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Cocpcr. Tire Ins. , C Pearl , ( " 1. 372.
William Shurtr ot St. Louis Is In town.
r I ! Colcman of Waterloo Is In the city.
J H. Malone carao down from Ncola jos-
The Monday Muelcal club met jeslerdny
nftcrn on.
Milton Fansfclder of Chicago Is In the
city on business.
Lily entro. No. 30 , Royal Neighbors , will
meet this evening.
Charles Delink Is hero on a llttto visit
from Jefferson , la.
Albert Colin of Milwaukee Is transacting
business In this city.
iA carloid a neck at the reliable Uluff
City Laundry. I'houo 311 ,
Judga Smith la spending a brief vacation
with Ills family In thin city.
Wnnted , competent girl for general house
work , 320 Oakland avenue. . '
Charles A. Hamllng nnd wife of IJoono
ere visiting friends In this city.
William H > nn and Lydla Campbell wcro
married by Justice Vein > cstcrday.
Deputy United States Marshal D. W. Hill-
wig returned from DCS Molnci yesterday.
i : . 'H. ' names and G. P. Stltphen of Kan
sas City were among the city's visitors > cs-
The Dorthlck club met last night at the
residence of Mrs. Hobert Mullls , on Oak
land avenue.
llnv.V 3 Darnei of the First Presby
terian church will preach at IMgcwood
Union church this evening.
Wood Lucas and Harry Deetl > en , while
Bleltfi riding last night , had their sleigh
IdcUed to pieces by a fractious horse. Neither
was hurt.
Wo gho attention to little things In laun
dry work You get all that Is best In nno
work atid good service at the Eagle laundry ,
721 llwuy.
The street commissioner 1.1 using all of
his force In the work ot cleaning < > rf from
FldowalKs the accumulations of snow and
Ice and opening street gutters.
Detectives Cox came over from Otralm last
evening with requisition rotors for Thomas
Alexander , one of the confidence men who
has been held hero for several dajs.
William Arnd left last evening for Dee
Mollies for the purports of spending n few
days watching the leglsliturc and perhaps
liu mentally helping out by timely Biiggcsj-
tlom several cntcrprlscw In Which Pottawat-
tamlii county and western Iowa people are
Thorn was no session of the district court
jcsterd-iy , owing to the fact that Judge Thor-
nell missed the train he was to take from
hU > homo In Sidney , where ho spent Sun
day with hl.s family. Ho telephoned during
the forenoon directing the bailiff to adjourn
court unlit thin morning.
Mrs Oratly , who swallowed a dose of
cai'ballc acid by mistaking It for cough
medicine , him ihcen safely carried through
the danger periods and Is now pronounced
out of danger. Her .mouth and throat are
grcatl > swollen from the ( burning acid , and
the has s > tno dllllculty In talking , hut hoi
friends tay they nro assured that no per
manent Injui" ' will follow the deadly dose.
The DoLong Industrial school , which has
been occupying the west room of the first
Jloor of the Klscman bullJIng on Saturdajs
nt a nominal rental , will now make a change ,
on account of the leasing of the entire floor
< o Dccro. Wells & Co , as a show room.
The Industrial school has now secured tbo
third floor of the same building and will
have very comfortable and commodious
Pred KlBeell , Art Hansen ami W. S. Kane
were arrested Sunday evening upon the
charge of creating a disturbance In the
vicinity of the opeitt house and using obscene -
scene language on the street. Juilgo Mc-
Oco came to the conclusion that the charge
lodged against the young men was true In
all particulars , and he gave them a sen
tence of twenty dajs In the city jail with
two meals a day on bread and water.
Lieutenant Compton of tbo Dodge Light
Guardj has gone to Marshalltown for the
purpose ot taking another course in the
cchool of Instruction for officers of the Iowa
Nation : ) * Guard. He will bo absent for
several dajs. The now military regulatlonn
require all of the commissioned officers to
take the prescribed course , and failure to
co.nply may mean reduction to the ranks
or dismissal from the militia. Lieutenant
Compton baa taken one course and has
other studies yet to bo examined In. The
now nilcu and regulations nnd the modern
tactics In whloji all ot the officers and men
are drilled Is "bringing the Iowa National
Guard Into a high state of efficiency.
The motor company has decided upon tak
ing up all of the annual pas > scn heretofore
issued and substituting a beak of tickets
The Ibooka ccntnln COO tickets , ono of which
jiiust bo torn out for each ride when prc-
BcnteJ by the person holding the pass Tills
plan Jias been deemed necessary to enable
tht ) company to keep a proper check on the
eonduct.-rs during the TransmlssUalppl rush.
The conductors Jiavo ibocomo very familiar
with the numbers of the annual passes , and
the company has acquired a suspicion that
several timer ) at least some of the numbers
havt ] been put < lown vvlien the holder of the
past ) was not on the train. Several plaiiH
were dlbcuwed , and the ticket adopted as n
dead-sure check. V
C. B. Vlava Co. , female remedy ; consulta
tion free. Office hours , 9 to 12 and 2 to fi
Health book furnished. 32C-327-323 Merrlam
N. Y. Plumbing company. Tel. 250.
Clly rntlicTN CUoi-t. '
The cloud that Is hanging over io head
ot Street Supervisor Ilardln In the shape ot
eoimitlcxial charges against him , failed to
make Its presence known at the special
meeting of the city council last evening. It
Is Intimated by some of his enemies that
Hardln Is using his official position as a
means of advancing the Interests of his son ,
a sidewalk contractor. R , A. WIckliam , the
contractor who has been doing a great deal
of the cltj's work In the past. Is preparing
the charges and It Is expected that ho will
have thorn ready for filing at the next meet
ing of the council u Thursday evening.
Sklnklo's contract was presented to the
council and accepted. Ilia bend was also
The clerk was Instructed to forward a bill
to the American Long Distance Telegraph
and Telephone company for J-SI as annual
tax on the 281 poles belonging to the com-
t ny within the city limits , with a tied It
of $101 , previously | iald ,
The petition of St. John's Kngllsh Luth
eran churtfi for reduction of assessment on
an outside lot belonging to the congregation
( was denied.
ItiMil Hxlato TrmiNfVrM.
The following transfers aru re-ported from
the title anil loan otllco of J , W. Bqulre ,
101 Pearl street :
Michael Thomas to Fred ICrugnrevv -
IHK company , lot 8 , block 8 , Heer '
nilil , w. il JI.COO
Peiter Kgan , Jr. , and wife to Jnmea W.
.Poland , lot 3 , block C , Judson'u 1st
mill , w. U l.SOO
Clara Mann to John A. ll.itcs. HO \ \ nvv
U nnd a 12 acres no't \ nvv U 15-75-10 ,
vv. U , . , , , iso :
Cl.nrlea A. True nnd wife to A. I\ Con
ner , nil their Interest In inv U no U
Sl-77-39 , q. f. < > . . 175
i\Yllllum A. Terry to George Hullls ct
ul , n H B V , nvv U no U 30-75-33 , q.
o. d 100
Total flvo transfers ? s,3'J3
For Infants nnd Children.
Efforts of tbo People Then to Retain
Present Arrangements ,
Knsf Hnil Oiiio > ilttoii to ( lie MtMf
'I'll U111R * iollil Korin ami Jlii
u Vigorous I'litlitKiilimt
I the Sulic'iue.
The papers In the cast end of the county
have taken up the fight for the retention ol
the branch court at Avoca with a great
deal of earnestness and are doing all they
can to stir up a feeling favorable to reten
tion. The Avoca people are letting pass no
opportunities to Improve their chances.
On Saturday , when Representatives Putnam
and Potter passed through the town enrouto
to their homes to spend the Sabbath , they
were met by a delegation of Avocalles and
were askel to use all of their Influence In
the legislature towards defeating the at
tempt to abolish the court. Doth men were
very cautious In the language they used
and when the Avoca delegation grew Impa
tient and asked pointedly for a declaration
fiom the members , both were constrained
to respond that they were acting In the ca
pacities as members of the legislature for
the benefit of the county and could not
promise anything for the exclusive benefit
o' the Avoca district , especially when there
Is a probability that it might bo antago
nistic to the remainder of the county. The
prospects appear to be excellent now that
the contest will bo brought to a speedy ter
mination and the court will either bo abolished
ished , retroved to Oakland , or continued at
Avoca with assurances that no further agi
tation will bo made.
The Avoca illerald sums up the situation
as follows :
The motive underlying the action of tbo
Bar association of Council Ltliiffs la purely
a selfish one , and the Intelests and the e-on-
venlence of the people who live thlrtllve
to fifty miles from Council liluffs meet
with no consideration nt Its hands. Filck-
Inger expressed that view when he com
plained that the liluffK hud 00 per cent of
the lawyers nnd only 70 per cent of the bust ,
ness. Hut in e-lrciilatliiK theli petitions
that Idea will be kept In the backgiouml.
Spencer Smith stated hint tno Avoeu court
cost the ta\p iyera from ? 7,000 to $10,000 per
jour , which la approximately correct. 'Iho
Infcicnce to bo drawn fiom tills Is that to
nbollsh the Avoca court would be to bave amount of money. But that is not
the case.
The cost of the Avoca court mainly is :
.Giund . nnd petit Jurors , clerk hire , InllltTs ,
court reporter and witnesses In st.ite cases.
It must be- borne In mlntl thut the business
now transacted heie would , of necessttj ,
lie trnnvietcil nt Council liluffs. Clerk hire
thoie Is $1,000 n year , In Avoca ? 000. Court
reporter the same. Witnesses In state
canes v\lll eli.ivv from $1 to ? 3.70 moic each
If the court Is tiansfened , and fees foi
serving subpoenas will be coirespondlngly
larger. For each grand unit petit juror
from the e-ast end add the same amount as
foi state witnesses for mileage. As e-ourt
Is hold eleven months lii the > eir nt Coun
cil Bluffs uny additional business would
necessitate the holding of two courts ,
which would necessitate a double set of
bailiffs. It Is Eiifo to s.iy that the business
now tran ictetl here would , If transform !
to Council Bluffs , cost na much , If not
more , than It does now.
It is puiclv a commercial scheme of the
west end lawyers , nnd If to their Interest ,
Is certainly not to the Interest of the lesl-
dents of the east end.
Rebecca Degree lodge. No. 3 , will hold a
public Installation ball and banquet Junuary
24 at the Independent Order of .Odd Fel
lows' temple , tbo first of ita kind ever held
In tuo city.
. " \o Conclusion oil ( lie I Huh Seliool
liiillillnu ; Mutter.
If the size of the crowd of citizens who
responded to the Invitation of the Board of
Education to bo present at the special meet
ing last night and make their wishes known
In the matter Is an Indication there are veij
fewpeplo In Council Bluffs wfoo feel any
Interest either way In the preposition that Is
being considered by the board to vote nearly
$100,000 worth of bonds to build another
High school building. There were three or
four cltl/ens and four or flvo contractors
only , who were willing to take the trouble
to come before the board and make their
wishes known. The subject iwas discussed
for two IIO-TS before It was decided to hold
cnothcr special meeting on Friday evening
It was finally decided to have Superintend
ent HIsey and Prlncliial Hayden Investigate
and ascertain what changes would be neces
sary to fit the Washington avenue building
for High .school purpcscs and to report at the
meeting on Friday night.
The alleged dangerous condition of the
present High school building was again re
verted to and Members Roberts and Moore
were authorized to employ a competent arch
itect and n builder to make a thorough ex
amination of the building and ascertain If It
was In a safe or really dangerous condition
and to report at the Friday night meeting.
Wnnted , at once , man to work In garden
Must understand hot frame work. Address
J. R. McPherson , 1250 Ettst Pierce.
Iinv Very Iiiilelluld * .
Some discussion has beou caused by what
appears to be > a series of Irregularities on
the part ot Assistant County Attorney Smith
In a number of larceny cases , particularly
those ol Engel and Corgan , who have been
occupying the attention of Justice Vlcn's
court for the last ten days. The Justice
sent Engel to the district court for sen
tence on the third conviction of larceny at
the request of Mr. Smith. The discussion
that followed has brought to llg'at the fact
that the new habitual cilmlnal act Is rather
Indefinite regarding crimes of petty lar
ceny. It lajs down no explicit directions
for the Justice to follow , and for him to com
ply with the letter of the law would bo to
overstep his Jurisdiction as defined by the
code. At the same time the district court
can have no Jurisdiction In the petty lar
ceny case against Engel and his case will
undoubtedly be sent back to the Justice
court. Justice Vlon does not feel that lie can
apply the now * code In this ease and tha re
sult will probably bo on anticipated by the
magistrate , that the prisoner will escape.
Mr. Smith , In tpcaklng of the matter yester
day , cald that ho then thought the proper
course would l.avo been the binding ot the
defendant o\er to the grand Jury ,
This would probably have met wlHi the
opposlttcn of Justice VIen , as ho . a > s that
the now law Is practically a dead letter as
applied to petty larceny , and that Its pro
visions cannot bo carried out. Ho also ( .aid
that the trtio moaning of other parts of the
same clause U very hard to understand.
County Attorney Saundcrs Is very anxious
to see the now law tested. "Wo want to
see what It means , " ho said , " and this Is as
good a time as any to find out. " Ho will
make an effort to prosecute Engel , but with
hla present umlcistamllng of the law he ex
pressed a grave doubt aa to the desired re
sult being attained ,
In discussing the law a number of diverse
opinions Lave been given by various attor-
nejs , but none of them seem to have reached
a well defined conclusion.
Ole Oleum ! .Sriit lo Jail.
Ole Oleson was sent to the grand Jury
yesterday morning by Judge IMcGee , Ho went
to Jail , accompanied by an ofllcer and a
vvholo lot of mystery. Olenon was arrested
on Sunday afternoon on the charge of stealIng -
Ing a mackintosh coat and other articles
from the barn on the premises of William
Barker nt 1017 Seventh avenue. The goods
were taken from the barn after the man had
failed to break Into the house with the
avowed Intention of assaulting Barker , who
U au elderly traveling man. Barker's eon
filed the Information of larceny from ft
building In the daytime , upon which Ole
son was tried. The joung man declared
that ho knew of no reason why the mar
should desire to kill his father , as the po <
lice now believe was his real Intention , The
weapon with which ho proposed to assault
Uarkci was the halt of A brick tied up In
A handkerchief and carried In his right coal
pocket , The Barkers ndd somewhat to the
mjsttry by admitting that they have heard
of the man , but know nothing about him
and that Oleson Is only a name assumed for
the occasion. Oleson stoutly refuses to give
any other name , but admits that he came
over from Omaha on Sunday afternoon for
the purpose of making the attack. The
Barkers announce that they will v Igorously
prosoento him. He was sent to the county
Jail la default of $200 ball to await the In
vestigation of the grand Jury , which will
not meet again until next May.
Few special bargains In storage goods at
Durfco Furniture Co Will also dispose ol
their fine bedroom suits , parlor suits and
upholstered goods at 20 per cent discount to
make room for a large consignment of fnrnl-
turo especially for the Transmlsslsslppl
c > position trade.
Itniih I'orKUen unit Mnrrleil.
William Itnph , whoso operations In the
line ot Importing wolf scalps and selling
them to the county for the $5 bounty that
a liberal state law requires the rltlrcns ot
the counties to pay led to the disclosures of
the wholesale robberies that have long been
practiced , has apparently satisfactorily set
tled with the authorities. He has promised
to pay a flno of $100 for the part he has
played. He has returned to the city and
yesterday was united In marriage to the
young woman of his choice.
Marriage licenses were Issued yesterday
to the following named persons :
Name nnd Address. Age.
Wllllun llynn. Council Bluffs . 27
Lydla I. Roderick , Council Bluffs . 21
William llnpb , Council Bluffs . 22
Laura \Vnhehotise , Council Bluffs . 21
Krclulit Wreck.
ATLANTIC , la. , Jan. 21. ( Special. ) One
mile west of Maine last cvenlnt ; , half an
hour before the Chicago , Rock Island & Pa
cific flyer , east , passed that point , a small
wreck occurred to an extra freight train.
An axle under an empty freight car broke ,
causing the derailing of the train , throwing
five oars down the embankment after tearIng -
Ing up a Icm ? otretch ot track. The flyer
was alandoneJ and oulered back to Council
Hluffo No 2 pisbed through hero going
cast at C o'clock thla morn'ag.
I'rlcntls ill * Culm III IIMVII
ROCK RAPIDS , la. , Jan. 24. ( Special )
The court room was packed by the people
of this city Saturday night to attend a mass
meeting In the Interest ot funds for the re
lief ot the Cubans. Speeches were made "by
E. C. Roach , A. P Davlson , Simon Fisher ,
S. D. RInlker , D. C. Grenleaf ani J.V. .
Dunlap. Resolutions were adopted asking
congress to recognise the Independence of
Cuba nnd stop the war and destruction of
property now being carried on In that coun
H II Trump.
SIOUX CITY , Jan. 24 ( Special. ) A Sioux
City woman has married a tramp. She did
this because eho felt sorry for the fellow ,
who had been ordered to leave the city by
the authorities. The name of the woman
la Mrs. Christina Olson and ehe Is the
mother of grown up sons and daughters
She 'a ' 4G jcars of age and George Soiner-
vllle , her new husband , Is 10 jcars her
In Honor of u PHi'liil
IOWA CITY , la. . Jan. 24. ( Special. ) A
friend of the late Captain Robert T. French
of Davenport , who died last fall In a hos
pital In Toronto , has adopted a new method
of honoring bis imemory. He 'has ' hid pre
pared a fine gold medal -which ho will give
to the author of the best sh6rt story written
by an undergraduate of the State university ,
the competition to close next May.
lli'1iroTcmplo for Sloiiv City.
SIOUX CITY , Jan. 21 ( Special Telegram. )
Rabbi Horn of New Orleans has been or
dered to como to Sioux City by Rabbi Frank
lin of Onul-a and It Is the intention to es
tablish a congregation of Jews In Slonx City
and erect a temple. Tftls Is something that
the Hebrews of Slonx- City have been workIng -
Ing to get for bomo time.
SjmiMitlij- for Culm.
ROCK RAPIDS , In. , Jan. 24. ( Special. )
At a meeting of representative cltUons res
olutions were offered expressing sympathy
for the Cubans and copies of the resolu
tions will bo forwarded to congress aoklng
It to recognize the independence of Cuba :
llll./arcl lit CliiTokro.
CHCROKCD , In. , Jan. 24 ( Special Tclo-
gram ) A blizzard struck this place about 4
o'clock this afternoon and has been coming
right along ever since. The snow Is drifting
badly and the mercury has taken a tumble.
U is t'ae first of the season.
UpIiolilM limn Antl-ClKiiri' < te Iiiw.
DDS MOINCS , la. , Jan. 24 The supreme
court upholds the antl-clgaretto lawIn the
case brought by Donald C. McGregor against
John Conn , sheriff of Lynn county. The
sales vvoro not In original packages.
Ac-Mil III il. l.
DU71UQUB , la. , Jan. 21. ( Special. ) Frank
Arnold , charged with murdering Captain
Duffy , the leading merchant of Waukon , was
acquitted this morning , the Jury returning
a verdict by instructions of the court after
the state had rested Its case.
limit nilltiirx In Tronlili' .
CENTER POINT , la. , Jan. 24 ( Special. )
Messrs. Harbor ami Floyd , proprietors of the
Journal of this town , have been arrested on
a charge of sending throufeh the mails mat
ter of an obscene nature.
limit Kiirm nnil Crop XnfH. (
At a cattle sale In Anthon recently emo
of the animals sold as high ns 5 cents a
pound ,
At a ealo In Harrleon county flvo cows
brought $200 , four horces $169 and. farm
Implements sold well ,
H. Slsam has purchased two tracts of land
\Voodbury county , cmo of eighty acres for
$2,700 nnil the other the same size costing
? 2,000. '
The annual report of the manager of the
Exchange and Co-Operatlvo association nt
Sloan makes a showing Which la very satis
factory to the stockholders.
The managers of the Clarke county fair
Intend thla spring to plow up tbo fair
grounds and. plnnt It to corn , believing that
this will lie moro profitable than attempt
ing to hold any moro fairs.
Th ; Iowa millers liavo decided upon afflll-
M/g with the millers of other states In the
Ssrmatlon of n. national nrsoclatlon. The
Iowa anlllera have done much to encourage
wheat growing through their association ,
farmers In the northern part of the state
nro 1)co-mlng alannoj at the prcupcct of n
great Increase liV the number of rabbits , the
recent stories of dlseaso among the ani
mals cauiliig the "hunters to let them alone.
A three dajs' ( farmers' Institute -\vas held
lost week at Lnmonl. Cherokee county
formers will hold an Institute beginning
February 3 , riojd county farmers meet Feb
ruary 2 and nn institute will be held In Aincs
beginning February 0.
Coiuil > Scat Klulit IJmlt'il.
WILMOT , S. D , 24. ( Special.VH ) -
mot people are rejoicing over the decision
of the supreme court awarding tbo county
seat to this town. The fight was between
Wllmot and Sluseton and was decided at
the election two jears ago , hut the Slsseton
people carried It Into court to prevent re
moval ot the records.
llliuiUetM for .UiiNkn.
PROVO , Utah , Jan. 21. ( Special. ) The
woolen mills In this city have received au
order from a Seattle firm for 2,000 pairs of
oxtru heavy wcolcn blankets for the Klon
dike trade. They will bo icady for shipment
iu the early part of next month ,
Measure that TOWJI omoerats Want tc
1'Vnltircn Are IHlJqroiit from Hint of
Any Other / - ( lie S
Unit lln - , , . Heretofore
Keen Introduced.
DES MOINDS , la , Jan. 21. ( Fpeclat Tele
gram ) A manufacturing bill , whose author
believes It will manufacture , was Introduced
In the house todiy by Potter ( dcm ) of
llrcmcr. It provides that by a three-fourths
\olo the council of any town or city may
grant authority to manufacture liquors and
when once granted this consent cannot bo
revoked without first convicting the manu
facturer of violation ot law. A tax of $600
per annum shall be assessed against t'je
business la towns of 2,500 to 10,000 and
$1,200 In towns over 10,000. This shall be
the only tax collectible from such coipora-
tlon by the city In which It Is located. The
bill was not accepted by a democratic cau
cus before being Introduced and It Is probable -
able the caucus will accept , but determine
on certain , amendments to bo offered to It ,
The rescinding of all taxes except the ono
r.amctl v.ould amount to giving a bonus in
many caeca , as the real estate and personal
taxes of a large concern would bo larger
than this amount.
IIinkEon presented a resolution In the
house to amend the constitution granting
suffrage to women and providing an educa
tional qualification requiring all voters to
read the constitution and write their names
In English.
Approprlitlon bills were Introduced as fol-
lo\\si Tor1 Uie Council liluffs School for the
Deaf , $10,000 ; for the Davenport Orphans'
Homo , ? 30,030.
Tomoirow the special committees on elec
tion contests will begin their work. Each
house has a contest That In the senate Is
for the seat from Cass , Shelby district ,
awarded by the election boards to J. M.
Emmcrt ( dcm ) by twuity-two plurality and
contested by Thomas H Smith ; that In the
house Is for the Wright-Hancock seat ,
awarded to John Christie ( deni. ) and con
tested by r. r. S. Hartshorn. Each com
mittee has subpoenaed the county nuilltois
to appear tomorrow with nil the ballots and
will make a recount. Points will be raised
as to the construction of the new ballot
law , and It lb expected a summary proceed
ing will bo brought before the supreme court
to secure Its decision on these points with
out delay.
Mclntlro presented a bill In the senate to
prohibit agents for school books and sup
plies getting signatures from members of
boards privately to contracts U icqulrcs
that signatures thus obtained shall not bo
binding , but deals must be made In open
session of the board. ,
Harrlman In the senate presented a bill
to permanently asblgn to the State Agricul
tural society the rooms It now occupies In
the capltol and which Attorney General
Ilemley wants.
The house military committee took up the
question of medallions en the soldiers' mon
ument. Two jears ago the legislature
ordeied the medallions representing prom
inent men In Iowa regiments taken from the
monument. This was not compiled with by
the executive council and the old soldiers
are stirred up about It. A committee was
appointed to call on the council and demand
its reasons for not obeying Instructions The
old soldiers want the medallions taken down ,
but there is n general indisposition among
other members to Interfere further In the
Senator Lothrop , chairman of the commit
tee on senatorial and representative dis
tricts , is working hard on a new apportion
ment of the state for this purpose. It Is
an immense task. The twenty- two hold
over senators who will bo In office when the
measure goes into effect cannot bo legislated
out of ofllcc ; neither can any two counties
which have hold-over senators be placed in
ono district. It will require a long time
and much work to perfect the measure.
The bupremo court of Iowa gracefully re
versed Itself toJay In the famous antl-clga-
rotte case. Two jcars ago the Phelpa bill
was pcssetl , prohibiting the sale of clgarctten.
The mcnufacturers made a test case on the
ground that the state could not Interfere
with the sale of original packages. Donald
McGregor of Cedar Itaplds received a con
signment of packages ot clgarettca , nailed
up In a pine box. Ho waa arrested and
fined for selling them. Ho appealed , and
the case was decided today. His defense
was that under the supreme court decision
in the case of State against Coonan , an orig
inal package liquor case , tno cigarette pack
ages were original packages and piotectcd
by federal laws. The supreme court sa > s
that the decision ta the Cooran case WEO
wrong end must bo overruled. Coonan re
ceived bottled beer , racked In cases , and
sold it. The court held that the bottle , and
not the case , was the original package aiul
that he could open the case and sell by the
bottle. Now It reverses this and holds that
the bottle In that case , or the flvo cent
package of cigarettes In the present Instance ,
ought not to bo regarded as the original
package. The Phelpa liw Is sustained and
.sales of clgarettra cannot be carried on ex
cept under the provisions of the cigarette
mulct law , which provides for the supenslcn
of penalties en payment of a fine of $300
At the Central Congregational church this
evening a ir.oes meeting ot citizens took
steps to organize Iowa for the work of
CuLan relief. The meeting bad been called
by Mayor MaeVlcar , who prccldenl. Ad
dressee were made by Major MaeVlcar , Presi
dent Stctscn of Des Molncs college and the
leading pastors of the city. The pastors
present were named a committee to confer
with , the governor and urge the appointment
of a commission to canvass the state , re.
colvo relief funds , food , etc. , and sL'ml It
to the Cubara , A local committee wa also
named to solicit and the city hall was made
the headquarters to receive supplies.
io\v.v M : ais i < i'riu TOPICS.
One of ths most Iniportant subjects to bo
considered by the Iowa leels.'aturo Is that
of an amendment to the constitution chang
ing the basis of representation in the house ,
BO that every county will have a represen
tative and the largo counties will have two ,
It la Impossible at present to rcdlstrlct the
state under the constitution. Several coun
tlea will fall below tbo ratio , says the DCS
Molncs correspondent eif the Marahalltnwn
Tlmes-Itcpubllcan , but still cannot bo Joined
to any other county , becaueo all the sur
rounding counties are larger , and each ono
Is entitled to representation Take , for In
stance , the counties of 'Clarke , Louisa , Au-
dubcn , Ida and possibly ono or two others
They would fall far below the ratio , but ns
the counties surrounding are far above it ,
each ono would have to bo glvc-n a represen
tative and the same injustice that 1s now
being done to the countlcu of the northwest
ern part of the stale would hove to bo con
tinued , while the eastern and southern parts
would bo getting more than they are en
titled to The proposed change , which was
adcpted by the last legislature and rcfencd
to this ono for consideration , gives a recve-
ecntativo to every county , and ono extra to
each county having a population of ono and
three-fifths of tlio ratio No county Is to
Lave more than two representative * . If this
constitutional amendment Is adopted by tlila
legislature and put In force for the legisla
ture of 1000 It will give two representatives
to the following counties1 Polk , Dubuquc ,
Scott , Linn , Pottawattainle , Woodhury , DCS
Molnes , Leo , Clinton and Wapello. The
counties In the northwest would , of couruc ,
gain materially , since several ot them are
now bunched together in cno district. Mr.
Whean ! ot Emmett county , the author of the
resolution cud ot tbo house coin-
mltteo on constitutional amendments , t
which It Is referred , thinks that the mimbo
of members will never be greater than 11
nnd the chances nro tint under the CCJIMI
of 1900 the county of Wapello will lose th
additional representative.
Tinu > of Itoforin.
Ami now , having determined to Instltut
practical reform Into the management of th
Etato Institution1) ) In Iowa , the question o
"how" Is uppermost , sajs the Des Molnc
correspondent of the Waterloo Courier. Ate
to the exact method recommended the rcpor
of the committee Is less clear anil cxpllcl
than In regard to other matters The fact :
seem to be , however , that Meesrs Healyam
Porter favor a single , central hoard , wltt
almost or quite legislative , as well as ex
ecutlvo powers , or what Is known as the
board of control system ; while upon tin
other hand , Mr. Mcrrlam favors reducing
the number of members upon the larger
boards , combining some for similar Instltu
lions and then putting over nil a centra
board of supervision. The reference of the
report In the senate to the ways and means
committee , of which the chairman Is a rad
ical advocate of tl' > board of contiol , ant
of which Mr. Healy Is also a member , woult
Indicate , that the senate bill , when prc
scntcd , Is likely to conform to thU method
Upon the other hand , the report wcs re
ferred In the house to a special committee1
with Ncltert ot Linn as chairman and Mer-
rlam ns ono of the members , from which
may doubtless bo expected a bill embodying
the supervision Idol Then will come eluh'ite '
and discussion and a knowledge of the ex
perience In eomo other state out of which
wo will hope for a "survival of the fittest. "
ltlN tri > Hopeful.
The equal suffragists have been sounding
the Iowa legislature on their referendum
amendments and nro feeling quite hopeful ,
says the Des Molnes Leader. This Is espe
cially true In the house , where not only
Speaker runk , hut nlso the following com
mittee chairmen are said to favor submitting
the proposition to the people. ' .Merrlam , ap
propriations ; Smith , printing , Hay , private
corporations ; Van Houtui , suppression of In
temperance ; Whalcn , constitutional amend
ments ; Latld , Insurance , Cook , loads and
highways. While these constitute a small
pioportlon of the house , the suffragists con
tend that , ns representative members , they
indicate the lay ot the land. They also
anticipate fnvor.ible consideration from the
semite committee on constitutional amend
KiiKiriililc ( < Sttitr I'nlv orolt v.
On the whole , It must be confessed that
the report of the special Investigating com
mittee Is most favorable to the Iowa State
university , sajs the Iowa City Republican
Not only did the committee find llttlo to
correct In the management of the Institu
tion , but It found much to commend Fur
ther , It recommends the legislature to ho
more liberal in Its support and caps Its
showing of real Interest nnd good will by
urging that the educational Institutions be
left under separate boards of trustees.
TinIln it I Inn ItCNOliiflnti.
The senate committee on federal rela
tions decided to tone down the Hawaiian
resolution passed by the house , savs the
Dus Molncs correspondent of the Burlington
Hawkeje The committee thought that the
members of congress know more about the
Hawaiian question than the Iowa legisla
ture , so It concluded not to pass positive
instiuctlous , but to recommend a substitute ,
expressing a sentiment and also conlldcncc
In the Iowa delegation that It would do what
was for the best.
AVoiiil > He it ( "osll > riinii i1.
There Is talk at Des iMoIncs that a strong
effort will bo made to have the membership
of the Iowa house Increased to an extent
that will enable every county to have a
representative In the legislature. The effect
of this , tajs the Keokuk Gate City , would
bo to add $1,000 at least to the annual ex
pense of the state for every legislator addctl
to the present number. If such a bill Is
Introduced it ought to be promptly nnd en
thusiastically Knocked In the head.
IIM\H I.cnlnlnlvc ( Comment.
Sioux City Journal : It docs not look now
as If the session of the Iowa leglalatuie
will be a short one.
Des Molnes Leader- The amendment to
strike out the word "mile" from the pres
ent constitution having been Introduced , the
session may bo considered opened.
Ues .Molnes Capital : Representatives
Dickens and Jones , the largest members of
the house , both being giants In stature ,
were , strange as It may Bcem , members ol
an Iowa cavalry leglment during the war.
Good horseflesh must have been required In
those days.
Davenport Republican : Chairman Tunic of
the Iowa house seems to'have opened a way
for a compromise between the board of con
trol advocates and the old trustee style
The fcoard of control would constitute the
financiers for all the state Institutions , while
the old boards would Inspire the Institu
tions and their managers to the highest
and broadest measure of good work.
Keokuk Gate City : The legislature Is to
bo asked to pass a bill to permit towns
of 2,000 or less to appropriate money by
resolution of the town council instead of
by ordinance. This bill Is meant to do away
with the long and tedious waits 'by ' persons
who perform small Jobs for such towns , oc
casioned by the necessity of pajment by
ordinance. It ought to become a law.
Des Molnes News : It Is safe to say that
nine-tenths of the people of Iowa , when
they have read the report of the special
Investigating committee , will favor the rec
ommendation of the committee for a state
board of control. Now that the facts nro
before the people should tno republican ma
jority Ignore the proposed remedy the demo
crats would bo In possession of the mast
effective campaign document ever formu
lated In the history of tno state.
DCM HIM of ii Dllj .
FREMONT , Neb. , Jan. 21 ( Special )
Mrs. Margaret Smalls , mother of N. W.
Smalls of this city , died here suddenly yes
terday morning aged 81 jears. She was
a native of Cork , Ireland , ami for over thirty a resident of Nebraska. She had
eleven sons , seven of 'whom are now living ,
Those residing In this flty arc N. W ,
Lewis , William R. ami Samuel Smalls. Her
funeral was held this afternoon from the
residence of L A. Schneider on .Military
avenue , where she had maJo her liomn for
some time , Rev. N. Chestnut of the Picsby-
teriati church officiating , and the remains
were Interred In Ridge cemetery
The funeral of the late Jchn MoCarn , who
died hero of apoplexy Friday morning , was
held from his resilience on Third Ktrcct
yeuterday afternoon , Rev W II. HUBS of the
Congregational church conducting the ser
vices. Centennial lodge of Independent
Order of Od.l Fellows , of which ho was a
member , attended In a body. Sir. McCurn
was 78 vcars of ago and a native of New
York state. Ho had resided la Fremont
since 1870.
WEST POINT , Neb. , Jan. U ( Special. )
Mr. Mageel
A Montana Man Has No Use for
Urownlnu , Montana , Sept. 1 , ' 07 ,
Eureka Chemical ami Mill's. Co. , La Crossc ,
Gentlemen I have used no tobacco alncc I
took ItACO-CUKO two yearn ago lu > t
March , and have no desire to. My weight
hue none up from 100 pounds to lUSpouuUv ,
and 1 never felt better in my life
Kisptctfiilly ,
Mr Maseefelt thnt tobacco vviii linrtliif
him niul took IIACO-CUKO Like all who
have used tliU kindly vegetable antidote , he
la permanently weaned from tobacco and
him no ilcnlrc to return to it. The wonder
ful part of a cure from 11ACO CUKO Is that
It rcmovci every trace of nicotine in the mj
tern , leaving It as free an It was before the
fir t smoke or chew. Write for froo/i t/
turn.Ve give a written Ruiirnntee to
cure permanently nnv cuie with three
boxes , or refund the money. COc or 91
a box , three boxen ( guaranteed cure ) S-.CO ,
DruuKliti everywhere , or HUJdiKA C1IHM.
News hai bun rt.clvcl of the death , In
( hkiRo of Frank \\lngcrt , isjn of John
\\insert , a til > .ik mitli of this ell > The de
ceased was In C'hlcaso for the purpose of
steklnc employment when ho was stricken
wllh diphtheria , v\hleh proved fatal.
WOOD IllVmt , Neb . .Tan 21 ( Speclil )
John llulpor. a prominent man and an old
ami respected resident of this place died
last Saturday and vvai burled Monday.
YANKTOX. , 5 1) , Jan. 24 ( Speilat Telc-
Rram ) .Major Franklin J Ie\vltt , a prom
inent pioneer resident of South Dakota ,
dlcil nt hh homo ItthN / cltj lod.i ) of heart
failure. Ho uas .in architect anil came west
from Now York City to St. 1'iul In 1S52 , .
vvhcro ho established nn ofllce. Later he )
came to Dikota nnil v/ns In attendance at
the first IcRlelatmo. Hovns
commissioned post trader nt Crow CrceK
iKcncy In the early 70s which posi
tion ho held for thirteen jc.-xrs. He serveil
In the territorial legtslaturo nnd was twice
mnjor of this city ,
LVUAMIK , Wjo. Ja i. I. ( SiiccInD-Cap-
tain M A. Hnnee died > lt his home In this rllj
yestcnhy afternoon after an Illness of o\er
a ) tar. Captain Hnace ni a native ol
Illinois and nt the outbreak of the civil
nr he onllfltcil In the first Nebraska In
fttitry , ofvhlch ex-Governor Thn > er of Ne
braska \\cia colonel He served throughout
the \\ar anil vvns discharged from the pcrvlcc
at Koirney , Neb After the ar Captain
Hanco was for a time cmplojed at Trinidad ,
Cole , anil later vvccit to Nebr-jska where ho
was engaged In getting out tics for the
railroad company. At this time his camp
was Mlded by liullins and his property do
strojed. Mr Hncicc has claims against the
government for tlicso lo ws , 'iggrcKatlng $ ! . -
000. Captain llanco has been a citizen of
Laramle for many jears. Ho leaves a eon
nnd daughter.
CKDAll HAI'IDS , In. . Jan. 24 ( Special
Telegram ) Latu last night occurred the
death of Thomas P. Murray , aged 40 > ears ,
after a long Illness. Ho was ono of the
best known railroad contractors In Iowa.
Ho formerly lived In Omaha.
Much I'lH'iiHliu'Nt AliuiK the Olilo niul
MEMPHIS Jan. 24. ( The Mississippi river
at this point continues to rlso at a rate that
Is alarming to ilvcr men In general , and
especially levee contractors , who hive filed
bonds to complete certain work at a given
time. The time named has almost expired ,
but the excessive r.ilns , causing an unprece
dented ] } " high stage of water for this seison
of the jeir , has operated ag'ilnst ' levee work
As -result , there are several breaks In the
lower levees which It will bo Impossible to
remedy before the March and Apill freshets
unless there jhall he thlrtj dajs or more of
clear weather. The danger line at Memphis
Is thlitj-three feet. This morning the gaiigo
reads thirty feet , showing a rise of 2 2 feet
In twelve hours , with a continued rlso pre
dicted. Plantation owners In the delta
country are thoroughly .iKirmed , but there
Is no In.nicdlato danger to lovcis or prop-
011 j" .
CINCINNATI. Jan 21 The Ohio river has
been stationary nt 20 ! ! for several houro and
hoooa tint there inaj" not be a dfsastroiis
flood are strengthened by t'.io continued clear ,
cold neither throughout the Ohio valley
Hut rising watcis are reported from all up
the river points. The rl e at PaiKoisburg In
the past twenty-four hours was .1.3 feet ; nt
Point Pleasant , C G , at Portsmouth , 3 C This
Indicates another rlso In the Ohio. If the
prcecnt weather continues It may not go
beoiul the line where railroad tratllc Is In
terrupted , but If the weather forecast for
tomorrow Is fulfilled ttio conditions will be
favorable for a flood that will cause grca *
Inconvei Icnco and great loss to manufac
turers and river trafllc.
MVOVIIV. imnu ov run IIYMI \ < : I : .
VTiicli DnitiuKc DUIII * In l'ro | crt >
\roiiml tlu > Pulls.
NIAGARA PALLS , NT. Y. , Jan. 21 The
Niagara river was In a rage last night owing
to the heavy western gale which prevailed
for twenty-four hours. The water rose In
the gorge about twenty-five feet. It swept
over the Mold of the Mist landings nnd
sheds and carried off boats , boathouscs , lum
ber and pulp wood In large quantities. The
scene looking on the American and Canadian
rapids above the falls was a wild ono. Hath
Island , Luna Island and part of the Three
Sisters were submerged and considerable
damage done to the state's property. The
greatest damage was done down the gorge ,
where sections of the gorge road v\ere un
dermined land swept away. Heats , boat
houses and docks on the lower river were
swept away. The Erie canal overflowed ,
causing much damage.
Hint Hint I-orcr liny lie UNI-I ! < o Ufloct
CHICAGO , Jan. 24 The Post's Washing
ton special saj's : The State department Is
understood to bo taking Important steps for
the enforcement of the McCord claim against
Peru and n broad Intimation Is given out
that a sensational demonstration may bo
made any day against the Peruvian gov
ernment. This Is ono of the most aggra
vating cnses that has been before the
State department In years. The amounts
are not large , being only about $50,000 , but
the Peruvian government has haggled nnd
procrastinated over Its payment until the
patience of the government has been taxed
to the limit of endurance. State depart
ment officials are very reticent , but the
tip Is given that unless the claim Is paid
within a very short time nn American wnr
ship will appear nt Callao with Instiuctlons
to hcizo the custom house nnd collect du
ties until the amount Is received or the
government settles
iMu > Mmvr jniv WILL nn Tiiniin.
til ni | n int Iliillliuoro to lie IL "Voluble
111 cut.
JBALOTMOUD. Jan. 24 Invitations Iinvo
leen accepted by Lyman J. Gage , secretary
of the treasury ; James A. Gary , postmaster
general ; and Webster Davis , assistant sec-
etary of the Interior , to attend the annual
ipiiquet of the Merchants' and Manufactur-
rs' association. The banquet will bo held
at the Hotel Ilonnwt , February 3. Others
vho have accepted are Nelson Dlngley , Jr ,
Jomptroller of the Currency Charles Q.
> anes , Senator Wellington , ItcpresonUtlves
derful nppllnmo uitd clcitlflo rem-
o til on Hout on trial to any reliable
man. A vrorld'Wldo reputation hack of
thla otter. Kvory obstacle to happy married
llfo removed. J ull strength , development
nnd tone clrcn toovcry portion of the body ,
rullurolrapoaslhlo ; QKOUO barrier.
No 0. O , I ) , ecbomo.
John M. Allen , O. A Iloitlollo , Joseph it/
\\alkcr , Amos J. Oumm.nm , Jonathan I'J
Deliver , l.tvld I ! Mercer , W. W. Mclntyr *
nnJ W S
to ProM'i'iite HIP Cn p.
ST. LOt'lS , Jnn. 21. The cn e of Martin
nnile > . the Tenne eenn clinrgetl with "
smiting- mill robbing his friend , Chat-lea 1 >
Collins , will probably lie ill < unl . < ctl nex
Monilny , n * the pro ecullnB attorney thlnki
It Impossible to gccuro n cam lotion ulthou
the nrosccutlntr witness , CXmrles U. Colllni
was nearly killed nt Mornniic Highland ) /
Inst June , nnil aild lie vva t robbed of Ji > , w > .
He accused Ktnlfy of the crime nnd wn !
bitter In denouncing him. He left town before <
fore the trial came up , uiul Ima icfuseu t
return nnd prosecute i
Mr8.Jo9cphlnol'olh 1ofDwoWcst ,
S. 0. , lintl n. sovcro case of catnrrli ,
vrlilcli llnnlly became so dccp-scatcil
tlmb film waa entirely donf in ono
car , antl part of the bono in licr iioso
rlotighcel on" . The best physicians
treated licr In \n\n \ , ntul she ttsetl
various appH-
cations of
sprays anil
washes to no ,
avail. Fourteen bottles of S. S S.
promptly reaolieil the seat of t he dls
i-ase , and cured her sound and well.
S. B. S. never falls to >
cure a blood tllsca'e , anil
It Is tbo only icincdy
which reaches deep seated
raxcit. ( ; imrnnfrr < lmrr
, _ - iinwttMc. nooks frtoj
kJUrcss Swilt SpccUlo Co. , Atlanta , Ua ,
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SEXUALLY. cured for life.
Night Emissions , Lost Manhood , Hy
Arocele , Veilcocele , Gonorrhea , Gleet. byplW
111" , Stricture , Piles , Fistula and Rectal
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Cation or address with stump. Treatment
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Ijiiaraiity of I'tirltj niul Orijilnil Condition
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It has Iho Indorsement of the mo-t prominent/
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