Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 04, 1898, Part II, Page 16, Image 16

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cii\i"rin MIL {
Tin * rtiKiii.
From the route between the Tullcrles and
the Garo do Lyon nn obscure street leads
northward n liyio way Into the Rue Brevet.
The Rue Brevet Itself is an alloy , not used
for carriages on account of Its narrowness.
Armand occupied thrco very poorly furn
ished apartments on the fifth floor of No. G
Vanslttart , having left the main road ,
mopped at the beginning of the alley and
alighted. He was wrapped In a long water
proof , nnd had nn umbrella. Jim Bates ,
who preceded him , had by that tlmo almost
reached the station. Vanelttart told his
soaked coachman to wait , nnd started down
the direct.
Following behind him -was Marie , bent
beneath the rain. Sbo had stood beneath a
doorway waiting and watching for the com
ing of the solitary figure , Intending to guide
him to the house , If need were. But with
out much difficulty he discovered No. C ,
rang , and wan conducted by an old woman
concierge to tbo stairway. He began the
long climb. Ho was a few minutes late. At
Wicked of tbo Carhalx family in tbo Rue
PI Halle.
When Marie saw Vanslttart within the
. .courtyard Bbo hurried back to her nook of
. shelter from the pouring rain aud crouched
waiting for him to reappear.
As for Folllct , ho got from Agnes the
whole plot In all Its details. Then ho al
most hustled her out of the carriage.
But ho had so many things to do , and so
many places to go to all at the same time ,
that ho lost a full mlnuto In agonized re
flections. Then ho called out : "Tho
Tullorles ! "
The first clear necessity was to discover
whether Vanslttart had received his tele
gram , and , if so , whether or not ho had now
actually set out In splto of It
Ho hastily scribbled a note on a leaf torn
from his pockutbook and gave It to a warder
with instructions to hie on horseback to the
prefecture and deliver It to the officer on
duty. It contained an order to dispatch
Instantly a body of armed gendarmes to the
Rue Brevet , Ho himself went tearing at a
gallop to the same point. The storm had
emptied the streets , there was hardly a stop
page to bis swift career.
In a few minutes , ho and Marie , for the
first time , wcro face to face. Ho was about
to rush into the gate of C Rue Brevet , when ,
also rushing In , ho met Marie , she coming
from the direction of the other end of the
Folllct glanced at her face , and from the
description ho had received of her , sus
"Who are jou ? " ho asked.
"Mario Carhalx. "
"Where Is Mr. Vansittart ? "
She started violently.
"Mr. Vanslttart , monsieur ? I can tell you
nothing of him. "
"Ah , good girl ! But sec , I am a friend I
am the prefect of police my name Is Fol
llet. Toll mo quick quick , now do ! I am
a friend can't jou see ? Look In my face
can't you BCD ? Do I look like one Ah , tell
mo , my little frelnd dot"
Marie hesitated ; she had an Instinct In
his favor a feeling that he was probably
honest. Then she remembered her instruc
tions from Evelyn never a word must pass
her lips. Folllct s.iw her face harden.
Vanslttart had , a mlnuto before , passed
her on his way back to his carriage As
soon as sha had seen him em > rgo she had
started to run with glad and cagdr feet
toward the house , knowing her husband was
awaiting her. This , poir glil , was her hon-
eynloon the tlmo of the beginning of the
great drama was to come. She had made no
delay to hie to the arms that awaited her.
So that at this tlmo Vanslttart was just
getting Into his carriage at the street end
opposite that at which Folllet had alighted.
The dotectlvo's coachman had made that cm ]
of the street his point of arrival because It
was moro quickly reached from the Tullcrlcs ,
by two short cuts , than the other.
Folllot saw the face of Marie harden
against his almost frantic appeal.
"Ah , If I only know , my child , " ho cried ,
nnd rushed madly from her into the court
yard , without moro waste of tlmo.
Up the five flights of stairs he flew , and
for a mlnuto crouched , panting , listening ,
outsldo Armand's entry door. He heard noth
ing but a rather quick tramping to and fro
In the room. It was Armand , vexed with
Vanslttart nnd all things , throbbing with
Impatience for the footstep of his bride on
the stairs.
Folllet burst Into the room.
"Is Mr. Vanslttart gone , then ? " he cried.
Armand stared coolly.
"Who are you , monsieur ? "
"Tell me ! Tell me ! how long ago "
"It Is I who have asked a question , mon
sieur. "
' 0 , this Is a mad , mad business ! Can't
you see , man there Is no time "
Without further talk he rushed sticces-
fully past Armand , caught a candle , and
before ho could bo prevented ran with eager
ej-es through the thrco rooms. Not three ,
then ! Ho throw down the candle nnd 1
dashed fiom the rooms , down the stalls ,
Marie coming up , stood and gazed after 1
the flying man with wonder.
At the gate Folllct stood a second looking
up and down the street. He ran back to bis
"Any ono passed you ? "
"No , sir. "
He ran to the other end , nearly butting
upon Vanslttart's carriage In the blinding
rain and tbo dark. He examined it , ho
peered at the horses. Yes , certalnlj- , this
was no other than the millionaire's equipage.
But to his call there was no answer.
"They have succeeded , " said Follief , "ah ,
they have succeeded , then1"
lit stumbled over Vanslttart's driver Ijlng
with protruding piles brought an by constipa
tion with vtbloli 1 was afflicted for twenty
years I ran across jour CAbCAIU TS In the
town of .Vowel ! , la. , anil never fount ! anj thine
to equal them To-day I am entirely free from
nllrt aod leel like a new man. "
a H. KIITZ , Mil Jones bt. , Sioux City , la.
Phiunt , Palatable. I'otent , T to Good. IV )
Good , Norerblcktu. Vfeaken.ur Qrl | * , 10o,2icWc
ilnll.I IU T r > . 311
TO HIP Bold and ( yurmnn-fd br U drug-
U-UAU Kuutu ckmt : robacco utilit.
stunned or dead near a carriage wheel. He
lifted the heavy hand , and It fell back upon
tbo paving stones.
The detachment of poilco which ho had
ordered to the spot had not jot arrived.
Should ho await them ? But to what end ?
And If not , whither should ho go ? Ho did
not know.
Vanslttart , meanwhile , locked In one of
the little compartments of the prison van
captured that day , was being driven through
the nearly deserted streets.
When ho returned to his carriage ho
had found the van there , and bis coach
man already laid low. At the same time
ho was surrounded by men.
They had the Insolence to Jest. Ono of
juit .vlRlblc , WAD the grating which slnit
off ti a nlcove from HIP npnrtment
"K ndly como with us this way , Mr. Van-
slttart , " iftld one.
VaniHtart bowed , rose and followed thrco
of them.
When they came to the grating they found
that It was locked , but the padlock by which
It was secured bad In It the rusty key. It i
turned with a squeak , the grating swung
back , and Vanslttart stepped Into the alcove. '
As ho did so , ho shivered , nnd drew his ,
waterproof high up round his chin. The
night was cold , and hla feet were wet. The
men shut the grating upon htm and returned - !
turned to their parley.
Vanslttart had not stood there thirty seconds
ends , when he felt & sudden hand clapped
over his mouth , and deep in his ear heard
the snakcllko hiss of the words :
"Not a syllabic ! I am Folllct. "
The next moment ho felt the flooring
gently give way beneath him. In hU as
tonishment and dismay , ho caught for sup
port at the receding railing ; he was sinking
the railing was rising from him ! His
clutching hand , In Its passage through the
air , struck upon a rope.
Ho only just succeeded In preventing him
self from bursting Into loud laughter , he was
In n lift.
The lift was used for the raising nnd
lowering of grain between tbo upper and
lower rooms in this part of the building.
Past the third , the second , the first floors
they slowly nnd noiselessly sank. Then
only Folllet spokp
"Well , sir , I think there may now be
a chance "
"M rolllet , allow mo to compliment j-ou
on jour ubiquity '
"There'll bo a race , sir , no doubt. Can
drench nf win , vuis the vnu. Milliter nnd
deadly n that wooden horio of Troy , whole
entrails wcro treachery and armed men.
' Hut tell me , M. I'olllot , " * ald Vanslt
tart , Ijlns back wearily and painfully In
the carriage which bare him at last to the
long-watting train , "tell me. Muco > ou nro
man , and not omniscient , how came jou
there , in Uiat warehouse , In that Ijft ? "
"There Is nothing simpler , sir , " said rol
llet. "Properly speaking , you ewe your
escape not to me , but to the revenge of a
woman. "
"Indeed ? "
"A woman named Agnes Carhalx the sis
ter of the Marie whom Mra. Vanslttart
knows , "
Agnes , In all the venom of her hatred , had
braved rain and storm to witness tbo ar
rest of the Germans in the Iluo Brevet.
She ran thither immediately nftcr her reve
lation to Folllct. For a little while she
waited , lurking nnd spying. Bitter was
her disappointment when she saw them ac
complish their purpose , and drlvo off un-
caught. But she followed them ; saw them
enter the warehouse , and returned breath
less to the Hue Brevet In thn hope of meet
ing Folllct. In the very moment of his
acutest despair , she touched him on the
"It so happens , sir , " said Folllet , having
told the whole story of the sisters Carhalx ,
"that about live years ago an ouvrler em-
plojed In that very warehouse murdered his
sweetheart and hid himself for quite thrco
weeks In the wilderness of the building I
mjself had the task of searching for nnd
finding him , jou vUll therefore understand
how It Is that I know every cranny of
tbo place. From the courtyard Just now , as
soon as ever I climbed o\er the wall ,
the men , costumed to personate a police
man , said :
"Mr. Vanslttart , I find It my unpleasant
duty to arrest j-ou. "
Vanslttart was well fitted to bear the
Inevitable. When there was nothing to bo
done , ho did not attempt to do anything. A
twlch of detpalr pierced like a sword
through his heart , but ho said , quite
blithely :
"For how long , gentlemen ? "
"Four daj's , " said one.
"Well , that Is moderation Itself. But the
night Is foul let us beck shelter. Please
do not touch my right shoulder. "
They conducted him to a compartment In
the van. The others took their place within
The outer door was locked , the policemen
took their stations on the steps nnd on the
driver's seat. The van went lumbering off.
Enroutc , Vanslttart did what his captors
had expected that he would do ho made a
noise. Ho beat upon the thick woodwork
of the van , shouting , calling his own name.
But the prison van proved to be a good
thought. lie was supposed to bo some
drunken prisoner howling away the riotous
mood ot his inebriation.
Between the hours of 9 o'clock , when the
van had been captured , and 10 30 , when It
started from its hiding place to go to the
Rue Brevet , the vehicle had lain concealed
within the courtyard of a great building
shut In by a high wall. H was a depository
for grain , a corn warehouse , situated In
that region of commerce behind the Rue du
Faubourg Polssonnlcre. The distance from
there to the Rue Brevet was some five tnln-
utcs by tbo prison van , and the route lay
mostly through dark and narrow streets.
The warehouse was In the hands of a
wealthy German merchant ; and the key of
the gate was In possession ot the consplra-
| When the van had been got Inside the
j gate , it was drawn up against the wall , the
r gate was relocked , and Vanslttart's cell was
opened. They took the van lamp and passed
through the flag-paved courtjard to the
The men , with their prisoner , ascended'
I four flights of stairs. It WHS evident that
1 they did not know the place , for , all the
while , detachments ot them ran opening
doors here and there , seeking for a suitable
apartment to which to conduct their captive.
At last ono of them , opening a door , cried
"In here , then. "
They entered. It was an extremely largo
apartment , heaped in various parts with
bags of grain. In one corner , railed off
from the rcbt of the room by an iron railIng -
Ing , was a small square sort of alcove.
The men locked the door ot their entrance
upon themselves , and gathered round a
table. Vanslttart shook the wet from his
waterproof , and sat among them on the
Among tlie men there began at once a
guttural discussion In rapid German. It re
lated to what was now to be done with Van
slttart This , the simplest detail of all the
plot had. It was clear , not been jet con
sidered. '
The warehouse had been fixed upon merely
as being temporarily convenient , and a good
hiding place for the van. During the day
time It was surrounded and occupied by
swarms of ouvriers The majority scouted
the Idea ot making It the four-days' prison
house , a minority thought that that would
bo prefcrablo to the risk of another journey
even in the stillest hour of the morning ,
aud to the nearest house that was proposed.
But there was no agreement , for ten min
utes the confusion of tongues lasted. Van
slttart sat listening with bis quiet smile.
Until the point In dispute was settled , It
was agreed that Vanslttart should be re
moved out of Immediate hearing. They
looked round the icoru Yonder in a corner ,
you climb a gate ? " | i
"I hope so. But they are engaged In a I
discussion which may last some time. " I j
"I don't fancy It will , sir. The stillness j i
of the alcove will attract them , they will | |
go to look , We may not have a moment to i
lose. "
They were In deepest darkness. They
were near the level of the ground floor. He
touched a rope. They alighted , ran through
a storeroom , down a passage , came to an
outer door , nnd , passing down the steps ,
vsoro In the courtyard.
"Wo can climb on to the van , sir , and so
gain the wall. Then there is a good high
drop on the other side. "
They ran forward , flinching and cowering
beneath the scourge of 'the pelting rain , like
' people tolling on , under a burden. When
i they came near the gate In order to climb
the van , Folllet , to make sure , groped about
the lock on the Inside , and , to his surprise ,
found that the Geimans , after turning the
key , had left It theic.
"Hero Is luck , sir , " he said , In a low
voice. "Wo need not climb , after all. And
I can now offer you a shelter from this
rain. "
At once he throw the gate wide , seized
i ' the languid head of one of the drenched
I horses , and slowly and cautiously led the
van from the yard.
He conducted Vnnslttart to the steps at
! the end , reclosed the gate and locked It on
I the outside , mounted to the driver's seat
and started. Inside the van Vanslttart was
I j sitting In the very cell which he had oc-
j cupled In his Journey to the warehouse
j ' When Folllct thought himself out of hear
ing of the conspirators ' he whipped the
horses into a'gallop. Once he was hailed
by a policeman , who , faithful to his re
cently received instructions , pursued the
van a little way , blowing a whistle of
alarm. Folllet , plying his whip continu
ally , took no notice. Ho made straight for
the Rue Brevet and at ono end of It jumped
i down.
j ! Drawn up along the street ho found the
detachment of gensdarmes whom ho had
I ' ordered to bo there. Ho gave the sergeant
the key to the warehouse gate and told him
to pack his men Into the cells of the van.
They were to go to the warehouse , replace
the van In its former position , lock the
gate on the Inside and remain , all of them
hidden , until the conspirators appeared.
There was to bo no arrest inside the house ,
lest some of them might escape. One of
the policemen only ho told off to drive
i Vanslttart's carriage back to the Tuilurler .
At the other end of the street waited
Folllet's own carriage. Ho and Vansittart
ran toward it , entered nnd started for the
Somewhere about the same tlmo one of
the conspirators , the discussion at the table
being ended , walked toward the alcove to
fetch Vanslttart. Ho noted as he came
near that ho did not see the millionaire ,
but , -without surprise , for the recess was
In deep shadow , and Its Inner part In un
qualified darkness He walked to the grat
ing , opened It and stepped Inward , and ,
without a cry , perished. The drop from
the fourth to the ground floor was ono of
some ninety feet.
Then a eecond , after a minute or two ,
having seen him go nnd not return , saun
tered listlessly toward the recess , and , with-
i out n cry. perished. Then a third. But
now these mysterious disappearances began
to bo noted. Cries of "Where are they ? "
"What the devil ? " What's the row ? "
were beard. There was the snatching up
of the lamp , the eager tramp , the hurried
j Inspection , the wild discovery ! The whole
'body btared at ono another's gaping mouths ;
then with a single Impulse , started In
1 eager chase through the room , down the
stairs , Into the courtyard.
There , lylnc dark and still , beneath the
I could see a glimmer of light on the fourth
door , and at once knew quite well how I
could get to It. So I went up the lift and
waited for events. You can gucbs my Joy
when I saw them bringing you straight to
mo. But , sir may I ask ? are jou satis
fied with the Invention jou went to see ? "
"M. Folllet. " replied Vauslttart , "the
world will yet hear more of that Invention ,
and of the wonderful man who made It. "
The carriage drew up at the station nnd
Arizona Jim sprang forward to meet Jer
ome , sajing : "Well , governor , this time
I thought jou was a goner"
Five minutes later Folllet stood waving
his handkerchief on the platform at the re
ceding train.
"Well , at last , " he cried. "Well , thank
God at last ! "
ciiAi'Trm xiv.
On ( lie IlnnKn of the Mcimc.
The Emperor William's soul-consuming
Impatience to cross the Mouse In force was
at last to receive Us reward.
Superhuman efforts on the part of his
engineers and commissariat repaired , In
major part , the damage effected by Le Breton
ton and his 5,000. Stores , men and guns
were at hand naught was wanting save the
final order to advance.
Officers and men shared the burning de
sire of their master to meet the French , ,
to crush them , to puherlzo the human
barrier that blocked the road to Paris.
On the eve of the attack the kaiser sat
In his headquarters , the chateau of a small
village. Resolve was written on his stern
features as he seized a pen therewith to
Indite the fateful command. Yet , with un
expected caution , ho hesitated.
"Are jou assured that no hitch can arise ? "
he said to his chief ot the staff , Count von
"Quito certain , your majestj- . Reports
from the three army corps , from each di
vision , from every brigade , show that all Is
In readiness. "
"Then the word Is forward. May the
spirit of my grandfather guide my hand "
Ho squared the writing pad on the desk , but
added , as an afterthought , while bending o'
his task , "Daublsson will not expect an as
sault tomorrow , and Vanslttart , I know , is
in Paris "
William wrote with rapid scrawl "Com i-
rades The hour Is at hand the period ot
enforced luactlon has passed. Tomorrow , at
dawn , thrco army corps cross tbo Mouse To
the Fourth , Eleventh and Twenty-third
brigades Is given the honor of lending the
van By night wo shall have taken a Rlnnt
stride toward Pnrls. Lot us. meanwhile ,
perform ix giant' * task. Wllhclm. "
Forthwith the field telegraphs clicked the
fateful summons north and south. By 9
o'clock It wan known to halt a million ot
German eoldlcrs , by 10 It was flashed to
London , aud long before midnight Its po-
rujal caused Gcuural Daublsson's usually
complacent face to wrlnklo Into wrathful
fury , as ho paced to nnd fro In a room of
the Hotel do Vlllo at Qar-lc-Duc.
"Why docs Vanslttart tarry In Paris ? "
ho yelled.
The French commander-ln-chlef might
have been sarcastic at such folly on the
millionaire's part bad not an Interruption
: ome from without ,
A well known voice , In barbarous Anglo-
Saxon , growled nt the sentry near the door
'Put down that skew or , red legs. Don't
on know enough tor quit when M Van-
Blttart turns up. "
In the next Instant they were gcstlculat-
ng round Vanslttart. Respecting his preju
dice no less than his damaged arm , they
embraced each other. The delight of these
wo enthusiasts was a good thing to see.
Whilst they were Indulging In a second
hug Jerome turned to Bates.
"Jim , " ho said , "Join the sentry nnd let
no ono interrupt us. "
Jim swung round and closed th door be
hind' him.
Vanslttart and his friend hastily ex
changed views.
Why did j-ou not advise us of your de
parture ? " cried Daublsson.
The millionaire smiled as ho recalled the
fierce whirl of events during the preceding
I was imprisoned In a bastlle of hesita
tion , " ho answered. "But I have escaped ,
and hero I am , somewhat bruised , but
whole. What is happening nt the front ? "
'I have Just received some important news.
Tomorrow the kaiser will attempt to force
ho passage of the Meuse. " And the gen
eral gave to Jerome a telegraphic flimsy. ,
The latter read : "Intelligence has reached
the London Dally News that unusual com
motion prevails in the German lines. It Is
relieved that the long-delayed advance has
] een definitely decided upon and that a few
liours hence the first great battle of the
"ranco-German war will take place.
The sender was the French war minister.
Ho explained that the Information for
warded to the English newspaper had been
telephoned t ) lilm by the French ambas
sador at St James.
Vanslttart frowned. "If I had only
reached j'ou twenty-four hours earlier ! " ho
exclaimed. "Yet there Is time. What have
j-ou done ? "
Daublsfaon snatched up n map and showed
the disposition of his forces , 400,000 picked
troops , the vital essence ot the French
army "
"And jou propose ? " went on Jerome.
"To remain on the alert and vigorously
dispute the crossing of the river at every
threatened point. "
"Good. Excellent ! But wo must do
more. "
The American paced the floor with slow
strides. Daublsson was too finea charac
ter to snub openly. If the French troops
did nothing before day broke the kaiser
would sleep in Daublsson's headquarters the
same night. *
Vanslttart halted. "General , " ho said ,
"your preparations are superb. Neverthe
less , wo must disconcert the enemy at the
very moment when his divisions are ready
to march. You have pontoons ? "
"Most certainly. "
"Where are they ? "
Daublsson flushed slightly , as he bent to
the table to find the engineer's statement.
Ho had never thought of attacking ; his
most sangulno aspirations dreamed of ef
fective resistance. Ho was clever enough
to grasp the situation and accept It with
out comment. After a brief scrutiny he
replied :
"Two complete bridges are here. I regret
to say that the bulk of the apparatus is nt
Chalons. "
"At Chalons ! " Jcromo could not restrain
his amazement. Chalons was forty miles
In the rear on the road 'to Paris. The
French army was apparently prepared for
retreat across the Marno rather than advance -
vance across the Meuse.
"Well , two will suffice. If immediate
orders bo given at what hour can they bo
thrown over the river ? "
Daublsson consulted his watch.
"At 2.30 a. m. "
"It Is late , but It must serve. Le Breton ,
where is jour cavalry division ? "
"At Plerrcflte. I can reach It by train
In twenty minutes. A bugle call will see
tbo regiments paraded. "
"Collect a strong force of horse nrtlllerj- .
Warn a brigade of Infantry , march straight
to the river and occupy the right bank of
the Meuso the moment the bridges are
practicable. Drive the German vldettcs
before you to the cast. I understand the
German center is at Troyon ? "
"Yes , " said Daublsson.
"Then tbo emperor In person will try to
cross there or at St. Mlhlel. where three
roads converge on the river. See that both
points are protected by at least 100 guns
and plenty of Infautrj- , entrenched , if pos
sible. Order the general at Verdun to
make a sortie with the whole of his effective
troops and to provide plenty of work for
the Germans In that locality. In every cose
add that generals are to hold themselves
In readiness to cross the Meuse when they
receive orders , probably about midday.
Meanwhile the pontoons stored at Chalons
must bo forwarded by train to the Troyon
and St. Mlhiel columns. I will personally
see to affairs here. "
Bar-le-Duo woke into Instant life.
At 2 30 precisely Lo Breton led the first
troop of the Eighteenth chasseurs across a
pontoon that spanned the Mouse between
Troyon and St. Mlhlel. The engineers were
subjected to desultory firing by the German
pickets , but they performed their work BO
smartly that before a brigade could bo
marched to the place Lo Breton was
strengthened by twelve guns aud three bat
talions of Infantry.
In the dim light the French executed a
very pretty maneuver. Knowing exactly
what he wanted to accomplish , their leader
cent off two regiments of cavalry on a
detour , and the Infantry , in skirmishing
order , kept up a brisk flro at the rapidly
gathering enemy.
Meanwhile the guns got Into position and
engaged a German horse battery that had
galloped to tbo scene of action. A regula
tion combat , on a small scale , was In
process of development when the French
cavalry , coming up unpcrcelxcd , took the
German Infantry and guns In flank.
Quite disconcerted and unable to swing
' around In time , there was nothing for the
scattered Infantry to do but to bolt , which
they did magnificently. The guns , of course ,
unprotected by cavalry , wore captured
Lo Breton ordered Montsaloy , who led
this brilliant charge , to follow fast on the
heels ot the retreating Infantry , but not tel
l get himself Into difficulties The general
rode back to the pontoons , to see how the
supporting troops were crossing. He was
astounded to meet so many regiments
massed In battalions In the field , and seem-
ingly waiting for orders.
It was simply Impossible for nearly 1G.OOO
men to have crossed the river In the ordl-
nary way during the pant twenty-five
But Le Breton had his explanation ready
"That devil , Vanslttart , has been up to
isome trick , " ho growled , as he swept along
Sure enough , when he reached tbo Mcuso
he found the millionaire near the pontoons
' surrounded by a number of staff officers , to
| whom ho was explaining the position to bo
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N II. Bpafford of Milton , Mn s , sent fern
n free trial of Gloria Tonic He hail suf
fered for many years At tinier the pain
would cii'e up a little nnd fill his heart
with thankfulness that perhaps life would
not be such u burden nftcr nil But no
sooner would ho rejoice than a sudden
change of the weather would strike him
another heartless twinge of pnln and to It
wont ytnr after year , The free trial
reached him during ono of these periodic
occupied by each brigade in tbo forthcoming
And now the mystery of the rapid movo-
mcnts of the troops was solved.
It was hardly credible neither Daublsson
nor any of his lieutenants know that the
Mouse above Verdun was fordable In many
A horrible dread seized Vnnslttart ns ho
looked at the jumble of soldiers , guns and
tiorscB , with ammunition carts , ambulance
and commissariat wagons momentarily ar
riving to congest the very approaches to the
The firing on the other side warned him
that Le Breton was actively engaged. Even
if tbo Germans were repulsed , It could only
bo for an hour , until their supports arrived
in o\erwhelming strength. If the French
men wcro caught in their present plight
they would suffer complete and demoralizing
The millionaire felt bitterly the need of
the military training which must have fore
seen this error of judgment. Ho was about
to suspend the whole movement and recall
Le Breton , when Jim Bates , who had been
watching with amusement an altercation
between au artillery major and a zouave
colonel , turned to his master.
"What's wrong with the crowd walking
across , guv'nor ? "
"Walking across ! Where ? " cried Jerome ,
"Why , a'niost anywhere , " eald Jim ,
By way of example , he selected a point
a little higher up stream , and rode over , the
water scarce reaching his feet.
As ho returned the quick-witted French
soldiers cheered him.
'C'cst un iapln ! " shouted nn admiring
corporal. Bates caught the phrase , and It
perplexed his slight knowledge of French.
"Boss , " ho said , when ho rejoined Van
slttart , "what is a 'lapin ? ' "
At such a moment the question naturally
confused the anxious millionaire. Ho re
plied shortly , "a rabbit. "
"Well , I'm Jiggered ! " cried Jim. "Some
chap called mo a rabbit because I showed
him the ford. "
"Jim , I have something else to attend to
just now , without explaining French Idioms
to jou. Ride fast to Bar-lo-Duc , find Gen
eral Daublsson , and bring mo any written
message ho may give jou. Stay a moment.
Hand him this. "
Vanslttart scribbled on a leaf from his
notebook :
"Mouse , two miles southwest frornTroyon ,
3 1C a. m.
"All well here. Hope to engage enemy
in force at C a. m.
"I want jou to proceed to Verdun and
see that sortie Is successful , no matter
what the cost.
"Send explicit instructions to commander
of troops opposite Trojon to cross at all
hazards at G a. m. , and incline to the
southeast , In order to join mo about
C.30 a. m.
"I will personally communicate with gen
eral at St. Mlhlel when I want him.
"Pontoons useful , but not Imperatively
necessary , as the river can bo forded by
cavalry and Infantry.
Jim did not head straight to Bar-Ie-Duc ,
but rode down the river bank. The crackIng -
Ing of whips , the cries of drivers , the llerco
jelling of excited staff olllcero told him
that the road to the headquarters was a
raging torrent of maddened horseflesh and
cursing men. The ardor of an advance Is
surpassed only by the panic of n rout.
Le Breton clattered up , tingling with
indignation at the latest bungle of the in
telligence department in France , too.
In his excitement ho checked his charger
so Impetuously that ho shot on to the ani
mal's neck.
"This Is monstrous , " ho cried , climbing
back to the saddle.
Jerome misunderstood him. "It Is novel ,
not to say dangerous , " ho said , with n
laugh. Matters were going well now and
he was confident again.
"I mean , " exclaimed the Impulsive cavalry
leader , "that the absence of pontoons might
have caused needless delay. "
"That error has been rectified , " said the
millionaire , cheerily. "What have you
done ? "
"Driven back the enemy and sent Mont-
saloy In pursuit. "
"A good commencement. Come with mo
and organize a general advance. " The two
rode off to the front , after Jerome bad
given clear Instructions for the disposition
of the second division. The first , num
bering 40,000 Infantry , 6,000 cavalry and
seventy guns , was now on the German side
of the Mouse ,
When they reached the first bit of rising
ground and were well away from the tur
moil of the crossing the sound of heavy
firing came from the direction of Vordun.
The sortln was already in progress.
* * * *
Palo willed It that at 2 30 a. m. the
different sections of the vast German host
began the movement that was to culminate
In the passage of the Meuse at 4 o'clock.
Fifteen minutes later came the first In
timation of the unlooked-for French attack.
The emperor and his staff dismissed the
alarm as a trivial matter.
"A too zealous sentry firing at a stray
cow , " commented Von Wulderse * .
"Who commands at that point ? " said the
"Colonel Breltsteln of the Eighteenth
Hanoverians. He wants an excuse to enable
him to say that he led the first regiment
over the Meuse. "
"Possibly. What Is it now ? "
An nlde-de-cainp had entered uncere
moniously , carrying a telegram.
The emperor scanned It "French attack
serious. Have lodged strong force on right
bank from Plerrcfitte. Urultnteln heavily
engaged. Am hurrying up supports , with
two batteries
"VON HOFER , Major General "
"This la strange. What can it mean' "
William II resented any interference with
his plans.
"Probably a reconnaissance , Paris Is an-
spells and gave him euch relief that h
continued the temcdy nnd wna complptel-
cured Mr Smith , the discoverer \ > t the
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nojed at Daublsson's Inactivitj It Is well.
Von Hofcr can easily hold them Our at
tack will develop with the greater case"
"I hope so. Yet I wish this coincidence
were not so marked. "
AB they conversed the minutes passed.
And each mlnuto was worth an hour , for
the Gorman columns wcro moving with ma-
chlno-llko exactitude in the wrong direc
Another aide burst Into the royal pres
ence , breathless , with n , second message
from Von Hofer.
And a third , from the chief of the Troyon
column. "Commander of the Eleventh
brigade reports river held by artillery aud
Infantry. Two infantry regiments have
forded the Mouse , but have been icpulscd
with much loss. Am about to attack In
force. Kreuznacti "
"Kreuznach Is right , Von Waldersce , "
roared the emperor. "Quick ! Recall every
I division. Suspend the advance. Quick , I
tell jou , for heaven's sake ! Vanslttart has
left Paris. "
"Impossible , jour majesty. " The chief ot
the stall knew something of the arrange
ments made by his Imperial master's serv
ants In the French capital.
"Nothing Is Impossible ! That Is his doing.
Daublsson would never dare attempt It. O ,
hurry , hurry ! "
The o few moments had sufficed to change
William II.'s mood from dignified general
ship into half hysterical frenzy. Ho railed
at the fate which BO cruelly blighted hla
best conceived pioJeU. He cursed Vanslt
tart and his own staff with admirable 1m-
partlnlitj1 , und finally _ rushed from the
chateau Into the cool morning air without.
Abovu all else ho felt the need of motion ,
the sense of doing something
Ho had oerforco to wait until a charger
was saddled
Heavy filing at Verdun , In the northwest ,
betokened the preliminary stage of a seri
ous and extensive battle In that direction.
From the whole line of the Mcuso carao
the desultory boom of field ordnance and
the crackle of rlfio fire , whilst a growing
volume of unstained conflict southwest of
Troyon showed that a strong blow was
being struck at the very heart of the Ger
man position.
Nearly a million of armed men wcro In
motion. The lower moiety of these , the
French , were steadily pushing their way
toward the German center , whilst their op
ponents , though numerically superior , ami
fighting hard at the points of contact , were ,
for the most part , wandering aimlessly
about the roads in pursuance of a plan
which must bo wholly altered when
divisional and brigade commanders could bo
reached by the flying messengers and tele
grams now being dlxpatched In hot haxta
by Count von Waldorsee
The two creat personalities In the field ,
Vanslttart und Wllhulm , were distant from
each other barely five miles.
The man of the nervous and rxcltabla
American temperament wan quietly smok
ing a cigar and sipping a cup of hot coffer- .
And thn Teuton , rtproscntutive of a raca
noted for stolidity and sober deportment ,
was stamping furiously In and out of tbo
chateau ut Troyon , eager to mount and
gallop his horse domowhorc , but unable to
decide In what direction to gallop.
( To bo Continued J
The rraHon that rook's Imperial Cham
pagne , extra drj , Is ulv.uys good Is th
great care takeu In rcuklng It