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Hamilton's nho store , 412 Broadway.
Stockcrt Carpet Co. . 205-207 Hwy.
Moore's food kills worms and fattens.
Dell O. Morgan , drugs , 142 Broadway.
T K. Casadv has returned from four
weeks' visit Jn Mollnc. 111.
C. U. .lacquomln & Co. , Jewelers and op
ticians , 27 South Main street.
J. Q. Anderson left last evening for Duf-
faol , N. Y. , on a business trip.
Miss Florence Detmey of the Christian
Home left last evening for Vlnccnncs , Ind.
Mrs. F. J. Lalnson and Mrs. Knrterman of
Ida Grove , la. , are the guests of Mrs. B. 0.
Aldcrmnn Casper and family expect to
Icuvo shortly to spend the winter In Los
Angeles. Cal.
The milliners of the city have decided to
clcso their stores evenings during the win
ter except on Mondays and Saturdays.
J. C. Blxby , healing nnd sanitary engineer.
Plans and specifications for heating , plump-
Ins and lighting. 202 Main. Council Bluffs.
W W. Mile * of Livingston , Wyo. , and
Kannlo Miinhart of Green River , Wyo. , were
married In this city yesterday , Justice Vlcn
o ( Delating.
Melville E. Stone of Chlcno , general man
ager of the Associated Press , was In the oily
yesterday afternoon on his way homo , from
Sioux City.
John Oalbrallh and Georgia Baker , both
of Omaha , wore married In this city yester
day , the ceremony being performed by Jus
tice nurke.
Don't you think U must be n pretty good
laundry that can please BO many hundreds
of cuitomi'rs ? Well that's the "Eagle , "
721 Uroadvav.
The regular meeting of the Abe Lincoln
'nrllef Corps , No. ISO. will bo held tomorrow
nftcrncon at 2-30 o'clock at Grand Army of
the Republic hall.
City Treasurer Heed put In a busy day
yesterday paying off warrants Issued slnco
tlio commencement of the llRcal vcar nnd by
evening had about $15.000 paid out.
James Saguln of this city has been
awarded the contract for the driving of 3,500
piles for the new Pcavey grain elevator
which IB now In course of construction.
All frnters ore icaucstcd to be present at
the regular conclave of Ivnnhoo command-
rry No. 17 , Knights Templar , In Masonle
item'plc tonight , an election of ofllccrB will
be held.
W J. Jameson received the following telegram -
gram last evening from his son Percy , n
member of Company L , Fifty-first Iowa vol
unteers : "Sail tomorrow p. m. on Pennsyl
vania. All well and happy. "
L. Swcarlnscn has received n letter from
his daughter. Grace , In which she fays she
Is teaching In an American college for
women on the Asiatic sldo of the Bosnhorus ,
directly aerosp from Constantinople.
George Maltby , a telegraph messenger boy ,
had his wheel stolen late Tuesday night.
Ho left It outside of a cigar store on Broad
way while delivering a message and when
ho came out It was gone. The police were
at once notified , but so far no trnco of the
thief or the bicycle has been gotten.
John Sparks of Boomer township , a
former subject of itho emperor of Germany ,
was granted his naturalization papers In the
nuperlor crurt yesterday Dy Judge Ayles-
worth. Ills father. Henry Sparks , declared
his Intention of becoming a citizen. Al
though o resident of this county for many
years , the elder Sparks had never cast a
The police raided the Valley restaurant or
West Broadway about midnight Tuesday am
nrrcstcd the proprietor , Mary Brown , am
two girls , May Smith nnd Florence Brooks
Mrs. Brown Is churned with running a dls
orderly hou ° s. , The women were rclcascc
on ball furnhhed by James McRobert am
will have a hearing before Judge Ayleswortl
this morning.
Ambrose Sales was arrested yesterday ot
the charge of assault on the person of hli
Btep-daughtcr , Marparct Begsly. a girl undei
35 years of age. The Information was fllec
In Justice Vlen's court by Mrs. Lucllt
Strong , mother of Sales' wife. Sales veh
emently denies the charge and was commit
ted to the county Jail to await his prelim
inary hearing , which will be held this morn-
Jacob Hcistand. aged 83 years , died ai
midnight Tuesday at the home of his son-
in-law. Charles Konlgmacher , 908 Fifth ave
nue , from apoplexy. Ho leaves four children
two ofhim , Mrs. Konlgmacher and Mlsi
Kmma Helstand , live In this city. Tin
funeral will bo held this afternoon at ' .
o'clock from the residence , the services be
Ing conducted by Hev. W. S. Barnes of th (
First I'resbyterlnn church.
Although n number of complaints have
been made to the city authorities nb-ut the
dangerous condition of the approaches tc
< hc North Main street bridge , which were
left bv the contractor In an unfinished state
nftcr the bridge was repaired , nothing sc
far has been done to remedy the evil. The
nttcntlon of Mavor Jennings was called yes
terday to the matter and he stated he
would bring It before the council .it the nex
i meeting.
E. Jonea , a young lad living In Wlsner
Neb. , was committed to the county Jail yes-
tcrday for ten days by Justice liurko an th (
charge of petit larceny. Tuesday nigh
young Jones called at. the home of A. W
lloal , 2831 Fourth uvcnuo. for whom hi
formerly worked , and asked If ho mUht stoj
for the night. Ho wns given a bed ant
whllo Boal was out milking his cows yes
terday morning Jones decamped with $ '
which he abstracted from the pocket o
Il'nil'ii ' troitsors. He was arrested at thi
Webster street depot In Omaha , but th <
money hu had spent In purchasing a scalp
er's ticket to his home
John HUBS castle , lloyal Highlanders , waf
organized Tuesday night by State Deputj
J H. Carrothers. acslsted by K. B. Wllsor
of Omaha. The f' llowlng officers wen
c-lected and Installed. Past I. P. , C. O
Saundrrs ; I. P. . Prof. H. 11. Hayden ; C. C.
f . M Goas , W. n. . H. DeLong ; S. , D. E
Stuart ; T. . Ovldo Vlen ; W.Vllllam Fos-
< er ; S. . O , Norene ; H. . J. T. Henderson ;
O. . C. E. Martin : first W. C. . F. F. Hollls ;
second W. C. . H. II. Dlngman ; C. of S. . F
I ) . KconlEon : C. of A. . M. J. Hoist ; flrsl
! , C. . L. J. Scott : second P. C. . J. W. Smith ;
third P. C. . J. C. Fleming ; physical exam
iners , Drs. M. II. Snyder and W. E. Keller
The castle starts out with over forty mem
Physical perfection , the secret of beauty ,
Call "i send for "Vlavl Message. " Vlavl Co.
32i3 Jku-l-im Block.
N. Y , ri'imblns company. Tel. 150.
Snap Shots all go at 10 cents each at thi
Council Bluffs olllco of The Bee.
The exposition management will not con
tlnuu the fair after November 1 , but you cai
Mill get that same good work at the Engli
laundry. 721 Broadway and 1620 Howan
street. In Omaha.
Walter Johnson , lawyer , notary. Sapp blk
Collections imirio everywhere In U. 8
Part 3 of The Bee's photogravures of thi
rxposltlpn ! s now ready and can b * had ai
the Council Hliiffr rfflcc
MurrlnKi' I.IOI-IINCN ,
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday te
the following persons :
Name and He lence. Ago
Samuel Det Forest. Weston , la 2.
Ilerthn Hoblnson.Yston , la 1 !
John Galbralth. Omaha . . , 2
Georgia Baker. Omaha 1
A. Lincoln Shearer. Tecumseh. Neb
Francis M. Noble. Grtnncll , la
W W. Miles. Livingston. Wyo 4 (
Fannlo Manhart. Green Hlver. Wyo 2 :
riiloUru I'll * IHiiurr.
The ladles of the Congregational churcl
T.I1I nlve a chicKen pie dinner nnd nuppo
tomorrow nnd Saturday at OJd Fellows' hall
U member the exposition by getting mm- -
ccplo 'I Snap Shots at the Council Bluff
of The Bee. Ten cents each.
Oity Attorney Wnihworth Will ffry for.
Bchearing Soon ,
Cnnnolt nitiffnVnn Not Included Ir
the Oicrntlon of the I.rerr of 188f
niut the ConMltutlonnl I'oliit
Iteiiulrr * Dcclnlon.
City Attorney Wadsworth will at once ap
ply to the supreme court for a rchearltif
In the city warrant case of Phillips against
need , City Treasurer , on the grounds thai
the court erred when It decided that the ton-
stltutlonatlty of the law was not Involve. :
In the case. He will urge that the coun
apparently , In handing down Its opinion
overlooked the fact that the old law o !
1&S8 , which had been adopted Into the codi
of 1897 , was not applicable to Council Blurts
this city not having been organized as t
city ot the first class until 18S2.
general s em-
In 1888 the twenty-second
bly passed two laws , one of which was appli
cable to all the cities of the state , whlcl
provided that all warrants should bo pali
In the order of their presentation , from thi
particular fund on which they wrra drawi
and also expressly provided that these war
rants could no longer be received In pay
ment of taxes. The other , which , by tti
terms , was to substantially place cities . .n t
cash basis , was only applicable to cities or
ganized In 1881 or prior thereto and provided -
vided that each year's revenues should bi
devoted to that year's current expenses
This section of the code of 1888 wa a ;
822. Appropriations. 22 G. A. , ch. Iv , see
tlon 1 : All cities of the first class shal
make tholr appropriations for all the differ
cnt expenditures cf the city government fn
the fiscal year at or before the beglnnlni
thereof , nnd H shall be unlawful for th
city council or any officer , agent or employ
of the city to Issue nny warrant , enter Int
any contract , or appropriate any money i :
excess of the amount thus appropriated fo
th © different expenses of the city durln
the year for which said appropriation shal
bo made , and any such city shall not appro
prlate In the aggregate an amount In exces
of Ito annual legally authorized revenue
but nothing herein shall prevent mich cltle
from anticipating their revenues for th
year for which cuch appropriation wa
made , or from bonding or refunding thel
outstanding Indebtedness ; provided that thi
section shall not apply to cities of the fin
class organized slnco 1881.
Ilovr It AUcctn Thin City.
The code of 1897 adopted the cash basl
principle ) for an the cities of the etate with
out reference to the date ot their organlza
tton. Council Bluffs , therefore , not bavin
been organized until 1882 , the cash basl
law was not applicable to It until 1897. Th
district court held that warrants Issue *
under the old law had to be paid In th
order of their presentation and that th
now law was unconstitutional , as It Im
paired the rights of the holders ot the ol
warrants. The supreme court held that th
rights of the old warrant holders had no
been Impaired , as at the time they teethe
the warrants the cash basis law was I
force in the city and the warrant holder
had no right to comptaln of the enforcement
mont of the law , apparently overlooking th
fact that the cash basis law of 1888 dl
not apply to this city.
The opinion ot the supreme court on thi
point Is as follows :
I We have , then , this question to detei
I mine : Must a city pay current expense
from the revenues of the year In which the
i were Incurred to the exclusion of othr
valid prior Indebtedness , for which warranl
have been Issued and been presented fr.
payment and endorsed as unpaid for war
, of funds ?
U seems to bo considered that under th
1 law as It existed prior to the last codlflcn
tlon the warrants were payable In the orde
of their presentment. But It Is claimed b
plaintiff that under the code of 1S97 a dlffeii
ont rule prevails , and that now the currer
expenses of a municipality must first bo pal
out of Its current Income before any part (
' ald tncomo can be devoted to the cancclln
tlon of prior Indebtedness. Our attention I
called to certain provisions of thf statute.
I'rovlHlonn ot the Mtntntr.
Subd. 16 , section 668 , Code of 1897 , Is a
i follows ; "In cities of the flrst class th
, council shall make the appropriation for a
the different expenditures of the city gov
crnmcnt for each fiscal year nt or before th
beginning thereof , and It shall bo unlawf\ \
I for it or any officer , agent or employe of t
city to Issue any warrant , enter Into an
contract or appropriate any money In ex
cess of the amount thus appropriated , fc
the different expenses of the cltv during th
year for which said appropriation shall t
made. Any city shall not appropriate I
the aggregate an amount In excess of II
annually legally authorized revenue ; bi
nothing herein shall prevent said cities froi
anticipating their revenues for the year fc
which such appropriation Is made , e froi
bonding or refunding their outstanding In
debtednees , * * "
' Section S98 la In these words : "Loan
I may be negotiated or warrants Issued by an
municipal corporation In anticipation of It
revenues for the fiscal year In which sue
loans are negotiated or warrants Issued , bt
the aggregate amount of such loans and wat
I rants shall not exceed the estimated rove
i nues of such corporations for the fund o
I purpose for which the taxes are to bo col
| lected for such fiscal year. "
t The manifest object of these provisions I
i to place municipal corporations upon a cas
- basis and prevent the accumulation of sue
a floating Indebtedness as appears In tbl
I case.
1 In order to facilitate this return to a cash
paying system of cities that were burdenc
with a floating debt nt the time of the ador
tlon of the code It Is provided by section 9f.
of the code that cities and towns may re
fund such Indebtedness and Issue bond
therefor. Such section , it Is true , la m
made obligatory upon municipalities , bi
the power Is given to do no. In thus sookln
to compel the payment by municipalities (
current expenses from current funds tli
General Assembly seemed to follow the ac
tlon ot other states In this respect.
Under the Old Iniv.
Wo do not understand that counsel eorl
ously questions this construction , but It I
assorted on behalf of the appellee that bee
tlnn CCO of the code was In force when th
older warrants , for which a preference I
clamed , were Issued and Its provisions ton
part of the contract with the warrant hold
ers.This latter section relates to the duties t
treasurers of municipal corporations. By 11
terms It Is provided that warrants whe-
preaented to the treasurer. If not paid fc
want of fundu , shall be endorsed by that off )
cer with the date of presentation ; that h
shall keep a record thereof and that "a
such warrants shall be paid In the order c
their presentation. "
Section C60 of the code , and what U no
mbdlvlslon 1C of section C6S , were enactf
originally by the same general assembly
The flrat forma part of chapter 111 and th
other of chapter Iv of the lawu of th
Twenty-second general assembly , Bet
were In force when the warrants were la
sued , for which defendant claims a prefer
onto ot payment.
We may for the present concede that * ec
tlon 660 makes the warrant holder a pre
ferred creditor. But It seems clear that 111
provisions of pectton 68S also entered Int
the contract with the creditor and perhar
It might bo better said that ho assume
such relation subject to Its tenni. To gt\
orcc nnd effect , as we undoubtedly should ,
o both of thceo statutes , wo must hold that
be preference given to warrant holders bi
llion A60 applies only ap between warrants
sued In any given year. * *
U'e do not perceive that nny constitutional
uestlon Is Involved In thp cnno at bar ,
tough counsel devotes no little attention to
< e discussion of the right of the general
M mbly to Impalt the obligation of the
ontracts of the earlier warrant holders ,
he cnso Is presented here as though sub-
Ivlslon 16 , section 668. was enacted after
* ie creditors' rights had accrued under sec-
> on CGO. This we have seen Is not the case.
II of the warrants for payment ( of whlchl
t fondant seeks to retain the funds in his
ands were Issued prior to 189S , and It Is
lantfest from what we have said that the
elders thereof have no claim upon the rcv-
nues of that year , nt least until after cur-
ent debts have been paid.
City Attorney Wadsworth feels confident
hat the supreme court will grant a rchear-
ng of the case , as the > overnight , he says ,
s BO apparent , hut whether the court will
'told that the new law IB unconstitutional
s another matter , and unlew it does the
ullng that the current revenues must bo
'cvoted to paying the warrants drawn for
jurrcnt expenses will not bo affected.
Those deslrtnc copies of the Jubilee edi
tion of The Dally Bee can secure them at
the Council Bluffs office of The Bee.
Miss Julia Officer , teacher of piano , 523
Willow avenue. Fall and winter term.
Dcntli of n Pioneer.
Richmond J. Illcketts died yesterday after
noon at his home on North Eighth street
from pneumonia , aged G7 years. A wlfo and
son survive him. No arrangements have
been inado as yet for the funeral. With the
death of "Dick" Rlcketts , as ho was fa
miliarly known by his many friends and
acquaintances , there passes away one more
of the few remaining pioneer residents ot
Council Bluffs. He came to this city In
Its early days with the stage , line and has
over slnco made It his home. For many
years past he followed the avocation of A
cook and no hunting party was ever com
plete unless he was along In 6hargc of the
culinary department. Two weeks ago he
contracted a severe cold while out with the
members of the Elkhorn Valley club In Ne
braska , which developed Into pneumonia
and resulted in bis death.
Nothing nicer to send your friends nt a
distance than Snap Shots of the exposition ,
Get them while they last at the Council
Bluffs office of The Bee for 10 cents.
Those desiring conies of the Jubilee edi
tion ot The Daily Bee can secure them at
the Council Bluffs office of The Bee.
Snlvntlon Army Rally.
Brigadier Brengle of the Salvation Armj
addressed a laree audience last night at th <
Congregational church , the subject ot hi :
discourse being "Consecration , " Today hi
will address meetings at S p. m. and 8 p
m. In the Salvation Army ball on Broadwa ]
and at 10:30 : o'clock this morning will pre
side at officers' council , and at 4 o'clock Ir
the afternoon at a council for officers
soldiers and ex-soldiers of the army. A
the evening meeting the local corps will bi
reinforced by the Omaha and South Omah :
Those desiring copies ol the Jubilee edi
tion of The Dnllr Bee cnn secure them nl
the Council Bluffs office of The Bee.
Foot Hull Next Hntnrdny.
The foot toall teams of the Council Bluffi
and Red Oak High schools will meet on thi
gridiron at the Driving park Saturday aft
ernoon and the-bamci promises to bo an In
teresting' one. The two schools are eli
rivals nnd as the game ' one of a aerie :
for the championship of western Iowa am
eastern Nebraska both teams , It IS expected
will put up the strongest fight they can
The High schools In the league are Councl
Bluffs , Lincoln , Red Oak , Tckamau nnd No
tiraska City.
Snap Shots , n beautiful souvenir ot thi
exposition. 4prtnlnlng reproductions of all
the prominent buildings , together with :
bird's-eye nnd general views of the grounds
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to send to your friends at a distance.
To give satisfaction Is our highest aln
and wo never fall to do this. That's because
cause we're easy on clothes. Bluff Clt ;
to Suk Sntnrdity.
Hon. A. B. Cummins , one ot the foremos
orators of this state , will address the cltl
ions of Council Bluffs and vicinity Saturda ;
night at the Dohany opera house. Hon. H
W. Byers , the silver-tongued orator o
Shelby county , and Hon. Smith McPherson
republican candidate for congress from thli
district , will ibo present and make short ad
dresses. The mcotlng will bo presided eve
by Hon. John N. Baldwin and Huster'i
orchestra has been engaged to furnish thi
Snap Shots 10 cents each nt the Councl
Bluffs office of The Beo.
Girl wanted , 14 South First street.
nenl ISntntc TrnnnfrrH.
The following transfers were filed yester
day In the abstract , title and loan office ol
J. W. Squire , 101 Pearl street :
Heirs of James Perks to Marian Price ,
und. 4-5 of eV4 wV and seVl nw'.i
18-74-40 , w. d . N,80 (
Ladles wanting flne medicinal wines nnfl
liquors call Jnrvls Wine Co. . 225 Male
street , upstairs. Lady In attendance.
lotvu Fnrm .Votm.
At Sioux Center fertilized ground Is pro-
duclug seventy bushels of corn to the acre
Around Spirit Lake the corn Is avcraglnj
fifty bushels per acre , and the quality Ii
very superior.
The Iowa potato crop this year Is esti
mated to be 15,870,000. as against 10,440,001
bushels Hist jear.
At Mansion , a farm of 104 acres sold foi
J5.000 , This Is the highest price yet re
celved for farm land In Iowa.
At Fonda the Olkjer farm sold for ? 5 <
per acre , and Is believed to bo worth muci
more. Many men are traveling over tha
section of the state buying up farmi , blf
nnd small , at extraordinary figures.
At Carroll one farmer shows the ) followlnt
result for the year's work : Slxty-elgh
thousand six hundred nnd four bushels n
oats , 7,728 of wheat , H64 of barley , l.Hfi o
rye , 186 of timothy and 19S of millet.
Charles Nelson nt Floyd City has on ex-
htbltlon a sugar beet which ho raised as i
wimple of what the Iowa goll will do In thli
direction. It weighs ten pounds , Is twenty-
four Inches long and twenty Inches nrouiu
Its largest part.
I At Merrill a farmer has on exhibition i
I specimen of cornstalk six feet tall with thrn
well developed ears on It , the smallest o
which Is seven Inches In length and tw <
Inches In diameter. One car Is within si ;
Inches of the ground , but It Is perfectly do-
vcloped. At the extreme top of the stalli
Is another car , the finest of the three.
Harvest hands are returning to Iowa froir
the fields of South Dakota. A large numbci
i of them travel llko tramps , but they an
mostly fairly well-to-do. A large numbci
of lown boys take this trip annually , bui
return to Iowa to work on the farms durlnf
the winter. One boy came back to Creator
Inat week with $310 , the amount havlnf
been earned this summer ,
i -
IlncUlcii'n A nil en Snlvc.
THE BEST SALVE In the world for Cuts
Bruises. Sores , I'lcers , Salt Rheum. Fevei
Sores , Tetter , Chapped Hands , Chilblains ,
1 Corns and all Skin Eruptions , and positively
I cures Piles , or no pay required. It Is guar-
I anterd to glvo perfect satisfaction or money
, refunded. Price 25 cents per box- . Far salt
| by Kuhu & Co.
Men of the Fiftieth Iowa to Exercise the
Bight of Suffrage.
Received liy the Volunteer *
tvtfh the Clrentmt of Plranure
Uuilert of Ncwn from the
State Capital.
DES MOINES. Nov. 2. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Chairman Hancock of the repub
lican state central committee received word
from the War department late this afternoon
that the Fiftieth Iowa would i be given
from one to three days' furlough In which
to go home and vote. This action on the
part of the War department Is very grati
fying to Charlman Hancock and tbo news
that they are not to be disfranchised was re-
cclvod by the soldiers with the greatest of
The McCormlck Manufacturing company
of DCS Molnes filed articles of Incorporation
today with the secretary of state. They
were signed by C. W. Johnson , J. L. Carey ,
H. McCormlck , George E. Poarsall and I. M.
Llcser , all well known citizens of DCS
Molnes. The new firm has a capital stock
of { 20,000 and Is granted the privilege of
manufacturing all sorts of farm and garden
The Mutual Fire Insurance company
amends Us articles In a few particulars ,
adding to Its capital stock $5,000. Its
amended articles are signed by D. F. Mc
Carthy. S. B. Allen , F. M. Beard , J. S.
Ballser and C. W. Pltcalrn. The Iowa
Pearl Button company of Cedar Raplda In
corporates with a stock of $15,000 , Its articles
signed by E. L. Gates and M. J. Gates.
Secretary of State George L. Dobson has
been compelled to cancel nil engagements
between now and election day on account
of serious Illness. Mr. Dobson was taken
111 with a sort of apoplexy while on the
train going to Delta Monday evening , to
meet his campaign engagement there. Ho
was too 111 to appear In public when he ar
rived at Delta and was at once put under a
physician's care. He arrived home yester
day afternoon. Ills physician has advised
him to cancel his political engagements dur
ing the remainder of the campaign. He Is a
little better today , but Is still confined to hla
"bed. Mr. Dobson bos been speaking cease
lessly during the last six or eight weeks ,
and his Illness , the physician says. Is a re
sult of his activity In the campaign.
In the Dr. S. Fitch case for alleged seduction -
duction and bigamy a new feature devel
oped today. Mrs. E. 13. .Glbler of Kahoka ,
Mo. , notified the police here that her daugh
ter would bo here tomorrow to Identify
Fitch as Lee Goodwin , a man who married
the Glbler girl In Kahoka and after fout
years of wedded life deserted her. Four
children had been born to them.
Captain Jerauld A. . Olmsted of the Ninth
United States cavalry , better known as
"the Fighting Ninth , " a colored regiment ,
was today notified of his promotion to major ,
Olmsted served during the Spanish war st
chief mustering officer for Iowa with dlscro.
tlonary powers. He goes to Leavenworth
Friday to take his examination.
ConI In Northwestern loivn.
SPENCER , la. , NdfV 2. ( Special. ) W. H
H. Clark , who is sinking a well for O. A. B
Newton , on the latter'a farm a mile nnd i
half west of Greenville , Clary county , re
ccntly struck a four and a half foot vein o
coal at a depth of 310 feet. The sample
hoisted Indicate a fair quality of soft coal
are believed to bo genuine and not take :
from a "salted hole. " The well Is now dowi
425 feet nnd still no water has been found
The conditions are of the most favorabl
character for sinking shafts. A little socpag
of water Is found during the first twent ;
feet and from there do > vn the passage ha
been through clays , slate and sindstoncs-
formatlons which would give no trouble 01
I account of caving. With such a forraatloi
and no trouble on account of water the worl
of sinking n shaft would be easy. There I
no occasion for excitement over the find , bu
Investigation may prove that it Is abvlsabl
to sink a shaft to determine Just what I
hidden away down where the samples wer
brought from.
In lovrn.
PAULLINA , la. , Nov. 2. ( Speclal.- )
O'Brkn county farmers can claim the crcdl
at all times of being wldo awake financier !
as well as practical farm operators. It hni
required only a short time to suggest thi
connection between a low rate of Interest ot
chattel security and the profits of feeding
A month before tlio corn crop of 1898 hai
, begun to leave the field there were recorder
In the county chattel mortgages aggregating
thousands and thousands of dollars. Thli
money was borrowed for the purpose of pur
chasing western cattle and within sixty t <
100 days a large amount of money will flow
Into the farmers' pockets after paying i
good rate of Interest on the money Inveatcr
In stock and Its provender. It Is this clasi
of business farmers that Is making westerr
farmers rich and the farmers who have sorm
spare money to Invest In the same * way an
giving even more practical dally lessons tc
our friends In the effete far east.
Iiullnii .School nt Toledo.
TOLEDO. la. , Nov. 2. ( Special. ) The Sa <
and Fox Indians have at last begun to seni
their children to the new government Indus
trial schrol at this place. The school hai
been running since the flrst of September
, ' but until the last few days it has been run-
nlng empty not one little brown-akinnec
pappooso ( or any other kind of an Indian ;
attending. Many of the head men of thi
tribe are still suspicious of the new instltu- -
tlou. They fear It Is some scheme to taki
advantage of them and that the "schoo
moro for white man than for Indian. " Thi
chief and a number of the council desire t <
see the "Great Father at Washington , " am
| It Is now expected that a delegation wll
soon go. If favorably Impressed they wll
lend their Influence to the school , which wll
then meet the expectations of Its most san
guine friends ; otherwise not.
Flnnix-r * of JpnVmon County.
FAIRFIELD , la. , Nov. 2. ( Speclal.- )
Treasurer Hopklrk has this week called It
four more court house bonds , each of th <
denomination of $500. There were 134 o ;
these bonds Issued originally between Feb
ruary 2. ISfil , and December 29 , 1832 , In tin
' denomination of $500 , making a total boudci
j indebtedness for Jefferson county on accoun1
I of the new court house of $67.000. There an
now forty of these bonds outstanding and
bearing Interest , so that the county's dobl
on this account has been scaled down tc
$2f > ,000. The Interest charge Is now BC
small that this will be rapidly paid off. OIK
poorhnuse bond of $500 had also been called
In , leaving thirty now outstanding , wltt
obligations amounting to $15,000. The poorhouse -
house bonds were Issued between July 1
ISC'S ' , and December 1 , 1S9G.
of HOK fholern.
WEBSTKR CITY. la. . Nov. 2 , ( Special. )
An epidemic of hog cholera eecms to be
raging at Duncombo and In the western parl
of this county. G. W. Glbtu , ono of the
prominent farmers near Duncombe , who Ii
alto an extensive shipper of live stock , It
the heaviest loicr no far. Out of a drorc
of 200 flne hogi which be had fattened for
market sixty have died ot the cholera , all In
twenty-four hours. The top price for hog *
Is now $4 , which makes his loss fall quite
heavily upon him. The sixty hogs ho lost
were burled In a large trench dug by neigh
boring farmers , and they have now sent
away for a hog cholera expert to see If the
disease connot be checked.
I < | MTorth l.riiKiK * lloliln it Convention.
MEDIAPOLIS , la. , Nov. 2. ( Special. )
The state convention of the Iowa Epworth
league will be held hero from November 3
to 6 and a largo attendance ot young pcoplu
from western Iowa Is expected. The pro
gram will bo divided Into SOUK services , ad
dresses by leading Iowa clergymen , con
ferences regarding the work of the league
and open parliaments. Officers will bo
elected and the business of the ninth annual
convention transacted.
Finn- for the Prlie Winner.
SHENANDOAH. la. , Nov. 2. ( Special. )
Republican meetings here are frequent and
enthusiastic. The meeting tomorrow night
mill bo In charge of Hon. Lewis Miles of
Corydon. Page county has offered n fine silk
flag to the township making the largest re
publican gains.
I.OIIN Spvnkn nl Atlantic1 , .
ATLANTIC , la. , Nov. 2. ( Special Tele
gram. ) J. A. Lyons , democratic congrcs
slonal candidate , spoke here this afternoon
to a small and Indifferent audience , partly
due to Representative Porter falling to put
In an appearance and aid In making n rous
ing rally.
lotvn I'rt > NN Comment.
Davenport Democrat : Des Molnes IR still
plugging away at her proposed auditorium.
More of that Kimo general apathy seems to
htand In the way of It. In the meantime
prospective conventions arc Invited to re
member that v.o have such a building ,
ready for business and adopted to all needs.
Sioux City Tribune : The soldiers of the
Fifty-second Ion a volunteer Infantry , no
longer soldiers , are home from DCS Molnes ,
each with an honorable discharge from
Undo Sam's service In his pocket. They
had no opportunity to Pee n battle , but If
they had they would hove given a good
account of themselves. Thov did all they
were required to do and they did It well.
To the colonel of the legtment , W. B.
Humphrey , and the other officers of the
staff and line , much credit Is due and to
the other men will bo accorded equal praise.
The Fifty-second wns not a "kicking" regi
ment. It did not attempt to work nny po
litical pull , but officers and men behaved
themselves like soldiers and thev stand high
on the armv records In consequence.
Marshalltown TlmesrRepubllcan : Cato
Stlls is one of the worst fooled politicians
In the state. He thought the Pick soldier
racket was going to drown everything else
In politics this fall nnd that It would be
anough to beat even Bob Cousins. So he
hunted around for a soldier candidate for
congress. Ho tried to get Captain Aldrlcb
of Marshalltown to run. But Captain Aid-
rich could not PCC how It would do him
any good , EO he preferred to stay with his
company In Florida. Finally the captain of
the Tlptcn company was induced to mount
Cato's "sick soldier" horse and enter the
raco. They both know by this time that
they made a mistake and that their capital
Is too light to do the business. Cato Is only
being laughed at for thinking he could suc
cessfully play such a game , while the cap
tain Is ridiculed for having allowed himself
to be drawn Into the scheme.
The Epworth league of Iowa will hold
Its ninth annual convntlon nt Atlantic from
November 3 to 6.
Debating societies have become so vigor
ous at Iowa City that the crllego faculty Is
Inclined to discourage their further growth.
Pacific Junction Is having Its fourth hotel
erected within the last fifteen months. The
building has burned three times during
that period.
At Missouri Vallev n sidewalk olub has
been organized for the purpose of seeing
that the town Is properly provided with
substantial sidewalks.
Hottle Hughes of Mason City Is said to
have poisoned her husband because she was
.nfatuated with a younger man. She has
been Indicted for the alleged crime.
Burglars raided the Crawfordsvllle bank.
They blew off the vault doors with dyna
mite , but the citizens turned out In such
numbers that the robbers were forced to
run without securing any booty.
For Rats , Mice , Roaches ,
After eating , all v nnln s k w ter nnd the open at.
Hence this killer is the most cleanly on earth.
Per Sale by all DrunclsU. Price , 15 Cents.
OS William Street. New Yerk ,
SO acres good land for sale In Putnam
county. Florida , one mile from Konka.
Will trade for Council Bluffs property.
160 acres good land In Brule county ,
So. Dak. , six miles from railroad. Will
trade for Council Uluffe property.
Wo have several houses for lent In
desirable locations.
Bevcral farms for sale on easy terms.
We have for sale an 8-room house ,
with stable , located on lot C6 feet front
In finest residence portion of the city.
This property can bo bought at a bar
gain if taken at once.
Small fruit farm for sale at a low
price. Now Is the time to Invest In a
home If vou want ont > . Real estate
values are low. but are picking up with
Increased sales. We have a number
of small residence properties that can
be bought nt low prices.
Remember that wo are making loans
and writing ( ho Insurance nt as low a
rate ns any one else , and we would be
pleased to bo favored with a share of
your business.
No. 102 South Main Street ,
Council H hi Its. la.
Fees Gas
2ito 250
Horse Power
nii-vntor Machinery of All ICIniU.
; all on us or write for prlcrs & deHcrlptlons.
Connvll lllnftB. lorvn.
.f'i. 206..uf. \ . , .10. Uroauway , Council niufts
Hutcs , $1.25 per day , 75 rooms. FJrst-claaj
ii eveiy rospcct. Motor Iliid to all depots ,
t ot-nl uguney for the Celebrated St IXJUN
A. B. C. Ueor. Flrfet-clnss bar In con
Omaha , Neb. . Oct. S. IMS. Sealed tiro-
poHuls , In triplicate , will b received here
nnd at otllren of quartermaster ! ) at stations
named until 1 o'clock p m. , central time ,
Nov. 5 , ISM , for furnishing fuel , forage nnd
straw dur.iiB the llscal year ending Junu
III ) . 1S93 , at Omnhu , Q. M. Depot. Forts
( 'rook , Hoblngon and Nlobrani , Krb. , Jef
ferson Harrnck * . Mo. , Forin I.eavfnworth
n nil Hlley. Kansas , Logan II. HootH , Arlt , ,
lleno nml Sill , Oklu. I'ropottilti for de
livery ut. other polntH will litentertained. .
U. S. roHerven the right to reject or nrccpt
any or all proposals , or any purl thereot.
Information furnished on application hero ,
or to Quartermasters of vtatlons namivi.
Kiwlones contn nlng propo aln to b
marked "Proposals fornnd uddresHPil
to the underHlgned or Quartermasters at
Flutlons above named. John llnxtor. Jr , ,
O. M. 07D4I-.V2.3
The Kind You Hiivo Always Bought , and \vhlch has been
iu use for over 30 years , has liuruo the signature of
nnd has been inndo under his per-
supervision slnco Its infancy.
Allow no ono to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits , Imitations and Substitutes are but Ex
periments that trlllowith and endanger the health of
IiiAiuts and Children Experience against Experiment
What is CA3TORIA
Castorla Is a. substitute for Cnstor Oil , Paregoric , Drops
and Soothing Syrups. It Is Harmless and Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium , Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is Its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Fovcrishncss. It cures Diarrluca and "Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles , cures Constipation
nnd Flatulency. It assimilates the Food , regulates the
Stomach and Bowels , giving healthy and natural sleep. ]
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Boars the Signature of
The KM You Have Always Bought ]
In Use For Over 3O Years.
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they sold
They won't
last long.
Get them
(5x7 ( inches )
of the
At the Business Office of
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JY . B. By mail 3 cents extra for pottage.
f I )
VJ 1
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o I
It ,