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Smolto "J A n" Cc cigar.
Finest work. liluff City Laundry.
Stockert Carpet Co. . 205-207 IJwy.
Moore's food kills worms and fattens.
C. H. Jacqiiemm ft Co. , Jewelers nnd op-
tlclnns , 27 South Main street.
Dorn To Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Dachlcr ,
C3I Hast Pierce street , a daughter.
i I. II. Ilohrcr left last evening for Liberty ,
Mo. , to attend the William Jowcll collCRO.
J. II. Knalcy and wife of Iowa City ar-
/ lived In the Illuffs yesterday on a vUlt to
' the exposition.
M. M. Parkinson ot Corning , deputy collector -
> lector of Internal revenue for this district ,
„ . is In the city.
MlRsos Cora Smith and Gertrude Orcen re
turned yesterday from a four weeks' visit
- Kinnietuburg la.
7- -with friends at ,
J C. Illxhy , heating and canllary engineer.
I'lans and specifications for heating , plumb
ing and lighting. 202 Main , Council Illutla.
Special communication of Dluff City lodge
No , 71 , Ancient , Free and Accepted Ma ons ,
this evening for work In the second degree.
The pollro nro looking for a Mrs. Mary
VnnderveMcr , who Is charged with the
larceny of nn umbrella from Mrs. L. W.
' St. John.
Don't you thlnlt It must bo a pretty good
laundry that ran please so many hundreds
of customers ? Well that's the "Cagle. "
724 Ilroadway.
A marrlago license was Issued yesterday
' ' to Milton K. Shuman of 1'ottawattamio
county , aged 28 , nnd Laura May lUce of
Wcaton , la. , ngcil 10.
The funeral of Mrs. Itnnnnh Kerns , wife
of C. H. Kerns , who died Thursday , was
held yesterday nfternoon from the family
residence , S > 17 Avenue O.
Seventeen cars of sheep belonging to M.
Cascady of Kawllns , Wyo. , bound for the
Chicago market , were transferred yester
day nt this point from the Union Pacific
to the IJurrlngton road.
L. F. Murphy i"reived a telegram yes
terday from his son , Lieutenant Will Mur
phy nf the Twenty-fourth United State In
fantry , announcing his safe arrival at Mon-
tank Point from Cuba.
, ' Mrs. A. M. Kirk and daughters Anna and
y Hazel , who hnvo been visiting the families
6 . of P. P. DoVol nnd Kd. McCotinell and tnk-
\ Ing In the exposition , returned to their home
I dn DCS Molncs yesterday.
Next Monday being Labor day the ma
jority of the business men of the city have
j agreed to close their stores at noon thnt
i day. Most of the clerks arc arranging to
'I nttend the exposition that afternoon and
j evening.
Mr. and Mrs. John Oondchlld of Pleasant
Ktreet. accompanied by Mr. John Cnrmlch-
! ncl , will leave today for a visit with friends
7 nt Chicago , after which they will go on to
i Cincinnati , O. , to take In the Grand Army
Judge II. H. Doemcr , who was renoml-
natcd by acclamation nt the republican
Btato convention for Judge of the supreme
court , cnino' In from Dubtiqno yesterday
over thn Northwestern nnd later left for his
homo in Red Oak.
( Jertlo Chrlstensen , charged by Chariot
Chrlstensen , n neighbor , with disturbing the
lieaco by using loud and profane language ,
took n change of venue yesterday from Jus-
tlco Vien's court to that of Justice HurUe ,
where the case was tct for hearing Stptem-
bcr 1C.
Assistant Superintendent Harry Gllmore
j of the Missouri Pacific In Omaha notlllcd
5 the police yesterday nfternoon to look out
' for and detain his 16-year-old daughter
Laura , who had left homo suddenly. N'o
further particulars beyond a description ol
II the young woman were given.
' Henry Green , a truck farmer living or
I Knst Ilroadway near the city limits , had at
* flxamlnatlon yesterday before the countj
i board as to his sanity. Some time ngc
I tiroen Bufff-red n sunotroko and this Is
thought 1 ( > have affected his mind. Ilecentlj
ho has beconio possessed of the delualor
that ho hears voices from the dead am
his option : ! showed that his mental condition
was not such as it thould be. Green is li'
years of age nnd has a wife and five children
Tliii Insanity board ordered him committee
in St. llrrnard's hospital for Investigation.
Ladles desiring valuable information con
cerning their ailments should send or cal
for "The Vlavl Message. " Vlavl Co. . a t
Merriaiu blk.
N. Y. Plumbing company. Tel. 230.
Neiv transparencies nt the Art Empo
rium , 45 So. Main St.
C. H. Nicholson used Cole's Hot Blast
heater lust winter.
The latest thing In mednlHons. C. E
Alexander & Co. , 45 So. Main.
Federal Judge Makes Clear His Construction
Placed on Bankruptcj Ach
iiw'n IJITpi't I2\ir | ' * nl > - IilniKciI liy
CoiKtrcMi XIMV Point Itntncil In
the ( 'UNI * In ( liicitlou Which
li Not Yet buttled.
Some time bark Colonel J. J. Steadmnn ,
clerk of the United States circuit court , re
ceived n letter of Inquiry from Peyton
Boyle , managing editor of the West Pub
lishing company , Washington , I ) . C. , making
Inquiries In regard to a decision ot Judge
Woolson's , reported In the Chicago Legal
News. In this article the course adopted by
Judge Woolson was described as novel , but
effective. The nrtlclc continued :
The net provides that no petition for Invol
untary bankruptcy should bo filed within
four months from the passage thereof. The
act was passed July 1 , so no proceedings for
Involuntary bankruptcy in the regular way
can be commenced before November 1. It is
clear , however , that from the first day of
i July the relations of debtor nnd creditor ,
| nnd of ono creditor to all other creditors , ore
governed by the law passed of that date. A
debtor In falling circumstances Is forbidden
to prefer ono creditor to the prejudice of the
others , cither by mortgage , bill of sale or
other transfer of his property.
The case to which Ihe nrtlclo quoted re
ferred was ono from Ottumwa , wlwro a
debtor In falling circumstances executed n
clmttc-1 mnrtgagf to his fntl'T July -0. ISiis.
covering his entire asset ? . The father took
possession n. . was about to dlspo s ?
of the mortgaged property. Meltuer
father nor HOII had any other prop
erty subject to execution. Ottuimvn jobbers
and outildo creditors began a proceeding In
the United States court and asked an In
junction to pievent the disposition of this
property and the appointment of a receiver
to hold the ranio until November 1 , nt
which timenrocccdlngs In bankruptcy would
bo comments' ! In the regular way.
Juilprc AVonlNnu'n Slnlc-inciit.
Colonel Stcadman referred the letter nnd
article to Judge Woolson , who sent the
following reply yesterday to him :
The substance of the case presented to me
1 In correctly stated , but I dcclln-d to IFSIH ;
the preliminary writ as prayed. I found nc
authority In the bankruptcy statute lor sucli
writ at the present time. Counsel concet-eil
the debt claimed by the father was buna
Ado. No nttnck was made on either mort
gage or bill of sale to the father , as with
out consideration or void , as fraudulent
madi ) under the familiar general principles
applicable. Tha sole ground of attack was
that these were , under the bankruptcy law-
unlawful preferences to the father us cm <
of the son's creditors ; and that , as the bank
ruptcy statute , by Its very terms , was ex
pressly "In full force nnd effect , " then ; act !
of the son were , under this statute , unlawfu
and .voidnbln now. This unlawful charnctc-i
of the sale was a present matter. True , 1
was argued , no petition in Involuntary bank
ruptcy can bo filed until November ; bu
thnt only applies to the remedy when sough
through bankruptcy. When such petition I :
( lied nnd these acts stated us the ground !
for the adjudication of bankruptcy , i ucl
Judgment must bo entered nnd tlieso acts de
clarud unlawful nnd set aside.
llonco it was said , "Equity will not quletl ;
sit by and see the property dissipated b :
acts now unlawful under this statute nov
In full force , " and which acts will hereattu
bo set aside and annulled , when present la-
activity on the part of equity wouM be ti
knowingly permit the properu- be dlssi
patcd nnd nothing bo left for the creditor ;
when the time arrives within Which they ma ;
apply the remedy ia bankruptcy. There Is i
wrong hero , Jor the correction of which o
thfl staying of Its complete operntion wi
must look to equity.
A mil mi-lit l-'ull of I'lirco.
I could not deny that this line of crgu
ment possessed much force ; but the act :
of which they complnined were , except fo
the bankruptcy statute , lawful and vulia
So far as gi-n.'ral principles nro conccrnei
equity Is powerless to Interfere with o
affect the mortgage nnd conveyance. A vnlii
debt existed. The debtor hnd , under thcsi
general principles , the right to prefer hli
fnther ns the owner of n bona lido debt
Wheru in the bankruptcy statute Is then
contained any provision affecting or chnng
ing the general principles of equity In thi
rospi-i f Nowhere except ns artectlni
preferences to creditors. Hut the statuti
for not chewing
'He don't chew Battle As , ycr Honor. ' *
"He looks it I"
Ignorance of the Law is no excuse ,
§ but ignorance of BATTLE AX is
g your misfortune not a crime and
g the only penalty is your loss in quan
go tity as well as quality when you buy
| ) any other kind of Chewing Tobacco.
emeinber the raanie
when yoifl bury again.
does not make that unlawful under these
general principle * , hut unlawful under the
( revision * of the ntnltlU * . Congress might
Imvo authorized courts of equity to net ns
requested. Congress did not BO authorize ;
ot len t by nny express provision of the
statute. Hut congress did expressly ptny nc-
tlon under the stntute until November. The
argument presented might well be presented
to congress. Hnd It l > oen presented before
the paasngo of tills stntute popalbly the
stntuto might have covered the points pro-
pented. Thn courts may not thus attempt to
supply what Is claimed ns nn omission on
the part of congress. The duty Is on the
court to apply the statute ns It Etnnds.
Since , then , under the general equitable
principles , the nets complained of ore not
unlawful , and alnco this stntute does not
confer the power on the court now to act
ns herein sought , I announced that I saw nc
right In the court to ordsr the writ of In
junction. Hut , as the point was a new one
ns counsel urging It were nppnrcntly sincere
In the belief that the point they were urglnp
was sound , I stated thnt I would not ordci
the writ ex parte , I would set n day foi
hearing the application ( which I declined tc
grant ex pnrte ) nnd would meanwhile Issue
a restraining order , which would not seri
ously nfl'ect the father or the son. Thi
father was selling the goods nt retail nt th <
country store whcro the son hnd done busi
ness nnd hnd placed the notes , accounts
etc. , In the hands of attorneys for collection
I therefore Issued a restraining order , re
straining the father from Incumberlng tht
goods , or selling or disposing of them othei
than In the usunl course of retail as gener
ally pursued In such stores , nnd restrnlnlnf
the father nnd attorneys from selling or col
lecting notes , nccount * . etc. , except ns tin
procecdu were deposited In a dcslgnntct
bank , until nppllcntlon should be henrd
This did not Interfere with the usual coursi
of business , etc. , but preserved the nsseti
during the very brief period until nppllcattoi
could bo henrd with both parties repro
Bcnted. Hut I advised counsel applying fo ;
writ that , unless my mind was brought ti
n different conclusion , the application wouli
bo refused , nnd thnt I now granted time enl ;
because of the numerous other points , Hi
Importance as n precedent In this district
and becnupo thus I could tnko time for it
mature consideration and meanwhile preserve
serve matters In stain quo without dctrlmen
to cither party to the action. Upon servlci
of notice of time of hearing un nmlcnble nr
rangement was had , as I am Informed
whereby the conveyance to the father wa
to hiivo the effect of an assignment for th
benefit of the creditors generally , and th' '
matter did not again come before mo.
Wanted Several carriers for routes 01
Dally Hee. Young men , ranging from 10 t <
20 years , preferred. Should have horse o
wheel. Apply nt lice ofllce , Council niuiTd.
To please our friends and patronsi we wll
continue our give-away sheet music sale
at 10 cents per copy for anything we hav
In stock , vocal or Instrumental , for one wee ]
more. Wo also offer for this week only nn
of our 50 cent folios for 25 cents. What I
our loss will be your gain. Call enrl
Mueller Piano & Organ company , 103 Mai :
O. C. I3ro\vn used Cole's Hot DIast heate
last winter.
AVI1I I'ny Out < hp Police Funil nn I.on
ItN it IllntN ,
Commencing this month the city govern
ment will run on a cosh basis , and wll
continue to bo so run as long as the bnl
ance In the police fund Is sumclent to nice
the current expenses. For the first tim <
In several months employes of the city , In
eluding the members of the police nnd fir
departments , will receive their snlarie
practically In cash. That Is to pay the ;
will bo paid In warrants on the police funi
Instead of the general fund , ns heretofore
The money ! n the former fund cnn be pnli
out by Citj Treasurer
Reed while the gen
ernl fund , ns is well known , hns bee :
tied \ip owing to the Injunction suit brough
ar.alnst the the city by Attorney J. J. Shea
The new nrrnnsement Is the result of th
ordinance Introduced by Alderman Chris
tensen , which provides "that the city conn
ell may nt the time of allowing bills fo
the current , ordinary nnd necessary ex
penses , of sold city , order the Bamo pali
by warrants drawn upon the police fund
which warrants shall bo paid out of th
police fund established by the ordinance
of the city. "
At the city council meeting next Mon
day night , when the usual grist of bills am
salary HsU for the preceding month com
up a resolution will bo adopted authorlz
Ing City Auditor Evans
to drnw the wnr
rants for them on the police Instead of th
general fund , as heretofore. Holders o
these warrants can then go nt once to ih
city treasurer nnd secure the cash , whicl
will bo a condition of affairs most satlsfac
tory to all concerned.
How long the city will bo able to con
duct Its business on a cash basis Is un
certain , but It is estimated the police func
will supply the necessary money for thi
next thrco months at least. Hy thnt tlnr
It Is hoped that the pending litigation wll
bo decided and that the warrants drnwi
on the general fund will once more find i
ready market nt n slight discount.
The pollen fund during the year average :
In the neighborhood of $32.000 , and Is de
rived from all licenses , fines , pcnaltlei
and forfeitures , together with nl
taxes received by renfon of the mule
law , whether the same bo paid directly t
the city by the taxpayers or received by th
city from the county treasurer ns such mule
law taxes. The balance in the police fun
nt present Is in round figures $14,000 an
the current bills nnd salary list of em
ployes nnd city officers for the procedln
month , warrants for which will bo drnw :
on the fund next Monday night , will amoun
to between $3,000 and $ G,000. Thus It wll
readily be seen thnt the police fund wll
bo exhausted nt the end of three months
The current expenses of the city govern
ment average close on JG.OOO per month
The pay roll of the fire department amount
to about $1,1.10 while that of the police de
partment Is $1,250. The engineer's depart
ment costs $150 a month to run nnd th
sewer department $100. Exclusive of th
salary of the etreet commlbsloner , which I
? Gr > a month , the- cost of maintaining tin
department of streets nnd nlleys amount
to $400 per month. The cost to the city fo
electric lighting each month Is $925.
The average monthly salary list ot tin
different city ofllcers amounts to $930 pc
month , but of this only $ CG6 Is paid by thi
month. The salary of the Judge of th' '
police court , which to $1,000 per annum
Is paid half yearly on July 1 and October 1
The police judge Is nlso paid $1,000 n yea
as Judge of the superior court by the county
The salary of the city physician Is $250 pe
annum nnd Is paid quarterly , as are tin
salaries of the aldermen , who ; each recelv
$2iO a year for their services. The salarie
of nil other city otllclals are paid by th
month. In addition to paying the salnrle
from the police fund , the ordinance permit
thr council to authorize the payment of nl
current bills from this fund , Instead n
from the general fund ns heretofore nnd till
\\111 bo done as long as the cash holds out
Wanted Girl for general housework. Ap
pl > 102S Fourth avenue. Mrs. G. C. Wise.
Part 2 of The Ilec's photogravures of thi
exposition Is now ready and can be had a
the Council IllufTs olllcp.
DofrnillllilH Auli Itcillnx ill.
The defendants In the damage suit o
Mrs. Martha Doucher , administrator of th
estate of Hiram Boucher , against the re
celvers of the Union Pacific Hallway com
pany , have filed a petition for the remova
of the case to the Western division of th
Vnlied States circuit court for the Southori
district of low a. As grounds for the transfer
for the defendants set up that the auioun
sued for Is In excess of $2,000 nml that they
nro not residents or rlllzcns of tbo state
of Iowa nml further thnt the Union Pa-
cine Hnllrrvul cempany Is organized under
the laws of Utnh.
In this case Mrs. Uouehcr sues for $10-
000 damages for I ho death of her husband ,
who was a switchman In the employ of the
Union Pacific nml whoso death the plaintiff
nllegcs was the result of negligence on the
pnrt of the defendants.
Arrritnil on n Scrloun
M. A. Illodgctt , whoso papers show him to
bo the manager of the Western School Sup
ply house of DCS Molncs , IB In custody nt
the city jail with the charge of obtaining
money under false pretenses booked against
him. No Information could bo obtained last
night when the arrest was made as to whom
the complaint was filed by.
lllodgott has been In the city for the last
throe weeks and has been stopping at the
Ogden hotel. Little Is known of him ex
cept that he has been patronizing the gam
bling rooms and Is thought to have come
out at the wrong end after his contest with
the tiger. A few days ago ho Induced County
Superintendent of Schools Prof. W. 11. Saw
yer to endorse a draft for him drawn or
the house In DCS Molncs. As the profcssoi
has not heard to the contrary the supposi
tion Is the draft was honored. Yesterday
afternoon Hlodgett Induced Prof. S. W
Paulson of the Iowa Business college to endorse -
dorso a draft for $75 on the house In DC :
Molnes , which ho got cashed at Officer fi
Pusey's bank. A few minutes later Prof
Paulson became suspicious that all mlghl
not be right and changed his mind nboul
going security for a. stranger , so ho askei
Ulodgctt for the return of the money am
handed It back to the bank and erased hli
endorsement from the draft.
All the Information obtainable at pollc <
j headquarters last night was that Dlodget
I was being held on complaint of an Oman ;
party , but lilodgett himself says ho has no
been In Omaha for the past three years ex
cept to visit the exposition one day.
Kir i' lciiirnifMt ( lias Two Hull PI.
The lire department was called out twice
yesterday to extinguish burning grass , the
flames from which had communicated wltli
the adjoining plank sidewalks. The firs I
call was shortly before 11 o'clock In the
morning , when a still alarm took the de
partment to Twelfth avenue nnd Main
1 street , right in the heart of the implemenl
district , where the dry grass hod caught
fire from n spark from an engine and the
sidewalk was in llames.
I Close to S o'clock the department was
i called out to Fourth avenue , betweer
i fourteenth nnd Fifteenth streets , where tht
. grass in the vacant lots on which formcrlj
stood the old Stewart packing house was
i burning briskly. The flames had com
municated to the sidewalk , eome 350 feel
of which had to bo ripped up before thi
fire was finally extinguished. The fire ii
supposed to have been started by trampi
who were camped In the vacant lot.
Iami for Prnlnililo Itallronil 1'ncfl.
A deed conveying 374 acres of land fror
L. P. Judson nnd wife to William Baird c
Omaha was filed for record yesterday in th
olilce of the county recorder. The consld
| cratlon is named at $14,273.00. The land 1
j situated north of the city along the rive
nnd Is believed to 'have ' been purchased b
Dalrd for sorno railroad , probably the Chicago
cage Great Western , that is seeking an Inle
Into Omaha. A largo portion of the land I
the vicinity of the Judson property is belli
held on option by parties , which give
credence to tlio rumor that some railroad 1
contemplating building to the Bluffs in th
near future. By some it is thought that I
Is the Illinois Central that is figuring o
building through Into Omaha , The North
western is also looking for land in the vlcln
Ity of itho Driving park for the purpose c
extending Its switching yards.
Prof. A. T. Wlttlck , ihe specialist upo
the Crown piano with the orchestral at
tnchmcnt , will give exhibits at Bourlclus
Music House , Friday from 10 to 11 , 4 to
nnd 7:30 : to1 8:30. : Imitations of zlthei
guitar , piccolo , Italian harp , mandolin , an
tohurp , banjo , chimes of bells with dtstan
organ cITccts , music box , xylophone , bag
pipes , mandolin and guitar orchestra , eti
Free seats. Everybody invited , 323 Broad
way , where the organ sirnds upon the build
The Evans laundry Is the leader In fin
work for both rolor and finish. 520 Peal
street. 'Phone 280.
M.illVt I * Foil ml.
Word was received by the police here yes
terday that Wallace B. Moffet , the superln
tendent of the public schools at Lenox , la
whoso disappearance was noted Thursda ;
returned yesterday morning to the homo t
Ills brcther-ln-law , H. W. Spaldlng , at CC
South Fortieth street , Omaha , Sir. Spalc ]
ing , accompanied by another relative of th
missing man , came to Council Bluffs yes
terday morning for the purpose of makln
a more extended nnd systematic search fc
Moffet nnd were at the police station who
a telephone message was received froi
Omaha announcing that h had shown up a
right. As far as could bo learned IMofTc
declined to glvo any account of his where
ahouts Blnco reaching Council Blufl
Wednesday afternoon.
Hi-ill Kxtiiti * Trmmfei-H.
The following transfers wore filed yestet
day In the abstract , title and loan olilce c
J. W. Squire , 101 Pearl street :
Anna M. Uosonbcrry and husband to
H. A. Trobough. lot 13 , block 2 , Gates'
add to Oakland , w d $ 21
J. H. rjol'f , unmd , to Snrnh Jane Goff ,
9 ncroa In lot 5 and nubdlv se > i mvU
12-75-10 , w d 4 !
Rlelmrd Green , trustee , to Dorla K.
Mr Donald , lot 1 and n1 ot lot 2 , block
"D. " Curtis & Ramsey H udd , Council
muffs , w d 4,3 :
State Savings bank to Peter Kief , n'X-
nw'/i 2J-7G-)4 , w d 1CC
District township of Crescent to Fred
I Miller , aero in 15-7(5-11. ( w (1 I
1 John Sides and wife to Kdwnrd Dodd-
ler , part of ne',4 sw'.i 215-75-10 , w d. . . . 10
i Six transfers , totnl $0,70
Civil Scrvlc-o i\iiiiillintloiiN.
1 The following have filed applications foi
I examination under the civil service for ap-
I polntments in the postal service : Fo :
clerks Guy II. Jameson , Bertha A. Wack
Mary S. Blanchard , Carrlo I * . Aten , Mae
Hhodea , Clara M. Kracht. Fred C. Parsons
Council Bluffs ; Nettle B. Cadwell , Carrie
, I * Caldwcll , Coin , la. For carriers-
Charles C. Bock , Clarence E. Weaver , Johi
, W. 1'etcreon. H. W. Frohardt , Charles M
1 Miller. Harry W. Lewis , Edward D. Dod-
son , all of Council Bluffs , and John E
I Snlhten of Jefferson , la. The examination !
i will be held some time between Octobei
I 1 and 15.
loirn XtMl \otoH. .
Around Iowa Falls 2-year-old steers nr
! selling at $45 per head.
I Dr. L. K. Garfleld of Algona , a pioneer li
i Iowa politics , Is dead.
Tracr's now national bank has begun busl
ness with $100,000 capital.
The portrait company swindle la helm
worked hard In western Iowa towns.
A largo chapter of the Daughters of th
American Revolution has been organized a
Sarah McMillan of Marshnlltown , i
pioneer of Iowa who had nearly reached th
hundred-year mark , is dead.
W. F. Brannun of Muscatluo In the oldcs
district judge In the mate. Ho has heli
ofh > e for twenty-two years In the same dls
Two soldiers who were having n goo <
times nt Dca Molnes after their rougl
Bcrvlco at Santiago defied the wholn pollc
force , nnd were not arrested until ten met
attacked them.
Banner bill of tlic season , commencing
Sunday Matinee , August 28th :
ArillStrOllg 6C O'Neill Burlesque boxing sketch , entitled "Flin in a Gymnasium"
Logreiia , Koyal Conjurer.
BrOOkS & sketch , ' -Reprieved/
Floyd in the lauprlmblo military sketchReprieved
Arlllie Wyatt latest Coon Songs.
MlSS Coilliailtell our Petite Sobrctto.
AH Zada Hindoo Magician.
Boat race on Thursday afternoon and swimming races Saturday
afternoon , open to all comers , Forward entrance to Col. Reed , Lake
Special attention given to Picnic Parties.
Plenty of shade , fishing , boating and swimming.
Admission to Grounds and Pavilion lOc.
What Men of Fiftieth and Fifty-Second Iowa
Will Got.
I'rlvnlc Jjnnc of Company I > " , from
AlRoiin , DlcN Siiililciily I
llnttcrlex Will .Start Home
DES MO1NES , Sept 2. ( Specinl Tele
gram. ) It has been decided that the Fifty-
second , and the Fiftieth when It arrives
probably next Monday or Tuesday , shall
bo given n furlough of thirty days. The
mon will be on regular pay with 25 cents
additional for rations The furlough maybe
bo extended to sixty days. Colonel Hum
phreys 'thinks the men may get off to their
homes by a week from today.
The first of the deaths occurred at Camp
McKlnley at 2 o'clock this afternoon In the
person of Clarence Lane , a private In Com
pany P , from Algona. Lane was nn occu
pant of the Hed Cross hospital , but died
of heart failure. He ate a good breakfast
this morning nnd seemed to bo getting
along nicely. About 2 o'clock he roused up
In bed 'to ' get a drink of Ice water and fell
back gently and breathed his last. This
makes the nineteenth death for the Fifty-
second Iowa.
The Fifth nnd Sixth batteries ot Iowa
Light artillery will finish mustering out and
start homo Monday. Their pay roll has
been sent to Omaha nnd the men will be
paid Monday morning. It was not neces
sary to examine many of the men In either
of the batteries. They were all willing to
go uncxnmined , testifying that they had re
ceived no disabilities nor contracted any
diseases , which would be sufficient grounds
for a pension. A few men In each com
pany only were examined.
Captain Long of the Burlington battery
staled that his men would be anxious to
bo transferred to the Fifty-first Iowa , but
ho considered this hopeless. "When wo re
turn to Burlington I hnvo been given good
assurances that we will become a national
guard battery and be given n good armory
on the levco by the citizens of Burlington , "
said he.
Tulip ( lie Nufc'N COII < PII < N.
WEBSTER CITY. la. , Sept. 2. ( Special. )
The boldest robbery that cvor occurred In
this city took place W.cdnasday nftcrnooa.
Dr. Mcdberry , n druggist , was robbed of
J460 In cash. The fitoro wai full of cus
tomers and the druggist and his daughter ,
who were waiting on the trade , did not
notice anyone In the neighborhood of the
safe. The big Iron safe stands alircst next
to a door which forms the Uos Molnes street
entrance nnd ns It Is a well traveled street
It Is thought remarkable that no ono of thr
many constantly passing saw the snak
thief. The matter , as soon as the robbery
waa discovered by Dr. Medbcrry , which was
probably nn hour after It occurred , wna
reported to Sheriff Sinclair. A neighboring
merchant had called to act change for a
$10 bill , as It waa known qult3 universally
that Dr. Medbcrry always had money In hlo
safe nnd made n practice of nsver depositIng -
Ing until the amount saved reached In the
neighborhood of $500. As soon as he went
to the safe to get the change ho discovered
every cent gone. The only possible clue of
who might have done the work Is a man
who entered the store a short time bcforu
the robbery Is thought to have taken place
and made a small purchase. The entile
force of officers of the city have been Oe-
talled to watch all trains that leave town
and no suspicious characters will ho al
lowed to go until they have been through
the sweat box.
l < Mva IiiNiiruniMIaoN. .
DES M01NES , Sept. 2. ( Special. ) For
the last two or three weeks there has been
disaffection between fire Insurance men duo
to the threatened overthrow of the Bennett
rates , which provide nn uniform basis for
companies of the state. The trouble began
when It was learned that several companies
had broken louse from the compact nnd
surreptitiously cut their rates. This fact
being promulgated set all the tire Insurance
men In the city by their cnrs and their
outcry has been loud nnd long. It Is said
thnt should the Bennett bureau , which Is
located In Cedar Rapids , bo undone by this
local rupture , It will bo a long day before
another compromise is elfccted. Some ot
the larger agencies seem Indisposed to make
any agreement nnd contend that they have
to give up their entire commissions. In the
meanwhile , the assured Is getting his build
ings nnd property protected nt bargain
It Is hoped by Insurance men that the
local managers who nro In Chicago at pres
ent , will bring nbout some arrangement nc- j
ceptable to all concerned. The continuation
of the present state of affairs would bo
critical to the fortunes of n number of
FiiHlon III Woinlliiiry County.
SIOUX CITY. Sept. 2. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The democrats , free silver republi
cans and populists of Woodbury county
have effectM ! fusion and hnvo decided upon
a division of the ticket between the three
parties. This action was taken at n meet
ing of the party leaders In this city this
afternoon. The democrats are to name can
didates for county attorney ami county
auditor , the populists to name candldatea
for surveyor nnd recorder nnd the free silver
Five Races Each Day ,
Nonr Market. Will always be good property. Wo liavo for sale
several Choice STOCK AM ) ( iUAIN farms in southwestern Town ,
Pottawattamie , Mills , Harrison and Monona counties at great bur-
giiiiiH. If yon vr nil a farm write us full particulars or call at our
office. FARM LOANS AT ( > per cent interest.
City Property and Fruit Land for sale.
, , . , , ThlB ( iruat Vogclslilo
\ tulUer will quickly euro all narvous or dlnnasofl of tlio Kenunuire or-
rans brought oti by youthful errorpi or OXCCBIVH. Htii'li an JXJHI Manhood ,
liisonnila , Siwrmatorrlioea , IJal i In Ilaulc. Evil Dteama , Si'unnal Kmle-
nloiin. NiirvoiiH Ui-lilllly. IMmplcB , IK-ailacho , UnHiiirsB to Marry , Kx-
naiiHtlnir IiraliiH. Varlcocnle uiul CoiiHtlpatlon. Stops lompH by day o *
nlcht. I'revoiUiuuk-kni'ua of ( llspharuu. which Ji-aili to Kprrmntiirrliofa
and Impot-jiicy. cionnscH the llvor. Ulilui'yH nurt urinary on.-atm or 11
and ArfBR IninurllloB. Strenctnrns aii't rostorus umall wcmk urzJiid. ilOUuliux ,
. . . 0 for.3.00. r.H.-ir.intoeil Stiml for frno cliiiular and 61)00 te.itl-
monUU D YO ! Mi-dloluo Co. , Han Francisco , Cal. For nulo by ilcyera , Ulllou Urujr Co. Omaha , Kob.
rcpubllcnns a , clerk of the courts. The
county conventions will be held September I
14 and they will Join and Indorse the Chicago - !
cage and St. Louis platforms. \
Alii for ( lie Soldier * .
CI3DAU UAPIDS , la. , Sept. 2. ( Special
Telegram. ) An association to bo known ns
the I'nrlor City Welcome committee hns
been formed hero for the purpose of min
istering to 'tho wants of sick and wounded
soldiers ns they pass through the city on
their return homo from the southern battle
fields. The railroad companies will notify
the members of the committee , who will
visit every train carrying soldiers and care
for them ns the occasion may demand. The
work will bo kept up so long as the soldiers
pass through here.
Jiilllilriln < ; < ! AIVIIJ- .
CRDAU HAPIUS , In. , Sept. 2. ( Special
Telegram. ) Ocorgo Sherman , held in the
county Jail for trial nt the October term
of the district court for picking pockets nnd
a crook known all over the country , escaped
from jail early this morning by sawing the
bars In the corridor window. Four local
men , all held to await the action of the
grand Jury , escaped with him.
Si-iil t < > Prnltfiilnr > .
FOUT nOIJOH. In. . Sept. : . ( Special. )
Charles Jaeger , nllns Murrny , and Ed
Delawycr , two holdup men , were sentenced
by Judge Hlrdsnll in 'this ' city today to
three years each in Anamosa penitentiary.
Just eight days ago the two men drugged
and robbed William Wlemcr , a rich
farmer who resides In Oreen county , of
fGO. The cuso was ono of the quickest on
record In this vicinity.
SoliIliTN Si'HoiiNly III.
SIOUX CITY , Sept. ' . ' . ( Special Tele
gram. ) James Vanderpool , one of the
members of the Fifty-second Iowa , and
Will Shepard , another Boldler boy , are both
In quite a serious condition. Ynndprpool
has typhoid fever and Is very low , but Shep
ard Is not so III.
AVIII .Meet at Sioux Full * .
CRDAIl UAPIDS , In. , Sept. 2. ( Special
Telegram. ) The oflloers of the National
Mutter nnd Creamery nssorlatlon held a
meeting hero 'today nnd selected Sioux Falls
ns the place of holding the next nnminl con-
vetlon of the association. The inertlng will
bo held the fourth week In January.
IIMIH Kin-ill "Siilrx.
Last year Iowa's agricultural products
worn valued nt $200.000,000.
In western Iowa potatoes by the carload
sell for from 30 to 35 cents per bushel.
Many farmers around Helnbeck nro losing
many hogs from cholera. There Is 11
ccarelty of water In many sections of cen
tral Iowa , to which fact IB attributed the
spread of hoc cholera. |
Iowa farmers have become tired of grow
ing onions. This year the fruit ELS | | for
ICBB than Ifi cents u bushel In some sectlunn
and this will not pay for the gathering. T o '
years ngd ? l per bushel wis considered a
fair price for onions nnd Iowa grows the
finest varlity In the west.
An old farmer ( if much experience In hog
raising gives this reclpo ns a sure cure of
hog ebolt'iu : Put n little buttermilk nnd
eoda In the tiough with the slop. If thn
swlnn refuuo to eat , pour a. llttlo noda nnd !
buttermilk down their throats. Tnlcu a j
week feed a little green mustard nml corn.
Inwa farms nro In great demand , especially
FirmII farmu of from tlfty to sixty MTU.
Ono Ucs Moltics commission linn has thirty
nrdorc of eastern pcoplo for such bo'llra ' nf .
land , for which they Ar < willing to puy the
highest price. Western Iowa lands arc prc-
ferred at present , though central Iowa has ,
long had the call In Iho eastern real estate :
market. . t . . i
Distributed by
John G. Woodward & Co ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
IS !
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IIIK lilali-N mill | inPIT.
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