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Decline to Compare with the Last Eopublican
Qovernor'n Administration.
Which .Slmvr Mow Mncli More
It Cnntn to Iltitt Stntc Inntltii-
tlotin NCMV Tli nil U
Ulil Tln-ii.
LINCOLN , Oct. 10. ( Special. ) The cam
paign circulars sent out by the popocratlc
officials all purposely fall to compare the
expense of managing the Institutions with
the period when Lorenro Crounse was gov
ernor of the stato. As vho period of 1&93- i
was when the state was entirely under r"e-
publlcan control and as It has been partly
under popocratlc control ever since that
time It Is no more than fair that the fig
ures under the Cfounse management ohould
be used. In most of the Institutions there
has been no material Increase in the num
ber of inmates. Some of them' have changed
In Che method of management by the pas
sage of laws , such as the penitentiary , while
a. new soldiers' home has been established
nnd the aggregate number of Inmates In
creased , The popocrats have refused to
pay money to support the Homo for the
Friendless , so It cannot be Included In the
In going Ibrough the records for the peri
ods of 1893-4 and 1807-8. taking the figures
showing the expenditures up to the 1st of
October , 1894 , and the 1st of October , 1S9X ,
it ) is found that the expenditures for MIP j I
board and clothing , fuel and lights for the
Institutions nt Omaha , Nebraska City , Gen
eva , Beatrice , Hastings , Norfolk , Kjarnoy
nnd the hospital at Lincoln , the republicans
spent In eighteen months almost exactly cho
same amounts ns have the popocrsts In tbo j
past eighteen months. At the Lincoln Hos
pital for the Insane , Governor Crounso spent ) j l
133,878.37 for maintenance , while during the
eamo comparative period under the Ilowlck
contract system the malntananco has ro t
$36,147.19 , besides $ lll .8t5 that was drawn
from tlho former republican appropriation bo-
twecn April 1 and August 1 , 1897. So there
is no reform In that Item , being , Inact , an |
increase In expense of $4,500 , which < -ould i
hardly all be accounted for In the Item of
vegetables carted away by the secretary of
state for his family use.
At Norfolk the expense for fuel and lights
runs about $500 In favor of republican econ
omy , while nt Nebraska City In the three
Items of living expenses , fuel and light/ ! and
employes' wages , the poposrats have spent
$2,000 more than the republicans did for the
same Identical Items during the Crounsa
period. At the Institute for the Deaf and
Dumb at Omaha the popocrats used $1,000
more to buy fuel and lights than the repub
licans required for a like period , and at
Beatrice the popocrats overrun In the same
Item over $1,500. At Geneva the popocrats
Increased the fuel and light expense over
S800. So It will be observed that under pop
ocratlc "reform management" there are a
number of leaks that cannot be explained.
Viewing the matter In another light other
than of extravagance and mismanagement ,
the popocrats ought to have been able to
maintain the Institutions at a largely re
duced expense , ns almost every Hem furn
ished the Institutions la sold now at a lower
price than during 1893-4. Taking Into con
sideration thlti reduction In the cost of liv
ing , It Is apparent that tbo popocrats have
been much more extravagant than were the
republicans. But this will not deter the
"reformers" from going'over the state with
their statements about "republican steals , "
and the figures showing the "amount saved
per capita. " t , .
X'oporrntit Circulate Incenillnry Mis
information Concerning the
of Ncbrnxkn.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. ) The
Vicious and Incendiary letter sent out by the
popocratle officials for publication In the
country press , and which the leading pope
cratlc paper of the state pronounces as
harmless , calling the republicans "lunatics"
for exposing It , reads In part as follows :
Tbo last report of the condition of the
493 banks , state and national , doing busi
ness In the state has caused a good many
men to put on their thinking caps. It ap
pears that the bankn are owing demand lia
bilities to the amount of $ , " > 3OD5,755 nnd the
total cnsh In their possession only amount's
to $5,710SSO. Hero la a pretty state of
affairs one dollar of money nnd ton dollars
of wind. The limit of safe banking hns
always been considered one dollar of money
to four dollnrn of credit , but In these days
of sound money the banks are going It six
better. That statement shows the frail
foundation upon which nil business rests In
this state. A single breath would knock
the whole row of cards down. But suppow
we really had n gold standard and only
Bold was legal tender. Where would wo
bo then ? Instead of having $5,710,880 to
pay off their Indebtedness of $53,095.753 , they
would only have $2,401,770. or ono dollar
of money to twenty-six dollars of wind.
Wind Is n pretty good thing , but If too much
of It Is forced Into nny sort of n receptacle
it Is sure to Imrft. If only one-tenth of
the banks' creditors should take a notion
that thev wanted their money the whole 595
would RO up the flume In fifteen minutes.
The time for another panic Is getting close
t& hand. This bank report shows that the
conditions which produce panics are already
hero. T. II. TIBBLns.
Xninc Qiirrn the Article.
This man Tibbies Is a .sort of dummy ,
whose name Is used to exploit all the state
ments nnd political rot desired to be sent out
by the reformers. Ho Is furnished an office
In the cnpltol building along with all the
other conveniences. The state officials pay
him $10 a week for writing stuff , and for
mailing out stuff over his own signature that
is written by them. They paid him $2 to
cover the- postage on the bank article , and
neither their responsibility nor their Intent
In the matter can bo denied. That the
nrtlcle did not cause a financial scare In
the state Is because of the little credence
that Is given to the articles signed by the
lean Tibbies.
The secretary of the State Banking Board
said today In nn Interview that the report
upon which this Incendiary article was
based Is the best report over Issued In the
stato. Ho said that the banks of the state
of Nebraska now are In a better condition
and show a larger per cent of legal reserve
than these of any other s.tate In the union ,
even Kansas being outstripped for the first
Mr. B. P. McAllister , Hnrroda-
burg , Ky. , says : "I employed nu
merous methods of iocnf treatment
( or A severe case of Catarrh , but the
disease grew worse steadily , getting
a firmer grip on mo nil the time. I
finally realized that this treatment
did not reach the disease , nnd
decided to try Swift's Specific ,
which promptly got at the scat of
tha trouble , ana cured mo perma
nently. "
Catarrh la a blood disease nnd can
not be reached by sprays , inhaling mix
tures , etc. 8. S. 3. ia the only cure.
Bend for valuable books moiled tree by
Bwilt Bpcclfio Company , Atlanta , Ga.
time In the history of the state. In going I
over the showings made by the stnto banks ,
taking the records on flic In his office , Bee- i
rctary Hall found that In 1S92 the legal
reserve held by the slate banks was 25 per
cent ; In 1S93 It vas : .3 per cent ; In 1S9I It
was 30 per cent ; In 1896 It was a little over
S3 per cent , and at present It Is over CO
per cent.
In discussing the weight of signatures at
tached to published articles Mr. Hall said
that If the Tibbies article had appeared In
print over the signature of any ono of a
number of responsible names In this state
It would have caused a financial panic , but
that appearing as It did , there was not so
far as he had heard a flurry In a single lo
cality. Ho thought the article was Ill-
advised nnd uncalled for , and that a man
of Influence Issuing such an article would
cause untold damage.
Itnlii In .Vi-lirnoUn.
WEST PqiNT , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. )
A very heavy rain storm lasting eight hours
passed over this section last night. While
almost too late to benefit pastures It will
enable farmers to do conslderabra fall plowan
Ing which otherwise would have remained
undone. About two Inches of water fell. !
FREMONT. Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. )
There was a heavy shower of rain here last
night , the total precipitation being about
.75 Inch. It was preceded by a strong
wind , which so far as heard from did no
damage. Formers are commencing to husk
their corn this year some earlier than
usual. The yield Is not very good. Indlca-
tlons are that considerable winter wheat
will bo put In this fall.
GENEVA. Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. ) A
fine rain fell yesterday evening and contlnn
ued the most of the night. Fair wheat , which
Is looking fine , will be greatly benefited by
It. The precipitation was 1.5C inches. i
ST. PAUL , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. ) A
lively thunderstorm passed over here yes- t
terday between 4 and 5 o'clock. For about
fifteen minutes the thunder and lightning
was almost Incessant. The rainfall , how-
ever , was very light. A wheat stack was
struck by lightning and burned two miles ,
south of town.
NELSON , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. ) A i
heavy rain fell hero last night which will ,
put the ground In the finest condition for
the newly-sown crop of winter wheat. The
early sown wheat Is making a magnificent
FAinnUHV , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. ) A
heavy rain amounting to 1.44 Inches fell dur-
Ing last night. Today the weather Is warm
and pleasant. The rain will be of great
benefit to fall wheat and rye , the acreage
of which Is considerably greater than lost
EDGAU , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. ) A
heavy thunder storm visited this section last
night. Rain poured down heavily nearly all
night and the amount of precipitation was
about two and three-fourths Inches. Wheat ,
of which a very large acreage has been
sown , Is looking fine and corn Is going to
yield much better than was expected four
or five weeks ago. It was the general opin
ion of farmers at that time that corn would
be almost a failure tn this section , but the
weather has been so favorable for maturing
the crop that now they report that the yield
will exceed half , If not two-thirds of a crop ,
CULBERTSON , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. )
Ono of the heaviest rains that haa fallen In
this vicinity for some time fell last night
between 5 and G o'clock. A small amount
of hall fell also. The streets were almost
DUNCAN , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. ) A
fine , warm two-Inch rain fell here last night.
Today Is warm and Just what Is needed for
fall grain. Corn Is almost ready to crib.
Stock of all kinds looks fine and the quality
of hay was never bettor.
SILVER CHEEK , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. )
A fine rain fell last night. Everything
has been and Is very favorable for fall grain.
lloiljli'niniil nt Wjmore.
WYMORE. Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. )
While ouj , hunting yesterday afternoon Joe
Lltty and Hedi'ey Wasl , two boys of this
city , discovered the badly decomposed re
mains of a man In a field , near where the
Union Pacific and Burlington roads cross , a
mile east of this city. It Is thought this
evening that facts have developed which
may yet lead to the Identification of the
body. During the latter part of August a
workman employed on the I ) . & M. found
a package of letters about 100 yards from
whcjo the body was discovered and after
reading a few of them ho tied them up and
placed them at the foot of a largo tree and '
today when ho learned the news of the dls-
covcry of a body In that vicinity he Informed
the authorities of what ho had found and
accompanied them to where the letters
wero. The letters wore addressed to James
L. Priest. Beatrice , Neb. , and ono was from
his mother at Grand Island , Imploring htm
to send her morphine , and from the tone of
the letter It Is Inferred that both mother
and eon were victims of the morphine habit.
Another letter was from a brother In
Omaha , and was evidently a reply to a rc-
ouest for money with which to buy mor
phine. The brother refused to send money ,
.but said it James would como to Omaha ho
would see that Tie was taken care of and
would make arrangements whereby ho could
take treatment for the cure of the morphine
Prelsrli * AVrec'k tin Union I'nolflp.
BEATRICE , Neb. , Dot. 10. ( Special Tel
egram. ) The Union Pacific had an expen
sive freight wreck eight ; miles north of
Beatrice early this morning. Train No. 65
was running at a high speed , when the en
gine and eights cars loaded with grain
and merchandise left the track and were
piled up In the creek and on the right of
way , some of them being made Into kind
ling wood , On the engine were Engineer
Charley Burt , Fireman John Frozee and
It. A. Lattcn. The engine was thrown from '
the track and went plunging into the ditch
without a second's warning and all three
men miraculously escaped Injury except
Burt , whose shoulder was displaced. Frozeo
was covered with coal from the tender and
had to dig his way out. Neither can tell 1
how bo got out. Passenger trains arriving
an hour later transferred passengers , mall
and baggngo and proceeded after several
hours' delay.
Itfliiihllciui County Convention.
CENTRAL CITY. Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special
Telegram. ) The republican county conven
tion hero today was well attended. W. T.
Thompson was nominated for representative
nnd G. W. Ayrcs for county attorney. Mr.
Thompson Is an able lawyer and will make
a strong fight. Merrlck couuly being close ,
the campaign will be1 a lively one. After
the convention , W. S. Summers of Lincoln
delivered an able address. Ho cave an
analysis of the two platforms and nhowetl
conclusively why the republican platform
was In the Interest of the people , that In l-
stead of Hartley and Moor ? being the only |
defaulters that a dozen populist county t'rcas-
urers were defaulters. He showed Poynter's
rplatlon to the stock yards pcoplo and while
the populists howled against passes every
man who could got one carried one. The '
address was listened to with atten
tion and received favorable comment.
ltci > ut > llcun Contention nt Oril.
OIID , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special Telegram. )
The republican county convention met here
this forenoon and made the following nom
inations : John Wall of Arcadia , for repre
sentative ; A. H. Williams of Ord , county
attorney , and Vincent Kokes , county clerlf. j
The afternoon was taUtu up with a debate i
between Brown and Greene. At Its close i
Brown received nn ovation.
Soldier I.nlil to Rent.
WAHOO , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Speclal.-Prlv- )
ate S. R. Jolmzon was laid to rest In Sun
rise cemetery near thl * city yesterday after
noon. Rev , J. W. Swan , assisted by Rev. I
Anderson , officiated. The music was ex
cellent and appropriate , and the floral decor *
tlons were beautiful. The poll bearers were
members of the Second , who are home on
furlough. There were members of the Third
present. Dr. Hall and wife , State Super
intendent Jackson and wife , and lion , J. N.
Gadln were present from Lincoln. Tbo fire
men , Bohemian Knights , Woodmen , Odd
Fellows and Grand Army of the Republic
were < tn the line. It was the largest funeral
over held in this city. The services were
held In the opera house , which seats 1,200 ,
and It was packed to the door.
Hon. Wctmter Ilnvln of Mlnnotirl filrcn
n Fine Aildrrnn.
LINCOLN , Oct. 10. ( Special Telegram. )
The largest audience of the campaign as
sembled ; at the Oliver theater tonight to
hear Hon. Webster Davis of Missouri de
liver one of the grandest political addresses
ever heard In the west. Mr. Davis spoke
mostly on national Issues , showing what the
republican administration bad done for the
country. Ono Item bo mentioned In favor of
the Dlngloy law was that the value of farm
animals In this country had Increased $236-
000,000 In value since the passage of the
bill. He appealed to the pcoplo to stand by
the administration and send congressmen i
to Washington who would advance Instead I I
0 ; obstruct the advance of prosperity. He
praised the administration In its conduct j
of the war , told how the War department ,
had bren upheld In the testimony of Fltz- I
hugh Lee and Joe Wheeler so that the |
yellow journals were now vilifying these
old | \eterans. The men who sought to embarj j
raes the administration were the ones now i
tclllnt ; how the war had been mismanaged , j
He told how , after the passage of the Wilson j
bill. [ William Wilson was banqueted byhe J i
money kings of England and asked It any-
ono ever heard of McKJnley being wined
dined by the English capitalists. The
speech closed with glowing pictures of the
peed things done for the poor men and
poor ( boys by the republican party and In
nn , appeal to the silver republicans to
"come , back home. "
. T. L. Mathews , candidate for audi
tor. opened the meeting with a short nd-
dress. ] The rally will result In Increased en
thusiasm among republicans here.
Myxtcriniin Dlmippcnrnnce.
COLUMBUS , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special Tele
gram. ) J. H. Wllklns , n welMo-do Ger-
rsan farmer , who has been living In this
city j the last two years , has mysteriously
disappeared. ! He was at a neighbor's Sunday
morning , only two blocks from home , and
since leaving there nothing has been heard
from him. He collected several hundred dollars
lars Saturday as rent from his property on
Shell creek and It has been learned that he
deposited $100 In Ihe Commercial bank. Ho
probably had $ GOO or $800 with him. Parties
have been searching through the country
today ' , but can find no trace of him. No
cause can bo assigned for his reaving home.
He was about 55 years of age.
AVnnt the Flmt Mnntcrcil Out.
NELSON , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. ) A
moss meeting of the citizens of Nelson and
vicinity was held at the court house Sat
urday evening for the purpose of taking
some action In reference to Inducing the
governor to designate the First Nebraska
regiment as the one to be mustered out
Instead of the Third. A committee con
sisting of Hon. E. D. Brown , Dr. J. R. Buf-
finston and W. T. Bottenfield was appointed
to draft resolutions and petitions for signa
tures nnd arguments why the First regi
ment should be mustered out , all to be pre
sented to the proper authorities.
Grrcne and Ilrovrn Talk.
ST. PAUL , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. ) The
Joint debate between Norrls Brown nnd W.
E. Greene , candidates for congress from this
district , came off In the opera house Sat
urday. The house was crowdedJ-'Tho'dpeak- ' .
crs occupied about three hours and did their
best , amidst great applause accorded to
both. Greene appealed to the prejudice of
the people , depending mostly on ridicule and
sophistry , while Brown made a good Im
pression by his clear , plain , convincing ar
gument of republican principles. Greene sold
ho j would have 500 majority In the county ,
which remains to be seen.
UiinncccuHful Attempt nt Suicide.
HASTINGS , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Miss Gencvieve Tlmblll , who was
stopping In this city nt the
Glbout house , attempted suicide last
night by taking a largo dose
of laudanum. She became hysterical
and as soon ns her condition was learned
a phjslclan was called , who snved her life.
Her homo Is In Lexington nnd she has rela
tives In Hastings. It Is not known what
caused her to attempt her life.
JofTcrMdii Comity MortnnBen.
FAIRBURY , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. )
The Jefferson county mortgage record for
September Is ns follows : Farm mortgages ,
27 filed , amounting to $31,7079 , 30 released ,
amounting to $35,120 ; city mortgages , 10
filed , amounting to $30,3iO , 5 released ,
nmountng to $19,500 ; chattel mortgages , 40
filed , amounting to $14,921.03 , 50 released
amounting to $14S4S.C6.
Sntton linn a Ilooin.
BUTTON. Nob. , Oct. 10. ( Special. )
George Webber & Son of Edgar are going
to build a now merchant Hour mill In this
city on the Kansas City & Omaha right-of-
way. It will be of about sixty barrels ca-
paclty ] and equipped with modern machln-
ery. i Work will begin soon and Its com-
pletlon | will bo _ rushed.
I'oynter Driven Them Aivny.
SUPERIOR. Nob. , Oct. 10. ( Special. )
W. A. Poynter and Undo Jake Wolfe ad-
dressed < a small audience here Saturday. The
audience i was composed of ns many icpub-
Means 1 ns fuslonlsts. The burden of the dls-
courses i was "Vote for me , " and by tbo time
Poynter : finished a very thin audience re
nrnincd i to hear Wolfe.
1105rtrcnUn Iloth Arm * .
HUMBOLDT , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. )
George , the 10-year-old son t David Spelser
jr. , met with a serious accident while run
ning a horse race with a youthful compan
ion. Yount ; Spelser's horse stumbled ant
threw him , breaking both arms near the el
Kllloil liy I.ljrli
HASTINGS , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special Tel-
cgiam. ) During the terrific electrical stern
last night , Otto Epkcs was struck by Iglht-
nlng and killed almost Instantly'while un- ;
hitching bis team at his homo near Glcn-
vllle. The team was also killed.
Olvc li ! > tlie Clinae.
TEOUMSEH. Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. )
After trailing the harness thieves from here
over 100 miles Into Iowa with bloodhounds.
the officers gate up the chase and returned
without their men yesterday.
iPoj-ntor AVI1I
TECUMSEII , Neb. . Oct. 10. ( Special. )
The dcraopops vlll hold a rally In Tecumseh
Tuesday , October 18. Poyntcr , Meservo and
Manahan , as well as a braes band and fire
works are billed.
r < nNnitiHnrii I ) I ox < if Illx Injiirlm.
CENTRAL PITY. Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special
Telegram , ) Rasjmusccn , the soldier In-
Jured at Chapman yesterday , died today.
The body was taken to Grand Island to-
llotr Cliolcrn.
SILVER CREEK , Neb. , Oct. 10. ( Special. )
Hos cholera Is so generally prevalent that
butchers find difficulty In supplying their
To Snre Your Digestion
Via "Garland" Stoves and Ranees.
The finance committee reported to the
council at the meeting lust night that Dan
Hannon had purchased the II street grading
bonds at a prenilum and the sale was con *
firmed. John Carroll resigned as milk and
sanitary Inspector and the resignation was
accepted. Mr. Carroll Is to take the post-
tlon of chief of police , although the mayor
did not officially announce the appointment.
Dan Montague was appointed inspector to
succeed Mr. Carroll and the appointment
was confirmed.
In compliance with the provisions of the
new plumbing ordinance the mayor named
W. S. Cook for plumbing Inspector and j\
majority of the council concurred In the
John Fallen was granted a license to' ' ,
dispense liquors at 3221 Q street.
The fire and water committee reported
having Insured flro hall No. 2 for $1,500
and as this was uot considered enough an
additional $1,000 will be placed on the
City Attorney Montgomery was directed
to prepare a contract with Bernard Luckey
for a small pleco of pioperty al the cast
end of the Q street viaduct. Mr. Luckey
Is wilting to pay $25 a year for a term of
five years. .
In connection -with motor service on the' '
Q street line Mr. Wear reported that the
street car pcoplo proposed putting three
cars on the line as soon as the exposition
rush was over. It was also stated by Mr.
Wear that the company had agreed to ex-
tend the line beyond Thkrty-third street.
A committee report recommending per-
manent sidewalks on both sides of Q street
from the viaduct west to Thirty-third street |
was road aud the ordinance was recom- .
ml tied , as a number of the members did i *
not favor all of the provisions. Later on
ho matter came up and the city attorney' I
was Instructed to draft an ordinance prosi
Idlng for the laying of permanent walks
n the south sldo of Q street from Twenty- i
seventh to Thirtieth streets. I
Another viaduct repair ordinance will I
lave to be passed , as In the last production !
ho Union Pacific Railway company was I
designated , when the official title of this
corporation Is the -Union Pacific Railroad
company. This oversight was called to the
attention ( of the municipal authorities by a
representative of the Union Pacific legal de
Police Judge Babcock reported fines to the
amount of $ D9 having been collected In Sep-
t ember. Flro hydrants have been located
on Thirty-ninth street qt T , U , W and X
streets. ( A flro plug was ordered In at
Twentieth and N streets.
The council will sit as a Board of Equal-
.zatlon on October 19 and , 20 to equalize
.ho assessment on grading district No. 34
and on wooden sidewalks laid In different
parts of the city.
Adjourned until October 17.
Svrltchmnn Killed.
Lee Garrctt , a switchman in the employ
of the Union Stock Yards company , was
nstantly killed In the north yards shortly
after 3 o'clock Monday morning. Just who Is
to blame for the accident Is not known at
ircsent , but the railroad officials Interested
are making an Investigation. The Burling
ton had eet one train of stock on the trans
fer track and before the yard company's
engine had pulled this away a second train
was set by the Burlington. It Is stated
.hat the second train bumped Into the first
: raln and loosened the brakes enough to
start It In motion. From th-e L street vla-
duct south to the chute house there Is qulto ,
a grade and the runawayHraln attained quite
a speed. U was dark land raining hard at
he tlmeland the traln'Stole up on Qarrctt and [ '
< nocke3'him tinder thfe"Wije9lB before he had
an opportunity of leaving his switches
Two or thrco 'storfcmcn who came i
In with the train were' s antUng * on top of
the cars at the time , but wore not aware
that an accident had' happened until sometime -
time later. As eoon as the body of Garrett -
rett was found Undertaken Brewer was sent
for and the remains were removed to the
morgue here. Coroner Swanson was noti
fied this morning and vill hold an Inquest
The deceased was about 26 years of age
and came here a week ago from Melroae ,
Minn. , where ho had been working for the
Great Northern road. A slater of the deceased -
ceased , Mrs. Ella M. Howard , lives at Chicopee -
epee Foils , Mass. , nnd has been notified by
telegraph of the death of her brother. Manr
ager Kenyon of the stock yards company
said this morning that the company would
attend to all funeral arrangements and
stand all expense as soon as the wishes of
the relatives of the deceased became known.
To Collect > I'crNoni\l Tux.
City Treasurer Broadwell has authorized' '
the statement that he will from this time
on rcfuso to accept taxes on real cstato
where the personal tax Is not paid. A
great many people have an Idea that they.
cannot be compelled to pay a personal tax. "i J I
In this they are wrong for the law pro-
vldes for the collection of a personal tax
by levying upon any personal property nt
hand. Residents here do not seem to realize
this , for so many refuse to pay the personal
tax. In otdor to make bis books balance
Treasurer Broadwell will be forced to place
a personal tax collector In the field as tho'
law allows and thoeo who do not pay will ,
have to bo dealt with according to law.
Flncrt Coiit of the Hone.
Robert Erlckson , the motorman wno was '
nrrcsted for destroying a length of hose at ,
the ( Hayes fire , was fined $55 In pollro court
yesterday by Judge Babcock. In this con
nection the judge said that ho proposed to
break up the practice of mutilating hose
here and all motormen who came before him
on the charge Erlckson was brought up on
could expect to pay $1.10 per foot for each
length of hose destroyed.
Inulc City
Wednesday will be a holiday at the public
Miss Jennie Ferguson Is reportei to bs
on the sick list.
Lflfit week 580 cars. 1G.272 head , of feed
ers were shipped to the country from this
P. J. Walsh. S21 North Twenty-fourth
street , has returned from nn extended east
ern trip.
M. Fohey has taken out a permit for a
frame dwelling at Twentieth and I etreeta , I i
to cost $1.000. I
H his been suggested that the city offices I '
close on Wednesday qut of respect to Presl- i i
dent McKlnlcy.
A flro alarm box was placed at th entrance - '
trance to the Armour plant yesterday. Tb I
now box ! s No. 35.
W. I. Fumb | and wife of Newton , Kan. ' ,
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Agncw ,
Twenty-third and N streets.
The Odd Fellows met last night to com
plete arrangements for the celebration at
the exposition grounds on October 17.
Bernard Krebs has taken uot a permit
fcr a $1.000 frame residence at the Inter-
ecctlon of Y stree-t and Railroad avenue.
Thn reml-annual election of officers of
the Epworth league will bo held at the
First Methodist Episcopal church this even-
Coroner Swanxon will , bold on Inquest
today on the remains of' Leo Oarrett. the
switchman killed in the yards Monday
morning. I
Charles Stcceck. employed nt Swift's , was
accidentally cut In the loft arm jeste-rday
afternoon. Dr. Scblndel was railed and .i
dressed the wound. . I i
W. P. Anderson , statistician of the Unlor : |
Stock Yards company , Is tn the city and
will remain here during the meetings of the
live clock men. Mr. Anderson Is probhbljr .
as well posted as eny person In the west
on the condition of live stock and crops in
Nebraska and ho will take a prominent
part In the deliberations of the cattlemen
during the week.
It Is mated that I'hll Winter and other
republican candidates are booked to tpcntt
at Ed Trapp's hall , Twenty-eighth and II
streets , Wednesday night.
The Good Templars will hold a public
meeting at the First Methodist Eplwop-U
church on Thursday evening and not on
Tuesday as previously stated.
James P. Lott. member of the Illinois Live
Stock ' board. Is In the' ctly visiting hl
brother j , Colonel A. L. Lott , secretary of
the local llvo stock exchange.
John Vincent. Ed Eaton nnd John Young
were each fined $5 nnd costs In polleo erurt
yesterday afternoon for being drunk ana
creating a disturbance In n saloon.
Ell H. Uoud , formerly city attorney here
under the Johnston regime , was a visitor
In the city yesterday. Mr. Doud has for
eaken Bluckstono and Is now operating a
flour mill at Boone , la.
. 0. F. Martin of Denver , secretary of the
National Live Stock association and on old
newspaper man , In expected to arrive today
to attend the convention of live stock men
to be held here.
Delegates to the live stock and sanllary
conventions commenced to arrive yesterday.
By ! today It Is expected that nearly all of
these expected will be here , although some
may not got hero until Wednesday morning.
9S78. McCague against aimer. iijira
from Douglas county. Affirmed. Sullivan , J. '
The owners of real estate situated with
In the corporate limits of a city subdivided
and nlatted the same. On the recorded
Glat L street , which the public authorities
In ad previously undertaken to establish ,
was indicated as being sixty-six feel wide
nnd the surveyor's certificate , In eflect , dehi
dared that to be the width. The owners
01 the subdivision built houses on said
street ns shown .on the pint and along the
constructed a sidewalk , of which the
general \ public enjoyed the unhindered use.
Tlioy also mortgaged some of tha lots and
represented ' to the mortgagee , as nn In-
ducernent { to mnke the loan , that such lots
were located on L street. Held , that the
finding of the trial court that L street Is
a thdrouchfnre sixty-six feet wdo ! was
warranted by the evidence and should be
sustained ,
078. Iloyal Trust company ngalnst Ex
change Bank of Cortlnnd. Error from
Lancaster county. Harrison , C. J.
1. The words r'A transcript of the pro-
ceedlngs" as employed In section GSO of
the j Code of Civil Procedure to designate
whnt shall be filed with a petition In error
Include within their moaning duly certified
copies ' of the original papers and pleadings
in the trial court which It Is sought to pre
sent to the attention of the appellate court ,
the filing of the. original papers and
Pleadings Is not contemplated and will not
fulfill the requirements of the statute.
School District ag-alnst Cooper. 44 Neb. ,
714 ; Moore against Waterman , 40 Neb. , 493.
2. The provisions of section 1001 of the
Cede of Civil Procedure relative to set
ting aside a Judgment by default are ap
plicable to practice In the county court In
all civil actions regardless of the amount
In controversy.
3. The order must be conditional In the
first Instance and that notice of the time
and place of trial be given to the adverse
party Is Jurisdiction , and unless given
the final order cannot be made. Tootle ,
Hosea & Co. against Jones , 19 Neb. , 533.
4. If a conditional order hns been madt
In the county court In a case which by
reason of the amount calls for trial within
term ! time , an order which finally overrules
the motion to set aside the Judgment may
bo made by the county Judge during vaca
tion If both parties consent that an order
be made In tno matter at that time.
5. Where such an order has been mnfle
during vacation It Is voidable , not void ,
and In the absence of proof or showing
to the contrary It will be presumed tha ;
the assent to the authority to make It at
that tlm was given. Hansen against Ber-
qulst , 9 Neb. , 2G9.
6. If a Journal entry of a hearing- and
determination of a matter recites that a
party to the. action noted an exception to
a. ruling1 or order It will bo presumed that
such party was present In person or by
counsel. Hose against Burr , 43 Neb. , 353.
8109. Leonlmrdt against Citizens' Bank
of Ulysses. Error from Butler county. Af
firmed. R , can , C.
1. A fortncr hlp engaged In banking
transfers Its assets to an Incorpoiateu
bank in w.nolderatlon of certain of its
stock , siu.innteclng the payment of the
notes transferred. Two of the co-partneis
became president and cashier respectively
of the Incorporiited bank. The latter by
these officers renewed nnd extended the.
time of payment of a note transferred to
It by the co-partnership. Suit by the In-
corporate ! bank against the. co-partners on
their guaranty to recover ths debt evl-
dcnced by the note which hnd b en re-
nowed. Held , under the circumstances the
renewal of the note was not a defense of
which the co-purtners could avail them-
Z. A Joint motion for n new trial by two
pr rnoro parties If not good ns to all should
bo overruled.
3. Where co-partners engaged In banking
transfer t th lr assets to an Incorporated
t ) n ! : , guaranteeing the paper transferred
nnd become stockholders of the Incorpo
rated bank and some of them the man
agers thereof , a compromise and settlement -
mont of the liability of the eo-partner-
ship J and the Incorporated bank by Its
managing officers Is voidable at the clec-
tlon t of Incorporated bank , unless in
such settlement the full amount due on
\ the guaranty Is paid or the settlement Is
authorized or ratified by the stockholders
or board of directors of the bank , the. co-
partners j not voting ns stockholders or dl-
4. The evidence examined and held not
to ' sustain the defense of payment Inter-
j.o ' d by the defenlants Lelcw.
5. A co-partnership engaged In" banking
transferred I Un assets to an incorporated
bank 1 under a written contract of guaranty
In the fijliowlnt lingunze : "All bills ro-
celvablo taken by the new bank are to bo
fully I guaranteed by Leonhardt Bros. &
Co. { and such guaranty to remain on nil
bad and doubtful paper until same are
collected. " Held , a guaranty of payment
nnd not of collection.
S237. School District 67. Sherman County
ngnlnst , School Dlsirlct 24 , Sherman County.
Appeal from Sherman county. Alllrmed.
Norval , J.
1. No cause tef action will nccruo to a
school dlrtrlct , ns a corporation , ngalnst
the county superintendent for the manner
In which he may change boundaries of
such district.
9853. McVey against State. Error from
Douglas county. Affirmed. Ryan , C.
1. Preliminary to the Impeachment of a
witness because of Inconsistent statements
made at a previous time the attention of
the witness chauld be called to the time
and place whfro such alleged statements
had been made.
2. If It Is sought to Impeach a witness
because she In a prostitute , Inquiry shouh
bo made as to that fnct , and not with
reference to habits which are not chnr-
ncterlstles peculiar to prostitutes alone.
3 , Instruction examined nnd held not to
stata that the presumption of Innocence
exists In fnvor of the accused when no
evidence has been Introduced ,
8269. Wright against Stevens. Appea
from Douglas county. Affirmed. Harrison
C. J.
1 , A person designated In a decree o
forcclofuro of a mortgage of real estate
to conduct the sale Is not required to take
and file nnoath.
2. If such action hnd been necessary or
required In the absence of proof in the
record to the contrary , the presumptloi
would provull that there had been a com with such requirement.
F271. Farmers' Bank of Kearney ngnlns
Oliver. Krror from Buffalo county. Af
firmed. R > nn , C.
Whsro a usurious loan has been repeat
edly renewed and the note ? evidencing tin
Indebtedness have been taken In the nam
of a bank or of Its cashier. Indifferently
nnd each transfer has been after dueth
holder of the final notn who prose' utes th
action does so subject to any defense of , '
usury which mlBht hav * been set up | l
against said note or any of Its antecedents , i
( .270. David ngnlnst Sehoneborg. Error
from Mndlson county. Affirmed. Ryan , C. '
In the trial , for the purpose of nsccr-
talnlne whnher or not a deficiency Judg-
mpiit should bo rendered , It la not prcj-
udlelnlly erroneous to receive In evidence
I copies of the pleadings and of the return
of the sh'rtrf on the order of sale , neither
' Is It prejudicially erroneous to permit thn
clerk of tha district court to testify that
the costs have been paid out of the pro
ceeds of the foreclosure enle.
82(8. ( Equitable Trust Compnny ngnlnst
O'Brien. Error from Douglas county. Af
firmed. Norvnl , J.
1. All material allegations of new mat
ter In the unswcr. which are not put In
Ittue by n reply , will bo taken as true.
l and need not bo proved ,
3. Where a Hen Is sought to bo enforced
for the nonpayment of sptclal taxci , the
' person nf&ertliiK the Hen hns the burden
of showing Its validity
3. The city council of the metropolitan
class hHfl no JurlRdlnllon to puss an orul-
nance levying special taxed until , an r
board of equalization , U has nsi-ri'lalii'-d
. the amount of special benefits to be HK-
penned apalnst real cstat ; , and sections 73
and 85 , chapter 12. Comp'Ud ' Mntutss 1SK7 ,
require notice of the slttln ? nt niirli board
to be given for at leant ilx ditya urtor
thereto In the official paper of the city
8155. Oosmunt ngalnst Gloe. App'ul from
Lancaster county. Affirmed. Norval , J.
> The rlcht of the. owner of real estate
to redeem the same from sale under an
execution or order of sale Is purely statu-
tory. and he must avail himself of the
rlfihl prior to the confirmation of the sole.
2. The failure of the purchaser at a Judl-
clr l pale to pay the amount of the bid prior
to confirmation does not render the unlo
void , nor dc < i It .xtcnd the statutory
period for redemption.
peW IflWB. State PX rcl Boclcty. Home for the
Friendless * ngalnst Cornell. Mandamus.
Writ nllowed. Irvine , C. . .
1. ! I'nder the constitution every claimant
against ( the Mat * lias the right to liavo the
auditor examine nnd pnn upon his claim
and to appeal to the district court from nn
adverse decision.
I. Statutes ; conferring power on other otll-
cern to examine claims nnd requiring the
approval of such other officers before the
claim M paid , lire at the most requirements
a "to 'evidence'"T'hcy"Vnnn'oY deprive the
auditor of the power of passing on the
claims or the claimant of the right to ap
3. The auditor In required to keep n rec
ord of his action on claims. A memoran
dum made on a voucher returned to the
claimant , Is not such a record.
4. The auditor , If his records arc by mis-
tnko or otherwise made to Incorrectly
state his action , may correct them by mak
ing them show what was actually done.
6. If the auditor refuses to examine or
pas * upon a claim , tills court. will not
examine Into the merits of the claim as n
means of determining whether action
would be available to the claimant. It will
compel action and leave the merits to ue
examined In the manner provided by law.
S253. Adams against Nebraska Savings
nnd Exchange Bank. Krror from Douglas
county. Kevcrsed. Irvine , C.
In computing the "amount In contro
versy" to ascertain whether a cneo Is
within the Jurisdiction of a Justice of the
pcaeo. ( Interest accrued at the time of suit
01 un Interest benrlng debt should bo con-
2. It i not the amount which the bill of
particulars shows the plnlntlff might claim ,
but the actual amount of his demand ,
which ascertains the Juriisdlctlonal amount.
3. Where there Is n variance in respect to
the amount demnnded between the bill of
pnrtlculnrs nnd the writ , the writ controls.
4. Where the dofcndnnt failed to nppenr
the Justice of the pence had Jurisdiction of
the subject matter , the amount for which
he might render judgment according to the
fnco of the writ and the indorsement
hcreon \ being less than $200.
C. A vtntcmcnt of plaintiff's demand in
he writ nnd Us Indorsement as J150 nnd
nterest , without specifying the- rate of in-
crcst or the time for which It was ; de
manded , authorizes Judgment by defaulter
' or only $160 nnd Interest from the com
mencement of the action.
6. While th.B court will not reverse a case
itc errors not called to the nttentlon of the
district court nnd specifically assigned In
his court , nevertheless , when , In passing
upon : the asslgnmenta of error property
made , It Is disclosed that they nro not well
nken becnuse of nn unnssigned error , of
which the defendant In error must avail
himself to defeat the assignment ! ) made ,
and : which this court must pass upon to
decldo the case , such error will bo cor
rected. _ .
S291. Lamb against Lynch. Brror from
nuGlns county. Heverred. Irvine , C.
The rule against perpetuities Is nlmed
ngnhst undue restraint on alienation. A
devlso to a named bishop nnd his successj
ors , without such restraint , docs not offend
against the rule. ,
2. Non-expert witnesses can be permitted
to express opinions ns to the sanity or insanity -
sanity of n person only when they have
shown other sufilclent qualifications and
have stated the fncts and circumstances
upon which their opinion of mental condl-
. , . -Aiiu court having of Its own motion In
structed the Jury as to the bearing of the
testator's conduct , previously to executing
a contested will , on the question of his
mentnl condition nt the time of such ex
ecution , It was error to refuse " > lngt"\J- \
tlon. correct In law and applicable to the
evidence , as to the bearing of his subse
quent conduct on the rame Issue. i
10W1. State of Nebraska ngnlnst Eugene
Moore. Error from Lancaster county.
cetd.onRT"'chapter [ . * . . . . Compiled
Statutes-general statutes of 18.3 . , chapter
33. section xxxll-rolatlnE to fees paid by
Insurance companies for services performed
for them by the auditor was so far modified
iiy the constitution of 187J as to require
such fees to be paid In advance to the
state treasurer and prohibited the auditor
of public accounts from receiving hem.
Moore against Thn State. 74 N. W. 319.
2. For nil wrongful acts or omissions of
n public officer within the limits of what
the law authorizes or enjoins him as such
officer his sureties are liable.
3. But such sureties nr - not liable > for
moneys collected and embezzled by their
principal unless as such officer he was au
thorized by law to collect or receive such
4 1 no'law required of the insurance com
panies transacting or desiring to transact
business In the state to first pay certain
enumerated feee into the utnto treasury.
The auditor of public accounts collected
from the Insurance companies these fees ,
nnd embezzled thorn. Held : that his sure
ties were not liable therefor.
8019. Olcson against Lamb. Appeal from
Lancaster county. Reversed. Irvine , C.
An attorney may not purchase at Ju
dicial sale property in which his client
Is Interested. If ho do so the client , nt his
election , may treat him as a. trustee.
2. But the client , by afterwards dealing-
with the attorney as the ownar , may ratify
the purchase or estop himself from claimIng -
Ing I the > benefit thereof.
3. If the attorney conceal from the client
material facts which might affect the
client's ' ownership , dealings with the at
torney on the basis of the latter s owner
ship , but In Ignorance of such facts , will
not prevent the- client , on learning the
fncts , from then enforcing the trust.
4. A contract between two persons
whereby one of them Is to bid nt n Judicial
sale , with provisions for subsequently
handling the property on behalf of both ,
will be upheld , when the Intent or effect
was not to chill blfls or prevent competi
tion , but to permit a bid to bo made on
behalf of both , where neither could bid
alone. .
B. An attorney who purchases a Judgment ,
aealnst his client may recover thereon only
the amount he paid and not the fuce of the
C. svhllo a constructive trustee , for actual
fraud , may bo denied rcimbursemont , this
rule will not be. extended to a case where
the circumstances raising the trust were
not directly the result of the fraud. If
there was fraud In collateral matters this
may bo compensated In the accounting.
7. A contract rescinded for fraud In re
scinded In tote , and nn adjustment of matters -
tors growing therefrom must proceed on
both sldCB Independent of thft contract.
8. A constructive trustee who Is charged
with rints should bo credited with his
reasonable expenditures , nnd may bo nl-
lowed a reasonable compensation for man
aging the property.
9. An attorney who purchases for his own
benefit will not , In a suit to declare a
trust , bo allowed compensation for pro
fessional services In procuring the sale to
bo confirmed.
10. A claim owing to a firm of which the
defendant was a member cannot be set off
against debts owing by the defendant in-
11. An attorney owned In his own right
ono of several Hens upon property under
foreclosure. A sale , was had and to pro
cure a resale he offered to bid a certain
sum. On the resale he bought for $1,009
less than his ofler. To procure confirma
tion ho remitted $1,000 from his own Hen.
Ono of his cl.cnts held a lien of equal pri
ority , and the bid actually made was In
sufficient to pay this class. Held that on
nn accounting the client WOB entitled to
fiuch share of the $1,000 ns ho would have
realized If the bid had been that much
higher and no rcmlttltur entered.
8.S2 , Westervelt against Baker. Error
from Hall county. Alllrmed. llngan , C.
1. A national bank loaned a customer a
sum of money greater than 10 per cent
of Its capital contrary to the United States
statutes. The customer's wife slsncd the
notes given for this loan as surety. Held :
In a suit upon the notes the wife was not
estopped from Interposing her overture
und that she signed the notes as auruty n
a defense.
The court adheres to the construction
placed by It upon the "Married Woman's
Act" In Grand Island Ranking Co , vs.
Wrlsht. 74 N. W. , S2.
t'02J. Bwnln njjalnst Bavngo. Error from
Gage county. Reversed. Harrison , C. J.
1 , In an action of replevin , the court ile-
termlncd that the writ was In Its incep-
t'on unauthorized and the court without
jurisdiction and rendered a judgment of
dismissal of the plaintiff's action , coupled
with un order to Impanel a Jury to Inquire
of the right of property nnd possession of
defendants nnd their damages. Hsld , a ,
llnnl Jud.vncnt In the action ns to plain-
2. A petition or affidavit In replevin may
be amended to make general statements
moro npedfio nnd nioro definite that which
Is Indefinite nnd such nmtmlniBiUa may
hnvc relation bnck to the inception of tha
S37. < . Held , Murdoch & Co. Against Pan-
ska. Rrror from Cnos county. Hoversed.
Norvnl. j Bulllvnn , J. nnd Ragan , C. ,
di SB en tin i. .
1 , Affidavits In support of n motion for
contlmmne-e will not bo reviewed by thin
rourt , unless they have been embodied In
a bill of exceptions.
" , A summons tn an notion 1n replevin
brought In the county court must bo made
rotimmblo within twelve duys from Its
3. Whern a. writ of replevin Is quashed ,
on motion of thn defendant , for defects
tppcarlnrr on Its face , a judgment for a
ixturn of the property ennnot be given ,
nor or the vnluo thereof nnd damnirrs.
4. Gnrber against I'almer , 47 Nob. , 699 ,
nnd Ahlmnn against Meyer , 10 Neb. , 64 ,
5. Act of the legislature of 1875 ( see. 193 , u
iodo of civil procedure ) nmcndlng the pro
visions of enid ( ode relating to actions at
replevin Is void , ns containing no provision
for the repeal of the secton amended , n
required by the constitution then In force ,
Temperature Vnrlnlilo nnd Sklri
Knlri Wind * Woterlr nnd Prob-
nblr Fnlr Wcdncmlny.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 10. Forecast for
Tuesday :
For Nebraska Fair Tuesday and probably
Wednesday ; variable temperature ; winds
mostly westerly.
For Iowa Fair ; cooler ; west wlndi.
For Missouri Fnlr ; cooler In northern
portion ; nest winds.
For the Dakotas Fair ; northwest winds.
For Kansas Fair ; cooler In extreme east
ern portion ; westerly winds.
For Wyoming Fair weather : variable
I < ocnl necord.
OMAHA , Oct. 10. Omaha record of tem
perature nnd rainfall compared with the
corresponding day of the last three years :
1898. 1897. 1S96. 1S5S.
Maximum temperature . .73 BO 53 70
Minimum temperature . . . US 45 42 55
Average temperature. . . . . 66 43 4 ! ) 62
Rn'nfnll 76 .40 .69 .00
Record of temperature nnd precipitation
nt Orrmlia for this day nnd since March 1 ,
Normal for the day 5S
Excess for the day n
Accumulated excess since March 1 358
Normal rainfall for the day Winch
Excess fen the day 67 Inch
Totnl rainfall since. Mnrch 1 2.1.39 Inchea
Deficiency since Mnrch i 3.1S Inches
Deficiency corresp'p period 1897..10.62 Inches
Excess corrcsp'g period 1S96 4,2(1 ( Inches
Ilciinrtn from Stntlonn nt 8 p. in.
Omaha , clear
North Platte. clear . . . .
Salt Lake , clear
Cheyenne , clear
Rapid City , clear
Huron , clear
Wllllston , clear
Chicago , cloudy
St. Louis , clear
St. Paul , part cloudy ,
Davenport , part cloudy
Helena , clear
Kanims City , cloudy
Havre , clear
Hlsmarek , cloudy . . . .
dalveston. clear . . . .
T indicates trace of nreclpltatton.
L. A. WELSH , Local Forecast Official.
One of a healthy
woman's princi
pal charms is her
vivacity of car
riage the dainty ,
springy cteps with
which she wslti * .
The woman wh
suffers from weak
ness and disease
of 'the ' distinctly
feminine organ
ism , who is troub
led with backaches -
aches , stitches la
the sides , d ragging
ging- down or.
bnrnhip eensa- ,
tlons , sick head
aches and the
multitude of other
, ills taut accom
pany these dinor-
ders , cannot hnva
the dainty , bound
ing carriage of
healthy woman.
She will show in
every movement
that she is a sufferer.
There is a wonderful medicine for troub
les of this description , that has stood the
test for thirty years , ami has been used suc
cessfully by many thousands of women. It
is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It
acts directly on the delicate and Important
organs concerned and nialccs them strong- ,
healthy and vigorous. It allays inflamma
tion , heals ulceration and soothes pain. It
tones and builds up the nerves. It is the
discovery of Dr. R. V. Pierce , an eminent
and skillful specialist , for thirty years chief
consulting physician to the Invalids' Hotel
nnd Surgical Institute , at Buffalo , N. Y.
This is one of the greatest medical institu
tions in the whole world. Dnrinsr the thirty-
years that Dr. Tierce has been at its head
he has cained the unbounded respect of
his fellow citizens at Duffalo , and they
showed it by making- him their representa
tive in the National Congress , from which
position he resigned to eive the remainder
of his life to the practice of his chosen
profession , He will cheerfully answer , free
of char ? : , any letters written to him by
suffering ; women. Address , as above.
"A few years ajro , " write * Mrs. W. R , DaU ,
of Dilwortn , Truinbull Co. , Ohio , " I took Doctor
rierce'i I'avorlte Prescription. Trlileh has betji a
great benefit to me , I m In excellent health
tiow. I hope tliat every vroman , who U troubled
with 'woratn'o Ills , ' will try the ' Prescription
and be benefited as I have been. "
Use and
Facial Soap Facial Cream
All Facial Blemishes , Skin nnd Scnli
Diseases pcrmniicntly cured ; featural Irreg
ularities corrected by experienced physl.
clnns at the JOHN H , WOODBURY IN
STITUTE , 127 W. 42d st. , N. Y. , 1C3 StnU
St. , Chicago.
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tainly bo interest-
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