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Try Moore's stock food.
Dr. Green , office f > 12 Fourth street.
Dr. Brown , dentist , room 301 Mcrrlam bill
Dr. H. Peters of Mlnden was In the clt ]
Wanted , girl for general housework. Cal
(14 Mynster street.
Ex-Mayor Carson has opened a law offlci
In the Baldwin block.
Dr. A. O. Mudgc. the dcntUt , removci
from 319 to 338 Broadway. ,
George Kccllne returned yesterday from i
trip to his Wyoming ranch.
W. E. Seldon of Cedar Rapldg was li
the city yesterday on business.
J. W. Squire and family went to Chlcagi
yesterday evening on a visit.
Henry Knowles , n prominent cattle dealc
of KCK Creek , was In the city yesterday.
Mr . C. Wllklns of Silver City was litho
the Bluffs yesterday on a shopping cxpedl
tlon.L. . L. Sample , a music dealer of Shcn
andoah , was In the city yesterday purchas
Ing goods.
Ilartell and Miller yesterday secured
building permit for repairs to their star
on Broadway.
Prof. Chambers wll gtvo n dancing part
tonight for the adult members of his clas
and their friends.
Mrs. Rallsbach and Bister left for Sand
wlch , III. , yesterday evening , where the
will visit friends.
The Evans laundry Is the leader In fin
work both for color and finish. 520 1'eai
street. Phone 2'JO.
The Junior Order United American Me
chanlcs will meet today In Grand Army c
the Republic hall at 9 a. m.
There will be a special meeting tomor
row cvcnlne nt 8 o'clock of Harmony chap
tor. No. 25 , Order of Eastern Star.
Karl Spetman ot Lewis disposed of
nlco bunch ot cattle yesterday at Soul
Omaha at n price that exceeded his expcc
' tatlons.
Don't vou think It must be a pretty goo
laundry that can please BO many hundred
of customers ? Well that's the "Eagle ,
724 Broadway.
The Ladles' Aid society of the Congregn
tlonal church will meet at the parsonage r
4 o'clock this afternoon to decide on tb
music for the coming year.
The Degree Team of council camp , Ni
14 , Wqodmcn of. the World , will give
May party dance on Wednesday evening
May 11 , which will bo the last ot the ECU
son. A pleasant time for all.
Olga , the Infant daughter ot Mr. an
Mrs. Peter Anderson of 1908 South Tent
street , died Sunday night ot mcmbranoi
croup , aged one week. The funeral wt
held yesterday afternoon , Interment bcln
In Fnlrvlew cemetery.
The Ladles' Aid society of the Fltth av (
nuo Methodist church will meet Thursdn
afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Mr
C. J. Fulmcr , 1736 Eighth avenue. Tea wl
bo served from 4 to 6 o'clock. The Epwort
league of the church will give a phom
graph entertainment Friday evening at tl
residence of the pastor , Rev. Q. P. Fry , 17 !
Seventh avenue.
As "O'Brien , the Contractor , " Danl
Bully , who appears at the Dohany theati
Thursday evening of this week , has a ro
exactly suited to his hearty , bluff and hi
morous stylo. The play has a number '
strong dramatic scenes , Including a ral
road strike and a premature blast. Se <
cral specialties are Introduced during tl
action ot the play.
C. B. Vlavl Co. , female remedy ; consult :
tlon free. Office hours. 9 to 12 and 2 to
Health book furnished.
326-327-328 Me
rlam block.
Money to loan on city property. TClnne.
N. Y. Plumbing company. Tel. 260.
Llhrnry Hoard Meeting ; .
At the regular monthly meeting of tl
board of trustees of the public library he
yesterday afternoon It was decided to cloi
the library on Sundays during the summ
months from Juno 1 to September 1.
The report for April of Miss Ellzabel
Peterson , the librarian , shows : Number
visitors during the month , 7,987 ; on Sui
days , 87 ; registered book takers , 7,679 ; boo !
taken , 6,444 ; books In circulating libra
May 1 , 16,773 ; In government departmen
4,419 ; total number of books , 21,192 ; r
celpts by fines , $7.40.
Four now tables have been supplied
the library , three In the reference and 01
in the reading room. Bills amounting
$344.85 were allowed and ordered paid.
Cordwood for Bale cheap. Address W. 1
Bee office , Council Bluffs.
Church AiinlverMurlen.
The St. John's English Lutheran chur
will have several anniversaries this week
commemoration of entering Its new bull
Ing one year ago. On Wednesday evening
will have a praise meeting , led by the pa
tor. On Thursday evening It will give
public reception and sociable. An excclle
musical program has been prepared for t
occasion. Short addresses will be made
Revs. Groh and Luther M. Kuhns
Omaha , as well as by representatives frc
this city. On Sunday morning Rev. G. '
Snyder will preach and In the evening t
Sunday school will hold an annlveran
Ordered Out of Town.
About a month ago Arthur Hoffmayr
the City Mills was prevailed upon to tote
to a stranger who said he had .three lee
of wheat that ho would exchange for floi
Hoffmayr never saw tbo wheat nor t
stranger again until yesterday , when
was arrested by Officer Taylor while ti
Ing to work a similar trick on J. K. Coop
the grocer. At the station he gave t
name ot John Lindsay and said he was fn
Fort Crook. Ho admitted getting the mac
from Hoffmayr , but said ho was drunk
the time. Mr. Hoffmayr declined to file
Information , BO the man was released a
ordered out of town.
Miss Kennedy has purchased a League
cycle from Cole & Cole.
Irving hotel. 2759 B'd'y ; rates , $1.50.
Heal ICNtatc Transfer * .
The followtne transfers have been fl
In the title abstract and loan otllco of J.
Snulru , 101 Pearl street :
Elizabeth Baker and husband to Au
gust Kaderlct , nwtt 21-7M4 w. d.$2 ,
Receivers ot International Building ,
Loan and Insurance Union , et al , to
George E. Urcnnan et al , receivers ,
lot 13 , block 4 , Glcndalo add ; eV , lot
4. block 32 , Bnyllas & Palmer's add. ;
ntt lot 11. block 4 , Glendale mid. , d. .
W. P. Officer and wlfo to Mury B.
Henn , lot * 1 and 2 , block 8 , Bayltsi'
third add. , w. d
Thomas Johnson and wlfo to James
Darby , lot 12 , block 4 , Glcndale add. ,
W. d 1
Four transfers , total $3
FOR SALE Good second-hand bicycle
a bargain. Call at The Bee office , Coui
Chambers' May party for adults , Tucs
fvrning , May 10. Orchestra of five ple <
Refreshments ; $1.00 per couple.
Marriage I.lceimen.
Licenses to wed were issued yesterday
the following persons.
Name and Addreaa. A
Jessie Brown , Council Bluffs
Eilllc Krlckson. Council Bluffs
Van H. Heywood , Quick , la
iBubel Fleck. Council Blurfa
B. Parker. Omaha
Nora Sheehan , Omaha
, J. Mcdulre , Omaha
Carrie Johnson , Omaha
Hoffmayr'a fancy patent flour makes
beit ana most bread. jUk your grocer (01
Plaintiff Files an Amendment to His Petitio
Covering New Points.
Alienation tlint the Conntltntlom
llm It Han llcen flenched and War
rants for Three Yearn Untied In
Anticipation of Revenue.
Much to the disappointment of all ell
employes who have been unable to cas
their warrants for last month's salarlc
Judge Smith did not hand down his dec
slon yesterday In the city warrant mat
damus case ot N. C. Phillips , city clerl
against W. B. Reed , city treasurer. Tt
postponement was caused by the plalntl
filing an amendment to his petition , bi
a decision Is expected on the convening >
court this morning. The amendment wht <
was filed yesterday morning sets forth thi
the Indebtedness of the city of Counc
Bluffs during the years 1895 , 1896 and 18 !
was fully up to the constitutional llm
and that the warrants for city expcndltun
now outstanding were issued In nntlctpi
tion of the revenues of each year of tl
years named respectively. This being tl
case the plaintiff sets up that these wa
rants cannot now bo paid out ot the cu
rent revenues for the year 1898 until aft
the current expenses for this year she
have been satisfied.
The suit brought by City Clerk Phillips
a test case and Is to compel the city trea
urcr to cash a warrant Issued for a currei
expense In precedence ot other outstandli
warrants. No hint has been given as
what Judge Smith's decision will be , b
In the event ot Its being adverse it Is e :
pectcd that city employes will find It
difficult matter to dispose of their warran
even at a largo discount.
Storage , Wlnn & Konlgmacher , 336 Broa
Council IHulTn PraponcM to Proper
HecoKtilKc the ISvviit.
Council Bluffs will celebrate the gre
naval victory at Manila by a mass nrjetl
at which an elaborate program of address
and patriotic music will bo" carried 01
This celebration will be held some nig
this week , the date to bo determined'at
meeting to be held in the city hall tonlg
I at 7:30 : o'clock at which all citizens are 1
vltcd to be present.
The committee appointed nt the meet !
Saturday night of Abe Lincoln post , Gra
Army of the Republic , waited on May
Jennings yesterday morning and present
the request that he call a mass meeting I
a general celebration over the victory
Manila. Mayor Jennings was In perfect t
cord with the Idea and a preliminary met
Ing was held at the city hall previous to t
session of the city council at which the fi
lowing committee was selected to take t
matter In hand and perfect the arratif
mcnts : Mayor Jennings , Judge Carson , Pr
H. B. Hayden , Prof. H. W. Sawyer , 01
Knox , Colonel W. F. Baker and John Lin
This committee then met and apolnted t
following subcommittees :
Executive Mayor Jennings , Colonel Bak
Hon. W. H. M. Puaey.
Music Prof. Hayden , I. M. Treynor , Pr
J. H. Sims , Mrs. J. G. Wadworth , Mrs. Re
crt Mullls , Jacob Schmidt , Wai McFadden
Program Prof. Sawyer , Judge Carsi
E. E. Hart.
Finance John LIndt , H. J. Chambe
A. T. Fllcklnger , J. C. DeHaven , Hi
Thomas Bowman.
Hall Ohio Knox , E. Shugart.
Decorations L. A. Casper , J. B. McPhi
son , J. F. Wllcox , Mrs. O. H. Lucas , M
J. B. Atkins , Mrs. M. F. Rohrer.
These committees are requested to m
at the city council chamber this evening
7 o'clock. „
Stnrt on a Damairc Suit.
The trial of the damage suit at Mrs. J <
nlo Kasslng against the Rock Island re
way commenced In the district court y <
terday morning. Mrs. Kasslng asks for $1
000 damages for Injuries alleged to h :
been received while alighting from a R <
Island train at the depot In Neola on t
vcmber 22 of last year. The plaintiff's e
dence was that while getting off the tn
It started before she had time to alight t
that she was thrown violently between 1
cars and received a severe and permani
Injury to her hip. A large number ofv
nesses were examined yesterday and '
t case Is expected to last for a couple ot d ;
f In the matter of the estate of the 1
Edmund F. Hooker , the widow , Sarah
Hooker , who was appointed admlnlst
trlx , having failed to qualify , Judge Sin
yesterday , on the application of Ernest
Hart , a creditor of the estate , appoln
George H. Mayno administrator , his b <
being fixed at $1,000.
A nice line ot refrigerators , lawn me
ers and seasonable goods at Cole & Col
Good flour , $1.35. Bartcl & Miller.
Street Car Improvement * .
In the shops of the motor company
two new big motor cars which are recelv
the finishing touches at the hands of Ma !
Painter Carmtchael and which will soon
placed In service on the Omaha line. '
cars will be known as Nos. 65 and 67 i
In the matter of Interior decoration are
tlrely different from any of the other ci
a In both cars the ceilings are painted wl
enamel with fancy scroll work In gold. '
woodwork Is cherry finish and the elec
lights are ot lacquered brass work ,
car No. 65 the upholstering Is of a dark I
while that of No. 67 Is of dark maroon ,
perlntendent Dlmmock says they will w
finished bo the handsomest cars ever tur
out of the company's shops. They will
equipped with the new O. E. 57 general c !
trie motors , which weigh about 3,000 pout
of which each car will carry two. AH
big cars of the company will as soon as t
can be refitted bo equipped with these i
motors. All the summer cars which
shortly be put on the road have been re
vated and In each an end screen with g
windows back of the inotorneer has t
A good place to buy a fine piano
Bourlcius * Music House , 325 Broadv
where they glvo premium stamps
premium stars.
Rurirlarii Arrenteil.
John Ltndsey was taken Into custody ;
torday on the charge of entering the r
dcnce ot C. P. RalUback at 611 Bluff st
on the night ot April 6. A suit of clol
and an overcoat were stolen from the hi
to on the night In question and yesterday
tcctlve Weir recovered the suit ot cloi
from a second-hand store on Broads
where young Llndsey had sold it.
Ilouqurt Haven IIU Dog.
Poundmaster Dobson started out on
rar path yesterday after all untagged
23 | nines , and about the flnt animal to
23 corralled by one ot his assistant * wai a
, e ' brown retriever belonging to Paul Bouq
1U .the Broadway liveryman. Bud Bouquet v
for the dogcatchcr , and being the bigger
man of the two , got the best ot a short ,
sharp and decisive engagement , and released
his dog. He was arrested for Interfering
with the poundmaster and gave ball for his
appearance tn police court this morning.
Ordinance In Panned Ovei
the Mayor' * Veto.
At the adjourned meeting of the city
council last night the newsboys' ordinance
providing for an annual license of $2 for
the privilege of selling papers on the streets
was passed over the mayor's veto. Coun
cilman Johnson alone voted to sustain the
The annual sidewalk ordinance , calling for
the building of a number ot brick walkt
In different parts of the city , was passed.
On petition of the property owners on Avenue
F , between Oakland avenue and North Second
end street , the city engineer was Instructed
to prepare an ordinance for the paving ol
the street with brick. The committee on
streets and alleys was authorized to pur
chase a street sweeper. Chairman Cnspci
of the committee reported that the swecpei
could bo secured for $275.
Poll Tax Collector Keller's bill for serv
ing notices , which was laid over at the lasl
meeting , was ordered paid.
Alderman Johnson called attention to the
vacant ground at Avenue G and Curtli
street , which Is thickly grown with wlllowi
and Is the resort of disreputable characters
The councilman from the Second ward ani
the city attorney were authorized to taki
the necessary steps to have the nutsanci
complained ot abated.
It was decided to remove all the old gai
lamp posts except such as have letter boxei
on them and the city electrician was In
structed to notify the gas company.
The matter of widening Twenty-secone
street from Broadway to Cochran park wa :
brought up and City Solicitor Wadswortl
was authorized to complete the negotiation :
commenced by the former city attorno ;
to secure the necessary ground.
Ordered Sent to the ANylnm.
Stephen Strceter was ordered committee
to St. Bernard's hospital by the commls
sloners for the Insane yesterday. Streeter
who Is a distant relative of Mrs. Jacl
Sncthlu , struck town a few days ago , rldlni
a blind pony. Ho was taken care of b ;
Mrs. Snethln , but was unable to give an ;
account of himself or where ho came from
except that he had been In an asylum a
Anna , 111. In addition to being merflall :
deranged he Is partly paralyzed. He for
merly lived In the east end ot the state , bu
his relatives have lost track of him fo
many years.
To Sew for the lloyn.
There will bo a special meeting of th <
Council Bluffs Women's Sanitary Relle
commission this afternoon at 2 o'clock li
the armory of the Dodge Light Guardo 1
he Masonic building. The meeting Is fo
ho purpose of sewing the ticks for th
boys In camp at DCS Molnes and nil womei
ntcrested In the soldiers are Invited to b
irescnt and assist In the work. The Bosto
itore and John Beno & Co. have donate
he material.
llootblnck Fined.
Emll Hornstein , the bootblack who gav
Bob Mitchell , the newsboy , an uppercut I
the left cyo during the fracas Saturday aft
crnoon between a number ot local new
vendors and one from across the river , wa
fined $1 and costs In Justice Vlen's coui
MlmloiinrlcH Known In Iowa.
HUDSON , la. , May1 9. ( Special. ) Th
news of the murder of Rev. Calne and > wll
n Slerro Leone , Africa , as reported In th
dispatches , caused much sorrow here. Rei
Caino was for several years pastor of th
United Brethren church here and was ver
popular. Ho was a graduate of Wester
college , Toledo , as was his wlfo , who wa
Mary Mutch. They finished three yean
work in the mission and came home las
last September.
year , returning to Africa
Iowa CoiiKreMHlonal Convention.
DBS MOINES , May 9. ( Special. ) Tl :
republican congressional convention for tl
Fifth district has been called to meet i
Cedar Rapids June 15 , next , and the Eight
district republican convention " 1 be he !
In'Creston Juno 23. These conventions wl
probably unanimously renomlnute Congress
men Robert G. Cousins and W. P. Hepburi
who have no opposition ,
Shootliinr Scrape In the Street.
SIOUX CITY , la. , May 9. ( Special. ) E
Burke , an Idler about town , shot and si
rtously wounded Tom Fisher , a gambler , I
a quarrel In the street last night. Foi
shots were 'fired , only one taking effec
Many people were on the streets at tt
time , but no one was struck by the flyli
bullets. Burke was arrested.
New Man In Control.
ATLANTIC , la. . May 9. ( Special. ) Tl
Atlantic Iron works is now controlled t
S. G. Hunter , who purchased all the share
held'by his partner , Charles Mlddaugh , an
. valued at $5,000. General foundry and n
pair work is done. The capital stock
d $10,000. Mr. Hunter for several years hi
had the contract for building all Cans couni
lown New * Note * .
Twenty-five car loads of live stock ha'
been shipped out of Ida Grove during la
There were 440 patients at the insai
hospital In Clarlnda at tbo beginning
the month.
DCS Moincs has an Italian pollcema
Qabrto Scorpcrlno , and his name IB a terr
to all evil doers.
The sixteen Mormon elders from Uti
who have been working in Iowa the la
year , held a meeting In DCS Molnes la
week and compared notes.
The late Lieutenant D. R. Merrltt of R
Oak was junior warden of the Masonic led
which was maintained on the battlesti
Maine , and eighty-three of those who Ic
their lives were Masons.
Ex-Governor Boles has a largo Cub
i- flag which was presented to him by Jam
Creclman , of the New York World , durl
the pre-conventiou campaign for the prei
dcncy In 1S06. The flag was brought he
uv Crcehnau direct from Cuba shortly afl
° " ho had been exiled from the Island by t
s , Spanish authorities. U was the first Cub
flag seen in Waterloo.
Tha recent cyclone in Plymouth count
besides doing a great deal of damage , e
hlblteil many strange freaks. Ono was t
lifting of a buggy up Into the air a
plunging the tongue Into the earth up
the whlpplo-trecs , without damaging a
part of the vehicle. Another was to 1
a barn door off Its rollers and plant It al
Into the ground to a depth of three fe
leaving the barn untouched. Cows w <
lifted up Into the air and carried for hi
a mill * and set down on their feet.
lown PrcNN Comment.
Ottumwa Democrat : It U time now I
s- little AlphonBo to yell out , "King's Ex ! "
' * Marshall town Times-Republican : Bebi
et the perfect man ! You will find him In t
volunteers' ranks after Lord Aesculapius t
passed down the line.
DCS Molnea Leader : It Gllroy Is right
his song that a man Is only as old as
feels , Commodore Dewey cannot bo m <
than 15 years these days.
Indianola Advocate : Spain does not 11
out diplomatic phrases. She says they i
too blunt. Will she next be complain !
that our bayonets are to sharp.
Cutter Gazette : It we were the govei
ment of the United States we would [
less attention to weight tn picking out v
unteers and give just a trifle more attentl
to the i lie ot tne hat.
American Missionaries Slain on tht
West Africam Coast.
_ > it
Im I
Prominent In UnKr flrcttiren Church
Which Denomination Ther Rep *
rcHcntrd In TVrlr Work , la
the Dark Continent.
ELDORA , la. , May 9. ( Special Telegram. )
The two American missionaries who have
> een reported as murdered nt Sierra Leone ,
n the African coast , went from this section
nd were very bright young Iowa people ,
lev. Cain and wife graduated at Western
ollcgc at Toledo , la. , and for a few years
was pastor of the. United Brethren church
t Hudson. Ho and his wlfo have been In
Africa three years and have very frequently
eported thai their work was being greatly
nterfcred with by Mohammadan mlsslon-
rles from Turkey.
Miss Archer , a medical missionary who
was murdered , was a member of the DCS
ilolnes conference of the United Brethren
liurch and was ordained two years ago.
I'reimrc to Offer Hcllcf.
DENISON , la. , May 9. ( Special. ) Do-
Kirtmcnt President Georgia Wade McClcllar
f the Iowa Relief Corps has Issued genera !
orders No. 9 , calling upon the local corps tc
all special meetings and bo prepared tc
ake an active part In relief of and care 01
ho volunteer soldier * boys during the wai
with Spain. She says :
"Money must be raised. Hospital supplies
> rcpnreil. Nurses must volunteer to go. Al
nust be In readiness to be sent on short no
Ice. I know the patriotic women of gram
old Iowa will bo to the front In this crucla
lour. "
Corps presidents are requested to cal
peclal meeting , Immediately upon receipt o
his general order , to formulate plans foi
mmedlato work.
Loyal patriotic women who stand ready t <
offer their services as "army nurses" an
requested to forward their names to thi
department secretary , Mrs. Helen R. Grlf
nth , Mount Pleasant , la. , so that no tinv
may be lost In sending to the front tbcsi
'angels of mercy" when needed. Those con
.emplatlng going as nurses , when ftllni
.heir application , must give age , whethe :
married or single , and their address plalnl ;
written , accompanied by recommendation !
of character and health.
Cnrccr of n Western Pioneer.
SIOUX CITY , la. , May 9. ( Special. ) OU
residents of the county have been lnforme <
of the death last Saturday In Denver of oni
of the pioneers of western Iowa , Nebraski
and Colorado , Henry tReltzo , who was bon
n Germany 68 years'ago land came to lowi
first In 1856. Ho had 'lived In London i
vhllo and before "going onian Iowa form wai
a painter by trade. Ho went to Colorado li
1858 and settled at Port iLupton , aftorwan
going to Denver , where 'too was assoclatci
with others In the first bakery In that city
Hs engaged In mining In Nevada and ngali
returned to Iowa In 1860 , = living-for severa
this city. H
years on a large fartn near
was married here and ebon afterword h
moved Into Nebraska anfl lived for a tim
on a farm n'.ar Omaha , bu't later returned t
' '
lotra Paper Chn iecn Ilnnili.
CEDAR iRAPIDS , .Ift.wMay. . ,9. ( Specln
Telegram. ) H. O. McMillan of Rock Rapids
United States district ! attorney for th
northern district of Iowa , and Cyrenus Cole
'or a number of years associate editor of th
DCS Molnes Register , have , purchased th
edar Rapids Republican and will take con
trol after May 12. '
Buriclur * at Hamburg.
HAMBURG , la. . May 9. ( Special. ) .
rear entrance was made Into the store t
Rhoda & Blake last night byburglars an
clothing and shoes to the value of J1C
stolen. No clue.
Contrremilonal Candidate.
ATLANTIC , la. , May 9. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Silas Wilson was today announce
us a congressional candidate In the Nlnt
against Congressman A. I
district , to run
nncUlin'n Arnica Salve.
THE BEST SALVE In the world for Cut
Bruises , Sores , Ulcers , Sftlt Rheum , Fev (
Sores Tetter , Chapped Hands , Chilblain
Corns and all Skin Eruptions , and positive ]
required. It Is gua :
cure * Piles , or no pay
tnteed to give perfect satlstccllon or tnonc
refunded. Price 25 cent ! per box. For * a
v Kuhn & Co.
Knnnnn City OncUet Shop Goo * to th
Wall Trylnsr to Ontlilil the
Clilcniro Hoard of Trade.
KANSAS CITY , May 9. The W. A. M
chael Grain Commission ! company , the leaf
Ing bucket shop In the city , assigned th
afternoon to Dr. I. M. Ridge , a local cap
tallet. The prime cause given was the scl
Ing of a large number . .of calls at a prlt
from Vi cent to % cent better than Ch
cago. No figures on assets and llabllltli
are given. The firm Is one of the oldei
In the city and It had as many as thirl
agencies through Missouri , Kansas and Ni
A rather exciting Incident occurn
shortly after the failure was announced ,
trader named Tustln flashed a revolver :
Cashier George Abbott's face and demandi
his winnings. The company's safe wi
locked and Abbott had but $50 In his po
session. This he quickly turned over to tl
excited trader , who left before being a
CHICAGO , May 9. One failure was r
corded today as the result of the iluctu
tlons In the wheat market and the man
go under was Robert'Llndblom ? , one of t'
best known operatorfjj/nthc / $ , Board of Trai
and president of thej Civil Service commt
elan. , iiJ ti
Immediately afterwtbo close of buslne
this afternoon he made an assignment
the county court to Aha Royal Trust cot
pany as assignee , thojassets and llabllltl
being fixed at $100,000'tfnd ! ' $125,000 respec
" '
The failure of Mr , Llndblow was entire
unexpected , even aropni his close buslne
associates. It is nMflbuted to the com
tlon of the market OLUd.jyie fact that he w
suddenly called upon during the day to pr
vide margins for trartcs-tn barley amountli
to $40,000. Mr. LIAdblom found himself u
able to respond to the call and decided
make an assignment In the county cense
so as to provide equally for Jill his crcdltoi
It Is said that arnVenients may bo ma
with the creditors of Mr. Llndblom In
few days so that he may resume buslnci
All the pending trades In which Mr. Lin
blom was Interested were turned over
him shortly before the failure to othei
who will continue them.
The margins placed by Mr. Llndblom w
bo returned to his assignee for the bene
of the estate. No Investigation of the boo
[ of the Insolvent broker baa yet been mac
f. Until the present crisis Mr. Llndblom co
I sldcred himself worth- upward of $100,000 ,
Ilallruad Men Will Meet.
WASHINGTON. May 9. Railroad cot
-tntsslonera and other state officials who
duties bring them into contact with rallro
bualncie began to arrive here today from i
arts of the country to attend the tenth an-
ual .convention of railroad commissioner *
which Is to begin Its pensions tomorrow al
1 o'clock. Many delegates from the As-
Delation of American Railway Accounting
fflccra will also attend the convention.
Poor Onnrter at Dntnth.
DULUTH , Minn. , May 9. Fifty fraim
minings on Minnesota Point , Just above
10 ship ranal , were burned Sunday
An hour after the fire started 2,000 pcopU
were homeless. The fire took twelve fram <
tore buildings fronting on Lower Lake ave <
no , Just below the "Under the Hill" dls.
rlct , and swept from there back to thi
ako shore.
The district was populated by the pooreal
eoplc In the city. Many of the upper parti
t the two-story buildings were occuplei
s tenements. They were Inhabited at
lonely as the people could cluster togcthcl
nd back of the line of buildings fronting
n the street were shacks huddled all tO (
lose for health and safety.
There are no particularly largo Indtvldua
osscs. The total Is thought to bo ovci
100,000. Among the sufferers were flft :
atnllles of Jews , members ot n colony , wh <
were at a mass meeting praying for the sue.
ess ot the American army In the war will
Spain. There were narrow escapes tron
cath , but It Is believed that everybody wa :
escued ,
I/nrtro Summer Hotel.
ST. LOUIS. May 9. A special to the Post
) lspatch from Excelsior Springs , Mo. , says
'he Elms hotel , .which had COO rooms ant
was the finest country hostelry In the state
s In ruins as the result of a fire whtcl
tarted In the engine room. The Elms wai
milt in 1SS9 at a cost ot about $200,000
Colonel Ettcnson of Lcavenworth , Kan. , Vie
amo sole proprietor last Saturday. Thi
hotel was enjoying n good patronage am
onstderable money had been expended re
ently preparatory to this season. Then
were probably 100 guests , some of when
mrcly escaped from the building In thcli
night clothes. The loss Is considerable
hero being but $40,000 Insurance.
Portion of Colchcntcr.
COLCHESTER. Conn. , May 9. For th
ccond time within twenty years Celebes
cr's business quarter has been reduced t <
shea by fire. The conflagration started lati
ast night In O'Conncll Brothers' & Sisters
Iry goods store by the explosion of a lam ]
nd burned for over six hours , until a rev
t wooden buildings , occupying almost ihi
whole of merchants' row , Main street , wai
n ruins. The loss Is about $60,000 , mostl ;
ovcred' by Insurance.
One Hundred Summer CottaKC" .
GLOVERSVILLE , N. Y. , May 9. Over 10
ottages at Scnndaga park , Fulton county ,
opular summer resort , eighteen miles nortl
f here , have been destroyed by fire , probabl
of Incendiary origin. The cottages were al
ramc structures , built closely together. N
estimate of the losses Is yet available.
Prominent Iowa Danker.
MARSHALLTOWN. la. , May 9. ( Speclr
Telegram. ) L. Mathews , aged 70 , presided
of the .Montour Exchange bank , died at hi
home In Montour of Brlght's disease. H
was well known In Iowa financial circles.
Annlntnnt to PreMldcnt of Lake Slum
CLEVELAND , O. , May 9. Addlson Hllli
assistant to the president of the Lake Shor
t Michigan Southern railroad , died at hi
home on Prospect street last night of pneu
monta , aged 91 years. Mr. Hills was prob
ably the oldest railroad man In active serv
co In the United States. For forty-thre
ears he has served the Lake Shore , and hi
ability was known and recognized not enl
by the officials of that road , but throughou
he country.
Denver Real Estate Speculator.
DENVER , May 9. Walter Barren vo
Mchtsseiiofen Is dead of appendicitis. H
was born In Breslau , province of Silesia , 1
,850 , and entered the Prussian army whe
.ho war broke out , with Austria , In 1866. A
.he age of 16 ho was made
leutenant. He served In the France
Prussian war , after which he came to Der
ver , where be amassed a fortune la rei
estate speculation.
Lnla HnmmniiB.
SIDNEY , Neb. , May 9. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Miss Lula Hammang of Arllngtoi
Steb. , aged 20 years , died here this mom
ng of consumption. She came here a fc
weeks ago to seek the exhilarating atmoc
phere of this altitude , and to all outwar
appearances was being greatly benefltei
The body was sent to Arlington tonight.
M. P. JoneH.
ATLANTIC , ' la. , May 9. ( Special Tel <
gram. ) Mel P. Jones , aged 54 , genen
agent for the McCormlck Harvester cotr
iany In western Iowa and Nebraska , maktn
this place his headquarters , died hero th
evening , after a short Illness.
Mm. Matilda Wolf.
PAWNEE , Neb. , May 9. ( Special. ) Mr
Matilda Wolf , mother of Mrs. N. T. Hoi
died Friday , May 6 , at the residence of h <
daughter. The funeral services were he !
from the Christian church In this city But
day , May 8 , at 2 p. m. _
ChlefM of Police Meet Today.
MILWAUKEE. May 9. The Nation
Association of Chiefs of Police will coi
veno in annual session In this city tome
row. Although no formal program has bc <
arranged , some very Interesting matte
will come up for consideration , nmot
which will be the Bertlllon system for tl
Identification of criminals. About 125 deli
gates arc expected to attend the convel
tlon. Several cities are candidates for tl
next convention , among which are No
York , Boston , Cincinnati , Omaha and Dei
Mother and Tire Children Suffocate
SENECA , N. Y. , May 9. Mrs. Fred Hab
and two children were suffocated by a fl
that occurred at their home here today. M
Hnbel occupied an upstairs room with thr
children , while Mrs. Habel with tv
children slept downstairs. Habcl was nwal
ened about 4 o'clock this rooming by smol
and succeeded In saving the three chlldn
who slept with him , but was unable to sa
the others. The origin of the flro is n
Will Have a De cy Holiday.
ST. LOUIS , May 9. Mayor Zeigcnheln t
day officially proclaimed Saturday , May :
a. public holiday in honor of the victory
Admiral George Dewoy. A mammoth eel
bratlon will take place at Forst Park. T :
program of exercises will Include speech
by the mayor and representative cltlzei
music and a parade. _
Dully Treanury Statement.
WASHINGTON , May 9. Today's stat
ment of the condition of the treasury show
Available cash balance , $214,291.706 ; go
reserve. $180,250.277.
Amcrlra makes the finest brand of chai
pagnc , Cook's Imperial Extra Dry. It
delicious , fruity and pure.
Movement * of Oeean Vennela , .May
At Now York Arrived Frlesland. fro
Antwerp ; Furncssla , from Glasgow ; Man
toba , from London ; Aragonla , from Stettl
At Genoa Arrived Werra , from N
At 'Hamburg Sailed Pretoria , for Nc
M Gibraltar Sailed Aller. for New Yoi
Arrived Kaiser Wilbelm II , from Nc
At Liverpool Arrived Sylvanla , fro
Boston. . ,
At Philadelphia Arrived Belgcnlan
from Liverpool.
At MaraellleB Arrived Burgundla , fro
New York.
At Havre Sailed La Normandle , t
New York.
Portions of Oity of Milan Sacked by the
Illnturbancen In Many Other Italian
Cltlen ( Thonifh None So Serloa *
an At Milan Several Per-
OUB Killed.
LUGANO , Switzerland , May 9. According
o the latest news received here from Milan ,
taly , the rising ot the people there appears
o have been mastered. Reinforcements of
roops have been pouring Into the city all
Ight long. Trouble has occurred at Trevlso ,
Verona , Padua and Brcsla.
There was a renewal ot the disturbances
t Milan last night , due , to the arrival of a
mob of students from Pnvla , armed with
evolvers. They attempted to force nn en-
ranee Into the city , but were repulsed by
ctachmcnt of Bcrsagllcra , who killed two
f the students and wounded four. In the
mrts of Milan where the resistance wan
nest desperate whole streets were torn up
> y the mob , not a pane ot glass Is unbroken ,
ho doors are mostly torn down and on all
Ides can bo seen the remains of fires and
wrecked furniture and other hoiiRouoUl
oods. In fact those portions of the city arc
radically sacked. The bodies of the kllleil
were generally piled In doorways and were
fterwards collected by army wagons. The
ospltals , permanent and temporary , are
vcrfiowing with wounded people.
It Is announced that work was resumed
his morning In the fnctorles of Milan. Al
Gcnscnao , near Rome , the troops fired on c
mob which was engaged In looting. Two per-
ons were killed and many wounded. A
mob gathered at Pontedora , thirteen mllct
rom Pensera , and marched on the town
mil , demanding bread or work. They stonei !
he building and refused to disperse whcr
ordered to do so. The troops fired a vollej
nd killed three persons. A number ot othcn
were wounded.
Throcn of n Ilevolntloti.
LONDON , May 9. The Milan corrC'
spondont of the Dally News , tclegraphlin
tlonday , says :
Calm reigns again today. This being so I
can do no harm to say plainly , though It I ;
by no means certain that the words wll
reach you , that for the last three days tin
city has been In the throes of revolution
with nil Its horrors and sadness.
"Certain quarters today present a seem
of complete devastation. In others tbi
quietness of terrorism reigns and this Is tin
more striking when contrasted In the mini
of the spectator with the scenes of yester
day and Saturday , when above the shriek
ot the dying rose the shrieks of widows am
the hoarse words of command and the trami
of soldiers , followed by the terrible boom o
"When the fury first broke out many pco
pie who would have nothing to do with tin
movement were caught In a trap. Hero 1
an Instance :
'The soldiers were advancing to tlv
charge against the barricade In the Vii
Torno , when a woman , young , richly dressci
and stiff with terror , was struck by a bul
let In the breast. She fell against the wall
only having time to exclaim 'mother' be
'oro dying. At the same time old people
unable to resist the rush , were tramplci
under foot.
'At another point a fine carriage , will
torses wild with fright , was stopped by th
mob and Its occupant , a woman , forctbl ;
removed and left to find her way homo a
best she could. The carriage was used ti
carry the wounded to the hospital.
"At the central station the engine driver
and guards refused 'to 'leaYo ' , their famlllc
to the mercy of the mob. However , after
delay of forty minutes the trodps obllgei
.hem to go on with the trains.
"The fighting was In real earnest an <
.he soldiers were received as people rccelvi
a foreign Invader. Pools ot blood wcr
seen in the streets and often the scattcrci
brains ot the killed.
'The Red Cross organization , wearlni
Midges , succored the wounded and dying.
Parent * Hantlnir for Children.
"Many children had exceedingly narrow
escapes , the firing coming Just as th
schools had been closed at noon. Parent
rushed about In , an agony of mind. An ;
mother or father can understand their feel
ings while passing through a mob wit
bullets whistling about their cars.
"Women , Instead of restraining the met
egged them on to greater excesses and eve
allowed their children to participate. Som
even pushed themselves under the nose
of the soldiers crying : 'Cowards ! Assas
sins ! Wo work all day to maintain you 1
Idleness ! ' and raising similar protests.
"When the mob Invaded the central rail
way station the express for Turin was Jus
on the point of leaving. The rioters , whei
they saw it , cried : 'Look , look ; they ar
going to Turin for the fetes of the jubilee
They are going to enjoy themselves. Shame
Come back ; come back ; ' and so on. Mean
while the train advanced , but very slowl ]
and hundreds of people threw themselve
upon the track In front ot tbo engine scream
Ing , 'Come on , but over our body. '
'A ' very noticeable point throughout the tw
days' has been that the working men , thoug
without adequate means of offense or dc
tense have shown extraordinary tactlct
knowledge , a proof among others , that or
ganlzatlon existed and preparations ha
been made , perhaps , not for an cxploslo
now , but at the first opportune moment
Thirteen barricades were built by the mo
at the Corso Garibaldi , where this mal
For Infants and Children.
trcct is Intersected by others forming
mall quaro. "
ROME , May St. A dlipMch was rccclrc *
by the premier , Marquis dl Rudlnl , today.
from Lieutenant General Bnva-Bcccarrls.
commanding the Third array corps , with
headquarters at Milan , where the most seri
ous rioting has occurred , saying alt
Is quiet there today , and adding that th *
stores are reopening.
MILAN , May 9. Another socialist dcputjr.
Signer Casta , lias been arrested and 200 rioters
taken Into cus
ers In n convent have been
tody. Today's rioting , however , has not
been ot n serious character.
No San June Scale.
BERLIN. May 0. The German govern
ment admits In official correspondence that
no San Jose scale has been found In the
American fruit examined. H was on the alle
gation that scale did exist that the German
government some time ago Issued Its pro
hibitory orders against American fruit and
refused It entry Into Germany.
\Vnnhl-Ue lleKlclilen Executed.
LONDON , May 9. Special dispatches re
ceived here today from Athens say Kardltza
and GcorsoR , the two men who attempted
to assassinate King Jlcorgo ot Greece In
that city on Fcbruafy 26 last , were exe
cuted today.
llrlnu" Oolil from Aimtrnlla.
SYDNEY , N. S. W. , May 9. The Oceania
company's steamer Monnn carries $2,500,000
In gold to San Francisco.
i'n Are Plenty.
CHEYENNE , Wyo , , May 9. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Colonel J. L. Torrcy reached her *
today and at once commenced the \\ork ot
organizing his regiment of cowboy cavalry.
He directed the board , which will purchase
mounts , to pay $110 per head , which will
Insure the best horses. Applications for en
listment have been received for nearly
twice as many men an can be taken and th *
best material In the state will bo at the dis
posal of the colonel for his regiment. A *
arranged at present ono troop will come from
Nevada , two from Colorado , one from Idaho ,
ono from Utah and seven from Wyoming.
The Wyoming quota of volunteers were all
mustered Into service today and went Into
camp and arc now at the disposal ot the
War department.
TroiitilcM of li Iliiy.
PORT TOWNSENI ) , Wash. , May 9. The
Commercial bank failed to open Its doors
this morning. The bank Is going out ot
business and will assign to E. I' . Blake.
Ex-Collector of Customs J. C. Saunders ,
president of the bank , Eays that the depos
itors will bo paid in full as soon at assets
can bo realized on.
MILWAUKEE , WIs. , May 9. Jamlcson ,
Cadzow & Craig , proprietors of ono of tha
largest department stores In this city , made
nn assignment tonight. The liabilities nr *
said to be $100,000 and assets $ lGr..Cf > 0.
The human machine starts but once and
stops but once. You can keep It going
longest and most regulnily by using
De\Vltt'n Little Early RlEers , the famous
llttlo pills for constipation and all stomach
and liver troubles.
CHEYENNE , Wyo. . May 9. ( Special. )
The report of W. O. Owen , state , Insurance
commissioner , for the last year , which has
been filed with the state examiner , showa
that forty-four flro Insurance companies ,
twenty-three life and accident and two
surety companies are doing business tn tha
state. The revenues derived by the state
for the year were as follows : Agents' li
censes , $445 ; company licenses , $1,840 ; taxes
collected , $6,930 ; certified copies recorded ,
$3.70 ; total , $9,218.70. .
Citiiiliictor Kllleil.
CHEYENNE , Wyo. , May 9. ( Special Tele
gram. ) L. G. Smith , who has been a passen
ger and freight conductor for the Union Pa
cific Railroad company for the last flvo
years , was Instantly killed at Medicine Bow
station this morning by falling from the top
of a freight car. The deceased was 45 years
of age , unmarried and leaves a mother la
Would Co an a Nnrne. '
LARAMIE , Wyo. , May 9. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Miss Brown , a university graduate ,
daughter of a prominent lawyer , and a
social leader of Laramle , offers her services
to the government as a nurse.
Unsurpassed for fine Linens
Muslins and Laces.
Runs between Council Bluffs and
Now In effect. For prompt delivery , call on
Wm. Welch. Bluffs 'phone , 128 ; Omaha
'phone , 780. RATES LOW. For carriage or
express wagon , call at No. 8 North Main
street or above telephones.
Dohany Theatre.
America's Favorite Irish Actor ,
And his metropolitan company , presenting
hid latest success
A play of today , elaborately staged and
costumed. Prices 25c , 33c , 50e and 75c.
Seats now on sale.
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