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    The Omaha Sunday Bee.
jjj PART I.
Swindler's Broiin Sweepi Royal Cuh Bex
Glean of Ooin,
Empreaiaad Other Msmbers of tha Royal
Family Worse Bitten.
lor Yean KaiWi Fay Will Be Dented to
Refunding TJebti.
Cat-Illeli-Utilek I'evrr Proven Futnl to
HonIty Klnu .No 1. miner Situ
Counting Out III" Money mill
IIiih ."So Money for llrenil.
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BERLIN, May 25. (New York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram.) Almost the
cntlro private fortunes of emperor William
nnd empress and other members of tho
royal family of Ocrmany have been swept
oway In tho swindles perpetrated by Com
mercial Councillor Sandon. Tho opera
tions of Sandon suggest tho C20 per cent n
year scheme. Ho Is under arrest, and,
while tho emperor's legal advisors aro en
doavorlng to iletcrmlno tho extent of his
tnaJcsty'B losses, court circles anil cafes
ring with expressions of admiration at the
audacity of tho man who duped tho em
peror by tho flimsiest sort ot chicanery.
As nearly oh can bo learned, Sandon got
away with something like $4,750,000 belong
ing to members ut tho court. His liabil
ities, including claims of tho royal family,
will easily foot up that amount. Ills via
Iblo nesctB In money do not exceed $100,000.
Ills houses, yachts and stables will prob
, ably realize $100,000. So that tho royal per-
eonages who huvu bocn mulcted ot their
prtvntu fortunes stand very llttlo show of
getting oven as much ob ono per cent of
tholr loss. His maJeBty Ib bollcved to havo
lost 13.750.000 through tho operations of
Eanden. Tho empress, whoso private for
timo Ih small, Is said to have bocn swln
died out of $625,000. Tho emperor, who Is
heavily in dobt, has already abandoned
eomo of his projects for upending money,
at which ho Is an adopt. Ills solo prlvuto
fortune now amounts to about $1,000,000 n
f year. A largo part of this, however, will
bo dovotcd for somo years to como to
repaying tho family trust funds swept nway
by tho Sandcn failure
His brothor-ln-law, tho duko of Schles-
Wlg-Holsteln, has bcon Irretrievably
ruined, and unless ho can raise n great
deal of money, which now seems Improb
able, tho duko will bo compelled to con
less bankruptcy. In Germany bankruptcy
carries with It disgrace.
fluved from Twenty Time Worse.
If It had not been for the protest ot tho
.ministry . the losses of --the royal family
: ' . . .. .
tnigni navo nznoumea 10 iwcniy limes no i
According to tho gossips In court circles,
tho omperor, who was u great admirer of
tha brilliant Sandcn, wanted to turn over
tho entlro Iron Stock fund, amounting to
125,000,000, to Sandcn In tho hopo of In
crenslng It twenty-fold. Tho Iron Stock,
which In the family fund of tho roynl fam
ily, 1b now Invested In Gtltedgocd secur
ities and In London nnd New York real
estate. If Sandcn had secured control ot
this fund ho would undoubtedly havo been
nblo to carry on his operations for years
without difficulty. Tho rollnpsc of his lly-
tiy-nlght schemo of enriching tho nobility
by promising to pay proposterous rates of
Interest on money entrusted to him for
Investment, was duo to his speculation In
American securities.
CniiK lit III I'm-1 lie Corner.
Ho was caught In tho Northern Pacific
corner along with n lot ot other Herman
capitalists and IiIb collapse followed. An
examination Into his affairs by some of the
cabinet ministers a day or two ago disclosed
tho naturo and extent of his operations. Ho
wns arrested in his palaco at Potsdam by
Colonel von Moltko. governor of Potsdam,
While ho was entortnlnlng guests nt an elab-
orato dinner. Tho governor ot Potsdam
took tho broker to his library nnd for two
hours questioned him regarding his affairs.
Ho first declnrod ho was entirely solvent
and nblo to return to his clients, Including
tho royal family, all tho monoy entrusted to
him with exorbitant Interest earned by tho
money. At tho ond of two hours Sandcn
confessed that ho wns bankrupt nnd that
tho royal funds had gono with tho money
tntruated to him by tho common people.
"So you dnred to sprculato with tho sav
ings of ray august mistress?" shouted tho
Kitiire AVnnteil Twenty Per Cent.
"How could I help It?" protested Sandon,
'when uho wnnted from 10 to 20 per cent
ton hor money?"
"Uut hl majesty said ho never empow
ered you to put tho royal funds to any hut
legltlmato uses," thundered tho governor.
"Woll," said Snnden, "If tho kaiser was
tatlsfled with 3 per cent why did ho not buy
Prussian consols? I suppose ho thought tho
S per cent consols wcro good enough for
Americans while his money was to te loaned
to tho highest bidders."
Whllo this sensational Interview wns In
tti-AfrAim thn t.ilpnhnnn tinll rnnk? nnil thn
emperor himself summoned Colonel von
Moltko. After hearing of tho confession of
Handc,n, who cowered In a corner ot tho
room, tho emperor, wno Is represented to
hnvo been In a frenzy of anger, demanded
that Sandon bo arrested nt onco.
"Treat him llko tbo lowest criminal,"
hrlekcd thn emperor, "nnd do not consider PARIS, May 25. (New York World Ca
tho question of ball. Send him to the Mo- I blegram Special Telegram.) Mr. and Mrs.
bait (tho Ilerlln Tombs). Let him bo
brought to the Mobalt in tho common prison
carriage Tho publlo administrator shall
tuVo hold of his household, his villa and his
Btablea at once, nnd he Bhnll bo publicly
Front llmmuet llonrii to Prison,
In accordance, with tho emperor's com
mands, Sandeu Vas taken from his banquet
bull nn thrown into orison. Tho nnwii nf
lllu nrrfint noon snread umona tho notables
of tho court and found Us way Into thu
enfos and into the financial district. The
amount of tho royal losses was rumored to
bo toi tlineB ns great ns they really were,
but tho rumors woro sumcient to start u
panlo among tho purveyors of tho court, hniirtr nml rontrantnrs em.
ployed by the emperor or assoolated with
tho charities conducted under the patron-
ogo of tho empress.
A rigid Investigation Into tho affairs ot
Bnudeu has disclosed the fact that tho em
press was hit tho hardest. Sho lost every
penny she had In tho world out ot tho
(Continued oa Bocoad rage).
Sot Only l Itnnnt iilonn foi-klrnn, liut
Mie In
Shy n KfW
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PARIS, May 23. (New York World Ca
blegramSpecial Telegram.) Queen nana-
valonu III of Madagascar will arrive next
week on her first visit to Pnrls. Prepara
tions for her reception occupy a great deal
of public attention, the general opinion be
ing that tho Kronen govornment la behav
ing rather shabbily toward the dispossessed
ruler of the big African Island. An apart
ment of eight rooms has been engaged In a
mlddlo class furnished house. This Queen
Ranavalnna will occupy during her six
weeks' stay, together with two whlto
M. Hachcttc, an attache representing the
French government, will also ltvo In thU
house. Ills orders nro to watch the queen
constantly to prevent her escaping. This
precaution Is deemed preposterous Inas-
much as slnco she was deposed to Algeria
sho has never made nn nttwnipt to escape.
Seemingly tho queen Is perfectly resigned
to her fate. In Algiers Ranavalona's sunny
and childish nature made her the greatest
favorite among tho population. Her only
real grudgo agalnat tho government Is that
It won't allow her to marry a French sol
dier. Sho falls madly In lovo with overy
otneer sho meets and cannot understand
why sho should be condemned to perpetual
llnri'foot In AVortli lire.'.
NEW YOllK, May 25. (Special Tele
gram.) An Interesting woman Is tho de
posed queen of Madagascar, tho third larg
est lBland In the world. Sho used to wear
$5,000 Worth dresses nnd went about In
them barefooted. Sho chewed tobacco and
drank champagne all day long. She Im
ported perfumes from Paris, but used pnlm
oil on her hair. Iter great passion, now-
over, was tho acquisition of Worth dresses,
Sho wore them nil duy long. Visitors saw
her majesty sitting on tho floor of her
palaco busily transferring a meal ot rlee,
oil and chicken to hor mouth with her lin
gers and Incidentally spoiling a magnificent
Worth creation of silk, velvet und lace,
Sho did not approve of all tho vexatious do-
tails ot civilized fcminlno dress. Corsets,
stockings and shoes were not the only nrtl
cles she omitted. When her majesty
crossed tho Btreot on a wot day tho foreign
residents of her capital were treated to a
ipectaclo which amused them, but which
tho natives gazed at with awe and rover
.Mnrumi AVIII Muke l'rlM-lei (ilft If
He C'n:i Avoid 1'nyliiK
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PARIS, May 25. (Now York World Ca.
blegram Special Telegram.) J. Plerpont
Morgan Intends to gtvo tho famous Mann
helm collection ot antiquities, which ho has
Just bought, to tho Metropolitan Museum ot
Art In New York, If ho enn obtain from tho
United States Treasury dopartment exemp
tion of the collection from customs duties,
but not otherwise.
Mr. Morgan said to tho World cotreti-
pondent today: "I consider the prevention
of freo entronco or works ot art Into the
United Slater.faiost Idiotically barbarous. I
. .. . ...
expect, to inauce me customs auinoriiics i
to let this unlquo treasure gathered by
Mannheim enter froo ns educational ma-
tcrlal. Anyway, rather than pay ono cent
of duty I will resell them or give thorn to
some European museum."
Thoro nro 241 objects In tho collection,
nono very cumbersome. They aro being
pacekd by experts and will bo shipped to
England within a few days to bo loaned to
tho South Kensington mueoum. Mr. Mor
gan refused to tell what he paid for tho
collection. Judging from tho tact that
Mannheim refused soveral extravagant of
fers from different states and prlvnto par
ties, It 1b Inferred that ho simply plied up
banknotCH before tho Paris collector re
gardless of the total figure
Mr. Morgan has gono to London.
IIUIIIII VI UlUnil lJ linwww
HuxNo-I'ollali llnllwny Ailmliilstrntlon
Lone Two Million
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HEHLIN. May 25. (Now York World Ca-
blegramT-Special Telegram.) Tho Russo-
Pollsh railway administration Is the victim
ot gigantic fraudB. Clerks In tho goods
dopots only returned halt tho weight ot
freight forwarded, while their confeder
ates at tho destination collected for full
weight. Nearly 12,000,000 Is secured tho
gang, forty of whom, Including tho ring
leader, a prominent lawyer, havo bcon
arrested. Tho Russian railway administra
tion hns also Just discovered that contract
ors In stone and Iron nro In combination
with high officials who gave receipts for
much larger quantities than havo been
delivered. Thcso sharps havo swindled tho
government out of over $1,000,000.
Tho Mayence garrison has Just been tho
scene of another (Ungraceful military duel.
A court of honor decided that Lieutenant
Rlchlcr, Eighty-eighth regimental, should
challenge. Lieutenant Vogl, Thirteenth
Hussars, holding thnt Yogi compromised
Rlchter's pretty young wlfo by his ntten'
Hons to her. The duel took placo on tho
moat of an old fortress In tho presence
of a number of officers. Vogl shot Rich-
ter In tho thigh, causing a mortal wound,
Vogl has been arrested nnd a, roport on
tho enso will bo sent to tho knlscr. who Is
anxious to put down thcso scandals.
Ilrnre the llliry Vortrx of
rnrUInu Society, Illsli
nml Low.
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pcrry Belmont, slnco their arrival ten days
aB0, havo beon enjoying Paris with guests.
They havo plunged Into a perfect whirlpool
0 dinners, dancing and coaching parties,
Ycstorday's program Included a slumming
expedition In tho toughest part ot town,
Mrs. llelmont, accompanied by three other
ladles, distributed charities uuder the guld-
anco ox itev, Mr. morgan, pastor ot tho
American cnurcn aim ii cousin or j. rierpont
Morgan. ino protection oi a ueiecuvo was
graciously furnished by the prefect ot po-
Tho now American automobile and steam-
boat postage stamps n commemoration or
the Pan-American exposition havo attracted
much attention nero. ino newspapers pub-
lUh brief Interviews with artists and col-
lectors praising mo ueoigu. u ciuuuujrmg
tho progressive spirit ot ths age
W. K, Vanderbllt, Jr., will take home to
New York two new automobiles, one Ger
man, the other French, which were espe
cially built tor him. uotn are enormous
machines ot thirty-four and forty-two horse
power respectively and are exopcted to out
I run anything In America.
Enrland Wakei V . , Real Rition for
Amer.'ca'i Trace Supremacy.
Thus ConrtituU the True Foundation for
Great Wealth, -
Yet They Were Waited on the FrimitiTe
Bed Man.
Cnnitclty of IU liilinhltmitft Kimble
Dutch Country to Piny (Irrnt Pnrt
In tho World (irrnt llrllnlu
I.neltn Ileiuiiireefulucft.
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LONDON, May 25. (New York Cable
gram Special Telegram.) Thomas Lloyd,
editor ot Tho Statist, on-i of tho lcAdlng
financial authorities In England, contribute
a very alarmist article about England s
trado prospects to his paper. Ho Bays:
'Nover havo tho Interests ot this country
been threatened so sorlously from so many
sides as nt present. Our principal rlvnl is
tho United States. There Is no country in
tho world richer In natural resources of
every kind than tho United States, yet ttosa
natural resources did not help the rod man.
On tho other hand, Holland has not very
many natural resources except in tho ca
pacity of her people. Yot Holland ha-i
played a groat part In tho world. bven
today she Is ono of tho most prosperous
IUUIIUI?H ill UUIUI'U. 11 in inn uuimuiiiiua
of a people that conntltute their wealth.
Unfortunately thlB Just fact England has
been slow to recognize. Everywhere wo
aro showing n lack of Initiative resourceful
ness, preparedness and staying power.
Energetic work and education Mr. Lloyd
thinks aro essential to savo England from
Industrial defeat.
Tliey Are of the WiiIoh Set mill Lon
don I'nprm AITeet Mot to
Sec Them.
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LONDON, May 25. (New York World Ca
blegramSpecial Telegram.) It Is a curi
ous fact that, although Mrs. George Kcppel
was aboard Shamrock II on tho occasion
of Wednesday's catastrophe with Lady Lon
donderry and Mrs. Jameson, no paper hero
mentioned her name, although two ot them
did state that her sistcr-ln-law, Hon. Mrs.
Derko Keppel, was aboard. This latter
lady, however, Is at tho antipodes with her
husband, a principal equerry of tho duke ot
Cornwall Lady Londonderry, who Is not In
very good health, has beon suffering ever
since from tho afcoclt, but Mrs. TCcppol dls-
..,.i.. ..nin. n, nn
.v DUU. v.b uuu
others who rushed to her asslstanco that
sho could look after herself and let them
do the samo.
Tbo king's escape evoked extraordinary
manifestations ot enthusiasm toward him.
On tho following day n well dressed crowd
congregated around Marlborough house, to
c,hcc'- hln on hI flIle(1 '
tho long hours of waiting with prayers to
tho Almighty for tho preservr.tlon of his
lit 3. The king had a special orlvato thanks
giving scrvlco In the chapel royal attached
to Marlborough house tho morning otter tho
accident nt which his family nnd household
were present. Ho told Sir Thomas Upton
ho was sorry that owing to tho furthor
trials taking place In tho Clyde he could
not be aboard Shamrock II when It Is ro
stored, but nevertheless It Is known among
his friends that bo Is resolved to take par-
L1...1 - . . , .....' ...
..v-u.o. w ..... u .u. u.,..-.ODU. ,
riskn ot any kind
Tho king oxpresscd himself In emphatic
terms as to tho prevcntnblllty of tbo accl
dent which nearly cost him his llto. Ho
asked Llpton to send him reports by two
Independent experts as to how tho bobstay
plato gavo way.
NEW YORK. May 25. (Spoclal Tola
gram.) Mrs. Keppel is a daughter of Ad
mlral Sir William Edmondstonn, her hus
band Is a brother of tho duko ot Albemarle,
and sho has a beautiful daughter 6 years of
ago. For somo tlmo she has been tho star
featuro of what was called tho "Prlnpe of
Wales' set." Sho was a guest at tho Chats-
worth house party, the last function nt
which Edward VII appeared before he sue
ceedod to tho throne. At the private the
atricals thero tho duchess of Devonshire,
his hostess, sat upon tho right of tho prluco
.and Mrs. Keppel nt his lctt.
.Notorious American Woman l)le
Slinmef ill Dentil In Aliflera
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PARIS, .May 25. (New York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram.) Dolly Kcono,
ns sho was known when n girl in Now York,
died recently in the alcoholic ward ot a
hospital in Allors, according to newn Just
received fr cro, Her trial on chargo
of having in red her first husband, Ed
mond Lavlssu, caused a great sensation In
Orleans twelve years ago. The formal ac
cusatlon against her then alleged that the
young American woman, who was very
fascinating, waa a confirmed abslntho
drinker nud addicted, when under tho In
fluence ot the llery liquor, to all those
things which raado Lucrotla Dorgla histori
cal. Although giving no outward sign ot
Intoxication, sho acted, It was averred,
under a sort of cold rage which frequently
drove her to attempt murder.
Ono woman, whom sho had previously
stabbed, tnough not dangerously, nnd three
officers of tho Orleans gnrrlson, who had
been "Dolly's" friends, testified that sho
had tried to kill them at different times,
Tho mysterious poisoning of her husband
was ascribed to "Dolly's" lovo for a Japan-
eso legation attacno, wno naa spent ono
summer ni m. wjvisse h couniry nouse.
Alter a nam lougni iriai ino American
woman wns acquitted, tho evidence against
ner not being sumcient to convict, hno
married tho Japanese two weeks late.' and
startea to Japan, n is eaia mat ner
Asiatic husbaud, being cither tired of her
or arram or his lire, leu tno snip at tne
Island of Ceylon and escaped In a German
iubboi wnicu was just saimiis. tun ""-
doned woman returned to Europe, and aft
erwards settled In Algiers, where her
beauty was the admiration of the whole
town. Finally. It Is said, absinthe bloated
her features and stupefied her famous wit
and the once courted American sunk out
of sight aud nothing had been heard ot her
(or Ave years until newa came ot ber death,
,DimcE' "'E"0"
London oelety llli.eui.fteH l'lmil nation
of Mntche mill a Sew r'lve
Horned Creiiture,
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LONDON, May 25. (New York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram.) Mrs. LetltU
llA.h . I. .. .II....- 1 ..If.. . 1 1 r, 1 1 I ... ... 1 1
i0nn'rCf VM married ou Thurndny prlvntcly
In St. Saviour's church on Walton street,
llpiimnliii rnn.l ,n f-nntftlt. Vnhllnia Tlln.f
ot urlckhlll. county Clare. Mrs. Perot was
tne herolue of a sensational case a couple
of years nacK wnen, naving separated rrom
her husband she kidnaped their only
"augnter nM nrougni uer to uonuon m corn-
puny wiwi utipiaiu muuu, .viiuiu uo wuh
arrested at the suit of her husband. Having
been remanded twlco she win discharged
from custody, promising not to Intcrfern
with tho child again, which wns tnken back
to Baltimore by her , husband. Captain
Blood's wlfo obtained n decreo nisi for dl-
vorce against him six months ago on tho
ground of his relations with Mrs. Perot,
which decree was made obsoluto on Wednes
day. The niarrlago with Mrs. Perot took
plnco on tho following day.
Captain Illcod Is an extremelv handsome
man. but Is now In broken health, having
nearly died In tho Interval between tho
decree nisi nnd tho decreo absolute. Ho In
tho brother of Lady Collin Campbell, tho
respondent In tho famous divorce suit In
which tho Into duko of Marlborough was
tho co-rospondent.
William Wnldorf Astor's social rehabili
tation Is proceeding apace. Ho Is one ot tho
duko and duchess of Devonshire's Whitsun
tide party at Compton place, tholr East
bourne residence. Tho party Includes Ar
thur Ilalfour. tho carl of Ocsford, the earl
and countess of Mnrkellle, quite ot tho
smartest variety.
Sir Henry Johnston, the commissioner to
Uganda, has discovered u new variety of
glraffo having (lvo horns. It Is named hel-
ladctherlum. It Is part ox and part giraffe
and wns thought to be extinct for ccnturloa.
C.vriiimiy Anulym the. Ilfnth Hctiirim
mill IllNiMiHiten Cnuni'M In
Itoth So vc.
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IIERLIN, May 25. (Now York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram.) Nearly 8,000
persons committed suicide last year in Ger
man v. lioiiaiuv BDcaKine tuo nronoriion oi
men to women was three to one. More thau
a quarter of tho suicides wcro persons
mentnlly Infirm. Nearly one-half had been
addicted to drink.
The chief cause of suicide among tho
men wns general weariness of life, vlco
and sorrow. Among women mental de
rangement, bodily suffering, shamo and pas
Hanging, drowning, shooting and poison
ing happen most frequently. Two-thirds
ot tho men choso ono or tho other. Women
seldom shoot themselves. Moro than ono-
thlrd of tho women drowned themsolve3
and almost an equal number took poison.
The treatment of disease by the uso of
colored light, howover much It bo ridi
culed. Is obtaining a footing here. Tho
latest novolty la tho euro of measles with
red light. Dr. Chatlnlr publishes in a
,." mriHpj.x mniruiDn ti
results ot a
having favor-
r'L:.. " . .ii"
"uu""" ui miwhukiw,
ablo results. Patients with measles nro
kopt In rooms lighted with a subdued red
light, much like that In a photogrnphcr'B
dark room. Dr. Chatlnlr uses red silk paper
pasted on his window panes. The patient
receives no mcdtclno and Is better In two
or threo days. Dr. Chatlnlr explains that
tho prevailing red light enables tho ln
flamod skin to rest. All other colors, espe
cially tho strong shades ot violet, exclto
tho skin.
Dr. Chatlnlr was first attracted to hU
discovery by noticing that the peasant
women In his district always wrapped up
their measles-stricken children In red
At the great beer festival nt Donn, !n
which tho kaiser and crown prlnca took
part, more than 650 beer Jugs wcro pock
etcd by the guests as mementoes ot the
great occasion.
., I !, fcn l.v ll.n Flnr,,..
sla (orps of students to tho 650 enthusi-
nsts to beg thom cither to return tho
Jugs or to send In 2 cents apiece In pay
ment. Only about thirty persons havo seen
fit to pay.
He Spurn on .lie WorUliiKiiieu Who
Are OullilInK III" Mont
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WANTAGE, May 25. (Now York World
Cablegram Special Telegram.) Richard
Croker Is hurrying up work on Moat House,
In vlnw of his early roturn to America.
His son Ilertle, who Is having a good deal
of rook shooting bore, will not return until
somo weeks Inter. Mr. Croker has doubled
tho number ot men laboring on tho alter
ations being carried out. In connection
with tho additions recently niado to his
property ho Is pulling down old cottages
planting trees, making drives and pressing
forward the work In oxcavatlng tho lake
Ho got Into trouble, with somo neighbors.
owing to tho lako supply draining their
water courses, but mado eomo arrange
ments with thom so ho enn proceed with
tho work. Ho widened the public road
leading to Moat House from tho vlllago
and altogether transformed tho house sur
roundlngs. Ho has also bought several
acres and several cottages In tho village
which ho Intends to restore, for, although
picturesque, they aro very dilapidated. He
Intends tho approach to Moat Houso Bbnll
not be marred by any unsightly cottages
Ho pncseB most of his time horo among
his laborers. Ho dismisses tho Idle without
mercy, but hard working men consider
hlra a fine employer, ns ho gives them
bonuses. Ho Intends to glvo up his stud
farm on the downs and when tho alter
atlons to Moat Houso are completed, to
remove all his horses to Lctcombe,
Fenra Mnrumi Will Get ."North Uer
mini I.loyil mid llumbnrK
Amerlcnu Linen.
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BERLIN, May 25. (New York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram.) A terrlbl
fear has taken possession of tho German
commcrcmi marlno. Slnco Mr. Morgan got
the Leyland liners, shipping circles In Ham
burg nnd Bremen think It probable that
bid will bo rondo for tho North Gorman
Lloyd and the Haraburg-Amorlcnn lines.
Tho whole press displays much anxiety
and hopes that the "American money
Titans," at they aro caiica, may not ap
pear on the scene, for If they do it Is not
at all likely that German owners of trad
tng ships will refuse a profitable price,
mat opinion nero is sieaouiy rising
against tho threatening danger from tho
other aide ot the Atlantic goes without
saying. In certain Industries o, condition
something like panlo prevail!.
Indepeodtice Will Ee Allowed to Inter
Trials Againtt Oonititntien.
Eoiton Man to Charter an Interett to Some
Olub Member.
Agross to Give Full Control t Temporary
lull Aui't-e Hint If
Shall lime
the lllii
llenleu the Vlelor
I'ull MiIiik nt
Clu me from Alirond,
UdSTON, May 25. Tho yneht Independ
ence will pnrtlclpnto in tho trial races
gainst tho Conntltutlon under tho flag of
the Now York Yncht club, tho lnnt obstacle
ugalnst participation being removed this
Mr. lnwson pledges his best efforts to
mako tho contest for tho solrctlon of the
cup defender n good ono. Ho will charter
n Interest In his yncht to a club member.
r. Law son's statement, Issued tonight, Is
s follows:
'IIOSTON, May 2,i. 1901. Commodore
Lewis Cass Lcdyard, Chairman of Commu
te, New York Yncht Club Dear Sir: Your
letter of yesterday with the assurance that
my boat can ttiku part in tho trial races,
nd If selected may defend the cup, was re
ceived this morning.
I will nt onco charter nn Interest In It
o such person or persons ns may bo agree-
bio to your committee nnd will give BUch
person or persons full control nnd manage
ment during the match.
"I thank your committee for having sug
gested n way to fairly determine In a
sportsmanllko manner which' lioat will bo
selected to defend the cup and I will do
11 In my power to mako the contest n suc
Dellovo me, your very truly,
CulileN Unit yuturilny, 'September '.
Will lie SntUrncttiry for
.Sluimroek It.
NEW YOniC, May 25. Tho America's cup
races wJll begin on September 21, Sir
Thomas Llpton having by cablegram agreed
to that dato and promised to havo a formal
request ilxlng that ub tho new tlmo sent by
tno ltoyai acnt ciun. his camcgram as to
tho oxtenslon ot time received today roads
as follows:
"LONDON, May 2o, 1901. Oddio, Sccro-
tary Now York vact emu: Many tlmniis
Kind telegram, contents I note witn pieas-
uro. Havo wired secretary to fix dato Sat-
rday, September 21, for tho rnce, this bo-
lng tho earliest posslblo could bo ready,
and to cablo you accordingly.
Vnlkyrlc III to lie Ilroken Up.
GLASGOW, May 25. Tho Volkyrlo III.
Lord Dunruven's defeated yacht In the
America's contest In 1S95, which Is lying In
Gouvrouck bay. Is to bo broken up Monday
Von lluclnw CoiivlueeH 11 tut 'Tin
to Vacate. Chlitii ut
BERLIN, May 25. During Count von Buc-
low's visit to tho Relchslnnd Emperor Wil
liam was thoroughly Informed regarding the
present status of affairs In China and there
upon agreed with tho chancellor that It wns
best to effect tho wlthdruwul of tho German
forces ns soon as possible and reach aonio
understanding regnrdlng tho mode of paying
tho Indemnity. This conclusion, it is snld,
was hastened because, in contradiction of
tho semi-official statements on tho subject,
Russia's attltudo In China recently has bo
como outspokenly hostile to Germany nnd
tho danger seemed Imminent of a serious
clashing thoro.
Among tho Gormans returning from China
will bo Emperor William's specially deputed
battlo-scone painter, Tbeodoro Rncholl, who
Is laden with numberless sketches mado on
tho spot, from which will bo ordered scorcu
ot paintings to bo executed. Ilcrr Rocholl
haB partly finished two flno paintings show
ing tho body of Colonel York von Warton-
burg being dellvorod nt Tahal Ton, and nlBO
tho funeral of Von Wartonburg in Pokln.
Emperor William has creuted n new dec-
oration for tho members of tho Red Cross
society who served in South Africa. It is n
mednl with n gold pin. On tho medal is tho
Inscription: "South Africa, 1899-1900."
Tho chief president of tho Rhino province
has ordorod, at Emperor Wllllnm's sugges-
tlon, that tho Crown Princo Frederick Wll-
llam whenever ho goes on excursions, etc.,
Is not to recelvo ovations, but is to bo left
undisturbed, "so that ho may enjoy his
Mr, Andrew White, tho United States am
bassador, and Mrs. Whlto roturn tonight
from n visit to tho Imperial chamberlntn,
Baron von Rlepenhauscn, at his cnstlo at
Oscar P. Austin, chief of tho bureau of
statistics ot tho United States Treasury de
partment, has arrived here.
Kmpcrnr'ft lleelftlnii Reported.
WASHINGTON, May 25. Tho Stnto do-
partmcnt has beon advised that tho German
government regards tho present tlmo as op
portune tor tho wltndrnwal of Field Mar
shal von WnldorBOc, commander of tho In
ternational forces In China. Nothing Is
stated as to tbo exact dato tor tho return
of tho field marshal, nor as to tho number
ot German troops thnt will bo left In China,
but It Is hoped nt the State department tnat
tho German government will follow this
nation's examplo and withdraw all but a lo-
gatlon guard. Tho United States forco will
remain In command ot a major and ho will
not bo permitted to assume tho command
ot tho International forces cveu If so In
vited. ThlB subject wns discussed for nn
hour this afternoon by Secretary of War
Root and Acting Secrotnry of Stato Hill.
Two Iloer GrnerI, to IllftnnNS the
Mttintlnti lit Mouth
LONDON, May 25. General Botha has
asked General Dewet to meet him to dis
cuss the situation, saya the Pretoria cor
respondent of tho Dally Mull.
Forecast for Nebraska-Fair nnd Warmer
Sunday; Monday Fair; Vurlnblo Winds,
.Mostly Southerly.
1 KiiNer .Six Imllril of fortune. "llnlry Worries Kimlunil.
l.titt niiN luilepemteuee Will llnee,
fontli I'lii-nllnn Senatorial I'lulit.
Pettlurew Fortune a ltiin.
Coroner' Verillet In .Nimon Out-.
.Ni'lirusKit Sellout I'unil Divided.
(ot ernnr Snvime llnn I.Vouoniy.
ItilMTftlty Citdrtn hi Prize Drill.
Iliirinril Winn lnl croollciilnt.-.
HrooUl) n 1 1 n n ill cup In ('iir)'.
Mrlvlnti-jK HitiiitMtim! llouiiil.
Woman In Club unit Cluirlt.
South Oiualin l.iirnl .Mnltrr.
Lust W.'i'U In Oiunliit Sooloty,
7 1'rexli) tei'lnn Continue IlrvUlou.
H Coiinrll IIIuITk l.ornl .'Mattori..
II Den Holiu-i nnil loirit.
10 Itroillx In llnn. Unit t,rnniic.i.
II I'ronr.-MN of AX'ontcrn I.cniiue.
I'mkIIIsiii MnUca o llfitilnny.
Ill Vila-. WIiin lllu Milt In Oinulin.
City yeliooln .Nreil More Honin.
Ill Annnrlrn of tlic .ortli Pole,
II Womniii Her Wnj mill WIiIiiik,
I." AiiiiixenirntM nml .Miioli'iil .Nolox.
III TrUtriiiii of Illenl."
17 CI a in Mori-lm' HeiMilli-etloim,
IH 1'tl 1 1 or lu 1 nml Comment.
Ill Oinnlia (o Kulerliilii MvKlnlry.
ItoiirK. Cork ran on 'l i tii. t k.
Oiniiliii'n Willi Hum- Carili'llM.
-it tieiicrnl .tlnuileritiiii on Irrlmitlou,
1 CoinlMloii of Traile In Uimilin.
CoinmiTclal nml I'lnaacliil.
Te in lie ra lure nt
OmiiiIiii Ycnterilny I
Hour. l-H-K.
r. a.
11 it.
7 it.
H ti.
. . lit
. . II
. . -in
.. -it
. . r.:
. . n i
. . nn
1 li.
i V.
!l p.
I p.
r p.
ii p.
7 p.
10 II.
11 II.
Correct TIiIiik Now Ik to Sup nt the
.Veil Club In Crnfton
(Copyright. 1901, by Presn Publishing Co.)
LONDON, May 25. (New York World
Cablegram Special Telegram.) Tho smart
American colony In London Is already get
ting Into tho swing of entertaining. Mrs
Mackny has small dinners for the opera on
Wagner nights which sho rarely misses
Sho oxpectH Mr. Mnckay over shortly to
Btay at Carlton Houbo terinco for tho sea
son, but tho Clarcnco Mnckas aro not com
Ing this year.
Mrs. Parkinson Shnrpo's chef continues to
ho tho admiration and envy of all hor
friends, his dishes fining perfect works of
art. Sho has confided to hor friends that
tho chef was chosen by a well known
prince, a noted Parlslun gourmet, who
tested his capabilities for n month for
Mrs. Sharpo beforo sho engaged him. This
chef was tho chosen ono out of oighteen
Captain nnd Mrs. Clover have a lovely
hotiso In Park Lane, whero they nro giving
smart dinner parties, whllo Mrs. Lcggctt
nnd her daughter, who also nro under tho
wing of Lady Cunard. will clvo a concert
soon nt which aClvo Is to sing, with other
Mrs. Adair gave n wonderful ehlldreh's
nnrty yesterday, but sho shortlv will un-
dergo treatment for threatened cataract of
both eyes. Thin will be a tedious business
ns It means six weeka' seclusion, a good
part of It In n darkenod room.
aira. Tony Drcxcl is often at tbo opera
with Mrs. Ronalds, who Is herself again
Sho Is busy organizing tho musical nrrango
mcnts for tho naval and military exhibition
nt Crystal Pnlace,
ino correct tiling now after tno opera
on Saturday nights is to Blip at tho now
suppor club In Grafton Galleries. A rcpro-
sentntlvo committee, organized tho club, for
which tho members of other first-rate clubs
nro eligible. Tho first supper last Saturdny
was attended not only by fashionable lead
ors, but nlso by operatic and theatrical
Kxpc clitlly Do the Wentern
New ii
piipcm ANtoimil Alfreil
(Copyright. 1901, by Preys Publishing Co.)
PARIS, May 25. (Now York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram.) Alfrod
Harmswortb, enterprising proprietor of tho
London Dnliy Mall, was asked by tho
World correspondent today what benefit he
had derived from hU study of the news
papers In the United States nnd what idoas
ho brought back which would be nvall
nblo in his own business.
'I wn porfectly nstounded," Bald Mr.
Hnrmsworth, "nt tho pace your country Ib
developing In overy dlrnctlnn. Seeing tho
Insldo operation of your nowspapora has
boon ot value. I hnvo effected Homo Im-
portant changes In cousequenco of it, about
matter published In tho way of exploiting
news and I gathered many other good Ideas
which I ntn trying to Incorporate In my
several publications.
"Tho troublo Is that tho English people
don't wnnt now Ideas. They nro so deuc
edly cocksuro of overythlng that they re
sent nny effort toward novelty, even when
It constitutes n radical improvement. This
cocksure, routlno aplrlt pervades every
branch of tho activity of our nation. There
fore, slnco, after nil, n nowspaper Is made
to sell und must reflect tho avcrngo mcntnl
level of Us rcadcrB, I am very cautious
about Introducing American Improvements,
for fenr of giving my people better nowa
papers than they want."
Mr. Hnrmsworth has been spending these
beautiful spring woeka "laying around tho
gay capital," as he himself expressed it,
Mrs. Harmsworth, determined to bo tho
bost-dresBcd woman In London, has given
n great deal ot tlmo to dressmakers and
hatters, Sho will go back to England to
morrow, while her husband will start on
another tour ot Franco
In his big new
Ineeuillnry Blnse llentroya Unrit of C.
A. CiirlNou, South Twentieth
Klro nt 1:30 this morning destroyed tho
ham of C. A. Carlson, grocor, 2330 South
Twontlcth streot, nnd four horses porUhed
In tho llamos, Threo of tho homos woro
Carlson's and tho fourth belonged to Fritz
AnderBon, a picklor. It Is believed tho flro
was Incendiary. Thero was no Insurance.
The loss waa $500.
A fulso nlarm was rung In nt midnight
from box 30, Thlrteonth nnd Chlcngo
CiiiiiiuIiin Defeutft CoiiKer.
DES MOINES, la., Mny 25. The final ro-
publican caucuses In Dallas county, Min
ister Congee's former homo, worn hold
today, In the convention, A. B. Cummlna
will havo ninety votes and Mr. Conger
thirty, Insuring a Cummins delegation to
the stato convention,
8euth Carolina Senatori Resign to Run
Against Each Other.
Spirited Debate Endi io Challenge and
Prompt Acoiptanoe.
Dtmooratio Primary to Dsoida After a Joint
If the 1'ltehforU Celebrity In Siis-
tnlneil McLnm-ln'ft Will lie u V li
en nt Clmlri If (Mlienx lur, He
Supplanti Tillman.
COLUMBIA, S. C, May 25. As the out
come of n spirited debnto between United
States Senntors 11. V. TUlmnn nnd John V.
McLnurln at Gnffney today, both of them
have put their resignations In the hnilds of
Governor McSwecucy, to tnko effect Novem
ber 15.
Thoy havo resigned with tho understand
ing that they nro to go beforo tho people
of tho Btuto in n Joint canvass aud tho
sentiment of the people. Is to bo expressed
In tho vote In n democratic primary to bo
held In November.
Tillman wns lust summer re-elected
to tho United States mmnto for kIx years
and McLnurln has yet two years to serve.
Should Tillman be sustntnrd McLnurln'a
scat will bo vncant; If McLnurln la huo
crsFful, ho will succeed to Tillman's long
McLnurln had been Invited to (lUffney
nnd friends of Tillman naked him to como
too. McLnurln accused Tillman of attack
ing him. The latter declared that ho would
resign nnd ueet McLnurln on tho stump.
McLatirln ngrecd to tho proposition. Sena
tor Tillman later submitted a written
proposition, which wns nccnptablo to Soun
tor McLnurln, except thnt tho latter wanted
the election to bo hold In October nnil No
vember, Instead of this Hummer. Mc-
Laurlu stated that this was suggested on
account of hla poor health.
Severnl I'roiiONiilft Xeeesnnry.
Thero wcro several proposals submitted
between tho two. Senator McLnurln wanted
the race to be routined to Senator Tillman
nnd himself. Tho latter declared that ho
could not dictate to tho Btatn democratio
oxccutlvo committee when tho primary
should bo held or how many cnndldnlcs
thero should be.
Tho dual resignation as finally for
warded to Governor McSwccnoy was accom
panied by no conditions, it renda:
"Wo hereby tender our resignations ut
senators for tho state of South Carolina In
tho United States senate, to tnko effect
November 15 next. Yours respectfully,"
Under tho .election methods Jn hls statu
tho state) democratio oxccutlvo committee
will nrrnugo a cnmpalgn nnd tho candi
dates will Bpeak In each of tho forty coun
ties In tho stnte. At tho primary election
tho candidates will bo voted for directly.
Tho general assembly merely confirms tho
nctlon ot tho primary. Tho campaign will
bo pitched a year carllor than expected,
but there nro half n dozen candidates In tho
Held. Each must specify for which term ho
Is n candidate.
'Wlnhen Otheiit to Keep Out.
ATLANTA, Ga., May 25. A special to tho
Constitution from Onffnoy, S. C, says:
Scnntor McLnurln, when nsked about .tho
resignation, said: "TUlmnn mado n blurt
and I culled him. All I desire is n free,
fair and open fight on tho Issues upon
which wo differ. 1 enrncstly hope that nil
othem will keep out of our race nnd run
for tho other Bonatonihlp, so that Tillman
nml 1 may meet nB man to man and light It
Churleft. W. Curler Denied Writ
' IlnlieiiM CorpiiM hy KuiiNiin
City .linlm-.
' KANSAS CITY, Mo.. May 25. (Special
Telegrnm.) A writ of habeas corpus was
asked for tho releaBo ot Charles W. Cartor
ot Hastings, Neb., today. Tho hearing
lasted only flvo minutes, and Judge Henry
refused tho writ.
Carter was arrested at Hastings. Ho Ii
charged with shipping grain to tho Mooro
Grain nnd Elevator company ami misrepre
senting tho weights. Tho wnrrnnt wna
sworn out before Justice Hoss, who llxed tho
bond nt $1,000. Whon Carter was taken to
police headquarters ho offered security on
hU bond, which wna nccoptcd. Ho waa re
arrested Immediately, however, nnd hold
for Investigation, ns other grntn firms had
similar charges ngalnst him.
Carter contended that tho nuthorltlcB had
no right to hold him without a warrant
charging him with a spoclllo offense. Judge.
Henry thought differently nnd snld: "Sup
poso n mnn Is charged with larceny nnd Is
released on bond, tho nuthorltlcs certainly
havo a right to havo him rearrested it It
Ib thought ho has committed murder. Tho
writ will bo denlod."
XeeenNltleft of Lite l'nan Into the Con
trol of n Few
Men. (Copyright, 1901, by Press Publishing Co.)
PARIS, May 25. (Nuw York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram,) Franco has
lately learned a few things from America
nbbut trust making and tbo first effects of
several roctnt combinations aro being vio
lently denounced. Within n year sugar,
rubber, coal, paper boxes, flour, cbocolato,
copper wire and gas havo bocn drifting rap
Idly Into tho control of a fow men, Tho
latest combination, Just mano publlo, In
tonds to control absolutely tho surfuco and
underground passenger traffic of Pnrla.
Thu omnibus, tramway, underground anil
cab companies last week cloctod to head
their respoctlvo boards, men representing
Amorlcnn capital and connected with tho
French branch of tho Thompson-Houston
Electric company, who will now control,
This proponderanco was etfectcd by the
secret nnd gradual buying of ovory sharo
of atock offered nt tho exchange until tho
Thompson-Houston people had n majority
Alrtady competition hns been lessened by
suppressing lines. It la thought, howover,
that tho socialists nro too numerous In tho
city council to permit thn Intended mo
nopoly to bo established. Although tho'
Thompson-Houston French branch has
many French names, It la well known that
It represents American capital almost exclusively,