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Railroads Put the Midway People on a
Par with Other Patrons ,
Airtight AicrpoitHMit Nnnirn Two-
third * of IlPKiilnr TnrllT for Pnr-
tle of I'lve or More HlKin-iI hy
All Ilio l.ocnl I.liirx.
The 'Midway concessionaires and other
people attracted hero by the Transmlssls-
olppl Exposition arc recovering from the
cloilng that made the thoroughfare famous
Just In tlmo to wake up to the ead fact that
they will have to leave considerable more
money with the railroad companies than
they had anticipated. They are learning
that a railroad combination is a harder thing
to buck than anything they met during the
exposition season and ndmlt that their pros
pects for half rates , with a pass for the con
cessionaire , have really gene a-gllmmerlng.
The agreement of the Omaha terminal
lines , drawn up by General Passenger Agent
John Francis of the B. K. M. and signed
by the general agent of each line running
nut of here , has BO far withstood
the troublesome pertinacity of the Midway
denizens , and If lasts through today It Is
not likely to be broken. The agreement , In
brief , provides for a fate of two-thirds of
the regular one-way fare 'to ' bo given to
each member of any party of flvo or more
members , with the stipulation that no passes
or other form ot transportation shall bo
Riven to any person or persons connected
with the movement.
The passenger officials say that there Is
nothing In the agreement contrary to the
law as Interpreted by the Interstate Com
merce commission , as any party of five or
more passengers may secure the same rates
offered to the Midway and other exposition
folks who are to leave the city. The rail
road attorneys have carefully examined the
instrument and say there is nothing Illegal
about It and declare that It will stand any
test In the courts.
The local reprecontatlvcs of the various
railroads who formed the agreement are
being highly complimented by the executive
officers of their respective lines for conserv
ing to much revenue. There Is no doubl
that the absence of an agreement on rates
would have meant a lively fight for the busi
ness with the result that many of the ex
position people would have been carried
nway from hero at a great deal less than
half rates.
It Is estimated that about 2,000 direct ! :
or Indirectly connected with the exposltlor
are affected by the passenger agreement
Of this number only about GOO are connectec
with the Midway shows. The leading con1
corns outside of the Midway are the op
tlclans who had booths In all the building !
and who form one company , the souvcnl
sellers , the government attaches , Innnes
Iband and the various troupes of vaudovllli
stars down town. All of these companlc
would have been carried at rates lower evel
than exposition travel had the lines eve
engaged In a scramble for the business , bu
if the agreement Is maintained all will pa ;
two-thirds of the regular fare and wll
transfer some of the dollars coined on th
Midway to the exchequers of the westen
TITO JViMV IilnoN I'rulppteil to Cure foi
Mud * 1'iltroimnc.
MARSHALLTOWN , la. , Nov. 2. ( Spo
clal. ) The articles , of Incorntion of the nov
Iowa Central & Western railway have beet
filed with this county recorder. The capita
stock Is $3,000,000. The Incorporate are
Colonel L. M. Martin , general manager o
ri the Iowa Central railway of ' thla city
George W. Seevers , general solicitor of th <
Iowa Central of Oskaloo-sa ; George R. Laf
land , cashier of the Natlona
bank of Oskaloosa ; Seth Zug , local frelgh
agent of the Iowa Central railway of thi
city , and 1 * . II. Bosquet of Telia. Officer
nf the road were elected at a meeting heli
in Oskaloosa as follows : President , Colone
L. M. Martin ; general superintendent , C
W. Huntington ; sectctary and treasurer
George W. Seevera ; assistant secretary
Charles K. I < alland ; directors , L. M. Martin
George W. Seevers , Charles B. Lafland , Set !
Zug and P. H. Bosquet.
The articles of Incorporation state tha
the company Is to continue In business fo
a period of fifty years unless sooner dls
solved as per law provided. The prlnclpn
pruco of biiHlness of the company la name
as Oskaloosu and the articles state that th
company will operate a line of railway beginning
ginning at a point Intersecting the mat
line of the Iowa Central at or near Oska
loosa , over the most eligible route to b
determined , to the city ot Dee Molnes ; nls
a line Intersecting the line of the Iowa Ccn
tral at or near Belmond , to run In a north
westerly direction over a route though
most favorable , to the town ot Algons
thence In a northwesterly direction to th
northern boundary of the state.
Will AilJiiHt IMirorciu'fN KriMvltiK On
of Iinnilurniit PilNNi-nKi-r IIINIII-NM. | |
NKW YORK , Nov. 2. Commissioner L. I of 'the ' Trunk Line passenger coir
mlttee has selected the committee which li
was recently authorized to appoint for 111
settlement of all disputes growing out c
the Immigrant passenger business betwce
the eastern and western lines In the assocla
tlon. The committee consists of J. R. Woa
of the Pennsylvania company lines , n.
Roberts of Rrle , G. T. Nicholson of Atchlsoi
Grorgo H. HeafTord of St. Paul , B. D. Calc' '
well , chairman of the Western Passensi
association ; D. McNIcoll ot the Canadla
Pacific. A. S. Hanson of the Boston & Al
bany , W. S. David of the Grand Trunk , C. K.
lliiulay of the Southern Pacific and J. H.
WnUon of the New Knglnnd passenger com
Commlps'oncr ' Farmer tcjomes nn ux-ofiTj'o '
member of the committee , which will meet
In Buffalo on the 10th ItiBt. to organize. Any
decision reached by the committee , If It
bo unanimous , will be without appeal.
rnHflciiKrr .111-n ItrmovliiK Inciiinll-
IIox In tin * Ni'Vornl TnrlfTN.
An Important meeting of the passenger
rate clerks of western and southern lines
was held yesterday at the Burlington
headquarters In this city. Southern und
western rates are being lined up and the
rates to Texas points entirely changed.
Among those In attendance are : Chief Rate
Clerks 0. A. Andrews of the B. & M. , T. C.
Davidson of the Union Pacific , Griffiths ot
the Port Arthur , Teasdale of the Omaha ,
Storck of thj Klkhorn , G. H. Asper ot the
Rock Island and N. A. Black of the Santa
Fc. Representatives of the Missouri Pacific
nnd the Missouri , Kansas & Texas are ex
pected later.
The principal business transacted at yes
terday's meeting was the consideration of
a reduction In the passenger rates to
Texas points. It Is altogether probable that
the rate from Omaha to Fort Worth and to
other Texas common points will be reduced
$2.35 as a result of the meeting. The reduc
tion In Texas rates is brought about by the
reduction of local rates In Indian Territory
and Oklahoma made * by the Missouri , Kan
sas & Texas road. This reduction Is a con-
I slderablo one , the rate per mile being cut
down from 5 cents to 3 conts. This has the
effect ot reducing the through rate from
. Kansas City to Fort Worth to the extent of
112.3 : .
I The reduction affects only first-class pas
senger rates. Second class rates will not
i be reduced. The reduction has not yet been
I authorized for points In Nebraska and Kan
sas , but It will be beyond a doubt. Action
has been postponed until the full list of
the now rates made by the Missouri , Kan
sas Texas is received by the meeting
here. The reduced rates will go Into effect
i on Thursday , December 1.
i Local rates In Nebraska-were also con-
I sldered at the morning meeting , but few
I changes wore made. These were minor
ones , amounting to a few cents In through
rotes from points where the rates were
slightly out of lino.
The meeting adjourned yesterday after
noon to meet in St. Louis next week. No
final action was taken on the Texas rate
situation , as the desired Information could
not bo secured from the Missouri , Kansas
& Texas road yesterday.
Ilnltlniorc t Olilo Ilnllrnnil Object of
Much I.ltlnntlon.
I CINCINNATI , Nov. 2. The suit filed here
yesterday In the United States court by the
Mercantile Trust and Deposit company ol
Baltimore for the foreclosure of a mortgage
of $29,000,000 on the Baltimore & Ohio rail
way Is only ancillary to the suit pending
at Baltimore. Similar suits will bo brought
In northern Ohio , western Virginia , Indiana ,
Illinois and other districts where this railway -
, way has property. The finding of the court
at Baltimore will bo sent to Columbus
Cleveland , Wheeling , Indianapolis and
, Chicago nnd decrees entered there In ac
cordance with tbo ono entered at Baltimore
These proceedings are simply preliminary tt
the plan of reorganization heretofon
! provided for.
TriillHXow n < Mnlre * n I.IITKC Iiicrciiiti
In HollliiK Stock.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 2. Such rapid in.
crease In the business of the Slbcrlar
railroad Is shown by a report t (
the State department by Consul Smltt
at Moscow that It has been alroadj
found necessary to send a connnli <
slon aloug the road to determine som <
means of Increasing Us traffic capabilities
It is said that one means of accomplish ) ! ! !
this will be to Increase the gauge , while thi
number of trains dally Is to bo Increasec
from three to seven. There will be a consld
erable Increase of rolling stock and man
powerful cnglnca than the six-axled engine :
now In use will be obtained. All these Itn
provements will cost $8,000,000.
Mcmrntn nf the Mhlwny.
A pleasant Incident of the aftermath o
the late Midways was the presentation of .
number of beautiful souvenirs to Bill ;
Barnes , traveling passenger agent of thi
Missouri Pacific. He has looked after trave
to and from the exposition for his line dur
Ing the summer and has mndo friends will
pretty nearly everybody on the grounds
When he was not hustling passenger bust
ness , or working with the megaphone at thi
exposition terminal station to tell pcopji
which train to take , Billy would lend hi
resonant voiceIn barking for the dlfferen
shows. On Tuesday a. m. he was given i
testimonial banquet , and the presents cami
his way thick and fast. The most elaborati
one was a handsome silver card box , wltl
a sterling skeleton mounted on top. It wo ,
Inscribed as follows. "To Our Mascot
Billy , from Dunavant , Thompson & Hoi
brook Heaven and Hell. "
I'roinotlon COIIICM to ! "runic II. Ward
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Nov. 2. Frank E
Ward has been selected by President Jamci
HIM for the Important position of genera
superintendent of the Great Northern sys
tern , to succeed Russol Harding , resigned
to become vice president ot the Cotton Bel
system. The circular making the announce
raont will bo out Immediately. Mr. Hard
Ing leaves Monday for his new field of operations
orations , with headquarters In St. Louis.
Mr. Ward , who has lately been euperln
tendent of the Montana Central division o
this syetcm , came to St. Paul last evcnlni
and began to pick up the ends of affair
la the newest and finest train between Omaha and St. Louis.
It la the only Omaha St. Louis train which runs Tla Bt.
Joseph. No change of cars of ANY kind. Through aloeplns
and reclining chair cars wide vcstlbuled , gas-lighted niOIIT
In every sense of t he word.
Ticket Office : New Depot :
1502 fnrnnm St. 10th & Mason Sts.
Telephone 250. Telephone 128.
necessary to take active management of the
new oIDce. Ho entered the olHco of Pres
ident Hill a few years ago a a clerk and
was rapidly promoted to the position of con-
ndentlaf man and anlstant to the pres
ident. Ln t spring he was mndo nupertn-
loiulcnt of the Montana division.
Iniiirovrnirnt In ItnlHuir TrnlHo.
NEW VOKK , Nov. 2. Collts I' . Hunting *
ton , president of the Southern Pacific rail-
Toad , snjs that so far as his line Is con *
corned railway traffic appears to bo Improv
ing. He IB of the opinion that the United
States supreme court decision against the
Joint Traffic association win not als'.tirb the
railroad business of the country. "Matters
will be no worse bocnuse of the dissolution
of the Joint Traffic association , " Mid Mr.
Huntlngton. "Tho 'railroads ' nro bound to
get alone and managers must adapt them
selves to now conditions. There never was
a tlmo when a way could not bo found to do
what had to bo done. "
Ilnllwny \ < > ( it ml
P. B. Hussev. fireman on Union Pacific
locomotive No. 781 , was Injured Just as his
train was pulling out of North Platte Tues
day night While bending over shoveling
coal a heavy lump of coal slipped down
from the top of the pile In the tender and
struck him on the head , disabling him.
The Chicago & Northwestern railway Is
preparing to make extensive Improvements
In Its yard and shop facilities In Council
Bluffn during the next year. For several
days the company has hod a large force of
surveyors at work In the vicinity of Us
present yards. The work has been In charge
of the company's head engineers. It Is
rumored among the property owners In the
vicinity of the yards that the company will
soon begin to acquire land lying cast of
the present tracks for a distance of 500 feet
north of Avenue O to the round house.
The Treasury department has" sent word
for Special Revenue , Agent Whcclock to
! maintain his office with the superintendent
of construction at the new postoinco building
until new quarters can be fitted up , and that
desks will be provided nt an early date.
A carload of whisky from Hamburg , Ger-
nany , has been received at the customs
louse for a local wholesale denier. The
iquor Is of American still , but was shipped
abroad to avoid the bonding charges In thla
country , which Is a common practice among
In eplto of numerous telegrams by post-
office ofllclala exposition officers and others
nterestcd the postoffico department has de
clined to continue the special service at thi
exposition , and the fixtures which have beer
used on the grounds are today being gain-
red up to be returned to the office In tht
The clock in the tower of the now post-
office Is now In running order , although not
yet completely regulated , which will bo ac
complished within a few days. The light-
ng has not yet been perfected. The cllnls
of the clock will bo lighted automatical ! }
twenty-four gas Jets , which will be Ig
nited by electricity.
The collectons of Internal revenue for this
district for the month of October wcro $297-
32.84 , against collections last month o
J2S0.290.31 , and for the month of October
1897 , of J236.677.32. The collections for las :
month , however , wcro considerable lowei
than for the months of July and August
when they ran over $300,000.
An evening of mirth is assured those wh <
visit the New Doyd theater to witness thi
extravaganza "Gayest Manhattan. " Slnci
Its long run at Koster & Bluls1 Music hal
In New York the burlesque has bojn prac1
tlcally rewritten and Is strictly up-to-date
The vaudeville features are novel nnd orig
tnal and the marches and ensembles high ) ;
artistic. The company contains forty pconl
and Is headed by Frank Gardiner. Jarae
Kiernan , George Carr , Octavlo Barbe , Jeai
Mcllmoyle , Alta do Kerweu and Jcnnl
I ewls.
"Olo Oleon" Is again booked. This time
however. It Is announced as "the farewel
tour. " Former performances gave sattsfac
tlon nnd it promises to surpass all forme
efforts. All the old favorites have been re
talned , Including the queen of Hlbernlai
comedy , Miss St. George Huasey. Numerou
novelties and specialties are given. Thi
attraction will bo here next Sunday , matlne
and night , at Boyd's theater.
The afternoon matinees at the Trocador
are becoming more popular each day un
women nnd children can find no better o
more refined place \ ( amusement In the clt
than the ever popular Trocadero. At eac
performance this week will be seen th
diminutive comedian. Arthur Dunn , as
slstcd by Miss Mattlo Nichols , prcsentin
their great hit , "The Soubrctte and the Itel
Hoy. " Miss Pearl Hlght In Imitations of th
famous Anna Held , Mllllan & Shield :
comedy sketch artists , and six more sterlln
acts. Every afternoon at 2:30 : ; night , 8:3 : (
All seats reserved. Telephone 2217.
Hnve Your .Slioi-M SlilntMl.
For the benefit of the Visiting Nurses' asso
elation and the sick poor. The ladles of thi
city have arranged to shine the shoes c
those Inclined to help along these worth
charities. On Friday of this week the shin
Ing will bo done In The Bee building com
under the supervision of Mrs. Fannie Gold
smith and Mrs. Alex Pollack , assisted b
about ten patronesses. On Saturday Mr :
Herbert M. Rogers , assl.rted by about te
ladles , will supervise the work In the Nei
York Life building , Mrs. W. R. Bennett an
Miss Nellie Bennett , with patronesses , 1
the Mlllard hotel , nnd Mrs. K. B. Towl , wit
ten assisting ladles , In the stock exchange
South Omaha. The ladles with their profee
snal shoo polishers will open business at
o'clock In the morning and close at 6 o'cloc
In the evening.
Tn All 1'rliicliml IVentcrn Point VI
Union I'll o I lie.
TWO trains dally. 4:35 : p. m. and 11:55 : p. n
Denver and Colorado points.
TWO trains dally , 8:50 : n. m. and 4:33 : p. a
Utah and California points.
ONE train dally , 4:35 : p. m.
Utah , Idaho , Montana and Oregon points.
For full particulars call at City Ticke
office , 1302 Farnam St.
If Yon AVnnt to Go Kniit
Mcept take the "Northwestern Lino" I
you dcMre n fast daylight trip btitwee :
Omaha and ChlcacOj because no other lln
luns n daylight train. Leaves Omaha G'40 r
m. , arrives Chicago 8-15 same evening. Clos
connection with eastern lines. A good train
Emphatically YES.
City office. 1401 Farnam.
The Only Itnllriuul to Chicago.
With n daylight train. Leaves
Omaha 6:10 : a. m. every day ,
arriving Chicago the same
evening at S-13 , when close connections
are made with all lines
beyond. This train Is CO years
ahead of the times and Is proving
Immensely popular with Omaha
people. Other flying
trains leave for Chicago at 4:55 : and 6:53 :
n. in. dally. fv \ > ticket nfllce.
1401 Farnam St. ,
"Tho Northwestern Line. "
Iturulnrx tit Hugh Murphy' * .
Burglars effected an entrance to the hout
of Hugh Murphy by a rear door Tuesda
and stele diamond Jewelry to the value o
$350 and a purse crntalnlng a small sum c
i money The robbery was not discovered un
. I til the family arose this morning.
A complete list of the stolen articles fol
i Iowa- Ono pair of one-half carat dlamon
' I earrings , one carat diamond pin , one three
quartern of a carat diamond ring , tw
1 watches , two revolvers and a gold-boun
i purse containing $1 40.
| \ntlonnl I.nut Co.'n Moilnl.
I The National Lead company of St. Louli
Mo. , and 1415 Dodge street. Omaha , hav
I been given the highest award , a gold mcda
on white lead , mailo by the "Old Dutc
I Process. " Their brands are the well know
"Southern , " Collier" and "Red Seal , "
Her Grand European hotel now open. Eli
i gant rooms , ladles' and gents' cafe and grl
' room. Cor. 16th and Howard.
oinppwp i * nvni\ inn i\p vti
Coroner's Jury Finds that His Killing
Was Justifiable ,
County Attorney Leaven tlic Drclnlou
to thp Juror * , Who Promptly r.x-
oneratc the Iltmhnml Who
Urfcnilcd 11U Home.
John Bellck , who shot and killed Albert
Sargent Saturday night last , was exonerated
of the crime yesterday by a coroner's
jury. Bellck , who wan confined In the city
jair , was immediately given his liberty.
His wife was also given her freedom.
The verdict of the Jury was that the kill
ing was justifiable and It was recommended
that no criminal prosecution of the case bo
made. This recommendation was made at
the suggestion of County Attorney Bald-
rlgo , who advised the jurors that ho would
leave that phase of the case entirely with
them and abide by their decUlon. The ver
dict was entirely satisfactory to the big
crowd of people who bad congregated at
the undertaking rooms of Coroner Swanson
and they vented their approval by shaking
hands with the jurors. Several women shed
tears. Mrs. llollck. who was In the room
with her three children , broke down and
sobbed. She said she had been praying for
the safety of her husband.
Bellck and his wife have become reconciled
and will resume the relations broken by
the Intrusion of Sargent. Bollck says he
will move his family to another neighbor
hood and begin llfo anew.
1 The verdict was rendered after the fol
lowing witnesses had been examined : C ,
Lund , Isaac N , Kn.ipp , Isaac Battln , J. II
Gibbons , Louis Boge and Charles Nelson
all of whom testified to Bcllck's charactei
and peaceable manners. Fraiik Crawford ol
1916 South Twenty-ninth street testified
that Sargent , the dead man , had approached
him on the afternoon of the murder ant
offered him money If he would take Bollct
down town and got him stupid drunk M
that ho could carry out his plans to mov <
Mrs. Bellck and her bclonglugs from hci
home unmolested.
Bellck himself took the stand and nar
rated the story of the treatment he hui
been accorded by Sargent for four month !
and the final tragic close of the trouble be
tween them. Bellck said that on the nigh
I of the killing he gave Sargent orderi
to leave his house and only used his ru
| volver when insulted by Sargent and In
| tlmldated with threats and the display o
a big hunting knife in the hand of Sargent
No answer has been received by Coron-r
Swanson from Sargent's half brother , Join
Brulsscn , of Oskaloosa , la. , who was not !
fled of Sargent's death Tuesday. Unlcs ;
an answer Is received today the belly \vll
bo given burial at the expense of the county
The men who composed the coroner's jur ;
were : A. W. Parker. A. L. Warrlck , 15.V
Nelson , W. J. Ratollff , C. Collins , C. J
Wosterdahl , foreman.
Jnntlce Conrt Docket * Well Flllfi
with Actlonn GronlnK Out of
the Different
The Midway la now furnishing a grcn
source of revenue for the justice courts c
the city , each Justice having from twenty t
fifty cases for trial.
The latest' ' suit to bo Instituted ngalns
a Midway concessionaire Is that of Gcorg
K. Bird against th'o people who operated th
baby IncubatoV/ over on the East Mldwaj
The plaintiff was a lecturer and for week
I he explained the scientific principles In
1 volved In connection with the Incubator an
during his leisure hours "birkcd" for tli
show. Now ho says that Dr. Schenklen an
the other people connected with the concer
failed to pay him his wages. In addltlo
to suing ho has attached the cases and con ;
partments whore the Infants were kept whll
on exhibition.
Justice Houck has forty suits on h
docket against the Clifford Theater con :
pany and almost as many more against tl :
Moorish Village company , many of thei
growing out of failure to pay salaries , whll
1 others were started with a view to collei
for goods and materials sold and dellverei
The criminal suits against II. I ) , Han
of the Exhibits department of the expos
tlon , wherein the defendant Is charged wit
forgery In tampering with awards after tt
same had been passed upon and turned i
by the judges , were called In Justice Cod
rell's court , but as neither side was read
for trial they were continued until Thim
day afternoon at 1 o'clock.
MIlllniiH Given Anny.
It Is certainly gratifying to the public t
know of one ccncein In thu land who ai
not afraid to be generous to the needy an
suffering. The proprietors of Dr. King's No
Discovery for Consumptlcn , Coughs on
Colds have given nway over ten million trh
bottles of this great medicine ; and have tt :
satisfaction of knowing It has absolute !
cuted thousands of hopeless cases. Asthmi
Dronchltls Hoarseness and all diseases i
the Throat , Chest and Lungs are surely cure
by it. Call on Kuhn & Co. , druggists , an
get a free trial bottle. Regular size SOc an
$1. Every bottle guaranteed or price n
Omnhit to Clitciino.
The Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul rai :
way has just placed In service two map
nlflccnt electric lighted trains betwec
Omaha and Chicago , leaving Omaha dall
at 6:45 : p. m. , arriving Chicago at 8:25 : a. n
and leaving Chicago C-IJ p. m. and arrlvln
Omaha 8:20 : a. m. Each train Is llghtc
throughout by electricity , has buffpt smol
ing cars , drawing room sleeping cars , dlr
Ing cars and reclining chair cars and rur
over the shortest line nnd smoothest roat
bed between the two cities.
Ticket office , 1601 Farnara street , nnd i
Union depot.
Port Arthur flout * * .
On November 1 and 15 the Port Artln
route will sell rcund trip tickets to mo
all points south at half fare ( plus $2.00
Commencing November 1 winter tourl
tickets will be placed on rale to all wlnti
re orts. All Information at Port Arthi
route office , 1415 Farnam street ( Pat : <
hotel block ) , or write Harry E. Moores , i
P. and T. A. , Omaha , Neb.
The Golc
Medal Beei
Try one
CttSC atyourhotnu.
1007 Jackson St. Tel. 421
Wrnllirr llrliiKu ( lip I , or lit
Supply Itiiplillj- tinI'roiit
The pleasant weather of the last few days
hhs brought to market a good many gar
deners from the outlying districts who have
backed up against the curbing with their
produce. The number Is not as largo as a
month ago , when the fall vegetables were
comliiK In , but they aio doing n good busi
ness. Whit they have to sell now Is the
last of their crops and the ruling prices are
comparatlv ely low.
These who patronize the street market
can get a good grade of potatoes at from
S.'i to 40 cents a bushel nnd thcro Is a quan
tity to select from. Oilier vegetables are
not In so great an abundance. The cab
bages are of a fair quality and are going at
25 to 35 cents a dozen. Onions are selling
nt 35 cents a bushel. Thcro are Borne pump
kins and squashes at 25 and 40 cents a
It will not 'bo many days before the local
producers have brought In all their truck.
Then the buyers will have to depend en
tirely upon the commission men. These
are .at present paying most of their atten
tion to fruits , game and fancy vegetables
from n distance. Their prices are a llttlo
higher than these of the gardeners who
sell their own produce. But they have n
little better quality to select from.
The Homo restaurant , Boys' nnd Olrls'
building , will be open for the accommoda
tion of exhibitors and visitors for a few
I days. A good meal for 25 cents.
Silk Wnists , usual $ f qualities
for $1.15
bilk petticoats , usual $7 quality
for $1.95
Silk I.iku. IMalU Petticoat ,
at $ 1.50 and Si .05
New Dress Skirts , $1.451 95 , $ ,
mill $7.BO.
New T.iilor Made Suits. $10 , $12-50
anil $15.
Clo l.s. Houclc Cloth , nil lined , nt
Clo.iKs , handsomely strapped nnd
lined. $7.50.
Cloaks. $10 nnd $12 , in all colors ,
nil linxl.
C pes $10 , $12 nnd $15. best In
Fur Cell rs , real marten , with 8
tails , S1-.75.
Furs of.ill kinds , food wearing kind
ot prices to please you.
i510 Douslas St.
Received the highest award
on their Draught Beer and a
Gold EMal on their Bottled
Beer at fh& Transmississippi
Exposition , proving conclu
sively that { heir Deer is Pure.
Artesian well water only is used in
the ninuufuoturouf this beer.
Wo offer two grades of Antl-DlphtherltIc
Serum , differing only In the volume ol
serum In which the same number ot anti
toxic units Is presented ; for example , a
bulb containing 1 000 un.ts of the higher
crude Is smaller than a bulli of 1,000 units
of the lower. In other words , the num
ber of units und the quality nro the same ,
but the doctor iihlnR the lower grade Is
required to Inject a larger volume of Bcruir
than when uslni : the higher.
" " . "
This serum teats from ISO to f.00 units
ppr Cc. and IB supplied nn orders no )
speclfylnc "Sncclal" or "XX. "
No. 1 , per bulb of 500 unlt.s , 75c net.
No. 2 , per bulb of 1,000 units , $1.50 net.
No. 3 , per bulb oC l.iVK ) units , $2.2. . net.
No 4 , per bulb of 2,000 un.ts , fii.OO net.
No. b , per bulb of : tXK ( ) units , JI.50 net.
- , "Sl'K-
This serum tests over f.CO units per Co.
No. 1 , per bulb of 500 units , fl.ia not.
No. la , per bulb nf 730 units , $1.75 net.
No 2 , per bulb of 1,0 units , J..25 ! net.
No. 3 , per bulb of 1,500 units , $ J.50 net.
No. 4 , per bulb of 2.000 units , Sl.fii ) net.
No 5 , per bulb of S.OCO units , $0.75 net.
Knob dose Is put up ! n u hcrmetlenllj
sealed glass bulb , rendering the scrum ab'
solutcly aseptic.
Mall or telegraph orders promptlj
Staan& McDonnell Drug Cc
15111 DoilKe M. , OMAHA , M2U
Middle of IJlocU.
; -ALL
* Tou nmjr have a. course of medical
t treatment for
„ of all kinds at the
Sliepard Medical institute
New York Life flldg. , Omaha , Nrb ,
JDCPIAITICQCatarrh. . D 4f-
> rt''IA ' llh.N'r * and all
m Diseases of the I.ungs , Btomucb ,
Kldnuyn. Ner\es nnd lllood. Hrfer-
ency , by permission , to 5,1)00 ) cured
( i.ulF-nib The in ei ! medical omcei
and practice In the wet > t. The Omnha
Uee , loading dnlly , ays : " 11\u Shep-
anl liixliiutit IN entirely rclin-
. bio 111 a prufct > ! < lonal and business
way. Ur Sheparj and bis associated
litue gained nnd fully maintained a
letullnc reputation In thu treatment
< jf chrcnlo dlse st > . The public may
Hafely trum them. "
\A/PITP for testimonials from
/V A I I L ministers , teachers , bum-
, n > > 5H men , farrncrx. etc. , telllnz now
thiyere cured at horn * through Uie
Mail Byxtern.
Riin.i "The New TrfMmmt ;
UUl x How It Cures " Is Hetit tree
tn nil who write. It la n clean modlral
o work for ihf wl-olfi family to reail
and In of great value to all who seek
better health. Hook and Consultation
Blanks Hint frco to all InqulrtTH ,
_ > i UIIIHI sen" evc-ryi h ri8tiit
your cane and send fnr or > 'nlon and
lowest terms. I hurtes low. Con-
tatlon frou , pcrcoiiHlo or by letter ,
1 f t itn r *
lice , Nov. 3 , 1S 3.
They're wonderful lies. It's a wonderful object leesoiu
Taking the finest neckwear in the country , inndo from the
Huest giiics nnc | slains , put up by the finest makers nnd in the
finest patterns and handing it out to" you for 25 cents and
35 cents instead of f > 0 and 75 conts. It's just like The Neb
raska , It shows the Nebraska policy of giving great values
unmatchable values. Take a look in our window this
morning and you'll see as pretty a sight as ever your eyes
rested on. You'll see strings and bows and puffs and
Regents and Monmouths and widotecks and narrow leeks and
you'll see an array of colors and patterns that will make your
money turn over in your pocket. They are not our patterns
exclusively. Its not our show exclusively. You'll see the self
same styles and the self same patterns i n t he window of exclusive
furnishers but you'll see dijTerenl prices on them and that's
iust exactly what makes The difference between this store and
other stores. We're always doing just such things. We're
always giving our customers any benefits that can bo given
and we're always figuring how to make your money go far
ther in this store than it will in any other store in America.
Come in here , stranger , and get introduced through our neck
wear department. You won't need a microscope to see that its
a great saving. Same saving in hats. Same in underwear ,
same in shirts. Same in everything.
II 5 Thoroughly Good
S Clothing for Boys ,
Good , because nothing but pure all wool fabrics are used.
Good , because all seams are carefully sewed with silk thread ,
and all buttons are sewed on to stay. These prices are only
hints of great assortments at notable opportunities for saving.
New vestee suits for young men from 3 to 8 years of ago , the
handsomest line ever brought to Omaha , in all the stylish
shades , latest fashions , on sale at $1.25 , $1.98 , $2.50 , $3.00 ,
$3,50 , $4.25 and $4.98. Made from selected all wool tweeds ,
cheviots and worsteds , and worth one-third to one-half moro
than we ask.
A beautiful showing of sailor collar reefers , very care
fully made , satin lined , all wool kerseys , beavers , meltons
and chinchillas , at $1.75 , $2.25 , $2.50 , $2.98 , $3.50 , $4.25 ,
$5 and $6.50 garments that cannot bo matched elsewhere at
less than twice these prices. A full assortment of storm col
lar reefers at $1.75 to $3.50.
Boys' ulsters , sizes from G to 20 or 35 breast measurewarm ,
serviceable garments , that feel and look and wear well , in
blues , blacks , browns and tans , at all prices from $1.75 to
$7.50. They come in rich , warm froize , aurora meltons , and
chinchillas. Never before have we shown so much of novelty
and prettiness for the 1 oys. Never before so great a variety
never quite so handsomely made and never at prices so
much lower than other stores would ask for these elegant
Caps and Hats.
Select your boy's cap from the magnificent display wo
are now making oil boys' caps at all prices from lfe to 45c. '
All the new and nobby styles are here.
Selling the Most Clothing in Omaha.
Clearing sale of
Premium Cameras
These Cameras were awarded the Gold Medal at
Trans-Mississippi Exposition. They must bo sold. We
are instructed by the manufacturers to sell them rather
than return them.
A great liar niti List has been prepared of them and others tha'
wo will bo pleasud to mail to any ono.
Cainoratt uro all in peed c mditlon and sold with guarantee.
Our developing and prin ing duimr.mont has boon reorganized with
competent workmen und wo are prepared to turn out work on short
Free dark room. Free instructions in developing , printing nnd ton-
Inp. Send for now catalogiio and bargain list.
Exclusive dealers in photographic goods.
Wholesale ami retail. 1215 1'aniam Street.
Oh that Cough !
Our own cough syrup , hoarhound , tar and
wild cherry ( the kind your mother used )
not only relieves but cures. 20o per bottle.
J. A. Fuller & Co , ,
Cut price druggists. Cor 1 Ith nnd Douglas.
Woqdbury's Wood bury's
Facial Soap Facial Cream
. . The "VY 0111 "f " \ ' " " * ' , fur I' ' ' " > | ICH | , lilotclioK ,
bliiekhuids , red. lotiKll and oily BW , Heiid
U t-ciits far I'uuuy Uo.ik. and reiolve
mini n ruth of Hnap and ircatn fn > c
JOHN \\ooomitV' , it jtitnio 51 c-hu
und UW ( ( . 'lumlLUl lildf. , at. X ouU.