our
fn-es to the schnola anil our baiks to poll
His and the campaign. Among you all
there arc thrco classes: First, those who
were not renominated and who havH known
for weeks or months that tbey would re
linquish the supervision of the county
srhools In January; they have been free
from the turmoils of the county campaign,
Pcond. those who were renominated, but
defratcd In 'the , election, they have 11
shorter period In which to set their houses
In order and to alter nnd arrange Ihelr
own plans for the future, but they should
leave their schools In us good condition
as the llrst elate; and, third, the re-elect,
those who will continue ttr -orts for
the Improvement of their schools through
out another term', much more will be ex
pected of .them than of (he new incum
hJbls In ofilic. I hope that nil superin
tendents will feel free to call upon this
department for any nBnlstanco In Its power
nnd that our relations may be mutually
plas.nt and profitable, to the schools of
our beloved state. '
"Permit me to suggest that all superin
tendents look over their summer and fall
correspondence with this department. In
cluding all circular letters received from
this office, Many superintendents will And
Won't You
Write a Postal
To Get Well?
Fnd me no money, but simply write me a
pnual If you are not well. Pay when you
Kt 7ll.
I VIII send you bcok that tells how a
HfetVfie of study hns enabled me to
treit:then the Inside nerves. Those are
the Wes that operate the stomach, kid
nnytuienrt, womanly organism, etc. Weak
ness f these ergsns means weakness of
those ervcs, Nervo strength alone makct
any orm d Us dutv,
I wllVsnmi you, too. an order on your
nearest lrugglst for six bottles of Dr.
Bhoop's testnrattve. Tse It for a month
and If A suroeedit pay him 15. ,'.0 for it
If not, I pay him myself. -
No uvsler how ilinVuli your case, no
roattfr vvkt y0ii Jiavo tried. If my book
nhowa youth it your trouble is nervo weak
netf -nnd lost rlekness is 1 will warrant
my neatoralvo to cure you.
I fall soletinios, hut not often. My
records ho that 3? out of 40 who get
those six h-rtlej pay, nnd pay gladly. I
have lenrnedh.t most people aro honest
with a physl n who cures them, That is
nil I ask If (ail I don't expect a penny
from jou,
Mine Is thebnly wry to restore vital
litrvo power, nher treatments bring but
netting rfultt best. If you want to
be well let mo Vnd you an order for the
medicine If ItVures piy JS.50, I leave
the decision to y
Pimply stetv.
which book yon
want and nd
riress Pr.Shnop,
Jiox Ml. Ita-
Ito No, 1 on Dyspepsia
No, 2 on the Henri
Bnk No. 3 on tbe Kidneys,
Bel 'o. I for Womnn.
Ook No. fop men e nleril.
cine, Wis
iRo No, fi onniieumittlHm.
Mllti cases, tint ck-onlc. tire often curetl
by one or two )ottk All urugilsta.
there are verl requests tint have not
been complied with May we not expect
to hr from you during the current
"Peveral superintendents, have failed to
make any returns whatever of the vote
last June In their respe6tlve counties on
the formation of the adjunct district.
"Five or six each of the annual rerorts
and the Institute reports have not yet been
rerelvcd and the semi-annual apportion
ment Is not far off.
nemlliiK Circle Work.
"Copies of the Nebraska Teachers' Read
ing Circle circulars may be procured at
this office In any quantity not exceeding
the number of teachers In your countv. I
hope the reading circle work In your county
is growing and Is now on a basis of profit
and Instruction to the schools and their
"Tbe Nebraska Kducatlonal Directory for
the current year will follow this In a few
dsrs, '
"Superintendent J. I), French of Hasting!
Is sending out programs for tho N. S. T. A ,
which meets January 1, 2 and .1. I hope
jour county will he largely represented,
Ask your tearhera and district boards to
close their schools that week. This will
necessitate two weeks' vacation at that
tlmo unless they choose to have school
December 23 and 24, or December 23, 2 1, 26
and 2T.
"If you have not alreadv done so. send
' to the Nebraska Teacher. Lincoln, tbe
names and poatofflces addresses of your
county representatives to the spelling
"A business meeting of the county super
intendents and county superintendents
elect will be held In the senate chamber In
this (capltol) building Monday evening nud
Tuesday forenoon and afternoon, December
30 and 31, for the dlscujslon of matter
relative to the office and duties of county
superintendents, the county Institute and
rural schools,"
(Irnprnl stnlr mt.
The Lancaster county ficntleman's Road
ster club gave the last racing matinee of
the season at tho fair grounds vesterdav
1 afternoon. The proceeds from the sale of
j tickets, amounting to over $100. were do
nated to the McKlnley Memorial chime
The Academy of Music building at the
southwest corner of eleventh and O streets
was sold at administrator's sale this after
noon for a prl-c approximating $60,000. It
was bid In by J. K. Honeywell, acting for
Mis i Florence Putnam, for 112,000 above
Incumbrances, which Include a mortgage
for $45,000 and some taxes. The properly
was owned by the H. J. Walsh etate,
The Commercial club of this city has
recommended C. H. nudge for appointment
as member of the St. Louis Kxposltlon
commission, which the governor proposes
to appoint,
Samuel L. Russell, once a well-to-do
grain buyer In this city, his hem adjudged
Insane by the Insanity commission of this
county. Heavy losses through bucket shop
deals caused him to lose his reason.
Mrs. Mary L. White. 193S R street, has
Instituted proceedings against the L. W.
Pomerane company to recover $3,000 for
Injuries alleged to have been caused in her
home by a plumber In the employ of the
defendant company.
"liprrmr t'onrt ProvredliiRn.
Proceeding In the supreme court Novem
ber 7-
Stevens against flrown, appeal from Lan
caster, dismissed; Haverly ngalnst State
ex rel Rosewater, error from Doug
las, dismissed; Mngruder against Klttlo,
appeal from Dodge, demurrer overruled by
order of revivor. Providence Washington
Insurance company against Weston, ad
vanced; Welsh agnlnEt Tlppery, appeal
from Rurt, motion to advance denied; State
ngalnst Standard Oil company, order allow
ing fees of referee and stenographer, State
ex rel Plattsmouth Telephone Company
against Maker, mandnniu argued and sub
mitted; Wllbcr against Wyatt, error from
Douglas, argued and submitted. A J.
Weaver of Falls City was appointed on bar
commission to succeed Kd Faloon, resigned.
Klve Cltlrcns WUn Fulled tn .IikIuh
nml t'lork Ktectlons ( nllcil to
(irnml Islnnri.
If RAND ISLAND, Neb., Nor. S. "(Spe
clal.)As a result of the operation of the
new election laws five prominent citizens
of nearly as many country precincts are
summoned to appear before County Judga
MulUn to show cause. If any there be. why
they should not be tlned for failing to ap
pear at thn polling places to lt ns Judges
and clerks respectively of the election.
They had heen duly notified at their ap
pointment by the sheriff, as also required
under the law. As It Is Ihe first case of
the kind, thi outcome and the causes which
will he offered, will be watched with In
trnnilnirB Shnmnljrr Flnnlly !
rreils In Itetnlnlnc I'ntann I. one
F.nntifth In tlratilfo.
PTROMSIIURC, Ntb.. Nov. S. (Special.)
A. F. Vanholm committed suicide today
at S o'clock by taking poison at his horn
In this city. The doctors reached his aide
Just In time to see him breathe his last
nnd nothing could be done. He Is, tald to
have been drinking bard for several days
and hs.d attempted taking his life nnoa
bfore thl week, but the doctors succeeded
In bringing him nut again. Ho was about
60 years old nnd had lived here fifteen
years, He was a shoemaker by trade.
Miss Mnflldn Mnehnnsoninn Wnnts
lln mater for Aliened llrrnrli of
Prninle of SnrrlnR.
NKHRASKA CITY. Neb., Nov. . -(Special
Telegram.) Miss Matilda Maehauseman
commenced suit In the district court today
against Dr. K. M. Whlttrn.fnr $10,000 dam
ages for alleged breach of promise of mar
riage. The defendant Is a practicing phy
sician and has resided her? many years.
ne was married tasi wcck to a prominent
young society woman of Ibis city. It la
believed that tho suit will be contested,
llninlin I'lrm Help Vntnn Church
Yl.'TAN. Neb., Nov 8, (Speclnl,) Tha
Omaha Elevator company, through J. D.
Philips, Its agent at Yutan, haa subscribed
$S0 toward the building of a new German
Lutheran church In Yutan. The farmers
ntnr here are mcstly Hermans who In May
of tho present year organlied Into the St.
John's German Lutheran church, with Rev.
Dr. O, A, Neeff as their pastor. Formerly
these people worshiped with the English
members of Zlon church, but now they have
grown so strong that they wish to havn a
church for themselves, numbering about,
100 members,
Wjiimre l.lhrnrj' Reopens.
WYMORE. Neb., Nov. $. (Special. I The J
month ago, on account of lick of funds, Is
to be reopened by the P. B. O. society nnd
Fortnightly club of Wymore. A library
hoard was organized last night and the
following officers elected: Mrs. H. J. Wet.
more, president; Mrs. Robert Fenton. vice
president; Mrs. J, A. Renting, secretary,
Mrs. S. E. Yo-ler, treasurer.
lAlways the Best
I The illustrated Bee I
i It Has No Rival
T Irving to even eq la' The lllus-
T tniterl Ree. but their defection has
I not lessened the effort to make each
J number of this excellent publication
? better than the one preceding. In Its
7 own self It has the keenest of competl- t
T lion. That It lias been able to keep t
7 thr n!u.n -M.l, tn. ! ff
rlynls in tlir. rent- A arltntttesl by nil t
who tire familiar with it In Its next J
number It will present some benutlful 7
lui'f-tone pictures made from photo- 7
graphs of subject of general Interest. I
ns well ns the usual nunitirr of e.- 7
peclally prepared articles,
the features nre!
Some of
r r
i An Iowa Beauty
l-or the frontispiece l n repro
d i'tlon from n photograph nt
Mis Frances West, one of the
handsomest nmong the host of
fair llnwkeye.s. .She has been
chosen to splash n bottle of wine
on the cruiser Dob Moines when
the launch occurs nt Qulncy,
Mass.. sonic time this winter. A
special article accompanied the
j Leader Among Women
Carrie Lane Chapman-Catt Is
ono of the foremost figures in the
wor'd of women today. Her re
cent work In the west bus at
tracted much attention. The Il
lustrated flee linn an excellent
picture, made from n photograph
taken at the t'nlon "tntlon te.t
rnrty by n staff nrtlst.
Two Swell Weddings-
Ono In Mnnlla and one In Wash
ington, nre Illustrated with hand
some pictures of the bride and
groom nnd the bridal party One
of theyi! events Is conceded to be
the most brilliant nffalr seen nt
Washington In years. The other
Is referred to In Mnnlln na n
iiecittetiiy interesting society oc
I Bustling City of Java
Frank O Carpenter describes
what lie calls the "New York of
.Invn," te'lliiR of Itn traffic, both
local and general, lie goes more
than ever Into detnll lu the mat
ter of Javanese commerce and In
an Interesting way points nut the
opportunities American trades
men mo overlooking lu the
Islands of the Far Knst As usual
this letur Is fully Illustrated.
t Inspection of Meat
Many people know In a neb.tlous
, sort of way tbnl there l.s an In-
i spectinn of meat at the packing
4 iHiuac, iii an interesting inter-
i view Dr. Don (', Ayer. who Is in
chnrge of the Bureau of Animal
t Industry nt Omaha, te'ls bow the
j Inspectors watch the nnlmnls
t from the time they reach the
stork yards until the meat Is
4 finally cold under tbe envernment
I real. A group of pictures made 7
from photographs taken especially ?
for The Illustrated Ree shows
some features of the work. I
Shower of Shooting Stars
Next week the astronomers e-
peel to welcome the Leonids, the
wnnderlng asteroids, which visit I
the earth about thrlco In a cen-
tury. Tho article tells what these
wanderers are supposed to lie and
how the astronomers have pre
pared to obsnrvo thn rllnlit In
illUHtrntlon shows the Inrtrumenis t
to be used in observing and pho- 7
tographlng the aliower. 7
Viaducts and Commerce J
One of thu features of modern
commerce Is the complexltv of
methods of transportation ' and
the opposition of the several f
forms. An Interesting article tells t
bow the difficulty nrlslng from the
existence of this opposition ha t
been, obviated The viaduct Is t
the key to the situation. Alnni?
with this article . i
lent Illustrations. :
Other features Complete I
In addition tn the fentipeH t
enumerateil tho other depart- 7
meiits of The lllustiateil ltv
have been looked after with
much care and are complete In
every respect. Nothing has been
slighted and nothing overlook-d.
so that the ne.vt number will
ertalnly be as good If not bet
ter than any of its predecessors.
I Order It Today
Out on Sunday
llfviilvrr Is
DIschnrKcil, Inflicting
Kn tnl Injuries I'pnn
lis ( Inner.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb.. Nov. x. -(Spe.
clal.) Jiach Tlchenor, a baggageman of the
St. Joseph & C!rand Island road, who has
run Into this city fnr the last twenty years,
was accidentally shot In the stomach yes
terday near Wat'hena, Kan. He was alone
In his car and was presumably loading his
revolver, or rler.nlng it. when it wna dis
charged, the ball entering the stomach. He
whs removed to his home nt St. Joseph and
placed In the hnspltsl. It Is not expected
that he can recover. He was the proprietor
cf n grocery store at St. Joseph.
Mrs. Krimir nt Mnto nrninl.
PERI'. Neb., Nov. R. (Special.) Dr. Ar
nold Tompkins delivered th second lecture
in the Stnte Normal'n course, his subject
belnc, "Ltternlure." The next number In
the eoursii avIH he the Hahn-Parke quin
tette. Mrs Judge Keysor nf Omaha re
cently entertained the women nf the State
Normal and faculty with a sterenptlcon ler
turo on "The Mural Paintings of the Fins
ton Public Library." Much Urn" nnd money
nre being spent for the Improvement of the
athletic field on the Normnl grouting. When
completed It will be one nf the best fields
In tho west
liThe Illustrated See
Dyspepsia Cure
Theagony you suffer after eating, tuat feeling of fullness, flatulence,
(wind on tlio Gtoniach) and belchlnu is caused by decay of undigested
rood which forms a gas that distends the wall? of tho stomach and ex
erts a pressure apalnst all tho internal organs. The eatinp of more
food forces out part of this gas and causos holchinc. Just take a little
Kodol Dyspepma Curb. It will relieve vou at once. It nover falls
to permanently cure the worst cases of indigestion and dyspepsia.
"I suffered untold pains from IndlRcstion which were always worse af
ter eating. Two bottles of Kodol Dvspr.rsi a Curk made me a well man
nd life nowBcems worth living. reterSherman.No. Stratford, N. II."
It can't help but do you good
Prepared by K. O. DeWItt A: Co,. Chicago. The II. hottl. enntnlnsau times the 50c. Mie.
The favorite household remedv forcouchs, colds, croup, bronchitis, grippe
WillUa Waltir Shoot Joe Middtuworth at
Is nlil tn Hnrr I berlsliril fit FerlliiK
AKiilust HI Victim .Some Time
I.ntlcr l,pnve a
YANKTON. P. n.. Nov. e -(Special Tele
gram.) Joe Mlddlcsworth was shot and
killed In Frank Allen's saloon last night at
Centervllle by William Walter.
There had been bad feeling between the
two men. Yesterday nfternoon nbout 5
o'clock Walter bought a revolver and a
shcrt time afterward Is said to have re
marked to a friend that If Mlddleswortu
got In his way he would shoot. During the
evening both men wero In the saloon drink
ing, but tho bartender says he does not
believe they spoke to each other. About
10-15 Walter drew his weapon and began
shooting. The first shot struck the Moor
and glanced through the window. The sec
ond struck Mlddlesworth In the back and
passed through his heart, coming out
through the right side of the breast. Mld
dlesworth staggered about twenty-five feet
out of the door and dropped dead. He
Waves a wife and three children.
Holding the crowd at bny, Walter ran
out of the door and Into another saloon
with his revolver still In his hand. He
ran out of the rear door of this saloon and
ercaped In tho darkness, but about noon
tcday returned nnd gave himself up.
I'nLr (Inly the More Vnlunli'r Deposit
of linn llnninir HnnU
citliind, s, D,
YANKTON. S. D Nov. S -(Special Tele
gram.) The Hon Homme County bank of
Scotland was broken Into Inst night, the
enfe blown open anil nearly $6,000 stolen.
The robbers made good their escape.
The building was entered through thn
back door and the doors of the vault nnd
steel money chest blown open with dyna
mite. F. O. Halt, cashier, say's there was
between JS.S00 nnd $6,000 In gold coin and
i specie In the money chest. This was all
! taken except a $100 bill, which was found
on the floor torn Into pieces The silver
coin In the safe was scattered all over the
floor, the burglars evidently not caring to
burden themselves with It. The bank car
ried some burglar Insurance, but not
enough to cover the loss. It will, however,
be In no way embarrar-sed. For some days
two suspicious strangers have been seen
about town; tbey are missing this morning
and It Is believed that they wero connected
with the Job. There Is no other clue.
nli- of llnrrlson Telephone strut
Over Hlncl. Hills MiiukcsI
Oilier Project.
DKADWOOD. S. D. Nov. S (Special.) -The
Harrison Telephone company hns no'd
i all of Its franchises, etc.. tn n company
backed by H. D. Maize of Chicago, posses
sion to he taken at once. This Harrison
company was orgnnled by local people
nbout five years ago and It has a svstem
I covering thn Hlack Hills and extending ns
, fnr west as Sundance, Wyo. The new own
t ers Intend to Invest $.10,000 In the Improvu
, ment of tho line. It Is assel-'eil that one
, of tho possibilities of the deal will bn an
electric line from the belt towns to Spear
j fish and possibly farther west. The figures
given out some time ago, when other par
wer' "KOr'ng on an electl
ties were figuring on an electric road from
Dcadwood-Lead to Spearllsh. wero about
$140.0()i). The company that has purchased
the Harrison line Is able financially to
build an electric line.
Mm, .1, II, llnrtiiiiin nf Vli'illclnc IIimv
Kills Herself llccnnsr of
Their Vttncks.
CHEYKNNH. Wyo., Nov. 8. (Special Tel
egram.) Rrnuse women talked about her.
Mrs. J. H. Hartman of Medicine Row tool;
her life this afternoon by shooting hnrself
with a rifle. The woman had broodeil over
i an attack on her reputation until It was
! believed she lost her reason. Mr. Hart
man was asleep In tho house, but did not
hear the shot flred
Copper Klnu Is II lull Cnrd.
TIE RIDING. Wyo Nov. 8. (Special.) -The
Copper King mine near this place seems
one of Ihe richest copper properties ever
discovered. Specimens of copper ore taken
from tho mine n few days ago run as high
as 90 per cent copper ami largo quantities
of ore run 70 and 75 per cent. Some chunks
of SO per cent copper weighed from 100 to
200 pounds. The mine Is owned by a
Massachusetts and Connecticut syndicate
and W. C. Lynde of this place Is the man
ager. It was discovered several years ago
when two men drove over tho hills and
picked up pieces of float that ran from 60
to V0 per cent copper.
l-ny lllnrklrir to hrnkn
STUROIS. S. D.. Nov. 8. (Special.) -Blackleg
nmong cattle has appeared In a
number of places on the Hlack Hills ranges
and n number of deaths hnve orcurred It
Is supposed that the disease came from
Nebraska somn place. Thn disease has
been here before and It has been found that
vaccination stnmps It out. In Nebraska
the animal Is vaccinated nt the root of the
tall, while In the Hills the virus Is Injected
Into ono of the shoulders.
Wonted I I I'rcncber.
SIOCX FALLS. S. D . Nov. R.-iSpcrHI i -Rev.
Dr J. E. Herman of Mllford. N.
H.. to whom local Congregationalism hnd
extended a call to act as pastor of tho
church here to fill the varancy caused by
tho resignation of Dr. D R. Scott, has de
elded not to accept the call, and the church
Is again without n pastor.
what you
OT.KMHET7 9, 1001.
fftawiB w f rail j
A Venerable NVis;onsln L.tdy Rc
stored to Health by Pcrtnm
After Tweuty.f Ive Years'
Stif fcrCiit".
(Special news from Kvnnsvllle. Wis.)
KVANSVILLK. Wis., Nov. 11. A woman
cured of catarrh of twenty-five years'
standing was the occasion of IVruna bolnc
Introduced to the Inhabltnnts of Kvansvllle.
Wis, From that time to this there has
been a great demand for Pcruna In this
vicinity nnd hundreds of cases have been
It Is In this manner that Pcruna spreads
from town to town and from state to state.
No sort of advertising could have given
Peruna the reputation It has. The secret
of its success Is that it makes cures. It
cures old cases of catarrh where other
remedies have failed. This ought to make
any remedy popular.
Mr. C. R Harden, of Kvnnsvllle, Wis.,
writes the following letter-
Denr Doctor Hnrlnian -"1 wish to write
to certify what Perunn has done for me. I
rend of Peruna In the papers, of what It
would do for rntnrrh. and sent for n bottle.
This was the llrst bottle of Pcruna that
ever came to Kvansvllle. from my using It
Startling, Statements From Jtentucky,
Mampshire of Other Remarkable
WILLARD Ky. The news of the recovery
of Mrs. Elizabeth Trater Is a very striking
Instance of tho wonderful curative powers
of Poruna. This estimable lady had been
an Invalid from cntarrh of the stomach nnd
bowels for twenty years. No wonder her
many friends are enthusiastic over her re-
covery. She writes
It Is through the
.....I.. r....l
llll'l Ull'n ui null
nnd your mcdl-
cine that I nm
permitted t o
write you this
letter. I havo
heen a constant
sufferer from
bowel nnd
trouble for,
nbout S.'
years and could
never find re
lief until I be- 1
gnn the use of,
"I began the use of your medicine the
first day of last September and hnve taken
nine holtles of Perunn. and can say that I
believe I am cured nf my troubles and I
think I nm enjoying lis good henlth aa ,iny
old lady of my ago rould expect. I nm
soventy-one years old. I recommend Pe
runn to suftercrH wherever I may meet
them nnd others of my friends are being
benefited by It. I think It is a (Jodsend to
poor, suffering humanity. i
"I will nlwnys be thankful tn you for
your medicine and kind advice nnd trust
that mnny others will take your remedy
nnd he ns greatly benefited ns I have been."
Nervo-Vital Ailments '
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ney, Livrr and Hlndilor Troubles. Stomach
Dleorders, Constipation, nil Female t'om
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Must not bo confused with the many so
enlled electilc bells now being offered tbe
public Mine bus soft, silken, chnmnls
covered sponge electrodes, which do nut
burn nnd blister ns do the bare met.'ii
electrodes used on nil pi her mnkes of bells
My Holt can be renewed when burned nut
for onlj 73c; when others bum out they nre
Do not drug yourself to death In n futile
attempt to relieve these ailments of u
nervous charm-tor. IV" trlelty Is Nut tire's
ltemcd. 'a or write today nnd secure
my free hook on 'Nervo Vltnl Ailments
nnd Their Cure bv Elect rlclij ' Concu tn
Hon. advise nnd d nuuosls without i ojt.
My uppllnnces wold onlj lu
DR. BENNETT Electric BeitCo.
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ner Kith nnd Doiur stree's Opposltt
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f IMhciisc of I tin I
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Chartered bv tho State. Call or stata cue by
mall, for r'KEi: HOMK TltKATMK.M'.
Addrcsa, Dr. La CROIX,
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Ill( fr iiunututil
dlr)mr ,1 n 0 tn in ul .n,
IrritstluDi or nlccratlonj
nf m up. nil i mniliranes
I lr.. ' l1inl... and nut AltrlA
1th Eva:,8 ChcU'ilCo. K'ulor rnU.moui.
.Kiia ny nra(U
or nt In plain vTVtVi
tl.0o, or 3 tJottlti, jaH
Qlrealer ttat ea reaiM
) warn
Kll.nbeth Prnicr
I 1
all three of the druggists now keep It.
"It cured my wife of catarrh with
which she had been troubled for
more tlirm twenty.five years, and'
. , ",' i
I had been troubled with It for f i f-
teen years. VVe are now both all
rlBht. '
I "My youngest son had la grippe four
I years ago. nnd r.s he had eupposed had ot
well, or so far recovered that he went to
work. He took a relapse nnd the pneu
i nionln set In. Ho had hemorrhages, nnd
though we tried everything wo could think
of It was to no purpose until we gave him
! Peruna. The hemorrhages stopped, nnd he
; soon got up and is well and hard nt work.
We think there Is nothing like Perunn."
In a recent letter Mr. Harden writes
"Wo keep Perunn nlwnys In tho house,
j ELGIN. III. In a very recent cotnmunl- 1
cation from this place comes tho news that
Mr. Arthur Krnest Kldd, n well known
1 architect of that city, has made complete
I recovery from cntnrrh of the head, from I
which he had suffered for nearly n cpiartcr
, of a century
According to Mr. Kldd's
own caso Peruna hns
statement of his
scored another
victory over a
case of chronic
catarrh of long
standing. He
wrltrs tho fol
lowing from 18
Hamilton Ave.:
"I am i:
yenrs of age
and have had
cntarrh of the
head for over
half my life, ns
a remit of
scarlet fever,
I got so bad 1
Mr A K. Kldd
followed by typhoid fever.
j was almost conntnntly coughing nnd clearing
j my throat. Tho cntnrrh greatly Impaired
j my eyesight and the hearing In ono car
nnd reduced my weight to 110 pounds.
"I tried nearly every cntnrrh remedy nd-
vertlsed, besides a great many different
physicians' treatments, all of which failed,
nnd thn phyalcnns would finally tell me that
I could not be cured In this climate; that
I ought to go to a dry climate, etc.
"1 hnd heard and rend of Perunn nnd
finally decided to try It two months ago., I
have now taken seven bottles and weigh 172
pounds. Never felt happier or merrier.
Feel tip-top "
' DR. McCREW (Age 52)
iiffcl ALIST
Disease aud Uiaorder uC Ma O11I7.
Sill rear'1 experience, lu jrcara la
( Omaha.
WAUIPnPEI C cured In less than 10 day.
VAnluUULLL willioui cutltlig
, VVUUII IV and all Ulood Diseases cured
OlrnlLIO tor life. All breaking out and
! kigns ut tno disease disappear at once.
flUCD in inn cuscu vurea ui nervous
UVCll ZUUUU debility, loss of vitality
uu uli uuudiuriil weukiitiise of mem
(stricture, Ultt, Kldner ana Bladder Dis
eases. H)Uroctde cured pctmauently.
Cure niiHranteed. Ciineal tntlon free,
Treatment ny mall. P. O. Ilox 7L Office
ever '.'U South 14th street, between Karnam
and Douslaa at., OMAHA. NEB.
MEN RtftptaWlnjjrmfdlcln. K yon
or weakening drain, our Vm-uum
Oran PeTeloper fll Ttori jnn, No
rtrurf, Strict ui and Varlcocfl pi
nmmnt1j ctirM In i to 4 wefkt,
7i,fl00 In u, nt on fallnr. nnt
' on rMnrnM, effect Imn.wllfttfr, no
r, o, p, frnudi wrltt for fr" purtlcu'
"" naaveBf 11 r, 11 1, rrej i-ij n i et 111 rm r (I'P"-
10CAL APPUJNCE CO, ISO Thorn Bli tndirctll. Intl.
Typewriters !
New Century,
New Dens more,
New Yost.
We sell, rent, exchange, repair type
writer!, Everythlnn considered speed, gride
of work, cost of keeping In repair,
durlabllllty, etc oura are by all odds
tbe cheapest typewriter! on tha mar
ket. For Information regarding type
writers, address or call on
United Typewriter
& Supplies Co.,
114 Farnitn St., Omaha,
s It cured us both of catarrh of lon
standing Wo have callers every little,
while to Iniiutre as to what reruns ha
done for us I s.ty 'Ixiok at us. That
Is proof enough "
"I send jou a picture of my residence..
I helped build a house In Iowa City on the
first of laM June, and worked eighty-two
days enly lnlng one -nunrtcr of a day dur
ing the whole time How Is that for an
old man T7 years old' I came homo In
September and have built another hou
out In the country this fall and am well nnd
hearty today
mi pj
-41 IS. " A I i
hope to live twenty years yet, and
If Peruna helps me In the future ns It has
In the past, t don't know why I can't. Tlnv
d.B,!,,t" "a; ' f r",,R '8 "f th,"
selling medicines they have in stock."
c, u, hakhbs
druggists say Peruna Is one of the best
Peruna can be relied upon In cure slight
colds nnd coughs and other catarrhal ail
ments with n promptness thnt Is uncqualed
by nny other remedy.
If a cold has settled In any pottlon nt thn
body and produced cntnrrh, It Is generally
thought by people that they must suffer
on year after year without nny hope of,
cure. This Is not true, however, lVrun.v
cures such cases. Thousands of testimonials
that can never bo attest this fact.
Any one w lulling free lltcrntnre on this
subject should address Dr. Hartman, Col
umbus, Ohio.
Tllinois and ATov
MANCHESTER. N. H. According to 1st
advlcos. Miss Ulnnche L. Rundlett has mad
a complete recovery from catarrh of th
head, which hail caused n chronic running
from the ears. In circles this euro
hns created n decided sensation Her bwn
statement of tho case Is ns fellows-
"I have suffered for several yc.trs -sl'li
catarrh cf tho
head. It finally
reached my ene
and caused a
running f. r.
Having r?ad nf
Dr. Hjftt.tin'n
remedies, 1 Im
mediately wrote nnd ho
advised me. To
dnv I am 'n
better hilih
tht.n I ha-
been for 'nm-v
time, I will
nlanche L. Ruudlett
gladly recommend Perunn for all catarrh tl
Thero Is only ono syjtematlc catatih
remedy that Is suto to clennsu thn v.hnl i
Bystem of cntnrrh. Thnt remedy Is Pe
runn. TuIh Is a remedy that needs no
euloglr.lng In nddltlnn to what thn peopbi
say of It. Everywhere tho people nr
praising Peruna as n remedy for nil forms
of catarrhal difficulties.
Address Tho Perunn Medlclnn in., Col
umbus. Ohio, for n fren copy of Dr. Hurt -mnn's
latest bonk on cntarrh. This book
treats of the different phasea and stages of
cntarrh and should be In tho hands of every
cntnrrh sufferer. "Health and tle-uiy"
sent free to wt.mcn.
Best Anthracite Hard
Goal $1.50 Per Ton
Thnt Is whnt iintlinielto rnnl Is worth
ns coinpnrtMl wit li Hnninioiit till nt "."
routs por Imrrcl.
lti'iiniited losis f-lmw thnt six Itnrvpln
(if lti'iitiintiiit oil clvt tin- hii ni" nninuiit
of hfiit ns one ton of the bos! nutliriH'itft
T. It. Hoover, one of llio vvrnllli.v oil
men of IViins.vlvnnlu. kii.vs: "hi ten, nml
)orlinis live, ycni's coal will no (Ifivuii
out of tlit' mnrlict lu it Id;: portion of
tlm IikIiimi'IiiI world lv tin now I'liel.
Oil will lie used Instem! of wood or
conl lu every cooklm: nnd ItontliiK fctovn
ol the coiinti-y."
The Now York Mull nnd rc.proR snys:
"If tln prcnt Aincilcnn pnlille could IV,r
one inoinent realize one-linniliedtli part
of vvlntt Is poliii: on nt Hi'iuimoiu, Ttif.,
and what these developtnents witl mean
to the entire world as a full lacior thorn
would lie tin; must HtupendotiH Mima'cdo
of Invcsloi'M, from Hie mini wllh one
tlolliir to Hie mnn with mlllloin-, that
the world lias ever wittienxed. Thn
Beaumont production of oil nt present
equals K",0iK),O0(i toim of coal, lii-lna
KIUHT I'HIl CUNT MOHI-; than lint
entire hltuniluoiis product of the Kteat
ooalproducliiK Ntate of Ponnsylviinla.
Hundreds of tliounandR of luirrelH of
Heatimont oil are IicIiir hltlppcd to Ens
land and a regular monthly utenmslilp
Hervice Iiun been eftitbllslifd e.xcltiHlvely
for this trade."
hook ImekvMird to the year 18.V,, when
oil was htrttek lu I'eiiiiMylvnnln. Lees
than KHMlOO barrels were produced tliat
jear. lu 1H0U Ihe production of the
United .States was ii:i,:;i!'',7oi imrrelt".
The Stniidarii OH company crew with
this IncieitM' lu oil itrodueilon from u
private llrtn with $.r.()(Mi on pi tnl to n
corporation which paid .I7,(iou,(mk) dlvi
demls lu one year. The Omaha Texas
Oil company holds t-oine of ihe most ,
valualile lamlH on Splndlo Top llelghls
and elcNOwhoro In Texas, (''onceive
what the growth of this company mav
Its llrst well, now down about
feet, Is expected b.v ox pert h to be the
Imprest producer on Spindle Top Height
and may yield over Umj.ikki barrels dnlly.
Hollar shares now, dtiiim,' tho Infancy
of the Omnlia-Texas Oil company, can
be boiiKht for U.'i cents. Y?ni will prob
ably never iiKain have such nn oppor
tunity to make nn Investment which
may yield even more than dollars for
pennies In the near future.
Subscriptions received at oillces lu
Sapp block, Council Minns, or by Wlllln
Todd, lineal iiKcut, (IL'I Nmv York Litis
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i "i