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Eeyantb Hhhway Bobbery for the Openii
Wcok of March ,
Illutv from n IIIiHlwroii Veil * thr VI
tlm nuil HIM PiickvlM Arc
Coolly Illflril l the
Hold-up No. 7 for the week occurred li
night Just at dusk on Harney street , a shi
distance wt st of Twentieth. The victim , w
was a stranger In the city , was on hisv
down town when ho met the notorious p
cf highwaymen. They had abandoned th
revolver In favor of a bludgeon and wltlu
warning one of them etruck the travc
on the head , Inflicting an ugly wound.
wcc stunned by the blow and fell to I
ground , whereupon the robbers went throu
his pockets and secured his watch a
When the stranger regained consclousn
the men and his money were gone. Dl (
was streaming from the wound on his fo
head and he was unfamiliar with the cl
but ho made hia way cast on Harney etr
In an effort to find the police station. As
passed No. 3 engine house he met Flreir
Livingston on the walk south of the hou
The fireman asked what the trouble was c
the Injured man gave an account of his i
counter. He asked to bo directed to the
llco station and said he was a stranger
the city. Livingston pointed out the dlr
tlon and the stranger , who seemed to bo fa
and badly hurt , went on his way.
The olllclals at the police station la
stated that no one had made any report of '
allalr and that they had uo knowledge
such an. occurrence. Ofllcersvero dlspatcl
to the neighborhood , hut were unable to f
any trace of the robbers or their vlct
They Inquired at the engine house , but co
not leurn the unfortunate man's name or
whereabouts. It la presumed that his Inji
prevented him reaching the station.
During the last week there have been BOI
daring highway robberies In various pa
of the city where the population Is del
and numerous burglaries. The police
partmcnt has thus far obtained not
lightest clue to the Identity of the crli
nals , and while they are groping about
the dark thu lives and property are In Jc
ordy. Chief Gallagher has Issued au or
which he hopes will result In an Impro
merit of the situation. He notified Capt
Haze at the city jail to order eight of
patrolmen on the day shift to report In c
zcns' clothes to the chief of detectives a
o'clock tonight for duty. They are to
distributed over the city In the reside
parts where It to believed the "reign
crlmo" Is likely to continue. It is dlrec
by the chief that this special detail si
be continued until something Is accomplish
The waylaying and shooting of Craig ;
Quald by "the long and the short man"
the crlmo that brought Chief Gallagher
lecognlze that n reign of terror really d
exist and that he must meet It by some. E
tern not usual In the direction of the
partmenf. The police have laid all of th
highway robberies at the door ot "tho li
and the short man , " who seem to conic 1
publicity In almost every city In the co
try whenever It Is allllcted with a sea
of highway crimes. Just which pair ot
those numerous long and short men who
doing crime on the streets ot the cltlea
the country Omaha fs harboring at the pi
ent time , cannot be Indicated. However ,
victims of the robbers all agree by tl
descriptions that one of the hlghwaymei
long of ataturo nnd the other la short.
In splto of the gravity of ) he sltual
Chief Galla&licr tries to make out that Cm
Is having leas highway robberies , burgla
and other crimes than any city ot Its po
Ictlon in ( ho .vest. He excuses himself
saying that crlmo strikes a city at alii
regular neacona with the same rcgula
almost as spring and fall come. To prev
this tie thinks Impossible , but to cope v
the conditions when they arise , he K
there Is a certain successful way by
quota police protection , which means
larger and better organized force wfc
court Injunctions do not Interfere with
ca-oporatlo > u of all branches of the dcp
The chief thinks he ought to have si
more men to furnish the city with prc
police protection. He saja there were
duty leal night only twenty-four field rte
to guard the beitn of the city , which cc
twenty-four square miles of territory.
otlor woids , each policeman's beat cnvc
a square mlle where they were equally i
tloncd out.
"Anybody knows that a policeman's i
tectlcn can amount to llttlo where he
so much territory to cover , " raid Cl
Gallagher , "end consequently It Is nov
der that the department cannot successf
cope with crime. Even with my full com
ment of men I am handicapped , but leave ;
absence and slcknceo constantly keep
present force reduced , so that both day
nlgtt shKM are always lacking In men.
beats that some ot the patrolmen must cc
are simply burdensome and very U
Where a policeman should not bo expei
to take care of more than five blocks
Important beats , bo Is compelled by
present condition of thing , ? to In some
stances walk twenty-eight blocks In an h
and pull up the box at either end of
beat. Hut there Is no remedy for It ami
tde department must struggle along In
beat wny It can until It can get more m <
A campaign against suspicious charac
was begun yesterday afternoon and the t
number of arrests up till midnight last nl
numbered sixty-eight , a larger number
one day than for months. The men v
mostly secured from the card tables ot
ond-ratu taloons. They have no vis
means of support and have been living f
i < omo unknown source during the win
Thu police ofllclals think that some of tl
know more than they Innocently slu
bout recent Ill-doing In this city.
i\trn rollcriiiriiii > olntri1.
A special meeting of the Hoard of 1
nil Police commissioners was held yesei !
morning. The police protection ot the
was considered and the resultant action
the appointment of three special pollcen
The appointees were Mcwrs. Hector , Li
and Thomas. The men went on duty
Four Trains
a Day
To Chicago.
Prom Omaha at 9:18 : a. m. , 5:05 : p. m
1:50 p. m. and 12:05 : midnight. Tak
the 5:05 : or tbo 12:05. They re th
be t cur beet TUB bist. They carr
tlciplng , chair , dining and imokUi
cam and lar.l you In Chicago lu won
Serially quick time alter -wonderful !
comfortable trip.
Uerthi and tickets at
J. . MKVNOkDS. FM * * A T.
Flnnneri * 'Arc ' * Shown to HP In Clo
The Omaha Hospital And Deaconeta' Ho :
association held lie annual meeting In t
Young Men's ChrlntUn annotation parti
last Tuciday , Itcv. J. D. Maxfleld prcntdll
After Invocation by Hev. John McQuold of I
First Methodist Eptacopal church the folio
Ing reports were read and placed on flic
Arnual Hoipltal Report Patlente admltl
from Omaha and South Omaha , 1G7 ; from N
braska , outside Omaha , 364 ; from Iowa , li
from other states , 61 ; deaths , IB ; surgli
cato ) . 293 ; eye and ear canes , 164' rnedl
cased. 118 ; operations performed. 654 ; dro
Ing done fov patients outside the bosplt
449 ; hours spent In nunilng outsldo the hi
pltal by IIUMCB , 6,082 ; daje occupied by r
patients , 6,946 ; days occupied by frco ]
tlonts , 3,724.
Visiting Deaconess' Report Calls ma
4,283 ; opportunities for reading bible , 4
pportunttlcs for prayer , 652 ; tlmc.i tauf
Sunday Bchaol , 77 ; temperance mc'etlr
leld , 30 ; children's meetings held , 69 ; cage
ago prayer meetings , 50 ; evangelistic me
ii pa. 370 ; special meetings attended ,
lours spent In miscellaneous work , 1
houni spent In nursing , 400 ; times lall
on deaccoepa' work , 46 ; garments gh
away , 311 ; articles of bedding , 10 ; trac
mpera and magazines given away , 4,2
xkets of food given , 421 ; weeks assisted
revival meetings , 25 ,
Treasurer's Report Cash on hand Ma (
I. 1898 , $397.76 ; cash received from
ounces during jcar , $10,207.89 ; dlebursemei
during the ) car , $9,352.71 ; net cosh g
during the jear by payment of lndebtcii !
and Increase In cash , $2,013.33.
After remarks made by ttevs. Daws
Maxfle'.d and Luce the superintendent , M
Allle I'frlmmcr , John Dole and others , I
ass3clatlon proceeded to the election of tn
eto with the follow'ng result : Charles
3oss. H , J. Iloss , Rov. C. N. Dawsoo , W.
iiarford. John Dole , Ilev , 0. A. T ucc , C.
) eLamatro , Jonathan Mcllen and B. R. D ,
Condition of ClirlNtlnn Mlt'Nloii. '
The report of the Christian Help ralsa
'or ' February shows $125.70 received dur
: ho month ; paid out for rent , $45 ; for Iat
J38.77 ; bedstoada , $20 ; Improvements , $19.
irlntlcig , $6.05 ; postage , $2. The weioclat
ias given out 243 articles of clothing , twen
eight palm of shoes and twenty-nine bask
of food , while the penny lunch counter 1
served 7,684 dishes , or about 1,000 me !
The gifts have been , a clock , clothing , pe
jutter. meat , ornngea , lemcos , etc. Am <
ouv friends as donors this month appe
The Damn Iron company , Davlca , Cowi
: ron works , A. H. Snyder , II. H. Hublilem
Urlau & Co. , Mr. ( Jlascott , friends at C
loun. Mrs. Grair.e , J. 0. Johnson of MoJ :
[ a. , H. J. Hughes , Mr. Evana , Wyatt &
Omaha Coal. Coke & Llmo compeay , We
crn soap company , Richardson Drug cc
pany , HIakc , Bruce & Co. , with many o
ers. The sowing nnd kitchen garden schc
nre doing a good work anong the chlldr
The association Is ready to ledge men
joon ns the necessary bedding can be p
cured. Now the association I * In need
night Hhlrts , pillows , pillowslips , slu-i
- ( ircnt Iliuikriii1 | Stocks
Of mackintoshes have been bought by
Draaha Tent and 'Rubber ' company , 1311 K
n am' street , at about one-third their act
cost. These gcods arc now on sale. Tl
consist of the latest spring styles.Ve ni
tlon only a few prices :
Ladles' all wool JUoston capo maclntc
regular retail price $9.00 , our prlco $3.9 !
Ladles' all wool mackintoshes Klrkw
style regular retail price $7,00 , our pi
Ladles' one cape coat regular retail pi
. $5.00 , our price $2.25 ,
Men's capo mackintoshes , $1.75.
Men's all wool covert cloth macklnte
regular price $12.00 , our price $5 25 ,
These make a flue spring overcoat.
Mackintoshes and waterproofs for girls , i
boys , all styles and all prices. Como ce
and get a geol selection ,
1311 Karnam S
Culm , Him all uml theXiirth Pol
The Men's club of the Hanacom Park
B. church have arranged for a series
lectures to bo given In the church on th
three Interesting subjects : The lectures i
be given by Edward P. Fitch rnd llluslra
by magnificent colored steroptlcoa vie
March 11 the nubje-ct will be Hawaii , wit
series of Illustrations , showing types of
people , scenery In the Islands nnd of mi
places of Interest , Including tbe leper c
tlement and the grand volcano of Kllai
In eruption The second lecture will
March 18 , the subject Cuba and Its strug
for Independence. The devastation of t
beautiful Island can scarcely be apprccla
until one has an opportunity of scelag 111
tratlons which vividly portray the exist
state of things.
The last lecture will bo given March
subject Nansen's trip to the north p
Many were disappointed that Nanscci fal
to keep hia dates In Omaha , but will r
have the opportunity of seeing the orlgl
photograprs which he took In the polar
gton. Course tickets are 50 cents , which '
Insure a good attendance. Single adit
25 cents.
Samuel Burns holds his annual turn !
sale for ten davs :
50 toz. formerly 4c , In this sale 2c.
.50 do/ , formerly 6c , In this sale 3c.
60 doz. formerly 7c , In this sale 4c.
50 doz. formerly lOc. In this sale 5c.
50 doz. real cut tumblers lOc.
A fircnt Trnlu
for theatrical people tad traveling me
the Burlington's "Chicago Special. "
Leaves Omaha. . ' . . 12:05 : midnight
Arrives Chicago. . 2:15 : p. m. same day
Sleeping , dining , chair and smoking ci
Only 41 % hour * , Omaha 'to New York.
Berths and tickets it 1502 Farnam stri
l-'ulr for the Tiirtivrrflii.
The young women of the Omaha Turnvci
have been busily engaged for some time
arranging for the fair to bo given the w
of March 6 to 13 fcr the benefit of their 0
man school gymnasium. The spacious I
of the Turners will bo quite transformei ; I
an old-time "Jahrmarkt. " Useful and fa
ai Holes and the wares of different natl
will be on sale and the booths will bo di
rated and the attendants costumed accc
Ingly. There will bo n gypsy tent wit !
real gypsy fortune teller , a popular vol
contest and a number of attractions of
Midway order. The "Old Curiosity Shop'
a marvel and would make Dickens stare
cause II a run m a twinge of envy. Then tl
will be an old-fashioned "Qast-stubo" an
Japanese room , In which refreshments
bo served by "Wiener Mndel" and U
Japanese maids respectively. The conn
tee lias prepared a program for the cntert
incut of the visitors for each evening
there will always be gcod music. Sum
the opening night , will be devoted to thi
rlcals and a line German comedy will
presented. Monday evening will be wh
men's night and a program especially In
cstlng to them has been arranged and
members of the League of American Wh
men , as well as of the different wheel cl' '
have been Invited to attend. On Tuea
night the actives of the Omaha Turnve ;
will give an exhibition of athletic prow
Wednesday has been designated as "Qen
night" and Invitations have been extcnde
alt the German societies and organlzatl
The program will be appropriate to the
caslon and the Orpheus Singing society
contribute several numbers. On Thurs
night the South Sldo and Bohemian Tun
will give exhibition * of calisthenics and g
nagtica. Friday night haa been act apart
the children and the little ones will not i
entertain , but be entertained , as the bea
ful doll booth , the fish pond and -count
other things will be a source of dcllgh
them. This will close the fair proper ,
Saturday evening there ls to bo a hop for
busy workers and their friends.
A , I. Root , artistic book binder. 1609 Hon
Mystic flour , wholesale 1014 N. 16th
Have you tried Mj tlo flour ? You
like It when YOU do.
\V > l tiT
The IWcbster Xouavea have establh
their nrmory In the Crounse block at
teenth and Capitol avenue and are worl
hard to get Into proper shape. Sample
forms have arrived and at their next
a decision -will be made as to the style
color of uniform. The following tou ;
have been promoted : John a. Kuhn , ti
flrst sergeantiJoim L. Gideon , to be aec
ergeant : B. F. Rutherford , third ttr
Bd P , / . TfMWMt VWlMlMtttt § rg
'udge Gordon Gives Ihsm a Final Co1
Plexus Punch ,
An ? 'Mn eh I no Which nHalln Artlcl
of Unequal Value In Prohibited
by the Mtntutc * of
Police Judge Gordon delivered a broads
t the ntckel-ln-the-slot machlnn ycsterd
Ed Pctcrton and Charles Nordeibcrg <
rled In police court for "carrying on A 1
cry and game of chance. " The lottery a
game of chance we a nothing else than '
operating of a slot machine. The defci
ants admitted that they operated the devl
but contended that , by reason of giving
clgarctto each time whether or not i
player secured "Jacks up or better , " tl
> laccd themselves beyond the pale of
statute relating to lotteries. It way she
by the evidence that at Unite the play
n depositing htn nickel , lecclvcd onlj
cigarette and at other tlmei checks g <
n trade for from 15 cents to $6. It v
upon the fact that merchandise of eo
value was always ulven that the defense
led for acquittal. In an extended optn
fudge Gordon found that there was proba
cauac to believe the defendants guilty i
cmanded 'them to the district court
ilal In bonds of $500 each.
In passing upon the eyldonce Judge G
don quoted numerous accepted author ! )
on what constituted a lottery. From volu
xlll , American Encyclopedia ot Law , he cl
the following : "A lottery Is a sort of gam
contract by which for a valuable connlde
Ion one may by favor obtain a prize o :
value eupcrkr to the amount ot value
that which he risks. "
"Tho word lottery embraces the eleme
ot procuring through lot or chance by
nvestment of money or something of va
Bomo greater amount of money or thlrg
value. " ( United S.ates against Wallla
492. )
"A lottery Is the distribution of prl
and blanks by lot or chance In which sir
mms UTS' ventured for the chance of obtu
ng a large value In money or other pr
crty. " ( Destys , Criminal Law. )
Judge Gordon , after citing authorities
length , quoted from the opinions rendc
by the supreme courts of the aeveral stai
He cited from volume XLVIII American ;
ports , showing that In a cr. e where a in
: hant issued tickets to his customers
titling them to a guess as to the number
beans lu a glats globe , the one making
best guess to receive a prize , ho had b
convicted ot carrying on a lottery. Ho cl
from 39 Amerlcin Reports (532 ( Missou
an Instance where the Kansas City Tlr
save with each subscription a ticket fo :
pilzo drawing , the subscriber having
\aluo received Independent of the prize , wl
the supreme court of Mlssiourl held Ml
ford , proprietor oC the Times , gulity of p
meting and carrying on a lottery and ga
ot chance.
In 97 MBSS. , page 583 , and in 32 New J
sey 393 , the supreme courts rcspectlvi
iccordlng to Judge Gordon's citations , h
that the proprietors of a public exhlbltl
who gave their pjtrors tickets for a pi
drawing were guilty of carrying on a lottc
After speaking on the authorities Jui
3ordon said : "The evidence In the case
bar Is that by putting r. cents into the
vice ( slot machine ) , the person so doing ti
obtain In trade merchandise ranging III va
from one ) half ot I cent to SO. In the 11 ,
of all the authorities and undisputed cvidc
before mo It seems to ma .that the de\
( slot machine ) , considering the manner
which It is operated. Is clearly and unqu
tlonably a lottery and as such comes wit
the scope of that section of the criminal c
of Nebraska which pertains to letter es i
garnet * ot chance. It Is the element of cha
entering Into the transaction which del
mines whether or not It la a lottery , it I
lows that any machine or device by wh
patrons may receive unequal returns to
decided -by lot Is a lottery or gambling
vice within the meaning of the law. "
Quito an aggregation of gambler * ,
eluding nuuy of the slot-machine typq , ga
ered at the court room to hear the dccis
and when the court rendered It th.e dele
ants on trial were not the only Indlvldu
who felt the sting ot disappointment.
About fifty prominent business men ;
tesldents of this city .have signed a call
a mass meeting to bo held at Plvonka'o h
Twenty-fourth and L. streets , on Mom
evening , March 14 , for the purpose of ta
Ing over public echopl mattery and If p
slblo devising some means whereby the m >
agcment of the schools m y be entirely
moved from political surroundings and
fluenrcs. This call , which was circulated y
terday , was signed by the following p
sons : Claude L. Tulbot , P. A. Cressey , Jc
Flynn , Janioj O. Martin , L. C. Qlbsdn ,
S. King , E. J. Seykora , P. J. Btter , Irv
P. Johnson and others.
It Is understoodthat , at the meeting to
held Monday night an efCort will he m. .
to select only well known buslneea men
take the places of the four members ot
Board of Education , whose terms will
plro this year. While the signers of t
call do not wish to cast any" reflection on
ability or honeaty of any one , It appeart
be the consensus of opinion that less pi
tlca should bo displayed In the selection
members than there has been lieretofi
With a strictly nonpartlsan board It Is a
that the schools will be managed a gr
deal better and that much good will res
from mich a condition of affairs.
XepiltMl IniiirnvomviilH DIxniH.iril
At Friday night's meeting of the E
Sldo Improvement club a letter from the
Hclals of the Omaha Street Hallway compi
legurillng the proposed extension of the 1
down Thirteenth street was read. The cc
munlcatlon stated that a committee had
vcstlRvitedthe claims of the Eastslders ,
would soon bo ready to make a report. T
Information was very pleasing to a la
number of the members , and especlaly
to those who contemplate building houaet
that locality this spring. Resolutions ask
that Thirteenth street , from J street to J
sourl avenue , bo repaired , were adopted
the attention of tbo council will tie ca
to a number of other streets In bad cor
The gas company will bo asked to ext
Its malnu down Missouri avenue and the i
Idents in this locality will take upthe n
ter ot planting trees. A committee was
pointed to ascertain the cost of 500 sh
tree ? . It was reported that , J street f
Twentieth to Twenty-lhlrd street la li
dangerous condition and the city council
be urged to make the needed repairs at 01
HflKibllran Club OHlcrrn.
Friday night the Third Ward Hepubll
club met at Evans * hall , Twenty-eighth
R streets , and elected officers for the
suing year. Q. D. Sherwood Is president
C. Bowley. vice president ; Prank Mai
secretary , and P. Evans , treasurer. A
this bualocta had been disposed of speci
were made by E. C. Line , A. H. Murd
John Frledt and Councilman Patrick Tral
Considerable enthusiasm wa raanlfeet
U 1s predicted that the club will do a g
deal of good la spreading the principle :
republicanism throughout tbe ward
MdKlc C'll > - ( ioxulii.
Wollstcln & Co.'s " 310" whisky IB the t
James Dyrns. Fortieth and T streets ,
ports the birth of a son.
A son waa born yesterday to Rev.
( Mrs. Irving P. Johnson.
'Mica iMaud Sugart ha * returned homo a
a short visit with relatives.
The 9-year-old ion of Mr.'and Mn. C
Howard fell from a tree yr terd y a )
noon and torok * one of hl leii bet
4 * } t
It Is stated that th * lad fell a distance
fifteen feet.
Services wilt b ilh ld a uaiial at
Clements minion -thlm evening.
The young non otoMr. and Mrs. W.
Cheek Is very , slcknwlth a feVer.
Captain F. J , Ettcr Is being tnlkeJ of
the republicans for-'city treasurer.
Furniture ! FutnUuic ! W. G. Sloane
Company , Twenty-nrtb and N etreetn.
Officer John Rlthes Is receiving a v !
from hia brother oti Oxford Junction , U
B. H. Howlnnd Lumber 6 Coal Co. Ofl
438 N. 24th St. , botwetn M & N Sts. Tel ,
iRev. I. P. Johnson will preach at
Episcopal church at'11 o'clock this mornl
Mrs. Albert Huron has gone to Harris
Sioux county , after'her mother who Is
delicate health.
Twenty-nine blrthd have been reported
the clerk's office during February , fourti
fooyn and fifteen girls.
Tuesday evening Hcv. Irving Johnson
lecture at the church on "The Contlau
of the Episcopal church. "
iRev. P. M. Slsson will speak at the Yoi
'Men's ' Christian association this aftcrni
on the "Unbreakable Dank. "
The roof Is being placed on the big Armi
beef house and work on the power build
adjoining Is progressing rapidly.
-Mr. Uamucl Fitzgerald of Valparteo , N <
s the gucat of iMr. and Mrs. C. H. Thor
son , Twenty-fourth and J streets.
'Henry ' 'Michael has announced himself
a candidate for member of the 'Hoard.
Education on the democratic ticket.
The Albright Gun club will hold anot
shoot this aaernoon. D. Morrell Is presld
of the club and G. W. Davis , captain.
The Knights and Ladles of Security \
neet on Wednesday evening to elect
fleers and transact other Important busln <
'Mo ' services will be held at the Fl
'rcsbytcrlan church either morning or ev <
ng today on account of the Illness of
On account of the serious Illness of
irpsldent no meeting of the Second W
Improvement club has been held for
couple of weeks.
iMra. J. A. Carter and daughter who hi
jeen the gui-sts of iMr. and Mrs. W.
Holland for a week left for their home
> ! ncoln last evening.
It has been decided by the democn
city central committee to hold the prlmai
on Friday March 18th and the convent
on the < 3ay following.
'Miss ' Mattle ITmlth , daughter of Mr. i
Mrs. Henry Smith. Twenty-sixth and
streets , gave a birthday party FrUay nl
which waa greatly enjoyed by those prest
And now Sam Christie Is being urged
: he young republicans to make the r
'or city treasurer , but 'Sam ' says he Is mak
too much money celling coal to dabble
A mass meeting or Germans will be li
this afternoon at Plvaika's hall , Twen
fourth and L. streets. Good speakers b
iromlsed to attend , and an Interesting m <
Ing Is anticipated.
Frank Robertson , who was run over b
Union Pacific train In the yards Friday cv
Ing , Is resting easily at the hospital , and
case no complications arise he will reco\
Tfio patient is under the care of Dr. Abci
who h dolni ? all that can be done to j
the unfortuuto man through.
The woman's auxiliary of the Young Me
Christian atfjo-clatlon will give an euterta
ment end picture sale on Tuesday even
at the association parlors. The program ;
OWE : Duet , Miss Myrtle Kcefer and Chai
! I. Keefor ; eelectlon , Messes. Roboi
Daniels , Baker and Rczclle ; rending ,
Iccted , Prof. Gllton of Omaha ; oolo "In
cation , " Miss Jean Boyd Mullen ; piano s :
C. H. Kcefer.
On Friday evening- " . E. Wllcox ent
tallied ttio membora of the Drive Wtilst c
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. D.
Holmes , For the highest scores Mrs. Holi :
ana Mr , J. G. Martin carried off the hon ;
while Mr. Holmes and Miss Nellie Wa
were auardeu the consolation prizes. Af
the games dcllcloua refreshments w
served. Mrs. Jatnen , G. Mtotln andM
Tanner will entertaln'the club on the even
of March 16.
Nels Johnson , who , was arrested a few d <
ago for circulating a subscription list ,
questing aid for a fictitious person , was y
: cctlay afternoon sentenced to thirty days
the county Jail on a steady diet of bri
and wctcr , , It was found that It would
impossible to hold Johnson for a felony ,
: he amount obtained from each person w
small. U Is understood that he- will
rcarrested as cocn as he Is released i
tried on another count.
1'lif II. IlniilCoiuiuiiiy. .
The new store of the H. Hardy compa
1519 and 1S21 Douglas St. , was thrown ot
.o ' public Inspection last evening and fr
7 until 11 o'clock was thronged with vlsltc
who were entertained with music. Thi
were many expressions of admiration of I
new quarters of this enterprising hou
which has a deservedly firm hold upon t
'avor and confidence of the people of Oma
There Is every reason to believe that I
popularity long enjoyed by the H. Hai
company will be very much Increased
their new location.
'A Mlilnliclit Train for ClilcnKO.
The Chicago Special , tbe Burlington's n
Denver-Chicago flyer.
Leaves Omaha 12:05 : mltolght
Arrives Peorla..11:33 : a. m. same day
Arrives Chicago..2:15 p. m. same day
Only late train out of Omaha for Chlca
Connects with fast afternoon trains fr
Chicago and Peoria to all points east. Oi
11 % hours , Omaha to New York the fast
time there is ,
Berths and tickets at 1D02 Farnam strc
Cnnl of ThuiikH.
To the mtny friends of our dearly beloi
mother-Paulino Htlntze , and of the Jam
In general , we desire to express our m
alnere thanks for their kind attention i
tokens of friendship in our recent berea
mccit. Respectfully ,
1IUIIM.TO. \ 11OUTI- : .
Cot Union t Montanii nnil 1'ncl
\ortlnvc li-ri > polulH
On and after Sunday , March 6tb.
Helena. Uutte , Spokane ,
Seattle , Tacoma , Portland.
Call or write.
Ticket Office 1502 Farnam St.
3. D. Reynolds-City Pttncngcr Agent.
Kuxtevt Ti'nln ( o Denver
Via the
Leaves Oirixh * at 11:55 p. m.
having buffet , smoking and library c ;
Sleeper on westbound train will bo open
traveling public ati 9 p. m. , and pere
bound for Colorado points need cot v
until train leaves iat midnight before
tiring , For full llnformatlca call at i
ticket office. No. 1S02 Farnam street.
THI : ncwivrv M.VUKKT.
INSTRUMENTS-pIaced on record Siluri
Slarch 5 , isttS :
South Orrflhn Land Co. to A. L. Sutton -
ton , lot 7 , block 147 , South Omaha , . $
Same to Frederic' , ; Stalling , lots 1 and
2 , block 10U , same
Marx Stuhr and u4fe to M. A. lioett-
Rer , inv1 , ; 15-10-12 i
Thomas Glllesple to Bridget Lenagh ,
lota 12 and 13 , block 2 , liurllnstoii
W. H. Anderson nnd wife to A. I. Gil-
Us und , H lot yP.uilsen'H add. . . . .
C. A , EiiRstrom und wife to Omnhu
Savings bank , lot 7 , block "I. " Lowe's
Charles Do Holt to W. T. Denny , V4
lot 23 , Nelson's ndd
Lee GIfforcl ta R. R. Osgood , lot S ,
block 92 , Omaha ,
Sheriff to E. C. Miller , lot 20 , b'oek 0.
llrown park , . . , , , . . ,
Same to J. W. Wllhenpoon , lots 13 and
19 , block 9 , saino
Sajne to R. F. CummlriKt. lot 10 and
nVa lota a and 11. Oak Knoll
Same to E. 8. Lorejoy , lot 3 and s'i
lot 2 , Crescent park ,
Believes They Are South Dakota Postoffic
Bobbers ,
Will He ChnrRciI with ItrpnkliiR Int
the I'oHtoinpe , nt Cnltnwn ? , Thin
Slntc One Mnn May
lime n 'Hfcortl.
Yesterday afternoon Deputy United State
Marshal Barber brought In a ma
who Is believed to have been th
partner of U. A. Holmes , arrcstc
In this city about a month ago charged wit
the robbery of the postotnce at Tyndall , S. D
on the night of January 31. The man , wh
gives the name of J. H. Allen , Is charge
with breaking Into the poatofflce at Callawa
last Tuesday night In company with Jco Lj
man , who was also brought to the city. Th
two men arc In the county Jail for eafe kcet
The attempt to rob the postofflce at Calla
way was not very successful. The burglar
gained admittance Into the office and sue
ceeded In drilling a hole In the top of th
safe , but did not get It open. Some stamp
and a small sum of money was all that wa
stolen. H was at once suspected that th
crlmo was committed by a couple of tramp
who had been hanging about the town an
the Callaway officials started In pursuit c
them. The suspected parties were appre
hendcd near Drok'cn Bow. They were th
two men who were brought to the city yes
The prisoners wore Immediately turne
over to the United States authorities. The
were taken to Grand Island , where they wer
given a hearing before United States Com
mlssloner Bode. Sufficient evidence was ad
duccd to warrant holding them to the feden
grand jury and they were consequently boun
over. They will be held In jail here unti
the grand jury Is called at the May term c
the federal court In this city.
Interest centers In one of the two crlm
Inals the ono who gave the name of Allei
Ho Is supposed .to bo none other than Me
Dcrmott , a noted eafe blower of Chicago. I
ho proves to bo the man , then he was th
partner of Holmes In the Tyndall postofflc
robbery. Chief of Police Gallagher has Idcn
tided him as McDermott and so has Office
Jim Malonc ot Lincoln. The question will b
settled In a few days , as McDermott Is know-
to the penitentiary officials at Lincoln , as th
criminal served a term there for safe blow
The Tyndall postofllce robbery was a lu
cratlve one for the crooks , as It netted thcr
about $700 In stamps and money. The bur
glars were traced by their foot tracks In th
snow for many miles out of town and befor
the tracks were lost a description of the mei
was secured from people who had seen them
The men were traced to this city. On February
ruary 8 ono of them wns located at 116
North Sixteenth street and was arrested. H
gave the name of n. D. Holmes. None of th
stolen stamps were found In his pobsesslon
hut ho had considerable money. Since thci
Holmes has been taken to Dakota for trial
At the time Holmco was arrested It \\a\ \
believed that his partner waa here with bin
and some time was spent in shadowing hln
In the hope of getting the other man. Thc&i
attempts were unsuccessful. From the de
scriptions that wore obtained , however , it 1
believed that the partner waa the man Allen
who was brought to the city yesterday. I
Is thought that he left the city shortly aftc :
his arrival with Holmes and that he pro
ceeded at once to continue his crlmlna
work In towns In this state.
The Callaway postofflcc robbery Is not thi
only crime that Is charged against the twi
men. It 'Is believed that they also crackec
the safe In the B. & M. depot at Graftot
about two weeks ago and a safe In a Unlct
Pacific depot at another town. They wll
be charged with the Callaway robbery , how
evor. as the federal authorities believe tha
they have a good csse against them. Semi
$9 worth ot stamps was found upon Lyman
which ore supposed to be a portion ot thi
spoils. Nothing was found on Allen's person
It la thought that Lyman was simply hi'
tool and that he consequently Induced thi
latter to carry the stamps.
Yesterday-James Brown and H. W. Brown
two colored men , were brought to this cltj
by United States Deputy Marshal Palmer U
answer to the charge of selling liquor with'
out a license at Fort Robinson , The met
hadf a hearing .before United States Com
mlssloner O'Keefe.
W. C. Newman of Ashton , who was ar
rested as a suspicious character by the Soutl
Omaha authorities , was turned over to Unltcc
States Deputy Marshal Allan last night. Hi
la charged , with sending unmallable matte ,
through themolls. . The letters upon whlcl
the charge Is based were sent to the prls
oner.'a former fiancee , who Is living now It
South Omaha , to he'r parents and to the mat
who Is now keeping company with her. The ;
reflect on the young woman's character
Newman 'will bo given a hearing befce'i
United Stated Commissioner Anderson o ;
Blank books. Have them made by A. I
Root , printer and binder , 160C Howard.
There arc many articles In dally ue In ever ;
houtclioltl which arc often purchatcd nt grocer ;
and dry Roods stores , which could be obtained
of u at prices as low , nmlot a much belt ?
quality. This proposition IB a reasonable on <
nd one which we can easily prove , If you wll
Klvi > us a trial on these partlsular goods. Wi
enumerate below bomc of hhe articles to wlilcl
we refer , with tha | > rlcc we charge for them :
Vint bottles Houeehold Ammonia , strong. , . . C
Quart bottles Household Ammonia , Mronii..lO.
Tint bottles UiuiiJrj- Bluing ( will not streak
clothes ) 1
Pirn bottles Distilled Witch Hnzel ( Hain-
amells ) , 25
Smaller bottles DUtllled Witch Hazel ( Ham-
amells ) 15
linking Boda ( Klcarbonate , pure ) per lb. . . . 10
Coloring for cakes and confections ( vegeta
ble ; ) red , \ellow unrt green I5c nnd 20
Irfmon , Vnnllla , WlnterKreen , Hatpberry ,
Stiawberry , per bottle If.c and 23
Cream of Tarter ( pur.per ) oz. , 5oj per lb. , 50
rowdered Ilurax ( pure ) , per ll > 13
Waslilnjc fiortft ( Sal Snd > ) , per lb I
All Prices quoted for Spot Cns > h Only.
ShermanSMcDonnell DrugGc
Between the Old nnd New Postolllces.
Goods Never Old at Our Store As they mov
llrirmpin n Sorli'ty , the 1'nrpone a
Which In Ilrnvvotcncrw
Mrs. 17. If , Schorman of Philadelphia , th
traveling representative of the Jewish Put
llcatlon Society of America , Is In the clt
for a few days. On Friday and Saturda
evenings ehc was In attendance at th
Temple Israel bazaar. While here she wll
visit the homo of every Jewish family I
the city. She Is a young woman ot markc
culture and Is fascinating In her manner.
To a iBce reporter she said : "First o
all you must umleratnnJ that my visit her
U not for business reaRnnj , but for bencvo
lent motives. The objects of the soclet
I represent arc wholly benevolent , the mal
purpose being to place the best works o
rellRlon , history and philosophy In Jowls
homes and among such Gentiles as may dc
sire them , for a number of attorneys an
other professional men not Jews have ou
translations In tholr libraries. "
The Jewish Publication society was or
ganlzcd some ten years n o for the pui
pose of .securing In English translation !
works bearing upon Judaism , ancient an
modern , and of encouraging the making c
books didactic , philosophical and historic. !
with Judaism as the point of view. The air
of the organization Is purely benevolent an
educational. The funds for Its support ar
derived largely from wealthier members c
the Jewish faith In the eastern cities. .
nominal membership fee Is charged to n
members for which they receive In retur
all the works Issued by the society. Then
works exceed much In value each year th
membership paid. The society has now ovc
5,000 members which. It Is expected to lc
crease to 10,000.
The propaganda which the Jewish Publl
cation society Is making In the direction c
a Jewish literature has met with remarkabl
success. Mrs. Schcrman who has been wit
the society four years , U confident that ultl
mately the works will go Into nearly ever
Jewish home In America. A large numbc
of non-Jews who are Interested In the his
tory of this wonderful people , are rcgula
members of the society.
Mm. H. 11. lavles has vctunned from Ne\
York City .with a very complete line of fin
millinery and hair goods aval can be founi
at her new location , 1511 Douglas street.
- - n BV M
A. D. T. Co. ; messengers furnished ; bag
gase delivered. 1S02 Douglas St. Tel. 177.
Smith's Gloria Tense S7c
Ozomulvlon k 7 ;
K'lliuu's ' Otiosity Pills 11.1
I'rninilil 1'lle Cure 3iv
Ktuart's Uytpcpala Tablets 23
H. S. S 75
Laxative Ilrnmo Quinine 10
WlUl.ims1 1'lnk I'lll" ; 33
Kilmer's Swamp Hoot 75
lllrney'H Catarrh I'owiler SJ
MnltCil Milk SSu , 75c nnd | 3.0
Cutlcura Soap 15. .
Juvenile- io <
IMcker's Tar Heap li
4711 Snn | ) 12.
Colgate's Cashmere lloquet 161
Klectrlc Hitters > ; 40.
Warner's Kafc Cure SO
Wine of rnrilul 64
I-yilla IMnkham'fl Compound CO. .
1 Irico'o doMen Medical Ultcoicry 62
Vine Kotafra 7o <
Kennedy's Medical DUcoxcry $1.1 ,
liecchum's IMlls 19
Cascarettn _ 1 ?
Itrcmo Seltzer IP
I/mr'ppo ' Cough Syrup 19
KliiK's New Discovery S9 <
I'alne's Celery Compound C.V
2-quart Hot Water llottlea 4V
2-quart Fountain SjrliiKt'a 39
Family Silnie. 50
KIlli anil Cliloncrn Six.
to be well dressed , if you are
willing to pay the price. 3C
Now , as to shoes you must
pay at least $5.00 to get a
shoe that will wear well and
look dressy , unless you buy
The only kind you can get
for $3.50 that will wear well
and look well. The Regent
shoes are regular S5.00 shoes
in quality. That's why. X
The Regent Shoe Co. !
205 S. 15th St. , Omaha , Neb. <
Boston Store
Special Perfume Sale
All our 25o I'crfumcH KO Monday , per
ounce 9c
ic liottle.s of Perfumes Ilk
Lie bottles of IVrfumu , 7' <
lOe bottles of Perfumu 3',4 <
100 boxes Face Powder , worth lOc , 15e ,
Me , 2Jc and up to aOc DC
1,000 boxes Tooth Powdur , worth 2Jc ,
KO at Cc
Duvla Menthol Cough Drops , 3 pnck-
agcH for 5c
1,000 boxes Pills , 50 different kinds , KO
at 7. . , , Cc
Boston Store Drug Depi
OMAHA , NEU. uVmViWifu
ins alt Great
Opening Sale
5S7 We want to make a
275 stir in our China Depart
5 ment. This week yon can
20) buy your choice of twelve
440 styles ( Italics , incjuding
pitcher , cake plates , pallid dishep , trays , etc. , etc. , all
403 in handeome decorations. Usual price
,000 $1.00 each , Opening Sale Price
, HO 1 0\V NeW IOCati ° n' ' S
,600 920 I ( jr 1519 and 1521 Douglas Street s
X MV Shoe Store.
One of the Intent addition * -to the busi
ness world of Omnha l the Mowe-Talmax *
Shoo Co. at 1515 Douglas street. The front
ht been newly painted 'In ' dark green , trim
med In gold and the entire store remodeled
and furnished In the latent style ot fixtures.
The firm with Mr. George U .Howe. Mr. "W.
I. . Howe ot Lawrence , Kansas , and Mr.
E. in. Talmage one of the veterans ot the
shoo business In Omaha , as secretary and
manager Is a new one and the stock ot
shoes Is all that the market has to offer
In new and up to date footwaer. air. Tal
mage has been In the shoo business In
Omaha for fifteen years and his many friends
will to pleased to sec him at the head of
this now enterprise. Mr. George H. Qll-
llsplo who has worked with the shoo trade
of Douglas street for nine years has ac
cepted a position with the new firm. Mr.
Talmage says , "The TalmageJHowe Shoe Co.
have como to Omaha to stay and It Intends
to carry nothing but first class goods at
popular prices. Doing as we do a strictly
cash business we nre easily able to sell at
from 10 to 20 per cent , less than If we dlj
business on credit , "
Pacific Coast.
( Montana , Pacific Coast and
For full Information call at
City Ticket Oince. 1302 Farnam St
Hess & Swcboda , florists 1411 Farnatn St.
'Phono 1601. Palms , cut flowere and floral
Mystic flour , whole-sale 1014 N. IGth St.
Selling Good Shoes Cheap
We don't sell cheap Shoes but first qual
ity Shoes nt low prlcoH In fuel the best
Shoes-Ill the town for the money. 1
\Vc want the boj and ulrls to come Moil-
day and be MtU-diwith a pair of our
"Llttlo Men's Stet-1 S'Tod" OreRon
Kid Lace Shoes , plzes S to U > . ,
for .
Mines' "Steel Shod" Oregon Kid
Lace Show , Hlzos 11 to 2. for .
UO\M "Steel Shoil" Satin Calf Luce.
Shoe" , sizes 2' , & to G'/t , for ,
May oatlsfy yam\crnvln } for gold but
it's a poor plnco t > ( jo to for cigars. We
can satisfy your tnulo for cigars if you'll
sraoko our
\Vo know It , for it pk-asos nitiu inon
out of ten. It's nuulo to plouso the most
fastidious BinnKnr. Onn trlnl will con
vince you that it's the cigar you want.
Paxfon Block Cigar Store.
16th an J FARNAM.
JACOIUASKALElv , I'roprlo ,
Reumatic Liniment
Composed of
seven ingredients , contains no poi.son ,
Endorsed by ull loading i > hyniclans ,
A euro for bruibus , sprains &c.
Dr. Grossman.
Dr. CulTman.
Dr. Rusowiitcr.
references : Dr. Neville.
Dr. Moore.
Dr. Calbort.
Dr. Loyd.
Manufactured by
Robt. Priess ,
For Sttlo by till Dr
No war with Spain
But the blggetit kind of n
light with the "combine1 ,
elculurn wlio arc trying to aub-
btitnto b > { Mirf
F lor the ce-p.niue urticlo. * 9t
iejttlo lo St. Michaels
Snliirtlii ) ' , April i : , ISDN
Seattle to Si , Michael ! ) , Clir
( nclud. 1 Ton of Freight Free. $113
HpeclHl arranuenHTitu lor larne hlpment ,
launches , machinery , etr. Full particulars.
1M .IIIIIU-N < , SrnllliVnnli. .
Nowhere Else In Omaha
can you find Hiicli a variety
of tlio newest
, up-to-date ,
For CarpentciB , MachlnUts. Brick-
layers. Moulders nnd Paper Hangcn.
as wo curry iti Hock wo liavo
ovorytliliiK you need nntl nt prkcH
well , you'll Buy they arc not too
J s , Morton ft Son Co.
1011 Dodge St.