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Cloak and Suit Department.
Our phenomenal growth Ib'the result of merit and the power of cosh. The best
vldcnco that our prices arc low la the constantly Increasing business. Come and
Judge ( or yourself.
A few special from a recent purchase ot (15,000 worth of goods at New York :
Ladles' tailor made Coat Suits , English box style , Jacket lined with silk ,
klrt lined Mrlth pcrcallne , velvet bound , perfect fit guaranteed , at (6.00.
Ladles' 'tailor made Coat Suits , fly front , box coat , lined with silk , seams of
ktrt and coat covered with straps of same material and double stitched , at $7.00.
ladles' tailor made Coat Suits ot fl ne Cheviot , broadcloth and coverts , silk
lined , fly front jacket or blouse styles , at $10.00.
Ladles' tailor made Coat Suits In homespuns and Imported canvas cloth , hand-
Bomely trimmed with mohair braid , silk lined , at $12.00.
Ladles' Dress Skirts of One figured brllllantlne. well lined and bound , 4Vi yards
wide , black or colored , at $1.25. '
Ladles' Dress Skirts of mohair , handsome flower patterns , lined with percallne ,
all seams finished with binding , stiffened and bound , at $1.75.
Ladles' Dress Skirts of fine brocaded silk , 4V4 yards wide , at $3.48 ,
Ladles' Dress Skirts ot plain black satin at $5.98.
LADIES' CAPES In silk figured mohair at $1.50.
Ladles' Capes In fine brocaded silk , trimmed with lace , ribbon and Jet , at $2.50.
Ladles' Capes In plain gros grain or fancy brocaded silk , trimmed with satin
ribbon and accordeon pleated chiffon , lined with silk. $3.98. Ladles' Copes of plain
Bilk , embroidered with silk braid and Jot , also figured silk , trimmed with ribbon ,
lace , lot and pleated chiffon , lined with black or colored silk , at $3.00.
Ladles' Spring Jackets In all shades of tan and black , lined throughout with
cerlno satin , at $3.00.
Ladles' Jackets of ton covert cloth , dnublo stitched , lined throughout , Including
Blcevcs , with taffeta silk or heavy satin , $ ! i.OO ,
LADIES' BICYCLE SUITS of covert suiting , jacket lined with Bilk , skirt fin
ished with 12 rows ot stitching , at $ G.EO.
Bicycle Skirts , separate , all shades , at $1.50.
LADIES' SILK WAISTS An endless variety In plaids , chccks'and bias stripes ,
at $4.98.
150 ladles' Shirt Waists , In percale and gingham , at 39c.
Ladles'"Shirt Waists In fine corded madras and fancy figured pique , detachable
collar of same material , full blouse front , 9Sc.
LADIES' UNDERSKIRTS In black and colored sateen , double ruffle , corded , at
08 cents. *
LADIES' WRAPPERS made of fancy Indigo and mourning , ruffle over shoul
der , collar , front , back yoke and sleeve trimmed with braid , skirt 3Vi yards wide ,
at 75c.
Ladles' Wrappers , made of fine percale , 'yoke , back and front and collar trim
med with , 4 o rows wide white braid Inside , best lining , bound arm holes , tight
back sk"f 3Vi yards wide , in a variety of pretty colors , at 98c.
Ladies' Dressing Sacqucs at 59c.
Flannel Department.
The prices on Flannels and Blankets have advanced and will bo considerably higher
this coming season. If you have the ready cash there Is no better or safer Invest
ment for you to make than to lay In your supply at once , fore are still selling at the
old prices. Don't put off buying , but como at once and get your flannels , wool blank
ets and woolen skirt patterns for the coming winter. The-next advance will be on
cotton goods prices. Never were ao low as now. Wo nro selling Shaker Flannel , Cot
ton Flannel and Outing Flannel nt 3c yard , but this prlco will not last much longer.
Striped and Check Shirting at Cc , CV4c , S&c , lOc , 12V c and IGc. Ticking at Cc ,
lOc , 12Vic , ICc , 17c , 20c and 2Cc yard.
White Bed Spreads.
Hayden Bros , are headquarters on Spreads. Ask for what you will In this line
and you will find It at the Big Store cither fringed or hemmed white or colored. Ask
for tliCEO special numbers on sale Monday 3Gc , 4Gc , 7Gc , 9Gc , $1.25 , $2.00 , $2.48.
New Line of Table Covers on Sale.
Wo place on solo Monday for the first time a. now and handsome line of reversible
Table Covers colors that are fast and will wash Imported cloths , 4-4 , at GOc to 76c ;
6-4 at $1.50 and $1.C5 each , and 8-4 at $2.25 and $2.75. Some delicate shades and very de-
elrablo covers. See them.
In center nlole of Flannel Department Monday morning wo place on sale 6,000 yards
of Dotted and Figured Swisses. These are all perfect , short ends from 2 to 10 yards.
A great many of same patterns that will match. .You can't go In any store and buy
them from the piece for less than 25c yard. Our price on Mouday lOc yard. Fast col
ors.A lucky purchase
and a phenomenal sale of men's fine all wool
Spring Suits
at Hayden Bros ,
At this price we At this price we
give you unrestricted give you unre
stricted choice of 730 Men's stricted choice of 493 Men's
Stylishly All Wool Cassimere High Class Modern Tciilored
and Cheviot Suits , all the lat Imported Fancy Worsted
est and most exclusive pat Suits. Hand made collars and
terns , beautifully tailored and button-holes , inside exquisite
every essential necessary to ly lined and finished with care
give lasting satisfaction. and thought to insure perfect
satisfaction to the wearer.
These Suits These Garments
to the highest standard
are equal
cannot be bought elsewhere
dard of merchant tailoring in
for less than § 9.00. To turn
every particular and cannot
a quick deal and make new be bought elsewhere for less
customers , we have $5 than $15
marked the lot at this sale price
The main Point w that the goods are here and we propose
to turn cur lucky put-chase into a mighty trade bringer.
' 75c Shirts for JSc Rverythlng new In
Men's Furnishing Laundered Shirts with collars attached and
colored shirts to wear white collars with ,
These shirts were made to sell at 7Bc and co at S5c.
BOo Whlto Unlaundercd Shirts , 25c Ue- fancy and plain colors , extra well made ,
Inforced front and back , four-ply linen at 25c each.
Men's fine Suspenders , largo assortment
neck bands , extra value at 25c.
bosom and of colors and buckles , all the newest , worth
Men's Balbrlggan Shirts and Drawers , In COc. at 25c.
Bargains in Men's Hats
Sl.OO Hat for 48c (2.00 Hats for $1.48
$1.25 Hats for 75c $2.50 Hats for $1.98
$ l.r,0 Hats for 9Sc
Hardware , Stoves , Housefurnish-
Tlic war is on The prlcvs is off.
Carload of Western Washers just re
Round Washer , like cut $2.29
Square Western Washer $2.19
Folding Ironing Board GDj.
Grand Wringer ,
same style as
cut , $1,19.
50 Ih Flour Cans G9o
0-foot Step Ladders . . . 45c
All willow clothes
, baskets .T3o
Pacreen doors 49o
Screen wire sq. ft lo
Garden Ilose CJo
Hose Hen ) , hardwood COc
Hakes ICc
Hoe , -15o
Spade , solid steel , 43o
Stoves Stoves The reliable cabinet Gasoline
, Steve $18.05
' Mason & Davis Steel Range , high shelf , largo square oven , with reservoir , regular
water front , six-hole , large oven , regular $38.00 , $25.95.
I46.00-J29.95. No. 8 Square Cook Stove , good site , $7.69.
The Triumph Economy Steel Range , with 3-burner Gasoline Stoves , $2.69.
ibclf , low warming closet , ilx-bele , Tin double lined Guollne Oven , 880 ,
The Big Store puts before you some new prices on desirable goods. The advantage
of buying at Hayden Bros , waa never more evident than now , when prices are advancing on
every side. The immense stocks we had bought and contracted for before the recent rise
enables us to sell at dven less .than the old figures.
Read the Special Sales in Each Dept.
Agents for Buttcrick Patterns.
Some place to sleep will be
the great question in the near
future. There will be no ex
cuse for you if you are found
unprepared. "Why not get
ready now and not rush in at
the last minute and find every
body busy , and buy at a dis
advantage. You want extra
beds ; why not buy a
mantle bed. You can put it
in any down stairs room. It
looks well , is well finished ,
and you can put two people
to sleep in one. They are
furnished with good supported
woven wire springs and the
price ranges from $9.75 up to
$20.00. Then you can make
an extra bed by buying a Bed
Lounge. We have them up
holstered in Carpet , Plush ,
Velour and Corduroy at $7.50 ,
$8,50 , $10.00 , $11.50 , $12.50.
If you need a new Mattress
or an extra Mattress , remem
ber we. are fixed so t lat you
can get any kind you want
and any size.
Matresses at $1.50 > § 1.75 ,
$2.00 , § 2.85 and § 3.50.
Gets and Springs ,
Chairs , Tables and
for the bed-room of all kinds ,
at all prices.
Cheese Dept.
Omaha's Favorite.
Cream Cheese , only.-
Wisconsin Cream Cheese . lOc
Fancy Full Cream . 12&c
-rvimr-r County Full Cream. . 14c
Red Cloud extra fine Cream. , . . 14o
Young Americas , Colored . 9o
Young Americas , fancy white. . . , . . lie
Swiss Cheese , fine quality . 15c
Ohio Swiss , finest made . 18c
Imported Swiss , only . , . SOc
Club House , fancy glass jar * . 28c
Cdam Cheese , only . . . SOc
Pineapple . EOc
Sap Sago , only . ' . . . , . EC
Neufchatel . . . . 3c
Brick Cheese. 12 He , 14c and . ICc
Llinberger , 12c and . 14c
New Norway and Holland Herring.
the west , and the only place where you
can get every kind of Cheese made at low
est prices.
Fish Dept.
In our Fish Department you will always
find a good line of Imported and Domestic
Fish at lowest prices.
Nice Mackerel , each , 3Uc and 2c
Family Whlto Fish , pound , only 3Vic
Large New Herring , each , . . . 2c
Alaska Salmon , pound , only 6c
Nice White Codfish , pound Cc
New Norway and Holland Herring.
Holland Herring In kegs , only. . . . . . . . . SOc
Big Flour Sale Monday.
We will sell All the best
fancy high patent brands of
Flour , such as Cream Brand ,
XXXX Best Minnesota Super
lative , Pure Food Brand , Val
ley Lily , etc. , etc. , Monday at
greatly reduced prices. Buy
it now before it .goes higher.
Pearl Tnploca , Sago , Hominy , Barley ,
Green Peas , Lima Beans , Fnrlna , etc. ,
per pound * . . . . , 5c
10-pound Backs best Corn Meal lOc
10-pound sacks best Griihnm 23c
Fancy AVhlto Sugar Corn , lOc can 5c
White Wax , Lima or String Beans , reg
ular price 12V c per can , on silo for
4 cans for 25c
3-pound cans polld pack Tomatoes Sc
3-pound cans Golden Pumpkin Sc
3-pound cans * Baked Beans EC
3-pound cans California ,1'eaches for
pics Sc
3-pound cans extra quality Tnblo
PenchcB , Apricots or Pjums , regular
price ISc , on sale Monday , 2 cans for 23o
Blood Red Salmon , per can tc
lOc packages Sliver ( Jlussi Starch 5c
lOc packages Pure Corn Starch S'.fco
lOc packages Oatmeal1 , < 5njy tic
12 bars Standard Laniidrj Boap for . . 23c
Wool Soap , large bars J Co
Ivory Soap , per bar i 3 > ic
1770 , Pcnrllne , Soap Dust , Jetc. , 3 for. . . . lOc
Supolio , per bar 5c
Salt , per sack . ' . 2V c
Parlor Matches , 12 boxes for Sl-3p
All kinds of Yeast , per package 2c
New California P.caches , 'New Califor
nia Pears , New California. Apricots ,
new California Prunes , worth 16c
pound anywhere 3 pounds for 25e
Largo Raisins . " 3 < 4e , 5c and 6c
Largo New Prunes , .i . . /.Ec , Uc and'7'X.c
Tea and
Fancy Uncolorcd Japan Tea , worth GOc 25o
Moyune Gunpowder Tea , ' cheap at GOc 25c
Choice English Breakfast Tea . 25o
Basket Fired Japan Tea , delicious drink 33c
Fancy India Ceylon Tea , per pound . . 40c
Whole Rio Coffee , only , t . lOc
Choice New Santos ' Coftea..J . 12c
Extra quality Santos Coffee . IGc
Plantation Java and Moch'a . 23c
Golden Java Blend . 2Gc
High Grade Java and Mocha . 29c
China Dept.
Japanese Lanterns , thousands of dlffer-
cntcnt kinds , slzee , colors and shapes , from
2c up to 35c each. *
100-ptcce Dinner Sets , Imported English
goods , French shapes and decoration , $5.95.
Decorated Toilet Set. 11.98.
A few more ot those GOc and 75c fine
Japanese Cups and Saucers , IGc.
All sizes Tripoli Stone Water Filters.
Decorated Cups and Saucers , 3c each.
Crystal Creamers , Sugars , Spooners and
Butter Dishes , 3V4e each ,
Fine decorated stippled. gold Lunch Sets ,
Finest and largest line of Jardlneres you
ever saw , from 45c up.
Hand Lamp , 9c.
Jewelry Dept.
Gents' fine 17-Je'weled 'Elgin ' or Walthnm
Watch , gold filled , cases , ) warranted to wear
20 years , $16.75 ; a regular $30.00 watch.
Gents' gold filled Open. Face Watch , fine
Elgin or Waltham works , $7.95 ; a regular
$15.00 watch.
Ladles' gold filled Hunting Case Watch ,
flno Elgin or Waltham Works , $7.95 ; a
regular $15.00 walch.
Ladles' and gents' gold filed Hunting
Case "Watches , warranted to wear 20 years ,
flno Elgin or Waltham works , $10.95 , a
regular $20.00 watch.
Ladles' and gents' gold plated Hunting
Case Watch. $2.98 , ,
Solid Gold Ring with 12. genuine diamond
chips , ruby and emerald ; centcr , a regular
$7.00 ring for $2.98. {
Solid Gold Rings with five genuine opals ,
Rogers' 12 dwt. Knives ! and Forks , $1.15
for set of six. !
Rogers' A 1 Tea Spoons , , E9c set of six.
Quadruple Plated Tea , Pets , four pieces ,
$3.98 ; worth $10.00. ' ' "
Nickel Alarm Clock , C5c each. ,
Toy Wheelbarrows , regular"prlco 15c. . Cc
Toy Carts , two wheels- ' regular price
15c - . Co
Rubber Foot Balls , with .key , regular
price 75c i 37c
Shoofly or Rocking Horsfc , nicely palut-
ed , mottled sides , regular price (1. . 39c
Garden Sets , steel spade , steel Hoe and
malllable Iron Rake. Varnished ban
dies , sold everywhere for 25c 17c
Croquet Sets , regular price Jl.OO 39c
Velocipedes , with steel jvhecls and adJustable - -
Justable seats , regular price $1.50. . . 98c
Express Wagons , steel body , 12x24
Inches , steel wheels , , sold everywhere
for $1.75 73c
Monday Specials.
75o Mexican drawn work Dollies only 23c
7c Wash Veils only 23c
The new Ascot Ties only GOc
Elegant New Iluchlngs only 13o
Fine Laces on Sale.
Beautiful Torchon Laces , worth 25c to BOc ,
all go at Gc and 9c a yard.
History of Cuba on sale. Quo Vadls , 13c.
All the latest copyright books at cut price.- ! .
Special Sales ,
10-cent Corset Steel , per set Cc
DO-cent Satin Delt Supporter 23c
The new Ascot Tic COc
200 yards Machine Thread , spool . . . . 1 l-3c
G-cent Velveteen Binding , per yard . . 2V c
25 cent Silk Elastic Supporters lOc
75-cent Wash Veils only 25c
2Jc and GOc Iluchlngs only IGc
Big Carpst SptciaL
Wo have just received n largo shipment
of fine nil wool Ingrains , Including all the
best patterns , for spot cash. These retail
iteguliirly for 7Gc. As a special trade-
brlnger we will put them on sale Monday
at GOc per yard.
A full line of Brussels on sale at cut
Big values In curtains and shades.
Mldsummenmllllnory receives greatest at
tention here. You will find a most ele
gant display of all the newest styles from
Purls and the cast. Everything jthat U.
desirable , rich and exquisite In ladles'
hcadwear on sale at Hayden" Bros. "
We made some special purchases that we
can sell at fully one third less than the
pervaillng price. Our great assortment as
sures you a becoming hat.
Drug Dept.
Liquid Bread 14c
Duffy's Malt SOc
Plnkham's Compound 70c
Pc-ru-na 70c
Scott's Emulsion C8c
Picrco's Prescription C2c
Pierce's' Medical Discovery 62c
Warner's Safe Cure 80c
Ayer's Hair Vigor G8c
Williams' Pink Pills 35c
Warner's Ltthla Tablets . . . I8c
Wail Papar , Paints ,
Brashes , and Room
Mouldings ,
Full line of Cc and Cc White Blanks on
sale at 3c and 4c.
9-Inch Borders , lc and 2c. 18-luch
Borders , 3c and 4c yard.
Regular 9c , lOc , 12',4c Gilts go at 6c.
8c und lOc. with 9-Inch borders nt 3c and
4c yard. IS-lnch borders at 6c and 7c yard.
Regular IGc , 17' c and 20c Gilts , In dark
colors , go at 12V&C , , 15c and 17V4c , with one
band shaded borders.
Dark igroens , blues , reds , terra cottas ,
regular price 20c , 25c and 35c , go at 17'-jc ,
20c and 25c.
Heavy enamel finish Gilts and Embossed
In 22-Inch stock , regular prlco 20c , 25c and
35c yard , go at IGc , 17' c and 20c.
Ingrains at 12c In light colors , and dark
shades at ICc and 17 ] , c , with figured bor
ders and ceilings.
New Grass Butter on
Choice New Grass Butter at 12Vic and. 14c
Our regular ISc Butter goes at ICc
Our extra flno quality Creamery only. 18c
The finest Separator Creamery there Is
made , only 19c
Strictly Fresh Egga ( warantcd ) only. . 9u
One pound brick fine Creamery ISc
Grand Sale of Meats
and Lard Monday.
No. 1 Sugar Cured Hams 8c
Best German Summer Sausage 14c
Roast Beef , per can lie
No. 1 California Hams Cc
Salt Pork , per pound Cc
Fresh Fork Sausage 7Vic
No. 1 Sugar Cured Bacon 8c
3-lb. cans best Lard , any brand 24c
C--lb. cans best Lard , any brand 39c
Pickled Pork C'/jC
No. 1 Sugar Cured Cottage Ham 8Vic
Pickled Tripe 4c
Light Streak Lean Bacon lOc
Wash Dress Goods
Monday we put on sale in
this department the biggest
popular washable Dress and Shirt Waist
Cloth of the season , viz. :
Genuine Scotch Gingham in all the
staple checks
Fancy Corded Checks , Fancy Bour-
ette or Loops and plain colors in the
most popular colors.
No cloth made will stand laundering
as well as these goods.
Fancy ombre checks and plaid madras , 87-in. wide. . . . 15c
Finest assortment of real Irish printed dimities ftmwn it 25c
French woven batiste in new checks and stripes (82-in ( ) 25c
Oxford cheviots in novel stripe and plaid effects (152-in ( ) 25c
Dainty small figured dimities , just in lOc
Colored pique in red , navy , light blue , pink and black 15c
To see the Very Latest Things in Wash Goods
Visit This Department.
All the best things in Domestic Ginghams for waists , checks and plaids lOc
The Bargain of the Season.
197 pieces of Lappette Mulls and Figured Grenadine ,
goods in light and dark grounds , worth 20c and SSc Op
yard , go on sale at til/
Buy Your Silks at Hayden's.
Our enormous Silk-business and great purchasing power
enables us to handle Silks in such quantities that others
would not dare to consider. Two great purchases of Black
Black Silk Bargains Take the Lead.
Fine Plain Black Silk Extra in Black Taffeta
On Monday wo will sell an extra line All silk plain black Tuffctn , 24 Inclic *
quality of plain black Washable Silk , very wide , rich , glossy finish , made in Japan
suitable for waists or entire dresses this Taffetas are now most popular. Our Special
silk wo can guarantee In every particular. Sale Price
Our Special Sale Prlco
Black Brocade Gros Grains
27-inch Black Siik
Grandest lot In finest quality wo have ever
25 pieces plain black India Silk , 27 Inches shown , all pure silk , In newest designs.
wide , In flno firm quality , the Silk that Our Special Sale Prlco
always wears well. Our Special Sale I'rlco
59c Remarkable in Plain Black Satins
Dlack Brocade Satin All pure Silk Satin . , elegantly * ? finished and
absolutely perfect , SPECIAL VALUE which
1 Now ' designs and new effects In n good wo guarantee to wear aa vell on any satin
ahd'lastlng quality , pretty and stylish and made , and our Special Sale prlco only
a bargain at our Special Sale Price s f\
ovc 69c
Three Leading Numbers in Plain Black Dress Silks ,
Plain black Peau de Soio at 1.00
Plain black Gros Grain at I.OO
Plain black Satin Duchesse at 1.00
' Our plain hlaok Dress Silks at $1.00 per yard are positively the best $1.00
black silks in America , und wo warrant the wear of ovt-ry yard we sell.
In Omaha's most active Silk Department you can buy new 81.00 24-ln. 75c
Fuula'ds at
Changeable Silk Serge Plaids and Checks
Will not pull or tear wo strongly recom Plaids In bright , pretty colors , In both
mend It for linings combinations are red light and dark shadlnns , checks one-fourth
and green , red and black , pink and green , and one-half Inch In size. In all the new
cadet and red , black and green and. ollvo color effects , silk will wear nicely and wash
and red. Our Special Sale price nicely. Our Special Sale prlco only
White Brocades Fancy Colored Silks
White Brocade Washable Silks , In new
Ulg collection of Drocado Silks , checks ,
dash and dotted designs , a style that Is ,
stripes and plaids , also the Moire Silks In
both stylish and SPMvlceablc---our special checks and dots , worth up to $1.50 , all la
sale prlco one lot nt our Special Sale prlco fof\f- ,
Now Ombro Stripes , Now Block Checks , New Plaids , all in brightest and QQ/-
prottlost shadlngs , 135 pieces to select from , at 7O V *
Special attention to mall orders. Selections loft to us carefully made and
silks may bo returned If not satlbfuctory.
Leading Dress Goods House of the West.