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Omaha , January 26. 1SOS.
It's most like Christmas
Alike in our continued store Attractions that all economical buy
ers are taking advantage of alike in the selling for the great savings
made are so genuine that our clerks were never busier Christmas
times than now.
DRESS noons
Undoubtedly you
luivo dcon waltinir
fur this time to got
n now dress.
Tlconcomo now.
You'll ' ( liul just
the wuntod mntorial
nt the price
you'll like to pay
perhaps loss.
Fifty conU ) then 25 cents now.
Ono dollar then flfty-revon cents now.
Dallar twonty-nvo then sixty-seven
fonts now.
Dollar forty coats then eighty-nine
cents now.
Dollar fifty ccnta tlioa ninety-eight
cents now.
BLACK Now weaves In blauk
DUHSS ( iOOnS gooda.
We-ainblo all the year rcvind. A rnro
surprtao It Is to find a very desirable
lot at n way-down price. Tlicso lilnck
Koodij are shown under a good strong
light , that tests both shade and qual
Now Ilayatloro Novelties , GOc.
Now lllrd'a Kyo Novelties , GOc ,
Now Armnre Novelty , _ S3c.
Now Oeiheno Novelty , Slie.
Now Novelty Suiting , 75c.
AEMNANTS Silks , nnvolty ( Tress
jfoi'ds ' anil black goods.
Wo liavo too many short pieces.
There Is many n waist and skirt pat
tern among these awaiting vomo for-
tunnto 'buyer ' at much less than the
pleco price.
Then hero Is etlll a goil asrortment of
Paris Novelties left Standard goods
nitd llttloprices every wiu a perfect
ib canty.
$1.00 I'arls Novelty now DOc.
$1.25 I'arls Novelty now SOc.
$1.50 Parla Novelty uow OSc ,
mwlo and
duintily finished
titular muslins ,
tlmt arc - justus
us you'd huvo
thoai inado
nt homo
und tit a
iunch leas tost.
Baby's long and short droyscs , all now
stylet' , mnilo of longcloth and Nain
seek , r > 0c to $3.00 each.
NOTIONS-LUtlo things that are bis
when you need thom-
Tliey cost a mere trifle.
Gold Wire Safety Plus 5c each.
Hair Plus. lc per paper.
Tracing W'heela. ' 5c each.
The Golden Spring Hooka and Eyes , the
hig-liest grade patent hooks , will 'not
mar the llnost fabric , lOc per card.
Surely Spring Hooka and Kyoa. Ccper
Illack Safety Pins , So and lOc per card.
Book Vina , 5c and lOc per paper.
IJLANKHTS A few of the bargains
still to bo had in our
llunnol und blnnkot dopartinunt.
Swansdown , 7c per yard , reduced from
; EC.
Turkey rod ani ( dark colored Outing
Plannel now r > q per yard regular 8V&c
and 7c goods ,
nidcrdown , 27 Inches wide , 2lc per yard
were B5c. fiOc , 43c. 30c per yard.
11-1 Grey Cotton IJlankcts at 75c per
pair v.-cro $1.00.
All Wool Grey Blankets. 11-4. now $2.88
word $1.00.
Pine Saxony Wol Whlto Blankets at
$3.50 per pair were $ l.7G.
"Whlto Cotton Blankets , C3c pair wcro
DOtmi.K For jjlrls , ages 10 to 12
VK WAIST-yotira.
Light weight i dainty garment ucautl-
fully made of the ( most quality soft
finish muslin , -with t > earl buttons , ami
trimmed at the neck with tine Ham
burg edging. It Is a slight modlflca-
ttcn of the children's style It Is fullrr
ki the bust and hips and Is adapted for
girls who foavo outgrown the child
ren styles. It suu > orts underclothing
from the shoulder. It 'buttons ' In front.
The ahapo perfect.
Price , 75c each ,
separate dross
skirts is our
specialty for
No use to waste
time in
making tlicso
at homo ,
i You can
purchase ( "tress
skints , all ready
to walk out with , for loss than you would
pay for the cloth and lining.
All our $1.50 Skirts now 75c each.
All cup $2.00 Skills now $1.00 each.
All our $3.00 Skirts mow $1.50 each.
All our $5.00 Skirts now $2.50 each.
No alteratloiiri will be made on any or
those garments.
All our flno $1.00 Calico Wrappers now
75c i > auh.
All our beautiful Klceco Flannelette
Wrappers , regularly sold at J1.75 , now
$1.00 each.
$5.00 Ooats now $2.DO.
$10.00 Coat. ? n'--.v ' $5.00.
$10.00 Flno Kcrsay Capm now $3.00.
WOMAN'S Two sorts told of snt-
PETT1 COATS rcn and moreen.
Chocso which you arc interested in and
read prtM quoted today.
Petticoats of black sateen , umbrella
fihatie. perfect In finish and nt , at
75c , $1.00 , $1.50 , $2.00 and $2.25 each.
Pottle-oats of black moreen , umbrellu
shape , corded rufiles , at $2.00. $3.00 ,
SD.5U. $3.75 , $1.00 and $4.50 each.
Pottlcoats In roman stripes , umbrella
flounces , < it ? 1.25 each.
Petticoats , in fancy colored moreen ,
cordc'.J with velvet , m $3.50 each.
McCAI.L'S Agents for McCall'.s
PATTKHNS patterns.
All patterns lOo or l&c none higher or
rrtio better , uo matter how innuL-h you
MKN'S Men's cotton and
FURNISHINGS wool mixed half hose
lOe a pair , reduced from 20c.
Men's Merino Half Hose 16c or two pair
for 25c former price 25c a pair.
Men's Woolen Gloves and Mittens , ex
tra value at 25c a pslr reduced from
Man's heavy. Fleece Lined Driving Gloves
$1.50 a pair reduced from $2.25.
Heavy Fleeced Lined Kid Glovw and
Mlttemi at $1.00 reduced frrm $1.50.
iAll of our $1.00 quality of Lined Gloves
and Mittens at G9c. 75c quality now
4Sa a pair.
All our
remnants of
Duiunsk are
now at prices
that will
soon dwindle
away.They run In length from 1V4 up to 3' , .
S'nrdo long. Housekeepers should not
mi ii this chance.
Linen Sheets and Pillow Canes of right
sorts will servo you and the next gen-
Hemstitched Linen Sheets , flOxSO , were
$7.50 , tow $ C.OO a pair.
Hemstitched Linen Pillow Cases , 22x30 ,
was $1.25 , now $1.00 a pair.
Hemstitched : Linen Pillow Cases , 21x30 ,
twas $1.00 , now SOc a pair.
HOSIERY AND Ladies' black cash-
UNDERWEAR more hose with
spliced ankles and
soles , also French foot.
I5e , reduced from C3c.
DOc Fleeced Hcse , with ribbed tcjis , extra
fine quality , now Sac tfalr.
Children's Wool Hose , In odd sizes only ,
15c , 2 for 23c reduced from 25c a pair.
Children's cotton ribbed , flec-e lined
Hose , In all sizes , lOc reduced from
A few moro str.all sizes In ladlco' fine
Cnmcls' Hair Vests end Pants to bo
closed out at G9c regular prlco $1.00.
Ladles' very flue quality Fleeced Lined
Vests and Pants , SOc each.
" \Vo still have a few sizes toi ladles' Im
ported Stuttgarter Garments left which
wo are closing out at $1.00 less than
half the usual price.
A now
fotituro in
this year is
, the gathering
thread two
stout , strong
threads , plac
ing the
gathers eronly as you draw them.
.Thaw goods come In Natoaooks only and
will bo much appreciated for trim
ming children's clothes. Busy mothers
are always on the lookout for laborsaving -
saving devices , and wo believe this Is
an Important one. Ho sure and SPC
them they ccat you cio more than the
old style.
See our new Fluted Liberty Silk in del
icate shades and moie coming and
only 75c a yard.
a 9
lior. but that It will I > replaced In t'ip cours'
or n few weeks by ono uf the cruisers. BU < V
a the AlarblclioaJ or tlio MontKouiory. li
Is not doomed best ti vrnturc ono ot tin
heavy draught battleships like the Iowa v ;
Indlir.a Into Havana l.arbor , save In ar
LMiierKcncy , because It would bo 11 needless
exposure of thu vessels to ucc'ldont.
The Siiin'sh ' Kovoninient bis a numcroiu
fleet In Cuban waters , but most of the crafl
nro small gunboats , fcr tcalnlaluini ; tin
blikailc > aKal'iiot filibusters. There are , however -
over , coven cruisers , of which ono. the .Mar-
< iuls do ! a lOnscer.ada , ts prutected with iiunu
armur , althoiiKh It L ? not larscr than
some of our Rtinboats. bcliiR l.OGI tons
disiiitu-i'nitnt. Tlio otlur cruiiicio are Al-
jiliri i'j ' XIII , 3,1)00 ) tana ; UcnUu de Vaalto ,
1,18 ! ) tons ; Infanta Isabel , 1,10J ( ton ; Iscl II ,
1.152 Uiw ; Itelna Chrbllai.a , 1,153 tons ; Heiln
SlproL'dCis. 3,190 tons. There uro nlnetcpii
Ki-nboats , r.-siHj over SSO tons , as foKunti :
Alvarado , 100 toru ; Asulla , 71 tons ; Alsedo ,
i'17 toiCarldid ! ; , 34 tons ; Csntineia , 31
Ior5 ; Ccntrnmarstor , 179 tons ; Crlolo , 1711
tons ; Cuba n-onala ; , , Sc3 tors ; DelRa'Jo
liojo. . 233 1011.5 ; 121 lepe.ieneo > , 23 > tens ;
I.ego Vclaiiqucz , 300 tons ; KernaJo El
Cote'lco , DOO tons ; Oenoral Coticho , 521 tons ;
( i3idli'ii , 521 tcoa ; MaKiill'cse , 521 tarn ;
1'uarro , 300 tons ; 1'oneo de Leon , 200 tuna ;
Sa .loval. 100 tout.Vieeo ; N'uno/ lieIilboa ! : ,
30J torj. lUvildra these Kunboats there | .i n
tn.pupart , the I , < ? K2npl. of 1,219 tor.8 iind
live topeilo vescicU. Gallcla. 570 tons ; Jeorgc
Juan. U33 la : . ? ; Flllplras , 530 tons ; Munnies
do MllirM. 570 tons ; Xueva Kapana. C30 tons ,
and four small ! -uincir ! .
i.i irrtJKiir nous M > T iTnuobi.iiCT.
I'ivuiIrN Dlrri-l Aiirir ( o Atloi-ury
| ) ( - IIIII'H 'rt'Mlnioii ( > .
CIHOACO , Jan. 25.--Tho croBs-examlna-
tlon of Adolph I. . Lneteert was 'rtfltimtd '
by state's Attorney DeneiMi tcday. Questions
that f-oiiBtlliileil n ser'oua attack on lili bus-
liii'Sd Integrity xvoro jmt to Uuotgert by the
Htutu'a attarnoy and at tlnu-d the defund nt
became perplexed and moved
about uneasily In his chair. It waa asked
of the prisoner lu queries covering every
rUull , whct'hor Jie had not falsllled the
liu ! of < ! il3 sausagevjiicrrn In orJcr to sell
it , whether ho hsd not hurntxl the bt)3lu ) ;
woei'iriho ' had not shipped fioujs from the
'an ry In order to dofr.uid h crrtlltnra ,
nnd If ho had not told suvcral parsons. In-
eluding nvn nf his employes , that he li J laid
l laua la UefrauJ Koronian llrotlicra , thu
VaiikiM. when they should take an Inven-
< ij of ntock at tha o-iMago factory. To all
< | iusMnis. liowover. I/jetgr-t : had tut ono
answer. "I don't recollect any suh thliu ; . "
llrlelly told , this la the Uio of fraudulent
tiiiisactluiB ; U1" ctate'o attorney tried to
h..ow After Luetgort rcturneJ to New
York ho found he rould not * the fc-
lory payKo ho took much of the goads
nil hum ! and placed them lit a storehouse
\\hlo Ills coiiildmitl-.l man helJ the ware-
) i uau rccelpti. Then ho drew nut all the
morey 'ho could and ( aUlfkil thu hooka. Una
cs't alleged In whc-'p he m said to have
Bt'iit Olto Teach to Koroman Hr. tucra' hanlt
to drav $1.200 iind r ' < flctlrtous nau-.u o. <
a f.ilto bill.
Are nu.i-li I'l ' l.u , " , n\\H | ) ' <
ready , eftlflent , satisfac
tory j prevent a cnhl or fever ,
viirn nit liver lilt , tick ln-ad
aclio , Juiicdh-o , c-oti > tl | ttluii , cle. 1'rlco ;
Tli * ouljr 1'illi to Ulii lUi lltwd'j
( Continued from Klret Page. )
was given In the cvcnlm ; by the Commercla'
club and the Hoard of Trade to all delegates
at Maonncrchor hell and n buffet lunch" was
served. 'Many ' of the delegates have beet
ontart-ilnod by uiembers of the reeoptlot
commlttco at the Columbia club.
The executive committee was continued by
vnanlmoua veto of the convention today , am :
will t9 given power to add to Its mombera
It held n meeting in the morning and' resolved -
solved to prosecute- the light for currency
loform to MIO utmci-'t ami to make en cfforl
to w.30 thtncccaay funds by In.proaslng
upon tin * busincus community the Importsnct
of placing the currency upcu a atablo basis ,
A glgnllUant mctlon we.i made before the
adjournnisnt of the convention by Mr.
Ithoades of New York. It was that when
the convention adjourned the adjournment
bo subject to the- call of the chair and not
final adjournment. Jlr. Ithoadcovthdrow
his motion at the time , but will renew It
tomorrow. 111.5 purpose Is to placa It In
the power o ! the executive committee to
summon the reprtticntatlvcs of the busi
ness community together at any tlmo durlns
the light in ccnsrt > s.s when their Influence
accics likely to bo potent.
Tha following Is the committee on rcsoln-
lions . . 'Jlcctoi ! by states tonight. Arkansas
II. \4. Rommel ; Connecticut , Joel A. Sperry ;
Oeorgl-i , Ilufiw H. Ilullock ; Indiana , II. II.
Hanr.a ; Illinois , Krarklln MacVcagh ; Iowa ,
P. C. Nource ; Kansan , C. V. Kersiison ; Ken
tucky , Thoiras W , Diillltt ; .Maryland. Jo'.in
M. Nolsoti ; Mlnhlgcn , William II. Anderson ;
Minncoota , Joaaph A. Whoelock ; .Monta.a ,
II. II. I'almer ; M.-eHclHwe-tts. Henry L. Hi- !
glii.ion ; Missouri , C. J. Iluhbard ; Nebraska ,
f , II. Dletr'ch ; New York.V , K Dod-jo ;
North Carcl.'na , C' . II. Koglo ; Ohio , UcruLi
I' . Smith ; I'ecujylvanla. John 0 , llullltt ;
Ithoio Islrnd , Kowlaud C. Haitzard ; Tex-as ,
M.4. \ . Crawford ; Ter'iiesnee , A. S. Caldwell ;
Virginia. William U. Trlgg ; Wisconsin. V.
II. '
Ill I'll x < if I'riif , TH > In iof | li < > I'm Ici-sK.v
rt' \i-l > rn Uii.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 25. ( Special. ) Prof.
W. U Mngworthy Taylor of the University
of Nebraska , writing to the monetary coin-
mission concerning tholr recently published
roprt on the subject of currency rcfofrm ,
commends It on the whole as a wno meas
ure. "Tho lommlsBlon , " ho says , "wca evi
dently confronted with tbo problem of v/hat
U practloablo , as well as with that of what
la best. The result Is a proposal of legis
lation strictly In line with historical clflvcl-
opment. This osrocmeat with historical de-
xelopmem is evidenced both by what
la not proposed and by what U proposed.
It U not jirojiwuil to dUturb the existing
silver clrcu'atlon , whether In Um form of
changing the denomination ? so aa to allow
cf the freer use of silver lu ordinary trena-
m lions. In the matter of banking tha pres
ent &yt m of resarvo and o ( redemption
are retained. A : iattm of rcjortc Is a
mailer for delicate adjustment. The present
nystem has worked fairly well , and aa It ap-
plica equally to notes nnd to deposits there
was no rfasoti for disturbing the exUtlng
state of affairs. The jamo doslro to do ono
tiling at a tlmo has restrained the commlt-
slou from any attempt to Introduce the
Suffolk system of redemption of banknotes -
notes ,
"Tho positive action cf the commission hca
been to embody In the banking pvopcs.i'j
that synUm which eeumti to huvo worked
best In the country the so-called 'safety
fund system , ' by which the whole body of
banks is solidly responsible for its whole cir
culation. In this matter the commission haa
made a clean swoop. It has not sought to
create an amphibious and self-consistent
creature. It amply demonstrates that bank
ing on assets secures the circulation wl-.t-n
the banks are treated ns a guild. O. roursn
the greenbacks are retired , l.u * nohhor
their retirement nor the change JM the rank
ing system is to bo tudden. The govern
ment guarantee remains ; the reMlvahllltv
by banks or the notes of otficr banks re
mains ; in othsr words , the national banking
Kystor-i Is contliitiL'd unlmpalr il
"Tho commission could not have done
less ; It would have been unw e for it to
1 ave attempted to do mora. The simplicity
and thorcughnesa of ltd report will inako it
a classic. "
DOM : is iiH.\nin : I.-OH WASHIXOTOX.
nml Di-pnrtM In tin * UIiNl of
li Know SliH-ni ,
CHICAGO , Jan. 25. Sanford n. Dole ,
president of Hawaii , after a visit of two
days , left Chicago for Washington toJay.
The president of the Island republic wont
out as ho ramo In , under Uio wild escort
of a northwest blizzard. The presidential
party left by the Ualtlmoro & Ohio , with
which company special arrangements had
been made for conducting the party to the
The party was In charge of T. W. Crlfller ,
third asa'aitant secretary of state , and .Major
Helstandt , military attache of PrcoiJont Mo
Klnloy. The party Included , besides tlicnj
gentlemen , President cod Mrs. Dole , FrancU
M. Hatch. Iho Hawaiian minister ; Com-
mauler Phclps and Major lakucn , President
Dole's secretary.
It was the Intention of President and MI IT ,
Onlo to visit the Art Institute before leavj.ig ,
but on account of the blinding snow storm
Mrs , Dole , who has not been well since he.1
arrival In Chicago , remained at the hole' '
until tra'n time. President Dee ! acid a dl *
taut relative. J. H. Uclo. view president ol
tl-o Art Institute , trieut nearly an hour l
the big museum. They were then driven to
the depot. At 10:30 : u. in. tlio Irak' ' bearing
tbo dlitlMgulshed party departed for Waj.'a-
Itlll.v Will Mi'iul li Cl-ulKi'l- .
UOME. Jan. 25. The Italian armoreJ
cruiser Marco Polo will sail for the far cast
on Wednesday. King Humbert granted an
puitlc-nco Is the captain of the Marco Polo
yesterday with a view to o.-cpresulng his
wlshts and detlnlm ; the iioliey oi' Italy In ,
thu far east. His maJeMy Intlmate.l that
Italy'.i Intrrrit lay In the direction of trade
( ! \IMIISOU ! , and was therefore akin to Kng-
Illu IIM-I I'liuil fur lllriiiliiKliiiiu.
ClilCACJO. Jan. C" A ( | ieenl ! from Ulr-
niliiijham , Aln. , etiya : An K-iKiUh ynd-iic !
liu.-t. It U Maid , pruetically c-i i : iml ar-
rair/ciiFiHo for the vic-.luu her < > ' n
SI.CU1.000 tcul plunt. The Ui i N vf il'.i rial
liavo not yet bicn dlnflod. . Inn | - : t known
thit nxteimlvo options on mint-ril land ncur
here luvu been veeurid by the forel ur .
Item4.iliulritl McViilr IleturiiM.
SAN FRANOISvO , Jan. Admiral
MeXnlr. V , S. N. , lilo i-omiruiler of thi-
Ai'lu'lr r. uadrcu , nrrlvetl t djy OT ( ho'c ; > -
IIt'onimedorei Pcwy H In Phars"1 cf th
AsI-iHc ilei't , vlf < 'Uur Admiral JIcNulr
He hoisted his pr.uuiH over the HJR ship
Olymplu on January 3 ,
i _
i < P
Will Try to Help Pass Bill for tlio India
1 ' '
'Oongrc 34
Srorrlnry of tltv Interior ThliiUo til
I'rotioMcil CntiKreni Will 1'rovo
nn Altrnotlve Frill urc ot
the KxpoNltloilt
"WASHINGTON , Jan. 25. ( Special Tdi
grain. ) Secretary Ullss Id committed to li
duce congress to pass the. 1)111 now pendln
before the commltteo on Indian affairs of th
house. Senator Thurston and Represontatlv
Alorcer haiV a conference with the eecretar
of the Interior this morning and after an ex
planatlon ot rumors which scemoj likely t
seriously affect a favorable report from th
Indian affairs committee , Secretary Hllst > In
formed the delegation that ho would d
whatever possible to advance the projeci
as ho believed It would be of advantage t
Uio department and to wards ot the govern
mont. Ho questioned whether much of
show' could ibo made for $45,000 , but though
If carefully managed It would 'be ' ono of th
greatest features of the exposition. H
stated that the Indiana would bo In charg
of n regular army officer , which woul
greatly roJuco the friction between rcprc
contatlves of the different tribes ami ellml
nate 'tiho objection that different natlonall
tlca could not alblde together In amity. Secretary
rotary Ullss gave notice that ho would ns
for the assignment ot Captain William Mcr
cer , In charge of the Omaha and Wlnncbng
pgoncy. to this feature of the exposition
which waa heartily concurred In by Senate
Thuiston and Mr. Mercer.
Secretary nilss has recelvoil a dlspatcl
from City Attorney O nnell stating that
building had been ronlcd for an Indian sup
1 > ly depot and that everything was In rcadi
JIO-.B for the govcniment to occupy the ramc
The secretary stated that ho would , at one
give the necessary instructions for the gov
ernmcnt to occupy the property , although h
was of the Impression that thcro would nu
bo any necessity fcr 'tho building until tin
beginning of the next fiscal year , bu
thought tha .building could be most nd
vantagcously used oa a storage house fo ;
the Indian exhibit of the Omaha expsl
G. A. Atkinson of Lincoln has. upon thi
request ot the War department , through thi
active efforts of Senator Thurstou , been np
pointed special attorney ) to artist 'the ' Unite *
States district attorney of Illinois In pre
parlirs papers looking to condemnation eland
land for the Hcnnepln canal , extending fron
Chicago to the Mississippi river , about flv <
miles of 'which ' 'has 'been ' built. Atklnsor
will be ordered ito report to the United State :
district attorney shortly.
Bids were opened today In the office of th (
supervising architect for the completion oi
Iho Interior llnhh , Iron stairs and plumbing
ibovo the tlrst story on the Omaha public
building. The lowest bid. $70,497. was re-
: elvcd from Angus McLeod Co. of Mlr.neap-
alls , and the highest , $111,499. from A. W
I'holps & Son , of Omaha. Other Omaha bid-
lers were1J. . J. Jobut. $ S9.)9S ! ) ; Mahoney &
rt'akeneld , 599.&GO ; Hamlltcci Brotliers , $9G.-
; 00 ; Walter Peterson , ? 93SSO ; Hcnrj
flamann , ? 94-l40.
Senator Allen Introduced papers in rcia-
: lca to the continuance of the fiber investi
gation en the part ot the Agricultural de
partment , also an amendment to the sundry
: lvil bill appropriating a sum of money for
: ho rent of old bullding.5 on the present
silo of Port Crook for Henry T. CMrkc.
Mercer filed a petition of citiznns of Omaha
n fnvor of the" Immigration hill.
The supervising architect today allowed B.
I. .lobst of Omaha $02.50 additional on his
or.tract for fjurjilshlng locks and bolts fo :
icors en the Omaha public building.
David S. Kerr today appointed pcst-
na-itcr at Victor , Iowa coucty , la. , vice
\kx McAiMms. removed.
Aos' Secretary MeiklejoUn gave no-
ice that nothing would be done looking to
.ho abandonment of Fcrt Mead , S. D. until
: he onicial , ; of the Fremont , Elkhorn & Mis-
iourl Valley rallrcad could be heard oa the
The report of the comllticri of national
Miiks In Iowa -it the close of buslnew on
Isnuary 13 baa been receded by > the comp-
: roller of the currency , and. compare * with
: ho last reports In October , shows that the
ifnka have otrengthcued their lo ns and
il.jcounta , while a shrinkage i.j noticed In
: ho avcMgo reserve. The loans and dis-
: cunts , according tothe October statement ,
.vcre . $29,509,784. against $30,591,016 in the
iiirrent report. The Individual depcalts have
; een Increased from $25,919.830 In October tc
:2,945G73. : ( ! Tlie average reserve held by the
: anls Is 31.33 per cent , a reduction of LMU
icr cent since October. Thu present hold-
nei3 of gold coin In the banks Is $1,524,033.
; -.T of Inoro than $33,000 over the
ast statement.
rHUA.Slll.VC OVKIH 'I'lIK OI.ll ST5l.\\V.
ic'iinfrn COIIMIIIIK- TliuiTllsinsMlnu
tin.Silver ( ini-Nlliiii.
WASHINGTON" , Jan. 23. Today's session
if the senate vas characterized by a
leatcd , almost acrimonious , dlacusslon of
ho financial question. For nearly two
lours the Teller resolution was under con-
ildeiatlon , the principal Hpcechca being
nade by Mr. All'aon ' , Mr. Berry and Mr.
loar. The nharpest colloquy WES at times
mlulged In between Iho advocate-i and the
ippcner.-tB of the resolution , the debate
iftun approaching bitterness , The feature
if tl'o discussion was n speech delivered
ly Mr. Teller , author of the resolution , his
itatcnu'nts calling out a suggfstlon from
> ' ! . Hoar that he ( Mr. Te'.lor ) ought to have
ho speech stricken from the record. In
csponso to on Inquiry by Mr. Spooner Mr.
. 'cat admitted that ho thought the system
if coinage referred to In the resolution
ncp.ut the frco and unlimited coinage of sll-
or , that edmlKslon apparently giving sal-
afactlon to the oppnnenUi of the measure.
\ MVM for lln > Army ,
WASHINGTON , Jan. 25. ( Special Tele-
; ram. ) First Lieutenant Kdwnrd D. Ander-
on , Tenth cavalry , has been ordered to rc-
naln on duty with the Fourth cavalry until
lay 1.
The following changes In stations of olll-
crs of the medical department are ordered :
Irst Lieutenant' Irving W. Hand , assistant
urpeon. from A'ortj'Iluacuuca , Ariz. , to Fort
) uchesne , Utah ; First Lieutenant 13. 11.
"lagg , assistant eurgeun , from Fort Du-
hcsne. Utah , .to Columbus barracks , Ohio ;
'irst Lieutenant Wcodbrldge Geary , Nlnc-
ccnth Inlantry , Ima been dofalled us olllccr
f military science and tactic * nt tliu Slate
Agricultural oolle'B < > of Oregon nt Corvallls ,
Ore. , relieving KlMt Lieutenant Clarence H.
Dcntler , Klevuiuh Infantry , who will Join lib
compan > oa expiration of his leave.
Leaves of atscnri' : Mujur Jacob A. Augur ,
Fourth cavalry , extended twenty-three days ;
Captain Frank V. { { chlnaon , Soootnl cavalry ,
oxtundL'd two months ; Captain William II.
Miller , ahslstant quartermaster , two months ;
Sffond Lleutciiaftt' ' William H. Wasscll ,
Twcnty-ieeoiid"ilfaiitry. ! oxtundcd ono month ;
Captain 'Charlet. ' & . Ayera , Tenth cavalry ,
four months. - - . _
( > | lMIHfN ( Vltllltt l.llllllH ( O Slllll'
WASHIXaTON. Jan. 25. Commissioner
Herman o' thu genoial land oHlce liaa made
an adveticu report oa the bill Introduced by
Representative King , grunting and coding to
the stale of Utah thu public lands within
its borders. The cammUaloner advances
many reasons why ho baiievca the proposed
cession would be foreign to the beat Inter-
osta of the people. Probably 200,000,000
nrrcu of public land have alrc.ady been given
to the GtatcM for various purpoiaa and the
UEO they have madu of them , as ho bayc ,
Indlcatcri that other ( . " . ssioiu would bu
utilized for revenue only und not for the
Kocd of the Individual.
i of XVoinrn'ii lliiHlcnl Cluln ,
\V.\SIIIXaTON. Jen. 80. A permanent
federation of women's muglpol clubs anJ
no > letlu \ \ \ \ \ bo furmed by a convention
wlil U opened hero today. The federatloi
will tak > nfo fe'lovahlp every organization
of womrn UcvQ'cJ ' to M-O musical art and us
alms wl I bo the cultivation of social com-
radeahip , tbo cstabllshmcut of a bureau
through which communication can be tin
with great artists whoso nrtilrcfscs may I
desired , tbo exchange of higher music. "
works and the elevation ot the Rtandard (
musical composition. Over a hundred dele
gates wcro present from musical clubs a
over the country. The session began wit
an address of welcome by Mrs , William i
Warren , president of the Amateur Musi
club of Chicago. Mrs. Theodore Sutro r <
sponded. The reports from the presldcr
and others were heard.
Ilonnp Ulvrn I'p ' .Sonic Time In DlNrnix
\\\K \ Polltlci.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 25. Under ( ho pat
llamentary fiction of discussing the India
apprcprlatlon bill , the house devoted almoj
the entire day to apolitical debate In whlc
the main question was whether < > rosporlt
had conic to the country , ns a romilt of th
advent of t'.io ore/lent administration. A
speeches wore * limited to five minutes , man
members participated and partisan splri
kept the Interest keyed up to a high oltcli
The acrimony which usually chamcterlze
sui..i debates was almost entirely absent. nnO
although good naturcd , some hard knock
were Riven and received.
Mr. Smith , the delegate from Arizona , mad
an attack on the system of educatkig th
Indians , and Mr. Walker moved to sttlki
out the appropriation fur the Carlisle school
No vote was taken on the motion today.
In tlio house today a bill . w s passei
grunting American register to the forelgj
built steamer Navajo. The house then wen
Intel committee of the whole and resumei
consideration of the Indian appropriation bill
Mr. Hlchanbon { dcm. . Twin. ) adducci
some figures and financial authorities U
prove that prosperity had not yet appeared
"If prosperity has not returned , " askei
W. A. Stone ( rep. . Pu. ) , "how does It harpot
that In all the Industrial regions men ar
crr-nloycd , and that Ihey are not supportec
by charity as they were under the Clevelntic
administration ? "
"Tho trouble with the gentleman , " repllei
Mr. Uichardson , "is that his premises nr <
nil wrong , Lrtbor Is not employed In all th <
Industrial regions. In New England 125,00 (
workers are now out on strike. "
Mr. Grosvcncr , Mr. Stone , Mr. Dlngley am
other rci HI hi I en us arose to reply , and In the
confusion Mr. KIchardsim called out that h <
had no desire to Interfere with Mr. Stone's
gubernatorial boom.
"I am glad to have the Indorsement o
that side , " replied Mr. Stone , smiling.
Mr. Orosvcnor cited the wool-ral'lng In
dustry nnd examples of what the Dingle }
law ha-1 done.
Mr. Dockery ( dam. . , Mo. ) In discussing the
nr.Hon mill strike contended that the strike
had been urged by ' . 'ho operators In order
that 'they might dispose ef their surplus
stock. The trouble was we were enor
mously overproducing In this counitry and
/li / > the face of that fact the republican
rartv was restricting and narrowing' om
The political debate continued for nn
hour , the republicans maintaining and the
democrats denying the existence of pros
Mr. Smith ( dom. , Ariz. ) made an attack
on the present system of educating the In
dian. Ho drclared that the Carlisle and
Hamptcn schools were a mistake , that aa
Indian could not be civilized by teaching him
to read nne ? write ami sing a pnilni. Tlio
Indian , he raid , must ressivc an industrial
education , but H must bo given him In the
vicinity of his home , not In the cast. In
this bill , he said , $2.500,000 was wasted.
Mr. Walker ( rep. , Mass. ) agreed with Mr
Smith that the present valley- was unsatis
factory. Illogical and Impracticable. He
moved to strlko out the appropriation for the
Carl'slo ' cchcol.
Without voting1 on the amendment the
committee arwo and at 5:23 : p. in. the
house adjourned.
Cuts Oil" One CliiNH nf IVllsIons.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 25. Assistant Secre
tary Davis of the Interior department has
rendered a dccislcu holding that there Is
no luw providing a pension for the widows
of soldiers who dlo of disease contracted
In the service in time of pence prior to
March I , 18C1 , and the law applies only to
cases where the death cause was Incurred
or contracted whllo in the performance of
military service during certain wars spe
cifically named and designated in the several
icts granting such pensions.
Semite ( iix'H Into ICvi-c'llt I ve SI > NHOII ,
WASHINGTON , Jan. 25. The senate , cm
motion of Mr. Hoar ( Mass. ) went Into execu
tive session today as soon as It convened.
The doors were opened at 12:15 : , and Mr.
Quay secured the passage of the bill to In-
ilcmnify the Htato of Pennsylvania for
money expended in 1SCI for militia called
Into military service by the government.
The amount Involved Is ? 4B,000.
K'liiNiiH Ilaiili Fulls ,
WASHINGTON , Jan. 25. Information has
reached the Treasury department of the fall-
are of the National bank of Paola , Kan. At
Lho last report the bank had a surplus and
iirofits amounting to $12,500 and deposits of
> 7.5iJ. ! Hank Examiner Cunningham has
Deen placed in charge.
Dully Trclisur.v StllltMiK-ii I.
"WASHINGTON , Jan. 25. Today's statc-
nont cf the condition of the treasury showa :
Vvallablo cash balance , $210,112,190 ; gold re
serve , $103,4Sr,5CG. :
Nomination I'onllrmi'il.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 23. The ecnato lias
anftnno'.l the nomination of J. W. Griggs of
* few Jersey to be attorney general of the
Jnltcd States.
four ! I'milHlicM Severn !
Mi-nilx-rx of the Molt.
ALGIERS. Jan. 23. The town Is quiet to-
luy. About 10,000 people witnessed the
'uncrul ' of those who were killed during the
cccnt rioting. Their remains were Interred
n the Christian cemetery outsldo the town ,
mt on returning there were renewed demon-
itratlans with the usual cries. ,
Tlio mob attntkcd an omnibus upon which
wo Jews were riding. They were badly
lenten and stoned. A few other Jews wore
Imllarly maltreated. Chebat. one of the
ows who was stoned , died 'tonight. His skull
MIS fractured.
Today eighty of the rioters were con-
lenuiod to terms of Imprisonment varying
rom thrco months to a year , and one who
ras caught In the net of pilfering was sen-
cinccd to flvo years In prison.
IfllK.NCK AM ) HIS ( iltH.lT MUCH 1ST.
ierinnn ! > j nillcnliI'uj Tt-n TIioiiNiinil
Dollnrs for It.
rVpyrlB'.it. Wi-i , by 1'rciw I'tilillslilnB Company. )
LONDON. Jan. 25. ( Now York World Ca-
lo ram Special Telegram. ) Prof. Schvncl ;
old a cppclal ootrcBpondent of 'tho Pall Mall
Jazot'.o Jio would BVI ! > no interview beyond
ho fact that a syndicate for German rights
ud'been ' formed which hoi paid $10,000 jnj
ho secret will not bo revealed until ho has
sold the American nl Hnill"li ; rights.
Kiiln U'lll Hftiirn the VUlt
MADIUD , Jan. 25. The newspapers gcn-
erally comment upon Secretary Long's ox-
daiiatloii uf the Bunding of the United States
jattlcBhlp to Havana and express the opln-
cn that Its visit la "Inopportnu and caicu-
nted to encouiat'o the Insurgents. " It Is an
nounced that "following Washington's exam
ple" the Spanish governine-nt will Instruct
panlsu war ships to visit a few American
llciluee Hilly on'criuls. .
HOME. Jan. 23. In the Chamber of
DenutUa to'Iay the minister of the troax-
ury. SUnar Drlanca. Introduced a decr o re-
ducliiK i'he duties orl cereals. In vlewi of the
I re.i' . famlno provnlllng. The inoaaure was
referred to the midget committee.
l.'rcni'li DeiinllON AriO.nli'1. .
PAUIS. Jan. K. Thu Chamber of Dsputlf.i
loiav talmly eiiscuisod Hie war iiudgot &of'
{ icioptod a modal conunumuratlvg of < lm war
of1&70 Inpltu of the objections of the-
minuter for wjr.
( ii-tM Tno 11111111111 fur n Cartoon ,
DRHLIN. Jan 2.V-Herr Trojan , r-dltcr of
Kla-JJeradati" ha.j . been entcncfj to two
month- , ' imprisonment in a fortrena for lose
majuue la cartooalng Emperor William.
Cheaper Money Would Affect Ihom nt
Incomes Alike ,
SeerotnrjJnne DNettKNeN Sonn
'Fliiuiie ' Ilefore the > leiuhrri of
the Trnilern * I.eiiKiie t
PHILADKLPHIA , Jan. 23. Tlio sevenl
annual moating of the Trades League of Phi
adclphla was held tonight In the Acadeni
of Music , at which the principal speaker w
Lyman J. Gage , secretary of the trenuur ;
W. W. Koulkrod , president of the leagm
Introduced Sccrotarj Gage. Ho wa warml
received and held the attention of the larg
audience throughout. Ho epoko on the sul
Jcct of "nuance , " and his remarks wet
frequently punctuated with applause. Mi
G.igo said :
It Is not upon -wages tlmt the Injurloi
cll'ect of a gold appreciation falls. It 1
upon those who own the land , the forcsl
nnd the mines. If upon any , that the It
Jurlous effect Is vlmlUO. This Is all so t > l l one cannot comprehend , how the was
earner can bo inlslul liy 'that Irideseer
orntor , who , by multitudes of .wordi
couchril In ambiguous and sophlstlei
phrases , seeks to obscurci Judgment.
It In Hie complaint now of labor that reu
and Interest lire able to ttikH to ) themsolvc
a disproportionate slvare. Do we , indroi
not know that the tendency of wngea is t
become conventionally flxeil and 'that a rls
In tile rate , though It follow * the liuv of sup
ply nnd donuind , Is not so quickly ro ponslv
ta time lawl 119 are wires * ami tnerclmmllsi
the prmluct of labor ?
The revival of Industry now witnessed an
the easy condition aa to Interest 'Which ' no\
transfers capital are the best witnesses t
the diingers from which1 we have been dr
llverod. Within a few weeItsatier the. No
vctnlKT election , 1W , 15,00.0 men , Idlr for i
long time , were put to iwork In 'the ' wlndov
glass industry. Slnco then , us the revlvn
lius , progressed , InstanciA of advances 1
wage nitfs und of Inoreiises In numbers cm
ployed have multiplied. In the Iron um
Hte-el Industries , directly dependent upon th
consumption of Iron as material , I have i
llrou authority that there Is an Increase o
at least 2ti",000 men employed over the preceding
ceding year. In addition to this large In
eri-nse. In the working forces umptoycil li
Iron ami steel ami dependent branches , ad
vanccs In wises ranging from 10 to 20 pr
cent havn been made , and , In pome eases
much greater , as thu 'result of wages pal <
on 41 tonnage basis.
I have an accurate list of more than 2o
mills , factories and enterprise , ' tlmt luivi
during the lurt six months resumed work
many of them having bren Idle since ISM
ttlicn depression became more ncute as tlv
result of agitation for tlu > five and uiillm
I ted coinage of silver at the ratio of 1(1 ( to 1
"without the aid or consent of any othc'
nation. " Mcwt of thorn have * advance !
wages over the old scale. All of thrm an
running full tlmo , mot of them donbl
time , and In many tires arc now m-vo
drawn nor the wheels stopped , thrre shift :
lieliiK required to meet thei heavy dem.ind.-i
This all Indicates a great Increase In work
Ins forces.
The/ republican party Is noti 'boasting ' tha
It has burled bimetallism. U proclaim )
Itself its friend ; it approver it In its phit
form The political bond of that party hni
boon actlvo to secure It under the enl ;
conditions 1 > Jsvhlch It can be maintained
namely : International agreement , with opei
mints to both silver and god. ! In his efforts
forts to Inaugurate such a method the pres
ident heartily supports the principles of hi :
iiarty's platform and In his efforts ho h.t
the support of all the members of his olll
? lal family , Innuendoes and declaration !
fiom various sources to the contrary not
The * proposed reform In our currency am
'milking ' system are. as abhorrent to the sll
i-er prbpiKandlsts as the general proposl
: lon to maintain the present gold standard
This is to thPin a "stone of stumbling. :
" charge It to be <
: -ock of offense. They
ichemo to "give to the national hank ) fill
ind complete control of the pap.r 11101105
) the nation" dangerous power , but nl
> ewer may possibly ba abused.
Ths motive of the self-interest guldliu
ind I'cmpelllnfi the milk dealer , the butchoi
ind the. baker to perform faithfully and wel
ils function operates with an equal coercive
'orco upon the b.inkur. As those Iriulors
Ivei bv sellliiK. so the banker lives by lend-
IIR He cannot p'op If ho would and. wlthli
he limits of the law and the ci" < tlnvite of hl.
nvn ability , bo would not stop if ho could
It is a Btrange phenomenon a people verj
csppe-table In iiumlifr and Inl pcnoral Intel-
oxolted bj
Igoncc becoming hysterical and
lemagoglc outcries against bankers' as
U clas , while to the bankers Individually
conlldunt as-
commit with
ho Fame people' '
iuranco their hard earned money.
In closing ho expressed "tho hope lhal
> ut from tbo present misunderstandings
ind the violent discords which now sur-
ound the great question relating to our
noney standard and to our currency and
of truth and wls-
the way
la n Id nt ; systems
lom may bo found and followed. A land
io fair nnd full of promise should not be
narred through icnorance and passion. A
loclety under conditions so favorable to
ts progress and happiness must not be
nutllatcd nnd weakened by a willful dls-
ibedlcnco of the economic laws , which In
ho last definition are the laws of God. "
teiaiivliii ; One Olijeetlon to the AII-
nexittloii > loveiueiil.
HONOLULU ( Via Pam FraneUeo ) , Jan. 25.
-Ono of t'.io most radical bills ever brought
eforo a Hawaiian legislature will bo In-
riduced at the coming session , which ce.iens
'cbruary C. If the 1)111 carries It will do
way with the contract labar law , which
as been in vogue In this country for a great
lany years.
From an Insldo source. It Is learned that
II the American planters will favor the
111 ; hut It Is anticipated that p'.anterH of
tl'-cr natloiiulltles will make a light. Tin-
gl ! atur ? Is practically In the hands of the
mcricnns , a > nd at this writing nicro Is nc
oed reason wuy thu bill should not beccme
The Hawaiian contract labor law has been
stioni ; argument In the hands of the anil-
niioxationlBLs , and the abolishment nf this
iw Is expected to old this country In Its
ght for closer political union with iln >
nltcd Stativi. The bill nbolhhcs the ccnal
nforcepient of tontracts for forsoual Borv-
ios after July 1 , 18US.
Vorlhei'n I'nellle SI-CIII-I-H H
NRW YORK. Jan. 25. President Mellon of
10 Northern Pacific Hallway company an-
minccd definitely today that the company
id obtained centred of the Seattle , Lake
lioro & Kasiern railway. The Oaimdlan Pa-
llc was tlu competitor of the- Northern
aclflc in the effort to get the road.
Annual Ooloo ovorOOOO 000 Boxoa
Biieh ns Wind nnd Pain In tlio Stomnr-Ii ,
Oiildlii'-HH ' , l-'uliiesH after im-ulN. Jlcad-
iiuhe. DlzxImiAS. Drowtiinosu. riiiHlilii u
of Hoit : , Lo ? of Appotlt' ' ) . Costlvuiioss.
lilotchos on the HI ; In. Cold ClillU , IMs-
turliod Hloop , KrU'litful Druams nnd nil
Nurvnus and Tromblinc HonKiiiloiiH.
Will ituknuwlcduu thum to bo
Pll.M.Uiknn nn illroct-
crl , williiiilL-Ulyrostoro Vomalua to complete -
ploto liualtli. Tlioy promptly romero
obstriiotiunnorlrroi.'ulnrltk'ii of tlio ya-
torn anil ciiru Mick Ilcniluclm. Tor a
Weak Stomach
Impaired Digestion
Disordered Liver
Boccham'o Pills nro
And liovo Uio
ofaiiyrntcnt Mudlrlno hi Hie Worm ,
2Bc. at all Drua mores ,
I-Vw Poopli * I'lnlcrntntiil or 'tlrnllic ' It.
A < 'lonr KMI I a n n ( I on ( if Itnttirn
ami llniv to Avoid II Clearly .shown ,
What Is this mysterious trouble that la
coming upon the people ?
Why Li It that we PSO eo ninny men who
look weakened , ncrvelMS , inJ wholly out
of condition ?
Why are so many women , whom wo see
pale , with parched llw. | dark tines undue
the eyes and a general lack of lustro ?
Tlirso tliltiga Fcom to bo greatly
of late and without any apparent cause.
Wo sec moro men who lack vigor than over
before. Wo meet more women who seem
broken-down than In the past. Surely thcro
imiot bo a canso for all this and there la ,
These troubles can arise from but ono
cau c , namely : disordered kidneys or urinary
organs. Indeed , It Is now admitted that the
region of the losvcr body is the prime source
of most physical Ills. When the kldnoju
become diseased the blood becomes pol-wod
and all the troubles , ouch ns sleeplessness ,
lack of appetite , tiorvelessr.eas , restlessness ,
tired and deapceident feelings follow in its
The truth Is , people are not well ; but
they should be , and they can bo It they
would only take the means of recovery that
are near nt hand. In writing upon this
subject. I > r. 11. A. Gunn , Dean and Profcs-
ser of Surgery of the United States Medical
College , New York , says :
"In a large class of ailments where the
blood Is in an unhealthy atate , where there
U no evidence of orgaale mischief , but
where the general health Is depleted , thu
face mtlovv , the urlno colored , constituting
the 'billons' condition , the advantage gained/ /
from the use of Warner's Safe Cure Is re-
marKable. 1 find nfo ! that In nrlRhfs D's- '
ease it seems to act as a aolvant of albumen ;
to soothe rnd heal the Inllamed membranes ,
and wash out epithelial debris which block
up the urine bear > .ig tubes. "
It 1,3 undoubtedly true that Americans , as
a people , are In a more or less serious con
dition , and that there are complaint. ! which
have become national tflaoises. Hut It Is
also true that modern science has provided
an adcqulto remedy which Is able to fully
cccitrol It and supplant olckness and mlocry
by health and happiness.
Purely vcsctnliie. mlU. anil reliable. Cans *
perfect Digestion , complete absorption , nnj
limlttiy regularity. For the cure of all disorders
nf the stoinucn , I-lver , llowols. Kidneys UladJcr.
Kcrvoua Dlteahes ,
IlKAl ) ACII1J ,
TOIU'Il ) l.IVlUt ,
OLcsrvo tlir following syminoins resulting from
DlEeneeB of the Ulgostlve Orsaf.3 ! Constipation
Inwnnt plies , fullness pf blood In the bend n ld-
! ty of the stomach , nausea , heartburn , illrsust u
food , fullness of weight In tlio Etnninch , sour
eructations , elnlclne or lluttcrlnu < > f the heart
choUInu or surfovntlnB sensations when in a lylni :
tioiiturc , dimness of vision , ilota or webs beforu
the HlBht. fever nnd dull pain In tlio head , defi
ciency of porsrplratlon. yellowness of tha tlcln and
eyes , pain In the aide , chest or limbs and sudden
[ lushes of heat , hurnlni ; In the flesh.
A f w dos-oa of HAUWAY'S PII.LS will free tin
Lystcm of all the abovu named disorder * .
Price. 25 coma per box. Sold by nil drugfiista ,
or stnt by mall.
Send to nit. HADWAY K CO. , Ixick llox 3M ,
Nrew York , for book of nilvlce.
Purily of Material and
13 O VJ3 ' S -AXTON ft TiuTia riss
' - * * * * * - * _ ManaBeni. Tel. J01U.
< > vv. aijjo. ToxKiiiT , HI in.
Tlo : elite cvcnl-l-'lrst nppcarani-t > in Omaha ot
Sir. Herbert Mian KIIR.
in . ! , . . nyley. .
MimnKement , Mr. Kanmol I' . Klnsntun.
Tli ( > riiniplcio Wallurli'H t.ipntLT ( N.w Torn )
lutUiL-tl m , iii. | ( Inurlnlnm cuinpany , liicHnlliu :
Mr.lllliini .1. li.iin | > n , . .
'i-i ' t-8-i.imi-r iii.iir. Jl.r.u . , | i.o . u.ii. , 7rc c- .
latlnci'Unvor II ir , JI.OO , VOc. Hal. . T.'M- ' . a\\ .
'liiirndnj , l-'i-lilny mid .Siiliirilny.
llnlliui.Siitiirilny. .
rlresMtft flmr. $ ] .r,0 , JI.OO. Jial. , 75e f,0i- ,
lattnce IMJWIT lluur. Jl.Wi. TSu. Hal. , 7ij We.
. n. woomvAiii ) . . ' miliCTOn ,
Nilll ) .
Viaster and Man.
Inil-Hilny - . LOST I'AIt AIIISK.
I'l-i'tAI.TII-s-Hlx : I'lckniiliiiiy Fl tcr Carlo
Troupe , John West. Htimlcy .t
Thursday livening Jim. 27tli.
iby Aniorleii's Ureatoit Hiiiuorlst ,
bo Liiuuliliu Plillovaphur. the I'rlnuo of I'H.
irn. Ui-sarviiil KI.III 70t. , ( iomirul AdiuU-ildti
1 nnd iijo. ' 1 lukutt on hloui c'ltmont '
liiimi'M. 1G1H I ( irii.iiii Kti-ou .
Fines Skating
ExcitinK Tobogganing
Day and Night.
lnn -i (
lniliHllii-'iidiiilsiflon ; tutliu IRQ IOC
Wclt/-Clniupluit Hkutci-
Comiiienclu Tliun 4 y
IIOTni , ! ) ,
13th and lloiiBlus Sta. , Oiiuiliu.
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