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$50,000 of Men's and Boys' Suits at Less Than They Cost tfcs Makers. Sale Begins Saturday Morning at 8 O'clock.
Stirring times in Men's Suit Department Economy prices on Boys' Suits and a perfect deluge of big values in our Hats and Furnishing Goods.
Good Things
In Men's ( El f\C\
Suits at. . . . qOVJVf
Lots of them in all wool
Cheviots and Cassimeres
most of them light and me
dium shades ought not to
be sold at this price.
5 They Show a Loss
Every one wo sell at $5.00
is a loss to us , but a big gain
to the purchaser. Don't go
shabby when you can look
decent for $5.00. Small sizes ,
big value large sizes , larger
value because there is more
cloth , but all sizes are $5.00
for Saturday. Young men's
sizes , 33 , 34 and 35 breast
measure , included'in this lot.
Frock Suits
In fancy worsteds
and cheviots -some
$15 and $18 values
in this line not all
sizes of every mixture
but there are a
great many styles to
select from.
About 50c on the
Is the average price on this
lot of suits at this sale.
Don't try to beat them
you can't do it. Remember
the Continental is the place
Saturday the time cor
ner 15th and Douglas St.
district twenty-one good pics and send bill
to me. W. L. STARK.
WASHINGTON , May 6. Present to coin-
panics and band from Fifth district , Ne
braska , with compliments of Mrs. Suther
land and m > self piopcr number of plea and
send bill to me. R. D. SUTHERLAND.
The program for the flag presentation to
morrow afternoon Is well arrange. ! and It
Is expected that there will bo u big crowd
In the city. The troops will leave the camp
at 2 o'clock In the afternoon and inarch to
the capltol building , whore the presentation
of the flags will take place. Then will fol
low a parade through the city avd a lelurn
to camp.
Harry Oury was fleeted captain of the
Fullerton company today , to succeed Cap
tain Adams , who resisne > l a few days at o.
Oury Is a university boy who had had much
prominence In cadet and athletic circles.
Firut RcKliucut Notes.
Editor D. M. Amsberry and Rev. Teagarden -
garden of Broken Bow are visiting with
company M.
J. H. Galley and A. Macher of Columbus
were callers at company K headquarters
this afternoon.
Attorney F. W. Stone , C. E. Hyde un > l J.
D. Hamilton of Geneva have bceu hero
visiting company G.
T. E. Wheeler and O. A. Mollln came
down from Bennett today to visit company
9. the Bennett compauy.
Louis Schrleber of company K received a
box of cakes and other provisions from his
parents at Columbus today.
Lieutenant A. Van Valln , company H ,
went to Nelson Wednesday and returned to
day with seventeen new recruits for this
O. H. Glllesplo of the Allen Rifles has a
flno Cuban flag out on his tent. This flag
was cheered at every station from Madison
to Lincoln.
The Fullerton band now numbers twenty-
two men , having received flvo additional
men lust night , two of whom came from
company a.
Sudani G. S. Hlggcnbothnm of company
G was promoted to bo regimental sergeant
niaior today. Private John Holdrcge of the
same company Is detailed as regimental
color guard.
Cluudo Taylor of Geneva came 'ilown to
day for the purpose of enlisting In his homo
co.upuny. Finding that It had Its full nu.u- .
Le ? be ccncludcd to wait until some vn-
cuncle. ) were made by the examining board
rather than to enlist In some other com
Isaac Wolf and Frank Webb of company
F. known aa the "Allen Rifles , " were havIng - .
Ing n , pretty worm .boxing match this after
noon , lighting out tbo war between Spain
and America. America caino out abead. The
boys \vcro very much interested as the
rounds proceeded.
Company M was presented with a beauti
ful silk flag yesterday by the ladles of
Broken Bow , who came down In a delega
tion yesterday. It Is beautifully finished and
mounted and bears the following Inscrip
tion : "Holcomb Guards , Company M , First
Regiment , Nebraska National Guards. " It
cost the ladles $ S7. It will bo taken to
Omaha land sent homo If the company is
taken , out of the state. A committee has
already been appointed to receive It and
take charge of It , consisting of James
Stockham , Major Joseph Skclton and Glenn
Johnson of Broken Bow ,
Heeond Ilevlnient Note * .
Henry Llndblage of company M Is laid up
from having stuck a rusty nail through his
Charles Scott , court reporter of the
Twelfth district , visited with company A
The Catling gun section of the Omaha
Guards gave Its second exhibition drill this
L. H. Slrlgel and General Dllworth of
Hastings called on the company H boys this
Mrs. Cameron , Mrs. George Klnney and
Fred Adams were among the Omaha people
who called on the company G boys today.
James Burnett. Henry Strelght , Ed John-
con and Mrs. Joseph Johnson , all of Platti-
moutb , were visiting with company H to
The Chadron company claims to have a
female bugler In the person of Mrs. Mar
guerite Raymond , a muelc teacher from
Some of the very
choicest things in
Scotch Cheviots ever
shown in Omaha go
at $10.75 , worth $15
and $18.
A Great Saving
This sale of high grade
Suits is something unusual
so early in the season the
lines are unbroken and the
styles the best.
Be on hand
Saturday early at our
$10.75 Suit Counter.
Chadronho has gone to Omaha to await
tbo final mustering In of the company.
On account of the number of university
bo ; s enlisted company M from Grand Island
Is having a large number of visitors from
the university.
Corporal Conant of the Omaha Guards
wont to Omaha this afternoon to secure
now recruits to bring the company up 'to
its full strength.
County Treasurer Thompson , Rov. E. F.
Jordan and James Cleary came down from
Grand Island to see the company M boya
this afternoon.
Company .L received a present of 100
pounds of creamery butter from Norfolk to
day and the boys are very happy over the
welcome addition to their larder.
Two of the company M boys strayed down
to the city without leave this morning and
wore brought back under arrest by a ser
geant , who had been detailed to go after
The women of Chadron presented com
pany H with a handsome flag yesterday. On
the flag Is Inscribed In gilt letters : "Com
pany H , Second Regiment , Chadron , Ne
braska. "
DefentH Uiilvemity of Nc-brnnka In the
LntterH Home Town.
LINCOLN , Neb. , May 6. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The fourth annual debate between
the Universities of Kansas and Nebraska
took place at the Funke Opera house to
night. Kansas , through Us representatives ,
J. B. Cheadle , W. A. Layton and Pearl
Decker , produced an argument on the af
firmative of the question , "Resolved , That
the English cabinet system Is superior to the
American congressional system of govern
ment. " Nebraska's champions were : E. F.
Warner , C. E. Matson and E. B. Perry , who
took the negative side of the question. The
judges , Jacob Sims , J. C. Hlsey and Victor
E. Bender , all prominent citizens of Council
Bluffs , gave a unanimous decision In favor
of the affirmative. The number of points
stood 801 to 6S6. Kansas has now won three
qf the four debates with the University ot
GanrdHinan Ret * a Iloaty Fall from a
Moving : Train.
LINCOLN , May 6. ( Special Telegram. )
Calvin W. Harper of Bloomlngton , a private
In company I , Second regiment , Nebraska
National Guard , was badly hurt today. Ho
fell from a moving train at DeWItt and re
ceived Injuries about the head that may
prove fatal. Harper enlisted on April 27
at Tccumseh and canib hero with the com
pany. Ho has tried to secure leave of ab
sence , but failed to secure one. Ho left
camp Thursday morning without leave and
was not heard from again unlll ho was
brought back this evening and placed In the
hospital. He Is 29 years old.
More Itnlu In Nebraska.
OSCEOLA , Neb. , May C. ( Special. ) It has
been raining here nearly every day for a
week. Everything Is In good shape for the
crops. Some farmers have begun planting
their corn.
FAIRMONT , Neb. , May . ( Special. ) For
the last flvo days It has been cold , cloudy
and rainy. Last night It cleared up and
this morning there was a very heavy frost
and considerable Ice. The top of the ground
was frozen. Some fear Is felt for the fruit
and early vegetables.
COLUMBUS , Neb. , May 6. ( Special. )
After six days of cold , drizzling rain , the
weather broke yesterday afternoon and by 8
In the evening the sky was perfectly clear.
There was a sharp frost last night , but the
extent ot the damage cannot bo ascertained
at present. It Is thought , however , that
gardens will suffer the most.
ELWOOD. Neb. . May C. ( Special. ) For
the last five da > s the sun has failed to show
Iti face and the rain ladened clouds have
emptied their contents upon Gospf r comity.
It commenced raining at noon May 1 aud
has kept U up until noon today. About
three Inches ot water have fallen in that
Sack Suits
In brown and me
dium shade cheviots ,
all marked to sell at
$12 to $15. You won't
buy them for any less
in July this year as
no greater reduction
in price can possibly
be made later in the season.
Browns , grays , mixtures ,
medium and dark colors
the biggest values ever sold
may be found jii 'our Suit
Department Saturday morn
ing at the Continental.
r I
Big Tumble Big Tumble Big Tumble
i i
in Prices in Prices in Prices
Physical Examination of the Militia is
Very Strict.
Rentilt Cnime Snrprlnc to Many of the
Men Camp llaiildly DrytiiK Up
and Dccomlnir More
LINCOLN , May 6. ( Special Telegram. )
This forenoon the weather has been the
tnost favorable the soldier boys have ex
perienced since Camp Stuimlers was laid out.
.Tho sun Is shining bright and warm and
tbo mud In the roads Is fast drying up. The
parade ground is In the best condition.
Orders have been Issued to have all the tent
flaps raised so that the quarters will be
thoroughly aired out. The bedding has all
been hung out on the tents and the camp
presents a variety of colors.
The physical examination of the men wan
taken up this morning. Com
pany 0 , the Omaha Guards , being
the first taken up. The entire
forenoon was spent In the examination of
this company , and not all of the men had
been reached at noon. The examination is
o rigid that some men who have heretofore
appeared as the pink of physical perfection ,
uro rejected , and this is causing great
anxiety throughout the camp. One of the
old members of the militia said today that
fully 25 per cent would fall to pass.
Dr. F. C. Wiser of Falls City has been
appointed by the governor as first assistant
Burgeon of the Second regiment , to fill the
Vacancy caused by the failure ot Dr. Grothan
to pass the physical examination.
In the afternoon the regimental and bat
talion drills went ahead as usual and tbo
"awkward squads" wcro taken through their
paces during the Intervals. Tonight tbo
grounds are In almost as good condition as
they were _ before the rain , and the day , on
* the whole , has been a very pleasant one.
Siiriceana Ilimy All Day.
The examining surgeons were busy all day
lit the Art ball of the fair grounds. The
Omaha Guards sent In sixty-two men for
examination and of these eighteen wcro re
jected. The examination of this company
was completed shortly after noon and
twelve of the rejected men were sent back
to Omaha on the S o'clock train. The other
tlx will try for a second examination. The
requirements ot the board are very severe
nnd a number of the boys got knocked out
on some slight defect in the hearing or cyo-
Company L , Second regiment , , from Nor
folk , followed the Omaha Guards and fared
DO better at the hands ot the board. TV enty
Norfolk men were rejected out ot a total
of sixty-five. The third company up was F
of the Second , known as the Ltncola Light
Infantry. This company took soventy-ntiio
men Into tbo building. Thirteen were re
jected. Late In the afternoon the Thureton
Junes were taken In hand by the board.
Out ot the eighty men examined twenty
( ailed to pass because of slight defects.
At the rate ot thrco companies per day
| t will take the board eight days to exam
ine those now present in camp and the ivcw
recruits that each company must have will
occupy two or three days more.
Today Is known as "Pie Day" on account
of the various presents of pastry received
fcy the boys. Two Nebraska congressmen
contributed pics to the guardsmen , General
Carry having received the following tele
grams this forenoon :
WASHINGTON , Mar . --Present with my
compliment * to each company from Fourth
time and it has all gone , into the gri-ur.d.
A great wheat crop fqr 'IS'JS is promised ,
GERING , Neb. , May 6. ( Special. ) An ex
ceedingly damp snow has been falling In-
cessantly for three days , and no Indications
yet that it Is soon to clear away. The ground
Is In fine condition as a result and the pros
pects are for better range than for several
FREMONT , Neb. , May 6. ( Special. ) The
heavy rains of the last few days have made
the Platte considerable higher than it has
been at any tlmo this spring. It Is far below
the danger line and no serious damage from
it is apprehended at this point.
WAUSA , Neb. , May 6. ( Special. ) Thin
section was visited by a great downpourlng
of rain the last two days. All kinds of small
grain bavo made splendid growth. Wheat
and oats bid fair to cxcell that of any pre
vious year.
MINDEN , Neb. , May 6. ( Special. ) This
county is being visited with one of the
heaviest rains in many years. It has rained
bard since Sunday and Is still raining , with
no Indications ot let up.
SCHUYLER , Neb. , May . ( Special. ) It
ceased raining here this forenoon , rain having -
ing been falling almost incessantly since the
afternoon of the 3d. The. ground is now
j thoroughly saturated.
j DECATUR , Neb. , May 6. ( Special. ) The
sun has not been seen here for a week. The
last thrco days have been three days of
1rain. . The farmers are jubilant over the wet
g weather. It Insures them ono of the finest
nnd one of the largest wheat crops that was
ever raised in this country. Corn planting
begins next week.
I WYMORE , Neb. , May G. ( Special. ) A.
thlrty-slx'hours' rain came to a close last
night , and the clear , cold weather during a
night resulted In a heavy frost , and Ice was
formed In many places. L. M , Russel , one of
the most prominent peach growers of tbo
1 west , says the peach crop Is not damaged
and that the Indications now point to one ot
' the largest crops Nebraska has had for
ChrUtlnn Church Convention.
GERINO , Neb. , May 6. ( Special. ) The
first convention of the Christian churches of
the tenth district of Nebraska Is In session
here. The attendance Is not as largo as it
would have been ulth better weather , but
j an organization has been effected with the
following officers : George Lenvltt , Mitchell ,
president ; A. D. Wood , Gerlng , vice presi
dent ; J. C. Hawkins , Alliance , , recording sec
retary ; J. M. Eads , Goring corresponding
secretary ; W. 0. Sollcnbcrgcr , Alliance ,
treasurer. The series mcetlngs held by
the local church , with Miller- and Glvcns In
charge , closed with the convention , the re
sults of the meeting beiirgiorer seventy ac
cessions to the church. , ' M
The petition of land jowMcrs under tbo
Castle Rock canal for thporganlzatiim of
an irrigation district Is "being heard be'oro
the county board. There is a strenuous op
position being made to the formation ot a
district. i\
Ilow Anioiiue'frjlnip ( .
GRAND ISLAND , Nebi'Mjfy 6. ( Special. )
During a row between i7tojnbeT of tramps
yesterday afternoon Jamoat Uuga'u was that
In the back , the bullet ung out of hia
breast. The man was afonce taken to the
St. Francis hospital and will recover. The
tramps had been around begging In tin
morning and in the afternoon consumed
two kegs of beer. The entlro gang wai later
arrested , though two of the men bad to be
severely clubbed before they became obedi
ent enough to submit. Officer Gorman , in
bringing four of the men. to the station ,
was attacked by three of them , but landed
all his men safely.
DecntnV * Creamery.
DECATUR. Neb. , May 6. ( Special. ) The
unlimited success.of . the Decatur creamery
plant so far has gone hejonil Iho extent rf
those who were conceded to have exag
gerated the figures. The plant has been
Goods Values
Half Hose . 5c
Dress Shirts _ 50c
Underwear . 25c
Balbriggan Shirts
Suspenders . 18c
Linen Collars. ' . . 5c
Linen Cuffs . 8c
Wool Sweaters , 98c
Fancy Shirts _ 50c
Band Bows . 25c
Teck Scarfs 25c
Waiters' Jackets 75c
Gloves ) 50c 75c
Gloves j $1.00
j running a month now , and the average [
i amount of milk received per week is 12,000
pounds. The patronage of the creamery Is
Increasing. The average amount of butter
made per week Is about 400 pounds. The
( quality Is fine and goes on the eastern mar
kets as "extras. "
On Hoard the Oregon.
YOUK , Neb. , May 6. ( Special. ) The
whereabouts and movements of the battle
ship Oregon excite more than usual Interest
among the people of York county. Luther
Overstreet , a graduate of the Annapolis
Naval academy and a lieutenant on board
I ! this ship. Is from Arborvllle. Of late his
, parents and -friends have been somewhat
1 solicitous regarding the welfare of the big
i ' , vessel , but assurances from Washington
have'eased their anxiety.
Doilire County MortKnure Record.
FREMONT , Neb. , May B. ( Special. ) The
following Is the mortgage Indebtedness rec-
jord I ' of Dodge county for the month of April :
Far mortgages filed , 19 , amounting to | ! 2-
! I ' 150.50 ; released , 28 , amounting to MS.SSO.TO ;
town and city mortgages filed , 13 , amounting
| j to $17,634 ; released , 23 , amounting to $31-
j 1508.09 ; chattel mortgages filed , 73 , amountIng -
, Ing to $28,805.21 ; released , 34 , amounting to
YorU'ii New City OIHcem.
YORK , Neb. , May 0. ( Special. ) The
newly-elected city officers took their chairs
test night. The regime now comprises as
nayor , Bernard King ; councilman , N. A.
Dean , D. Hutchison , George R. Reed , J. II.
Frlckey , B. Stache , M. Sovereign , N. M. Fer
guson and D. Y. Helslar. W. W. Wyckoft
! has been appointed city attorney and the
other city officers will bo reappolnted.
Hoard OrKnnlcen.
OSCEOLA , Neb. , May 6. ( Special. ) Os-
ccola's Doard of Village Trustees has just
organized , with V. II. Clark as president
of the board. The other members are
George R. McCoy , S. A. Snider , C. G. Gyl-
llng and Alt Qlerhart. They appointed S.
A. Snider treasurer , Elijah Cole marshal
and L. B. Pltzer clerk.
Hnrt in n Ilunnvray.
WEEPING WATER , Neb. , May 6. ( Spe
cial. ) Sheriff of Cass County William
Wheeler , whllo driving In from the country
with a livery team from here , was unable to
control them , and they ran , tipped over the
buggy and threw Mr. Wheeler out , stunning
him and cutting deep gashes In his aoso
and above the left eye.
GunrdN 1'nnn ThroiiRh Wayne.
WAYNE , Neb. , May 6. ( Special Tele
gram. ) A special train of six coachloads of
the South Dakota National Guard pawl
through hero this afternoon , enrouta for
Sioux Falls. They were given a rousing e-
ceptlon at the depot by the Wayne Corn
Palnco band and almost the entlro
tlou of the city.
Prrxrut of a 811k
COLUMBUS , Neb. , May 6. ( Special. )
Mayor Fltzpatrlck today sent to Captain
Klllnn of company K , In camp at Lincoln ,
a beautiful largo silk flag. Adorning the
flag was a largo gilt eagle , carrying In his
beak a largo letter K.
Villon 1'nelllc Will Come In.
CHICAGO , May * 6. Tbo meeting of the
executive committee of the Western Pas
senger association was continued today. The
relations of the Union Pacific to the emi
grant clearing house were gone over In de
tail and It Is believed that there will be
no more trouble between tbo road and the
association. At a late hour U was said
that In the near future the road will be
come a member of the clearing house , when
some matters are adjusted to Its liking.
Content Will He at Lincoln.
BELOIT. WIs. , May 0. The Interstate
Oratorical Collegiate association today de
cided to bold the next contest at Lincoln ,
Boys' Suits
The Continental never
sells trashy Suits at any
price and no such values as
we otter at this sale have
ever been offered in Omaha.
Hundreds of boys' all wool
cheviot 2-pieco Suits at
$2 ° ° $2 50
$3 ° ° and $3 50
Boys' Long
Trouser Suits
$5,00 ,
$5.75 and $6.50
All ready for the sale
Nebraska Delegation Wants the Musicians
for Exposition Opening.
Chief Executive Maiden an Appoint
ment to Meet Them Thin Fore
noon to Talk * the
Matter Over.
WASHINGTON , May 6. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Concerted efforts are being made
to have the Navy department rescind its
action as to the Marino band going to Omaha
to open the exposition. After talking with J
the president Secretary Long informed Assistant -
sistant Secretary Mclklcjohn of the War
department that the former permission given
the band to go west had been countermanded
in view of existing conditions , the president
believing It was not tbo proper thing to allow
the band to leave Washington during the
continuance of war.
In view of the interdiction placed on the
band in accepting the contract .to go to
Omaha , flvo of the eight members of the
Nebraska delegation held a confer
ence with Assistant Secretary Roosevelt
velt of the Navy department this
morning in relation to the matter.
There were present at this conference Sen
ator Thurston and Representatives Mercer ,
Strode , Stark and Sutherland. Roosevelt
< now nothing ot the prohibition placed on
: ho band and gave as his opinion that the
Musical union of Washington may have had
something to do with the change in ar
rangements. Ho suggested that as the
president bad taken a stand in the mat
ter he thought it proper to go to the head
of the nation and secure his permission , If
possible. Owing to this being cabinet day
It was decided to postpone the visit of the
delegation to the White House until the
president had been consulted as to what
time would bo most convenient for him to
see the delegation.
Senator Thurston accordingly wired the
president as follows this afternoon : "Omaha
and Nebraska people made a contract with
the Marine band to open the exposition and
fill an engagement. They now understand
that orders are changed prohibiting tbo
band from going. Our pcoplo are greatly
exercised. Will entail much loss on the
exposition. The band has been extensively
advertised and the matter is urgent. The
entlro Nebraska delegation asks that the
band bo permitted to go. Wo wish to wait
on you , if necessary , at your earliest con
venience. Will you plcaso designate a
time ? "
To this message President McKlnley re
plied about 5 o'clock , stating that ho would
sea the delegation tomorrow at 11 o'clock
and at once notices were sent out calling
the members together , when they will en
deavor to change the mind of the president
as to the propriety of allowing the band to
leave Washington at this tlmn.
Uiilnlon by Mercer.
"Congress has finished work upon all the
appropriation bills , " said Congressman Mer
cer today , "and by June 1 would , under
ordinary circumstances , bo ready to adjourn ,
but these are extraordinary times , aud , In
my opinion , Instead of adjourning wo will
take short recesses of fifteen or twenty days
each. During a wur any contingency might
arise , and I think the wisest policy would
be to remain In session until hostilities
cease. "
It was stated by the officers of the supreme
court today that in all probability the peti
tion for a rehearing In tho" maximum freight
rate cases filed by Attorney General Smyth
yesterday v.ould be denied. The petition
Save Money
Men's Black § 1.75
Tourist Hats. . . .
Men's Brown fSLf
Tourist Hats. . . . Z/tJw'
Men's ' Pearl
Tourist § 3 Hats. .
Great Half Price
Sale of
Men's Derbys
$2.00 1f \
Hats l'\J\J
§ 2.50
Hats 1.25
§ 3.00
Hats .
Browns and Blacks.
All new blocks over 200
cases of this season's derbys
in this sale.
asks for n rehearing on the ground that
the court erred In affirming that part of
the decree of the court below wherein It
piohtblts railway companies from reducing
their rates below what they were at the
time the decree of the lower court was
signed , In December , 1S94.
While men now enlisting at Lincoln may
not smell powder nor be called upon to ac
tively proceed against the enemy , It Is al
most certain that they will be moved east , ,
possibly to Washington , It being Secretary
Alger's intention to mobilize all troops east
of the Rocky mountains along the Atlantic
coast. Should it be found necessary to send
a largo body of troops to the relief of Com
modore Dewcy at Manila they will bo taken
from California , Washington and Oregon.
The scheme of mobilizing the troops from
Montana , Colorado , Wyoming , Utah , Idaho
and the two Dakotas at Omaha has not been
given up by any means , Senator Thurston
mvlng seen Secretary Alger today In re-
atlon to the matter , and it Is believed the
secretary looks with fa\or upon the scheme ,
providing thotroops are not brought east.
D. A. Footeof Omaha is at the St. James.
riirce Absent from Cabinet Mcctlnir.
WASHINGTON , May e. There were thrco
absentees from today's'cabinet meeting , At-
orney General Grlggs and Secretaries Gage
and Day. The matter under discussion in-
olvcd war preparations almost entirely , but
lathing concerning them was raado p.'bile.
Nothing has yet been heard directly or indl-
ectly from Commodore Dcwoy , and no Intt-
natlon Is given as to when his report may
i i looked for , as the president hltuscU Is cn-
Irely Ignorant of the reasons for Us ton *
| IN for Decoration Work.
WASHINGTON , May G. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Supervising Architect Taylor today
opened proposals for the planter modelti ot
decorative work and giuulto carving in the
Omaha postofllce building. Ton bids wcro
submitted , each containing twelve Items.
The lowest bidder cannjt be rlatormlucJ un
til these are abstracted , piobobly not for
two or three da ) 3. There were no local bld <
I'ertnlnliiK to 1'ontofllceN.
WASHINGTON , May 0. ( Special Tclo-
gram. ) Postmasters appolutol : Nebraska
Jacob H. Culvers , at Mllford , Seward county ,
vice A. R. Allen , removed. South Dakota
W. F. Morris , at Dakota City , Pennlngtoa
county , and E. C. Calkins , at Hollblrd , Ilydo
Dr. M. J. Gllkerson was today appointed
to a position on the board of examining eur-
gcons nt Tekamah , Neb.
Confirmed by the Senate.
WASHINGTON , May C. The senate today
confirmed thcuo nominations :
Colonel Charles P. nagan , assistant com
missary general , to bo brisaJIcr general.
Postmasters Iowa , W. H. Price , Pralria
Dully Trenmiry Statement.
WASHINGTON , May 6. Today's state
ment of the condition of the treasury shows :
Available cash balance , $213,399,590 ; gold
reserve , $180,339,897.
Cnuirlit by HHO | In Wheat.
KANSAS CITY , May C. The C. S. Le
Grain Commission company assigned today ,
caught by tbo sudden rlso In wheat. The
company was formed in 1S9C with a capital
of $20,000.
For ZnfanU and Children.