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lly Albert Hrltt.
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When George Parker made his first ap
pearance on the foot ball field at Clevedon
college about two weeks after the term be
gan , he came unheralded and unknown.
The foot ball enthusiasts had been busy
for days discussing the merits and quallfi-i
cations of the various new men who had ]
coino up for the first time that year and
were trying for positions on the team.
Hood foot ball material was scarce at Clove-
don , and the captain and the coach wcro at
their wits' end to construct a winning team
with the candidates who bad thus far ap
peared. The very day that Parker made
his Initial appearance they had held , a short
council In the directors' office at the gym-
tinilum before going on the field for the aft
ernoon practice , nnd tbo outlook , as they
viewed It at that time , was gloomy Indeed.
Candidates for positions behind the line
wcro many and some of them gave promise
of developing Into good players , but tbo
linemen , especially the tackles , left much
to bo desired at the close of their conversa
Shaw , Hie coach , expressed himself very
forcibly as to the qualification of at least
one of the players. "I tell you , Arnold , we
must get some llfo Into that line , or the
best backs In the world won't win games
for us. Now , -there's Brlco at IcfUtackle.
He's big and strong enough to stop a freight
train , but ho plays as though ho were deaden
on hla foot , it wo only had some man to
go la against him on the scrub eleven and
wake him up and give him a bit of a scare
he might amount to something , but as It Is
ho'n about as lively as an Ice wagon. "
All this was too obvious to elicit any
thing more than a very gloomy acquies
cence from the captain , nnd the two men
tramped out through the gymnasium to the
practice field , and here they found Parker
for the first time among the crowd of youths
passing and kicking the ball. He was of
medium height , rather light but firmly built ,
resembling the other young men around him
In general appearance , except for a rather
uqusual squareness of jaw and levelness of
Ho came to Clevedon from an obscure llt-
tln academy In a distant state , where he
had prepared for college. The captain of
the scrub cloven had noticed him lu chapel
In the morning and afccrwnrd had hunted
him out and having learned by dint of card
questioning that bo had played foot ball and
* at least knew the rudiments of the game ,
had asked him to come out to the field In the
nfocrnoon and bavo a try at itho second
The second , or scrub eleven , bo It known ,
Is composed of the candidates who are de
nied a place on Bho 'varsity and who yet , for
the sake of the sport and In the hope that
ono day promotion may find them out , are
willing to work on without glory or reward
unless they find them In the hnrci practice
game played dally with the 'varsity. From
the ranks of the scrubs come the substitutes
for the 'varsity and n goad player In the
former may well dare hope to bo chc.sen
for the "varsity tbo next year. It Is , as one
may see , a sort of apprenticeship or training
school through which ono must pass before
he reaches the 'varsltty.
It had been the bane of the scrub cap
tain's llfo hitherto that he had not been able
to find any man In his miscellaneous lot
who was able to play a hard enough game
ngalnst Brlce , the 'varsity left tackle , cltl.or
to cause that ! gentleman any particular Us-
convenience or to satisfy the demands ol
Shaw. They had all made the mistake o (
"bucking" straight Into him nnd being tea
a man Inferior In weight and muscle to
Brlce , who was a glanB In size , If not In
Intellect , the result may bo Imagined.
Thus It happened that In sheer desperation
I'urker was chosen on this , his first night
out , to go In against Brlce and If possible
frighten him Into Improving his playing.
As the two men looked each other ovet
for a moment before the ball was put In
play Brlco thought ! to himself , rather con
temptuously , that he would have nti
trouble with this stripling , but after Parker
had broken through two or three times on
plays around his end and downed the man
with the ball , he began to realize that he
had a very unusual sort of a scrub to deal
with and that 1C would require eomelhlcR
very different from his ordinary style ol
practice game to keep this fellow occupied ,
After he awoke to this fact Parker's Jot be
came rather harder nnd he was forced to
content himself with un occasional tackle be
hind the Interference when the runner -vaa
slow or the ball was poorly passed.
But the climax came Just before the close
of the fifteen minutes' practice. The 'vars
ity had carried the ball down the field di
rectly in front of and about twenty ynrdE
from the scrubs' goal. Parker had become
Bomowhat used to thovarslty _ | play by thlt
time , and when he sovrtbo fullback drof
back and the halfbacks move out from and
back of their regular positions he knew thai
* goal from the field wus to bo tried. Here his last chance to outwit the now full )
awakened Brlce.
Instead of moving out as he might hnvc
been expected to do In order to get a clearci
field and open the line , ho moved In close
and made a feint as though Intending to dive
between tackTe and guard , which was Jusi
the sort of a play It was the delight ol
Brlcc's heart to stop. Ho was practical ! )
immovable , and woe to the unlucky morta
who attempted to "go through" him. Notlv
Ing , however , was farther from Parkcr'i
mind than the attempting of such a feat
Instead , as the ball wan suappcd , he whcelei
out quickly , caught Drice's arm in his our
and. whirling upon him as on n pivot , threw
that worthy fiat on his back and rushed a
tie fullback just In time to block a well-
directed try for goal.
The men on the side-liner cheered hiatlls
for the plucky scrub tackle and the coucl
gladdened his heart with a few words o
commendation , while the discomfited Brlci
hnd a bad fho minutes explaining to tin
captain how It all happened.
After that Parker's play was careful ) :
natched by both Shaw and Arnold , and Brlci
was warned that unless he looked shari
and worked hard ho might yet lose the posl
Uon which ho had begun to look upon a
peculiarly his own. Under this stimulus h
Improved wonderfully and the hopes of th
rooters rose again as they saw the line gro\
stronger and faster day by day.
The great game of the season for which nl
V * the others were but a preparation , was th
ODO with Hanover college , and was to b
played this year at Clevedon. For three
years the yellow and blue of Hanover had
waved triumphant and their team was re-
Dorted to bo In better condition than ever.
At last the great day arrived and tlo
morning train brought with It the Hanover
team and n great crowd of stude'.ils already
boasting of the victory that was sure to
be theirs. Odds were offered freely , but the
Clevedon boys , mindful of. the lessons of
former defeats , were slow to bet , and much
Hanover money went begging.
Tbo day was an Ideal one for foot boll ,
crisp nnd coo)1 ) , with that suspicion of frost
In the air that puts every pliycr on his
incttlo and makes every nerve tingle with
euro human Joy of living. On such a day
even a disordered liver loses Its aacondaney
over the mind , and the blood , HCCR through
the veins In an exhilarating flood. In spite of
the lateness of the season , the : lo u clipped
turf wan green and soft as velvet , and the
field , lined on cither sldo with bleachers
filled with gaily dressed , ribbon-bedecked
crowds was an Inspiring sight. Hvcry one
In the Uttta town , without regard to age ,
sex or present condition of servitude , had
turned out to witness what proved to be n
battle royal.
Hanover , with their usual good fortune.
a low , iwlft kick that sent It straight at
one of the big Hanover guards. Taken by
surprise , Instead of holding It , ho let the
ball bound back from Ills broad chest
straight toward Parker , who was rushing
down the field. As the ball bounded toward
him , remembering the Injunction of the ,
coach never to try to pick up a boll unless
he had a clear field before him , he threw
himself full length at the coveted oval and
gathered It In his arms.
At the same moment tbo unlucky guard
rushing from the other direction to repair
his error , stumbled over the prostrate form
and , whether It was Intentional or acci
dental , no ono ever know , struck poor Par
ker full In the face with the too of his heavy
hlioe , tutting a deep gash above his left
eye. To the Clevedon supporters on the
sldo lines It seemed as though nn evil fate
was pursuing them. There was no one
to take Parker's place , and how could ho
( play with n deep cut In his head nnd the
blood streaming down his face ? But they
failed to recognize the spirit of the boy ,
and when the coach tried to lead htm from
the field ho flatly refused to bo taken away.
"Let mo stay the game out , " ho pleaded ,
and then , as a shrewd afterthought , ho
added : "Who'll you put In ray place ,
anyway ? " The force of this argument
struck the coach and , pleased with the boy's
grit , he had no alternative but to yield ,
and back Into his place went Parker , with
his bloody face and a handkerchief bound
round his head.
If ho had played hard before he played
tike a demon now , but the team was going
down bill fast. The men had lost heart ,
and with ever-increasing swiftness the Hanover -
over wedge ground its way down the field
frankly , "no don't do that In the regular
school , you know ; only In the Sunday-
school. "
"Momma , I caught a soldier ! " This Is
tvhat a llttlo girl said the other day as she
dragged ono of the returned boys In blue
Into a fashionable- residence on Capitol hill ,
relates the Denver Times.
"Why , Dorothy ! " exclaimed the flustratcd
mother , "arn't you ashamed to be so rude ? "
nnd then she turned hr attention from the
llttlo one and began to apologize to the
bronzed veteran of Santiago.
"You needn't apologize , mum , " said the
soldier , "I was Just going down the street
here when I met the little girl and she
grabbed hold of mj hand and said I had to
go with her. She is so near llko my own
llttlo girl down in my homo lu Xow Mexico
that I could not help but baby her a little. "
"I just done It 'cause sister and me had n
bet mammo. Sis Is old enough to have fel
lows and I ain't , but I bet her the gum
that I would catch a soldier before she did ,
and I did got him , too. "
This pleased the boy In blue and , planting
a kiss on the llttlo check , ho lifted his hat
to the mother and walked away. Ho was
one of the Hough Riders and was on his way
home to New Mexico.
Gladstone had a wonderful memory , and ,
llko many men so gifted , -was rather testy
with these who wcro not. At a dinner on
one occasion ho asked Lord Oranvllle If bis
lordship had taken part In a certain di
vision In- the House of Commons. Lord
Qranvlllo said too did not remember , where
upon Gladstone said In an amazed tone :
won the toss and chose the north goal , with
the wind at their backs. Burrows , the
Clevedon fullback , swung his too Into the
pigskin and sent It whirling well down Into
the enemy's country , with the ends close
after It. and the battle was on. Hanover
sent their backs around the Clevedon ends
for a few short gains and then lost the ball
on n fumble. Clevedon herd It for a few
clays and lost It , and so the battle raged.
Back and forth , In the center of the field ,
they fought. Occasionally a long kick by
the fullback would drive the ball down the
field , and ono goal or the other would bo
temporarily endangered , but soon the ball
would be carried back to the center and the
struggle would be begun again. The teams ,
were so evenly matched that neither n-as
able to gain more than a temporary advan
tage over the other , and the first half closed
without either having scored.
For the first live minutes of the second
half It was the same story over again , but
after ono of Hanover's fierce rushes 'nto the
line a figure was seen stretched on the
ground , and a thrill of apprehension tan
along the side linen. "Who Is It ? " Is he
Hanover or Clevedon ? " "What subs have
we ? " were some of the questions anxiously
asked. ' ,
To the dismay of the Clevedon contingent.
It was discovered In a moment that It waa
Brlco , the big left tackle , whoso lame ankle
had finally succumbed to a severe wrench.
For him to continue longer In the game was
out of the question , but who was there to
take his place ? The only man wh6 had
practiced In that position was Parker , and
when the "rooters" saw him strip of his
sweater and trot across the field obedient to
the captain's summons their hearts sank
within them. What chance would such a
green stripling as he have against such a
heavy experienced player as the Hanover
tackle , but the captain remembered Parker's
play against Brlco and held bis place.
The first play demonstrated that whatever
else ho might be Parker was no coward.
Whenever there was a rush through his side
of the line he was generally found at the
bottom of the heap when the mass of men
untangled Itself. But the fierce , determined ,
bulldog game that Hanover was playing was
beginning to tell and slowly the ball was
being carried nearer the coveted Clovedou
soal. Fifty yards , forty-five , forty , until the
ball lay on the 20-yard line , and heie the
advance stopped. Three times theJIanovcr
backs drove headlong Into the Clevedon line ,
only to bo held and thrown'back again.
It waa the old guard r.t Waterloo over
again. One inoro play and the ball must
go to Clovedou. But the goal was straight
ahead and only SO yards away , nnd aVell-
dlrrcted drop kick would put Hanover flvo
points to the good. The fullback dropped
back and every ono know what was coining.
Every man waa crouching low in the line
with his muscles tense and every sense alert
watching the ball and the man oposlte him.
Back went the ball to the fullback and after
It the Clevedon quarter-back , dodging
quickly through n hole between center nnd
guard , but just too late. The ball barely
cleared Ms fingertips as It sailed up Into
the air and straight between the goal posts.
A clean kick and the Hanover blachers
roared and waved their approval.
Parker. In the rush of the moment , was
conscious of nothing but a mad desire to
tear his way through the line and reach
the fullback , but , struggle as he would ,
the man opposite him blocked him bard
nnd low and his effort was futile. On the
Clevedon eldo of the field there wag a
gloomy silence that was almost tangible.
Only seven mlnutco to ploy and the score
5 to 0 cgalnst them.
Burrows put the ball In play again with
It charms with its flavor , delights
with its taste and conquers with
its purity and high quality.
For Sale by Foley Bros- Wholesale
Dealer * , 1412 Douglas Street. Omaha ,
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until a flnnl breathless rally Btoppod the ad
vance on Ihe twenty-yard lino. One minute
to play , nnd the Hanover fullback dropped
back for another try for goal. Hero WCB
a last desperate chance , nnd , In splto ot Ms
aching , whirling head , Parker remembered
lhi trick that had worked so well oa Unco
and shoved In close to his opponent. The lat
ter , mistaking the movement , closed up the
gap , when , quick as a flash , as the hall vna
snapped Parker sprang out , whirled his
husky opponent half around and rushed at
the fullback llko a tiger , with the speedy
Quarterback , close at his heels. The kick
waa swift and sure , but Parker was quicker ,
and. as the ball rose , ho sprang high In the
air nnd caught It full on his outstretched
As the ball bounded back , Sheldon , the
quarterback , snatched It up nml was off for
the Hanover goal , eighty yards away. De-
hind him btralned the Hanover halfbacks
I In hot pursuit , but It was no use. A stern
chase Is a long one , nnd Sheldon did cot
| hold the 'varsity record for the 100 yards
i for uothlnK. Ho planted the ball squarely
| bctwen the goal posts and Dtirrows kicked
! an easy goal , making the score 6 to 5 In
Clevcdon's favor , and time was up.
And Parker well Parker fainted away in
the arms of his roommate as he tried to walk
I off the llcfd. and was sick for'a month with
i brain fever. Dut ho hnd earned his nick
name of "Dullheaded" Parker and lived to
' prove his full right and title to It on many
' a hard fought field.
I They 4alk of his powers yet back nt the
| old college , but Parker Is sleeping In n Cu
ban grave , having given his llfo for his coun
try this year. He fell In the charge of the
Rough Illders at San Juan , a hero to the
Youth's Companion.
I wonder If the boyn nnd girls
AVho lived In olden tlmo
AVcre like the boys and girls we know
In our ace nnd clime.
I wonder If the clrls had dolls ,
Or did the boys play ball ,
Or did ; rood llttlo Samuel
Know how to play nt all !
I love the Bwoet Babes In the Wood ,
And , oh , how my heart grieves
To think they Bletft upon the ground ,
With cover made of leaves'
I love the Princes In the Tower
In curia and rufllOB line.
I hate their wicked uncle , too ,
I'm clad he Isn't mine !
I wonder If they laughed and talked ,
Or were they always Bad.
I'm sure I should bo If I had
An iinclo half so bud.
"With my brave company of boys
1 vouldn't tnke ono hour
To caiiturn him , and rescue both
Those Princes In the Tower !
0 chlldrpii of the olden time ,
I rend of you In books ,
1 sco your pictures on the wall. " .
And love your gentle looks.
Your kad eyes seem to follow me
About where'er I play.
AH If you longed to have the fun
\V < i children have toddy !
"Now , children , " said the teacher of the
Juvenile class , "can any of you tell me the
meaning of 'vlco versa' ? " "Yes'm , I can , "
leplled the youngster at the foot of the
class. "Well , Hobby , what Is It ? " "It's
when you sleep with your feet toward the
head of the bed , " answered Bobby.
"Tommy , " asked a mother of her 4-year-
old son , "where did that hole In the screen
door como from ? " "I don't know , mamma , "
replied the llttlo fellow. "Aro you sure you
don't ? " she asked. "Courso I am , " an
swered Tommy. "I throwed my ball awhile
ngo and then I saw the > hole , but , honestly ,
I don't know where It came from. "
lilttlo Dot was very fond ot bible storlea ,
and one day after her mother had read the
story of Lot's wife , she asked : "Mamma ,
Tihat did Mr. Lot do when his wife was
turned Into a pillar of salt ? " "What do you
think he did ? " asked " "
mamma. "Why , re
plied the practical llttlo miss , "I a'pose ho
went out and hunted up a fresh one. "
Sbo was telling one ot her Bisters all about
It , says the Chicago Peat , and this Is what
her father overheard :
"And when the little girl that alts be
tween us leans forward the little boy on
the other side ot her catches hold ot one
of her braids and I catrh hold of the other
and wo yank her head back. Oh , It's more
fun ! "
"So that's the way you act In school , Is
It ? " Interrupted the father.
"Oh , well , " returned the 6ye-ar-ol < l
"Not remember ! Why , It's only forty-
eight years ago ! "
When Mr. Spurgcon first began his mln
Istry an anonymous critic used to wrlto t <
him constantly about his mistakes In gram
mar and pronunciation. Mr. Spurgcon al
first resented these criticisms , but he seer
learned to profit by them. "After awhile , " he
said , In telling the etory , ' "I looked for hi
weekly memoranda with much Interest. I
I repeated a sentence which I had used twi
or three Sundays before he would wrlto
'See the same expression In such and such (
sermon. ' " Mr. Spurgeon , like everybod ;
else , had his pot quotation , and ho usci
this line , "Nothing Jn my hand < o bring , '
rather frequently. So his commentate
wrote him "We are sufficiently Informed o
the vacuity of your hand. "
The appointment of Dr. Henry K. Car
roll by President McKinley as a specla
commissioner to Porto Rico to Inquire int
the laws , Institutions , customs , currency
industries , productions , schools , etc. , o
that Island , has made It necessary for hln
to resign hla place on the editorial staff o
the New York Independent after a servlc
on that paper of moro than twenty-tw
years. Dr. Carroll came to be wldel ;
known as the compiler of the religious sta
tlstlcfl In the last census , a work which h
performed with conspicuous ability , and hi
report on the etato of Porto Ilico will un
doubtedly be of great value and Interest
Tbo National Magazine tells this story o
Queen Wllhelmlna : "Two of the cour
children were missing ono day , and grav
fears were entertained as to the probablllt
of their having been kidnapped. A pro
longed and careful search resulted In find
Ing no trace of them , and two attendant
were arrested as suspicious characters. 0
further Inquiry It was learned that thcs
two children wcro last seen playing wit
the llttlo queen tne previous day. 0 :
questioning her as to their whereabouts
she said they were locked up in an ol
cellar that could be reached from the court
yard. It seemed they refused to do he
bidding , and so , exercising her prerogatlv
aa chief executive of the kingdom , she hai
Imprisoned them for rebellion. "
Horace J. Wlckham has Just left the gov
eminent envelope works In Hartford , Conn.
after twenty-four years ot continuous serv
Ice. He designed the Intricate machine tha
cut the envelope. Impressed the postagi
stamp on It , printed the return request
folded and gummed ( ho envelope and thei
counted , bunched and wrapped the com
pleted envelopes In quicker time than 1
takes to read this paragraph. The paten
on the machine having expired , his term o
service Is ended. Of his 200 employes
twelve have been with him during his entlr
term of service and Jltty have served wltl
him for at least twelve years.
William C. AVhltney Is a mascot to an ;
young man who enters his employ. H
made Dan Lament a millionaire. He tool
George Drlnton McClellan Harvey off th
World , where ho was managing editor , an
made htm his confidential clerk , Harve
now owns a largo part of Staten Island , wit !
prospects of controlling It nil. He too !
Harry Mncdona nway from Joseph 1'ulltzci
\\hoso confidential secretary lie was , a
well as his personal representative In th
homo office of the World , made him counsc
for tha Metropolitan Street Railway com
pany and now shoves htm In as secretary o
the American Indies company. Harry wll
be a millionaire in a few weeks. Ho toehold
hold of the turf through Sydney Paget , a
Interesting young Britisher who happens t
be his son-in-law's brother. Paget ha
made a quarter of a million this season an
there are greater riches In. store. Ther
could be no pleasantcr occupation In 111
than giving youth a chance.
Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada I
Hart of Qtoton , S. D. : "Was token with
bad cold which settled on my lungs ; coug
set In and finally terminated In consumptloi
Four doctors gave me up , saying I could Ih
but a short time. I gave myself up to in
Savior , determined It I could not stay wit
my friends on earth I would meet my al
uent ones above. My husband waa advise
to get Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption. Coughs and Colds. I gave It
trial , took In all eight bottles. It hen cure
mp , and. thank God , I ura saved And now-
well and healthy woman. " Ttlal bottles frt
at Kuhu & Co.'a diug store. Regular tli
COo and Jl.OO , guaranteed or price re
Mrs. Flntt Favors the Broadening of the
Field of Work ,
She Tiirn.i the Tnlilcn unit yn i It IN
Uic " NonMnn" Who HCCUR-
Woninn nit IIIn
Sate for a. stuall number who are visiting
the exposition today tow club women are
In the city. Ever since Thursday they have
been departing , for there Is to be another
congress In Chicago the coming week. It
would eecm that ouo meeting after another
would wear thcso energetic creatures out ,
but their zeal evidently supports them In
.ho fatiguing work.
Of those remaining In town Mrs. Sarah S.
i'latt of Denver , vlco president of the Gcn-
ral Federation of Women's cluba , and the
iresldent of the Woman's club of Denver ,
Is ono of the moat practical and caru&ct
workers. In speaking of the advantage ut
ho women's congresses , Mrs. I'latt said that
they enabled women from nil parts of the
ountry to exchange Ideas , compare their
methods of work and broaden their views on
11 the Important questions of the day. Mrs.
? latt Is Irrevocably in favor of the untlin-
ted club. While conceding that the old ,
small clubs , literary and social , were of un
doubted benefit In awakening Interest In the
lub. their period of usefulness has now
massed. With the great problems that con-
tout all thinking people , all lines of social
barriers should bo abolished and the society
woman eliould work shoulder to shoulder
with the laboring woman.
The Woman's club of Denver Is ono of the
argcst In the country , having 1,000 members
and an "extension" membership of 330. This
branch of the club Includes the women In
remote districts who would othcrwlso bo dc-
irlvcd of the advantages of a club. The main
lub has eight departments , the homo , the
education , the art and literature , the phil
anthropic , the scientific and philosophical ,
the city Improvement , to which mcu are eli
gible , the music and the reform.
The homo department consists of a schoo
of domestic science , in which girls ant
women are taught the rudiments of cooklns
and housekeeping , and the duties and tin
difference In these duties of mistress ant
maid ; and five kindergartens for the pool
children with a reading room for th (
The educational department concerns It'
self with the bettering of the public school !
and the school commissioners , the study o
the labor problems and runs a noon schoo
for newspaper boys and other urchins , will
the co-operation of the school authorities
By the efforts of the art nnd literary de
partment many pictures have been put litho
the schoolhouses and their walls have beci
IMiiRrcc Ciitrileii "Work.
The phllanthroplcal branch has devotei
Itself chiefly to the Plngree garden work
Last year in Denver seventy-five famllle
wcro cared for at a total cost of $250 , am
their crops brought $2,500. In Philadelphia
where the work is carried on by men hlrei
by the city , forty-five families were helpei
at a total cost of $2,500. Of course th
Denver women gave their time , but th
result points a moral. The work Is kept u
during the winter by teaching the wome
sewing and the like. Last year three faml
lies were made Independent and took u
land In the country.
The departments of science and phlloso
phy are mainly devoted to study , but the
have -charge of the traveling library of th
The work of the reform division Is don
In looking after the state institutions , sug
gestlng Improvements , and trying to get th
best officials for Important positions.
Sanitary work , local option laws and gen
eral Improvements come under the provlnc
of the city department of the club.
Though the musical branch Is largely fo
pleasure , It has Instituted many free con
certs In different parts of the city. By th
working of this club the scope of women'
cluba is well illustrated.
In speaking of the suffrage question Mrs
Platt said that a woman's right to vote wa
demanded by justice and that the fanclei
evils accruing from woman's voting wer
merely Imaginary. Yet undoubtedly 1
would bo better for women to learn parlin
mentary laws and study before she voted
If chairs of business training wcro Intro
duced in all women's colleges their benefi
would bo enormous , for , while many womei
may never need to use the knowledge thu
gained , It Is always well to be prepared
Suffrage has not made the Colorado womei
unwomanly , but more womanly , for a clea
stream of water cannot bo turned into
muddy one without leaving Its mark.
In Mrs. Plait's opinion there Is no "nei
woman , " but a now man , who has come t
regard woman as his peer nnd helpmate 1
solving the problems of the world and I
elevating Its morals.
He Known How to 1'lenne IIU Cur
Mr. Reuben Martin has been In busincs
at Barnltz. Pa. , for almost fiurtcen ycari
Ho says : "I have never sold a medlcl.i
that gave such good satisfaction at ) Chamber
Iain's. I sell every bottle on a guarante ;
but know I take no risk , Tor my custom3 !
como back and praise It. I am oflo
troubled with bowel comnlalnt and won'
not think of leaving homo without a
of Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Dlar
rhoea Remedy. "
Slrep-AVtilkvr Wiinilpm on Itnllrou
TrnuUN iiiul ACI | < | M Trnlim.
From Ollvo Hill , Carter county , Ky
comes the story of a most remarkable cas
of somnambulism. A few nights ago Kmtm
the 14-year-old daughter of Captain and Mri
Brooks , living on a farm a mile east of Ollv
Hill , after having finished her studies for th
next day , lay dpwn on the bed to rest , bu
did not Intend to go to sleep. She prompt !
went to sleep. The rest of the farallj
thinking she had retired for the night , dl
About 10 o'clock Emma arose , put on he
mackintosh , and , carrying her shoes In he
hand , left the house unobserved In a dee
bleep. She went < to the Chesapeake & Ohl
track near the house and started east. Sh
walked rapidly , and was seen by no ono unt
she passed Aden , seven miles east of he
"After I TTI Induced to try CASOA-
ItKTM , I nlll never be without them III the douse.
My liver wa In a vcrjr bad chapo. and my bead
cbed and 1 bail ( tomacli trouble. Now. ilncotak-
Injr t'ascareu , I fete I tine , lly wife ba alto used
them with bauefloial roiulli tor tour Btonmcb. '
Jos. KIIEUUNQ , llCl Coagrett Bt. , Ht. Ixml , Mo.
Pleaunt. Palatable. Potent Taito Good. Do
Good , Nerer Sicken , Weaken , or Urlye.lOc , Jtjc.OJc.
Bltrll.f titmiij rwpitr , ( kitif. , M lrr > l , w , 111
8ol < 1 mnd ( < rinircdbr all drug-
tin , to cVlt Tobusco Habit.
larttnn point , where the night operator no-
cpJ her , but did not speak to her. The
lrl' i'cs were wldo open , nml there was
lothliiR 111 her appearance to Indicate tlmt
Bho did not know what she was doing. She
nlkeil nbout four miles further eastward
> oforo the awoke , probably from pain caused
> y the laceration of her feet. She was dazed ,
ut promptly reversed her course.
Mcanwhllo her absence had been noticed
nd her parents began telegraphing In bot'.t
Urcctlons from Olive Hill. Kroin the Aden
perator It was learned that u girl answering
"niina'a description liad passed eastward.
V handcar was secured and the girl was
Icked up on her return trip. Her feet wcro
crrlbly cut and she wan In a state of physl-
al collupso , She said she had dreamed thnt
icr mother had told her to go after the cows
nud that Bho remembered nothing clso till
Bho awoke.
On her Journey Bhn had met three trains
nnd had been overtaken by two , uncoil
Bdously stepping out of the way. She had
crowed fourteen bridges nnd trestlt'H , ono
of the former being mure than 00 yards long
nnd ono she had retimed to cross In daytime.
She hnd also passed through two tunnels
iiiJ over Innumerable cattle guards. U was
her first sleep-walking experience. Captatu
Brooks , Kmina's father , Is a well-known rail *
road man.
For broken surfaces , sores , Insect bites ,
burns , skin disease * , and especially pllm ,
there Is one reliable remedy , DeWltt'aVltch
Hazel Salve. When you call for DeWltt'n
don't accept counterfeit or frauds. You will
not bo disappointed with UoWltt'i Witch
Hazel Salvo.
Howto Get the Good i O
of Wool f Soap.
When you find that Wool Soap won't shrink woolens ,
don't use it alone on wool. Why be more careful of
wool than you are of your face ?
Wool Soap is made on purpose
to cleanse woolens without shrinking1
or injuring1. The same ingredients
that make it best for this purpose
make it best also for the human
skin. No roughness or redness fol
lows its use. That shows that it's
Wool Soap is always best wherever
is . Wool MY MAM * IWI9HMINC
ever purity necessary. Soap USID HAD.
is so pure that it is white so pure WOOLUOAr. o )
that it swims. But some other soaps arc that pure. < ®
Wool Soap is the only soap so pure that it won't o )
shrink wool. That's the supreme test , and only Wool
( O Soap stands it.
HOUSTON , ARK. , Jan. 18.
I feel satisfied that Wine of
Cardui saved my daughter's
life. A good doctor treated her
fortwo years with little benefit ,
but two bottles of the Wine
brought her around nil riebt.
She is now red and rosy , and a *
healthy a woman as I know of.
More than half the women and girls of America are thin
and emaciated , There is scarcely any flesh upon their bones.
The slightest disorder in the feminine organs is enough to cause
the loss of weight Protracted neglect of the trouble Increases
the wasting away of the tissues. The Ideally beautiful woman
has a well-rounded figure. She I- not "fat" but plump. A
very thin woman can never hope to be attractive. When the
flesh wastes away and the color leaves the cheek ; , a halt should
be called Instantly. Wine of Cardui will correct the tearing
down of the tissues. It will cure all the weaknesses , pains ands
. . disorders from which
> s - > > .v ? women
UDIET ADVISORY DEPARTMENT. * jfa. , t wj , , make thtm
Tot nflrlcs to easei requiring "pe
el tl directions , address , rlYlog symptoms really well again. Their
toms , LatUti' jldtrteorv Department ,
The CaAttimooBa Gkmttanooca , Tenn. Medicine Co. figures will round out , and
their cheeks will again re
nime the red , rosy glow of health , Proof of this is given In the
above statement of Mr. J. W. Harris.
Druggists Sell Large Bottles for $1.00
Of Unoppronclicd Value for the Home , Class-room , Office , or Study.
Toiinial nfVduratlon , Dcwton : "This 1 $ a treasure. No onocnn conceive the wealth
or Inrornmlloii , tbo convenience for reference , the elimination of non-eweutlalH which
make this book worth much inoro than the price to any otudcnt , toucher , or writer. "
Abridged from the Funk & Wagnalls Standard Dictionary by
a lanje corps of experienced lexicographers under direction
of JAMES C. IfJilWALD and F. A. MARCH , LL.D. . . .
Xcw from cover to cover with numerous exclusive features , besides being the most ample
comprehensive , accurate , nnd nuthoritntivo academic dictionary in existence. It Is the
work tliroiiBhout of specialist * , the aim linylng been to produce n modern and convenient
handbook ot dictionary Information covering all departments ofliumun knowledge. IU
vocabulary nnd appendix features bavo never been approached by any similar work.
Type , paper , and binding are of the highest quality.
Found In no other Academic Dictionary , Superior fo every ttlier Academic Dictionary.
EXCLUSIVELY capitalize * only such worda as SUPERIOR Vocabulary (6i ( l term * ) of uner-
requlro capitals. A si-ittc GUIDE TO CAPITAL * celled HCOPE , iticii.Ncus , and CONVKNUKT * !
EXCLUSIVELY mipplles Prepositions ( orer SUI'EKIOK Definitions ; prepared by ISIINEXT
1,000) and Illustrate their correct use , HPKCIAI.IHT8 A.ND FULL , IX4CT , Jl ! U CLIAK.
EXCLUSIVELY Rives Antonym * ( J.OOO ) crop- SUPERIOR 1'ronunclatlon Hystem Indicating
poslle words ; anI.IIUBPENBAIJLC AH SYNONYMS. , .V""lu"clttll ° nS * ITH KAHK AMI MMPl.iriTV.
EXCLUSIVELY Indicated the difference bet - SUPERIOR Ktyim.loKlfs . traced back In direct
t ten COMPOUND w OHUD and BROKEN voiuw. I.ANOI'ir.K.
EXCLUSIVELY contain * thounands of MW SUPERIOR TliistratonsCo\cr1.SJ5)belnKi'L ! ! ) N.
WOIIDS nnd APPENDIX nairnta of great value. Tll'tftTASTEFUL , ANUOK 1IIOII UrKINlTIVE VAtUI.
VALUABLE APPENDIX Tl8 Arp-mllx embrace * : Proper Nmnei Inv
, , Y ! . J"uifUfiyt | notion. Illalorv. tieOKraiihy , etc. ;
v orelgn Jord * anil Phrases lu KuRllsh Uteiaturo ; rnulty Diction , limited iTomincl'
° R : CJ"1"lca''lJ" ? ' ' ' > n' . Title * anil Desrew : Wtlvhtu and Meojurej , JlUtorlcal Data ;
Arbitrary BlK'is nnd Uymhols ; Common nnd Jletrlu Hystemn , etc. , etc.
Siiiulaii'tiftioot TltHH , riillfulelphla : "Taking It all tocfthfr. tha Student * ' Hdltlon of tun
8ln idanl Dictionary , because of the p.-cullar cure plren to UK i-electlonii , aud becnii of IIH com-
prehenslveiieiis , llncoiiclwnesB.ltMl.acklnjrof Rcholnrly conM-iiiuii , Ha readability and portabdllj.
and ItH niojlernte price , KVI-.H | iironilw of a largo field of iiscfulnffH , not only uuiouir ttmientH. but
la editorial rooms , on the desks of literary workers , and lu homo libraries. "
Itlrliaril M. Jonra , T.I , . ! ) . , Head Master 1'rrnlileiit I . U. C'ochrun , I'olytoclinlo
William IVnn Charter Kchnol , Founded Inntltute , llrooklyu. N. Y. : "H Is Urn inont
WJ. I'lilludelplda , 1'a. ; ! am convinced that reliahle , comprohendre , and couvcnleot dic
them h no academic d'ctlonary publiulied In this tionary for the toauher'a desk jet ottered to
country that approaches it. " lift * *
Uyton jrrrnMi "It I ; to l > o preferred to all other dictionaries meant for nfflm or desk use
and for Bcholnrs lu high schooliiand ncadetnfeit. ( julle tufllclent for the. needs of ulnu readentfn ten , "
IMTKO BTO , O1S pp. , rlnth , leather hack , net. llouml In full leather.
V4.OO net. Currlnce prejmld. J'ntent Thumb Indnx , 00 cenU uxtrn.
Sold by Booksellers , or sent postpaid on receipt of prloo by
J'VIIMIHIKHS. UnrnlH Ilitl < llo ,
UNION hfJUAUK , New Yorll CJItj- .