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Jim Hill Geta & Hold on the Traffic
Heretofore Beyond Him.
Jiurr Denl on the niinlncnii Over the
O. It. A .V. nnd It * Prulmiile r.t-
on the I'utiire of the
Great JVorthern.
The greatest change la the affairs of the
Pacific Kiprcss company slnco Its reorgan
ization hero last spring became
offoctlvo yesterday. It Is the turn
ing over of half of Its business
on the railway lines of the Oregon Railroad
& Navigation company to the Great North
ern Express company. Ever slnco the ; on-
etruttlon of these lines In the northwca : the
Pacific Express company haa held an exclu
sive express privilege over them. Beginning
with Uxtty the express business will lie di
vided us nearly In half as can bo between
the Pacific and the Great Northern Express
Rumors to the effect that the flno Italian
hand ef James J. Hill would soon bo shown
in a3 lrs concerning the Oregon Hallway &
Navigation company have been rlfo tof
eomo time , but this event Is
< ho flrst official confirmation of the cur
rent reports that has appeared. The di
vision of tbo express business on the Oregon
gen Railway & Navigation company lines
was officially announced at the headquarters
of the Pacific Express company hero yester
day morning. President James Egglcston of
the Pacific company Is In Now York , but
other officials confirm the report.
As stated by ono of the officials of the
Pacific Express company the scheme for a
division of the business between the two
express companies is as follows : Beginning
with yesterday the Great Northern Express
company will handle nil express business to
and from points on the Oregon Railroad and
Navigation lines north nnd east of Walla
Walla Wash. The
, Great Northern com
pany will also have through service from
Walla Walla to Portland for express busi
ness to and from Portland and to and from
points north of Walla Walla.
The Pacific Express company will retain
Ita through express service over the Oregon
Railroad nnd Navigation lines from Walla
Walla to Spokane for business In and out of
Spokane. The Pacific will also retain the
exclusive- service between Huntington ,
Ore. , and Portland , controlling all business
that cornea or gooa over the Oregon Short
Lino. The Paclflo company will keep Its
exclusive servlco from Pondlcton , Ore. , to
Walla Walla , and also Us exclusive service
between Umatllla , Ore. , and Walla Walla.
AdvniitnKC to the Hill Iilncn.
The most noteworthy fact In connection
with this division of the express business
In the northwest Is that It allows the Great
Northern Express company to obtain an en
trance Into Portland , Homothlng It has been
Reeking for years. Heretofore the Pacific
Express haft controlled the business In and
out of Portland by virtue of an exclusive
contract with the Oregon Railroad and Navi
gation company. Because of this change the
Great Northern will now bo ablu to take
express business In and out of Portland
from and to the east by the way of Its own [ ,
railroad. Half of the express traffic 'ha :
has previously como over the Oregon Rail
road and Navigation , the Oregon Short Line
nnd the Union Pacific , from Portland to
Omaha , to bo distributed pact of here ,
will now go east over the Great
Northern , from Portland to St. Paul , and f
IIP distributed from that city. The loss of
the oxoress traffic In the vicinity of Walla
Walla from the Paclflo to the Great North
ern Is as keenly felt hero as the division
of tbo Portland business. With the min
ing camps In the neighborhood of Walla
Walla the express business has been profit
able for some years , nnd In the last few
years It has been steadily Increasing. As
tbrt express business on the Oregon Rail
road and Navigation lines north and east of
Walla Walla has been given exclusively to
the Great Northern , that company will
now control the express traffic In and out
of the mining districts.
Why It WIIM Done.
The explanations for the halving of the
express business In the northwest between
the PacUlo and the Great Northern
advanced by local railroaders and express
men are many and varied. Some argue
that there bus been strife for some time
between the Interests of the Union Paclflo
railroad nnd the Pacific Express company ,
on the ono hand , and the Great Northern
railroad nnd express companies , on the
other hand. Both Interests are represented
In the Oregon Railroad and Navigation com
pany , nnd , according to ono report , the only
way the difficulty between them could be
patched up was for the Union Pacific rail
road and the Pacific Express to agree to
an equal division of the express business.
Gome railroad officials go further than this
and say that now that Mr. Hill has secured
a hold on the express business In the north
west he will demand other concessions , and
will keep up the fight until ho secures ad
ditional freight and passenger traffic , as
well as express business , from the Oregon
Railroad and Navigation company for the
Great Northern route.
Whatever may bo said about futurities in
the matter this much Is known ; Ths offi
cials Oi the Union Pacific roij and of the
Pacific Express company have worked un
ceasingly to prevent the conecss'ou ' Just
made to the Great Northern. The fight has
been on for several months. They were
unable to prevent the halving of the ex
press traffic because Hill held higher cards
than anyone In Omaha , or other representa
tives of the Union Pacific. This much la ad
mitted by railroad officials who are so con
versant with the situation that their word
cannot bo disputed ,
Ilpci'lvor COITIIII of llnltlmnri * A Ohio
Tnlkn of Hocont Deal.
BALTIMORE. Sept. 20. Receiver John K.
Cowan arrived In Baltimore from Chicago
early thin morning. In reply to questions ,
Mr. Cownn said : ' 'It ' Is true that a largo
Interest , a very largo Interest , In the Baltlu
moro & Ohio , has been purchased by Messrs.
Field , Hill , Ream and Armour , as well as
other Influential Interests. As to those con
cerned and the amount of their purchase ,
the reorganization managers can only un-
nwer. It Is difficult to define a control. The
class of men who have become Interested In
the property Is of a character that would
cxerciso n dominating Influence. With
them the stock of the Baltimore & Ohio Is
In stronger hands than ever before In Its
hlBtory. They are strong factors In the
trade and their Interests In the road will bo
a decided advantage to the property.
"Anything that will Improve the Balti
more & Ohio railroad will by the very na
ture of the case benefit Baltimore , as this
city la Its chief terminal. The talk of mov
ing the general offices and Mount Clalr
chops from Baltimore Is nil moonshine. The
progress of the reorganization of the prop
erty will not bo affected In the slightest.
Foreclosure proceedings nnd the legal for
malities will bo pushed and as soon ns these
nro settled the organization of the new com
pany will bo completed. The new Interests
went Into the property on the basis of the
plan of reorganization. They looked earn-
fully over the field and believing the In
terest In the road to bo a flrst class Invest
ment , purchased It. The question as to the
personnel of the new directory will bo set
tled hereafter nnd the new Interests will bo
largely represented.
"Their purchase of the stock does not
mean any railroad combination. It does not
mean a transcontinental
system In con
, nection with the Great Northern. What It
I does mean Is the-fullest development of the
Baltimore & Ohio railroad. The road will
not bo tied to any road In the northwest ,
but will continue to deal with nil roadi and
take business wherever It Is found. The
policy of betterments will bo carried out
nnd the maximum traffic nlmed nftcr by
providing the best facilities for handling the
business. "
The answer of the Mercantile Trust
company , J. P. Morgan & Co. and other
New York capitalists Interested In the
reorganization of the Baltimore & Ohio
railway , to the petition of Johns Hopkins
university , the state of Maryland nnd oth
ers seeking to defeat the reorganization
plan , was filed this morning In the United
States circuit court. It Is a voluminous
ono and was a denial of nil the relations
the petition mentioned.
Sir. ironaril'N JVow I'onltloti.
Charles Howard , formerly agent of the
Adams Express company In this city , has
been appointed private secretary to Kenton -
ton Sanford , general agent of the Adams
Express company In New York. Mr. Snnford
Is well remembered In Omaha , having been
general superintendent hero some years ago.
Ho was recently promoted to the general
agency of the Adams company In New Toils
from the position of general superintendent
at Cincinnati. Mr. Sanford at New York
succeeds Mr. McWllllams , who was elected
president of the
Manhattan Express com
pany nfter James Eggleston had resigned
that place to accept the presidency of tht
Pacific Express company hero.
( In Home.
A special train carrying the party of rail
road magnates who have been visiting the
exposition left yesterday afternoon over the
Milwaukee road for Chicago. In the party
were John I ) . Rockefeller , P. D. Armour ,
Rofl\vell P. Miller , president of the Mllwau
kco road ; Frank S , Bond , first vlco presi
dent ; A. J. Karllng , second vice president ;
Peter Geddes and Frederick Layton , di
rectors. Before leaving for the east they
took n flying trip to South Omaha and spent
an hour looking about Mr. Armour's new
packing plant.
IlPMtori * I'tnU I'liNMcnccr Itntcn.
CHICAGO , Sept. 20. 'At n meeting of
the traffic officials of the western railroads
interested In the Utah passenger business
which was held hero today to arrange for
the restoration of rates In that territory , It
was decided to restore rates to their origi
nal figures on September 29. The cutting of
Utah rates has threatened to cause a gcn-
eral demoralization , nnd In view of this
fact there was no opposition to the pro
posed restoration.
Note * * mill 1'iTNOiinls.
B. N. Austin , general passenger agent ol
the Baltimore & Ohio railroad , announces
the appointment of R. C. Hanso ca north-
w stern traveling agent , with headquarters
at St. Paul , succeeding Thomas McGlll.
John Hernerle , a resident of Elm Creek ,
Neb. , tried to pass between two freight cars
of n Union Pacific freight train standing In
front of the town on Monday evening. Ho
caught his foot between the draw bars am ]
crushed It badly.
Do Loa Thomas , division freight agent of
the Norfolk < fc Western railroad at Winston ,
N. C. , Is In the city. Whllo visiting the
exposition ho Is the guest of his brother ,
Frank Thomas , general claim agent of the
B. & M. railroad.
Among the ninny new plans devised for
reducing the operating expenses of railways
the fuel department , which was established
on the Wnbash , has been a conspicuous suc
cess. During the last fiscal year that de
partment managed to effect a total
of moro than $200,000 In the cost of coal
nnd wood consumed In that period. On the
basis of the engine mileage of the previous
year this means a saving of $105,000. The
Hems making up this amount are divider
ns follows Passenger engines , $36,000 ;
freight engines , $32,000 ; switch engines
$25,000 ; shop stationary engines , $ ' ) ,000 ;
water stations , $4,000 ; station coal , $3,000 ;
wood , $0,000.
To lit * Honltliy mid Strong ;
Use "Garland" Stoves nnd Ranges.
Ladies Traveling Alone
will appreciate th o provisions for their comfort which are to
be found In the ladles' '
walling room In ithe Burlington's new
tatlon. They consist of :
A matron Plenty of seats
A scrupulously clean And tables
toilet room
Ynnkeo rocking chairs A restaurant less than
A Fireplace a dozen stops away ,
'A trip to Chicago , Kansas City , Denver or St. Louis has not
even a suggestion o f hardship If begun at the Burlington depot.
Ticket Office : New Depot :
1502 farnam St. IGlli & Mason Sts.
Telephone 250. Telephone 128.
The IIK Sale nt llontim Store.
Tor many day * wo have boon telling you
about It , for many days wo have been ad
vertising It , but Saturday It will bo all
The biggest rug enlo that aver took place
In the ucst.
They are from a largo Philadelphia manu
facturer , retiring from business. Wo bought
his entire stock. There Is nothing but rugs ,
but there nro all kinds of rugs , there are
hundreds ' ' nnd hundreds of rugs , rugs In all
sizes , nil styles of rugs , all makes of rugs ,
from ] the smallest door mat to the largest
Ixmlnster , Wilton nnd Moquotto room
ugs. There nro Smyrna rugs , Goblin rugs
ml Wilton rugs. There will bo ruga for 25c
ml rugs for $50.00 , but from day to day wo
illl tell you more about them , as we open
nd unpack them. Sulllco to say now that
we bought them cheap and will sell Satur-
ay morning the biggest rug bargains ever
n Omaha.
You have learned to expect great things
rom us In carpet bargain giving , but Sat-
rdayo will outdo ourselves. Walt for
The Trturmlero.
Seats were again at a premium nt last
Ight's performance of the Trocadero and
ho management of this popular theater are
ustly proud of the extraordinary high class
111 which they nro offering their patrons
his week. No pains or expense have been
pared In procuring for the consideration
f the theater-going public the high class
acts which are offered for their cntertnln-
ncnt. At tbo uhtial matinee this afternoon
nd for the balance of the week will appear :
nor and DoVoe , singing and dancing sketch
artists ; Annie Leslie Williams , German
haractrr and change artist ; Ahern and Pat-
Ick , "Tho Copper and the Kid , " Hnnley ,
Vlnter and Hanley , comedy sketch artists ;
Ittlo Girtlo Cochron , the mental marvel ;
ho Brothers M"hrlng , singing nnd dancing
acrobats ; Charllo Case , original monologlst ;
ho Larboys , comedy horizontal bar ; O'Brien
and Buckley , funny Instrumental comedy
act , nnd the Trocadero Challenge orchestra.
Pho usual mntlueo prices : Children , i"
cents ; adults , 25 cents.
The Hanlons will bo here Sunday next
at Boyd's with their charming concoction
( noun as the new "Superba , " which has
earned that title because It Is so full of
novelty this year. New specialties and bal-
ets have been introduced and the scenery
s practically all new. Elaborate effects
have been gained by resorting to subjects
suggested by the late war , which will ap
ical to an audience at nil patriotically In
clined. The Hanlons carry some fifty pee
ilo In their acting cost and thirty-five clec
rlclans , machinists , carpenters nnd prop
jrty men are employed to bring the enter
tainment to n pleasing conclusion nightly.
Hvery Mornlm ; mill livery Evening
Fast trains depart from Chicago Union sta
tion over Pcnnsjlvacia Short Lines for In
dlanopolis and Louisville and for Springfield
and Cincinnati. Accommodations are the
best. For further Information apply to H
R. Dering , A. G. P. Agt. , 248 South Clark
street , Chicago.
To All Principal Wentern Point * Vli
Union 1'nctflc.
TWO trains daily , 4:33 : p. m. and 11:55 : p. m
Denver and Colorado polnU.
TWO trains dally , S.r : 0 a. m. and 4:35 : p. m
Utah and California points.
ONE train dally , 4.35 p. m.
Utah , Idaho , Montana and Oregon points.
For full Information call at City Tlcke
office. 1302 Farnam St.
If You Want to C.o Bait
except take the "Northwestern Line" 1
you desire n fast daylight trip between
Omaha nnd Chicago , because no other lln
runs a daylight train Leave Omaha 6:40 : a
m. , arrive Chicago S 15 same evening. Clos
connection with cnBtorn lines. A good train
Emphatically YES.
City office. 1101 Farnam.
n < * ] iltVln for Sl < M' | > ln - Cnrn
CHICAGO , Sept. 20. A writ of replavl
for thirteen sleeping cars and fifteen touris
sleeping cars was taken out yesterday b
the Pullman Palace Car company against
the Chicago Greait Western and Chicago
Indianapolis & Louisville companies. The
cars were In the yards connected with the
Dearborn btrcet passenger station. The
writ was served by deputy sheriffs , who took
the rolling stock Into their custody and let
it under guard. The reason given for the
taking out of the writ Is that the rallroai
companies proposed to take the cars o
southern excursion business while the Pull
isan company desired to use them In the
I'orthwest. The bond accompanying the
writ of replevin was for 1250,000 , and was
signed by Thomas II. Wlckes as vice presi
dent of the Pullman company and Norman
R. Ream as surety.
Connecting I.ltie lor Sniitn Fc.
SAN FRANCISCO , Sept. 20. The Bakers
field & Los Angeles Railway company ha
been Incorporated by Claus Spreckels , John
D. Spreckels , A. B. Spreckels , Robert Wat
nnd A. II. Pnyson , to build ft railroad from
Bakersfleld over the Tejon pass"to Los An
geles , 200 miles. It will connect with the
Southern California railway , n branch of the
Santa Fe , running from Mojave to Los An
The new road will connect with the San
Francisco & San Joaquln Valley railroad
thus giving San Francisco another transcon
tinental road , the Southern Pacific up to this
time having had a monopoly of northern
California business.
Hurt by n Alotor.
Theodore Anderson , aged 60 years , am
residing at 907 North Nineteenth street , was
badly injured at noon yesterday while tryIng -
Ing to cross the street in front of a moving
motor car. The accident happened at Thlr
tcenth street and the crossing of the Union
Pacific tracks. Anderson tried to get ncros _
In front of the car , but was run down nm
dragged under the body of the car. Hip
head was Injured , his two arms and his lef
ankle were hurt and his back was bruised
Ho was removed to the Clarkson hospital
His condition Is not regarded as serious.
IliiitN TliroiiKli Trnlni
Omnhi to Qnlncj. Omaha to Kansas City
Omaha to St. Louis , Mo. Quickest and bes
route. Ask your tlcket _ agent about It o
write Harry K. Moorcs , C. p. and T. A. , 1411
Farnam street ( Pnxton Hotel Blk. ) , Omaha
Tbe Only Ilnlironr. to Clilcncro
With a daylight train. Leave
Omab.t 6 40 a. m. every day ,
arriving Chicago the same
evening nt S 15 , when close connectloni
are made with all lines
beyond. This train Is CO years
ahead of the tlraeti and Is proving
Immensely popular with Omaha
people. Otherllylne
trains leave for Chicago at 4.55 and 6:55 :
p m. dally. City ticket office ,
1401 Farnam St. .
"Tho Vorthwestern Line. "
Clu-np TIcKtMH to Knimn * City.
From September 15 to 24 , the Mlasour
Pacific railway will sell round trip ticket
to Kansas City , Mo. , at one fare. For fur
ther Information call at company's offices
southeast corner Fourteenth and Douglas
or depot. Fifteenth and Webster streets.
J. 0. PHILLH'PI. A O. P. & F. A.
Exhibitors wiitilng pnoiograpns and lln
cuts of their exhibits published may pro
euro them by calling upon J. F. Knapp
agent Omaha Bee , southwest corner Mnnu
factures building.
At the residence of C. H. Paul , 2022 Bur
fatreet , Mrs. Mao B Lyons and Oliver Q. Os
borne , both of Omaha. No cards.
CIHA Mrs. Nerd , aged 26 years. Funeral
Wednesday , September 21 , at 2 p , m. from ,5 ,
family residence , 07 South Seventeenth , {
to Forest Lawn cemetery. Friends In-1
vltcd. Iowa dry , la. , papers pleace copy. J j
Thcrr' * Mont Iiniiorlnnt Money Snvlnjr
to lie I.onrucMl from Them.
On pages 4 and G
You will find full descriptions of the
treat Baled , which commence Wednesday ,
September 21.
On page 4 all about the } 100,000 bank-
upt New York clothing stock.
Men's furnishings and hats and caps.
The sensational nak > of shoes and rubbers.
On page G wo tell you all about
The great sale of the Pcorla dry goods
The great sale of lace curtains.
The carpet and rug sale.
The linen Rile.
The opening of the fall and winter mil-
Inory and a grand showing of new fall and
vlntcr cloaks , jackets nnd capes.
N. W. Cor. ICth and Douglas.
Wo have a largo assoitrnent of Whisk
Brooms ranging in price from
Kents English Tooth Brushes
This Is another specialty of ours. We i
sell the EOo kind for 35c and warrant them I
not to "shed" bristles We have ALL I
KINDS of BRUSHES Bicycle finishes
Bath Brushes Brushes for cleaning Bath j
Tubs Brushes for cleaning printers' type
Brushes for cleaning dogs Brushes for
cleaning bottles nnd glasses. |
Try us for any Kind of a BRUSH.
Sherman &McConnel ! Drug Co ,
1513 Dodge St. Omaha , Nib. j
jl l
1'loneer o [ Hcaiouablr I'rltes In Dentistry In
High grade dental work nt low prices.
Olllfc : tnl Flooi I'nxton IllocU.
Kllli mill I'lirniiin.
Teeth filled paiulcbdlv by the latest
method. Teeth extracted absolutely
without the least pain , without fas.
Examination and Advice Free.
Jfl 111111CI III 111 U III1111 U 11II HI 111111111111111 Mil M U
| Jlrc You Going east ? I
r KTMI trt Jocllcr fur * fcmfvrtabl * trip , nrroondjd fcy -
- tuMt d llrlifu ) * r ? fa lulif * e * Y < * k. > IJI - 2
5 dtljihl * , nr MuUurt i-vloUj JOB cinact do teitw tb a lo -
from JViflV or > lij r F 1U * wfcrO , Z
Tbi rouu ti liroujh A rfi < > o < ( t
- IfiilttJipr bbtorio tftlU. mnanUla U , rutMa | Z
S tlxn i > 4 | > Ucl4 ! l' . Tku li lk rouu cl lb. r
, > i4Minr.l trsta In lb wi > rl < t *
I All Ibroufh J.y trtlni tirrOlblog c ri Mrrlof
g For IllutriUJ &vrli.U > < tvlioi iil rent , or Inform * .
P laiUmf , tof a * . S. Ler. < & . I'MJ , A ( Qt , > w VcrC 3
IU4U1444J4XI141144 ] 1.14444144111 UI1444444414.14441UJ
siAGNirienvr THAINS.
Omnlin to Cltlcnno ,
The Chicago , Milwaukee & St , Piul rail
way has just placed In service two mag
nificent electric- lighted tralna between
Omnlin nud Chicago , leaving Omaha dally
at 6-45 p. in. , arriving Chicago at 8:25 : A. m.
and leaving Chicago 6:15 : p. in. and arriving
Omaha 8 20 n. in. Each train la llghtivl
throughout by electricity , has buffet smok
ing cars , drawing room sleeping cars , din
ing cars nnd rccllnlnc chair cnrs and runs
ever the shortest line and smoothcit road
bed betnccn the two cities.
Ticket office , 1604 Farnam street nd at
Union depot.
Wednesday the Y.V. . C. A. will servo
dinner and supper nt Girls' nnd Boys'
building nt exposition. Dinner , 35c ; supper -
per , 25c.
_ _ _ _
Grape Juice. F. C. Johnson's elder mill ,
exposition grounds , Cc glass.
.lice , Sept. 21 , 1893 ,
You probably know that The Nebraska is ono
store in Omaha whore you can buy goods straight
goods for less money than any other store in
America , day in and day out. You probably 'know
that there isn't another store you ever had any deal
ings with that does business so near right , so fair to
everybody , so open and above board and sell goods
eo near to actual cost as this Nebraska storo. If
you don'tTknow these facts , it's because you haven't
traded here. If you haven't traded here , wo want
you to begin today. Just to make it interesting for
strangers as well as our regular customers , wo open
up today six great lines of Winter Underwear at 25
cents , 35"cents , 45 cents , 75 cents , ono dollar and
one dollar and a quarter a garment , and just to
show that we're not afraid of the prices or the goods
wo have filled a whole window up with samples of
these garments eo that everybody can have a chance
to see it. No matter how high the thormoneter re
gisters today , it will como a clay when you'll bo glad
we called your attention to this window full of
Winter Underwear. It's hot stuflin moro ways than
Oil Pall and Winter Jackets and Cloaks for
Misses , Children and Infants.
Hayden Bros , are the first , in fact the only ones , show
ing a complete line of the above garments. The fabrics for
the above lines were selected for their wearing qualities as
well as their stylish appearance. They
are absolutely the most durable .and
nobbiest garments for children that
have ever been put on sale. Having
placed early orders for1 great quanti
ties with the foremost manufacturers
of the country , wo can quote the low
est figures ever named on stylish and
desirable goods.
Some Special Values
for Wednesday.
600 children's jackets , ages 2 to 12 ,
reefer style , trimmed with braid and \
buttons at $1.5O
700 children's jackets , in fancy mixture cloakings , largo
sailor collars , trimmed in braid and white pearl buttons , spe
cial Bale price $1.75.
1000 children's jackets , in fancy boucles , novelty mixtures ,
and plain cloakings , double breasted , largo collars , fan
cy braid trimmed , worth 85 , sale price $2.98.
850 children's jackets , 2 to 14 , fancy check cloakings , vel
vet collar , finished seams , deep facings of same material , a
very handsome jacket , worth at least $7 , special price , $3.98
Infant's eiderdown cloaks , in gray , fur trimmed at 50c
Children's fancy eiderdown cloaks , angora trimming , lined
with heavy sateen , at $1.48
Children's eiderdown cloaks , ages 2 to 6 , in scarlet , gray ,
blue and pink trimmed , with angoa and satin ribbon , on
sale at $2.5O
Children's long cloaks , ages 6 to 14 , in heavy all wool
cloakings , sale price $3.98
Infants' long cnslmicro CloaUs , silk embroidered , sateen lined ; worth 51.50
" Infants''fine cashmere CloaUs , SUirt and Cape , elaborately embroidered In
silk ; lined with best sateen ; worth ? : ! .00 , at § 1.75.
Just received a special purchase of ladles' new suits at $10.00 and $ lli.00j
worth up to $20.00.
Selling the Most Clothing in Omaha.
We Welcome Out-of-town People with the
in the city-This week m make Special Prices on New Fall Shoes.
Children H Patent Leather Tip
La < o { 1 2.1 H > Iiool Shoes ,
to 11
Children's 1" Calf Lace Jl 75 I
School Shoes , Hlzes k'j to U I
MliKCH * line srnln Button Jl 60 I Oft
S.hool Shoes , Bites 12 to 2. , I UU
.Misses' line calf lace (2.00 I Ct\
Si hoi shoes , nixes 12 to 2 . . I UU
Ladles" ' line silk vesting top A A Q
vli-l kill I.are { 3.50 Shoe . . . . 40
Ladles' flnn DanKoIa Kid Lace j ftO
and Button 00 Shoeu . . . . I UU
Brooks lints. ' Tine Rochester
MU do
Ladles' fine Vlcl Kid Lace
} < O.i Shocx , Mack or tan , Q OQ
all MZIH , A to K . f , SO
Lndlt-s line Vlcl Kid. Bilk
\ esiine Toi } 4 60 Shoes , all O > J O
Hlze.x. A to H . . . 0 10
Lmlles fine Vkl Kid. Lai-e ,
Silk Vtstmg Kylft Stays , Q QO
shot-H , all alzea. AA to K 0 0U
Boys' line Satin Calf Jl 75 Lac I OR
Shoes for
Joys1 flno Satin Calf 1200 I flO
Lace Shoes
Boys' flno Winter Ton J2.00 I Crt
Lace ShoeB
Men'H flno Satin Calf J1.75 I OC
Lace Shoes I tu
Men'H Vine Austin Calf J2.25 I rn
Lace and Congress Shoes . . . 1 UU
Men's Fine Dog Skin 12.60 0 flf )
Lace and Congress Slices . . . C UU
Men's fine Harvard Calf J3.00 n rn
Lace Shoes UU
Men's new box calf and Win
ter Tan Lace Sheen n w
bull dog too JI.M utid J5.W Q Cfl
Shops for S3.00 and O UU
Tlic New Shoe for Women.
Is designed BO as to combine comfort
with case and elegance. Made from
the finest black kid and tbo dark shade
of tan. No shoo haa ever been made
that haa met with such universal favor
the the " . "
as "SOHOSI8. The wearer
of "SOKOSI8" Shoos will nnd that elio
has secured a combination of comfort
nnd fashionable appearance never be
fore thought possible In shoe making.
They have all the good qualities of
a custom-made shoo coating JG.OO.
PRICE $3.50.