Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 16, 1898, Part I, Page 6, Image 6

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Bood Old Dame Wasn't ' One , Two , Three
with Peace Jubilee.
Axlilc from ruiiutlons In Conn ret I'in
with UntPrtnliiinrtil ot I'rc lileiitn
nntl AmliuiiHiulori anil Uonornln
mill the I.lUc , l.lttlc li Done ,
The tremendous attractions at the Trans-
tnlMlsslppI Exposition nnd the concomitant
affairs down town proved too much for
Dame Society laat week and she rnjoyccl very
few events save those connected with the
memorable Peace Jubilee.
The brilliant , pageant that greeted Prcsl-
ilent McKlnloy on his arrival hero gave an
opportunity for Innumerable parties to vlaw
the illuminated streets and floats from grand
stands and ofllto wlndovva. Many of thew
were followed by enjoyable supper parties.
The receptions , banquets and luncheons
given in honor of the moil distinguished
guosta Omaha has tvcr entertained by them
selves form one of the brightest periods In
the history of the Goto City of the West as
host. These affairs Were a part of the life
of the society folk for more than a wecR
and the representatives of the leading fami
lies VVBTP kept busy assisting In the dctalU
of entertainment. The good vvlvfls of the
leaders of the Omaha club turned out and
worked haid In beautifying the president's
apartments and adorning the spacious halls
and banquet rooms. They were also on baud
with their carriages to convey the cabinet
members and diplomats wherever they de
sired to go. Some ot the notable guists were
entertained at Omaha residences , Sutllclent
Incidents of Interest transpired during the
eventful make nil the teas and re
ceptions that nlll bo held hero till * season
fairly hum With the rehearsal of the nlco
things Secretary So-and-So said to Mrs.
Illank and her lovely diughtcr.
As society recovers from Us abnormal con
dition superinduced by the president's visit
It will gradually transact the pleasant husl-
IIPSI It has In prospect. A considerable pay.
of this consists In the formal presentation
of a dozen young women to the part of the
local world over which Dame Society pre
sides. Several of these maidens will make
their debut soon after the exposition closes
Its gates. Both In quantity and quality , In
number and atttactlvcness the buda to be
brought out this season are uncommonly
rich and give vromlee of charmingly aug
menting the ranks of society devotees.
A pretty wedding of the week In which
there was considerable local Interest was
that of Miss May Purcell Dowllng , daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. M. Dowllng of North Bend ,
Neb. , to Mr. Frank L. Adams of Omaha , at
the residence of the bride's parents on
Wednesday evening. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. Dr. Pattce , rector of the
Episcopal church of Schuyler.
The homo was handsomely and appropri
ately decorated In autumn tints. The bride ,
accompanied by the bridesmaid , Miss Bessie
Smith of Fremont , and preceded by the
bride's llttlo ulster , Ruth , bearing a basket
of roses , entered the parlors to the strains
of the Lohengrin wedding march and was
inot by the groom and best man , Mr. Harry
P. Dowllng. Having taken their places In
front of a bank of ferns nnd palms , with a
profusion of smllnx and roses , the ceremony
was performed and was followed by warm
congratulatlous from the relatives and a few
Intimate friends present.
The bride's gowu was white llsso over
rream taffeta , with insertion and frills ot
Breton lace and carried lilies of the valley.
The bridesmaid was attired In a white
mousbcltno do solo over yellow-corded silk.
After the ceremony the guests adjourned to
the dining room , where elegant refreshments
were served. Mr. Adams Is assistant man
ager of Browning King & Co. In this city.
The guests In attendance from a distance
were : Mrs. J. S. Adams of Washington ,
la. ; Mr. nnd Mrs. Nat McKee 6f Memphis ,
Mo. ; Miss Hannah Tlerney of Delmar , N.
Y. ; Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Adams of Omaha ;
Mies Bessie Smith and Miss Nannie Stouffer
of Fremont. Mr. nnd Mrs. Adams will be
at homo at the Madison hotel In this city.
Mm. Ilnmllton'it Ten.
On Thursday afternoon Mrs. CW. . Ham
ilton gave an English high tea complimen
tary to Miss Allco Drake and Miss Bellars
ot Chicago. It was an Innovation on the
usual feminine tea , as the men were present
in considerable numbers to partake of the
cup that cheers , but not inebriates. Mrs ,
C. W. Hamilton was assisted by Miss Ham
ilton , Miss Mao Louisa Hamilton , Miss Anne
Shlvcrlck , Miss Adallno Nash , Miss Brown ,
Miss Peck and Miss Johnson of St. Joseph ,
The parlor was a dream ot beauty embow
ered in La Franco roses.
Tbo library was artistically arranged with
American Beauties massed with palms I
Hero Miss Chandler served delicious tea It
dainty sovrea tups. In the dining room thi
decorations wore- similar to those of tbi
library , with the exception of , \ iinlqui
screen of American Beauties built up In thi
center ot the long mahogany , on ono side o
which Miss Bessie YaPes poured chocolate
on the other Miss Grace Allen served ice
In the costumes the tints of autumn wen
beautifully brought out In silks , velvet am
jeweled garnitures.
Entertainment * of the Week.
The opening ball at the Metropolitan clul
will be given at its rooms on Harney stree
next Saturday evening , October 22.
A German whist party vva < given by Mis
Amv Barker on Tuesday afternoon uompll
nifiitary to Miss Baker of St. Louis.
Mr. Raymond Counsman celebrated hi
twenty-third birthday anniversary on Mon
day by entertaining a number of his friend
at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Counsman a
' . ' 210 Sherman avenue.
Complimentary to Miss Allen Drake o
Chicago , who has been the guest of Mis
Mao Loulso Hamilton. Mrs. T. B. Cumin
I I entertained at luncheon on Tuewday. Cov
era for eight were laid.
Mr. R. C. Patterson entertained his mothc
and B\ brothers ut a family reunion o
last Tuesday evening at hU residence , -51
Farnam btreet. This Is the second goth '
ertng In thirty-three years , since the deal
ot Colonel Georeo W. Patterson In I SOS.
The electrical pageant on Twuday nigh
was the occasion at the first o > ster lunc
of tbo season. After viewing the parad
from a colored draped stand In front ot th
Milwaukee railroad office , a largo and merr
The Royal U the highest gr de baking powder
know * . Actual test * show It gee en >
third further thai a > r other brand.
Absolutely Pure
te rc u * oo. , MW von. . .
party of young folk adjourned to the homo
ot Miss Emma Crelxhton. where they were
regaled with delccUblo oysi.-r stews ana
various other refreshments ,
Mlti Amy Barker delightfully cntcrtalncl
a number of friends on Monday evening ,
Mr. Fred Nash entertained a box paity
at Boyd'g theater last night. Among the
number were noticed several young women
who will shortly make their debut In Omaha
The life savins boats were used In n new
service on Friday evening In conveying a
merry party of young people around the la
goon , clccroncd by Mr. Blddlo of Washing
ton , in honor of Miss Drake of Chicago.
The party adjourned to tbo boats from a
dinner given by Miss Hamilton.
A reception was tendered Mr. and Mrs. S.
Jonaeen on October 9 In Washington hall lu
honor of their twentieth wedding anniver
sary. Mr. nnd Mr ? . Jonnsen were very
pleasantly surprised by having two elegant
etchings presented to them by their friends.
After a banquet and toasts , dancing was In
dulged in until a late hour.
The dance of the week was given by Miss
Dickinson on Thuraday evening at ( he NbW
York State building In honor of hir guest ,
Mlra Wrlcht of DCS Molncs. The decora
tions were a unique combination of palms
and flags. An orchestra was statlonc 1 In
an alcove off the main court. Miss Dickin
son was stunning In a black crepe du chine
gown ; the guest of honor , Miss Wright , was
elaborately gowned In white lineae gauze
trimmed with Limerick lace.
The lagoon was the sceneof a Venetian
carnival Thursday evening , given by Mr.
nnd Mrs. F. P. KIrkendall. Mr. and Mre.
W. N. Babcock and Mr. and Mrs. Dunn In
honor of the Brazilian minister. Hon. Gon-
zalo de Qucsada , the Cuban charge d'affaires ;
Mlsi Humphrey and Miss Martin of Wash
ington. The boats were garlanded with
flowers nnd ribbons nnd hung with vari
colored lanterns. Music was not lacking , as
they were accompanied by a gondolier vho
pleased the guests with his charming Ital
ian songs.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Stoutt of Salt Lake
City , TJtoh , announce the engagement of
tbclr daughter , Miss Romaluo Madeleine , to
Mr. Otto Herbert Schons of this city.
The marriage of Mlsn Poland Terry , who
has been prominent In musical circles while
residing In Omaha , and Mr. Frank Corey
Starr of Philadelphia will be celebrated next
Wednesday at the homo of Ml. and Mrs.
W. S. Strawn.
Mr. James H. Adams , secretary to Mayor
Moored , and Miss Clara L. Wlgton are to
bo married next Tuesday evening at 8
o'clock , at the home of the bride's parents ,
115 South Twenty-fifth Htrcet. The cere
mony will be a quiet one , witnessed only
by members of the two families.
Last Tuesday evening the home of Mr.
and Mrs. James Y. Craig , ES05 Florence
boulevard , was the scene af jx very pretty
weddlnij , when their only daughter , Mlts
Annie Mae Craig , was married to Mr. Don
ald Herbert Brotchle. Rev. Larcy S. Hand
officiating. The bride was gowned In n
white brocaded silk. Miss Alberta Hcnrn
of Lincoln was bridesmaid and wore n white
llsso over pink silk. Mr. John Brown was
groomsman. After the ceremony refresh
ments were served In the dining room. Mr.
and Mrs. Brotchle left for Salt Lake City
and other western points. They will be at
home after November 1 at ES05 Florence
Movements of Polk.
Mrs. C. P. Hall U homo from California.
Mrs. Edgar M. Norseman is vlsltlnj ; In
Mrs. Henry W. Yates Is home from St.
Joseph , Mo.
Mr. nnd Mrs. William N. Babcock are homo
from Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. Clement Cbaso left for the
cast on Friday night.
Miss Dollln A. M. Pray has entered the
Illinois Training school at Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Weller and Miss
Welter left for St. Louis last week.
Mr. B. Lang , In company with his nephew ,
Dr , Otto Kohm , left Friday evening for Chi
Miss L'ena Rehfeld went to Burlington , la.
last week to attend the wedding of Mlse
Mr. Frank Burkloy and Mr. Edward Cud-
ahy returned from Newcastle , Cole , last
Miss Grace Abbott Porter came up from
Pent to spend Jubilee week. She will return
to her studies tomorrow.
Mrs. William B. Sterling , i\ho has been
visiting In the cast for the last half year
has returned as far west as Chicago and It
expected hero shortly.
Mrs. Thomas Hcyman and daughter
Luella , are expected to return today frorr
an extended eastern visit. They have spent
some time nt Wheeling , W. Vo. . Youngstown -
town , O. , nnd Buffalo , N. Y. Mrs. Heymar
will ho accompanied home by her slgtcr , Mrs
J. Bachtell of Youngstown , 0. t
Mrs. W. E. Annln , who with her daugh
ter has been visiting Beechcr Hlgby and
family , left for Washington Frlda >
night on the diplomatic special
Miss Helen Hlgby went with Mrs. Annlr
and will spend the winter at Washington
where she will attend the High school.
Out of Town ( ] uentn.
Mr. Cahn of Trinidad , Colo. , Is vlsltlnc
Mrs. May.
Mr. Edward J. Collins left Friday for St
Mary's college.
Miss Jennie Barber is enteitalnlng Mis :
Turner of Lincoln.
Mrs. Doanc of Crete , Neb , Is the guest o
Mts. Phlliu Potter.
, Miss Patterson of Independence , Mo , 1 :
the guest of Mrs. Hetb.
ile Mrs. J. E. Baum Is entertaining Mrs. Idi
Laird ot St. Joseph , Mo.
o Mlrs Johnson of St. rosaoh , Mo. , ia tbi
guest of Miss Bessie Yates.
. Miss Ethel M. Mllford of St. Iouls I
visltlnK Mrs. H. E. Wilraoth.
Mrs. L. M. Doctor of lied Oak , 'la , , i
the Ruest of Mrs. C. W. Allnu.
Mrs. Arthur Brandela ts entertaining Mis
Hertha Teweles of Milwaukee.
Mr > . Winchester of Lincoln was the gues
of Mrs. John Evana last week.
Mrs. Lane , from Button , Neb. , Is the gues
ot her son , Mr. H. Vance Lane.
Mrs. C. W. Ralney is entertaining he
mother , Mrs. Lee , of New York City ,
General and Mrs. Dandy are cntertalnln
Miss Charlotte Mack of Philadelphia.
Mr. 1) . J. Tally and Mr. W. M. Musse
of Wlota , la. , arc visiting In Omaha.
Misses Elizabeth and Clarrlo Illley of Chicago
cage are vIsltlnK Mrs. Harry McCreury.
Mrs. Cheshire from Indlanola , la. , Is stop
plug at the home of Dr. V. H. Coffman.
Mr * . Denlae and Mrs. Dalhoff ot Burling
ig ton , la , are guests of Dr. and Mrs , Oenlsi
Mr. and Mrs. Goorco W. Homan of No'
York City are guests of Mr. Henry Momai
Mrs. Uenry Tuhrman of Seattle , Wash
ts the Kuest of Mr. and Mrs. rerdlmr1
'J Mm. Malcolm B. Latterly of Denver. Cole
n Is visiting Mrs. W. H. Lafferty on Lak
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Charlton entertalnc
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B , Peattle ot Chlcag
last week.
y Mrs. Beck , who has been visiting Mr
Albert Cahn. left yesterday for her born
In New York.
Miss Dodge of Cedar Rapids , la. , who
the Riiest of Mrs. Edward Rosewater , he
returned home.
Mrs. Maas of Sterling , Ill.i who has bee
the guest of her sister , Mrs. Rosonstocl
has leturned home.
Messrs. W. G. and C. P. Harbison c
Spcncervlllc , 0. , were exposition vlsitoi
during Jubilee week.
Mrs. Frank Stallman of Columbus , O. , wt
has been vtiltlng Mrs. Fay Nichols , returne
borne on Wednesday.
Miss Sellers of Chicago , who has been tt
guest ot the Misses Peck for ten days , r <
turned homo on Friday ,
Mr , and Mrs. J. C. I.aux and their soi
Bernard of Salt Lake City , are visiting It
and Mrs. J. J. Wllll * .
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Danford of Mlnncapc
ll will return this week and be gueal
at the Minnesota building.
Miss KnlKht of New York City , who ha
been spending some time with Miss Louis
Squires , hat returned home.
Mlsa Pauline De Wilt of Portland , Ore
Is the gueit ot Mr , and Mm. 0. R. Arm
strong , 2017 Dewey avenue. ad.
Mrs. Dr. L. M. Scott , nre Clara Static re
ot Jfllco , Tenu , and her aunt. Mrs Hug [
Stafford of Louisville. Ky. , arc visiting her
parents , Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Stafford , 2401
Lcavcnworth street.
Mr. and Mr * . W. S. Strawn are entertain
ing Miss Chapman ot Jollet and Mr. Frank
Corey Starr ot Philadelphia.
Mr. Charles R. Kappcs of Chicago Is
spending a few day * nt the homo of Mrs.
r. L. Gregory nt 3140 Mason street.
Mrs. Klngnun and Miss Klngman of I'e-
orla , 111. , are guests of Major and Mrs. Ham-
blcton at the Illinois building.
Mrs. M. S. Van Deuscn of Wichita. Kan. ,
Is v IsltlnK Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Houston at
1518 South Twentv-slxth street.
Miss Hayward of Nebraska City , whivis
entertained by Mrs. Herbert Vheu'.or wh'le '
lu the city , has returned homo.
Dr. and Mrs. James I' . JJoyd of Akron. 0. ,
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Sundcrland
at 1320 Sduth Thirty-second street.
Mrs. Charles Clark of St. Louts , who wan
entertained by Mrs. P. P. KlrkcnJall whllo
in tbo city , returned homo on Friday.
Mr. Dunn , formerly of Washington , D. C. ,
will occupy Mr. Mclklo's residence , WorthIngton -
Ington Place , during the coming winter.
Robert Reynolds and wife of Denver , who
wore formerly residents of Omaha , nro now
In the city , visiting relatives and friends.
Mrs. J. R. Tburston ot Onavva , la , , ts
.spending a couple of weeks with her daugh
ters. Mrs E. II. and Mrs. L. M. Talmage.
Mrs. George O. Schnellcr and daughter ,
Elsie , of Ansonla , Conn. , are visiting with
Mrs. John C. Lavvton at 2911 Woolworth ave
nue.Mr. . and Mrs. Fred A. Gregory ot Indian
apolis nro visiting their brother and sls'cr.
Mr. Frank Gregory and Mrs. Oscar C. Wil
liam P.
Mrs. Barnard of Mlnneanollt and Mr.
William Clancy of Arkansas were guaats at
the home of Mr. John D. Crclr.hton last
w eck.
Mr. and Mrs. Waggamau of Washington ,
D. C. and Mr. and Mrs. Gcorgo Thrall of
Detroit nre guests of Judge George W.
Doanc ,
Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Munroc , who have
been stopping with Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J.
Lunt , have returned to their home nt Ra
cine. Wls.
Mrs. E. C. Chase ot Des Molnee , la. , is
being entertained by Mrs. William S. How-
cll. Mrs. Chase to
came attend the Ak-Sar-
Beti festivities.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. LaSelle of Beat
rice , Nob. , and their.joung sous , Ernest and
Valll , spent the week in Omaha attending
the exposition. ,
Mrs. E. Autcff nnd Mrs. Miller of HuntIngton -
Ington , Pa. , relatives of Mr. R. C. Patterson ,
have been Jubllco guests at his house , 2513
Farnam street.
Miss Alice Drake , who has been in the
city the last fortnight renewing her many
friendships here , will return to her homo in
Chicago tomorrow.
Mr. Newton Crlssey and daughter- Min
nie , and Miss Lucy Crlssey of Jamestown ,
N. Y. , are visiting at the homo of Mr. G.
W. Hoobler. 1043 Georgia avenue.
Mrs. John E. Utt last week entertained
Miss Nell Keith of Pueblo. Colo. , Mrs. Moore
White of Rock. Ark. . Mrs. Helen M. How ell
of Lincoln nnd Miss Sarah Wild of Denver.
Among the New York visitors to the ex
position this week were Mr. nnd Mrs. D.
B. Van Enourgb. Mr. Van Enburgh Is a
brother of Mrs. H. C. Van Glesou of this
Mrs. Belle Sparks and daughter , Edna , of
St. Joseph , Mo. , nnd Mrs. J. W.Young of
Rockport , Mo. , who have been the guesto
fo Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Sanders , returned to
their homes yesterday.
Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Ross are entertain
ing Mayor and Mrs. George Perkins , Mrs.
Donaldson of Polo. Ill. Miss Thompson of
Des Molnes , la. , nnd Mrs. Pearson ot Chi
Mr. Ferncdlng. on his return from a 1 ° -
llghtful trip through the west , spent a few-
days last week with Mr. John D. Crelghton's
family. Ho left for his homo at Dayton ,
0. . on Thursday.
Mrs. Wheeler and Miss Nan Wheeler , wife
and daughter of Major Wheeler of the New
York exposition commission , accompanied by
Miss Suse Holmes , all of Buffalo , N. Y. , are
, In the cltv and will remain for some time.
OMAHA sunuuns.
0. A. Jensen Is erecting a new carpenter
shop on the Military road south of his sa
Mrs. Wear of Peru , la. , formerly of Ben
son , was a visitor among old friends during
, the last week.
Mrs. J. A. Morgan is entertaining'
mother , Mrs. Smith , and brother , E. Smith ,
, of Wlntersot , la. '
Mr. and Mrs. Qharles B. Dodson received
a visit from their cousin from Iowa during
the last week.
i. 11 Mrs. Sam Finlayson and children left for
an extended visit at the old home of Mrs.
Finlayson In Plttsburg , Pa.
Mrs. Pope and daughter were visitors at
the home of Mrs. J. A. Morgan a few days j
while visiting the exposition.
The Ladles' Aid society will hold Its next t
regular meeting next Wednesday at 2 p. m.
at the homo of Mrs. S. R. Hoffman.
Mrs. W. H. Safford returned homo from
Gcneseo , 111. , where she was called to the
deathbed of her sister , Miss White of Gen-
Miss Lettle Smith of Plattsmouthlsited
last week at the home of her friend. Miss
M. E. S/xfforil , returning homo last Sunday
Albert Herndon of western Nebraska was
o guest the last week at the home of hit
cousin. Mrs. Will J. Joseph , while taking In ii
the exposition.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Clough nnd children ol
Stanton , who have been visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. George Hawkins , returned
home last week.
Services will be held today at the Meth
odist Episcopal church at 11 o'clock by the
pastor , Rev. Frank Brass , who was annolntec (
as pastor for the coming year.
William Johnson of Benson and Miss Mar
gretta Abels of Milwaukee were married or
last Sunday evening , October 0 , in the PeO'
pie's church , Rev. C..W. Savidgo officiating
Mr. and Mrs. Stcele of Ohio are vlsltln ;
at the home of their daughter , Mr ? , Jame :
A. Howard , whllo taking in the exposition '
Mrs. Hayworth of Fort Dodge , la. , Is visit'
ing at the homo of her nephew. Fred A
ig Mrs. John Stelger and son , Johnnie , o
Boynton , 111. , and Henry Wertz and Georgi
Stolger of Delavan , 111 , who have been tbi
guvts of Mr. and Mrs. C. Stelger while talc
ing in the exposition , returned home las
! < ' ! oreiicc ,
Mr. R. P. Hills of Blair. Neb. , was t
business visitor here Saturday.
Mr. Hamilton of Denlson. la. , Is vlsltlm
with the family of Fred HotvarJ for a fev
W. E. ROES and wlfo of Anselmo , Neb.
have been visiting friends hero for the pas
Mr. Lou Smock and wife of Vinlnn. la.
spent a few days visiting Mrs. J. H. Cover
this week.
Mr. A. L. Tracy of Portsmouth , 0 , 1
visiting with Dr. J. r. Tracy , a rotative , fo
a few days.
H. J. Brown of Ponca. Neb. , Is spendlni
several days , visiting his brother , J , r
Brown , living near here ,
Mr. Emll Weber and family of Wayne
Neb. , are visiting Mr. Weber's parents am
attending the exposition.
211 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bethel ot Paulina
211k. la. , visited with the family ot Fred How
k.of ard Monday and Tuesday.
of Dr. Thompson of Bethany , Mo. , Is vlsltln
ri with the family of Dr. Tracy for a few day
and attending the exposition.
bo M. R. Kindred and wife of Herman. Neb
ed have been here for several days \lsltlu ,
their sons. James and William Kindred.
he Edith Sutherland , who has been hero fo
e- the past week visiting Ml Eunlco Trncv
en. returned to her home at 'Jlalr Thureday
n.r . Mice Florence Roup of Tccmnseli , Neb ,
r , and Mist Nrlllo Brenan or fa-nbrl.i , Wyo ,
spent Thursday and Friday visiting will
o- Mr ? . W , R. Wall.
ts Mrs. W. R. Bartlett of Minneapolis an' '
Mrs. Charles Boflnk of Jefferson , la. , ar
as here , visiting their slater , Mr * . W. H. lost
se and attending the expoi''ton.
Miss Blanche Tucker came home Iron
. . Peru. Neb. , Wednesday end visited with he
a- relatives a couple of days. She Is attendtiii
the State normal school at Peru.
d.h Mr. J. B. Hawkins , a resident of emit !
h county , Kansas , visited with F. Sklnnc
londay and Tuesday. Ho came up b nt-
end the Pence Jublles at the exposition
' . Skinner went to Sallx. , la , , Tuesday , to
Islt relatives n couple of diy- * .
Grand German ball Tuesday night ,
Crelghton hall , Fifteenth nnd Harney. Vis-
UDK Germans welcome
of the Swell Set All
Attcnil the > civmnrltct
Itiuic * .
LONDON. Oct. 15. A regular heavy Lon-
Ion fog enveloped this city nnd Its suburbs
'or the first time this season on Thursday ,
ilost ot the lights ot society attended th9
Newmarket race meeting , which was very
crowded nnd gay. The duke and duchess
of Devonshire , who arc now the acknowl
edged leaders ot society , had the most dls-
: lngulshcd house party. Among the con
spicuous figures at Newmarket was Lady
William Bercsford , the American woman
who was formerly Lillian , duchess of Marl-
jorough. She haa nearly recovered from her
recent accident. Then thcro was the coun-
: o s of Essex , formerly Miss Grant of New-
York , U Is announced hero that , in order to
mark his satisfaction with his daughter ,
Lady Curzon ot Kendleston , the first Amer
ican vlccrlno of India ; Mr. L. Z. Leiter of
Chicago ts to present her husband , Lord
Curzon , the- now viceroy of India , with an
other London residence In the heart of the
diplomatic quarter.
A coterie of aristocrats came to London for
the purpofeo of attending the marriage of
Lady Margaret Child Vllllers , eldest daugh
ter of the earl of Jersey , to Hon. Walter
FItz-Uryan Rice , son of Baron Dynovcr ,
whllo civic London mustered In great force
at the wedding of Miss Florence Davlcs ,
daughter ot the Ford mayor of London , to
Mr. Charles Barton , son of Major General
Barton , which was followed by a big recep
tion at the residence.
The death of-Marquis-Auglesy on Thurs
day Is another blow to social gaiety this
season , as It sends half the peerage Into
mourning. The now marquis of Anglcsy ,
only son of the deceased marquis , was born
In 1875 , la of boyish appearance , unmarried
and Inherit ! ) 300,000 a year.
Memorial to
The prlnco of Wales is now able to walk
with comparative ease , but ho limps per
ceptibly. His royal highness will shortly
commence a round of the country houses.
Sir Lepel Henry Griffin , formerly chief po
litical officer of Great Britain In Afghanis
tan and a well-known writer on Indian sub
jects , in addressing a meeting this week at
Luton on the subject of the suggested Anglo-
American union , said Colonel John Hay , the
former United States ambassador at London
and present secretary of state , wrote to him
on leaving England , saying : "I sometimes
think that the , only advantage wo yankces
nossess over lou Is that wo have two native
countries whllo you have only one. " Colonel
Hay appears also to have given his opinion
of the suggested Washington memorial In
England , expressing approval of the scheme ,
which be regarded as being in the highest
dcgrco magnanimous. Ho remarked that It
had been the first country which had pro
Gented a memorial to the man who bad
beaten Its people In arms , adding that the
subscriptions must como exclusively -from
Englishmen , as , naturally , citizens of the
United States could not participate In any
Shocks the Jiovr Churchmen.
Slnco John Kenslt's anti-ritualistic cru
sade , churchmen have 'boon ' awaiting anx
lously for the utterance ot the archbishop of
Canterbury on the grave questions raised ,
which have agitated the whole body of
churchmen. In a series of charges to the
clergy delivered this week , the prlmato
spoke In no uncertain voice. Ho caused
profound Impression In church circles and
deeply aggrieved the low church party. The
prlmato declared plalny that the doctrine of
the real presence as embodied practically In
the doctrine ot non-substantiation , Is per
mitted , though * not expressly taught , by the
church of Enfgland ; that , although compul
sory confession is absolutely Illegal , volun
tary confession Is legal , and no clergyman
Is justified in refusing to hear it , and ho
commended prayers for the dead , but forbade
Invocation of the saints or the virgin. He
declared the elevation and reservation of the
sacrament and use of Incense are uon-per-
mlssable , but h approved of a certain re
vival of the ritual , in conformity with the
prescriptions ot the pra > er book. Practically ,
the prlmato sanctions all the doctrines and
practices which the low churchmen have so
vehemently condemned , and the high churchmen - "
men are proportionately elated. Though
they disagree with some points , most of the
clergy will fall into line with the primate's
charges , or injunctions. Kenslt , whose fol
lowers have been somewhat shaken , pro
poses a demonstration in a thou-and churches
during the first Sunday In November.
A curious method of aiding charities has
been Initiated In Paris , where , It Is an
nounced , the salons of the high aristocracy ,
which have hitherto been extremely exclu
sive , will bo opened to strangers on recep-
tlon days for a money consideration , which
will be applied to the charitable works , of
f which the lady of the house Is a patron.
0 The list of the names advertised Includes
1 those of the Duchess dc la Rochefoucauld ,
the Duchess d'Uies , the Vlcointesse Janso ,
" and the Marquise Caslreu. The privilege has
(1 already been utilized by a number ot
wealthy foreigners , among them being well
. known Americans. One American who at-
n tended the picture exhibition of the Vlcom-
- | tesso Janse , gave COO francs for the fund
raised to relieve the Bufferings ot the
K wounded soldiers and sailors of the Spanlsh-
s American war. The vlcomtesse , however , In-
'j tended that the money should be given to
Spaniards exclusively , whereupon the visitor
requested that his subscription be cancelled.
if Ono of the leading features of the lord
e mayor's procession this year will bo a car
emblematic of Anglo-Saxon origin , Brit-
tannla and Columbia , the central figures ,
being surrounded by the British cofonles.
Honor Soiulim hulitlcm.
The returned Soudan soldiers continue to
have a glorious time In London. Many the
aters are entertaining them In batches of
several hundred and scenes of great en
thusiasm are witnessed Inside and outside
the places of amusement. The colonel of
the returned Grenadiers and COO of his men
were the guests ot the Shattesbuiy theater
last night , where they greatly enjoyed a
performance of "The Belle of New York. "
Norman J. Norman , who is Manager
Ledercr's representative here , has a revo-
lutlon on his hands which threatens t
disrupt the "Belle of Now York" company
It seems that , In accordance with the law
the box office of the Shaftesbury theate
made a return of all the salaries paid t
the income tax authorities and the latte
this week demanded that all the member
of the company receiving over 160 ( $800
yearly , pay the Income tax. Edna ( May
Rankln , Davenport , Sullivan and other lead
era rebelled. They say they ore America
citizens and will not pay a British tax
adding that they will return to the Unltei
States In preference to paying. They the
appealed to the Consul general of the United
States here , Mr. W. M. Osborn , but th
latter replied that he was unable to bel
them. The result will probably be that th
management will pay the tax sooner tha
interrupt the successful run of the piece
Most ot the theaters have been playing t
prosperous business during the week. Lon
don endorses New York's , verdict on "Lad
Ursula. " The Duke of York's theater I
crowded nightly , and Lillian Russell ha
abandoned her continental engagements an
returned to London. She is seeking a the
K ater in which to produce a new play , SI
Henry Irving Is 111 and unable to act am
Mme Calve has postponed her departure fo
America on account of ilcknesj.
Republican Oitj Oonvention Transacts Its
Business Quickly
t'onihlnntlon Jlctvrren Uie 1'ourtli ,
Sixth , He\entli , Klnh U nnil
MnthVnriln Cnrrlci Olt
the Honor * .
Though It look some time for It to got
started , the republican city convention to
nominate flvo candidates ( or the Hoard of
Education did Its work last evening In a
apld and enthusiastic stylo. It nominated
0. O. Iroy of the Tourth ward , Dr. Trod E.
Teal of the Sixth , Charles S. llayward of the
oventh , Charles K. Illack of the Eighth and
Arthur M. Covvlo of the Ninth on n single
allot. This combination had been agreed
pen In the afternoon , except that the Fifth
yard had been led to believe Its candidate ,
V. T. Graham , would pro\o to be one of the
uccessful. Instead , Graham got only the
ilnootcs of his ward.
Chairman T. K. Sudborough of the city
'ommltteo ' called ttio contention to order In
Vashlngton hall about 8:30. : Ho reminded
ho delegates that a year ago the republican
onvcntlon had exercised the wisdom of put-
Ing Into Bho field a ticket that had received
mo of the highest majorities In the history
if the county and he hoped the same wisdom
vould bo manifest this time. He had lately
Isll'od as many as 1,500 houses In the city
iud had found the sentiment overwhelm
ngly in favor the republican success this
all. Whoever the candidates might piovo
o bo , let every man , said he , leave the hall
a republican In the full sense of the word ,
The city committee had selected John O.
\"uhu of the Fourth ward as temporary
chairman. Mr. Kuhu also advised putting
a strong ticket Into the field. Sam T. Wig
gins of the Ninth ward was made temporary
secretary. There being no contests , the cre
dentials which had been handed to the com
mlttoo were declared the list of accredited
delegates. On n. motion by K. Benedict ol
ho rifth ward the unit ) rule was adopted
.o govern the votes of the different ward
lelegattons and Immediately the temporary
organization was made permanent and the
nominations began.
IlrltiKliiK Out the > aiuc .
It was decided on n motion by Uenedlcl
o have the nominations rondo by call ol
wards , an amendment being accepted to
shut off specchmnklngv The First ward led
off with R. C. Jordan , the Second followed
with Andrew Klewlt and the Third with.
Rev. J. C. C. Owens. The other candidates
who have already been mentioned were
named In the order of their wards. There
was some slight hitch about Owens' nom
ination , as It was first ! announced that the
Third ward had no candidate.
A ballot was at once attempted , but al
the wards passed. John Henderson of the
Third tried to ha\e a recess taken of fifteen
minutes , J. T. H. Woods of tb& Eighth giv
ing It a hearty second. Henderson Immedi
ately withdrew his motion , but Woods woult
not agree , so the question was about to bo
; mt when a tabling motion abruptly klllcc
It by a tremendous vote. The second ballot
resulted In the selection of the five candi
As before the First , Second , Third and Fifth
wards passed , but the Fourth broke the Ice
by giving nlno votes for Irey , eight for Teal
one for Klewlt and the full ward strength
[ or Hayward , Black and Cowlc. The Sixth
Seventh , Eighth and Ninth gave their ful
vote for Ircy , Teal , Hayward , Black anc
3owle , the Eighth afterwards changing one
trom Black to Owens , which was Woods
vote. The First then voted for Jordan
Klcwlt , Hayward , Black and Cowle ; the
Second , for Jordan , Klewlt , Owens and Hayward -
ward , dividing Its vote between Irey anc
Black ; the Third for Jordan , Klewlt , Owens
tray ward and Cowlo and then the Fifth
saying It would do as It had promised , cas
Its vote for Irpy , Graham , Teal , Black anc
As It was apparent who were to bo the
winners early In the balloting the call was
frequently Interrupted with cheers and as
the final vote was stated It was greeted with
terrific yells. The result of the ballot was :
Jordan , 27 ; Klowlt , 28 ; Owens , 10 ; Irey
58 % ; Graham , 9 ; Teal , 53 ; Hayward , 72 ;
Black , 68 % and Cowle 72. The yells broke
Forth again when Chairman Kuhn announcei
the result In favor of Irey , Teal , Hayward
Black and Cowlc.
Before adjournment the face of John L
Webster was observed at the door and there
were calls for htm. He had heard the re
publican vv'arhoop , ho said , and he made a
speech predicting republican success at
"down even to Walker" with a majority In
Douglas county of 3,000.
New City Committee.
The new city committee was then made up
as follows , to get together as early as pos
slble and organize , the excitement prevent
Ing any organization laat night :
First Ward Sam W. Scott , William Hut
ton and A. M. Bach.
Second Ward H. Boyles , H. J. Banker and
George Reed.
Third Ward J. T. McVHtie , Fred Shafo
and Charles Grover.
Fourth Ward W. B. Whltchorn , A. C
Troup and John G. Kuhn.
Fifth Ward E. Benedict , W. C. Gordon
and Cornelius Farrcll.
Sixth Ward Andrew Pearson , Bert Bush
and B. S. Anderson.
Seventh Ward M. H. Collins , John Coats
worth and J. W. Russell.
Eighth Ward H. L Burkott , C. J. Ander
eon and William Cowger.
Ninth Ward-Charles Unltt , S. T. WIggIn
and C. S. Huntlngton.
EnrinrNC llrmocrntlo School Hoard
Ticket After n Stormy Seimlon.
The city convention of the populist part
met last night in the committee rooms t
decide upon a course of action with refer
ence to selecting a candidate for the Bean
of Education. P. L. Qutnlan , chairman o
the committee , called the meeting to order
A chairman and secretary were then chosen
J. B. Jones and E. F. Rutherford recelvln
the appointment and they presided over
stormy session.
After protract'.i discussions and repeatei
expressions o' dissatisfaction at the treat
ment accorded them by the democrats
was decided to select a single candtdat
to fill the place made vacant on the demo
( .ratio ticket by the withdrawal of Charle
B. Wilson , and John Jeifcoat was the ma
Theru were several speakers who advo
cated the plan of selecting an entire tlcke
to run in opposition to the democrats. The
expressed dissatisfaction because the sllve
republicans were allowed to fill two place
on the ticket and the populists only one
but In the end the fuslonlsts prevailed am
the democratic nominees , with the add
tlon of Jeffcoat's name , were endorsed.
The final business of the meeting wa
the selection of a city committee , as fol
lows : First ward , M. Cavenaugh , J. W.
Burnett , M. O'Connel ; Second ward , P. L.
Quintal , Thomas Bennett , Charles Kelt-
nacker ; Third ward , John Tlerney , N , H.
Church , L. V. Guye ; Fourth ward , Dr. Peabody -
body , J. W. Maurer , Pater Burke ; Fifth
ward , Joseph Redman , J. W. McCarty , P.
J. Mehan ; Sixth ward , S. F. Rutherford ,
T. G. Kellog , Bllas Robblns , Seventh ward ,
Walter Breen , Henry R. Now comb , Hanlln
Barnes ; Eighth ward , G , A Migney , X
Butler , John Jeffcoat ; Ninth ward , V. O.
Strlckler , K. B. Thomas , J 0. Yclscr. J.
B. Jones and R. F. Rutherford were ap-
olnted chairman and secretary respectively.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Tcnny of Providence ,
. . I. , arc among the visitors at the uxpont-
Mrs. George Cnndcld nnd KlUnbcth Can-
leld of Sheridan , Wjo. , arc visiting friends
n Omaha.
A , Caruentcr and wlfo of Milwaukee nro at
ho Murray. They came out to nttbnd the
John P. Cook , n banker and gold democrat
t Beattlce. accompanied by his wife , is
IsltlnK In Omaha.
W. M. Kcenan. formcrlv in business in
) innha. but now located at Denver. Is vlslt-
IIR frleuds In the city.
Tuiodoio II. Gooduow. G. L. Hammond ,
\ . Nelson nnd J. N. Rcdfcru of Chicago are
uklnc in the exposition.
Samuel Dleslon of Philadelphia , the well
mown saw manufacturer , and wife nro In
ho city visiting the exposition.
Hon. Frank P. Thompson of Cloqtiot ,
Ilnn. , Is taking In the exposition. Mr
Thompson Is a brother of Charles 1) . Thomp
S. Wcatueimcr and family. Mrs. J Tlcls-
iclm and Simon Ucnswanger nnd family of
It , Joseph came to Omaha jestcrday for a
ow ( lavs at the exposition.
Mrs. R. H Gray and son. Hlllls. who have
> ccn the cuosta of Mis. Gray's brother ,
'Imrlcs D. Thompson , the last week , left
or their Iowa home Saturday.
J H. Norton and wife 13. I ) . Brlglmui ami
vlfe. J. K Martin and wife and Mrs. W A.
Jardnor. all of Chicago , arc at the Murray
nnd will remain a few dajs to see the ex
C. K. Obcr. formerly general secretary of
ho Young Men's Christian association lit
.his city , hut now engaged In similar work
n Chlcaeo. arrived In the city yesterday nnd
will spend today on the student volunteer
Ncbrasltans at the hotels. A. M. Thompson ,
York , George A Konehlg , Norfolk. S. J.
Weeks , O'Neill , L. A Smith , Inland , M. S.
Herbert , Gordon , L. M llcchc , Hooper , I )
F. Bishop. Fremont , A. P Buckley , David
City , Forest Merrill , Grand Island , V.
3chaefcr. Tekamah , Peter KaaU , Hoskins ,
E C. Wlggenhorn , Ashland ; J. W. Jenkins ,
Auburn , E. F. Warren and wlfo , Nebraska ,
Allen TnlUn.
LYONS , Neb , Oct. 15. ( Special ) Sena
tor Allen and Judge Robinson have conic ,
exploded the many demopop reforms needed ,
and gone Nobody was hurt. The fusion
meeting held In the opera house this aftci-
noon was largely attended by republicans ,
which Indicates , they nro rlfo for any emer
gency. Without any doubt every repub
lican hero will bo at the polls election day
Faded or Bleached Hair
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STROY12RS that nro being continually
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to sco that Hurt county gives the Mine
republican majority as heretofore ami per
haps better ,
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HASTINGS. Neb. , Oct. 15--Spectat ( Tele
gram. ) Republicans of the city met In con
vention this evening mid nominated . \V
Mllc for supervisor In the I'ltUi district and
Georso Lament for supervisor lu the Seventh
district , also T. J , Crccth for asf a or and
Will Wilson for constable. The fuslonlata
nominated Trank Tn > lor for supervisor In
the Fifth district ; S. U. Stickler supervisor
In the Seventh district and John Couper for
Grand German ball Tuesday night.
CrclRhton hall , rifteenth and Haincy. Via-
ItliiR Germans welcome.
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