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Eanwtional More in the Mary B , Oonder
Eviction Case.
Vnii Cttcn nnil II. 12. Illcli , with
Martin < lnlclc and J. II. JitluiMon ,
Accused of IrrcKtilnrltlcn in
Connection irlth Appeal Ilonil.
Warrants were sworn out yesterday morn
ing In police court for the arrest of Attorneys
David Van Etten and H. 10. Rich and Mar
tin Quick on the charge of forgery and
uttering forged paper. There arc two counts
of this kind against the thrco men , J. H.
Johnson , one of tbo men , who the police
ajr acted as a go-between for the defend
ants , is under arrest at the city jail. Ho
was arrested on the charge of forgery yes
terday at East Omaha by Detectives Duna
and Donahue.
Th ccomplalnts against the accused men
wore drawn up by Assistant County Attor
ney Day and sworn to by V. 0. Strlcklcr ,
attorney for the Portsmouth Savings bank.
The two counts cite that the men wcro
nldcra and abettors to the forging of the
name of Hans J. Johnson , an engineer , and
owner of lot 22 In Sherman Avenue addi
tion to Omaha , by J. II. Johnson , a young
man , who they secured to Impersonate the
real Johnson , to a forged deed of his prop
erty , nnd also to the forging of a deed to
160 acres of land In Center County , near
Broken Bow , the property of a man named
Vroman. These forged deeds , It Is alleged
In the complaints , were used In qualifying
on a bond of $300 In an appeal case from a
Juitlce court to Judge Baxter's court.
The offenses alleged arc said to have been
committed about August SO. Van Elton and
Jllcb were attorneys for a Mary B. Condor ,
who was evicted from her home at Sixteenth
And Wlrt streets by the Portsmouth Savings
bank because she was In arrears to the In-
otltutlon to the amount of $100 for rent.
This summary treatment of the tenant was
authorized by a judgment and a writ of
ouster secured In a justice cotlrt by the
bank people. From the decision of the JustIce -
Ice court Attorneys Van Etten and Illch took
an appeal to Judge Baxter's court , The ap
peal bond was fixed at $300. J. H. Johnson
Impersonated , It Is alleged , Hans J. Johnson ,
and went on the bond as a surety after quali
fying by exhibiting forged deeds to Hans
Johnson's property. The other surety on
the bond was Ethel McBurney , a niece of
Mrs. Condor , who , It Is alleged , qualified
with a forged deed to 1GO acres of land In
Ouster county given her byMartln Quick.
Hlch was arrested about 3 o'clock and
Van Kttcu and Quick several hours later.
All were released on bonds In the sum of
11,000 caph. The dale. of their arraignment
on the charge will be sot Monday. None of
the accused will talk of the matter for pub
lication. Ethel McBurney , who had a forged
deed to 160 acres of land near Broken Bow ,
will not bo drawn Into the case as the In
vestigation by tbo detectives and County
Attorney Day proved that she had no
knowledge that the deed which had been
Klvon her by Quick as a present was a
i Ward Voter * .
Regular meeting of Eighth Ward repub
lican club Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Hon.
John L. Webster. Phil Winters and others
will speak. Everybody come. n. C.
Rowley , chairman ; W. P. Cowger , secre
Just before you go to bed rub your hands
well with our Egyptian Lotus Cream and in
the morning you'll find them iilca and soft.
It'fl the best preparation made for chapped
hands , face and lips lOc a bottlo.
Laxative. Brome Qulnlno . . , 15c
Lydla Plnklmm Compound.1 ; 75c
Lambert's Llstprlno 75c
Palno's Celery Compound 75c
Vine Knlufru Kbc
Hood's Saraaparllla 75c
iPlnaud's Eau do Quinine 38c and 73c
Waited I.IIlk 40c , 75c , $3.15
Pond's Extract 40c
Ulrnoy's Catarrh Cure 40c
Duffy Malt Whiskey S5o
Jaynes' Expectorant 75c
Kilmer's Swamp Root 75c
Warner's Safe Cure 90c
4711 Soap ] 5c
Cutlcura Soap 20c
CiiHtorla , 2'c
Mllps' Remedies 75c
Hyrup oC Figs 40c
. 10th nnd ChtcnKO.
Have you ever stopped to think ?
That you'may not bo getting full value re-
rnlvcd for the money spent for cigars ; that
the cigars you have been smoking may lack
como llttlo characteristic that would other-
wlno make It good ? Think over the matter
-try our
Five Cent Jersey Cigar
ind you -will bo satisfied.
Paxton Block Cigar Store ,
i 10th and Farnam.
Jacob Jaskalok Prop.
Afn lon , Umnlin Lodge JVo. 18 ,
A. O. I' . IV ,
Omaha lodse , No , 18 , Ancient Order of
United Workmen. An adjourned meeting
of this lodeo will bo held next Monday
evening at 8 o'clock. There will be no meet
ing on Tuesday evening. 1'lease bo governed
accordingly. C. H. Collier , recorder. H. A.
Worley , M. W.
Hubermann , furrier , moved to 118 8. 16th.
Thirty days only , Ireland In Pictures
bound , for S5 ccnta. A. 1. Hoot , 1609 How
ard street.
Hamilton Wnrren. M. D. . scientific and
magnetic physician , has moved his office to
the Tlzard block. 224 North 23 < 1 street. Spe-
elal attention to all long etaiidlng or linger
ing dlronses and to diseases of women and
children ,
Chrlstcnsen cleans cartot8,2223 N 20 tcl 165 ! )
She Mclu-.t HIT HiiMintul
Uccauao ho dill not order Omaha Van and
Storage Co. to do the moving.
The Grand court ot tne Exposition I ;
wonderfully beautified at night. No
picture of It la so good at The Dee pho
togravure. Stop at The Dee office for one
and some others. Ihrco for Un cents.
Elegant free lunch nt "Tho Place. "
Tha Only Ilnllronrt to Chlcneo
With a daylight train. Leave
Omaha 6:40 : a , m. every day ,
arriving Chlcagn the aamo
evening at-8:15 : , when close connectloni
are made with all lines
beyond. This train In CO years
ahead of the tlmea and Is proving
Immensely popular \\tth Omaha
people. Other flylns
trains leave for Chicago at 4:55 : and 6:55 :
p m. Jally. City ticket office ,
UOl Farnam St. ,
"Tho Northwestern Linn. "
Dest old rye whisky at "The Place. "
Her Grand European hotel now open. Ele
gant rooms , ladles' and gents' cafe and grill
room. Cor. 10th and Howard.
About men's
A shoes may not
be a miss just
I 5 JL J. I - . noul when all
I II I III sorts of things
1-llllU f/iat look iike
OI * " \ shoes are being
"fc *
I I d I ( I offered just
IICHI notice the style
this shoe
Min new broad
round toe the
heavy extension- sole so popu-
Lir now this shoe is our
leader made well so as to
wear well in the tan and
black $3.00 3.50 4.00
5,00 ana 6.00 and they
have all got the style of the
$600 kind ottr clerks
know how to fit shoes *
N. E. Corner
16th & Douglas
Special Sale
At 85 CENTS.
A Complete Line of
J. Horrisey Plumbing Co. ,
319 South 16th Street.
Open Night's. Telephone 720.
Are Invited
, To Inspect the Burlington Route's new depot'at ' tlic south
end of the 10th Street Viaduct. It Is one of Omaha's "show
places. " Though fnr from being the largest , it Is one of
the handsomest railroad stations In the United States. . The
double etalrway , the electric Hgthlng arrangements and the
decorations are features worthy of special study.
Ticket Offlcc : New Depot :
1502 Farnam St. 10th & Mason Sts.
Telephone 250. Telephone 128.
To All Principal Wentern Polnii Vll
I' nl cm 1'aclflc.
TWO trains dally , 4:35 : p. in. nntl 11:55 : p. n.
Denver and Colorado points.
TWO trains daily , 8f.O : . a. m. and 4:35 : p. m.
Utah and California mints.
O.N'K train oully , 4:55 : p. m.
Utah , Idaho , Montana and Oregon points.
For , full Information call at City Ticket
office , 1302 Film am St.
Tor Bale , 200 palms and decoration plants
of all descriptions to close out surplus stock ,
at reasonable prices. H. Haas , llorlst , 1813
Vlnton street ; telephone , 770.
A. D. T. Co. ; messengers furnished : b.iR-
gage delivered. 1302 Douclns St. Tel. 177.
Hive Hoot pn'lit It
All our Il.iJO sterling silver souvenir tea
spoons , hand engraving of exposition bulld-
ngs In gold btn\J , to bo closed out at $1.00.
3dholm , Jeweler , ICth St. . opp. I' . O.
Don't lose your opportunity to buy a ve-
ilcle at a special price. Sea Llnlnger &
iletcalf CO.'B display In tbo Transportation
mlldlug at the exposition grounds.
Jcechnm's Pitta . 20c
Carter's Liver Pills' . lac
Chamberlain Cough Cure . . . IMc
'iiBtorla . 25c
Jar-field Tea . . . 20c
iood'ri Surauptirllla . 75u
vemlull's Spavin Cure . 75c
Clliner's Swamp Hoot . lee
> Isterlno . , . 73o
ilellon'H Food . luc
'acker's Tar Soap . 15c
'altip'a Celery Compound . 75o
'ond's Extract . 40c
ozzonl Powder . "So
'cars' Unsccntcd Soap . 12c
Syrup of K KS . 4 ,
Vllltam's Pink Pills . 40c
Vine of Carditl . 7. > c
Carlsbad Spruilol SaltB . S'e
5niridHi'8 | Wonder Sonp . PC
Itiinphrey's Remedies . -Oo
Laxative Brome Quinine . lite
Perec's Pills . Me
Conn's Rheumatic Remedy ( guaranteed
to cure ) . $1.00
Plato Glass , Art Glass , White Lead ,
jlnsccd Oil , etc. , at manufacturers' prices.
Walton's Sun Proof Mixed Paints , Patton's
Master Pointers Finishing White , the best
jalnts made. Wo are Sole Agents for them.
Don't buy any other , even If represented to
be "Just as good. "
Cut 1'rlco
1-lth mill IlotiKlnft titit.
( Open nil iilnht. )
O m hit ( < t Chicago ,
The Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul rail *
way has Just placed In service two mas-
nlflccnt electric lighted train * between
Omaha and ChlciRo. leaving Omaha dally
at C:45 : p. m. , arriving Chicago at 8:20 : a , m.
and leaving Chicago 6:15 : p. m. and arriving
Omaha 8:20 : a. m. Each train Is HghtiM
throughout by electricity , has buffet smok
ing cars , drawing room deeping cars , dinIng -
Ing cars and reclining chair cars and rum
ever the shortest line and smoothest road
bed between the two cities.
Ticket office , 1E04 Farnam street and at
Union depo ; .
Hubormann. Jeweler , estab. 1S6C , abso
lutely reliable , lowest prices guaranteed ,
13th and Douglas.
Steve repairs of any description , 1207
Douglas , Omaha Steve Iteoalr Works.
nemembcr that A. C. Haymcr , the hard
ware merchant , 1514 Farnam St. , gives tradIng -
Ing stamps.
Schlltz's beer nt "Tho Place. "
13uy your coal of Victor Whlto and git
trading s'
Tailor-Made Shirts.
W hnvc just received
the services of a competent New
York shirt cutter and will offer
as a starter
6 white shirts
for $9.00
made to your measure and perfect
fit guaranteed
Albert Calm ,
FnriilMliinivn tor Men
la-S Fnrniiiii Hired
The suits and overcoats on special sale at Hayden Bros.
this week are from such -well known tailors as Hackett-Car-
hart , New York , Ab. Kirschbaum & Co. ,
Philadelphia , and Hart , Schailner & Marx ,
Chicago. Made from selected fabrics , dura
bly and stylishly lined , strongly silk sewed
and stayed , designed and fitted by experts ,
they represent the highest results of Ameri
ca's most skillful tailors and are guaranteed
to give the greatest amount of style and ser
for the Least Money
You have ever paid. A great range of fab
rics and sizes to choose from at all prices
from $8,75 to $22.50. For Monday's sale we offer a special
shipment of 450 suits ; in the 4-button sack , double and sin
gle breasted styles at $10.00. They come in Scotch chevi
ots , fancy worsteds , cassimeres and worsteds and cheviots in
dark checks , small plaids and mixtures. They are artistically
tailored and finished. Eich appearing garments that are
guaranteed to be shape-holding , absolutely all wool and fast
dye. You cannot get any better suit from the merchant tailor
for less than § 35.00. His are made to orderj these are
made to fit. If they don't fit we alter them free of charge
until you are satislied. You never got so much for your § 10
- At $2 < 5 ° we give you exacily tlie
same shapes , the same shades , the
same stock in men's Derbies and Fedoras that high-toned hat
ters charge you $4.00 and § 5.00 for. We don't have the man
ufacturer's name in them , but that is not worth § 2.00. It
won't make a hat look any bettor or wear any longer.
Selling the Most Clothing in Omaha.
Special Prices on
Here are bargains you read
of , but never outside of
the Big Store.
Children's Patent Leather Tip Lace
$1.25 School Shoes , sizes 8 to
11 aliases' fine grain Button $1.50 f
School Shoes , sizes 12 to 2 *
Misses' line calf lace $2.00 f
School Shoes , alfea 12 to - ' . . . . *
Ladles' fine Silk Vesting Top O
Vlcl Kid Lace $3.50 Shoes
Ladles' fine Dongola Kid Lace
and Button $3.00 Shoes . . . 1
Hoys' fine Satin Calf $1.75 125
Lace Shoes for
Boys , r'lno Piitir. Cult $2,00 148
J ure Shoes lot
Men's fine Austin Calf $2.25 1
Lace and Congress Shoes
Men's new Box Calf and Winter Tan
Lace Shoes now bull dog- toe i
$1 and $3 Shoes for * *
Sheridan Coal
Sold entirely on its merits , and not under some fancy
name to deceive the buyer. Our hard coal is the handsomes't
in the city. TRY IT.
VICTOR WHITE. 16O5 Farnam St.
Telephone 127.
If Yon 'Unnt to Mo K t
except take < h "Northwestern Line" if
you deslro a fast daylight trip between
Omaha and Chicago , because no other lint
runs a daylight train heave Omaha t > :40 : a ,
in. , arrive Chicago 8:15 : same evening. Close
connection with eastern line * . A good train7
Emphatically YES.
City office. 1401 Parnam
n.v.Tis nvniivwiiEUE
In NelirimUn.
Via the Elkhorn. "Northwestern Ilno. "
Every Tuesday and Friday In
October. Halt faro for the round
trip to all points where the faro Is over $
Good 10 Days.
City olTlce. 1101 Parnam Street.
Depot. 1Mb. and Webster Streets.
by buying our $3.50 Regent Shoes ( for men
only ) , a shoe that would cost you $5.00 and $6.00
a pair at any other shoo house in Omaha we give
you here for § 3.50 and that means any shoo in
our stord no matter what size , style or leather
patent leather vici kid kangaroo calf , enamel or
any color of tans all go at the one price
$3.50 higher $3,5O
lent Shoe Company ,
Mail Orders Filled. 205 South 15th Street.
< &WmM
Great special sale Graniteware
these are all selected goods and
are regularly sold at three to five
times this price
2-quart lipped Sauce Pans *
2-quart Preserving Kettles . .
Largo Wash Basins
3-quart Milk Pans
3-quart Deep Pudding Pans
2-9 Inch Plo Pans-
No. 2 Try Pans , 9-Inch-
lOquart Galvanized Palls
These goods are on sale in our
1 'Economy" basement.
Douglas g Douglas
Street. Street.
Near lOtli St Near lOtb St.
% /ywwwv /
Oma/ia is malcing his tory
every day.
Omaha attracts the exposition patrons.
Our Prices and Styles Attract
the Shoe Patrons.
$2.50 and $3,00 Does It.
We have not yet passed the 2,000,000
mark but we're
T. B. Norris' ,
Mail Orders Killed. 1413 Douglas Street.
1313 Farnam Street ,
carry the largest stock of
in the west and saves the purchasers from § 50 to $100
on any piano bought. Call and be convinced.
Kimball Upright , fine condition $125.00
Knubu Grand Square S135.00
New Sample Piano , big bargain. . . , $107.00
Chickeriim left on sale , cheap.
Other Pianos and Organs at $15 , $25 , $ * 5 , $65. $75 to close. Every -
ery piano guaranteed Easy payments If desired. Now pianos for
A , C , MUELLER , Tuner , 'Phone 1625 ,
A. W. Moore , J. S. Cameron , Trav ellng representatives.
Its No Secret
; SIIOL'ID TAttltll JKtiLY Is com
pounded from tlto llncst
! BC Australian Kucclyplus Oil ,
| IRCAltD Menthol and other vuhmblo
nntl-septlo liigredlcntR. H
| JUST contains no coculno. mor-
plilno or other Harmful sub.
| AS ntunc:8. Tlicro is no other
lirrpnrntlon that will equal
| SOON it for the cure of catarrh.
H gives liiHtatit relief mid
AS cures the most nbHtlnutn
canes of Inilnmiitlnn and
! POSSIBLE congestion 1'rlco 250 nnJ
SIIIRMWS CATARRH TABLtIS ( Internal ) 30c. f
15M DodKe St. , Omaha , Neb
You Don't ' Need a Directory
To I'M ml Our Store , lu t l''ollc > tv ilio
Hood's Snrsaparllla T5c
I'nlno's Celery Compound 7 .o
Syrup of Figs 40e
Hlrney's Catarrh Cure -lOc
Carter's Liver Pills 1f > o
Uromd Laxative Qtilnlno IKc
Mile'HcmiHUes 7-"o
1'lerco's Hemedies ' 7:10 :
Stewart's Dyspepsia Tablets -I0J
Swamp Hoot .iOc
Warner's Sufo Cure 90o
Castorla ii.lij
William's Pink Pills oo
Danderlno 25o nnd Siio
Poml'H Extract 4flc
Ely's Cream Halm toe
Allen's Malt Cream 2ic ! ; , COc and $1.00
Plnkhnm'a Vegetable Compound . . . . 7ic
Aycr'a Hair Vigor trio
That MK family paper , The Illustrated
Weekly Sentinel , of Denver , Cole , ( foumlrd
1S ! > 0) ) , will be sent ton ueolu * on trial for
10o ; clubs of C. BOe , 12 for $1. Special offer
solely to Introduce It. Latest mlnliiR nous
and Illustration of scenery , true atorlcs of
love and adventure. Address aa above and
mention Bee ; stamjis taken.
I The Royal Acorn
Is just a little -
tlo nhcntl of
all imitations
\vo oh cor-
fully admit
that there
arc other
g o o d base
burners ami
that Is just
the kind wo
wish to com-
pure with.
W o o a n
show you that
the It o y a 1
Acorn has all
the good feat-
\\rca \ of others
and some few
that others
have not. It
holds lire bo
steadily and
with oo llltlo fuel that It has como to
be known as
The Great Fire Keeper
Its Improved Duplex Orate Is a big
Improvement over the old cool-wasting
grate and Its system of hot air circu
lation Is perfect. The nickel pinto Is
warranted not to tnrnlsh with the heat. A
Every size a strong double heater. C
John Hussie Hdw , Go , ,
207-2409 CumiiiR St. |
Did you sco us at tha Exposition ? \
time will soon be here before you
realize It perhaps Now while you arc
In our city let us show you the most
complete line of
In the west Wo are exclusive agents
for Wm. T. Wood & Go's celebrated ,
tcols. _
Send for catalogue.
4th Floor Drown Blk. , 16th and Douglas
Gold Alloy Filling $1.00
Gold Filling $1.OO and up
Gold Crowns $5.0O
Set Teeth $5.00
BestTeaii $7.50
About Fitting Teeth
It's the same as with anything else that
you need ; if you want good reliable work , the
kind that gives satisfaction without bother ,
you should go to a reliable time tried don-
list , one who takes pride in his work and
has a reputation to sustain. You would nov-
ir think of going to a temporary exposition
oll'ice with the expectation of getting the
most permanent work done , Our prices are
uniform the same today as ten years ago.
A full Set Teeth $5. Gold alloy fillings , $1
Best set teeth , § 7.50 Pure gold ' $2 up
# elastic plate , § 10 Gold crowns , $4 to $8
Aluminum and Ku'j- I'orcolaln
ber 1'lntes.
Bridge Teeth $4 to $0 per tooth.
DR. BAILEY , Leading Dentist , ffit
Fifteen .Yearn'oxpericno" . llth your In Omaha. Tol. 10 5. Lady attendant. German and Bohemian HDokori.