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J-:sTAL1SJI.K1) .ICS IS 1!), JSTl.
Tmtlon Begirding Tmty t,?'V
Cmting Erl Li'i Deatb.'"''
Inula AnxUni that ths Mtncbnriai
Agreimint 13 Stent
H.morrkaja PnW an End to PirpUxltj of
Cfciiti Btntumai.
IHlirr iillim, HmiiMcr, Do .Mil ." '"
IlPi'tiitiilvi- .tl I it I t " Hrntli
.ucf clon I .Mill III
rKKIN, Nov. S. A violent dispute with
M Paul Lcsar, Russian minister to China,
over the Manchurlan treaty appears to have
been th Immediate cause of the death of
1,1 Hung Chung.
The diplomatic confusion follow Ins this
tragic climax him enabled Japan for a mo
ment to fruittrato I be designs of llussla.
A fortnight ii(;n the Japanese legation ac
cural a reliable outline of Iho terms of tho
treaty and thereupon demanded that thi
Chinese plenipotentiaries ofllclally Iny bo
tnro them the text baaing the demand upon
the alienation that Japanese Interests were
Involved In any change of tho Hiatus of
Tin Chinese plenipotentiaries refused to
comply with tho demand. Theicupon the
Japanese government from Toklo commu
nicated with tho Hoilthern viceroys and In
duced thein to use their influence with tho
empress dowager against tho treaty. In
I the meantime the empress dowager In
structed LI Hung Chang to communicate
tho treaty after certain modifications to the
ministers of the powers and if they did not
object to sign tho same.
K it-in '-lit I'nuiM'h lleiiuirrlinitc
1,1 Hung Chang visited M. Lcssar and ex
plained to bltn the Instructions. The Rus
Man minister strongly objected to reveal
ing the text of tho treat) to tho ministers
of tho other powers and a stormy Interview
ensued. I.l Hung Chang went homo In n
violent passion and had a hemorrhage,
which the doctors attribute to the over
exertion of n weakened system.
While these things were happening in
l'ekln, Instructions woro issued counter
manding tho order to sign. This instruc
tion came after I.l Hung Chang had becomo
unconscious. When M. Lesser endeavored
to havo 1,1 Hung Chang's Heal nfflxed to
the treaty, Chou Fu, provincial treasurer,
had arrived from Pao Ting I'u, ami had
taken charge of the seals as tho temporary
uecessor of Earl I.l.
I'liltnl Vfnfea Jhn Itraprrt. )
The Hag of the United States legation
was the only one half-masted today. Mu
slclann beat drums about tho house of I.l
Hung Chang.
LI Hung Chang's estate will remain In
tact for the use of his eldest son, who will
provide for the other members of tho
Yuan Shi Ka, successor In the governor
ship of the province of Shan Tung, Is an
unknown man, who haH been holding un un
important though lucrative position as grain
commissioner in ono of tho inland towns
of the province. Ho will bo watched with
the deepest solicitude as tho peace of
China will largely depond upon his course.
Wang Wen Shao, who Is 71 years of age
nnd deaf, was nnver rated as b statesman
or a diplomat, lite appointment is probably
Prince IIhMimi to t.'onrt.
Telegraphic communication with Prince
filing was obtained today. He is hastening
to meet tho court. After consultation he
will return with Wung Wen Shao, who is
accompanying the court, which Is now five
days' Journey from Kal Kong Fu
Kinpcror Kwang Su, report says, Is as-
Fortius himself and leading tho Imperial
cortege on horseback. Native papera as
sert that ho will compel tho nobles to take
military positions anil to study military
A private lettor from a European now In
Tal Yun Fu says that two llrltlsh officers,
' with n party of Indian soldiers, encouu
tered tho imperial procession, were sus
pected of unfriendly motives and were de
tained ha prlsonrrs by tho emperor's body
guard for a few days. Apparently this
was an exploring party, commanded by
Major Manifold nnd Captain Hunlee, which
has bten operating In that region for
tome time.
Conner Tell-, of ( tinnitei.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 8. Minister Conger
nt l'ekln has Informed tho State depart
inent that Yuan Shi Kal has been ap
pointed succeed I.l Hung Chang as vice
toy of llil 1,1 and that Wang Wen Shao has
been apkilntcd deputy viceroy of the same
province! Yuan U the present viceroy of
Shan Tufc piovlncc.
Yuan i Kal, who succeeds I.l Hung
Chang nsWiceroy of Chi I.l, Is the best
nppolntme that could have been made
frdm all Cna, according to Mr, nockhlll
th speclulWommlsslouer of tho United
States to Piln. lie Is about I." years old
nnd came ofplnally from the province of
Hunan, when ho began his public career
as a mllltnrnninrcr. He was made mln
Inter to CorcniHiid for many years ably de
fended Chlnest Interests In that doubled
country. As bvernor of Shan Tung he
showed surprifW ability In tranqulllzliiB
that dangerous trnvlnce, while his gift for
diplomacy was etjrclscd fully In preventing
friction between turbulent population of
the peninsula am the Hermans when the
latter were steadit encroaching from their
original holdings llao Chow on tho north
coast. As h mllltut man, Yuan showed his
ability by the orgiluntlon of what Is un
doubtedly the best Miliary force In Chtua.
and they were hiiVroops that occupied
l'ekln last Septcmfy when the foreign
forces were wlthdr.ty, They nre thor
oughly disciplined ait well officered, and.
considering Chinese onservMsm, they
form a magnificent play of Yuen's
Wung Wen Shao, H made deputy
viceroy of Chi 1.1, In uIAji man of marked
ability Fortunately hulas always been
friendly to foreign IdeaWd Is not u re
actionist. He was one riine grand secre
taries nf state, and Is at Vsent one of the
two ministers appointed form tho new
Chlncso foreign o'llce, win will replace
the tsung II yamen some sirs ago, besides
of HtTulrs. and wuh litmscn member of
the suing II )amen aomu ys ago, besides
being Jlrector ot mines anlrUwy,
W I clou of Hubert l)uuuttilr AU for
A wmi n 1 1 it u mi I'fi rl I mi of llcr
IIiiiIiuiiiI'm l!tntc.
VICTORIA. I. c . Nov. S Mto. Uryan
''nfmulr, widow of the late Robert Duns
founder of the fortune of tlrltlsh
,,VVh wealthiest family, has entered
art J' against her son, James Dunsmulr,
pieiriitf nf lliitlsh Columbia, which In
volves ii portion of tlio estate, Mrs. Duns
tnulr asks for tin- deliver)' of 41,413 shares
In thu It. CI. UunMiiuIr company. She alto
wants an accounting of all dividend and
profits upon said sli.iros from January 31,
The shares mentioned in the action arc
believed to be those left by the lute Alex
ander Dunamulr to Ills brother and the
action In no way affects the fortune left
by Mr. Dunsmulr to the widow and her
daughter, lMna Wallaco Hopper, I he
Klnu Kilnmil l)ltrlbutc Honor to
Vnrloiix Subject In Itccotinl
llon of A uilc loim Date.
LONDON, Nov. S. Among the honors be
stowed on the occasion of King Kdward'i
birthday, which occurs tomorrow, are a
baronetcy upon the retiring lord mayor of
London, frank Orecil, and knighthoods for
Chief JustlccH Little of New Foundlnnd
nnd Oray of Ilunda, 0. A. Crltchett, oculist
to the king, and C.eorge Hussey, mayor of
Southampton. Sir Francis Plunkltt Is made
a Knight of the Hath nnd Clinton Duwklns,
formerly financial member of tho council
of the governor general of India nnd now u
member of the firm of J. S. Morgan &. Co.,
Is made companion of the Hath.
ntenioc of I'orlo Itlco I'luil III
l.'ImiKen I'rospproii nnil An-
Ion foe IlllllCUtlOII,
SAN JUAN. Porto Itico, Nov. S. (lov-
ernnr Hunt has returned from his tour ot
the Island. Ho expressed himself uh de
lighted with tho spirit of co-opcrntlon
which he found throughout the various sec
tions of the country and the Increased hope
fulness of tho people. He reports that the
crops indicate a heavy s..gar production
uml a large yield of coffee, improvements
In municipal arrangements arc also no
ticeable nnd Intense Interest was shown
In education wherever ho went. There was
demand for more achools. Fifty thousand
pupils nro attending schools and L'00,000
are unable to obtain tuition.
IneonllllB Hunt Hepoit IIoiikIi
Wrntlier Off .Inntiii In Which
Slennirr Cock on Hock.
VICTOniA, II. C Nov. S. The steamer
fjueen Adelaide arrived this morning after
stormy passage of twenty days from
Kobe, Japan. It encountered rough weather
off tho Japanese coast and ,mnde very little
headway for three days. From the Japaneso
port It brought news of tho loss ot tho
steamer Hlko Morn, which ran on the
rocks off Ooto island on October 12, Its
crew of flvo being lost. The stcamor was
carrying coal from Kobe to Hong Kong.
AmrrlcHii lnvctlRntor Sccnrr nl-
unlilc Collection foe Kxlilhlt In
Nimv York Muarnni,
ST. PETKHSnUIKJ, Nov. 8. The Jesup
expedition nan finished Its work. The leader,
Norman C. Buxton, an American, has ar
rived nt Moscow, after having traveled
fi.OOO versts In Kamchatka and other semi
polar districts. He. and his party havo
brought with them 100 boxes of collections
for the American Museum of Natural His
tory of Now York City. Duplicates will
bo given to tho St. Petersburg Academy of
Science. The explorers have thoroughly In
vestigated many tribes during tho last four
teen months.
li'itUrrftlty of St. Ainlrciv Klect Hint
unit flir NlnilrntH rhrrr flip
Aniiou iicciucnt.
LONDON, Nov. 8. Vice Chancellor
Donaldson of the University of St. Andrew
nnnnunced today tho unanimous election ot
Androw Carnegie as lord rector. The stu
dents greeted the announcement with pro
longed cheering and the sluglng of "He's n
Jolly Good Fellow." The vice chanrsllor
remarked that Mr. Carnegie's election win
with the approval of the whole nation.
J. P. MnrKnn Said to tie Rotlntlim
for niuhtecn Orenn
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LONDON, Nov. 8. (New York World
Cablegram Special Telegram.) Tha Dally
Mall's Berlin correspondent says the Ham
burg-American company is negotiating for
the sale of Its eighteen steamers. J. Pier
pont Morgan Is mentioned as the prospec
tlve buyer.
VI ml of "ntlliiK VtHn Which HU-
plncn Strainer I VI vr Month
It r nc III ii R Plillnilrlpliln.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. S. The first
vessel to be caught In Antarctlu Ice this
season, a remarkable experience owing to
the fact that tho lee was within 100 miles
ot Cape Horn, was tho sugar-laden hark
Nuuanu, which was docked at the Spreckeli
sugar refinery today after a rui. t 129 days
from tho Hawaiian fsUnds, Nuuanu left
Honolulu In June last and after having en
countered two severe gales In the Pacific
ocean wna caught In the field Ice In the
early part of September while rounding
Capo Horn on H way to the Atlantic ocean.
Far to the south nothing but drift Ice
could bo seen. The sea waa smooth and
there, was no sign of land. The weather
was fair at this time and enabled Nuuanu
to work Its way Into dear water. Captain
Joselyn, the vessel's master, calculated that
the Ire was about 800 miles south of Capo
Nuuanu'a run was over H.000 miles. It
is the tlrst of a Meet of sugar-laden sailing
vessels hounds from tho Hawaiian islands
to Philadelphia and New York, which, It Is
said, are to displace steamers which havo
found tho ttado uuprotltable owiug to the
long run. ,
SnlUi'i YitUIng t Freioh Dtraandi
fihawi Tut Fonibilitiei.
ltnln I llrliiml I'rnniT nnd the
Present Trouble I l)rttncl to
Shut llnulniiil Out of i:nt
cm ('otiNlilernllon,
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CONSTANTINOPI.i:, Nov. S. (New York
World Cablegram Special Telegram.) The
sultan's yielding to the French demands
brings out the full gravity of the possibil
ities of the effect of the French seizure of
Mltylenc upon the putt Id and crumbling ed
ifice of Turkish despotism. These cannot
be exaggerated. The whole of Kuropeiin
Turkey Is seething in disorder. In Ar
menia the annual tmtchciics have been in
full swing for the past three months, and
In the rest of the empire exist the pereu
n la I violence, corruption, waetu and law
lessness. From the army down to the magistracy,
every part of the machinery of the gov
ernment is In hopeless condition. The
World's correspondent knows that lu the
opinion of the illplomntte body here any
nttcmpt at patching things up will lis
merely futile cirort ami tlio sooner tne i
ctvlllzcd world does Its duty In the matter j
the less blood and ruin will follow. I
The Intelligence of the French Inter- J
ventlon was suppressed for three days, but
tho fnct that the sultan's cabinet was in
constaut session showed that a serious
crisis had urlsrn. The sultan himself has
been In a condition nf epileptic fury, and
his ministers, who live lu perpetual terror
of their lives at his hands, wero helpless
and afraid to do or suggest anything.
itussla Is behind France In this business
and It Is felt here that the present trouble
Is Inevitably destined to lead to opportuni
ties In tho rastern question In which
Kngland will be powerless to make her In
fluence felt.
Mnllnn I'rre ullli Proiule.
PAH1S, Nov. S. France has secured :t
complete triumph lu the Turkish dispute.
The Foreign office this morning received
advices, announcing that the sultan has
yielded to tho cntlro demands formulated
by the French government and only tho
question ot form regarding tho execution of
tho engagements remains to bo settled.
This may be done within the noxt twenty
four hours, or. It is expected, at the Intest.
In two or three days. Then Admiral Call
lard will relinquish his occupation of the
island ot Mltylenc.
An official note was issued at 1 p. m.
today to the effect, that the porte had de
cided to yield to art tho demands of Franco
and that as soon us the sultan has Issue 1
nn Irade ratifying the decision tho French
squadron will leave Mltylenc.
President Loubet presided today at the
cabinet council. The foreign minister, M.
Delcasse, announced that the porte had
Just advised him that It had decided to give
satisfaction In the rase of the various
Xrench demands, to which M. Delcasse re
plied that so soon as tho nultan's order re
garding tho porte's decision was com
municated to Slim Admiral Calllard's squad
ron would leave the island of Mltylenc.
The Temps prints a dispatch from Con
stantinople today which says that tho sul
tan, in accepting the French demands, tlrst
authorizes the working of the French
schools, hitherto unrecognized; second, he officially the Importance of the
religious and hospitable institutions already
founded, and accords them customs Immu
nity and exomptlon from certain taxes, and
third, he authorizes the reconstruction of
the schools and hospital Institutions de
stroyed nt tho time nf the Armenian
troubles, ot which a detailed list is attached
to tho French note.
Tewtlk Pasha, the Turkish foreign min
ister, has announced that tho recognition
of the Chaldean patriarch asked for, France
has already accorded.
Porte Trie to Conclllnlp.
VIENNA. Nov. S. Tho Neue Frclc Presso
published tho contents of a circular note
addressed to tho Ottoman foielgn minister.
Tewtlk PaHha, to the represtntntlve of Tur
key abroad, announcing that the Porte has
catls'led all the French demands and ex
pressing a hope that Fiance will appro
elate the conciliatory spirit thus displayed
and teLume the relations so unfortunately
l'n llnl Stnte tin No Objection
Offer to llepiilille' AKgren-
Ion In Turkili Wntcr.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 8. The answer nf
the United States government to tho
Fiench overture respecting France's move
ment In Turkish waters. It Is understood,
has been convoyed already by Secretary
Hay to M, Mogerle, the French charge
here, and to have consisted of a statement
that tho United States government Is not
concerned Immediately In the republlo's
action in view of the French statement
that It was not proposed tn affect our
trade Interests unfavorably. It Is surmised
also that our government Is not dissatis
fied at the establishment by France ot a
precedent for the collection of Indemnities
from Turkey.
I'oro I I'd llnnilll neclilf nt to Arcept
Poaltlon it ('uptalii on tin'
Poller- Vorcc.
MINNEAPOLIS. Nov. 8. A. A. Ames,
mayor cf Minneapolis, today tendered Colo
Younger, the notorious bandit, recently re-'
leased from the Minnesota State prison on
parole after serving twenty-live years ot n
life sentence, a position aa captain on the
local police force. Cole took the matter up
with his friends In St, Paul, where h is
now engaged as clerk In a grocery store. He
emphatically staled that he did not want to
accept any position that would carry with It
the least bit of notoriety. Upon the advice
of hl3 friend be decided tn refuse the olfer.
Mtr .Superior of o .lcrc Aeail
em Itecclvi' WoiiiiiI friiln
l)lclinrKcil lluipto).
NKW YORK. Nov. 8.-Slstcr Superior
Agnes of the Acadomy of St. Mary of the
Lake, Lakewood, N. J., was shot In the
shoulder today by John Lawler, whom she
had dlmnibsed from tho position of Janitor
of the academy, I.awier's discharge was
because of Intemperance, mid he was drunk
when ho shot Sister Agnes, whom ho way
laid In the hall of the academy, The wound
Is not serious.
(icnernl .MntiiliTKou ( oiivlncr AYnr
Dcpai'tiiii'iil of Prnctliiililllty
of 111 PlniiH,
ft'ron h Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. Nov. S. (Special Telegram.)--The
proposed new steel bridge
over the Missouri river at Plattamouth, us
planned by thu engineers of the llurllngtuu
system, will bo built ulong the Hues that
Oenerul Manderson Indicated to the War
department ofllclals last week. After a
great deal of argument Oeneral Manderson
succeeded In bringing tho oillclals of the en
gineer corps of tue army to his way of
thinking, overcoming objections that for
a time seemed Insurmountable. The new '
bridge, which Is to take the place of tho
present structure, will bo ten feet lower
and will be built with the Idea of tunning
two tracks ucroes it instead of one. as at
present. The War department, which has
charge ot the bridges across the navigable
streams of the country, was mcrso to
permitting the new bridge to be lowered,
but when hown that vessels could pass
under the pioposcd structure without dif
ficulty the oIMcIhIs approved tho plans an
submitted by General Manderson.
Captain II. 13. Palmer )f Omaha is In
Washington, having come to tee his daugh
ter, Mrs. II 1). Kountze (formerly Clara
Palmer) of New York, who, with her hus
band, leaves for Hot Springs, W tonioi
row. Captain Palmer goca to ih'vr York
, i ii i ,i i,i ,.. i
J III .mill u . , ,,. . . .. .. . , ,
pomirior In the nubile building at llu-
)U,m,, t.
i,, t,. ... ji.,rri. todav nnnolnted
,cnHon examining mrgron at Sheridan,
S. G. Moore has been nppolnted post
master at Cambria, Wayne county, la.
I .nan contracts awaiuvci; .nuiiifHii, miii
to Ord, J. W. (idrlrh of Altn, South Da
kota, Ktien to Sulley, Lorenzo Uuckeu
berger of Kucn.
Indian Supervisor K. I.. Chalcraft. lato
superintendent of the Wind Hlvrr school,
Wyoming, has been assigned to tho fourth
school district, embracing W) inning, Mon
tana, Idaho, Washington anil Oregon.
Prclilent Will Not lli'
.llurr Appointment
f'oiiBrc Open.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 8. President Itoose-
veil has decided not to make any morn ap
pointments until congress mcels. All re
cess appointees must he reappointed upon
the asAenibltng of congress nnd tho prcwl-
dent thinks that all the larger appoint
ments should be held up until ho can send
tho names directly to the senntc. No Im
mediate nctlnn, therefore, will be made In
the appointments to the npprnlsershlp and
collectorshlp of tho port of New York. Such
action as will be tnken has nut been de
termined definitely, but if tho present In
clination of the prcsldrnt prevnlls both Ap
praiser 'Wakeman and Collector Illdwell
will bo succeeded by other appointees,
Representative Payne, chairman of the
ways nnd mrana committed of the house
and republican leader of that br'l.T, saw tho,
piesldent today In company .tvlta Repre
sentative Steele, who Is also n member of
the committee. The meeting today fol
lowed a conference which they had with the
president yesterday. Tho president dls- j
cussrn w iin mi'iii inuiiTH in i ui-ijn ui-ny. ,
revenue and tariff which come before ihelr
committee at the approaching session of !
congress nnd yesterday read to them the business man who was prosecuting attorney nPW fighting cruiser for tho Turkish gov
portion of his message covering these si- i of Wyoming in 1SS7, when Longbaiigh was eminent has been begun nt Cramo's shin
Jects. Mr. Payne and some of his col-
leagues on the committee are firmly op-
posed to tariff revision nt this time, dis
agreeing entirely with the views of Mr.
Uabcock of Wisconsin, who favors revision
on certain linen.
Tun Aoeliitlnn I'ormeil to Perpet
uate MeKluli'.i'M in ii rv llolil
it Conference.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 8. The plans of tho
two associations formed for the purpose of
erecting memorials to William Mc.Klnloy,
the monument al Canton and the memorial
arch at Washington were the subject of uu
luformal conference this afternoon between
Senator Haiin.i and Secretary Cnrtelyou,
representing the Ohio organization, and
Commissioner H, II. F. McFarland of tlw
Washington Memorial association.
There was a general comparison of notes
regarding the work undertaken by the two
bodies and nn exchange of Ideas as to tho
methods adopted for rnlslng money. Au
eurnest desire was expressed to avoid any
conllict of tho two organizations, ns the enl
sought by both associations is thu same,
viz.. tin perpetuation of the memory of the
late president.
An effort will be made to prevent nny pos
sible cnnfllrtlon or embarrassment In the
cnllertlun of subscriptions, and both organ
izations will use their utmost efforts to ac
complish tlio purposes for which they wero
set or. foot. The conference showed that
both todies aro wall organized to prosecute
tho work undertaken. No definite actloii
was taken, as the gathering wos informal
and for purposes ot consultation.
stockmen's'fIght-TAKEN UP
Supreme Court Hear ru anient on
LoiiiiiiInIoii'n l)eclloil Auulnsl
Chli-nun Terminal i Iiiuk.'-.
WASHINGTON, Nov. S -The United
Stotes supreme court today heard atgu
ments In the case of the Interstate Com
mercc Commission agnlnst tho western rail
roadj terminating nt Chicago. The case In
volves the legnllty of the terminal charge
of $2 tier car on all cars for tho Union stock
yards at Chicago In nddltlou to tho through
rate charged. The commission decided
against the terminal charge, but the rall
loads appealed to tho court. Arguments
were made for the commission by William
A. Day, S. II. Cowan and D.tvld Wllcov and
for the lallroads by Lloyd W. Dowers.
tni'iiiie.i Vlunlly llrliiu Ouiiiliaii an
Altnnl unrlerninlerblp
vi Itli t'njilalu' Haul..
WASHINGTON, Nov. k The president
has appointed Thomas Swobe of Omaha
an assistant quartermaster In the nrmy.
with the rank of captain, to till a vacancy.
Captain Swobe served In the civil v.-nr. first
as corporal of tho Twelfth Michigan volun
teers, and afterward as first lieutenant of
that regiment. He also served as a rap
tain and assistant quartermaster of volun
teers during the recent war with Spain.
Get IMttnril'- Old Title.
LONDON, Nov. S. The duke of Cornwall
and York has been created prince ot Wales
and earl of Chester.
Nibraika ii Iipublicaa hj Flnralltj of
Thlruu Thoaraid.
llcpiilillcnu Plurality MiliMiiiitlnlly
the Smnc n Hint for 1'inlon Su
preme .IikIkc In IMMI-Vote
l)ecrcae Itll.dlKI.
All except four counties Dawes, Mcpher
son, Sheridan mid Sioux are Included In
the table of election results pi luted else
where. Theo four counties combined last
ycor cast only 3.0SS votes and gave u plu
rality of 220 for Poynter. fusion. Tho coun
ties Included In the table give Sedgwick a
plurality of 12.7S.1. Tho missing counties
will not change these fljures materially
cither way. The republican candidates for
regent are elected by substantially the same
plurality. These figures, n compared with
the last off year election, 1S!3, show a
change of about 13,000 votes, when it went
fusion on r.upremc Judge by practically the
same plurality ghen to Sedgwick this
The eighty-six counties reported cast a
totnl vote on the head of the ticket of
1S1.S07, ns ngulnst 22I!,S00 for governor last
u inu rcinaiuiiig
year. If thu remaining uouutles should
.M ag ,niny ,ialot!) ng ,n m) ,t wo(ll(1
show a falling ntt from tie vote on gov
ernor of W.002 nnd a still larger amount
If compared with the voto on presidential
Wife of I it t it I 111 soliller I'luil Will
ing llnml to All Hit on
Iter .In ii rti cy.
CHICAGO. Nov. 8. "Investigate case of
dlstrcKS at Harrison Street station ami If
found genuine foiward to Fargo, my ex
pense." This Is the telegram which United
States Senator Hansbrough of North Da
kota sent to Assistant State's Attorney
Ilarnes today when he heard of the dis
tress ot Sirs. George Gllltgan of Fargo, who
was stranded In this city without money
or friends nnd with a slx-wccks-old baby
Detectives looked Into the matter Im
mediately, found the case to bo ono of
teal need, and notified Mrs. Gllllgan that a
ticket to Fargo awaited her at the depot.
Scores of persons who had heard nf the
woman's sad plight alfo vent her liberal
contributions. Mrs. Gllllgan's husband Is
nn Invalid soldier of the Spanish-American
war and she was on her way to Fnrgo
from her home In Indiana when she became
stranded hcic.
funnel' l'roei'llllliu Attorney
W oinlof lleturinber lleueil
lloliliip' t'nsl llreoril,
ST. LOUIS. Nov. jf. The Post-Dispatch
today says tho man arrested suspected ofnj,
being one of the robbers who held up the
Great Northern flyer near Wngtior, Mont.,
last July was positively Identified today ni j
jinrry Longuaiign, w no is liiiow n 10 niou
I been one of the participants In the robbery.;
The Identification was made by n St. Louis I
arrested as a member of a gang of horse i
thieves and convicted. This man asked tho
police to conceal his identity, which is done. 0 he finished In eighteen months. The
Longlaugh stnrteil when the St. Loul new wnr vessel will be built alongside the
man llrst walked Into his presence today, cruiser Colorado, which the firm is bulld
Thi prisoner still refused either to admit lng for tho United States government. It
or deny his Identity after the Interview. will be of 3,200 tons displacement.
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Keith ..
Kcva J'aha
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Loup ...
Nance ..
Nui kolls
Otoe ....
I'lfltte ..
Hamilton r.-M nss; , list! ites
llnrlnn 7971 7sr,i 7711 T.'iM .SMI P3-I
Ilnyes I f97 ,.0 1 302 21
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ii'i ia.'.'l ioai IA Jll n.'l li!'h
liuuivfi if. ' i ti i
Howard 7fi 1091 j M71 1263
jcnerson loVo jirn 1351, ion 1123 1142 179, U
Johnson 1312 937 1 I4i.ii 11S0
Kearney 9Vi vh 1 1 1 !mi 1112
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ICImbnll 1201 46 no lis! 4J U; 1201 49
iviiiia 1,111 iiw j i, , 1 l'l, 1 Vh, i;,)il
caster .i0r3i L"Juli I .1 '.ani f.rai
Mertli'K I'M St7l imOl 972 79( 7S3, 11M i
Nance K2fi i!",0. SI7I 41 C39' r,ll 9791 ?
Nemaha 1.M9 1279 1 16S2I 17C2
Nurkolls 127S 1I9S I I Will 131a
Otoe 21 IC 1757, 2191! 2122 17581 1700 2514 2317
I'awnev ISSJj S73 ' I 1.V.4 lloj
Platte lOIli 190H lOStil ll'Jj IW61 1731 1510 21S
fierro , n.i uu, ,n'.i H, r, , 1 wj w-
Talk I 9921 1112, 932 SK, 107SI l'S 9311 W
-Itcd Willow fSJ F.22 ! I 1112 91k
Itlchardon 21131 )h53l 23SII 2472
Itock 433! 2101 4161 129 IK' 210! 426' 251,
Saline H9I iwt.lj 1812', M0, 1333 1597! " 2072 2011
Sarpy fiMi 07 ii2 i7i 7.".'il 757' ZS21 1027
.Saunders 192V :u) S97i 1932 H92! 'JfiOCI 210II 2iei
ScottH lltllff Ittri 24b !') 2161 219! 210 .173 J10
Seward 139 1509i 1 1 1 ItW IWrt
Sherman , 419 Mf 405 4271 '6 KG;. 151 723
Ktlllltou I'-'l h"i 6251 -3S. 616. 63il t'.VM 763
Thayer VJft 1170! JSCI' VM 1135' 1157! 17231
Thomas W 79! Ml SS 71 7Jl 37' 73
Thurston 7111 T4S! j I 7251 fl'7
Valley 7301 761' 702 7351 715) W3 7li M2
Wiiytio I 971 2i 9M !IS9' 777, Hi' UW 97u
WashlUKtoii I 1379, I060 1.179 11101 D76' 1007 1579 1109
Wheeler ' 1221 170, 1201 !. ;i 1M lffl m
Webster I 122i 1H2, iM, ' 12l5j 1015 luTt, 1265! 1353
York 2W)i l:3 ' 1 1 2WS' 1iS
Totals 97260 "Mies' . .' ' 7.1 '"iTmTi' TintH
One precenct mlsslne.
Forecast for Nebraska-Fair Saturday;
Colder In Southeast Portion, Sund.iJ
Fair. North to tfast Winds.
Temperature nt Otiinliu A ctrnl J t
Hour, Den. Hour. OcK.
n, ni . . , t p. in r""'
11 n. in ..... . till U p. n '1?
T n. ni . . 'III ft p. tn...... '"
a, in :is . p. ni "
ii a. ii to r p, in ri
Ill n, in II II p. in . . . :i
ii n. in .mi 7 p. nt no
iu ii nil s p. ni
ii p. nt
Ttionipnoii' llonilsmrn .Mny Contrt
Pnrl of Mnernhrc' t'lnlin tor
POUT HURON, Mich., Nov. S -The board
of trustees nnd tho supremo officers of the
supreme tent. Knights of the Maccabees, ate
holding nn executive session today with
representatives of the National Surety com
pany, which was on the bond of . D.
1 hompsnn, supreme finance keeper, who Is
short in his account. It will probably be
decided during this meeting whether
Thompson will be proeeutcd. It was an
nounced today that his shortage was $60.00 1
instead of $57,000, as given out yesterday.
Thompson Is still at liberty.
Supremo Crmimaudcr Markey has sent a
communication to every tent In the United
States, stating that there Is no cause for
alarm over tho shortage and that every
etfort will be r.iBile to collect the money.
It Is said thai the order may hao trouble
In collecting all of the shortage from the
surety companies. It is asserted that part
of tho money was stolen before July 1. on
which dale the auditors of the order fur
nished the boudlng companies then on his
bond with a statement thut his accounts
were correct. This statement, it Is n,ild,
releases the bonding company.
lloblirr Are Voltril In Attempt to
Viupty Info cW the Content
of HnnlcMe i'nl.le.
LOS ANOULKS, Cal., Nov. S. A special
from Phoenix says: One bandit was killed
and one wounded as the result of on at
tempt by three ransked robbers to hold up
the gambling house of l")eol & Co. last night
nt Nueo, nn Arizona border town. Tho
dead bandit has been Identified as Will
Cravens of Dog Springs, N. M.
A group of gamesters and loungers obeyed
when the nespcradoes entered the saloon
nt n late hour nnd demanded hands up.
Cravens approached the roulette table and
proceeded to rill a hag with the bank roll,
amounting to several thousand dollars, H.
K, Kills whipped out a revolver before tho
movement was detected by the robbers end
Cravens was shot dead. The other bandits
were demoralized and fled In disorder.
One of them was wounded by another bullet
from Fill' revolver. They reached their
horses, which were hitched in the brush,
j and rode for the mountains, closely fol
lowed by a posse which had been hastily
ler ut i-rnmps' Phtinilrlphln
nril t ntler Contract tn 11 it I h
in I'lubtern Month.
piiii.ADKLPHI Vnv S The work nf
iavinc thp blocks for the must run Ion nf
yard. A contract was entered Into severul
months ngo and undor Its terms tho cruiser
Regents state Governor,
.inugo. university. jaw.
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31 r-h 3 S3 Si ' 3
Is PI P 1 PI It I If ?3
? : 3 : s :
,( 1W!. lSfijt) l.-.m;, 1022! J53S 1560 19141 2133
1212 VV HSf 1217' H'll ) 1M7 1378
I H l ' 1 1 1571 S'l
I Ul Rl 73 Wl 481 291 951 72
I 1202 10.-.91 ...- 1 1 1 Ho&l HI2
I 57BI ,10t f.S.6, 60S 377 X77 581 121)
U71 72l list t.!7 37ti 7X1 713
291 031 29-d Vm 202 271 Wl W
1702 1479 175' :075
14121 iUI I l'J! 20..
1439 ItUli 13741 l.'ICHt 161S l5 172UI 12:11
22321 IK'Ui , 2773 2194
12271 12) lM, KM3I 1233 1471 131H l.'iTti
2971 23fi, 29S1 Lti9! 249 W. 3C0I 278
72Si .Ml"! 7nl I 74:: 197 f.US, 794 1 ti77
17 432 til! ttfl, 343 421! ti'Mi I To
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841, 11.1:1 S73 9201 IU13I lOjfl 9.131 13.71
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1913 17701 lS2o 1S72 lti'13 1(K 19ft) 20W! i' fftM twit 170. 192 am 711
11731 llSl! lift'! llSOf llSSi 1I5, 12121 irrs
M, 23J 34l old I 2011 209 "57, r.A
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' 17271 2102! , 24111 2S1S
92S9I 75tiii 1 135.21 12S5S
2S9 259! 2S7I 290 250 259! 2H7; 295
1710 1H03I 171 B 1731 1S911 16941 77Si !SV!
K50 tflll Ki5l Mi 9J0I M7, 1071
IA1 57i!i US 433 434 S791 fc!6
1132 102S , 1273i VW
31M 1S91 1 .Wl 2304
251 2121 23,. 251 190 200, 231 217
:7 4391 377 2"9 410 441 S7fi
0 I5 70 79 49! I9i 132 0o
t 719 i 44S X51
I 1ii"A 1Pl,. lr.m if.m iiftfi nni irioi irr-i
1170 973, KM iW:. 934 9H4I 12IH: 115.1
93 9i 1 1 1 1 ioo lot
133 12j 1121 1431 1221 125 1371 110
,,.v 1 1 jnui I " ' I
I lioi 2011 1 ! 183, 213
I K'.! MSI I ' 1 10731 1012
Firmtr Bnrprisii Frt of Go.T.e.i Who
An HidUj in Hit Earn,
FijItiTti Taktn tit Diisdrtitag Art
6bt s Thij Flat.
Attracted bj liward Manj Take Fatt In
tb Urn Hn.t.
110ther lujiirril Keeper V 111 He Crip
pled for Life . Mot Mnlurr of
I'UKlllira tliilj' .Viinilier
'I'm cut -IIIhIiI Xcar.
LLAVKNWOUTH. Kan.. Nov. S. All till
police, deputy sheriffs and farmets In the
lountry adjacent to Lcacuwortli were on
the lookout today for tho twenty-six fed
eral convicts who ebcaped from thu stock
ade yesterday. As a tesuit two tioiivlctf
have been killed, two wounded and live
captured unhurt. The casualties took plaii
in a light near Nortonvlllc. Kan., that re
sulted In tho death or capture of fhe men.
The dead:
James Hoffman, aged 20, while; J. J.
I'offctiholz, nged 25. white, a soldier con
vict; John tlrccu, nged 21, white, and Wll
Inril Drake, white, aged 19, are wounded
and recaptured, and the llfth. I'red .Montr,
aged If!, 11 negro, Is teeapturcd, unhutt.
The five men were discovered In tho ban:
of I'ay, a i.iartcr of 11 mile from
Norlonvllle, Kan., about 3 p. ni. today.
Welshaar went Into the barn ami was or
dered nut at the point of guns. He lushed
to Nortonvlllc anil gathered a
of men, who, with roolvcrs. shotguns and
a few Winchester rllles, hastened tn the
The eouvlcts saw tho men coming and
rushed from the bain. The posmi puisucd
them and n tunning duel resulted. Tho
convicts were at n disadvantage and theli
shots had no effect, while at every volley
ftom the posse one of the convicts fell.
The convicts had 11 lille, a shotgun and
au old revolver. I loll man had the shot
gun. He was shot first In the hand, lie
yelled and dropped tho shotgun. Just then
11 bullet entered his bock and he fell dead.
roffonholr died forty minutes after being
shot. Orcen was brought down by a bullet
In the knee. Drake was Hhot twice. In the
right wrist ami arui. Drake says Sol
Houtherland, an Indian, was shot In tha
fight nt the stockade.
After two of the fugitives fell, two of
the others gave thcinsch c.i up, one being
wounded, the other unhurt. The fifth wa.
fully 200 yards away, when a man with .1
rlflu drew a bead on him and tired. Ho
was evidently hard hit. hut tiled to go
on. A volley was tired nt him' arid he? fell
ilea-1. None of the citizens was hurt.
I'liRltlvi' rr oiiuk Men.
Two unarmed convicts. Donald Norle and
It. L. Davenport, were found hiding In n
ravine 011 a farm near .larb.ilo, Kan., and
they surrendered without resistance. Tho
sheriff of Douglas county has captured two
convicts at Lawrence. Kin.. The convjets
captured at Lawrence were Ole ltaho. a
halfbreed Indian, and Joseph II. Ueckln.
a soldier serving a term for desertion 11 ml
aesault to kill. Frank Thompson, the negro
despetndo who led the outbreak, Is sup
posed to bo near Lawrence, heavily armed.
Tho oldest nf the fugitives is aged 2.
Quint) Fort, who was killed yesterday, was
Ono nf the convicts still at largo Is a
mllltaty prlsouer nnd the remainder wer
serving terms for robbery or assault. One
is an Indian and two are negroes. Nearly
all came from Oklahoma ttnd Indian Ter
ritory and they aro suppnred to bo making
for that country- They ato hardy men.
used to llrcarms and horses. Some have
obtained both, but others are afoot.
Wordon MeClaughry says ho will rapturo
every ono of the men. In the districts
around the city eveiy road nnd river cross
ing that tho fugitives might be expected
tn use Is guarded by Brmcd men, the
farmers having turned out to earn the J60
reward that will be paid for the return of
each convict. Those of them who ato
armed aro likely to be ahot at sight.
KANSAS CITY. Nov 8. Ouard Waldrupe,
who was shot In tho head, Is still alive,
but tho surgeons have nn hopo ot his re
covery. I.eonurd. whoso leg was hroken.
will be n cripple for life. The other guards
are doing well.
Tito of Crctv from Menm Wlinlec Ur
rrl mill Suffer llxfrcmr llnril
lilp In Nome Country.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 8. Ths itnam
whaler Narwhal, from the north, brings a
story of extreme privation that resulted In
the death of one sailor and much suffer
ing to another. While Narwhal was In
winter quarters at Bailee aland, two of
the crew. Andrew Bllstrom and Hermun
Myrue, deserted aud started to Capo Nome
overland with a iiledload of provisions aud
two dotjs. '
When a few hours on their Journoy they
lott all of their provisions with tho excep
tion of a bag of Hour. After tramping
seventy-two hours without resting .Myrus
siicmimhed to the cold. Kllstrom. with the
dog team, drugged Myrua after him to ,1
deserted hut. For several days the two
men subsisted on dry flour and dog flesh.
A man from Narwhal sent to tradn
with the natives discovered thn men and
a relief party wns sent nut from Nar
whal. The relief party when It reached
the hut f.iund that Kllstrom had died (torn
cold and Myrua was uneonsUouB. In opine
to save his life both his fcot wore ampu
tated. Movement if Oeenn Vr"Hi ov. .
At Hambuig Atrlved: Dnnt-ciiliind, tmm
New York; 1'nlntln. trom New York.
At Hoiton Arrived: titcula, fioro Liver
pool. At Yokohama- Arrived: Duko of Fife,
from Tacoma ami Victoria, II. I., for Kobe,
SlutttKhul ami lloug Kong.
At Brisbane-Hulled: Mlewer.i. from Hyd
liey, for Honolulu, Victoria uml Vancouver.
At Olasguw--At lived: Huenos Ayerliui,
from Montreal.
At Liverpool Arrived: flernuinlc, from
New York.
At New York -Arrived: li Savole, from
Havre; Mongolian, from Glasgow.
At St. Vincent -Arrived: Cymbcdlne, from
Han FranHscn via Montevideo.
At Imdoii - Arrived ; Menominee, from
New York. Sailed. Minnehaha, for New
York At Cherbourg Sailed' Kaiser Wllhelm
der (Jrosse, from Hrcmen and Southampton,
for New York. Detained by totf.
At I'lymouth-Hnlled: Patricia, trom
Hamburg, for New York.