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    Tin- ;
dovortf thenuplvcs The law points Involved'
exhr.uatlvely and I.U"
tone of Judge Sc'iU's cohcltl-
U H generally admitted , Il > ' vir
tue of Hit d-clslo.i ( fir mayor ant .city
council. wflu tilt celt < 1 to proceed nt once to
appoint , H'4Ho1ir4 of faro and Police Coui-
mlBjlonerH anil nt c sutn ; ioiit : n.ef'lns ot
that borly the mayor' * aiimliitnltnt'of I'VJ.
Kaibir't. Victor It. Coffn : n , I'cicr AV.
Ulrkhnuicr nnd Maltha H. Colli.i * was
ronhrrao'l. jTli botids ot I bo. commissioners
\\ero tirefi'i > 't ' ( V.aa'l approved and they nt
on a rtlaiki a fforrwldcnitffl for the pos-
session' or the" 6fllc'Tu ' . . | was refused by
the nlmfi.hoftfd. . ' wjilbli declared Its Inten
tion tq.carry * the Might to the last resort.
? In ( ln > 1iiiniin | * fount . .
The case , was taton tC the * uprpma/court
Januarv 22iv \ Attorne ? fieneral' Smyth
with the approval of Muynr Moores and til
associates In tbe. jiirantlme _ .lhe legal
board made no further cffbrt to- take pos-
bufjhlon nfr the Iicu : , but quietly awaited
the declslo.ii o' thr superior tribunal. Jhl
vat. ser tired on. thp- last 'lay ot June'nnd' '
It unit n complete conllrmntlon of
clslijq previously llhndtd down Jn the ills-
trict ; coutt' TJi.0 Bupr.enm court ruled that
tli ft law In unconstltutlnna ) In that It de
prives' ' the ' citizens or Om'.MM of tilt-
right to , reculato ihplr. . < own nff.ilns
In fiver of j , the bo.ird atipojhtvil by i thn
mayor. Tht Hordman gang used all legal
tiictl"s to Booucy delay and stave off the
Inevitable 1 A" wjjt'of"prohibition was asked
from the. sjUpriiiie o'CrrT by Herdman. but
was d < yiiqi ) { Tijitwa3 | on July 1Later an
liijuncOf/tt.'rtps , Bijcurcd from Judco Key-
Bor , rcstnwilngVihe'huw board from attemptIng -
Ing lcTi1&alHllt ( * ; < l'undcr''tho < decision until
the raa rJjnil.ljei'n flnall ) determined In
the fltii > iernJcyui-f. : Under this the matter
linar beoa' ' > 3 nt68P'cn3lon | | ? lnec July 19. when
tlir nioHqn I/jr n rcheajjng' was filed In the
" '
" "
b'jpi-r-nie couVl.
Tliu attorneys who argued the case on be-
lialf of .thf-X' ty and the new board were
Jufliw' iL 'ix'ijtc'cs'pf ' Lincoln , special coun
sel , "City Attorney \ \ , j. connell and McCoy
& Olmsted. ' 1 * - , , " ; \ '
I'rliic'ljilc' ot liiiw .Involved.
The underlying principle In the brief of
McCoy & Olmsted attacking the law Is that
every voter Is possessed of an Individual
sovereignty which gives him the right to say
who shrill occilpy the various offices In the
municipality ttithln which ha lives. He shall
not only have the right to vote for the offi
cers lo manage the affairs of the state , but
nlto In congressional districts , judicial dis
tricts , counties , cities , nchool districts and
townships. Tbe , legislature may say that
certain ofllccrs shall bo , provided for , but It
Is for , , tlio , rioter nlonojto decide who shall
(111 tlisVonices. H Is pointed out that this
right Is/guaranteed tj the voter by the con
stitution. 'pf the state , and of th'as .United
States , thAlrlt was a principle ot the dec
laration of Independence , was In the organic
not creating the territory of Nebraska and
wan otio ot the promises 'mado to tlio gen
eral government when tho' state was created.
The law cpnUjcJod with this principle , In that
It' Baw o'Jbo ; 'governor of tho"stato - the
poyver , tq pll certain offices within the city
of , Omaha" Whlohi only , the voters of the city
have _ Bright to exercise , ' For these rea
sons . ' 'this attorney , contended successfully
that 'the/law .was , unconstitutional. -
' , < In
no\V' roiii3 oKiVrcKiis TAKU IT.
Chief GuIliiKliiT UefriiilN IIIn Ilccoril
mill HIIJB lit- Will ItfNlK'i.
When the announcement.was made at
police headquarters at noon' that the supreme
court had denied the outfawcd flro.and po
lice'board a rfchearlng of Hq case It' cast a
pall of gloom over those members of the
department who had been enemies of the
legitimate board , The report ! fell the heavi
est , on tbo. heads of the department , as they ,
with but , few exceptions , were creations of
the outlawed board. ,
Chief Gallagher1 , was the only ono who
wou.jdj cxpreja himselffreely , , on thp subject.
He'safd , when as'kcd forxan expression oa
the matter : "As the supremo-eovjrt has
rendered a Decision agatnst-us I suppose
thcro Is nothjnff 'left ' forlus to do but sub
mit' to'thVmanqate and throw tip ouip'handa.
When the writ of ouster Is served on me 1
ehall acknowledge It.
"I , want to say thts , , however , that dcsplto
all the adverse criticism that bas been
heaped on the police , the city Is freer
from crime than U ever has been In Its
hlstbry : Under the present board nnd police
administration crime has been minimized
Thcro Is less crime , and I have statistics to
prjjvo Jt , In Omaha than In any other city
of Its stzo In the country. Even though wo
haj'o , n great exposition within our gates
thcro Is less crlmo 4han there was ten years
ago. I believe , In view of recent happen
ings , that the police department will bo
forted Into partisan politics and I consider
that when't.hls Is brought about It wll
be1 the , greatest calamity that ever befcl the
' 'I .don't think politics ought to meddle
with tbo police department , as It destroys
the efficiency of the force. Regardless of
what'has been said to the contrary , I never
Infer/ere'd In polities' and my record as a
public officer , whlfh did not b'cgln In the
poflf.0 , dcpar'tino.nt , , but aa postmaster , will
bear jmo ° llt In tht t statement. "
Police Captain Slgwart would not ex
press himself on the matter and Chief of
DoVttlyoB McCrath was equally as non-
Sergeants' Halter and King would not
discuss' the action of tho' supreme court
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further than to say that "they supposed
they would now have to take their medi
cine. "
Captain Hate , who was removed from hli
potftlun oi police headquarters and trans
ferred to the exposition grounds some weeks-
ago ft.r cottilug out flht-footcil against the
outlawed board , teli'Uhoned to a frletid hli
cnttto satisfaction with'tho ruling. * Cap
tain Moatyn , who Is oh night duty , could not
be rrachcd at noon , but It In known that the
ultimatum will be to his liking , as he
several weeks ago Rworo fealty to the In
coming board. Sergeant Her , aUb an oppo
nent ot fho outlawed board , c&uld not be
scciij an he Is nli > o on night duty.
Chief Iledell of the fire department ex
pressed himself aa being well eatlsfled with
the-decision , ns It placed'tho-government of
the- two departments under home tulo.
Under 'tho old board , which was manipu
lated from Lincoln , he said the needs of thn
t\vo \ departments wcrp not properly attended
to. He has served under five different
loantn. ) Ho does not think thd change will
affect , his department's personnel.
Clile.f Gallagher , one of his captains , his
chief of dctcctlvcn and two of his sergeants
bill probably avail themselves of the op-
) ortunlty of leaving the department grace-
ully when the writ of ouster Is served.
To the majority of the rank and file of
1m department the change 1 % ono that they
h.ivo long hoped for. , . '
Three SiiftlalnliiK.InlluonceN ' of All
Th nt U Si'iuiiil/und I'll re
In ClVlUzntlon.
The home , the schoolud she church , thro , ,
sustaining influences back of all .that Is
bound and pure In civilization , were.spoken
of by Dr. Leo M. Franklin last night In the
weekly lecture at Temple Israel. U was
shown that the prosperity of nations In
creased ns rovercnco was paid to those Insti
tutions and that'national decay followed
their disregard. Dr. Franklin wade an
earnest and convincing arraignment of the
spirit of materialism , which sets at naught
those Influences ns an empty sentiment.
"There are free Institutions upon which
the stability of human sqclcty is absolutely
dependent , " he said , "and whose removal
would mean a long , backward step toward
heathenism. Indeed , BO 'necessary are they
to the permanence of human Institutions
that without them the very headwaters of
the world's progress would bo checked. The
three Institutions which form , as it were ,
the structure of society are the home , the
bchool and the church and the growth of the
civilizing forces of tnanklnd Is exactly com
mensurate with these factors.1 'Their vital
Importance Is apparent even In the narrow
scope which wo , ns"lhdviduals , { , have of the
whole social fabric , Imagine the unutter
able destitution ! our own lives If the doors
of home and church Iwcr'o- closed to us and If
the school denied our children entrance. For
every homo tlo broken , for every empty
school or church , a work" house , nn asylum ,
a prison would needs bo opened. Why do
you think Franco , a government once'fore
most among the nations , Is crumbling to
decay ? Not because ot political 'Intrigue
or of military scandal only , but beyond and
behind all this , because of a deterioration
In Its Inner life that Is ruining the nation
as It deserves when Its homes have losl
their purity and sanctity. If we como Hearer
home It Is clear that the awful crimes of
negroes In the south can be traced to an
enforced .Ignorance In their denial of pub
lic school privileges' ; What- has brought
Spain so low that It is n Jest arid a byword
of the nations ? Not a. Weakness Of her navy
or cowardice of her ? oldlery , for the Span-
lards met their foe llko men. Deeper than
any material defense lay the cause of her
helplessness , her Inherent unrighteousness.
It Is true that there has been an established
church In Spain for generations , but from
It has gene forth bigotry , hatred and Inhu
manity. It has been to all Intents no cluirch
, and the- national llfo has felt the restraint
of no religious Influence.
"It Is not necessary to dwell upon the Im
portance ofthe home- and the school to
Americans who prldo themselves upon the
purity of the one and the excellence of the
other. They feel that it Is hopeless for any
community lo attempt to maintain itself un
aided by such Influences nnd that political
Issues or other material matters nro of no
account besldo them. But often the third
factor , the church , Is not so generally ap
preciated as a vital part of the scheme. It
Is not clearly felt that the 'three elements
are Interdependent , that Incompetency In one
may destroy the effect of the others. The
Influence of the homo and the school would
bo fruitless wlthouit that of the church ,
which adds the spiritual to the mental and
reconciles itho heart nnd the Intellect. The
chu ch should take Its place without question
as the safeguard of the home and the co-
laborer wl'th ' the school. Without one It
should bo seen that the others are Impotent
and unavailing , for wherever the Influence of
the home and school Is preserved there Is
found equally a reverence for the church ,
"Tho Jews have always made these factors 1
a part of their national life. Their rabbi
has been both their teacher nnd tlielr priest
and the nation has always been as ambi
tious for knowledge as U has bcen , observ
ant and sincere in religion. None the less 1
have they sustained the sanctity of their
homo llfo and thcso things have reflected
themselves In thulr Influence among men. "
Sunday night the "Eve of the Atonement"
will bo observed by memorial services nt the '
temple. They will bo commemorative 1
throughout and the address wljl bo upon 1
"Memorial Thoughts. " On Monday thp fes-
tjvat of the Atonement will be carried out
by a service lasting through the day. The 1
ceremonials Incident to the season will bo )
observed and there will bo a lecture by Dr. .
Franklin upon "Casting the First Stone. " '
The subject of the evening address will be >
"After Confession , What ? " The music at
the .temple will ba unusually good during the
winter , the voices of Mrs. A. P. Ely and I
Harry Burkley being added to those of Mrs.
L. T. Sunderland nnd Walter Wilklns.
I'rnnilnoiit American.
( Copyright , 1S9S , by Press Publishing Co. ) l
VIENNA , Sept. S3. ( New York World Ca .
blegram Special Telegram. ) Dr. Quldo
Ilruno Charles do Frcye , an American , died I
hero suddenly on July 4 , leaving evidence
of large wealth , for which no heirs can be
found. Dr. Freyc was a large , handsome
man. Ho registered as Dr. Charlrs de Freyo
of San Francisco. Ho died suddenly of kid
ney trouble , Among his papers wcro a
Wclls-Fnrgo letter of creilli for J2.000. bank
books , showing recent deposits of several |
thousands of dollars and several thousand
shares of mining stock. It was learned from
his effects that he had practiced medicine
In Spokane and that he had a sister whose
uamo and whereabouts are unknown.
I'rcnlilcnt Sulincir , l < ma UnlvvrnKy.
I IOWA CITY , la. , Sept. 23. ( Special Tele
gram. ) President Charles A. Schaeffer ol '
the University of Iowa died this morning
after a few days' Illness of acute stomach '
ABERDEEN. B. D. , Sept. 23. ( Speclal.- )
Tbe extension of tbe See line west fron :
Kuhn has been completed to Napoleon oni
cars are now running to that poln { . Nlsheli ,
Is the best town on the new line , brlnt
the center ot an extensive st < Kk district j
The company has purchased a largo trad
of land near the iqwn , which gives It con
trol of a line body ot water that can b <
utilized by stock shippers.
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if . v >
Sensational Expose of Germany's Alleged
Flans in the Philippines ,
On . \ | iinrrntljfiouil | Authority It In
Snlil the Scheme In Unit-Mini
for Auiilnnlilii ( n .lliike Oli-
on Our Force1 * ! .
SAN FRANCISCO , Sept. 23. The Evening
Post pVlnts an article oday In which It
makes knoun the plans of the Germans ) n
regard to the disposition of the Philippines.
U will bo remembcied that some time ago
the Post published an exclusive article re
garding the seizure of the LadronS falanda
by the United States.
The details of the plot on the part of thp
government arc furnished by n high author
ity In the opinion of the government otn-
clnlg of this country and Germany. The snme
man now states that Germany Is en
deavoring to embitter the followers of
Agulnaldo against the Americans and tbnt
he has.odlcers In their ranks secretly drillIng -
Ing them. The man In question states
that this has been going on for years and
pi lor to the Interference of the United States
In the Philippine affairs utmost everv Ger
man vessel that landed' there carried ono
or more olllers In disguise and stacks of
arms and ammunition for the Insurgents.
ThePost's Informant has Just received a
letter from an authoritative source In Ham
burg , giving the details of'Germany's futilrn
plan In regard to these Islands. The plan
Is ns follows :
Germany will send numerous trading ves
sels to the Islands and will arm 150.000
Filipinos , besides furnishing Krupp guns
and artillery for field use. The Islanders
are to bo drilled by German ofllccrs and by
February Scnor Agulnaldo will be prepared
to make an onslaught on the American
forces. To aid this plot the letter says
Germany Is trying to Induce China to pur
chase a > large number of big war vessels ,
ostensibly to strengthen her navy , but re
ally to be held for transfer to Germany
should complications arise.
The Get man agents who have made n re
port to their government say It will bo
Impossible for the United States to land
moro than 50,000 men In the Islands before -
fore Aculnnldo Is ready to make his coup.
The German correspondent says tha ( Amer
ica's only hope Is to disarm the Insurgents.
The Post regards the recent ordering of j '
additional troops to Manila , after their mus
tering out had been ordered , as an Indica
tion that the United States has been In
formed of Germany's attempt to frustrate
American acquisition of the Islands.
Uctoi't ( hi * I'olnoii In Time.
MANILA , Philippine Islands- Sept , 23 , A
careful Investigation of the attemptto poi
son Agulnaldo' shows that the cookIs not
dead as reported and that no trJWta ? hrfS ,
Implicated , as alleged by the fn'jj'u'rgeats.
Paterno , the president of the Philippine
assembly , exaggerated the facts In the case.
Several Spanish casedores were allowed"
remain nt liberty at Malolos and two of
them were employed In Agulnaldo's house
hold. One of these put a packet-of oxalate -
ate of potash powder Into the soup , but the
cook detected it Immediately and nobody
was injured. A packet was also folind. In
the casederoa' pocket. There Is no reason
to believe that ho had any accompllcK-'Tho
Filipinos and the Filipino government pro
posed to send a long dispatch to President
McKlnley , protesting against certain al
leged Spanish mlsstatcmcnts as being calcu
lated to "undermine the friendship between
the Filipinos and the Americans. " but in
stead-of sodoing , , they simply1scnt'a.lls -
jatch tendering to the American go-vprfi-
ment and the American people through
President McKlnley an expression of "high
esteem and unity of sentiment towards the
champions and protectors of oppressed pee
ples. "
On Thursday the Filipinos Intend to have
a great festival at Malolos In celebration
of their Independence. The Filipino Na
tional association has decided to request
the Americans , first , to recognize the In
dependence of the Islands ; second , to estab
lish a protectorate over their external af
fairs and to Induce the powers to recognize
their Independence ; third , to appoint a joint
commission ot Americans and Filipinos for
the arrangement of details to "reciprocate
the Americans' services. "
How AKUltmlilo'N AuentM Will He Ilc-
colvcil nt the White Hoiine.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 23. It Is probable
that Agonclllo and Lopez , the representa-
I lives of Agulnaldo who arrived nt San Fran
cisco yesterday , will call at the White House
on their way through Washington td Paris.
i They will be admitted to see President Me-
Klnley , but only ns Individuals- not as
.representatives of any goveri acnt. . It would
be plainly impolitic and Inconsistent for. the
president at this date and pending the con
clusion of the pqace conferenceatParis
to allow U to be understood , by according
: i formal reception to the delegates , that1 he
bad thereby recognized the Philippine gov
ernment as an Independent nationality. H's
attitude toward the Filipinos uould bo 61m-
liar to that assumed by him toward the
As the Filipinos have repeatedly sought
to convey the Impression that the United
States representatives In Manila have at
some time during the war recognized -Agul-
naldo as an Independent ally and entered
Into formal co-operation with him , It may
bo stated that the government at Washlng-
ton Is unaware that any such thing has 1
happened. Admiral Dewcy , who was In
command of all tho.UpHed States forces
during the most' critical period , expressly
cabled the secretary of- the navy that ho
had entered Into no formal agreement with
Agulnaldo. As for Consul General Wlldman ,
any understand he may have assumed with
Agulnaldo must have been upon his own ,
personal and Individual responsibility and
would bo without foimal standing ,
Inasmuch as ho had not the express author-
Izatlon frpm the State department absolutely
required to negotiate In such cases. The
peace commissioners arc , free to "deal with
the Philippine 'problem at Paris absolutely
without , restriction beyond that which
might be supposed to arise from a sense of
moral obligation to avoid , committing
the Filipinos' again into the hands of their
late rulers.
I AllcKCil to lie the WnrU ot the
j Clerlcnl I'nrty.
1 NEW YORK. Sept. 23. A dispatch to the
Herald from Manila says : The schemes ol 1
I the Spanish clerical party have divided the
Filipinos almost beyond the hope o ' !
reconciliation. On' Sunday , when the archbishop -
bishop of Manila ' went to Oaco to ad-
minister the rlto of'confirmatlon , a party oi '
rebels attempted to kidnap the prelate. The
success of the plot was prevented by the
Interference of jh'o Amerlcan soldiers whc
are stationed there. The purpose of the
kidnappers was to take the "archbishop tc
. Melolos , where Agulnaldo- holding foui
c Spanish prests ( as prisoners ,
En en Filipinos .wero detected yesterdaj
at Santa Ana with * money received fron
some Spanish priests , TJTejr were arrcstei
_ on a direct order from Agulnaldo , desplti
the protest of Plo Plar , the commander-ln'
chief of the district. Tbry. vlll be shot 10 ,
morrow. '
Privates Carrier , Dennis ami chultz o
the Thirteenth"kMliinesota reglmjifl havi
dlod In the hospitali hts jveek. Tregl '
went has fortV-flyo mftf.'qiiJ.'ttio-'Slck list.
Ye 11 I'M r of ( lie Yi-llmv Mill
I'onil linn Anotlirr ( ilionllali
Chapter Ailtlcil.
SbUTHINOTQN , Conn , Sept. 23. Some
strange Nemesis seems to pursue the re
mains of the unfortunate young woman
who was the victim of the Yellow Mill pond
tragedy and who has been Identified as
Emma GUI of this village.
This morning the remains wcro exhumed
from the potter's "field In Bridgeport and
brought hci'e for burial. Funeral services
were held this afternoon , and the remains
were scarcely again returned to the grave
when Dr. Roscnbluth received a telegram
from Coroner DotOn of Bridgeport , asking '
him to make nn Investigation of the teeth ,
The body had boon burled but a permit wus
Issued and th.o remains will be disinterred
tomorrow and the examination made. Dr.
Rosenbluth la the dentist who did all tha
work on Misn Gill's teeth.
Harry Owley land Howard Guernsey , two
youn men of prominent families , have
bfcn nrrcs'ted ' for suhp.oscd connection with
the ; case nnd taken to Bridgeport tonight.
No ono In the village seems .to have any
knowledge Guernsey being In the company - '
pany of Miss Gill , while It was well knonn
' .thai Ottley was well acquainted with her
and has received frequent letters from her.
What evidence the detectives have cannot
be learned.
BRIDGEPORT. Conn. , Sept. Charles A.
Plumb , arrested In Stratford Wednesday
night on suspicion that ho wns Implicated
In the Gill murder , wns released tonight , as
It was urpved that ho had no connection
with the case. Young Gullford Is still held.
ELMIKA , N. Y. , Sept. 23. Eudora Gull-
ford , daughter of Dr. Nancy Gullford , wus
arrested at the residence of her uncle , Ste
phen Brown , In Wellsburg , for complicity
In the Bridgeport murder.
Service * Conilucteil from the HH-
torlrnl Church In 'Which Her
Father AVnti Conllmieil.
RICHMOND , Vn. , Sept. 23. Varina Anne
Jefferson Davis , "Tho Daughter of the Con
federacy , " sleeps her last sleep In the
bosom ot the land she loved so well. Her
remains arrived here at 8:40 : this morning
nnd were met at the depot by Lee camp ,
Confederate Veterans , of which she was a
member , and delegates from Picket camp.
The casket was boruo to the hcarso from
the funeral car by the men selected for
active pall-bearers and Ihe 'guard of honor
and tle ] veteran escort followed In columns
of fours. There w.e/re four beautiful whlto
horses attached to the hearse , each ono
being led by a coloretrman. '
The casket * rns placed In the lecture
room of St. Pdul's'church. The casket was
surrounded by'floral 'tributes from Georgia ,
Virginia , South Carolina nnd other states.
To the- left of 'tho casket was the furled
flag of trie coMfederacy.
St , ' .Paul's " ; churcf'Mn ) which the futjera }
BrvIces"\yifto conduqffd nnd of which Rsvi
Dr. Hartley Carmlohaei Is the rector , was
the church In which Mr. Davis was con
firmed and was seatqd when ho received ,
April 3 , 1803 , ' the message from General
' '
Lee which pcccss.'lta'ted the evacuation of
Richmond by the confederate troops.
llulnliiK of Ain rlcnu Flan Ovt-r City
, - of San Juun to lie Made
SAN JUAN , Porlo'RIcb , Sijpt. 23. Every
thing 'regarding the evacuation of the Island
of Porto Rico by the Spanish troops Is pro
ceeding satisfactorily. The Spaniards are
acting ln-'porfocr > gootl faith and are turning
over everything- . they quit the various
towns' . "r i
Preparations'ard'being made for an elabo
rate and Impressive ceremony when the
American flag Is raised over San Juan.
The military commission has adjourned
until Monday next.
The lights on the north coast of the Island ,
which have been dark since the , yar begap ,
have ben relighted by the Spaniards , except
at San Juan , where the lighthouse was de
stroyed In the bombardment by the fleet
under Rear Admiral Sampson. The lights
of the city warn mariners approaching the
port. We bear the expense of the mainte
nance of the coast lights.
United States Consul Hanna Is flooded
with letters from fortune hunters. He
strongly advises all of them to remain at'
homo until the Americans are In complete
Soldier * Die nt KiinmnK Cltr.
KANSAS CITY , Sept. 23. W. T. Kln-
nard , sergeant of Company I , nnd Charles
Merlclo , a private In Compapy F , Third
Missouri volunteers , died hero today of
. 'typhoid fever contracted In camp at Camp
' Alger and Camp Meade , respectively.
! , - < r.t Ki
BDOEMONT. S. D. ' , Sept. 23. ( Special
Telegram. ) Plre started at 1:30 : this after-
UOqn In the building occupied by P. J.
Franzen as a millinery store. A tremendous
deus gale waa blowing and a whole block.
was dcstroved before the fire was put out.
The loss will foot up to over $150,090 , par
tially Ins'ured. The store * block belonging
to't1. CN Qrablc. the grocer } * 'store of 0. H.
Davidson , with Us .cntlro stock , apd sev
eral other stocks of goods are the prin
cipal losses. The , block will bo rebuilt.
1 Inrn Ucnlroyecl.
PAPILLION , Nob. , Sept. 23. ( Special. )
Last night about 9 o'clock the large barn
of Charles P.osencranz was burned down.
Strenuous efforts were made to save the
building , but without avail. Besides the
barn several Ions of hay , chickens , etc. ,
were destroyed. The building was also
used as a work house. Loss , about $500 ,
with J200 Insurance.
Foray lh-.Y < l nnix.
COZAD , Neb. . Sept. 23. ( Special. ) The
marriage of Miss Llbble Adams of this
place and Mr , W. II. H. Forsyth of Ansley ,
Neb. , was celebrated last evening at the
home ot the bride's parents. Mr. nnd Mrs.
N. M. Adams , only the Immediate rela-
lives of the bride and groom being present ,
The ceremony was performed by Rev. D. D.
Forsyth , a brother of the groom. The
bride is an estimable young woman and wna
formerly a teacher In the public schools.
The croom Is a promising young mlnlstor
In tbo Methodist Episcopal church , having
Just been returned to the pastorate at
Ansley , Neb. , for another year.
IliilTulo HIM IM Htt < -r.
KANSAS CITY. Sept. 23. Colonel William
F. Cody ( Buffalo Bill ) , who was last night
token to All Saints' hospital suffering from
nervous strain , Is considerably Improved to-
day and expects to join his show at Joplln
tomorrow. It was erroneously stated thai
Colonel Cody was suffering from an uttncli
or typhoid fever. Mrs , Cody arrived from
North Platte , Neb. , today.
llrnvy Cattle
W1BIWB , S. D. , Sept. 23. ( Special Tele-
Bfa.mi ) Cars are In the yards hero , to taki
„ QU 3CQp , head of catle which are read !
. tp crpss the river for shipment. Moat o
' (
. tifie'jse cattle will go out tomorrow and'Sun
day'"ami w'lll probably be one of the hear
{ > cst shipments of the season.
° Mnr < MiieillMof ; Oeeali Vi-in 'U1Sejif. . -i :
" At Liverpool Arrived Cevjc. "Irom Nev
York-- ' ' . '
* - - - < :
Miraculous Escape of Over Fifty Miners from
a Ooal Pit.
Seventy Are nt Work When K\i1 -
fllon Oeenrn , lint Mont of ' 1'lu-iu
I > enie TlirntiKh nil Aneleut
Tiiniii-1 The Injnreit ,
BROWNSVILLE , Pa. , . Sept. 23. Seventy-
men uere entombed today In the Empire
nilno of Snondcn , Gould & Co. , as the re
sult of an explosion of gas , followed by
nno.hcr explosion of lire damp. Of tlic
number entombed nil escaped or wcic taken
out by rosc'ulng parties , , except eight , \\lio
wcro killed' outright and three moro or loss
The list or the dead and Injured nro :
JOHN HA1STON. mlucr , aged 35 , colored ,
wife and two children.
SALEM HA1STON , miner , his brother ,
aged 25 , single.
ROBERT DAVIDSON , miner , aged 45 , no
JOHN DENNETT , driver , aged 22 , single.
WILLIAM PR1TCHARD , miner , aged GO ,
wlfo and seven children. , .
HENRY HAGAR , driver , aged 17 , badly
burned ,
JOHN CARTWRIGHT , miner , aged GO ,
married but no children.
JAMES HALL , miner , aged 27 , unmarried.
The following wcro Injured :
George Baker , miner , burned on breast
and face.
John Baker , slightly burned.
Samuel Mclntyre , cut on head by fall of
The explosion Is said to have been caused
by the loosening of a large block of coal
which opened a pocket of gas. Immediately
following the explosion of gas there was a '
second explosion of flro damp.
Thcro wcro seventy men nt work In the
mlno at the time of the disaster and at
flrst It eeemcd an Impossibility for any of
the fifty-four men In mines Nos. 9 and 10 ,
where the explosion occurred , to escape.
Four men , Jacobs , Davis , Whesca nnd Wal
ker , who were near the entrance , managed
to crawl out and the others , with the ex
ception of those caught by falling coal ,
escaped by traversing a mile and a half of
underground passage , coming out nt the en
trance near Lynn station. This' point Is
four miles from the opening" of the mine ,
on the Monongnhela river.
j Slo tly a.tor he re-o ; t was circulated that
an exploslo.n had taken place at the Em
pire mlno and that many miners were en
tombed , Water street , a narrow thorough
fare leading to It , was crowded with men ,
women and children , nil moving nt break
neck saecd towards the mines. When the
mlno was reached wilting hands at once
went to-1 work. There wag no waiting.
Hferj > bodysedmed to vnnt to co Into the
mlhoi It was by sh'cer' force that these
In charge at tlio entrance kept tlio crowd
oirt. There was a sufficient force Inside to
do rescue work when a' weary and painful
wait of hours took place.
It was several hours later that the tink
ling of the electric boll In the engine house
announced that a train pf coal cars rwas
coming from within. The scene of the dis
aster Is more than a mlle from the en
trance. The ci\rs are taken In and out by
means of heavy bales , wrapped and un
wrapped by two largo spools. It took about
ten minutes for the first load to reach the
outside world. While the coble was wind
ing there was a suspense that bordered on
the awful.
When the little train of cars emcrced a
ahuddor. was yjslblo In the crowd. First
there came tweycars loaded with coal. Then
three cars , In each of which there were two
bodies. In one were two brothers , side by
side , John and Salem Halston. In the others
were Robert Davidson and John Bennett ,
William Prltchard and John Cartwrlght.
James Hill was In the last car.
During the cntlro afternoon there was a
doaperato wait. It was announced that
many men had come out of the mlno from
an abandoned entry nearly three 'miles dis
tant. This allayed the fears of many and
as fast as the men wore accounted for to
their friends and families rejoicings and
congratulations followed.
At 9 o'clock the last of the explorers from
the mlno came out and announced that
there was nothing living or dead behind In
the mine , leaving the llet of fatalities as
given. Flro Boss Henry Farrar and Pit
Boss James Broderlck were In the party
that made the last search of the mlno to
night. When questioned as to the cause
of thp disaster they would.not talk , merely
saying they had nothing to say for publi
cation. Much Interest Is manifested In the
cause of the explosion and Coroner Smith ,
who. Arrived from Uulontown tonight , Bays
a searching Investigation will bo made at
the Inquest ,
Firemen Turn Delix Down ,
TORONTO , Sept..23. Vice Grand Master
Hanrahan of the Brotherhood of Locomotive
Firemen has announced that he will not
be a candidate for grand master. This means
that Mr. Sargent' will be elected unani
mously. The convention has rejected the
report of the grand executive board on the
report of the board of grand trustees. Its
report was not made public , Eugene V.
Debs has como and gone , but'he. did not cnp-
Expert bicyclists
ivc already suc
ceeded in riding-
single wheel , or
unicycle , for short
distances. In years
to come the unicycle -
cle may become
ni common a
mode of loco
motion as the
bicycle. Only a
- few j ears ago
x people would
* \ have laughed at
, J the idea that
J- * all the world
-would shortly
i be awheel.
It is not in me
chanics alone that
the world is making rapid progress. Not
many years ago all physicians pronounced
consumption an incurable disease. To day
a large proportion of people recognize that
it is a distinctly curable disease. Doctor
Picrce's Golden Medical Discovery cures
§ 3 per cent , of all cases of consumption.
It has stood the test for thirty years. Thou
sands of people who were given up by their
doctors , and had lost all hope owe their
lives to this marvelous remedy. It acts j
directly on the lungs , driving but all im
purities and disease germs. It restores the
appetite , corrects all disorders of the diges
tion , strengthens the weak stomach , makes
the assimilation of the life-giving elements
of the food perfect , invigorates the liver ,
purifies the blood and tones the nerves. It
is the great blood-maker and flesh-builder.
It does not make flabby flesh like cod liver
oil , but the firm , muscular tissue of abso
lute health. An honest dealer will not
offer you an inferior substitute for the sake
of a little added profit.
Miss Mary Whitman , of Kast Dickinson ,
Prankllu Co. , N. Y. , writes : " I'or nearly ten
months I liaxe had a bad cough , and instead of
getting better , It grew worse. I wa said to have
consumption. I tried Dr. Hcrcejs Golden Med
ical Discovery , and when the second bottle was
empty I had no cough and , was cured. "
Dr. Pierce's
and rood health Is largely a matter of healthy
activity of the bowels. Dr. Pierce'i Pleasant
Pellrts cure constipation. They are safe , * ure
and speedy , and once taken do not have to be
taken alwayi. One little "relict" Is a gentle
laxalfvr , and two a mild v * * .
cathartic. They never B-'Al E ATC
gripe. Drucglsts sell them. * . WISWUjJ *
ture any oftlcp In the Rift of the order. It
U now descried that vihat Mr. Urb * wanted
was hla old position of rrand secretary-
treasurer and editor of the Flrrnien'N Maga
Jinn til Oiiiulin sun , H- MHO * .
Thrco more truck loads of gambling de
vices from South Omaha have come Into
the ' po uslon of Stlporltiundpnt Miles
Houck of tlio court hottso. Two of them con
sisted of lilclel-ln-thc-slot ; mnvi nes gath-
eicd up In the general raid on rtie saloons
of the Magic city Thursday nlg'it.
The third load was added yesterday. It
came from the saloon of J. U. Harvey ,
whu e | Ucc was pulled by Detective Court
ney on a warrant Issued by Jurtlco of the
I'cacoVhlto on complaint of a detective
named Cook , In Courfncy's employ. Harvey
was anostcd.
Courtney has been noting under the In
structions of the county nttoinry. At Mr.
Haldrlpi's oPIcc jrrtcrday It was stated
that Deputy Attorney II. L. tiiiv vo .Id Invi-
cliatco of the p'osocitCon of all tlu < South
Onahtcasts , of which there Is now ijulto
a big batch.
Tlio futtilturc found In the place over
Hanoi's bar consisted of a cinp tnblo , n
lovlette Irble and wheel , tuso faro layouto
and n "Klondike" device after the chuck ,
luck older.
irintN \ rdi I Im id ( Ur. .
Judge Cordon drllvrred bis decision In
the case of Co rje Aichlbnld , the Pacific
Express company's ditvor , who 1st rtllegcd
to have Ftolen nn expires package contain
ing ? 3OCO from a srfo In one ot thp coin-
pony's wnrons , ycstirdny aftcrn nn. While
admitting that the state did not bring out ft
very sir nj ; cac his honor thought hu wns
Justified In binding the def ° n innt over to tlu
dlptrlrt court. Ho at flst i laeed the bond
at $1/00 but icducrd It lo $1.200.
Half an hour aflrr the dcdMon was rendered -
dored Archlbildas free nn bonds , his sure
ties being the Mcrehnuts' National bank.
i'lilinil ( " . Irl In 'IVituli'i * .
Mamie Po'-t , n Pulnn girl , \\rs pass-nc ;
along Capitol nvrpiie , near Kcurtt" ' I' '
street Ircf rl"lit , v ' en she r-i-niirfired
Hunttnct'-n. n'i ne' r , rrturn'ro ' from work
nt a. i"Vlc hnll. ll'-ntlrrlon trle'l to M'-V '
the glrlM dog and \\lien sue prnlrstnl ma'l
an rffort to strlV" bcr Tl'f rlrl siurd her
slipper def'lv r.nd do. It Hvntlnrtou sn h n
' - tl'nt his rnr wna partially severed.
Doth wcro arrested for fis
Mnrrlnsi- , | M-IIH.-H.
County Judge Itaxtcr Issued the follow-
lug marrl.igo licenses yesterday :
Name and Residence. Age.
R-nst Uronhaus , St. Louis . 31
Mary Wlttltopf , St. Louis . 27
Walter Pokorakl , South Omnlia . 23
Rosa Cera , South Omaha . 19
George A. Beam , South Omaha . 40
R. Alice Grimth , South Omaha . 26
Clil Jleoti Toil ay ,
There will bo a meeting of the western
members of the Sigma Chi Greek Letter
fraternity In Omaha today. Acceptances to
Invltat'lons have boon received from prom-
Incut collegians belonging to the fraternity ,
is due not only to the originality nnd
simplicity of the combination , but also
to the care and hldll with which it is
mannfuctured by scientific processes
known to tbe C.vJi.iroifXiA Fie Svuur
Co. only , nnd wo wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true anil original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
- illy , a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par-
wies. The high standing of the CAI.I-
jtouNiA Fie Syutrv Co. with the medi
cal profession , and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
ifiven to millions of families makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
t'ar in advance of all other laxatives ,
us it acts on the kidneys , liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them and it docs not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
fleets , please remember the name of
the Company
r. itr \C\V VOIIV. N.Y.
now residing In tlio west , nnd delegations
a e expected fiom Ohicntso , Kuutiu Oily ,
Lincoln and Nebraska City. The morning
will bo dcxotrd to n mcuing at the Mur
ray hotel , at' whleti matteis concerning lha
general fraternity will be ells'1.1 * < d In
thp afternoon the visitors will put In their
time at the exposition. At 7 oYlocK n ban
quet will be served In the Maikcl cnfc on
the oxio.ttion grounds , and following fills
will be n tour of the Mld ay.
Cor. l.i
lljr.ui' i i
TcU-pli me i217
! .vii * It unlluni-v Plops , nnd Mgrs.
\V. W CU1..I3 Act. Multiuser.
Sept. IS. II ) , i.1" , Ul , ! ! . > . Ut : mill 1M.
i\ct-.i . \i > iilnu mill iniitMicon Mimlay ,
Wi'iliK-Kiln.i mill Mitm-ilny.
IU > 'I.\LI > .v ( i.Asir.vii VAI nnvu.i.i :
( iiit in : i-oi-nii \ \ .
Elglit-ycur-old Mental Prodigy ,
( * . i . * * ti i o t ii
liUenmtlomU Musliul C'onilquca.
' IMi.i
HAM m wivrmi .v IS\MIJY ,
Kketil > and Travesty Artist ,
'I IK. . .It'l 1 llfSlls MM , < > .
Comedy Horizontal llur Experts.
i i < < it ri I.H it
The Copper nnd tlu Kid.
ANV.i. I i. | . U , \ , , i 1,1 , ( in.
normun Character and Clmngo Artlit.
* > on anil i i.\ i .
Comedian and Comedienne.
( . it uti n : c
M..T10 ! Supreme Monologlst.
TUT. til i m\ { ii I I'M1 * .
Singing and Uuiu-lm : Ariub.ita.
ChiillciiKf ( iichiNtii t OIU--I-IM mill
ttl-rrrMliiiM" ! ( < ,
V.\ irjSunday an cntli-c > ! > > Show.
SIC M ) wrrK-UMHMHii s si ccnss.
TODAY ISiilo. TO.MtJUT Mil.- .
AIiKluec Miliiriliij .
cn.Moiti : A. MOvim's
15 written to rag-time music
50 25 flllay"
75 CuUliy Bright Music Specialties
r > 'S > I I'AtfroN & jritnnss.
I Mumisers Tel 1918.
S L X D A Y M A TIX K12 , S K1 " . % . - , .
Weilnemliiy anil SiUurilaj llntliiueB.
The World Famous Hanlon's No\\cat
Full of new gorgeous features , magnificent
scenery , ballets , pantomime tricks and spec
girls , shadow battle , combination bedstead ,
angry husband , accommodating whale , vlc-
.Ilntlng blllard table , funny bicyclists ,
dazzling Arctic scene , elongated caudle , ed
ucated babies , storm tossed occou.
Prices 25c , COc , 7Gc. Matinees. 2Gc , fiOc.
, , , , ,
O. u , > \i > oU\vurU. Amusement Director.
TOHAY anto. TOMUIIT Miirt.
T111J U'OtimVAUU .TdClC CO.
Lost Paradise
Arc you Roiug to the
Omatia Museum and Theater
1315-1.317 Fariuim
Admission 10 cents.
10th and H.irncy Streets.
TiSscs ir 11001
livery Afternoon anil UreiiliiK
AUmlNHlun Free.
Big Reductions in
Brass Band Instruments ,
Drums and Uniforms. Write fnr c.lnloc.
4J5 Illustrations. PRURj it Cv ! Uanj
Music U Instructions for Amateur BanJs.
< UONllHEALY.49Atfami St.Chicago.
AMI ' ! ' I'l V\
J. 12. 3I.V11KUI , & HUS. 1'roin.
TicrFi L'
14th Harney St.
Strictly flrst clngs. Street cars from depots
to hotel nnd only U mlnutea ride to Kxno-
tltlon. Rates J2.00 tc Ji.oo.
U. SII LQWAY Manager
North ol Music Hall , E. Midway.
g Ostrich Farm g
WEST 91 111 WAY.
a62 Gijjantic Birds 62 a
Do Not Forget to Visit tha
Tea Garden , Bazar and Joss
House on West Midway. . *
The two main features ut the Exposi
tion are the model of the Maine In the
Government building and the De
struction of the Matno on the Midway ,
next to the Gypsy Fortune Tellers.
j Old Plantation
100 Southern Negro Dancers , Hlngcru ,
and CukoVull.era. . Pickaninny
Quartet , Handaon.n Theater ,
Heu the V.llage.
The Best Show Ever Produced at an
" 1.I/XI2TTI , "
The Mystery of the Air.
A Wonderful iSypnotlc Production ,
"SIIK. "
"IA Iini.MO SKI.IICA , "
In the Dancing Girl Illusion.
The Famous Hindoo Magician.
Streets of All Nations
Grandest , Best Amusement
Place on Exposition
250 People Representing Different
Don't fall to take rt rifle on
on the MIDWAY , and see a representation
or the BATTM3 OF MANILA In the Great
Tunnel , The patent right for these rail-
\vuyn In any part of the United Btatei ( or
eale by J. A. GrIIIHhB. at hla office on tha
Trained Wild Animal Show ,
.VIIUI-/MU In her Irn of I'or
/OK/JO Morell forming Leopard * .
from I-gyptiun H < tl. Loiulon , East
Midway , 1C ) cents.
roi/ sun
THE f AIL or