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JCoostor Powder Magaiinet in ths Solitudes
of Hew Jersey Mountains ,
fttotr the Government Guard * K * Iin-
Bienie Stock of Bxplnxlvci
of Sapiillen fur New
York' * Defence.
Scattered about here and thcro In a long ,
narrow valley which Is perched high up In
the mountain region near Plccatlnny , N. J. ,
even great giants are sleeping. If they were
roused to tury and all the pent-up villainy
within them let loose and the tiniest spark
would do It a goodly portion of north Jersey
would toe torn out by the rootstand scattered
In dust and chaotic fragments to tbo four
winds of heaven. The very mountains that
girdle the valley all about would fairly reel
in their rock-ribbed foundations and even
New York , nearly fifty miles away , would
quiver under the terrific Jar.
Vor the bowels of these seven sleepers are
Bllcd with thousands upon thousands of toni
of gunpowder and guncotton which for years
tack the United States government hts been
quietly and unobtrusively storing away tbcro
In the event ot there suddenly arlolng some
uch history-making crisis In the nation's
life as Is now upon ui. Just how many
thousand tons ot concentrated havoc are at
this moment stored away in this Plccatlny
government powder depot there Is no means
of knowing. The officers In charge are never
very communicative on the subject and Just
now they are more than ever silent. All that
! can be said Is that this magazine Is the
largest In the country and that the govern
ment always has kept there its heaviest
reserves of ammunition. There are in all
seven great powder warehouses five for the
army and two for the navy. Each storehouse
Is a building having a floor area of 203 feet
In length by sixty In breadth. The height of
the room thus formed Is forty feet. Now
powder , as It comes from the factory , ! s
delivered In boxes that are a shade larger
than the ordinary soap box so familiar In
the country store , and each box contains 150
pounds ot the explosive. It will bo under
stood very readily that a roam 200 feet long
by sixty feet wide and forty feet high will
hold a great number of the ordinary soap
boxes of commerce , and when It Is said
that each ono of these magazine rooms Is
piled high up with layer after layer ot these
100-pound , soap-box size powder boxes , It
will be scon that the statement that there are
hundreds ot thousands ot tons of powder In
storage la well within conservative bounds.
And this , too , Is exclusive of the tons of
guncotton which ore stored away In thta re
mote mountain recess.
There a'ro 1,860 acres In the tract of land
the government owns there , and the bulk of
this area to In a long , narrow valley about
three and a quarter miles trom end 'to end ,
nnd varying from a quarter of a mlle to a
milo In width. It lo a beautiful spot , d s-
tlnctly suggestive ot West Point , with its
placid stretch of level ground sur.ounded on
all stdca by great rugged mountains which
crowd up to Us edges and peer down over
each other's shoulders at It from all di
rections. There is na Hudson , to bo sure ,
but n noisy , fussy llttlo mountain stream
winds through It and is spanned at various
places by Irlm whlto iron bridges. A gov
ernment road leads from the main high
way , about a mile away , to the handsome
Iron and etono gateway at the entrance.
But for the fact that the gate pests are
made In the form of upright cannon and
'that ' the iron of the gates themselves Is
wrought Into material designs , the first Im
pression would bo that some millionaire recluse -
cluso had made .hlmsclt . a private park away
oK In the wilderness.
AVatchful guards ore everywhere as you
enter the grounds. There la no restriction to
visitors entering , even la these critical
times , but you are always conscious that
watchful eyes are upon you.
There is a flno driveway stretching nearly
* mlle straight before you cs you enter.
p > It leads to the Administration building and
to another wide avenue running at right
nn.les to the entrance drive. At the In
tsL tersection ol these avenues Is a very Im
portant structure the flro engine house. It
la a handsome , large brick structure , and
through Us windows you catch tbe glint ot
tbe polished nickel and brass mountings of
flro apparatus. OR to the left Is a group ot
buildings and a handsome dwelling house
iwltt trees and shrubbery about it. Hero
the superintendent or head watchman lives
With his family.
Scattered here and there at wide Inter
vals apart , and apparently In no regular or
der , are the seven silent sleepers for whoso
benefit all this wide expanse and profound
solitude- have been secured. Very quiet and
harmless they look dull , lead-colored brick
bulldlns _ with red-tiled roofs and red Iron
shutters and doors doors and shutters par
tially thrown open in fair dry weather that
the air may get through the buildings where
tha encased explosives are stored. Water
as well as fire has to be guarded against In
the storage ot powder , and dampness Is
water. Ono reason the high mountain region
was selected was to get away from the
Cloister air ot a lower level.
The navy powder is stored away and apart
from that of the army , and the buildings
are all painted tbo dirty muddy yellow
which for some reason Is traditional with
the navy. They are In a set-off tract of
340 acres and on a mountain side above the
.valley proper. A branch of the Morris
County railway runs Into the reservation.
Cars are boused up to tbo magazines at
various 'points. Two hours after ammuni
tion Is put aboard them It may bo In Now
York It thcro Is need of so great a rush.
They are filling shells now In the navy maga
zine , and carload after carload of them
ift. * * hoivo been sent away slnco the war scare
J It Is Major Bufllngton , the Inventor ot the
disappearing gun carriage , which has worked
uch a revolution In coast defenses , who Is
now In charge ot the Plccatlnny powder
depot. He has been at tlte peat about a
Comparatively few people know there Is
uch an establishment as this removable am
munition depository In existence. Lying
right at the very gates of New York , not
ono New Yorker in thousands knows ot Its
existence. As for the country people who
ilvo In the vicinity the fact of the powder
magazine's existence has so long been an
old story wlUj them that they had practically
lost all Interest In It until the recent war
excitement came on. But now the humblest
mountaineer to bo found within a radius of
en miles visibly swcK's with patriotic prldo
at the mcro mention of the great government
depot. They obviously feel that the tem
ple of Janus Is right at their doors , and that
they have a sort of personal responsibility
for the safe keeping of the keya.
, , _ l * . , malt r ° / conviction among them ,
Jil , Prcscnt , moment , that the woods
> *
ro rilled with Spanish , miscreants loaded
wim explosive designs on the magazines.
* 8.ranBer ' glarei1 at
_ . wlth " > e ° t
! pfcnd _ 'V8"tho ' roa < 1 to the BO -
t reservation Is
to open the door to
" * ' * te" you no road to no reservation
aero else , " was the greeting a photo.
* m",1' Jle-fa < * < ! dim llttlo man
Rot from a nathl
v , out In a mountain road
T ' er ay. "I won't tell
a gol-darned
IS ? ° > u II never git out of
Ft * ou can bet your
n " "commonly { , „ ] .
iicoso citiznn KM. . . .
% $ * tin
will not tell wh t I- * ' I d * < lmlnllltr-tl ° n
_ f 'VUn-glBlb prJAer.c * . There tent
nt jioemnJtjr ! , _ bout It. It mc-ni
9 much , It Is so particularly Important
_ ; ta roittflJooM Jjuehfj and motionless
" " "
sovcn steeper * . 7 , , a
.WAR'S Il.iri'V EXD.
The CIonlttK Ror < ? nt Appomntlojt
. Court Ilouni * .
General George A. Forsylh , U. S. A. , re
lates Id Harper's Magazine his recollections
of the famous meeting between General Grant
and General Lc. He was a member ot
General Sheridan's staff at the time and
witnessed the historic scenes.
"I took my Drat and last look at the great
confederate chieftain , " he writes. "This Is
what I saw : A finely formed man appar
ently about CO years ot ago , well above the
average height , .with a clear , ruddy com
plexion just then suffused by a deep crim
son flush , that rising from his neck over
spread hlo face and even slightly tinged his
brood forehead , which , bronzed where It had
been exposed to the weather , was clear and
beautifully white where It had been shielded
by ha ! hat deep brown eyes , a flrra but
well -shaped Roman nose , abundant gray
hair , silky and flne In texture , with a full
gray beard and mustache , neatly trimmed
and not overlong , but which nevertheless
almost completely concealed hla mouth. A
splendid uniform ot confederate gray cloth ,
that had evlcititly ! seen but llttlo service ,
which waa closely buttoned about him , and
fitted him to perfection. An exquisitely
mounted sword , attached to a gold-embroid
ered nusala leather belt , trailed loosely on
the floor at his side , and In his right band
ho carried a broad-brimmed soft gray felt
hat. encircled by n golden cord , while In his
left ho held a pair of buckskin gauntlets.
Booted and spurred , still vigorous and erect ,
he stood bareheaded looking out of the open
doorway , sad-Meed and weary ; a soldier and
a gentleman , bearing himself In defeat with
0 dignity that sat well upon
' ? the dlre tlon from which the
, , ,
came. I found myself .wlthlr , long pistol
? , ? i ° ° f ? "ectlon of a * ttery of light
fnl e.7'i " W0S ' " P08lllon ncar a > ! ry
road that
out from another piece of
woods about 200 yards In
Its rear , and was
* ? i"apld flrD lnto the woo < 3s fro
, ,
which t
I had
Just emerged.8 I tat on my
horse quietly watching It from behind a rail
fence , the lieutenant commanding the pieces
saw me. and riding out for 100 yards or
moro towards where I was. proceeded to
cover me with his revolver. We fired to-
gcther a miss on both sides. The second
shot was uncomfortably close , so far as I
was concerned , but as I took deliberate aim
ror the third shot I became aWare that In
some way his pistol was disabled ; for using
both hands and all his strength I saw that
ho could not cock It. 1 had him covered , and
had ho turned I think I should have fired.
He did nothing of the sort. Apparently
accepting his fate , he laid his revolver across
the pommel of his saddle , fronted mo quietly
and coolly , and looked mo steadily In the
face. The whole thing had been something
In the nature of a duel , and I felt that to
fire under the circumstances savored too
much of murder. Besides , I knew that at
a word from him the guns would have been
trained on me where I sat. Me , too , seemed
to appreciate the fact that It was an In
dividual fight , and manfully and gallantly
forbore to call for aid ; so , lowering and un
cocking my pistol , I replaced It In my holster ,
shook my Cat at him , which action he
cordially reciprocated , and then , turning
away , I rode back Into the woods.
"About this tlmo the enemy's artillery
ceased firing , and I again rode rapidly to the
cdgo of the woods , Just In tlmo to sco the
guns limber up and retire down the wood
road from which they had come. The
lieutenant In command saw mo and stopped.
We simultaneously uncovered , waved our
hats to each olher , and bowed. I have
always thought he was ono of the bravest
men I ever faced. "
St. LonlH Mnn CnnniinivM KIS Glnxxe * in
On IJnyVII1ioiit Trouble.
St. Louis has Just given a new cham
pion to tlie world , relates the Republic. His
uame Is Nelson Knutsen and the feat in
which ho excels probably any other man
In the- world is ability to dflnk beer. This
ho demonstrated , the other day to the com
plete satisfaction , of a man with whom he
had made a bet that he could drink 120
glasses of the foaming fluid during the
course of tbe day. Compared to the per
formance of this man , the efforts ot Colonel
Slunsky pale Into Inslgnlflccuco.
Knutsen la a hovse and cattle dealer and
lives at 929 Ann avenue. The other even
ing , with several companions , he waa sit
ting In Schnelker's saloon , 1022 Ann avenue.
The. conversation turned oa the question
ot how many glasses of beer a man could
drink In a day. One of the party told ot a
man In Germany who , drank 160 gla&sea in
4 day , and Knutsen said that he could
get away with moro then that. This led tea
a die cues Ion and finally Knutaen offered
to wager 140 that ho could concume ' 120
glasses of beer In one day. The bet was
taken by Jchn Boehler ot 919 Ann avenue ,
and It was stipulated that the loser should
pay for the beer. The money was put up
and a day set for the trial. '
Knutsen did not show up at the sa
loon until after 9 o'clock , and the others
thought that he had weakened. This was
not the case , however , and ho announced
hlmeelf ready for the effort. Ho nat at ( be
table and drank fifteen glasses at one sitting.
Then after a rest of a few minutes he
started again. At noon he bad gotten away
with sixty-five glasses and was still sober.
Ho had buslaess uptown , and left to attend
to this , returning at 2 o'clock , ready for
' < omo moro beer. During the trip uptown
he drank eight or ten glasses ot beer , but
this did not count on the wager.
Close count was kept , and at 4 o'clock In
the afternoon ho had completed his task
and was still as sober as the proverbial
Judge. Ho did not appear to think that do
had performed such a wccderful feat , for
ho offered to make another wager ot $100
to $50 that ho could repeat the perform
ance beforp 12 o'clock. There were no tak
ers , so Knutsen continued to drink Just
to par * away the time.
At 10 o'clock a Republic reporter called at
the salcun and found Knutsen sitting at
a table with a glass of beer In front ot him.
Ho accepted an Invitation to drink , and
after finishing the glass oa the table walked
over to the bar as straight as It ho had
never taken a drink. Ho stated that alto
gether ho had consumed ICO glasses of the
amber fluid aud did. not feel tny tbo worse.
Before the reporter left Knutscn bad
finished hts IGSth glass and seemed ready
for more. Ho said that he would drink only
eight or ten more before he retired tor
the night.
The new champion Is about 40 years of ago
and , stremge to say , Is not a regular beer
drinker , Ho eajs fbat for days bo never
touches tbo beverage , rudhen he does
drink It U only flvo or six glasses each day.
Ho said , ho did not fesl the effect ot the
many beers any more than a fullneoj such
as he would have It ho bad eateu a blvd
dinner. ,
IlrooKlit ( o America by Secretary ot
JoHvpli Ilounparte , Punitive Klnir.
"In 1817 Joseph Bonaparte's secretary ,
Malllard. left Philadelphia armed with let
ters which represented him to bo a traveling
aecnt for Girard'a commercial house and
vlsltlns Glrard's correspondents In Holland
and Switzerland , " William Perrlne writes
In the April Ladles' Homo Journal. "His
real destination was the Swiss chateau at
Pranglns , from which the king had fled two
years before , and his real object to secure
the treasure which had been burled In the
ground of the estate on the eve of his flight.
Malllard { ound the burled packets , and with
them he would also have brought to Phila
delphia Queen Julio If her physicians had not
compelled her to renounce the project ot
Jolnlnc her husband.
"The Jewels , which were valued at $1,000-
000 , were stuffed < lnto a belt , -which Malllard
wore on bis person when returning across
tbe Atlantic , and with which ho was gladly
received by his master In the Lansdowne
house , near Philadelphia. It was about this
time that wild rumors began to circulate In
Philadelphia concerning the ex-klng'a riches
and of the hoards of specie which he had de
posited In the vault of Stephen Gtrard'i Phll-
adelphlan bank. Mysterious heavy boxes ,
sealed with wax. were believed by Glrard's
clcri to contain the crown Jewels of Spain
and Naples. One or two old men In recent
who werethen those clerks
yean * were - amonr ,
have told how Joseph would ilt In the bank
talking with U m affably wbU waiting ( or
tht great bankw. "
| tow the Bahy Was Saved In the Midst iff SNt aN Shell ,
un. noney , run I Heah come de Yan
kees ! "
Such was the cry which roused Nell
Tarleton from her bed that summer oven-
Inz when General Butler , at the head of
the federal troops , swooped down upon City
Point , Va. , and blocked the road to Peters
Nell Tarleton dwelt with her mother and
baby brother In their old-fashioned home on
the James river. The father of the family
was away on the Potomac , fighting the bat
tles of the confederacy , and only a few faith
ful negroes remained to guard Mra. Tarle
ton and her children.
As Nell sprang from her bed she heard
the rattle of musketry up the river. A
shell tore , screaming , over the house , fol
lowed by another 'and another. Then there
burst forth from the stables a lurid glare ;
and she heard her mother's distracted voice
shrieking that the negro quarters were
Nell's fingers trembled violently , but she
managed to don her frock and shoes before
old Aunt Drusllla came lumbering up the
A \ W
stairs and drove the child , shoes In band ,
from the room.
"Doan mln' yo * shore , till yo' glta out
o' nah ! " exclaimed Aunt' Drusllla , reso
lutely ; and so , barefooted and halt-clad , Nell
hurried through the confusion of the hall
Into the lawn before the house.
Thcro she found her mother hysterical
and helpless ; and there , too , was the baby ,
snugly wrapped up , and carried by bis nurse ,
the mulatto Phoebe. Some valuables
hastily put tosether lay In bundles on the
grass plainly revealed In the ruddy light
from the blazing huts. Nobody seemed to
Unow what to do till Aunt Drusllla swept
u on the scene. Then movement took the
place ot Inaction.
"Heah , yo' fool nlggahs , " cried the old
colored woman , "what ft > ' yo' etarln' en
Join' nuffln ? Want do Yankees to cotch
yo' , huh ? Grab dem bundles an' run for de
woods ! An' yo' , too. Mis an' yo' , honey ;
run , I tell yo' . Phoebe .mln' dat ar chile , or
I warm yo' . Everybody got to run. "
And everybody ran even fat Aunt Dru
sllla herself. Down the dewy lawn , with
the federal bullets whistling among the
trco tops hard by , and the flames spread
ing to the barns and stables , they fled. For
In the night attack no one -was safe. Neither
north nor south warred against women and
children , but under cover of darkness the
gravest danger threatened all within tbr/
area of attack.
At lest they reached the dense woods ,
and the sound of firing came but faintly to
their ears , though the glow ot the. distant
fire still showed Its grim reflection upon
the sky.
"Dls Jar "nough , " grunted Aunt Druellla ,
who , desplto her age and corpulence , had
kept well In front ot tbe race ; "wo can real
now. Put dem bundles down yo' boys , an'
0 ! my Lawd ! Whar's .Phoebe ? " . .
Poor Mra. Tarleton turned at the old
women's frightened cry turned to eeo that
the young mulatto woo Indeed missing , to
gether with her precious charge , the baby !
The unfortunate lady's brain reeled at this
last terrible calamity , and elio fell fainting
upon the path.
Kneeling by her aide and chafng her
hands , Aunt Drusllla' cried frantically to 'the
negro boys , who stood around , to search the
"Go back de way we come , " she shouted.
"Fnoebe mus' bo captured or shot. Go back
an * ( etch young nmrso " , 'tore de Yankees
git him. " |
But the negroca bung their beads
"Wo'ee 'frald Aynt Drmllla. 'Deed we'se
drettul ' ( raid , " they moaned.
Wrathfully the old -woman rose to her
"An * yo call yo'selvea meat" eho ex
claimed. "Yo's nuffln' but a pack o' cow
ardly possums. I'll go back mahself. Yaa-
eurl Ol' Aunt Drusllla ain't scared o'
Yankee guns when young Marse Hal's lei'
behin' . "
True to ber word , tbe stout-hearted Dru
ellla turned In the direction ot tbe burning
outbuilding ! and rJiuffled dowu the pathway
as fast as she coud ! go. Uut another pair
of feet were lighter than hers. A little
girl In a flimsy' ( rock , with her shoes
clutched la her bands , sped past the old
Degrees. It waa Nell Tarleton , trembling
no longer , but wild with eagerness to save
ber baby brother.
"Come back , honey ! Fo' de Lawd'a sake ,
coma back ! " gasped Aunt Drusllla , as she
snatched unavall'ugly ' at tbe small figure
which rucbed so swiftly by. But Nell only
hook her bead and ran the ( aster , Further
and ( urther behind dropped poor Druellla ,
until at last she lost , sight ot Nell alto
gether. Tba sh ithtew up her bands and
sack despairingly upon a log.
"Dat ends It all , " hosobbed ; "boy an *
gal boto gone nowi W.hat'll Marso Tahleton
say when ho cornea back ? An' poor Mis' !
Boun * to kill her dald wden she hear dat
Nell's gone , too. "
On through the woods ran Nell her
mother'a agonized face ever betoro her , and
the determination to save little Hal etrong
within her. A jagged stooo cut her bare
foot , but could not etay her even ( or an
Instant. Now eho eaw the roots ot her
father's house , Illuminated by the spreadIng -
Ing fire , and now again the shells went
whistling over ber head. Rabbits end
squirrels scurried madly past ber , escaping
from the advancing troops , do heard tbe
round of many footsteps cad the sharp
banging of the federal rlflee. On the rising
ground before the house black figures bur *
rledto and ( ro the van of Butler's army.
But she did not stop. What were the enemy
to her when Hal waa missing wounded by
a chance bullet perhaps and dying in tbo
With a roar the house caught fire and a
shower of sparks soared Into the air and
serious strain. Sbo could run no longer ,
but limping -was still possible , so onward
she limpet ! .
At last the lawn was reached and Nell
toll among the trees. A bullet pinged not
a foot away from Nell , but she heard It
"Hal ! Brother Hal ! " -was the eong her
heart eang , and she heeded no other pound.
A branch , shorn oft' from its parent tree ,
crashed down upon tbo heroic child and
bora her to earth. Sbo crawled from be-
lt h r. feeulder bruised and torn , tad
with sharp palas. In her ankle that told ot a
felt a heavy ban * descend upon her aching
"Hold hard there , " crlod Tolcc. "What
In heaven's name are you doing hero ? "
The tblld looked up Into a rough , bearded
face , begrimed with powder , yet not un
kindly , f
"The baby , " she whispered , hoarsely ; "I've
como back for baby Hal. " '
The bearded man let the sword which be
carried fall back Into Its sheath.
"O , you've como back for the baby ? Comeback
back through the- shells and bullets , eh ?
My girl , you're a regular Joan of Arc ! "
"No , sir , I'm a confederate. And please ,
won't you help mo to flrxl baby ? "
The big soldier caught Nell up In his arms.
"Why , your poor little foot's cut , " ho cried ;
"and your shoulder's bleeding , too : This
Is awful. "
"Don't mind my shoulder , Mr. Yankee.
Let mo find baby.1'
The federal officer put his spare hand to
his mouth , by way of a speaking trumpet ,
aiW shouted In stentorian tones : 'Mlas any
man found a baby ? "
From the right came an answering hall ,
and a soldier came running out of the dark
"Wo found a colored girl and a baby over
there , sir , " he eald. "The girl had been
knocked down by some burning timbers from
the barn. "
Two minutes later iBaby Hal was cooing ,
just as It nothing had happened , upon Nell's
lacerated shoulder. Poor Phoebe , badly ,
though not dangerously hurt , told how In
flying blindly from the federals she had
been struck and disabled by a falling beam.
And as the story spread among the federal
soldiers they gathered around Nell , cheerIng -
Ing her so loudly that Aunt Drusllla , sitting
disconsolately 'upon her stump In the woods ,
jicard the uproar and wondered what It
Not long had the honest old ncgress to
'wotfder ' ; for presently there marched through
the woods a guard of honor surrounding the
federal officer , who carried bcth Nell and
the baby In hts strong arms.
"O , chile ! chllel" cried Aunt Druallla as
she gave Nell her very heartiest hug "yo'
done give me a pow'ful scare. But It's alt
right naw , brces dc Land ; an' dem dar
Yankees ain't so bad after all. "
All who arc exposed to the weather should
keep Dr. Bull's cough syrup handy.
II01V AVlillilM Help.
Detroit Fred Press : "You haven't nn
Ide-a , " snld the young fellow with u saw
In his hand , "how much money I make on
people who change their mind nbout thlnps.
11 may seem incredible , but men nro re.illy
more flckio nnd whimsical , in many ways ,
than women. Hall my income , in fact ,
comes from this very characteristic. I
work for a man who Is a chicken fancier ,
and two or three times n year he has me
como and tear clown all his eMcken houses
nnd fences and put them up again , some
where else In his yard , or some other way.
His wife would get a divorce It she knew
how much , money he spends In that way ,
everlastingly changing hli mind and having
the work done some- other way. Whenex'er
I do a job for him , I BO homo feeling easy ,
for I know that In two or three days ho
will send for tnc and want It all done
over again. This Is solid talk I'm giving
you ; you just watch the chicken men you
know , nnd know It. "
Thlrty-flvo years make a generation. That
Is how long Adolph Fisher of Zancsvllle , O. .
suffered from piles. He was cured by using
three boxes of DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salvo.
> ut Xfoexsnr > - .
Chicago Post : He laughed loud and long
ns he put aside the piper.
"What's the matter ? nsked the man who
was sitting at the next -window of this cluii.
"Here's ar > article ) about training- UOF , "
replied the man who had been reading- the
paper. "It fays the first thing to do Is to
attach the dog to you. "
Thereupon the man laURhed some more.
"Well , whit of it ? " peislsted the man at
the next window.
" \Viiy , hang It all ! " exclaimed the man
who was so amused , "It seems so absurd ,
you know. My experience Is that a doir
will attach himself to you If you give him
any provocation. "
( > Ho writes on May II , 1807 : "I have been troubled for years with n cough In
the winter season AND this last winter bad a severe attack of bronchitis which
IcttmS worse If possible , than before , but after taking three 25o Loxcs of Dr. Kny's
iMng Balm have .been completely cured. Mv wife has been troubled with
CONSTIPATION FOR 10 OR 12 YEARS and at times has gonoaslong
as eight days without thonowels moving arm has had to toke medicine constantly
but has never found anytbtng that has done her so much good as
Dr. Kay's Renovator
Dr. Kay's remedies to those who ore afflicted. " J. WCSLEY MILLER , Pastor M K.
Church. Grandvlew , ill. Dr. Kay's Renovator has cured so many of the worst cases
of DYSPEPSIA ttat we consider it a spccllic for this disease nnd for proof wo
refer all to the testimonials of wonderful cures reported in our book It has cured
many bad cases of HEADACHE , and when caused by constipation or dyspep
sia it Is sure to euro every case , In fact , we believe It has no equil for headache
from whatever cause. Italwayscures BILIOUSNESS and all forms of liver and
klnde complaints , nervousness , neuralgia , Impure blood , scrofula , skin diseases ,
ptmplos , bolls , blotches , glandular enlargements , dropsv , RHEUMATISM and
piles. It is Bold by druggists or sent by mall at S5o ana II. Send stamp for lr. D.
J. Kay'8 "Home Treatment and Valuable Recipes , " a 68 page book treating nil dis
eases. Address Dr. B. J , Kay Medical Co. , Western Ofllce , Omaha , Nebraska.
Magnificent Aggregation of Rewards
Protected by the Copyright Z w of the United Bttttei.
$70,000 ° ° IM GRAND PRIZES
$100,000 ° ° DISTRIBUTED !
A Builneii Propoiltloa A New Co.OpcratlT PI inA Great Pnbllihlna Home Will Dlitrlbota
Thonitndi of Dollar * Pleuut and Profitable Ptrtnenhlp For Intelligent Men , Women and
Children Fortune May Kaoek at four Door Nothing Ventured , Nothing Uilned.
WX OUABAHTES EVXIT KBMH A FU3X who follow ! our plain I nitructtoni. Government dtore the
mm m 4feMiMiBBBm * Out o ( buitncu. 1 he I' . O. Department li if t r the
LOTTERY "indlcn. They muit KO. We pmtat tn honutsUn.
ccllpiing and lurptuinK > HT > nd crcrr nulhod'frer
_ _ _ _ _ PBWB * I I ! ! I devucd'/or an equitable dUlrlbutlnn fthouiandi ot
dollar , of pronta. IIa yon a chM thai abhor. Trading f Here li a eh.nee lo create an Intcrnl that will make that child
itudenl , and ha or aht may win a prlie that .hall b the .tepping- tone to fortune. Have you a friend afflicted with melan.
cho'.ia I Intern ! them In thli grandcontett of brain * tor dolUn and a cura will rc.ult , Ma\e your own leltur * time UlllNQ
" * iMA { RMUmn mitatM [ , „ , „ , CREAM. Price , 1U . year. It la
OUR OBJECT ! e w"'dulfSi good . foricJTVdVenVu . ansdole . ! wit ; poetry , hUtory , religion fathlona ,
florlcultur tniu.te ; te. . gleaned from the leading . periodical , ot the world. No otlitr magailne like " . SECOND , we wl h
toe.tablUh CHGAM a.apernunent number ol tha family in every home where It enter n7.cacn"ontli.
periodical aver did , prove ttirn that ourm. iine I. read clear throufh , . . FOnRTri ;
when we have dcnunitrale letyEnyHlallHATESfrornlarse.reh.Weadv andweliaveaOOlDMINE.
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we'fi General. Thcleueranietito.nellthenamelneachauoUilonarera
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Tr. ! T.aB.y . J rfyWlndlnlhln " SheYoVe' . ? th. ° e''r'i , y.t her manner
her lime nor opportnnily to March Mitory forthenimr. of American General ! , w
. , . . „ JIM.In which aw.r. > ery name In above quotation. i-GarlleWMcCUUanMilM.
„ Cuter ! Thomaa , Oareald. . HcKcraci , Lonptnet , Lee ,1'lckett , llarly , lltnki.
Anypennn undlnz u. rot leu tr.n Bra name , of American General , from
TO DO FIRST tht. lut llh the number of thequolatlon.ln hlch name. opar | , with 15
WHAT : cent , for S month. ' trial .ubpcriptlon to CRI1AU , will be entitled to compete
for the Hit of OBKD Pains t . be twtf SACK MOXIll DC HI SO III * TIME Of THIia lUBSCBIrTIOK. We Want
ioteiii-enL'teidln/t people for .nbMribert The Alt namat lITiiCTlir. Or for 40 cent , for roonlli. ' telal .ubKrlptlon
> v > Vi T.ll SiVivo Ev Tclura mall the lautt I'.rtilin rove ty , a Heavy Weight , Beautiful y Wrourlit. Solid HilverTh mble ,
wUh Heav7oenul Wfinln : ln4WW "qold U.ndVwnd i/wit gleKan SohSl dold FUIed ScirfJHa.
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einf.lned below. Jfpo.ut.UMndl'.O.Ord.rl Hnpteend .llverDrlio..ramii. . . . . .
nh ! ! chn inCUQ nO QVETPUCQ To thoif ofTJUraryTute who wrlle the be.t poem
VKI/EB rllfl rUEInO UK OlVCIUrlCO. e .y or.kctche ming oneof month ,
la a ! ublicw\n l Vart ONE TIIOU8ANO TWO HUNDnEUVAJ-UAllLrywuZES. many ol whieli will be CASH
MilnDro lontotheeicillenceorrnerltof _ . _ . . _ . the work. Wemaketlil.olferto diicovcr n tal n foroae of the trading
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WtD. ThSi will berr aleonte t of popular liurary opinion and will determine lh i kind ot ' " 'I'J CUE AM will
nih. future. II'TO ' ! can till a xood Vtory "hen yea read It , here I. yourch.nce to win a ClItANtt 1'IIIZE IN GOLD.
OheM ? iton-ei ? m < 5Ttoea t * true , but remember.the ; creat puUkhlng hou . make Mituoijs. and w
. , ; i rnVrll ( l iMMAadO OOO OO worth ot advertuinc. We thall certainly have an amount th.t will make our
Grand JPriiM Vorto bavllST'Waahlnoo , In every particular , jurr Al wi Aoaic. You take no chaneca whatever.
em.aKedotai4vertialnrorMmewber < la CREAM each month , and among the penon.wbo find the e
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'BEFORI- ' YOU WIN THEM , gsass .aarjsi
.TiA r.ji JT _ . . _ . _ , .j _ i. M.AH.V A wwilli.- Ino
itl tb. prlw.tlj.ywla In lha monthly awarda.
" VlllXt.VJ ke under the tupmtiloa of an Ii-Mayor , Ex-Qty ICanhal ,
nrltalltf . f ITIt OoiMl ComDKU wur i , .avim iti < > nwlllb , < Mnte.ah tuUcriberfullyeii.lalnTng every point ,
" - * '
. . 'ffi l Z &JlS&tttiW &fc - - -
ttrCREA lunL COMPANY I . DairAiT. MAim , V. B. A . Jat a , 1P&
Inllr atrtlfr that tkt Officera and Dlrecton of the CHCAM MIllLlsllINO CO. of
fmaSctallV , thorooehly eltabl , honorable gentlemen ,
andtnaithey art rnponUble
icily are perionally known to a aoa uaiwcy uu.usimu/
I Jauly. Jth.wnnd.Lctef theeommunlty. nlra.e , , . LWI1 A. K owtto.r. Prea People. National Uant
(01Sned ) VaM fc IU tliia .U. 8. Colll of r.i.tom. . JiKH I'ATTM. Tre.a. CiUM Wfaat
_ gAMUiL ADilaV. 6rif. Grand K p. to Sovereiin Grand Lo > le , 1. O. O. t.
Cold , Cough-Catarrh , Catarrhal Deafness , Grip
and Incipient Consumption ; and Prevent
Pneumonia. A Never Failing Cure for all
Forms of Throat Chest and Lung Diseases.
Read the oroof.
Writing- from her home on Thirtieth ( xvc-
nue , Mrs. Kmma. Huntley Wntrous says :
OMAHA , Neb. , March 15. U93.
Lorlng & Co. ,
New York , Chicago and Boston.
I -wish every sufferer from catarrh and
catnrrhal denfnoss know what Abbott Lor-
Ing's Anti-Germ Vaporizing inhaler and
aerm-Klller Ilemedy for Inhalation would defer
for 'them ' If they would use It. Ina to bad
from catarrh for rcvcrol years that 1 suf
fered terribly , had constant soreness nnd dis
charge nnd nearly lost my henrlng. When
your great discovery wig Inttoduced here I
ptocurcd a sample nnd Inter n complete
homo treatment nnd have been practically
cured. I do not sneezes cough nnd spit ns
formerly , nnj my hearing- restored. Ab
bott Lorlng's Germ-Killer for Inhalation Is
an honest , effective remedy. Your. * truly ,
This treatment , consisting of Lorlng'a
derm-Killer for Inhalation nnd Abbott Lor-
Inu's Antl-Uorm Vaporizing Inhaler , 11.00.
For some chronic and spasmoillc diseases
which require special treatment , special
medicines have been prepared liy our phy
sicians and chcmi'ts. No. 1 Special Mcdlclno
- I'"or Tonsllltls , Laryncltls , Catarrhal Deaf
ness , Hay Fever nnd Diphtheria. Price. GO
cents. No. 2 Special Medicine For Con
sumption and Bronchitis. Price , 60 cents.
No. 3 Special Medicine-For Asthma , Whoop1-
Ing CoiiQh and Croup. 1'rlce , 50 cents. Anil-
sepllu Gauze For use In the Inhaler , 'i-
U/nnl , 40 cents ; -ynrd , 7ii ccnta ; 1 yard. J1.50.
Anti-Germ H.ilm An antiseptic preparation
for external application , which , takes the
soreness out of the lungs , hastens the cure
of catarrh , iiMlst * In itho euro of all throat
troubles and cures Cracked Lips , Chapped
Hands and Eczcmn. Price. 2."i cents.
The wonderful Germ-Killer element dl -
cuverort by Abbott Lorlng Is contained In
each cf the Abbott Lorlng Germ-Killer Tab-
lots. It constitutes the basis of the medi
cine. Its wonderful nnd' ( marvelous active
principle has never before been offered to
'tho publla In any remedy. It forms n most
Important constituent part of the remedy
nurt Is united with other scientific , tip-to-dnto
cuntivo medicines In order to obtain quick
contiol of the symptoms and conditions In
cident to such nllment. It has been ahumli-
nntly proven that any ono of the Germ-
Killer remedies quickly gains control ovcf
the system , and experience shown thnt each )
remedy effects n complete cum of the illv
fnse. for the treatment of which It Is special
ly prepared. The governing principle of tha
( . .erin-Klllcr remedies la In perfect harmony
with the principles of that greatest of nil
physicians , NntuieIn curing disease. Send
for book giving history of Abbott Lorlng's
strange discovery , Its Interesting and mys
terious prtuln nnd Its .wonderful curatlva
power. It Is n product of the lloentgen or X
ray una you should know nil about It. The
book Is sent free.
When catarrh Ix deep-seated In thn stem
ach or bowels , where ozone does not pene
trate , Lorlng'K Germ-Killer Dyspepsia Tab
lets should lie used. They quickly control
the digestive functions nnd Immediate bene
fits foilr < , v. No other dyspepsia medicine can
cure dyspep'l'i.
Lorlng's Dyspepsia Tablets , to ccnta a.
Lorlns'H Germ-Killer Uhcumatlsm Tablets.
DO cents a box.
Lorlng's Gcrm-Klllcr Heart Tablets , J2.00 aj
box.Lorlng' * Germ-Killer Lixatlve Tablets , 50
cents a box.
Don't ? kp ! tlililt Is for your Rood. Kvery
enterprising druggist carries all our other
remedies In stock. Insist on scelni : LorliiR'a
Inhaler. If you sec It you will not want any
Our book furnished with the Inhaler will
Klvc you full Information. It Is the Gcrtn-
Klller .Mcdlclno that cures' ,
Abbott Lnrlng's 2Vcent book on "Disease *
of . Lungs , Che t and Head and
How to'Cure Them , " sent free , -wuii full In-
ftrmatlon about treatment , n'l ' postpaid.
Wrlto us fully nhoiit your ta o and we will
advlie you FUBI3 OF CHAHdB. Tills
treatment l cheap. You can set It by mall
po tpild. You can take It at home. Order
now and prevent delay.
Mention department number below on your
piivelopu wlii > n you write. Use only < tha
nearest address. i
Loring & Co. , Dept. 77
Nos. 5S-CO Wnbnuli Avo. , ClilcnRO.
.Vo. 42 W. 15.1 .St. , New York. | fjTI
Xo. 3 Hamilton 1'luco , Ilouton , Mass. "
The HPO lins nrrniiKcd lo supply It's
A readers with a sut ot 1'OHITOLIOS
which answer ninny imnortnnt ques
tions they hnvo toecn nsklu > ; them
selves nml their fricndo for some tlmo
to the Eye past. The Hee prints the. news con-
cernliiR CU1JA , the HAWAIIAN IS
' but where Is the reader Hint would netlike
like to know more ? How did the MAINE look before she was blown up how
after ? How ninny other vessels have we Hko lhe Maine , or larger , nnd better ?
Where Is Morro Castle ( not Moro , ns Is often Incorrectly written , nnd how ,
big a chunk of its frowning masonry would be knocked out by every V |
discharge of the Indiana's mighty
IfMiich guns-each ns long as n saw-
log and hmling a projectile bigger
for the Mind than a beer keg from a distance of
more than ten miles ? Then , lee ,
one would' like to see some of the
common bights of Havana , the city
A Treat which will be the objective point
of our Key squadron In cnso
of war with Spain. Moreover , thcro
Is much tnlk of annexing the Hawaiian Islands , and it is n good Idea to get
acquainted with n thing before annexing It. Where are these Islands anil
what are they good for ? What has President Dole done to excite the Ire of
Hawaii's polysyllabic queen Queen for short ? These and many other
questions are answered , and striking pictures of the persons , places ami
things given. The Uee offers
Ten Portfolios of Photographic Reproductions
presenting 160 views , accompanied by concise explanatory text.
They furnish much valuable information about
Countries where America has largo interests to bo protected , and
which will figure prominently in the protecting. Naturally every American
wants to Know what sort of ships Undo Sam uses in arguing : nautical ques
tions , and The BOG'S ' offer affords the means of knowing the strength of his
logic in heated disputes.
Send in your order early and thus cruard against
missing a single number of those
of things all Americans ,
Graphic Descriptions
are interested in now
ant/ are anxious to learn about
through the medium of such
These wore prepared at great cost from originals hold at $200 , and the repro
ductions are superior to the original photographs , and yet they are offered to
Tha Boo'a readers at the low price of TEN CENTS for each PORTFOLIO ,
delivered to any address In the United States , Canada or Moxlco. The size Is
10xl4 inches , and the nuraher of views contained In each Is sixteen , printed
on flno enameled paper , which admits of the most artistic flnlsh and accurate
HOW TO GET THEM , The Omaha Bee will please send to the
Fill out thd annexed coupon undersigned reader * PORTFOLIOS as
legibly , slntliiff how many you
wish , nnd brlnfr ( or fend ) It to
The Bee with 10 cents In coin issued , for which * Is Inclosed.
for each PORTFOLIO wanted.
It will bo ttnoro convenient to
. .
Mamo. . .
send $1.00 nt the outset , ns you
can thereby avoid writing a
. letter and enclosing- dlmo for Street ,
eachof the successive Issues.
They will tie rent out nu fast
os they como from the presses. City State
Indicate In nluln firuroi : how many Portfolios
Get One for a Dime ; nro antud uud how iiuiolt inouoy Is Inclosed. Bend
no stim : ] > 3.
10 for a Dollar ,
Part I contains the following reproductions , with appropriate descrip
tive text :
S.\\KOItI ) DOI.K.
Part II contains full page picturcss tt ttio ships of the American Navy :
ATI.AXTA. " "OHUnOX. " I . . , . , . , . , , I
. . .
ICATAHIIIX. " "MOVmOMKHV. " f " "Al. > l. |
' 11UOOKI.VX. * ' , "VESUVIUS. " After-deck 13-Inch i
Part III contains full page pictures of th i following :
THE TOXAN , ( ! ) Naval Parailc i
Tin : SA.V i'iiA.\cisco ,
( HrnaiUlde View ) . | | ' ! ' Ksi'IXMXfJ A VAHV ,
Roads. TIM ; XI\VAHIC.
Fleet at Hampton
Parts I , II and III Now Ready
on sale at the Business Office of The Omaha Beo.