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Many Prospectors Looking Over Property
for Purchase.
Vrln tin * HOIMI Trnrpil for Otcr Three
mill < ; inliiiH MnUil Out
) , 3. D , Jan. 29 ( Special ) During
Ilio last ivcck the Dlack Hills has boon
v Islted by several capitalists , from both the
cast nnd west , who cither have money al
ready Invested In the Hills or came for the
jiurpose of looking tip some anfc place for
InvcKtmcnt Tlio Kockford district , In the
Central Illlls , Is attracting considerable at
tention at present. There Is a fine body of
ore opened up In what li known a * the
( Hornblende district , vvtolch Is free-milling In
formation anl ROCS very high In valuo. The
voln has been traced for over three 'miles ' ,
from north to south , and the ground Is now
oil staked out and ovcry claim Is being
prospected. The ore body la Intersected by
Oastlo creek , a never falling mountain
stream , which Hews the year around about
l.GOO minors' Inches of water. The mines nre
easy of access by the nllroads and thcro Is
every Indication that the camp will become
verj rich In a short time. H Is now learned
4hat the Doiver syndicate , which It Is reported -
ported wan nboiit to make a purchase of n
] argo tract of mineral land near Kirk , which
Joins the Homestake properties , has changed
its plans and two representatives of the
synllc.Ue , who were lure last week secured
an 01 tlon and bond on a valuable plcco or
prnpci ty In the Hornblende district The
avoiago valueof the ore In the camp h $3
11 ton , free-milling , and It Is estimated that
the ore can bo mined , milled and treated for
31 70 n ton.
A big deil Is on foot among the- mine
owners of Ilaggod Top to consolidate their
properties Into one compiny and work
jointly In this district there are a few
companies who are well hacked financially
that are naklng a success The
j'loup of claims Is perhaps shlpp ng more ore
thani an ) * other The main nhaft i.s down
jilnoty-llve feet , following an orefissure. .
T\o earn a neck are being shipped to the
] ) . & 1) . smelter , the value being from ? 3Q
to HOD a ton The general aveiage Is be
tween $ SO and $100 a ton It Is the Inten
tion to sink the- shaft to ipaartzltc , which will
be between 100 rind 1 000 feet Sharp & Kel
lar , Ic-racM of the Ulster grain ! , are ship
ping a cat lead a week and thus far It Is ca-
tlmatcd that $ " > 0,000 has been taken out
since me was mum- „
The oM lleiigal Tiger propertj at Tlger-
vlllo. l I'cniilngton count ) , has been leased
Enid the. water will ho taken out of the three
compartment vertical ohaft which was sunk
by 1'iof mckermau In 1SSO to a depth of 200
ifeet. anl the old timbering will be replaced
by new.
It Is rumored that a big deal Is pending In
the Hl'icktatldistrict , Invohlng the Kicking
Hoi 'e mine , ono of the very beat groups of
rlalms in the flllceous belt. All work has
been suspended on the mines for the pres
ent pending the silo. The gioup consists of
live claims on which there tea uhaft ICO ftct
deep. termliMtlng on quirt/lte. The mine
lias been thoroughly exploited and a cro .icut
at the- bottom of the shaft shows nine dis
tinct ore shoots that have been passed
through at ight angles.
Thcro Ifi little question that a railroad will
he built ttom Newcastle > o , to IJeadwood . A .survey of the proposed route
Is nearlj completed and the active work of
grad'ng will be commenced \ery oaon. The
road passes through a line belt of timber ,
heretofore untouched , which rtould bo of
grcit value for wood and lumber In Lead
iinil Deadwood. Thin , with the eompletlon
of the Dakota IMclllo load fiom Mstlc to
Uaplil City , with a spur to Join the new
to Newcastle. tl'C Southern Hills towns would
' 1.0 given the same benefits that head and
Deadwood would get The new read also
parses thiough a rich mining cointrj of cop-
PPI and gold oies.
Two carloads of ilch ore have been sh'nped
from ttio Heddj mine , sltiattd near Lead , 'o
the Kansas City smoltor. The average vilue
of the ere Is $100 a ton Theio weio about
titty t rs In the fihlpment A shait time ago
a Mrike was madv In the mine , samples of
which assayed $100 gold to the ton
J 1) Hnidln Is destined to be one of the
multl-mllllccnlres of the Illack Hills Ho Is
now Intoiosted In hoven Inrgo mining com
panies , tDerating In the Two-Hit district
The- names of the conuanles are The Great
Northoin , Great Eastern. Chi ago and Tvvo-
] ) lt. the Hardln , Hardln Standard , the George
Hearst ard ttio Consolidated Hardln Mines ,
ll.ultrd. All of these Inrgo companies have
forces of men engaged In an exciting race fo-
the vein of ore. Last week Mr. Hardln
made trip to the Hay Creek ccal flolds In
vonilni : . which are situated about seventy-
flvo miles northwest or it > mwoou. no was
nivompanled b > n coal expert from Chicago
nnd his could liavo been nothing
olsi' thnci to examine this great coal district
lioklng to ei future aupplj of ccal mid -coko
for fuel This coal district could be easily
icached by the N'nrthvv cstci n road from Hello
l'"ourche Indications arc that the great
estate loeontly iiurchascil by tlio Iliudln
( oaipinles of Deadwood will bo utilized
( or smellers nndeduction works for the
( omp-nles which nro presented by Mr.
The Dividend mUie h rapidly coming to the
front as a producer. The Ore Is a slllclous
quuitzlto and lerl.ccis no other mine In the
Hills with the same money Invested can
show as good results In the output of bullion
In all prol ability the block of slono to ho
tised in the "Arch of States" at the Omaha
12\poaltlc"i will bo coni.iosod of onyx taken
from the on > x mln nwr I'rlngle. A hloik
four feet tupiaro and ten Inches thick can bo
cotton out , which -would bo largo enough foi
the pui > . we. A numbci of shipments have
icrcntly been made from the mlue. T1io
Mono has been uted to ViMicer several store
fronts and slabs have boon made for
fountains , fcv experiments as to quality of
stone It Is pronounced genuine and will
( rrovo to bo a valuable mine
At the third annual mooting of the stockholders -
holders of the Holy Terror conimny ot JIII-
wiuikri' last week the regular monthly ilhl-
< leiiid of T per cent was declared The annual
riport nhowcd that the company with a ton-
ntuir.u mill produced $ lSO,2CtJ In 1SD7. The
coiriuii ) ovpondcd J15.000 during the jcar for
. IICMV machinery , oto. It U stated that twenty
iidtlltlouiil sUiiriis will bo ( > ut In operation
, this ji-ar The following directors were
olictedJohn J I'ajol of Keystone and John
fi George nnd Charles M Klpp of Milwaukee
Thi > nlllcciH elected were : 1'rcslJont , John
S George , vko prealdont and matiagi-r , John
J Pael , sccrotaiy and treasurer , C. M. KH > p
The annual meetings of the Iluxton and
Clinton Mining companion have been held
Of the foiiner 1' K. Hall was ro-elcetiMl
( irraldotu nnd IIV. . Seaman secrolary. Of
the Clinton TJitipeiiy A J/amb was re > elcccU (
jirpsldent nnd HV. . Seaman . ocrotary.
! ) iAD\YOOI : ) . S. I ) , Jan. L'7-Special ( )
A circular letter , liaued by the Department
of the Interior , has created general comter-
jiatlon among the mining men of tbo UlacU
Hills. It pertains to the mining laws with
regard to ( xitcntlng claims and Is , x udlcal
clungu fiom what has boon In practice here
tofore It provides that the applicant must
fllo In the land olllce , at the time of enter
ing the application , or using the sixty da > a
period of publication , n certificate from the
surveyor general that no Icsa than $500
TRY GRfllH-0 ! TRY GRfllN-0
that takes -he place of coffee. The child.
reii inty drink It > vlihnut Jujary o"wSll
a *
the add t. All HhVft GnVYv
who try " . "
° h BCa ' "of wJaVa"
f S ? Wn , , M ha
tiut It U nmda from pure srulns. and the
inost dellcftto stomach receives It without
dUtrens Vi the prlca of coffee. 15E and Uo
ver packano. Sola by all grocer * .
worth ot Improvements have been made on
each claim for which ii.itnnt Is made and , ' {
more than ono claim I * applied for , the simo
amount of Improvements must bo ilono on
cich It has been possible heretofore , to
gel patents on a. graup of cblms , often fifty
or moio , by simply performing the $500
worth of Improvement1 ! on the group.
Monej r r the i\poxlllitii.
DRADWOOD , S. I ) , Jan. 27 fSpeclal.- )
Yestcrday , ' a meeting of the Illack Hills
Transmlsslealppl commlssloncta was helJ
In this rlty , a majority ot the members
being present The main object of the
meeting wan to decide upon some way of
raising sufllclcnt money for an exhibit at
Omaha. Several rrhcmos were propo/sod. ami
It was finally Decided to raise the money
by subscription , each person donating money
to bo reimbursed In n short tlm by the
state. It Is expected that scvvral thousand
dollars will bu raised by this means.
Illiniilnu n I'rMnlc 1'ONlolHor.
PIBUIIK , S. I ) . , Jan. 27 ( Special Tele
gram ) C. Hllgenbockcr of Canning won
brought before United States Commissioner
Xolnsmaster today on a complaint of keeping
a prlvato postofllce. A short tlmo ago , II. H.
Booth , ot that town , wag appointed poal-
master to succeed Hllgenhockcr and now
the complaint la that the ox-ofllclal Is vet
receiving mall and taking It to another
olllco for mailing nnd thus reducing the re
ceipts of the Canning olHce. A continuance
woa secured to .March 15 , for a hearing ,
Court DcrlNlotiM ,
CHRYKNNiV0. . , Jan , 27. ( Special. )
The Wyoming supreme court rendered eev-
cral Important decisions this morning. In
the caoo of the Gunesee Sivlngs bank of
Kllnt , Mlrh. , against Kred Kindt the ruling
of the district court of the Third Judicial
district was reversed. In the coso of HI ) the
& Kargo against Swrnscci Ilrothers the de-
cLion of the lower court wca tevorscd The
suit arose out of an attachment made by tro
lilalntlffa upon cattle In the possctulon of
the defendants The supreme court held that
the attachment was defective and tint the
lower court should have set It aside In the
oiso of Hrjant against the State of Wjo-
mlng the plaintiff sought to < et a-ido a con
viction against himself for assault with In
tent to kill. The verdict of the lower court
was sustained and lirjant will be rompilloj
to s"rve out his term. The case of Moore
against Ileason Involved an Intorcnting fax
cjucdtlon. Moore la the Indian tr.uler at Korl
Wajh-ikle He ranges stock on the rciiorvn-
tion with the consent of the Indians and by
pi > 'itig them a icntal. Ho resisted the at
tempts of the treasurer of Premont county.
In which the reservation Is located , to collect
ta\ca upon hU stock The supreme court
held that as Indian trader and agent ho wrs
not an agent of the government , and even It
ho wao , the taxation cf the stock by the
state would not Interfeie with hU operations
as agent. It was further held tint counties
In this state have the light to tax property
located on Indian reservations
( tint Ilmirli t < ir Ntu 1Ii\lri ,
\NTA l-'C. N. M , Jan. 27 ( Special ) C.
3. Omlerdonk of Philadelphia , representing
a company of Philadelphia capitalist Inter
ested In the tanning of hides , has leased the
Canada Do Los Alamos giant in Santa Ko
county for the purpose of using It as a goat
pasture. The hcadnuarteis of the business
will bo at Lamy Junction. It Is propoocd to
fence the gr.uH a id stock It with goats The
grant contains about 15,000 acrc-s and other
pastutc : , will bo leased In various sections of
the tnrltory and stocked The aklns of the
animals aid to bo shipped to Philadelphia ,
who.'o one house alone will handle the prod
uct. Owing to the dry atmosphere ) and al
most continuous sunshine It Is said , the goat [
pelt from New Mexico anil Colorado makes
the world's best kid glove material and pelts [
from this region command n high price from
French manufacturers
a ( 'mini I'rojrot.
ALHUQUnilQUC. N' . M , Jan. 27. ( Spe
cial ) The organbatlon of the farmers re
siding along the banks of the Hio Grande.
who nro banded together to prevent the con
struction of the modern Iriigation canal ,
now In progress , have retained Nell D. Plelil
to represent them and will make a hard
light to have the couit refuse to Issue a
permanent Injunction against them. The case
li of the greatest Importance as It Involves
the right to construct similar canals along
the Hio Grande for hundreds of mlle > s. Tne
case will undoubtedly bo tarried to the supreme
promo couil of the United States before
cither side yields The farmers claim that
the now canal would Interfere with their
present water rights and therefore Its con
struction Is illegal.
> TriUMof Drliii.
CIUJYENNC , Wjo. , Jan. 27 ( Special )
A telegram was received hero today from
Salt Lake City stating that no trnco had
been found ot Lieutenant Drips of the
Eighth 'nfantry ' since Wednesday last. The
police of the city have been watching all
trains , but have seen nothing of him It Is
stated In military circlets hero that Drips has
not taken , so far as ascertained , any govern
ment funds If ho Is not found or doea not
return In ninety days lu > will bo dropped
from the rolls of the army as a deserter.
Calllnriilu N
Ted Sage , hurt recently In a foot ball
game at Santa Clara , died at San Jose.
The Yellow Jacket at Arastravlllo has a
ledge of gold ere tlat goes as htR'.i as $200
per ton , while the avciago is over $50 per
An linx > rtant discovery of asbestos Is re
ported from Santa Hirbara county. A ledge
eighty feet wide has been found on a mouti-
The Merced coirvany , Mnrlposa county , has
announced an almost total suspension of
operations. A few men will bo luc.t ) ut work
at the Mary Harrison.
Adams Springs , Lake county , Is excited
over i gold dlrcovei-y made lit a well on the
ranch of Martin Stearns The ore I * s.ild to
assay $5.072 In gold and $90 In sliver to the
A telescope basket containing hooks and
deeds bearing dale Utlca , N. Y , May 1 , ISG'i ,
and containing the name of ncv. S. M.
Can > | H > ell , is a find that Is tiuz/IIng Lea
At Jackseci. Amaaor county , the now forty-
stamp mill of the Argonaut produced J50.000
In Its first month's run The Zella , Kennedy
and Argonaut mines shipped $70,000 worth of
bullion , their outout for last month.
Miss Klorenco Illythe-Hlnckloy has agreed
to pay .Mrs , Dyrne , who was her financial
backer and guardian during the long content
over the HI ) the millions , 10 vcr cent of the
$ . ' 000.000 , or $200.000 , for tier assistance in
the settlement of the estate.
The total gold colrago at the San Fran
cisco mint for 1897 aggregated $ J3,52J,500
nnd the Hllvor $ IGG1.791. ) There ore as yet
no authentic figures regarding the gold out-
l > nt of the state during the last year At ) o
number of the Important gold-produuliig piop.
ortles sent their bullion outside , It U not
lIKclv 'that ' any accurate report of California's
gold jleld can bo made
Ciilariiilo NTMNolrN ,
The maw Is said ( o bo six feet derp on
the level at Victor.
The Longmont creamery paid over $100.000
for cream last jrar.
Lcadvillo bubliuus men prrsontfd E. L
Daniels , the new sheriff , with a $300 badge.
Construction cf the electric road between
Victor nd Can ) on City will aocci be com
May Hawkins of Denver was eucce-BBful In
the sixth nttenpt ujtcn her life when she
took a teaspoonful of "rough on rats. "
The commissioners of 121 Faro county ' .iavo
sued Sheriff lloynton for J.ilfi7SO. being throe
times the amount of his alleged shortage.
Nearly 600 horsemen ami over 100 dogs
partlcliated In a coyote hunt near Grccley
Wednesday Nice cojotcs and three wolves
w ere bagged
A commuted of the Denver Trade * ami
Labor assembly waited upon the district
Judges and presented a written protest
against the granting of ex parto Injunctions
The Judges promised that they would grant
none hereafter until after duo and praier
coiuideratlcn nnd hearing ot both sides and
then tmly on clear ami Jncontroveitlblo
S10R)1 \ ( ) < 11IL LAM L1IAML
Romance of a Famous Qold Mine Strike
Where a Oity Stands.
1IMV Sonutilcut Monlittm Vlnoorn
\Vrro ll c' < > \ rroil tiiicni U orl
null Itloh strlUeM ltuxh l.lki !
to ( InKloiullko. .
History contains aomc queer reminisc
ences , and eomo Ics.sons are to be learned
from them by the student of the past. Just
now the Klondike region. In far away , cold
and choortestj Alaska , Is engrossing the at
tention of hcnrchors for gold. Thirty-two
or thirty-three jcars ago It was Montana
that claimed , the attention of the same pee
ple. The rush to the Klondike Is perhaps
moro general than was the rush to the
.Montana gold fields In ISCt and ISCj. That
the reasons for the greater rush are to besought p
sought elacnhoro than In the greater pro
ductiveness ot the Alaskan region wilt be
conceded by the student of history and , prac
tical conditions as they exist today and
cxhtcd then. Montanlans do not admit , sas
n Helena correspondent of the Buffalo Uv.-
prcss , that thcro Is moro gold In the region
of the Arctic than thcro woo In Montana
then , or Is hero now , for the matter of ;
but they realise that with better facilities
for the promulgation of news , with tbo
machinery of the great Journals of today all
umplocd In gathering Information about the
moro recent Iliul , with Industrial conditions
such that the people nro readier to listen to I ,
the story of gold and quiche ) to leave their i
everyday pursuits to follow the Ignis fatuus [
that is now so closely related to the mid j
night sun , there Is n ready explanation for I
the tush to the Klondike gold flclda that nt
the same tlmo explains why the- wonderful
productiveness of the Montana gold region
did not , thirty ) ears ago , appeal to the !
pilgrim as do the much Icsd practical , and !
not any richer , gold fields of the north to-1
day. I
Helena , with Its magnificent buildings of
granlto and Iron. ltd handsome rcslde-iceu
and Its won del fill commercial wealth , Is
Cmllt literally upon a foundation of gold
How It came to be built , how It grew from a
mining camp to a nutrcpolls and the capital
of the ttato whoao wealth per capita IK the j
greatest of any state In the union , and how
that evolution Is tracejlblc directly to the
piodttetlon of gold nro common Knowledge
to the Mcntanlan , but arc matters of which
the ca > to.n man Just now knows c-omparai
lively little1. The storv of tha famous Laa-j
unaiicn uuicn , nowtne site of the Mam
street of Helena , Is a romance that the Klon
dike hiia never to till ? day reproduced IVco.
pectora going from itho supposedly richest
diggings In the utato , where they hnfl found
thu ground already taken up , to the north ,
In search of ether fields , hid passed and re-
passed over the giou'id without taking the
trouble to prospect It , and ono dny August
It , 1SC4 a paity ot four discouraged nnd
disgusted go ! l-huntcrj , weary with the
search In the ibeaten paths , came by They
camped for the night whoto the six-story
granite b'llldlng knovn ns the Power block
Is now located. The men wc-re Stanlej , Mil
ler , Cowan and Cri-ib , all Englishmen. The
following morning thej prepared to go on.
"Iloforoo gt > , " said Staiilo ) , "I am goln :
to dig hero for general results. If wo don't
fliU anything , wo will go home. It U our
last chance "
The other members of the party fell in with
the suggestion nnd digging began. William
Moore , a Georgian happened along about
thut time and , n.s the men seemed to have
plenty -of ground and wanted help In digging
to bedrock , ho was taken in. Ho worked n
few 'lays. Uedrook was i cached and ex
posed , but only a few colors levvirded the
work done that far Moore became thoroughly
disgusted and offered to sell out hla intoiost
for enough to get along to Foit 'llontou. '
"What 11 ) ou take ? " said Cowan.
"Glvu mo that onyuse ) ondcr to go to the
fcrt on. " he replied , pointing out n horse
such as co'ihl now bo bought In Montana for
13 cents , "and that wad In your pocket and
I'll move nnd leivo to you the ground , and
may God bless jou for ) our woik on a dry
spot like this. "
The "wad" ho refcircd to contained SCO
Cor. an hold n consultation with lib partners
and they accepted Ma offer , partly out of con-
sldeiatlon for the fa t that ho had no mono/ ,
nnd ho mounted the horse nud went on. Tno
following day he overt-ok a party that had
boon In the -samo gulch and had gene by and
obtained some work by the day In the dig
gings on Silver crock. Than ho wont north
and was rover heard from again.
Cowan , Stanley and the others , when they
reached the bedrock , drifted to the right.
A short dlstanco further on they came upon
what Illinois term the " "
"pay streak , and
then they began tunneling up the gulch to
follow it along. They kept their operatlota
secret for a time , until Mike Mahan , a
stage driver on the Tort Itenton road , lost
ono of his mules ono evening nnd came over
141U mil ItUJU 111U 1IIUJ1I 1UUI1 Mil LllV Ulll *
nial',1 trail. Mahan found the pnity at work
In ground that ho had never dreamed would
bo productive' . The workers
v > ere noioom-
mltttil , but Malmn't ) suspicions weic nrousn.l
anil when ho renched the caning fuithcr
south ho spread the story. Then the rush
to Last Chance gulch , which had been so
named by the Englishmen because they hail
regarded It as their last chancn before leav
ing the country , bcxan. Othci giound u-aj
taken up and thu gulch became at once Im
mensely productive. The quiirtut took up
the discovery clnlm nnd four others , as thu
law allowed , ard worked the pa ) streak to
the corner ot Wall nod Cloro streets , where
they lost It They derided not to omainj
another season and divided their pl'o and
went homo. They had $215,000 ajilece for
their shaics of the treason's wcrk
Nearly every building on the main street
of Helena standn on ground that with mod
ern methods would bo productive of more
than the amount taken from It with the
primitive HUMUS at thu command of the
early miners. Hut when the town gicw and
holdings wurn cut tin Into town IoU , and
vvhwn watur came to bo taken up foi munic
ipal purposes and wao no longer froa to the
miners , mining opeiatlons ceased on the
facalo that would have been nc-'cssary to
make them profitable. Today , how ever , the
gold It < In the ground. 'Hie foundation o'
moro than one big building- has In-en paid
for by the gold taken out of the dirt In
reaching bedrock for a firm footing for tlu
pieis Ono contractor made moro out of
the dirt , which , as It wn.s hauled away , he
had dumped Into Improvised sluice bo\ea
and vvauhed out , than the gross amount of
the contract for the excavation. In the cel
lar of ono of the Jewelry stores In thu city
today , where bedrock Ij unusually cloao to
the surface , ono may take n pan ni I On\ \
color with a spade In a minute's work.
Municipal progros. * ha * made Impossible iho
taking out of u vast amount of wialth. Old
miners deplore the fact , and practl'ul min
ing mon sustain their claims that with the
townslto clear of buildings ( hero would bo
a mine of wtalth that could bo taken out at
comparatively little ' Them
c'-xponno arc
aomo who hold tin * startling belief that It
would oven pay to buy th city , with all Itii
Improtwnoiiis , for the nake of nmimln , ; o.i-
oratlons again The asscMod valuation uf
thu properly in He'ena Is something in the
near neighborhood of 511.000000.
"It I couldn't work thli guleh with nov > '
methods , " said a geologist and mining man
the otlii'r day , "and get $30.000,000 , I
wouldn't want a cent I vas here when the
ground we ? worked before , Vihen dirt that i
wasn't pajliiR1 or $ a u ) urd v.tMn't le- '
gardod as being worth going after , and 1
Know something about the n > stem that was
then In voguo. It wasn't any uatei : at all
Half the gold was left behind The gul-ii
had already produced $30 000.000 and U
would give tip an much moro if wo coull
reach It again For the matter of that I
believe my figure * "to low. The only tiou
ble Is that today ) ou can't get mon to put
In that much on A speculation , or wo would
BPO a siultcate buying tie eity nnd moving
i It away to gst at tliostuC beneath. "
In ( hose da ) when Helena na.s ono ot
the gold renters ot the Mite some rare finds
came to the notice of t&d peci > lo In the form
of nuggets of gold Um would now make
a man open his -PC The largest nugget
ever round In the aUte , as far as thcro is
any known record , wis" brought to Helena
from Nelson Gulch , between the city and
Itltnlnl , only a few miles away. U was
valued at $2.350. The n.un who took It from
the Ground brought It to the city with other
dust ho had clraucd up nud sold It to Tutt
& DGiuld , who were then conducting n gen-
em ] meichandko stole on Ilrldge street , tJen
the prlnc'yal business street ot Last Chance ,
but now o-no of the picturesque recollections
of the glory of former days , a side n'reet
l > uylng only a small tribute to the great
ma'.i street down Hio winding gulch The
film so-all afterward dissolved and t'je as
sets were divide 1 , the nugget going to the
melting not and the owners to St. Louis ,
\vhero recently Mr. rult was cresldetit of the
Third National bank. There were half a
dozen nuggets welshing mar-e ( Van $2,000
within two } cars after the finding ot the
one In Nelson bar that came to the city , anl
largo imgsetfl became BD common that they
were not pRMserved. It wan not until a Iatr
date trat nny one took the troubleto pre
serve some of the largest of them One.
worth $1,730 was forwarded to Tiffany In
Now York , with the oxr-eetatlon that It would
bo y'aced on exhibition In the window of
his famous establishment and there stand
ns au advertisement of Hie resources of the
greatest pHcer mining etatn Uut the sordid
did spirit of the money-making metropolitan
saw nothing In the nugget but the mono }
It waa worth and that , too , went Into the
melting not within a day of Its arrival In
tno cast. The other nuggets found su'jao-
qucntlv term a i > art of one of the fine it col
lections of nuggets In the world Ono of
thohe now In the pr B stl-m of a resident in'
I'IP state Ins < \ hl'Ury nti ; hr , l It was found
In the forking ! * nt t'lo end ot a sluice bax
The fork'ama to the name- given the pile of
small botilde.s thrown from the box because
t icy obstruct the How of the water over the
fliiflr satnl r.ud cr.i\ol. and the luiun o ( KO ) 1
went over with the icat. being so lirgo that
with Its dingy coloring It esc.'ocd the at
tention of the mn at the ! x\ . A few min
utes afterward It lolled Into the sunlight ,
however , and attricted attention to Its woit'.i
and was avel. It weighed lift-sexcri ounces
and wja valued at $1,080 Thoplacer ground
fiom which It came was the famous Confcd-
or'to Gulch , which haa piolueed moro wealth
within the ramo Ft-aco of ground than pei-
l.-ns any other gulch In the teirltor > . There
v ere other nuggets fiom the equally celo-
bi > 'tcd Magpie Gulc'.l. tram Ophlr and Oregon
gen and French mil New York gulches and
( rom EIDoiado HiitL further down the Mla-
sotnl river thin t'if point vvheie the othot
gulches named entity Into that stream The
btcry of gold was a commcri ono those dia ,
and nuggets were nothing new to the sight
of the resident. s > that a record , valmble
is historj , was kept of on ! ) a limited number
01 incm.
There was n time , as there has been In the
now clJorado ot the north , when Hour vvro
scarcer thin gold , and cvciy oil-timer rc-
mcii'bero the ( lour ilotir of the later ' 603 ,
when thwe who attempted to cornet the sup
ply In the vv'iater when the snow was so deep
CM the lange and tlje rlvcr.s frozen over eo
eaily In the season that the calculations of
the dealers had been all upsrt wore com
pelled at the points cf ilflevs to disgorge anJ
the supplies weio paid for n fair rate and
ill'tilbuteil among tbe pooulatloi. . It Is re
lated of the early jca)3 ! on Magpie Creek
tlot the supplies weie iininrka > .ly short tin !
the hut'tlng Lad teen poor , ns wrli , until
the mlncM had been redticrj to the veigo
of starvation for the W4Ut of something to
Haver the bacon and liMns of which nlone
theio was a sulliclcuoy A prowling beast
came Into camp crie qvnnlng and va dis
patched by a mar who-had cone out for tu
armltil of xvob.I Ho xx-ns i't hungry enoug'i '
hltrself to rolUh the thcuqlit of eating It , but
ho knew a lot of the miners "n " the cab'ns '
nearby whom ho thought would 1 ave eaten
en ) thins that haJ thf flavo1of nuatmil he
s-o.i laid his plais. The anlnal waa coolifd
and served JM tc'rptlnsl ) as the art of two
old ml'cis could rompassand an iiivi .tien
was c'\tendcd to the poor fe'lowa across the
gulch to come snl enjcy a ! ct \ of game
fit for the paito ! of the epicure , ? 3 c-ie of the
hosts expic 'cd It They came. Their
mentis watered and with a relish so keen
that the ) did not nctlco the heals were
not partaking of the meat on the table they
fell to
"This venl on lode , " said one of the-
guests after the best part of It had been
put away , "Is a rcn arkobly fine showing
This hc'ro sfak of haunch Is particularly line
am' ' I should say that the whole lead ns-
saed away up "
"P. s nil in "
the Imagination , anyhow. ic-
n arlc'd the best at .lie erst end of the table
' What Is' " inquired one of the guests of
tlui dny
"Everything , " remarked the spokesman ,
philcsophlcjilly. "You want gold because
) ou are thinking of the thlnqs you can buy
with the money , and the chances are yo I
would bo as happy hero as unvwhoro nil
} our llfo It > ou could Ico'c ahead at It. The
Imagination makes you think ) oti haxo Just
eat"ii deei ' ' "
moa' , but It nln'1
"What Is If" Interrupted the guest who
had spoken bcfcrc " "
, "nil antelope ?
' NJ. ft woli' , " was the icnli
The Jaws ol ' > ho diners fell , but they soon
"It was a good Blow. Eiihow , " said one
of them , nnd the others ngroed Supplies
c"e teceheil soon aftcrv , ard thcro was
jileiit } of Hour nnd some frcsli > ncat li : tha
iimp after that , hut It was alwajs a Joke In
Magplo xulch that the Imagination v , ns ,
aftt all , the best sauce for n feast that
ever made. It took no Imagination to supply
the gold. These v.'hu hid , claims had plentv.
There was wnter In nbrnda ice end gold waa
to lo had for digging foi It 'Die only lenson
why operations wore not- conducted lomer
than they v.oie was that the giound did net
4llwns pay what \/ould bo considered a big
thing and the o caily mluei.s u anted u fortune -
tune light nwa ) . They were Impatlont for
giei't wealth They wore gamblers and riot
invcstora. They staked tl > ( Ir fortunrs on
tin lib of the cauls anil on the evolutions of
the xtlreel. There WPIO many Innta-icia
where claims that subsequently paid big
were the stakes In sundry Rambling enter
pl'3M. ' (
Thcro Is a stor ) of one man who waa ad
dicted to the gauif of aiuen-np. which i\c.i
not the mout popular name In the tonltory
then , hut It had lls duvoteca He met a
lilmhed tnlrlt who cwnod a claim near b ) ,
v'nil nioposed a game of'hU favorite kind.
"Wtit shall we iflns' for ? " iciqulrcd the
challenged one ' >
"Su < iose ) wo put ift | tl.iat ground of ours. "
suggested tiio first "I can do us well with
both , thu nuy the watori lies ? nnd If I don't
win It , v , lij i CAII pull ( tut and leak for bi
ter "
) ji
"P.'a a go. " snld tlw f/thor , and they went
at the gamn. A vvel ) ihuinbed deck of rardj
was produced nnd the -crowd Batherod near
The game progiiadcd , ullioit ( : Incident until
each pla > or had galijcd , tlx points and oncii
ono hud oao more o , uThe Hpootntors
craned their nocks nnd peered into the
lumU that came to 021)1 ) whllo the deal was
In progress The spend man dealt. The
man who had prcposo } . ( lie game looked at
his cards a long tlmo bufbre he > made up MX
mind what ho would do.
" ' ' 11 , " he said , finally
"Tlun I [ jiHs.-i ycj'vu got the gnino , " said
the othei. " .Show your high. It'll ho lo. '
toj so far us I cnn oo. I Iruen't got
color of a tnimp "
"Piny the cards , " observed the llr : . Is
ronh'allv , jofuslns to acuept the kaino c i
those te-rnw. The spectators had not see:1 :
his hand , and they dl 1 not resile that hi
wo Id have thu nurva to ulund wl.hout a
trump Hut tlat wag what ho hud anl
the c incut fcr iho csiiieaa doge an 1
e\cltln ; : . Thc > L.JU who had ste l wan It
final ) ) by cnc point and the clnlm was hU
Ihci ca ! ) nf.crward ho attained liU own u
d i 1.0 mu prospect work oa the- new territory
ard the showing wvi o KOI I ibat he "jlJ ut.t
the wcox after for 'Tj.OJj and WIMU hume t
trt Htiui * Wlih iho inngmi'iiil ' y of 110
wotcm minor IK hurtcl ojt liu
ai 1 offered him ihclaln h. had f .11 . > rl/
held end v hlc'i ho v us aho t n nl < trloi
an U'ft ' , Ibo claim was a < , 'cl anj vu ! i
iidilltlmM wt rk provoil to l > o almost as rich
aj the other Doth men made n good thing
nd both are said to have returned to their
former places ot residence , invented their
money to good advantage and lived com
fortably cvor nflorward.
lilnlio > * > oti-i ,
The steamer Prescott sank at her xvhirf
In Kllleport bay lost Monday night , and
nothing but her smokestack was visible.
Some rich ere Is now coming out ot the
gold quartz ml'ies of Willow Creek district
en the west sldo of this ( Dolse ) loiinty Mid
thcro will bo much activity In the district
next spring.
The report of the expenditures of the
Aslum far the Insane for IS97 shows n total
for maintenance of $32,731 30 , nnd for Im
provements. $7,11394 This leaves n bal
ance of $12.261.01 In the current expense fund
and $17,8Sfi 03 In the Improvement appropria
tion fund Thcro arc now 187 patients 1JO
males ni. l sUt-seven females , on Increase
cf fourteen since July Inst.
The hearing of nn Important land contest
case , Involving title to n largo portion of the
townslto of Hope , Is In progress In the
United Statoa laud olllce at Coeur il'Alenc
The people ot Hope nro contesting the i Ight
of 0 C Smith to the land , claiming It as
jx. government townslto. ( Smith Is the > oldest
resident ot the place and claims to have
squatted on the In ml long before there
was n town of Hope.
W. A. Clark of Dutto , Mont , will operate
the Sunset at Wallace this } oar. Ho will
have plclit ) of transportation , as n rallroid
Is to bo built to the property The mine
makes the grentest showing of any In the
Coeur d'AIcue country. As the vein goes
over the mountain n channel has boon cut
In It , allowing the walls on each side for
miles. The ere la continuous along the
vein , and Is high grade , both lit lead and
The lead silver mines of northern Idaho
nro prospering , owing < o the good price of
lead. South of the load mines nro the free
gold belts of Warren , nik City and Klorenco.
At Wai rcn two five-stamp mills wore erected
during the fall nnd two or three mills were
elected Jt I21k City. At Klorenco , which ,
two or three years ngo , was simply an old ,
worl.ud-out plicor camp , there nre now slv
or seven mills turning out large quantities
of bullion. The mines become moro vnl-
unblu as development work Is done on them.
The town of Florence , which Is among the
mines , U at an altitude of 0.100 feet.
Moiiliinii Nru * > II-H.
ncnvorheul county paid $2 US for thrr-1
wolf sc.ilp.s and the scalps of 703 coctoa
last year.
\ recent Ijl ! : lireIn n store In Hutto
moused suspicions nnd the Insurance eom-
I-anlcs liixo engaged detectives to Invo ti-
gate before the ) pay the losses.
II , L Hnlllday ot Texts will put fifty
sheep thcnrlng machines In operation for a
nncher in Gicat Palls this ) cnr on conJI-
tlcn that ho bo guaranteed CO.OOO cheep to
Qulnn's Hovlcw , published weekly at
Hutle , has ceased to o\lut. The publisher
claims It has paid from the start , but thoio
are other He-Ids which present anoio Inviting
Under Governor Smith's prc"lamatloT
against all "southern cattle , " none can io
impotol Into Montana without nine days'
quarantine nt the owner's expense before
being allow oil to go t large
The pioduct of the Costal Spring coil
mine , flvo miles south of Jo'Iet , in Carbon
county , was put en the market 'act week
for the first time. The ticinol Is in moro
than " 00 feet on a six-foot vein The ccal
Is anthracite and closely leECmblcs I'cnnj- !
van'.i coil
There I.s n great nggicgatlon of Indiana nt
the Ilclkuap agency A crowd of Asslnl-
bolnos and Gros Venties. to tl.o number of
about 1,500 , is gathered at that point to le-
ccivo their government nm'tiltlcs the ills'
tributlon of which ID atout a month lutcr
than usual About 100 head of beeves forai
pait of the supplier distributed.
Three or four ) cars ago tlie Lump Otilcli
mining District wja ono of the most active
'n the istate , about 2000 me.i being engage !
H mining in a district six miles long b )
tour In width. Soveial fortuneo were tnken
out of the mines and a Iar < o number of leads
were discovered which promised to ma' > e the
section the greatest producer of sliver in the
west Hut the drop In silver maJe nllvoi
ml'i'iig ' In this dntrlct unprofitable nnd one
by tno the mhos bivo been closed and the
Inhabitants migrated
N ' s Note *
Camon ilrv gosds merchants aie attracting
custom b ) giving promenade concerti'-ln t'loir
Slnro the big Hro nt Vliglnli In 1S37 the
nmriher of Chlnan-.c In that town lus fallio
from IJ.fiOc . ) to
A thousand head of homes \.ill be chipped
c > on from Kureka countv. to Te\is , prices
being better now thai fauncrly.
Joe Dowers whllo Miffeilng from ntonach
troub'o , wandered fiom a hotel iKlko ono-
nlght last week .mil has l.ot been , heard
from since
County Clerk Pr-rtcr of Iteno hw granted
! 2'J liconEOi to many slnco Ma ) fi , 1S07
In lotrid1 numbers 100 ot them were to dl
.rrce I people from Call'ouila.
The mill ow3rs on the Con'atock and th"
owners of the railroad and ether enterprises
are becoming Impatient over the snull out
put of ore and .ire beginning to Insist that
the mines bo moro energetical ! ) vxciKed ,
and worked for the purpose of discovering | 1
ere. j
Active work 's ' In progreai , at the Cliali-
nan : mine at HI ) upen ore that average i ? ! . " >
, „ , , . , I , , „ „ ! , ! Thn Ho'iimt nt I'Avft \ .1
llve-fcot lodge , at a depth of ac\cnt-3vo
feet , which yields $1200 pr ton In gold
The Jupiter las $18 ere at a depth of s\t ! )
( cct
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
iliiHi-nlicru H ( iulllj ni lllr.nin.i
INDfAXA1 O ] IS J in. 27.-.M iH s n erg ,
the foimcr mnriiKer of the Wes Side Hop-
l.lns tlu.itvr 'n ' Chliit o , and who has belli
In the theatrical business i numbir of
jiiis In various naits of the < ounti ) , vva
tonlsht found ( fiillt ) of blij.imy In the erlrn-
innl couit , tliud JUO ami nnteneeil to tin
county Jill for ISO d > .i. With tie mstH
added , tills will keep Uosenbeig In pilson
i cm I ) two yours.
It'llOlll InillKIDll flllllN.
INDIANA I'OhlS , Jan. 27-Tho. sreio-
t.iilert of lA-enty-ilvo of the lidding f ilr aH-
pocl.itlons In the htito met hero todiy mil
piH-ifd lOhOlutlons in favor of every fair
ifsoelillon within tinM iti cxc-lu'llns fiom
fulis ill HbovvB H was * \pVni-d
l-iit the fulr msoelatloii' * In- the ptatci weio
rrver troulilid with xueh oxhlbitlons until
nfur the World's fair at t'lilo-uso.
Vtlneli ( lull Cart. In IVeUvliti- .
C INl'lNNATI , Jan 27-The Kniiulier po-
ilil fiom 1 'banon , Ind. , H ) i. The f'll- '
eiigo & Southwestern lallwjy today moved
conMdinahlo fiokht by HttiH.-.liiK mull eu.i
b lek of the laboosi. ThiHi1 Irilnu wn not
liitpntlpted It in iiidlex-il Hint the inoniy
will soon be Fecund lo pi ) Hr > men and
t nt the trnuli'e ' v\l'l ' b vi
l''rnnii' hjiiiiiii'in jliMiiru 10Vorl > .
BOSTON , Jan. 27-TJio fr.una i'pnnrr |
nt the Pall Hlvcr lion Works' mills hive
rotuincd lo woik.
Itt'MOHA ' OP A till ] 11 VII , HO M ) Hi : Hi ,
imtirnpr : n roii nllilnlloii at
York Crntrnl mill I.nUr .Slifirr.
NRW VOKK. Jan. 27 The Commprels.1-
Advorttecr a > a toddy. A combination of
facts In relation to the New York Central
nJ I/ike Shore railroad luinasoment. and
stock nnrket reflectlc'-.ifl of them , have been
generally Interpreted to Indicate an oirly
consolidation of those two railroad a ) Memo.
The cxecullx * oOlcers of the Central re
fuse to say anything occtilrmatcry or In de
nial of the rumor This \a \ tiken as see-
onJary cxldcnco of Its probability.
Some five jears ngo the project xxv.s under
ws ) . &cul It hns slsce'brpii ' salt that It would
have been consummated then but for the
financial ptntc that ramo en about tint
tlmo Recent refunding upprntln s on the
Iake Shore , and talk of refunding ( vrrittlo-is
k\ relation to Central , have breu tndomtoo.1
ns preUmlanry steps to the greater trans
Treasurer r. V. W Honiltor ot the * Ccn-
tral Is on hl.s way to 13gpt to moot Cornrlluo
Vandorbllt and hold n business conference
with him. It Is repotted that ho carried
with him the plan of consolidation of the
two roidf. a plan to which Mr. Vnndcrbllt
IA cald to have beai favorably disposed , and
that Mr Hosslter's n.Italoa la to securo'lila
formal approval of it at this tlmo If he
succoc'o , the consolidation will bo effected
Immediately upon his return.
Details of the -phn of consolidation nro
necessarily largol ) conjectural Ono report
had It that the project was ccricolvcd b ) Wil
liam 1C. Vandorbllt and Is llkcl ) to be cir
ricd out by him , This ii based upon the
fact that Mr Vanderbllt. b ) reascM ot hit )
large stock ow aershlp In the hake S"ioro , Is
In the petition to do the thin ? It ho w > ints
to ami the Central njnnagcmcnt which
moms Cornelius Vanderbllt , approved of It
The plan suggested In this cccinectioti U fur
the to buy the Mko Sl.orj for $100-
000.000 , pa ) able In 3V4 Pr cent bnnils
The road slnco l Sl lisa not failed to earn
7 per cent on ? IOO 000 OJO , nnd It U assumei ? the Increased capitalization could bo
easily imlntalned at par
Oil Ml V ItT1JH X\t ltisl : I.'P 1YVlt. .
XleniplilH Itoilte NIIM VI ! ] . < < u Cut In
I'n'viir if KMIIMMN Clt > .
\NS\S CITY , Jin 27. Notice was re
ceived hero today that the Southein I'.iclflc
lallio d had Issued a tiulIT at Now Orlen-is ,
I effective tomorrow , making the same rates
to Oiu.ih i as to Kansis Clt ) on sugar mo-
I lasses , coffee and rice shipped f om Now
Orleans This discrimination In fiver or
Omaha , as ag-ilnst Kansas Clt ) , Is , In i'f-
fuct , made by the Kansas City , Plttsbun ;
Gulf i old , tlinugh the Southein Parlllc
la the Initial line out of Now Orle ns foi
such shipments. Tne announced late Is .r
| cents on sugar , nnd 35 vents on molnssuH ,
Ice and coffee > .
At the olllco of the Kansis C'tv ' , Tort Scat
it Memphis road It Is nnnounci 1 tonight that
| the Moirphls road will make a rite on thiss
lour commodities fiom New Orlr us to
Kansas Clt ) , oftcctive on Moada > next , .1
cents lower than the rate to Otnaln. nnd
that If the Plttsburg . Gulf phall i educe IU
Omaha rate to meet the cut n further io
ductlon of 3 cents will bo undo to Ka is a
MiPXCIPIO ( nmncioitti MIIT. :
Koporl that lnl > Itdiilllle Hnsliii'is
Was CoimliliTt'il.
NIEW YORK. Jan 27 President Hcra o
G Unit and Vice President Mli.k of the
Union Pacific inilwa ) wire In
with the executive or ndvUo-y convn fce
ih this city ) ostcrda ) Piesldont Marvin
Hughitt ef the Cl Ic.igo li Northwestern
ioal , who Is a n ember of the c\ecuiive com-
mlttee , was prcsint. The lonforenro It Is
| said , dealt almost entirely vvlti loutitic
j matters. Prts dent Hurt will prob.bly re
main hero for another we1) ) ;
Oilers Illicit lsliii < l ! ' ! : : ItoncH.
NE\V YOIIK. Jan. 27 The ncv. 4 p-r cent
nlnotv-.voar gold bon.'vi of the Hock U and
Ilillrotd conipu'iy are elfereJ to lnldcrs of
the present 5 per cents , tic litter to ba
estimated at IOj'4 a-d acTiied I iton > t as
ofIaj 1. The ciicular malilrg the offer
cont'i'ns a letter from President Cable an
nouncing Hat the 1 sue of the I per contu
us SlUO.OOO.llUO and thu $5JUJO ODD were -sjul
to retire the D per ecat b i ds and VS.OOO.l'OU
7 per cinl Chicago Scuthwf.mnids. . Ml.
Cab c ,31)s lhal bj refundin ; the n.iiual In
terest charges will Lc ludiiccj $ l'lC21 ( It
Is alao sfitcd that the Rock Is'and ' s not
cainingj foi the i.lno u t"ttis oIHi ; Ic-
fcmbcr 31 ( December itcd ) Ini-ieased
51 52o,13S ovei the corrcspon ng period of
Si ciireH Mi < - HeliijEe Mm- .
MOXTIUJAI. Jan 27 The Canadian Pa
cific railway has acquired ( ontiol of trc-
Helnzo line iiinnlng frc-m Ilobron to HOBU-
land , II i' Mr. Hcliiyo las been In the
city for the last two da ) a lonferring wllii
Sir William V n Ho'n and as a lesult in"
their meeting the Heln/o line will pass into
the hinds cf Iho Cinadlnn Pacific ttillwaj ,
as will the smelter at Holland It n
ni'dci-stood thi.t tno Canedlaii Pacific will
take possesslo i nt once
( 'ilium ' | | ) < > Mirrlcil J-'ree.
NRW YOHIC , Jan. 27 The Joint TrafRc
asioclation lias provided fcr free tp.n-
portatloii over lines within in jurisdiction
of supplies for the relief of destitute people
I'l Cuba. 'Ilicse supplies hoivcxci , miial
ba confllned to the authorized reprise na
tives of the Central Cut an Relief committee
npp.luted by I'rcsidint McKlnlcy.
MI Shlppei-i nutllleil ( ( hiItnle. .
DG3 MOINKS. li , J.n 27 The uupreiao
lourt to a ) rijclded In tie ca.ios brought
against the Hou\- ! City & I'acllc and the Chicago
cage & Northwc.sUrn reads that nil shlnper.j
must bo leruiltted to avail lln.ieselves of
joint intcu voluntarily e tablUI cd by the
roads , v.holhor lew than commlssleneici latia
or not.
Oiiiilin Itiinil ( irN ( n IIlilenil
NI3W YOIIK , Jnn 27 The dlr ? tors e
the Chicago , St , Paul , MlMicjpolls & Oni.ih i
huvo deelarod a .s .iil-annual ulviiUnd of .1
jor cent on the prefeuod ste k and 1 per
rent on the common stock , both payoh'o
February 21.
Vllluaiil. ee'w inriliiun : lnercaNe.
CHICACO , Jnn 27. ( Jio ? earnings of ( he
Chicago , Mllwaukco ft St I'aul for the
month of DuonJbcr were $ . ' ,817.0bO , an In-
ircMo of } iW.20l ovir the saino month 01
last year
NIIW YOIIK , Jan. 27.-n ( ) 'hi appllentlou
of both HliU-n the milt bioii'-.lit by Ciono II.
Huthavvny and Itlvjnl llcunl ag.ilmit
Klli Jaf NniiBuii , Din Altle onorti | , lo 10-
eovei ? XJ-0 d imaKes f i lirun h of eontiaet
In falMni ; lo eoinpli'to the llftv lecture.J
v/rli'i It VVIIKI allefceil .N'nini-'ii hail fal'ed to
deliver , VVUH illKfonllnuPd ted ly Ileinl ami
Hat haw ay wile Nuns n'J bi.slne.s-i u.ina < > r. <
hlrt tour In this coun'.iy.
rou ; > i usr.
A New
.Author of "She , "
"IChiff Solomon's Mines , "
Etc. , Etc. ,
Has Completed Another
Story Entitled
Tlu > lu io of Hir- story Is a grand
son of ICinj ; Solomon on an i'\-
lU'dltldii to tinC olden Gplilr of
the lllble.
A RomriJioo of Pro-Historic
Afriut : , Dnrinsly
Ininginntivo nud Pull
of Thijlliug : Action.
This story v111 ajipi'ar In
As tl S M' , 111 Ton
Iti'Klnninc IVlininry Ki.
( With llhi
la this btory Mr. Mag-mi makes
a new domoiintntlon of hla vvon-
deiful power In the field of pure
lomance. Ho once moro bull )
lifts the curtain tint htdcj Iho file
of nations dead aiid u. i d In the
ngos ot walch 1(0 ( lenrd remains
j except In t ! o silent ir. ' r. of tho'r
Zlmioe. an lnla.,3 tra.'lng city
that nourished In the heart of 3,000 years ago , anJ people !
by tl'o Phoenlcla/is , la f"c scene of
the stor ) . To this city cornea
Pruco Aslcl , a gram'jon of Kin ?
So'omon , acco.npanied b ) Isaachar ,
a picjt of I rael , cnl Mctem < i
PhcenlcHi trader , who brings a
caravan of merchandise.
In Eilssa , daughtoi of Sal'cn 1 I ig
of JCimboe , the piinco mcetn his
fate King Hi'Obal. lord of mary
legions of sivago vvarrloni H il-
rcady a suitor for her lit'i 1 I'e
hues In tiuo barbar'iin fnah'en
socks to cany her oft by foiee , nnd
lo fcllel In the attc'iipt b ) Piinco
Azlcl. The atory utifnlcli ! ( . < > f
nrotind the feud between the Pilnco
of Israel an1 the aavago King I"io-
bal , Ellssa Is.a ulvoi her in irt
to Ailcl , nnd loaths the baihailan
monarch. Issachar , the priest , M
determined that no i r nee of tbo
house of David sha I wed a heathen
maiden , whose people worship Pan !
AH a iwiilt of 1 Is Intrigues , ICllssa
Is elected the high pile.stcss of
Tais fixes an invpaasablo lellglous
gulf between Iier and Ailcl. The r
j.iEs'oncto ' love sccl'i to nurmoint
all Inuleis. Moli Imo , Ithslal h.s ! huge nimy of snvagri
aioucil the fated olty , and demr id
Ing E lEoa In marriage , pre ( > ir < <
to destroy It if he h lo.'n.-icd. Ho
Ellpsi vio'ate.i . her oith a high
prlesliss and propsic to lly with
Azlol ; I'o-v Uiey aio both dlacover'1 !
nnd thiea'o-cl with death by ti.o
pr esla uf Hnul ; how , to navn eai'i
other , ihe by her ilsht en the high
; f lial ! , iiBincrt him her
:1 : , wMIc ho lonoui'.ceii his
faith anil ofCcta to Hkal ,
hov ithobara horde nf savages
ptorms the walls of thu city , urid
both Azlol and Ellsu fn'l ' Into hid
powei ; and how , at last , Azkl Co
capen with his llfo by llllt. i ii
feigned KUbm'udlon ' to Ithabal , nlio
In turn c'.icipng ! Ithobal by kllllus
licwelf , Inall told in ir. ! H.jggar'l ' a faissinatlnj ; inaiacr.
The awful coromunli-f in the tnm-
plo nf jjcal , the wdrd rltej In the
bacrud grovcn of Xlmboo. and the
lurharoun battle hcBnen of that fai-
off tlmo. are dwcrlbEd with all the
nuthor's miivclous WMith Qf Ima -
Inativo losoyrce.
Jt IH a Htoij that will wiira'y mi.k .
UK ciio of the fircatotl , < n Qt flction
of IMS.
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