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B-aHs-- !
Needs Must When the Devil Drives , f
( Copyright , I&98 , by Morgan Robertson. )
Hogged at bow and stern , her deck sloped
at the ends like a truck's platform , while
a slight twist In the old hull canted the ,
foremast to port and the mlzzcn to star
board. It would bo hard to know when she
. was on an even keel. The uneven planking ,
Inboard and out , was scarred like a chop
ping block , possibly from a former and Inti
mate acquaintance with the coal trade ; aloft
wcro dlngy.spars , unscraped for years ; stack
hemp rigging , untarred for years and tan-
colored salts , mended with patch upon patch
of llghter-hued canvas which doubled and
trebled their thickness , that seemed about to
fall apart from their own weight. She was
English-built , bark-rigged , bluff In the bow ,
square In the stern , unpalntcd and leaky
on the whole as unkempt and disreputable
looking a craft n& ever flew the black flag ,
and with the clank of the pump marking
time to the walling squeak of the tiller
ropes , she wallowed through the sea like a
log In an eddying tideway.
Even the black flag at the gaff end wore
a makeshift , slovenly air. It was a square
section of the bark's foreroyol , painted black
around the skull-and-crossbonc design ,
which had been left to the original hue of
the canvas. The port holes were equally
slovenly In appearance , being cut through
between stanchions with axes Instead of
saws , and the bulwarks were further dis
figured by extra holes smashed through at
the stanchions to take the lashings of the
gun brcechlngs. Dut the guns were bright
and cared for , as were the uniforms of the
crew , for they had been lately trans-shipped.
Far from home , with a general cargo , this
ancient old trader had been taken la a fog
by Captain Swarth , and his men an hour
before their own we'll-found vessel had sunk
alongside which gave tnera just time to
hoist over guns and ammunition. When
the fog shifted the pursuing English war
brig that had riddled the pirate saw noth
ing but the peaceful old tub ahead and
went on Into the fog , looking for the other
"Any port In a storm , Angel , " remarked
.Captain Swarth , as ho flashed his keen
eyes over the rickety fabric aloft ; "but
we'll find a better one soon. How do the
boys stand the pumping ? "
Mr. Angel Todd , first mate and quarter
master , filled a black plpo before answer-
Ing. Then , between the first and second
deep puffs , ho said : "Growlln * dammum. "
'At the work ? "
"Yep and the grub. And they sny the
'twecn-dcck and forecastle smells o' bed
bugs and bilge water and they want their
grog. 'An ungodly witness scorneth judg
ment ; and the mouth of the wicked de-
voureth Iniquity. ' " Mr. Todd had been
educated for the Methodist pulpit ; but , goIng -
Ing out as a missionary , he had fallen Into
ungodly ways himself on the slave coast ,
and taken to the sea , where ho was more
successful. Many of his old phraslngs clung
to him.
"Well , " drawled the captain , "men get
fastidious and high-toned In this business
can't blame them , but we've got to make
the coast , and If we don't pick up something
on the way , we must careen and stop the
lealr. Then they'll have something to
growl about. "
"S'posethe - brig follows us In ? "
"Hope she will , " said Captain Swarth ,
with a pleasant smllo and a lightening of
bis eyes ; Jl'hope she will , and give me a
chance. 'Her majestic wldowshlp owes mo
a brig , and that's a fine one. " Mr. Todd had
never been known to smile , but at this
peech he lifted one eyebrow and turned his
saturnine face full at his superior , Inquiry
written upon every line of It. Captain
Swarth was musing , however , and said no
more ; so the mate , knowing better than to
attempt probing his mind , swung his long
figure down the poop ladder , and went for
ward to harrass the men which , In their
opinion , was all he was good for.
According to his mood , Mr. Todd's speech
was choicest English , or the cosmopolitan ,
technical slang of the sea , mingled with
wonderful profanity. Dut one habit of his
early days he never dropped he wore. In
the hottest weather , and In storm and battle ,
the black frock and choker of the clerical
profession. Standing now with one foot on
the fore hatqh , waving his long arms ani
objurgating the scowling men at the pumps
bo might easily have seemed , to any on <
beyond the reach of his language , to be a
clergyman exhorting them. Captain Swarth
watched htm with an amused look on his
sunburned face and muttered : "Good man
every Inch of him , but he can't handle men. '
Then he called htm aft.
"Angel , " ho said , "we made a mistake In
cutting the ports ; we can't catch , anything
float that Bees them , so we'll have to passer
( or a peaceable craft until we can drift close
enough to board something. I think the
brlg'll bo back this way , too. Get out some
old tarpaulins and cover up the ports. Pain
them , If you can , the color of the sides , ant
you might cell some lines over the rail , as
though to dry. Then you can break ou
cargo and strike the guns down the mail
batch. "
Three days later , with Cape St. Roche
black line to the westward , a round vesse
minus her black emblem now , and out
wardly respectable up to the wind , with
malntopsall aback , while Captain Swarth
nd a dozen ot hla men equally respectabl
In the nondescript rig of the merchant sallo
watched the approach of an English brig
of-war. Mr. Todd and the rest of the crew
were below batches with the guns.
The brig came down the wind like
graceful bird splendid craft , blacV , thin
nd shipshape , five guns to side , brass
bound officers on tier quarterdeck , blue Jack
Is darting about her white deck and u
aloft , homoward'bound pennant trallln
from her main truck , and at her caff em
llrltlib enilgo as large as k r , atn roya
Captain Hwarth lastly hoisted the Bnglli
la to the bark's faff , . u the brl
rounded to on ttU w atsjK > Wr he pointed
If' * ' ' to It ) but kta dark . * XE.TUM
aa he viewed the cratY whose government's
protection he appealed to.
"Bark ahoy , " c to a voice through
trumpet ; "what bark : Is that ? " Captain
warth swung hlme'clf Into the mlzzen rig-
Ing and answered 'th'rough his hands with
n excellent cockneydecent. . "Tryde Wind ,
Lunnon , Cappeh 'Quirk , flfty-woon dyes
ut fro' Leeverpool , , bound to Callao , genral
argo. " k '
"You were not heading for the horn. "
"Ill'm a leakln' badly. HI'm A goln' to
yke the coast to careen. D'ye happen to
now a good plnce ? "
An officer left the group and returned
1th what Captain Swarth knew was a chart ,
hlch a few of them studied , while their
aptaln hailed again :
"See anything more of that pirate brig
he other day ? "
What ! When a pccrato ? Bo do a
cerate ? " answered Captain Swarth , In
Rltatcd tones. "Bo that you n-chasln' of
m ? Naw , hi seed nothlnk of ' 1m arter the
ig shut Mm out. "
The captain conferred with his olHucra a
lament , then called :
We are going In to careen ourpehes.
hat fellow struck us on the water line.
ro are homeward bound , and Hto's too far
o run back. Follow us In ; but If you lose
ght of us , It's a small bay , latitudes U , Til ,
I , south , rocks to the north , tow land to
10 south , good water at the entrance and
flno beach. Look out for the brlr ; . It's
warth and his gang. Good morning. '
"Aye , that hi will. Thankee. Good
ffiornln' . "
In three hours the brig was a speck under
le rising land ahead , In another she was
ut of sight ; but before this Captain Swarth
nd his crow had held a long conference ,
htch resulted In sail being shortened ,
tough the man at the wheel was given a
tralght course to the bay described by the
nellsh captain.
Late on the following afternoon the old
ark blundered Into this bay a rippling
icct of water , bordered on all sides by a
andy beach. Stretching up to the moun-
alnous country Inland were luxurious for-
sts ot palm , laurel and cactus , bound and
ntertwlncd by almost Impassable under-
row th , and about halt way from the en-
rance to the end of the bay was the Bng-
sh brig , moored and slightly careened on
10 Inshore beach. Captain Swarth's. sea-
anly eye noted certain appearances of the
acklcs that held her down , which told htm
iat the work was done and she was being
lacked upright. "Just In time , " he rnut-
They brought , tno bark to anchor near
ho beach , about , half a mile from the brig
award the -entrance , furled the canvas and
an out an , anchor astern with the cable
ver the tattrall. Heaving on this' they
irought the vessel parallel with the shore.
o far good. Quns and cargo lightered
.shore , more anchors seaward to keep her
ft the beach , masthead tackles to the trees
o heave her down and preventer rigging
and braces to assist the masts would have
icon next In order , but they proceeded no
arthcr toward careening. Instead they
oworcd the two crazy boats , provisioned
and armed them on 'the Inshore sldo of
he bark , made certain other preparations
and waited.
On the deck of the English brig things
were moving. A gang of bluejackets , un
der the first lieutenant , were heaving In
he cable ; another gang , under the boats-
swain , were sending down and stowing
away the heavy tackles and careening gear ,
tailing out halliards and sheets and coll-
ng down the light running rigging , while
.opmen aloft loosed the canvas to bunt-
gaskets , ready to drop It at the call from
tbo deck. ' ,
The second IloQtcuant , overseeing this
latter , paced the port quarterdeck and an
swered remarka.lfrom Captain Bunce , who
paced the sacred * starboard side ( the brig
being at anchor/ ; and occasionally turned
his glass on tno dilapidated craft down
the beach. >
"Seems totme. Ir , SUck , " he said across
the deck , ' 'that n owner who would send
that bark aroj jl' the Horn and the mas
ter whp woujjjjvHake her ought to be se
questered and eared. for , cither In an asy
lum or In Jail. " '
"Yes , sir , I think so , too , " answered the
second lieutenant , looking alott. "Might
bo an Insurance Job. clear away that
bunt-gasket on the royal yard , " he added
In a roar. , ,
Captain Bunce round , 'rosy , with brilliant
mutton-chop whiskers' muttered : "Insur
ance wrecked Intentionally no , not here
where we are ; wouldn't court Investigation
by her majesty's officers. " He rolled for
ward. then aft and looked again through
the glass.
" "Very large crew very large , " he aald.
"very curious , Mr. Shack. "
/r ° m the forecas"o. announcing
anchor was short
, prevented Mr.
Shack answering. Captain Bunce waved a
deprecatory hand , to the first lieutenant.
who -came aft at once , while Mr. Shack
descended to the waist and the boatswain
ascended the forecastle steps to attend to
the anchor. The" first lieutenant now had
charge of the brig , and from the quarterdeck -
deck gave his orders to the crew , while
Captain Bunce busied himself with bis glass
and bis thoughts.
Fore-and-aft sail was set and head sheets
trimmed down to port , square sails were
dropped , sheeted home and hoisted , fore-
yards braced to port , the anchor tripped and
fished and the brig paid off from the land
breeze , and with foreyards
swung , steadied
down to a course-for the entrance.
"Mr. Duncan , " said the captain , "there
are fully forty men on that bark's deck , all
dressed alike-all In fed shirts and knitted
S „ ldaDClng around llke * > "
" ,
, He
handed the
glass to the first
lleuteant , who brought It to bear.
"Strange , " said the officer after a short
scrutiny ; "there were only a few r showing
when we spoke her outside. It looka a *
though they were all drunk. "
As they drew near. Bounds of singing-
uproarious discord-reached them , and soon
they could see wjth the naked
eye that the
amn ° running StWereWre8Ul-d- '
"Quarten , , sir ? " Inquired Mr. Duncan
Shall we brlng-to. alongside ? "
. "Well-no-aot yet. " said the captain
hesitatingly ; "Ifi all
right-possibly ; yet It
Is strange. Waltlittle. . "
They waited and had sailed down almoa
abreast of the gray old craft , noticing aa
they drew near ad'appreclable diminution
of the uproar , when a flag arose from the
stern of the bark,1- dusky flag that straight
ened out dlrectly toward them
, so that I
was difficult to make out.
But they aoon understood. As they
reached a point squarely abreast of the
bark 'flvo poln/a / f flame burst from he
Innocent gray , sL3e , five clouda of smoke
ascended and jA , round abet , coming with
the thunder oTlhe KUM , hurtled through
their rlgrfnr/-Tfien ? / hey aa.w the design o
the flagr WBltcV'akull and croaabonee , and
noted unotberi black flag , too , but pen
nant-shaped and'ihowlng in rudely painted
letters the single word , I'Swarth , " sailing
up to the forepeak .
"Thunder and Ucbtnln r ? , " roared Captain
Duace. "Quart * * ? , Mr. Duncan , quarters
nd > tn with the kltoj. air * it to them.
bout.arat- ; * . ,
yvunfcilef cil crtw UA apntBC
ow and Immediately merge * with a , drum
which , without definite Imtructloa. . he ham
mered vigorously ; but before he had be
gun , men were clearing away .guns and
manning flylig-Jlb down-haul and royal
lew-tinea. Other * sprang to stations , an-
Ictpattng all that the sharp voice ot the
ret lieutenant could order. Around came
he brig on the other tack and. tailed back ,
ccclvlng another broadside through her
Igglng and answering with her starboard
; uns. For a time the din waa deafening.
The brig bached her main yards and sent
> roadslde after broadside Into the bull of
he old craft. But It wat not until the
Ighth had gone that Captain Bunco noticed
hrough the smoke that the 'pirates were ,
not firing. The smudge from the burning |
anvas port coverings had deluded him. He I
ordered a cessation. Fully forty solid shot j
tad torn through that old hull near the
waterllne , and not a man could now bo
een on her deck.
"Out with the boats , Mr. Duncan , " he
aid ; "they're drunk , or crazy , but they're
ho men we want. Capture them. " ;
"Suppose they run , sir suppose they
ake to their boats and gct'lnto the woods ? !
Shall we follow ? "
"No , not past the beach not Into an
ambush. " '
The four boat loads of 'me wWqh- put ,
off fiom the brig found nothing but a do- ! >
crtcd deck on the sinking bark and. two
empty boats hauled up on thcieacbf. The '
> Irates were In the woods undoubtedly , j
having kept the bark between themselves
and the brig as they pulled ashore. The
wo lieutenants conferred for a few moments - ,
ments , while the blue Jackets clustered
around the bows of their boats and watched
icrvously the line of forest up the beach ,
rom which bullets might come at any
Captain Bunce. Virgin gold In bars , Ingots
gets , bricks and dust from the Morro VeJho
mines ot Brasll was there , piled up on the
table until the legs gave way and launched
the glittering mass to the floor. Diamonds
uncut , uncounted , of untold value a three
years' product of the whole Chapada dis
trict some as large aa walnuts had been
spread out and tossed about like marbles
by those lawless men , then boxed up with
the gold and stowed among the cargo under
the main hatch. Again Mr. Todd ex
pressed the hope that providence would see
fit to let this treasure remain where the
pirates had left It , . .tono longer tempt man
to kill and steal. EBit Captain Bunco and
his officers thoughtrdlffcrcntly. Glances ,
then tentative cosnments wcro exchanged ,
and In five mtnutesllthey wcro of one mind ,
oven Including MX1 Todd ; for It may not
be needless to stafteathat the treasure and
the passenger ship qeixlstcd only In bis
Pending the retunud the boats the brig's
anchor had been dn ) pcd about 200 yards
_ from the bark ; nowi canvas was turled , and
at eight bells all bands were mustered aft
to hear what wasJm tore. Captain Bunce
stated the case suenlhstly ; they were home
ward bound and trader general orders until
they reported to thoradmlral at Plymouth.
Treasure was within ithctr reach , apportion-
able , when obtained ; aa prize money. U
was useless to pursue the pirates Into the
Brazilian Jungle ; but they would need to
be watchful and ready for surprise at any
moment , cither while at work raising the
bark or at night ; for ; though they had
brought out the two boats In which the
pirates had escaped , they could find other
means of attack should they dare or care to.
The English sailors cheered. Mr. Todd
begged to say a few words , and enjoined
them not to allow the love of lucre to tempt
, - ONE DASH AND TODD WAS UPON HIM. . . xo'i i HA/7 > . < i
tlmo , and had decided to put back , when
a rattling chorus of pistol reports sounded
from the depths of the woods. It died
away ; then was beard a crashing of bush
and branch , and out upon the sands sprang
a figure a long , weird figure in black
frock of clerical cut. Into their midst It
sped with mighty bo/rnds , and sinking down ,
lifted a glad face to the heavens with the
groaning utterance : "O , God , I thank theo.
Protect me , gentlemen protect me from
those wicked men. "
"What Is It ? Who are you ? " asked Mr.
Duncan ; "were they shooting at you ? "
> "Yes at me who never harmed a fly.
They would have killed me. .My name is
Todd. 0 , such suffering. But you will pro
tect me ? You arc English officers. You are
not pirates and murderers. "
"But what has happened ? Do you live
around .here ? "
It took some time for Mr. Todd to quiet
down sufficiently to tell his story coherently.
He was an humble laborer in the vineyard
of the Lord. He had gleaned among the
poorest of the native population In the out
skirts of Hlo Janeiro until his health suf
fered , and had taken passage home in a
passenger ship , which , ten days out. was
captured by a pirate brig. And the pirate
crew had murdered every soul on board
but himself , and only spared his life , as
he thought , for the purpose of amusement ;
for they had compelled him to dance he ,
a minister of the gospel and had made him
drink under torture , and recite ribald
poetry , and swear , and wash their clothes.
All sorts of indignities had been heaped
upon him , but he had remembered the In
junction of the Master , and had Invariably
turned the other cheek when smitten , and
had prayed for their souls. He told of the
flight from the English War brig , of the
taking of the old bark In the fog , and the
sinking of the pirate craft , of the transfer
of guns and treasure to the bark , and the
interview nt sea with the English brig , in
which Captain Swarth had deceived the
other , and of Captain Swarth's reckless con
fidence In himself , which had Induced him
to follow the brig In , and careen in the
same bay. He wound up his tale with a
lurid description of the drunken debauch
following the anchoring of the bark during
which he had trembled for his life of the
Insane firing on the brig ajp&S passed , and
the tumbling Into the boats Vneri ? the brig
returned the fire , of the flight'Jhto the
woods , the fighting among tfleWelves , and
his escape under fire. 33cl J < !
As he finished he offered at'incoherent '
prayer of thankfulness , and the sympathetic
Mr. Shack drew forth his pocket flask and
offered it to the agitated sufferer ; ' but Mr.
Todd , who could probably drink more
whisky with less results than any man In
the pirate crew , declined the poison with
a shiver of abhorrence. Then Mr. Duncan ,
who had listened thoughtfully , said : "You
speak of treasure ; did they take It with
them ? "
Mr. Todd opened wide his eyes , looked
toward the dark shades of the forest , then
at the three masts of the bark sticking out
of the water , and answered , Impressively :
"Gentlemen , they did not. They were , In
toxicated mad with liquor. They took
arms and a knapsack of food to each man
they spoke of an Inland retreat to which they
were going but the treasure from the pas
senger ship the bars of gold and the bags
of diamonds they forgot. They transferred
It from their sinking vessel when sober ,
but when Intoxicated they remembered food
and left It behind. Gentlemen , there Is
untold wealth In the hold out there which
your ship has sunk. It is , verily , the root
of all evil ; let us hope that It remains at
the bottom ot the sea. "
"Bars of gold bags ot diamonds. " said
Mr. Duncan. "Come on board , Mr. Todd ;
we'll see what the captain thinks. "
At dinner In the brig's cabin that evening
fts ft prelude to which Mr. Todd said grace
hte account ot the wealth spread out o
CapUta Bwsrth's cabin table after the tak
ing 4 the passenger ship was something
arotiM UUrosi U 1 * vtrUly & * &
their minds fromrlthe duty they owed to
their God , their country and their captain ,
which was also applauded and forgotten In
a moment. Then , leaving a double anchor
watch , provided with ) blue fire and strict In
structions , on deck , ? the crew turned In to
dream of an affluent future , and Mr. Todd
was shown to a comfortable state room. He
removed his coat , and vest , closed the door
and deadlight , and ifllled and lighted his
black pipe and rolled. Into the berth with a
seaman's sigh of contentment.
"That was a good dinner , " he murmured ,
after he had fllled > the room with smoke , "a
good dinner. Nothing on earth Is too good
for a sky pilot. I'll go back to the business
when I've made ray Rile ; If It wasn't so all-
fired hard on the throat and then the trus
tees and the sisters , .with their eternal kickIng -
Ing on economy , and the donation parties
yah , the dickens with 'cm. Wonder If this
brig ever carried a chaplain ? Wonder how
Bill and the boys are making out ? Flno
brig , this ; 'leven knots on a bowline , I'll
bet fine state room good grub nothin * to
do but save souls and preach the word on
Sunday. I'll strike the fat duffer for the
Job in the morn " The rest of the
sentence merged into a snore , and Mr. Todd
slept through the night in the fumes of to
bacco , which so permeated his very being
that Captain Bunce remarked It at break-
Fast. "Smoke , Captain Bunco ? I smoke ?
Not I , " he answered warmly ; "but , you see ,
those ungodly men compelled me to clean
all their pipes forty foul pipes and I do
not doubt that some nicotine has lodged on
my clothing. " Whereupon Captain Bunce
told of a chaplain he had once sailed .with
whose clothing smelted so vilely that he
himself had framed a petition to the admiral
for his transfer to another ship and station.
And the little story had the effect on Mr.
Todd of causing him to mentally swear that
"he'd ship with no man who didn't allow
smoking , " and openly aver that no sincere ,
consistent Christian clergyman would be sat
isfied to stultify himself and waste his ener
gies In the comtort and case of a naval chap
laincy , and that a chaplain who would
smoke should bo discredited and forced out
of the profession ; but later .when Captain
Bunce and his officers lighted fat cigars , and
be learned that the aforesaid chaplain bad
merely been a careless devotee of pipe and
pigtail twist , Mr. Todd'a feelings may be
imagined ( by a smoker ) ; but he bad com
mitted himself against tobacco and must
During the breakfast the two lieutenants
reported the results ot a survey which they
had taken of the wreck at daylight.
"We find , " said Mr. Duncan , "about nine
feet of water over the deck at the stern and
about three feet over the forebatch at low
tide. The topgallant forecastle Is awash
and the end of the bowsprit out of water , so
that we can easily reach the upper ends of
the bobstays. There Is about five feet rise
and fall of tide. Now , wo have no pontoons
nor casks. Our only plan , captain , Is to
lltt her bodily. " "And we have a diving suit
and air pump , " said Mr. Shack , enthusiast
ically , "and fifty men ready to dive without
suits. We can raise her , captain , In two
weeks. "
"Gentlemensaid Captain Bunce ,
grandly , "I have lull faith In your seaman
ship and skill , I-leave the work In your
hands. " Which waa equivalent to an ad
mission that h was fat and laxy , and did
not care to take an active part.
"Thank yru , nlr"Tsald Mr. Duncan , and
"thank you , tlr/'leatd Mr. Shack ; then the
captain said other ( pleasant things , which
brought other pleasant responses , and the
breakfast passed 69 so agreeably that Mr ,
Todd , In spite titithe soul-felt yearning for
a smoke Inspire * fey the cigars In the
mouths of the othceft , felt the Influence ot
the enthusiasm ahdi bestowed bis blessing
o.uallfledly on thelenterprlse.
Every man of tbeJ brig's crew was eager
for tee work , buVfew could engage at first ;
far ? , there waa'MtWng but the forecastle
0cfc'and the bark's rtwtng to stand upon.
came the dlifraecful black- flags the
ttlng and up to ia > went Ue aflnj
ot BrKaM. ' 'Then they seat down the fore
nd main. " lower and topsail yards and
erectedthem as shears over the bow and
tern , lower ends well socketed In spare
anchor stocks to prevent their sinking In
he sand , upper ends lashed together and
stayed ( o each other and to the two anchors
ahead find astern. To the shear-heads they
rigged heavy three-fold tackles and to the
disconnected bobstays ( chains leading from
be bowsprit end to the stern at the water-
Ino ) they hooked the forward one , and
leaving on 'the submerged windlass , lifted
the b6w off the bottom high enough to
enable them to slip two shots ot anchor
chain under the keel , one io take the weight
at the stern , the other at the bow , for the
> obstays would pull out ot the stern under
ho Increased siraln as the bark arose.
Most of this work was done under water ;
mt a wetting Is nothing to men looking
for gold , and nobody cared. Yet , as a result
ot ruined uniforms , the order came from
Captain lluncc to wear underclothing only
or go naked which latter the men pre
ferred , though the officers clung to decency
and tarry duck trousers. Every morning
ho day1 began with the washing of the brig's
deck and scouring of brasswork which
must tie done at sea though the heavens
fall then followed breakfast , the arming
of-'tbe't ' > datB ready for an attack from the
shone nr ! < l'-trto ' descent upon the bark of as
marly1 men as could work.
ofccfcfonVlly , Captain Bunco would order
ho'alngy , and , accompanied by Mr.
Todd , would visit the bark and offer In
terfering suggestions , after the manner ot
captains , which only embarrassed the
officers ; and Mr. Todd would take advantage
of these occasions to make land-lubberly
comments and show a sad Ignorance of
things nautlfal. But often ho would de
cline the Invitation , and when the captain
was gone , "Would descend to his room , and ,
shutting the door , grip his beloved though
empty black pipe between his teeth and
jrcatho' through It , while his eyes shown
lerccly with unsatisfied desire , and his mind
'ramcd ' silent malediction on BUI Swarth
'or condemning him to this smokeless
sojourn. For he dared not pmokc ; stewards ,
cooks and sailors were all about him.
In three days the bark's nose was high as
.he seven-part tackle would bring It , with
as many men heaving as could find room at
.ho windlass brakes. Then they clapped n
uff tackle on the fall , and by heaving on
.his , nlppe'rlug and fleeting up , they lifted
.ho forehatch and forecastle scuttle out of
water wjilchvas enough. Before this an
other gang had been able to slip the other
chain to position abaft the mlzzenmnst , hook
on the tackle and lead the fall through a
snatchtlock at the quarter bit forward to
.ho midship capstan. Disdaining the diving
suit , they swam down nine feet to do these
things , and when they had towed the rope
'orward , they descended seven feet to wind
t around the capstan and ship the bars
which they found In a rack at the main
A man In the water weighs practically
nothing ? and to heave around a capstan
under water requires lateral resistance. To
secure this they dived with hammers and
nails , and fastened a circle of cleats to catch
.heir feet. Then , with a boy on the main
flferall ( his head out ) holding slack ,
eighteen men three to a bar would Inhale
all the air their lungs could hold , and with
a "one , two , three , " would flounder down ,
lush the capstan around a few pawls and
come up , gasping blue In the face to
perch on their bars and recover. It went
slowly , this end , but In three days more
they could walk around with their heads
above water.
The next day was Sunday , and they were
entitled to rest , but the flavor of wealth
had enterdd-tbelr souls , and they petitioned
the captain for privilege to work which
was granted , to the satisfaction of the
officers , and against the vigorous protest
of Mr. Todd , who had prepared a sermon
and. borrowed clean linen from Mr. Shack
In which to deliver It
With luff tackles on the fall they hove
the stern up until the cabin doors and all
deck openings but the main hatch were out
of water , and then , with the bark hanging
to the shears as a swinging cradle hangs
from Its supportHsome assisted the
carpenter and his mates In building up and
calking an upward extension ot the main
batch combing that reached above water at
high tide , while others went over the sldo
looking for the shot holes ot eight broad
sides. These , when found , were covered
with planking , followed by canvas , nails be
ing driven with shackles , sounding leads
and stones from the bottom In the hands of
naked men , clinging to weighted stagings-
men whose eyes protruded , whoso lungs
ached , whoso brains were turning.
Then , and before a final Inspection by
the boatswain In the diving suit assured
them that the last shot hole was covered ,
they began baling from tbo main hatch ,
and when the water perceptibly lowered
the first index of success a feverish yell
arose and continued , while nude lunatics
wrestled and floundered waist-deep on the
flooded deck. Tbo bark's pumps were
manned and worked under water , baling
pumps square tubes with one valve were
made and plunged up and down In each
hatch , whips were rigged and buckets rose
and fell until the obstructing cargo con
fined the work to the bark's pumps. Can
hooks replaced the buckets on the whips
and boxes and barrels were hoisted'broken
Into and thrown overboard until the surface
ot the bay was dotted with them. They
drifted back and forth with the tide , some
stranding on the beach , others floating sea
ward through the inlet. And all that time
that they worked , sharp eyes had watched
through the bushes , and a few miles Inland ,
in a glade surrounded by the giant trees
of the Brazilian forest , red-shlrted men
lolled and smoked and grow fat while they
discussed around the central flre the qual
ities ot barbecued wild oxen , roast oppos-
sum and venison , and criticised the seaman
ship of the Englishmen.
W tbj a ear deck to work on every man
and boy of the brig's crew except the Idlers
stewards , cooks and servants were re
qujfllUpne j and boxes flew merrily ; but
night 'closed down on the tenth day of
thcr | labor without sign of the treasure ,
' " *
and Mr'Todd , who had noticed a shade
of tcstlnesa in the queries of the officers
as to the exact location of the gold and
diamonds , expressed a desire to climb the
rigging , that afternoon a feat he bad often
wished ' to perform which ho did , clumsily ,
gd'lng through the lubbfr's hole , and seated
In the maintop with Mr. Duncan's Bible ,
he remained In quiet meditation and appar
ent reading and prayer until the tropic day
changed to sudden twilight and darkness ,
and the hysterical crew returned. Then he
came down to dinner.
In the morning the work was resumed
and more boxes sprinkled the bay. They
drifted up with the flood and back they
came with the ebb tide ; but among them
now were about forty others , unobserved
by Captain Bunce pacing his quarterdeck ,
but noted keealy by Mr * Todd. These forty
drifted slowly to the off-shore side of the
brig and stopped , bobbing up and down on
the crisp waves , even though the wind blew
briskly with the tide and they should have
gone on with the others. U was then that
Captain Bunco stepped below for a cigar ,
and It was then than Mr. ' Todd became
strangely excited , bopping along the port
rail and throwing overboard every rope's
end within reach , to the wonder and scan
dal of an open-eyed steward in the cabin
door who Immediately appraised the captain.
Captain Dunce , smoking freshly lit cigar ,
emerged > to witness a shocking sight the
good and holy Mr. > Todd , with an latent *
expression on hie somber countenance , hold-
lac a autch t u black' pipe ud
vigorously , while tMaVkfJi the ports and over
the rail red-shlrtedVatea , dripping wet an4
scowling , were boardbis ; his brig. Bach man
carried a cutlas * slnol | ijfeinch knife and
Captain Bunce neede | fofspoclal Intelligence
to know that he was tricked.
One hall only he gave and Mr. Todd , his
pipe glowing like hot coal , was upon him.
Tbo captain endeavored to draw his sword ,
but sinewy arms encircled htm , bis cigar
was rcmoveM from bts lips and Inserted In
the mouth ot Mr. Todd , alongside the
pipe , and ho was lifted , spluttering with
astonishment and rage/ / borne to the rail
and dropped overboard , his sword clanking
against the sldo n * h , descended. When
ho came to the surface and looked up , ho
saw through a cloud , of smoke on the rail
the lantern Jaws ot Mr. Todd working con
vulsively on plpo and cigar and heard the
angry utterance : "Yc , d n ye , I smoke. "
Then a thundering voice behind Mr. Todd
roared out : "Kill nobody toss 'cm over
board , " and the captain saw his servants ,
cooks and stewards tumbling over to Join
Captain Bunco turned and swam , there
was nothing else to do. Soon ho could see
n black-eyed , black mustached man on hla
quarterdeck delivering orders , and hn recog
nized the thundering voice ho had heard , but
none of the cockney accent ot Captain Quirk.
Hen were already on the yards loosing can
vas , and as ho turned on his back to rest
'or though fleshy and buoyant , swimming In
his full uniform fatigued him he saw his
anchor chains whizzing out the hawse pipes.
Ho was picked Up by the first boat to
? ut off from the bark , and ordered pursuit ,
but this was soon seen to bo useless. The
clean-lined brig had stcrnway equal to the
best speed of the boats , and now head satis
were run up , and she payed off from the
shore. Topsails were sheeted homo and
hoisted , she gathered way , and with top-
gallantsnlls and royals , spanker and stay
sails following In quick succession , the beau
tiful craft hummed down to the Inlet and
put to sea , while yells of derision occasion-
illy came back to the white-faced men In
the boats.
A month later , the rehabilitated old bark
also staggered out the entrance , and with
a naked , half-starved crew and sad-eyed ,
dilapidated officers , headed southward for
[ Uo Janeiro.
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There Is a good war story In connection
with the life of Mrs. John Anderson , who
died a few days ago nt Hartsvllle , Ind.
Mrs. Anderson's maiden name was Frances
Schoflcld , and at the beginning of the late
civil war she resided with her parents at
Cartcrsvllle , Ga. They were northern sym
pathizers , and as this was known they de
cided It was best to leave their southern
liomo for the north. Just before leaving ,
low ever , a company of union soldiers passed
their home. One of them , who was hungry ,
stopped and asked for something to eat. The
young woman took from Hielr lunch basket ,
which they had prepared for the Journey , a
chicken and some bread for the hungry sol
dier. '
Years passed , but the act of kindness was
never forgotten. After coming north the
young woman married John Anderson , and
Lhey removed to thls > county. A few years
ago , however , a daughter of Mrs. Anderson
was married , to Dr. Fugate , whoso father
was present at the wedding. The appear
ance of the elder Fugato brought to the
mind of Mrs. Anderson her departure from
her southern home and the soldier whom
she had fed , but thinking possibly It was
only a resemblance , said nothing and dis
missed the matter from her mind. But during
the evening , however , Jn Conversation with
the woman's husband , Mr. Fugato related
the facts of a weary , march , and how a
young girl fed him with chicken and fresh
bread when he was almost starved. Mrs.
Anderson overheard the story , and an In
teresting reunion followed.
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