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Constitutional Frovis'ons for Payment of
Fees Disregarded.
/'rent-ill Sin IP Oflloprn Vlninnl nn fln-
Krant On > inlrr nn ' \ \ > rc 'Ilu-lr
1'rcdfee-morn Whom 'I IIPJ
MNCOLX. Fob. 1. ( Special. ) The conrtl.
tutlon of the Btato provides that officers ot
the executive department shall foe allowed no
feet and that when any ecrvlco Is to be pec-
foimed by them the money shall < bo "paid In
advance Into the state treasury. " The prom-
Incnco given thla section In the submission
of the 1'ugotio Moore case and the expecta
tion that the supreme court will In Its deci
sion make a strict ruling on this part of the
constitution lias aroused considerable dls-
cumlon as to the meaning of the section re
ferred to Some contend , with Moore's ] avv.
ycrs , that U means that the pcroons rcqulr-
Ing the service to bo performed shall ( Irs ;
pay the money Into the treasury. Others
( hold that a strict Interpretation will bo that
the official Is requireto ! pay the money Into
the treasury before ho performs the corvlcc.
This discussion naturally leads to the query
as to how the ruling will affect the present
state officers.
H Is apparent that no matter which way
the court holds In the Moore case the present
Btatu auditor will bo left open to public
criticism on account of Ms manner ot hand ,
ling the fees that come Into Ills office. Uy
his last semi-annual report to the governor
( Auditor Cornell nhows that on May 31 he
had In his hands $7,038 In fees wSilch should
liavu been In the treasury. It also shows the
following collodions Juno , $451 50 ; July ,
S550CO ; August , $512.150 , September , * 254 CO ,
On Juno I , although ho had almost $8000 on
hand , the auditor turned $1,000 Into the
trcomiry On Juno 29 , with $7,39250 on
hand , ho paid In $0.100 On Augiut 31 , wlfi
over $2,300 on hand , he saw lit to pay to thu
treasurer $900 and on October 22 , with
nbout $2,000 on hand , ho paid $1,000 At the
tlmo of making the report , according to his
own figures , ho lind In his hands $1,001 10 ,
which the constitution sayu should be paid
Into the treasury In advance.
In order to obtain some light on this and
other questions from portons who have re
cently made constitutional provisions and
"unauthorized expenditures" a study , The
IJeo representative brought these facts to
the attention of Chairman Otto Mutz of the
legislative Investigating' committee.
Mi Mut7 said that If the auditor's state
ment made any such showing it was clearlj
n matter for Investigation In a further
conversation the chairman nf fir ' " -n" "
let the matter out that the report ot Ex
pert Taylor , which Is still iinpuu uneu , cum ,
attention to this state of affairs , and criti
cises the auditor for holding back themonej.
Mr. Mutr wtis also asked the following The
records In the office of the state audit-r
show that Governor llolcomb has drawn dur
Ing his three years In. office about $1JGO for
house rent. In violation of Oils section of the
constitution Do you consider H a part of
your duty , as chairman of the Investigation
committee , to Investigate and repoit on this
violation ot the constitution ? Do jou con-
hldcr the $1,200 drawn by the governor for
" " "unauthorized expendl-
"house rent , as an
tuic , " or aa n "shortage ? "
Mr Mutz said that in regard to the draw
ing of house rent money by the governor
there had always been considerable doubt
ns to Its legality , but Inasmuch as the monqj
had been appropriated for that purpose by
the legislature , he did not bellovo It to be
within the province ot his committee to In
vestigate the nets ot the legislature. He ad
mitted that the "house rent" feature was a
"perqulrtlto" prohibited by the constitution ,
but had no opinion to give ns to whether
It was an "unauthorized expenditure. "
SUGUI'iouv FOR varniovr.
Kuriiiori IMcilKO it lliiiiitN < ( > Si-cure ( lie
I'ropoNi'rt riiml.
FREMONT , Neb , Feb. 1. ( Special. ) A
mooting of the sugar beet raisers ot this vi
cinity was held nt the court house this nftci-
noon for the purpose ot raising money for
the proposed factory. There was a good at
tendance of the farmers from this vicinity
and much Interest was manifested. The
price to bo oald for beets by the new factory ,
It was stated , would bo $4 per ton and the
contracts would be as favorable to the beet
lolsers as those of any factor ) In the state
Of this $4 per ton the farmers were requested
to donate for the factory the sum of BO cents
per ton on tlio whole or a part of the acre-
ngo contracted for. About 600 acres woio
contracted for in a short time , whlnh on the
Uisls ot ten tons to the acre , means an ad
dition of $1,000 to the bonus. The farmers
were unanimously In favor of a factory , the
only question which In any way tended to
make them hesitate about subscribing , was
the kind of a contract the proprietors of the
new factory will sign. The prospects are
good for tlio raising of the balance of the
bonus needed to secure a factory hero In a
Ahort tlmo and It Is expected ; the plant will
bo completed In scasoci to work n > the ' 93
crop of beets.
HAM : A Tivun TIME.
from KIIIINIIH mill
1'erlMli lit I'nlvNtliic.
SUUnnilT. Neb. , Feb. 1. ( Special. ) A
party of Dunkards who went to the Holy
Land two years ago Is In dlro dlstrrai , many
of their number having died from disease
and starvation. iMr. and Mrs. Joseph
Jljcrs and Mr. and Mrs. John Yautlo of
IShubcrt claimed to have received a revela
tion from dot ] and directions to visit the
Holy Land , and at the head of a party of
Dunkards from Shubert and Smith county ,
Kansas , set sail In November , 1895. Noth
ing was heard from them by friends until
Ti-contlj' , when a letter rexiehoJ Yautlc'o
brother at Shubcrt relating tales of buffering -
ing , distress and death. The party went
direct tn Jerusalem , then traveled homo dis
tance from there to find further evidence of
divlno rovelation. The Uunkards of Slni-
1icrt have started a relief expedition , headed
by Gcorgo Yautlc and W. M. Hyde. The
death list Includes llva persons from Smith
county , Kansas , two from Shubert and three
from Philadelphia.
llii < rlri > ami UN llllllnril IIiillM ,
niUTIircn , Neb , Feb. 1 ( Special Telo-
Kram. ) When the city council convened to
night In special session to hear the testi
mony In the complaint against Wertz , the
temperance billiard hall pioprlotor , the city
attorney asked to have the case dismissed
on the ground that an the license had not
been secured in the regular way ho really
ilmd no license. Lcavo to withdraw the com
plaint was then granted by the council and
A motion adopted declaring the place to bo
illegally operated and directing the license
tfce refunded , Thu stand which the city at-
qttorney takes is that all such licenses must
prevented by GUTICUUA SOAP , the most
effect vo bkln purifylnu and beautifying
eoap in tlm world , ns well us purest and
iircotcjt for toilet , bath , and nursery. „
( uticum
ft r U wt4 lhr u tiil Ibt VMlJ. POTTIB Dtia mo
Onto Uuiif , ol 1-rtpi p li o , U , 8 A ,
07 " ID U ritllKI ftM lUwaii , " DiiUeJ no ,
come before Uio council anil that the city
clerk cannot Issue the license as In the case
of peddlers This action puts nn entirely
new phase on the matter , and If It Is the
correct position none of the billiard hall
licenses Issued In the past has been legal.
The Imlls have been operated Illegally and
without licenses , nnd the two whose licenses
were recently revoked Ime recourse against
the city lor the amount paid for the alleged
HenitttM of n I'ntl.
HArrriNGTO.V , Neb , IVb. 1. ( Spc-clil
Telegram ) M 71. Smith , while unloading
conio lumber in the second story of I-i tu
rner's lumberyard , missed his footing and
fell to the ground heaJ first. While falling
he caught himself and struck on his feet
and broke one of the bones of his heel , it
will bo six weeks before ) ho can use his foot.
Sheriff Ilrown arrested earnest Weeks
nnd Luther Brown of Randolph and brought
them before the county Judge today. They
were arrested for breaking the large mir
rors of I'oggcnseo's siloon In Randolph and
doing about ? EOOworth , of damage. They
waived tlvc-lr prellmlinry examination and
were bound over to the district court. They
arc still In the custody of the sheriff trying
to cct a bond.
Court 111 ' \ \ out Point.
WEST POINT. Neb. , Feb. 1. ( Special. )
The spring term of the district court was
opened yesterday afternoon by Judge n. E.
Evans of Dakota City. The afternoon was
coreumed In hearing motions and disposing
of equity matters. This morning the Jury
was Impanelled and the trial of Fritz El-
singer , indicted for assault with Intent to
commit grievous bodily harm , was com
menced. Tomorrow the trial of Ilarny
Lampa will be commenced , on the same
charge as Elsangcr , they being alleged to
lm\n committed the same offense at the
same time. These cases grew out of a
fracas at a dance house In the suburbs of
the city last fall.
XVurk 1'mlorneil.
WAHOO , Neb. , Feb. 1. ( Special. ) The ef
fort of Representative Stark to get an ap
propriation for go\crnment buildings for the
ten principal towns of his district , is ap
preciated by the ti"tlo of this city. Major
Wlldo Issued a call for a meeting nnd a
goodly number of the citizens responded
The iravor was made chairman , and Jacob
Ort rccretarj. A committee was appointee ?
consisting or Major Wlldo. Eric Johnson S.
ir. Jones , 11. A. Hoaton , T J. I'lchctt Jr ,
whose dutj It Is to collect statistics and Information
mation , which will a ulst Mr Stark In malting
Us argument for the appropriation Another
meeting1 Is called for the 7i'i , at which time
the committee will make a rtyort.
PlKMItiK TowiiNlilii Tax Ijt'y. .
COM'-MnUS. Neb , Tcb. 1. ( Special )
The Union IVclIlc and the Elkliorn Hallrcud
companies ha\c paid to the treasurer of
Platte county their taxes within 'Iho ' List
wccK , the total being $15GS3.G2. They June
refused , how aver , to pay the township levy
of 15 mills claiming that this levy brings
the total amount assessed against them to
about S mills over and abo\o the amount
which the law permits to bo levied against
railroads In this state A test case is now
pending In the supreme cour ° , wherein
Oago county brings an action tn ircco\i > r n
township levy. The Icvss jto this county is
about $1GOO.
COLUMBUS , Neb , Feb. 1. ( Special )
Members of Vaslitl lodge , No. 103 , Daughters
of Hcbjkah , anl Wlldev lodge , No 14 , Inde
pendent orJer of Odd Fellows of this city ,
gave a surprise nnd farewell p.irty to Mr.
and Mis. W. R. Notcfitino it Old Fellows'
hall last evening About eighty members
of these two orders were present. A short
address was made by Past Grand Ma , tur
II. J. Hudson. A short literary program
followed. Then came a banquet of which
all paitook. Mr. and Mrs. Notcstlnc will
rcmovo this week to Denver.
Vrc IndiiNli iouq.
NORFOLK , Neb. , Feb 1. ( Special. )
Petty thieving has heen quite numerous in
and around Norfolk lately. Marshal Kane
recently arrested two farmers , Koblln and
Chandler , and these are now in the county
Jail. It waJ thought there would bo an end
to the matter for awhile , but last night
during the absence of the family the residence -
denco of B. W. Hraasch was entered nnd
$40 In money taken. There Is no clue to
the thief.
CIirlNtlnii nn < lc > u\or Aimlverwnry.
EXETDR , Neb , Feb. 1. ( Special. ) The
Young People's Society of Christian En
deavor of the Congregational chufcli cele
brated the seventeenth anniversary of
Christian Endeavor day at Its meeting at
C 30 Sunday evening. A feature of thlrs
meeting waa the reading of letters from a
number of persons formerly members of the
society , or who had assisted in Its organiza
tion In 1S92.
Would M n Card
TECU.MSEH , Neb , Feb. 1. ( Special. )
Citizens have sought the law to have the
card playing stopped in the several rooms
where it is supposed the games are carried
on for the purpose of gambling. As a consequence -
sequence ono room has been raided and the
keeper of It bound oxer to await trial In the
district court , and con. > lalnt made agaloat
another man supposed to be conducting a
from a llrlilKo.
ASHLAND , Ncl > . , Feb. 1. ( Special. ) E\el
C. Olson , 31 jcars old , a bridge carpenter
from Lincoln who has been working with
the n. & M. bridge gang east of town , fell
forty feet from the top of ono of the cov
ered bents on bridge No. 43 , crossing the
Platte river , yesterday afternoon. Ho was
hurt about the chest , but not seriously.
CultlriKIci - nt Franklin.
FRANKLIN , Nob. , Feb. 1. ( Special Telegram -
gram ) The ice dealers and meat markets
are busy putting up Ice for the last few
days. It Is the best Ice there has been har
vested for some years. It runs from six
teen to eighteen Inches thick. It is fur
nishing work for the unemployed and will
last during the week ,
Hi-mum IiONOM a Lumber Ynril ,
HERMAN , Neb. , Feb. 1. ( Special. )
About two months ago the Edwards &Urad-
ford Lumber company of Sioux City estab
lished a yard at this place. Today It closed
a deal for the stock and good will of the
Herman Lumber company , known as the
grange lumber yard. This leaves Herman
with but ono lumber yard.
Iti'Ni-iK-il from
FAIRMONT , Neb , , Feb. 1 ( Special. )
James II. Dorrance , an old settler of this
place , while watering his horsts Saturday
night was taken with a nt and fell between
the wheels and lay there until someone
came along and helped him Into the wagon
and took him home ,
SiiriM-Hsfiil Operation.
DCNNINOTON , Neb. , Feb. 1 ( Special. )
What la now considered a succiwful oper
ation for appendicitis was performed here
ono week ago The patient was the IC-year-
old son of Gustavo Paulsou. The patient
Is now considered out of danger.
KENESAW , Nob. , Feb. 1. ( Special. ) So
much grain Is being loaded hero that it is
necessary to keep the local elevator run
ning nights part of the tlmo.
The weather for the last week has been
cold and clear ,
J.ri'Hirton Inilla.
DUNBAH , Neb. , Feb. 1. ( Special. ) Rev.
E. E. Fifo , returned missionary from India
and pastor of the First United Presbyterian
church of Lincoln , delivered a lecture on
India last evening.
Tt'PiiiiiNi'li'it Ice Crop.
TECUMSEH , Neb. , Feb. 1. ( Special. ) The
four largo Ice houses hero have been filled
from the Nemaha river the last week with
Ice of a fair quality and about ten Inches
H IiHllMcrlinliinte 'InJiinHloiiH. '
COVINQTON , Ky , , Feb. 1-Judgo Tarvln
today refused to errant an Injunction to the
gas company njralnst the city , and took oc
casion to liny * thut such injunctions should
not ho granted imllHcrlinlnately before the
merits ot the en sea are heard.
Tennessee Democrats Nominate Iheii
Candidate for Senator.
N ( mil iiro ino -riltiK 111 ( lie Senate
} > y . \ | ) ( ) ( to I'llI the
CiiimiMl ! > Sfiinlor
llnrrln' IK-atli.
NASHVILLE , Feb. 1. The democratic
legislative caucus , on the first ballot lO'
night , nominated Thotr.cs It. Turley ot MPUI-
phisto (111 ( out the unexptred term of Ishani
0. harrls , and who waa appointed by Gov
ernor Taj lor senator after Senator Harris' '
death , The revuilt was n surprise to all
spectators , for It was not expected the dead
lock would be broken tonight. The ballot
stood Turley , 46 ; Mc.MlllIn , 43 ; Taylor , 1 ,
Efforts had. been made during the day tc
Induce Turlcy to withdraw In Taylor's bs-
half It Is said ho positively refused. Then
negotiations to deliver the Taylor vote tc
Ttrley were begun and resulted In the drop
ping of Taylor and the delivery of a sufll-
clcnit number of votes to Turley to nomi
nate. Senator Turlcy was notified and
brought to the capltol and addrcsssd a large
The Joint convention ot the two houses ol
the legislature will elect Mr. Turlcy senator
tomorrow at noon. His term will expire
March 4 , 1001.
Senator Turlcy Is 63 years ot age onu ol
the most prominent lawyers In Memphis , an
ex-confederate fioldlcr and a 16 to 1 free sil
ver democrat.
SriiMitlonnl llrllirry IIM CHtl : ii tlon
llrlnUs Out I.KillInforiiinddii. .
COLUMUUS , O. , Feb. 1. Two
were examined by the senate committee In
vestigating the alleged bribery charges this
morning. The purpose of the testimony waa
to attempt to show that II. II Roy:1 * , who
Is alleged to have tried to bribe Representa
tive Otis , came to Columbus on the after
noon of January 10 Inauguration day , and
met Major Rathboue one of Senator
HannVs lieutenants. The testimony failed
utterly ot Its purpose.
The hoekmen told nbout having driven two
men around the city , but could not describe
cither of them , nor did they hear any con
versation tbat would give any clew to the
Identity ot the two men
Clmrlrs Steitz , employed by the Columbus
Transfer company , testiHed that on inau
guration day he took a m < in from the Nell
house to the Union station abo'it noon , tl"it
after waiting there a short time he was In
structed to drive to East Hroid sttont , oppo
site No. 263. After waiting at the latter
place a carriage drove up In front of No. 2R3
and his pi scngor told him to go over to the
carriage and tell a man on the Inside to get
Into h's ( Steltz's ) carriage. The man In
carriage No 2 had two \allses , which he
deposited In Steltz's canlago and then Steitz
drove the two men around for an hour nr
two Steitz said he was Instruc-ted lu case
anyone followed them to diivo fast. Once
lie thought he saw a carr'age ' following and
he whipped up the horses ntiJ was t ooti out
of sight. One of the passengers tjbsequen ly
loft the carriage on Third street , opposite
the capltol and the other left it tieir the de
George II. Drown , another hackmaii. told
of driving1 a stranger to 263 East Broad
street and of the passenger being trans
ferred to another hack. Neltbi'r of the rack-
men could dcwcrlbo the alleged mysterious
passengers and neither of them knew Boyce
or Rathbone. Drown contradicted Steitz "by
stc-tlng that the man left his cab .and h-d
started Into the house before he was called
by Steitz.
HmlorHP tlio St. I.oiilH rialform , PrcHl-
tlont Mplvlii1c > and Secretary CaK ' .
PORTLAND , Ore , Feb. 1. The republican
league of Oregon , In state convention to
day , endorsed the financial plank of the
national republican party , approved Presi
dent McKlnley's administration and the
course of Secretary of the Treasury Gaga
on the financial question. The resolution ,
which was almost unanimously adopted , Is
as follows :
"Whereas , The paramount Issue which is
now hefore the American people , dividing
political parties and enprosslng line atten
tion of all patriotic cltlyens Is the great
financial question ; therefore , bo It
Reholvecl , That this Icapuo of republican
clubs cordially approves and reafllrms Its
belief In the plank of the last re
publican national convention ; and , be It fur
Resolved , That \v e accept nnd approve of
the bpeech of President McKlnley nt New
York January 27 , 1SSS. na a correct exposi
tion of IMat plank and the monetary policy
of the republican party.
Ilesalved , That we are In hearty accord
witli the administration and Its wise nnd
olllclent secretary of the treasury , Lyman
J. Gnge , In their efforts to resist silver
monometallism and to give additional sta
bility and stiength to our present financial
llnlioln Is Full of Hope.
BLA'CKFOOT ' , Idaho , Feb. l.-Senator Du-
bols , chairman of the executive committee
of the national silver republican pTrty , left
for the least tonight nt the request of the
silver loaders , to confer with them for the
purpo o of uniting- nil silver forces. Chair-
imn Dubola snys the vote In the senate In
favor of the Teller resolution has convinced
thn pllvcr advocate * * that with , 't close unlor )
of thelsllvei" forces victory In 1SDS nnd 1300
iJ certain. Under the contemplated arr.uige-
me-nt the pcnullsts , silver republicans nnd
democratic parties will each maintain a dis
tinct organization ,
I'nulon tin j or IH Ulcotoil.
DULUTH , Minn. , Feb. 1. Henry Truol-
sen was reelcctcd mayor of this city today
over Elmer F. Mitchell ( rco ) by a majority
of about 1,200. Ho waa nominated by the
populists nnd endorsed by tlio democrats. la
the campaign , party lines were largely lost
sight of. Of the nine new- members of the
common council , four are republican , on
gold democrat , one Independent silver an
three silver fusion.
SII < M-.STHI\II : > , " irtiusn.
sunnirr \TITIV oTIU.VI , .
ClinrKi-il iTlth Munlrr/LTnlittly irlth
Pa. , V-Fb 1. Not since
the trial ot the Molllc Mngultcft has a case at
tracted so much Interest In the coal region
aa that ot Sheriff Martin nd ls elghty-tno
dcnutlca which began In the htucrno county
court today Hundreds ofjye ons were un
able to gain admission to < < .he cburt room
Sheriff Martin and hit elbhtvtwo < deputies
are < harg d with shooting end killing
twenty-two striking mlner nnd noundlos
over fifty moro nt Lattlmer , this county , on
September 10 , 1897. \lgHty-two dtpu-
marched In a body and alter seating
sclvcA began to read ll'f naming pliers ,
apparently unconcemed. TJ > q bar was
crowded -vlth law-jcrg , while * , around the
tables were grouped some -06 the best at-
tornejs Ln this section ot the state Judge
Woodnard presided. The commonwealth
asked for a nolle pros. e In the cases of
Leonard IMbcock , William Drum , John
Dougherty , J. J. Gallagher , William Mulva-
hall , Fred A. Sterw , AVIlllam Costcllo , Wil
liam Slow ell , Col v In I'ardec , John W. Crooks ,
jr. , H , C. Warrinor , Thomas A. Harris , Sam
uel A. Arnold , Craig Anderson and Samuel
Guilder ) ' . The court then allowed the mo
tion nud the nolle prcaso was entered. The
work of selecting a Jury was then begun.
During the afternoon seven jurors were
selected and at 0:50 : o'clock court adjourned
until tomorrow.
Ono of the most Interested spectators at
the trial ts Hcv. Q. A. Aust lie was the
paator of most of the men killed , and olll-
elated at their funerals.
The prosecution committee , which Ins Us
headquarters at Hazclton , sa > s It has sutn-
clent evidence to convict fifteen of the dc-
fendantH. It Js alleged that every ono of
the fifteen made throats the morning of the
shooting. It Is alleged ono man said : "I wouM
llko to get a chance to shoot down somn of
the d d foreigners. " Another la reported
to hive said "I will help to fill them full
of holes ; the country would bo better ofl
without them. "
H Is also alleged that Sheriff Martin had
an understanding with the deputies. It has
been said nil along that the sheriff never
gave the order to flro , The prosecution sa > s
thla may be true , In ono sense ot the word ,
but the sheriff gave a signal which was Just
SB effective a.s a word-of-mouth order. The
cignal was for the sheriff to pull his re
volver. The Instant ho did this the po io
was to fire.
The lawjers for the defense say no wit
nesses will bo found to testify to such facts ,
but the attorneys for the prosecution say
fhoro will.
Sillc of nifMitur SliHimo
ST. LOUIS , Feb. 1. D. P. Mueller , a
Chicago grain dealer , has bought the
salvage of 1,1G3C5S bushels stoied In the
Union elevator , which burned one \\eek ago.
Ho Is bald to have paid not less than } 100-
000 for the entire salvage , subject to elevator
charges. Experts. Who Imvo examined the
salvage , declare that not less than W > per
cent of the praln can bo taken from the
elevator ruins In f.ilrly good condition.
IiiNt < if Tujlor CIIMPN.
. Mo , Teb. 1. ( Special Telegram. )
The last chapter In the history of the once
famous Taylor brothers wns closed here to
day by the stnto dismissing the case *
ng-alnst A. II rianklln. Franklin was wit
ness foil tlio Tajlors during their trials for
stealing cattle from Wnrron McCulloiiKli of
this city , and was afterwards indicted on
the charge of ptrjurj.
Iniltut O\tm-rH ut Slot Machines.
LOUISVILLE. Feb. 1. The Jefferson
county Knvnd Jury todav returned indict
ments against ISC saloon Kcepprs and others
who Imvo ( had slot machines In their places
of business. The Indictments charge a mis
demeanor , that of suffering gaming on their
premises. Several felony Indictment1) have
been returned , however , to make a test of
the law on the point.
I'rotinlillltlcn of a I.litht Snow , -nltli
Vnrlnlilc AVliulw.
WASHINGTON , Feb. 1. Forecast for
Wednesday :
For Nebraska and Iowa Light snow ; vari
able winds.
For South Dakota Llg'ht snow ; northerly
winds. '
For Missouri Increasing oloudlnesg and
piobably light snow Wednesday afternoon ;
southerly winds.
For KnnsaB and Colorado Light snow or
ruin ; variably ! winds.
Local Ilccoril.
OMAHA , Feb. 1. Omaha record of tem
perature and rainfall compared with the
corresponding day of the last three years :
1S9S 1897. IfcflG. ISto.
Maximum temperature . . . 23 43 40 14
Minimum temperature . . . 8 2C 2G 12
Average/ / temperature . . . . 16 34 20 1
Rainfall 00 .00 T T
Record of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for this day and since March 1 ,
1S97 :
Normal for the day ID
Dellclency for the day 3
Accumulated excess since March 1 5S9
Normal rainfall for the day 02 Inch
Deficiency for the day 02 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 20.42 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 10 GO Inches
Excess for oor. period , 1S9G 5.17 Inches
Dellclency for cor. period , 1895. . . . 11.31 Inches
from btadoiiN nl 8 11. in.
" 3
? g-
: §
Omina cloudy . .
North IMatte clouily
Silt Like. City , clouJy
Chescnne , cloudy
Itaplil City , snowing
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St. Paul , snonlnff
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T Indicates trace of [ ireclpltTtlon.
L , A. WEUII. rorecast Odlclal.
How Many of Thorn Have Quietly
Obtained Advioo That Made
Thorn WelL
My sister , if you find that in spite of
following faithfully your family doc
tor's advice , you ave not getting- well ,
why do you not try another course ?
Many and many a woman has quietly
written to Mrs. Pinkham , of Lynn ,
Mass. , stating her symptoms plainly
and clearly , and taken her advice , which
was promptly received. < The follow
ing letter js a
j pretty strong
jour claims :
'had been
jsick for six
months ;
lone doctor
told me I
, would have
to go to a
Before I
would get well. I had female troubles
in their worst form , suffered untold
agonies every month ; my womb tipped
back to my backbone , ha'd ' headache ,
hysteria , fainting bjiells , itching , leu-
corrhceu ,
" My feet and hands were cold all
the time , my limbs were so weak that
I could hardly walk around the house ;
was troubled with numb spells. I
Imvo taken four bottles of Lydia B.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound , ono
bottle of her Blood Purifier , one pack
age of her Sanative Wash , and am
entirely cured. I have not had one
of those numb spells bince. ' Can you
wonder that I sing the praises of a
medicine that has cured me of all these
ills ? " Mns , LOUISA PLACB , 050 Bel-
moat St. , Urocklon , Mass. i
AttornejB JJ ; Ilci < ; Court "V\lll Uphold
Thrlr Vnfl.Vltr.
LINCOLN , Tcb 1. ( Special Tele srnm )
The supreme court this morning refused to
advance the case brought \iy \ the county
trcisurcrs , holding that U was a matter
more of private than of public Intcrcet ami
An mUnncomciit In the docket would not
bo justified.
The judgment and sentence of the loner
court in the Stlcklo case wns nfllrmeil by de
fault. Stlcklo UBS sent to the penitentiary
from Webster county for violation ot the
stnto banking laws
Decisions on the Douglas county bond
cases are expected this sitting and nttor-
ncja generally bclle\c they nlll uphold the
validity of the bonds.
The general belief Is that the court has
not reached an agreement on the Kugeno
Moore case and that the decision will not
conio until next Bitting.
Will Scrte III * Time.
NEW YOUK , Tob. -The Journal and
Advertiser states "on responsible authority"
that U. J. IlntollrTp , the ne'or now under
sentence for \\lfo beating under nn Indict
ment for perjury nnd accused of bigamy , has
decided to withdraw his appeal from the
sentence against him for wife beatliiK nnd
will servo six months In the ] x > nltcntlnry.
Xo other prosecutions ngjilnst him will be
Kx-O III Hill ConiiuHN Siilrlilo.
SANTA 11OSA , Cal. , Kcb. 1. Thomas U
Thompson , c\-Unlted States minister to
Brazil , committed suicide hero this morn-
IUK by cutting Ills throat. Despondency IB
supposed to hn\o been the cause.
\ Valuable I.Itlle IlooU Sent Tree for
! the Mlilnpr.
Medical books are not alwajs Interesting
reading , especially to people enjoying good
health , but as a matter ot fact scarcely one
person In ten is perfectly healthy , .ind even
with such , sooner or latei sickness must
It is also a well established truth that
nine-tenths of all disease originate with a
breaking down ot the digestion , a weak stomach
ach weakens and impoverishes the uystem ,
mak'ag it easy for disease to gain a foot-
ho'd. '
Nobody need fear consumption , kidney
disease , liver trouble or a weak heart and
nervous system as long as the dtgestloa I ?
good nnd the stomach able to aealmllato
plenty of wholesome food.
Stomach weakness shows Itself In o score
of ways and this little book describes the
symptoms and causca and points the way tea
a cure oo simple that anyone can understand
and apply.
Thousands have some form of stomach
trouble and do not know It. They ascribe
th headflches , the languor , nervousres-s ,
Insomnia , palpitation , constipation and Elm-
liar symptoms to eoino other cause than the
true one. Get your dlgcutlon on the right
track and the heart trouble , lung trouble ,
liver disease or nervous debility will rapidly
This llttlo book treats entirely on the
cause and removal of Indigestion and Its ac-
companjlng annoyances.
It describes the symptoms of Acid Djs-
pcpola. Nervous Dyspepsia , slow Dyspepsia
amylaceous dysoepsla , Catarrh of Stomach
ach and all affections of the digestive organs
in plain language easily understood and
the cause removed.
It gives valuable suggestions to diet , and
contains a table giving length ot time re
quired to digest various articles of food ,
something every person with weak digestion
should know.
No price is asked , but simply send your
name and address plainly written on postal
card to the F. A. Stuirt Co. , Marshall , Mich. ,
requesting a little book on Stomach Dis
cuses coid It will be sent promptly by re
turn mail.
Purely vegetable , mild , and reliable. Cause
perfect Pieestlon , complete absorption , and
htaltliy regularity. Tor the cure of all disorders
of tlie stomac.l , Ltver , Dowels , Kldneya , Bladder ,
NeriouB Diseases ,
SIfIC ! \DACH12 ,
OLce've the following symptoms refilling from
Diseases of the Digestive Orga"s : Constipation ,
Inward plies , fullness of blood In the head , add.
Ity of the stomach , nnutea , heartburn , disgust of
food , fullness of weight In tue stomach , sour
eructations , sinking or fluttering of Hie heart ,
choking or suffocating sensations when In a l > lng
posture , dimness of vision , dote or webs before
the Hlglit , fever and dull pain In the head , defi
ciency of perspiration , yellowness of the cltin "nd
eyee , pain In the side , chest or limbs and sudden
flushes of heat , rmrnlng In the flesh
A few doses of KADWAVS PILU3 will free the
eystom of all the above named disorders
Price , 25 cents per box. Sold by all drugelsts ,
or sent by mall
Send to DH IIADWAY & CO. . Loci : Uoi 3C3 ,
New York , for book of advlc *
All Druggloto.
, .
/Purify of Material and A
* t / * " [ > UY
holltl TraliiH , > r > iiiprl ] > IJqulpim'iit ,
liif ; CnrH u In fiuto. ( stuncry
lluiito of the
JlaiuUomcht Train In tlio World.
For Ailv.Tlluliii ; JMattor nnil Other
Information vvrlto to
J. A , S. IIKI'I ) , A. IV. I" . . * , - '
JIM Moil Hi f Inrh HI. , tliliuRO , III.
.1. A. lli\llll : , IV. I' . A , , llnmilo , A , v.
ClItN , a. J.KK , < lcii. l'a rnccr Agent.
I'lilladi'liililii , l'ii.
Cblohritrr' . Karllth Diamond IlraniJ.
OrleliiBlnud Only Genuine.
Arc , . ! . } ivllttli. LADita uk i
Dtuillll for Ctc\itn FnalUH Dla >
nondrand la lied ftad CfclJ Dit lllc\
\\xia \ \ ii lied with ilu rlblwu TnLc
naothcr. Rtfutt dongtrovi Jubit/fu /
thru and tmttationt MDratfCliu , or teat
o IUIBI. for partleu tri , uitlmooliU
"llrller ta * 4\cf \ , " < nlHUr , Lj rf larn
. Okie .
BoU t > / * ll Uxil Hiojiln riUl.AOA. , V.C
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These illustrations are not con
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land , but include every section
of the Emerald Isle from Llf"
to Bantrv and from
The Round Towers , Vine Cov
ered Abbeys , Crumbling Mon
asteries , Shrines , Churches and
Cemeteries , the Battle Fields
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