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an .vim MENTION' .
Stockcrt Carpet Co. , 205-207 Bwy.
Mooro's food kills worms nnd fattens.
C. n , Jacqucmln & Co. , Jewelers and op
tlctans , 27 South Main street.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Stubbs , 27
Harrison street , a dauchter.
Park City ledge No. 606. Independent Order
dor of Odd Fellows , will meet tbls evening.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. C. Weeks of Winter
set , la. , arc In the city taking in the expo
Lily camp No. 1 , Royal Neighbors o
Amcrlru. will meet this evening nt 7:3 :
o'clock sharp.
Mr. and Mis. W. C. Woodward of Slou :
ritv nro In town to take In Jubilee wee !
at the exposition.
A. C. Merger of Sioux City , accompanies
by his wife and child , arrived yesterday 01
a visit to tha exposition.
Mr. and Mrs. D. I ) . Snarks of Fort Smith
Ark. , arrived yesterday to take In Jubllci
week at the exposition.
The Oanymedo Wheel club ontertalnei
Its friends at a smoker In Its rooms at th
Grand Annex last nlcht.
Miss Lllllo IHrcbncll of Hollldnysburg
Fa. , Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. A
Dobbins of Sixth avenue.
A case of scarlet fever In the family o
K. Schlckctanz , 1323 Pleasant street , wa
reported to the Board of Health yesterday.
J. C. Blxby , heating and sanitary engineer
Plans and specifications for heating , plumb
ing and lighting. 202 Main , Council Bluff !
The meeting of the Pennsylvania clul
of Pottawattarale county called for till
evening has been postponed until next Sun
day.Don't you think It must bo a pretty gooi
laundry that can please so many hundred
of customers ? Well that's the "Eagle,1
72J Broadway ,
The Misses Sue and Ellen Johnson of New
ton , la. , are visiting their brother , Alder
man J , D. Johnson , and taking In Jubllci
week nt the exposition.
0. P. Thompson , a buggy manufacture !
of Minneapolis , Minn. , accompanied by hi
wife , spent Sunday with his brother-in-law
C. W. Foster of this city.
Every member Is requested to be presen
thta evening at the meeting of Bluffs com'
pany No. 27 , Uniform rank , Knights o
Pythias , In P. 0. 8. of A. hall.
Mrs. A. G. McCohn of Fort Dodge , la.
formerly of thlg city. Is the guest of Mrs
V. H. Orcutt and will take In the Jubllci
festivities at the exposition.
O. A. Wldner and Grace L. Zollman , boll
of Schuyler. Neb. , were married in thli
city yesterday , the ceremony being per
formed bv Justice Ovlde VUn.
Edgar Hill , a former resident of Councl
Bluffs , but now located In Salt Lake , Utah
is In the cltv renewing acquaintances am
will take In Jubilee week at the exposition
Mrs. Davenport , her daughter Mae am
nieces. Mr . Fanny Bryan Balrd and Mlsi
Nancy Bryan of Salem , 111. , are guests o
Ilcv. G. G. Lcmen and wife at the Chrlstlai
Colonel f. G. Saunders went to Cllnto :
last evening , where by special Invitation o
Governor Shaw he will form one of tin
jmrty of stnte officials accompanying thi
president to Omaha.
Jens C. Jensen , c. former subject of thi
l\lng of Denmark , and John August Hermai
Buss , a former subject of the emperor o
Germany , were granted naturalization pa
pers yesterday by Judge Macy of the dlstrlc
Minnie , the Infant daughter of Mr. am
Mrs. M. J. ChrlsteuBPii. 2308 Fifth avenue
died yesterday afternoon of cholera in
fantum. nsed 4 mouth1) ) . The funeral wll
pi held. this. morning at 11 o'clock In Nor
'walk ' township.
James N. Boron , aged 32 years , died yes
tcrday morning from blood poisoning. Fu
iicral services will bo held thin aftcrnooi
nt 2 o'clock at Crescent City. Rev. Moln
tosh omclatlm : . Interment will be In tin
Crescent City cemetery.
The twenty-ninth annual session of th' '
Town State Grange opens this morning a
Woodman hall and a number of delegate :
from different carts of the- state arrived litho
the city last night. A. B. Judson , mastci
of the state grange , will have his head
quarters at the Ogden. The opening ses
sion will bo called to order at 11 o'clock.
Frank Burnett , arrested on the chargi
of being Implicated In the larceny of a pony
the property of Jacob Tucker of Mynstei
Springs , had a hearing before Justice Vlei
yesterday and was bound over to await th <
action of the grand Jury. In default of bal
ho wa committed to the county Jail. I. J
Clark , a partner of Barnett , was bound ovei
on the same charge last Saturday and Is now
in the county Jail.
J. J. Calkins of 1817 Broadway reportci
to the police lasV evening that his horsi
nnd road wagon , which he had left hltchet
nt the corner of Seventh and Broadway
had been stolon. The thief was seen drlv-
ln through the city with It toward Cres
cent and surrounding towns weretele1
graphed and telephoned to with the hopi
of Intercepting him , but up to a late houi
last nlcht no trace o"f the thief or the horsi
nnd wagon had been found.
The Infant son of Mr. nnd Mrs. W. A
morning at thi
Armstrong died yesterday
residence of George Parkins , undo of tin
llttlo one's father. 1323 Avenue C. ngei
2V4 months. The babe was an orphan. Iti
father having died September 10 and Iti
mother September 26 , The funeral will bi
held this morning at 10 o'clock from thi
residence and the remains of the llttlo om
will bo laid with those of the parents li
Walnut Hill cemetery. The services wll
bo conducted by Hev. G. P. Fry of thi
Avenue Methodist church.
perfection , the secret of b'eauty
el or send for "Vlavl Message. " Vlavl Co ' ,
326 Merrlam Block.
N. Y. Plumblnc company. Tel. 250.
All Want to Sec tlic I'rcnlilont.
The announcement was made ycsterda ;
that all the banks In the city , railroad office :
nnd wholesale houses Intended closing a
noon tomorrow and give their employes at
opportunity to swell the crowd on McKinle ;
day at the exposition , Superlntcndcn
Hayden favors closing the city schools litho
the afternoon , as many of the teachers am
pupils are anxious to go to the exposition
nnd will do EO If ho can obtain permlasloi
from the Board of Education. Present In
dtcatlona are that Wednesday , or at leas
part of the day , will bo celebrated as i
general holiday In Council Bluffs and th
citizens will attend the exposition en masse
Tomorrosv. Wednesday. McKlnley day a
ths exposition. Terminal trains will leav
Ninth street station at 8 , 0 , 10 and 11 o'clod
in the morning ; 1 , 2 and 3 In the afternoon
Go early and avoid the crush.
J. E. Langworthy used Cole's Hot Bias
neater last winter.
AVIntt Millies nil Art-cut.
Oftlcer Wlatt created considerable excite
jnent at the- corner of Fifth avenue am
Pearl street about 6 o'clock last evening b ;
firing his revolver while attempting to ar
rest a man named Hardln , who It Is allegei
had created a disturbance. Officers Wei
and White , who were In the vicinity In ;
buggy , hastened to the scene and Wlat
turned Hardln over to them with Instruc
tlons to take him to the city Jail. This th
ofllcers did and turned Hardln over to th
jailer , but beyond this nothing further coul
bo learned of the affair.
Part 2 of The Bee's photogravures of th
exposition la now ready and can be had a
the Council Bluffs office.
The wonder of the Trnsrulsslsslppl Exjio
Bltlou Is Cole's Hot Blast beater. It give
absolute cleanllnew , even heat nnd sam
work out of common soft coal as can b
got from hard coal. It saves millions. Se
It at the Wigwam , or Cole & Cole's , II Mat ;
treet. Council Bluffs
Board of Trustees Considers flow to Hafc
Both Ends Meet.
Mcmlicr Ilolircr SnRKcntN Hint tli
Cltv Provide Uimrtcrx mid Tliun
liiinlilc the .SiivIiiKT of the
Hunt Xow I'n111.
At the regular monthly mectln
of the trustees of the free pub
Ho library yesterday afternoon Hot
D. C. Bloomer chairman of th
board , called attention to the necessity c
formulating some plan whereby the nmnln
expenses of the Institution could be rcduccc
Ho explained that next year , owing to th
reduction In the assessed valuation of th
city , the Income of the library would be tna
terlally reduced. The 1 mill levy , ho llg
ured , would bring In next year but little
tlo over $3,000 and this sum , whlc
would barely pay the rent , salaries of libra
rlan and assistants and other expenses , woul
certainly leave no margin for the purchas
of new books. The matter was Informal !
discussed and several suggestions were mad
by different members of the board , bu
nothing definite was arrived at. A sugges
tlon that mot with considerable favor a
the hands of the trustees was one mad
by M. F. Rohrcr. Ho suggested that th
trustees petition the city council to ad
an extra story to the city hall bulldtn
on Bryant street , to make a permanent horn
for the library. Under the present stat
law Council Bluffs cannot levy a tax for th
purpose of erecting a library building , thi
privilege being only granted to cities wit
a population of 25,000 and over. The an
nual rental of the rooms In the Merrlai
block , where the library Is , Is $960 , whlct
If the city would add to the building o
Bryant street , could bo saved and th
amount annually employed to purchase no1
reading matter for the people of the cltj
In answer to the question whether th
walls of the city building were stron
enough to support an additional story Mi
Rohror stated they had been examined b
Thomas Tostovln when city engineer an
he had given his opinion that they were
The city hall building was originally bull
as a flour storage house by Cofonel Hot !
mayr of the City mills and tons upon ton
of flour had been stored In the secon
story before the city secured the build
Ing and converted It Into a city hall.
The report of Miss Peterson , librarian , fo
September showed the number of visitor
to the rooms to be 6,000 , number of regls
tered book takers , 7,827 ; number of book
taken , 5,473. The classification of book
taken was as follows : Philosophy , 131
theology , 90 ; natural science , 323 ; flctlor
3,237 ; poetry nnd essays , 657 ; history an' '
biography , 439 ; travels , 396. Two , volume
and fifty-six pamphlets were received fror
the government , ono volume from Samut
Calvin and one volume from M. F. Rohrei
The total number of books In the clrculat
Ing library on October 1 was 16 ,
889 and in the government library 4,49 !
making a total of 21,381.
The librarian reported that the new boaki
ninety-four volumes ordered by the board
had been received and had been numbere >
and placed on the shelves.
The report of the city treasurer showe-
that the balance In the library fund wa
Miss Julia Officer , teacher of piano , 53
Willow avenue. Fall and winter term.
hnlvailor Settle * Illn Suit ARnlnnt tli
JJVt'U'VK for $150.
When the cr.n of Frank Nugo Salvado
agalnct M , Fceley and wife of Underwoo
was called for trla. in the district cour
yesterday afternoon counsel announced tha
the parties to the suit bad just effected
settlement and asked that same bn made
record of court. The plaintiff sued for $2,60
for personal services and the ccttlemen
gave him $450 the defendants paying th
costs. The suit was Instituted In 1S95 an
had been tried before Judge Thornell , th
plaintiff securing Judgment for JSCO. It wa
appealed by the Feeleys and .the suprem
court reversed the finding of the dlstrlc
court Jury and remanded It back for a no'
trial. The Feeleys are old people and no
wishing to bear the expense and worry o
another trial consented to a compromise.
The suit has an Interesting story back c
It. In 1880 a number of Italian boys ptcke
up in the streets of New Ybrk were sen
out to Catholic priests in the west to lln
homes for them. Among the number wa
Frank Nugo Salvador , who was oent to th
late Father McMenomy , thca pastor of SI
Francis Xavlcr'B church In this city. Fathe
McMenomy placed young Salvador with th
Feeleys , who raised him as their son. Who
ho was 23 years of age ho wished to star
out for himself and the Feeleys gave him n
outfit of a wagon and team , come cash an
other things In settlement for his labo
from the tlmo he became 21 , Salvador glv
Ing. a receipt In full. Later ho brought sul
for $2,600 and claimed that he signed th
settlement under duress , the Fecleys , li
alleged , threatening to have htm sent to th
penitentiary for setting tire to a large quan
tlty of hay belonging to them.
In the case of the Scottish Union and Na
tlanal Insurance company cgalnst E. li
Odcfl. set for trial yesterday morning , th
parties to the action waived a Jury and th
case will be tried to the court.
The papers In the appeal of John II
Gates from the award of the county super
visors In the matter of Pilling road case
were filed In the district court yesterday.
In the superior court the motion for
now trial in the damage suit of Fannl
Deltchler against Harry Hoist was argue
find taken under advisement by Judg
Lew Bassott , Indicted on the charge c
robbing the till at P. C. DeVol's hardwar
store , pleaded guilty and was sentenced b
Judge Macy to seventy days' Iraprlsonmcn
In the county Jail ,
The following assignment of civil an
criminal cases was made by Judge Mac
yesterday :
Civil Cases : Tuesday. October 11 0. \
McCormlck against H. A. Rice. Carl Neleo
against Lars Hansen , City of Council Blufl
against S. B. Rohrer. Thursday. Octobe
13 Thomas Dorsett against J , B. Young.
Criminal Cases : Friday. October 14 Stat
of Iowa agalnat Fred Krorker et al. . Stat
of Iowa against Harry Hoist. Saturday
October 15 State of Iowa against AVllllai
Trask , State of Iowa against Dan McSorle
et al. Monday , October 17 State of low
against Thomas Lorden , two cases. Tues
day , October 18 State of Iowa against 1
W. Gray. State of Iowa against Frank Kll
Hon. State of Iowa against Charles Dowm
Stnto of Iowa against Ed Troutmat
Wednesday , October 19 State of low
against Kempts et al. , appeal ; State of low
against H. H. Martin. State of Iowa agaliu
J. B. Ackerman. State of Iowa again :
George II. Bell , three cases.
L'mler ' Eminent Domain.
The sheriff's Jury , consisting of II. G. Me
Keo , H. W. Binder , J , P , Greenshleld ;
Thomas Bowman , W. C. Dickey and J. Coyl
appointed to nppralso the damages In tli
condemnation proceedings brought by th
Omaha Bridge and Terminal Railway com
pany against J. S. Peterson , met ycsterda ;
afternoon and after viewing the propert
fixed the damages at $425. The properC
condemned by the terminal company fo
I to right of way Is thirty feet off three lot
belonging to Peterson at Fourteenth avonu
and Fourteenth street.
Anphnlt Pnvliie Will Up lentil Dow
on Two Street * .
At the adjourned meeting of the city coun
ell last night the resolution calling for th
paving with asphaltum of Fourth stree
from Broadway to Worth street and Flft.
avenue from Main to Fourth street wa
adopted and the city clerk Instructed to ad
vertlso for bids. Considerable dlscusslo
was had before the resolution was adoptct
as some of the aldermen wished to under
stand distinctly whether or not the majorlt
of the Interested property owners had pctl
tloncd for asphaltum In preference to brlcli
A comparison of the petition for asphnltur
and the ono for brick showed a majority o
over 200 feet for the former. On the In
troductlon of the resolution calling for th
paving with brick of Fierce street fror
First street to the east line of the Inter
section of Stutsmau and of Stutsman strce
from Broadway to Plerco street a motion t
cut out the paving on Stutsman street prevailed
vailed , despite the protest of George Gould
an Interested property owner on Plerc
street , who complained that this actlo :
would leave the block on Plerco strcel
which Is ony ] about 200 feet long , to bea
the entire expense of the paving of the In
tersoctlon at Stutsman street. After con
slderablo discussion It was finally decide
to amend the resolution so as to call for th
paving of the street only as far as the cen
ter of the Intersection , the city to pave th
remaining portion of the intersection. Thi
brought a protest from some of the alder
men , who claimed It would bo setting a ba
precedent , and on the resolution as amende
being put the vote resulted In atlo , bu
carried on the mayor casting his vote 1 ;
favor of It.
The resolution calling for the paving wit :
brick of Harrison street from Washlngto
avenue to Benton street extension and c
Tenth avenue between Main .and Slxt
streets , was adopted without discussion. 0
Harrison street , property owners represent
Ing 2,462 feet frontage petitioned for th
paving nnd owners representing 1,884 fee
frontage entered a protest. The resolutlo
providing for the laying of a sewer on Har
mony and Benton streets was adopted. Th
ordinance repealing the newsboys' ordl
nances passed last spring over the mayor'
veto was presented and after passing to th
first reading was laid over under the rules
An attempt to suspend the rules and rub !
the ordinance through was defeated.
An ordinance establishing fhe grade o
Perrln avenue was introduced and laid eve
under the rules.
City Treasurer Reed and Finance Cler !
True submitted a report showing the dls
position of tbo $30,000 Issue of refundln
bonds , which was approved , nnd their bll
for the > expenscs of the trip to St. Lout
to deliver the bonds was allowed.
The sidewalk ordinance providing for th
laying of a number of brick walks In differ
end parts of the city was read and laid eve
until the next meeting , as Alderman John
son desired to Include several addltlona
new walks , but was not prepared to furnlsl
the exact descriptions. A protest agalus
laying a new brick walk on Twelfth avenu
hptwppn Sixth and Seventh streets , In fron
of the Beck property , was referred to th
commltteo of the whole. , ,
John Dohany submitted his bond in th
sum of $500 as city bill poster , which wa
J. W , Culbert was granted permission t
do weighing and operate scales at 2323
Broadway under the city ordinance.
Chief of Police Blxby's bill for .horse feei
was allowed on the condition , ' that no fur
ther expense of such nature be Incurrei
until the special committee to which thi
question had been referred makes Its re
The city clerk was Instructed to notlf'
the attorney for A. W. and Mary Street tha
the city was prepared to pay the amoun
stipulated , In settlement of their suit
against the city and that no Interest wouli
bo paid on the amount of the eettlemen
from this date.
A motion by Alderman Shubert that thi
city purchase a number of flags to decorat
the city building on the occasion of thi
meeting of the state grand lodge of Odd Fel
lows next week was defeated as being op
posed to the policy of economy pursued b'
the city. Two or three of the city father'
purchased a couple of flags apleco and pre
sented them to the city.
A proposition from an Omaha party to pain
the electric light towers for $8 each or fo
$13 each , Including the guys , was laid on thi
table on motion of Sbubert , who thought th >
work ought to bo done at homo. The mat
ter of having the towers painted was lof
with the committee on fire and light.
The petition of Mrs. Annie Kelly , a widow
for a remission of taxes , was referred to th
finance committee.
The council adjourned to meet next Mon
day night.
Snap Shots , a beautiful souvenir of th
exposition , containing reproductions of al
the prominent buildings , together with i
bird's-eye nnd general views of the grounds
can bo had nt the Council Bluffs office o
The Bee for 25 cents. ' It Is Just the thlni
to send to your friends at a distance.
We Hko to C-U-B-A customer of ours
Our work will , bo a "Sampson" In you
opinion , nor "Dewey" fear competition. I
is "Miles" behind. Remember th' '
"Name. " Bluff City laundry. They're eas ;
on clothes.
Colorado Company Incorporate ! * .
Articles of Incorporation of the Pike's Peal
Power company were flled In the office o
the county recorder yeswrday adding oni
moro to the long list of Colorado corpora
tlons that are organized under the laws o
the state of Iowa. The company I
Incorporated with a capital stocl
of $100,000 divided Into 10,000 shares of $11
each. The object for which the company 1
organized Is to acquire the rights and prlv
lieges granted to George W. Jackson , In al
ordinance passed last September by the clt ;
of Colorado Springs , conferring the use o
water power and the right tt > lay under
ground conduits and wire cables and to erec
poles and string wires upon the propert :
of the city of Colorado Springs to furnlsl
electric power. The articles provide , how
ever , that the company shall never becom <
liable for any cost or damage of any nafur <
whatsoever on account of the Struckler tun
nel , now In course of construction by Georg
W. Jackson. The principal places of buslucu
of tbo company will ba In Council Bluff
and in the state of Coloradoin Colorad
Springs. The directors
for the first yea
are Thomas A. Whelan , F. A. Chapman
Henry M. Illackmcr and Van Lear Black
Chancellor L. W. Ross will represent th
company In Iowa.
I Woulit If I Were You
Go to the Mueller Piano and Organ com
pony and see how cheap you can buy a gooi
piano not a rattletrap , but somethlni
worth putting in your house. A full lln
National Music Co.'s music , 3,200 selections
usual price , lOc ; our price , 5c. Latest ohec
music first copy always lOc.
Wanted Girl for general houyework
family of three : no children ; $5 per weel
If satisfactory and well recommended. Ap
ply to Mrs. W. S. Dlmmock , 219 South Sev
enth street , Council Bluffs.
Governor Shaw "Will Join the Chief Ezeoutiv
This Morning.
DlntltiKiiUhciI lownns Will Meet Mi
. McKlnley at Clinton and Kucort
Him and IIlM Party Acre
the State.
DBS MOIWES , Oct. 10. ( Special Teh
gram. ) Governor Shaw left tonight fc
Clinton to meet President McKlnley and CE
cert him across , the state to Omaha. Sen
otora Allison nnd Gear will also bo wit
the governor.
The members of the Fifty-second Iowa rt
turn to Camp McKlnley hero tomorrow t
pc mustered out. Mustering Officer Cat
tain OlmsCed says It will take twenty day
to muster out the regiment. Whllo her
the regiment will bo fed by a restauran
keeper , who made a bid for the worl
The Fiftieth Iowa returns here to bo mus
tercd out on October 20 and Captain Olrc
sted has private Information that tbo Forty
ninth will soon be- ordered homo from Jack
sonvlllo to ho mustered out.
The Capital City Oat ) mill was destroye
by flro this morning. The building , BOxl
feet and four stories high , was owned b
the National Linseed Oil company. This 1
almost a total loss , as the Insurance wo
light. The stock was fairly well Insure
and the loss on it will not bo large. Th
Insurance Is : On the building , $1,500 1
the Queen of America ; on the stock , $1OC
in the Hanover , $1,500 in the German , $10 ,
000 In the Scottish Union of Edlnburgl
$1,000 In the Lancashire of Manchester ; o
the machinery , $1,500 in Uke Lancashire ; $1 ,
000 In the Buffalo Commercial , $2,500 In th
North Assurance of London , $2,000 In th
Now Hampshire , $1,500 In the CaledonU
$1,500 In the Etna , $1,500 In the MHwauke
Mechanics and $1,000 In the Lancashire. To
tal insurance on building , $1,600 , on stocl
$4,500 ; on machinery , $13,500. It Is though
that bums broke In the basement doc
and In a drunken carousal sot fire to th
building. The company was turning 01
100 barrels of oatmeal a day and could nc
fill Its orders. It will reb'utld at once.
Word reached the state house today ths
John Hammll , ono of the murderers (
Conductor Rldpath , has gone Insane at th
penitentiary at Fort Madison. Ho and hi
accomplice , Wcems , killed Conductor Rid
path several years ago on Third street whll
the railroad man was on his way to tak
his train at the Great Western"
The order of the parties on the offlcla
ballot was fixed by the secretary of stat
today. The order will bo as follows : Re
publican , democratic , prohibition , people
party , socialist labor. The ticket It ready
but It will not be certified to the count ;
auditors for about ten days. The republican
of the Eighty-first legislative district hav
not made nominations to fill vacancle
caused by the resignations respectively o
Whelan and Carroll , who accepted position
as postmasters.
The supreme court rendered the followlni
decisions today :
Baker ( Wire Company , appellant , agalns
Iho Chicago & Northwestern Rairway Com
pany , from Polk district ; affirmed.
William Neet , by his guardian , Amerlci
Ma row , against the Burlington , Cedar Rap
lds * & Northern Railway Company , appcl
lants , from Grundy district ; affirmed.
Lewis J. Kelsey , appellant , against Chicago
cage & Northwestern Railway Company
from Clinton district ; affirmed.
J. A. Van Wagenen against J. M. Parsons
appellant , from Lyon district ; affirmed.
The M. M. Walker Co. , appellant , agalns
the Dubuque Fruit and Produce Company
John Cartegney and Edward Muntz , fron
Dubuque district ; reversed.
Stnto Bank of Ottumwa against E. E. Me
Elroy , receiver , appellant , from Wapelli
district ; affirmed.
News reached the city tonight that Con
Smith , a famous criminal , serving a llfi
sentence In the penitentiary for the murdc-
of Tier father in this city some five year
agof died aU the Anamosa prison today. He
mother was first convicted of the murder am
given a llfo sentence , but soon after Cora
then an inmate of a sporting house ii
Omaha , confessed that she alone was guilt ;
and she , lee , was given a life sentence. Mrs
Smith has never been able to get out , desplfi
the confession of Cord , and both huvo beci
serving as lifers. Smith was first she
through the head In an attempt to kill him
but ho lived , though totally blind. Attempt
were then made to poison him and finp.ll ;
ho was killed by rat poison placed In a Icmoi
MetlioiIlHt Appointment ) ! .
CEDAR RAPIDS , la. . Oct. 10. ( Specta
Telegram. ) The forty-third annual meetini
of the Upper Coma conference of the Meth
odlst church was brought to a close tocla ;
with the announcement ) of appointments fo
the ensuing year. The Important appoint
mcnts are as follows : Cedar Falls dlstrlct-
J , C. Magce , presiding elder ; Clarksvllle. W
N. Brown ; Laportte City , R. D. Black ; Water
loo. First church , W. S. Craft ; Waverly , R
D. Parsons.Cedar Rapids district W. W
Carlton , presiding elder : Iowa City , J. M
McCord ; Marlon , F. W. Luct ; Mount Ver
non. H. C. Stuntz ; Tlpton , S. W. Heald
VInton , S. F. Loveland ; Cedar Rapids , St
Paul's , W. F. Barclay ; Trinity , S. T. Me
Kim. Davenport district C. L. Gould , pre
siding elder ; Clinton , Bowman church , H. E
Wllcox ; First church. B. V. Claypool ; Ly
ons , M. H. Smith ; Davenport , First church
H. 0. Pratt ; Do Witt , W. R. Dyer ; Maquo
keta , T. E. Fleming ; "Snbula , J. Z. Kcp
pie. Decatur district F. M. Robertson , presiding
siding elder ; Decorah , L. L. Locard ; Nev
Hampton , William Lease ; Osage , H. D
Smith ; West Union , J. A. Davis. Dubuqm
district H. H. Green , presiding elder ; Dubuque
buquo , Jackson Street , L. A. Swlsher ; Grant
Vlow Avenue , Homer Wroten ; Independence
T. E. Taylor ; Montlcello , D. S.-Steablor
Oelweln , C. J. W. Trlem. Marshalltown dig
trlct J. B. Albrook , presiding elder ; Belli
Plalne , Nathaniel Pye ; Qrundy Center , S , N
Fellows ; Hampton , F. M. Coleman ; lowi
Falls , G. B. Shoemaker ; Marshalltown , J
G. Vnnness ; Mason City , Do Witt. Clinton
Tama H. J. Powder ; Toledo , John Gam
Plrnty of Cnnh In loivn.
KEOKUK , la. , Oct. 10. ( Special. ) Men
tlon has been made In Iowa papers of thi
large amount of money on deposit in lowi
banks In some of the leading cities am
towns throughout thu stitc. The same con
dltton of affairs , It appears , prevails In thi
amnlitr communities. Noi l boring farmer ;
alone 1'UVi $106,000 1.1 n 1'nnk in New Snrrl
dun. U at WMt'erad' * , In ho newer ror
tlou it the Elite , $60.000 li ; cull cash ha !
been deposited by farmers 'his year. Tbli
plenltudp of money Is resulting natural ! ;
and legitimately In a reduction of interes
rates. In this connection It la interesting t <
note that In some localities business men an
complaining that the banks are loanlui
money cheaper to the fdna < > rx than to thorn
T o Workmen Klllril.
BOONE , la. , Oct. 10. ( Special. ) Thli
morning as workmen were putting a nev
pump into the well at the rail mills thi
platform gave way and a heavy steam pumi
fpll to the bottom of the well , thlrty-flvi
feet , carrying three men down nlth It. Jobi
Frampton caught a rope and escaped with i
broken nrm , but Bert Lcnsuro of Clinton
superintendent of the Northwestern wato
works , and Fred Anderson of this city wen
down with the wreck , Anderson was In
stantly kilted and Lcasuro's skull wa :
crushed. He was taken to the hospttnT wheri
bo died a few hours after. Both men leavi
famine * .
Itunnivay Cam.
FORT DODGE , la. , Oct. 10. ( Speclttl.- )
A couple of hours before daylight Sunda ;
morning the switching crew In the Illlnot
Central yards while shifting a string of fivi
freight cars bumped them too hard nm
made them Jump the track on to the mail
line nnd run out of the west end of thi
yards where there la n slight down wan
grade. The continued their course with ac
celcratlns speed for about n mile , as thi
grade reaches to the DCS Molncs rive
bridge. Just before they got to the brtdgi
they met freight train No. B2 , which hai
come down the grade on the other side o
the river , and with seventeen loads and !
grade of six miles down from Tnra thcj
were flying. Engineer Melnzer nnd Flrcmai
Mater were taken by surprise , but were no
injured. The runaway cars were piled up ii
n heap and carried 500 feet before the trait
could bo stopped. The engine was badl ]
demolished nnd the flvo cars caught fin
from it and were burned.
Vnr Money nnd n. Wife.
MARSHALLTOWN , la. , Oct. 10. ( Spe
clal. ) Edward Lee , who claims to havi
started from Minneapolis September 10 , t <
walk G.OOO miles , get a wlfo on the trip ant
earn $500 Insldo of ono year * , arrived In Mar-
shalltown at 3:30 : o'clock Friday afternoon
and will remain hero over Sunday. Mr. Lei
has so far covered 410 miles. Ho wll
start for DCS Molnes and then go east t <
Boston. Mr. Leo says ho Is footsore fron
wearing new shoes , but otherwise is al
right. If ho can manage to find a wtfo will
$500 ho should bo able to fulfill the othci
requirements of the wager.
I'rolmlile Murder.
CEDAR RAPIDS , la. , Oct. 10. ( Specla
Telegram. ) The hat , collar and necktlo o
James Lynch were found on the ratlroae
tracks near the packing housb thU rnoriv
Ing , covered with blood. No trace of thi
young man can bo found and his disappearance
anco Is clothed in the deepest mystery. I
Is supposed that ho has been murdered line
his body concealed. The police are v > orklui
ou several clues. \
Pence Carnival.
BURLINGTON. la. , Oct. 10. ( Special Tel
egram. ) Burlington's big free peace air
nival will begin Wednesday and lust ovei
Thursday. The city Is gaily decorated foi
the occasion. The program Includes all sort !
of amusements a flower parade , the battli
of Santiago and pyrotechnics and a slier
visit from President McKlnley and party
Everything will be free.
Ynrdmniitor Killed.
BOONE , la. , Oct. 10. ( Special. ) Wall
Fay , yardmaster , was caught between tw <
cars In the Carroll yards last night nnd In
stantly killed. Ho was repairing a bad ordei
car when a car was run in on the tracl
without warning and ho was crushed tc
death. His homo was In State Center , when
the body was taken today for interment.
Iowa I'rcfiH Comment.
Hastloy Herald : A traveling man for i
largo farm machinery factory In the eas
was in town last week and made us a call
Ho stated that his contracts for nexi
spring's delivery were 100 per cent over tha
of n year a go. Surely this does net shov
that the country Is "going to the dogs. "
Sioux City Journal : If the gold standarc
squeezes the value out of
property , ex-Gov
ernor Larrabeo is one R.-ld bus who is it
for a severe pinching. He lately bought :
300-acro farm near Fort Dod e for J.-O pel
aero , nnd now owns 1.279 acres In V.'ooatei
county. As much as gold may have appre
ciated , the governor prefers Iowa land 'al
good round prices to gold.
Waterloo Reporter : Traveling fruit ped
dlers have Invented a now dodge. Thej
present to tree growers an apple they saj
will never rot. but simply dry up and ma\
bo brought back to Its original plump state
by simply soaking it in hot water. It Is
a pretty good story , but don't take any stool
In it. If you want dried apples buy therr
at the grocery ; don't , try to raise them
You will be disappointed. An apple tha
simply dries up isn't good for anything.
Oskaloosa Herald : Major Laccy , in hit
speech at Now Sharon , told a good storj
about Coxey's army , which Illustrates Ir
good shape Weaver's idea of fiat money
When Coxey and his followers arrived ni
Washington , congress sent a committee t <
wait on them and see what they wanted
Coxey sold they wanted $500,000,000 to bulk
good roads with. The committee told therr
that the government did not have any monej
available nt that time. "Well , make It , " re
plied Coxey. "But wo cannot without plung
ing the country farther In debt. " "O , yei
you can , " said Coxey. "issue greenbacks. '
"Yes , but even In that case some arrange
ment must be made to redeem them. " repllec
the committee. "Oh never mind the redemp
tion , " retorted Coxey , "just print her nnd lei
her go ! "
Iowa Political Xotea.
Senator Allison and Congressman Dolll-
ver opened the .campaign at Emmettsburf
amid much enthusiasm.
Saturday wa the last day nominating pa
pers could bo flled in the state of Iowa niK
the candidates on the various tickets wer <
kept very busy.
Senator Gear's opening speech of the cam
paign at Osceola was listened to by one-
half of the voters of Clarke county and
many from other sections of the Eight ! ;
Iowa republicans opened the campaign
all over the stntn Saturday nnrt h ? enthu
siasm manifested was extraordinary. From
now until election day the speechmaklnp
will not cease for a single day.
The headquarters of the state popullpl
committee has been moved from Des Molnes
to Wlnterset. The managers claimed th
would be moro free from interference on
the part of the wirepullers of the capital.
The Waterloo Reporter thinks the waya
of Boles are past finding out since he re
fuses to support the Marshalltown platform
because it is not honest In Its utterances ,
yet ho supports Day , who Is a straddler , ac
cording to that Journal's editor.
The Jefferson Bee , In appealing to the
voters of the county to make the republican
\oto practically unanimous , declares that
there Is so much money In the county that
local savings bank deposits have Increased
more than $40,000 during the last three
months. .
The calamity howlers In Towa are drowned
out by the cry of more freight cars to move
the grain and the answering cry of the
railroad men that all the cars are in use
carrying other lines of goods in Iowa. The
people of the state are too busy to pay any
attention to the calamity howlers.
lOWU X < MT XotCS.
A free hospital will bo established '
Havelock's elevators are so rushed that
the doors are kept open all night to ac
commodate customers.
Dubuquo's high school students have
started a journal to be devoted to the In
dustrial interests of that city.
Dews has two state banks , and the com
bined gain of the two Institutions since the
last statement was issued Is 120,000.
Billy Hamilton , the Odebolt editor , 1ms
Bold his stock of fighting chickens and an.
tiounccs that be is no longer a sport.
At Waterlco the Illinois Central has re
duced the labor from six days of teu bout
each to flvo days of eight hours each.
Mrs. Anna Burns of Ida Grove , widow of
the late postmaster , is to succeed to the
position. It is said that the cholco Is unan
imous in that town.
The Ottumwa papers declare that the
town la prevented from growing by factional
tights and that every citizen has a knife
nut for some other citizen.
During the Des Molnes carnival efforts
were made to prevent the merchants putting
booths on the streets , but the court refused
to entertain the complaint on the theory
that the merchants contributed to the car-
for infants and Children.
The Kind You'Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 3O Years.
. . . _
Thirty yecirs' experience in the treatment of chronic dis
eases. Kemeclies safe and efficient. Free consultation at the
office or by mail.
Diseases of Women a Specialty.
Rooms 3 , 4 , 6 , Marcus Block. - - COUNCIL BLUFFS , IA.
Farm an ! Fruit Lands for Sale. B
The Fruit raisers around Council Bluffs have just closed a profitable
season , the yield being from $50 ro $100 per acre. Wo have BOUIO cholco
bargains in Fruit , Vegetable and Farm Lands near Council Bluffs. Let us
39 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
nival and should have every facility foi
profiting by the best possible means.
A Marshalltown traveling man bought (
pair of socks and found in the too of 6m
a note from a Chicago girl asking the pur
chaser to correspond with her. She forgo
to put In her residence number.
UUpntcli of Hcliiforccmcntn to I'lill
Ipliliicit Not Looked Oil vrlUi
Favor nt WnnliliiRton.
NEW YORK , Oct. 10. A dispatch to th <
Herald from Washington says : The Unltei
States may submit a diplomatic protest t (
Spain through the French government
against its action 'In sending a Spanish aux
iliary cruiser loaded with arms and'ammuni
tion to' the Philippines. In any event , tlt <
matter is under consideration and It Is bo-
Moved has been called to the attention ol
the American commissioners In Paris. Th <
cruiser In question Is the Buenos Ayres , be
longing to the Spanish auxiliary navy , whlcl
Admiral Dewey reported to the Navy depart
ment several days ago as due to arrive a
Singapore , Straits Settlements , on Octobe :
13. It Is appreciated by the authorities tha1
Spain has tbo same right in the eyes o
international law to send reinforcements t (
the Philippines as this government has , am
any protest made would be of the most diplo
matic character and simply designed to mak (
It plain that Iho continuance ) of the voyage
of the Buenos Ayrcs is objectionable. Or
the other hand , a member of the cablnei
said the Philippines , with the exception 01
Manila , are In the nominal possession ol
Spain and that It Is Its undoubted priv
ilege. If it deems it advisable to do so , tc
send troops to the eastern Islands to subtlm
any Insurrection that may occur. Another
member of the cabinet , Nvho talked the mat
ter over with the president , admitted thai
Spain has the moral right to dispatch rein
forcements to the Philippines , but as the
forces of this government are In control , It
Is within its authority to prevent such re
inforcements reaching their destination ,
However , It is not expected that the matter
will go beyond a protest If it goes that far.
From the dispatches received from Chair
man Day , the authorities are still of tbo opin
ion that the work of the peace commission
will bo completed before congress meets. Mr.
Day takes quite an optimistic vluw of the
situation. It Is his desire to limit the tlmo
of discussion of the various points raised as
much as possible , In order that the negotia
tions may reach an early conclusion. Information
mation which has been received here shows
conclusively that Spain has no further hope
of foreign Interference and this fact leads
tbo authorities to believe that It will not
attempt to drag the negotiations out as long
as It would If It believed there was a cbanco
of any European government attempting to
secure a modification of the American terms.
Drnnlccn Solillcru Clnnrrol mill Scv-
crnl of Them Arc hhot
LEXINGTON , Ky. , Oct. 10. A woman's
love and a man's insane Jealousy caused
murder in the Seventh Immune regiment nt
7:30 : Sunday morning and another man who
acted as peacemaker Is at death's door with
a pistol ball In his abdomen ,
Shortly after 7 o'clock Corporal Edwards
and Color Sergeant Green , both of Compauy
A , met In the company street and engaged
In an argument. Green attempted to strike
Edwards , who turned and ran tto Captain
Dan Jacob's tent , where ho secured a re
volver. Returning , Edwards began to
shoot. The first two bullets missed , but the
third took effect in the left breast , killing
Green instantly.
Corporal Coleman of Company A attempted
to arrest Edwards and he was shot In the
abdomen and will die.
After being confined In the guard house
Edwards attempted to escape , but wiis
knocked cold by the guard. He IH In a dan
gerous condition. .Edwards will not bo fried
by court-martial , but under the criminal
law of the commonwealth.
When the regiment was at Jefferson bar-
racliH , Mo. , both men fell in love with the
same woman jind had several quarrels. Last
Wednesday both men received letters from
the woman and bad a fight over them Sat
urday night. They came to the city and bc-
came intoxicated and when the murder oc
curred both were very drunk ,
Prhato Gloyn of company II , Seventh 1m-
munes , was shot and fatally wounded by an
unknown white civilian at 9 o'clock Satur
day morning.
Henry Armstrong , company C , Seventh Ira-
munes , was ebot and fatally wounded In
Adamitown , a suburb , this afternoon by
gives the cleanliness - \
liness and even
heat with soft
coal , as hard
ww' SS i coal in Base
, Burners.
The Hot Blast Draf t
Burns and eaves the
gas half of soft coal.
Soft coal equal to
hard coal.
' I used Colo's Hot Blast last winter. Only
used li tons of soft coul nil winter to do
the work we always used 3 ,4 tons for be- ,
fore. It is Just us' clean us hard coaM I ! |
Leaves walls and paper perfectly clean , I II
llko It the best of any stove 1 ever used
In twenty-eight years housekeeping.
i Council rtluFs , la. 'l617 S. Third St.
Lee , ClnrHe , Andreesen Hdw. Co. , Agents ,
Omaha , Neb.
Dotnccn Council IlliifTx and Omaha. > > I
Rates Reasonable. Satisfaction Guaranteed. f\
Council Blurts olllco , No. 8 North Main il
street. Telephone 128. Omaha office re- It
moved to 322 South Fifteenth street. Tele- Al
phone 1303. I |
Connections made with South Omaha
J , G , & W. WOODWARD ,
Me m he i-M of the A. 8. G.
Architects and Superintendents
Pinna anil Hitccl < lcntioii
RoomS , Everett Blk , , Council Bluffs ,
Provost Guard Kelm. Armstrong
was un- , , i
dcr arrest and attempted to escape. I I
Private Bailey , company A , Third engl- I I
ncers , was shot In the Teg by the provost f ! I
guard tonight while attempting to escape.
His hip bone was shattered and his left leg ;
will have to bo amputated. The city Is full
of drunken negro soldiers , but the whites v
are behaving themselves.
" "
Her 'KrlHCO Attornej-M Ilenilr to Vre- ui
vent Her Korelhle Ilonuvnl fcl
from the State. "l
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 10. The Botkln
case IB likely to develop a. . sensation befora
the alleged prisoner Is removed from tha >
state. Governor Budd signed the extradl- t i , |
tlon warrant this afternoon and gave it tc e'l '
Chief Lees. Attorney General Fitzgerald
thought It was sufficient far her removal.
Hearing that tbo warrant had been Issued
Mrs. Botkln'8 attorneys hastened to the fed
eral court and were prepared to ask Judga
Hnwlcy to Issue a writ of habeas oorpui
to prevent the state authortles from forcibly
taking the prisoner out of the state , but
Judge Hawley could not bo found. It is
possible that the prisoner wljl bo taken
away tomorrow unless the courts interfere.
A SIIIIK cum : FOR cnoup.
Twenty-Kite Yenrn *
Coimtiint V a
AVI th out n Kal lit re.
The first Indication of croup Is hoarseness ,
nnd In n child uubjcct to croup It may h9
taken as a sure sign of the approach of nn
attack. Following this
hoarseness is a pe
culiar rough cough. If Chamberlain's Cough
Iteraedy is given as Boon as the child becomes -
comes hoarse , or oven after the croupy cough
appears ; It will prevent the attack , i It IB used
In many thousands of homes In this broad
land and never disappoints the anxious
mothers. Wo have yet to learn of a single
Instance In which It has , not proved effectual.
No other preparation can show such a rec
ord twenty-five years' constant use without
Hettlem fjet n Noure.
MINNEAPOLIS , Oct. 10. A special to tnrf -V
Journal from Bemldja , Minn. , says : A rumor
this morning that the Indians were coming
caused a stampede. The people were greatly
excited and massed at the court house. The
soldiers vtero telegraphed tor.
MurrliiKo Kleeime * .
Licenses to wed were Usuod to the fol
lowing persons ;
N'amo and Hosldence. Age.
0. A. Wldner , Schuyler. Neb 21 ? C
tJrace L. Zollman , Schuyler , Neb 18 \
William Maher. Blair , Neb 27 '
Nettle McNobb , Blair. Neb 19
Oscar Schualtman , St. Joweph 35
Mary Schall , St Joseph 30
Thomas Gray , Omaha 40
Jessie Hutton. Omaha , 4ill 39